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1870 Jerseyville City Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; FF = Father Foreign Born; MF = Mother Foreign Born; Born = Month Born within the year; Married = Month Married within the year; School = attended school within the year; RW = cannot read or write; V = Eligible to Vote; 21 = male 21 or older

PDFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceFFMFBornMarriedSchoolRWV21Remark
111Evans, Samuel62M Day laborer400150NJ     W 1 
111Evans, Eliza40F Keeping house  IL     1   
111Evans, Israel22M Day laborer  IL     W 1 
111Evans, Annie18F    IL     W   
111Evans, John15M    IL    1W   
111Evans, Caroline12F    IL    1    
111Evans, Prentiss10M    IL    1    
111Evans, Frederick9M    IL    1    
111Evans, Thomas7M    IL    1    
111Evans, Cornelia4F    IL         
111Evans, David1M    IL         
122Smith, Jane63F Washer woman  TN     1   
133Scheffel, Henrich45MWShoemaker4000600Prussia11    1  
133Scheffel, Mary32F Keeping house  Prussia11       
133Scheffel, Mary11F    IL11  1    
133Scheffel, Frederick9M    IL11  1    
133Scheffel, Lillie8F    IL11  1    
133Scheffel, Henry1M    IL11       
144Clark, Robert H.38M Carpetner2500300MO       1 
144Clark, Mary J.38F Keeping house  PA         
144Clark, Cora E.11F    IL    1    
144Clark, Laura L.8F    IL    1    
144Clark, William H.3M    IL         
144Clark, Chas. C.1 mo.M    IL  May      
155Thompson, James G.39M Blacksmith1500250IN       1 
155Thompson, Lucy A.E.40F Keeping house  IL         
155Thompson, Rosa J.13F    IL    1    
166Reynolds, Edgar L.26M Printer  MO       1 
166Reynolds, Mary C.23F Keeping house  OH         
166Reynolds, Evelina1F    IL         
166Smith, Effinity41F Keeping house 500VA         
177Rue, Alfred57M Lumber dealer50008000NJ       1 
177Rue, Matilda53F Keeping house  IL         
177Rue, Adolphus H.25M Lumber dealer 1500IL       1 
177Rue, Edward19M Jeweler  IL         
188Hill, Martin L.47M Saloon keeper1500300KY       1 
188Hill, Nancy E.37F Keeping house  IL         
188Hill, Harry12M    IL    1    
188Hill, Willie11M    IL    1    
188Hill, Oscar L.9 mo.     IL  Nov      
299Sanford, John E.31M Butcher40001000RI       1 
299Sanford, Mary44F Keeping house  England11       
299Sanford, Charlotte22F    NY 1       
299Sanford, Julia16F    NY 1  1    
299Sanford, Edwin14M    IL 1  1    
299Sanford, John E.11M    IL 1  1    
299Sanford, Walter8M    IL 1  1    
299Sanford, Allen6M    IL 1  1    
299Sanford, Ellery19M    RI        Invalid
299Worth, William23M Butcher  Prussia11     1 
21010Lynn, Samuel67M Retired minister5300500TN       1 
21010Lynn, Frances W.61F Keeping house  OH         
21010Lynn, William H.34M Teacher  OH       1 
21010Lynn, Amanda31F Teacher  KY         
21111Bonnell, Sarah45F Keeping house3000500NJ         
21111Bonnell, Henrietta19F Dry goods clerk  IL         
21111Bonnell, Benton17M Dry goods clerk  IL    1    
21111Bonnell, Fanny14F    IL    1    
21111Bonnell, Dayton13M    IL    1    
21111Bonnell, Charles11M    IL    1    
21111Beardslee, Nathan G (S)26M Merchant  NJ       1 
21111Beardslee, Georgia23F Keeping house  IL         
21212Legg, John67M Retired farmer2500350MD       1 
21212Legg, Catherine54F Keeping house  PA         
21212Legg, Charles10M    IL    1    
21313Miland, Deidreck47M Cooper4000650Prussia11     1 
21313Miland, Williamina43F Keeping house  Prussia11       
21313Miland, Williamena16F    MO11  1    
21313Miland, Emma14F    IL11  1    
21313Miland, Frederick12M    IL11  1    
21313Miland, Frank9M    IL11       
21313Miland, Charles5M    IL11       
21313Weber, John25M Tailor  Prussia11     1 
21313Siglock, August28M Shoemaker  Wertemberg11     1 
21414Risley, Alexia A.40F Keeping house1000300NJ         
21414Risley, Anna17F    IL    1    
21414Risley, George M.13M    IL    1    
21515Randolph, Jane49F Keeping house30003500England11       
21515Randolph, Oliver S.24M Farmer 250NJ11     1 
21515Randolph, Julia26F Keeping house  NJ         
31616Smith, John F.59M County assessor2500750SC       1 
31616Smith, Sarah58F Keeping house  TN         
31616Smith, James K.25M Dry goods clerk  IL       1 
31616Mc?, Maggie24F Domestic servant  NJ11       
31717Edee, Chas. F.41M Speculation in real estate200001000NY       1 
31717Edee, Virginia F.34F    KY         
31717Edee, Allen B.8M    IN    1    
31717Edee, Virginia F.11 mo.F    IL  Sep      
31818Snow, Jonathan L.40M Farmer2000750IN       1 
31818Snow, Emma J.34F Keeping house  IN         
31818Snow, Samuel L.19M Farm hand  IN         
31818Snow, Mary W.16F    IN         
31818Snow, Joseph W.14M Farm hand  IL    1    
31818Snow, Missouri E.12F    IL    1    
31818Snow, Eliza J.8F    IL    1    
31818Snow, Jacob J.6M    IL    1    
31818Snow, Sidney A.3M    IL         
31919Voorhees, Henry V.36M Retired merchant1000350NJ       1 
31919Voorhees, Matilda34F Keeping house  NJ         
31919Voorhees, Murray8M    IL    1    
31919Voorhees, Fanny6F    IL    1    
31919Voorhees, Harry4M    IL         
31919Voorhees, Rachael1F    IL         
32020Dalton, Frank A.44M Cooper500350VA       1 
32020Dalton, Mary E.34F Keeping house  VA         
32020Dalton, George F.17M    VA    1    
32020Nestler, Robert28M Retail liq. Dealer 350Prussia11     1 
32020Fox, John A.35M Shoemaker  Bavaria11     1 
32121Monk, George40M Cooper400150TN       1 
32121Monk, Rachael M.30F Keeping house  KY         
32121Monk, William R.8M    IL    1    
32121Monk, Margaret L.6F    IL         
32121Monk, Kattie2F    IL         
32121Monk, Margaret72F    NC         
32222Bartlett, Benj. O.43M Carpetner1500350ME       1 
32222Bartlett, Julia34F Keeping house  NY         
32222Bartlett, Clara14F    IL    1    
32222Bartlett, Linnie13F    IL    1    
32222Bartlett, May4F    IL         
32222Bartlett, Walter2M    IL         
42222Sturdivant, Sally56F Housekeeper  NY         
42222Bowman, Chas.6M    IL         
42323Wilson, Elijah J.30M Harness maker750350IL       1 
42323Wilson, Phebe30F Keeping house  IL         
42323Wilson, Emma F.10F    IL    1    
42323Wilson, Mary (twin)2F    IL         
42323Wilson, Lizzie (twin)2F    IL         
42424Worthington, Maria43F Milliner1000250England11       
42424Worthington, Ella16F Dress maker  NY11  1    
42424Worthington, Lillie12F    IL11  1    
42424Worthington, James E.11M    IL11  1    
42525Terrell, John69M Retired farmer30008000VA       1 
42525Terrell, Jane74F Keeping house  PA         
42525Andrews, Jas. H.30M Cooper  IN       1 
42525Andrews, Erdythe C.30F Keeping house  IL         
42525Andrews, John T.7M    IL    1    
42525Andrews, Hattie M.3F    IL         
42525Andrews, Sarah P.1F    IL         
42626Hodgkins, Geo. H.40M Day laborer 350Mass       1 
42626Hodgkins, Maria L.39F Keeping house  MO         
42626Hodgkins, Maria15F    IL    1    
42626Hodgkins, Elenora12F    IL    1    
42626Hodgkins, Elizabeth10F    IL    1    
42626Hodgkins, William7M    IL    1    
42626Hodgkins, Leverett5M    IL    1    
42626Hodgkins, Charles2M    IL         
42727Dapper, William38M Merchant tailor15001000Prisen, GY11     1 
42727Dapper, Kate27F Keeping house  Prisen, GY11       
42727Dapper, Lizzie6F    IL11  1    
42727Dapper, Mary4F    IL11       
42727Dapper, Willie F.2M    IL11       
42727Dapper, Emma11 mo.F    IL11July      
42828Poter?, Adam53M Day laborer600350Prussia11     1 
42828Poter?, Jane48F Keeping house  Alabama         
42828Poter?, Flora12F    IL    1    
42929Allen, Benj. J.H.28M Brick mason 300England11     1 
42929Allen, Mary A.24M Keeping house  OH         
43030Beardslee, Richd L.22F Farm hand 350NJ   May   1 
43030Beardslee, Nancy A.19M Keeping house  NY 1 May     
43030Weisner, William30F Bar keeper  Wertemberg11     1 
53131Hall, William39M Painter5000500England11     1 
53131Hall, Ann E.35F Keeping house  England11       
53131Warren, Lizzie A.17F    IL 1  1    
53131Warren, Chas. D.W.12M    IL 1  1    
53131Warren, Capiter Susan61F Nurse  England11       
53232Jackson, Geo. H.60M Farmer250002000PA       1 
53232Jackson, Elizabeth56F Keeping house  MO         
53232Jackson, John25M Farmer 1000IL       1 
53232Jackson, Margaret21F Teacher  IL         
53232Jackson, Mary23F Teacher  IL         
53232Jackson, Kate19F    IL         
53232Jackson, Lizzie16F    IL    1    
53232Jackson, Fanny14F    IL    1    
53232Jackson, George10M    IL    1    
53333English, John N.60M Retired Farmer430003000KY       1 
53333English, Elizabeth48F Keeping house  IL         
53333English, Lloyd22M Farmer  IL    1  1 
53333English, John N.18M Farm hand  IL    1    
53333English, Robert B.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
53333Brown, Mary E.26F Teacher 700IL         
53434West, John C.56M Brick mason3500500KY       1 
53434West, Mary A.45F Keeping house  TN     1   
53434West, Albert Y.14M Plasterer  IL         
53434West, Lizzie16F    IL    1    
53636Scott, Joseph G.61M Retired farmer500016000NJ       1 
53636Scott, Eliza69F Keeping house  NY         
53636Hayne, Mary18F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
53737Jackson, And.43M Politician3000010000PA       1 
53737Jackson, Mary E.31F Keeping house  NY         
53737Jackson, Charles S.3M    IL         
53737Jackson, Eliza S.1F    IL         
53737Ryan, Bridget18F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
53838Miner, Martin B.65M Lawyer3000500VT       1 
53838Miner, Laura L.59F Keeping house1000500VT         
53939McGee, Edy J.37F Boarding house 300TN     1   
53939McGee, Mattie19F    KY         
53939McGee, Alice14F    KY         
53939McGee, John10M    KY    1    
53939McGee, Laura8F    KY    1    
53939Blish, Chas. S.26M Hardware clerk  NY       1 
63939Biggs, Leander19M Drug clerk  MO         
64040Osborne, Francis52M Wool corder220002850OH       1 
64040Osborne, Martha40F Keeping house  IL         
64040Osborne, Mary V.10F    IL    1    
64040Osborne, Hattie6F    IL         
64040Osborne, James F.3M    IL         
64040Osborne, Martha E.17F    IL    1    
64040Legg, Sarah38F House keeper  IL         
64141Spence, George40M Blacksmith1500300England11     1 
64141Spence, Mary C.32F Keeping house  PA     W   
64141Spence, George W.14M    IL    1    
64141Spence, John A.12M    IL    1    
64141Spence, Kattie M.6F    IL    1    
64141Spence, Gracie E.1F    IL         
64242Carroll, John J.40M Cooper 150OH       1 
64242Carroll, Ann36F Keeping house  NY         
64242Carroll, Anna M.12F    IL    1    
64242Carroll, Ida E.2F    IL         
64242Dalton, Francis R.69M Cooper2500500VA       1 
64242Dalton, Catherine66F    VA     W   
64444May, John C.39M Cooper 300Wertemberg11     1 
64444May, Williamena29F Keeping house  Baden Baden11       
64444May, Williamena5F    MO11       
64444May, Josephine3F    MO11       
64545Voorhees, Mary41F Keeping house500150KY         
64545Voorhees, John W.19M Farm hand  MO         
64545Voorhees, Jos. W.17M Invalid  MO         
64646Nail, Daniel68M Retired farmer177501600NC       1 
64646Nail, Cynthia63F Keeping house  IN         
64646Nail, Henry O.24M Farm hand  IL       1 
64646Welford, Sarah27F Domestic servant England11       
64747Dunsdon, Julia44F Keeping house445002000NY         
64747Dunsdon, John25M Farmer  IL1      1 
64747Dunsdon, Margaret21F    IL1        
64747Dunsdon, David19M Farm hand  IL1        
64747Dunsdon, Julia16F    IL1   1    
64747Dunsdon, Walter12M    IL1   1    
64747Dunsdon, Lincoln10M    IL1  1    
64747Dunsdon, Cora8F    IL1   1    
64747Dunsdon, Josephine4F    IL1        
74747Dunsdon, Luella6F    IL1        
74848Corey, Levi D.37M Miller220001500NJ       1 
74848Corey, Almirah35F Keeping house  NJ         
74848Corey, Joel E.16M Bookkeeper  IL         
74848Corey, Rosa12F    IL         
74848Corey, Flora6F    IL         
74848Corey, Wilber4M    IL         
74848Kaho, Ellen30F Domestic servant  Ireland11   1   
74949Jett, Abram71M Auctioneer70001000KY       1 
74949Jett, Nancy65F Keeping house  KY         
74949Jett, John H.30M Retired grocer  IL      1  
74949Jett, Mary J.23F Keeping house  IL         
74949Jett, Lelah M.2F    IL         
74949Jett, George A.3 mo.M    IL  May      
75050Sanders, James C.42M Transportation master 450PA       1 
75050Sanders, Matilda32F Keeping house  NY         
75050Sanders, Bessie6F    IA         
75050Sanders, Grace3F    IA         
75050Halstead, Elizabeth75F    NY         
75151Feitsort, Chas. W.32M Drug clerk1500350Mich       1 
75151Feitsort, Cornelia25F Keeping house  IL1        
75151Feitsort, Chas. H.6M    IL         
75252Ross, John41M Day laborer 150NJ       1 
75252Ross, Ellen A.40F Keeping house  TN     W   
75252Ross, James18M Day laborer  IL         
75252Ross, Rachal A.13F    IL    1    
75252Ross, John12M    IL    1    
75252Ross, Ellen A.8F    IL    1    
75252Ross, Joseph4M    IL         
75353Ross, James67M Farmer150006000NJ       1 
75353Ross, Aletta67F Keeping house  NJ         
75454Pittman, Jane B.42F Keeping house10,005000IL         
75454Pittman, Annie25F    IL         
75454Pittman, Jennie10F    IL    1    
75454Pittman, Willie8M    IL    1    
75555Hill, Isaac N.42M Minister of the Gospel 1000NY       1 
75555Hill, Annie M.36F Keeping house  CT         
75555Hill, Francis P.16M    NY    1    
75555Hill, George A.12M    NJ    1    
75555Hill, Catherine M.9F    NJ    1    
85656McGamion, Jas. A.58M Blacksmith1500350PA       1 
85656McGamion, Elizabeth51F Keeping house  NJ         
85656McGamion, Annie M.25F Music teacher  NJ         
85757Pitt, Alexander69M Carpetner1500350TN       1 
85757Pitt, Ann63F Keeping house  NC         
85757Pitt, Alexander F.24M Harness maker  IN       1 
85858Sexton, Samuel W.42M Blacksmith 350NJ       1 
85858Sexton, Mary E.41F Keeping house  NY         
85858Wade, James B.14M    NY    1    
85858Wade, Thomas A.13M    NY    1    
85858Wade, Eugene E.12M    IL    1    
85858Wade, Mary81F  40001000NY         
85959Buser, Nicholas50M Day laborer750250France11   1 1 
85959Buser, Catherine51F Keeping house  France11       
85959Thill, Nicholas23M Day laborer 100France11       
85959Thill, Annie19F Keeping house  IL11       
86161Smith, Nicholas F.30M Carpenter 375NJ       1 
86262Ames, Jason H.46M Merchant170008000NY       1 
86262Ames, Hannah33F Keeping house  NY         
86262Ames, Carrie10F    WI    1    
86262Ames, Eddie9M    WI    1    
86262Eton, Mattie15F Domestic servant  WI    1    
86262Smith, Emma29F Keeping house  NJ         
86262Smith, Edward T.5M    IL         
86262Smith, Lizzie C.3F    IL         
86262Smith, Freddie9 mo.M    IL  Oct      
86262Bellows, Hugh21M Carpenter  IL       1 
86363Malot, Jos. S.28M Grocer3000500MO       1 
86363Malot, Mary M.23F Keeping house  MO         
86363Malot, Frank S.1M    IL         
86464Blythe, Jas. S.46M Farmer3000750TN       1 
86464Blythe, Mary A.C.45F Keeping house  VA         
86464Blythe, Robert21M Law student  IL    1  1 
86464Blythe, Juliet19F    IL    1    
86464Blythe, James G.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
86464Blythe, Samuel K.9M    IL    1    
86464Blythe, William B.7M    IL    1    
86464Blythe, Richd B.1M    IL         
86464Ury, Amos21M Farmer  TX       1 
86464Theodicia E.16F    TX    1    
96565Foster, Geo. I.43M County surveyor40002,00CT         
96565Foster, Lavina J.34F Keeping house  NY         
96565Foster, Judson P.11M    IL    1    
96565Foster, Risa E.9F    IL    1    
96565Foster, Charles E.7M    IL    1    
96565Foster, Albert W.3M    IL         
96565Foster, Mary N.5 mo.F    IL  Dec      
96666Olney, Cogswell S.38M Deputy sheriff6002000OH       1 
96666Olney, Virginia F.25F Keeping house  IL         
96666Edwards Wm. J.54M Jailor1000 KY       1 
96767Calhoun, Jas. W.46M Grocer clerk 500NH       1 
96767Calhoun, Lucinda58F Invalid  NY         
96767Calhoun, Emily L.20F Keeping house  IL         
96868Daniels, James S.35M Farmer4500650PA       1 
96868Daniels, Emily28F Keeping house  IL         
96868Daniels, Kate10F    IL    1    
96868Daniels, Harry5M    IL         
96868Daniels, Flora1F    IL         
96969Rue, William27M Cook in restaurant1000350IL       1 
96969Rue, Frances E.24F Keeping house  ME         
96969Rue, Lillile9 mo.F    IL  Nov      
96969Waterman, Effie14F    OH    1    
97070Hawley, Wm. S.51M Merchant90009000NY       1 
97070Hawley, Caroline39F Keeping house  NJ         
97070Hawley, Caroline19F    IL         
97070Hawley, Grace17F    IL         
97070Hawley, William M.13M    IL    1    
97070Hawley, Fanny12F    IL         
97171Riddle, Isaac B.55M Tinware 500OH       1 
97171Riddle, Hester M.53F Keeping house750OH         
97171Riddle, Chas. M.33M Hareware merchant  OH       1 
97171Riddle, Sarah22F    OH         
97171Riddle, Carrie20F    OH         
97171Riddle, John M.26M Farmer 400OH       1 
97171Riddle, Howard15M    OH    1    
97171Riddle, Phebe18F    OH    1    
97272Riddle, George21M Tinner  OH    1  1 
97272Riddle, Mary20F Keeping house  IN         
97272Reader, Hettie2F    IL         
97272Jacob, Charles25M Day laborer  Prussia11     1 
107373Leusche, Paul40M Sallon keeper150001000Switzerland11     1 
107373Leusche, Julia38F Keeping house  Prussia11       
107373Leusche, Paul16M Grocer clerk  IL11  1    
107373Leusche, Emma11F    IL11  1    
107373Leusche, Louis7M    IL11  1    
107373Leusche, Julia4F    IL11  1    
107373Neumeyer, Charles22M Bar keeper 500Prussia11       
107474Wykoff, David G.58M Dry goods500010000NY       1 
107474Wykoff, Catherine E.36F Keeping house  NY         
107474Wykoff, Frances E.21F    IL         
107575Landon, Norman52M Farmer5000750VT       1 
107575Landon, Amelia45F keeping house  NJ         
107575Landon, Norman10M    IL    1    
107676Howe, George W.39M Grain merchant 10000NY       1 
107676Howe, Frances L.40F    NY        
107676Howe, Frances L.16F    WI    1    
107676Howe, Ella May (twin)5F    KS         
107676Howe, Emma Ray (twin)5F    KS         
107676Howe, Harriet E.3F    KS         
107676Russell, John27M Hired hand  England11       
107777Miller, Mary M.L.33F Keeping house90005500IL         
107777Johnson, Emeline29F Keeping house3800750IL         
107777Johnson, Nellie F.11F    IL    1    
107777Johnson, Augustus8M    IL    1    
107777Danforth, Charlott18F    IL         
107878Davis, Harmon30M Day laborer 100MO     W 1 
107878Davis, Jane35F Keeping house  MO         
107878Davis, Anna5F    IL         
107878Davis, Lucy1F    IL         
107878Gibson, George16M Day laborer  IL         
107878Gibson, Adelaide11F    IL         
107979Nally, William G.34M Bricklayer 200PA       1 
107979Nally, Sarah E.22F Keeping house  IL         
108080Meyers, Louis R.40M Brick layer300200Mass       1 
108080Meyers, Matilda39F Keeping house  MO     W   
108080Meyers, Mary C.16F    MO    1    
108080Meyers, Virginia13F    IL    1    
108080Scroggins, Thomas36M Wood Sawyer  MO     W 1Blind
108080Scroggins, Sherman16M Day laborer  IL     W   
108181Moore, Amos62M Farmer60002000NJ       1 
118181Moore, Clarisa50F Keeping house  NY         
118181Moore, William N.20M Farm hand  IL    1    
118282Hutchinson, John63M Day laborer400150NY       1 
118282Hutchinson, Eliza38F Keeping house  NJ         
118282Hutchinson, Mary12F    IL    1    
118282Hutchinson, Ella3F    IL         
118383Freaser, John36M Day laborer350100Scotland11     1 
118383Freaser, Mary34F Keeping house  Scotland11   W   
118383Freaser, Allen W.3M    IL11       
118383Freaser, May2F    IL11       
118484Hewitt, William30M Painter1000250MO       1 
118484Hewitt, Ellen25F Keeping house  NY         
118484Hewitt, Arthur F.4M    IL         
118484Hewitt, Rowena2F    IL         
118585Braddish, Nelson P.36M Carpenter1000350NY       1 
118585Braddish, Carrie27F Keeping house  TN         
118585Braddis, Rosa B.4F    IL         
118686Calkins, Henry34M Dental surgeon3000500PA       1 
118686Calkins, Harriett E.35F Keeping house  OH         
118686Calkins, William M.7M    OH         
118686Calkins, Cora E.5F    IL         
118686Calkins, Emma E.2F    IL         
118787Shephard, John36M Carpenter400150England11     1 
118787Shephard, Isabella29F Keeping house  Scotland11       
118787Shephard, Arthur5M    IL11       
118787Shephard, Thomas2M    IL11       
118787Shephard, Mary1F    IL11       
118888Fields, Sarah66F Weaver600150NC     1   
118888Burch, Mary A.35F Keeping house  IN         
118888Burch, William D.20M Painter  MO         
118888Burch, Sarah A.16F    IL    1    
118888Burch, Joseph S.14M    IL    1    
118888Burch, Chas. E.6M    IL         
118989Goldthwait, Edah A.31F Dressmaker 150NH         
118989Goldthwait, Frank A.14M    NH    1    
118989Goldthwait, Charles A.12M    WI    1    
119090Hamilton, Jos. O.46M Physician1800047000IL         
119090Hamilton, Margaret40F Keeping house  Scotland11       
119090Hamilton, Orwood12M    IL 1  1    
119090Hamilton, Mary16F    IL 1  1    
129090Hamilton, Frank G.2M    IL 1       
129191Cuddihua, Thomas40M Butcher 250Ireland11   1 1 
129191Cuddihua, Bridget35F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
129191Cuddihua, Maggie13F    NY11  1    
129191Cuddihua, William12M    IL11  1    
129191Cuddihua, Michael9M    IL11  1    
129191Cuddihua, Annie7F    IL11       
129191Cuddihua, Andrew3M    IL11       
129292West, George43M Farm hand 100OH     1 1 
129292West, Josephine32F Keeping house  Baden Baden11       
129292West, Mary E.3F    IL 1       
129292West, Catherine J.1F    IL 1       
129393Rowden, Mary46F Keeping house500150IL        
129393Rowden, George21M Teamster 100IA       1 
129393Rowden, Eveline19F    IA         
129494Carson, John36M Day laborer 150NJ       1 
129494Carson, Sarah35F Keeping house  NJ         
129494Carson, Rachael M.13F    NJ    1    
129494Carson, Lillie M.4F    IL         
129494Carson, William E.2M    IL         
129595Williams, John S.36M Cooper 100PA       1 
129595Williams, Mary C.33F Keeping house  IL         
129595Moore, John Elvis9M    IL    1    
129595Moore, Laura Bell7F    IL    1    
129595Moore, Naomi M.6F    IL    1    
129595Moore, Alice L.3F    IL         
129595Moore, Margaret L.1F    IL         
129696Rowray, James P.37M Carpenter2000350PA       1 
129696Rowray, Maggie29F Keeping house  PA         
129696Rowray, Melmer5M    IL         
129696Rowray, David K.2M    IL         
129797Davis, Isaac49M Day laborer 100TN     1 1 
129797Davis, Elizabeth38F Keeping house  IL     W   
129797Davis, Josephine14F    IL    1W   
129797Davis, Mary E.12F    IL    1    
129797Davis, Annetta9F    IL    1    
129797Davis, America7F    IL         
129797Davis, Perry O.1M    IL         
129797Davis, Adda4F    IL         
129797Wilson, Theodore23M Bar Keeper  NJ       1 
139898Fields, James M.46M Day laborer 200IN       1 
139898Fields, Mary E.40F Keeping house  TN     W   
139898Fields, Nancy M.19F    IL    1    
139898Fields, Frank M.13M    IL    1    
139898Fields, John P.6M    IL    1    
139898Hicks, Belle15F    IL    1    
139999Hicks, Francis Z.43M Carpenter 150Scotland     1 1 
139999Hicks, Julia A.33F Keeping house  IL         
139999Hicks, Nancy8F    IL    1    
139999Hicks, Ellen5F    IL         
13100100Osborn, John C.25M  150150IL       1 
13100100Osborn, Rhoda M.25F Keeping house  PA        
13100100Osborn, William R.5 mo.M   IL  Feb      
13101101Adams, Hiram30M Day laborer 250KY       1 
13101101Adams, Iva E.23F Keeping house  OH         
13101101Adams, Ella4F    IL         
13102102Lyming, Ezekiel V.42M Day laborer800250NJ       1 
13102102Lyming, Sarah A.32F Keeping house  KY         
13102102Lyming, James S.13M Farm hand  IL    1    
13102102Lyming, Henrietta T.12F    IL    1    
13102102Lyming, Ann E.9F    IL    1    
13103103Walch, Michael68M Day laborer20001050Ireland11   1 1 
13103103Walch, Mary60F Keeping house Ireland11   W   
13103103Walch, Patrick30M Day laborer  Ireland11   W 1 
13103103Walch, William28M Day laborer  Ireland11   W 1 
13104104Bonner, Alex G.33M Day laborer 100OH     W 1 
13104104Bonner, Mary30F Keeping house  Ireland11       
13105105Blay, Alexander70M Day laborer 100MO     1 1 
13105105Blay, Elizabeth60F Keeping house  KY     1   
13105105Cowen, Henry21M Farmer1000250IL   May     
13105105Cowen, Mary19F Keeping house  MO   May     
13105105Blay, James17M Day laborerMO     1 1 
13106106Leach, Drury C.56M Brick maker3500450IL       1 
13106106Leach, Elizabeth F.47F Keeping house  OH         
13106106Leach, Albert B.17M    IL    1    
13106106Leach, Laura J.15F    IL    1    
13106106Leach, Otis D.9M    IL    1    
13106106Leach, Deborah F.7F    IL    1    
13106106Spencer, Lizzie26F Dress maker 150OH         
13106106Nopartra, Mary16F Domestic servant  Bohemia11       
14107107Landon, Alonzo F.62M Farmer50001000VT       1 
14107107Landon, Salinda25F Keeping house  IL         
14107107Landon, Eliza7F    IL    1    
14107107Landon, Dennis3M    IL         
14107107Landon, Lucy A.11 mo.F    IL  Dec      
14108108Gard, Geo. W.43M Farmer 550PA       1 
14108108Gard, William17M Cooper  OH    1    
14108108Gard, Mary16F Keeping house  OH    1    
14108108Gard, Hattie15F    OH    1    
14108108Gard, George10M    OH    1    
14108108Gard, Alice8F    OH    1    
14109109Heith, Mary35F Keeping house  Wertemburg11       
14109109Heith, Mary8F  2500 IL11  1    
14109109Heith, Mena6F  2500 IL11      
14110110Fortune, Veslintia37F Keeping house 150NC         
14110110Edwards, Amanda19F    TX      1  
14110110Edwards, Carrie2F    IL         
14111111Randolph, Isaac82M Retired shoemaker 250NJ       1 
14111111Randolph, Mary47F Keeping house  NJ         
14112112Buffington, Jos. H.57M Physician, retired1000350PA       1 
14112112Buffington, Frances G.48F Keeping house  OH         
14112112Buffington, Cyrus A.29M Druggist  IL       1 
14112112Buffington, Clark C.26M Teacher  IL       1 
14112112Buffington, Colby D.23M Student  IL       1 
14112112Buffington, Clara E.20F    IL         
14112112Buffington, Clington12M    IL    1    
14113113Marston, Joseph G.33M Grocer 3000PA       1 
14113113Marson, Adaline25F Keeping house  IL         
14114114Hamilton, C.M.44M Pork Packer400005000VT       1 
14114114Hamilton, Mary C.40F Keeping house  MO         
14114114Hamilton, Edward A.18M    IL    1    
14114114Hamilton, Emily E.16F    IL    1    
14114114Hamilton, Willie8M    IL         
14114114Hamilton, Clarence E.4M    IL         
14114114Hamilton, Caroline7 mo.F    IL  Jan      
14114114Cannon, Charlotte12F    IL         
14114114McCann, Josephine18F Domestic servant  IL         
14115115Hayes, Harley E.57M U.S. Asst. assessor650010650VT         
14115115Hayes, Mary54F Keeping house  NY       1 
14115115Marshall, Minerva14F    IL    1    
15116116Ford, Gideon H.34M Painter1500250NJ       1 
15116116Ford, Henrietta29F Keeping house  NY         
15116116Ford, Thomas1M    IL         
15116116Seward, Melissa19F Teacher  IL         
15117117Faek, John C.51M Merchant & tailor100008500PA       1 
15117117Faek, Henrietta46F Keeping house  PA         
15117117Faek, Albert19M Dry goods clerk  IL         
15117117Faek, Henrietta14F    IL         
15117117Faek, Nicholas12M    IL         
15117117Faek, Millard F.5M    IL         
15118118Derby, Charles R.43M Hardware merchant20003000VT       1 
15118118Derby, Mildred32F Keeping house  IL         
15118118Derby, Ella14F    IL    1    
15118118Derby, Harry11M    IL    1    
15118118Derby, Olive7F    IL    1    
15119119Cockrell, Geo. C.34M Compress mechanic3000500IL       1 
15119119Cockrell, Cornelia34F Keeping house5000 TN         
15119119Cockrell, George M.7M    IL    1    
15119119Cockrell, Harry B.5M    IL         
15119119Ferguson, Grace16F    IL    1    
15119119Cockrell, Elias32M Commission merchant8000500IL       1 
15119119Landry, Mary25F Domestic servant  LA         
15120120Van Horne, Alex C.39M Physician65001000NY       1 
15120120Van Horne, Elizabeth31F Keeping house NJ         
15120120Van Horne, Ellen S.10F    IL    1    
15120120Van Horne, Hugh6M    IL    1    
15120120Van Horne, May3F    IL         
15120120Stewart, Elizabeth20F Domestic servant  IL         
15121121Varble, Rebecca J.45F Dressmaker 200TN     W   
15121121Varble, William H.24M Carpenter  IL       1 
15121121Varble, Joseph D.12M    IL         
15121121Stone, Leonora E.17F Dressmaker  IL         
15122122Reading, Daniel27M Wholesale Liquor clerk 150Ireland11     1 
15122122Reading, Ellen25FKeeping house  Ireland11       
15122122Roach, Maggie20F Dressmaker 125CT11       
15123123Jennings, Mary E.60F Keeping house  NY         
15123123Jennings, Ann E.42F Milliner3500750NY         
15123123Jennings, Mary E.38F Milliner  NJ         
15123123Jennings, William33M    NY       1 
16124124Parent, Geo. W.49M Painter4000450NJ       1 
16124124Parent, Martha21F Keeping house  NJ         
16124124Parent, Charles W.17M Painter  NJ         
16124124Parent, Emma W.15F    NJ    1    
16125125Knetzel, Anthony58M Grocer2000500Bohemia11     1 
16125125Knetzel, Annie55F Keeping house  Bohemia11       
16125125Thompson, William9M    IL    1    
16126126Van Deventer, Mary J.36F Dressmaker 250OH         
16126126Van Deventer, Hattie J.5F    IL         
16127127Massey, Henry C.41M Farmer508004900MO       1 
16127127Massey, Catherine33F Keeping house  Ireland11       
16127127Massey, Maria L.14F    IL 1  1    
16127127Massey, Fanny13F    IL 1  1    
16127127Massey, Henry C.10M    IL 1 1    
16127127Massey, Alice A.7F    IL 1  1    
16127127Massey, Willie5M    IL 1       
16127127Massey, Liargas3M   IL 1       
16127127Archer, Mathav25M Farm hand  OH       1 
16127127Pekin, Ellen35F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
16128128Ford, Rebecca A.25F Dress maker 350IL         
16128128Ford, Henrietta C.4F    IL         
16129129Lipscomb, Charles W.50M Gunsmith 200England11     1 
16129129Lipscomb, Caroline E.28F Keeping house  IL         
16129129Lipscomb, Ellen17F    Mich1        
16129129Lipscomb, Oliver J.19M    Mich1   1    
16129129Lipscomb, Baby8 mo.F    IL1 Oct      
16130130Hackley, Abrams35M House painter100150KY       1 
16130130Herdsman, Wm. J.55M City Clerk21200 Scotland11     1 
16130130Herdsman, Thomas M.37M Merchant105012500NY11     1 
16130130Herdsman, Margaret S.21F Keeping house  NJ         
16130130Herdsman, Mary3F    IL         
16130130Herdsman, Thomas M.1M    IL         
161301t30Herdsman, George W.31M Lawyer4500500NY11     1 
16130130Dunn, Jane J.42F  6000500NY11       
16131131Bonnell, David F.48M Merchant280002000NJ       1 
16131131Mulford, Catherine80F Keeping house4000200/2,000OH         
16132132Campbell, John S.33M Hotel keeper40003000OH       1 
16132132Campbell, Mary E.24F Keeping house  NY         
16132132Campbell, Etta4F    IL         
16132132Campbell, Fanny3F    IL         
17133133Faek, John C. Jr.28M Carpenter2000350PA       1 
17133133Faek, Mary A.24F Keeping house  IL         
17133133Faek, Warren4M    IL         
17133133Faek, Margaret2F    IL         
17134134Beardslee, I.M.30M Merchant160012000NJ       1 
17134134Beardslee, Lora22F Keeping house  IL         
17134134Beardslee, Mollie4F    IL         
17134134Beardslee, MaudF     IL         
17134134Beardslee, Edward65M Retired farmer  NJ         
17134134Beardslee, Susan60F    NJ         
17134134Arkebauer, Lesie24F Domestic servant  Prussia11       
17134134Stelle, George20M Dry goods clerk  NJ         
17135135Grosjean, Louis40M Shoemaker80001200France11     1 
17135135Grosjean, Louisa45F Keeping house  France11       
17135135Hankey, Hattie11F    IL11  1   
17136136Patton, William32M Painter560200IL       1 
17136136Patton, Mary A.24F Keeping house  England11       
17136136Patton, Willie3M    IL 1       
17137137Boyle, Chas. M.24M Wholesale liq. Dealer 500Ireland11     1 
17137137Boyle, Mary19F Keeping house  Ireland11       
17137137Boyle, Mary E.1F    IL11       
17137137Edward, Ellen17F Domestic servant  IL11       
17137137Cronon, Patrick35M Day laborer  Ireland11     1 
17137137Kelegher, Patrick24M Day laborer  Ireland11     1 
17138138Keber, Fred29M Tailor 250Wertemburg11       
17138138Keber, Mary31F Keeping house  Wertemburg11       
17138138Keber, Louisa2F    IL11       
17138138Keber, Anna7 moF    IL11Jan      
17139139Titus, Smith M.54M Miller7001800NY       1 
17139139Titus, Catherine44F Keeping house4000 NY         
17139139Dicus, William C.28M Miller 500PA       1 
17139139Dicus, Alida22F Keeping house  NY         
17139139DeGraff, William35M Bookkeeper  NY       1 
17140140Post, James T.71M Farmer200001000VT       1 
17140140Post, Ardelia69F Keeping house  RI         
17140140Walpole, Phebe17F Domestic servant  NJ         
17141141Robbins, Milton D.31M Banker60001000IL       1 
17141141Robbins, Fanny A.26F Keeping house  NJ         
17141141Robbins, Everett M.5M    IL         
17141141Malone, Mary27F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
18142142King, George I.55M Minister of the gospel3460014000NY       1 
18142142King, Emily B.54F Keeping house  NH         
18142142King, Ella21F    NY         
18142142King, Clara19F    NJ    1    
18142142McElroy, Nancy27F Domestic servant  MO     1   
18143143Nance, Rich’d28M Sewing machine agt 350KY       1 
18143143Nance, Martha J.26F Keeping house  IN         
18143143Nance, Mary F.11F    TX    1    
18143143Nance, Emma H.6F    TX    1    
18143143Nance, Lula A.2F    IL         
18143143Spencer, Sarah E.24F Seamstress  IN         
18144144Griesinger, Alex35M Veterinary surgeon 250Wertemburg11     1 
18144144Griesinger, Maggie24F Keeping house  MD11       
18144144Griesinger, Willie2M    IL1        
18145145Bridges, Eliza56F Keeping house8000350TN         
18145145Bridges, Fanny (twin)17F Teacher  IL    1    
18145145Bridges, Frank (twin)17M Pringer  IL         
18145145Bridges, Thomas B.12M    IL    1    
18146146Perrings, Geo. W.40M Farmer150001000NY       1 
18146146Perrings, Huldah76F Keeping house150004000VT         
18147147Keith, William58M Undertaker20006000KY       1 
18147147Keith, Sarah A.51F Keeping house  OH         
18147147Keith, Sarah A.25F Teacher  MO         
18147147Keith, Arzine E.20F    IL    1    
18147147Keith, Flora16F    IL    1    
18147147Keith, Chas. W.12M    IL    1    
18147147Betucheck, F.A.57M Cabinet maker  France11     1 
18147147Wadding, John W.45M Cabinet maker  OH       1 
18148148Recappi, Anthony45M Harness maker60001500France11     1 
18148148Recappi, Mary57F Keeping house  France11       
18148148Haukey, Sarah16F    IL11  1    
18149149Adams, Zenith H.72M Retired farmer300011300NY       1 
18149149Adams, Amelia61F Keeping house  NY         
18150150Knapp, Chas. H.58M School County11000500NY       1 
18150150Knapp, Elizabeth W.44F Keeping house  NY         
18150150Knapp, Charlotte20F    IL    1    
18150150Cuddihaa, Alice21F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
18151151Barr, James A.48M Farmer280004520TN       1 
18151151Barr, Hannah M.36M Keeping house  NY         
18151151Barr, Olivet M.5F    IL         
19151151Barr, Kate A.3F    IL         
19151151Barr, Lucy2F    IL         
19151151Lindley, Annie M.14F    IL    1    
19151151Lindley, Birdie8F    IL    1    
19151151Lindley, Fred12M    IL    1    
19151151Hughes, Mary17F Domestic servant  Ireland11   1   
19153153Ross, David59M Farm hand 100VA       1 
19153153Ross, Sarah42F Keeping house  TN    1    
19153153Ross, Laura J.6F    IL         
19154154Phelps, Jane70F    VT         
19155155Barr, John C.52M Farmer315004520TN       1 
19155155Barr, Mary A.46F Keeping house  TN         
19155155Barr, Mary A.20F    IL    1    
19155155Barr, Julia A.16F    IL    1    
19155155Barr, Sarah L.13F    IL    1    
19155155Winham, Mary69F    TN1        
19155155Waddell, John25M Farm hand  TN       1 
19155155Johnson, Richard21M Farm hand  MO       1 
19156156Trowbridge, Mary25F Dress maker 100VA         
19156156Trowbridge, Clifford4M    IN         
19157157Brandt, Henry A.35M Cigars & tobacco35001000Prussia11     1 
19157157Brandt, Kate35F Keeping house  Hessen11       
19157157Brandt, Louisa11F    MO11  1    
19157157Brandt, Henry A.4M    IL11       
19157157Brandt, Annie4 mo.F    IL11Apr      
19158158Leigh, Thomas61M Farmer78001340England11     1 
19158158Leigh, Martha59F Keeping house  PA         
19159159Thuston, Lewis C.56M Harness dealer106502700IL       1 
10159159Thuston, Sarah50F Keeping house  IL         
10159159Thuston, Harriett H.14F    IL    1    
10159159Kirchner, Ulysses S.5M    IL    1    
10159159Van Pelt, Clark37M Harness maker  IL       1 
10160160De Long, John54M Day laborer 200VA     1 1 
10160160De Long, Harriet47F Keeping house  IN     1   
10160160De Long, Maria19F    IN         
10160160De Long, Amos17M Farm hand  IN    1    
10160160De Long, Thomas14M    IN    1    
10160160De Long, Levi12M    IN    1    
10160160De Long, Mary10F    IN    1    
10160160De Long, Frances6F    IN    1    
20161161Swarz, John G.35M Livery stable205006000KY11     1 
20161161Swarz, Catherine32F Keeping house  KY11       
20161161Swarz, Caroline10F    IL11  1    
20161161Swarz, Mary8F    IL11  1    
20161161Swarz, Rosa6F    IL11       
20161161Swarz, George1M    IL11       
20161161Hess, John50M Day laobrer 400Wertemburg11       
20162162Hearty, James30M Catholic priest 9000Ireland11       
20162162Fitzgibbons, John55M Hired hand  Ireland11   W 1 
20162162Maloy, Mary A.35F Keeping house  Prussia11       
20162162Maloy, Alice15F    IL11  I    
20162162Curran, Hannah20F    Ireland11       
20163163Wharton, George51M Machinist150004000PA       1 
20163163Wharton, Jane54F Keeping house  PA         
20163163Wharton, George N.17M Machinist  IL   1    
20163163Wharton, Robert N.13M    IL    1    
20163163McFee, Robert56M Engineer 2000PA       1 
20164164James, Joseph63M Farmer3000300Ireland11     1 
20164164James, Elnora61F Keeping house  Ireland11       
20165165Paul, Philip40M Farmer 650Nassau11     1 
20165165Paul, Maria S.30F Keeping house  MO11       
20165165Paul, Louisa12F    IL1        
20165165Paul, Mary5F    IL1        
20165165Paul, Louisa3M    IL1        
20165165Paul, Willie4 mo.M    IL1 Nov      
20166166Clayton, Benj C56M Farmer70001115NJ       1 
20166166Clayton, Christiana60F Keeping house  PA         
20166166Senior, Mary H.26F    PA         
20166166Senior, Hattie G.3 mo.F    IL  May      
20167167Stelle, Jacob K.53M Retired farmer205005780NJ       1 
20167167Stelle, Eliza J.53F Keeping house  NJ         
20167167Stelle, Cretie21F    IL         
20168168Davidson, Ezekiel50M Retired farmer730021500NJ       1 
20168168Davidson, Catherine C.46F Keeping house  NY         
20168168Hutchinson, R.M.27M Dental surgeon  NJ         
20169169Snedeker, Samuel68M Farmer511001900NJ       1 
20169169Snedeker, Hanick M.63F Keeping house  NJ         
20169169Sunderland, Sally22F    PA         
20169169Reynolds, George12M    IL    1    
21169169Parks, Amanda14F    PA    1    
21169169Rieker, Elizabeth38F Domestic servant  Switzerland11       
21169169Haun, Amos27M Farm hand  NJ       1 
21170170Adams, Newell L.74M Retired farmer350002500VT       1 
21170170Adams, Sophronia66F Keeping house  CT         
21170170Baugh, Robert E.21M Farm hand  IL       1 
21171171Curtis, Leander30M Farmer35001000IL       1 
21171171Curtis, Elizabeth A.27F Keeping house  IL         
21171171Curtis, Harry L.6M    IL         
21171171Curtis, Lulu D.4F    IL         
21171171Curtis, Frederick M.1M    IL         
21172172Likely, Mary66F Keeping house 100Prussia11       
21172172Likely, Ellen30F    Prussia11       
21173173Brown, Atha A.47F Keeping house1200250KY         
21173173Brown, Victory11F    IL    1 1 
21173173Willis, William A.23M Day laborer  IL   May   
21173173Willis, Mary E.16F Keeping house  IL   May     
21174174Crossman, Frances E.45F Keeping house 100NH         
21174174Crossman, Fred D.17M Grocer clerk  Mass         
21175175McClure, Jas. M.36M Blacksmith30001500MO       1 
21175175McClure, Christena36F Keeping house  Scotland11       
21175175McClure, Sela8F    IL 1  1    
21175175McClure, Willie3M    IL 1       
21175175Bringhurst, James19M Blacksmith  IL         
21176176Darby, John C.40M Grocer 1500NJ       1 
21176176Darby, Henrietta39F Keeping house            
21176176Darby, Elva15F    IL    1    
21176176Darby, Charlotte10F    IL    1    
21176176Darby, Maggie7F    IL    1    
21176176Darby, Olive6 mo.F    IL  Feb      
21176176Teitsort, Kate15F Domestic servant  Canada11       
21177177Kitzenberger, Chas30M Miller1500500Wertemburt11     1 
21177177Kitzenberger, Mary23F Keeping house  Baden Baden11   1   
21177177Kitzenberger, Chas.7M    IL11  1    
21177177Kitzenberger, William6M    IL11       
21177177Kitzenberger, Augustus4M    IL11       
21177177Kitzenberger, Katie2F    IL11       
21177177Kitzenberger, John1M    IL11       
21178178Fisher, Henry C.33M Retired farmer  NJ       1 
21178178Fisher, Maria L.35F Keeping house  NJ         
22178178Fisher, Clara90F    IL    1    
22179179Pilger, William41M Harness maker4000500Prussia11     1 
22179179Pilger, Frederica40F Keeping house  Prussia11       
22179179Pilger, Josephine14F    MO11       
22179179Pilger, Louisa12F    IL11       
22179179Pilger, Theresa8F    IL11       
22180180Pauly, Charles47M Baker 1500Prussia11     1 
22180180Pauly, Frances42F Keeping house  Switzerland11       
22180180Pauly, Mena3F    IL11       
22180180Pauly, William3 mo.M    IL11May      
22180180Mier, Elizabeth19F    Switzerland11       
22180180Mier, Michael16M Apprentice baker  MO11  1    
22180180Mier, Caroline10F    MO11  1    
22180180Mier, Herman8M    MO11  1    
22181181Buckley, Stephen36M Shoe maker1600150Ireland11     1 
22181181Buckley, Hannah35F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
22181181Buckley, Mary9F    IL11  1    
22181181Buckley, John8M    IL11  1    
22181181Buckley, Ellen6F    IL11  1    
22181181Buckley, Stephen4M    IL11       
22181181Buckley, Honorah2F    IL11       
22181181Buckley, Willie8 mo.M    IL1 Dec      
22182182Wiley, John34M Grocer12002500NY       1 
22182182Wiley, Susan60F Keeping house  Ireland11       
22182182Hayes, Carrie23F Dressmaker  NY         
22183183Kinsela, Robert25M Saloon keeper 250Ireland11   1 1 
22183183Kinsela, Lizzie23F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
22183183Kinsela, Mary2F    IL11       
22184184Gocke, Gustave30M Baker45001000Prussia11     1 
22184184Gocke, Elizabeth30F Keeping house  Baden Baden11       
22184184Gocke, Gustave3M    IL11       
22184184Gocke, Edward6 mo.M    IL11Feb      
22184184Retterath, Rudolph12M    IL11  1    
22184184Sanger, Mary13F    IL11  1    
22185185Bayer, Henry F.30M Barber3500500NY11     1 
22185185Bayer, Catherine26F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
22185185Bayer, William C.5M    IL 1       
22185185Bayer, Frederick7M    IL 1  1    
22185185Bayer, Mary R.3F    IL 1       
22185185Bayer, Lena E.1F    IL 1       
23185185Feutcher, Mary54F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
23185185Bayer, Simon21M Barber  NY11     1 
23185185Switzer, Hannah25F Domestic servant  IA11       
23186186Grosjean, Nicholas40M Saloon keeper2000600France11     1 
23186186Grosjean, Christena39F Keeping house  Prussia11       
23186186Grosjean, Frederick9M    IL11  1    
23186186Grosjean, Julia3F    IL11       
23186186Grosjean, Nicholas1M    IL11       
23186186Grosjean, Andrew39M Barber 500France11       
23187187Casavant, Louis29M Watchmaker 1500Canada11     1 
23187187Casavant, Mena21F Music teacher  IL11       
23187187Casavant, Louis2M    IL1        
23187187Casavant, Joseph65M    Canada11       
23188188Holcombe, Chas. P.56M Hotel keeper400013000NJ       1 
23188188Holcombe, Sarah54F Keeping house  NJ         
23188188Holcombe, James P.25M Hotel clerk  NJ       1 
23188188Holcombe, Louis S.23M Hotel clerk  NJ       1 
23188188Merrell, Jno. W.30M Lawyer  NY       1 
23188188Sayers, Robert28M Lawyer  Ireland11     1 
23188188Edgar, Wm. H.27M Editor  MO       1 
23188188Randolph, Peter37M Patent right dealer  NJ       1 
23188188Van Duyn, John21M Servant  NJ       1 
23188188Clark, Mollie20F Domestic servant  MO       1 
23188188Anderson, Annie35F Domestic servant  MO11      
23188188Gibbons, Annie22F Domestic servant  KY         
23189189Colean, Francis45M Farmer1200350IL       1 
23189189Colean, Ann35F Keeping house  VA         
23189189Colean, Perry R.14M    IL         
23189189Colean, James P.12M    IL    1    
23189189Colean, William H.8M    IL    1    
23189189Colean, Francis H.6M    IL    1    
23189189Colean, Mary L.1F    IL         
23190190Newton, Robert34M Machinist15007500England11     1 
23190190Newton, Sarah24F Keeping house  IL         
23190190Newton, Albert N.2M    IL1        
23190190Newton, Mary1F    IL1        
23190190Malone, Bridget25F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
23191191Andrews, Godfrey59M Farmer80001500NJ        1
23191191Andrews, Catherine J.61F Keeping house  NJ         
23191191Andrews, Lewis24M Farm hand  IL       1 
24191191Andrews, Annie20F    IL         
24192192Ware, George34M Druggist195009300Mass       1 
24192192Ware, Theodicia M.30F Keeping house  NJ         
24192192Ware, Adella P.8F    IL    1    
24192192Ware, Lulu H.6F    IL         
24192192Siehousen, Annie20F Keeping house  NJ         
24193193Whitenack, Jacob E.44M Postmaster600400NJ       1 
24193193Whitenack, Lindiniry39F Keeping house  NJ         
24193193Whitenack, Adda16F Ass’t p.m.  IL         
24193193Whitenack, Maggie15F    IL    1    
24193193Whitenack, Walter (twin)12M    IL    1    
24193193Whitenack, Ellen (twin)12F    IL    1    
24193193Whitenack, John4M    IL         
24193193Whitenack, Annie1F    IL         
24194194Van Dervoot, Benj C48F Merchant220006000NJ       1 
24194194Van Dervoot, Phebe A.36F Keeping house  NJ         
24194194Van Dervoot, Lillie B.16F    NJ    1    
24194194Van Dervoot, Emma J.14F    NJ    1    
24194194Van Dervoot, Walter L.11M    IL    1    
24194194Whitehead, Robert21M Dry goods clerk  IL       1 
24194194Kallal, Mary17F Domestic servant  Bohemia11       
24195195Corbett, John45M Real estate broker445001500VA       1 
24195195Corbett, Albacinda45F Keeping house  NJ         
24195195Corbett, Katie17F    MO    1    
24195195Hassett, Geo. H.27M Lumber merchant26003000NY       1 
24195195Hassett, Adaline22F Keeping house  MO         
24196196Seago, John T.44M Eating saloon3000600TN       1 
24196196Seago, Lydia A.34F Milliner  IL         
24196196Seago, Mary E.15F    IL    1    
24196196Seago, Alice14F    IL    1    
24196196Seago, William7M    IL    1    
24196196Seago, Charles3M    IL         
24196196Smith, Margaret28F Dressmaker  IL         
24196196Hoffman, Margaret72F Seamstress  NY         
24196196Porter, Heber18M Baker  IL         
24196196Milam, Mary55F Keeping house  Ireland11       
24196196Smith, Frank23M Farmer  IL       1 
24196196Smith, Charles21M Grocer clerk  IL       1 
24197197Goodrich, N.O.50M Milling700010000NY       1 
25197197Goodrich, Jane A.46F Keeping house  NY         
24197197Goodrich, Kittie J.18F`   IL    1    
24197197Goodrich, Catherine B.17F    IL    1    
24197197Goodrich, Charles18M    IA    1    
24197197Wilson, Thos. J.30M Dry goods clerk  NY       1 
24197197Wilson, Kate28F    NY         
24197197Porter, Henry35MBServant  TN       1 
24198198Vinson, John W.31M Clerk in mill4000800IL       1 
24198198Vinson, Mary L.29F Keeping house  IL         
24198198Vinson, Lulu L.7F    IL    1    
24198198Vinson, Annie E.5F    IL         
24198198Vinson, Maude4 mo.F    IL  Nov      
24198198Vinson, John L.60M Teacher  OH       1 
24198198Ayers, Adda17F Domestic servant  NJ         
24199199Nevius, Wm. B.56M Milling215002000NJ       1 
24199199Nevius, Laura A.52F Keeping house  NY         
24199199Nevius, Mary24F    IL         
24199199Goodrich, Lydia75F   2000Conn         
24199199Goodrich, Clark H.24M Clerk in mill  IL       1 
24199199Walsh, Kate28F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
25199199Walsh, Mary5F    IL11       
25200200Nelson, James65M Shoe & boot maker2500300PA       1 
25200200Nelson, Susan A.60F Keeping house  NY         
25200200Nelson, James P.25M Shoe & boot maker  OH       1 
25201201Fuigle, Joseph37M Wagon maker3000550Prussia11     1 
25201201Fuigle, Elizabeth30F Keeping house  Odenburg11       
25201201Fuigle, Joseph9M    IL11  1    
25201201Fuigle, Henry M.6M    IL11       
25201201Fuigle, Louisa3F    IL11       
25201201Holmas, Frank45M Day laborer  Prussia11     1 
25202202Hutchinson, Aaron F.53M Minister of gospel 300NJ       1 
25202202Hutchinson, Elizabeth53F Keeping house  NJ         
25202202Barber, Rebecca30F Keeping house  NJ         
25202202Barber, Thomas S.5M    NJ         
25202202Barber, Alford N.3M    NJ         
25202202Barber, Catherine D.1F    NJ         
25203203Lewis, Levi70M Retired merchant45002000NJ       1 
25203203Lewis, Phebe68F Keeping house  NJ         
25203203Lewis, Hannah J.43F    NJ         
25204204Lewis, Ford41M Dealer in real estate850002500NJ       1 
26204204Lewis, Elizabeth32F Keeping house  IL         
26204204Tahay, Mary23F Doemstic servant  Ireland11   1   
26205205McFain, Daniel54M Blacksmith 500PA       1 
26205205McFain, Mary E.47F Keeping house  KY         
26205205McFain, Elsie21F    IL         
26205205McFain, James H.19M Works in saloon  IL         
26205205McFain, Mary E.17F    IL         
26205205McFain, Dan’l V.14M    IL    1    
26205205McFain, Chas C.12M    IL    1    
26205205McFain, Annie L.9F    IL    1    
26206206McFain, Jonathan C.29M Blacksmith  IL       1 
26206206McFain, Ernstine19F Keeping house  MO         
26206206McFain, Charles2M    IL         
26206206English, Robert B.21M Farmer4000350IL       1 
26206206Kendall, Wm. H.26M Broom maker  OH       1 
26207207Ohmstadt, Charles46M Cabinet maker1600300Prussia11     1 
26207207Ohmstadt, Alvena39F Keeping house  Prussia11       
26207207Ohmstadt, Otelia14F    Prussia11  1    
26207207Ohmstadt, Robert12M    IL11  1    
26207207Ohmstadt, Amelia10F    IL11  1    
26207207Ohmstadt, Charles8M    IL11  1    
26207207Ohmstadt, Flora6F    IL11  1    
26207207Ohmstadt, Otto4M    IL11       
26207207Ohmstadt, Emma6 mo.F    IL11Jan      
26208208Hammel, Joseph45M Millwright1500300Switzerland11     1 
26208208Hammel, Sarah27F Keeping house  MO         
26208208Hammel, Hubert12M    IL11  1    
26208208Hammel, Willie10M    IL11  1    
26208208Hammel, George8M    IL11  1    
26208208Hammel, Theodore2M    IL1        
26209209Schoomaker, Wm.40M Book peddler 250NY       1 
26209209Freer, Elmira25F Dressmaker 150OH         
26209209Freer, Sarah22F Dressmaker 150OH         
26210210Maloy, John49M Day laborer1200200Ireland11   1 1 
26210210Maloy, Mary A.35F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
26210210Maloy, John13M    LA11  1    
26210210Maloy, Philip11M    IL11  1    
26210210Maloy, William9M    IL11  1    
26210210Maloy, Annie5F    IL11       
26210210Maloy, Mary A.2F    IL11       
27210210Maloy, Sarah5 mo.F    IL11Feb      
27211211Stobbs, William41M Cabinet maker 200VA       1 
27211211Stobbs, Rebecca A.31F Keeping house  IL         
27211211Stobbs, Albert S.10M    MO    1    
27211211Stobbs, Rebecca J.9F    MO    1    
27211211Stobbs, Robert F.6M    IL    1    
27211211Stobbs, Ellen D.3F    IL         
27211211Stobbs, Mary A.1F    IL         
27212212Wallace, Michael34M Saloon keeper2500350Ireland11     1 
27212212Wallace, Katherine33F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
27212212Wallace, Katie10F    WI11  1    
27212212Wallace, Mary A.8F    IL11  1    
27212212Wallace, James T.5M    IL11       
27213213Kincla, Martin23M Saloon keeper  PA11       
27213213Kincla, Ellen20F Keeping house  PA11       
27213213Kincla, John2M    IL1        
27213213Kincla, Thomas3 mo.M    IL1 Apr      
27214214Bleisner, Charles49M Carpenter1500350Prussia11     1 
27214214Bleisner, Jessie37F Keeping house  Hanover11       
27214214Bleisner, Albert20M    Prussia11      Idiot
27214214Bleisner, Charles10M    IL11  1    
27214214Bleisner, Edward8M    IL11  1    
27214214Bleisner, August6M    IL11  1    
27214214Bleisner, Flora2F    IL11       
27214214Bleisner, Annie1F    IL11       
27214214Melcher, Jennie15F    IL11  1    
27214214Melcher, Isabella14F    IL11  1    
27215215Burrows, George37MB Barber 200KY     W1
27215215Burrows, Caroline38FB Keeping house  IL     W  
27215215Green, Hattie11FB   IL    1    
27216216Brown, Sherman32M Steamboat pilot 500MO       1 
27216216Brown, Emma26F Keeping house  PA         
27216216Brown, Sherman7M    IL    1    
27216216Brown, Charles4M    IL         
27216216Brown, Adda M.2F    IL         
27217217Waterman, H.J.55M Teacher 150ME       1 
27217217Waterman, Avis E.39F Keeping house  ME         
27217217Waterman, Lillie15F    ME    1    
27217217Waterman, Lulu10F    IL    1    
27217217Waterman, Arthur8M    IL    1    
28218218Howell, Uriah D.55M Carpenter1500500NJ       1 
28218218Howell, Alice49F Keeping house  NJ         
28218218Howell, Wm. W.22M Carpenter  IL       1 
28218218Howell, Adelaid26F Keeping house  IL         
28219219Howell, Chas. H.27M Carpenter 350IL      1
28219219Howell, John17M    IL         
28219219Howell, Robert9 moM    IL  Nov      
28220220Bridgeman, Julia30F Dressmaker 250Ark         
28221221Migasi, Antonio49M Livery stable 1700England11     1 
28221221Migasi, Kate30F Keeping house  IN         
28221221Migasi, Cora8F    IN1   1    
28221221Migasi, Zada E.6F    MO1        
28221221Migasi, Margaretta51F    England11       
28222222Villinger, Valentine51M Watch maker180001500Baden Baden11     1 
28222222Villinger, Helena37F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
28222222Villinger, George13M    IL11  1    
28222222Villinger, Catherine30F House keeper  Baden Baden11       
28223223Knapp, Robert M.39MLawyer250005000NY      1  
28223223Knapp, Frances A.35F Keeping house  NY         
28223223Knapp, Kate13F    IL         
28223223Knapp, Susie11F    IL    1    
28223223Knapp, Hattie B.5F    IL         
28223223Kane, Mary18F Servant  Ireland11       
28224224McGee, James H.32F Carpenter850300PA       1 
28224224McGee, Cyrene E.27F Keeping house  NY         
28224224McGee, Harry B.1M    IL         
28224224McGee, John B.61M Carpenter 200PA       1 
28225225Spellman, Matthew72M Retired farmer800350Ireland11     1 
28225225Spellman, Mary65F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
28225225Spellman, Christy21M Farm hand  Ireland11     1 
28226226Erwin, Albert D.42M Brick mason12001000TN       1 
28226226Erwin, Melinda38F Keeping house  IL         
28226226Erwin, Sarah L.17F    IL    1    
28226226Erwin, Stephen A.12M    IL    1    
28226226Erwin, Lenorah10F    IL    1    
28226226Erwin, Oliver P.7M    IL    1    
28227227Wallace, William45MBDay laborer 200IL     1 1 
28227227Wallace, Nancy40FBKeeping house  IL     1   
28227227Wallace, Lydia H.10FB   IL   1   
28227227Wallace, Ann E.7FB   IL    1    
29227227Sharp, Henry13MB   IL    1    
29228228Adams, Asa43M Engineer600150NJ       1 
29228228Adams, Sarah E.45F Keeping house  England11   W   
29228228Adams, Elmer17M    NJ 1      Idiot
29228228Adams, Asa14M    NJ 1  1    
29229229Lahay, Michael45M Day laborer400100Ireland11     1 
29229229Lahay, Bridget35F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
29229229Lahay, William8M    MO11  1    
29229229Lahay, John6M    IL11  1    
29229229Lahay, Andrew5M    IL11       
29229229Lahay, Mary A.3F    IL11       
29229229Lahay, Michael1M    IL11       
29230230Timmons, William80M Day laborer 100MD     1 1 
29230230Timmons, Abigail78F Keeping house  NJ     1   
29231231Bough, Michael45M Day laborer 100Ireland11   1 1 
29231231Bough, Eliza35F Keeping house  Ireland11       
29231231Bough, Maria14F    IL11       
29231231Bough, James13M    IL11       
29231231Bough, Lawrence12M    IL11       
29231231Bough, Maggie9F    IL11       
29231231Bough, Lizzie7F    IL11       
29231231Bough, John5M    IL11       
29231231Bough, Geo. W.3M    IL11       
29231231Bough, Chas.1M    IL11       
29231231Bough, Kate6F    IL11       
29232232Malone, Sarah52F Keeping house 100Ireland11   W   
29232232Malone, Bridget21F Domestic servant  Ireland11   W   
29233233Gorrey, James37M Day laborer800250Ireland11     1 
29233233Gorrey, Bridget30F Keeping house  Ireland11       
29233233Gorrey, John7M    LA11  1    
29233233Gorrey, William5M    IL11       
29233233Gorrey, Mary A.4F    IL11       
29233233Gorrey, Bridget2F    IL11       
29234234Powerly, Thomas45M Day laborer 100Ireland11     1 
29234234Powerly, Ann40F Keeping house  Ireland11       
29234234Powerly, Thomas15M    IL11  1    
29234234Powerly, Mary A.10F    IL11  1    
29234234Powerly, Margaret8F    IL11  1    
29234234Powerly, Catherine5F    IL11       
29235235Blay, Alexander30M Day laborer 150MO     1 1 
30235235Blay, Cynthia C.37F Keeping house  IL     1   
30235235Blay, William C.18M Day laborer  MO     1   
30235235Blay, Jacob16M Day laborer  MO     1   
30235235Blay, James A.14M Day laborer  MO     1   
30235235Blay, Eliza J.11F    MO    1    
30236236Thompson, Edw’d33M Brick molder 100England11   1 1
30236236Thompson, Margaret A.28F Keeping house  IL         
30236236Thompson, Sarah E.9F    IL    1    
30236236Thompson, Louisa S.6F    IL         
30236236Menard, Casander18F Domestic servant  IL    1    
30236236Menard, Leonard H.5 mo.M    IL  Mar      
30237237Chavis, Houston22MBDay laborer 100IN       1 
30237237Chavis, Amanda28FBKeeping house  OH         
30237237Powell, James S.6M    IL         
30238238Pendleton, Benj35M Day laborer 100MO     1 1 
30238238Pendleton, Susan26F Keeping house  OH         
30238238Pendleton, Sarah E.2F    IL         
30238238Pendleton, Sarah A.10F    IL    1    
30239239Monk, William28M Day laborer 350VA     1 1 
30239239Monk, Frances33F Keeping house TN     W   
30239239Monk, Mary J.8F    IL         
30259259Monk, James H.4M    IL         
30259259Monk, Sarah C.6 mo.F    IL  Feb      
30240240Carroll, Daniel32M Day laborer450150Ireland11     1 
30240240Carroll, Mary35F Keeping house  Canada11       
30240240Carroll, Mary6F    Canada11       
30240240Carroll, Honorah5F    IL11       
30240240Carro0ll, Patrick1M    IL11       
30241241Carroll, David27M Day laborer600150Ireland11       
30241241Carroll, Mary64F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
30242242Rutherford, Wm. A.31M Day loabrer 150IL     1 1 
30242242Rutherford, Maria A.43F Keeping house  ?     W   
30242242Garrettson, Sarah E.15F    ?         
30242242Garrettson, Louis C.14M    ?    1    
30242242Garrettson, John S.11M    ?    1    
30242242Tonsill, Nancy41F Dressmaker 100     W   
30243243Allen, Sabrina53F Dressmaker 250NY         
30243243Newell, Wm. H.16M Day laborer  IL    1    
30244244Houghtlin, David M.33M Stone cutter 1200PA       1 
30244244Houghtlin, Annie25F Keeping  MO         
31244244Houghtlin, John B.5M    MO    1    
31244244Houghtlin, Florence4F    MO         
31244244Houghtlin, David M.7 mo.M    IL  Jan      
31244244Houghtlin, Harry27M Stone cutter 1200PA       1 
31245245Locke, Morris R.27M Lawyer86001100MO       1 
31245245Locke, Lucy E.24F Keeping house  IL         
31245245Locke, Abraham D.3M Keeping house  IL         
31245245Locke, Morris M.1M    IL         
31245245Atchison, Lucinda16F Domestic servant MO          
31245245Stokle, William H.28M Law student 350IL       1 
31246246Pape?, Christopher34M Carpenter1000250Prussia11     1 
31246246Pape, Mena32F Keeping house  Prussia11       
31246246Pape, Sophia (twin)5F    MO11       
31246246Pape, Amelia (twin)5F    MO11       
31246246Pape, Mena1F    IL11       
31247247Wurth, Vincent41M Shoe and bootmaker1500250Baden Baden11     1 
31247247Wurth, Frederica32F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
31247247Wurth, Kate14F    IL11  1    
31247247Wurth, Paulina12F    IL11  1    
31247247Wurth, Albert10M    IL11  1    
31247247Wurth, Henry8M    IL11  1    
31247247Wurth, Maggie7F    IL11  1    
31247247Wurth, Theresa5F    IL11       
31247247Wurth, Louisa3F    IL11       
31247247Wurth, Charles1M    IL11       
31248248Derby, Lucien C.37M Hardware merchant35003000VT       1 
31248248Derby, Margaret34F Keeping house  MO         
31248248Derby, Isabella16F    IL    1    
31248248Derby, Edward12M    IL    1    
31249249Howard, Joseph57M Carpenter2000250England11     1 
31249249Howard, Sarah48F Keeping house  England11       
31249249Howard, Joseph17M Farm hand  IL11  1    
31249249Howard, Sarah A.8F    IL    1    
31250250Mason, George W.42M Retired farmer59002600OH       1 
31250250Mason, Deblilah32F Keeping house  TN         
31251251Beiderberg, Edw’d45M Saloon keeper1500350Prussia11     1 
31251251Beiderberg, Caroline31F Keeping house  Hanover11       
31251251Beiderberg, Edward14M    MO11  1    
31251251Beiderberg, August3M    IL11       
31251251Beiderberg, Henry1M    IL11       
32252252Scofield, David B.36M Day laborer4000150NJ       1 
32252252Scofield, Eunice D.28F Keeping house  IL         
32252252Scofield, Jennie A.5F    IL         
32252252Scofield, Martha L.2F    Mich         
32253253Timmons, Newton B.35M Cooper800150OH       1 
32253253Timmons, Sarah E.34F Keeping house  OH         
32253253Timmons, William E.12M    IL    1    
32253253Timmons, Albert9M    IL        deaf & dumb
32253253Timmons, Lillie7F    IL   1    
32253253Timmons, Roena2F    IL         
32254254Ware, Wesley35MBFarm hand500100MO     1 1 
32254254Ware, Jane30FBKeeping house  MO     1   
32254254Johnson, Harriett22FBDomestic servant  MO     1   
32255255Fox, Joseph45M Carpenter800150Baden Baden11     1 
32255255Fox, Elizabeth35F Keeping house  Switzerland11       
32255255Fox, Joseph3M    IL11       
32255255Fox, Micholas1M    IL11       
32256256Hildrid, William24M Day laborer 150England11   W 1 
32256256Hildrid, Sabina25F Keeping house  England11       
32256256Parker, Lucy31F Housekeeper  England11   W   
32256256Parker, William12M    England11  1    
32256256Parker, Elizabeth4F    England11  1    
32257257Van Dusen?, Isaac31M Day laborer200150OH       1 
32257257Van Dusen?, Kate27F Keeping house  NY         
32257257Van Dusen?, William5M    IL         
32257257Van Dusen, Edward4M    IL         
32257257Kelley, William69M Retired farmer18000500Ireland11   W 1 
32257257Kelley, Mary12F    IL11  1    
32258258Cole, William H.25M Blacksmith 100MO       1 
32258258Cole, Sarah J.25F Keeping house  IL         
32258258Cole, Lewellyn H.8 mo.M    IL  Nov      
32259259Wilber, Horatio N.66M Minister of the Gospel55004000NY       1 
32259259Wilber, Rebecca A.52F Keeping house  KY         
32259259Wilber, Emma G.18F    IA    1    
32259259Wilber, George E.13M    IA    1    
32259259Wilber, Ella A.15F    IA    1    
32259259Wilber, Frank10M    MO    1    
32260260Davenport, Fred S.44M Civil engineer30001000England11     1 
32260260Davenport, Mary A.45F Keeping house  England11       
32260260Davenport, Ada C.21F    England11       
33261261Kimbrough, James44M Brick mason 150KY   Aug   1 
33261261Kimbrough, Mary A.48F Keeping house  MD   Aug     
33262262Sickle, Henry40M Carpenter2000350Wertemberg11     1 
33262262Sickle, Mary37F Keeping house  Hanover11       
33262262Sickle, Peter12M    IL11  1    
33262262Sickle, Mary10F    IL11  1    
33262262Sickle, Susana8F    IL11  1    
33262262Sickle, Philip6M    IL11  1    
33262262Sickle, Kate4F    IL11       
33262262Sickle, Henry1M    IL11       
33263263Woodruff, Geo. H.34M Farmer4000400KY       1 
33263263Woodruff, Elizabeth A.32F Keeping house  NJ         
33263263Woodruff, Ezra F.6M    IL         
33263263Woodruff, Elmira A.8F    IL         
33263263Woodruff, Charles C.4M    IL         
33263263Woodruff, Geo. H.2M    IL         
33263263Woodruff, Katie11 mo.F    IL  Sep      
33264264Farris, James H.36M Painter 100IL     1 1 
33264264Farris, Harriett29F Keeping house  NY         
33264264Farris, Margaret E.11F    IA    1    
33264264Farris, Julia9F    IL         
33264264Farris, Wilford3M    IL         
33265265Swan, William35MBDay laborer  IL       1 
33265265Swan, Amanda30FBKeeping house400100MO     1   
33265265Swan, Lutetia14FB   IL    1    
33265265Swan, Annie M.8FB   IL    1    
33265265Swan, Emma J.6FB   IL    1    
33265265Swan, Cornelius J.10MB   IL    1    
33266266Grigsby, John F.55M Cooper500100VA       1 
33266266Grigsby, Emily H.37F Keeping house  IL         
33266266Grigsby, Annie10F    IL    1    
33266266Grigsby, May7F    MO    1    
33266266Grigsby, Litunia6F    MO    1    
33266266Grigsby, Thomas4M    MO         
33266266Grigsby, “Baby”1M    IL         
33267267Leonard, Hiram42M Cooper1600250OH       1 
33267267Leonard, Amanda40F Keeping house  OH         
33267267Leonard, Martha E.13F    IL         
33267267Leonard, Edward L.8M    IL    1    
33267267Leonard, Hiram G.6M    IL    1    
34267267Leonard, Ida M.1F    IL         
34267267Powell, John G.12M    IL    1    
34267267Powell, William H.9M    IL    1    
34268268Powell, Dorcas A.80F Keeping house1000150MD     1   
34268268Powell, Dorcas A.9F    IL    1    
34268268Powell, George B.4M    IL         
34269269Biggs, Martha64F Keeping house1200150IN     W   
34269269Biggs, Benj M.25M Day laborer  IL       1 
34269269Biggs, John W.21M Cooper  IL       1 
34270270Hassett, Wm. H.30M Lumber dealer18003000NY       1 
34270270Hassett, Eliza J.26F Keeping house  NY         
34270270Hassett, Geo. W.7 mo.M    IL  Feb      
34271271Farris, Robert42M Brick moulder750200IL     W 1 
34271271Farris, Matilda31F Keeping house  IL         
34271271Farris, Ambrose12M    IL    1    
34271271Farris, Robert F.6M    IL    1    
34271271Farris, George42M    IL         
34271271Farris, Ada B.2F    IL         
34272272Ohaver, Maria63F Keeping house800250VA         
34272272Ohaver, Virginia20F    MO         
34273273Hutchinson, Rebecca54F Keeping house1000500PA         
34273273Hutchinson, Virginia A.25F Music teacher  IL         
34273273Hutchinson, James S.23M At. “Alders” circus 750IL       1 
34274274Stellman, J.A.50M House painter1500350CT       1 
34274274Stellman, Jane27F Keeping house  PA         
34274274Stellman, William21M Painter  OH       1 
34274274Stellman, Emeline11F    IL    1    
34274274Stellman, John6M    IL         
34274274Stellman, Mary2F    IL         
34275275Bacon J. Murray59M City assessor200014000PA       1 
34275275Bacon, Rachael C.64F Keeping house  NJ         
34276276Griffith, John?M Day laborer 100TN       1 
34276276Griffith, Emeline45F Keeping house  MO    1    
34277277Ford, John34M Day laborer250100Ireland11     1 
34277277Ford, Margaret40F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
34278278Whiting, Horace29M Day laborer300100NH       1 
34278278Whiting, Mary C.29F Keeping house  OH         
34278278Whiting, Geo. U.5 mo.M    IL  Feb      
34278278Walker, John17M Day laborer  OH         
34279279O’Halloran, James52M Saloon keeper40001000Ireland11     1 
35279279O’Halloran, Mary33F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
35279279O’Halloran, James15M    IL11  1    
35279279O’Halloran, Mary J.13F    IL11  1    
35279279O’Halloran, Joanna10F    IL11  1    
35279279O’Halloran, Ellen9F    IL11  1    
35279279O’Halloran, Lizzie4F    IL11       
35279279O’Halloran, Andrew2M    IL11       
35280280Schultzen?, Frank S.41M Butcher  Baden Baden11     1 
35280280Schultzen?, Elizabeth39F Keeping house  NY         
35280280Schultzen?, Chas. F.16M Butcher  NY1   1    
35280280Schultzen?, Lucy*F    IL1   1    
35280280Schultzen, Annie4M    IL1        
35280280Hang, John24F Butcher  Wertemberg11       
35281281Murphy, Jno. C.32F Saloon keeper  Ireland11     1 
35281281Murphy, Ann30M Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
35281281Murphy, Ann12M    MN11  1    
35281281Murphy, Maggie10M    WI11  1    
35281281Murphy, Ellen6M    IL11  1    
35281281Murphy, Rosa4M    IL11       
35281281Murphy, Lucy1M    IL11       
35281281Waldridge, Mary21F Domestic servant  IL11       
35282282Dunph, Patrick26M Saloon keeper2000350Ireland11     1 
35282282Dunph, Mary30F Keeping house  Ireland11       
35282282Dunph, Annie2F    IL11       
35282282Dunph, John8 mo.M    IL11June      
35282282Dunph, John22M Saloon keeper 300Ireland11     1 
35282282Dunph, Annie64F    Ireland11   1   
35283283Clynes, Patrick29M Blacksmith 150Ireland11     1 
35283283Clynes, Catherine25F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
35283283Clynes, Hugh2M    IL11       
35284284Hoagland, John H.48M Painter 500NJ     1   
35284284Hoagland, Elizabeth50F Keeping house  NJ         
35284284Vanderventer, Mary64F    NJ         
35284284Hurley, Mary22F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
35284284Lovell, Henry32M Dry goods clerk 500ME       1 
35284284Hall, Arthur B.29M Dry goods clerk 1000NY       1 
35284284Jordan, J.A.21M Ft. Agt. R.R. IL       1 
35284284Burr, Lewis L.21M Ed. Jersey Co Democrat 1500Mass       1 
35284284Cutting, A. Howard40M “Invalid” 750Mass       1 
35284284Rockwell, Geo. W.27M Clerk in furniture  OH       1 
36285285VanDeventer, Isaac56M Retired butcher50005000NJ       1 
36285285VanDeventer, Mary A.50F Keeping house  NY         
36285285Lane, Catherine88F    NJ         
36286286Cutting, Leonard W.43M life & fire ins.30001000Mass       1 
36286286Cutting, Susan43F Keeping house  NH         
36286286Cutting, Fannie18F Music teacher  NY    1    
36286286Cutting, Leonard M.14M    Mass    1    
36286286McKnight, Mary28F Domestic servant  Ireland11   1   
36287287Rue, George S.66M Retired farmer8500600NJ       1 
36287287Rue, Ellen55F Keeping house  NJ         
36288288Remer, Geo. M.31M Miller 500NJ       1 
36288288Remer, Minerva E.30F Keeping house  IL         
36289289Van Pelt, Jno. E.34M Salesman 200NJ       1 
36289289Van Pelt, Ann A.29F Keeping house  NJ         
36289289Van Pelt, Cora A.11F    IL    1    
36289289Van Pelt, Ada A.8F    IL    1    
36289289Van Pelt, Minnie M.5F    IL         
36289289Van Pelt, Sarah52F Millinery10001000NJ         
36290290Coleman, Lydia55F Keeping house 2300MO         
36290290Coleman, William22M Carpenter  MO       1 
36290290Coleman, Lulu M.18F    MO         
36290290Ladain, Frank30M Carpenter  MO       1 
36290290Ladain, Charles;27M Carpenter  MO       1 
36291291Smith, John M.59M Retired blacksmith210009000NJ       1 
36291291Smith, Temperance50F Keeping house  NC         
36292292Denton, Frank36M Engineer in mill 200England11     1 
36292292Denton, Annie38F    England11       
36292292Denton, Lizzie12F    IL11  1    
36292292Denton, Annie10F    IL11  1    
36293293O’Keefe, James40M Saloon keeper 350Ireland11     1 
36293293O’Keefe, Catherine30F Keeping “bar”  Ireland11  1    
36293293O’Keefe, Edward4M    IL11       
36294294McDermott, James30M Day laborer 100Ireland11     1 
36294294McDermott, Catherine22F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
36294294McDermott, Kate4F    IL11       
36294294McDermott, Thomas2M    IL11       
36295295Norris, Johnson39M Day laborer1500350OH       1 
36295295Norris, Sarah B.38F Keeping house  Penn.         
36295295Norris, Emma14F    IL    1    
36295295Norris, Adda11F    IL    1    
37295295Norris, Willie4M    IL         
37296296Kadel, Peter33M Cooper750250Baden Baden11     1 
37296296Kadel, Anna26F Keeping house  Nassau11       
37296296Kadel, Charles4M    IL11       
37296296Kadel, Julius1M    IL11       
37297297Knapp, Edw’d A.38M Day laborer1500250NY       1 
37297297Knapp, Mary Jane28F Keeping house  Ireland11       
37298298Hess, Samuel56M Blacksmith2000500PA       1 
37298298Hess, Catherine56F Keeping house  VA         
37298298Hess, Adda C.11F    IL    1    
37299299Pennington, Lott29M Teacher1000150NJ  `    1 
37299299Pennington, Rebecca27F Keeping house  IL         
37299299Pennington, George2M    IL         
37299299Pennington, Herbert5 mo.M    IL  Mar      
37300300Bowman, Chas. H.48M Ex Sheriff60005000NY       1 
37300300Bowman, Mary47F Keeping house  England11       
37300300Bowman, Stephen H.23M Clerk in bank4000150IL 1     1 
37300300Bowman, Winfield S.18M    IL 1       
37300300Bowman, Chas. E.16M    IL 1  1    
37300300Bowman, Rebecca F.13F    IL1  1     
37300300Bowman, Eunice11F    IL    1    
37300300Bowman, Elisha74M    VT       1 
37300300King, Ellen19F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
37300300Holliday, Levi27M Grocer 1500NY       1 
37300300Greene, Benj. L.40M Liq dealer  NJ       1 
37300300Hooper, William50M Retired farmer  England11     1 
37301301Taylor, Elizabeth49F Keeping house700150England11       
37301301Taylor, Jane26F    England11       
37301301Taylor, William22M Carpenter  England11     1 
37301301Taylor, Thomas L.17M Farm hand  NY11  1    
37301301Taylor, Ann E.14F    NY11  1    
37301301Taylor, George11M    IL11  1    
37301301Taylor, Charles3M    IL11       
37302302Burke, Geo. W.62M Farmer4500015000VT       1 
37302302Burke, Elizabeth62F Keeping house  Mass         
37303303Jackson, John D.35M Tinner850250OH       1 
37303303Jackson, Elizabeth30F Keeping house  IN         
37303303Jackson, Clara E.12F    IL    1    
37303303Jackson, Emma S.6F    IL    1    
37303303Jackson, Minnie3F    IL         
38304304Sweeney, John27M Blacksmith1000350Ireland11     1 
38304304Sweeney, Bridget28F Keeping house  Ireland11    W  
38304304Sweeney, Libbie3F    IL11       
38304304Sweeney, Nellie1F    IL11       
38304304Kinela?, Margaret60F    Ireland11   1   
38305305Sweeney, Thomas30M Day laborer150Ireland11   W 1  
38305305Sweeney, Maggie30F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
38306306Tucker, Ephraim40M Engineer in mill350IN       1  
38306306Tucker, Martha28F Keeping house  IL         
38306306Tucker, Adda11F    IL    1    
38306306Tucker, Samuel9M    IL    1    
38306306Tucker, Augustus1M    IL         
38307307Clinton, Christian48M Night watchman750260Ireland11   1 1 
38307307Clinton, Julia47F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
38307307Clinton, William17M Day laborer  PA11  1    
38307307Clinton, Edward9M    Ireland11  1    
38308308Nihell, Miller M.48M Day laborer 250IN       1 
38308308Nihell, Lucinda A.38F Keeping house  MO         
38308308Nihell, Albert16M    IL    1    
38308308Nihell, Mariens14F    IL    1    
38308308Nihell, Warren11M    IL    1    
38308308Nihell, Edward6M    IL    1    
38309309Coates, Thomas33M Engineer in mill1200250England11       
38309309Coates, Emily36F Keeping house  England11       
38310310Hart, John64M Plasterer1000250Prussia11     1 
38310310Hart, Mena40F Keeping house  Prussia11       
38310310Hart, Mena3F    IL11       
38310310Brockman, William18M Cigar maker  Prussia11  1    
38310310Brockman, Henry15M Cigar maker  Prussia11  1    
38310310Brockman, Annie12F    MO11  1    
38310310Brockman, Herman10M    MO11  1    
38310310Brockman, Katie7F    IL11  1    
38311311Catt?, Stephen26M Day laborer 150England11     1 
38311311Catt?, Tabitha24F Keeping house  NJ         
38311311Catt?, Mary2F    IL         
38311311Catt?, Isabel6 mo.F    IL         
38311311Smalley, Jacob21M Telegrapher  NJ       1 
38312312Ditman, Benj. R.52M Carpenter4500500NJ       1 
38312312Ditman, Mary36F Keeping house  IL         
38312312Ditman, William12M    IL    1    
39313313Nevius, Peter S.52M Wagon maker100006000NJ       1 
39313313Nevius, Melinda36F Keeping house  NJ         
39313313Nevius, Christopher15M    IL    1    
39313313Nevius, John5M    IL         
39314314Frost, Rebecca45F Keeping hotel6000750VT         
39314314Frost, Theodocia14F    IL    1    
39314314Frost, Jennie10F    IL    1    
39314314McFain, Augustus26M Day laborer 150IL       1 
39314314McFain, Mary E.19F Keeping house  IL         
39314314McFain, Jessie2F    IL         
39314314McFain, Lena6 mo.F    IL  Feb      
39314314Holmes, Samuel A.26M Dry goods clerk  MD       1 
39314314Welch, Godfrey21M Dry goods clerk  Prussia11       
39314314Miner, Charles F.17M    IL    1    
39314314Van Dike, Jacob64M Domestic servant  NJ       1 
39314314Miner, Hannah30F    IL        Insane
39315315Pogue, Wm. H.33M Lawyer105001500PA       1 
39315315Pogue, Mary W.28F Keeping house  IL    1    
39315315Pogue, Harry W.7M    IL    1    
39315315Pogue, Edward D.W.5M    IL         
39315315Pogue, Hattie1F    IL         
39315315Kallal, Annie40F Domestic servant  Ireland11   1   
39316316Gledhill, Robt. C.31M Photographer20001000PA       1 
39316316Gledhill, Cora28F Keeping house  IL         
39316316Gledhill, Charles4M    IL         
39316316Gledhill, Harry1M    1         
39317317Van Duyn, J.R.77M Boot & shoe maker1500350NJ       1 
39317317Van Duyn, Abigail74F Keeping house  NJ         
39318318Wyckoff, Elenor83F  1800350NY         
39318318Davis, Elizabeth47F Keeping house  NY         
39319319Hund, Rennig32M Saloon keeper 250Baden Baden11     1 
39319319Hund, Birdy25F Keeping house  Prussia11       
39319319Hund, Emma2F    IL11       
39319319Meisner, Hattie58F    Prussia11       
39319319Hund, Leo18M Blacksmith  Baden Baden11       
39319319Hund, Charles20M Wagon maker  Baden Baden11       
39320320Lane, Wm. H.59M Invalid  NJ       1invalid
39320320Lane, Emily J.41M Keeping house  KY     W   
39320320Lane, William6M    IL    1    
39320320Lane, Horatio S.2M    IL         
40321321Bothwell, Samuel40M Carpenter20001500Canada11     1 
40321321Bothwell, Mary J.35F Keeping house  Canada11       
40321321Bothwell, James H.16M Carpenter  Canada11  1    
40321321Bothwell, Jennie19F    Canada11  1    
40321321Bothwell, George12M    Canada11  1    
40321321Bothwell, Matilda10F    Canada11  1    
40321321Bothwell, Charlotte8F    Canada11  1    
40321321Bothwell, Edith6F    Canada11  1    
40321321Bothwell, Julia4F    IL11       
40322322Egalhoff, William63M Day laborer2000300Darmstadt11     1 
40322322Egalhoff, Catherine35F Keeping house  Byone Bavaria11       
40323323Hagan, Greene41MBDay laborer 100MO     W 1 
40323323Hagan, Martha32FBKeeping house  KY         
40323323Hagan, Rachael10FM   KY    1    
40324324Vogel, Zacharias37M Cigar maker 250Bavaria11     1 
40324324Vogel, Louisa27F Keeping house  Prussia11       
40324324Vogel, Louisa8F    MO11  1    
40324324Vogel, Caroline4F    MO11       
40324324Vogel, Charles2M    MO11       
40325325Brown, Sidney61MBWash woman300100TN     1   
40325325Brown, Charles22MBDay laborer  IL     1   
40325325Brown, Hannah21FMKeeping house  IL     W   
40325325Clark, Eady75FB   NC     1  invalid
40326326Hankey, John E.27M City constable900350France11     1 
40326326Hankey, Catherine23F Keeping house  Prussia11       
40326326Hankey, Carrie1F    IL11       
40326326Hankey, Henry13M    IL11  1    
40327327Coddington, David38M Brickmason3000450NJ       1 
40327327Coddington, Mary32F Keeping house  IL         
40327327Coddington, Carrie7F    IL    1    
40327327Coddington, Walter4M    IL         
40327327Coddington, John2M    IL         
40327327Coddington, Eliza63F Keeping house  NJ         
40328328Beaty, John72M Retired farmer70002500Ireland11     1 
40328328Beaty, Harriet62F Keeping house  NY         
40328328Beaty, Eliza24F    NJ 1       
40328328Beaty, Maria22F Teacher  NJ 1       
40328328Beaty, Hattie17F    NJ 1       
40329329Gamerdinger, Jacob40M Wagon maker3500450Prussia11     1 
40329329Gamerdinger, Catherine39F Keeping house  OH11       
41329329Gamerdinger, Hellen11F    IL11  1    
41329329Gamerdinger, Charles9M    IL11  1    
41329329Gamerdinger, Jacob7M    IL11  1    
41329329Gamerdinger, George2M    IL11       
41330330McGrath, Edward36M Day laborer 150Ireland11     1 
41330330McGrath, Joanna36F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
41330330McGrath, Annie13F    ireland11  1    
41330330McGrath, John9M    WI11  1    
41330330McGrath, Kate8F    WI11  1    
41330330McGrath, Mary5F    WI11  1    
41330330McGrath, Nellie3F    IL11       
41331331Kraus, John A.25M Farmer 150Prussia11     1 
41331331Kraus, Fanny24F Keeping house  Prussia11       
41331331Kraus, Lizzie3F    IL11       
41331331Kraus, Louisa2F    IL11       
41331331Kraus, John A.4 mo.M    IL11Mar      
41332332Willis, Anderson M.40MBDay laborer500150MO     1 1 
41332332Willis, Henrietta38MBKeeping house  KY         
41332332Willis, Mary M.15FB   IL    1    
41332332Willis, Frank13FB   IL    1    
41332332Willis, Edward11MB   IL    1    
41332332Willis, Martha9FB   IL    1    
41332332Willis, Julia6FB   IL    1    
41332332Willis, Charles8 mo.MB   IL  Jan      
41333333King, Jefferson35MBBlacksmith2000500NC     W 1 
41333333King, Mary R.26FBKeeping house  MO     1   
41333333King, Amanda M.13FB   MO    1    
41333333King, Georgia A.11FB   MO    1    
41333333King, Myrain7FB   MO    1    
41333333King, Mary E.5FB   IL    1    
41333333King, John W.3MB   IL         
41333333King, Harriet E.1FB   IL         
41334334Johnson, Charlotte52FBKeeping house 100KY     1   
41334334Johnson, Richard21MBDay laborer  MO     W 1 
41334334Howlett, Arba14MBDay laborer  MO    1    
41335335Akard, Benj W.56M Brick mason 500VA       1 
41335335Akard, Margaret E.52F Keeping house  TN         
41335335Akard, Nancy27F    IL         
41335335Akard, George25M Agt. Singer machine 450IL       1 
41335335Akard, William21M Agt. Singer machine  IL       1 
42335335Akard, Benjamin15M    IL    1    
42336336Rankin, Wm. A.25M Agt. Singer machine 350OH       1 
42336336Ranking, Margaret E.27F Keeping house  IL         
42337337Paris, Otto M.32M Millera2500450NY       1 
42337337Paris, F. Jane A.33F Keeping house  NY         
42337337Paris, F. Lawrence9M    NY    1    
42338338Richards, J.L.C.38M Life ins. Agt.800350NJ       1 
42338338Richards, Mary A.33F Keeping house  RI         
42338338Richards, Lillie V.9F    IL    1    
42338338Richards, Willie P.6M    IL    1    
42338338Richards, Katie C.3F    IL         
42338338Richards, Mary H.1F    IL         
42338338Corbett, Pennell91M Retired teacher3000150Mass       1 
42338338Corbett, Charlotte75F Keeping house  RI         
42339339McGill, Elizabeth67F Keeping house1200450Mass         
42339339McGill, Martha M.29F Dressmaker  IL         
42339339Leigh, Isabella19F Dressmaker  IL         
42340340Kingsley, William J.39M Miller1000350NY       1 
42340340Kingsley, Jane E.31F Keeping house  Mass         
42340340Kingsley, William E.11M    IL    1    
42340340Robbins, Annie45F Dress maker 350NJ         
42341341Voorhees, Peter P.54M City Justice235005000NJ       1 
42341341Voorhees, Maria58F Keeping house  NJ         
42341341Voorhees, George R.22M Farmer 1000IL       1 
42341341McAdams, Chas.23M Physician 1500OH       1 
42341341McAdams, Maggie20F Keeping house  IL         
42342342Tack, Chas. M.25M Day laborer 200MO       1 
42342342Tack, Martha20F Keeping house  TN         
42342342Tack, Ada1F    IL         
42343343Shaver, Samuel53M Portrait painter500750TN       1 
42343343Shaver, Anise22F Keeping house  TN         
42343343Shaver, Molly18F    TN    1    
42343343Shaver, Mpowell15M    TN    1    
42344344Terry, Miles45M Cooper 100KY       1 
42344344Terry, John L.20M Cooper  IL         
42344344Terry, Josiah10M    IL    1    
42344344Terry, William8M    IL    1    
42344344Terry, Thomas M.5M    IL         
42345345Wyckoff, Horatio N.34M Dry goods merchant20001000NJ       1 
42345345Wyckoff, Elizabeth31F Keeping house  NJ         
43345345Wyckoff, Nettie G.1F    IL         
43345345Edwards, Annie15F Domestic servant  IA    1    
43346346Ballard, John J.40M Constable 450TN       1 
43346346Ballard, Lavina40F Keeping house  TN     1   
43346346Ballard, Louis H.14M Farm hand  TN    1    
43346346Ballard, William10M    TN  1      
43346346Ballard, Mary J.7F    IL    1    
43346346Ballard, Minerva F.5F    IL         
43346346Ballard, James D.3M    IL         
43347347Selby, Thomas J.29M Co. Clerk35002700OH       1 
43347347Selby, Amanda30F Keeping house  IL         
43347347Selby, Maud5F    IL         
43347347Selby, Hallyy2M    IL         
43347347Selby, Munford D.5 mo.M    IL  Jan      
43347347Selby, Lindley26M Clerk book store 300OH       1 
43347347Spalding, Harriett30F Domestic servant  VT         
43348348Allen, Absalom42M Day laborer 150OH     W 1 
43348348Allen, Eliza25F Keeping house  MO     1   
43348348Allen, George3M    IL         
43348348Allen, Herbert R.1M    IL         
43349349Stone, Simon27M Teamster 100IL       1 
43349349Stone, Rebecca22F Keeping house  IL         
43349349Stone, Carrie3 mo.F    IL  May      
43349349Scoggins, Eliza41F Domestic servant  MO     W   
43350350Perrings, Amos40M Saw mill68007300NY       1 
43350350Perrings, Emeline32F Keeping house  IL         
43350350Perrings, Mary11F    IL         
43350350Perrings, James D.7M    IL         
43350350Perrings, John3M    IL         
43351351Brown, James42M Carpenter 200NJ       1 
43351351Brown, Ann32F Keeping house  England11       
43351351Brown, Lincoln9M    IL 1  1    
43351351Brown, Butler7M    IL 1  1    
43351351Brown, George6M    IL 1  1    
43352352Skiff, Jane31F Keeping house 100IL         
43352352Skiff, Virginia5F    IL    1    
43353353Mills, Harriet46FBWasher woman250100KY     1   
43353353Mills, Mary E.11FB   IL    1    
43353353Howell, Rose26FMWasher woman  IL         
43353353Leslie, Olive6FM   MO    1    
44354354Thompson, Chas. C.38M Carpenter1000250NJ       1 
44354354Thompson, Ellen34F Keeping house  Mass11       
44354354Thompson, George8M    IL    1    
44354354Thompson, Walter5M    IL         
44354354Thompson, Herbert2M    IL         
44354354Thompson, Emma5 mo.F    IL  Mar      
44354354Thompson, William45M Day laborer  NY       1 
44354354Gooch, Mary52F    England11       
44355355McCrosky, Wm. B.48M Retired farmer65002500OH       1 
44355355McCrosky, Mary A.46F Keeping house  NJ         
44355355McCrosky, Nancy20F    OH         
44356356McMahon, Thaddeus29M Physician 650OH       1 
44356356McMahon, Stella20F Keeping house  NY         
44357357Minard, Andrew27M Teamster700600AK     W 1 
44357357Minard, Nancy J.28F Keeping house  MD     1   
44357357Minard, Antoinette6F    IL    1    
44357357Wadman, Cassa16F Domestic servant  IL    1    
44358358Casey, Edwin A.59M Physician60005000RI       1 
44358358Casey, Jennie32F Keeping house  OH         
44358358Casey, Chas. E.17M    IL    1    
44358358Leonard, Carrie21F    IL         
44359359Rogers, Catherine A.67F Keeping house450200NJ     W   
44359359Campion, Sarah C.6F    IL         
44359359Campion, Charles2M    IL         
44360360McGee, John25M Day laborer 250PA       1 
44360360McGee, Hannah23F Keeping house  IL         
44360360McGee, Sarah1F    IL         
44361361Roesch, Herman36M Druggist 5000Wertemberg11     1 
44361361Roesch, Pauline34F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
44361361Roesch, Ametia?11F    MO11  1    
44361361Roesch, Willie6M    IL11       
44361361Roesch, Herman1M    IL11       
44361361Hinesfurter, Mat.34M Dry goods clerk  Wertemberg11     1 
44362362Gulick, Jacob I.39M Bible agent 250NJ       1 
44362362Gulick, Siche63F Keeping house  NJ         
44362362Gulick, Martha26F    NJ         
44362362DeHart, Cornelia20F    NJ         
44362362Gulick, Willie5M    IL         
44363363Farley, Reuben D.61M Physician20001200VT       1 
44363363Farley, Mary G.63F Keeping house  VT         
45363363Farley, Frances E.28F    IL         
45363363Bell, Mary E.36F   250IL         
44363363Bell, Lillie E.13F    IL    1    
44363363Bell, Horace9M    IL    1    
44364364Herdman, D.R.36M Dry goods ret.200013000NY1      1 
44364364Herdman, Mary J.27F Keeping house  OH         
44364364Herdman, Jane D.10F    IL    1    
44364364Herdman, Robert E. L.5M    IL         
44364364Herdman, Geo. W.3M    IL         
44364364Herdman, William H.1M    IL         
44365365Way, Margaret A.42F Keeping house3500500IL         
44365365Way, Mary A.18F    IL         
44365365Way, Annie17F    MO    1    
44365365Way, John H.15M    IL    1    
44365365Williams, Samuel35M Marble cutter  England11       
44365365O’Connor, John J.30M Shoe & boot maker Ireland11     1 
44365365Snyder, John W.28M Carpenter  IN       1 
44365365Daniels, John26M Tinner  IL       1 
44365365Frees, Erastas32M Tinner  Prussia11     1 
44365365Kellard, Nathan30M Farmer  IL       1 
45365365Enoch, Samuel21M Tombstone agt. 3350OH       1 
45365365Snider, America28F Domestic servant  IL         
45365365Snider, Henry L.5     IL         
45366366Du Hadway, Caleb35M Physician60002750OH       1 
45366366Du Hadway, Mary34F Keeping house  PA         
45366366Du Hadway, Chas. W.10M    OH    1    
45366366Du Hadway, Emma A.8F    OH    1    
45366366Du Hadway, Minnie1?    IL         
45367367Leak, Abram30M Miller 500PA       1 
45367367Leak, Emma L.25F Keeping house  Del         
45367367Leak, Emma8 mo.F    IL  Dec      
45367367Leak, Edward24M Miller  PA       1 
45368368Gilworth, John69M Retired farmer250006000VA       1 
45368368Gilworth, Adeline50F Keeping house  KY         
45369369McKinney, James33M Saloon keeper1000250IL       1 
45369369McKinney, Jane31F Keeping house  IL         
45369369McKinney, Augusta13F    IL    1    
45369369McKinney, Emma11F    IL    1    
45369369McKinney, Charles (twin)8M    IL    1    
45369369McKinney, Ada (twin)8F    IL    1    
46369369McKinney, John6M    IL    1    
46369369McKinney, William4M    IL         
46369369McKinney, Dalas1M    IL         
46370370Ford, Thomas54M Brick mason3000500NJ       1 
46370370Ford, Maria59F Keeping house  OH         
46370370Ford, Mary E.18F    IL    1    
46370370Ford, Newell A.16M    IL    1    
46371371Jarboe, Wm. P.52MWine grower3000350OH       1
46371371Jarboe, Harriet M.40F Keeping house  NJ         
46371371Jarboe, Elizabeth L.20F    IL         
46371371Jarboe, Lloyd S.18MAssists in vineyard  IL    1    
46371371Jarboe, Orval A.7M    IL         
46371371Yingling, Frank21M Grocer clerk  MD       1 
46372372McConville, Joseph60M Day laborer 100Ireland11   1 1 
46372372McConville, Sarah A.50F Keeping house OH         
46372372McConville, Edw’d L.H.8M    IL1   1    
46373373Barry, Edw’d L.H.33M Physician2500500Ireland11     1 
46373373Barry, Normandie29F Keeping house  IL         
46373373Barry, Theodocia2F    IL1        
46374374Hahlek, William33M Carriage trimmer 250Prussia11     1 
46374374Hahlek, Mary31F Keeping house  Prussia11       
46374374Hahlek, Mary11F    MO11  1    
46374374Hahlek, Joseph9M    MO11  1    
46374374Hahlek, Willie7M    MO11  1    
46374374Hahlek, Eddie5M    MO11       
46374374Hahlek, Charles3M    IL11       
46374374Hahlek, Frank1M    IL11       
46375375Shafer, John E.50M Carpenter1500350PA       1 
46375375Shafer, Jane E.46F Keeping house  PA         
46375375Shafer, Emma K.14F    IN    1    
46376376Hand, Alexander36M Wagon maker 150KY       1 
46376376Hand, Margaret30F Keeping house  IN         
46376376Hand, Grace6F    IN         
46376376Hand, Mannie4F    IL         
46376376Hand, Cora11 mo.F    IL  Sep      
46377377Smalley, Nancy56F Keeping house 350NJ         
46377377Smalley, Luscius C.19M Farm hand  NJ    1    
46377377Pope, Isaac F.32M Worked in bakery600250CT       1 
46378378McGee, Mary36F Keeping house600250CT         
46378378McGee, Charles17M Farm hand  IL    1    
47378378McGee, Stella12F    IL    1    
47379379Reidy, Daniel60M Day laborer 100Ireland11     1 
47379379Reidy, Mary50F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
47380380Wademan, Elizabeth60F Keeping house500150TN     1   
47380380Wademan, Martha20F    IL         
47380380Wademan, Casey18F    IL         
47381381Murphy, Thomas39M Hand in mill800250Ireland11     1 
47381381Murphy, Bridget35F Keeping house  ireland11   1   
47381381Murphy, William9M    IL11  1    
47381381Murphy, Mary A.7F    IL11  1    
47381381Murphy, Thomas4M    IL11       
47382382McGrath, William36M Cattle broker 350Ireland11     1 
47382382McGrath, Annie36F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
47382382McGrath, Edward15M    OH11  1    
47383383Handley, Michael38M Day laborer350100Ireland11     1 
47383383Handley, Ann35F Keeping house  Ireland1        
47383383Handley, Mary E.13F    IA11  1    
47383383Handley, William M.9M    IL11  1    
47383383Handley, Thomas3M    IL11       
47383383Handley, Frank9 mo.M    IL11Nov      
47384384Brown, John33MBDay laborer350100IL     W 1 
47384384Brown, Delilah30FBKeeping house  IL     1   
47384384Brown, Mary J.12FB   IL    1    
47384384Brown, Ida A.10FB   IL    1    
47384384Brown, Nancy A.8FB   Il    1    
47384384Brown, Cynthia5FB   IL         
47384384Brown, Alex W.17MB   IL    1    
47384384Brown, John P.3MB   IL         
47384384Brown, Charles A.1MB   IL         
47384384Powell, Amos26MBDay laborer  IL     1   
47385385Goepper, David68M Carpenter1200350Baden Baden11     1 
47385385Goepper, Catherine43F Keeping house  Baden Baden11       
47385385Goepper, Lena10F    IL11  1    
47385385Goepper, Lucy8F    IL11  1    
47385385Goepper, Dena5F    IL11  1    
47385385Goepper, Charles4 mo.M    IL11Sep      
47386386Sabo, Casper38M Wood surveyor1600500Hungary11     1 
47386386Sabo, Rosa33F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
47386386Sabo, John15M Day laborer  NJ11  1    
47386386Sabo, Lena13F    IL11  1    
48386386Sabo, Maria11F    IL11  1    
47386386Sabo, Katie9F    IL11  1    
47386386Sabo, Hattie7F    IL11  1    
47386386Sabo, Willie4M    IL11       
47386386Sabo, Harry1M    IL11       
47386386Sabo, Jennie3 mo.F    IL11May      
47387387Downs, Richard28MBBarber 350IL       1 
47387387Downs, Catherine25FMKeeping house  RI         
47387387Joiner, Peter23MBBarber  IL     W1  
48388388Vaughn, Elmira28FKeeping house3000350OH         
48388388Vaughn, Clara5F    IL         
48388388Vaughn, John22M Farmer  IL       1 
47389389Gibbons, John40M Day laborer700350Ireland11     1 
47389389Gibbons, Hanorah35F Keeping house  ireland11   1   
47389389Gibbons, Martin3M    IL11       
47389389Gibbons, Patrick10 mo.M    IL11Oct      
47390390Tupper, George W.34M Miller1000300OH       1 
47390390Tupper, Mary E.28F Keeping house  England11       
47390390Tupper, Charlotte9F    IL 1       
47390390Tupper, Amelia8F    IA 1       
48390390Tupper, Louisa6F    IL 1  1    
48390390Tupper, Estella2F    MO 1       
48391391McBride, Mary37F Keeping grocery800200NJ11       
48391391McBride, Hellen9F    IL1   1    
48391391McBride, William7M    IL1        
48392392Burke, Michael40M Day laborer 100Ireland11   1 1 
48392392Burke, Mary36F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
48392392Burke, Margaret11F    NY11  1    
48392392Burke, Thomas9M    IN11  1    
48392392Burke, Mary7F    IL11  1    
48393393Sunderland, James30M Farmer 500NJ       1 
48393393Sunderland, Jennie27F Keeping house  NJ         
48393393Sunderland, Edward5M    IL         
48394394Harrington, Pat39M Saloon keep.1000350Ireland11     1 
48394394Harrington, Margaret40F Keeping house  ireland11   1   
48394394Harrington, Bridget15F    IN11  1    
48394394Harrington, Anthony12M    MO11  1    
48394394Harrington, Mary8F    IL11  1    
48394394Harrington, Margaret7F    IL11  1    
48394394Gill, Thomas22M    Ireland11     1 
49395395Beekman, Henry51M Butcher110003500NJ       1 
49395395Beekman, Margaret43F Keeping house  NJ         
49395395Davis, Albert W.21M Dry goods merchant 250NY       1 
49395395Davis, Mary E.18F Keeping house  IL         
49396396Squier, John H.42M Miller130001000NJ       1 
49396396Squier, Lavina S.35F Keeping house  IL         
49396396Squier, Annie14F    IL    1    
49396396Squier, Hattie11F    IL    1    
49396396Squier, Fanny9F    IL    1    
49396396Squier, Geo. L.7M    IL    1    
49396396Squier, Lelie5F    IL         
49396396Joy, Adda23F Teacher  ME         
49397397Squier, Israel72M Retired farmer350011000NJ       1 
49397397Squier, Caroline32F Keeping house  NJ         
49397397Squier, Ludlow P.30M Saw mill 5000NJ       1 
49397397Parker, Mary5F    England11       
49397397Kirkpatrick, Jonnie25F Dress maker 150NJ         
49398398Remer, Theodore F.26M Drug clerk 150NJ       1 
49398398Remer, Elizabeth K.24F Keeping house  IL         
49399399Allen, Joshua63M Wagon maker4200750NY       1 
49399399Allen, Mary A.55F Keeping house  NC         
49399399Allen, Carrie23F Teacher  IL         
49400400Page, Thomas M.41M Wagon maker2500610Mass         
49400400Page, Julia A.38F Keeping house  NH         
49400400Page, Francis A.17M Farm hand  IL         
49400400Page, Thomas F.15M    IL         
49400400Page, Harry A.13M    IL         
49400400Page, Charles J.7M    IL         
49400400Page, Lulu2F    IL         
49400400Porter, Emma18F Domestic servant  IL         
49401401Remer, Abram59M Wagon maker2000350NJ         
49401401Remer, Deborah57F Keeping house  PA         
49401401Remer, Henriette22F Teacher  NJ         
49401401Remer, Sarah M.19F    NJ         
49401401Heller, Henry24M Coach painter  Hanover11     1 
49402402Ford, George R.31M Painter2500500NJ         
49402402Ford, Emma31F Keeping house  OH         
49402402Ford, Alla R.3F    IL         
49402402Ford, Emma Y.9 mo.F    IL  Nov      
49402402Ford, James37M Brick mason  NJ       1 
50402402Robbins, Sophia26F Keeping house  IL         
50403403Rue, Sarah52F  20001500NJ         
50403403Howell, Anna91F    NJ         
50404404Sweeney, Michael60M Day laborer 250Ireland11     1 
50404404Sweeney, Ann52F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
50404404Sweeney, Annie14F    IL11  1    
50404404Sweeney, Maggie12F    IL11  1    
50405405Spellman, John35M Day laborer 150Ireland11     1 
50405405Spellman, Mary33F Keeping house  Ireland11       
50405405Spellman, Mary9F    AL11  1    
50405405Spellman, Willie7M    AL11  1    
50405405Spellman, John5M    IL11  1    
50405405Spellman, Matthew2M   IL11       
50406406Duffy, Henry55M Day laborer  Ireland11     1 
50407407Towey, John38M Carpenter 150Ireland11     1 
50407407Towey, Margaret36F Keeping house  Ireland11       
50407407Towey, Ellen J.10F    IL11  1    
50408408Greene, Clarisa A.40F Keeping house 100IL         
50408408Greene, Mary21F at home  IL         
50408408Greene, Sarah15F    IL         
50408408Greene, William9M    IL         
50408408Greene, Charles4 mo.M    IL  Apr      
50409409McWithey, M.R.81M Day laborer100100VT       1 
50409409McWithey, Susan59F Keeping house  OH     W   
50409409Smith, Emily22F Domestic servant  IL     1   
50409409Smith, Hannah S.11F    IL    1    
50410410Lawless, Thos. H.52M Harness maker 150VA     1 1 
50410410Lawless, Esther43F Keeping house  TN     1   
50410410Lawless, James27M Day laborer  TN     1 1 
50410410Lawless, John25M Day laborer  TN     1 1 
50410410Lawless, Jesse23M Day laborer  TN     1 1 
50410410Lawless, Mary C.13F    TN    1    
50410410Lawless, Thomas9M    TN    1    
50410410Lawless, Rebecca7F    TN    1    
50411411Maize, Gardner54M Boarding house1800350TN     1 1 
50411411Maize, Martha41F Keeping house  TN     1   
50411411Maize, Eliza J.11F    IL    1    
50412412Wunderlee, Frank28M Brewer 500Baden Baden11     1 
50412412Wunderlee, Mary23F Keeping house  Baden Baden11       
50412412Wunderlee, Gustine2F    IL11       
51413413Weece, William W.44M Selling fan. Mills 250TN     1   
51413413Weece, Fanny E.24F Keeping house  TN         
51413413Weece, Lewis2M    IL         
51413413Weece, Sylvester22M    IL        invalid
51414414Walsh, John32M Day laborer750100Ireland11   W 1 
51414414Walsh, Mary24F Keeping house  Ireland11       
51414414Walsh, Ellen10F    LA11  1    
51414414Walsh, David7M    IL11  1    
51414414Walsh, Mary A.6F    IL11  1    
51414414Walsh, Katie3F    IL11       
51414414Walsh, John W.1M    IL11       
51415415Chelton, John65MBDay laborer500150SC     W 1 
51415415Chelton, Margaret60FBKeeping house  VA     1   
51416416Smith, Matthew45MBDay laborer 100Miss     1 1 
51416416Smith, Margaret37FBKeeping house  IL     1   
51416416Smith, George12MB   IL    1    
51416416Smith, Lutetia10FB   IL    1    
51416416Smith, Narcillius8MB   IL    1    
51416416Smith, Fanny4FB   IL         
51417417Pittinger, Wm. J.32M Plasterer1500650PA       1 
51417417Pittinger, Ella20F Keeping house  IN         
51417417Pittinger, Oliver M.2M    IL         
51417417Pittinger, Charles E.8 mo.M    IL  Dec      
51418418Pitt, Wm. E.29M Blacksmith6000350IN     1   
51418418Pitt, Mary A.25F Keeping house  IL         
51418418Pitt, Frank C.5M    IL         
51418418Pitt, Herbert W.3M    IL         
51418418Pitt, Lelia F.1F    IL         
51419419Stewart, Allen72MBDay laborer500150VA       1 
51419419Stewart, Lydia50FBKeeping house  KY         
51420420Breeding, Pleasant45FBDay laborer500150TN       1 
51420420Breeding, Annie E.17FBKeeping house  IL    1    
51420420Breeding, Susan I.16FB   IL    1    
51420420Breeding, James H.12MB   IL    1    
51420420Breeding, Charlotte C.10FB   IL    1    
51421421Luett, Christian33M Soda maker 350Holstien11     1 
51421421Feizer, Charles42M Soda maker  Baden Baden11       
51421421Fessler, Charles29M Brewer  Baden Baden11     1 
51422422Phelps, Louis R.35M Teamster 350NY       1 
51422422Phelps, Mary J.28F Keeping house  IL         
52422422Phelps, Ernst7M    IL    1    
52422422Phelps, Geniveve5F    IL         
52422422Phelps, Erwig3M    IL         
52422422Phelps, Eva1F    IL         
52423423Rorey, Anthony44M Night watchman2500500Prussia11     1 
52423423Rorey, Theresa36F Keeping house  Baden Baden11       
52423423Rorey, Fanny13F    IL11  1    
52423423Rorey, Frank10M    IL11  1    
52423423Rorey, Mary7F    IL11  1    
52423423Rorey, Theresa4F    IL11       
52423423Rorey, William1M    IL11       
52424424Embley, William44M Architect1800600NJ       1 
52424424Embley, Mary E.40F Keeping house  NJ         
52424424Embley, William F.7M    IL    1    
52424424Embley, Augustus N.5M    IL         
52424424Embley, Alte? L.2F    IL         
52425425Krumpanitzky, H.53M Grocer 2000Prussia11     1 
52425425Krumpanitzky, Mary47F Keeping house  Prussia11       
52425425Krumpanitzky, Brazilious26M Drug clerk30002000IN11     1 
52425425Krumpanitzky, Maggie24F    IN11       
53425425Krumpanitzky, Adolphus22M Grocer30001000OH11     1 
53425425Krumpanitzky, Henry14M Grocer clerk  IN11       
53425425Krumpanitzky, Lizzie16F    IN11  1    
53425425Drumheller, Chas.22M Music teacher500 PA     1   
53426426Meyer, Albert C.48M Wagon maker500150Hamburg11     1 
53427427Anderson, John39M Day laborer475150TN       1 
53427427Anderson, Hannah39F Keeping house  NY         
53427427Anderson, Cora11F    IL    1    
53427427Anderson, Lorena2F    IL         
53428428Fahay, David27M Day laborer  Ireland11       
53428428Fahay, Hannah26F Keeping house2500450Ireland11       
53428428Farran, Thomas8M    IL11  1    
53428428Farran, Margaret6F    IL11  1    
53428428Hayes, Catherine17F Domestic servant NY11       
53428428McGrath, Peter29M Day laborer  Ireland11     1 
53428428Fahay, John30M Day laborer  Ireland11     1 
53428428Birn, John27M Day laborer  Ireland11       
53428428Birn, Patrick25M Day laborer  Ireland11       
53428428Conway, James25M Day laborer  Ireland11       
53429429Stanley, Thomas50M Day laborer500100Ireland11     1 
54429429Stanley, Nancy13F    IL    1    
54429429Stanley, Cyntha10F    IL    1    
54429429Stanley, Mary7F    IL    1    
54429429Stanley, Warren3M    IL         
54438438Hardin, Charles R.62M Shoe and boot maker2500750VA       1 
54438438Hardin, Catherine58F Keeping house  OH         
54438438Hardin, Katie O.17F    OH    1    
54439439Bayer, Henry30M Brick maker1000450Prussia11     1 
54439439Bayer, Mary23F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
54439439Bayer, Katie7F    IL11  1    
54439439Bayer, Anna1F    IL11       
54440440Hartwick, E.O.40M Farmer70001500NJ       1 
54440440Hartwick, Mary37F Keeping house  NJ         
54440440Hartwick, Harriet13F    IL    1    
54440440Hartwick, Eldorah10F    IL    1    
54440440Hartwick, Hannah67F    NJ         
54441441Elliott, Robt. P.29M Exprss Agt 500IN       1 
54441441Elliott, Mary E.28F Keeping house  IL         
54441441Elliott, Freddie R.10 mo.M    IL         
54442442Reed, William H.29M Minister of the Gospel 750OH       1 
54442442Reed, Annie A.24F Keeping house  OH         
54442442Reed, Edw’d K.3 mo.M    IL  May      
54442442Maxes, Katie13F    IN         
54443443Collins, Job65M Retired farmer15400500KY       1 
54443443Collins, Clarinda65F Keeping house  NY         
54443443Grace, Mary11F    IL    1    
54444444Ames, Wm. L.27M Lawyer 500NY       1 
54444444Ames, Mary28F Keeping house  NY         
54444444Ames, David H.2M    NY         
54444444Ames, David H.79M Retired farmer1600 NY         
54444444Ames, Betsy75F Keeping house  NY         
54445445Brookshire, Mary24F Dress maker 150MO         
54445445Brookshire, Clarence2M    IL         
54446446Mays, Kate36F Keeping house750150Ireland11   1   
54446446Mays, Mary12F    IL11  1    
54446446Mays, Lizzie8F    IL11  1    
54446446Mays, Ellen6F    IL11  1    
54446446Mays, Delia4F    IL11       
54446446Walsh, Margaret67F    Ireland11   1   
54447447King, Robert A.4040MLawyer170001200MO      1 
55447447King, Miriam M.25F Keeping house  MO         
55447447King, Louis M.4M    IL         
55447447King, Christopher37M Servant  Prussia11     1 
55448448McClure, Jos. E.28M Servant  Prussia11     1 
55448448McClure, Virginia E.28F Ins. Agt.2500350MO       1 
55448448McClure, Mattie V.4F    IA         
55448448Menefee, Julia B.23F    OH         
55448448Menefee, Harry7M    MO         
55449449Egalhoff, George31M Carriage maker80002500Prussia11     1 
55449449Egalhoff, Mary30F Keeping house  England11       
55449449Egalhoff, Fred11M    IL11  1    
55449449Egalhoff, William9M    IL11  1    
55449449Egalhoff, Annie7F    IL11  1    
55449449Egalhoff, Nick5M    IL11  1    
55449449Egalhoff, George3M    IL11       
55449449Egalhoff, Alice1F    IL11       
55449449Shepherd, Annie73F    England11       
55449449Apers, Annie23F Domestic servant  Prussia11       
55449449Ferguson, Albert22M Coach painter  PA       1 
55450450Kirkwood, Geo. F.26M Day laborer 1000IL       1 
55450450Kirkwood, Armilda25F Keeping house  IL         
55450450Kirkwood, David3M    IL         
55450450Kirkwood, Robert1M    IL         
55451451Clinton, Michal42M Day laborer800250Ireland11  1 1 
55451451Clinton, Bridget40F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
55451451Clinton, Katie11F    IL11  1    
55452452Locke, James A.31M Ins. Agent12006500IL       1 
55452452Locke, Annie19F Keeping house  IL         
55452452Locke, Carrie2F    IL         
55453453Dolan, Peter36M Blacksmith1500350`Ireland11     1 
55453453Dolan, Maria36F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
55453453Dolan, Katie11F    LA11  1    
55453453Dolan, James8M    LA11  1    
55453453Dolan, Mary A.4F    IL11       
55454454O’Lahlan, Jerry40M Saloon keeper1200350Ireland11   1 1 
55454454O’Lahlan, Margaret38F Keeping house  Ireland11       
55454454O’Lahlan, Anna9F    Miss11  1    
55454454O’Lahlan, James6M    IL11  1    
55454454O’Lahlan, Joseph4M    IL11       
55454454O’Lahlan, John1M    IL11       
56455455Fitzpatrick, Pat33M Day Laborer 150Ireland11   1 1 
56455455Fitzpatrick, Mary A.23F Keeping house  NY11       
56455455Fitzpatrick, John4M    IL11       
56455455Fitzpatrick, Adelia2F    IL11       
56455455Fitzpatrick, William1M    IL11       
56455455Fitzpatrick, Catherine66F Housekeeper Ireland11        
56456456Haggarty, Patrick27M Day laborer 100Ireland11     1 
56456456Butler, Bridget28F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
56456456Butler, Annie8F    Ireland11  1    
56456456Butler, Thomas6M    CT11  1    
56456456Haggarty, Mary60F    Ireland11    1  
56456456Haggarty, Peter24M    Ireland11       
56457457Corzine, Calvin35M Day laborer 150NC       1 
56457457Corzine, Lowra?30F Keeping house  TN         
56458458Finch, James M.33M Teamster1200500IL       1 
56458458Finch, Mary28F Keeping house  IL         
56458458Finch, Carrie I.8F    IL    1    
56458458Finch, Lena M.6F    IL    1    
56458458Finch, Lona L.3F    IL         
56458458Finch, Cora E.M.1F    IL         
56459459Hickey, John45M Day laborer750150Ireland11   1 1 
56459459Hickey, Eliza40F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
56459459Hickey, Mary A.9F    IL11  1    
56459459Hickey, Daniel8M    IL11  1    
56459459Hickey, Sarah6F    IL11  1    
56459459Hickey, Kate3F    IL11       
56459459Hickey, Lizzie7 mo.F    IL11June      
56460460Rothenbuer, Sophia44F Keeping house 150Baden Baden11       
56460460Rothenbuer, Sophia11F    IL11  1    
56460460Rothenbuer, Louisa8F    IL11  1    
56461461Harrington, John53M Day laborer1000150Ireland11   1 1 
56461461Harrington, Mary42F Keeping house` Ireland11   1   
56461461Kincla, Thomas30M Day laborer  Ireland11   W 1 
56461461Kincla, Mary22F Keeping house  Ireland11       
56461461Kincla, Julia4 mo.F  Ireland11Apr      
56462462Laufketter, Chas.69M Shoe maker1000250Prussia11     1 
56462462Laufketter, Catherine52F Keeping house  Prussia11       
56462462Laufketter, John23M Cigar maker  Prussia11     1 
56462462Laufketter, George14M    Prussia11       
56462462Laufketter, Martin10M    IL11       
57463463Kadel, Valentine29M Cooper 150Prussia       1 
57463463Kadel, Denah23F Keeping house  Prussia         
57463463Kadel, William4M    IL         
57463463Kadel, Jacob2M    IL         
57464464Radcliff, Minerva37F Keeping house1500150IL         
57464464Radcliff, Sarah22F Domestic servant  IL     1   
57464464Radcliff, James21M    IL     1 1 
57464464Radcliff, Mary28F    IL    1    
57464464Radcliff, Juliet16F    IL    1    
57464464Radcliff, William13M    IL    1    
57464464Radcliff, George9M    IL    1    
57464464Radcliff, Nancy8F    IL    1    
57464464Radcliff, Diamond5F    IL         
57464464Swales, Mary2F    IL         
57465465Blennerhesset, John33F Keeping house  Ireland11       
57465465Blennerhessett, Sarah33F Keeping house  Ireland11       
57465465Blennerhesset, Sarah F.12F    Ireland11  1    
57465465Blennerhesset, Morris9M    IL11  1    
57465465Blennerhesset, Lillie6F    IL11  1    
57465465Blennerhesset, Minnie3F    IL11       
57466466Sheile, George42M Cooper750250Wertemberg11     1 
57466466Sheile, Frederica31F Keeping house  Prussia11       
57466466Sheile, George5M    IL11       
57467467Pope, Saml S.30M Day laborer750250NJ       1 
57467467Pope, Mary R.24F Keeping house  IL         
57467467Pope, Edward3M    IL         
57468468Bell, James26M Day laborer 250IL       1 
57468468Bell, Rachael A.24F Keeping house  IL         
57468468Bell, Annie2F    IL         
57469469Bell, Annie63F Keeping house 200VA         
57469469Bell, Betty22F   IL         
57469469Misenheimer, Kate39F Keeping house  VA   W     
57469469Goacher, Emily21F    IL         
57469469Misenheimer, Wm.18M Day laborer  IL         
57470470Turner, Lewis H.43M Miller2000500OH       1 
57470470Turner, Jane42F    IL        
57470470Turner, Jennie W.11F    IL    1    
57470470Turner, Annie M.7F    IL    1    
57470470Turner, Nettie4F    IL        
57470470Turner, Matilda1F    IL         
58471471Bailey, Peter40M Day laborer750100Ireland11   1 1 
58471471Bailey, Ann36F Keeping  Ireland11   1   
58471471Bailey, Mary6F    IL11  1    
58472472Spencer, Edwin S.33M Engineer in mill700150OH         
58472472Spencer, Martha A.26F Keeping house  IL         
58472472Spencer, Ella M.5F    IL         
58472472Spencer, Minnie B.4 mo.F    IL  Apr      
58473473Kramer, John43M Cooper 500Wertemberg11     1 
58473473Kramer, Barbara33F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
58473473Schoeller, John85M    Wertemberg11     1 
58474474Fritz, Godfrey37M Farmer1,00650Prussia11     1 
58474474Fritz, Mary27F Keeping house  NJ1        
58474474Fritz, Chas. E.6M    IL1        
58474474Fritz, John F.4M    IL1        
58474474Fritz, Elizabeth2F    IL1        
58474474Fritz, John F.6 mo.M    IL1 Feb      
58475475McDonald, Edw’d50M Day laborer450150Ireland11     1 
58475475McDonald, Catherine51F Keeping house  Ireland11       
58475475Farral, Richard35M Day Laborer500 Ireland11   1 1 
58476476Phillips, William28MBFarmer1000550NJ     W 1 
58476476Phillips, Mary41FBKeeping house  IL     1   
58476476Phillips, Sam’l P.20M Farm hand  IL    1    
58476476Phillips, Ann E.13FB   IL   1   
58476476Phillips, Harriett A.11FB   IL   1    
58477477Phillips, Wm. H.28MBBarber 150IL     1 1 
58477477Phillips, Mary L.21FBKeeping house  IL         
58477477Phillips, Laura3FB   IL         
58478478Anderson, John87MBDay laborer  NC     W 1 
58478478Anderson, Nancy77F Keeping house  VA     1   
58479479Baker, John F.37M Minister of the Gospel 500GA       1 
58479479Baker, Phebe31F Keeping house  VA         
58479479Baker, Frank H.11M    VA    1    
58479479Baker, Fanny M.9F    VA    1    
58479479Baker, Mary A.7F    VA    1    
58479479Baker, Joseph M.6M    VA         
58479479Baker, Wm. S.5M    VA         
58479479Baker, John O.3M    VA         
58480480Slatterly, John60M Day laborer 150Ireland11     1 
58480480Slatterly, Mary63M Keeping house  Ireland11       
58480480Slatterly, Edward35M Day laborer  Ireland11     1 
58480480Slatterly, John29M Day laborer  PA11     1 
58480480Slatterly, Mary26F    PA11       
58481481Walters, Cyrus44M Wheel wright450350OH        1
58481481Walters, Mary27F Keeping house  IL         
58481481Walters, Chas. B.6M    IL         
58481481Walters, Edw’d A.4M    IL         
58481481Walters, Lewis H.9 mo.M    IL  Nov      
58481481Myers, Martha26F Domestic servant  IL         
58481481Myers, Archibald L.1M    IL         
58482482Danlinger, Peter42M Cooper15001000France11     1 
58482482Danlinger, Susannah43F Keeping house  France11       
58482482Danlinger, Nicholas14M    MO11  1    
58482482Danlinger, Mary11F    IL11  1    
58483483Pierce, George47M Cooper1000350France11      1
58483483Pierce, Agatha37F Keeping house  Baden Baden11   W   
58483483Pierce, George14M    MO11  1    
58483483Pierce, Margaret11F    IL11  1    
58483483Pierce, Susan8F    IL11  1    
58483483Pierce, Antoine6M    IL11       
58483483Pierce, John4M    IL11       
59483483Pierce, Joseph3M    IL11       
59483483Pierce, Mary4 mo.F    IL11Apr      
59484484Guenther, Andrew70M Gardener750150Hanover11     1 
59484484Guenther, Joanna60F Keeping house  Hanover11       
59485485Berger, Conrad37M Tailor800250Darmstadt11     1 
59485485Berger, Joanna33F Keeping house  Hanover11       
59485485Berger, Annie13F    IL11  1    
59485485Berger, Henrietta10F    IL11  1    
59485485Berger, Charles9M    IL11  1    
59485485Berger, Alvena6F    IL11  1    
59486486Mendorza, Sedro31M Day laborer 100Mexico11     1 
59486486Mendorza, Mary E.38F Keeping house  MO     1   
59486486Diamond, Nancy J.14F    MO         
59486486Diamond, Sarah E.11F    MO         
59486486Diamond, James J.7M    MO         
59486486Diamond, Sophronia5F    IL         
59486486Mendorza, Fainetta? E.2F    IL1        
59486486Mendorza, Julia E.4 mo.F    IL1 Apr      
59487487Fitzgerald, John54M Day laborer1000500Ireland11   1 1 
59487487Fitzgerald, Jannath56F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
60487487Fitzgerald, Richard21M Day laborer  IL11   1 1 
60487487Fitzgerald, Maggie17F    IL11       
60488488Michael, John36M Day laborer750100France11   W 1 
60488488Michael, Ellen30F Keeping house  PA11   1   
60488488Michael, Mary E.13F    IL1        
60488488Michael, Joseph5M    IL1        
60489489Fisher, Francinka40F Keeping house 250NJ         
60489489Fisher, Kate20F    NJ         
60489489Fisher, Mary17F    IL         
60490490Holdridge, Sarah65F Keeping house 1000NY         
60491491Bohannon, Edw’d45M Carpenter 150VT         
60491491Bohannon, Annie20F Keeping house  PA         
60492492Davis, Abijah66M Farmer8000020145NJ       1 
60492492Davis, Eliza53F Keeping house  NJ         
60492492Davis, Emily26F    IL         
60492492Davis, Marietta24F    IL         
60492492Davis, Ella20F    IL    1   
60492492Davis, Augusta16F    IL    1   
60492492Smalley, Luscius C.18M Farm hand  NJ    1    
60492492Pentland, John55M Farm hand  England11     1 
60493493Atchison, Enoch23M Day laborer 150MO       1 
60493493Atchison, Martha22F Keeping house  MO         
60494494Bagley, Marcus E.42M Circuit Clerk190001500NY       1 
60494494Bagley, Hattie M.40F Keeping house  Mass         
60494494Bagley, Edward P.5M    IL         
60494494Parker, Sarah E.32F Teacher 500NJ         
60494494Parker, Pauline5F    IL         
60494494Burns, Mary19F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
60495495Hill, Maria H.70F Keeping house190001000VA         
60495495Tonstall, Lucy A.56F   2000VA         
60496496Hill, Oscar36M Farmer 200IL       1 
60496496Hill, Adeline T.29F Keeping house  MO         
60496496Mikell, Betty67F    VA         
60497497Specht, Margaret51F Keeping house90002000OH         
60497497Specht, Nancy A.20F    OH         
60497497Specht, Isaac M.15M Farmer  OH         
60497497Specht, Margaret J.10F    OH         
60498498Saltar, Joseph45M Blacksmith1200250NJ       1 
60498498Saltar, Mary L.43F Keeping house  NJ         
60498498Saltar, Thomas R.21M Teamster  Nj       1 
61498498Saltar, Joseph19M Teamster  NJ         
61498498Saltar, Hannah E.16F    NJ    1    
61498498Saltar, Emma3F    IL         
61498498Price, John37M Teamster 1500NJ       1 
61499499Moler, William45M Shoe maker1000250Prussia11     1 
61499499Moler, Sophia35F Keeping house  Prussia11       
61499499Moler, Christena11F    IL11  1    
61499499Moler, Henry8M    IL11  1    
61499499Moler, Annie6F    IL11  1    
61499499Moler, Lizzie4F    IL11       
61500500Keefe, Dan’l J.35M Day laborer 150PA11     1 
61500500Keefe, Catherine29F Keeping house  Ireland11       
61500500Keefe, Mary4F    IL 1       
61500500Keefe, Joanna2F    IL 1       
61501501Snider, John55M Day laborer 100France11     1 
61501501Snider, Chatiner43F Keeping house  France11       
61501501Snider, Susan A.7F    IL11       
61501501Snider, Harry D.5M    IL11       
61501501Snider, Nicholas2M    IL11       
61501501Snider, Anna S.5 mo.F    IL  Mar      
61502502Hand, Virginia46F Keeping house 100England11       
61502502Hand, Catherine A.13F    NJ    1    
61502502Hand, Adline12F    NJ    1    
61502502Hand, Nettie7F    IL    1    
61502502Hand, John W.5M    IL         
61503503Holnback, Adolph42M Butcher39001000Prussia11     1 
61503503Holnback, Augusta42F Keeping house  Prussia11       
61503503Holnback, Charles13M Butcher  MO11  1    
61503503Holnback, Berda10F    MO11  1    
61503503Holnback, Emma8F    MO11  1    
61503503Holnback, George6M    IL11       
61503503Holnback, Annie3F    IL11       
61504504Dagenhart, Agnes42F Keeping house350100Halnberg11       
61504504Dagenhart, Mary16F    IL11  1    
61504504Dagenhart, John13M    IL11  1    
61504504Dagenhart, Lizzie10F    IL11  1    
61505505Wurth, Michael56M Sausage mfg.750150Baden Baden11     1 
61505505Wurth, Josephina48F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
61505505Wurth, Frank17M    Baden Baden11  1    
61506506Nuster?, Levi40M Teamster1000500OH       1 
62506506Nuster?, Frances40F Keeping house  MO         
62506506Nuster?, Lizzie10F    IL    1    
62506506Nuster?, Mary8F    IL    1    
62506506Nuster?, Fanny6F    IL         
62506506Nuster?, Willie5M    IL         
62506506Nuster?, Levi3M    IL         
62506506Nuster?, John W.5 mo.M    IL  Mar      
62507507Jacobs, Charles48M Miller1500450Bavaria11       
62507507Jacobs, Charlotte40F Keeping house  Bavaria11       
62507507Jacobs, Julia20F    Bavaria11       
62507507Jacobs, Jacob18M Bakers “apprentice”  Bavaria11  1    
62507507Jacobs, Emma16F    IL11  1    
62507507Jacobs, Rosa13F    IL11  1    
62507507Jacobs, Fred10M    IL11  1    
62507507Jacobs, Nelia8F    IL11  1    
62508508Ford, William31M Machinist 750OH         
62508508Ford, Ann M.23F Keeping house  OH         
62508508Ford, Lucy A.4F    IL         
62509509Miles, Geo. S.39M Dental surgeon75001500Mass         
62509509Miles, Mattie D.31F Keeping house  IL         
62509509Miles, Herbert W.9M    IL    1    
62509509Miles, Clarence J.5M    IL         
62509509Miles, Charles2M    IL         
62509509Laufketter, Dena20F Domestic servant  Prussia11       
62510510Bertman, Fred49M Merchant2500010000Prussia11       
62510510Bertman, Helena49F Keeping house  Prussia11       
62510510Bertman, Mary17F    IL11       
62510510Bertman, Fred14M    IL11  1    
62510510Bertman, Elizabeth12F    IL11  1    
62510510Bertman, William9M    IL11  1    
62510510Geber, Gottliebb27M Farm hand  Wertemberg11       
62511511Snead, Adaline31F Dress maker 100TN         
62511511Snead, Elizabeth14F    MO         
62511511Snead, Isabel11F    MO         
62511511Snead, Willie S.1M    MO         
62511511Snead, Victory12F    MO         
62512512Goodman, Benj F.30M Harness maker10000350IL         
62512512Goodman, Mollie E.27F Keeping house  IL         
62512512Goodman, Sarah M.4F    IL         
62512512Goodman, Geo. W.1M    IL         
63513513Lind, Godfrey30M Harness maker1200250France11       
63513513Lind, Frances30F Keeping house  France11       
63513513Lind, Albert7M    France11  1    
63513513Lind, Jennie6F    France11  1    
63513513Lind, Fannie1F    IL11       
63514514Boon, John G.47M Pork Packer1500250Wertemberg11     1 
63514514Boon, Anna G.32F Keeping house  Wertemberg11       
63515515O’Laughlin, Pat45M Day laborer1500350Ireland11   1 1 
63515515O’Laughlin, Mary29F    Ireland11   1   
63515515O’Laughlin, Katie7 mo.F    IL11June      
63516516Sullivan, Thomas30M Day laborer 100Ireland11   1 1 
63516516Sullivan, Ann35F Keeping house  Ireland11       
63517517McAuly, John26M Saloon keeper 200Ireland11       
63517517Noonan, James35M Day laborer  Ireland11     1 
63518518Smith, Michael37M Mill wright 750NJ       1 
63518518Smith, Phebe A.37F Keeping house  NJ         
63518518Smith, Warren I.11M    IL         
63518518Smith, George P.8M    IL         
63518518Smith, Harry F.6M    IL         
63518518Page, Joseph24M Carpenter 250Mass       1 
63519519Swallow, Geo. R.31M Banker100006000IL       1 
63519519Swallow, Hannah V.30F Keeping house  IL         
63520520Nichols, Lyman28M Book agnt 250Mass       1 
63520520Nichols, Ellen24F Keeping house  Mass         
63521521Fox, John45M Miller50002000England11     1 
63521521Wilkins, Phebe47F Keeping house 800England11       
63521521Sumercules, Martha60F    England11       
63522522Dickerson, James A.32M Carpenter1000250Del       1 
63522522Dickerson, Josephine21F Keeping house  IL         
63522522Dickerson, Sidney R.3M    IL         
63523523Stryker, Wm. C.61M Farmer2800020000NJ       1 
63523523Stryker, Kate25F Keeping house  IL         
63523523Stryker, Mary E.21F    IL         
63523523Stryker, James V.18M Farm hand  IL         
63524524Shephard, Wm. V.25M RR contractor 1000IL       1 
63524524Shephard, Cornelia26F Keeping house  IL         
63524524Murray, Sabina16F Domestic servant Ireland         
63525525Evans, Enoch K.50M Teacher2000750NY       1 
63525525Evans, Charlotte40F Keepign house  NY         
63525525Evans, Flora12F    KY    1    
64525525Harris, Phebe A.26F Dress maker  NY         
64526526Leigh, Wallace35M Banker?224002800PA       1 
64526526Leigh, Margaret A.34F Keeping house  PA         
64526526Leigh, Austin11M    IL         
64526526Leigh, Edward C.20M Clerk in bank  IL         
64526526Leigh, Mitchell23M Grocer clerk  PA       1 
64526526Brinton, Alford32M Baker15001500IL       1 
64526526Nelson, Mary40F Domestic servant  IL         
64527527Shephard, William54M Railroad vontractor8000010000England11     1 
64527527Shephard, Ann M.50M Keeping house  PA         
64527527Shephard, Mary E.24F    IL1        
64527527Shephard, John A.22M Dry goods clerk  IL1      1 
64527527Shephard, Louisa20F    IL1   1    
64527527Shephard, Francis B.17M    IL1   1    
64527527Shephard, Ann M.14F    IL1   1    
64527527Shephard, Henry A.12M    IL1   1    
64527527Shephard, Flora9F    IL1   1    
64527527Myers, Christena20F Domestic servant  Prussia11       
64527527Gross, James57M Retired merchant  PA       1 
64528528Varney, Rixtie55F Keeping house 100Hanover         
64529529Anderson, Wm. H.41M Farmer8000650NJ       1 
64529529Anderson, Hellen29F Keeping house  OH         
64529529Anderson, Jennie10F    IL    1    
64530530Potts, Geo. W.52M Farmer88001190NC       1 
64530530Potts, Phebe33F Keeping house  TN         
64530530Potts, Fanny9F    IL    1    
64530530Potts, Sally2F    IL         
64530530Potts, George6 mo.M    IL  Feb      
64530530Potts, Elizabeth M.70F    NC         
64531531Simonds, Henry31M Butcher2500750NY       1 
64531531Simonds, Ellen28F Keeping house  TN         
64531531Simonds, Arthur8M    IL    1    
64531531Simonds, Etta V.6F    IL    1    
64531531Simonds, Geo. W.3M    IL         
64531531Simonds, Fred E.4 mo.M    IL  Dec      
64532532Cheney, Prentiss D.34MMRetired banker3178005000NY       1 
64532532Cheney, Catherine M.31F Keeping house  IL         
64532532Cheney, Alexander M.2M    IL         
64532532Shephard, Lelah6F    IL    1    
64532532D’Arcy, Mary68F  2040013000NJ       
65532532McMorris, Annie30F Domestic servant  NY         
64532532Slaterly, Mary25F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
65532532Rennick, Thomas28M Shoe maker 400Ireland11     1 
65532532Rennick, Lucy22F Keeping house  NY         
65532532Rennick, Mary2 mo.F    IL  May      
65533533Cole, John24M Day laborer 250WI       1 
65533533Cole, Sarah22F Keeping house  NJ         
65533533Cole, Lena2 mo.F    IL  May      
65534534Wedding, Benj.44M Claim agnt.3750800OH       1 
65534534Wedding, Tabitha39M Keeping house1000 OH         
65534534Wedding, Barclay22M Marble dealer 500IL       1 
65534534Wedding, James20M Farm hand  IL    1    
65534534Wedding, Arabella12F Attending school  IL    1    
65534534Wedding, Thomas8M Attending school  IL    1    
65534534Wedding, Phil2M    IL         
65534534Johnson, Elvira34F at home1000 OH         
65535535Ford, Hannah68F Keeping house 250NY         
65535535Grady, Hannah36F Domestic servant  Ireland11       

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