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1870 English Township Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; FF = Father of Foreign Birth; FM = Mother of Foreign Birth; Born = Month Born within the year; Married = Month Married within the year; School = attended school within the year; Married = Married within the year; RW = cannot read or write; V = Eligible to Vote; 21 = Male 21 or older;

PDFNamesAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceFFFMBornMarriedSchoolRWV21Remark
111Hinson, Elizabeth60F Keeping house1000200NC     1   
111Sandidge, Caroline11F At home  IL    1    
122Hinson, Franklin21M Farmer1000500IL       1 
122Hinson, Sarah18F Keeping house  IL         
122English, Charles6M    IL    1    
133Dabbs, Henry C.25M Farmer  IL       1 
133Dabbs, Tefa? J.21F Keeping house  IL         
133Dabbs, Charles H.8 moM    IL  Sep      
144Jennings, Michael27M Farmer  Ireland11   W   
144Jennings, Bridget24F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
144Jennings, James2M    Scotland11       
144Jennings, Stephen6 mo.M    IL11Nov      
155McCabe, John30M Farmer2000500Ireland11   1 1 
155McCabe, Anna25F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
155McCabe, Patrick5M    IL11       
155McCabe, Mary5F    IL11       
155McCabe, James32M    IL11       
155McCabe, Julia21F    IL11       
166Conyers?, Peter49M Farmer300300Ireland11   1 1 
166Conyers?, Bridget40F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
177Fleming, James40M Farmer3000500Ireland11   1 1 
177Fleming, Anna31F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
177Fleming, Julia6F    IL11       
177Fleming, Mary8F    IL11       
177Fleming, Edward5M    IL11       
177Fleming, Anna3F    IL11       
177Fleming, Bridget2F    IL11       
177Fleming, Richard3 mo.M    IL11Feb      
188Schwentker, Christian33M Farmer 200Prussia      1  
188Schwentker, Mary34F Keeping house  NY1        
188Schwentker, Henry A.7M    IL1        
188Schwentker, Lenora A.5F    IL1        
188Schwentker, Lillie M.2F    IL1        
188Schwentker, Alice M.2 mo.F    IL1 Mar      
199Boomer, John32M Farmer400300Prussia11     1 
199Boomer, Mary28F Keeping house  Prussia11   W   
199Boomer, Margaret9F    IL11  1    
199Boomer, Mary E.7F    IL11       
199Boomer, Ann E.7F    IL11       
199Boomer, John A.14M At home  IL11  11   
299Boomer, Daniel12M At home  IL11  1W   
299Boomer, Emma A.2F    IL11       
21010Grosjean, John B.53M Farmer300375France11   1 1 
21010Grosjean, Agnes52F Keeping house  France11       
21010Grosjean, James13M At home  NY11  1    
21010Grosjean, Mary12F At home  NY11  1    
21010Grosjean, George P.10M At home  NY11  1    
21111Shrelker, John H.57M Farmer4000600Hanover11     1 
21111Shrelker, Amelia50F Keeping house  Hanover11       
21111Shrelker, Mary14F At home  MO11       
21111Shrelker, William L.12F    IL11  1    
21111Shrelker, Mena L.9F    IL11  1    
21111Sear, Joseph22M Sawyer  Canada11     1 
21212Shrelker, John D.24M Farmer  MO11     1 
21212Shrelker, Louisa24F Keeping house  Prussia11       
21212Shrelker, Mena L.9 mo.F    IL 1Aug      
21313Harris, F. C.35M Farmer1500350Hesse11       
21313Harris, Catherine34F Keeping house  Attenburg11       
21313Harris, Mena14F    IL11  1    
21313Harris, Mary12F    IL11  1    
21313Harris, Sarah9F    IL11  1    
21313Harris, George7M    IL11  1    
21313Harris, Andrew2M    IL11       
21313Harris, Frank2 mo.M    IL11Apr      
21414Obermyer, Frank28M Farmer5000750Prussia11   1 1 
21414Long, Agnes62F Keeping house  Prussia11       
21414Foreman, Henry32M Farm hand  Prussia11       
21515Molden, August30M Farmer3000500Brunswick11   W 1 
21515Woolweaver, Daniel70M Retired farmer  Brunswick11     1 
21515Woolweaver, Fredrica61F Keeping house  Brunswick11       
21616Wahle, Joseph56M Farmer 270Prussia11     1 
21616Wahle, Theresa59F Keeping house  Prussia11   1   
21616Rhoades, Charles28M Farm hand  Saxony11       
21717Ehnndorf?, Fredric50F Farmer60001000Prussia11     1 
21717Ehnndorf?, Eliza40F Keeping house  Prussia11       
21717Ehnndorf?, Clara14F At home  MO11   1   
21717Ehnndorf?, Louis C.11M At home  MO11   1   
21717Ehnndorf, Eliza7F    IL11       
21818Arling, Henry42M Farm hand  Attenburg11   1   
21818Arling, Theresa38F Keeping house  Attenburg11       
31818Arling, Lena10F At home  Attenburg11   1   
31818Arling, Dena8M    Attenburg11       
31818Arling, Johanna3F    Attenburg11       
31818Arling, Lizzie3 mo.F    IL11Mch      
31818Arling, Clemens12M At home  Attenburg11   1   
31919Frumse?, Henry32M Farm hand  Attenburg11       
31919Frumse?, Lena31F Keeping house  Attenburg11       
31919Frumse?, Henry5M At home  Attenburg11       
31919Frumse, Hannah4F    Attenburg11       
31919Frumse?, Fredric1M    IL11       
32020Woolweaver, William45M Farmer6100870Brunswick11     1 
32020Woolweaver, Mena42F Keeping house  Hanover11       
32020Woolweaver, Dorothy19F At home  OH11       
32020Woolweaver, Louis17M Farm hand  OH11       
32020Woolweaver, William15M Farm hand  OH11       
32020Woolweaver, Henry13M Farm hand  OH11  1    
32020Woolweaver, John10M At; home  OH11  1W   
32020Woolweaver, Louisa8F    OH11       
32020Woolweaver, Mena6F    OH11       
32020Woolweaver, Thomas4M    OH11       
32020Woolweaver, Sophia1F    OH11       
32020Siefers, Corth29M Farm hand500200Hanover11   W 1 
32121Armste, Ferdinand58M Farmer  Prussia11     1 
32121Armste, Eliza45F Keeping house  Prussia11       
32121Holer?, Antons44M Stone mason  Prussia11     1 
32222Kirchner, George54M Farmer5000600Prussia11     1 
32222Kirchner, Clara16F Keeping house  IL11       
32222Kirchner, Valentine13M At home  IL11  1    
32222Kirchner, Otho?10M At; home  IL11  1W   
32222Kirchner, Harmon8M    IL11  1    
32323Brockmyer, Henry40M Farmer3000 Prussia11     1 
32323Brockmyer, Mary40F Keeping house  Prussia11   1   
32323Brockmyer, Mary15F At home  IL11   1   
32323Brockmyer, John12M At home  IL11  1W   
32323Brockmyer, Henry8M    IL11  1    
32323Brockmyer, Anna7F    IL11       
32323Brockmyer, Matilda3F    IL11       
32323Fendle?, Nicholas27M At home  Prussia11   1   
32424Boremew, Andrew33M Farmer10000800Prussia11     1 
32424Boremew, Mary27F Keeping house  Attenburg11       
42424Boremew, Catherine10F At home  IL11  1    
42424Boremew, Josephine8F    IL11  1    
42424Boremew, John6M    IL11       
42424Boremew, Henry3M    IL11       
42424Boremew, Josephine6 mo.M    IL11Nov      
42424Sherman, Louisa15F Domestic servant  Prussia11       
42424Boremew, Benjamin28M Farm hand  Prussia11   1   
42424Brokamp, Henry72MAt home  Attenburg11     1 
42525Heitzig, Fredric24M Farmer60001000IL11 Oct   1 
42525Heitzig, Anna20F Keeping house  Prussia11 Oct     
42525Heitzig, Caroline2 mo.F    IL 1Mar      
42525Wahle, Joseph28M Farm hand  Prussia11       
42626Gotten, Casper49M Farmer10000885Prussia11     1 
42626Gotten, Christine38F Keeping house  Prussia11       
42626Gotten, Fredric13M At home  IL11  1    
42626Gotten, Lena11F At home  IL11  1    
42626Gotten, Josephine9F    IL11  1    
42626Gotten, Mary6F    IL11       
42626Gotten, Mena4F    IL11       
42626Gotten, Christine7 mo.F    IL11Oct      
42626Berger, Joseph28M Farm hand  Prussia11       
42727Gerhart, John46M Potter250250Nassau11     1 
42727Strope, William23M Farm hand  Prussia11       
42828Snyder, Remick40M Potter500100Prussia11     1 
42828Snyder, Theresa38F Keeping house  Prussia11       
42828Snyder, Christine15F At home  KY11  1    
42828Snyder, Mary13F At home  IA11  1    
42828Snyder, Henry11M At home  IA11  1W   
42828Snyder, Edward9M    IA11  1    
42828Snyder, Louisa8F    IA11  1    
42929Schaaf, Charles76M Farmer1000 Hanover11     1 
42929Schaaf, Lottie75F Keeping house  Hanover11       
43030Harod, Franklin32M Farm hand  IL     W 1 
43030Harod, Eliza31F Keeping house  IL     W   
43030Harod, Joseph S.7M    IL         
43030Harod, Laura P.2F    IL         
43131Schaaf, Louis55M Farmer70001018Hanover11     1 
43131Schaaf, Christine32F Keeping house  Hesse Dramstadt11   1   
43131Schaaf, Charles L.12M At home  IL11  1    
43131Schaaf, Edward G.10M At home  IL11  1    
53131Schaaf, J. A. Siegel8M    IL11  1    
53131Schaaf, Emma6F    IL11  1    
53131Schaaf, William4M    IL11       
53131Schaaf, Pauline2F    IL11       
53131Schaaf, Catherine3 mo.F    IL11Feb      
53232Martin, Fredric34M Day laborer200 Switzerland11     1 
53333Duhrig, Fredric53M Farmer1500350Hanover11       
53333Duhrig, Sophia45F Keeping house  Hanover11       
53333Duhrig, Henry14M At home  Hanover11  1    
53333Duhrig, Eliza9F    IL11       
53333Duhrig, William6M    IL11       
53333Duhrig, George2M    IL11       
53434Cope, Henry26M Farmer 250IL       1 
53434Cope, Nancy22F Keeping house  IL         
53434Cope, Wesly1M    IL         
53434Cope, Alva*17M At home  IL    1    
53434Cope, William20M Farm hand  IL    1    
53535Seehausen, John30M Farmer2500700Prussia11     1 
53535Seehausen, Mena24F Keeping house  Prussia11       
53535Seehausen, Louisa6F    IL11       
53535Seehausen, Henry4M    IL11       
53535Seehausen, Fredric2M    IL11       
53535Seehausen, Anna2 mo.F    IL11Aug      
53535Vineing, William15M Farm hand  IL11   W   
53636Gorman, Fredric39M Tailor800100Hanover11       
53636Gorman, Louisa35F Keeping house  Hanover11   1   
53636Gorman, Henry14M At home  Hanover11  1    
53636Gorman, Rosana12F At home  MO11       
53636Gorman, George9M    MO11       
53636Gorman, Frank7M    MO11       
53737Gotten, Charles45M Farmer7000840Prussia11   1 1 
53737Gotten, Josephine40F Keeping house  Prussia11   1   
53737Gotten, Fredric12M At home  IL11  1    
53737Gotten, Henry10M At home  IL11  1    
53737Gotten, Joseph8M    IL11       
53737Gotten, Charles6M    IL11       
53838Bertman, Tony25M Farm hand  Prussia11     1 
53838Bertman, Netta20F Keeping house  Attenburg11       
53838Bertman, Henry1M    IL11       
53939Misner, Anthony60M Farmer5800690Austria11     1 
63939Misner, Catherine44F Keeping house  Hesse Dramstadt11       
63939Misner, A. Clementine20F At home  IL11  1    
63939Misner, Catherine19F At home  IL11  1    
63939Misner, Antone, Jr.16M Farm hand  IL11  1    
63939Misner, Vincent14M Farm hand  IL11  1    
63939Misner, Henry11M At home  IL11  1    
63939Misner, Alexander8M    IL11  1    
64040Hooper, George50M Cooper1000500Hanover11     1 
64040Hooper, Dorothy44F Keeping house  Hanover11   1   
64040Hooper, Mena16F At home  Hanover11  1    
64040Hooper, George13M At home  IL11  1W   
64040Hooper, Henry10M At home  IL11  1    
64040Hooper, Sophia6F    IL11       
64040Hooper, Frank4M Farmer  Hanover11       
64141Smith, Deadrick34M Farmer  Hanover11       
64141Smith, Christine32F Keeping house  Hanover11       
64141Smith, George1M    MO11       
64141Lessr?, Rebecca74?F At home  Hanover11       
64242Gowan, Harry45M Farmer1000370Hanover11       
64242Gowan, Sophia43F Keeping house  Hanover11       
64242Gowan, Emma14F At home  Hanover11  1    
64242Gowan, Dena11F At home  IL11 1    
64242Gowan, Sophia9F    IL11       
64242Gowan, Henry6M    IL11       
64343Smith, Fritz22M Farm hand  Hanover11       
64343Gowan, Dorothy70F At home  Hanover11   1   
64444Charles, John36M Farmer1000450Austria11     1 
64444Charles, Mary36F Keeping house  Prussia11       
64444Charles, Charles7M    IL11  1    
64545Baker, Fredric34M Farmer4000600Prussia11     1 
64545Baker, Wilhelmina26F Keeping house  Prussia11       
64545Baker, Mary6F    IL11       
64545Baker, John4M    IL11       
64545Baker, Charles2M    IL11       
64545Horse, John54M Farm hand  Baden11     1 
64646Hilger, Antoin40M Farmer1000300Prussia11   1   
64646Hilger, Frances39F Keeping house  Prussia11   1   
64646Hilger, Albert9M    IL11  1    
64646Hilger, Ann5F    IL11       
64646Hilger, Josephine6 mo.F    IL11Oct      
74747Timpe, William56M Farmer4000600Prussia11   1   
74747Timpe, Josephine9F    IL11       
74747Timpe, Elizabeth8F    IL11       
74747Timpe, John4M    IL11       
74747Timpe, Mary4 mo.F    IL11       
74747Wilp?, Catherine45F House keeper  Prussia11  1   
74747Wilp?, August14M At home  Prussia11   1   
74848Karr, Joseph67M Retired farmer1000100OH       1 
74848Karr, Catherine62F Keeping house  VA         
74949Mourning, W.R.47M Farmer1000150VA       1 
74949Mourning, Sarah A.38F Keeping house  MO         
74949Mourning, John R.19M Farm hand  MO         
74949Mourning, Euphrasia M.14F At home  MO     1   
74949Mourning, Thomas D.12M At home  MO     1   
74949Mourning, Newton J.10M At home  MO     1   
74949Mourning, Virginia A.7F    IL         
74949Mourning, James L.4M    IL         
74949Mourning, William C. S.2M    IL         
75050Eaglehoff, John33M Farmer5000800Hesse Dramstadt11     1 
75050Eaglehoff, Mary31F Keeping house  Hanover11       
75050Eaglehoff, George9M    IL11       
75050Eaglehoff, Lena6F    IL11       
75050Eaglehoff, Louisa4F    IL11       
75050Eaglehoff, Caroline3F    IL11       
75050Eaglehoff, Fredric7 mo.M    IL11Oct      
75151Fowler, W.S.62M Farmer1500295NJ       1 
75151Fowler, Eliza48F Keeping house  OH     W   
75151Fowler, Thomas M.20M Farm hand  OH         
75151Fowler, Elsa14F At home  IL    1    
75151Fowler, Mary A.12F At home  IL    1    
75151Fowler, John S.9M    IL    1    
75252Vaughn, Joseph19M Farmer  IL   Apr     
75252Vaughn, Alfa18F Keeping house  IL   Apr     
75252Hemphill, Abijah60M Farmer  NJ       1 
75353Powers, Lawrence40M Farmer 200Ireland11     1 
75353Powers, Rebecca39F Keeping house  NC     1   
75353Powers, Joshua15M At home  IL1   1    
75353Powers, William13M At home  IL1   1    
75353Powers, James D.11M At home  IL1   1    
75353Powers, Mary J.10F At home  IL1   1    
85353Powers, Sarah E.8F    IL1   1    
85353Powers, Richard S.6M    IL1   1    
85353Powers, Catherine4F    IL1        
85353Powers, Elizabeth2F    IL1        
85353Powers, John5 mo.M    IL1 Jan      
85353Kelly, Richard24M Farm hand  Ireland11       
85454Wall, Ambrose37M Farmer 250Ireland11     1 
85454Wall, Kate34F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
85454Wall, Ellice?11F At home  IL11  1    
85454Wall, Thomas10M At home  IL11  1    
85454Wall, William8M    IL11  1    
85454Wall, Emma6F    IL11  1    
85454Wall, Fanny4F    IL11       
85555Hooper, Henry32M Farmer2000500Hanover11     1 
85555Hooper, Sophia34F Keeping house  Hanover11   1   
85555Hooper, Caroline6F    IL11       
85555Hooper, Fredric3M    IL11       
85555Hooper, Henry1 mo.M    IL11Apr      
85555Seymour, Henry40M Farm hand  Prussia11     1 
85656Harding, Michael30M Saloon keeper650400MO       1 
85656Harding, Mary25F Keeping house  Baden11       
85656Harding, Othelia5F    IL 1       
85656Harding, Sophia3F    IL 1       
85656Harding, Anna2F    IL 1       
85656Harding, William7 mo.M    IL 1Oct      
85757Sauer, Hubert66M Farmer5000900Baden11     1 
85757Sauer, Theresa46F Keeping house  Baden11       
85757Sauer, Joseph21M Farm hand  Baden11     1 
85757Sauer, Charles16M Farm hand  IL11  1    
85757Sauer, Edward13M At home  IL11  1    
85757Sauer, Antoinette11F At home  IL11  1    
85757Sauer, Fredric8M    IL11  1    
85757Sauer, George5M    IL11       
85858Fall, John53M Farmer80001100Prussia11     1 
85858Fall, Miranda44F Keeping house  TN 1   1   
85858Fall, John H.15M At home  IL1   1    
85858Fall, William L.12M At home  IL1   1    
85858Fall, Antoin9M    IL1   1    
85858Fall, Mary A.E.8F    IL1   1    
85858Fall, Caroline W.6F    IL1        
95858Wall, Frank3M    IL1        
95858Wall, William5 mo.M    IL1 Jan      
95959Chance, Ezekiel70M Retired farmer500004000NC       1 
95959Chance, Elizabeth58F Keeping house  IL         
95959Harvel, Paris M.35M Farm hand  IL       1 
95959Harvel, Martha8F    IL    1    
96060Chance, Henry C.28M Farmer  IL       1 
96060Chance, Emeline24F Keeping house  IL         
96060Chance, Mary6F    IL         
96060Chance, Emma4F    IL         
96060Chance, Alice1F    IL         
96161Parish, Isaac42M Farmer 150MO     W 1 
96161Parish, Jane38F Keeping house  MO         
96161Parish, Henry18M Farm hand  IL    1    
96161Parish, Louis16M Farm hand  IL    1W   
96161Parish, John15M Farm hand  IL    1    
96161Parish, Margaret12F At home  IL    1    
96161Parish, Sarah J.10F At home  IL         
96161Parish, Mary J.7F    IL         
96161Parish, Isaac L.4M    IL         
96262Pollack, John45M Farmer 250NY       1 
96262Pollack, Catharine35F Keeping house  VA         
96262Pollack, Sarah Jane12F At home  IL    1    
96262Pollack, Isabel6F    IL         
96262Pollack, William5M    IL         
96262Pollack, Mary Ann3F    IL         
96262Pollack, George4 mo.M    IL  Feb      
96363Woods, George37M Day laborer 250?     1 1 
96363Woods, Martha36F Keeping house  TN    1    
96363Woods, Alonzo T.13M At home  IL    1    
96363Woods, Isaiah C.11M At home  IL    1    
96363Woods, Netta J.9F At home  IL    1    
96363Woods, Mary A.5F    IL         
96363Woods, Milviner?4F    IL         
96363Woods, Albert S.1M    IL         
96464Richey, Theodore22M Day laborer  IL       1 
96464Richey, Martha25F Keeping house  Penn         
96464Richey, Walter2M    IL         
96565Kindsley, Peter24M   100Ireland11   1 1 
96565Kindsley, Linda27F    IL         
106565Kinsly, William4M    IL1        
106565Kinsly, Edward2M    IL1        
106565Kinsly, John1 mo.M    IL1 May      
106565Myers, W. F.29M Lawyer  KY       1 
106666West, W. H. H.29M Carpenter10001500IL       1 
106666West, Mary A.25F Keeping house  IL         
106666West, James V.5M    IL         
106666West, William H.3M    IL         
106666West, Clarence W.2M    IL         
106666Richey, Mary A.47F At home  KY         
106666Lowin, Sarah21F Domestic servant  OH         
106666Laultman, Lovey35M Day laborer  Prussia11       
106767Falkner, James57M Day laborer  Penn     1 1 
106767Falkner, Julia A.41F Keeping house  IL     W   
106767Falkner, Maria L.10F At home  IL     1   
106767Falkner, Elizabeth6F    IL         
106767Falkner, William4M    IL         
106767Gunn, Nelson G.16M Farm hand  IL     W   
106767Gunn, Elijah13M Farm hand  IL     W   
106868Stewart, Ezekiel26MMulattoDay laborer 200IL     1 1 
106868Stewart, Rebecca26F Keeping house  OH         
106868Stewart, Mary D.4F    IL         
106868Stewart, James L.1M    IL         
106969Noyes, Morton B.26M Day laborer  IL     1 1 
106969Noyes, Dorlisker21F Keeping house  OH         
106969Noyes, James W.1M    IL         
106969Smalley, Henry30M Day laborer  MO       1 
107070Quinn, John26M Day laborer  IN     1 1 
107070Quinn, Mary A.24F    IL     1   
107070Stewart, George20M    IL     1   
107171Landon, Norton59M Farmer 250NY       1 
107171Landon, Sarah52F Keeping house  IN     W   
107171Landon, Harmon16M Farm hand  IL     W   
107171Landon, Rhoda14F At home  ?    1W   
107171Landon, Frances10F At home  ?     1   
107171English, David8M    ?         
107272Fleming, Patrick50M Farmer3400900Ireland11     1 
107272Fleming, Bridget55F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
107272Fleming, Thomas6M    IL11       
107272Fleming, Mary5F    IL11       
117272Fleming, Anna B.1F    IL11       
117272Brasman, Julia12F At home  MO11   W   
117373Burns, Patrick26M Farmer1000250Ireland11   W 1 
117373Burns, Mary25F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
107373Burns, James3F    IL11       
107373Burns, Bridget10 mo.F    IL11Aug      
107474Paul, Louis51M Farmer100150France11     1 
107474Paul, Justine48F Keeping house  France11   1   
107575Hughes, James50M Farmer2000350Ireland11   1   
107575Hughes, Margaret45F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
107575Hughes, Mary17F Domestic servant  OH11   1   
107575Hughes, Bridget12F Domestic servant  MO11   1   
107575Hughes, Catherine9F Domestic servant  MO11       
107575Hughes, Sarah J.9F Domestic servant  MO11       
107575Hughes, Margaret7F At home servant  MO11       
107575Hughes, Patrick4M    IL11       
107575Dwyer, Anna14F    IL11  1    
107575Dwyer, Ellen12F Domestic  IL11  1    
107575Dwyer, Mary8F Domestic servant  IL11       
107676Cope, Joseph49M Farmer2000250NC11   1 1 
117676Cope, Amanda35F Keeping house  IN         
117676Cope, Adeline10F At home  IL         
117676Cope, Amanda9F    IL         
117676Cope, Jacob2M    IL         
117676Cope, Lavina10 mo.F    IL  Jul      
117676Warner, George12M At home  IN    1W   
117676Warner, Andrew10M At home  IN    1W   
117676Warner, Addison9M    IL    1    
117676Warner, Rhoda16F At home  IN    1    
117676Warner, Mary14F At home  IN    1    
117777Malia, Antony35M Farmer2000225Ireland11     1 
117777Malia, Bridget30F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
117777Malia, Mary13F At home  IL11  1    
117777Malia, John10M At home  IL11  1W   
117777Malia, Margaret6F    IL11       
117777Malia, Martin5M    IL11       
117878Raftis, William25M Farmer  Ireland11   1 1 
117878Raftis, Johanna25F Keeping house  Ireland11       
117878Raftis, Thomas F.2M    IL11       
117878Raftis, Michael1 mo.M    IL11Apr      
127878Raftis, Mary60F At home  Ireland11   1   
127979Landon, Milo32M Farmer2000800IL         
127979Landon, Hulda27F Keeping house  IL         
127979Landon, Charles6M    IL    1    
127979Landon, Sarah E.4F    IL         
127979Landon, Clara1F    IL         
127979Falkner, Charles19M Farm hand  IL         
128080Stamps, George70M Retired farmer1600250SC         
128080Carico, John32M Keeping house? 100IL       1 
128080Carico, Eliza29F    IL         
128080Carico, Mary7F    IL         
128080Carico, Henry5M    IL         
128080Carico, James3M    IL         
128080Carico, Louis1M    IL         
128181Stamps, Thomas35M Farmer 250IL       1 
128181Stamps, Ellen37F Keeping house  IL         
128181Sarah F.13F At home  IL    1    
128181Stamps, Elizabeth C.11F At home  IL    1    
128181Stamps, John C.8M    IL         
128181Stamps, Mary E.6F    IL         
128181Stamps, Daniel3M    IL         
128181Stamps, Eliza E.1F    IL         
128181White, Nancy J.15F Domestic servant  IL    1    
128282Lee, Vincent55M Farmer1200150KY       1 
128282Lee, Priscilla45F Keeping house  IL     1   
128282Lee, Elizabeth15F At home  IL    1W   
128282Lee, Charles15M At home  IL    1W   
128282Lee, Susan E.13F At home  IL    1W   
128282Lee, Thomas10M At home  IL    1    
128282Lee, Emma7F    IL         
128282Lee, Joshua6M    IL         
128282Lee, James V.3M    IL         
128282Lee, Franklin2 mo.M    IL         
128282Lee, Gursa?22M    IL         
128383Madden, John45M Farmer40001000Ireland11   1 1 
128383Madden, Ellen45F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
128383Riley, Thomas15M Farm hand  OH11   W   
128383Cain, Mary50F At home  Ireland11   1   
128484Martin, George50M Farmer8000300IL       1 
128484Madden, Rasmelia?45F Keeping house  IL         
138484Martin, Mary15F At home  IL    1    
138484Martin, Vincent17M Farm hand  IL    1    
138484Martin, Almina10F At home  IL    1    
138484Martin, Elizabeth M.8F    IL    1    
138484Hinson, Susannah86F At home  VA     1   
138585Kirchner, George B.29M Farmer3000250IL       1 
138585Kirchner, Margaret33F Keeping house  IL         
138585Kirchner, E. Viola2F    IL         
138585Kirchner, George A.4 mo.M    IL  Feb      
138585Brown, Maria E.7F    IL         
138686Hinson, William31M Farmer1000200IL       1 
138686Hinson, Catherine20F Keeping house  IL         
138686Hinson, Jackson4M    IL         
138686Utt, Edmunc12M At home 300IL     1   
138787Cope, Leonard29M Farmer  IL       1 
138787Cope, Mary Ann22F Keeping house  IL         
138787Cope, Florence10 mo.F    IL  Jul      
138888Baggs, Charles27M Farmer 700IL       1 
138888Baggs, Caroline23F Keepiong house  IL     W   
138888Baggs, James O.3M    IL         
138888Baggs, Henry1M    IL         
138888Miller, Anna7F    IL         
138989Hinson, John40M Farmer4000350IL       1 
138989Hinson, Sarah35F Keeping house  NC     1   
138989Hinson, Richard A.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
138989Hinson, Joel13M Farm hand  IL    1W   
138989Hinson, Allen7M    IL         
138989Hinson, James5M    IL         
138989Hinson, Ralph1M    IL         
138989Hinson, Milley58F At home  MD     1   
139090Cope, Henry62M Farmer2000350NC   Aug   1 
139090Cope, Eliza29F Keeping house  SC   Aug     
139090Cope, Hugh17M Farm hand  IL    1   
139090Fitzgerald, William8M    IL    1    
139090Fitzgerald, Frank7M    IL    1    
139191Hinson, Daniel37M Farmer800500IL       1 
139191Hinson, Charlotte28F Keeping house  IL         
139191Hinson, Imogene?8M    IL    1    
139191Hinson, Arvilla J.5F    IL         
139191Hinson, Franklin9 mo.M    IL  Sep      
149292Cope, Nathan42M Farmer7500500IL       1 
149292Cope, Frances L.41F Keeping house  VT         
149292Cope, Flora18F At home  IL    1    
149292Cope, Charles16M Farm hand  IL    1    
149292Cope, Fanny15F At home  IL    1    
149292Cope, Nora13F At home  IL    1    
149292Cope, George10M At home  IL    1    
149292Cope, Zella3F    IL         
149393Cope, James52M Farmer1000200NC     1 1 
149393Cope, Mahala46F Keeping house  VA         
149393Cope, Daniel24M Farm hand  IL     1 1 
149393Cope, William21M Farm hand  IL     1   
149393Cope, Alfa18F At home  IL     1   
149393Cope, M. Alice16F At home  IL     W   
149393Cope, Angeline14F At home  IL     1   
149393Cope, Milo11M At home  IL     1   
149393Cope, John9M    IL         
149393Cope, Archer7M    IL         
149494Newell, Jefferson E.27M Farmer  IL       1 
149494Newell, Verlina29F Keeping house  IL         
149494Newell, William H.6M    IL         
149494Newell, Charles J.4M    IL         
149494Newell, John L.2M    IL         
149494Vinson, George12M At home  IL    1    
149595Sanderkonson, Henry35M Farmer4000950Prussia11   1 1 
149595Sanderkonson, Anna40F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
149595Sanderkonson, Mary12F At home  IL11  1    
149595Sanderkonson, Ellen7F    IL??  1    
149696Kirchner, Charles R.19M Farmer2000150IL   Dec     
149696Kirchner, Charlotte18F Keeping house  IL   Dec     
149797Henderson, John40M Huckster 100Prussia11 Feb   1 
149797Henderson, Annie27F Keeping house  IL   Feb     
149898Cope, Louis49M Farmer2000250IL       1 
149898Cope, Nancy49F Keeping house  KY         
149898Cope, Andrew J.22M Farm hand  IL       1 
149898Cope, Nathan18M Farm hand  IL         
149898Cope, Virlum11F At home  IL    1    
149898Cope, Archey9M    IL    1    
149898Cope, Ecornelia4F    IL         
149898Cope, Oliver26M Farmer  IL   Apr   1 
159898Cope, Elmina15F Keeping house  IL   Apr     
159999Cope, John25M Farm hand 100IL     1 1 
159999Cope, Catherine24F Keeping house  IL         
159999Cope, Marion3M    IL         
159999Cope, Louis E.8 mo.M    IL  Sep      
15100100Chrisman, Michael50M Farmer2500600France11   W 1 
15101100Chrisman, Virginia47F Keeping house  France11   W   
15101101Riber, George75M At home  France11       
15101101Riber, Mathew44M Farmer800 France11   1 1 
15101101Riber, Lena25F Keeping house  NY11  1   
15101101Riber, Tina8F    NY11       
15101101Riber, Regina7 mo.F    IL1 Oct      
15102102Walpole, John74M Farmer1000250England11     1 
15102102Walpole, Martha56F Keeping house  NJ         
15103103Rowden, John27M Farmer 250IL       1 
15103103Rowden, Varble22F Keeping house  IL         
15103103Rowden, Mary E.2F    IL         
15104104Campbell, William76M Retired farmer300200NC     1 1 
15104104Campbell, Ruth43F Keeping house  NC         
15104104Campbell, Sarah A.33F Keeping house  IL     1   
15104104Arter, Mary16F At home  IL         
15104104Arter, John2 mo.M    IL  Mar      
15105105Neeley, John45M Farmer3200400NC       1 
15105105Neeley, Jane C.44F Keeping house  NC     1   
15105105Neeley, Richard8M    IL         
15105105Cosley, Elizabeth18F At home  IL         
15105105Moore, Robert19M Farm hand  IL         
15106106Sinclair, Isaac60M Retired farmer5000300TN   1 1   
15106106Sinclair, Melinda59F Keeping house  TN     1   
15107107Rusk, James58M Retired farmer60001000SC       1 
15107107Rusk, Emily54F Keeping house  IL         
15107107Brown, Lavina15F At home  IL    1    
15107107Rhodes, James K.6M    IL         
15108108Hutchinson, William23M Farmer 400IL       1 
15108108Hutchinson, Amanda J.25F Keeping house  IL         
15108108Hutchinson, Joseph H.2M    IL         
15108108Sego, Mary54F At home  KY         
15108108Sego, Julia A.14F At home  IL    1    
15108108Sego, Albert8M    IL    1    
15108108Sego, Caloin52M Basket maker  TN     1   
16109109Lyons, Thomas71M Farmer6000600Ireland11     1 
16109109Lyons, Mary Ann78F Keeping house  Ireland11       
16109109Lyons, James31M Farmer  Ireland11     1 
16110110Stephen, Bill45M Farmer 275Ireland11   1 1 
16110110Stephen, Nancy35F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
16110110Stephen, William10M At home  IL11  1    
16110110Stephen, Julia A.7F    IL11  1    
16110110Stephen, John6M    IL11  1    
16110110Stephen, Christopher4M    IL11       
16110110Stephen, Rosa2F    IL11       
16110110Stephen, James15M Farm hand  IL11  1    
16110110Stephen, Mary13F At home  IL11  1    
16111111Powers, Michael40M Farmer8300850Ireland11     1 
16111111Powers, Bridget40F Keeping house  Ireland11       
16111111Powers, John10M At home  IL11  1    
16111111Powers, James8M    IL11  1    
16111111Powers, Mary6F    IL11       
16111111Powers, William3M    IL11       
16111111Powers, James76M At home  Ireland11   1 1 
16112112Maple, James30M Farm hand  NJ     1 1 
16112112Maple, Catherine26F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
16112112Maple, Margaret6F    IL 1       
16112112Maple, Mary E.4F    IL 1       
16112112Maple, James3M    IL 1       
16112112Maple, Nellie5 mo.F    IL 1Dec      
16113113Kiley, Patrick50M Farmer 450Ireland11     1 
16113113Kiley, Mary40F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
16113113Kiley, Margaret11F At home  Minn11  1    
16113113Kiley, John5M    IL11       
16113113Kiley, William1M    IL11       
16114114Lenterman, Casper52M Carpenter 100Prussia11     1 
16114114Lenterman, Mena52F Keeping house  Prussia11       
16114114Lenterman, Bertha11F At home  Prussia11  1W   
16115115Rowden, James52M Farmer88001450IL       1 
16115115Rowden, Elizabeth51F Keeping house  IL     W   
16115115Rowden, Henry J.20M Farm hand  IL    1    
16115115Rowden, Hester17F At home  IL    1    
16115115Rowden, Rhoda14F At home  IL    1    
16115115Rowden, Douglas12M At home  IL    1    
16115115Rowden, Elizabeth6F    IL         
17116116Sweeney, Mary43F Keeping house  IL     1   
17116116Sweeney, Rachel16F Domestic servant  IL         
17116116Sweeney, Joshua13M At home  IL    1    
17116116Sweeney, Johanna11F At home  IL    1    
17116116Sweeney, Sarah V.10F At home  IL    1W   
17116116Sweeney, Rebecca A.8F    IL    1    
17116116Sweeney, James5M    IL         
17117117Campbell, W. J.48M Farmer3000350NC       1 
17117117Campbell, Mary J.32F Keeping house  NC         
17117117Campbell, Minnie E.10F At home  NC    1W   
17117117Campbell, William J.7M    NC    1    
17117117Campbell, Mary M.3F    NC         
17117117Campbell, James R.1M    IL         
17117117Campbell, Benjamin F.35M Farm hand  NC       1 
17118118Milam?, Allen23M Farmer 250KY       1 
17118118Milam?, Mary20F Keeping hous  IL         
17118118Milam?, Laura10 mo.F    IL  Jul      
17119119Sulton, John26M Farmer  TN     1 1 
17119119Sulton, Louisiana22FKeeping house IL         
17119119Hinson, Jackson4M    IL         
17119119Sinclair, Elizabeth19F At home  IL         
17120120Cox, Rebecca44F Keeping house 250IL     W   
17120120Cox, William T.20M Farmer  MO         
17120120Cox, Mary M.18F Domestic servant  MO     W   
17120120Cox, Melissa A.16F Domestic servant  IL     W   
17120120Cox, Sarah E.15F At home  IL    1    
17120120Cox, James R.11M At home  IL    1    
17120120Pruitt, George35M Farmer  IL       1 
17120120Pruitt, N. Emily11F At home  IL    1    
17120120Pruitt, L. Johnson9M    IL    1    
17120120Pruitt, Jonas4M    IL         
17120120Pruitt, Catherine2F    IL         
17120120Hinson, John2M    IL         
17121121Darr, Mathew34M Farmer100001500IL       1 
17121121Darr, Eliza?25F Keeping house  IL         
17121121Darr, George W.7M    IL    1    
17121121Darr, Amanda E.6F    IL    1    
17121121Darr, Lilly Bell5F    IL    1    
17121121Darr, Edwin O.3M    IL         
17121121Darr, Willis M.2M    IL         
18121121Darr, Emeline E.1F    IL         
18121121Darr, Phillip E.1 mo.M    IL  Aug      
18121121Russel, Robert R.74M At home  TN       1 
18122122Lee, John25M Farmer  IL       1 
18122122Lee, Harriett25F Keeping house  IL     W   
18122122Lee, Mary2F    IL         
18122122Lee, Joseph1 mo.M    IL  Apr      
18123123Shaffer, G. W.30M Farmer1425IN       1 
18123123Shaffer, Mary26F Keeping house  PA         
18123123Shaffer, Edward7M    IL         
18123123Shaffer, Harry3M    IL         
18123123Shaffer, William25M Farmer  IN       1 
18123123Shaffer, Harriett54F At home1300500PA         
18123123Shaffer, Nancy17F At home  IN    1    
18123123Shaffer, Clara14F At home  IL    1    
18123123Shaffer, Juliette12F At home  IL    1    
18124124Quine?, S.C.31M Farmer7000915IL       1 
18124124Quine?, Celesta27F Keeping house  IL         
18124124Quine?, John W.3M    IL         
18124124Quine, Joseph O.2M    IL         
18124124Shouse, Lee24M Farm hand TN    01 
18125125Vaughn, Johnson43M Farmer  IL       1 
18125125Vaughn, Eveline43F Keeping house  IL         
18125125Vaughn, John9M    IL    1    
18125125Vaughn, Fredric5M    IL         
18125125Vaughn, Hester64F At home6000600VA         
18125125Cline?, Josephine V.11F At home  IL    1    
18125125Roberts, L.E.33M Farm hand  IL       1 
18126126Irwin, Samuel59M Farmer120001550TN       1 
18126126Irwin, Susannah52F Keeping house  MO         
18126126Irwin, Lucy V.28F At home  IL         
18126126Irwin, Laura J.18F At home  IL         
18126126Irwin, John D.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
18126126Brown, Charles B.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
18127127Irwin, William H.23M Farmer  IL       1 
18127127Irwin, Elizabeth21F Keeping house  KY         
18127127Irwin, Pearly2F    IL         
18128128Rice, A. J.37M Farmer50001750IL       1 
18128128Rice, Mary E.33F Keeping house  IL         
18128128Rice, Georgiana10F At home  IL    1    
19128128Rice, Joseph A.7M    IL    1    
19128128Rice, Harry H.5M    IL         
19128128Rice, William2M    IL         
19129129Sego, Edmund29M Farmer1000700IL       1 
19129129Sego, Jane23F Keeping house  IL         
19129129Sego, Mary3F At home  IL         
19129129Sego, John7 mo.M    IL  Oct      
19130130Vaughn, William45M Farmer50001000IL       1 
19130130Vaughn, Elizabeth43F Keeping house  NJ         
19130130Vaughn, Charles21M Farmer  IL       1 
19130130Vaughn, Emma J.12F At home  IL    1    
19130130Vaughn, Shadrach D.10M At home  IL    1    
19130130Vaughn, Walter S.3M    IL         
19131131Beach, C.D.50M Farmer110001950VT       1 
19131131Beach, Helen18F Teacher  IL         
19131131Beach, Droddy8M    IL    1    
19131131Mason, Thomas23M Farm hand  KY       1 
19131131Cope, Alexander24M Farm hand  IL       1 
19131131Ballard, Sarah40F House Keeper  MO     1   
19132132Irvine, Gruen?38M Farmer2050556IL       1 
19132132Irvine, Nancy30F Keeping house  IL         
19132132Irvine, Ruth1F    IL         
19133133Richey, W. P.52M Farmer 200KY       1 
19133133Richey, Mary A.52F Keeping house  IL         
19133133Richey, William P.20M Farm hand  IL    1    
19133133Richey, Henry18M Farm hand  IL    1    
19134134Utt, James32M Farmer1270IL       1  
19134134Utt, Mary32F Keeping house  IL         
19134134Utt, Adelia12F At home  IL    1    
19134134Utt, William10M At home  IL    1W   
19134134Utt, George7M    IL    1    
191341t34Utt, James5M    IL         
19134134Utt, Clara3F    IL         
19134134Utt, Albertus3 mo.M    IL  Feb      
19135135Cook, Henry P.32M Harness maker  TN       1 
19135135Cook, Mary A.19F Keeping house  IL         
19135135Cook, Charles H.5 mo.M    IL  Dec      
19136136Sego, James33M Farmer4000500IL       1 
19136136Sego, Moxey?24F Keeping house  IL         
19136136Sego, Oscar3M    IL         
20136136Sego, Winnie A.2F    IL         
20136136Sego, James13M At home  IL    1    
20136136Coossett, Hulda16F Domestic servant  IL         
20137137Cope, Andrew J.35M Farmer1600720IL       1 
20137137Cope, Susan36F Keeping house  IL         
20137137Cope, Emma G.14F At home  IL    1    
20137137Cope, William J.12M At home  IL    1    
20137137Cope, Oliver C.9M    IL    1    
20137137Cope, Nancy A.7F    IL    1    
20137137Cope, Lilly M.2F    IL         
20137137Cope, Jacob61M At home  NC       1 
20137137Cope, James33M At home  IL     1 1 
20138138Johnisee, N. P.51M Blacksmith2400300NC       1 
20138138Johnisee, Matilda47F Keeping house  KY         
20138138Johnisee, Oliver P.13MAt home IL   1    
20139139Kirby, L. L.47MFarmer4000010000NJ      1 
20139139Kirby, Sarah A.41F Keeping house  VT         
20139139Kirby, James H.19M Farm hand  IL    1    
20139139Kirby, Justus L.17M Farm hand  IL    1    
20139139Kirby, Edward12M Farm hand  IL    1    
20139139Kirby, Oliver7M    IL    1    
20139139Kirby, Harriett M.5F    IL    1    
20139139Hillion, Maurice35M Farm hand  Prussia11       
20139139Hrook, Mary24F Domestic servant  MO11       
20140140Ellidge, George T.42M Farmer41201450IL       1 
20140140Ellidge, Arjina?42F Keeping house  IL         
20140140Ellidge, William J.18M Farm hand  IL    1    
20140140Ellidge, James D.11M At home  IL    1    
20140140Ellidge, Margaret A.9F    IL    1    
20140140Ellidge, Sylvester B.8M    IL    1    
20140140Ellidge, Augustus P.5M    IL         
20140140Ellidge, George W.2M    IL         
20140140Ellidge, Thomas B.70M At home  KY      1 
20140140Canada, Jane18F Domsetic servant  IL    1    
20140140Sherman, Charles24M Farm hand  OH       1 
20141141Short, James M.33M Farmer50001000IL       1 
20141141Short, Rosalie26F Keeping house  IL         
20141141Short, Sylvester G.6M    IL         
20141141Short, James A.1M    IL         
20141141Harting, Henry19M Farm hand  PA         
21142142Irvine, John46M Farmer2200550TN     W 1 
21142142Irvine, Nancy47F Keeping house  ?        
21142142Irvine, Emma17F At home  ?    1    
21142142Irvine, Byron16M At home  ?    1    
21142142Irvine, Edward C.11M At home  ?    1W   
21142142Irvine, Ida May9W    ?    1    
21143143Vanmeter, Simon39M Farmer2000500?       1 
21143143Vanmeter, Alice15F Keeping house  ?         
21143143Vanmeter, May8F    ?         
21143143Vanmeter, Josephine5F    ?         
21143143Vanmeter, Frances3F    ?         
21143143Vanmeter, James19M Farm hand  ?         
21144144Lorrain, L. J.24M Farmer 250OH       1 
21144144Lorrain, Mary20F Keeping house  IL         
21144144Lorrain, Mary2 mo.F    IL  Mar      
21145145Cook, George W.22M Farmer 300TN     1   
21145145Cook, Sarah E.21F Keeping house  IL         
21146146White, Lewis38M Farmer80001992IL       1 
21146146White, Ann L.35F Keeping house  TN         
21146146White, John H.9M    IL    1    
21146146White, Charles M.8M    IL    1    
21146146Nuce, Cornelia16F Domestic servant  IL    1    
21147147Downey, James48M Farmer5000840VT       1 
21147147Downey, Sylvester G.34M Farmer5000840IL       1 
21147147Pruitt, Elriky30F Housekeeper  KY     W   
21147147Pruitt, Robert13M At home  MO    1    
21147147Fraser, John22M Farm hand 200IA       1 
21148148Arter, John22M Farmer 250IL   Aug   1 
21148148Arter, Julia18F Keeping house  IL   Aug     
21149149Sandidge, William23M Farmer 400IL       1 
21149149Sandidge, Maria22F Keeping house  IL         
21149149Cope, Ella M.14F At home  IL    1    
21150150Bridges, John34M Farmer800400IL       1 
21150150Bridges, Emeline33F Keeping house  IL     W   
21150150Bridges, Henry W.7M    IL         
21150150Bridges, John M.5M    IL         
21150150Bridges, Mary E.3F    IL         
21150150Bridges, James E.6 mo.M    IL         
21151151Drainer, Peter48M Farmer4800785Prussia11     1 
21151151Drainer, Theresa17F Keeping house  Prussia11  1    
22151151Drainer, Peter12M At home  IL11  1    
22151151Drainer, Hugo9M    IL11  1    
22151151Drainer, Ria D.5F    IL11       
22151151Drainer, Prudence D.3F    IL11       
22151151Berger, August26M Farm hand  Prussia11   1   
22152152Hetzel, John44M Farmer3600600Wittenberg11     1 
22152152Hetzel, Harriett40F Keeping house  PA    1    
22152152Hetzel, Josephine17F At home  IL1   1    
22152152Hetzel, George14M Farm hand  IL1   1    
22152152Hetzel, August13M Farm hand  IL1   1    
22152152Hetzel, Mary11F At home  IL1   1    
22152152Hetzel, Catherine9F    IL1   1    
22152152Hetzel, William7M    IL1   1    
22152152Hetzel, Netta2F    IL1        
22152152Hetzel, Emily2 mo.F    IL1 Mar      
22153153Rusk, Hugh54M Farmer4000900NC       1 
22153153Rusk, Martha38F Keeping house  IL         
22153153Rusk, Charlotte12F At home  IL    1    
22153153Rusk, Emily C.10F At home  IL    1    
22153153Rusk, Ellen D.8F    IL    1    
22153153Rusk, Mena4F    IL         
22153153Rusk, Frances O.2F    IL         
22153153Grigg, John42M Farm hand  Ireland11     1 
22154154Bonsor?, Frank43M Cooper800150Prussia11       
22154154Bonsor?, Caroline40F Keeping house  Prussia11       
22154154Bonsor?, Clemens12M At home  IL11  1    
22154154Bonsor?, Charles10M At home  IL11       
22154154Bonsor?, Anna8F    IL11       
22154154Bonsor?, Henry6M    IL11       
22154154Bonsor?, Eliza4F    IL11       
22154154Bonsor?, Caroline2F    IL11       
22155155Tonsor, John A.28M Farmer60001000Prussia11     1 
22155155Tonsor, Elizabeth23F Keeping house  Prussia11       
22155155Tonsor, Frank1M    IL11       
22155155Hoopener, John14M Farm hand  IL11   W   
22156156Munsterman, Adam24M Farmer3000575Prussia11     1 
22156156Munsterman, Mena20F Keeping house  Prussia11       
22156156Munsterman, Frank1M    IL11       
22156156Munsterman, Hannah54F At home  Prussia11       
22156156Munsterman, Anthony17M Farm hand  IL11       
23157157Funke, Stephen38M Farmer5000690Prussia11     1 
23157157Funke, Theresa48F Keeping house  Prussia11       
23157157Wilp, Anton10M At home  Prussia11  1    
23157157Wilp, Wilhelmina16F At home  Prussia11       
23157157Fall, John20M Farm hand  Prussia11       
23158158Houseman, Charles45M Farmer110001460Hanover11     1 
23158158Houseman, Augusta42F Keeping house  Hanover11       
23158158Houseman, Louis19M Farm hand  IL11  1    
23158158Houseman, Josephine13F At home  IL11  1    
23158158Houseman, Augusta6F    IL11       
23158158Houseman, Henry5M    IL11       
23159159Eby?, Francis M.31M Farm hand  OH   Aug 1 1 
23159159Eby?, Martha30F Keeping house  MO   Aug     
23160160Weko, John28M Farmer 250Prussia11 Apr1 1  
23160160Weko, Hannah25F Keeping house  Prussia11 Apr     
23161161Kanallakan, John45M Farmer 900Prussia11     1 
23161161Kanallakan, Frances42F Keeping house  Prussia11       
23161161Kanallakan, Fredric15M Farm hand  Prussia11  1    
23161161Kanallakan, Caroline12F At home  IL11   1   
23161161Kanallakan, Tony9M    IL11       
23161161Kanallakan, Josephine7F    IL11       
23161161Kanallakan, Elizabeth4F    IL11       
23162162Grisley, Simon45M Farmer 250Prussia11     1 
23163163Craven, Thomas51M Farmer 425KY       1 
23163163Craven, Rosana40F Keeping house  IL         
23163163Craven, William T.13M At home  IL    1    
23163163Craven, Uriah B.11M At home  MO    1    
23163163Craven, Lucinda J.4 mo.F    IL  Jul      
23164164Peters, T. C.30M Farmer400350MO       1 
23164164Peters, Eliza56F Keeping house  OH     1   
23164164Peters, Newton21M Farm hand  MO       1 
23164164Peters, George W.19M Farm hand  MO         
23165165Bird, Joseph53M Farmer400285Bohemia11   1   
23165165Bird, Anna48F Keeping house  Bohemia11   1   
23165165Bird, Frank16M Farm hand  Bohemia11  1    
23165165Bird, Fanny8F    IL11  1    
23165165Novotny, Frank19M Farm hand  Bohemia11   1   
23166166Krausse, Frank35M Farmer400200Prussia11     1 
23166166Krausse, Julia29F Keeping house  Prussia11   1   
23166166Krausse, Raine?10F At home  IL11   1   
24166166Krausse, John8M    IL11       
24166166Krausse, Frank5M    IL11       
24166166Krausse, Joseph4M    IL11       
24166166Krausse, Lizzie2F    IL11       
24166166Krausse, Mary6 mo.F    IL11Nov      
24167167Albert, Michael66M Farmer500250Bavaria11     1 
24167167Albert, Catherine56F Keeping house  Bavaria11       
24167167Albert, Nicholas20M Farm hand  NY11       
24167167Albert, Rosana14F At home  NY11       
24167167Albert, Annie12F At home  NY11       
24168168Piper, Frank48M Farmer4000685Prussia11     1 
24168168Piper, Eliza39F Keeping house  Prussia11       
24168168Piper, Hannah14F At home  IL11  1    
24168168Piper, Eliza12F At home  IL11  1    
24168168Piper, John10M At home  IL11  1    
24168168Piper, Frank8M    IL11  1    
24168168Piper, Mary6F    IL11       
24168168Piper, William3M    IL11       
24168168Piper, Kate5 mo.F  IL11Dec      
24168168Weitzel, William25M Farm hand  Prussia11       
24169169Lance, Joseph39M Saloon keeper1000500Prussia11     1 
24169169Lance, Mary22F Keeping house  NY 1       
24169169Lance, Katie4F    IL1        
24169169Lance, Hannah3F    IL1        
24169169Lance, Caroline1 mo.F    IL1 Apr      
24170170Strabel, John52M Farmer100001000Bavaria11     1 
24170170Strabel, Louisa44F Keeping house  Hanover11       
24170170Strabel, William15M At home  IL11  1    
24170170Strabel, August11M At home  IL11  1    
24170170Strabel, Sarah12F At home  IL11  1    
24170170Strabel, Charles8M    IL11  1    
24170170Strabel, John1 mo.M    IL11Apr      
24171171Houseman, John21M Farmer 275MO11 July   1 
24171171Houseman, Welinda19F Keeping house  IL11 July1    
24171171Houseman, Luella1 mo.F    IL  Apr      
24172172Jilek, John48M Farmer3000875Bohemia11     1 
24172172Jilek, Ann37F Keeping house  Bohemia11   1   
24172172Jilek, Mary16F At home  MO11  1    
24172172Jilek, Charles13M Farm hand  MO11  1    
24172172Jilek, Catherine11F At home  IL11  1    
25172172Jilek, Elizabeth8F    IL11  1    
25172172Jilek, Frank3M    IL11       
25172172Jilek, Edward1M    IL11       
25172172Liske, Thomas67M Farm hand  Bohemia11   1   
25173173Golman, John40M Shoemaker800400Baden11       
25173173Golman, Frederica38F Keeping house  Wittenberg11   1   
25174174Sego, Mary Ann52F Keeping house5000750TN     W   
25174174Sego, George17M Farm hand  IL    1    
25174174Sego, Douglas12M Farm hand  IL    1    
25174174Keeley, Daniel C.30M Farmer  Penn       1 
25174174Keeley, Elizabeth25F Keeping house  IL         
25174174Keeley, Charles3M    IL         
25174174Keeley, Virginia2F    IL         
25174174Keeley, Lotta1F    IL         
25174174Vanderwidga, L.14F At home  IL         
25175175Moses, Henry40M Farmer 225Penn       1 
25175175Moses, Margaret H.38F Keeping house  OH     W   
25175175Moses, Mary C.18F At home  IL         
25175175Moses, Samuel15M Farm hand  IL         
25175175Moses, William10M At home  IL         
25175175Moses, Wesley P.5M    IL         
25175175Darnell, Nathaniel15M Farm hand  MO     W   
25176176Reber, Frank36M Farmer 300Bohemia11   1   
25176176Reber, Rosalie33F Keeping house  Bohemia11   1   
25176176Reber, Anna11F At home  Bohemia11  1W   
25176176Reber, Mary9F    IL11  1    
25176176Reber, Frank7M    IL11  1    
25176176Reber, Josephine5F    IL11       
25176176Reber, Eliza3F    IL11       
25177177Boer, Columbus25M Farmer1000550IL       1 
25177177Boer, Fanny25F Keeping house  IL         
25178178Bean, Thomas J.39M Farmer1200600Tenn       1 
25178178Bean, Malvina24F Keeping house  IL         
251781[78Bean, Emma3F    IL         
25178178Bean, Sarah1F    IL         
25178178Bean, Franklin13M At home  IL    1    
25179179Miller, C. J.46M Farmer1800575KY       1 
25179179Miller, Mary A.47F Keeping house  KY         
25179179Miller, William C.20M Farm hand  IL         
25179179Miller, Elizabeth11F At home  IL         
26179179Miller, Liray? P.14M Farm hand  IL    1    
26179179Miller, Adolphus11M At home  IL    1    
26179179Miller, Nancy9F    IL    1    
26179179Miller, Alba7M    IL         
26180180Boer, John29M Farmer 460IL       1 
26180180Boer, Cynthia E.52F Keeping house1500100NC     1   
26180180Boer, Ellen22F At home  IL         
26181181Carico, W. John51M Farmer100001150MO       1 
26181181Carico, Winnie A.47F Keeping house  IL         
26181181Carico, Marion19M Farm hand  IL         
26181181Carico, Phoeba12F At home  IL    1    
26181181Miller, Jacob22M Farm hand  Prussia11   W   
26182182Lowry, William S.47M Day laborer 100KY       1 
26182182Lowry, Catherine51F Keeping house  OH         
26182182Lowry, Anna25F At home  OH     1   
26182182Lowry, Sarah A.21F Domestic servant  OH        
26182182Lowry, Martha R.19F At home  OH     W   
26182182Lowry, William H.17M Farm hand  IL         
26182182Lowry, James P.15M Farm hand  IL     1   
26182182Lowry, Nancy M.15F At home  IL     1   
26182182Lowry, Benjamin51M Farmer 100KY       1 
26183183Ellet, John21M Works saw mill 100IL       1 
26183183Ellet, Nancy19F Keeping house  IL         
26183183Ellet, William1M    IL         
26184184Goodwin, Frank25M Works saw mill  IL       1 
26184184Goodwin, Clardina28F Keeping house  KY         
26184184Martin, Mary17F At home  KY         
26185185West, Christopher34M Clerk in store  MO       1 
26185185West, Edy62F Keeping house  NC     1   
26185185West, James43M Retail merchant3500800IL       1 
26186186Ubanks, John42M Works saw mill 150VT       1 
26186186Ubanks, Nancy J.42F Keeping house  IL         
26186186Ubanks, Ann3F    IL         
26186186Case, William H.19M Farm hand  IL         
26186186Grissel, Sarah15F Domestic servant  IL         
26186186Jones, Mary25F Domestic servant  TN         
26186186Jones, Netta8 mo.F    IL  Sep      
26187187Wheton, James39M Teamster  KY     1 1 
26187187Wheton, Mary Jane59F Keeping house  TN     W   
26187187Wheton, George18M Works in saw mill  IL     W   
27188188Riley, Joseph37M Day laborer  Canada11     1 
27188188Riley, Louisa20F Keeping house  IL         
27188188Riley, Harriete2F    IL1        
27188188Riley, Charles3 mo.M    IL1 Feb      
27188188Vanmeter, Jane37F At home  Tenn     W   
27189189Pointer, John29M Farmer500450KY     W 1 
27189189Pointer, Millie30F Keeping house  KY     R/W   
27189189Pointer, Eliza12F At home  KY    1W   
27189189Pointer, Lucy Ann9F    IL    1    
27189189Pointer, Mary le6F    IL    1    
27189189Pointer, Charles G.4M    IL         
27189189Pointer, Ida1F    IL         
27190190Withrow, William31M Teamster 300IN     1 1 
27190190Withrow, Mary J.27F Keeping house  IL         
27190190Withrow, Melissa E.7F    IL    1    
27191191Sego, William J.T.42M Farmer 1600TN     1 1 
27191191Sego, Lucy39F Keeping house  IL     1   
27191191Sego, Lemuel16M Farm hand  IL    1   
27191191Sego, William F.13M Farm hand  IL    1    
27191191Sego, John H.11M At home  IL    1    
27191191Sego, Mary E.7F    IL         
27191191Sego, Alfred3M    IL         
27191191Sego, James4 mo.M    IL  Jan      
27191191Jackson, Alfred75M At home  NC     1 1 
27191191Jackson, Matilda69F At home  NC     1   
27192192Croset, Martha49F Keeping house500100MD     W   
27192192Croset, James25M Farmer  Penn       1 
27192192Croset, Amanda13F Domestic servant  IL    1    
27192192Croset, Blanche12F At home  IL    1    
27193193Rice, James A.37M Keeping poor house  IL       1 
27193193Rice, Martha A.35F Keeping house  IL         
27193193Rice, Samuel R.12M At home  IL    1    
27193193Rice, Henry L.10M At home  IL    1W   
27193193Rice, Antoinette A.8F    IL    1    
27193193Rice, Joseph A.4M    IL         
27193193Flowers, Patsy21F Domestic servant  IL         
27193193Shiner, Mary18F Domestic servant  NY         
27193193Bryan, William27M pauper  Penn       1idiot
27193193Bodkin, Elsa50F pauper  Ireland11      insane
27193193Byron, Thomas28M pauper  Ireland11   1  insane
28193193Carrol, Phebe50F pauper  OH         
28193193Milligan, Amanda40F pauper  Penn     1   
28193193Milligan, Robert1M    Penn         
28193193Murray, Patrick7M    Ireland11       
28193193McCarty, Edward77M pauper  Ireland11   1 1 
28193193Philbin, Patrick45M pauper  Ireland11     1 
28193193Pendleton, Kate40F pauper  Penn     1   
28193193Rhodes, Emma15F pauper  IL     1   
28193193Sanderson, Samuel77M pauper  OH       1 
28193193Dean, Michael40M pauper  Ireland11   1   
28193193Madison, Abraham54M pauper  NY       1 
28193193Weed?, John40M pauper  VA     1 1 
28193193Watts, John71M pauper  VA       1 
28193193Festo, Martin30M pauper  KY       1 
28193193Festo, Cordelia25F pauper  KY         
28193193Festo, Delia3F    IL         
28193193Festo, Alice1F    IL         
28193193Haskins, William38M pauper  IL11     1 
28193193Peronn, Louis40M pauper  Italy11       
28193193McAllister, Mary72M pauper  Scotland11   1   
28193193Gibbons, Patrick70M pauper  Ireland11     1 
28193193Conroy, Daniel50M pauper  Ireland11     1 
28194194Belt, John H.44M Farmer170003205IL       1 
28194194Belt, Matilda39F Keeping house  IL         
28194194Belt, Wlater S.79M Farm hand  IL         
28194194Belt, Loyd D.13M Farm hand  IL    1    
28194194Belt, Ellen10F At home  IL    1    
28194194Belt, George9M    IL    1    
28194194Belt, John H., Jr.1M    IL         
28194194Stone, Cassin17F Domestic servant  IL         
28195195Stone, Andrew J.45M Farm hand  Tenn       1 
28195195Stone, Elizabeth40F Keeping house  IL     1   
28196196Clowers, George R.30M Farmer  MO     1 1 
28196196Clowers, Sarah23F Keeping house  IL         
28196196Clowers, William6M    IL         
28196196Clowers, Charles4M    IL         
28196196Clowers, Dora B.2F    IA         
28197197Jewsberry, Calvin33M Farmer 900IL       1 
28197197Lofton, Sarah59F Keeping house  Ala     1   
28197197Sego, F. Marion19M Farm hand  MO     1   
29198198McStay, John40M Farmer 250Ireland11     1 
29198198McStay, Mary A.38F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
29198198McStay, John4M    IL11       
29198198McStay, Anthony3M    IL11       
29198198McStay, James1M    IL11       
29199199Crane?, Margaret J.41F Keeping house120001500IL         
29199199Crane?, Lillie22F At home  IL         
29199199Crane?, Charlotte21F At home  IL         
29199199Crane?, Emma17F At home  IL    1    
29199199Crane?, Lilly14F At home  IL    1    
29199199Crane?, Effie12F At home  IL    1    
29199199Crane?, Hettie28?F    IL    1    
29199199Crane?, Minnie8F    IL    1    
29199199Clowers, Jasper23M Farm hand  IL     W 1 
29200200Sego, Thomas64M Farmer 150NC       1 
29200200Sego, Polly Ann33M Keeping house  Tenn     W   
29200200Sego, William J.15M Farm hand  MO     W   
29200200Sego, Daniel14M Farm hand  MO     W   
29200200Sego, Mary E.11F At home  MO     W   
29200200Sego, Susan E.8F    MO         
29200200Sego, James H.6M    IL         
29200200Sego, Martha5F    MO         
29201201Curran, Timothy56M Farmer 1350Ireland11   1 1 
29201201Curran, Margaret50F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
29201201Curran, Barney23M Farmer  Ireland11     1 
29201201Curran, John17M Farm hand  IL11   W   
29201201Curran, Richard13M Farm hand  IL11  1W   
29201201Curran, Mary15F At home  IL11       
29201201Dolphin, Margaret17F Domestic servant  IL11   1   
29202202Cartl, Samuel50M Farm hand 100NJ       1 
29202202Cartl, Elizabeth48F Keeping house  NJ         
29202202Cartl, Sarah17F At home  NJ    1    
29202202Cartl, Anna15F At home  NJ    1    
29202202Cartl, Samuel M.9M    IL    1    
29202202Cartl, Emma L.22F Domestic servant  NJ         
29202202Cartl, Francis M.7M    IL    1    
29203203Quinn, Thomas43M Farmer 500Ireland11     1 
29203203Quinn, Ellen35F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
29203203Quinn, Mary10F At home  IL11       
29203203Quinn, Margaret8F    IL11       
30203203Quinn, Bridget6F    IL11       
30203203Quinn, Kate4F    IL11       
30203203Quinn, John3M    IL11       
30203203Quinn, Richard1M    IL11       
30203203Quinn, John81M At home  Ireland11     1 
30204204Sinclair, Alex30M Farmer1000500IL       1 
30204204Sinclair, Elizabeth28F Keeping house  IL         
30204204Sinclair, Ella M.8F    IL    1    
30204204Sinclair, Emma M.6F    IL    1    
30204204Sinclair, Mary L. D.3F    IL         
30205205Boswell, G. A.21M Farm hand  IL    11 
30205205Boswell, Duella19F Keeping house  IL         
30205205Boswell, Anna Alice1F    IL         
30206206Wilson, Samuel35M Farm hand  IL       1 
30206206Wilson, Ellen30F Keeping house  IL         
30206206Wilson, George M.12M At home  IL    1W   
30206206Wilson, Silas9M    IL    1    
30206206Wilson, John7M    IL    1    
30206206Wilson, William5M    IL         
30206206Wilson, Thomas2M    IL         
30207207Moran, Peter31M Farmer40001000Ireland11   1 1 
30207207Moran, Sarah30F Keeping house  IN         
30207207Moran, George5M    IL1        
30207207Moran, Robert2M    IL1        
30207207Moran, Della6 mo.F    IL1 Nov      
30207207Chance, Andrew C.11M At home  IL    1W   
30207207Chance, Lizzie9F    IL    1    
30207207Sego, Amanda E.19F Domestic servant  IL         
30207207Ellidge, Luella2 mo.F    IL  Mar      
30208208Cameron, Absalom54M Farmer3000600NC     1 1 
30208208Cameron, Nancy54F Keeping house  KY     W   
30208208Cameron, James15M Farm hand  IL    1    
30208208Cameron, Jane12F At home  IL    1    
30209209Fritz, Fredric33M Farmer1650660Wittenburg11   1 1 
30209209Fritz, Catherine33F Keeping house  Witten11   W   
30209290Fritz, Susan10F At home  IL11  1W   
30209209Fritz, George7M    IL11  1    
30209209Fritz, Charles4M    IL11       
30209209Fritz, Mary2F    IL11       
30210210Erwin, Thomas J.31M Farmer28001150IL       1 
31210210Erwin, Mary23F Keeping house  IL         
31210210Erwin, Lucy2F    IL         
31210210Hicks, Sophronia12F Domestic servant  IL    1    
31211211Beeman, John52M Farmer150001900IL       1 
31211211Beeman, Amanda M.33F Keeping house  IL         
31211211Beeman, John P.12M At home  IL    1    
31211211Beeman, William B.10M At home  IL    1    
31211211Beeman, Charles E.8M    IL    1    
31211211Beeman, Nathaniel O.1M    IL         
31211211Attenbury, Alexander19M Farm hand  IL         
31211211Cates, Mary S.18F Domestic servant  IL     1   
31211211Lblesset, Susannah62F At home  KY     W   
31212212Allen, Hugh40M Farmer9000880Ireland11     1 
31212212Allen, Margaret29F Keeping house  Ireland11   W   
31212212Allen, Richard5M    IL11       
31212212Allen, Margaret3F    IL11       
31212212Allen, Rosa2F    IL11       
31212212Allen, Thomas1M    IL11       
31212212Allen, Patrick29M Farm hand  Ireland11   1 1 
31213213Ruth, Elizabeth59F Keeping house4000250KY     W   
31214214Erwin, J. G.29M Farmer6000915IL       1 
31214214Erwin, Mary29F Keeping house  IL         
31214214Erwin, Walter E.2M    IL         
31215215Cohan, Edwin40M Farmer190004550IL       1 
31215215Cohan, Nancy38F Keeping house  IL         
31215215Cohan, Sophronia17F At home  IL    1    
31215215Cohan, Oliver P.14M At home  IL    1    
31215215Cohan, Charles L.13M At home  IL    1    
31215215Cohan, Cora B.10F At home  IL    1    
31215215Cohan, William7M    IL    1    
31215215Cohan, Edwin2 mo.M    IL  Apr      
31215215Cohan, Nelson48M Retired farmer  IL       1insane
31215215Cohan, James14M At home  IL    1    
31215215Cohan, Mary11F At home  IL    1    
31215215Cohan, Oliver3F    IL         
31216216Tapp?, Louis28M Farmer 350Tenn       1 
31216216Tapp?, Sarah26F Keeping house  IL         
31216216Tapp?, Ella E.3F    IL         
31216216White, Ida M.11F At home  IN    1    
31216216White, George D.10M At home  IN    1W   
32217217Landon, William D.57M Farmer7240023510VT       1 
32217217Landon, Elvira54F Keeping house  VT         
32217217Landon, Truman18M Farm hand  IL    1    
32217217Landon, William D.15M Farm hand  IL    1    
32217217Landon, Sarah13F At home  IL    1    
32217217Landon, Flora7F    IL    1    
32217217Landon, William D.5M    IL    1    
32217217Price, Thomas24M Farm hand 300IL       1 
32217217Pointer, Mason24M Farm hand  KY       1 
32217217Murphy, Daniel27M Farm hand  Ireland11       
32218218Craddaha, William26M Farm hand  Ireland11   W   
32218218Craddaha, Anna19F Keeping house  Ireland11       
32218218Craddaha, William4 mo.M IL11Jan  1   
32219219Powell, O. P.57M Farmer1000008000TN       1 
32219219Powell, Sarah E.44F Keeping house  TN         
32219219Powell, Joseph S.21M Farm hand  TN   1 1 
32219219Powell, Robert D.18M Farm hand  IL    1    
32219219Powell, William R.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
32219219Powell, James F.14M Farm hand  IL    1    
32219219Powell, Mary J.12F At home  IL    1    
32219219Powell, Fanny9F    IL    1    
32219219Powell, John6M    IL    1    
32219219Powell, Elvira4F    IL         
32219219Donahue, Patrick21M Farm hand  Ireland11   1   
32219219Donahue, Michael25M Farm hand  Ireland11   1   
32219219Turner, John22M Farm hand  IL       1 
32219219Turner, Jennie20F Domestic servant  IL         
32219219Lance, Christine20F Domestic servant  Prussia11       
32219219Spencer, Mary15F Domestic servant  IL         
32220220Middendorf, Francis38M Farmer 500Attenburg11     1 
32220220Middendorf, Mary M.28F Keeping house  Attenburg11       
32220220Middendorf, Fredric6 mo.M    IL11Nov      
32220220Degenhard, John12M Farm hand  IL11  1W   
32221221Brokamp, John16M Farmer  IL11  1    
32221221Brokamp, Elizabeth53F Keeping house13000580Attenburg11       
32221221Brokamp, Josephine13F At home  IL11  1    
32222222Post, Justus L.32M Farm32500 IL       1 
32222222Post, Caroline29F Keeping house  NJ         
32222222Post, Althea A.10F  At home  IL    1    
32222222Post, Frank8?M    IL    1    
33222222Post, Abba E.3F    IL         
33222222Post, Jessie1F    IL         
33222222Wiggins, John30M Farm hand  NJ       1 
33223223Malone, John40M Farmer500100Ireland11   1 1 
33223223Malone, Mary Ann29F Keeping house  Ireland11       
33223223Malone, John P.10M At home  IL11  1W   
33223223Malone, Patrick8M    IL11  1    
33223223Malone, Ellen L.6F    IL11  1    
33223223Malone, William4M    IL11       
33223223Malone, Jeremiah1M    IL11       
33223223Delaney, Mary60F At home  ireland11   1   
33224224Brown, Arnio?76F Keeping house3500700SC         
33224224Willy, John35M At home  IN     1 1idiot
33224224Willy, Kiley40F At home  IN     1   
33224224Bradshaw, Elizabeth20F At home  IL         
33224224Martin, Gilbert24M Farmer  IL       1 
33225225Schroder, J. B.48M Farmer250002500NH       1 
33225225Schroder, Priscilla46F Keeping house  IL         
33225225Schroder, Ellen C.24F At home  IL         
33225225Schroder, Gershorn F.18M Farm hand  IL    1    
33225225Schroder, George H.16M Farm hand  IL    1    
33225225Schroder, Kate6F    IL    1    
33225225Shives, Scott18M Farm hand  IL     1   
33226226Brown, John80M Retired farmer100001625SC       1 
33226226Brown, Allen28M Farmer  IL       1 
33227227Brown, Daniel39M Farmer 100IL       1 
33227227Brown, Hannah38F Keeping house  IL         
33227227Brown, Caroline17F At home  IL    1    
33227227Brown, Julia15F At home IL    1    
33227227Brown, William13M At home  IL    1    
33227227Brown, Edward10M At home  IL    1    
33227227Brown, Emeline9F    IL    1    
33228228McKinney, Mary A.61F Keeping house4500750TN        
33228228McKinney, Elizabeth16F At home  IL    1    
33228228Brown, Charles D.13M At home  IL    1    
33228228Brown, Ida Jane9F    IL    1    
33229229Chaver, Howard27M Farmer 575IL      1 
33229229Chaver, Lizzie22F Keeping house  IL         
33229229Chaver, Sylvester B.1M    IL         
33229229Chaver, Lena3 mo.F    IL  Feb      
34229229Werner, Rhoda16F Domestic servant  IN         
33229229Cope, Thomas28M Saloon keeper 225IL       1 
33230230Falkner, John26M Thresher 100IL       1 
33230230Falkner, Jane24F Keeping house  IN         
33230230Falkner, Mary3F    IL         
33230230Falkner, Frank1 mo.M    IL  Apr      
33231231McKinney, Jacob37M Saloon keeper  IL       1 
33231231McKinney, Kate29F Keeping house  Ireland11       
33232232Quinn, Richard38M Farmer 1250Ireland11   1 1 
33232232Quinn, Amanda39F Keeping house10725 IL         
33232232Quinn, Rebecca12F At home  IL1   1    
33232232Quinn, Richard10M At home  IL1   1    
33232232Quinn, Thomas6M    IL1        
33232232Quinn, Mary1F    IL1        
33232232Mackleton, Marian M.15M Farm hand  IL    1W   
33232232Mackleton, Phillip9M At home  IL    1    
33233233Campbell, John A.25M Farmer1800350IL       1 
33233233Campbell, Kate26F Keeping house  IL         
33233233Campbell, Elmer2M    IL         
33233233Campbell, John A.1M    IL         
34233233Campbell, Lenny1 mo.M    IL  May      
34234234Dowdall, Melissa52F Keeping house800150KY         
34234234Dowdall, Barthma?24F At home  IL         
34234234Dowdall, Lewin21M Farmer  IL       1 
34234234Dowdall, Rebecca18F At home  IL         
34234234Dowdall, Emily16F At home  IL         
34235235Dowdall, William H.32M Farmer 250IL       1 
34235235Dowdall, Melissa32F Keeping house  IL         
34235235Dowdall, John L.8M    IL    1    
34235235Dowdall, Janette6F    IL    1    
34235235Dowdall, Edward4M    IL    1    
34235235Dowdall, Leuellan2M    IL         
34236236Carmidy, Patrick50M Farmer 600Ireland11   1 1 
34236236Carmidy, Mary45F Keeping house  Ireland11   1   
34236236Carmidy, Thomas17M Farm hand  Wis11  1    
34236236Carmidy, James12M Farm hand  Wis11  1    
34236236Carmidy, Patrick10M At home  Minn11  1    
34236236Carmidy, William6M    IL11  1    
34236236Carmidy, Mary2F    IL11       
34236236Kelly, William60M Farm hand  Ireland11     1 
35237237Falkner, Williiam48M Farmer25000760IL       1 
35237237Falkner, Edney45F Keeping house  KY    1    
35237237Falkner, Mary E.24M At home  IL         
35237237Falkner, Sarah A.16F At home  IL    1    
35237237Falkner, Catherine14F At home  IL    1    
35237237Falkner, Miriam B.12F At home  IL    1    
35237237Falkner, Edney B.10F At home  IL    1    
35237237Falkner, John A.8M    IL    1    
35237237Falkner, William L.6M    IL    1    
35237237Falkner, Elizabeth4F    IL         
35237237Falkner, Charles H.1M    IL         
35237237Cooper, Thomas40M Farm hand  KY     1 1 
35237237Dowdall, Colin27M Farm hand  IL     W 1 
35238238Housen, Victor22M Farm hand  SC         
35238238Housen, Anna19F Keeping house  NC         
35238238Housen, John1 mo.M    IL  Apr      
35239239Bertman, August40M Saloon keeper100250Prussia11     1 
35240240Sego, Samuel32M Farmer  IL     1 1 
35240240Sego, Mary20F Keeping house  KY         
35240240Sego, Louisa2F    IL         
35240240Sego, Shadrack2 mo.M    IL  Mar      

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