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1870 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    EADS, James***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EADS, James A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EADS, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EAGAN, Bridget***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    EAGAN, Bridget***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    EAGAN, Edmund***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Eagan, John***Grafton 6-12
    EAGAN, Lawrance***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    EAGAN, Thomas***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Eagan, Thomas***Grafton 6-12
    Eagan, William***Grafton 6-12
    EAGLEHOFF, Carolina***J’ville T-8 R-12
    EAGLEHOFF, Fredric***J’ville T-8 R-12
    EAGLEHOFF, George***J’ville T-8 R-12
    EAGLEHOFF, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    EAGLEHOFF, Lena***J’ville T-8 R-12
    EAGLEHOFF, Louisa***J’ville T-8 R-12
    EAGLEHOFF, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    EARLLY, Caroline***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EAST, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EAST, George***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EAST, Jane***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EAST, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EAST, Mary J.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EAST, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EASTHAM, Jennie***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Eastman, Ann E.***Grafton 6-12
    Eastman, Annie M.***Grafton 6-12
    Eastman, Barbara***Grafton 6-12
    Eastman, Henry***Grafton 6-12
    Eastman, John N.***Grafton 6-12
    Eaton, Catherine***Grafton 6-12
    EATON, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    EATON, Harry H.***O.C. 7-12
    EATON, Joanna***Jville 9-11
    EATON, John C.***Jville 9-11
    EATON, Pleasant, male***O.C. 7-12
    EATON, Theodore***O.C. 7-12
    EATON,Charles***O.C. 7-12
    EB/LY?, Francis M.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    EB/LY?, Martha***J’ville T-8 R-12
    EBERHART, Ellen***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EBERHART, Louis***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EBERHART, Velmina***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Edee, Allen B.***Jerseyville City
    Edee, Chas. F.***Jerseyville City
    Edee, Virginia***Jerseyville City
    Edee, Virginia F.***Jerseyville City
    Edgar, Wm. H.***Jerseyville City
    EDSALL, Allen***O.C. 7-12
    EDSALL, Coe male***O.C. 7-12
    EDSALL, Cordelia***O.C. 7-12
    EDSALL, Corydon P.***O.C. 7-12
    EDSALL, Edwin A.***O.C. 7-12
    EDSALL, Emilyi***Miss. T-7 R-11
    EDSALL, Frederick***Miss. T-7 R-11
    EDSALL, Harvey***O.C. 7-12
    EDSALL, John H.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    EDSALL, Lyidia H.***O.C. 7-12
    EDSALL, Rachel***O.C. 7-12
    EDSALL, Richard***Miss. T-7 R-11
    EDSALL, Thomas***O.C. 7-12
    Edward, Ellen***Jerseyville City
    EDWARD, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Edwards, Amanda***Jerseyville City
    Edwards, Annie***Jerseyville City
    Edwards, Carrie***Jerseyville City
    EDWARDS, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EDWARDS, Elizabeth F.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EDWARDS, Emma F.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EDWARDS, George***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EDWARDS, George***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EDWARDS, Henry D.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EDWARDS, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EDWARDS, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EDWARDS, Mary E.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EDWARDS, Nancy***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EDWARDS, Sam’l M>***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EDWARDS, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EDWARDS, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EDWARDS, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EDWARDS, William B.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EDWARDS, Wm. H.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EDWARDS, Wm. H>***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Edwards, Wm. J.***Jerseyville City
    EDWARS, Catherine E.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EDWARS, Ellen***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EDWARS, Louis***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Egalhoff, Alice***Jerseyville City
    Egalhoff, Annie***Jerseyville City
    Egalhoff, Catherine***Jerseyville City
    EGALHOFF, Fred***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Egalhoff, Fred***Jerseyville City
    Egalhoff, George***Jerseyville City
    Egalhoff, George***Jerseyville City
    Egalhoff, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Egalhoff, Nick***Jerseyville City
    Egalhoff, William***Jerseyville City
    Egalhoff, William***Jerseyville City
    ELBERT, Edward***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELBERT, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELDRIDGE, A. H.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ELDRIDGE, Elizabeth***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ELDRIDGE, Harry***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ELDRIDGE, Lizzie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ELDRIDGE, Phineas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ELDRIDGE, Sue***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ELDRIDGE, Susannah***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Elften, Henry***Tws 6 Range 11
    Elften, Henry J.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Elften, Joseph***Tws 6 Range 11
    Elften, Joseph***Tws 6 Range 11
    Elften, Katie R.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Elften, Mary***Tws 6 Range 11
    ELLET, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLET, Nancy***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLET, William***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, Arjina***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, Augustus P.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, George T.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, George W.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, James D.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, Luella***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, Margaret A.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, Sylvester B.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, Thomas B.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIDGE, William J.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELLIOT, Ellen***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Elliot, Freddie R.***Jerseyville City
    ELLIOT, Hiram***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    ELLIOT, James***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Elliot, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    Elliot, Rob’t***Jerseyville City
    ELLIOTT, Ann***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Arthur W.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ELLIOTT, Benjamin***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Dorah J.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Elizabeth***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Frank W.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ELLIOTT, George***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, James***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, James L.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, John***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Louis ***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Louis A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Mary A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Mary L.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Peacly? B. female***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Sarah***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Serena***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Thomas L.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, Thos. B.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIOTT, William***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    ELLIS, Ida***O.C. 7-12
    ELLIS, Matilda***O.C. 7-12
    ELLIS, Samuel C.***O.C. 7-12
    Ellis, Susan C.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Ellison, George W.***Tws 6 Range 11
    ELLSWORTH, Truman***O.C. 7-12
    ELLY, Annie***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    ELSWORTH, Ira***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ELUNNDORF??, Clara***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELUNNDORF??, Eliza***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELUNNDORF??, Eliza***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELUNNDORF??, Fredric***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELUNNDORF??, Louis C.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ELY, Archibald F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Archibald F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Cora Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Edwenia***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Elizabeth A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Fanny***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, George I.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    ELY, George I.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, George W.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    ELY, Gilbert T.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    ELY, Harry I.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Hattie S.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    ELY, Isaac R.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Isaac R.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Jane***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    ELY, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Laticia***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    ELY, Libbie***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    ELY, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    ELY, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Mary Ann***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Rebecca J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, Sally E.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    ELY, William***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Embley, Alt/e/a/o? L.***Jerseyville City
    Embley, Augustus N.***Jerseyville City
    Embley, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    Embley, William***Jerseyville City
    Embley, William F.***Jerseyville City
    EMBLEY, Winnie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EMMONS, Catherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EMMONS, John W.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EMMONS, Louis M.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EMMONS, Martha A.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EMMONS, Minerva C.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EMMONS, Sam’l***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EMMONS, Thomas F.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ENGELHART, Caroline***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ENGELHART, Chas.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ENGELHART, Ernst***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ENGELHART, Herman***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ENGELHART, William***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    ENGLISH, Chrles***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ENGLISH, David***J’ville T-8 R-12
    English, Elizabeth***Jerseyville City
    English, John ***Jerseyville City
    English, John N.***Jerseyville City
    English, LLoyd***Jerseyville City
    English, Robert B.***Jerseyville City
    English, Robert B.***Jerseyville City
    ENMAN, Harvey***Grafton 6-13
    Enoch, Samuel***Jerseyville City
    EPLER, August***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EPLER, Clara***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EPLER, Edward***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EPLER, Frances***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EPLER, Godfrey***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EPLER, Herman***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EPLER, Louis***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Erdwere??, Frank***Grafton 6-12
    Erdwern??, Julius***Grafton 6-12
    Erdwern??, Linda***Grafton 6-12
    Erdwern??, Morris***Grafton 6-12
    Erdwern??, Solomon***Grafton 6-12
    ERLAND, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    ERLAND, Elizabeth***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    ERLAND, Ellen***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    ERLAND, Virginia***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Erwin, Albert D.***Jerseyville City
    ERWIN, Alice***Miss. T-7 R-11
    ERWIN, Charles***Miss. T-7 R-11
    ERWIN, Ella***Miss. T-7 R-11
    ERWIN, George W.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    ERWIN, J. G.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ERWIN, Jane***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Erwin, Lenorah***Jerseyville City
    ERWIN, Louis***Miss. T-7 R-11
    ERWIN, Louis C.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    ERWIN, Lucy***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ERWIN, Madison L.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    ERWIN, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ERWIN, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Erwin, Melinda***Jerseyville City
    ERWIN, Nancy***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Erwin, Oliver P.***Jerseyville City
    Erwin, Sarah L.***Jerseyville City
    Erwin, Stephen A.***Jerseyville City
    ERWIN, Thomas J.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    ERWIN, Walter E.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Eton, Mattie***Jerseyville City
    Evans, Annie***Jerseyville City
    EVANS, Annie M.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Evans, Caroline***Jerseyville City
    Evans, Charlotte***Jerseyville City
    Evans, Cornelia***Jerseyville City
    Evans, David***Jerseyville City
    Evans, Eliza***Jerseyville City
    Evans, Enoch K.***Jerseyville City
    Evans, Flora***Jerseyville City
    Evans, Frederick***Jerseyville City
    EVANS, George***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Evans, Israel***Jerseyville City
    EVANS, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EVANS, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EVANS, Jennie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Evans, John***Jerseyville City
    EVANS, John W.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    EVANS, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EVANS, Oliver***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EVANS, Post L.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Evans, Prentis***Jerseyville City
    EVANS, R. Lee***Miss. T-7 R-11
    EVANS, Sally***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Evans, Samuel***Jerseyville City
    Evans, Thomas***Jerseyville City
    EVANS, Willie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    EVELAND, Stephen***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EVELETH, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    EVERET, Joseph M. C.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
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