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1870 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    K??????, ?***Grafton 6-13
    Kadel, Anna***Jerseyville City
    Kadel, Charles***Jerseyville City
    Kadel, Denah***Jerseyville City
    Kadel, Jacob***Jerseyville City
    Kadel, Juluis***Jerseyville City
    Kadel, Peter***Jerseyville City
    Kadel, Valentine***Jerseyville City
    Kadel, William***Jerseyville City
    Kaho, Ellen***Jerseyville City
    KALLAL, Anna***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Kallal, Annie***Jerseyville City
    KALLAL, Catherine***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KALLAL, Elizabeth***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KALLAL, Frances***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KALLAL, Frances***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KALLAL, Frank***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KALLAL, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KALLAL, Joseph***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KALLAL, Louisa***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Kallal, Mary***Jerseyville City
    KALLAL, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Kally, Sarah E.***Jerseyville City
    Kally, William G.***Jerseyville City
    Kane, Mary***Jerseyville City
    KARKOFF, Isaac***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KARKOFF, John H.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KARKOFF, Lizzie***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KARKOFF, Martha L.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KARKOFF, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KARKOFF, Nicholas***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KARR, Caterine***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KARR, Joseph***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KASLICK, Nicholas***Grafton 6-13
    KASLICK, Urania***Grafton 6-13
    Keber, Anna***Jerseyville City
    Keber, Fred***Jerseyville City
    Keber, Louisa***Jerseyville City
    Keber, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Keefe, Catherine***Jerseyville City
    Keefe, Dan’l J.***Jerseyville City
    Keefe, Joanna***Jerseyville City
    Keefe, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Keidle, Lena***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keidle, Nelson***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keiser, Hiram O.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keiser, Hiram V.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keiser, Mary E.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keith, Arzine E.***Jerseyville City
    Keith, Chas. W.***Jerseyville City
    Keith, Flora***Jerseyville City
    Keith, Sarah***Jerseyville City
    Keith, Sarah A.***Jerseyville City
    Keith, William***Jerseyville City
    Kelegher, Patrick***Jerseyville City
    KELLAR, Amos W.***Jville 9-11
    KELLAR, Dorothy***Jville 9-11
    Kellar, Edward***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellar, Elizabeth***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellar, Froenecrk ?***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellar, Louis***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellar, Mary***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellar, Nathan***Jerseyville City
    Kellar, Rosa***Tws 6 Range 11
    KELLAR, William***Jville 9-11
    Keller, Amelia***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keller, Cosmos***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keller, Cosmos***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keller, Dabney***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keller, Joana***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keller, Matilda***Tws 6 Range 11
    Keller, William H.***Tws 6 Range 11
    KELLEY, Bartley***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KELLEY, Bridget***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KELLEY, Ella***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KELLEY, John***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KELLEY, Kate***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KELLEY, Martin***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Kelley, Mary***Jerseyville City
    KELLEY, Philip***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KELLEY, Thomas***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Kelley, William***Jerseyville City
    KELLEY, Willie***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Kellis Ezra P.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellis, Ann***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellis, Douglas E.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellis, George D.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellis, Jennie M.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellis, Margaret***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellis, Mary A.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellis, Sarah E.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kellis, William F.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kelly, Bernard F.***Tws 6 Range 11
    KELLY, Charles***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Kelly, charles***Grafton 6-12
    Kelly, Charles H.***Tws 6 Range 11
    KELLY, Edward***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KELLY, Emma***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KELLY, Francis M.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KELLY, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KELLY, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KELLY, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KELLY, James F.***O.C. 7-12
    Kelly, Jane***Grafton 6-12
    Kelly, Jane***Grafton 6-12
    KELLY, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KELLY, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KELLY, John***O.C. 7-12
    KELLY, Joseph***O.C. 7-12
    KELLY, Lucretia J.***O.C. 7-12
    KELLY, Martha E.***O.C. 7-12
    KELLY, Mary A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KELLY, Mary A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Kelly, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    Kelly, Neil***Grafton 6-12
    KELLY, Richard***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KELLY, Stella A.***O.C. 7-12
    KELLY, William***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KELLY, William***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KELLY, William***O.C. 7-12
    KELLY, Willie***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KEMPER, Alice***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    KEMPER, Elmira***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    KEMPER, Emma***O.C. 7-12
    KEMPER, Harriett***O.C. 7-12
    KEMPER, Henry***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KEMPER, Jerusha***O.C. 7-12
    KEMPER, Laura***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    KEMPER, Levi***O.C. 7-12
    KEMPER, Melisa***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KEMPER, Paulina E.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    KEMPER, W. H. H.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    KEMPER, Willie***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    Kendall, Wm. H.***Jerseyville City
    KENNEDY, Allen W.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Kennedy, Dinah***Tws 6 Range 11
    KENNEDY, Isaac***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KENNEDY, Jane***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Kennedy, John F.***Tws 6 Range 11
    KENNEDY, M. C. male***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KENNEDY, Rosella***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KENNEDY, Smith***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KENNEDY, Thomas J.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KENT, Floyd***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KENT, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KENT, Signora***Grafton 6-13
    KEOHANE, Patrick***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    KETCHING?, Edwin W.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    KIDWELL, Daniel***O.C. 7-12
    KIDWELL, Nancy H.***O.C. 7-12
    KIHN, Anna***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KIHN, August***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KIHN, Dudy***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KIHN, Edward***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KIHN, Julia***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KIHN, Ledy***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILEY, Bridget***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILEY, Hannah***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILEY, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Kiley, John***Grafton 6-12
    KILEY, Katherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILEY, Margaret***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KILEY, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KILEY, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILEY, Michael***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILEY, Patrick***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KILEY, Richard***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILEY, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILEY, William***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KILLEEN, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILLEEN, Maria***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILLEEN, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KILLEEN, Timothy***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Kimbrough, James***Jerseyville City
    Kimbrough, Mary A.***Jerseyville City
    Kincla, Ellen***Jerseyville City
    Kincla, John***Jerseyville City
    Kincla, Martin***Jerseyville City
    Kincla, Thomas***Jerseyville City
    Kincla? Julia***Jerseyville City
    Kincla?, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Kincla?, Thomas***Jerseyville City
    KINDLEY, Priscilla***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KINDSLEY, Linda***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KINDSLEY, Peter***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Kinela?, Margaret***Jerseyville City
    King, Amanda M.***Jerseyville City
    King, Anna***Grafton 6-12
    King, Christopher***Jerseyville City
    King, Clara***Jerseyville City
    King, Eliza***Grafton 6-12
    King, Ella***Jerseyville City
    King, Ellen***Jerseyville City
    KING, Emily***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    King, Emily B.***Jerseyville City
    King, George I***Jerseyville City
    King, Georgia A.***Jerseyville City
    King, Harrriet E.***Jerseyville City
    KING, Henry***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    King, Jane***Grafton 6-12
    King, Jefferson***Jerseyville City
    KING, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KING, John H.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    King, John W.***Jerseyville City
    KING, Jonathan***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KING, Jonn P.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KING, Joseph***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KING, Juluis***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    King, Louis M.***Jerseyville City
    KING, Lucy***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KING, Lydia A.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KING, Margaret***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    King, Margaret***Grafton 6-12
    KING, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KING, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    King, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    King, Mary R.***Jerseyville City
    KING, Mathew***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    King, Miriam M.***Jerseyville City
    King, Myrain***Jerseyville City
    KING, Perry***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KING, Robert***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    King, Robert A.***Jerseyville City
    KING, Sarah***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KING, Sophia***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KING, Thomas***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KING, Thomas***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Kingsley, Jame E.***Jerseyville City
    Kingsley, William E.***Jerseyville City
    Kingsley, William J.***Jerseyville City
    KINGSTON, Thomas a.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    KINNADA?, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    KINNADA?, Isaac***O.C. 7-12
    KINNADA?, Isaac N.***O.C. 7-12
    KINNADA?, Jesse***O.C. 7-12
    KINNEY, Abraham L.***Grafton 6-13
    KINNEY, Henry***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KINNEY, Mitchell***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    Kinney, Patrick***Grafton 6-12
    Kinsela, Lizzie***Jerseyville City
    Kinsela, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Kinsela, Robert***Jerseyville City
    KINSLY, Edward***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KINSLY, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KINSLY, William***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRBY, Cha’s H.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, Edward***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRBY, Elizabeth***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRBY, Elizabeth***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, Emma***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, Eva M.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, Experience***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRBY, Fanny D.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, Geo. G.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, Geo. H.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, Harriett M.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRBY, James H.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRBY, Joanna***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRBY, Justus L.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRBY, L. L.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRBY, Margaret E.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, Marietta***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Kirby, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    KIRBY, Nathaniel***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRBY, Oliver***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRBY, Robert H.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRBY, Sarah A.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRBY, Sarah E.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRBY, Sarah M.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRBY, Thomas W.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, William***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRBY, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KIRBY, William H.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRCHNER, Charles R.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRCHNER, Charlotte***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRCHNER, Clara***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRCHNER, E. Viola***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRCHNER, George***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRCHNER, George A.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRCHNER, George B.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRCHNER, Harmon***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRCHNER, Margaret***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRCHNER, Otho/Otto***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Kirchner, Ulysses S.***Jerseyville City
    KIRCHNER, Valentine***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KIRKNER, Benjamine***O.C. 7-12
    KIRKNER, Charles***O.C. 7-12
    Kirkpactrick, Jennie***Jerseyville City
    KIRKPATRICK, Absalon***Grafton 6-13
    KIRKPATRICK, Agnes R.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRKPATRICK, Anna***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRKPATRICK, Augusta***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Kirkpatrick, Frank M.***Tws 6 Range 11
    KIRKPATRICK, George***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRKPATRICK, George H.***Grafton 6-13
    KIRKPATRICK, James A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRKPATRICK, L?????***Grafton 6-13
    KIRKPATRICK, Lewis***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRKPATRICK, Lillie***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Kirkpatrick, Martin***Tws 6 Range 11
    KIRKPATRICK, Mary A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRKPATRICK, Mary A.***Grafton 6-13
    KIRKPATRICK, Mattie S.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRKPATRICK, Robert***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    KIRKPATRICK, William***Grafton 6-13
    Kirkwood, Armilda***Jerseyville City
    Kirkwood, David***Jerseyville City
    Kirkwood, Geo. F.***Jerseyville City
    Kirkwood, Robert***Jerseyville City
    KISTLER, Anna***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KISTLER, Annie***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KISTLER, Elizaberh***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KISTLER, George***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KISTLER, Matilda***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KISTLER, Theodore***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KISTLER, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KITHMAUS, Gertrude***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Kitzenberger, Augustus***Jerseyville City
    Kitzenberger, Chas.***Jerseyville City
    Kitzenberger, Chas.***Jerseyville City
    Kitzenberger, John***Jerseyville City
    Kitzenberger, Katie***Jerseyville City
    Kitzenberger, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Kitzenberger, William***Jerseyville City
    KITZMILLER, Adelaide***Jville 9-11
    KITZMILLER, Anderson***Jville 9-11
    KITZMILLER, Edward***Jville 9-11
    KITZMILLER, Henry C.***Jville 9-11
    KITZMILLER, Joseph***Jville 9-11
    KITZMILLER, Washington***Jville 9-11
    Kleismer, Frank***Grafton 6-12
    Kleismer, Margaret***Grafton 6-12
    KLIEN, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KLIEN, Charlotte***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    KLINKENBAND, John***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    Knapp, Charlotte***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, Chas. H.***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, Edw’d A.***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, Elizabeth W.***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, Frances A.***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, Hattie B.***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, Henry L.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Knapp, Jennett***Tws 6 Range 11
    Knapp, Kate***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, Margaret***Tws 6 Range 11
    Knapp, Mary J.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Knapp, Mary Jane***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, Robert M.***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, Susie***Jerseyville City
    Knapp, William***Tws 6 Range 11
    Knapp, Winneford (male)***Tws 6 Range 11
    Knetzel, Annie***Jerseyville City
    Knetzel, Anthony***Jerseyville City
    KNIGHT, Almeda***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KNIGHT, Anna M.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KNIGHT, Annie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KNIGHT, James***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KNIGHT, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KNIGHT, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KNIGHT, Joseph***Miss. T-7 R-11
    KNIGHT, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KNIGHT, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KNIGHT, Patrick***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KNIGHT, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Knott, Christine***Grafton 6-12
    Knott, John***Grafton 6-12
    KNOWLTDON, Frank***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Koenig, Fred***Tws 6 Range 11
    Kramer, Barbara***Jerseyville City
    Kramer, John***Jerseyville City
    Kraus, Fanny***Jerseyville City
    Kraus, John***Jerseyville City
    Kraus, John A.***Jerseyville City
    Kraus, Lizzie***Jerseyville City
    Kraus, Louisa***Jerseyville City
    KRAUSSE, Frank***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KRAUSSE, Frank***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KRAUSSE, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KRAUSSE, Joseph***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KRAUSSE, Julia***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KRAUSSE, Lizzie***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KRAUSSE, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KRAUSSE, P/Raine, female***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KREBS, Annie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KREBS, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KREBS, Samuel***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KREBS, Samuel***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KRIST, Clarence***O.C. 7-12
    KRIST, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    KRIST, Jennette***O.C. 7-12
    KRIST, John***O.C. 7-12
    KRIST, Signora***O.C. 7-12
    Krumpanitzky, Adolphus***Jerseyville City
    Krumpanitzky, Brazilious***Jerseyville City
    Krumpanitzky, H.***Jerseyville City
    Krumpanitzky, Henry***Jerseyville City
    Krumpanitzky, Lizzie***Jerseyville City
    Krumpanitzky, Maggie***Jerseyville City
    Krumpanitzky, Mary***Jerseyville City
    KUENKAMP, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KULENKAMP, Dora***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KULENKAMP, George***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KULENKAMP, Henry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KULENKAMP, Velmina***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KULENKAMP, William***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    KULEY, Charles***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KULEY, Daniel C.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KULEY, Elizabeth***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KULEY, Lotta***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KULEY, Virginia***J’ville T-8 R-12
    KYLE, Christopher***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
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