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1870 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    M????, Jerry***Grafton 6-13
    MA/OLA/OY, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MA/OLA/OY,Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MACKELTON, Marian M.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MACKELTON, Phillip***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MADDEN, Ann***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MADDEN, Charles A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MADDEN, Ellen***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MADDEN, Ida***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MADDEN, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MADDEN, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MADDEN, John***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MADDEN, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MADDEN, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MADDEN, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MADDEN, Sarah A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MADDEN, William A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MADISON, Abraham***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MAGUIRE, John***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Maguire, Peter***Grafton 6-12
    MAHER, Elizabeth M.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MAHER, Ellen***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MAHER, Ellen A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MAHER, James R.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MAHER, John***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MAHER, Margaret***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MAHER, Martin***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MAHER, Mary A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MAHER, Nancy***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MAHER, Patrick***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MAHER, Sylvester***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MAHER, William F.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    Mahoney, Edward B.***Grafton 6-12
    Mahoney, Joanna***Grafton 6-12
    Mahoney, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    Mahoney, Peter***Grafton 6-12
    MAINS, Andrew J.***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Elizabeth***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Flora***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Freeman J.***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Freeman R.***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, George***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Houston R.***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, James***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MAINS, James Jr.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MAINS, Joanna***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, John***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Juliet***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Kate***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MAINS, Lucy***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Mary***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MAINS, Mary Nevada***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Orizaba***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, Sarah***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MAINS, Warren***Jville 9-11
    MAINS, William***Jville 9-11
    Maize, Eliza J.***Jerseyville City
    Maize, Gardner***Jerseyville City
    Maize, Martha***Jerseyville City
    MALIA, Anthony***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALIA, Bridget***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALIA, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALIA, Margaret***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALIA, Martin***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALIA, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALOEY, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Malon, Bridget***Jerseyville City
    MALONE, Annetta***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Malone, Bridget***Jerseyville City
    MALONE, Ellen L.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALONE, Jermiah***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALONE, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALONE, John P.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALONE, Liddie B.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Malone, Mary***Jerseyville City
    MALONE, Mary Ann***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALONE, Patrick***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALONE, Ralph***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Malone, Sarah***Jerseyville City
    MALONE, William***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MALONEY, Bridget***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, Catherine***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, Catherine***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Maloney, Chlore A. F.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MALONEY, Ellen***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, Hanorah***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, Henry***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, Henry***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Maloney, Jas. C.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Maloney, John***Grafton 6-12
    MALONEY, Margaret A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, Martin***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, Martin***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, Mary A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Maloney, Mary A. E.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MALONEY, Rhody***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, Thomas***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONEY, William***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALONY, Annie***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, Bridget***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, Catherine***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, Daniel***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, Daniel***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, John***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, Joseph***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, Joseph***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, Joseph***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MALONY, Michael***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Malot, Frank S.***Jerseyville City
    Malot, Jos. S.***Jerseyville City
    Malot, Mary M.***Jerseyville City
    Maloy, Alice***Jerseyville City
    Maloy, Annie***Jerseyville City
    Maloy, John***Jerseyville City
    MALOY, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Maloy, John ***Jerseyville City
    Maloy, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Maloy, Mary***Jerseyville City
    MALOY, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Maloy, Mary A.***Jerseyville City
    MALOY, Patrick***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MALOY, Peter***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Maloy, Philip***Jerseyville City
    Maloy, Sarah***Jerseyville City
    MALOY, Sarah***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MALOY, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Maloy, William***Jerseyville City
    MALTIMORE, Lydia***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MALTIMORE, Robert***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MANN, Barbara***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MANNING, Emanuel***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, Henry***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, Jesse***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, Johathan***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, John***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, Joshua***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, Lucinda M.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, Martha***O.C. 7-12
    MANNING, Mary A.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, Priscilla***O.C. 7-12
    MANNING, Sarah***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, Sarah J.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, Sarah J.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANNING, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MANSFIELD, Margaret***O.C. 7-12
    MANSFIELD, Ralph***O.C. 7-12
    MAPLE, Catherine***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MAPLE, James***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MAPLE, James***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MAPLE, Margaret***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MAPLE, Mary E.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MAPLE, Nellie***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARIA, Andrew***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARIA, James***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARIA, John***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARIA, Nellie***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARIA, Patrick***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARIA, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARK, Charles F.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARK, Elizabeth***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARK, James J.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARK, James W.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARK, Marian***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARK, Mary E.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARLIN, Harry***O.C. 7-12
    MARSHAL, Conrad***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHAL, Elizabeth***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHALL, Elizabeth***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MARSHALL, Fred R.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MARSHALL, Grace***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHALL, Ida***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHALL, James***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MARSHALL, John***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MARSHALL, John C.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHALL, John C.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHALL, Lucy***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHALL, Martha A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MARSHALL, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MARSHALL, Mary E.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Marshall, MInerva***Jerseyville City
    MARSHALL, Minnie C.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHALL, Sam’l***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHALL, Sevilla J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHALL, Stephen***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARSHALL, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MARSHALL, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARSHALL, William E.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MARSHALL, William N.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MARSHAW, Adda***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Marshaw, Charles H.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MARSHAW, Florence***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Marshaw, John B.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MARSHAW, Joseph***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARSHAW, Joseph E.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Marshaw, Josephine A.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MARSHAW, Louisa A.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Marshaw, Margaret E.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MARSHAW, Medora J.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Marshaw, Rosetta J.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MARSHAW, Sarah***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Marshaw, William***Tws 6 Range 11
    Marston, Adaline***Jerseyville City
    MARSTON, Amanda***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MARSTON, Elizabeth***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Marston, Joseph G.***Jerseyville City
    MARSTON, Sam’ O.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MARSTON, Willie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MARTIIN, Dorothy***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARTIN, Abba female***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARTIN, Almina***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARTIN, Amile female***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARTIN, Caroline***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Martin, Caroline***Grafton 6-12
    MARTIN, Elizabeth***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARTIN, Elizabeth***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MARTIN, Elizabeth M.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARTIN, Emma***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARTIN, Fredric***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARTIN, George***Grafton 6-13
    MARTIN, George,***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARTIN, Gilbert***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARTIN, Henry***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARTIN, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MARTIN, John W.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Martin, Joseph***Grafton 6-12
    Martin, Joseph***Grafton 6-12
    MARTIN, Joshua***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARTIN, Laura***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Martin, Leoni***Grafton 6-12
    MARTIN, Louisa***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Martin, Louisa***Grafton 6-12
    MARTIN, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARTIN, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARTIN, Mary***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Martin, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    MARTIN, Orval***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MARTIN, ROSMELIA***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARTIN, Vincent***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MARTLE, Frank***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MASON, Albert R.***Jville 9-11
    MASON, Amelia***Jville 9-11
    MASON, Augustus L. ***Jville 9-11
    Mason, Delilah***Jerseyville City
    MASON, Elizabeth***Jville 9-11
    Mason, George W.***Jerseyville City
    MASON, Harvy E.***Jville 9-11
    MASON, John***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MASON, Marion R.***Jville 9-11
    MASON, Stephen***Jville 9-11
    MASON, Susan F.***Jville 9-11
    MASON, Thomas***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MASON, William H.***Jville 9-11
    MASSEAR, Caroline***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MASSEAR, Charles***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MASSEAR, George***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MASSEAR, Lucy***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MASSEY, Ada E.***O.C. 7-12
    MASSEY, Adda***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Massey, Alice A.***Jerseyville City
    Massey, Catherine***Jerseyville City
    MASSEY, Dolan T/L.***O.C. 7-12
    MASSEY, Emeline***O.C. 7-12
    Massey, Fanny***Jerseyville City
    Massey, Henry***Jerseyville City
    Massey, Henry C.***Jerseyville City
    MASSEY, James N.***Jville 9-11
    Massey, Liargas***Jerseyville City
    MASSEY, Lucretia E.***O.C. 7-12
    Massey, Maria L.***Jerseyville City
    MASSEY, Marietta***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MASSEY, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MASSEY, Mary***O.C. 7-12
    MASSEY, Nicholas I***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MASSEY, William H. B.***O.C. 7-12
    Massey, Willie***Jerseyville City
    MATAKLE, ? Frank***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MATAKLE, ? Josephine***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MATAKLE, ? Kate***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MATAKLE, Christina***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MATAKLE, Frank***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MATAKLE, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MATAKLE,? Pauline***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MATHEWS, Alice***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Augusta***O.C. 7-12
    MATHEWS, Charles***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, David***O.C. 7-12
    MATHEWS, Elijah***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Elijah***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Emeline***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, George***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Isaac***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, James***O.C. 7-12
    MATHEWS, Jerry***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Laura***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Laura J.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Leo***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Mary***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Mary A.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Nancy***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, Perry***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MATHEWS, William***O.C. 7-12
    MATICS, Jackson***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MATICS, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MATICS, Mary A.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Matox, Charles***Tws 6 Range 11
    MAUPIN, Isaac***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Maxes, Katie***Jerseyville City
    MAXINER, Henry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MAXWELL, Ann E.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MAXWELL, Edw’d***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MAXWELL, James W.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MAXWELL, Philip***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MAXWELL, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MAY, Joseph***Jville 9-11
    MAY, David***Jville 9-11
    May, John E.***Jerseyville City
    May, Josephine***Jerseyville City
    MAY, Margaret***Jville 9-11
    May, Williamena***Jerseyville City
    May, Williamena***Jerseyville City
    MAYERHOOFER, Eagen***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MAYERHOOFER, Helena***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MAYERHOOFER, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MAYERHOOFER, Joseph***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MAYERHOOFER, Josephine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MAYERHOOFER, Katherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MAYERHOOFER, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MAYERHOOFER, William***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Mayhor, Edward***Grafton 6-12
    Mays, Delia***Jerseyville City
    Mays, Ellen***Jerseyville City
    Mays, Kate***Jerseyville City
    Mays, Lizzie***Jerseyville City
    Mays, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Mc Carty, james***Grafton 6-12
    Mc Hugh, Catherine***Grafton 6-12
    Mc Hugh, Daniel***Grafton 6-12
    Mc Hugh, Edward***Grafton 6-12
    Mc Hugh, John***Grafton 6-12
    Mc Hugh, John***Grafton 6-12
    McAdams, Alex***Tws 6 Range 11
    McADAMS, Anna***O.C. 7-12
    McADAMS, Anna ***O.C. 7-12
    McAdams, Chas.***Jerseyville City
    McADAMS, Eliza a.***O.C. 7-12
    McADAMS, Elnora***O.C. 7-12
    McADAMS, Louis***O.C. 7-12
    McAdams, Maggie***Jerseyville City
    McADAMS, Maggie***O.C. 7-12
    McADAMS, Mary J.***O.C. 7-12
    McADAMS, Rebecca***O.C. 7-12
    McADAMS, Rowena***O.C. 7-12
    McAdams, Samuel***Tws 6 Range 11
    McADAMS, William***O.C. 7-12
    McADAMS, William Jr.***O.C. 7-12
    McALLISTER, David***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McALLISTER, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McAuley, Eliza***Grafton 6-12
    McAuley, George W.***Grafton 6-12
    McAULEY, Hannah***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McAULEY, Isaac J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McAULEY, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McAULEY, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McAULEY, Leonora***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAULEY, Margaret***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McAuley, Mary***Grafton 6-12
    McAULEY, Mary A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAULEY, Oscar***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAULEY, Stanford***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McAULEY, Susan***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAULEY, Thomas***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAULY, Adeline***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAULY, Anna***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAULY, Edwina***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAuly, Ermina***Grafton 6-12
    McAULY, Ja/une?***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McAuly, James W.***Grafton 6-12
    McAuly, John***Jerseyville City
    McAULY, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McAULY, Lilly***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAULY, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAULY, William M.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McAVOY?, Mary***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McBride, Hellen***Jerseyville City
    McBRIDE, Margaret A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McBride, Mary***Jerseyville City
    McBRIDE, William***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McBride, William***Jerseyville City
    McBRIDE, William F.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCABE, Anna***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McCabe, Cornelius***Grafton 6-12
    McCabe, Edward***Grafton 6-12
    McCABE, James***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McCABE, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McCabe, John***Grafton 6-12
    McCABE, Julia***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McCABE, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McCabe, Mary***Grafton 6-12
    McCABE, Patrick***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McCain, Helen***Grafton 6-12
    McCain, James***Grafton 6-12
    McCALLISTER, Arthur***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCALLISTER, Elizabeth W.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCALLISTER, Frank B.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCALLISTER, George A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCALLISTER, Lem’l S.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCALLISTER, Lemuel F.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCALLISTER, Silva***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCALLISTER, Temperance B.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCALLISTER, William H.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McCALLOUGH, Mary***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McCALLOUGH, Stokes G.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McCAN, George***O.C. 7-12
    McCAN, George***O.C. 7-12
    McCAN, Millie***O.C. 7-12
    McCANN, Jennie***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCann, Josephine***Jerseyville City
    McCAR/STER?, Anna***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McCAR/STER?, T. B.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McCarty, Bridget***Grafton 6-12
    McCARTY, Catherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCarty, Cornelius***Grafton 6-12
    McCarty, Daniel***Grafton 6-12
    McCarty, Dennis***Grafton 6-12
    McCARTY, Edward***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McCarty, Ellen***Grafton 6-12
    McCarty, Florence***Grafton 6-12
    McCarty, Florence***Grafton 6-12
    McCarty, Jeremiah***Grafton 6-12
    McCARTY, Maggie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCarty, Mary***Grafton 6-12
    McCarty, Mary***Grafton 6-12
    McCarty, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    McCARTY, Pat.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCARTY, Patrick***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCarty, Thomas***Grafton 6-12
    McCarty, Timothy***Grafton 6-12
    McCAW, Alfred***Jville 9-11
    McCAW, Emily***Jville 9-11
    McCLESTER, Glenn C.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McCLURE, Catherine A.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McClure, Christena***Jerseyville City
    McCLURE, Eliza***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCLURE, Jane***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McClure, Jas. M.***Jerseyville City
    McClure, Jo’s E.***Jerseyville City
    McCLURE, Mary A.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McCLURE, Matilda***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McCLURE, Matilda J.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McClure, Mattie V.***Jerseyville City
    McCLURE, Samuel***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McClure, Sela***Jerseyville City
    McClure, Virginia E.***Jerseyville City
    McClure, Willie***Jerseyville City
    McCLUSKEY, Amy***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McCLUSKEY, Hiram***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McCLUSKEY, Mary A.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McCOLLISTER, Albert S.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCOLLISTER, Augusta***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCOLLISTER, Charles***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCOLLISTER, Edward F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCOLLISTER, Ida S. twin 2***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCOLLISTER, Ira I. twin 1***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCOLLISTER, Isaac***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCOLLISTER, Lizzie J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCOLLISTER, Silva***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCONNVILLE, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McConoughly, Sarah A.***Grafton 6-12
    McConoughly, W. S.***Grafton 6-12
    McConville, Edw’d L. H.***Jerseyville City
    McCONVILLE, John***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McConville, Joseph***Jerseyville City
    McConville, Sarah A.***Jerseyville City
    McCough, Andrew***Grafton 6-12
    McCououghly, John F.***Grafton 6-12
    McCown, Samuel***Grafton 6-12
    McCrosky, Mary A.***Jerseyville City
    McCrosky, Nancy***Jerseyville City
    McCrosky, Wm. B.***Jerseyville City
    McCULLOM, Almeda***Jville 9-11
    McCULLOM, Henry***Jville 9-11
    McCULLOM, Joseph***Jville 9-11
    McCUMBER, Jasper***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCUMBER, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McCURDY, Elizabeth***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCURDY, Hester***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCURDY, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCURDY, Joseph***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCURDY, Joseph A.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCURDY, Maria E.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McCURDY, William***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McDANIEL, Amanda M.***O.C. 7-12
    McDANIEL, Charles***O.C. 7-12
    McDANIEL, Charles***O.C. 7-12
    McDANIEL, Rachel***O.C. 7-12
    McDANIEL, Sarah L.***O.C. 7-12
    McDermott, Catherine***Jerseyville City
    McDermott, Kate***Jerseyville City
    McDermott, Thomas***Jerseyville City
    McDermott,James***Jerseyville City
    McDonald, Bridget***Grafton 6-12
    McDONALD, Edgar***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McDonald, Edw’d***Jerseyville City
    McDONALD, Effie***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McDONALD, Franklin***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McDonald, Hugh***Grafton 6-12
    McDonald, James***Grafton 6-12
    McDONALD, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McDONALD, Martha***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McDONALD, Minnie***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McDonald, Patrick***Grafton 6-12
    McDonald, Vesy A.***Grafton 6-12
    McDonald,Catherine***Jerseyville City
    McDOW, Abgada J. female***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Adda***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Allen***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Allie***O.C. 7-12
    McDOW, Annie A.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Cha’s W.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Delilah***O.C. 7-12
    McDOW, Hardin***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, James***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Jessica***O.C. 7-12
    McDOW, John***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Josephine***O.C. 7-12
    McDOW, Louisa M.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Margaret***O.C. 7-12
    McDow, Margaret***Tws 6 Range 11
    McDOW, Maria***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Marion***O.C. 7-12
    McDOW, Martha***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Martha L.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Mary E.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Matilda***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Millissa S.***O.C. 7-12
    McDOW, Nancy***O.C. 7-12
    McDOW, Perley male***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, Thomas***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McDOW, William***O.C. 7-12
    McDOW, William H.***O.C. 7-12
    McElroy, Nancy***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Annie L.***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Augustus***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Charles***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Cha’s C.***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Daniel***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Dan’l V.***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Elsie***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Ernstine***Jerseyville City
    McFain, James H.***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Jessie***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Lena***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    McFain, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    McFall, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    McFank, Jonathan C.***Jerseyville City
    McFee, Robert***Jerseyville City
    McGaffrey, Charles***Grafton 6-12
    McGannon, Annie M.***Jerseyville City
    McGannon, Elizabeth***Jerseyville City
    McGannon, Jas. A.***Jerseyville City
    McGaughy, Elizabeth***Grafton 6-12
    McGaughy, Jane***Grafton 6-12
    McGaughy, John***Grafton 6-12
    McGaugy, Catherine***Grafton 6-12
    McGauhy, Mary***Grafton 6-12
    McGee, Alice***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Charles***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Cyrene E.***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Edy J.***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Hannah***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Harry B.***Jerseyville City
    McGee, James H.***Jerseyville City
    McGEE, Jerome***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McGEE, Jerome***O.C. 7-12
    McGee, John***Jerseyville City
    McGee, John***Jerseyville City
    McGEE, John A.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McGee, John B.***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Laura***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Mary ***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Mattie***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Sarah***Jerseyville City
    McGee, Stella***Jerseyville City
    McGill, Elizabeth***Jerseyville City
    McGill, Martha M.***Jerseyville City
    McGILLIS, Edward***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    McGINNIS, James***Miss. T-7 R-11
    McGinnis, Richard L.***Tws 6 Range 11
    McGinnis, Selia***Tws 6 Range 11
    McGINNIS, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McGOWIN, Edward***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGOWIN, Edward***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGOWIN, Elizabeth***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGOWIN, Hugh***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGOWIN, Isabel***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGOWIN, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGOWIN, Mary J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGOWIN, Susah***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGrath, Ann***Jerseyville City
    McGrath, Annie***Jerseyville City
    McGRATH, Bridget***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McGrath, Edward***Jerseyville City
    McGrath, Edward***Jerseyville City
    McGrath, Joanna***Jerseyville City
    McGrath, John***Jerseyville City
    McGRATH, John H.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McGrath, Kate***Jerseyville City
    McGrath, Mary***Jerseyville City
    McGrath, Nellie***Jerseyville City
    McGrath, Peter***Jerseyville City
    McGrath, Timothy***Grafton 6-12
    McGrath, William***Jerseyville City
    McGRIFF, Frances***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGRIFF, Frank S.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGRIFF, Ida L.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGRIFF, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGRIFF, James O.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGRIFF, Mary M.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    McGUIRE, Bernard***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McGUIRE, Ellen***O.C. 7-12
    McGUIRE, James***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McGUIRE, James***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McGUIRE, Katie***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McGUIRE, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McGUIRE, Rosa***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McGUIRE, Timothy***O.C. 7-12
    McGUIRE, William J.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McGwin, Edward***Grafton 6-12
    McGwin, James***Grafton 6-12
    McGwin, James***Grafton 6-12
    McGwin, John***Grafton 6-12
    McGwin, Margaret***Grafton 6-12
    McHale, John***Grafton 6-12
    McIntire, Peter***Grafton 6-12
    McKay, Jessee***Tws 6 Range 11
    McKERNON, Ann***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    McKERNON, Frank***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    McKERNON, Hubert***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    McKERNON, James***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    McKERNON, John H.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    McKERNON, Katherine***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    McKERNON, Michael***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    McKinney, Ada (twin 2)***Jerseyville City
    McKINNEY, Andrew***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, Ann***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKinney, Augusta***Jerseyville City
    McKinney, Charles (twin 1)***Jerseyville City
    McKinney, Dallas***Jerseyville City
    McKINNEY, Edwin***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, Elizabeth***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McKINNEY, Elizabeth***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, Elizabeth***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKinney, Emma***Jerseyville City
    McKINNEY, Frank***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, G. O. male***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, Jacob***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McKINNEY, Jacob***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKinney, James***Jerseyville City
    McKINNEY, James***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, James***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKinney, Jane***Jerseyville City
    McKinney, John***Jerseyville City
    McKINNEY, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, Joseph***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, Kate***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McKINNEY, Madison L.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, Mary A.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McKINNEY, May***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, Rosa***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINNEY, Sarah A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKinney, William***Jerseyville City
    McKINNEY, William H.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    McKINSTRY, Ellen***O.C. 7-12
    McKINSTRY, Hariett***O.C. 7-12
    McKINSTRY, Jane***O.C. 7-12
    McKINSTRY, John***O.C. 7-12
    McKINSTRY, Kate***O.C. 7-12
    McKnight, Mary***Jerseyville City
    McLAHLAN, Jane***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    McLAUGHLIN, Columbus***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McLAUGHLIN, Hinson***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McLAUGHLIN, James***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McLAUGHLIN, John***O.C. 7-12
    McLAUGHLIN, Lucinda***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McLAUGHLIN, Martrha***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    McMAHON, Arter***Grafton 6-13
    McMahon, Stella***Jerseyville City
    McMahon, Thadaeus***Jerseyville City
    McMANNS, John***O.C. 7-12
    McMANNS, L. Jane***O.C. 7-12
    McMANNS, Margaret***O.C. 7-12
    McMANNS, Mary***O.C. 7-12
    McMANNS, Patrick***O.C. 7-12
    McMANNS, Thomas ***O.C. 7-12
    McMANNS, William***O.C. 7-12
    McMorris, Annie***Jerseyville City
    McNair, Elizabeth***Tws 6 Range 11
    McNair, Elizabeth***Tws 6 Range 11
    McNair, Eugene***Tws 6 Range 11
    McNair, Thomas***Tws 6 Range 11
    McNair, Thomas***Tws 6 Range 11
    McNair, William***Tws 6 Range 11
    McQaoy?, Maggie***Jerseyville City
    McQUINN, Andrew***O.C. 7-12
    McQUINN, Andrew***O.C. 7-12
    McQUINN, Fanny***O.C. 7-12
    McQUINN, Mary***O.C. 7-12
    McQUINTY, David***O.C. 7-12
    McREYNOLDS, Anderson***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Charles L.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, David***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Elnora***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Eugene s.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Hellen***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, James G.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Lela May***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Margaret A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Mary E.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Rosa Ann***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Sally***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, Thomas***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McREYNOLDS, William J.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    McRORY, Ebenizer***O.C. 7-12
    McRORY, Margaret***O.C. 7-12
    McRORY, Sylvester***O.C. 7-12
    McRORY, Virginia***O.C. 7-12
    McSTAY, Anthony***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McSTAY, James***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McSTAY, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McSTAY, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McSTAY, Mary A.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    McWilliams, Cairdon***Grafton 6-12
    McWilliams, Elizabeth***Grafton 6-12
    McWithey, M. R.***Jerseyville City
    McWithey, Susan***Jerseyville City
    McWITHY, Melissa***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MEADE, John***Grafton 6-13
    MEADOWS, John***O.C. 7-12
    MEADOWS, Minerva J.***O.C. 7-12
    MEANY??, Ellen***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MEANY??, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MEANY??, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MEANY??, Michael***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MEANY??, Robert***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MEANY??, Thomas***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MEDFORD, Adeline***O.C. 7-12
    MEDFORD, Alice***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MEDFORD, Hyson***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MEDFORD, Isaac***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Medford, Jennie***Tws 6 Range 11
    MEDFORD, Richard***O.C. 7-12
    MEDLER, Harmon***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MEDLEY, Benedick J.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MEDLEY, Benedick T.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MEDLEY, Ellen A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MEDLEY, Katherine A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    Meers, Emma N.***Grafton 6-12
    Meers, Jane***Grafton 6-12
    Meers, Victor H.***Grafton 6-12
    Meers, William R.***Grafton 6-12
    MEFFORA?, Elizabeth***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MEFFORA?, Hester O.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MEFFORA?, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MEFFORA?, Naomi***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MEFFORA?Andrew J.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MEFFORD, Henry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Meisner, Hattei***Jerseyville City
    Melcher, Isabella***Jerseyville City
    Melcher, Jennie***Jerseyville City
    MELFORD, Alburtis***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MELFORD, Athy A. female***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MELFORD, Mary J.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MELFORD, Tho;s S.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MELFORD, Wm. W.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Menard Casander***Jerseyville City
    Menard, Leonard***Jerseyville City
    Mendorza, Fain/m etta***Jerseyville City
    Mendorza, Julia***Jerseyville City
    Mendorza, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    Mendorza, Sedro***Jerseyville City
    Menefee, Harry***Jerseyville City
    Menefee, Julia B.***Jerseyville City
    MENTA, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MENTA, Christine***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MERCER, Thomas***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Merrell, Jns??, W.***Jerseyville City
    MERSHON, Adelia***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MERSHON, Ambrose***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MERSHON, Elizabeth***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MERSHON, Horace***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MERSHON, Theodore***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    METZER, Betty***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    METZER, Catherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    METZER, Catherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    METZER, Henry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    METZER, Henry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    METZER, Jacob***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    METZER, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    METZLER, Catherine***Grafton 6-13
    Metzler, Irene***Grafton 6-12
    METZLER, Jacob***Grafton 6-13
    METZLER, Josephine***Grafton 6-13
    METZLER, Lizzie***Grafton 6-13
    METZLER, Minerva A.***Grafton 6-13
    MEXAINER, Ludwig***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MEXAINER, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MEXAINER, Matilda***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MEXINER, John P.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MEXINER, Katherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Meyer, Albert C.***Jerseyville City
    Meyer, Catherine***Grafton 6-12
    Meyer, Catherine***Grafton 6-12
    Meyer, Frank***Grafton 6-12
    Meyer, Frank***Grafton 6-12
    Meyer, John***Grafton 6-12
    MEYERS, Angeline***O.C. 7-12
    MEYERS, Eliza A.***O.C. 7-12
    Meyers, Louis R.***Jerseyville City
    MEYERS, Luther***O.C. 7-12
    Meyers, Mary C.***Jerseyville City
    Meyers, Matilda***Jerseyville City
    Meyers, Virginia***Jerseyville City
    MEYERS, William B.***O.C. 7-12
    Micahael, Josephine***Grafton 6-12
    Michael, John***Tws 6 Range 11
    Michael, Adams***Grafton 6-12
    Michael, Anna M.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Michael, Ellen***Jerseyville City
    Michael, Fred***Tws 6 Range 11
    Michael, George***Tws 6 Range 11
    Michael, John***Jerseyville City
    Michael, Joseph***Jerseyville City
    Michael, Lawrance***Tws 6 Range 11
    Michael, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    Michael, Michael***Tws 6 Range 11
    Michael, Sophia***Grafton 6-12
    MICHEL, Charlotte***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MIDDENDORF, Francis***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MIDDENDORF, Fredric***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MIDDENDORF, M.ary M.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Mier, Caroline***Jerseyville City
    Mier, Eliazabeth***Jerseyville City
    Mier, Hermon***Jerseyville City
    Mier, Michael***Jerseyville City
    Migasi, Antonio***Jerseyville City
    Migasi, Cora***Jerseyville City
    Migasi, Kate***Jerseyville City
    Migasi, Margaretta***Jerseyville City
    Migasi, Zada E.***Jerseyville City
    Miksell, Anson***Tws 6 Range 11
    Miksell, Rachel***Tws 6 Range 11
    Milam, Mary***Jerseyville City
    MILAM, Mary***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MILAN???, Allen***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILAN???, Laura***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILAN???, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Miland, Charles***Jerseyville City
    Miland, Deidreck***Jerseyville City
    Miland, Emma***Jerseyville City
    Miland, Frank***Jerseyville City
    Miland, Frederick***Jerseyville City
    Miland, Willeamena***Jerseyville City
    Miland,Willeamena***Jerseyville City
    Milein, John***Tws 6 Range 11
    Miler, Anna***Tws 6 Range 11
    Miles, Charles***Jerseyville City
    Miles, Clarence J***Jerseyville City
    Miles, Geo. S.***Jerseyville City
    MILES, Hattie***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Miles, Herbert W.***Jerseyville City
    MILES, John***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MILES, Julian***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MILES, Lucy A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Miles, Mattie D.***Jerseyville City
    MILES, Melisa A.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MILES, William W.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Milford, Bart C.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MILFORD, Elizabeth***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MILFORD, Elizabeth A.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Milford, Henry***Tws 6 Range 11
    Milford, Ida May***Tws 6 Range 11
    Milford, John***Tws 6 Range 11
    Milford, Julia F.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Milford, Richard***Tws 6 Range 11
    MILFORD,Henry T.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Millen/r?, Ann C.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Millen/r?, Caroline***Tws 6 Range 11
    Millen/r?, George***Tws 6 Range 11
    Millen/r?, John ***Tws 6 Range 11
    Miller Francis M.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, ??ray P.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Miller, Aaron F.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Adolphus***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILLER, Agnes C.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Alba***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILLER, Alice***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MILLER, Allen***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MILLER, Alvin J.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MILLER, Anna***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILLER, Anna***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MILLER, Anna***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLER, Authur L.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MILLER, C. J.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILLER, Caroline***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Miller, Charles R.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Charlote***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Christian***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MILLER, Clinton L.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Clinton L.***O.C. 7-12
    Miller, Cynthia A.***Grafton 6-12
    Miller, Edward L.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Edwin***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MILLER, Elbert***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Elizabeth***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILLER, Ellsworth***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Miller, Emily C.***Grafton 6-12
    Miller, Emily C.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Emma***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MILLER, Emma E.***O.C. 7-12
    MIller, Estella***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Fanhy B.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Flora M.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Francis***O.C. 7-12
    Miller, Frank***Grafton 6-12
    Miller, Frank D.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, George***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Miller, George A.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, George M.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Harriett***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Harriett A.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Miller, Harriett C.***Grafton 6-12
    Miller, Henry C.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Henry L.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Henry L.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Isaac***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Miller, Isaac***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Isaac N.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MILLER, Jacob***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLER, Jennie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MILLER, John D.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Miller, John R.***Grafton 6-12
    Miller, John R.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, John W.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MILLER, Joseph H***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Miller, L. B.***Grafton 6-12
    Miller, Laura J.***Grafton 6-12
    Miller, Laviner A.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Lena***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MILLER, Lucy***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MILLER, Martha***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MILLER, Martin***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MILLER, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLER, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLER, Mary***O.C. 7-12
    Miller, Mary***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Mary A.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILLER, Mary A.***O.C. 7-12
    Miller, Mary A.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Mary F.***O.C. 7-12
    Miller, Mary F.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Mary M.***O.C. 7-12
    Miller, Mary M. L.***Jerseyville City
    MILLER, Mary S.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Nancy***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Miller, Nancy A.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Parley O. male***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MILLER, Rachael***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MILLER, Rachel E.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Robert D.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Rosena***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MILLER, Sarah***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Sarah A.***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Senoseta??***O.C. 7-12
    MILLER, Susah***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLER, Sydney***O.C. 7-12
    Miller, Synthia E.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, Thomas***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLER, Tillman M.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Miller, Willaim H.***Grafton 6-12
    MILLER, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLER, William***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Miller, William***Grafton 6-12
    Miller, William***Tws 6 Range 11
    MILLER, William C.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILLER,Charles***O.C. 7-12
    MILLIGAN, Amanda***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILLIGAN, Robert***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MILLION, Louis***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLION, Mary A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLION, Virginia***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MILLMAN, A. J.***O.C. 7-12
    Mills, Harriet***Jerseyville City
    Mills, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    MILTON, Caroline***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MILTON, Charles***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MILTON, Frances***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MILTON, George***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MILTON, Laura***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MILTON, Liphus male***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MILTON, Silas***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MILTON, Wesley***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MINARD, Adda***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Minard, Andrew***Jerseyville City
    MINARD, Anthony***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Minard, Antoinette***Jerseyville City
    Minard, Betsy ***Tws 6 Range 11
    MINARD, Curtis***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Minard, James***Tws 6 Range 11
    Minard, John***Tws 6 Range 11
    Minard, Leonard M.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MINARD, Nancy***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Minard, Nancy J.***Jerseyville City
    MINARD, Rosa***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MINER, Adda***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MINER, Alma***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MINER, Charles E.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Miner, Charles F.***Jerseyville City
    MINER, Chas F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MINER, Darwin***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MINER, Edwin***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MINER, Ella***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MINER, George***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Miner, Hannah***Jerseyville City
    MINER, Ida B.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MINER, Ida May***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MINER, James E.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MINER, John A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Miner, Laura L.***Jerseyville City
    Miner, Martin B.***Jerseyville City
    MINER, Mary A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MINER, Mary A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MINER, Mina***O.C. 7-12
    MINER, Nathaniel***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MINIER, Mary E.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Misenheimer, Kate***Jerseyville City
    Misenheimer, Wm.***Jerseyville City
    Miskell, Betty***Jerseyville City
    MISNER, A. Clementine***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MISNER, Alexander***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MISNER, Anthony***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MISNER, Antone, Jr.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MISNER, Catherine***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MISNER, Catherine***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MISNER, Henry***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MISNER, Vincent***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MITCHEL, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MITCHEL, Mary C.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MITCHEL, Thomas J.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MITCHELL, Alice***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MKcCARTY, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOHOW, Jacob***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MOHOW, John A.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MOHOW, Margaret***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MOHR, Ferdinand***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MOHR, Jacob***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MOHR, John***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MOHR, Katherine***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MOHR, katherine***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MOHRWIZE, Jacob***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOHRWIZE, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOHRWIZE, Louisa***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOHRWIZE, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOLDEN, August***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Moler, Annie***Jerseyville City
    Moler, Christena***Jerseyville City
    Moler, Henry***Jerseyville City
    Moler, Lizzie***Jerseyville City
    Moler, Sophia***Jerseyville City
    Moler, William***Jerseyville City
    MOMAR, Emily***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MONAGHAN, Peter***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Monk, Frances***Jerseyville City
    Monk, George***Jerseyville City
    MONK, Henry***O.C. 7-12
    Monk, James H.***Jerseyville City
    Monk, Kattie***Jerseyville City
    Monk, Margaret***Jerseyville City
    Monk, Margaret L.***Jerseyville City
    Monk, Mary J.***Jerseyville City
    Monk, Rachael M.***Jerseyville City
    Monk, Sarah C.***Jerseyville City
    Monk, William***Jerseyville City
    Monk, William R.***Jerseyville City
    MONTAGUE, Jas. L.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MONTAGUE, Samuel R.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MONTGOMERY, Almira***O.C. 7-12
    MONTGOMERY, Hugh***O.C. 7-12
    MONTGOMERY, Isabella***O.C. 7-12
    MONTGOMERY, Lefa A. female***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MONTGOMERY, Polly***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Moon, Ann***Grafton 6-12
    MOON, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    MOON, Francis***O.C. 7-12
    Moon, James***Grafton 6-12
    MOON, Sarah C.***O.C. 7-12
    MOON, Thomas***O.C. 7-12
    MOONE, Dennis***O.C. 7-12
    Mooney, Caroline***Grafton 6-12
    Mooney, Elizabeth***Grafton 6-12
    Mooney, James L.***Grafton 6-12
    Mooney, Margaret***Grafton 6-12
    MOORE, Adelia***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Adelia C.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MOORE, Alice***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Moore, Alice L.***Jerseyville City
    Moore, Amos***Jerseyville City
    MOORE, Arnetta***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOORE, Benj. ***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Catherine***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Cephus***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MOORE, Charles***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Moore, Clarisa***Jerseyville City
    MOORE, David B.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MOORE, Drucilla***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MOORE, Emeline***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MOORE, Eva***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Frank***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MOORE, George***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Hugh T.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Isabel***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MOORE, James***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MOORE, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Jane N.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOORE, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Moore, John Elvis***Jerseyville City
    MOORE, John H.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Katherine***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Larkin male***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Moore, Laura Belle***Jerseyville City
    MOORE, Lloyd***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MOORE, Lucinda***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MOORE, Luke***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Moore, Margaret L.***Jerseyville City
    MOORE, Mary J.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Moore, Naomi M.***Jerseyville City
    MOORE, Rebecca***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Robert***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOORE, Sada J.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOORE, Samuel D.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Sarah***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, Stanford***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOORE, William***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MOORE, William***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOORE, William H.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Moore, William N.***Jerseyville City
    MOOREHOUSE, Hannah***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOOREHOUSE, Harriet***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOOREHOUSE, R. C.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOOREHOUSE, Robert***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORAN, David***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MORAN, Della***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MORAN, George***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MORAN, Peter***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MORAN, Robert***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MORAN, Sarah***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOREAN, Ann***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MOREAN, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MORLEY, Henry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORMAR, Christian***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MORMAR, Ella***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MORMAR, Henry***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MORMAR, Martha***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MORMON, Joseph***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORMON, Lena***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOROTH, Philip***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORRE, Margaret***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MORRIS, Frank L.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRIS, Harriett***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRIS, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRIS, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRIS, Julia***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRIS, Martha A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Addison***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Benton***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Caledonia***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Clinton***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Cynthia***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Cynthia***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Eliza***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, George***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Gertrude***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, Lorinda***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORRISON, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MORTON, Bridget***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORTON, Elizabeth***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORTON, Elizabeth***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORTON, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORTON, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORTON, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MORTON, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MOSES, Henry***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOSES, Margaret H.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOSES, Mary C.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOSES, Samuel***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOSES, Wesley P.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOSES, William***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOSS, Charlotte***O.C. 7-12
    MOSS, Eliza E.***O.C. 7-12
    MOSS, James C.***O.C. 7-12
    MOSS, James F.***O.C. 7-12
    MOSS, Mary A.***O.C. 7-12
    MOSS, Nettie D.***O.C. 7-12
    MOSS, Nina***O.C. 7-12
    MOSS, Sarah V.***O.C. 7-12
    MOTT, Abigail***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Mott, Benj. L.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Mott, Clifford***Tws 6 Range 11
    MOTT, Elizabeth***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Mott, Hannah A.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MOTT, John M.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MOTT, Lavina***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Mott, Lee***Tws 6 Range 11
    MOTT, Lillie B.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MOTT, Mary***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MOTT, Olivia M.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    MOURNING, Euphrasia M.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOURNING, James L.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOURNING, John R.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOURNING, Newton J.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOURNING, Sarah A.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOURNING, Thomas D.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOURNING, Virginia A.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOURNING, W. R.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MOURNING, William C. S.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MUFFLEY, Wm. H.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Mufford, Catherine***Jerseyville City
    MULCAHY, Catherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MULCAHY, Dan’l***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MULCAHY, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MULCAHY, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MULCAHY, Michael***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MULCAHY, William***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MULEY, Elizabeth***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MULEY, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MULEY, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MULEY, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MULLEN, Frances***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MULLEN, Henry J.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Mulligan, Dora***Grafton 6-12
    MULLIGAN, Emily***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Mulligan, James***Grafton 6-12
    MULLIGAN, Mary A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MULLIGAN, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MULLIGAN, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    MULLIKEN, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MULLIKEN, Joseph R.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MUNDLE, Dixon***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MUNDLE, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MUNDLE, Mary A.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MUNSTERMAN, Adam***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MUNSTERMAN, Anthony***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MUNSTERMAN, Frank***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MUNSTERMAN, Hannah***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MUNSTERMAN, Mena***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MURPHY, Alice***Grafton 6-13
    Murphy, Ann***Jerseyville City
    Murphy, Ann***Jerseyville City
    Murphy, Bridget***Jerseyville City
    Murphy, Charles***Grafton 6-12
    MURPHY, Cynthia A.***Grafton 6-13
    MURPHY, Cyrus N.***Grafton 6-13
    MURPHY, Daniel***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MURPHY, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, Ella***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Murphy, Ellen***Jerseyville City
    MURPHY, Ellen***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MURPHY, Eva***O.C. 7-12
    Murphy, Jno. C.***Jerseyville City
    MURPHY, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Murphy, John***Grafton 6-12
    Murphy, John***Grafton 6-12
    MURPHY, John T.***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, Kate***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    MURPHY, Kittie***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Murphy, Lucy***Jerseyville City
    Murphy, Maggie***Jerseyville City
    MURPHY, Mary***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MURPHY, Mary***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, Mary***Grafton 6-13
    Murphy, Mary A.***Jerseyville City
    MURPHY, Mary A.***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, Mary L.***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, Milton***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, Milton***Grafton 6-13
    MURPHY, Miner E.***Grafton 6-13
    MURPHY, Nancy***Grafton 6-13
    MURPHY, Patrick***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Murphy, Patrick***Grafton 6-12
    MURPHY, Perry***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MURPHY, Peter***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MURPHY, R. Milton***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, Rachel***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, Rachel***Grafton 6-13
    MURPHY, Rebecca***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    MURPHY, Robert***O.C. 7-12
    Murphy, Rosa***Jerseyville City
    Murphy, Thomas***Jerseyville City
    Murphy, Thomas***Jerseyville City
    Murphy, Thomas***Grafton 6-12
    MURPHY, Walter H.***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, William***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Murphy, William***Jerseyville City
    MURPHY, William***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, William***O.C. 7-12
    MURPHY, William***Grafton 6-13
    Murphy, William B.***Grafton 6-12
    MURPHY, William L.***Grafton 6-13
    MURRAY, James***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Murray, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    MURRAY, Patrick***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Murray, Sabina***Jerseyville City
    MURRAY, William***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    MYERS, Abslom***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Myers, Anthony***Tws 6 Range 11
    Myers, Archibald L.***Jerseyville City
    MYERS, Catherine***O.C. 7-12
    MYERS, Celia***Grafton 6-13
    MYERS, Charles***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Myers, Charlotte C.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Myers, Christena***Jerseyville City
    Myers, Edward***Tws 6 Range 11
    MYERS, Emaline***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Myers, Geo. W.***Tws 6 Range 11
    MYERS, George***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    MYERS, George***O.C. 7-12
    Myers, George***Tws 6 Range 11
    MYERS, Henry***Grafton 6-13
    Myers, Henry***Tws 6 Range 11
    Myers, John***Grafton 6-12
    Myers, John***Tws 6 Range 11
    MYERS, John H.***Grafton 6-13
    MYERS, Jospeh H. C.***Grafton 6-13
    MYERS, Louis***O.C. 7-12
    Myers, Martha***Jerseyville City
    Myers, Mary***Tws 6 Range 11
    MYERS, Mary C.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Myers, Oliver***Tws 6 Range 11
    MYERS, Peter***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    MYERS, Samuel J.***O.C. 7-12
    MYERS, W. F.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    MYERS, Walter***O.C. 7-12
    Mysenberg, Ernst***Grafton 6-12
    Mysenberg, Mary***Grafton 6-12
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