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1870 Otter Creek Township Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Born = Month Born within the year; Married = Month Married within the year

111Voris, F.M.32mwClerk in storeIL 
111Voris, Lucinda C.28fwKeeping houseIL 
111Voris, James S.3mw IL 
111Voris, Ida E.1fw IL 
122Anderson, Thomas W.40mwFarmerOH 
122Anderson, Mary A.31fwKeeping houseIL 
122Anderson, Rebecca I.3fw IL 
122Anderson, William W.1mw IL 
122Austin, Martha J.20fwat homeIL 
122Austin, Sarah S.13fwat homeIL 
122Humiston, Limus44mwCarpenterOH 
133Beck, Joseph D.30mwBlacksmithMS 
133Beck, Esther A.23fwKeeping houseIL 
133Beck, Ambrose S.3mw IL 
144Bettis, Daniel40mwBrickmakerOH 
144Bettis, Margaret P.14fwDomestic servantIL 
144Bettis, Ameilia A.12fwDomestic servantIL 
144Bettis, Martha A.8fwat homeIL 
144Bettis, Daniel W.6mw IL 
155Cline, Enoch C.27mwFarm handMO 
155Cline, Margaret J.21fwKeeping houseIN 
155Cline, Jesse M.6/12mw ILNov
166Slaten, Allen Mc Jr.27mwClerk in storeIL 
166Slaten, Adelina24fwKeeping houseNJ 
166Slaten, Rosalie A.3fw IL 
166Slaten, Charles W.1/12mw ILApr
177Curtis, John L.32mwPhysicianIL 
177Curtis, Caroline A.31fwKeeping houseMA 
177Curtis, Julia M.1/12fw ILMay
177Davenport, Lizzie12fwDomestic servantIL 
188Spangle, Andrew52mwFarmerOH 
188Spangle, Susan44fwKeeping houseOH 
188Spangle, Ellen22fwat homeIL 
188Spangle, Silas19mwFarm handIL 
188Spangle, Louis17mwFarm handIL 
188Spangle, George15mwFarm handIL 
188Spangle, Julia12fwat homeIL 
188Spangle, Albert10mw IL 
188Spangle, Emma6fw IL 
188Spangle, Jasper4mw IL 
299Giers, Fredric40mwRet merchantPrussia 
299Giers, Rowena L.35fwKeeping houseIL 
299Giers, Edward L.25mw IL 
299Giers, Annie E.5fw IL 
299Giers, Lena M.2/12fw ILMar
21010Davenport, Isaac43mwFarmerTN 
21010Davenport, Nancy C.47fwKeeping houseNC 
21010Davenport, James N.21mwFarm handTN 
21010Davenport, David J.19mwFarm handTN 
21010Davenport, George W.17mwFarm handTN 
21010Davenport, Amy S.11fwat homeIL 
21010Davenport, Richard S.8mw IL 
21010Davenport, William W.6mw IL 
21010Davenport, Sarah M.4fw IL 
21010Stroude, Martha C.17fwat homeNC 
21010Srtoude, Mary E.15fwat homeNC 
21010Stroude, Mahala A.12fwat homeNC 
21111Davenport, William33mwFarmerTN 
21111Davenport, Nancy E.25fwKeeping houseIL 
21111Davenport, Elizabeth J.3fw IL 
21111Vermost, Samantha16fwDomestic servantIL 
21212Dougherty, Henry E.38mwMillerMS 
21212Dougherty, Dyantha36fwKeeping houseIL 
21212Dougherty, Rachel14fwat homeIL 
21212Dougherty, Gerut ?10fw IL 
21212Dougherty, Curtis6mw IL 
21212Dodson, Theodore24mwMillerIL 
21212Millman, A. J.46mwCarpenterOH 
21313Hurston, Charles H.34mwFarmerOH 
21313Hurston, Mary J.32fwKeeping houseIL 
21313Hurston, Dora9fw IL 
21313Hurston, Joseph H.8mw IL 
21313Hurston, William J.5mw IL 
21313Hurston, Otho B.2mw IL 
21313Hurston, John2/12mw ILMar
21414Dabbs, W. L.34mwFarmerIL 
21414Dabbs, Catherine L.30fwKeeping houseTN 
21414Dabbs, William H.11mwat homeIL 
21414Dabbs, John W.8mw IL 
21414Dabbs, George, F.5mw IL 
31414Dabbs, Linley2mw IL 
31414Dabbs, Hettie E.1fw IL 
31515Campbell, John A.38mwRet merchantOH 
31515Campbell, Fannie E.27fwKeeping houseVA 
31515Campbell, Caroline A.13fwat homeIL 
31515Campbell, Charles11mwat homeIL 
31515Lerry, John W.33mwBaptist preacherIL 
31515Lerry, Henry C.24mwMillerIL 
31515Beaver, Nicholas28mwStock dealerLuxemburg 
31515Prosser, Susan20fwat homeVA 
31515Chilton, Albert23mwClerk in storeVA 
31515Harrison, Nellie21fwTeacherIL 
31616Mathews, James26mwDay laborerMO 
31616Mathews, Augusta19fwKeeping houseKY 
31616Mathews, William7mw IL 
31616Mathews, David2/12mw ILMar
31717Dabbs, Jesse52mwFarmerKY 
31717L(T?)ucker, Mary J.17fwKeeping houseIL 
31717Dabbs, Edwin14mwat homeIL 
31717Gowins, Nathan29mwFarmerIL 
31818Gowins, Nancy A.26fwKeeping houseIL 
31818Gowins, William F.9mw IL 
31818Gowins, Nancy C.7fw IL 
31818Gowins, Paris5mw IL 
31818Gowins, Louise3fw IL 
31818Gowins, Mary1/12fw ILMay
31919Dougherty, Joseph C.19mwFarmerIL 
31919Dougherty, Emeline18fwKeeping houseIL 
32020Dunnegan, William H.37mwFarm handIL 
32020Dunnegan, Melvina36fwKeeping houseIL 
32020Miner, Mina2fw IL 
32121Claridge, Francis A.46mwFarmerTN 
32121Claridge, Martha W.45fwKeeping houseTN 
32121Claridge, Rupert R.19mwFarm handIL 
32121Claridge, John H.16mwFarm handTX 
32121Claridge, Sarah E.13fwat homeTX 
32121Claridge, George J.8mw AR 
32121Brady, Benjamin F.6mw IL 
32121Brady, William40mw IL 
32222Newberry, George27mwFarm handOH 
42222Newberry, Harriett23fwKeeping houseMO 
42222Newberry, Josephine4fw IL 
42222Newberry, Lemuel3mw IL 
42222Worthy, Florence11fwat homeIL 
42323Cooley, John35mwWagon makerOH 
42323Cooley, Josephine E.25fwKeeping houseIL 
42323Cooley, Francis M.4mw IL 
42323Cooley, Elmer E.2mw IL 
42323Cooley, James W.2/12mw ILMar
42424Bell, John L.32mwFarmerIA 
42424Bell, Alvina26fwKeeping houseIL 
42424Bell, M. Alice3fw IL 
42424Bell, Elmer C.1mw IL 
42525Banett (Barrett?), Henry38mwTinnerEngland 
42525Banett (Barrett?), Elenor24fwKeeping houseEngland 
42525Banett (Barrett?), Fredric19mwFlour packerEngland 
42525Banett (Barrett?), Lydia14fwat homeMO 
42525Banett (Barrett?), John12mwat homeIL 
42525Banett (Barrett?), Arthur9mw IL 
42525Banett (Barrett?), Victoria7fw England 
42525Banett (Barrett?), Bertha5fw England 
42626Bartlett, Ira W.33mwGunsmithIL 
42626Bartlett, Susan E.27fwKeeping houseIL 
42626Bartlett, Clara A.7fw IL 
42626Bartlett, Ira W. Jr.3mw IL 
42626Bartlett, Herbert3/12mw ILFeb
42727Shortal, Patrick47mwFarmerIreland 
42727Shortal, Margaret42fwKeeping houseIreland 
42727Shortal, Mary13fwat homeNJ 
42727Shortal, Robert11mwat homeNJ 
42727Shortal, Bridget9fw NJ 
42727Shortal, Catherine5fw NJ 
42727Shortal, John3mw IL 
42727Sheady, Michael40mwShoemakerIreland 
42828Moss, James F.45mwFarmerIL 
42828Moss, Charlotte25fwKeeping houseIL 
42828Moss, Mary A.21fwat homeIL 
42828Moss, Eliza E.17fwat homeIL 
42828Moss, Sarah V.15fwat homeIL 
42828Moss, James C.12mwat homeIL 
52828Moss, Nina4fw IL 
52828Moss, Nettie D.1fw IL 
52828Holton, George21mwFarm handIL 
52929Kinnada, Isaac37mwFarmerIN 
52929Kinnada, Elizabeth30fwKeeping houseIN 
52929Kinnada, Isaac N.10mwat homeIL 
52929Kinnada, Jesse8mw IL 
53030Ricketr, Charles W.40mwFarmerKY 
53030Ricketr, Emeline32fwKeeping houseIL 
53030Ricketr, Hester A.12fwat homeIL 
53030Ricketr, Nancy9fw IL 
53030Ricketr, Mary6fw IL 
53030Ricketr, Brophy1mw IL 
53131Yale, James N.24mwCarpenterIL 
53131Yale, Josephine18fwKeeping houseMO 
53131Yale, W. F.8/12mw ILSep
53131Callip, Fredric40mwFarm handVA 
53131Young, Ernst30mwCooperPrussia 
53232Hull, John M.67mwRet farmerIL 
53232Hull, Adeline J.64fwKeeping houseOH 
53232Hull, Austabus, A.39mwCarpenterIL 
53232Hull, Milton J.29mwFarmerIL 
53232Hull, Netta A.25fwTeacherIL 
53232Darr, Mary E.17fwDomestic servantIL 
53232Hamilton, Sylvester16mwFarm handIL 
53333Dodson, Aaron47mwFarmerMO 
53333Dodson, Nancy43fwKeeping houseIL 
53333Dodson, Francis M.27mwPlastererIL 
53333Dodson, Isabella18fwat homeIL 
53333Dodson, Sarah15fwat homeIL 
53333Dodson, James F.12mwat homeIL 
53333Dodson, Aaron Jr.7mw IL 
53333Dodson, Nancy4fw IL 
53333Dodson, Kersey7/12mw ILOct
53333Montgomery, Hugh21mwFarm handIL 
53333Montgomery, Almira18fwat homeIL 
53333Montgomery, Isabella14fwat homeIL 
53434Eaton, Harry H.24mwFarm handTN 
53434Eaton, Elizabeth25fwKeeping houseGA 
53434Eaton, Charles2mw IL 
63434Eaton, Pleasant12mwat homeIL 
63535Hansell, Myron28mwFarmerIN 
63535Hansell, Lydia M.22fwKeeping houseIL 
63535Hansell, Frank M.2mw IL 
63535Hansell, Mattie L.6/12fw ILNov
63636Dolin, Bryant49mwFarmerMO 
63636Dolin, Elizabeth45fwKeeping houseKY 
63636Dolin, Isabel13fwat homeWI 
63737Kidwell, Daniel35mwFarmEngland 
63737Kidwell, Nancy H.33fwKeeping houseIL 
63838Hughes, Thomas28mwFarmerIL 
63838Hughes, Louisa M.21fwKeeping houseIL 
63838Hughes, Ezra J.23mwFarmerIL 
63838Hughes, Elvira20fwKeeping houseIL 
63838Hughes, Harriett18fwat homeIL 
63838Hughes, Frank9mw IL 
63838Hughes, Hugh11mwat homeIL 
63838Hughes, Ettie L.4/12fw ILJan
63838Brown, Willis20mbFarm handMO 
63939Worthy, David31mwFarm handTN 
64040Vannort, John W.23mwFarm handIL 
64040Vannort, Wilson A.10mw IL 
64040Vannort, Elizabeth J.8fw IL 
64040Vannort, William20mwFarm handIL 
64040Vannort, Matilda22fwKeeping houseIL 
64040Tucker, Sarah A.40fwKeeping houseIL 
64141Thompson, Thomas40mwFarmerNC 
64141Thompson, George76mwRet FarmerNC 
64141Baldridge, Thomas28mwFarm handMO 
64141Baldridge, Lizzie25fwKeeping houseMO 
64141Baldridge, Fannie6fw MO 
64141Baldridge, Edward3mw IL 
64141Baldridge, Jane5/12fw ILJan
64141Thompson, George Jr.5mw IL 
64242Yale, Enos N.53mwFarmerNY 
64242Yale, Matilda47fwKeeping houseIA 
64242Ames, Talbot15mwFarm handIL 
64242Nims, Augustus9mwat homeIL 
64343Randle, James G.58mwFarmerNC 
64343Randle, Jane60fwKeeping houseIL 
74343Randle, Henry N.28mwFarmerIL 
74343Randle, Hannah24fwKeeping houseIL 
74343Randle, Charles C.4mw IL 
74343Randle, Nellie E.5/12fw ILDec
74343McLaughlin, John37mwFarm handKY 
74444Noble, William42mwFarmerMS 
74444Noble, Theresa41fwKeeping houseEngland 
74444Noble, Israel C.20mwFarm handIL 
74444Noble, Emma18fwat homeIL 
74444Noble, William H.14mwFarm handIL 
74444Noble, Milton B.`10mwat homeIL 
74444Noble, James R.5mw IL 
74444Noble, Jesse C.1mw IL 
74444Bray, Tinley or Linley21mwFarm handIL 
74545Murphy, William22mwFarmerIL 
74545Murphy, Mary18fwKeeping houseIL 
74545Murphy, Eva1fw IL 
74646Barber, Horace41mwCooperVT 
74646Barber, Martha E.40fwKeeping houseVT 
74646Barber, John A.15mwat homeIL 
74646Barber, Fredric E.12mwat homeIL 
74646Barber, Lulu M.6fw IL 
74646Barber, Desdmona4fw IL 
74646Phelps, Ellen30fwMusic teacherNY 
74747Hughes, Sabrina T.32fwKeeping houseNY 
74747Hughes, Eva S.5fw IL 
74747Hughes, Herbert L.3/12mw ILFeb
74747Hughes, Abba20fwDomestic servantIL 
74747Schaff, Louisa M.14fwat homeIL 
74747Schaff, Louis H.12mwTeamsterIL 
74747Dabbs, Sarah J.10fwat homeIL 
74747Dabbs, Martha W.8fw IL 
74747Bingham, Maria C.19fwMillinerMI 
74848McQuintty, David27mwFarmerMO 
74848Lofton, Caroline K.64fwKeeping houseVA 
74949Stilwell, Jeremiah56mwFarmerNC 
74949Stilwell, Eliza40fwKeeping houseNC 
74949Stilwell, Rueben F.15mwFarm handIL 
74949Stilwell, Logan10mwat homeIL 
74949Stilwell, Louisa7fw IL 
84949Stilwell, Ernest4mw IL 
84949Love, Amos20mwFarm handVA 
84949Eaton, Theodore20mwFarm handOH 
84949Myers, Louis40mwCarpenterPrussia 
85050Case, John B.45mwBlacksmithPA 
85050Case, Annie43fwKeeping houseScotland 
85050Case, John12mwat homeIL 
85050Case, Thomas A.9mw IL 
85050Case, Samuel G.6mw IL 
85050Blackstock, Maggie20fwTeacherWI 
85151Williams, John S.28mwPhysicianKY 
85151Williams, Mildred23fwKeeping houseIL 
85151Williams, Lucy1fw IL 
85151Bray, Samantha13fwDomestic servantIL 
85252Vanosdall, Roswell47mwMillerIL 
85252Vanosdall, Caroline48fwKeeping houseMO 
85252Vanosdall, John14mwat homeIL 
85353Buman, Joseph C.46mwFarmerIL 
85353Buman, Elmira M.45fwKeeping houseNC 
85353Buman, Jay19mwFarm handIL 
85353Buman, Joseph17mwFarm handIL 
85353Buman, Charlotte12fwat homeIL 
85353Buman, Lilly10fwat homeIL 
85353Buman, Ormond7mw IL 
85353Buman, Tina5fw IL 
85454Love, Andrew J.29mwShoemakerOH 
85454Love, Mary M.20fwKeeping houseOH 
85454Love, Cora8/12fwat homeILSep
85555Miller, Henry L.32mwFarmerHanover 
85555Miller, Mary M.37fwKeeping houseOH 
85555Miller. Sluaseta14fwDomestic servantOH 
85555Miller, Fanny B.11fwat homeMO 
85555Miller, Mary S.7fw IL 
85555Miller, Henry L.1mw IL 
85656Hamilton, Wealthy74fwKeeping houseCT 
85656Deming, Luther E.14mwat homeIL 
85656Deming, Mary E.12fwat homeIL 
85757Bell, William C.49mwTeamsterKY 
85757Bell, Martha39fwKeeping houseIL 
85757Bell, Mary S.21fwat homeIL 
95757Bell, Charles H.18mwTeamsterIL 
95757Bell, Elizabeth14fwat homeIL 
95757Bell, Daniel12mwat homeIL 
95757Bell, William C.8mw IL 
95757Bell, Reuben S.6mw IL 
95757Bell, Edward F.4mw IL 
95757Bell, Emma L.8/12fw ILSep
95858Noble, William T.24mwFarmerIL 
95858Noble, Emma C.23fwKeeping houseIL 
95858Noble, Ida10/12fw ILJul
95858Price, Richard18mwFarm handIL 
95858Giss, Leander22mwFarm handMO 
95959Vanosdall, Caleb43mwFarmerOH 
95959Vanosdall, Martha34fwKeeping houseOH 
95959Vanosdall, Loring E.17mwFarm handIL 
95959Vanosdall, Louis N.14mwat homeIL 
95959Vanosdall, Martha12fwat homeIL 
95959Vanosdall, Mary10fwat homeIL 
95959Vanosdall, William8mw IL 
95959Vanosdall, Charles6mw IL 
95959Vanosdall, Cora4fw IL 
95959Vanosdall, Allen6/12mw ILNov
96060McDow, Marion39mwFarmerIL 
96060McDow, Millissa S.26fwKeeping houseIL 
96161McDaniel, Charles42mwFarmerIL 
96161McDaniel, Amanda M.26fwKeeping houseIL 
96161McDaniel, Sarah L.4fw IL 
96161McDaniel, Rachel2fw IL 
96161McDaniel, Charles10/12mw ILJul
96262Vanosdall, Cornelius43mwCarpenterOH 
96262Vanosdall, Ruth47fwKeeping houseKY 
96363McAdams, William Jr.33mwFarmerOH 
96363McAdams, Anna23fwKeeping houseIL 
96363McAdams, Maggie3fw IL 
96363McAdams, Rowena6/12fw ILNov
96363Coats, Charles30mwFarm handIL 
96464Hamilton, O. B.31mwLawyerIL 
96464Hamilton, Eliza M.27fwKeeping houseIL 
96464Hamilton, Clara8fw IL 
96464Hamilton, Mark6mw IL 
106464Hamilton, Bertha4fw IL 
106464Hamilton, Rose1fw IL 
106565Curtis, William D.34mwFarmerIL 
106565Curtis, A. Eliza52fwKeeping houseMS 
106565Hamilton, Charles11mwFarm handIL 
106565Curtis, Anna6fw IL 
106666Fredinburg, E. F.50mwCarpenterNY 
106666Fredinburg, Mary A.46fwKeeping houseIL 
106666Fredinburg, Elizabeth J.16fwat homeIL 
106666Fredinburg, Caroline C.14fwat homeIL 
106666Fredinburg, Delevan W.9mw IL 
106666Fredinburg, Celinder7fw IL 
106767Miller, Clinton L.33mwCarpenterIL 
106767Miller, Mary F.32fwKeeping houseIN 
106767Miller, Rachel E.11fwat homeTX 
106767Miller, Flora M.7fw MO 
106767Miller, Clinton L.2mw MO 
106767Cline, Miranda52fwHousekeeperIN 
106767Smith, Emma18fwat homeIL 
106868Dougherty, John G.50mwFarmerMS 
106868Dougherty, Susan45fwKeeping houseScotland 
106868Dougherty, Louisa M.19fwat homeIL 
106868Dougherty, George H.17mwFarm handIL 
106868Dougherty, William15mwFarm handIL 
106868Dougherty, Irene E.13fwat homeIL 
106868Dougherty, Anna G.11fwat homeIL 
106868Dougherty, Lenora T.9fw IL 
106868Dougherty, John G. Jr.4mw IL 
106868Wells, Edward23mwFarm handNY 
106969Noble, Sarah54fwKeeping houseKY 
106969Noble, Louisa I.28fwat homeMS 
106969Noble, Prosper M.27mwFarm handIL 
106969Noble, Blissful S.20mwFarm handIL 
106969Noble, Rueben I.16mwFarm handIL 
106969Noble, Henry A.31mwFarm handIL 
107070Grubs, Thomas E.37mwFarm handMO 
107070Grubs, Emily J.22fwKeeping houseIL 
107070Grubs, Edward O.4mw IL 
107171Fredinburg, Charles H.25mwFarm handIL 
107171Fredinburg, Sarah20fwKeeping houseMO 
117171Fredinburg, William2mw IL 
117272Murphy, Robert42mwFarmerIN 
117272Murphy, Mary A.43fwKeeping houseEngland 
117272Murphy, William18mwFarm handMO 
117272Murphy, John T.16mwFarm handIL 
117272Murphy, Mary L.15fwat homeIL 
117272Murphy, R. Milton10mwat homeIL 
117272Murphy, Walter H.8mw IL 
117373Sisson, John W.57mwRet farmerVA 
117373Sisson, Martha J.43fwKeeping houseKY 
117373Sisson, Louisa M.21fwat homeIL 
117373Sisson, Emma C.18fwat homeIL 
117373Sisson, Jessey M.9fw IL 
117373Sisson, Cyrus A.6mw IL 
117373Sisson, Olive A.3fw IL 
117474Brock, Tarleton F.67mwRet farmerVA 
117474Brock, Lucinda65fwKeeping houseGA 
117474Brock, M. Caroline25fwat homeIL 
117474Brock Hester, John C.23mwFarmerIL 
117474Brock Hester, Eliza J.22fwKeeping houseIL 
117575Spangle, Pery25mwFarmerIL 
117575Spangle, Clara J.26fwKeeping houseIL 
117575Spangle, Hallie E.11/12fw ILJul
117676Henderson, J. L.39mwBlacksmithVA 
117676Henderson, Caroline C.40fwKeeping houseIN 
117676Henderson, Sarah I.16fwat homeIN 
117676Henderson, Robert H.14mwat homeIN 
117676Henderson, Margaret A.10fwat homeIL 
117676Henderson, Maria A.10fwat homeIL 
117676Henderson, Lena K.8fw IL 
117676Henderson, Carrie L.6fw IL 
117676Henderson, Nellie M.4fw IL 
117676Henderson, Archy L.4/12mw ILJan
117777Savage, John C.25mwFarmerIL 
117777Savage, Mattie E.21fwKeeping housePA 
117777Savage, William W.5/12mw ILDec
117777Savage, Jane25fwat homeIL 
117777McGee, Jerome15mwFarm handPA 
117878Swan, John P.45mwFarmerIL 
117878Swan, Melissa32fwKeeping houseIL 
127878Swan, Laura9fw IL 
127878Swan, Mary J.8fw IL 
127979Utt, Jacob 3rd61mwFarmerOH 
127979Utt, Mary B.52fwKeeping houseIL 
127979Utt, Mary22fwat homeIL 
127979Utt, Winfield S.15mwFarm handIL 
127979Utt, Sophronia J.13fwat homeIL 
127979Utt, Sarah E.11fwat homeIL 
127979Hollihan, John23mwFarm handKY 
128080Scheffel, John39mwFarmerBavaria 
128080Scheffel, Lena40fwKeeping houseBavaria 
128080Scheffel, Catherine10fwat homeNY 
128080Scheffel, Annie8fw NY 
128080Scheffel, Libbie4fw NY 
128181Austin, Martha L.45fwKeeping houseMS 
128181Austin, Frances25fwDomestic servantMO 
128181Austin, James20mwFarm handMO 
128181Austin, John F.18mwFarm handMO 
128181Austin, Noah W.16mwFarm handMO 
128181Austin, Mary A.13fwDomestic servantMO 
128181Austin, Wilson S.11mwat homeMO 
128181Austin, Rueben A.9mw MO 
128181Smith, George25mwFarmerIL 
128282Valentine, John E.39mwFarmerVA 
128282Valentine, Rebecca E.31fwKeeping houseOH 
128282Valentine, Mary M.11fwat homeIL 
128282Valentine, William E.8mwat homeIL 
128282Valentine, George H.3mw IL 
128383White, Rebecca65fwKeeping houseTN 
128383White, Carrie Ada15fwat homeIL 
128383White, William F.14mwat homeIL 
128383White, Thomas17mwFarm handIL 
128484Banfield, George60mwFarmerPA 
128484Banfield, Mahala43fwKeeping houseKY 
128484Austin, Ai ?7mwat homeIL 
128484Banfield, Zada A.4fw IL 
128585White, Hiram26mwFarmerIL 
128585White, Julia G.20fwKeeping houseGA 
128686Hill, Winnie50fwKeeping houseGA 
128686Hill, Stephen J.11mwat homeAR 
138787Randle, Joseph P.35mwFarmingIL 
138787Randle, Serilda33fwKeeping houseIL 
138787Randle, Adda J.14fwat homeIL 
138787Randle, Eva M.12fwat homeIL 
138787Randle, John H.7mw IL 
138888Slaten, Wiley B.44mwFarmer (Blind)IL 
138888Slaten, Nancy38fwKeeping houseIL 
138888Slaten, Louis14mwFarm handIL 
138888Slaten, Christopher H.8mw IL 
138888Slaten, Linda M.5fw IL 
138888Slaten, Jane3/12fw ILFeb
138989Spalding, Thaddeus24mwFarmerIL 
138989Spalding, Samantha22fwKeeping houseIL 
138989Spalding, Lulu B.2fw IL 
139090Onail, James24mwFarmerIreland 
139090Onail, Bridget18fwKeeping houseNJ 
139090Onail, Mary8/12fw ILSep
139090Onail, John50mwat homeIreland 
139090Onail, Mary57fwat homeIreland 
139090Onail, Catherine32fwat homeIreland 
139090Fain, Edward24mwFarm handNew Foundland 
139090Fain, Lydia21fwKeeping houseIreland 
139090Fain, Mary2/12fw ILMar
139090Cooley, John7mwat homeIL 
139090Donnohin, William14mwat homeIL 
139191Shortal, James54mwFarmerIreland 
139191Shortal, Mary52fwKeeping houseIreland 
139191Shortal, Robert16mwFarm handNJ 
139191Shortal, Samuel15mwFarm handNJ 
139191Shortal, John56mwFarm handIreland 
139292Goslin, David35mwFarmerEngland 
139292Goslin, Nancy E.21fwKeeping houseKY 
139292Goslin, Marilda11/12fw ILJul
139292Hanna, Charles60mwFarmerNY 
139292Hanna, Lucinda50fwKeeping houseKY 
139292Hanna, Ann E.I.8fw MO 
139393Kelly, Joseph33mwFarmerIN 
139393Kelly, Lucretia J.28fwKeeping houseTN 
139393Kelly, Martha E.9fw IL 
139393Kelly, Stella A.7fw IL 
149393Kelly, William4mw IL 
149393Kelly, James F.2mw IL 
149393Kelly, John1/12mw ILMay
149494Dougherty, S.J.M.59mwFarmerMS 
149494Dougherty, Elizabeth41fwKeeping houseMS 
149494Dougherty, Mary A.7fw IL 
149494Sansom, Gunn18mwFarm handIL 
149595Bull, H. C.51mwEngineerVT 
149595Bull, Sarah45fwKeeping houseVT 
149595Bull, Charles F.25mwTinnerMA 
149595Bull, Charlotte20fwDomestic servantCT 
149595Bull, William E.12mwat homeMO 
149595Bull, Lydia J.9fw MO 
149595Bull, Thomas B.7mw IL 
149595Bull, Barzilla P.4mw IL 
149696Mansfield, Ralph58mwFarmerNY 
149696Mansfield, Margaret52fwKeeping houseIreland 
149797Mooney, Dennis40mwFarmerIreland 
149898Hamilton, Nathaniel56mwFarmerOH 
149898Hamilton, Maria42fwKeeping houseNY 
149898Hamilton, Cornellius N.14mwFarm handIL 
149898Hamilton, Henry H.11mwat homeIL 
149898Hamilton, Lucy8fw IL 
149898Hamilton, Lorena6fw IL 
149999Brophy, Edward64mwFarmerIreland 
14100100Worthy, John W.24mwFarmerIL 
14100100Worthy, Lucy A.18fwKeeping houseIL 
14101101Noble, Sydney54mwFarmerMS 
14101101Noble, Lucy C.21fwKeeping houseIL 
14101101Highfill, Fanny6fw MO 
14102102Lewis, George N.43mwFarmerNY 
14102102Lewis, Amelia A.8fw IL 
14102102Lewis, Mary C.6fw IL 
14102102Lewis, Nelia4fw IL 
14103103Lewis, David44mwFarmerNY 
14103103Lewis, Hellen25fwKeeping houseNY 
14103103Lewis, Lotta7fw IL 
14103103Lewis, Arthur5mw IL 
14103103Lewis, Letta3fw IL 
14103103Sparks, John21mwFarm handTN 
15103103Sparks, Anna24fwKeeping houseAR 
15103103Sparks, William2mw IL 
15103103Sparks, Mary2/12fw ILMar
15103103Lewis, Elijah87mwRetired farmerNY 
15103103Lewis, Josiah65mwPreacherNY 
15103103Case, Mary32fwDomestic servantNY 
15104104Hunt, William H.39mwFarmerTN 
15104104Hunt, Elizabeth35fwKeeping houseTN 
15104104Hunt, Mary6fw IL 
15104104Hunt, William S.4mw IL 
15104104Hunt, Henry N.2mw IL 
15105105Gillmore, Josephus25mwFarmerMO 
15105105Gillmore, Susan J.24fwKeeping houseTN 
15105105Gillmore, Letitia1fw IL 
15105105Gillmore, Elizabeth12fwat homeIL 
15105105Gillmore, Charles18mwFarm handIL 
15106106Healy, Stephen26mwStone cutterEngland 
15106106Healy, Sophia24fwKeeping houseIL 
15107107Greeling, Jacob33mwFarmerHesse Darmstadt 
15107107Greeling, Martha J.25fwKeeping houseMO 
15107107Greeling, George F.16mwFarm handIL 
15107107Greeling, John12mwFarm handIL 
15107107Greeling, Aquilla A.9mw IL 
15107107Greeling, Mary S.S.3fw IL 
15107107Greeling, Charles1mw IL 
15108108Fuller, Richard A.38mwFarmerIL 
15108108Fuller, Huberdena35fwKeeping houseOH 
15108108Fuller, Sarah C.13fwat homeIL 
15108108Fuller, George F.11mwat homeIL 
15108108Fuller, Lucretia I.9fw IL 
15108108Fuller, Richard E.7mw IL 
15108108Fuller, William W.2mw IL 
15109109Spalding, Richard54mwFarmerOH 
15109109Spalding, Sarah J.52fwKeeping houseIL 
15109109Cresswell, Maria14fwat homeIL 
15109109Snyder, George21mwFarmerIL 
15109109Slaten, John P.7mwat homeIL 
15110110Bates, John29mwFarmerIL 
15110110Bates, Amelia A.27fwKeeping houseOH 
16110110Bates, John F.4mw IL 
16111111Davis, John74mwFarmerKY 
16111111Davis, Margaret34fwKeeping houseNC 
16111111Davis, Millie M.4fw IL 
16112112Bell, James R.34mwFarmerKY 
16112112Bell, Martha J.27fwKeeping houseIL 
16112112Bell, Charles N.6mw IL 
16112112Bell, Henry N.4mw IL 
16112112Bell, Ziba D.3mw IL 
16113113Rowling, Simon45mwFarmerEngland 
16113113Rowling, Sarah A.39fwKeeping houseNY 
16113113Rowling, Sarah J.13fwat homeNY 
16113113Rowling, Lydia11fwat homeIL 
16113113Rowling, George A.8mw IL 
16113113Rowling, Hannah M.5fw IL 
16113113Rowling, Ruth2fw IL 
16114114Hills, Loftus O.39mwFarmerEngland 
16114114Hills, Melissa34fwKeeping houseKY 
16114114Hills, Katy M.13fwat homeMO 
16114114Hllls, John A.11mwat homeIL 
16114114Hills, William A.9mw IL 
16114114Hills, Stephen V.5mw IL 
16114114Hills, Charles H.3mw IL 
16115115Edsall, Thomas29mwFarmerIL 
16115115Edsall, Lydia H.60fwKeeping houseTN 
16115115Edsall, Cordelia21fwat homeIL 
16115115Edsall, Corydon P.19mwFarm handIL 
16115115Edsall, Coe22mwCarpenterIL 
16116116Edsall, Harvey32mwFarmerIL 
16116116Edsall, Rachel26fwKeeping houseTN 
16116116Edsall, Edwin A.4mw IL 
16116116Edsall, Allen1mw IL 
16117117Patton, Russell W.29mwFarmerIL 
16117117Patton, Lourana26fwKeeping houseIL 
16117117Patton, Rosella6fw IL 
16117117Patton, Thaddeus4mw IL 
16117117Patton, Mary3fw IL 
16117117Patton, Minora7/12fw ILOct
16118118Gess, Jackson24mwFarmerOH 
16118118Gess, Rosetta21fwKeeping houseIL 
17118118Gess, Mary Jane7/12fw ILOct
17118118Gess, Sarah S.1fw IL 
17119119Roberts, Joshua37mwFarm handKY 
17119119Roberts, Nancy C.27fwKeeping houseTN 
17119119Roberts, Robert I.3mw TN 
17119119Roberts, Mary J.1fw IL 
17120120Jouns, George L.34mwFarmerOH 
17120120Jouns, Ann35fwKeeping houseIL 
17120120Jouns, James E.6mw IL 
17120120Jouns, Eva N.4fw IL 
17120120Jouns, Geroge2mw IL 
17120120Caldwell, Elizabeth67fwat homeGA 
17121121Gilmore, William24mwFarmerIL 
17121121Gilmore, Mary I.18fwKeeping houseIL 
17121121Gilmore, Cora R.4fw IL 
17121121Gilmore, William E.10/12mw ILJul
17122122Barton, William H.23mwFarmerIL 
17122122Barton, E. H.54mwFarmerPA 
17122122Barton, Rebecca50fwKeeping houseIL 
17122122Barton, George T.13mwat homeIL 
17122122Bartlett, Mary E.15fwat homeIL 
17123123Lane, John W.57mwPainterOH 
17123123Lane, Louisa38fwKeeping houseOH 
17123123Lane, Martha12fwat homeIN 
17123123Lane, Fannie10fwat homeIL 
17123123Lane, Louisa6fw IL 
17123123Lane, Effie1fw IL 
17123123Vaughn, James R.24mwFarmerMO 
17123123Vaughn, Josephine17fwat homeIN 
17123123Lane, Alice15fwat homeIN 
17124124Scheffel, Andrew40mwFarmerBavaria 
17124124Scheffel, Elizabeth40fwKeeping houseBavaria 
17124124Scheffel, Catherine9fw NY 
17124124Scheffel, Elizabeth7fw NY 
17124124Scheffel, Lena4fw NY 
17124124Scheffel, Nicholas2mw IL 
17125125Claridge, Josiah50mwFarmerTN 
17125125Claridge, Louisa37fwKeeping houseNC 
17125125Claridge, Joseph19mwFarmerIL 
17125125Claridge, Susan17fwat homeIL 
18125125Claridge, William15mwFarm handIL 
18125125Claridge, Sarah13fwat homeIL 
18125125Claridge, Daniel8mw IL 
18125125Claridge, Maggie5fw IL 
18125125Claridge, Charles1mw IL 
18125125Brady, James8mw IL 
18126126Ellis, Samuel C.46mwFarmerTN 
18126126Ellis, Matilda40fwKeeping houseIL 
18126126Ellis, Ida19fwat homeIL 
18127127Laska, Ewerd42mwFarmerPrussia 
18127127Laska, Margaret32fwKeeping houseMO 
18127127Laska, Charles H.8mw IL 
18127127Laska, Harry1mw IL 
18127127Laska, Elizabeth1/12fw ILMay
18128128Newberry, Francis A.34mwFarmerOH 
18128128Newberry, Mollie A.29fwKeeping houseIL 
18128128Newberry, Lena6fw IL 
18129129Barton, John A.25mwFarm handIL 
18129129Barton, Elizabeth23fwKeeping houseIL 
18129129Barton, Duella B.1fw IL 
19129129Barton, Charles H.4mw IL 
19130130Rogers, Henry S.49mwFarmerOH 
19130130Rogers, Rachel C.45fwKeeping houseOH 
19130130Rogers, Austin J.23mwFarmerIL 
19130130Rogers, Mary A.18fwat homeIL 
19130130Rogers, William W.15mwat homeIL 
19130130Rogers, John B.13mwat homeIL 
19130130Rogers, Theresa N.6fw IL 
19130130Rogers, Lorena A.5fw IL 
19130130Higgins, Susannah73fwat homePA 
19131131Carico, Mary42fwKeeping houseIL 
19131131Carico, Amy T.17fwat homeIL 
19131131Carico, Mary J.16fwat homeIL 
19132132Reed, William47mwFarmerNJ 
19132132Reed, Mary E.28fwKeeping houseIL 
19132132Reed, Alfred18mwFarm handNJ 
19132132Reed, Nelson16mwFarm handNJ 
19132132Reed, Firman15mwFarm handNJ 
19132132Reed, Catherine13fwat homeIL 
19132132Reed, Abner7mw IL 
19132132Reed, Davidson5mw IL 
19132132Reed, John3/12mw ILFeb
19133133Worthy, Reuben L.42mwFarmerTN 
19133133Worthy, Mary30fwKeeping houseIL 
19133133Worthy, Tony N.9mw IL 
19133133Worthy, Josephine7fw IL 
19133133Worthy, Daniel L.5mw IL 
19133133Worthy, Aaron B.3mw IL 
19133133Worthy, Nathaniel1mw IL 
19134134Rogers, Noah T.45mwFarmerOH 
19134134Rogers, Sarah E.38fwKeeping houseIL 
19134134Rogers, Laura A.20fwat homeIL 
19134134Rogers, William C.18mwFarm handIL 
19134134Rogers, Viola V.16fwat homeIL 
19134134Rogers, Maria L.14fwat homeIL 
19134134Rogers, Dora A.12fwat homeIL 
19134134Deffer, William40mwFarm handBavaria 
19134134Silas Spangle20mwFarm handIL 
19135135McDow, William62mwFarmerIL 
19135135McDow, Delilah61fwKeeping houseVA 
19135135McDow, Margaret33fwat homeIL 
19135135McDow, Josephine23fwat homeIL 
19135135McDow, Allie20fwat homeIL 
19135135Randolph, Eva11fwat homeIL 
19135135Ramel, Joseph13mwFarm handIL 
19136136Hancock, Kemp53mwFarm handVA 
19136136Hancock, Serilda35fwKeeping houseTN 
19136136Hancock, Elizabeth14fwat homeIL 
19136136Hancock, George W.9mw IL 
19136136Hancock, William H.5mw IL 
19136136Hancock, Mary J.3fw IL 
19137137Crocker, John D.35mwFarm handGA 
19137137Crocker, Emily J.28fwKeeping houseIL 
19137137Crocker, Julia A.5fw IL 
19137137Crocker, Peter7/12mw ILOct
19138138McDow, William H.27mwFarmerIL 
19138138McDow, Nancy22fwKeeping houseIL 
19138138McDow, Jessica7/12fw ILOct
19138138Smith, Robert12mwFarm handIL 
19139139Newberry, Daniel63mwFarmerNJ 
20139139Newberry, Elizabeth62fwKeeping houseOH 
20139139Newberry, Hamilton D.25mwFarmerOH 
20139139Newberry, Rachel A.23fwKeeping houseIL 
20139139Newberry, Daniel10/12mw ILJul
20139139Bartlett, Harriett17fwat homeIL 
20139139Simpkins, Palmer W.20mwFarm handOH 
20140140Smith, William A.29mwFarmerOH 
20140140Smith, Harriett S.19fwKeeping houseIL 
20140140Smith, Ernest A.1mw IL 
20140140Smith, John1/12mw ILMay
20140140Medford, Adeline10fw IL 
20141141Gettings, O. D.41mwFarmerTN 
20141141Gettings, Rebecca A.35fwKeeping houseIL 
20141141Gettings, J. Alexander16mwFarm handIL 
20141141Gettings, Robert A.9mw IL 
20141141Gettings, Rhoda E.7fw IL 
20141141Gettings, Isaac N.5mw IL 
20141141Gettings, Mary2fw IL 
20141141Gettings, Martha J.8/12fw ILSep
20142142Hill, Jacob57mwFarmerOH 
20142142Hill, Grace73fwKeeping houseNC 
20142142Hill, James13mwat homeIL 
20143143Ward, Amos43mwFarmerIL 
20143143Ward, Sarah37fwKeeping housePA 
20143143Ward, Robert15mwFarm handMO 
20143143Ward, Simon13mwFarm handMO 
20143143Ward, Stephen11mwat homeMO 
20143143Ward, Lorenzo D.9mw MO 
20143143Ward, Henry4mw IL 
20144144Dean, Jacob24mwFarmerIL 
20144144Dean, Elizabeth17fwKeeping houseMO 
20144144Dean, John F.7/12mw ILOct
20145145McRory, Ebenezer59mwFarmerTN 
20145145McRory, Margaret65fwKeeping houseNJ 
20145145McRory, Sylvester21mwFarm handTN 
20145145McRory, Virginia18fwat homeTN 
20146146Kemper, Levi24mwFarmerIL 
20146146Kemper, Harriett21fwKeeping houseIL 
20146146Kemper, Emma2fw IL 
20146146Kemper, Jerusha6/12fw ILNov.
21146146Climb, George16mwFarm handIL 
21147147McCan, George43mwFarmerIL 
21147147McCan, Millie46fwKeeping houseNC 
21147147McCan, George8mw IL 
21147147Gillmore, Mary J.16fwat homeIL 
21147147Gillmore, Martha12fwat homeIL 
21148148Meadows, John24mwFarm handMO 
21148148Meadows, Minerva J.16fwKeeping houseTN 
21149149Lee, William46mwFarmerIL 
21149149Lee, Frances38fwKeeping houseIL 
21149149Lee, James W.18mwFarm handIL 
21149149Lee, Richard13mwFarm handIL 
21149149Lee, Alfred4mw IL 
21149149Lee, Emily J.4fw IL 
21149149Lee, Charles Y.1mw IL 
21150150Dabbs, Manuel24mwFarmerIL 
21150150Dabbs, Amelia A.24fwKeeping houseIL 
21150150Dabbs, Olive M.3fw Il 
21150150Dabbs, William E.10/12mw ILJul
21151151Grannuel, Jeremiah49mwFarmerTN 
21151151Grannuel, Ann37fwKeeping houseIN 
21151151Grannuel, Martha12fwat homeIL 
21151151Grannuel, Matilda9fw IL 
21151151Grannuel, Isaac7mw IL 
21151151Grannuel, Hezekiah5mw IL 
21151151Grannuel, Catherine3fw IL 
21151151Stringer, Theodore16mwat homeMO 
21152152Whist, A. C.42mwFarmerAL 
21152152Whist, Isabella34fwKeeping houseIN 
21152152Whist, James M.17mwFarm handIA 
21152152Whist, Lafayette12mwat homeIA 
21152152Whist, Panthaette14fwat homeIA 
21152152Whist, Sarah F.8fw IA 
21152152Whist, Eldorado6fw IL 
21152152Whist, William I.3mw IL 
21152152Whist, Elmira M.9/12fwILAug 
21153153Gowins, Paris M.28mwFarmerIL 
21153153Gowins, Rachel26fwKeeping houseIL 
21153153Gowins, Minnie A.5fw IL 
21153153Gowins, Sorena E.3fw IL 
22154154Miller, Elbert54mwFarmerIL 
22154154Miller, Mary45fwKeeping houseIN 
22154154Miller, Francis23mwFarm handMO 
22154154Miller, Charles19mwFarm handIL 
22154154Miller, Harriett17fwat homeIL 
22154154Miller, Sydney14fwat homeIL 
22154154Miller, Sarah13fwat homeIL 
22154154Austin, John18mwFarm handIL 
22154154Clouse, Sidalia17fwDomestic servantMO 
22155155Bailey, Ira M.34mwFarm handMO 
22155155Bailey, Jane L.27fwKeeping houseMO 
22155155Bailey, Orrin E.8mw IL 
22155155Bailey, Henry M.4mw IL 
22155155Gearing, W. H.21mwTeacherMO 
22156156Legate, Charles F.42mwFarmerMO 
22156156Legate, Sirene A.36fwKeeping houseIL 
22156156Legate, Thomas15mwFarm handMO 
22156156Legate, Robert12mwFarm handMO 
22156156Legate, Samuel12mwFarm handMO 
22156156Legate, William9mw MO 
22156156Legate, Charles S.5mw IL 
22156156Legate, Oscar7/12mw ILOct
22157157Blunt, Logan H.24mwFarm handIL 
22157157Blunt, Jane S.22fwKeeping houseIL 
22157157Blunt, William R.1mw IL 
22158158Day, Jeduthan49mwFarmerNJ 
22158158Day, Mary40fwKeeping houseIreland 
22158158Day, Albert20mwFarm handLA 
22158158Day, Silas18mwFarm handLA 
22158158Day, Mary A.16fwat homeLA 
22158158Day, John10mwat homeIL 
22158158Day, Anthony J.8mw IL 
22159159Myers, Angeline49fwKeeping houseMO 
22159159Myers, William B.26mwFarmerMO 
22159159Myers, Luther17mwFarm handMO 
22159159Myers, Eliza A.15fwat homeMO 
22160160Hendricks, Isaac70mwFarmerKY 
22160160Hendricks, Parmela67fwKeeping houseNC 
22160160Dalton, Thomas H.11mwat homeIL 
22161161Cable, Joseph44mwFarmerBavaria 
23161161Cable, Eva41fwKeeping houseBavaria 
23161161Cable, Margaret15fwat homeBavaria 
23161161Cable, Mary9fw IL 
23161161Cable, Rika8fw IL 
23161161Cable, Barbara6fw IL 
23161161Cable, Lawrance5mw IL 
23161161Cable, Elizabeth3fw IL 
23162162Hamilton, Jason H.55mwFarmerOH 
23162162Hamilton, Nancy53fwKeeping houseNY 
23163163Davenport, John Jr.26mwFarmerTN 
23163163Davenport, Ellen19fwKeeping houseMO 
23163163Davenport, Lizzie9/12fw IL 
23164164Davis, William25mwFarmerIL 
23164164Davis, Mary E.21fwKeeping houseMO 
23164164Davis, William A.1mw IL 
23165165Myers, Samuel J.22mwFarmerMO 
23165165Myers, Catherine20fwKeeping houseIL 
23165165Myers, Walter2mw IL 
23165165Myers, George7/12mw ILOct
23166166Davenport, John61mwFarmerNC 
23166166Davenport, Elizabeth62fwKeeping houseNC 
23166166Medford, Richard16mwFarm handIL 
23166166Davenport, Sarah8fw IL 
23166166Davenport, Catherine15fwat homeIL 
23167167Murphy, Milton27mwFarm handIL 
23167167Murphy, Rachel23fwKeeping houseTN 
23167167Murphy, Elizabeth8/12fwat homeILNov.
23168168Dabbs, Joshua E.29mwFarmerIL 
23168168Dabbs, Susan E.27fwKeeping houseTN 
23168168Dabbs, Sarah E.3fw IL 
23168168Dabbs, Rosa E.9/12fw ILSep
23169169Dabbs, William E.65mwFarmerSC 
23169169Dabbs, Mary60fwKeeping houseNC 
23169169Petty, Rose J.5fw IL 
23170170Davenport, Absalom B.41mwFarmerNC 
23170170Davenport, Catherine27fwKeeping houseOH 
23170170Davenport, Isaac E.19mwFarm handIL 
23170170Davenport, Susan10fwat homeIL 
23170170Davenport, John3mw IL 
23170170Davenport, Absalom9/12mw ILSep
24171171Cadwalader, John58mwRetired farmerOH 
24171171Cadwalader, Mary52fwKeeping houseOH 
24171171Cadwalader, Jesse K.23mwFarmerIL 
24171171Cadwalader, Mary A.20fwat homeIL 
24171171Cadwalader, Nancy15fwat homeIL 
24171171Layer, John G.20mwFarm handPA 
24172172Caleb, Noble52mwFarmerMS 
24172172Caleb, Ruth30fwKeeping houseIL 
24172172Caleb, John H.16mwFarm handIL 
24172172Caleb, Charles W.10mwat homeIL 
24172172Caleb, George W.9mw IL 
24172172Caleb, Mary7fw IL 
24172172Caleb, Lilly5fw IL 
24172172Caleb, Olivia2fw IL 
24172172Livingston, Anna32fwDomestic servantTN 
24173173Stansberry, John B.29mwFarmerMO 
24173173Stansberry, Matilda27fwKeeping houseMO 
24173173Stansberry, Sarah7fw MO 
24173173Stansberry, Thomas4mw IL 
24173173Stansberry, Charles1mw IL 
24174174Ashford, William R.48mwFarmerNC 
24174174Ashford, Emily M.42fwKeeping houseMS 
24174174Ashford, Allie C.19fwat homeMS 
24174174Ashford, James P.17mwFarm handMS 
24174174Ashford, Louisa G.15fwat homeMS 
24174174Ashford, Osbonn R.8mw IL 
24174174Ashford, Bertie5fw IL 
24174174Ashford, William J.2mw IL 
24174174Ashford, Emma3/12fw ILFeb
24174174Marlin, Harry19mwFarm handVA 
24175175Shortal, Robert30mwFarmerIreland 
24175175Shortal, Elizabeth26fwKeeping houseIreland 
24175175Shortal, Mary4fw IL 
24175175Shortal, Andrew3mw IL 
24175175Shortal, Joanna4/12fw ILJan
24175175White, Joseph18mwFarm handIreland 
24176176McGwire, Timothy28mwFarmerIreland 
24176176McGwire, Ellen60fwKeeping houseIreland 
24177177Bunke, August33mwFarm handPrussia 
24177177Bunke, Isabel37fwKeeping houseIL 
25177177Bunke, Gideon10mwat homeIL 
25177177Bunke, Newton8mw IL 
25177177Bunke, Henrietta4fw IL 
25177177Bunke, John P.2mw IL 
25178178Duggan, Michael65mwFarmerIreland 
25178178Duggan, Elizabeth65fwKeeping houseIreland 
25178178Duggan, Michael Jr.25mwFarmerIreland 
25179179Clark, Ira W.65mwFarmerNC 
25179179Clark, Lucinda D.47fwKeeping houseVA 
25179179Clark, David L.21mwFarm handMO 
25179179Clark, I. Napoleon15mwFarm handIL 
25179179Clark, Lucy B.10fwat homeIL 
25179179Walker, Elijah24mwFarm handIL 
25180180Waters, Harriett C.40fwKeeping houseNC 
25180180Waters, Mary J.14fwat homeTX 
25180180Waters, Susan I.9fw TX 
25181181Cope, Joseph32mwFarmerIL 
25181181Cope, Elizabeth28fwKeeping houseTN 
25181181Cope, Emily9fw IL 
25181181Cope, Clarissa J.7fw IL 
25181181Cope, Milton5mw IL 
25181181Cope, George3mw IL 
25181181Cope, John6/12mw ILNov.
25181181Cope, Joseph16mwFarm handIL 
25182182Hinson, Joel33mwFarmerIL 
25182182Hinson, Lucy25fwKeeping houseIL 
25182182Hinson, Louis6mw IL 
25182182Hinson, Louisa4fw IL 
25182182Hinson, Louisa E.10/12fw ILAug
25182182Sandidge, Elizabeth16fwat homeIL 
25182182Falkner, William14mwFarm handIL 
25183183Cope, George58mwFarmerNC 
25183183Cope, Lucinda51fwKeeping houseKY 
25183183Cope, Jane17fwat homeIL 
25183183Cope, Linda14fwat homeIL 
25183183Cope, Elizabeth11fwat homeIL 
25183183Cope, Charles8mwat homeIL 
25183183Cope, Caroline5fw IL 
25183183Coats, Charles24mwFarm handIA 
25184184Prouse, William65mwFarmerPA 
26184184Prouse, Ruth55fwKeeping houseMO 
26185185Cope, Allen22mwFarmerIL 
26185185Cope, Cynthia17fwKeeping houseIN 
26185185Cope, Luther6/12mw ILNov.
26185185Warren, George12mwat homeIN 
26186186Sinclair, William25mwFarmerIL 
26186186Sinclair, Mary J.27fwKeeping houseIL 
26186186Sinclair, Isadora8fw IL 
26186186Sinclair, Samuel5mw IL 
26186186Sinclair, Jennette1fw IL 
26187187Wise, Gotlieb50mwFarmerSwitzerland 
26188188Fitzgerald, Richard48mwFarmerIreland 
26188188Fitzgerald, Mary35fwKeeping houseIreland 
26188188Fitzgerald, Catherine15fwat homeIL 
26188188Fitzgerald, Mary12fwat homeIL 
26188188Fitzgerald, Elizabeth7fw IL 
26188188Fitzgerald, Thomas5mw IL 
26188188Fitzgerald, Ellen3fw IL 
26189189McManns, Thomas49mwFarmerIreland 
26189189McManns, L. Jane38fwKeeping houseIL 
26189189McManns, William17mwFarm handIL 
26189189McManns, Mary14fwat homeIL 
26189189McManns, Margaret10fwat homeIL 
26189189McManns, John8mw IL 
26189189McManns, Patrick5mw IL 
26189189Welsh, John40mwDay laborerIreland 
26190190Landon, Lindley26mwFarmerIL 
26190190Landon, Harriett23fwKeeping houseIL 
26190190Landon, Rosetta2fwat homeIL 
26190190Landon, Rhoda E.6/12fw ILNov.
26191191Coats, Alfred41mwFarmerTN 
26191191Coats, Mary34fwKeeping houseTN 
26191191Coats, Missouri12fwat homeIL 
26191191Coats, Frances J.7fw IL 
26191191Coats, William F.6mw IL 
26191191Coats, Flora L.4fw IL 
26191191Coats, Asa2fw IL 
26191191Monk, Henry26mwFarm handTN 
26192192Worthy, John J.53mwFarmerGA 
26192192Worthy, James M.23mwFarm handTN 
27192192Worthy, Henry H.20mwFarm handIL 
27192192Petty, Mary8fw IL 
27192192Petty, Sarah1fw IL 
27192192Petty, Phebe35fwKeeping houseNC 
27193193McQuinn, Andrew30mwFarmerIreland 
27193193McQuinn, Mary28fwKeeping houseWales 
27193193McQuinn, Andrew2mw IL 
27193193McQuinn, Fanny4/12fw ILJan
27194194Shedkin, Francis60mwFarmerHanover 
27194194Shedkin, Mary48fwKeeping houseMuhlurberg 
27195195Kistler, Henry44mwFarmHesse Dramstadt 
27195195Kistler, Filaska53fwKeeping housePrussia 
27195195Kirkner, Benjamin16mwFarm handIL 
27195195Kirkner, Charles12mwFarm handIL 
27195195Hughes, Mary8fwat homeIL 
27196196Hooper, Henry59mwFarmerHanover 
27196196Hooper, Maria48fwKeeping houseHanover 
27196196Hooper, Christine14fwDomestic servantHanover 
27196196Hooper, Lena11fwat homeHanover 
27196196Hooper, Louis9mwat homeIL 
27196196Hooper, Alvina9fw IL 
27196196Hooper, Zena6fw IL 
27197197White, George Jr.25mwFarmerIL 
27197197White, Parmelia25fwKeeping houseIL 
27197197Richey, Silas9mw IL 
27197197Richey, Mary E.7fw IL 
27197197White, Calvin21mwFarm handIL 
27198198Burrows, O. H.51mwFarmerNY 
27198198Burrows, Ann M.46fwKeeping houseVT 
27198198Burrows, Elmer G.E.8mw IL 
27198198Ellsworth, Truman76mwat homeVT 
27199199Bick, Andrew L.57mwFarmerPA 
27199199Bick, Emeline52fwKeeping houseSC 
27199199Bick, Charles A.15mwFarm handIL 
27199199Bick, Fanny M.13fwat homeIL 
27199199Bick, Josephine E.9fw IL 
27200200Davenport, Absalom R.42mwFarmerTN 
27200200Davenport, Matilda35fwKeeping houseTN 
27200200Davenport, Amanda17fwat homeTN 
27200200Davenport, Robert15mwFarm handIL 
28200200Davenport, Thomas11mwat homeIL 
28200200Davenport, Martha6fw IL 
28201201Krist, John51mwFarmerOH 
28201201Krist, Elizabeth J.30fwKeeping houseOH 
28201201Krist, Signora15fwat homeIL 
28201201Krist, Jennette9fw IL 
28201201Manning, Priscilla9fw IL 
28201201Manning, Martha47w IL 
28201201Krist, Clarence1/12mw ILApr
28202202Cartwright, B. F.33mwFarmerIL 
28202202Cartwright, Charlotte24fwKeeping houseIL 
28202202Cartwright, William O.4mw IL 
28202202Cartwright, John1mw IL 
28202202Nokes, Morris22mwFarm handIL 
28203203Wilson, Elijah B.34mwFarmerTN 
28203203Wilson, Matilda25fwKeeping houseIL 
28203203Wilson, Laura A.6fw IL 
28203203Wilson, Wesley2mw IL 
28203203Wilson, Sarah4/12fw ILFeb
28204204Hays, Pliny G.31mwFarmerIL 
28204204Hays, Mary A.27fwKeeping houseIL 
28204204Hays, Effie E.6fw IL 
28204204Hays, Chesly E.4mw IL 
28204204Hays, Lewellan2mw IL 
28204204Hays, Charles C.7/12mw ILOct
28205205Hale, Edward49mwFarmerKY 
28205205Hale, Mary49fwKeeping houseIL 
28205205Hale, Lucinda15fwat homeIL 
28206206Sherman, Fredric34mwFarm handPrussia 
28206206Sherman, Louisa64fwKeeping housePrussia 
28206206Sherman, Fredrica17fwat homePrussia 
28207207Arter, Samuel28mwFarm handIL 
28207207Arter, Louisa J.20fwKeeping houseIL 
28207207Arter, Charles7/12mw ILOct
28208208Cartwright, William T.35mwFarmerIL 
28208208Cartwright, Dorothy W.28fwKeeping houseNY 
28208208Cartwright, Ellen O.5fw IL 
28208208Cartwright, Elizabeth B9/12fw ILSep
28208208Cartwright, John W.70mwRetired farmerPA 
28208208Cartwright, Keziah60fwKeeping houseIN 
29209209Richey, Stephen39mwFarmerIL 
29209209Richey, Eliza A.34fwKeeping houseOH 
29210210Richey, John J.37mwFarmerIL 
29210210Richey, Mary24fwKeeping houseIL 
29210210Richey, Milton3mwat homeIL 
29210210Richey, John1mw IL 
29211211Stamps, Samuel40mwFarm handIL 
29211211Stamps, Margaret29fwKeeping houseTN 
29211211Stamps, Louis O.6mw IL 
29211211Stamps, Emily F.2fw IL 
29212212Hummiston, Warren47mwFarmerOH 
29212212Hummiston, Elizabeth48fwKeeping houseOH 
29212212Hummiston, Vesta V.22fwTeacherOH 
29212212Hummiston, Dawson M.20mwFarm handOH 
29212212Hummiston, Arthur H.14mwFarm handOH 
29213213Combs, Charles W.49mwFarmMA 
29213213Combs, Lucinda44fwKeeping houseTN 
29213213Combs, James M.14mwat homeIL 
29213213Combs, Charles W. Jr9mw IL 
29213213Combs, Caroline7fw IL 
29214214Massey, Dolan L.35mwFarmerIA 
29214214Massey, Emeline32fwKeeping houseMO 
29214214Massey, Lucretia E.10fwat homeIL 
29214214Massey, Ada E.8fw IL 
29214214Massey, William H.B.4mw IL 
29214214Massey, May2fw IL 
29215215Tucker, James64mwFarmerOH 
29215215Tucker, William N.23mwFarm handIL 
29216216Worthy, George A.32mwFarm handTN 
29216216Worthy, Arnel12mwat homeTX 
29216216Worthy, Frank9mw TX 
29216216Worthy, Van Lycurgus2mw TX 
29216216Worthy, Dicey65fw TN 
29217217Stamps, George W.32mwFarmerIL 
29217217Stamps, Elizabeth J.32fwKeeping houseIL 
29217217Stamps, Albert11mwat homeIL 
29217217Stamps, Rowena8fw IL 
29217217Stamps, Rose5fw IL 
29217217Bray, Daniel19mwFarmerIL 
29217217White, Elizabeth62fwat homeNC 
30218218McAdams, William62mwFarmerOH 
30218218McAdams, Eliza A.57fwKeeping houseOH 
30218218McAdams, Mary J.32fwat homeOH 
30218218McAdams, Elnora30fwat homeOH 
30218218McAdams, Louis26mwFarmerOH 
30218218McAdams, Rebecca21fwat homeOH 
30218218McAdams, Anna12fwat homeIL 
30218218Highfill, Alfred14mwFarm handIL 
30219219Dodson, Elisha35mwFarmerMO 
30219219Dodson, Melbina24fwKeeping houseIL 
30219219Dodson, Julia10fwat homeIL 
30219219Dodson, Alve4mw IL 
30219219Chappee, Grace76fwat homeEngland 
30220220McKinstry, Ellen46fwat homeEngland 
30220220McKinstry, Harriett17fwat homeMO 
30220220McKinstry, Jane14fwat homeMO 
30220220McKinstry, John12mwat homeIL 
30220220McKinstry, Kate7fw IL 
30221221Vanausdall, Allen30mwCarpenterIL 
30221221Vanausdall, Agnes26fwKeeping houseIA 
30221221Vanausdall, Rosa5fw IL 
30221221Vanausdall, Edwin3mw IL 
30221221Vanausdall, Martha1fw IL 
30221221Vanausdall, Mary75fwat homePA 
30222222Moon, Elizabeth30fwKeeping houseIL 
30222222Moon, Francis15mwat homeIL 
30222222Moon, Thomas12mwat homeIL 
30222222Moon, Sarah C.7fw IL 
30222222Alexander, Eliza18fwat homeIL 
30222222Grubb, George W.35mwFarm handIL 
30222222Grubb, Samuel M.10mwat homeIL 
30223223Miller, Robert D.32mwMinisterMO 
30223223Miller, Charlotte27fwKeeping houseIN 
30223223Miller, Sarah A.11fwat homeMO 
30223223Miller, Mary A.7fw MO 
30223223Miller, Emma E.4fw IL 
30223223Miller, George M.1mw IL 
30223223Miller, Agnes C.65fwat homeTN 
30224224White, Jesse63mwWagonmakerIL 
30224224White, Tabitha60fwKeeping houseKY 
31225225Cor, John A.33mwFarm handNJ 
31225225Cor, Margaret A.25fwKeeping houseIL 
31225225Cor, Cora7fw IL 
31226226Bray, Elijah A.44mwConstableNC 
31226226Bray, Mary34fwKeeping houseME 
31226226Bray, Rose16fwDomestic servantIL 
31226226Bray, Emma12fwat homeIL 
31226226Bray, Arthur5mw IL 
31226226Bray, Nathaniel2mw IL 
31226226Dewy, Eva9fw IL 
31227227Slaten, William D.F.62mwRetired farmerGA 
31227227Slaten, Irene52fwKeeping houseKY 
31227227Slaten, James H.22mwFarm handIL 
31227227Slaten, Francis M.17mwFarm handIL 
31227227Slaten, Nathaniel G.17mwFarm handIL 
31227227Slaten, Eugene L.14mwFarm handIL 
31227227Slaten, Charles E.10mwat homeIL 
31228228Rogers, Elizabeth47FWKeeping houseIL 
31228228Rogers, Silas W.21mwFarmerIL 
31229229Giers, Louis38mwEngineerSaxony 
31229229Giers, Louisa35fwKeeping houseMinther 
31229229Giers, Henry18mwMillerMO 
31229229Giers, Amelia17fwat homeMO 
31229229Giers, Louisa14fwat homeMO 
31229229Giers, Fredric12mwat homeMO 
31229229Giers, Louis3mw MO 
31229229Giers, Herbert1mw IL 
31230230Stewart, James70mwDay laborerKY 
31230230Stewart, Mary68fwKeeping houseTN 
31231231Patton, Isaac42mwFarmerIL 
31231231Patton, Jann34fwKeeping houseIL 
31231231Patton, Sylvester18mwFarm handIL 
31231231Patton, John16mwFarm handIL 
31231231Patton, Alice14fwat homeIL 
31231231Patton, Leander12mwat homeIL 
31231231Patton, Nancy10fwat homeIL 
31231231Patton, Rhoda5fw IL 
31231231Patton, Fredric7/12mw ILOct
31232232Twaddle, Alex51mwFarmerIL 
31232232Twaddle, Sallie42fwKeeping houseIL 
32232232Twaddle, Oscar10mwat homeIL 
32232232Twaddle, Mary8fw IL 
32232232Twaddle, Louis O.6mw IL 
32232232Twaddle, John3mw IL 
32233233Wall, John35mwFarmerIreland 
32233233Wall, Catherine26fwKeeping houseIreland 
32233233Wall, Thomas4mw IL 
32233233Wall, Margaret1/12fw ILMay
32234234Hinson, Allen27mwFarmerIL 
32234234Hinson, Eliza J.22fwKeeping houseIL 
32234234Hinson, Jasper1mw IL 
32234234Hinson, Madison4/12mw ILJan
32235235Terry, Jasper M.59mwFarmerKY 
32235235Terry, Mary A.53fwKeeping houseKY 
32235235Terry, Thomas21mwFarmerIL 
32235235Terry, Theodore19mwFarmerIL 
32235235Terry, Mary9fw IL 
32235235Terry, Albert27mwTeacherIL 
32235235Foster, John21mwFarm handMO 
32235235Waggoner, Jane23fwDomestic servantIL 
32236236Hoyt, A. P.53mwFarmerOH 
32236236Hoyt, Serinda43fwKeeping houseIL 
32236236Hoyt, Isaac21mwFarm handIL 
32236236Hoyt, Clarissa A.18fwat homeIL 
32236236Hoyt, Perry15mwFarm handIL 
32236236Hoyt, Benjamin C.13mwat homeIL 
32236236Hoyt, Mary6fw IL 
32236236Hoyt, Charles A.3mw IL 
32236236Hoyt, Addison E.8/12mw ILSep

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