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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    W(h?) OOPER, James S.
    W(h?)OOPER, Wm.
    W??????, Eliza
    W??????, Sophia
    W??????, Tony
    W??????, W???
    WADDELL, Eliza
    Waddle, Adeline
    WADDLE, Caroline
    WADDLE, Harriett
    WADDLE, Jas
    WADDLE, Richard
    WADDLE, Susan
    WADDLE, W. G.
    WADE, Eliza
    WADE, Hannah
    WADE, Henry
    WADE, Mrs. Mary
    WADE, Walker
    WADE, Willie
    WADING, Joseph
    WADLINGTON, Spencer
    WADMAN, Betsy
    WADMAN, Cassandra
    WADMAN, Eliza
    WADMAN, Martha
    Wadman, Norman
    WADMAN, Wm.
    WADMAN, Wm.
    WAGAN, Wm. H.
    WAGENER, Elizabeth
    WAGENER, James
    WAGENER, John D.
    WAGENER, John L.
    WAGENER, Maria
    WAGENER, Marinda
    WAGENER, Phebe J.
    WAGENER, Sarah
    WAGGONER, John
    WAGONER, Adam
    WAGONER, Benj. T.
    WAGONER, George
    WAGONER, Mary
    WAGONER, Mary
    WAGONER, Mary
    WAGONER, Mary J.
    WAINRIGHT, Oscar
    WALCOTT, Adolph
    WALCOTT, Bridget
    WALCOTT, David
    WALCOTT, David
    WALCOTT, Frank
    WALCOTT, Rosa L.
    WALDRAN, Andrew J.
    WALDRAN, Harriet
    WALDREN, Andrew J.
    WALDREN, Sarah
    WALES, Delilia
    WALES, John
    WALES, Mary
    WALKER, Alivn
    WALKER, Andrew
    WALKER, Byron
    WALKER, Charles
    WALKER, Dolly
    WALKER, Edwin
    WALKER, Elijah
    WALKER, George
    WALKER, George
    WALKER, James
    WALKER, Kening
    WALKER, Margaret
    WALKER, Mary
    WALKER, Peyton C.
    WALKER, Sarah L.
    WALKER, Thomas J.
    WALKER, William
    WALKER, Wm. H.
    WALL, Anna
    WALL, Anthony
    WALL, Joseph
    WALL, Joseph
    WALL, Mary A.
    WALL, T???? P.
    WALLACE, A. J.
    WALLACE, Alfred James
    WALLACE, Anise
    WALLACE, Baby
    WALLACE, Charles
    WALLACE, David
    WALLACE, Eli
    WALLACE, Eli
    WALLACE, Eliabeth
    WALLACE, Elihu
    WALLACE, Eliza
    WALLACE, Eliza
    WALLACE, Elizabeth
    WALLACE, Enoch
    WALLACE, Eugene Lewis
    WALLACE, F. Marian
    WALLACE, Feston
    WALLACE, James
    WALLACE, John
    WALLACE, John F.
    WALLACE, Julia A.
    WALLACE, Lucinda C.
    WALLACE, Marilda
    WALLACE, Mary
    WALLACE, Mary
    WALLACE, Nancy
    WALLACE, Nath’l G.
    WALLACE, Sarah
    WALLACE, Sarah R.
    WALLACE, William
    WALLACE, William
    WALLACE, William F.
    WALLACE, Wm.
    WALLACE, Wm.
    WALLING, Joseph
    WALLING, Mary F.
    WALLING, Mrs.
    Wallis, Sylvester
    WALLS, Benj.
    WALLS, Dan’l
    WALPOLE, John
    WALPOOLE, Jemima
    WALPOOLE, Joshua
    WALPOOLE, Martha
    WALPOOLE, Phebe
    WALSH, George
    WALSH, Susan
    WALTER, Robert
    WALTERS, Frederick
    WALTERS, Henry
    WALTERS, Josephine
    WALTERS, Louisa
    WALTERS, Mr.
    WALTERS, Paul
    WALTERS, Paul
    WALTS, Mr.
    WALTZ, Daniel
    WANGS, Abner
    Wanner, Henry
    War?????, William
    WARD, Allen
    WARD, Anna E.
    WARD, Baby
    WARD, Bellvina
    WARD, Benjamin F.
    WARD, C. J.
    WARD, Daniel
    WARD, Dennis
    WARD, Elizabeth
    WARD, Jas. A.
    WARD, John
    WARD, John
    WARD, Margaret
    WARD, Margaret
    WARD, Phillip
    WARD, Rosena
    WARD, Sarah E.
    WARD, William H.
    WARD, William H.
    WARD, Wm. M.
    WARE, N’th’l (Nathaniel?)
    WARE, Theodosia
    WARELL, Isaac
    WARELL, Jacob
    WARELL, John W.
    WARELL, Sarh
    WARREN, Anna
    WARREN, Chas. D.
    WARREN, Chas. D. Wm.
    WARREN, Chas. D. Wm.
    WARREN, Cyntha
    WARREN, Elizabeth
    WARREN, Frank W.
    WARREN, Geo. E.
    WARREN, Geo. E.
    WARREN, Harriett
    WARREN, Harriett S.
    WARREN, Henry
    Warren, James
    WARREN, Joseph
    WARREN, Louisa
    WARREN, Mark A.
    WARREN, Martha D.
    WARREN, Mary A.
    Warren, Rachel
    WARREN, Sophia E.
    WAS???, Cha’s
    WAS???, Jane
    WAS???, John
    WAS???, Reglia
    WATKINS, Lansing ?.
    WATSON, Ada
    WATSON, Allice
    WATSON, Cha’s T.
    WATSON, David A.
    WATSON, Ellen
    WATSON, Fidilia
    WATSON, Frances M.
    WATSON, Francis
    WATSON, Henry
    WATSON, James
    WATSON, James
    WATSON, James
    WATSON, James L.
    WATSON, John
    WATSON, John
    Watson, John
    Watson, Keziah
    WATSON, Malinra?
    WATSON, Marcus
    WATSON, Margaret
    WATSON, Maria
    WATSON, Melinna?
    WATSON, Perry O.
    WATSON, Ruth
    Watson, Sarah E.
    WATSON, Sebaston
    WATSON, Tho’s
    WATSON, Wm.
    WATTS, Squire
    WATTS, Squire
    WATTS/NAIL?, Porter
    WAY, Ely B.
    WAY, George
    WAY, John H.
    WAY, Levina
    WAY, Margaret A.
    WAY, Mary Ann
    WAY, Wm.
    WEAR, William D.
    WEATHERBY, Charlotte
    WEATHERBY, Sarah
    WEBSTER, Caroline
    WEBSTER, Daniel
    WEBSTER, Harriett
    Wedding, Matilda
    Wedding, Nicholas
    Wedding, Thomas
    WEDDING, Thomas B.
    WEDEN, Elizabeth
    WEDING, Arabella
    WEDING, Barclay
    WEDING, Benj.
    WEDING, James
    WEDING, Tobitha
    WEDLE, Jacob
    WEDNU, Jane
    WEDNU, Jas
    WEDNU, John
    WEDNU, Martha
    WEDNU, Samuel
    WEEKS, Martha
    WEEKS, Samuel
    WELCH, Alex’a
    WELCH, Andrew
    WELCH, Ann
    WELCH, Bridget
    WELCH, Elizabeth
    WELCH, John
    WELCH, Martin
    WELCH, Martin
    WELCH, Mary
    WELCH, Micahel
    WELCH, Nancy
    WELCH, Patrick
    WELDING, Alfred
    WELEMAN, Susan
    WELEMAN, Wm.
    WELK, Catharine
    WELK, Martha
    WELK, Wm.
    WELLER, Evella
    WELLER, George
    WELLER, Goth/leeb
    WEMERS, Sarah
    WENTWORTH, Charles
    WENTWORTH, Clayton
    WENTWORTH, Ellen
    WENTWORTH, Franklin
    WENTWORTH, Mrs. M.
    WENTWORTH, Wallace
    WENTWORTH, Willard
    WERMAN, Fits
    WERTH, Frank
    WERTH, Josephine
    WERTH, Michael
    WERTH, Wm.
    WERTHINGTON, Charlotte J.
    WERTHINGTON, James Ed.
    WERTHINGTON, Lillie E.
    WERTHINGTON, Mrs. Maria
    WERTHY, Absalom
    WERTHY, Absalom
    WERTHY, Adam W.
    WERTHY, Elizabeth J.
    WERTHY, Jasper W.
    WERTHY, John W.
    WERTHY, Mary
    WERTHY, Matilda
    WERTHY, Sarah
    WERTHY, Sarah A.
    WERTHY, Susan
    WERTHY, William H.
    WERTLEN, Jacob
    WERTZLER, Adolph
    WERTZLER, Emily
    WERTZLER, Henry
    WES?LES, John
    WESLEY, Amos
    WESLEY, Margaret
    WESLEY, Mary S.
    WESLEY, Rachel
    WESLEY, Sam’l
    WESLEY, Susan
    WESLEY, Wiley O.
    WEST, Albert Y.
    WEST, Bernard
    WEST, Bernard
    WEST, Edward
    WEST, Elizabeth
    WEST, Fanny B.
    WEST, Georganne
    WEST, John
    WEST, John C.
    WEST, Lydia
    WEST, Mary
    WEST, Mary
    WEST, Mary Ann
    WEST, O. P.
    WESTLEY, Charles
    WESTLEY, Wm. A.
    WHALEN, Barnet
    WHALEN, Charles
    WHALEN, Edward
    WHALEN, Eliza
    WHALEN, Hiram
    WHALEN, Luther
    WHALEN, Mis
    WHALEN, Sarah
    WHALEN, Vina
    WHALEY, Almira
    WHALEY, Eliza
    WHALEY, James
    WHALEY, John
    WHARTON, Anna Maria
    WHARTON, Bybram??
    WHARTON, Charles
    WHARTON, Charles H.
    WHARTON, Geo Wesley
    WHARTON, George
    WHARTON, Jane
    WHARTON, Martha L.
    WHARTON, Mary Ann
    WHARTON, Mary E.
    WHARTON, Mary Jane
    WHARTON, Robert
    WHARTON, Sarah
    WHARTON, Wm. H.
    WHEELER, Eliza
    WHEELER, Frances
    WHEELER, John B.
    WHEELER, John Jr.
    WHEELER, Julia
    WHEELER, Lizzie
    WHEELER, Margaret
    WHEELER, Martha
    WHEELER, Mary
    WHEELER, Mary Ann
    WHEELER, Otis
    WHEELER, Sarah
    WHEELER, William F.
    WHEELER, William Henry
    WHEELER, William M.
    WHEELER, Wm.
    WHELER, Corneluis
    WHILE, Catherine
    WHILE, Lambert
    WHILE, Sarah C.
    WHILTON, William
    WHIPPLE, Henry L.
    WHIPPLE, John
    WHITE, ?
    WHITE, Ann
    WHITE, Balam
    WHITE, Catharine
    WHITE, Charles H.
    WHITE, Daniel
    WHITE, Eliza
    WHITE, Elizabeth
    WHITE, Elizabeth A.
    White, Emily
    WHITE, George
    WHITE, George
    WHITE, Hattie
    WHITE, Hiram
    WHITE, James
    WHITE, James I.
    WHITE, Jesse
    WHITE, Jesse
    WHITE, John
    WHITE, John L.
    WHITE, Josephine
    WHITE, Josiah H.
    WHITE, Levits
    WHITE, Lewis
    WHITE, Lewis B.
    WHITE, Mary
    WHITE, Mary
    WHITE, Mary J.
    WHITE, Millie
    WHITE, Mrs. Maria
    WHITE, Nancy
    WHITE, Nebert H.
    WHITE, Nellie
    WHITE, Robert
    WHITE, Rosanna
    WHITE, Sophronia
    WHITE, Sperry
    WHITE, Susan R.
    WHITE, Tabatha
    WHITE, Thadeus
    WHITE, Wm. H.
    WHITEHEAD, Alfred
    WHITEHEAD, Corneluis
    WHITEHEAD, Ellen
    WHITEHEAD, Ellen
    WHITEHEAD, Elli’s
    WHITEHEAD, Henry
    WHITEHEAD, John A. A.
    WHITEHEAD, Margaret
    WHITEHEAD, Marth M.
    WHITEHEAD, Mary E.
    WHITEHEAD, Minerva E.
    WHITEHEAD, Rebecca
    WHITEHEAD, Robert
    WHITEHEAD, Robert
    WHITEHEAD, Sarah
    WHITEHEAD, Sarah A.
    WHITENECK, Adeline
    WHITENECK, Hattie
    WHITENECK, Hellen
    WHITENECK, Margaret
    WHITE’S?, YHON, Amelia
    WHITE’S?, YHON, Caroline
    WHITE’S?, YHON, Rebecca
    WHITE’S?, YHON, Tasy Ann
    WHITE’S?, YHON?, Joseph
    WHITE’S?, YHON?, Polena
    WHITE’S?, YHON?, Tels
    WHITE’S??, YHON?, B. B.
    WHITFIELD, Cha’s Edw’d
    WHITFIELD, Emily J.
    WHITFIELD, Juliet
    WHITFIELD, Mary Ann
    WHITFIELD, Sarah
    WHITLOCK, Ellen
    WHITLOCK, Emaline
    WHITLOCK, Henry B.
    WHITLOCK, John
    WHITLOCK, Mary
    WHITLOCK, Nancy J.
    WHITLOCK, Sam’l S.
    WHITLOCK, Tho’s S.
    WHITNEY, Mr.
    WHITNEY, Mrs.
    WHITTER, Asher
    WHITTER, B??????
    WHITTER, James
    WHITTER, John
    WHITTER, Mary
    WHITTER, Phebe
    WHITTER, Rosilla
    WHITTER, Thomas
    WICKER, ???? Male, 31
    WICKER, Albert
    WICKER, Ephram
    WICKER, Mrs. Cath.
    WIDNA, Cha’s
    WIDNA, Cha’s
    WIDNA, Frank
    WIDNA, Jennie
    WIEDMAN, John
    WILCOX, Amelia
    WILCOX, Wm.
    WILDER, H. H.
    WILDER, John
    WILDER, Lydia
    WILDER, Mahlin
    WILDER, Nancy
    Wiley, Henry
    WILEY, Susan
    Wiley, William
    WILKENS, Phebe
    WILKERSON, Alonzo
    WILKERSON, Martha A.
    WILKERSON, Mary J.
    WILKERSON, Nancy A.
    WILKERSON, Sarah
    WILKERSON, Sarah
    WILKERSON, Warren
    WILKERSON, William J.
    WILLIAMS, ????
    WILLIAMS, Alerys/Aloys??
    WILLIAMS, Allice
    WILLIAMS, Amanda S.
    WILLIAMS, Andrew
    WILLIAMS, Andrew
    Williams, Andrew
    WILLIAMS, Angeline
    WILLIAMS, Augustus
    WILLIAMS, Charlotte
    WILLIAMS, Charlotte
    Williams, Columbus J.
    WILLIAMS, Cornelia
    WILLIAMS, David
    WILLIAMS, Ebenzer
    Williams, Elizabeth
    WILLIAMS, Elizabeth R.
    Williams, Elvina
    WILLIAMS, Emma
    Williams, Franklin
    WILLIAMS, Franklin J.
    WILLIAMS, Freeman
    WILLIAMS, Gilbert D.
    WILLIAMS, Isabel
    Williams, Jackson M.
    WILLIAMS, James
    WILLIAMS, James
    WILLIAMS, James
    Williams, James H.
    WILLIAMS, Jane
    WILLIAMS, Jesse
    WILLIAMS, Jesse O.
    WILLIAMS, Joel P.
    WILLIAMS, John
    WILLIAMS, John
    WILLIAMS, John
    Williams, John M.
    WILLIAMS, John W.
    WILLIAMS, Josephine
    Williams, Julia
    WILLIAMS, Julia A.
    WILLIAMS, Lambson
    WILLIAMS, Lewis
    Williams, Lidey
    WILLIAMS, Louisa R.
    WILLIAMS, Lucy
    WILLIAMS, Margaret
    WILLIAMS, Martha
    WILLIAMS, Martha C.
    WILLIAMS, Mary
    Williams, Mary
    Williams, Mary
    WILLIAMS, Mary
    WILLIAMS, Mary F.
    WILLIAMS, Mary P.
    WILLIAMS, Melvina
    Williams, Percy
    Williams, Phebe
    WILLIAMS, Rachel J.
    WILLIAMS, Reuben
    WILLIAMS, Sarah
    WILLIAMS, Sarah
    WILLIAMS, Sarah
    WILLIAMS, Sarah A.
    Williams, Sarelda
    WILLIAMS, Sol. T.
    WILLIAMS, Theodor
    WILLIAMS, Theodore
    WILLIAMS, Thomas F.
    WILLIAMS, Wiley J.
    WILLIAMS, William
    Williams, William
    Williams, William
    WILLIS, Nancy R.
    WILLIS, William
    WILLOCK, Amanda
    WILLOCK, Andrew
    WILLOCK, Jacob
    WILLOCK, Louisa
    WILLOCK, Robert
    WILLSON, Lizzie Ann
    WILLSON, Mary
    WILLSON, Mary J.
    WILLSON, Wm.
    WILMOT, Ann E.
    WILSON, Anna M.
    WILSON, Austin
    WILSON, Berry
    WILSON, Berry
    WILSON, Charles C.
    WILSON, D. H.
    WILSON, Elizabeth J.
    WILSON, Ella (twin 2)
    WILSON, Ellen C.
    WILSON, George M.
    WILSON, Harriet
    WILSON, James C.
    WILSON, Jane
    WILSON, John C.
    WILSON, John L.
    WILSON, Kate (twin 1)
    WILSON, Mary
    WILSON, Mary C.
    WILSON, Mrs. Rosanna
    WILSON, Nancy
    WILSON, Newton
    WILSON, Richard A.
    WILSON, Robert N.
    WILSON, Sam’l
    WILSON, Virginia
    WILSON, William H.
    WILSON, Wm.
    WILSON, Wm. S.
    WILT, Catherine
    WILT, Catherine
    WILT, Elizabeth
    WILT, Joseph
    WILT, Josephine
    WILT, William
    WILT, William
    WILTON, George A. J.
    WILTON, James
    WILTON, Jane
    WILTON, Mary C.
    WILTON, Nancy A.
    WIMBLETON, Jasper
    WIMBLETON, Newton
    WINFOW, Ezekiel
    WINFREY, Charles
    WINFREY, Emiline
    WINFREY, John E.
    WINFREY, John M.
    WINFREY, Mary
    WINFREY, Mrs Sarah
    WINFREY, Nancy J.
    WINGER, Fred
    WINGER, Henry
    WINGER, Jacob
    WINGER, John
    WINGER, John
    WINGER, Mary
    WINHAM, Mrs. Mary
    WINKLEN, Ellen
    WINSOR, Agnes A.
    WINSOR, Edward
    WINSOR, Eliza Jane
    WINSOR, John C.
    WINSTON, Sarah
    WINTERN, Mrs. Martha
    WINTERS, Andrew
    WINTERS, Daniel
    WINTERS, Mrs.Mary
    WINTERS, Ozias
    WINTERS, Ozias
    WINTERS, Sarah C.
    WINTERS, Wlison
    WISEMAN, Jas. R.
    WISEMAN, John
    WISHLIN, Adolph
    WISHLIN, Emily
    WISHLIN, Henry
    WITHROW, John
    WITHROW, Malinda
    WITHROW, Mary J.
    WITHROW, Sarah
    WITHROW, William
    WITSIDES, Allice H.
    WITSIDES, M. H. Mrs.
    WITT, Elizabeth
    WITT, Emma J.
    WITT, George
    WITT, James
    WITT, Joseph
    WITT, Lydia
    WITT, Mary
    WITT, Mrs. Orean
    WITT, Richard
    WITT, William
    Wock, Polly
    WODMAN, Nancy
    WOFFMANGLE, Thomas
    WOLF, John
    WOOD, Alginon
    WOOD, Alice
    WOOD, Alonzo ?.
    WOOD, Anna Belle
    WOOD, Catherine
    WOOD, Charles
    WOOD, G. W.
    WOOD, Henry
    WOOD, Henry
    WOOD, Isaac
    WOOD, Jack
    WOOD, John
    WOOD, Julia
    WOOD, Malinda
    WOOD, Margaret
    WOOD, Martha
    WOOD, Martin
    WOOD, Mary
    WOOD, Matilda
    WOOD, Rebecca
    WOOD, Sarah
    WOOD, Stephen
    WOOD, William
    WOOD/WARD?, Eliza
    WOOD/WARD?, Ema
    WOOD/WARD?, Mary
    WOOD/WARD?, Mrs.
    WOOD/WARD?, Peter
    WOOD/WARD?, Sarah
    WOOD/WARD?, Tho’s
    WOODBURY, Joseph
    WOODBURY, Mrs. Elmira
    WOODEN, Alex
    WOODEN, Mary
    WOODEN, Miss
    WOODEN, Wm.
    WOODIN, Hannah
    WOODIN, Wm.
    WOODRUFF, George
    WOODWARD, Ja’s
    WOODWARD, Joseph
    WOOLENWEVER, Frederica
    WOOLSEY, Amos
    WOOLSEY, Aren
    WOOLSEY, Clara
    WOOLSEY, George
    WOOLSEY, James
    WOOLSEY, Jas. B.
    WOOLSEY, Sarah
    WOOLSEY, Sarah Ann
    WOOLSEY, Simeen
    WOOLSEYI, Susan
    WOORTH, Adam
    WOORTH, John
    WOORTH, Leanne
    WOORTH, Leanora
    WOORTH, Margaret
    WOORTH, Peter
    WORFORD, William
    WORKMAN, Lizzie
    WORRELL, George
    WORTH, Wm.
    WORTHY, Mary C.
    WORTHY, Reuben
    WRIGHERD, Fred
    WRIGHERD, Henry
    WRIGHERD, Henry
    WRIGHERD, Margaret
    WRIGHERD, William
    WRIGHT, David L.
    WRIGHT, Margaret A.
    WRIGHT, Rosetta
    WTHROW, R. H.
    WUD,/WEED? Amanda
    WUD/WEED?, Fanny
    WUD/WEED?, Fred
    WUD/WEED?, George
    WUD/WEED?, John
    WUD/WEED?, Martha
    WUD/WEED?, Mary B.
    WUTH, WURTH, ? Vincent
    WUTH, WURTH?, Albert
    WUTH, WURTH?, Catharine
    WUTH, WURTH?, Freligan
    WUTH, WURTH?, Powlinger
    WYCHE, Allice
    WYCHE, Margaret
    WYCKOFF, Katie
    WYESS, John
    WYKOFF, Augusta M.
    WYKOFF, Catharine E.
    WYKOFF, Cornelia
    WYKOFF, D. G.
    WYKOFF, Francis E.
    WYKOFF, George E.
    WYKOFF, Horatio N.
    WYKOFF, Mrs.
    WYLEY, Carley
    WYLEY, John
    WYRET, Joseph
    WYSSO, Anne
    WYSSO, D.
    WYSSO, Louis
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