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1870 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1870 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    D/O? unreadable, William***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    D????, Louis***Grafton 6-13
    D??????, Alice***Grafton 6-12
    D??????, Daniel***Grafton 6-12
    D??????, Hugh***Grafton 6-12
    D??????, James A.***Grafton 6-12
    D??????, John***Grafton 6-12
    D??????, Margaret***Grafton 6-12
    D??????, William***Grafton 6-12
    D??????J???45 y/o w/m***Grafton 6-12
    DABBS, Amelia A.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Catrherine L.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Charles H.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DABBS, Edwin***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, George F.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Henry C.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DABBS, Hettie E.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Jesse***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, John W.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Joseph***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DABBS, Joshua E.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Linley***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Manuel***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Martha W.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Mary***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Olive M.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Rosa E.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Sarah E.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Sarah J.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, Susan E.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, W. L.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, William***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, William E.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS, William H.***O.C. 7-12
    DABBS,T/Lefa J. female***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Dagenhart, Agnes***Jerseyville City
    Dagenhart, John***Jerseyville City
    Dagenhart, Lizzie***Jerseyville City
    DAGENHART, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Dagenhart, Mary***Jerseyville City
    DAGGETT, Moses***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DALEY, Charles C.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DALEY, Clarence C.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DALEY, Frank R.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DALEY, Irene***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DALEY, Lillie***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Daley, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    DALEY, Sarah***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Dalton, Catherine***Jerseyville City
    Dalton, Francis R.***Jerseyville City
    Dalton, Frank A.***Jerseyville City
    Dalton, George F.***Jerseyville City
    Dalton, Lucy P.***Grafton 6-12
    Dalton, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    DALTON, Thomas H.***O.C. 7-12
    Dalton, Thomas H.***Grafton 6-12
    DALY, Ann***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Daly, Ann***Grafton 6-12
    DALY, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DALY, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Daly, Matthew***Grafton 6-12
    DALY, Nelly***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DALY, Patrick***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Dambmann, Charles***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dambmann, Geo.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dan, Isiah***Grafton 6-12
    Dan, John A.***Grafton 6-12
    Dan, Sarah E.***Grafton 6-12
    Dan, Viola***Grafton 6-12
    DANEY, Anna***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DANEY, Bridget***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DANEY, Hannah***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DANEY, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DANEY, Margaret***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DANEY, Mary N.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DANEY, Michael***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DANEY, Thomass***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Danforth, Charlott***Jerseyville City
    DANIELS, Amos***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DANIELS, Annie***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DANIELS, Charles***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DANIELS, Elizabeth***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Daniels, Emily***Jerseyville City
    DANIELS, Frank***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    Daniels, Harry***Jerseyville City
    Daniels, James S.***Jerseyville City
    DANIELS, Jessie female***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    Daniels, John***Jerseyville City
    DANIELS, John C.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    Daniels, Kate***Jerseyville City
    DANIELS, Laura R.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DANIELS, Mary A.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    Daniles, Flora***Jerseyville City
    Danlinger, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Danlinger, Nicholas***Jerseyville City
    Danlinger, Peter***Jerseyville City
    Danlinger, Susannah***Jerseyville City
    Dapper, Emma***Jerseyville City
    Dapper, Kate***Jerseyville City
    Dapper, Lizzie***Jerseyville City
    Dapper, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Dapper, William***Jerseyville City
    Dapper, Willie F.***Jerseyville City
    DARBY, Catherine A.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Darby, Charlotte***Jerseyville City
    DARBY, Charlotte***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Darby, Elva***Jerseyville City
    DARBY, Fanny G.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Darby, Henrietta***Jerseyville City
    DARBY, Jacob***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Darby, John C.***Jerseyville City
    DARBY, Lettitia***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Darby, Maggie***Jerseyville City
    Darby, Olive***Jerseyville City
    DARBY, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARBY, Willie F.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    D’Arcy, Mary***Jerseyville City
    DARLINGTON, Adda***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Henry***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, John H.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Julia***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Laura***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Magnolia***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Mary***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Nettie***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Olevia***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Samuel***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Sarah***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, Sarah***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARLINGTON, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DARNELL, Nathaniel***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DARNILLE, J. F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DARR, Albert J.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DARR, Amanda E.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DARR, Andrew J.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DARR, Chas. E twin 1***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DARR, Douglas J.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DARR, Edmond A. twin 2***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DARR, Edwin O.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DARR, Eliza***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DARR, Emeline***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DARR, Georga W.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DARR, Lilly Bell***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DARR, Margaret***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DARR, Mary E.***O.C. 7-12
    DARR, Mathew***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DARR, Phillip E.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DARR, Willis M. ***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DASHWOOD, E. O.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Daster, John J.***Tws 6 Range 11
    DAVEN PORT, David J.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Absalom***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Absalom***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Absalom R.***O.C. 7-12
    Davenport, Ada C.***Jerseyville City
    DAVENPORT, Amanda***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Amy S.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Catherine***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Catherine***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Charles***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVENPORT, Elizaberh J.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Ellen***O.C. 7-12
    Davenport, Fred S.***Jerseyville City
    DAVENPORT, George W.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Isaac***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Isaac E.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, James N.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, John***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, John***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, John Jr.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Lizzie***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Lizzie***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Martha***O.C. 7-12
    Davenport, Mary A.***Jerseyville City
    DAVENPORT, Matilda***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Nancy C.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Nancy E.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Richard S.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Robert***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Sarah***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Sarah M.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Susan***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, Thomas***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, William***O.C. 7-12
    DAVENPORT, William W***O.C. 7-12
    Daverger, George***Tws 6 Range 11
    Davidson, Catherine C.***Jerseyville City
    DAVIDSON, Clarence***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVIDSON, Emeline***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVIDSON, Eva L.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Davidson, Ezekiel***Jerseyville City
    DAVIDSON, Geo. F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIDSON, Hannah M.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIDSON, James***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVIDSON, John C.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIDSON, John P.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIDSON, Lewis***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVIDSON, Nellie M.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIDSON, William***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVIDSON, Wm. A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Daviran, Patrick***Grafton 6-12
    Davis, Abijah***Jerseyville City
    Davis, Adda***Jerseyville City
    Davis, Albert W.***Jerseyville City
    Davis, America***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Anderson***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, Angeline***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, Ann***Jville 9-11
    Davis, Anna***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Anna***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Davis, Annetta***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, ATTHA L. female***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Davis, Augusta***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Augustus***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAVIS, Benj.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DAVIS, Benj. F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Davis, Benjamin F.***Grafton 6-12
    DAVIS, Charles M.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, Cora B.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVIS, Daniel***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Davis, Daniel***Grafton 6-12
    DAVIS, Della M.***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, Douglas***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAVIS, Edith C.***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, Edward***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAVIS, Elan male***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAVIS, Eliza***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Davis, Eliza***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Eliza Ann***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Davis, Elizabeth***Jerseyville City
    Davis, Elizabeth***Jerseyville City
    Davis, Ella***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Ellis V.***Jville 9-11
    Davis, Emily***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Eva L.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAVIS, George W.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Davis, Harmon***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Harmon***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DAVIS, Harvey E.***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, hatiet A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAVIS, Hattie***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, Henry M.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAVIS, Ida***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, Ida J.***Jville 9-11
    Davis, Isaac***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, James A.***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, James P.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVIS, Jane***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Davis, Jane***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Jane***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DAVIS, Jefferson C.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVIS, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, John***O.C. 7-12
    DAVIS, John ***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, John F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, John F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, John L.***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, John W.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Davis, Josephine***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Julia A.***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, Juliet***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, Laura M.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Davis, Lavisa??***Grafton 6-12
    Davis, Lawrance***Tws 6 Range 11
    Davis, Lawrence***Tws 6 Range 11
    DAVIS, Lillie M.***Jville 9-11
    Davis, Lizzie***Grafton 6-12
    DAVIS, Lucius ***Jville 9-11
    Davis, Lucy***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Lucy***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DAVIS, Margaret***O.C. 7-12
    Davis, Marietta***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Martha E.***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DAVIS, Mary E.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVIS, Mary A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, Mary A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, Mary E.***Jville 9-11
    Davis, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    Davis, Mary E.***Jerseyville City
    DAVIS, Miller M.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVIS, Milton***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, Moses***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Davis, Nancy***Tws 6 Range 11
    Davis, Oliver***Grafton 6-12
    DAVIS, Peggy***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DAVIS, Robert N.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, Rosalie***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DAVIS, Samuel***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAVIS, Sarah A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, Sarah A.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Davis, Sarah J.***Grafton 6-12
    DAVIS, Susan L.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Davis, Thomas J.***Grafton 6-12
    DAVIS, Violet***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DAVIS, Walter C.***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS, William***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DAVIS, William***O.C. 7-12
    DAVIS, William A.***O.C. 7-12
    DAVIS, William B.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAVIS, William H.***Jville 9-11
    DAVIS,Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAY, Adelia F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, Adeline***Jville 9-11
    DAY, Albert***O.C. 7-12
    DAY, Anthony J.***O.C. 7-12
    DAY, Belle***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, Belle twin 1***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, Charles E.***Jville 9-11
    DAY, Chilton***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DAY, David F.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, Delia A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAY, Douglas***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, Elizabeth C.***Jville 9-11
    DAY, Ella twin 2***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, Elmer E.***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DAY, Ferdinand E.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAY, Harry J.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAY, Hattie M.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAY, Herman***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, James***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAY, Jeduthan***O.C. 7-12
    DAY, John***O.C. 7-12
    DAY, John W.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, Lizzie S.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DAY, Martha***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, Mary***O.C. 7-12
    DAY, Mary A.***O.C. 7-12
    DAY, Silas***O.C. 7-12
    DAY, Stephen ***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DAY, Susan***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DAY, Thomas L.***Jville 9-11
    DAY, Willaim***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DAY, William***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    De Long, Amos***Jerseyville City
    De Long, Frances***Jerseyville City
    De Long, Harriet***Jerseyville City
    De Long, John***Jerseyville City
    De Long, Levi***Jerseyville City
    De Long, Maria***Jerseyville City
    De Long, Mary ***Jerseyville City
    De Long, Thomas***Jerseyville City
    Dean, Daniel***Tws 6 Range 11
    DEAN, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    Dean, Ellen***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dean, Eunice***Tws 6 Range 11
    DEAN, Jacob***O.C. 7-12
    Dean, James***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dean, John***Tws 6 Range 11
    DEAN, John F.***O.C. 7-12
    Dean, Katie***Tws 6 Range 11
    DEAN, Michael***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DEBOW, Asher***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DEBOW, Deborah***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DEBOW, Emarilla***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DEBOW, John***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DECKER, Mary E.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Defersa, Catherine***Grafton 6-12
    Defersa, Charles***Grafton 6-12
    Defersa, Josephine***Grafton 6-12
    DEFFER, William***O.C. 7-12
    Deforsa, Antoine***Grafton 6-12
    Deforsa, Eliza J.***Grafton 6-12
    DEGENHARD, John***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DeGraff, William***Jerseyville City
    DeHart, Cornelia***Jerseyville City
    DELANEY, Edward***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DELANEY, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DELANY, Eliza***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DELANY, Patrick***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DELBY, Maggie***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DELONG, Martha***Jville 9-11
    DELONG, William***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DEMING, Luther E.***O.C. 7-12
    DEMING, Mary E.***O.C. 7-12
    DENNENBERG, Anna***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DENNISON, Elizabeth***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DENNISON, Emeline***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Denton, Annie***Jerseyville City
    Denton, Annie***Jerseyville City
    Denton, Frank***Jerseyville City
    Denton, Lizzie***Jerseyville City
    DEPREY, George***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Derby, Charles R.***Jerseyville City
    Derby, Edward***Jerseyville City
    Derby, Ella***Jerseyville City
    Derby, Harry***Jerseyville City
    Derby, Isabella***Jerseyville City
    Derby, Lucien C.***Jerseyville City
    Derby, Margaret***Jerseyville City
    Derby, Mildred***Jerseyville City
    Derby, Olive***Jerseyville City
    Deroy, Margaret***Grafton 6-12
    DERRIG, Cha’s***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DERRIG, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DERRIG, Maria***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DETHERIDGE, Robert***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DETHRIDGE, Christena M.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DETHRIDGE, Henrietta***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DETHRIDGE, Robert***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DETHRIDGE, Sarah***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DETHRIDGE, Willie M.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DETHRIDGE, Wm.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DeVirt, Eva***Tws 6 Range 11
    DeVirt, Henry***Tws 6 Range 11
    DeVirt, Jane***Tws 6 Range 11
    DEWISE, Thomas***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DEYER, Betty***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DEYER, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DEYER, Kate***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DEYER, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DEYER, Mary C.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DEYER, Mena***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DEYER, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DEYER, Thomas***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Diamond, Amanda***Tws 6 Range 11
    Diamond, Charles***Tws 6 Range 11
    Diamond, Charles***Tws 6 Range 11
    DIAMOND, Elizabeth***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DIAMOND, Eveline***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Diamond, James J.***Jerseyville City
    DIAMOND, Joseph***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DIAMOND, Joseph***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DIAMOND, Lucinda J.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DIAMOND, Lulu L.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DIAMOND, Mary B.***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Diamond, Melinda***Tws 6 Range 11
    DIAMOND, Melvina***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Diamond, Nancy J.***Jerseyville City
    DIAMOND, Olive E.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Diamond, Sarah E.***Jerseyville City
    Diamond, Sophronia***Jerseyville City
    DIAMOND, William***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DIAMOND, Wm. A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Dickerson, James***Jerseyville City
    Dickerson, Josephine***Jerseyville City
    Dickerson, Sidney R.***Jerseyville City
    Dicus, Alida***Jerseyville City
    Dicus, William C.***Jerseyville City
    Didderick, Andrew***Tws 6 Range 11
    DIDESLIM??, Enoch***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DIHANY, Annie***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DIHANY, Hannah***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DIHANY, James***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DIHANY, Lizzie***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DIHANY, Patrick***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DILLION, Levi***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DILLON, Eliza J.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Dillon, John***Grafton 6-12
    Dinan, Jane***Grafton 6-12
    Dinan, John***Grafton 6-12
    Dinan, Julia***Grafton 6-12
    Dinan, Katie***Grafton 6-12
    Dinan, Mary***Grafton 6-12
    Dinan, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    Dinan, Nora***Grafton 6-12
    DINSMORE, Samuel***Grafton 6-13
    Ditman, Benj. R.***Jerseyville City
    Ditman, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Ditman, William***Jerseyville City
    DIVINE, Alvis***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DIVINE, James***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DIVINE, Laura***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DIVINE, Ornie female***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Dixon, Alfred***Grafton 6-12
    Dixon, John***Grafton 6-12
    DOBSON, Eliza A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOBSON, Elizabeth H.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOBSON, James W.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOBSON, Mahlon male***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOBSON, Margaret A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOBSON, Rebecca J.?***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOBSON, Sam’l T.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOBSON, Thomas***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DODGE, Edson A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DODGE, Luther***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DODGE, Margaret***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DODGE, Margaret B.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DODGE, Vilas L. male***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DODGE, William K.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DODSON, Aaron***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Aaron Jr.***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Alva male***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Benj.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DODSON, Catherine***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DODSON, Elisha***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Francis M.***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Isabella***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, James F.***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Julia***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Kersey***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Melbina***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Nancy***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Nancy***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Sarah***O.C. 7-12
    DODSON, Theodore***O.C. 7-12
    Dogerelle, Manuel***Grafton 6-12
    Dogeson, Henry E.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dogeson, Ida Bell***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dogeson, John W.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dogeson, Laura P.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dogeson, Marcus***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dogeson, Wm. N.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Doin, Patirck***Grafton 6-12
    DOLAN, Ann***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Dolan, James***Jerseyville City
    Dolan, Katie***Jerseyville City
    Dolan, Maria***Jerseyville City
    Dolan, Mary A.***Jerseyville City
    Dolan, Peter***Jerseyville City
    DOLAN, Peter***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DOLAN, Peter***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Dolan, Thomas***Grafton 6-12
    DOLIN, Bryant***O.C. 7-12
    DOLIN, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    DOLIN, Isabel***O.C. 7-12
    DOLPHIN, Margaret***J’ville T-8 R-12
    Domer, George W.***Tws 6 Range 11
    DONAHUE, Michael***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DONAHUE, Patrick***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DONNALLY, Lydia A.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DONNALLY, Susan***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DONNALLY, Susan***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DONNALLY, Thomas K.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    Donnelly, Arthur***Grafton 6-12
    DONNOHIN, William***O.C. 7-12
    Donohue, Ann***Grafton 6-12
    Donohue, Margaret***Grafton 6-12
    Donohue, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    Donohue, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    Donohue, Michael Jr.***Grafton 6-12
    Donohue, Nicholas***Grafton 6-12
    Donohue, Patrick***Grafton 6-12
    Donohue, Rosana***Grafton 6-12
    Donohue, Thomas***Grafton 6-12
    DOOLEY, Michael***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DORSAW, Hannah***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DORSAW, James***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DORSAW, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DORSAW, Maggie***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DORSAW, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Dougharty, Edward O.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dougharty, Emily L.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dougharty, Emily P***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dougharty, Martha A.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dougharty, Mary K.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dougharty, Pat. W.***Tws 6 Range 11
    Dougharty, William H.***Tws 6 Range 11
    DOUGHERTY, Anna G.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Curtis***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Dyantha***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Emeline***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, George H.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Gerut? female***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Henry E.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Irene E.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, John G.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, John G.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Joseph C.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Lenora T.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Louisa M.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Mary A.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Rachel***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, S. J. M.***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, Susan***O.C. 7-12
    DOUGHERTY, William***O.C. 7-12
    Douglas, Callie***Grafton 6-12
    DOUGLAS, Henry***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOUGLAS, James W.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOUGLAS, Lillie***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOUGLAS, Lucy***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOUGLAS, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOUGLAS, Mary Jane***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOUGLAS, Nelly***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOUGLAS, William H.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWDALL, Barthma, female***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, Colin***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, Edward***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, Emily***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, Janette***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, John L.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, Leuellan, male***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, Lewin***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, Melissa***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, Melissa***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, Rebecca***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWDALL, William H.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWER, Albert***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWER, Catherine***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWER, Ellen***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWER, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWER, James***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWER, Margaret***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWER, Mary***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWER, Peter***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWER, Sarah***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWER, William***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWLING, Bridget***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWLING, Catherine***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWLING, John***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWLING, Peter***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DOWNEY, James***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWNEY, Sylvester G.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DOWNS, Alice***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DOWNS, Anna***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DOWNS, Bartholomew***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Downs, Catherine***Jerseyville City
    DOWNS, Isabella***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DOWNS, Isabella***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DOWNS, Jacob***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DOWNS, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DOWNS, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DOWNS, Mary***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DOWNS, Michael***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Downs, Richard***Jerseyville City
    DOWNS, Richard***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DOWNS, William***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Doyle, Catherine***Grafton 6-12
    DOYLE, James***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Doyle, James***Tws 6 Range 11
    Doyle, Julia***Grafton 6-12
    DOYLE, Margaret***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Doyle, Mary A.***Grafton 6-12
    Doyle, Thomas***Grafton 6-12
    Doyle, William***Grafton 6-12
    DRAINER, Hugo***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DRAINER, Peter***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DRAINER, Peter***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DRAINER, Prudence D.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DRAINER, Ria D.***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DRAINER, Theresa***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DREW, August***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DREW, Fred***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DREW, Hellen***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DREW, Louise***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DREW. Emma***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DREWERY?, Margaret***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Drexelius, August***Tws 6 Range 11
    Drexelius, Charles***Tws 6 Range 11
    Drexelius, Christena***Tws 6 Range 11
    Drexelius, Effie***Tws 6 Range 11
    Drexelius, Joseph***Tws 6 Range 11
    Drexelius, Lizzie***Tws 6 Range 11
    Drexelius, Mena***Tws 6 Range 11
    Drumheller, Chas.***Jerseyville City
    DUDDY, Bridget***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUDDY, Bridget***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUDDY, John***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUDDY, Margaret***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUDDY, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUDDY, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUDDY, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUDDY, Michael***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUDDY,Catherine***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Duff, Albert***Tws 6 Range 11
    Duff, Eliza***Tws 6 Range 11
    DUFFIE, Allice***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUFFIE, Arthur***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUFFIE, Louisa***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUFFIE, Mary***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    DUFFIE, Patrick***Delhi Tws. 7 R-10
    Duffy, Henry***Jerseyville City
    Duffy, James***Grafton 6-12
    Duffy, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    DUGAN, Andrew***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DUGAN, Ann***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DUGAN, Catherine***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DUGAN, Julia***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DUGAN, Michael***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DUGAN, Patrick***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DUGGAN, Anna***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DUGGAN, Elizabeth***O.C. 7-12
    DUGGAN, Emeline***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUGGAN, John W.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUGGAN, Jonn***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DUGGAN, Michael***O.C. 7-12
    DUGGAN, Michael Jr.***O.C. 7-12
    DUGGAN, Nettie I.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUGGAN, Norah M.***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUGGAN, Wesley***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DuHadway, Caleb***Jerseyville City
    DuHadway, Chas. W.***Jerseyville City
    DuHadway, Emma A.***Jerseyville City
    DuHadway, Mary***Jerseyville City
    DuHadway, Minnie***Jerseyville City
    DUHRIG, Eliza***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DUHRIG, Fredric***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DUHRIG, George***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DUHRIG, Henry***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DUHRIG, Sophia***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DUHRIG, William***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DUKE, Dora***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DUKE, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUKE, Viannie***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUKE, William***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    Dumpsy,/Dempsy?, Hugh***Grafton 6-12
    Dumpsy/Dempsy?, C??t????***Grafton 6-12
    Dumpsy/Dempsy?, Sarah***Grafton 6-12
    Dumpsy/Dempsy?, William***Grafton 6-12
    Dumpsyj/Dempsy?, Jane***Grafton 6-12
    DUNCAN, Catherine***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNCAN, Catherine***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNCAN, Clark***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DUNCAN, Delila***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNCAN, Dora C.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DUNCAN, Frances M.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DUNCAN, John***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNCAN, John***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNCAN, Joseph twin 2***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNCAN, Mary***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNCAN, Susan***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNCAN, William***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNCAN, William twin 1***J’ville, T-8 R-11
    DUNHAM, Amos***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Amos Jr.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Ann E.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Benjamin***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Benjamin***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Charles***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Floyd***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Franklin***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Hugh***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, John***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Julliette***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Louisa***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Lydia***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Martha A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Mary***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Orrie A. female***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Perkins***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Rebecca***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Stephen***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Virginia A.***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Walker***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, Walter***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM, William***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    DUNHAM,Henry***Fieldon T-8 R 13
    Dunn, Jane J.***Jerseyville City
    Dunn, Josephine***Grafton 6-12
    Dunn, Lawrence***Grafton 6-12
    Dunn, Mary A.***Grafton 6-12
    DUNN, Mary G.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    Dunn, William F.***Grafton 6-12
    Dunne, John***Grafton 6-12
    DUNNEGAN, Melvina***O.C. 7-12
    DUNNEGAN, William H.***O.C. 7-12
    Dunph, Ann***Jerseyville City
    Dunph, Annie***Jerseyville City
    Dunph, John***Jerseyville City
    Dunph, JOhn***Jerseyville City
    Dunph, Mary***Jerseyville City
    Dunph, Patrick***Jerseyville City
    Dunphy, Michael***Grafton 6-12
    Dunsdon, Cora***Jerseyville City
    Dunsdon, David***Jerseyville City
    Dunsdon, John***Jerseyville City
    Dunsdon, Josephine***Jerseyville City
    Dunsdon, Julia***Jerseyville City
    Dunsdon, Julia***Jerseyville City
    Dunsdon, Lincoln***Jerseyville City
    Dunsdon, Luella***Jerseyville City
    Dunsdon, Margaret***Jerseyville City
    Dunsdon, Walter***Jerseyville City
    DUSSY, Emily J.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DUSSY, George A.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DUSSY, James N.***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    DUSSY, Juliet***Fidelity T-8 R-10
    Dwault, Clara***Grafton 6-12
    Dwault, Isaac***Grafton 6-12
    Dwault, James E.***Grafton 6-12
    Dwault, Mary***Grafton 6-12
    D’WISE, Thomas***Fidelity T-9 R 10
    DWYER, Anna***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DWYER, Ellen***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DWYER, Mary***J’ville T-8 R-12
    DYERS, Mahala A.***Otter Crk T-7 R-13
    DYMOND, John E.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DYMOND, Lucy J.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DYMOND, Mary***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DYMOND, Robert***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DYRE, Eliza J.***Miss. T-7 R-11
    DYSON, David***Jville 9-11
    DYSON, Emily***Jville 9-11
    DYSON, Perry***Jville 9-11
    DYSON, Pinkney***Jville 9-11
    DYSON, Sarah***Jville 9-11
    DYSON, Tilman***Jville 9-11
    DYSON, William***Jville 9-11
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