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Jersey County Page Census Page

1870 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

      Ra/oy, Louis***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rabbit, Patrick***Grafton 6-12


      RACINE, Anna***Grafton 6-13


      RACINE, Elvira***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RACINE, Henry W.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RACINE, Jane***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RACINE, Jane***Grafton 6-13


      RACINE, John***Grafton 6-13


      RACINE, Joseph***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RACINE, Joseph***Grafton 6-13


      RACINE, Louisa***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RACINE, Mary***Grafton 6-13


      RACINE, Mary***Grafton 6-13


      RACINE, Mary C.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RACINE, Peter***Grafton 6-13


      Radcliff, Diamond***Jerseyville City


      Radcliff, George***Jerseyville City


      Radcliff, James***Jerseyville City


      Radcliff, Juliet***Jerseyville City


      Radcliff, Minerva***Jerseyville City


      Radcliff, Nancy***Jerseyville City


      Radcliff, Sarah***Jerseyville City


      Radcliff, William***Jerseyville City


      Radcliff,Mary***Jerseyville City


      RADER, Jacob***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Raffles, Charles***Grafton 6-12


      RAFTIS, Johanna***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RAFTIS, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RAFTIS, Michael***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RAFTIS, Thomas F.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RAFTIS, William***J’ville T-8 R-12


      Rain, ??????, A.***Grafton 6-12


      Rain, Bridget***Grafton 6-12


      Rain, Florence I.***Grafton 6-12


      Rain, Peter***Grafton 6-12


      RALPH, Amelia***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RALPH, John P.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RALPH, Mary C.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RALSTON, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RAMEL, Joseph***O.C. 7-12


      Ramsey, Thomas***Tws 6 Range 11


      RANDLE, Adda J.***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, Charles C.***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, Eva M.***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, Hannah***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, Henry N.***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, James G.***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, Jane***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, John H.***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, Joseph P.***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, Nellie E.***O.C. 7-12


      RANDLE, Serilda***O.C. 7-12


      RANDOLPH, Eva***O.C. 7-12


      Randolph, Isaac***Jerseyville City


      Randolph, Jane***Jerseyville City


      Randolph, Julia***Jerseyville City


      Randolph, Mary***Jerseyville City


      Randolph, Oliver S.***Jerseyville City


      Randolph, Peter***Jerseyville City


      Rankin, Margaret E.***Jerseyville City


      Rankin, Wm. A.***Jerseyville City


      RAY, Charles***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RAYFIELD,. James***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Rayns, Elizabeth***Grafton 6-12


      READER, Albert G.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Reader, Charles***Jerseyville City


      Reader, Dora A.***Tws 6 Range 11


      READER, Ella L.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Reader, Florence S.***Tws 6 Range 11


      READER, George***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Reader, Henry L.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Reader, Hettie***Jerseyville City


      Reader, Jacob***Jerseyville City


      READER, Martha L.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Reader, Mary A.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Reading, Daniel***Jerseyville City


      Reading, Ellen***Jerseyville City


      Ready, Daniel***Grafton 6-12


      REBER, Anna***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REBER, Eliza***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REBER, Frank***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REBER, Frank***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REBER, Josephine***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REBER, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REBER,Rosalie***J’ville T-8 R-12


      Recappe, Anthony***Jerseyville City


      Recappi, Mary***Jerseyville City


      Red, Jennie***Grafton 6-12


      Red, Lizzie***Grafton 6-12


      Red, William***Grafton 6-12


      RED??, William***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      Reddan, Michael***Grafton 6-12


      REDDISH, Elizabeth***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Emmor male***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Hannah***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Henry***Jville 9-11


      REDDISH, Hester***Jville 9-11


      REDDISH, Jacob***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, John H.***Jville 9-11


      REDDISH, Kate***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Louis***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Louis***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Lucy A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Luella***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Mary***Jville 9-11


      REDDISH, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Nancy***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Perry C.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Samson***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Sophia***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Sophia***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Stephen***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Stephen***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Zadic***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Zadic***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDDISH, Zaner female***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDFIELD, Mena***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDFIELD, Sutoshe male***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      REDFORD, Christina***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REDFORD, Henry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REDFORD, Henry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REDMAN, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REDMAN, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REDMAN, John P.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REDMAN, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REDMAN, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REED, Abner***O.C. 7-12


      REED, Alfred***O.C. 7-12


      Reed, Annie A.***Jerseyville City


      Reed, Augustus***Tws 6 Range 11


      REED, Catherine***O.C. 7-12


      REED, Davidson***O.C. 7-12


      Reed, Edw’d K.***Jerseyville City


      REED, Edwin***Miss. T-7 R-11


      REED, Ellen***Miss. T-7 R-11


      REED, Firman***O.C. 7-12


      REED, George***Miss. T-7 R-11


      REED, Henry***Miss. T-7 R-11


      REED, Henry W.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      REED, John***O.C. 7-12


      REED, Joseph***Miss. T-7 R-11


      Reed, Julia***Tws 6 Range 11


      REED, Laura J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      REED, Mary A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      REED, Mary E.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      REED, Mary E.***O.C. 7-12


      REED, Nancy***Miss. T-7 R-11


      REED, Nelson***O.C. 7-12


      REED, William***Miss. T-7 R-11


      REED, William***O.C. 7-12


      Reed, William H.***Jerseyville City


      REED. John S.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      REEKER, Lena***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REEMAN, Amanda***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REEMAN, John***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REEMAN, John P.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REEMAN, Nathaniel O.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REEMAN, William B.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REEMAN,Charles E.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      REGAN, Daniel***Miss. T-7 R-11


      REGAN, Ellen***Miss. T-7 R-11


      Reidy, Daniel***Jerseyville City


      Reidy, Mary***Jerseyville City


      Reih/kl, Amelia***Tws 6 Range 11


      Reih/kl, Edward***Tws 6 Range 11


      Reih/kl, Emil A.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Reih/kl, Frank***Tws 6 Range 11


      reih/kl, Helen***Tws 6 Range 11


      Reih/kl, Matilda***Tws 6 Range 11


      Remer, Aabram***Jerseyville City


      Remer, Deborah***Jerseyville City


      Remer, Elizaabeth K.***Jerseyville City


      Remer, Geo. M.***Jerseyville City


      Remer, Henriette***Jerseyville City


      Remer, Minerva E.***Jerseyville City


      Remer, Sarah M.***Jerseyville City


      Remer, Theodore F.***Jerseyville City


      REMICK, Elizabeth***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      Renfro, Elizabeth***Grafton 6-12


      Renfro, Harriett V.***Grafton 6-12


      Renfro, W. P.***Grafton 6-12


      Renfro, William E.***Grafton 6-12


      Rengtes, Theresa***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rennick, Lucy***Jerseyville City


      Rennick, Mary***Jerseyville City


      Rennick, Thomas***Jerseyville City


      RENO, Ada M.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RENO, Emanuel***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RENO, Emily J.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RENO, Susan I.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RENO, William L.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      Rentane, Ann***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rentane, Edward J.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rentane, James***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rentane, John M.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rentane, Peter D.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rentane, William A.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rentges, Jacob***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rentges, John B.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rentges, Louisa***Tws 6 Range 11


      RESLICK, Daniel***Grafton 6-13


      RESLICK, Henry***Grafton 6-13


      RESLICK, John***Grafton 6-13


      RESLICK, Mary***Grafton 6-13


      RESLICK, Maydeline***Grafton 6-13


      RESLICK, Velina***Grafton 6-13


      Retterath, Rudolph***Jerseyville City


      Retzel, Albert***Grafton 6-12


      Retzel, Mary***Grafton 6-12


      Retzel, Minerva***Grafton 6-12


      Reynolds, Anthony***Grafton 6-12


      Reynolds, Evelina***Jerseyville City


      Reynolds, George***Jerseyville City


      REYNOLDS, Jabez B.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      REYNOLDS, Louis***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Reynolds, Mary C.***Jerseyville City


      REYNOLDS, Sarah B.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Reynonlds, Edgar L.***Jerseyville City


      RHIODY, Christena***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHOADES, Charles***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RHOADES, Emily***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RHOADES, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHOADES, Walter***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      Rhoads, Ann E.***Tws 6 Range 11


      RHOADS, Clara B.***Jville 9-11


      RHOADS, Elijah B.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Elisha***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Eliza***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      Rhoads, Elizabeth***Tws 6 Range 11


      RHOADS, Emma M.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Etta***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Hassoettina***Jville 9-11


      RHOADS, Hezekiah C.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Isaac V.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Jacob***Jville 9-11


      RHOADS, James***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, James L.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, James W.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Jane***Jville 9-11


      RHOADS, Jennett***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Joel P.***Jville 9-11


      RHOADS, John V.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      Rhoads, Luch V.***Tws 6 Range 11


      RHOADS, Lucinda***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Lucinda***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Margaret***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Margaret D.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Mary E.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Mary J.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Melvena***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Nancy***Jville 9-11


      RHOADS, Nancy***Jville 9-11


      RHOADS, Nancy J.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Rebecca***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Richard C.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Robert***Jville 9-11


      RHOADS, Samuel***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Samuel***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Sarah***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Sarah A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Silas***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Stephen T.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Susannah***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Susannah ***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RHOADS, Thomas J.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      Rhoads, William***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rhoads, William H.***Tws 6 Range 11


      RHOADY, Charles***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHOADY, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHOADY, Rebecca***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHOADY, Thomas***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODES, Emma***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RHODES, James K.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RHODY, Alfred***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Campbell***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Charles***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Charles***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Christian***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Christian***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Columbus***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Elizabeth***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Fanny***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Henry***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Martha***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Moses***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Nathaniel***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Nathaniel***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Patience***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Peter***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Rebecca***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Rebecca***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RHODY, Thomas***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RIBER, George***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RIBER, Lena***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RIBER, Mathew***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RIBER, Regina***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RIBER, Tina***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, A. J.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Albert***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICE, Andrew A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICE, Antoinette A.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Anton***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Rice, Casper***Grafton 6-12


      RICE, Catherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICE, Catherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICE, Charles***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICE, Charles H.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      Rice, Christopher***Grafton 6-12


      Rice, Ellen***Jerseyville City


      RICE, Emil***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICE, Frances ***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICE, Frances M.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RICE, Francis M.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RICE, Frank***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICE, Frank***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICE, Fritz***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Rice, George S.***Jerseyville City


      RICE, Georgiana***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Harry H.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Henry***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RICE, Henry L.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, James A.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICE, Joseph A.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Joseph A.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Lizzie***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICE, Louisa***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RICE, Martha A.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Mary E.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Mary E.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Samuel R.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICE, Solomon***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RICE, Steph.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICE, Theresa***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICE, Virginia A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RICE, William***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICH, Alice F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, Anna A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, Anna C.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, Clara J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, Hannah E.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, Jane F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, Lizzie F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, Mary E.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, R. T.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, Samuel***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH, William F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RICH/KY, Jacob***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RICH/KY, Mary J.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RICHARDS, Christopher***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RICHARDS, Erastus***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RICHARDS, George***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RICHARDS, Guy C.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RICHARDS, Hannah ***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RICHARDS, Hannah twin 2***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      Richards, J. L. C.***Jerseyville City


      RICHARDS, Jacob twin 1***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RICHARDS, John***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      Richards, Katie C.***Jerseyville City


      Richards, Lillie V.***Jerseyville City


      Richards, Mary H.***Jerseyville City


      Richards, MKary A.***Jerseyville City


      Richards, Willie P.***Jerseyville City


      RICHARDSON, Dixie***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHARDSON, Franklin D.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHARDSON, Henry***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RICHARDSON, Ida***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHARDSON, Inis? female 1***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RICHARDSON, Larkin***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHARDSON, Mary***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RICHARDSON, Sarah***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RICHARDSON, Sophia***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHARDSON, Thomas J.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RICHERS, Annie K.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICHERS, Filmon***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICHERS, Samuel***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RICHEY, Caleb***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHEY, Charles***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, Clinton***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, Corda L.***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, Eliza***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHEY, Eliza A.***O.C. 7-12


      RICHEY, Emma J.***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, George***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHEY, Harvey***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHEY, Henry***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICHEY, James***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, James***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, James***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, Jane***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, Jane***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHEY, John***O.C. 7-12


      RICHEY, John J.***O.C. 7-12


      RICHEY, Martha***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICHEY, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICHEY, Mary ***O.C. 7-12


      RICHEY, Mary A.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICHEY, Mary E.***O.C. 7-12


      RICHEY, Matheny***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, Milton***O.C. 7-12


      RICHEY, Mordica ***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, Mordica J..***Jville 9-11


      Richey, Rosana***Grafton 6-12


      RICHEY, Sarah***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, Silas***O.C. 7-12


      RICHEY, Simeon***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, Stephen***O.C. 7-12


      RICHEY, Theodore***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICHEY, Vincent***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHEY, Vincent E.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RICHEY, W. P.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICHEY, Walter***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICHEY, William***Jville 9-11


      RICHEY, William P.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RICK/HEY?, Mordica male***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RICKETR, Brophy, male***O.C. 7-12


      RICKETR, Charles W.***O.C. 7-12


      RICKETR, Emaline***O.C. 7-12


      RICKETR, Hester A.***O.C. 7-12


      RICKETR, Mary***O.C. 7-12


      RICKETR, Nancy***O.C. 7-12


      RICKITTIS, Amanda***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RIDDER, Elizabeth J.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RIDDER, James F.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RIDDER, Nora M.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Riddle, Carrie***Jerseyville City


      Riddle, Chas. M.***Jerseyville City


      Riddle, George***Jerseyville City


      Riddle, Hester M.***Jerseyville City


      Riddle, Howard***Jerseyville City


      Riddle, Isaac B.***Jerseyville City


      Riddle, John M.***Jerseyville City


      Riddle, Mary***Jerseyville City


      Riddle, Phebe***Jerseyville City


      Riddle, Sarah***Jerseyville City


      RIDEN????, Delilah***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RIDEN????, Fredric***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RIDEN????, Robert***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RIDEN????, Russel***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RIDER, Georgiana***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RIDER, James***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Rieker, Elizabeth***Jerseyville City


      Riel, Julia***Grafton 6-12


      RIENHART, Caroline***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RIENHART, Ida***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RIENHART, Lena***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RIENHART, Matilda***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RIENHART, Phillip***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RIGGER, Allen***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RIGGER, Auganus? female***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RIGGER, Naveni? female***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RIGGS, Abram L.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RIGGS, Adella B.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, Benj. A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RIGGS, Bertha A.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, Cele A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RIGGS, George P.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, Hannah***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, Hattie D.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, John E.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, Larura L.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, Lucy E.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, Mary E.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RIGGS, Samuel***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RIGGS, Synthia***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RIGGS, Thomas A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RIGGS, Willie C.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Right, George***Grafton 6-12


      RILEY, Charles***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RILEY, Harriete***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RILEY, John***Grafton 6-13


      RILEY, Joseph***J’ville T-8 R-12


      Riley, Lee V.***Tws 6 Range 11


      RILEY, Louisa J.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RILEY, Thomas***J’ville T-8 R-12


      Riley,. Loney/Soney?***Grafton 6-12


      RINEHART, Phillip***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Riners, Maria E.***Grafton 6-12


      Riners, Prosper A.***Grafton 6-12


      Riners?, Edward A.***Grafton 6-12


      Riners?, Irene A.***Grafton 6-12


      RING, David***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RING, Edward***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RING, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RINGLE, Agnes***Jville 9-11


      RINGLE, George***Jville 9-11


      RINK, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Rippey, Sylvester***Tws 6 Range 11


      Risley, Albert***Tws 6 Range 11


      Risley, Alexia A.***Jerseyville City


      Risley, Anna***Jerseyville City


      Risley, Carlisle***Tws 6 Range 11


      Risley, Carlisle***Tws 6 Range 11


      Risley, Caroline***Tws 6 Range 11


      RISLEY, Charles E.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RISLEY, E. L. ***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      Risley, Elizabeth***Tws 6 Range 11


      RISLEY, Emma C.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      Risley, Enoch***Tws 6 Range 11


      Risley, George M.***Jerseyville City


      RISLEY, James M.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RISLEY, James S.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RISLEY, John G.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RISLEY, Lewis A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RISLEY, Maggie J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      Risley, Mary***Tws 6 Range 11


      RISLEY, Mary E.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RISLEY, Sarah A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RIST/LER, Filaska female***O.C. 7-12


      RIST/LER, Henry***O.C. 7-12


      Rister, August***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rister, Charles***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rister, Christena***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rister, Christena***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rister, Henry***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rister, Jacob.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rister, Leonardo***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rister, Mary***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rister, Thomas***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rister, William***Tws 6 Range 11


      RITTER, Emma***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RITTER, Henry P.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RITTER, Mary***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      Ritterbush, Anthony***Grafton 6-12


      Rive/Ruves? James A.***Grafton 6-12


      Rives/Ruves?, Maria S.***Grafton 6-12


      Rives/Ruves?, Thomas A.***Grafton 6-12


      RO????, Frank***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROACH, Alice***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, Corneluis***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, David***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, David J***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, Dennis***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, Eugene***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, Jane***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      Roach, Maggie***Jerseyville City


      ROACH, Margaret***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, Terrence***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, Terrence Jr.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROACH, William T.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      Roan, Dennis***Grafton 6-12


      ROBBINGS, Andrew***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBBINGS, Hannah***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBBINGS, Horace***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Robbins, Annie***Jerseyville City


      Robbins, Everett M.***Jerseyville City


      Robbins, Fanny A.***Jerseyville City


      ROBBINS, George R.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROBBINS, James***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROBBINS, Lucretia***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Robbins, Milton D.***Jerseyville City


      ROBBINS, Norman***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Robbins, Sophia***Jerseyville City


      ROBERTS, Adele***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, Alfred***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, Alfred***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, Arnold***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, Charles***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, Frank***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, Frank***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, GULES***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, Henry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Roberts, John***Grafton 6-12


      ROBERTS, John A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROBERTS, Joshua***O.C. 7-12


      ROBERTS, L. E.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROBERTS, Louis***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, Louis***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROBERTS, Louise***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTS, Mary J.***O.C. 7-12


      ROBERTS, Nancy C.***O.C. 7-12


      ROBERTS, Robert I.***O.C. 7-12


      ROBERTS, William J.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROBERTSON, Alexander***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTSON, Daniel***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTSON, Elizabeth***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTSON, Jennett***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTSON, Lydia A.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBERTSON, Lydia A.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBINSON, Abby A.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      Robinson, Abigail***Grafton 6-12


      Robinson, Annie***Tws 6 Range 11


      ROBINSON, Augustus***Miss. T-7 R-11


      ROBINSON, Caleb***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBINSON, Caroline***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Robinson, Charles***Grafton 6-12


      Robinson, Daniel A.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Robinson, Edward***Grafton 6-12


      ROBINSON, Elizabeth***Miss. T-7 R-11


      Robinson, Franklin***Grafton 6-12


      Robinson, James***Tws 6 Range 11


      Robinson, Jennet***Tws 6 Range 11


      ROBINSON, Jesse***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Robinson, John***Tws 6 Range 11


      Robinson, John W.***Grafton 6-12


      Robinson, Mary***Tws 6 Range 11


      Robinson, Mary L.***Grafton 6-12


      Robinson, Mary S.***Grafton 6-12


      ROBINSON, Matthew***Miss. T-7 R-11


      Robinson, Otis B.***Grafton 6-12


      Robinson, Sophia***Grafton 6-12


      Robinson, Susan***Tws 6 Range 11


      ROBINSON, Susan C.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROBINSON, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Robinson, Thomas***Grafton 6-12


      Robinson, William D.***Grafton 6-12


      ROBINSON, William H.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Rock, Elizabeth***Grafton 6-12


      Rockwell, Geo. W.***Jerseyville City


      RODELL, Adolph***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Adolph***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Caroline***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Caroline***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Emil***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Emma***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Geo. W. twin 1***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Jacob***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Louis***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RODELL, Wm. T. twin 2***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROEMIG, Charles***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROEMIG, Lydia***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      Roesch, Am/retia***Jerseyville City


      Roesch, Herman***Jerseyville City


      Roesch, Herman***Jerseyville City


      Roesch, Pauline***Jerseyville City


      Roesch, Willie***Jerseyville City


      ROETGERS, Anne***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROETGERS, August***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROETGERS, Elizabeth***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROETGERS, Lena***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROETGERS, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROETGERS,Matilda***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROGERS, Andrew***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROGERS, Anna***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Austin J.***O.C. 7-12


      Rogers, Catherine A.***Jerseyville City


      ROGERS, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Chas T.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      ROGERS, David***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, David***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, David***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Dora A.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Frank***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Henry S.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROGERS, James***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Jane***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Jane***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Jemima***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, John B.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, John H.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Laura A.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Lorena A.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Maria L.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Martha***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROGERS, Mary A.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Nancy***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Nathaniel***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Noah T.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Rachel C.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Samuel***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Sarah***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, Sarah E.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Silas W.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Theresa N.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, Viola V.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      ROGERS, William C.***O.C. 7-12


      ROGERS, William W.***O.C. 7-12


      ROOK, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROOSTER, Charles***Miss. T-7 R-11


      Roper, Adelaide***Grafton 6-12


      Roper, John S.***Grafton 6-12


      Roper, Tina M.***Grafton 6-12


      Rorey, Anthony***Jerseyville City


      Rorey, Fanny***Jerseyville City


      Rorey, Frank***Jerseyville City


      Rorey, Mary***Jerseyville City


      Rorey, Theresa***Jerseyville City


      Rorey, Theresa***Jerseyville City


      Rorey, William***Jerseyville City


      ROSALAND, Henry***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      ROSE, Louisa***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Ross, Aletta***Jerseyville City


      ROSS, Augusta***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROSS, Charles***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      ROSS, Charles***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Ross, David***Jerseyville City


      ROSS, David R.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      Ross, Edward***Grafton 6-12


      ROSS, Eliza***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      ROSS, Eliza M.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      Ross, Ellen***Jerseyville City


      Ross, Ellen A.***Jerseyville City


      ROSS, Emma***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROSS, Francis***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROSS, Harry S.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      ROSS, Hattie***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      Ross, James***Jerseyville City


      Ross, James***Jerseyville City


      ROSS, Jennie***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      Ross, John***Jerseyville City


      Ross, John***Jerseyville City


      Ross, Joseph***Jerseyville City


      Ross, Laura J.***Jerseyville City


      ROSS, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROSS, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROSS, Mary J.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      Ross, Rachal A.***Jerseyville City


      ROSS, Sanford***Miss. T-7 R-11


      Ross, Sarah***Jerseyville City


      ROSS, Sarah***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROTH, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Rothenba/uer, Louisa***Jerseyville City


      Rothenba/uer, Sophia***Jerseyville City


      Rothenba/uer, Sophia***Jerseyville City


      ROTHWELL, Agnes***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROTHWELL, Joseph***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROTHWELL, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROTHWELL, Samuel***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      ROWDEN, Columbus***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      ROWDEN, Douglas***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROWDEN, Elizabeth***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROWDEN, Elizabeth***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROWDEN, Elva***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      Rowden, Eveline***Jerseyville City


      ROWDEN, Franklin***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      Rowden, George***Jerseyville City


      ROWDEN, Henry J.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROWDEN, Hester***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROWDEN, James***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROWDEN, John***J’ville T-8 R-12


      Rowden, Mary***Jerseyville City


      ROWDEN, Mary E.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROWDEN, Netta May***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      ROWDEN, Rhoda***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROWDEN, Varble, female***J’ville T-8 R-12


      ROWDEN, William H.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      ROWLEY, John F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROWLEY, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROWLEY, Owen***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      ROWLING, George A.***O.C. 7-12


      ROWLING, Hannah M.***O.C. 7-12


      ROWLING, Lydia***O.C. 7-12


      ROWLING, Ruth***O.C. 7-12


      ROWLING, Sarah A.***O.C. 7-12


      ROWLING, Sarah J.***O.C. 7-12


      ROWLING, Simon***O.C. 7-12


      Rowray, David K.***Jerseyville City


      Rowray, Elmer***Jerseyville City


      Rowray, James P.***Jerseyville City


      Rowray, Maggie***Jerseyville City


      Rubel, Charles***Grafton 6-12


      Rubel, Christian***Grafton 6-12


      Rubel, Eliza***Grafton 6-12


      Rubel, George***Grafton 6-12


      Rubel, Margaret***Grafton 6-12


      Rubel, Michael***Grafton 6-12


      Rubel, Michael Jr.***Grafton 6-12


      Rubel, Sherman***Grafton 6-12


      RUCKER, Mary J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RUDOLPH, Albert P.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Carl***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RUDOLPH, Catherine A.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Geo. S.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Lewis***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Maggie A.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Margaret A.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Martha***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Mary***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Mary A.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Mary A.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Peter J.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Preston***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Ruth W.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUDOLPH, Sophia***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      Rue, Adolphus***Jerseyville City


      Rue, Alfred***Jerseyville City


      Rue, Edward***Jerseyville City


      Rue, Frances E.***Jerseyville City


      RUE, Frank J..***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      RUE, John P.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Rue, Lillie***Jerseyville City


      RUE, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10


      Rue, Matilda***Jerseyville City


      Rue, Sarah***Jerseyville City


      Rue, William***Jerseyville City


      RUFFCORN, Henry***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      Rummerfield, Amelia O.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rummerfield, Arth.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rummerfield, Lydia***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rummerfield, Mary E.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Rummerfield, Willie A.***Tws 6 Range 11


      Runsnger??. Lilly***Grafton 6-12


      RURA, Henry A.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13


      RUSH, Alice***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUSH, Charles***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUSH, Enos***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUSH, Enos***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUSH, Mary Ann***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUSH, Thomas***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUSH, William***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RUSK, Charlotte***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSK, Ellen D.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSK, Emily***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSK, Emily C.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSK, Emma***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RUSK, Frances O.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSK, Hugh***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSK, James ***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSK, Julia***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RUSK, Martha***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSK, Mena***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSK, Minnie***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RUSK, Sarah***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RUSK, Thomas J.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RUSK, William J.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RUSSEL, Robert R.***J’ville T-8 R-12


      RUSSELL, Adda***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RUSSELL, Edith***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RUSSELL, James D.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RUSSELL, Jane G.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      Russell, John***Jerseyville City


      RUSSELL, Joseph***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RUSSELL, Josephine***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RUSSELL, Lucinda***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RUSSELL, Margaret F.***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RUSSELL, Mary C.***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RUTH, Elizabeth***J’ville T-8 R-12


      Rutherford, Maria***Jerseyville City


      Rutherford, Wm. A.***Jerseyville City


      RUYLE, Amos L.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Anise female***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Ann***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Ann S.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Celia***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Charles***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Edgar***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Eliza E.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Elizabeth***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, George***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Henry***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Henry***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Jane***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, John L.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Laura***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Laura***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Louis***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Lucinda***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Lucinda J.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Mary ***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, May***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Thomas B.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, Thomas B.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RUYLE, William L.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, Adda J.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, Alice***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, Angeline***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      Ryan, Bridget***Jerseyville City


      RYAN, David***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RYAN, Henry***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, James***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RYAN, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RYAN, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10


      RYAN, James H.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, John***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RYAN, John T.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, Joseph***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RYAN, Joseph***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RYAN, Leonard***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, Maggie***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RYAN, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RYAN, Mary***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RYAN, Mary***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RYAN, Mary A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, Mary I.***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RYAN, Myra***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, Patrick***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RYAN, Richard***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, Richardson***Fidelity T-9 R 10


      RYAN, Samuel***Fieldon T-8 R 13


      RYAN, Thomas M.***Miss. T-7 R-11


      RYAN, William***J’ville, T-8 R-11


      RYAN, William***Miss. T-7 R-11


      Ryans, Samuel***Grafton 6-12


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