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1870 Jersey Township South Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; FF = Father Foreign Born; MF = Mother Foreign Born; Born = Month Born within the year; Married = Month Married within the year; School = attended school within the year; RW = cannot read or write; V = Eligible to Vote; 21 = male 21 or older

PDFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceFFMFBornMarriedSchoolRWV21Remark
111Grimes, Jarrett T.50M Farmer348002950IL       1 
111Grimes, Charity50F Keeping house  MO         
111Grimes, James24M Farmer3500550IL       1 
111Grimes, Isabella16F at home  IL    1    
111Grimes, Florence9F    IL    1    
111Fields, Alexander17M Farm hand  IL   1    
122Henderson, Richmond68M Farmer281007345NH       1 
122Henderson, Mary A.55F Keeping house  VT         
122Henderson, Fanny19F aAt home  IL    1    
122Henderson, Nellie16F At home  IL    1    
122Henderson, Frank P.13M Farm hand  IL    1    
122Farrell, John28M Farm hand 400Ireland11       
133Vorhees, John D.51M Farmer1500650NJ       1 
133Vorhees, Jane42F Keeping house  NY         
133Vorhees, Maria5F    IL         
144Brown, Dennis48M Farmer850501200IL       1 
144Brown, Mary45F Keeping house  IL         
144Brown, Minerva C.20F At home  IL         
144Ryan, William22M Farm hand  IL       1 
155Hill, William N.60M Farmer106001500NJ       1 
155Hill, Euphamia59M? Keeping house  NJ         
155Hill, Smith32M Farmer  NJ       1 
166Hill, Theodore27M Farmer 450NJ       1 
166Hill, Mary25F Keeping house  IL         
166Hill, Ada5F    IL         
166Hill, John3M    IL         
166Hill, Mary3 mo.F    IL         
166Stryker, William30M Farm hand  NJ       1 
177Calkings, Ephraim56m Day laborer  OH       1 
177Calkins, Armenia E.48F Keeping house  NY         
177Calkins, Derias K.21M Farm hand  OH       1 
177Calkings, John F.18M Day laborer  OH         
177Calkings, Ephraim16MDay laborer  IL         
177Calkings, Laura A.14F At home  IL    1    
177Calkings, Mary Ellen12F    OH    1    
177Calkings, Earl9M    OH    1    
177Calkings, Miel5M    OH         
177Calkings, Carylyle3M    OH         
177Rickey, Mordica50M Day laborer  OH       1 
177Clarke, Sylvester21M Day laborer  OH       1 
288Beatty, Robert63M Farmer150002870Ireland11     1 
288Beatty, Eliza S.57F Keeping house  Ireland11       
288Beatty, John R.28M Farmer2000475NY11     1 
288Beatty, Joseph21M Farmer  IL11  1  1 
288Beatty, Aliza? A.20F At home  IL11       
288Beatty, Charles A.17M Farm hand  IL11  1    
288Beatty, Sarah J.15F At home  IL11  1    
288Beatty, George12M At home  IL11  1    
299Beatty, Robert S.26M Farmer2000350NY11     1 
299Beatty, Anna22F Keeping house  OH         
21010Birkenmayer, G.47M Farmer240003455Wurtemburg11     1 
21010Birkenmayer, Anna M.42F Keeping house  Wurtemburg11       
21010Birkenmayer, Anna M.21F At home  IL11       
21010Birkenmayer, Harriet (twin)15F At home  IL11  1    
21010Birknemayer, Charles (twin)15M At home  IL11  1    
21010Birkenmayer, Fanny13F At home  IL11  1    
21010Birkenmayer, Laura12F At home  IL11  1    
21010Birkenmayer, Daniel9M    IL11  1    
21010Birkenmayer, Lillie7F    IL11  1    
21010Birkenmayer, Royal5M    IL11       
21010Birkenmayer, Minnie3F    IL11       
21010Birkenmayer, William17M Farm hand  IL11  1    
21010Neely, John21M Farm hand  PA11     1 
21010Egalhoff, Fred17M Farm hand  Baden11  1    
21111Force, Ebinezer52M Farmer4000950PA       1 
21111Force, Nancy42F Keeping house  OH         
21111Force, Samuel G.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
21111Force, William H.14M Farm hand  IL    1    
21111Force, Thomas N.13M Farm hand  IL    1    
21111Force, Eva11F At home  IL    1    
21111Force, Herbert9M    IL    1    
21111Force, Levi7M    IL    1    
21111Norris, Sarah63F    OH         
21111Norris, Hannah30F Housekeeper  OH         
21212Kirby, William53M Farmer390007990NJ       1 
21212Kirby, Experience50F Keeping house  NY         
21212Kirby, Nathaniel22M Farmer 500IL       1 
21212Kirby, Elizabeth18F At home  IL         
21212Kirby, Sarah M.16F At home  IL    1 W  
21212Kirby, William H.12M At home  IL    1    
31212Kirby, Robert H.10M    IL    1    
31212Kirby, Sarah E.8F    IL    1    
31212Kirby, Joanna6F    IL         
31313Cooper, Johnathan E.63M Farmer91001200KY       1 
31313Cooper, Miriam71F Keeping house  NH         
31313Hutchinson, Lillie12F    IL         
31313Adam?, John42M Farm hand  Hanover11       
31414Calhoun, Adarastus42M Farmer11250960VT       1 
31414Calhoun, Emeline37F Keeping house  IL         
31414Calhoun, Frank10M    IL    1    
31414Calhoun, Charles8M    IL    1    
31414Calhoun, Caleb7M    IL    1    
31414Calhoun, James5M    IL         
31414Calhoun, Joseph3M    IL         
31414Calhoun, Frederick8 mo.M    IL  Dec      
31414Ackerman, William37M Farm hand  Wurtemburg11       
31515Catt, Charles60M Farmer100005000England11     1 
31515Catt, Mary70F Keeping house  NJ         
31515Lintmann, Mena18F Domestic serv’t  Prussia11       
31616Stanly, Matthew C.52M Farmer150002585England11     1 
31616Stanly, Elizabeth51F Keeping house  PA11       
31616Stanly, Robert17M Farm hand  IL1   1    
31616Stanly, Mary E.16F At home  IL1   1    
31616Stanly, Edward (twin)13M At home  IL1   1    
31616Stanly, Charles (twin)13M At home  IL1   1    
31616Stanly, Stephen D.12M At home  IL1   1    
31616Stanly, Isabel10F    IL1   1    
31616Stanly, Jennett7F    IL1   1    
31717Little, Erwin67M Farmer256004470NC       1 
31717Little, Eliza55F Keeping house  NC         
31717Little, Narcissus29F At home  IL         
31717Little, Pantly C.27F At home  IL         
31717Little, Pinkney I.24M Farmer2500800IL       1 
31717Stembrook, Benj.27M Farm hand  Prussia11       
31818Lowe, Rich’d I.68M Farmer470004060NJ       1 
31818Lowe, Sarah D.51F Keeping house  NJ         
31818Lowe, Mary29F At home  IL    1    
31818Lowe, John17M Farm hand  IL    1    
31818Lowe, Frank15M Farm hand  IL    1    
31818Lowe, Ralph13M Farm hand  IL    1    
41818Lowe, Augustus Y.11M At home  IL    1    
41919Riggs, Benj. A.58M Farmer86005970NJ       1 
41919Riggs, Synthia38F Keeping house  PA         
41919Riggs, Thomas A.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
41919Riggs, Samuel14M Farm hand  IL    1    
41919Riggs, Cele A.11F At home  IL    1    
41919Riggs, Abram L.6M    IL    1    
42020Duncan, John30M Farmer50001020IL       1 
42020Duncan, Catherine28F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
42020Duncan, Mary7F    IL 1  1    
42020Duncan, Susan5F    IL 1       
42020Duncan, William4M    IL 1       
42020Duncan, Catherine2F    IL 1       
42020Duncan, John1M    IL 1       
42121Beatty, John S.54M Farmer250002860OH      1  
42121Beatty, Mary E.50F Keeping house  OH         
42121Beatty, Maxwell R.23M Farmer 640OH      1  
42121Beatty, Emma E.20F Keeping house  IL         
42121Beatty, Ninian S.18M Farm hand  OH    1    
42121Beatty, Mary E.15F At home  OH    1    
42121Beatty, Kittie A.12F    OH    1    
42121Dagenhart, Mary16F Domestic serv.  IL         
42222Cory, Joel65M Farmer328005495NJ      1  
42222Cory, Sarah64F Keeping house  NJ         
42222Cory, Walter S.17M Farm hand  IL    1    
42222Haley, Bridget27F Domestic servant  Ireland11   W   
42222Butler, Ella12F At home  IL         
42222Murphy, William23M Farm hand  Ireland11   1 1 
42323Darby, Jacob38M Farmer 3750NJ      1 
42323Darby, Letitita32F Keeping house  IL         
42323Darby, Willie F.11M At home  IL         
42323Darby, Fanny G.9F    IL         
42323Jolmergin, William35M Farm hand  TN     1   
42323Hibdon, Caroline18F Domestic serv.  IL         
42424McCallister, Leml. S.60M Farmer29001200NY      1 
42424McCallister, Temperance B.53F Keeping house  TN         
42424McCallister, William H.26M Farmer  IL       1 
42424McCallister, Silva J.24F At home  IA         
42424McCallister, George A.19M Farm hand  IA         
42424McCallister, Lemuel F.16M Farm hand  IA    1    
52424McCallister, Frank B.14M At home  IA    1    
52424McCallister, Arthur E.12M At home  MO    1    
52424McCallister, Elizabeth W.23F Keeping house  MO    1    
52525Stelle, Daniel R.45M Farmer240007765NJ       1 
52525Stelle, Mary42F Keeping house  NJ         
52525Stelle, Herbert D.18M Farm hand  IL    1    
52525Stelle, Elizabeth16F Attending school  IL    1    
52525Stelle, Edward14M Farm hand  IL    1    
52525Stelle, Hattie12F At home  IL    1    
52525Stelle, Charles10M At home  IL    1    
52525Stelle, George4M    IL         
52525Stelle, Walten1M    IL         
52525Schudder, Hannah57FBHouse keeper  NJ     1   
52626McGrath, John H.30M Farmer 450Ireland11 Apr 1 1 
52626McGrath, Bridget20F Keeping house  Ireland   Apr 1   
52727Barnett, Allen A.40M Physician105002800KY       1 
52727Barnett, Elizabeth38F Keeping house  CT         
52727Barnett, Allen O.14M    OH    1    
52727Barnett, Mary E.5F    IL         
52727Goble, Ella19F    OH         
52727Doyle, William50M Farm hand  Ireland11     1 
52828Spencer, Ferdinand31M Farmer 1590NJ       1 
52828Spencer, Elizabeth72F Keeping house9600 NJ         
52828Spencer, Henry28M Farmer 1590IL       1 
52828Spencer, Martha29F Keeping house  NJ         
52828Walsh, Mary11F At home  IL11  1    
52828Burris, James28M Farm hand  Ireland11   1 1 
52929Terrell, Mary C.60F Keeping house60001250NJ         
52929Terrell, George23M Farmer  NJ       1 
52929Terrell, Oliver R.19M Farm hand  IL    1    
52929Cannon, Lucinda32F Housekeeper  IN         
52929Cannon, Lavina5F    IL         
53030Walsh, Thomas35M Day laborer 350Ireland11   1 1 
53030Walsh, Catherine30F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
53030Walsh, Katie4F    IL11       
53030Walsh, Mary J.2F    IL11       
53131Terrell, Louis38M Farmer100001790NJ       1 
53131Terrell, Elizabeth30F Keeping house  IL         
53131Carter, Buel12M Farm hand  MO         
53232VanLiew, Fred.48M Farmer120001345NJ       1 
63232VanLiew, Mary E.37F Keeping house  NJ         
63232VanLiew, John H.4M    IL         
63232VanLiew, Alice8 mo.F    IL  Dec      
63232Wilcox, Albert38M Day laborer  Mich       1 
63232Kinney, Henry18M Farm hand  MO11       
63232Webb, Francis15M Farm hand  Minn    1    
63333Christopher, John68M Farmer120002270NJ       1 
63333Christopher, Jane62F Keeping house  PA         
63333Christopher, Adam22M Farm hand  IL       1 
63333Christopher, Edward20M Farm hand  IL    1    
63333Hutchinson, Frank15M Farm hand  IL    1    
63333Ohmestead, Autitia14F Domestic serv.  IL11  1    
63434Whyte, Robert C.56M Farmer50001500Scotland11     1 
63434Whyte, George E.28M Farm hand  NY11     1 
63434Taylor, Thomas18M Farm hand  IL11  1    
63434Burke, Edward15M Farm hand  NY11  1    
63535Snedeker, Isaac57M Farmer and nursery544009360NJ       1 
63535Snedeker, Caroline S.60F Keeping house  NJ         
63535Snedeker, Orval A.22M Law student  IL    1  1 
63535Snedeker, Samuel J.19M Farm hand  IL    1    
63535Snedeker, Mary K.45F At home  NJ         
63535Hix, Matilda23F At home  MO         
63535Everet, Joseph M.C.21M Farm hand  NJ       1 
63535Cruizes, Fred21M Farm hand  NJ       1 
63535Leak, Robert20M Farm hand  Del         
63535Parks, Mary E.12F At home  PA    1    
63636Gibbs, James33M Farmer 350Ireland11     1 
63636Gibbs, Mary31F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
63636Gibbs, Julia A.4F    IL11       
63636Gibbs, Mary3F    IL11       
63636Gibbs, James1M    IL11       
63737VanLiew, Jerre79M Farmer160002215NJ       1 
63737VanLiew, Margaret78F Keeping house  NJ         
63737VanLiew, Banjamin B.40M Farmer  NJ       1 
63737VanLiew, Catherine A.35F House Keeper  NJ         
63737Farmer, Mary16F At home  IN    1    
63737Blue, James28M Farm hand  NJ       1 
63838Mershon, Theodore56M Farmer64002195NJ       1 
63838Mershon, Adelia52F Keeping house  NJ         
63838Mershon, Elizabeth28F At home  NJ         
63838Mershon, Ambrose22M Farmer  NJ       1 
63838Mershon, Horace20M Farm hand  NJ    1    
63838Atchison, Cordelia11F At home  MO    1    
63939Ross, David R.38M Farmer200001595NJ       1 
63939Ross, Eliza36F Keeping house  NY         
63939Ross, Hattie10F    IL    1    
63939Ross, Eliza M.8F    IL    1    
63939Ross, Jennie7F    IL    1    
63939Ross, Charles3M    IL         
63939Wilcox, Samuel24M   150England11     1 
64040Rice, Charles H.35M Farmer 975NJ       1 
64040Rice, Frances M.28F Keeping house  IL         
64040Rice, Virginia A.1F    IL         
64040Finch, Lucy50F    KY         
64141Day, James45M Carpenter 250NJ       1 
64141Day, Hattie M.40F Keeping house  NJ         
64141Day, Lizzie S.14F At home  IL    1    
64141Day, Delia A.12F    IL    1    
64141Day, Harry J.7M    IL    1    
64141Day, Ferdinand E.9 mo.M    IL  Nov      
74242Luckey, Joseph34M Farmer80001345IL     W 1 
74242Luckey, Edith C.32F Keeping house  IL     W   
74242Luckey, John4M    IL         
74242Luckey, William65M Day laborer  NC       1 
74242Davis, Jane73F Keeping house 2500NC     1   
74343Powers, Peter57M Farmer3000730Ireland11     1 
74343Powers, Ellen52F Keeping house  Ireland11  1    
74343Powers, Patrick23M Farm hand  Ireland11     1 
74343Powers, Mary20F At home  Ireland11       
74343Powers, Philip17M Farm hand  IL11       
74343Powers, Thomas14M Farm hand  IL11       
74343Powers, John12M At home  IL11  1    
74343Powers, Morris9M    IL11       
74343Aylward, Ellen4F    IL11       
74444Hunter, Wesley45M Farmer 450IL       1 
74444Hunter, Susan J.35F Keeping house  IL         
74444Hunter, Mary J.18F At home  IL         
74444Hunter, James M.15M Farm hand  IL         
74444Hunter, Lucy A.13F At home  IL         
74444Hunter, Sarah C.11F At home  IL         
84444Hunter, Ellen4F    IL         
84444Hunter, John3 mo.M    IL  Mar      
84545Collins, William D.27M Farmer 1360IL       1 
84545Collins, Sophonia J.23F Keeping house  OH         
84545Collins, William E.9 mo.M    IL  Sep      
84545Conway, Sarah A.14F At home  IL11  1    
84646McBride, William59M Farmer60002255Ireland11     1 
84646McBride, Margaret A.60F Keeping house  NY11       
84646McBride, William F.20M Farm hand  NY1        
84646Lovegrove, Eliza A.38F Keeping house  NY1        
84646Lovegrove, James M.15M Farm hand  NY    1    
84646Henry, William23M Farm hand  Ireland11       
84747Winson, John C.58M Farmer184003670England11     1 
84747Winson, Caroline E.55F Keeping house  England11       
84747Winson, Edward L.19M Farmer  IL11  1    
84747Winson, Agnes A.17F At home  IL11       
84747Winson, Eliza J.13F At home  IL11       
84747Wilcox, William25M Farm hand  England11     1 
84747Harrison, George14M Farm hand  PA         
84848Whitehead, Margaret59F Keeping house160001000NJ         
84848Daggett, Moses30M Farmer 1150WI       1 
84848Daggett, Elenor27F Keeping house  IL         
84848Hagan, Edward15MBFarm hand  KY    1    
84949Saur, Hubert36M Farmer 1010Baden11     1 
84949Saur, Therese26F Keeping house  Prussia11       
84949Saur, Frank6M    IL11       
84949Saur, Herman4M    IL11       
84949Saur, John2M    IL11       
84949Saur, Louisa6 mo.F    IL11Feb      
84949Samisch, Bertha11F At home  Prussia11  1    
85050Perrine, Thomas55M Farmer269005620NJ       1 
85050Perrine, Hellen36F Keeping house  NY         
85050Perrine, Charles11M    IL         
85050Perrine, Martha8F    IL         
85050Perrine, Emma6F    IL         
85050Perrine, Hellen3F    IL         
85050Perrine, Lizzie6 mo.F    IL         
85050Hand, Steles50M Farm hand  NJ       1 
85151Stoenges, William40M Day laborer 250KY       1 
85151Stoenges, Sarah36F Keeping house  KY     1   
95151Stoenges, Wesley17M Day laborer  KY    1    
95151Stoenges, Francis8M    IL    1    
95151Stoenges, Sarah6F    IL         
95151Stoenges, John4M    IL         
95151Williams, Harriet18F House keeper  IL     1   
95252McReynolds, Anderson50M Farmer182002685TN       1 
95252McReynolds, Elnora34F Keeping house  NY         
95252McReynolds, Mary E.21F At home  IL         
95252McReynolds, Eugene S.18M Farm hand  IL    1    
95252McReynolds, Sally16F At home  IL    1    
95252McReynolds, Hellen4F    IL         
95252McReynolds, David2M    IL         
95353McReynolds, Thomas36M Farmer187502665TN       1 
95353McReynolds, Rosa Ann35F Keeping house  IL         
95353McReynolds, James G.14M Farm hand  IL    1    
95353McReynolds, William J.8M    IL    1    
95353McReynolds, Charles L.6M    IL         
95353McReynolds, Lela May3F    IL         
95353McReynolds, Margaret A.1F    IL         
95353Brown, Patrick25M Farm hand  Ireland11     1 
95454Brooks, Charles39M Farmer200004570England11     1 
95454Brooks, Sarah J.37F Keeping house  IL         
95454Brooks, Laura J.17F At home  IL1        
95454Brooks, Charles E.16M Farm hand  IL1        
95454Brooks, Martha A.13F At home  IL1        
95454Brooks, Olive E.10F At home  IL1        
95555Conway, James50M Farmer1000350Ireland11   1 1 
95555Conway, Mary60F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
95656White, John I.35M Farmer86004485IL       1 
95656White, Sarah J.26F Keeping house  IL         
95656White, Charles B.1M    IL         
95656White, James75M Retired farmer  NC       1 
95656Smith, Josephine23F At home71004485IL         
95656Herriott, Sarah86F    NJ         
95656Cooke, Henry F.23M Farm hand  NJ       1 
95757Conn, John60M Farmer86001620PA       1 
95757Conn, Sarah54F Keeping house  PA         
95757Conn, John J.23M Farm hand  IL       1 
95757Conn, Sarah20F At home  IL         
95757Conn, Clara B.14F At home  IL    1    
105757Conn, Adda K.10F    IL    1    
105858Strader, John J.31M Farmer 1133NJ       1 
105858Strader, Edna A.28F Keeping house  OH         
105858Strader, Frank2M    IL         
105858Howard, Aubry14M Farm hand  MO         
105959Nelson, Franklin56M Farmer73501133NY       1 
105959Nelson, Elizabeth J.54F Keeping house           
105959Nelson, Charles22M Invalid  OH       1invalid
105959Nelson, Kittie20F At home  OH    1    
105959Nelson, Ida14F At home  OH    1    
105959McConville, Mary13F At home  IL    1    
106060Cunningham, Rueben W.27M Farmer 150NC     1   
106060Cunningham, Nancy27F Keeping house  NC    1   
106060Cunningham, Sarah J.5F    NC         
106060Cunningham, Fillmore (twin)1M    IL         
106060Cunningham, John (twin)1M    IL         
106161Haynes, Adam61M Farmer3500010000VA       1 
106161Haynes, Ellen42F Keeping house  Mass11       
106161Haynes, Adam11M    IL         
106161Haynes, Fanny9F    IL         
106161Haynes, Lucy2F    IL         
106161Haggarty, Bridget15F Domestic serv.  ireland11  1    
106161Haynes, Margaret23F Domestic serv.  IL         
106262Haynes, Frederick32M Farmer4000650OH   Apr   1 
106262Haynes, Sophia27F Keeping house  NY   Apr     
106262Cronan, Patrick15M Farm hand  Ireland11  1    
106363Karkoff, Nicholas50M Farmer100003755NJ       1 
106363Karkoff, Mary49F Keeping house  NJ         
106363Karkoff, Martha L.16F At home  IL    1    
106363Karkoff, John H.24M Farm hand 600NJ       1 
106363Karkoff, Lizzie12F At home  IL    1    
106363Karkoff, Isaac17M Farm hand  NJ         
106363Fox, Albert23M Farm hand  Mich       1 
106464Flatt, John45M Farmer 650England         
106464Flatt, Rebecca45F Keeping house  England         
106464Flatt, James19M Farm hand  England         
106464Flatt, George16M Farm hand  NJ         
106464Flatt, Charles13M Farm hand  NJ         
106464Flatt, John A.7M    NJ         
106464Flatt, Lillie M.5F    IL         
116565Page, Ambrose25M Farm hand 100England11 Sep 1   
116565Page, Mary21F Keeping house  England11 Sep     
116666Daly, Patrick30M Farmer3200530Ireland11   W 1 
116666Daly, Mary21F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
116666Daly, Mary2F    Ireland11       
116666Orr, Mary44F House Keeper1000 Ireland11   1   
116767Woods, Catherine49F Keeping house1200450OH     1   
116767Woods, Lawnis21M Farmer  OH     W 1 
116767Woods, Thomas18M Farm hand  IL     1   
116767Woods, Susan12F At home  IL    1    
116767Woods, Mary9F    IL    1    
116767Woods, Jane5F    IL         
116868Van Pelt, Alice A.41F Keeping house70001455NJ         
116868Van Pelt, Wilbur F.19M Farmer  IL    1    
116868Van Pelt, Hannah16F At home IL    1    
116969Duggan, John W.28M Farmer5000850IL       1 
116969Duggan, Emeline20F Keeping house 1800IL         
116969Duggan, Norah M.3F    IL         
116969Duggan, Nettie I.5 mo.F    IL  Mar      
116969Duggan, Wesley8M    IL    1    
116969Woods, John23M    OH       1 
117070Baird, Abram40M Farmer45001405NJ       1 
117070Baird, Mary L.36F Keeping house  NJ         
117070Baird, James E.10M    IL    1    
117070Baird, Emily9F    IL    1    
117070Baird, Margaret A.6F    IL         
117070Baird, William G.3M    IL         
117070Loper, Amelia16F Domestic serv  IL     W   
117171Neely, Joshua56M Farmer235502880NC     1 1 
117171Campbell, Margaret45F House Keeper  NC     W   
117171Campbell, Nancy41F House Keeper  NC     W   
117171Hopper, John27M Farm hand 150Ireland11     1 
117171Costley, Andrew18M Farm hand  IL    1    
117272Flaharty, John37M Farmer 970Ireland11   1 1 
117272Flaharty, Mary33F Keeping house  Ireland11       
117272Flaharty, Mary A.8F    IL11  1    
117272Flaharty, John F.6M    IL11       
117373Flinn, Michael30M Farmer 450Ireland11     1 
117373Flinn, Mary25F Keeping house  Ireland11    1 
117373Flinn, Thomas4M    IL11       
127373Flinn, John2M    IL11       
127373Flinn, Michael3 mo.M    IL11May      
127474Warren, Charles W.21M Farmer 650IL  Dec   1 
127474Warren, Carrie21F Keeping house  IL1  Dec     
127575Warren, George E.53M Farmer/lawyer240006650OH       1 
127575Warren, Harriett50F Keeping house  KY         
127575Warren, Hattie23F At home  IL         
127575Warren, Mark18M Farm hand  IL    1    
127575Warren, Annie16F At home  IL    1    
127575Warren, George E.14M Farm hand  IL    1    
127575Warren, Frank11M    IL    1    
127575Farley, Mary60F  3000100VT         
127676McGuire, James40M Farm hand 150Ireland11     1 
127676McGuire, Rosa2F Keeping house  IL11       
127676McGuire, Katie4F    NY1        
127777Gaither, Enoch39M Day laborer 100NC         
127777Gaither, Mary J.25F Keeping house  NC     1   
127777Gaither, Sarah E.7F    NC         
127777Gaither, Seneth G.2M    NC         
127777Gaither, Martha M. (twin)5 mo.F    IL  Mar      
127777Gaither, William D. (twin)5 mo.M    IL  Mar      
127878Griffen, John45M Farmer 450Ireland11     1 
127878Griffen, Anna35F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
127878Griffen, Charlotte13F Invalid  IL11       
127878Griffen, John11M At home  IL11  1    
127878Griffen, Mary A.9F    IL11  1    
127979Burns, Patrick45M Farmer1600625Ireland11   1 1 
127979Burns, Mary46F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
127979Burns, Anna15F At home  Ireland11  1    
127979Burns, Patson13M At home  NJ11  1    
127979Burns, Franklin11M At home  IL11  1    
127979Burns, Hugh9M    IL11  1    
127979Burns, John7M    IL11       
127979Burns, Mary E.3F    IL11       
127979Burns, Richard1M    IL11       
128080Fitzgerald, Peter36M Farmer350001560MO       1 
128080Fitzgerald, Ellen L.31F Keeping house  IL         
128080Fitzgerald, Genarah C.3F    IL         
128080Fitzgerald, Quincy D.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
128181Van Pelt, Chas. W.29M Farmer 300IL       1 
138181Van Pelt, Mary20F Keeping house  IL         
138181Van Pelt, John R.3M    IL         
138181Van Pelt, Mary1F    IL         
138282Springgate, A.M.46M Farmer150003640KY      1 
138282Springgate, Pauline37F Keeping house  KY         
138282Springgate, Mouro E.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
138282Springgate, Andrew13M Farm hand  IL    1    
138282Springgate, William S.11M Farm hand  IL    1    
138282Springgate, Rollin A. (twin)5M    IL    1    
138282Springgate, Jerusha P. (twin)5F    IL    1    
138282Springgate, Oscar O.1M    IL         
138282Davis, Henry M.18M Farm hand  IL    1    
138282Arnepizer, Malvina16F At home  IL    1    
138383Post, Caleb A.35M Farmer256806175IL       1 
138383Post, Mary L.35F Keeping house  OH         
138383Post, Melissa J.13F At home  IL    1    
138383Post, Elmer E.9`M    IL    1    
138383Post, Ida May7F    IL    1    
138383Post, Ardelia M.4F    IL         
138383Post, Grace G.10 mo.F    IL  Oct      
138383Ray, Charles31M Farm hand  Switzerland11     1 
138383Bezzler, John37M Farm hand  Prussia11     1 
138383Farris, Phenia16F Domestic servant VT         
138383Felty, Samuel38M Painter  PA       1 
138484Milton, Charles43M Farmer183003650NY       1 
138484Milton, Frances39F Keeping house  NC         
138484Milton, Caroline20F At home  IL         
138484Milton, George18M Farm hand  IL    1    
138484Milton, Wesley17M Farm hand  IL    1    
138484Milton, Liphus15M Farm hand  IL    1    
138484Milton, Silas13M Farm hand  IL    1    
138484Milton, Laura3F    IL         
138585Pendergast, Ew’d J.32M Farmer 1030Canada11     1 
138585Pendergast, Margaret J.35F Keeping house  NC         
138585Pendergast, Otis C.11M At home  IL1        
138585Pendergast, Henry D.9M    IL1        
138585Pendergast, Edward7M    IL1        
138585Pendergast, Malchadis9 mo.M    IL1 Nov      
138585Cunningham, Mary J.12F At home  NC    1    
138585Cunningham, Clementine11F At home  NC    1    
148585Cunningham, Thomas7M    NC    1    
148686Howsell, Sarah50F Keeping house60001200England11       
148686Swain, Robert J.20M Farmer  IL11       
148686Swain, Alfred18M Farm hand  IL         
148686Vananwegin, Mattie15F At home  AK    1    
148787Cray, Lissier33M Farmer4000905NJ       1 
148787Cray, Margaret32F Keeping house  IL         
148787Cray, George M.10M    IL         
148787Cray, Cora8F    IL         
148787Cray, Louis2M    IL         
148888Armstrong, Elvin30M Farmer 2235PA       1 
148888Armstrong, Susan28F Keeping house  IL         
148888Armstrong, Bertha9 mo.F    IL  Nov      
148888Armstrong, Mary Ann54F    PA?         
148888Armstrong, Thomas E.4M    MO         
148888Armstrong, Mary E.17F Attending school  IL    1    
148888McGuire, James75M Retired farmer7700580NC       1 
148888Parris, Tyler25M Farm hand  NY       1 
148989Rosaland, Henry30M Wheel Wright400450NJ       1 
149090Davis, Samuel72M Farmer 910NC     1 1 
149090Davis, Mary72F Keeping house  NC     1   
149090Davis, Attha L.41F House keeper4000 NC         
149090Davis, Harriet A.21F At home  IL         
149090Farmer, Edward17M Farm hand  OH    1    
149191Dannally, Thomas K.62M Farmer96001450PA       1 
149191Dannally, Susan61F Keeping house  PA         
149191Dannally, Lydia A.34F At home  OH         
149191Dannally, Susan22F At home  PA         
149191Gaston, Elizabeth39F Keeping house  PA         
149191Gaston, Henretta C.13F At home  IL    1    
149191Gaston, Cordelia B.7F    IL    1    
149292Whitehead, C.V.32M Farm hand  PA       1 
149292Whitehead, Margaret B.27F Keeping house  PA         
149292Whitehead, Allen7M    IL    1    
149292Whitehead, Ida5F    IL         
149292Whitehead, Susan3F    IL         
149292Whitehead, Laura9 mo.F    IL  Dec      
149393Cray, John44M Farmer40001020NJ       1 
149393Cray, Minerva30F Keeping house  IL         
149393Cray, Mary E.13F At home  IL    1    
159393Cray, Augustus4M    IL         
159393Cray, Emma24F At home  NJ         
159494Van Pelt, William A.41M Farmer 550NJ       1 
159494Van Pelt, Martha J.32F Keeping house  IL         
159494Van Pelt, John F.10M    IL    1    
159494Van Pelt, Ralph H.5M    IL         
159494Van Pelt, Ruth1F    IL         
159494Latham, Robert77M Farmer5000750NC       1 
159595Van Kirk, Andrew J.40M Farmer 775NJ       1 
159595Van Kirk, Ann40F Keeping house  NJ         
159595Van Kirk, Rachael A.18F At home  NJ         
159595Van Kirk, Ida A.11F    NJ    1    
159595Van Kirk, Serena R.6F    NJ         
159595Van Kirk, Aaron S.68M Farm hand  NJ       1 
159696Davis, John W.49M Farmer220004660NC       1 
159696Davis, Eliza Ann48F Keeping house  MO         
159696Davis, Elan21M Farm hand  IL       1 
159696Davis, Augustus18M Farm hand  IL    1    
159696Davis, Douglas14M Farm hand  IL    1    
159696Davis, Edward13M Farm hand  IL    1    
159696Davis, Eva L.9F    IL    1    
159696Davis, Deliza7F    IL    1    
159696Fitzgerald, Leora18F Domestic servant  IL         
159797Fitzgerald, Joseph W.28M Farmer4000650IL       1 
159797Fitzgerald, Susan M.27F Keeping house  OH         
159797Fitzgerald, Otis W.8M    IL    1    
159797Fitzgerald, Della4F    IL         
159797Fitzgerald, Adda2F    IL         
159898Fitzgerald, Peter46M Farmer800300MO       1 
159898Fitzgerald, Angeline42F Keeping house  MO         
159898Fitzgerald, Quincy L.16M Farm hand  MO    1    
159898Fitzgerald, Charles F.13M Farm hand  MO    1    
159898Fitzgerald, Allen M.12M Farm hand  MO    1    
159898Fitzgerald, Cordelia10F    MO    1    
159898Fitzgerald, George M.5M    MO         
159898Fitzgerald, Jesse L.3M    MO         
159999Fitzgerald, James B.36M Farmer75001475MO       1 
159999Fitzgerald, Mary M.33F Keeping house  IL         
159999Fitzgerald, Anna M.7F    IL    1    
159999Fitzgerald, Fred G.5M    IL         
169999Fitzgerald, William J.13M Farm hand  IL         
169999Fitzgerald, Elizabeth66F Keeping house  KY         
169999Smith, Clemens28M Farm hand  Germany11     1 
16100100Hunter, William H.39M Farmer50001250Ireland11     1 
16100100Hunter, Sarah C.37F Keeping house  Ireland11       
16100100Hunter, William H.18M Farm hand  NJ11       
16100100Hunter, Isabel16F At home  NJ11       
16100100Hunter, Rebecca J.14F At home  IL11       
16100100Hunter, Mary A.12F At home  IL11       
16100100Hunter, Ellen10F    IL11       
16100100Hunter, Sarah C.8F    IL11       
16100100Hunter, Ida6F    IL11       
16100100Hunter, Charles4M    IL11       
16100100Hunter, Fanny1F    IL11       
16101101Laird, Henry40M Farmer 200Ireland11       
16101101Laird, Hannah33F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
16101101Laird, William R.5M    Ireland11       
16101101Laird, Mary E.2F    Ireland11       
16101101Laird, Margaret6 mo.F    IL11Dec      
16101101Croan, William63M Day laborer  Ireland11       
16102102Christy, Andrew W.41M Farmer150004945IL       1 
16102102Christy, Hannah28F Keeping house  PA         
16102102Christy, John7M    IL         
16102102Christy, Mary E.3F    IL         
16102102Lipscomb, Oliver18M Farm hand  Mich     1   
16102102Elliott, James25M Farm hand  NY       1 
16103103Updike, Wesley29M Farmer70001545NJ       1 
16103103Updike, Emily29F Keeping house  NJ         
16103103Updike, Minnie B.4F    IL         
16103103Updike, Lottie G.1F    IL         
16103103Pasker, Richard12M At home  MO11       
16104104Wharton, Charles46M Farmer84001030PA       1 
16104104Wharton, Mary A.48F Keeping house  England11       
16104104Wharton, Martha21F Seamstress  IL 1       
16104104Wharton, Emma17F At home  IL 1       
16104104Wharton, Charles H.15M Farm hand  IL 1       
16104104Wharton, Lydia13F At home  IL 1       
16104104Wharton, Lela5F    IL 1       
16104104Boulter, William80M Retired farmer3000400England11     1 
17105105Nutt, James59M Farmer  PA       1 
17105105Nutt, Lydia52F Keeping house  NJ         
17105105Nutt, Wm.27M Farmer  NJ       1 
17105105Nutt, Elizabeth18F    NJ         
17106106Boulder, James56M Farmer70001175England11     1 
17106106Boulder, Sarah48F Keeping house  England11       
17106106Wyman, James11M    MO    1    
17107107Glohr, Paul65M Invalid6000750Wertemburg11     1 
17107107Glohr, Helena70F Keeping house  Wertemburg11       
17107107Glohr, Paul26M Farmer OH11     1 
17108108Fryer, Jacob23M Farmer 150Prussia11     1 
17108108Fryer, Rosa28F Keeping house  OH11       
17108108Fryer, Hellen (twin)1F    IL1        
17108108Fryer, Willie (twin)1M    IL1        
17108108Brown, Mary13F    Austria11  1    
17109109Glore, Benj. F.29M Farmer 350MO       1 
17109109Glore, Elvira26F Keeping house  TN         
17109109Glore, Carrie E.6F    MO         
17109109Glore, Jesse A.5M    IL         
17109109Glore, Martha F.2F    IL         
17109109Glore, Lucy A.1F    IL         
17109109Atchison, Peter E.7M    MO         
17109109Atchison, Joseph17M Day laborer  MO         
17110110Gaves, Emanuel38M Day laborer 450TN       1 
17110110Gaves, Elizabeth36F Keeping house  VA         
17110110Gaves, Henry12M    MO         
17110110Gaves, Louis10M    MO         
17111111Fisher, Cornelius B.61M Farmer6000020000NJ       1 
17111111Fisher, Hannah67F Keeping house  NJ         
17111111Lynch, John45M Farm hand  NJ       1 
17111111Swartz, George25M Farm hand  OH       1 
17112112Russell, James. D.32M Farmer208005000AK       1 
17112112Russell, Lucinda32F Keeping house  IL         
17112112Russell, Margaret F.6F    IL    1    
17112112Russell, Edith4F    IL    1    
17112112Russell, Adda2F    IL         
17112112Hurd, Jay M.63M County Judge150005250NY       1 
17112112Hurd, Frank P.17M Attending school  IL    1    
17112112Delany, Patrick25M Farm hand  Ireland11       
17112112Delany, Eliza27F Domestic servant  Ireland??       
18112112Cuddihan, Kate28F Domestic servant  Ireland11    1  
18113113Cross, Hugh N.52M Farmer/banker9130013635NJ       1 
18113113Cross, Antoinette45F Keeping house  NY         
18113113Cross, Edward15M Farm hand  IL    1    
18113113Cross, Leslie12M Farm hand  IL    1    
18113113Myers, George35M Farm hand  PA       1 
18113113Conners, Martin30M Farm hand  Ireland11     1 
18114114Tiff, Oliver A.38M Blacksmith65001875NY       1 
18114114Tiff, Ann L.30F Keeping house  IL         
18114114Tiff, Olive G.13F    IL    1    
18114114Tiff, Annie15F    IL    1    
18114114Richards, John27M Blacksmith  MO       1 
18114114Nevius, Joseph25M Farm hand  NJ       1 
18115115Calhoun, Benj. F.31M Farmer90001465IL       1 
18115115Calhoun, Clarissa J.27F Keeping house  IL         
18115115Calhoun, Hattie6F    IL    1    
18115115Calhoun, Hannah4F    IL    1    
18115115Calhoun, Fanny9 mo.F    IL  Dec      
18115115Calhoun, Rhoada70F Keeping house 2500Mass         
18115115Calhoun, George20M Farm hand 225IL         
18116116Duncan, Delila50F Keeping house8000500MO         
18116116Duncan, William (twin)17M Attending school  IL    1    
18116116Duncan, Joseph (twin)17M Attending school  IL    1    
18117117Kirkpatrick, Lewis42M Farmer75001065NJ       1 
18117117Kirkpatrick, Agnes R.40F Keeping house  NJ         
18117117Kirkpatrick, Mary A.18F    NJ         
18117117Kirkpatrick, Anna16F    NJ    1    
18117117Kirkpatrick, James A.14M    NJ    1    
18117117Kirkpatrick, Lillie12F    IL    1    
18117117Kirkpatrick, George9M    IL    1    
18117117Kirkpatrick, Robert7M    IL    1    
18117117Kirkpatrick, Augusta5F    IL         
18117117Kirkpatrick, Mattie S.3F    IL         
18117117Smalley, Nathan83M Retired farmer 1000NJ       1 
18118118Fulkerson, Wm. H.34M Farmer500005000TN       1 
18118118Fulkerson, Cornelia T.34F Keeping house  TN         
18118118Fulkerson, Fanny8F    TN  1      
18118118Fulkerson, James W.6M    TN         
18118118Fulkerson, Sally3F    IL         
18118118Fulkerson, Joseph1M    IL         
19118118Russell, Joseph87M Retired farmer 10000TN       1 
19118118Russell, Jane G.63F Keeping house  TN         
19118118Smith, Joshua21M Farm hand  TN       1 
19118118Sensabaugh, Joseph22M Farm hand  TN       1 
19118118Cox, Mary18F Domestic servant  IL         
19119119Allen, Franklin40M Farmer70002220Ireland11     1 
19119119Allen, Mary30F Keeping house  Ireland11       
19119119Allen, Adelia E.9F    IL11  1    
19119119Allen, Margaret8 mo.F    IL11Jan      
19120120Sunderland, Lloyd W.52M Farmer164002675NJ       1 
19120120Sunderland, Sarah A.50F Keeping house  NJ         
19120120Sunderland, Harriet28F    NJ         
19120120Sunderland, John24M Farm hand  IL       1 
19120120Sunderland, Justice18M Farm hand  ?         
19120120Sunderland, Anna16F    ?    1    
19120120Sunderland, Harry14M    ?    1    
19120120Sunderland, Lloyd W.9M    ?    1    
19120120Sunderland, Ella12F    ?    1    
19121121Ring, David40M Farmer 450Ireland11     1 
19121121Ring, Mary36F Keeping house  Ireland11       
19121121Ring, Edward12M Farm hand  IL11  1    
19122122Nutt, Richard A.31M Farmer160001700NJ       1 
19122122Nutt, Theodocius38F Keeping house  NJ         
19122122Nutt, Kate D.2F    IL         
19122122Frost, Mary L.17F    IL    1    
19122122Frost, Edward D.16M    IL    1    
19123123Tolman, Silas W.45M Farmer200002595IL       1 
19123123Tolman, Clara36F Keeping house  NY         
19123123Tolman, Thomas P.5M    IL         
19123123Tolman, George O.3M    IL         
19123123Tolman, Lewis E.8 mo.M    IL  Jan      
19123123Tolman, Cyrus76M Retired farmer120002000Mass       1 
19123123Brown, Andrew J.24M Farm hand  MO       1 
19123123George, Graves23M Farm hand  MO       1 
19124124Allen, James W.36M Cooper 250TN       1 
19124124Allen, Harriet C.33F Keeping house  TN         
19124124Allen, George A.17M    TN         
19124124Allen, Greenberry11M    TN    1    
19124124Allen, Alice8F    TN    1    
19124124Allen, John W.6M    TN    1    
20124124Allen, Isaac W.3M    IL         
20124124Allen, Susan O.F.9 mo.F    IL  Jan      
20124124Williams, Sarah J.26F Keeping house  IL         
20125125Williams, Francis M.26M Farmer 250TN       1 
20125125Williams, Harriet A.28F Keeping house  TN         
20125125Williams, Laura R.3F    TN         
20125125Berry, Missouri E.12F    TN         
20125125Berry, Benj. F.9M    TN         
20126126Dodson, Catherine43F Keeping house2000500NY         
20127127Clark, James24M Carpenter 150IL       1 
20127127Clark, Emily25F Keeping house  NY         
20127127Clark, Susan7 mo.F    IL  Feb      
20127127Dodson, Benj.21M Day laborer 500IL       1 
20128128Williams, Wm. P.47M Farmer188002445VA       1 
20128128Williams, Rachel J.42F Keeping house  KY         
20128128Williams, Thomas F.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
20128128Williams, Louisa A.14F    IL    1    
20128128Williams, Martha K.11M    IL    1    
20128128Faulkner, Eliza J.25F House keeper  IN       1 
20128128Faulkner, Mary E.2M    IL         
20128128Faulkner, Frank4 mo.M    IL  Apr      
20129129Neece, Lawrence W.24M Farm hand 150IL   Feb   1 
20129129Neece, Elizabeth A.20F Keeping house  IN   Feb     
20129129Neece, Richard12M    IL         
20130130Streetwater, John28M Farmer 1500OH       1 
20130130Streetwater, Nancy20F Keeping house  IL         
20130130Streetwater, Mary F.1F    IL         
20130130White, August20M Farm hand  NY         
20131131Richards, Guy C.50M Farmer354009190NY       1 
20131131Richards, Hannah46F Keeping house  NJ         
20131131Richards, Erastus19M Livery stable  IL    1    
20131131Richards, Christopher13M Farm hand  IL    1    
20131131Richards, Jacob (twin)6M    IL    1    
20131131Richards, Hannah (twin)6F    IL    1    
20131131Richards, George4M    IL         
20131131Shrieves, Minerva16F    OH    1    
20132132Whyte, Henry24M Farmer 6300NY11     1 
20132132Whyte, Sarah24F Keeping house  IL         
20132132White, Charles B.3M    IL         
20132132Shipley, Mary12F    IL    1    
21132132Shipley, Nelson21M Farm hand  Sweden11   1   
21133133Whyte, Robert N.32M Farmer100001610NY11     1 
21133133Whyte, Mary F.28F Keeping house  IL         
21133133Fitzgerald, Carlos13M Farm hand  MO    1    
21134134Cowin, Francis M.30M Farmer120004500IL         
21134134Cowin, Mary21F Keeping house  IL         
21134134Cowin, Emma V.8F    IL    1    
21134134Cowin, Ella M.6F    IL         
21134134Cowin, Lora A.1F    IL         
21134134Blay, James16M Farm hand  MO    1    
21135135Haaman, Nathan34M Farmer120001900OH         
21135135Haaman, Catherine29F Keepiong house  IL         
21135135Haaman, Edward9M    IL    1    
21135135Haaman, John N.6M    IL         
21135135Haaman, William F.4M    IL         
21135135Haaman, Joseph D.2M    IL         
21135135Haaman, Kittie9 mo.F    IL  Jan      
21135135Ryan, Mary17F    IL         
21135135Bennett, William22M Farm hand  NJ     W 1 
21136136Flamm, John38M Farmer6500900Wertemburg11     1 
21136136Flamm, Gertrude40F Keeping house  Prussia11       
21136136Flamm, Charles13M    IL11  1    
21136136Flamm, Mena10F    IL11  1    
21136136Flamm, John7M    IL11  1    
21136136Flamm, Lewis5M    IL11       
21136136Flamm, Henry3M    IL11       
211361t36Flamm, William9 mo.M    IL11Jan      
21136136Goetten, Joseph42M Farm hand  Prussia11       
21137137Miner, Nathaniel69M Constable3000650NY       1 
21137137Miner, Charles E.33M Farmer3750830IL       1 
21137137Miner, Darwin25M Farmer 150IL       1 
21137137Miner, George23M Farmer 250IL       1 
21138138Miner, Edwin35M Grocer clerk  IL       1 
21138138Miner, Ella27F Keeping house  IL         
21138138Miner, James E.8M    IL    1    
21138138Miner, Ida B.5F    IL         
21139139West, Ira M.45M Farmer40001170IL       1 
21139139West, Sarah J.47F Keeping house  VA         
21139139West, George D.17M Farm hand  IL    1    
21140140Marshall, Fred R.59M Farmer15001305NY       1 
22140140Marshall, Mary56F Keeping house  NY         
22140140Massey, Adda11F    IL    1    
22141141Darr, Andrew J.36M Farmer175002800IL       1 
22141141Darr, Margaret36F Keeping house  IL         
22141141Darr, Albert J.15M Farm hand  IL         
22141141Darr, Adda J.11F    IL         
22141141Darr, Douglas J.4M    IL         
22141141Darr, Chas. E. (twin)3M    IL         
22141141Darr, Edmond A. (twin)3M    IL         
22141141Russell, Josephine18F Domestic servant  IL         
22142142Hartwick, James58M Farmer12001500NJ       1 
22142142Hartwick, Eliza60F Keeping house  NJ         
22142142Hartwick, William20M Farm hand  IL    1    
22142142Davis, Daniel26M Farm hand  NY       1 
22142142McConville, John14M Farm hand  IL11       
22142142Henson, Caroline19F Domestic servant  IL         
22143143Snell, Asa74M Farmer175007940VT       1 
22143143Snell, Emeline P.54F Keeping house  VT         
22143143Snell, Jenett19F    IL         
22143143Snell, Luther17M Farm hand  IL    1    
22143143Snell, Hugh H.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
22143143Snell, Keturah15F    IL    1    
22143143Snell, Augusta L.13F    IL    1    
22144144Lynn, John47M Farmer 525Ireland11     1 
22144144Lynn, Susan43F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
22144144Lynn, Sarah A.14F    IL11  1    
22144144Lynn, Thomas12M    IL11  1    
22144144Lynn, John10M    IL11  1    
22144144Lynn, Edward8M    IL11  1    
22144144Lynn, James6M    IL11       
22145145Fitzpatrick, John32M Farmer 350Ireland11     1 
22145145Fitzpatrick, Ann30F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
22145145Fitzpatrick, Mary E.4F    IL11       
22145145Fitzpatrick, Thomas2M    IL11       
22146146Patterson, G.C.45M Farmer16002440IL         
22146146Patterson, Caroline42F Keeping house  VA         
22146146Patterson, Ellen R.20F    IL         
22146146Patterson, Louisa J.19F    IL         
22146146Patterson, John G.17M Farm hand  IL    1    
22146146Patterson, Annie E.15F    IL    1    
23146146Patterson, Sarah (twin)13F    IL    1    
23146146Patterson, Mildred P. (twin)13F    IL    1    
23146146Patterson, Carolilne A.11F    IL    1    
23146146Patterson, Lorena9F    IL    1    
23146146Patterson, Adelaide6F    IL    1    
23146146Patterson, Charles S.4M    IL         
23146146Patterson, Emma J.3F    IL         
23147147Sandige, William W.38M Farmer 450VA      1 
23147147Sandige, Emily F.27F Keeping house  IL         
23147147Sandige, Laura A.13F    IL    1    
23147147Sandige, Rowland10M    IL    1    
23147147Sandige, Augusta7F    IL    1    
23147147Sandige, Chas. H.5M    IL         
23147147Sandige, Robert2M    IL         
23147147Hattan, John H.46M Farm hand  KY       1 
23148148Malony, Daniel30M Farm hand 150Ireland     1 1 
23148148Malony, Bridget29F Keeping house  Ireland         
23148148Malony, Michael8M    Ireland    1    
23148148Malony, John4M    OH         
23148148Malony, Daniel3M    OH         
23148148Malony, Joseph4 mo.M    IL11May      
23149149Malony, Joseph35M Farmer7000940Ireland11     1 
23149149Malony, Catherine30F Keeping house  Ireland11       
23149149Malony, Joseph5M    Ireland11       
23149149Malony, Annie3F    IL11       
23149149Malony, Mary1F    IL11       
23149149Vaughn, Michael25M Farm hand  Ireland11   1   
23150150Walsh, Michael25M Farmer 250Ireland11   1   
23150150Walsh, Kate23F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
23150150Walsh, Hannah3F    Ireland11       
23150150Walsh, Peter1M    IL11       
23151151Moore, Cephus44M Farmer30001300KY       1 
23151151Moore, Lucinda39F Keeping house  IL         
23151151Moore, Isabel20F    IL         
23151151Moore, Mary J.18F    IL    1    
23151151Moore, Adelia C.17F    IL    1    
23151151Moore, Emeline14F    IL    1    
23151151Moore, Charles11M    IL    1    
23151151Moore, Drucilla8F    IL    1    
23151151Moore, William6M    IL         
24151151Moore, Alice5F    IL         
24151151Moore, Frank4M    IL         
24151151Moore, Lloyd2M    IL         
24151151Cope, Isabel40F Seamstress 600IL         
24152152Minard, Curtis25M Day laborer 100IL       1 
24152152Minard, Adda26F Keeping house  IL         
24152152Minard, Nancy4F    IL         
24152152Minard, Rosa2F    IL         
24153153Jackson, Charles31M Farmer 200IL       1 
24153153Jackson, Annie29F Keeping house  Ireland11       
24154154Rogers, Chas. T.65M Farmer10000525CT       1 
24155155Hansell, William76M Farmer50001385PA       1 
24155155Hansell, Ann75F Keeping house  NJ         
24155155Hansell, Lloyd S.34M Dairy  NJ       1 
24155155Hansell, Hannah M.30F Keeping house  NY         
24155155Hansell, Etta W.5F    IL         
24155155Hansell, Walter C.9 mo.M    IL  Nov      
24156156Short, Glover69M Farmer144504745VA       1 
24156156Short, Edwin27M Farmer 1950IL       1 
24156156Short, Hattie23F Keeping house  IL         
24156156Wohler, William26M Farm hand  Prussia11       
24156156Duke, Mary26F House keeper  MO         
24156156Duke, Viannie3F    IL         
24157157Massey, Nicholas I.23M Farmer 350IL       1 
24157157Massey, Marietta1F    IL         
24157157Massey, Mary24F Keeping house  IL         
24157157Maguire, John25M Farm hand  Ireland11   1 1 
24157157Fitzgerald, Maggie19F Domestic servant  Ireland11       
24158158Gall, William24M Farmer 350Ireland11     1 
24158158Gall, Mary21F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
24158158Gall, John1M    IL11       
24159159Diamond, Joseph40M Day laborer 250IL       1 
24159159Diamond, Olive E.37F Keeping house  KY     W   
24159159Diamond, Lucinda J.20F    MO    1    
24159159Diamond, Joseph11M    IL    1    
24159159Diamond, Eveline8F    IL    1    
24159159Diamond, Wm. A.5M    IL         
24159159Diamond, Melvina4F    IL         
24159159Diamond, Lulu L.1F    IL         
24160160Lowe, Isaac W.29M Farmer2000550NJ       1 
25160160Lowe, Hellen22F Keeping house  IL         
25160160Lowe, Benj. W.2M    IL         
25161161Wooden, William T.45M Farmer12001500NJ       1 
25161161Wooden, Eliza A.37F Keeping house  NJ         
25161161Wooden, Mary3F    IL         
25161161Wooden, Anna2F    IL         
25161161Hill, William53M Farm hand  NJ       1 
25161161Hill, Sarah24F Keeping house  NJ         
25161161Hill, William21M Farm hand  NJ       1 
25162162Boyle, Catherine39F Keeping house  NJ         
25162162Boyle, Emma5F    NJ         
25162162Carter, Seymour9M    TN`   1    
25163163Adams, Charles N.46M Farmer100001250OH       1 
25163163Adams, Nancy45F Keeping house  PA         
25163163Adams, Martha J.20F At home  IL    1    
25163163Adams, Newell19M Farm hand  IL    1    
25163163Adams, Charles N.17M Farm hand  IL    1    
25163163Adams, George12M At home  IL    1    
25163163Adams, Lewellyn7M    IL    1    
25163163Adams, Sarah4F    IL         
25163163Adams, Joseph1M    IL         
25163163Hughes, Peter45M    Ireland1      1blind
25164164Ely, George I.60M Farmer120001200NJ       1 
25164164Ely, Jane52F Keeping house  NJ         
25164164Ely, Annie26F At home  IL         
25164164Ely, Mary23F At home  IL         
25164164Ely, Libbie21F At home  IL         
25164164Ely, George W.20M Farm hand  iL         
25164164Ely, Laticia17F At home  IL    1    
25164164Ely, Gilbert T.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
25164164Ely, Hattie S.12F At home  IL    1    
25165165Lowe, Abram W.31M Farmer 550NJ       1 
25165165Lowe, Mary23F Keeping house  IL         
25165165Spense, William14M Farm hand  IL    1    
25166166Conklin, Jos. M.57M Farmer215002000PA       1 
25166166Conklin, Charlotte M.55F Keeping house  OH         
25166166Conklin, David R.31M Farmer  OH       1 
25166166Conklin, Amos L.20M Farm hand  OH    1    
25166166Conklin, Laura A.18F At home  OH    1    
25166166Conklin, Lydia B.16F At home  OH    1    
26167167Powers, Michael50M    Ireland11     1Insane

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