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1870 Richwood Township Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; FF = Father Foreign Born; MF = Mother Foreign Born; Born = Month Born within the year; Married = Month Married within the year; School = attended school within the year; RW = cannot read or write; V = Eligible to Vote; 21 = male 21 or older

PDFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceFFMFBornMarriedSchoolRWV21Remark
111Baum, William27M Farmer20001575Prussia11 May   1 
111Baum, Louisa27F Keeping house  Prussia11 May     
111Baum, Wilhelmina11F at home  IL11  1    
111Baum, William9M    IL11  1    
111Baum, Louisa7F    IL11  1    
111Baum, Fredric6M    IL11  1    
111Baum, Louisa4F    IL11       
122Morris, John37M Farmer 375IL     1 1 
122Morris, Harriett40F Keeping house  NY         
122Jackson, Rueben J.15M at home  IL     1   
122Jackson, George11M at home  IL    1 /w   
122Jackson, Ida8F    IL    1    
122Morris, Julia11F at home  IL    1    
122Morris, Martha A.9F    IL    1    
122Morris, Frank L.5M    IL    1    
133Hackly, Lynch E.59M Farmer500600KY       1 
133Hackly, Martha A.50F Keeping house  IN         
133Klein, Charlotte20F Domestic servant  MO       1 
133Klein, Charles8/12M    IL  Sep.      
144Ayers, Zadic48M Farmer1000550NJ       1 
144Ayers, Rebecca47F Keeping house  NJ         
144Ayers, Richard21M Farm hand  NJ       1 
144Ayers, Ida17F at home  NJ         
144Ayers, Ellen12F at home  NJ    1    
144Ayers, Zadic10M at home  IL    1 /w   
144Ayers, Ephraim8M    IL    1    
155Hemming, Charles H.37M Farmer2000600Prussia11     1 
155Hemming, Anna28F Keeping house  OH11       
155Amand, Christian23M Farm hand  OH11   1 1 
155Schaff, John20M Farm hand  IA     1   
166Brigham, E.R.42M Farmer5000 NH       1 
166Harris, John E.54M Farm hand  IN      /w 1 
166Harris, Elizabeth44F Keeping house  IN     1   
166Harris, William5M    IN         
166Harris, Nancy14F at home  MO     1   
177Caloun, William31M Farmer500 Switzerland11     1 
177Caloun, Sarah21F Keeping house  IL         
177Caloun, Lydia3F    IL1        
177Caloun, Lizzie5/12F    IL1 Dec.      
177Wiseman, Lydia36F at home  IL         
288Plumb, Jane38F Keeping house 100IL         
288Plumb, Sarah J.18F at home  IL    1    
288Plumb, Mary12F at home  IL    1    
288Plumb, Lafayette10M at home  IL    1    
299Hall, Henry27M Farmer600325IL       1 
299Hall, Mary A.31F Keeping house  NC         
299Hall, Caroline C.3F    IL         
299Hall, Marietta1F    IL         
299Bryan, Lucinda52F at home  NC      /w   
299Wilson, James F.14M Farm hand  IL    1    
299Shuck, John17M Farm hand  IL     1   
21010Wiseman, John32M Farmer1000550IL     1   
21010Wiseman, Rhoda28F Keeping house  IL     1   
21010Wiseman, Isaac1M    IL         
21111Wiseman, James R.36M Farmer400200IL       1 
21111Wiseman, Clarinda28F Keeping house  IL     1   
21111Wiseman, Mary7F    IL         
21111Wiseman, William R.4M    IL         
21111Wiseman, Rosalie2F    MN         
21111Wiseman, Henry5/12M    IL  Dec.      
21212Giles, Jeremiah43M Farmer 465TN      /w 1 
21212Giles, Emaline33F Keeping house  IL     1   
21212Giles, Franklin4M    IL         
21212Giles, Alice8/12F    IL  Sep.      
21212Court, Irma? J.15F Domestic servant600 IL         
21212Ryan, Mary I.9F at home  IL    1    
21212Ryan, Samuel6M    IL    1    
21313Householder, J. George28M Farmer 350MO11       
21313Householder, Maggie27F Keeping house  Bavaria11       
21313Householder, F. George2M    IL 1       
21313Householder, Fredric1M    IL 1       
21313Medler, Harmon13M Farm hand  TN     1   
21414Powell, James48M Farm hand 100IN     1 1 
21414Powell, Nancy E.29F Keeping house  MO     1   
21414Powell, James22M Day laborer  IL       1 
21414Powell, Mary J.11F at home  IL     1   
21414Powell, Susan F.8F    IL         
21414Powell, Ida6F    IL         
21414Powell, Lizzie1F    IL         
21515Ogden, Felix57M Farmer500250PA       1 
31515Ogden, Nancy39F Keeping house  IL     1   
31515Ogden, William1M    IL         
31515Snow, David15M Farm hand  IL         
31515Snow, Worthington13M Farm hand  IL    1    
31616Owens, Mahala55F Keeping house  TN     1   
31616Owens, William25M at home  IL       1Blind
31616Owens, James21M Day laborer  IL       1 
31616Owens, Louisa18F Domestic servant  IL      /w   
31616Owens, Hannah14F at home  IL      /w   
31717Rienhart, Phillip38M Farmer50001100Hesse Dramstadt11     1 
31717Rienhart, Ida38F Keeping house  Hanover11       
31717Rienhart, Lena10F at home  MO11  1    
31717Rienhart, Phillip14M Farm hand  MO11       
31717Rienhart, Caroline8F at home  IL11       
31717Rienhart, Matilda6F    IL11       
31818Springman, Henry34M Farmer400550Prussia11     1 
31818Springman, Augusta21F Keeping house  IL11       
31818Springman, William1M    IL1        
31919Switzler, Fredric35M Farmer500475Prussia11     1 
31919Switzler, Caroline39F Keeping house  Prussia11       
31919Switzer, Hannah13F at home  IL11       
31919Switzer, Clemens11M at home  MO11   1   
31919Switzer, Sophia9F    IL11       
31919Switzer, Ida7F    IL         
31919Switzer, Henry5M    IL         
32020Robbins, James30M Farm hand  IL     1 1 
32020Robbins, Lucretia25F Keeping house  MO         
32020Robbins, George R.8/12M    IL  Sep.      
32121Johnson, Thomas24M Farmer 400IL     1 1 
32121Johnson, Sarah18F Keeping house  IL         
32222Orand, Christian28M Day laborer150100Prussia11 Aug.   1 
32222Orand, Louisa27F Keeping house  Prussia11 Aug.     
32222Luft, Amelia6F    IL11       
32222Lipperd, Mary4F    IN11       
32323Isringhausen, Henry33M Farmer1000150Prussia11     1 
32323Isringhausen, Elizabeth23F Keeping house  MO         
32323Isringhausen, Rosalie2F    IL1        
32323Isringhausen, Laura6/12M    IL1 Nov.      
32323Jones, William7M    IL         
42424Davis, Mary36F Keeping house5000360NY         
42424Davis, Rosalie13F at home  IL    1    
42424Clennon, James50M Carpenter480 OH       1 
42525Morrison, Benton35M Farmer2000250KY       1 
42525Morrison, Eliza27F Keeping house  KY         
42525Morrison, Caledonia11F at home  IL    1 /w   
42525Morrison, Clinton9M    IL    1    
42525Morrison, George2M    IL         
42525Robbins, Norman15M Farm hand  IL    1    
42525Burris, Adam27M Day laborer  IL       1 
42626Clennon?, Andrew J.40M Farmer1000665OH       1 
42626Clennon?, Rebecca34F Keeping house  MO     1   
42626Clennon?, James16M Farm hand  IL    1    
42626Clennon?, Francis1/12M    IL  Apr.      
42626Clennon?, Mary9F    IL    1    
42727Show, William21M Farmer  IL   Mar.   1 
42727Show, Delilah19F Keeping house  IL   Mar.  /w   
42828Hoffman, John33M Farmer500350IA       1 
42828Hoffman, Mary A.49F Keeping house  VA     1   
42828Andrews, Theodore20M Farm hand  KY         
42828Andrews, Joseph9M    IL    1    
42828Morrison, Addison45M Farm hand  KY       1 
42828Morrison, Cynthia6F    IL         
42929Robinson, Jesse29M Farmer400 IL     1 1 
42929Robinson, Caroline24F Keeping house  IL     1   
42929Robinson, William H.9M    IL    1    
42929Foelda?, Adeline6F    IL         
42929Hazelwonder, Michael3M    IL         
43030Richardson, Larkin60M Farmer 500KY       1 
43030Richardson, Sophia29F Keeping house  IL      /w   
43030Richardson, Ida10F at home  IL    1    
43030Richardson, Dixie2F    IL         
43030Richardson, Franklin D.15M at home  IL    1    
43131Wood, Henry31M Farmer300 KY       1 
43131Wood, Emma J.20F Keeping house  MO      /w   
43131Wood, Henrietta6/12F    IL  Oct.      
43232Taylor, Charles25M Farmer 400KY       1 
43232Elliott, Hiram30M Farm hand  IN       1 
43232Elliott, Ellen33F Keeping house  MO         
43131Hogan, Orlando28M Farmer  KY       1 
43131Hogan, Martha C.20F Keeping house  MO      /w   
53333Rogers, Jane50F at home  IN     1   
53333Rogers, David19M Farm hand  MO         
53333Rogers, John16M Farm hand  MO     1   
53333Rogers, Jemima9F    MO    1    
53434Gropper, Herman44M Farmer1200450Prussia11    /w 1 
53434Gropper, Augusta33F Keeping house  Prussia11       
53434Gropper, Fredric10M at home  IL11  1    
53434Gropper, Edward9M    IL11  1    
53434Gropper, Caroline7F    IL11       
53434Gropper, Henry4M    IL11       
53434Gropper, William9/12M    IL11Aug.      
53535Slip, Marquette53M Stone mason  Baden11   1 1 
53535Slip, Anna D.49F Keeping house  Prussia11   1   
53535Rudolph, Sophia9F    IL11       
53535Rudolph, Carl6M    IL11       
53535Hugo, John55M Day laborer  Baden11   1   
53636Kistler, Theodore39M Farmer4000850Luxemburg11       
53636Kistler, Anner46F Keeping house  MO      /w   
53636Gibbs, John12M Farm hand  TX    1    
53636Thurston, Eliza20F at home  IL      /w   
53737Fondle, Mathew45M Farmer500475Prussia11       
53737Fondle, Fanny M.41F Keeping house  MO     1   
53737Fondle, Margaret4F    IL1        
53737Fondle, Lucy4F    IL1        
53737Fondle, Mary E.2F    IL1        
53737Wilson, Emily J.11F at home  MO         
53737Miller, Jacob22M Farm hand  Prussia11       
53838Rogers, David37M Farmer 375PA     1 1 
53838Rogers, Sarah35F Keeping house  OH      /w   
53838Rogers, William15M Farm hand  IL      /w   
53838Rogers, James12M Farm hand  IL    1    
53838Rogers, Nathaniel8M    MO    1    
53838Rogers, Charles4M    IL         
53838Rogers, Frank1M    IL         
53939Turner, Henry C.38M Farmer800 IL       1 
53939Turner, Alice24F Keeping house  OH         
53939Turner, Kate2F    IA         
54040Shaw, James B.55M Farmer4000700OH       1 
54040Shaw, John R.18M Farm hand  IL         
54040Shaw, Edward D.16M Farm hand  IL      /w   
64040Shaw, Margaret N.5F    IL         
64040Shaw, James F.5M    IL         
64040Shaw, Emily1F    IL         
64141Erland, Elizabeth38F Keeping house400325KY         
64141Erland, Ellen8F    IL    1    
64141Erland, Virginia5F    IL         
64141Erland, Charles3M    IL         
64141McAuly, Edwina19F at home  IL         
64141Eveland, Stephen19M Farm hand  IL         
64242Green, Louis22M Farm hand  IL      /w 1 
64242Green, Rhoda20F Keeping house  IL         
64242Green, Francis5/12M    PA  Dec.    1 
64343Green, E.H.68M Farmer2000400OH         
64343Green, Hester A.46F Keeping house  IL    1    
64343Green, Eveline16F at home  IL    1    
64343Green, Nancy15F at home  IL    1    
64343Green, Ellen13F at home  IL    1    
64343Green, Eugenie11F at home  IL    1    
64343Green, Kate9F    IL    1    
64343Green, Perry6M    IL    1    
64343Green, Laura4F    IL         
64444Fisto, Asa36M Farmer400450TN       1 
64444Fisto, Mary37F Keeping house  OH         
64444Fisto, Barton15M Farm hand  IL    1 /w   
64444Fisto, Caroline13F at home  IL    1    
64444Fisto, William12M at home  IL    1    
64444Fisto, Charles9M    IL    1    
64444Fisto, Edward7M    IL    1    
64444Fisto, Kittie5F    IL         
64444Fisto, John3M    IL         
64444Fisto, William41M Farmer  TN     1 1 
64444Campbell, Joseph20M Farm hand  IL     1   
64545Fisher, William41M Farmer 250KY       1 
64545Fisher, Eliza40F Keeping house  IN      /w   
64545Fisher, John14M at home  IL         
64545Fisher, William7M    IL    1    
64545Fisher, George2M    IL         
64545Fisher, Thomas1/12M    IL  Apr.      
64646Mefforn?, Andrew J.31M Farmer300250IA       1 
64646Mefforn?, Elizabeth27F Keeping house  IL     1   
74646Mefforn?, Mary11F at home  IL    1 /w   
74646Mefforn?, Naomi4F    IL         
74646Mefforn?, N.A.4F    IL         
74646Mefforn?, Hester O.3F    IL         
74747Howdershell, Nicholas35M Farmer 500Luxemburg11       
74747Howdershell, Laura23F Keeping house  IL         
74747Howdershell, Elizabeth5F    IL1        
74747Howdershell, Henry3M    IL1        
74747Medford, Isaac12F Farm hand  IL    1 /w   
74848Watson, Sebastian52M Farmer150002500IL     1 1 
74848Watson, Caroline32F Keeping house  MO         
74848Watson, Louis22M Farmer  IL       1 
74848Watson, Isabel24F Keeping house  MO         
74848Watson, Charles1M    IL         
74848Watson, Frank16M Farm hand  IL    1    
74848Watson, David12M Farm hand  IL    1 /w   
74848Watson, Ruth10F at home  IL    1 /w   
74848Watson, Eugene4M    IL         
74848Watson, Lucy2/12F    IL  Mar.      
74848Rogers, Samuel24M Farm hand  MO   Jan.   1 
74848Rogers, Anna19F at home  IA   Jan.     
74848Whelcher, Andrew J.27M Farm hand  IN       1 
74848Clifton, Ellen18F at home  IL         
74949Reddish, John30M Farmer  IL   Nov.   1 
74949Reddish, Mary30F Keeping house  IL   Nov. 1   
74949Reddith, Louis5M    IL         
74949Nott, Phebe12F at home  IL         
74949Smith, George8M    IL         
74949Didrslim, Enoch23M Farm hand  IL       1 
75050McAuly, William31M Farmer 550IL       1 
75050McAuly, Adeline23F Keeping house  France11       
75050McAuly, Lilly6F    IL 1       
75050McAuly, Anna3F    IL 1       
75050McAuly, William M.1M    IL 1       
75050Edwards, William24M Trapper  IL       1 
75151Divine, James36M Caulker  IN     1 1 
75151Divine, Omi?19F Keeping house  IN     1   
75151Divine, Alvis2M    IL         
75151Divine, Laura1/12F    IL  May      
75252McKinney, Andrew41M Farmer3200950IL       1 
85252McKinney, Sarah A.28F Keeping house  KY         
85252McKinney, James10M at home  IL    1    
85252McKinney, Jacob8M    IL    1    
85252McKinney, Madison L.6M    IL    1    
85252McKinney, Edwin1M    IL         
85252Morris, John24M Farm hand  IL       1 
85252Smithson, John19M Farm hand  TN         
85353Warren, Winchester E.51M Day laborer  NY       1 
85353Warren, Angeline30F Keeping house  IL      /w   
85353Warren, Mary7F    IL         
85353Warren, David W.5/12M    IL  Jan.      
85454Campbell, Perry28M Farmer 650IL       1 
85454Campbell, Matilda18F Keeping house  IL         
85454Campbell, Harriett7/12F    IL  Oct.      
85555Scroggins, Thomas J.26M Farmer  IL     1 1 
85555Scroggins, Ruth22F Keeping house  IL     1   
85555Scroggins, David6M    IL         
85555Scroggins, Albert3M    IL         
85656Bristol, Edgar L.27M Farm hand  OH       1 
85656Bristol, Emily M.25F Keeping house  IL      /w   
85656Bristol, Georgiana4F    IL         
85656Bristol, Alvin1M    KS         
85757Campbell, Thomas J.37M Farmer200003357IL   Oct.   1 
85757Campbell, Louisa27F Keeping house  IL   Oct.     
85757Dunham, Perkin9M    IL    1    
85757King, Thomas15M Farm hand  IL    1    
85757Griffin, Flora17F Domestic servant  IL         
85757Rink, John21M Farm hand  KY     1 1 
85757Bristol, Fay21M Farm hand  OH      /w 1 
85757Williams, Frank24M Farm hand  Canada11   1 1 
85757Williams, Mary20F Keeping house  IL         
85858Foster, Albert30M Farmer3000900IL       1 
85858Foster, Clara29F Keeping house  MO         
85858Foster, Jasson33M Farm hand  IL       1 
85858Campbell, Daniel25M Teacher  NC       1 
85959McAuley, Thomas38M Farmer1000740IL       1 
85959McAuley, Mary A.19F Keeping house  IL         
85959McAuley, Leonora1/12F    IL  Apr.      
86060Mains?, James40M Farmer10001460IL       1 
86060Mains?, Sarah27F Keeping house  IL         
96060Mains?, James Jr.7M    IL    1    
96060Mains?, Mary2F    IL         
96060Mains?, Kate1F    IL         
96060Smith, Hannah J.12F at home  IL    1 /w   
96161Reddish, Jacob45M Farmer430006600KY     1 1 
96161Reddish, Hannah39F Keeping house  OH     1   
96161Reddish, Mary16F at home  IL    1    
96161Reddish, Nancy9F    IL    1    
96161Reddish, Zadic4M    IL         
96161Rickettis, Amanda19F Domestic servant  IL     1   
96161Graham, Napoleon21M Farm hand  IN     1 1 
96161Rayfield, James22M Farm hand  IL     1 1 
96262Sego, William52M Farmer 100NC       1 
96262Sego, Emaline47F Keeping house  NC         
96262Sego, Ellen16F at home  IL    1    
96262Sego, Elizabeth12F at home  IL    1 /w   
96262Sego, Henry16M at home  IL    1    
96262Sego, Virginia2F    IL         
96363Briggs, William31M Farmer 500IL       1 
96363Briggs, Emily24F Keeping house  IL         
96363Briggs, Teffan2M    IL         
96363Briggs, Cora1/12F    IL  May      
96363Smith, John33M Farmer 250IL       1 
96464Campbell, Benjamin F.31M Farmer 300IL       1 
96464Campbell, Sarah J.23F Keeping house  MO         
96464Campbell, Charles C.5M    IL         
96464Campbell, Netta E.3F    IL         
96464Campbell, Oscar1M    IL         
96464Campbell, Nathan42M Farmer7000790NC     1 1 
96464Campbell, George25M Farm hand  IL       1 
96464Medford, Hyson25M Farm hand  IL     1 1 
96565Brimmingham, Edwin37M Farmer  IL   Sep.   1 
96565Brimmingham, May F.36F Keeping house  VA   Sep. 1   
96565Fink, John F.18M Farm hand  MO     1   
96565Fink, Juliana16F at home  IL     1   
96565Fink, Sarah J.12F at home  IL     1   
96565Fink, James8M    KS         
96565Fink, William L.5M    IL         
96565Smith, Lizzie39F Domestic servant  IL     1   
96666Sego, William R.27M Farmer100001800IL         
106666Sego, Elizabeth34F Keeping house  TN         
106666Sego, Judah3F    IL         
106666Sego, Adolphus4/12M    IL  Jan.      
106666Campbell, James12M at home  IL    1    
106666Campbell, Charles10M at home  IL    1 /w   
106666Campbell, Jerome8M    IL    1    
106666Fulton, James34M Carpenter  OH       1 
106666Medford, Alice13F Domestic servant  IL    1    
106767Cummings, Hezekiah36M Farmer 500IL       1 
106767Cummings, Astahrusa32F Keeping house  IL      /w   
106767Cummings, Harvey14M at home  IL    1    
106767Cummings, Eliza12F at home  IL    1 /w   
106767Cummings, Mary10F at home  IL    1 /w   
106767Cummings, William5M    IL         
106767Cummings, Missa4F    IL         
106767Cummings, Serilda7/12F    IL  Oct.      
106868Fulks, John60M Farmer100001325TN     1 1 
106868Fulks, Jonne?57F Keeping house  TN         
106868Fulks, Samuel E.34M Farmer  TN     1 1 
106868Fulks, Serilda22F at home  IL         
106868Fulks, Eliza A.19F at home  IL         
106868King, Julius13M Farm hand  IL      /w   
106969Grenn? Gunn?, John21M Farm hand  IL      /w 1 
106969Grenn? Gunn?, Jane15F Keeping house  IL         
106969Grenn? Gunn?, Sarah E.6/12F   IL  Nov.      
107070Mitchel, Thomas J.57M Farmer  KY       1 
107070Mitchel, Mary48F Keeping house  KY         
107070Mitchel, Mary C.14F at home  IL    1    
107070Mitchel, Charlotte10F at home  IL    1 /w   
107171Rice, John31M Farmer700400PA     1 1 
107171Rice, Frances22F Keeping house  IL         
107171Rice, Lizzie6/12F   IL  Nov.      
107272Bristol, Alvin57M Farmer 220OH       1 
107272Bristol, Ruanier48F Keeping house  OH         
107272Bristol, James16M Farm hand  IL    1 /w   
107272Bristol, George13M Farm hand  IL    1 /w   
107272Bristol, William9M   IL    1    
107373Edwards, William B.46M Farmer4000800NJ       1 
107373Edwards, Mary E.37F Keeping house  NY     1   
107373Edwards, William20M Farm hand  NJ      /w   
117373Edwards, Ellen15F at home  IL      /w   
117373Edwards, John13M Farm hand  IL    1    
117373Edwards, Charles11M at home  IL    1    
117373Edwards, George9M    IL    1    
117373Edwards, Catherine E.5F    IL    1    
117373Edwards, Louis3M    IL         
117474Pike, James A.33M Farm hand150150IN       1 
117474Pike, Caroline17F Keeping house  IL         
117575Parker, Matilda54F Keeping house1320400VA     1   
117575McAuley, Susan61F at home  OH         
117575McAuley, Oscar21M Farmer  IL       1 
117575Parker, Mortimer21M Farmer1200250OH         
117676Turner, Louis M.42M Farmer8000950IL       1 
117676Turner, Sarah40F Keeping house  IL     1   
117676Turner, Luella4F    IL         
117676Turner, Cora1F    IL         
117676Sapp, James57M Carpenter  KY     1 1 
117777Mulligan, William24M Farmer 100MO       1 
117777Mulligan, Mary A.21F Keeping house  NJ         
117777Mulligan, William3M    IL         
117777Mulligan, Emily2F    IL         
117878Burns, F.G.49M Farm hand  KY       1 
117878Burns, Ellen40F Keeping house  KY     1   
117878Burns, Francis16M Farm hand  IL     1   
117878Burns, William7M    IL         
117878Burns, Cornelius A.3M    IL         
117979Reddish, Stephen58M Farmer100001100KY     1 1 
117979Reddish, Elizabeth38F Keeping house  IL         
117979Reddish, O? Perry C.17M Farm hand  IL    1 /w   
117979Reddish, Samson15M at home  IL    1    
117979Reddish, Luella6F    IL    1    
117979Reddish, Louis6F    IL    1    
117979Reddish, Zaner4F    IL         
117979Reddish, Sophia3F    IL         
117979Rider, James11M    IL    1 /w   
117979Rider, Georgiana9F    IL    1    
118080Smith, Charity47F Keeping house1100770IN     1   
118080Smith, Martha J.15F at home  IL    1    
118080Smith, Harriett10F at home  IL    1 /w   
118080Smith, Charity G.3F    ?         
128080Roberts, John A.22M Farmer  IL       1 
128080Roberts, William J.19M Farmer  IL         
128080Phelps, Charles37M Day laborer  KY       1 
128181Dunham, Benjamin48M Farmer2000900VA      /w 1 
128181Dunham, Ann E.37F Keeping house  IL         
128181Dunham, Henry18M Farm hand  IL    1    
128181Dunham, John17M Farm hand  IL    1    
128181Dunham, Walker15M Farm hand  IL    1    
128181Dunham, Julliette14F at home  IL    1    
128181Dunham, Virginia A.12F at home  IL    1    
128181Dunham, Stephen11M at home  IL    1    
128181Dunham, Floyd10M at home  IL    1 /w   
128181Dunham, Charles6M    IL    1    
128181Dunham, Franklin5M   IL         
128282Gibbs, John50M Farmer500500IL       1 
128282Gibbs, Sarah58F Keeping house  TN     1   
128282Gibbs, Patsy21F at home  IL    1    
128282Gibbs, John20M Farm hand  IL         
128282Gibbs, Sarah18F at home  IL    1    
128282Gibbs, Mary16F at home  IL    1    
128383Lofton, John W.74M Retired farmer1200500GA       1 
128383Lofton, Eliza45F Keeping house  TN     1   
128383Ralston, Charles W.4M    IL         
128484Carr, Hugh30M Farmer  IL      /w 1 
128484Carr, Nancy26F Keeping house  IL      /w   
128484Carr, Rose9F    IL         
128484Carr, John4M    IL         
128484Carr, Joseph2M    IL         
128484Carr, Laura5/12F    IL  Dec.      
128585Spenser, James A.35M Farmer 350IL       1 
128585Spenser, Sarah35F Keeping house  IL         
128585Spenser, Mary15F at home  IL    1    
128585Spenser, Ellen9F    IL    1    
128585Spenser, William7M    IL    1    
128585Spenser, Marat?4M    IL         
128585Spenser, Frank8/12M    IL  Sep.      
128585Spenser, Kate8/12F    IL  Sep.      
128686Richey, Caleb35M Farmer 345IL       1 
128686Richey, Eliza30F Keeping house  IL      /w   
128686Richey, Vincent E.6M    IL         
138686Richey, George4/12M    IL  May      
138787Brewer, Samuel23M Farm hand200100IL     1 1 
138787Brewer, Maria22F Keeping house  IL         
138787Brewer, Mary J.2F    IL         
138787Brewer, John W.5/12M    IL  Dec.      
138888Bower, James21M Farmer 300IL     1 1 
138888Bower, Linda19F Keeping house  IL         
138888Bower, Newton2M    IL         
138989Richey, Vincent53M Farmer1600500IL       1 
138989Richey, Jane24F Keeping house  IL         
138989Richey, Harvey4/12M    IL  Feb.      
139090King, Jonathan37M Farmer 200IN     1 1 
139090King, Mary33F Keeping house  OH         
139090King, John P.15?13?M at home  IL    1    
139090King, Sarah10F at home  IL    1 /w   
139090King, Emily6F    IL         
139090King, Thomas2M    IL         
139191Willis, Shephard27M Wagonmaker  IL       1 
139191Willis, Lizzie27F Keeping house  IN         
139191Willis, William3M    IN         
139191Willis, James H.10/12M    IN  July      
139292Backhouse, William52M Farmer100500Hanover11    1  
139292Backhouse, Dorothy44F Keeping house  Hanover11       
139292Backhouse, William11M at home  IL11       
139292Backhouse, Henry8M    IL11       
139292Backhouse, Frank5M    IL11       
139292Backhouse, Matilda1F    IL11       
139393Hays, Elizabeth54F Keeping house2000100SC         
139393Carroll, John25M Farmer  IL       1 
139393Carroll, Nancy23F Keeping house  IL         
139393Carroll, Alice1F    IL         
139393Harod? Harvel?, Mary6F    IL         
139494Helsebusch, Mart27M Farmer400 Prussia11     1 
139494Washcool, Mathew40M Farm hand  Bohemia11   11  
139494Washcool, Mary35F Keeping house  Bohemia11   1   
139494Washcool, Frank12M at home  Bohemia11   1   
139494Washcool, John10M at home  Bohemia11   1   
139494Washcool, Charles7M    Bohemia11       
139494Washcool, Henry5M    Bohemia11       
139595Roth, William33M Blacksmith300100PA       1 
149696Harman, Henry45M Wagonmaker 250Alsace11    1  
149696Harman, Dorothy35F Keeping house  Alsace11   1   
149696Harman, George13M at home  MO11  1    
149696Harman, Sarah11F at home  MO11   1   
149696Harman, Fredric6M    IL11       
149696Harman, John4M    IL11       
149696Harman, Anna2F    IL11       
149797Busby, C.E.37M Retail merchant1180010150MO       1 
149797Busby, Eliza32F Keeping house  IL         
149797Busby, William D.7M    IL    1    
149797Busby, Harry C.1M    IL         
149797Busby, Josephine1F    IL         
149898Tilton, Leander39M Blacksmith300825OH     1 1 
149898Tilton, Julia28F Keeping house  IL         
149898Tilton, George16M Teamster  IL         
149898Fowler, Eliza12F at home  IL    1    
149898Fowler, Wesley7M    IL    1    
149898Coe, John37M Blacksmith  VA       1 
149999West, William T.55M Justice of Peace500200KY   Apr.   1 
149999West, Emily38F Keeping house  MS   Apr.     
149999Mitchell, Alice17F at home 600MS    1    
14100100Scribner, Wiley H.39M Constable 600TN       1 
14100100Scribner, Catharine34F Keeping house  TN         
14100100Scribner, Nancy C.13F at home  IL    1    
14100100Scribner, Sarah E.11F at home  MO    1    
14100100Scribner, Mary O.9F    IL    1    
14100100Scribner, Robert L.6M    IL    1    
14100100Scribner, Jane3F    IL         
14101101Belt, Horatio N.29M Miller180005000IL   Dec.   1 
14101101Belt, Martha25F Keeping house  OH   Dec.     
14101101Belt, Mary J.60F at home  NC         
14101101West, Helen14F at home  IL    1    
14101101Brummer?, Harry38M Farm hand  Prussia11   1   
14102102Crochet, William35M Farmer400470IL     1 1 
14102102Crochet, Anna26F Keeping house  IL         
14102102Crochet, Mary E.7F    IL    1    
14102102Crochet, William V.2M    IL         
14103103Puts, Stanley? Sanley?38M Retail merchant50 IL       1 
14103103Puts, Cordelia30F Keeping house20500100IL         
14103103Puts, Aadda L.9F    IL    1    
15103103Puts, Marshal4M    IL         
15104104Lafever, Christine35F Keeping house1000150OH      /w   
15104104Lafever, Manuel13M at home  IL    1    
15104104Lafever, Matilda11F at home  LA    1    
15105105Wares?, Moses56M Day laborer 100IN       1 
15105105Wares?, Nancy49F Keeping house  IL     1   
15105105Wares?, Sarah J.14F at home  IL    1    
15106106Lofton, John37M Farmer400400IL     1 1 
15106106Lofton, Susan49F Keeping house  VA         
15107107Segar, Henry45M Cooper200100Switzerland11     1 
15107107Segar, Margaret45F Keeping house  Bavaria11       
15107107Segar, Caroline15F Domestic servant  MO11       
15107107Segar, William12M at home  MO11  1 /w   
15107107Segar, Fredric8M    MO11  1    
15107107Segar, Frank5M    IL11       
15107107Segar, Rosa3F    IL11       
15108108Johnisee, S.B.42M Wagonmaker1600700NC       1 
15108108Johnisee, Lydia36F Keeping house  VA      /w   
15108108Johnisee, Barney14M at home  IL    1    
15109109Gorrell, John33M Farmer 450OH     1 1 
15109109Gorrell, Rachel35F Keeping house  IL         
15109109Bethel, Emma6F at home  IL         
15109109Bethel, Oscar4M    IL         
15109109Eveleth, Charles53M at home  MA     1 1 
15110110Farrow, James48M Carpenter 625KY       1 
15110110Farrow, Josephine28F Keeping house  OH         
15110110Farrow, Margaret8F    IL    1    
15110110Farrow, Ada3F    IL         
15110110Farrow, Alonzo17M Farm hand  IN    1    
15111111Briggs, Asa45F Teacher1000300OH       1 
15111111Briggs, Maria34F Keeping house  IL         
15111111Briggs, Sisn? N.8F    IL    1    
15111111Briggs, Pilla2F    IL         
15112112Young, James M.41M Farmer 420NC       1 
15112112Young, Lusetia35F Keeping house  OH         
15112112Young, Luella12F at home  IL    1    
15112112Young, Hattie7F    IL         
15112112Young, Luther5M    IL         
15112112Young, Susan3F    IL         
15113113Lofton, William30M Farmer 200IL       1 
16113113Lofton, Mary18F Keeping house  IL         
16113113Lofton, Loring1M    IL         
16113113Young, James B.N.4/12M    IL  May      
16114114East, Jane35F Keeping house 450OH      /w   
16114114East, William17M Farm hand  IL         
16114114East, Mary J.14F at home  IL    1    
16114114East, John11M at home  IL    1    
16114114East, Charles7M    IL         
16114114East, George3M    IL         
16115115Million, Louis21M Teamster  IL       1 
16115115Million, Mary A.50F Keeping house500150MO         
16115115Million, Virginia26F at home  IL         
16115115Clark, Adeline27F at home 350IL         
16115115Clark, Louis9M    IL    1    
16115115Roberts, Louis26M Plasterer  OH      /w   
16116116Menta, Charles48M Preacher 250Prussia11    /w   
16116116Menta, Christine33F Keeping house  Prussia11       
16116116Ulenbury, Christine65F at home  Prussia11       
16117117Scroggins, John E.29M Day laborer  IL      /w 1 
16117117Scroggins, Rebecca24F Keeping house  IL      /w   
16117117Scroggins, Mary E.7?F    IL         
16117117Scroggins, Peachy A.2/12F    IL  Mar.      
16118118Cooper, John41M Farm hand  Prussia11       
16118118Cooper, Alva18M Farm hand  Prussia11       
16118118Cooper, John16M Farm hand  Prussia11       
16118118Cooper, George14M Farm hand  Prussia11  1    
16118118Cooper, Gerrard11M at home  Prussia11  1    
16118118Cooper, Anna8F at home  Prussia11  1    
16119119Arkebauer, J.G.46M Farmer60001250Prussia11     1 
16119119Arkebauer, Mary41F Keeping house  Prussia11       
16119119Arkebauer, Henry17M Farm hand  IL11  1    
16119119Arkebauer, Jacob15M Farm hand  IL11  1    
16119119Arkebauer, Mary13F at home  IL11  1    
16119119Arkebauer, Eliza10F at home  IL11  1    
16119119Arkebauer, Emma7F    IL11  1    
16119119Arkebauer, Matilda5F    IL11       
16119119Arkebauer, Edward3M    IL11       
16119119Arkebauer, Catherine3/12F    IL11Mar.      
16120120Harvey, Thomas J.30M Physician10002200IL       1 
16120120Harvey, Emma J.23F Keeping house  MI         
16121121Householder, Fred33M Farmer1800425MO11     1 
17121121Householder, Louisa26F Keeping house  MO         
17121121Householder, Emele4M    MO         
17121121Householder, Mary2F    IL         
17121121Householder, Louisa2/12F    IL  Mar.      
17121121Sebastian, J.54M    Tyrol11       
17122122Loelka, Fredric30M Miller 250Prussia11       
17122122Loelka, Augusta31F Keeping house  Prussia11       
17122122Loelka, Otto7M    Prussia11  1    
17122122Loelka, Frank5M    Prussia11       
17122122Loelka, Anna2F    MO11       
17122122Bonier?, August28M Farm hand  Prussia11       
17123123Brown, Elias F.35M Engineer 250TN       1 
17123123Brown, Mary27F Keeping house  TN         
17123123Brown, Martha13F at home  IL     1   
17123123Brown, Mary11F at home  MO     1   
17123123Brown, Laura9F    IL     1   
17123123Brown, Alice5F    IL         
17123123Brown, Charles1M    IL         
17123123Redfield, Sytoske45M Physician  IN       1 
17123123Redfield, Mena13F at home  OH    1    
17124124Mark, James J.40M Farmer 350VA       1 
17124124Mark, Marian31F Keeping house  OH         
17124124Mark, Elizabeth12F at home  OH    1 /w   
17124124Mark, Mary E.8F    IL    1    
17124124Mark, James W.5M    IL         
17124124Mark, Charles F.2M    IL         
17125125Pinkerton, Thomas J.37M Carpenter 350IL       1 
17125125Pinkerton, Clarissa36F Keeping house  IL         
17125125Pinkerton, Anna A.11F at home  IL    1    
17125125Pinkerton, Willie4M    IL         
17125125Pinkerton, Lily E.4F    IL         
17125125Pinkerton, Thomas T.2M    IL         
17125125Pinkerton, Clara1/12F    IL  Apr.      
17126126Skiff, Charles55M Cooper600100NY       1 
17126126Skiff, Jane31F Keeping house  IL         
17126126Skiff, Albert11M at home  IL    1    
17126126Skiff, Harvey9M    IL    1    
17126126Skiff, Jennie5F    IL    1    
17127127Belt, James H.36M Sheriff23005000IL         
18127127Belt, Helen M.35F Keeping house  IL         
18127127Belt, Vincent6M    IL    1    
18127127Belt, Henry4M    IL         
18127127Belt, Lily M.2F    IL         
18127127Bramlett, Sarah67F at home  GA      /w   
18127127Baldrige, Mary27F Domestic servant  MO         
18127127Woke, John18M Flour packer  Prussia11       
18128128Reddish, Zadic55M Farmer4000015000KY         
18128128Reddish, Sophia54F Keeping house  IL     1   
18128128Reddish, Lucy A.32F at home  IL     1   
18128128Reddish, Stephen19F Farm hand  IL    1    
18128128Reddish, Emmor?14M Farm hand  IL    1    
18128128Reddish, Kate10F at home  IL    1    
18128128West, Harry17M Farm hand  IL         
18128128Alford, Julia24F Domestic servant  IL         
18129129Tipton? Lipton?, William W.59M Teacher800400MD       1 
18129129Tipton? Lipton?, Agnes S.31?F Keeping house  OH         
18130130Galehouse, John W.37M Carpenter 350OH       1 
18130130Galehouse, Sue31F Keeping house  OH         
18130130Galehouse, Elva B.12F at home  OH    1    
18131131Carter, Mary34F Keeping house  IL     1   
18131131Carter, Julia11F at home  IL    1 /w   
18131131Carter, Charles W.9M    IL    1    
18131131Carter, James O.6M    IL    1    
18131131Carter, Leander4M    IL         
18131131Carter, Mary M.1F    IL         
18132132Turner, Leonard40M Farmer2000875IL       1 
18132132Turner, Samulia?37F Keeping house  OH         
18132132Turner, Oliver10M at home  IL    1    
18132132Turner, Lilly M.8F    IL    1    
18132132Turner, Floyd6M    IL    1    
18132132Turner, Flora4F    IL         
18132132Turner, Francis2M    IL         
18133133Park, Wesley35M Physician30006000OH       1 
18133133Park, Elvira J.32F Keeping house  OH         
18133133Park, Arthur12M at home  IL    1    
18133133Park, George C.8M    IL    1    
18133133Park, Fredric2M    IL         
18134134Miller, William48M Blacksmith1000200Luxemburg11     1 
18134134Miller, Mary28F Keeping house  Baden11       
19134134Miller, Susan10F at home  IL11  1    
19134134Miller, Mary9F    IL11  1    
19134134Miller, Caroline7F    IL11  1    
19134134Miller, Anna5F    IL11       
19134134Miller, Thomas2M    IL11       
19135135Strausse? Streubel?, Jacob39M Shoemaker1200350Prussia11     1 
19135135Strausse? Streubel?, Elizabeth40F Keeping house  Baden11       
19135135Strausse? Streubel?, Christine10F at home  LA11  1    
19135135Strausse? Streubel?, Barbara8F    LA11  1    
19135135Strausse? Streubel?, Jacob6M    IL11  1    
19135135Strausse? Streubel?, Charles4M    IL11       
19135135Clara?, Charles55M Carpenter  Germany11     1 
19136136Ridder, James F.51M Physician 1000IN       1 
19136136Ridder, Elizabeth J.28F Keeping house  IN         
19136136Ridder, Nora M.7F    IN         
19137137Eads, James A.62M Retail merchant1200010000IN         
19137137Eads, James24M Grain dealer  MO         
19137137Eads, William19M Clerk in store  IL         
19137137Morrison, Gertrude6F    MO         
19137137Bethel, Margaret53F Housekeeper400 IL         
19138138Terry, John L.30M Retail merchant5002500IL   Mar.   1 
19138138Terry, Emily23F Keeping house  IL   Mar.     
19138138Terry, William T.2M    IL         
19138138Welsh, Godfrey21M Clerk in store  Austria11       
19139139Scroggins, Benjamin27M Day laborer  IL     1 1 
19139139Scroggins, Martha M.22F Keeping house  IL         
19139139Scroggins, Martha A.5F    IL         
19139139Scroggins, Juliette3F    IL         
19139139Scroggins, John W.4/12M    IL  Jan.      
19140140Tutsoff, Mathew39M Farmer 450Prussia11       
19140140Tutsoff, Sophia25F Keeping house  Hanover11       
19140140Tutsoff, George1M    IL11       
19140140Tutsoff, Anton38M Farmer  Prussia11       
19141141Jones, John41M Day laborer  OH      /w 1 
19141141Jones, Harriette40F Keeping house  IL      /w   
19141141Jones, Mary13F at home  IL    1    
19141141Jones, John M.10M at home  IL    1 /w   
19141141Jones, Lydia F.6F    IL         
19141141Jones, Oscar3M    IL         
19142142Throop, Margaret55F Keeping house 100VA         
20142142Throop, Nathan15M Farm hand  IL    1    
20142142Morrison, Lorinda20F at home  IL         
20142142Morrison, William3M    MO         
20142142Morrison, Charles1M    IL         
20143143Wilson, James H.26M Farm hand 150IL      /w 1 
20143143Wilson, Jane22F Keeping house  IL         
20143143Wilson, Margaret2F    IL         
20143143Wilson, Emily J.1F    IL         
20143143Jenkins, Joseph24M Farm hand  TN       1 
20144144Hagan? Hogan?, Orlando28M Farm hand  KY       1 
20144144Hagan? Hogan?, Martha20F Keeping house  MO     1   
20144144Rogers, Jane48F at home  IN     1   
20144144Rogers, David19M Farm hand  MO         
20144144Rogers, John H.16M Farm hand  MO         
20144144Rogers, Nancy9F    MO    1    
20145145Turner, Thomas31M Farm hand 350MO       1 
20145145Turner, Jane24F Keeping house  IL         
20145145Turner, Henry6M    IL         
20145145Turner, Minnie4F    IL         
20145145Turner, Mary1F    IL         
20146146Jones, Susan41F Keeping house  IL         
20146146Jones, George16M Farm hand  IL         
20146146Jones, Mary14F Domestic servant  IL         
20146146Jones, William13M at home  IL         
20146146Jones, Allie11F at home  IL    1    
20146146Jones, Emma8F    IL    1    
20147147Shultz, Albert40M Farmer 100Prussia11     1 
20147147Shultz, Lucinda27F Keeping house  IL     1   
20147147Shultz, Rosa3F    IL1        
20147147Shultz, Henry1M    IL1        
20148148Fyow?, John45M Farmer1200565Wittenburg11     1 
20148148Fyow?, Anna E.34F Keeping house  Hesse Dramstadt11       
20148148Fyow?, Henry9M    IL11       
20148148Fyow?, George8M    IL11       
20148148Fyow?, Elizabeth6F    IL11       
20148148Fyow?, Louisa4F    IL11       
20149149Spencer, James A.35M Farmer 350IL       1 
20149149Spencer, Sarah35F Keeping house  IL         
20149149Spencer, Mary E.14F at home  IL    1    
20149149Spencer, Ella9F    IL    1    
21149149Spencer, William8M    IL    1    
21149149Spencer, Maretta3F    IL         
21149149Spencer, Perry F.8/12M    IL  Sep.      
21149149Spencer, Sarah C.8/12F    IL  Sep.      
21150150McKinney, William H.24M Farm hand  IL       1 
21150150McKinney, Ann21F Keeping house  IL         
21150150McKinney, John4/12M    IL  Jan.      
21151151Rusk, Thomas J.21M Farmer 250IL       1 
21151151Rusk, Sarah19F Keeping house  IL         
21151151Rusk, Julia0/12F    IL  July      
21152152Rusk, William J.25M Farmer 450IL       1 
21152152Rusk, Minnie23F Keeping house  IL         
21152152Rusk, Emma3F    IL         
21152152Rhoades, Emily9F    IL     1   
21153153Albert, John36M Farmer1000400Bavaria11     1 
21153153Albert, Susan26F Keeping house  Bavaria11    1  
21153153Albert, Katie7F    IL11       
21153153Albert, Mary3F    IL11       
21153153Albert, John1M    IL11       
21154154Martin, John38M Farmer1500425France11     1 
21154154Martin, Amile30F Keeping house  Brunswick11   1   
21154154Martin, Caroline6F    IL11       
21154154Martin, Louisa5F    IL11       
21154154Martin, Dorothy2F    IL11       
21154154Martin, Henry9/12M    IL11Aug.      
21155155Lismond, Frank66M Farmer5000800Prussia11    1  
21155155Lismond, Mary E.50F Keeping house  Hanover11       
21155155Lismond, Anna16F at home  IL11       
21156156Wade, Henry38M Farmer 550VA       1 
21156156Wade, Hester A.46F Keeping house  IL      /w   
21156156Wade, Franklin7M    IL         
21156156Wade, Virginia3F    IL         
21156156Smith, Rufus28M Farm hand  IL       1 
21156156Smith, Russ21M Farm hand  IL       1 
21157157Householder, George63M Farmer2000250France11     1 
21157157Householder, Kate56F Keeping house  France11       
21158158Householder, George F.25M Farmer 375MO11 Dec.   1 
21158158Householder, Sophia26F Keeping house  Prussia11 Dec.     
21159159King, Mathew58M Farmer500270Bavaria11     1 
21159159King, Margaret48F Keeping house  Bavaria11       
22159159King, Sophia12F at home  IL11  1    
22159159King, Henry11M at home  IL11  1    
22159159Boishel, Leonard60M at home  Bavaria11       
22160160Wigherd, Henry47M Farmer3500950Brunswick11     1 
22160160Wigherd, Margaret45F Keeping house  Hesse Dramstadt11       
22160160Wigherd, George15M Farm hand  IL11  1    
22160160Wigherd, William13M Farm hand  IL11  1    
22160160Wigherd, Henry11M at home  IL11  1    
22160160Wigherd, Albert10M at home  IL11  1 /w   
22160160Wigherd, Edward7M    IL11  1    
22160160Wigherd, Adelia4F    IL11       
22160160Fownicht, Frank28M Day laborer  Prussia11       
22160160Roinck? Rouick?, Frank28M Day laborer  Austria11       
22161161McKinney, Joseph56M Farmer5000800VA     1 1 
22161161McKinney, Elizabeth36F Keeping house  NJ         
22161161McKinney, James37M Farmer  IL       1 
22161161McKinney, John23M Farmer  IL   Nov.   1 
22161161McKinney, May18F at home  IL   Nov.     
22161161McKinney, Frank8M    IL         
22161161McKinney, George D.5M    IL         
22161161McKinney, Rosa4F    IL         
22161161McKinney, Elizabeth1F    IL         
22162162Dunham, Benjamin30M Farmer2800500IL      /w 1 
22162162Dunham, Lydia24F Keeping house  IL      /w   
22162162Dunham, Orrie A.5F    IL         
22162162Dunham, John3M    IL         
22162162Dunham, Rebecca1F    IL         
22163163Guntterman, John70M Farmer1000 KY     1 1 
22163163Guntterman, Melinda59F Keeping house  VA     1   
22163163Guntterman, John Jr.25M Farmer  IL      /w 1 
22163163Guntterman, Mary22F at home  IL         
22163163Guntterman, Elizabeth19F at home  IL         
22163163Guntterman, Laura D.3F    IL         
22164164Crager, William37M Farmer4000800Prussia11     1 
22164164Crager, Dora36F Keeping house  Micklenburg11       
22164164Crager, George10M at home  IL11  1 /w   
22164164Crager, Charles9M    IL11  1    
22164164Crager, William7M    IL11  1    
22164164Crager, Henry5M    IL11       
22164164Crager, Matilda3/12F    IL11Feb.      
23164164Prill, John28M Farm hand  Micklenburg11    1  
23165165West, Bernard45M Farmer2000680Wittenburg11       
23165165West, Johanna40F Keeping house  Wittenburg11       
23165165West, Bernard12M at home  IL11  1    
23165165West, Michael9M    IL11  1    
23165165West, Josephine5F    IL11       
23165165West, William1M    IL11       
23166166Foiles, Thomas R.46M Farmer400325IN     1 1 
23166166Foiles, Amanda45F Keeping house  KY         
23166166Foiles, Aaron L.19M Farm hand  IN         
23167167Dunham, Amos66M Retired farmer2500725VA       1 
23167167Dunham, Mary56F Keeping house  VA         
23167167Dunham, Amos Jr.26M Farm hand  IL     1 1 
23167167Dunham, Walter15M Farm hand  IL    1    
23168168Dunham, Hugh28M Farmer 500IL      /w 1 
23168168Dunham, Martha A.20F Keeping house  IL         
23168168Dunham, William2M    IL         
23168168Dunham, Louisa1/12F    IL  Apl.      
23169169Foster, Joseph18M Farm hand  VA         
23169169Foster, Rachel52F Keeping house  IL         
23170170McDonald, Martha32F Keeping house 100IL         
23170170McDonald, Effie8F    IL    1    
23170170McDonald, Edgar6M    IL    1    
23170170McDonald, Minnie4F    IL         
23170170McDonald, Franklin2M    IL         
23171171Alfred, Harvey52M Farmer35001150VA       1 
23171171Alfred, Margaret53F Keeping house  TN     1   
23171171Alfred, Sarah J.13F at home  IL    1    
23171171Morrison, Cynthia5F    IL         
23171171Williams, Jesse21M Farm hand  Canada11    /w 1 
23172172Couark, Frank35M Farmer3500700Bohemia11   1 1 
23172172Couark, Kate33F Keeping house  Bohemia11   1   
23172172Couark, Antoinne9M    IL11  1    
23172172Couark, Kate6F    IL11       
23172172Couark, Albert4M    IL11       
23172172Couark, Adda1F    IL11       
23173173Matakle, Frank35M Farmer  Bohemia11   1 1 
23173173Matakle, Kate33F Keeping house  Bohemia11   1   
23173173Matakle, Pauline4F    IL11       
23173173Matakle, Josephine3F    IL11       
24173173Matakle, Christina7/12F    IL11Oct.      
24173173Matakle, Frank53M at home  Bohemia11   11  
24173173Matakle, Mary53F at home  Bohemia11   1   
24174174Kallal, Frances46F Keeping house40001160Bohemia11       
24174174Kallal, Joseph22M Farmer  Bohemia11     1 
24174174Kallal, Frances20F at home  Bohemia11       
24174174Kallal, Mary18F at home  Bohemia11       
24174174Kallal, Anna15F at home  Bohemia11  1    
24174174Kallal, Catharine14F at home  IL11  1 /w   
24174174Kallal, Frank11M at home  IL11  1 /w   
24174174Kallal, Louisa8F    IL11  1    
24174174Kallal, John6M    IL11       
24174174Kallal, Elizabeth4F    IL11       
24175175Berger, August45M Farmer2500450Prussia11     1 
24175175Berger, Frederica45F Keeping house  Prussia11       
24175175Berger, Selena18F Domestic servant  IL11       
24175175Berger, Amelia15F at home  IL11  1    
24175175Berger, Corniella14F at home  IL11  1    
24175175Berger, Oscar13M at home  IL11  1    
24176176Goshorn, William34M Carpenter  PA       1 
24176176Goshorn, Netta27F Keeping house  Prussia11       
24176176Goshorn, Nicholas1M    IL 1       
24176176Haake, Mary62F Keeping house70001300Prussia11       
24176176Wheaton, William21M Farmer  IL11     1 
24176176Wheaton, Anthony18M Farmer  IL11       
24176176Luft, Augusta10F at home  IL11  1    
24176176Finke, William3M    IL11       
24177177Hermon, George28M Farmer 750GA         
24177177Hermon, Jane23F Keeping house  IL         
24177177Hermon, Della3F    IL         
24177177Hermon, William4/12M    IL         
24178178Seehousen, Louis62M Farmer800700Hanover11   1 1 
24178178Seehousen, Catharine52F Keeping house  IL11       
24178178Seehousen, Anna18F at home  IL11       
24178178Seehousen, Mary16F at home  IL11       
24178178Seehouse, Henry11M at home  IL11  1    
24178178Seehousen, Emma5F    IL11       
24179179Kistler, George40M Farmer50001480Hesse Dramstadt11       
24179179Kistler, Elizabeth45F Keeping house  Kur Hesse11       
24179179Kistler, Anna13F at home  Kur Hesse11       
25179179Kistler, Matilda8F    IL11       
25179179Kistler, William4M    IL11       
25179179Smith, Henry21M Farm hand  Kur Hesse11    1  

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