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1870 Newbern Township Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; FF = Father Foreign Born; MF = Mother Foreign Born; Born = Month Born within the year; Married = Month Married within the year; School = attended school within the year; RW = cannot read or write; V = Eligible to Vote; 21 = male 21 or older

PDFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceFFMFBornMarriedSchoolRWV21Remark
111Swartswelter, Abner34M Farm hand 100OH       1 
111Swartswelter, Mary E.29F Keeping house  MO         
111Hall, John H.43M Farmer 1795OH       1 
111Smith, Lucy16F Servant  IL         
122West, A.B.44M Farmer 1795NH       1 
122West, Delight H.34F Keeping house  OH         
122West, Libbie U.12F    OH    1    
122West, Mattie L.6F    IL    1    
133Slaten, James R.47M Farmer60001430IL       1 
133Slaten, Elizabeth47F Keeping house  KY         
133Slaten, Mary J.23F    IL         
133Porten, Annie M.18F Domestic servant  IL    1    
133Smith, Julia7F    IL    1    
144Slaten, Geo. W.53M Farmer100001500GA       1 
144Slaten, Lementine52F Keeping house  NC         
144Slaten, George W.23M Teacher  IL       1 
144Slaten, Robert L.17M Farm hand  IL    1    
144Slaten, Mary L.15F    IL    1    
144Slaten, Thomas L.12M    IL    1    
144Smith, Calvina6F    IL    1    
155Hughes, Thomas28M Farmer 1000IL       1 
155Hughes, Margaret L.21F Keeping house  IL         
155Hughes, Eddie L.6 mo.F    IL Jan      
166Belle, Joshua58M Day laborer  NC     1 1 
166Belle, Martha55F Keeping house  TN     1   
166Belle, Martha J.11F    IL    1    
177Lurton, John C.39M Farmer100002020IL       1 
177Lurton, Delia P.34F Keeping house  IL         
177Lurton, Cora A.15F    IL    1    
177Lurton, Octavia M.12F    IL    1    
177Lurton, Louisa M.11F    IL    1    
177Lurton, Margaret9F    IL    1    
177Lurton, Adeline6F    IL    1    
177Lurton, John C.4M    IL         
177Risley, James S.20M Farm hand  AK    1    
188McDow, Matilda65F Keeping house2000200KY     1   
188McDow, Allen33M  2500500IL       1insane
188McDow, Martha44F Keeping house1500           
199Graham, John36M Farmer 440IL       1 
199Graham, Mary J.29F Keeping house  MO         
299Graham, George C.5M    IL         
299Graham, Ida May3F    IL         
299Graham, Elizabeth R.10 mo.F    IL  Sep      
21010McDow, John N.36M Farmer25001125IL       1 
21010McDow, Mary E.30F Keeping house  TN         
21010McDow, Abgada J.10F    IL    1    
21010McDow, Chas. W.8M    IL    1    
21010McDow, Annie A.6F    IL    1    
21010McDow, Martha L.4F    IL         
21010McDow, Louisa M.2F    IL         
21111Reed, Joseph37M Farmer5000835IL       1 
21111Reed, Nancy30F Keeping house  IL         
21111Reed, Edwin10M    IL         
21111McDow, William27M Farmer2500835IL       1 
21111McDow, Hardin23M Farmer2500835IL       1 
21212McDow, Maria60F Keeping house2500500IL         
21212Knight, Joseph30M Carpenter2500450KY       1 
21212Knight, Almeda21F Keeping house  England11       
21212Knight, James1M    IL         
21212Knight, ???    IL1        
21313Quitt, John30M Farmer 100Baden Baden11   11 
21313Quitt, Martha A.29F Keeping house  IL         
21313Quitt, John T.4M    IL1        
21313Quitt, Eliza J.1F    IL1        
21414Lurton, Jacob63M Farmer18002975KY       1 
21414Lurton, Margaret58F Keeping house  IL         
21414Lurton, Caroline24F    IL         
21414Austin, James20M Farm hand  MO         
21515Mott, John M.25M Farmer15002000OH       1 
21515Mott, Olivia M.21F Keeping house  IL         
21515Mott, Lillie B.2F    IL         
21616Lurton, Nelson B.40M Farmer108002600IL       1 
21616Lurton, Emma37F Keeping house  England11       
21616Lurton, Henry C.17M Farm hand  IL 1  1    
21616Lurton, Magnolia B.14F    IL 1  1    
21616Lurton, M. Lee10F    IL 1  1    
21616Lurton, Eva M.4F    IL 1       
21717Watson, Benj. F.40M Day laborer  OH       1 
21717Watson, Lucretia20F Keeping house  TX      11 
21717Watson, William H.1M    IL         
31818Gilham, Marcus59M Merchant100003635IL       1 
31818Gilham, Martha57F Keeping house  TN         
31818Gilham, Rich. C.17M Farm hand  IL    1    
31919Valentine, H.W.36M Day laborer  OH       1 
31919Valentine, Catherine31F Keeping house  OH     W   
31919Valentine, Mary A.12F    OH    1    
31919Valentine, John H.10M    OH    1    
31919Valentine, William W.5M    OH         
31919Valentine, David F.3M    IL         
32020Gill, Henry31M Blacksmith1200500England11       
32020Gill, Emily E.32FKeeping house IL         
32020Gill, J. Grace2M    IL1        
32020Gill, ?6 mo.F    IL1 Sep      
32020Goy, John19M Day laborer  England11       
32020Goy, Elizabeth E.9F    IL    1    
32020Goy, Mary Jane5F    IL         
32121Mott, Elizabeth52F Keeping house7000350IL     W   
32121Mott, Lavina18F    IL    1    
32121Mott, Abigail14F    IL    1    
32121Mott, Mary12F    IL    1    
32222Melford, Alburtis26M Farmer 510IL       1 
32222Melford, Athy A.17F Keeping house  IL         
32222Melford, Wm. W.9 mo.M    IL  Sep      
32222Maxwell, Edw’d16M Farm hand  IL    1    
32323Wilson, William S.26M Farmer 425IL       1 
32323Wilson, Malony25F Keeping house  TN         
32424Lucus, N.B.62M Farmer 750OH       1 
32424Lucus, Lydia59F Keeping house  OH         
32525Slover, William38M Farmer600350OH       1 
32525Slover, Rachael37F Keeping house  IN         
32525Slover, John W.17M Farm hand  IL         
32525Slover, Napoleon B.15M Farm hand  IL         
32525Slover, Sarah J.12F    IL    1    
32525Slover, Margaret A.10F    IL    1    
32525Slover, Melton8M    IL    1    
32525Slover, Emma6F    IL         
32525Slover, Rosella4F    IL         
32626Gardner, Nancy61F Keeping house64009510OH      
32727Sloman, James29M Farmer82001750England11     1 
32727Sloman, Mary E.26F Keeping house  WI         
42727Sloman, Minnie (twin)1F    IL1        
42727Sloman, Millie (twin)1F    IL1        
42727Crosby, Jennie24F    IL         
42727Sloman, Am74F    England11   1   
42727Hill, Henry24F Farm hand  IN       1 
42828Chappee, James25M Farmer 100IL       1 
42828Chappee, Sarah25F Keeping house  IL         
42828Chappee, Joseph2M    IL         
42828Chappee, Bertrand3 mo.M    IL  Apr      
42929Milford, Elizabeth57F Keeping house  England11   W   
42929Milford, Henry T.25M Farmer1200450IL1      1 
42929Milford, Elizabeth A.18F    IL1        
43030Gill, William39M Wheel wright25001125England1      1 
43030Gill, Mary C.30F    IL1        
43030Gill, John H.9M    IL1   1    
43030Gill, Maria C.5F    IL1        
43030Gill, Carrie L.3F    IL1        
43030Gill, Mary L.6 mo.F    IL1 Jan      
43030Smith, Lucinda11F    IL11  1    
43131Slover, Austin F.39M Physician 100OH       1 
43131Slover, Agnes29F Keeping house  NY         
43131Slover, Nancy J.4F    IL         
43131Slover, Josephine1F    IL         
43131Drewery?, Margaret10F    MO         
43232Buzby, John42M Farmer500350OH       1 
43232Buzby, Harriett38F Keeping house  OH         
43232Buzby, Viola17F    OH    1    
43232Buzby, George B.15M    IL    1    
43232Buzby, Mary E.6F    IL         
43232Maxwell, William62M Day laborer  OH       1 
43333Wilson, Rosanna55F Keeping house 140IN         
43333Wilson, Charles C.18M Day laborer  IL    1    
43434Terry, William A.36M Blacksmith500350OH       1 
43434Terry, Sarah32F Keeping house  IL         
43535Seibold, Philip33M Blacksmith2400400Prussia11       
43535Seibold, Elizabeth30F Keeping house  Prussia11       
43636Yokers, George34M Farmer30001125Baden Baden11       
43636Yokers, Louisa26F Keeping house  Prussia11       
43636Yokers, George5 mo.M    IL11Jan      
43636???, William17M Farm hand  IN11       
53737Cory, John A.28M Farmer204003850IL       1 
53737Cory, Maria J.27F Keeping house  OH         
53737Cory, Walter B.7M    IL    1    
53737Cory, Harry N.3M    IL         
53737Dyre, Eliza J.23F Domestic servant  IL         
53737Bow, Martha14F Domestic servant  NY11  1    
53737Page, Frederick15M Farm hand  IL    1    
53838Conklin, John H.23M Farmer 1400OH       1 
53838Conklin, Mary J.23F Keeping house3000 IL         
53838Conklin, Harry2M    IL         
53838Kirby, William8M    IL    1    
53939Ross, Harry S.56M Farmer184802520OH       1 
53939Ross, Mary J.48M Keeping house  PA         
53939Ross, Sanford29M Farmer 2520OH       1 
53939Vincent, Sarah14F    IL    1    
53939Lahey, Mary17F Servant  IL11       
53939Saunders, John24M Farm hand  OH       1 
54040Kirby, Geo. G.43M Farmer250004765NJ       1 
54040Kirby, Margaret E.41F Keeping house  OH         
54040Kirby, Chas. H.15M Farm hand  IL    1    
54040Kirby, Marietta13F    IL    1    
54040Kirby, Fanny D.8F    IL    1    
54040Kirby, Elizabeth81F    NJ     W   
54040Lyming, Theodore30M Farm hand  NJ       1 
54040Reed, George17M Farm hand  NJ       1 
54040Burrows, Maria?17F Domestic servant  Mich         
54141Kirby, Geo. H.29M Farming130001945IL       1 
54141Kirby, Emma29F Keeping house  IL         
54141Kirby, Thomas W.2M    IL         
54141Kirby, Eva M.1F    IL         
54141Vaughn, Jennie20F    IL         
54141Gover, Mattie10F    IL    1    
54242Sperry, Marietta44F Keeping house32005?5VT         
54242Sperry, George W.21M Farm hand 150IL       1 
54242Sperry, Franklin18M Farm hand 150IL    1    
54242Sperry, Melissa15F    IL    1    
54242Sperry, David14M    IL    1    
54242Sperry, Oscar9M    IL    1    
54242Sperry, Ida M.6F    IL    1    
54242Maupin, Isaac26M Teacher  IL       1 
64343Lamb, Henry W.37M Farmer30001225Miss       1 
64343Lamb, Adeline M.31F Keeping house  OH         
64343Lamb, Charles W.6M    IL         
64343Lamb, Edwin M.2M    IL         
64343McGee, Jerome15M Farm hand  IL    1    
64444Lamb, James W.34M Farmer180003635IL       1 
64444Lamb, Eliza J.29F Keeping house  OH         
64444Lamb, Lawrence E.6M    IL         
64444Lamb, Adella4F    IL         
64444Lamb, Elwood4 mo.M    IL  Oct      
64444Maxwell, James W.31M Farm hand 500OH       1 
64444Brown, Jane19F Domestic servant  IL     W   
64545Erwin, Louis C.35M Farmer80001785IL       1 
64545Erwin, Jane34F Keeping house  OH         
64545Erwin, Louis14M Farm hand  IL    1    
64545Erwin, Ella10F    IL    1    
64545Erwin, Alice8F    IL    1    
64545Erwin, George W.6M    IL         
64545Erwin, Charles2M    IL         
64545Mason, John23M Farm hand  IL       1 
64545Miller, Tillman M.50M Farm hand  PA       1 
64646Henrion, Andrew66M153001225France11    1 
64646Henrion, Susan65F Keeping house  France11       
64646Henrion, Anne22F    France11       
64646Henrion, George15M Farm hand  France11  1    
64646Rooster, Charles26M Farm hand  Prussia11       
64747Darlington, Henry51M Farmer222456990OH       1 
64747Darlington, Sarah36F Keeping house  IL         
64747Darlington, John H.17M Farm hand  IL    1    
64747Darlington, Laura10F    IL    1    
64747Darlington, Adda8F    IL    1    
64848Livingston, Albert36M Farmer4000825Del       1 
64848Livingston, Viola26F Keeping house  IL         
64848Livingston, Annie;8F    iL         
64848Livingston, Fannie5F    IL         
64848Livingston, Albert E.2M    IL         
64848Livingston, Walter3 mo.M    IL  Apr      
64848Smith, Robert25M Farm hand  Del       1 
64949McCluskey, Hiram40M Farmer150001430GA       1 
64949McCluskey, Mary A.34F Keeping house  England11       
74949McCluskey, Amy3F    IL 1       
74949Miller, Ellsworth13M Farm hand  IA    1    
74949Maxwell, Philip18M Farm hand  OH    1    
74949Thompson, Mary24F Domestic servant  AK         
75050Chambers, Joseph33M Farmer1000530NJ       1 
75050Chambers, Jane30F Keeping house  IN         
75050Chambers, Frank7M    IL         
75050Chambers, Sarah A.5F    IL         
75050Chambers, John H.3M    IL         
75050Chambers, Adda11 mo.F    IL  Sep      
75151Slover, Henry65M Farmerblank IL       1 
75151Slover, Nancy J.63F Keeping house  OH         
75151Slover, Ella12F    IL    1    
75252Herioni, William42M Farm hand 450IL    11 1 
75252Herion, Nancy A.42F Keeping house1200 IL    11   
75252Herion, William16M Farm hand  IL    1    
75252Herion, Mary E.13F    IL    1    
75252Herion, Sarah J.11F    IL    1    
75252Herion, Lewis8M    IL    1    
75252Herion, Emma L.6F    IL         
75252Manning, William14M Farm hand  IL    1    
75252Manning, Sarah J.12F    ?    1    
75252Manning, Jesse7M    ?         
75353Frost, Franklin26M Day laborer 100Mexico11     1 
75353Frost, Polly Ann18F Keeping house  IL  ` RW    
75353Frost, Minnie A.8 mo.F    IL1 Nov      
75454Manning, Johathan35M Farmer 625IL     1 1 
75454Manning, Lucinda M.34F Keeping house  IL     W   
75454Manning, John12M Farm hand  IL    1    
75454Manning, Joshua10M    IL    1    
75454Manning, Mary A.4F    IL         
75454Manning, Sarah J.2F    IL         
75454Manning, Henry8 mo.M    IL  Nov      
75555Darlington, Samual42M Farmer170003,?OH       1 
75555Darlington, Mary36F Keeping house  IL         
75555Darlington, William18M Farm hand  IL    1    
75555Darlington, Sarah15F    IL    1    
75555Darlington, Olivia14F    IL    1    
75555Darlington, Julia12F    IL         
75555Darlington, Magnolia10F    IL    1    
85555Darlington, Nettie2F    IL         
85555Herron, Clark19M Farm hand  IL     W   
85656Debow, Asher26M Farmer 100NJ       1 
85656Debow, Deborah28F Keeping house  NJ         
85656Debow, Emarilla7F    NJ         
85656Debow, John2M    IL         
85656Maxwell, Ann E.49F Housekeeper 100MD         
85757Melford, Thos. S.22M Farmer 525IL       1 
85757Melford, Mary J.20F Keeping house  IL     W   
85858Chappell, Richard35M Farmer150004480IL       1 
85858Chappell, Minerva J.29F Keeping house  IL         
85858Chappell, Ella V.9F    IL    1    
85858Chappell, Theresa J.7F    IL    1    
85858Chappell, Edwin E.6M    IL    1    
85858Chappell, Albert R.4M    IL         
85858Chappell, Rich’d W.1M    IL         
85858Ryan, James25M Farm hand  NJ       1 
85858Minard, Anthony24M Farm hand  IL       1 
85858Scheuster, William25M Farm hand 250OH       1 
85858Credit, Christena14F    IL         
85959Buckles, John37M Farmer1200010240OH         
85959Buckles, Mahala38F Keeping house  England11       
85959Buckles, Effie L.10F    IL 1  1    
85959Buckles, Mary G.7F    IL 1  1    
85959Buckles, James F.6M    IL 1       
85959Buckles, Chas. W.2M    IL 1       
85959Walters, Joana19F    IL11       
85959Crow, Felix12M Farm hand  IL         
85959Palmer, George23M Farm hand  OH       1 
86060Johnson, William28M Farm hand 100NY       1 
86060Johnson, Lucinda18F Keeping house  IL         
86161Lurton, Hester A.29F Keeping house4000300IL         
86161Lurton, Eddie6M    IL    1    
86161Lurton, Tulie?4F    IL         
86161Lurton, Perry2M    IL         
86262Hasselton, John66M Farmer155005305MD       1 
86262Hasselton, Nancy61F Keeping house  OH     1   
86262Hasselton, Samuel32M Farm hand  OH       1 
86262Hasselton, Louis M.19M Farm hand  OH    1    
86262Hasselton, Nancy J.10F    OH    1    
96262Hasselton, John N.24M Farmer 200OH       1 
96262Hasselton, Margaret25F Keeping house  SC         
96262Hasselton, James P.10 mo.M    IL  Sep      
96363Palmer, Leonard H.28M Farmer3000,1085TN       1 
96363Palmer, Mary C.22F Keeping house  IL         
96363Palmer, Clara M.2F    IL         
96464Giberson, Mary44F Keeping house6000770OH         
96464Giberson, Ephraim20M Farmer  IL         
96464Giberson, Joel19M Farm hand  IL         
96464Giberson, Lara16F    IL    1    
96565Burley, Daniel53M Farmer60001150OH       1 
96565Burley, Ellen36F Keeping house  MO         
96565Burley, Mary V.17F    IL         
96565Burley, John C.14M Farm hand  IL    1    
96565Burley, Orrin P.11M Farm hand  IL    1    
96565Burley, Annie9F    IL    1    
96565Burley, Regena4F    IL    1    
96565Burley, Nancy78F    PA     W   
96666Hemphill, Lockward58M Farmer70001750NJ       1 
96666Hemphill, Margaret57F Keeping house  NJ         
96666Hemphill, Colonel S.J.19M Farm hand  IL       
96666Davis, Jefferson C.61M Carpenter 100NY       1 
96767Nichols, Peter28M Farmer3000655Scotland11     1 
96767Nichols, Elmira21F Keeping house  OH         
96767Nichols, Ardella G.1F    IL1        
96868Burley, Newton51M Farmer104002135OH       1 
96868Burley, Martha36F Keeping house  IL         
96868Burley, Medora A.16F    IL    1    
96868Burley, Eosula?14F    IL    1    
96868Burley, Josephine11F    IL    1    
96868Burley, Orlando R.6M    IL    1    
96868Burley, Flosa (twin)1F    IL         
96868Burley, Flora (twin)1F    IL         
96868Bozerth, Isaac25M Farm hand  NJ       1 
96969Chambers, John H.43M Blacksmith 1280NJ       1 
96969Chambers, Charlotte43F Keeping house  TN     R   
96969Chambers, Ella10F    IL    1    
96969Chambers, Jackson4M    IL         
96969Palmer, James21M Farm hand 400IL       1 
96969Palmer, John19M Farm hand  IL         
106969Palmer, Sarah16F    IL    1    
107070Siebold, Nicholas29M Wagon maker500400Hessen11     1 
107070Siebold, Umiker?34F Keeping house  Switzerland11       
107070Siebold, Louisa1F    IL11       
107171Stephens, James49M Farm hand  NJ       1 
107171Stephens, Ruth43F Keeping house 425NJ         
107171Stephens, Edwin17M Farm hand  NJ         
107171Stephens, Ida14F    IL    1    
107171Stephens, Phebe9F    IL    1    
107171Stephens, John F.6M    IL         
107171Stephens, Charles3M    IL         
107272Utt, John81M Farmer12000790OH     1 1 
107272Utt, Henry40M Farm hand  NY       1 
107272Utt, John H.31M Farm hand  IL       1 
107272Gardner, Ada20F Keeping house  IL         
107373Utt, William H.33M Engineer in mill `150IL       1 
107373Utt, Sarah A.33F Keeping house  PA         
107373Malone, Annetta10F    VA    1    
107373Malone, Lidie B.8F    VA    1    
107373Malone, Ralph6M    VA    1    
107373Utt, Sarah J.1F    IL         
107474Giberson, Robert S.27M Farmer2400735IL       1 
107474Giberson, Mary26F Keeping house  OH         
107474Giberson, Elmer3M    IL         
107575Briggs, Thos. Y.73M Retired farmer80001875PA       1blind
107575Briggs, Adline61F Keeping house  MD         
107575Briggs, John E.38M Farm hand 500OH       1 
107575Briggs, Thomas B.19M Farm hand  IL    1    
107575Clowers, Nancy13F    IL    1    
107676Dymond, Robert45M Farmer72001250England11     1 
107676Dymond, Mary44F Keeping house  England11   W   
107676Dymond, John E.11M    IL11  1    
107676Dymond, Lucy J.8f    il11  1    
107676Wardell, John21M Farm hand  England11     1 
107777Cooke, Elon?35M Farmer2400795England11     1 
107777Cooke, Palmyra31F Keeping house  NJ         
107777Cooke, Amy A.9F    IL1   1    
107777Cooke, Robert J.7M    IL1   1    
107777Cooke, Sarah6F    IL1        
107777Cooke, Margaret4F    IL1        
117777Cooke, Thomas2M    IL         
117777Cooke, Charles10 mo.M    IL  Oct      
117777Browne, Mary E.21F Domestic servant  NJ         
117878Seagraves, Jordan61M Farmer5000965GA       1 
117878Seagraves, Sophia60F Keeping house  GA         
117878Seagraves, Louisa M.21F    IL         
117979Sullivan, John30M Farm hand 325Ireland11   1 1 
117979Sullivan, Mary30F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
117979Sullivan, Daniel14M Farm hand  IL11  1    
117979Sullivan, Michael12M Farm hand  IL11  1    
117979Sullivan, William10M Farm hand  IL11  1    
117979Sullivan, Julia9F    IL11  1    
117979Sullivan, Maggie8F    IL11  1    
117979Sullivan, John4M    IL11       
117979Sullivan, Lidie2F    IL11       
117979McAvoy, Mary12F    IL11  1    
118080Armstrong, Nancy40F Keeping house  IL         
118080Clark, Matilda14F    IL    1    
118080Bradford, And.4M    IL         
118181Johnson, James34M Day laborer  NJ       1 
118181Johnson, George13M Farm hand  NJ    1    
118181Johnson, Lizzie11F    NJ    1    
118282Bingham, Augustus64M Retired farmer50001500NY       1` 
118282Bingham, Abigail53F Keeping house  NY         
118282Robinson, Matthew41M Farmer35001300NY       1 
118282Robinson, Elizabeth23F Keeping house  IL         
118282Robinson, Augustus9M    IL    1    
118282Robinson, Abby A.7F    IL    1    
118282Palmer, Thomas25M Farm hand  IL       1 
118383Gardner, Robert53M Farmer250002500PA       1 
118383Gardner, Julia48F Keeping house  OH         
118383Gardner, Nathaniel22M    IL       1 
118383Gardner, Mary20F    IL         
118383Gardner, Flora16F    IL         
118383Gardner, Ketwrah?45F    PA         
118484Seagraves, Thos.25M Farmer450il       1 
118484Seagraves, Emily22F Keeping house  IN         
118484Seagraves, Charles J.3M    IL         
118484McGinnis, James18M Farm hand  IL    1    
118484Weirather, Rich’d25M Farm hand  Prussia11     1 
128585Briggs, Enoch36M Farm hand 400OH       1 
128585Briggs, Mary A.33F Keeping house  TN     1   
128585Briggs, Sarah J.13F    IL    1    
128585Briggs, Juliet11F    IL    1    
128585Briggs, Thomas W.9M Farm hand  IL    1    
128585Briggs, Rich’d J.7M    IL    1    
128585Briggs, Cora3F    IL         
128585Briggs, Emily9 mo.F    IL  Oct      
128686O’Day, Thomas35M Farm hand1000350Ireland11   1 1 
128686O’Day, Hanorah40F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
128686O’Day, Mary12F    TN11  1    
128686O’Day, Michael9M    IL11  1    
128686O’Day, John9M    IL11  1    
128686O’Day, Thomas2M    IL11       
128787Stewart, Chas. H.46M Farmer1000785NJ     1 1 
128787Stewart, Susan A.46F Keeping house  NJ     W   
128787Stewart, Sarah E.21F Domestic servant  NJ         
128787Stewart, Lettie A.15F    IL    1    
128787Chambers, John H.73M Farm hand  NJ    1    
128787Chambers, Sarah A.72F Keeping house  NJ     W   
128787Frazier, John11M Farm hand  IL    1    
128888Sanger, Louis52M Farmer1500685Darmstadt11     1 
128888Sanger, Christena43F Keeping house  Hanover11       
128888Sanger, Philip18M Farm hand  NJ11  1    
128888Sanger, Sophia11F    IL11  1    
128888Sanger, Louisa3F    IL11       
128888Sanger, Louis1M    IL11       
128888Bell, Rosella13F    IL11  1    
128989Heldt, Philip44M Farmer500150Hepen11     1 
128989Heldt, Louisa32F Keeping house  Saxony11       
128989Heldt, Philip11M    IL11  1    
128989Heldt, Annie9F    IL11  1    
128989Heldt, Frank7M    IL11       
128989Heldt, Sarah4F    IL11       
129090Burlew, Noah44M Day laborer 250NJ       1 
129090Burlew, Elizabeth46F Keeping house  IL     1   
129090Burlew, Charles3M    IL         
129090Burlew, John R.1M    IL         
129090Marshall, William16M Farm hand  IL    1    
129090Marshall, Stephen10M Farm hand  IL    1    
139191Howze, Reuben46M Farmer6000690MD       1 
139191Howze, Catherine40F Keeping house  NJ         
139191Howze, Edward17M Farm hand  IL    1    
139191Howze, William15M Farm hand  IL    1    
139191Howze, George13M Farm hand  IL    1    
139191Howze, Minne6F    IL    
139191Bolenbaugh, Sarah26F Teacher 300MD         
139292Kelley, Bartley40M Farmer 535Ireland11   1 1 
139292Kelley, Bridget30FKeeping house  Ireland11   1   
139292Kelley, Kate12F    MO11  1    
139292Kelley, Thomas8M    MO11  1    
139292Kelley, Ella6F    IL11       
139292Kelley, Philip5M    IL11       
139292Kelley, John4M    IL11       
139292Kelley, Willie2M    IL11       
139292Kelley, Marten1M    IL11       
139393Cain, John48M Day laborer300100Ireland11   1 1 
139393Cain, Bridget38F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
139393Cain, Maggie11F    MO11  1    
139393Cain, Frank8M    IL11  1    
139393Cain, Bridget5F    IL11       
139393Cain, Michael3M    IL11       
139494Connor, Patrick33M Day laborer  Ireland11 June   1 
139494Connor, Bridget23F Keeping house  Ireland11 June     
139595Biggens, Edward60M Farmer400100Ireland11     1 
139595Biggens, Mary52F Keeping house  Ireland11       
139595Biggens, Thomas14M    PA11       
139696Watson, John J.30M Wagon maker500250MO       1 
139696Watson, Margaret E.25F Keeping house  IL         
139696Watson, James E.2M    IL         
139696Fuller, Nancy68F    NC     1   
139797Erwin, Madison L.28M Blacksmith 100IL       1 
139797Erwin, Nancy26F Keeping house  IL         
139898Butler, Henry50M Farmer 100Ireland11     1 
139898Butler, Tecey? A.36F Keeping house  IL     1   
139898Butler, Joseph9M    IL1        
139898Butler, Bridget7F    IL1        
139898Butler, Ann4F    IL1        
139898Butler, Thomas3M    IL1        
139898Butler, Baby1F    IL1        
149999Lewis, Charles30M Farmer  Prussia11     1 
149999Lewis, Catherine40F Keeping house  Wertemberg11   1   
14100100Barringer, John J.41M Farmer2000590Wertemberg11     1 
14100100Barringer, Margaret31F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
14100100Barringer, Ferdinand11M    IL11  1    
14100100Barringer, William7M    IL11  1    
14100100Barringer, Otellia5F    IL11       
14100100Barringer, Rudolph3M    IL11       
14100100Barringer, Otto1M    IL11       
14101101Long, Peter54M Farmer5000890France11   W 1 
14101101Long, Christena35F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
14101101Long, John J.12M Farm hand  IL11  1    
14101101Long, Mary6F    ?11       
14101101Long, Fred5M    ?11       
14101101Long, Catherine2F    ?11       
14102102Sunderland, Fred45M Farmer350001025Prussia11     1 
14102102Sunderland, Susannah41F Keeping house  Spain11       
14102102Sunderland, Daniel18M Farm hand  MO11  1    
14102102Sunderland, Lillie16F    IL11  1    
14102102Sunderland, Kate14F    IL    1    
14102102Sunderland, Henrietta12F    IL11       
14102102Sunderland, Paulina10F    ?11       
14102102Sunderland, Peter6M    IL11       
14102102Sunderland, Emma3F    ?11       
14103103Conner, William34M Day laborer1000200Ireland11   1 1 
14103103Conner, Bridget27F Keeping house  Ireland11       
14103103Conner, Mary2F    Ireland11       
14104104Conley, Jabez B.31M Thresher 825TN       1 
14104104Conley, Hester21F Keeping house  OH         
14104104Conley, Mary E.2F    IL         
14104104Conley, Rachel E.6 mo.F    IL  Dec      
14105105Williams, James M.32MThresher325OH      1 
14105105Williams, Mary30F Keeping house  MO         
14105105Williams, Emily10F    IL    1    
14105105Williams, Charity A.8F    IL    1    
14105105Williams, William H.5M    IL         
14105105Williams, Minnie B. (twin)4 mo.F    IL  April      
14105105Williams, Katie A. (twin)4 mo.F    IL  April      
14106106Grimes, Thomas30M Day laborer 150Ireland11   1 1 
14106106Grimes, Bridget24F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
15106106Grimes, Celia2F    IL11       
15106106Grimes, Mary10 mo.F    IL11Sep      
15107107Ricky, Jacob52M Farmer 425OH       1 
15107107Ricky, Mary J.56F Keeping house  TN         
15107107Gallop, William3M    IL         
15107107Calkins, Hiram C.24M Farm hand 100OH       1 
15108108Miller, John D.28M Farmer500350KY11 May     
15108108Miller, Rosena23F Keeping house  KY11 May     
15109109Crocker, Geo. W.44M Farmer 200IL       1 
15109109Crocker, Margaret A.34F Keeping house  IL         
15109109Crocker, George W.9M    IL         
15109109Crocker, Josephine5F    IL         
15109109Crocker, Emma3F    IL         
15110110Burley, Joel37M Painter 150OH       1 
15110110Burley, Frances26F Keeping house  TN    W   
15110110Burley, Eldora10F    IL    1    
15110110Burley, Walter8M    IL    1    
15110110Burley, Florence L.2F    IL         
15111111Gillham, Margaret47F Keeping house140002455OH         
15111111Gillham, John T.27M Farmer  IL       1 
15111111Gillham, Wesley25M Farmer  IL       1 
15111111Gillham, Charles15M    IL    1    
15111111Auig?, Amanda14F    MO    1    
15112112Cockrell, Jesse29M Farmer2400765IL       1 
15112112Cockrell, Mary E.27F Keeping house  OH         
15113113Cockrell, Moses63M Farmer245006315OH       1 
15113113Cockrell, Katie A.53F Keeping house  OH         
15113113Cockrell, James H.25M Farmer4000 IL     1   
15113113Cockrell, Hattie D.20F    IL         
15113113Cockrell, Charles W.17M Farm hand  IL    1    
15113113Cockrell, Moses15M Farm hand  IL    1    
15113113Cockrell, Mary A.13F    IL    1    
15113113Cockrell, William A.10M    IL    1    
15113113Armstrong, Sarah23F Domestic servant  IL         
15113113Osborn, William J.43M Day laborer  IL       1 
15114114Hartman, Fred45M Farmer2500840Saxony11     1 
15114114Hartman, Emeline45F Keeping house  England11       
15114114Hartman, Francis14M Farm hand  IL11  1    
15114114Hartman, Mary12F    IL11  1    
16115115Lobster, George37M Farmer2250850Baden Baden11     1 
16115115Lobster, Elizabeth37F Keeping house  Baden Baden11       
16115115Lobster, George13M Farm hand  IL11  1    
16115115Lobster, Lissetta11F    IL11  1    
16115115Lobster, Mena9F    IL11  1    
16115115Lobster, Caroline4F    IL11       
16116116Yokers, Jacob37M Farmer4000925Baden Baden11     1 
16117117Davidson, William49M Farmer312005335NJ       1 
16117117Davidson, Emeline40F Keeping house  NY         
16117117Davidson, Lewis22m Farm hand  NY    1   
16117117Davidson, James21M Farm hand  NY       1 
16117117Davidson, Clarence18M Farm hand  NY    1    
16117117Dunn, Mary G.10F    MO    1    
16118118Beaty, Jeremiah43M Farmer21,6003730OH       1
16118118Beaty, Nancy40F Keeping house  OH         
16118118Beaty, David S.21M Farm hand  OH       1 
16118118Beaty, Lewis R.19M Farm hand  OH    1    
16118118Beaty, John M.15M Farm hand  OH    1    
16118118Beaty, Robert C.12M Farm hand  OH    1    
16118118Beaty, Charles W.10M    IL    1    
16118118Beaty, Adda J.5F    IL         
16118118Beaty, Anna M.1F    IL         
16118118Beaty, Catherine56F    OH         
16119119Dillon, Levi42M Farm hand 100PA       1 
16119119Dillon, Eliza J.35F Keeping house  MO         
16119119Davis, James P.24M Farm hand  MO       1 
16119119Davis, Susan L.19F Keeping house  MO         
16119119Davis, George W.3M    IL         
16119119Davis, Cora B.7 mo.F    IL  Jan      
16120120Cummings, Mary D.64F Keeping house210004390NJ         
16120120Cummings, Josiah43M Farmer16850400IL       1 
16120120Cummings, John36M Farmer182003895IL       1 
16120120Cummings, Julia31F  5200800IL         
16120120Furness, Robert26M Farm hand  England11   1 1 
16120120Hough, Martin22M Farm hand  Ireland11       
16120120Reed, Henry14M Farm hand  IL    1    
16120120Conroy, Ann18F Domestic servant  Ireland11   1   
16120120Farrall, Elizabeth15F Domestic servant  Ireland11   1   
16121121Evans, John W.42M Farmer192003700IL       1 
16121121Evans, Annie M.27F Keeping house  IL         
17121121Evans, R. Lee4M    IL         
17121121Evans, Post L.3M    IL         
17121121Pennington, Philip55M Farmer  NJ       1 
17121121Murray, James11M    IL         
17121121Coleman, Thomas23M Farm hand  England11     1 
17121121Greer, William22M Farm hand  IL       1 
17122122Baine, William30M Day laborer 425Ireland11       
17122122Baine, Mary20F Keeping house  Ireland11       
17122122Baine, John2M    MO11       
17122122Baine, Patrick6 mo.M   IL11Jan      
17123123Updyke, Theodore53M Farmer117001560NJ       1 
17123123Updyke, Ellen55F Keeping house  NJ         
17123123Updyke, Chas.15M Farm hand  NJ    1    
17123123Updyke, Harriett12F    NJ    1    
17123123Milam, Mary12F    IL    1    
17124124Updyke, Jasper31M Farmer475360NJ       1 
17124124Updyke, Frank6M    IL         
17124124Voorhees, Charles A.31M Farmer4000780NJ       1 
17124124Voorhees, Ella21F Keeping house  NJ         
17124124Voorhees, Stella2F    IL         
17125125Long, Michael27M Day laborer 250Ireland11   1   
17125125Long, Mary25F Keeping house  Ireland11       
17125125Long, Casey4F    NJ11       
17125125Long, Alice2F    IL11       
17125125Long, Andrew8 mo.M    IL11Dec      
17126126Manning, Emanuel35M Day laborer 300IL     1 1 
17126126Manning, Sarah J.26F Keeping house  IL     1   
17127127Harrity, Thomas30M Farmer  Ireland11       
17127127Harrity, Mary20F Keeping house  Ireland11       
17127127Harrity, Michael27M Farm hand  Ireladn11   1   
17128128Patterson, Emily49F Keeping house  VT         
17128128Patterson, Mary31F    VT         
17128128Patterson, Charles17M Farm hand  IL    1    
17128128Patterson, Frank15M Farm hand  IL    1    
17128128Patterson, Oscar12M    IL    1    
17129129Dugan, Michael36M Farmer800525Ireland11     1 
17129129Dugan, Ann34F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
17129129Dugan, Patrick9M    IL11  1    
17129129Dugan, Catherine7F    IL11  1    
17129129Dugan, Julia4F    IL11       
18129129Dugan, Andrew1M    IL11       
18130130Walsh, Lackey49M Farmer1600415Ireland11     1 
18130130Walsh, Bridget28F Keeping house  Ireland11       
18130130Walsh, Margaret A.8F    NY11  1    
18130130Walsh, James7M    NY11 1    
18130130Walsh, John5M    IL11      
18130130Walsh, Mary3F    IL11       
18130130Walsh, Annorah1F    IL11       
18131131Burke, Michael60M Farmer1600330Ireland11   1 1 
18131131Burke, Mary45F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
18131131Burke, William16M Farm hand  NY11   1   
18131131Burke, Bridget13F    NY11   1  
18131131Burke, Anna11F    PA11  1    
18131131Burke, Michael10M    PA11  1    
18131131Burke, Mary A.7F    IL11       
18131131Burke, Margaret4F    IL11       
18131131Burke, Peter1M    IL11       
18132132Quinn, Patrick45M Farmer2000830Ireland11   1 1 
18132132Quinn, Catherine50F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
18132132Quinn, Kate7F    IL11  1    
18132132Vaclay, Michael20M Farm hand  Ireland11       
18132132Philiby, Patrick60M Day laborer  Ireland11       
18133133Granary, William30M Day laborer 325Ireland11     1 
18133133Granary, Mary27F Keeping house  Ireland11       
18133133Granary, Mary3F    MO11       
18134134Walsh, Matthew25M Farmer 860Ireland11     1 
18134134Walsh, Ellen26F Keeping house  Ireland11       
18134134Walsh, John3M    IL11       
18134134Walsh, Andrew2M    IL11       
18134134Walsh, Kate7 mo.F    IL11       
18135135Harter, John50M Farmer2000625France11     1 
18135135Harter, Josephine43F Keeping house  Baden Baden11       
18135135Harter, Louis15M Farm hand  MO11       
18135135Harter, John12M Farm hand  IL11       
18135135Harter, Josephine10F    IL11       
18135135Harter, Katie6F    IL11       
18135135Harter, Annie4F    IL11       
18135135Harter, Frank2M    IL11       
18136136Walsh, John32M Farmer1000300Ireland11     1 
18136136Walsh, Catherine28F Keeping house  Ireland11       
19136136Walsh, Mary2F    IL11       
19136136Walsh, Richard10 mo.M    IL11Oct      
19137137Walsh, Martin30M Farmer800350Ireland11   1 1 
19137137Walsh, Maria26F Keeping house  Ireland11       
19137137Walsh, Ann3F    IL11       
19137137Gillespie, Peter9M    IL11        
19138138Walsh, Annorah50F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
19138138Walsh, Thomas14M    England11  1    
191391t39Daley, Charles C.30M Farmer170002925ME       1 
19139139Daley, Sarah27F Keeping house  IL         
19139139Daley, Lillie8F    IL         
19139139Daley, Clarence C.6M    IL         
19139139Daley, Frank R.4M    IL         
19139139Daley, Irene5 mo.F    IL  Jan      
19139139Black, John R.73M Retired farmer  PA       1 
19139139Scott, Maria19FBDomestic servant  MO         
19139139Scott, Tops1FB   IL         
19140140Doyle, James23M Salesman  Canada11       
19140140Doyle, Margaret21F Keeping house  Canada11       
19141141Huitt, Andrew36M Farmer 300Ireland11       
19141141Huitt, Bridget27F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
19141141Huitt, Mary A.6F    IL11       
19141141Huitt, John4M    IL11       
19141141Huitt, Sarah3F    IL11       
19141141Huitt, Sandrew6 mo.M    IL11Jan      
19142142Christensen, George35M Day laborer 350Denmark11     1 
19143143Henrion, Philip28M Farmer  France11     1 
19144144Watson, James M.56M Farmer5700725IN       1 
19144144Watson, Nancy55F Keeping house  MO         
19144144Watson, Rebecca J.14F    IL    1    
19144144Watson, Mary12F    IL    1    
19145145Watson, Samuel M.24M Farmer  IL       1 
19145145Watson, Emma J.24F Keeping house  IL         
19145145Burgess, Robert M.24M Constable  MO       1 
19145145Burgess, Elnorah23F Keeping house  IL         
19145145Burgess, Rosa M.3F    IL         
19146146Parish, John J.36M Farmer 1040MO       1 
19146146Parish, Alwilda21F Keeping house  OH         
19146146Parish, Mary2F    IL         
19146146Parish, Lorena3 mo.F    IL  Apr      
20147147Oscar, John47M Day laborer 100Norway11   1 1 
20147147Oscar, Antoinette43F Keeping house  Norway11   1   
20147147Oscar, Theodore18M Day laborer  IL11  1    
20147147Oscar, William16M Day laborer  IL11  1    
20147147Oscar, Christy A.10F    IL11  1    
20147147Oscar, Edward3M    IL11       
20147147Oscar, Katherine1F    IL11       
20148148Stelle, Moore C.27M Farmer8004055IL       1 
20148148Stelle, Elizabeth25F Keeping house  NY         
20148148Stelle, Harry J.11 mo.M    IL  Sep      
20148148Davenport, Charles14M Farm hand  IL    1    
20148148Davis, Violet17FB Domestic servant  MO        
20149149Rudolph, Lewis62M Farmer344008395NJ       1 
20149149Rudolph, Mary A.60F Keeping house  NJ         
20149149Rudolph, Ruth W.25F    IL         
20149149Rudolph, Catherine A.22F    IL         
20149149Rudolph, Peter J.20M Farm hand  IL         
20149149Moore, David B.22M Farm hand800 IL       1 
20149149Rudolph, Mary A.55F Keeping house 2000NJ         
20150150Bartlett, Wm. H.30M Farmer 1585OH       1 
20150150Bartlett, Sarah A.25F Keeping house  NY         
20150150Bartlett, Minnie B.9 mo.F    IL  Nov      
20150150Atchison, Lucinda15F Domestic servant  MO         
20151151Reed, William23M Farmer 290NJ11 Oct     
20151151Reed, Ellen20F Keeping house  Ireland11 Oct W   
20152152Regan, Daniel45M Farmer 350Ireland11   1 1 
20152152Regan, Ellen40F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
20153153Jones, Rice T.35M Farmer4000975England11     1 
20153153Jones, Careline?25F Keeping house  IL         
20153153Jones, Louadda5F    IL1        
20153153Jones, George E.3M    IL1        
20153153Atchison, Joseph16M Farm hand  MO     1   
20154154Cannon, Michael34M Farmer 580Ireland11     1 
20154154Cannon, Julia24F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
20154154Cannon, Margaret3F    Ireland11       
20154154Cannon, Mary2F    Ireland11       
20154154Cannon, Katie2 mo.F    Ireland11May      
20155155Walsh, Patrick35M Day laborer 350Ireland11     1 
20155155Walsh, Kate32F Keeping house  Ireland11       
20156156Rosakrause, Henry J.31M Farmer40002740NY11     1 
21156156Rosakrause, Rebecca66F Keeping house  NY11       
21156156Rosakrause, Ann26F    NY         
21156156Ferguson, Byron W.23M Farm hand  NY       1 
21157157Cummings, C.C.39M Farmer204001660IL       1 
21157157Cummings, Phebe34F Keeping house  NJ         
21157157Cummings, Mary E.13F    IL    1    
21157157Cummings, Thomas H.8M    IL         
21157157Cummings, Frank5M    IL         
21157157Cummings, Sarah C.3F    IL         
21157157Furnace, Louisa18F Domestic servant  IL         
21158158Van Horne, Jas. E.57M Farmer138003720NY       1 
21158158Van Horne, Nancy57F Keeping house  NY         
21158158Van Horne, George21M Farmer 500IL    1  1 
21158158Van Horne, Antoinette18F    IL    1    
21158158Hollingsworth, Willis17M Farm hand  LA    1    
21159159Wyckoff, A.S.64M Farmer254007260NY       1 
21159159Wyckoff, Sarah55F Keeping house  England11       
21159159Wyckoff, Thomas S.29M Farmer16002260IL 1     1 
21159159Wyckoff, Spencer27M Farmer  IL 1     1 
21159159Wyckoff, Charles19M Farm hand  IL 1  1    
21159159Heldt, Edward20M Farm hand  NJ11       
21159159Bridge, Huldah19F Domestic servant  IL    1    
21159159Tayme, Belle10F    IL    1    
21159159Knowlton, Frank23M Farm hand  NY       1 
21160160Briney, David D.28M Farmer60003800IL       1 
21160160Briney, Eliza J.60F Keeping house  TN         
21160160Briney, Lucinda21F    IL         
21160160Kindley, Prescilla30F    IL         
21161161Clapp, Leonidas58M Farmer1495NY       1 
21161161Clapp, Jane H.57F Keeping house  NY         
21161161Clapp, Samuel B.28M Farmer  NY       1 
21161161Clapp, Jane O.20F    NY         
21161161Clapp, Drucella19F    NY    1    
21161161Clapp, Charles16M Farm hand  NY    1    
21162162Walker, Peyton C.58M Farmer250002935VA       1 
21162162Walker, Laura L.50F Keeping house  CT         
21162162Walker, Thomas J.23M Keeping house 300IL       1 
21162162Walker, James P.21M   IL   1 1  
21162162Walker, Mary M.17F    IL    1    
21162162Walker, Edwin W.15M Farm hand  IL    1    
22162162Walker, Alvin A.13M Farm hand  IL    1    
22162162Smith, Henry R.22M Farm hand  NJ       1 
22163163Beaty, David E.58M Farmer200002932OH       1 
22163163Beaty, Harriett M.41F Teacher  NH         
22163163Beaty, Ann E.28F    OH         
22163163Beaty, Kate23F    OH         
22164164Beaty, Amos26M Farmer50001932OH       1 
22164164Beaty, Annie E.24F Keeping house  IL         
22164164Beaty, Clara3F    IL         
22164164Beaty, Hattie1F    IL         
22164164Ryan, Maggie16F Domestic servant  NJ    1    
22164164Gannettson, Louis15M Farm hand  IL         
22164164Long, Stpehen45M Farm hand 1000Prussia11     1 
22165165Beaty, Nineon C.31M Farmer75002432OH       1 
22165165Beaty, Kate27F Keeping house  IL         
22165165Beaty, David B.4M    IL         
22165165Beaty, Herbert2M    IL         
22165165Beaty, Bertha3 mo.F    IL  Apr      
22165165Beaty, Mattie12F    MO         
22166166Alexander, Thomas F.40M Farmer90001720OH       1 
22166166Alexander, Rebecca A.29F Keeping house  IL         
22166166Alexander, Jesse M.1M    IL         
22167167Barry, Richard27M Farmer 700Ireland11     1 
22167167Barry, Mary26F Keeping house  ireland11   1   
22167167Barry, Hannah8F    Ireland11  1    
22167167Barry, Katherine A.6F    Ireland11       
22167167Barry, John3M    Ireland11       
22167167Barry, Thomas F.10 mo.M    Ireland11Oct      
22168168Maria, James32M Farmer1000910Ireland11   1 1 
22168168Maria, Patrick30M Farmer  Ireland11   1 1 
22168168Maria, Andrew25M Farmer  Ireland11   1   
22168168Maria, Nellie27F Keeping house  Ireland11   1 1 
22168168Maria, William23M Farmer  Ireland11   1 1 
22168168Maria, John21M Farmer  Ireland1111 1 1 
22168168Powers, David22M Farm hand  Ireland11   1 1 
22168168Powers, Ellen37F Keeping house  Ireland11    1  
22168168Powers, Joanna12F    Ireland11  1    
22168168Powers, Elizabeth10F    Ireland11  1    
22168168Powers, Jane4F    IL11       
22169169Power, John35M Farm hand 100Ireland11     1 
23170170Fitzgerald, Rich’d35M Farmer1200425Ireland11   1 1 
23170170Fitzgerald, Ann35F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
23170170Fitzgerald, Margaret E.3F    IL11       
23170170Fitzgerald, Mary A.9 mo.F    IL11Nov      
23170170Wall, James23M Farmer1200200Ireland11     1 
23171171Lamb, John J.40M Farmer100001935Miss1      1 
23171171Lamb, Ann F.32F Keeping house  IL         
23171171Lamb, Laura E.11F    IL    1    
23171171Lamb, Albert L.9M    IL    1    
23171171Carroll, John B.25M Farm hand  IL       1 
23172172Silsbe, John60M Farmer2100011480NY       1 
23172172Silsbe, Catherine49F Keeping house  OH         
23172172McGee, John A.23M Farm hand  PA       1 
23172712Ward, Margaret17F Domestic servant  IL         
23173173Lamb, Thos. J.65M Farmer30002990NY       1 
23173173Lamb, Mary65F Keeping house  CT         
23173173Clark, Sylvester21M Farm hand  OH       1 
23174174Voorhees, John B.29M Farmer40001540IL       1 
23174174Voorhees, Sarah H.27F Keeping house  NJ         
23174174Voorhees, Lelah M.5F    IL         
23174174Voorhees, Albert E.1M    IL         
23175175Lamb, John H.35M Farmer120002725NY       1 
23175175Lamb, Mary E.29F Keeping house  IL         
23175175Lamb, Melvin F.5M    IL         
23175175Lewis, Llewellyn25M    IL         
23175175Brown, Lavina17F Domestic servant  IL         
23176176Clark, Geo. W.42M Farmer 300NY       1 
23176176Clark, Nancy38F Keeping house  KY         
23176176Clark, Mary17F    OH     1   
23176176Clark, Prescilla15F    IL    1    
23176176Clark, Harriet12F    IL    1    
23176176Clark, Rachel10F    OH     1   
23176176Clark, Annie7F    OH         
23177177Gleason, James50M Farmer4000645Ireland11   W 1deaf & dumb
23177177Gleason, Hannah41F Keeping house  Ireland11       
23177177Gleason, Thomas13M Farm hand  IL11  1    
23177177Gleason, Martin11M    IL11  1    
23177177Gleason, George9M    IL11  1    
23177177Gleason, Hugh8M    IL11  1    
23177177Gleason, John6M    IL11  1    
24177177Gleason, Mary3F    IL11       
24178178Voorhees, Chas. H.30M Farmjer40005175IL       1 
24178178Voorhees, Margaret C.24F Keeping house  NY         
24178178Parker, William12M Farm hand  England11  1    
24179179Hagan, Michael45M Day laborer 100Ireland11   W 1 
24179179Ryan, Mary47F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
24179179Ryan, William16M Farm hand  Ireland11       
24180180Clyne, John45M Day laborer 100Ireland11   W 1 
24180180Clyne, Dennis20M Day laborer  Ireland11       
24180180Clyne, Jack13M    NY11   1  Idiotic
24180180Clyne, James9M    NY11       
24181181Frazier, John40MBFarmerDC     @ 1 
24181181Frazier, Eliza40FBKeeping house VA     1   
24181181Frazier, Moses14MB Day laborer AK     1   
24181181Frazier, Virginia6FB   TN         
24182182Newberry, Henry64M Farmer50001165CT       1 
24182182Newberry, Electa58F Keeping house  NY         
24182182Newberry, Harriet G.22F    IL         
24182182Newberry, Samuel C.20M Farm hand  IL         
24182182Newberry, Susan L.A.15F    IL    1    
24183183Martin, Joshua40M Farmer 250TN       1 
24183183Martin, Mary33F Keeping house  IL 1       
24183183Martin, Laura11F    IL    1    
24183183Martin, Elizabeth9F    IL    1    
24183183Martin, Abba6F    IL         
24183183Martin, Emma4F    IL         
24183183Martin, Orval1M    IL         
24183183Clark, Joseph W.18M Farm hand  OH         
24184184Clark, Thomas30M Day laborer 350Ireland11   W 1 
24184184Clark, James25M Day laborer  Ireland11     1 
24184184Clark, Mary60F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
24185185Cadwalder, Eli29M Farmer40001210IL       1 
24185185Cadwalder, Hannah25F Keeping house  IL         
24185185Cadwalder, Elmer E.8M    IL         
24185185Cadwalder, John C.4M    IL         
24186186Clark, Terrence31M Farmer 300Ireland11   1 1 
24186186Clark, Mary30F Keeping house  Ireland11       
24186186Clark, Julia A.8F    NJ11       
24186186Clark, Peter6M    NJ11       
24187187Hayward, David50M Farmer4800635England11     1 
25187187Hayward, Mary A.49F Keeping house  England11       
25187187Hayward, Annie M.11F    IL11  1    
25188188Graham, Robert40M Day laborer200150NY       1 
25188188Graham, Sarah37F Keeping house  NY         
25188188Graham, John11M    IL    1    
25188188Graham, Jemina8F    IL    1    
25188188Graham, Robert4M    IL         
25189189Buckles, James C.31M Farmer128001830IL       1 
25189189Buckles, Clarinda C.27F Keeping house  OH         
25189189Buckles, Edgar L.2M    IL         
25189189Graham, John21M Farm hand  IL     W 1 
25189189Miller, Lena15F Domestic servant  IL    1    
25190190Chapple, George41M Farm hand 300KY       1 
25190190Chapple, Lizzie33F Keeping house  TN     W   
25190190Chapple, John8 mo.M    IL  Dec      
25191191Highfield, Thos. S.41M Farmer500450IN       1 
25191191Highfield, Amanda30F Keeping house  MO         
25191191Highfield, Thomas13M    IL    1    
25191191Highfield, Kate11F    IL    1    
25191191Highfield, Melvin8M    IL    1    
25191191Highfield, James2M    IL         
25191191Highfield, Mary5 mo.F    IL  Mar      
25191191Sweet, George4M    IL         
25192192Nicholson, Michael48M Day laborer 360Ireland11   W   
25192192Nicholson, Mary31F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
25192192Nicholson, Willie4M    IL11       
25192192Nicholson, John2M    IL11       
25192192Nicholson, Robert E.9 mo.M    IL11Oct      
25192192Nicholson, Patrick44M Day laborer 200Ireland11     1 
25193193Linnell, William38M Farmer3200650NJ       1 
25193193Linnell, Emetine28F Keeping house  IL         
25193193Linnell, Therese2F    IL         
25193193Linnell, John E. (twin)7 mo.M    IL  Jan      
25193193Linnell, Chas. E (twin)7 mo.M    IL  Jan      
25193193Ryan, John14M Farm hand  IL11       
25194194Hurd, John E.22M Farmer104001155IL       1 
25194194Hurd, Mary30F Keeping house  IL         
25194194Hurd, Hettie13F    IL    1    
25194194Dabbs, Joseph27M Farm hand  IA11     1 
25195195Ryan, Joseph54M Day laborer  Ireland11   1 1 
26195195Ryan, Mary35F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
26195195Ryan, Joseph11M    IN11  1    
26195195Ryan, Thomas M.7M    IN11  1    
26195195Ryan, Patrick1M    IL11       
26196196Fitzgerald, James36M Farmer  IL11     1 
26196196Fitzgerald, Mary A.36F Keeping house80001420IL11       
26196196Fitzgerald, John11M    IL11  1    
26196196Fitzgerald, Thomas10M    IL11  1    
26196196Fitzgerald, Mary A.8F    IL11  1    
26196196Fitzgerald, Michael6M    IL11       
26196196Fitzgerald, Maggie4F    IL11       
26196196Fitzgerald, James3M    IL11       
26196196Fitzgerald, Katie1F    IL11       
26196196Clarke, Thomas35M Day laborer  Ireland11   W 1 
26197197Cuddihaa, John??5M Farm hand 350Ireland11     1 
26197197Cuddihaa, Mary45F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
26197197Cuddihaa, Willie6M    IL11       
26197197Cuddihaa, Maggie4F    IL11       
26197197Cuddihaa, John2M    IL11       
26197197Quinn, John33M Invalid  Ireland11   1 1 
26198198Sheedy, John37M Day laborer  Ireland11   1 1 
26198198Sheedy, Mary33F Keeping house  Ireland11       
26198198Sheedy, William8M    NJ11  1    
26198198Sheedy, Edmond7M    NJ11       
26198198Sheedy, James6M    NJ11       
26198198Sheedy, Francis A.4M    IL11       
26198198Sheedy, Matthew2M    IL11       
26198198Sheedy, John4 mo.M    IL11Apr      
26199199Saunders, John M.34M Farmer 890VA       1 
26199199Saunders, Rhoda20F Keeping house  IL         
26199199Saunders, Joseph3M    IL         
26200200Miller, Joseph H.35M Farmer24001810NJ       1 
26200200Miller, Lucy31F Keeping house  IL         
26200200Miller, Alvin J.7M    IL         
26200200Miller, Parley O.4M    IL         
26200200Miller, Arthur L.3M    IL         
26200200Rutherford, George35M Farm hand 200IL       1 
26201201Beeman, Talitha70F Keeping house20400865SC     W   
26202202White, John L.47M Farming304002750IL       1 
26202202White, Rosanna J.40F Keeping house4680 IL         
27202202White, James J.24M Farm hand  IL       1 
27202202White, Lewis A.22M Farm hand  IL       1 
27202202White, Chas. H.20M Farm hand  IL         
27202202White, Susan R.17F    IL         
27202202White, Mary J.15F    IL         
27202202White, Fanny E.5F    IL         
27203203Briggs, James S.53M Day laborer 450NY       1 
27203203Briggs, Martha M.34F Keeping house  IL         
27203203Briggs, James J.17M Farm hand  IL         
27203203Briggs, Ebeneezer A. (twin)11M Farm hand  IL    1    
27203203Briggs, John C. (twin)11M Farm hand  IL    1    
27204204White, Daniel P.35M Farmer2500525PA       1 
27204204White, Mary M.32F Keeping house  IL         
27204204Smith, Mary12F    IL    1    
27205205Rush, William23M Farmer2500525PA       1 
27205205Rush, Alice21F Keeping house  IL         
27205205Rush, Enos2M    IL         
27205205Rush, Enos61M    NY       1 
27206206Gleason, Philip31M Day laborer 100Ireland11     1 
27206206Gleason, Bridget23F Keeping house  Ireland11       
27206206Gleason, Margaret2F    NJ11       
27207207Henry, Patrick33M Farmer 150Ireland11     1 
27207207Henry, Ann V.28F Keeping house  MO         
27207207Henry, Edward6M    IL1        
27207207Henry, Mary H.3F    IL1        
27207207Henry, John9 mo.M    IL1 Oct      
27208208Marshaw, Joseph44M Farmer115002020MO1      1 
27208208Marshaw, Sarah39F Keeping house  IL         
27208208Marshaw, Medora J.18F    IL         
27208208Marshaw, Louisa A.16F    IL    1    
27208208Marshaw, Florence11F    IL    1    
27208208Marshaw, Adda7F    IL    1    
27208208Johnson, Thomas22M Farm hand  IL       1 
27208208Marshaw, Joseph E.2M    IL         
27209209Wheelock, John53M Farm hand 150IL       1 
27209209Wheelock, Mary J.34F Keeping house  OH         
27209209Wheelock, John14M Farm hand  IL    1    
27209209Wheelock, Ellen J.12F    IL    1    
27209209Wheelock, Eva9F    IL    1    
27210210Edsall, John H.42M Carpentry 300PA       1 
28210210Edsall, Emily27F Keeping house  IL         
28210210Edsall, Frederick7M    IL    1    
28210210Edsall, Richard4M    IL         
28211211Swan, Nathan C.54M Farmer82801525IL       1 
28211211Swan, Mary A.47F Keeping house  IL         
28211211Swan, Cordelia16F    IL    1    
28211211Swan, Mary L.13F    IL    1    
28211211Swan, Caleb W.11M    IL    1    
28211211Swan, Nathan P.7M    IL    1    
28211211Swan, Lillie M.4F    IL         
28211211Austin, Joseph20M Farm hand  MO         
28212212Greene, Addison51M Farmer500004060NY       1 
28212212Greene, Amanda54F Keeping house  PA         
28212212Greene, Albert21M Farm hand  IL    1  1 
28212212Greene, Addison19M Farm hand  IL    1    
28212212Greene, Joanna16F    IL    1    
28212212Greene, Nathaniel13M Farm hand  IL    1    
28212212Greene, Nancy K.9F    IL    1    
28212212Watson, Milton25M Farm hand  NC       1 
28212212Bentley, Columbus21M Farm hand  IL       1 
28213213Burris, Peter40M Farm hand 450Prussia11     1 
28213213Burris, Ida30F Keeping house  IL11       
28213213Burris, Herman8M    IL1  1    
28213213Burris, Louis6M    IL1   1    
28213213Burris, Rudolph4M    IL1        
28213213Burris, Theodore2M    IL1        
28213213Burris, Oscar4 mo.M    IL1 Mar      
28213213Serini, Otto20M Day laborer MO11        
28214214McDow, Thomas75M Farmer144502795SC       1 
28214214McDow, James24M Farmer 815IL       1 
28214214McDow, Adda23F Keeping house  IN         
28214214McDow, William3M    IL         
28214214McDow, Perley11 mo.M    IL` Sep      
28215215Chappel, Ephraim43M Farmer120007330England11     1 
28215215Chappell, Rosa19F Keeping house  IL         
28215215Chappell, Ida O.12F    IL1   1    
28215215Chappell, John10M    IL1   1    
28215215Chappell, Cora8 mo.F    IL1 Nov      
28215215Delby, Maggie17F Domestic servant  MO         
28216216Lamb, Sarah65F Keeping house  Miss         
29216216Lamb, Israel45M Farmer 3500Miss       1 
29216216Lamb, Daniel43M Farmer4000905Miss       1 
29216216Lamb, Mary25F Keeping house 500IL         
29216216Lamb, Leroy22M Farmer  IL       1 
29216216Lamb, Amanda65F House keeper  NY         
29217217Lamb, David K.30M Farmer84001770NY       1 
29217217Lamb, Lucy A.29F Keeping house  VA         
29217217Lamb, Clarence8M    IL    1    
29218218Coudor, Timothy40M Day laborer 100Ireland11   1 1 
29218218Coudor, Mary35F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
29218218Coudor, Mary11F    Ireland11   1   
29218218Coudor, Katie6F    IL11       
29218218Coudor, Michael2M    IL11       
29218218Coudor, Thomas9 mo.M    IL11Nov      
29219219Kennedy, Smith45M Day laborer 150IN     W 1 
29219219Kennedy, Jane35F Keeping house  KY     W   
29219219Kennedy, Allen W.21M Day laborer  Ireland11     1 
29219219Kennedy, Thomas J.18M Day laborer  IL         
29219219Kennedy, Isaac12M Day laborer  IL    1    
29219219Kennedy, Rosella6F    IL    1    
29219219Kennedy, Melvin C.4M    IL       
29219219Carroll, John B.26M Day laborer  IL       1 
29219219Carroll, Andrew J.24M Day laborer  IL       1 
29220220Cory, Abner41M Farmer214003900NJ       1 
29220220Cory, Margaret41F Keeping house  NY         
29220220Cory, Edward A.13M    IL    1    
29220220Cory, Elizabeth11F    IL    1    
29220220Cory, Eva J.6F    IL    1    
29220220Shelman, Edward33M Farm hand  NY       1 
29220220Hayes, Patrick27M Farm hand  Ireland11     1 
29220220Long, Mary22F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
29221221Dihany, James50M Farmer 250Ireland11   1 1 
29221221Dihany, Hannah30F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
29221221Dihany, Annie12F    IL11  1    
29221221Dihany, Lizzie3F    IL11       
29221221Dihany, Patrick1M    IL11       
29222222Darby, William65M Farmer1500012000NJ       1 
29222222Darby, Charlotte67F Keeping house  NJ         
29222222Darby, Catherine A.26F    NJ        idiotic
29222222Clarage, Julia29F Domestic servant  IL         
30223223Rudolph, Geo. S.31M Farmer100002250NJ       1 
30223223Rudolph, Mary A.29F Keeping house  IL         
30223223Rudolph, Preston11M Farm hand  IL    1    
30223223Rudolph, Albert P.8M    IL    1    
30223223Rudolph, Maggie A.5F    IL         
30223223Rudolph, Martha1F    IL         
30223223Rudolph, Margaret A.60F    NJ         

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