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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    TAFIN, Francis
    TAFIN, James
    TAFIN, Mrs. Sarah
    TALBURT, George
    TALBURT, Julia
    TALIGHEE, John
    TAMBY, E. J.
    TAMBY, Ella
    TAMBY, H.
    TAMBY, Wm. S
    TAR, Daliel D.
    TATTERSON, Henry
    TAYLER, Susan
    TAYLOR, Andrew L.
    TAYLOR, Anna
    TAYLOR, Elizabeth
    TAYLOR, Elizabeth
    TAYLOR, George
    TAYLOR, George
    TAYLOR, Jane
    TAYLOR, John
    TAYLOR, Mrs. Mary
    TAYLOR, Richard H.
    TAYLOR, Thomas
    TAYLOR, Wm.
    TAYLOR, Wm.
    TECHLER, Chas.
    TECKMAN, Jacob
    TELL, Henry
    TELLIS, David
    TELLIS, Lewis
    TELLIS, Locklin
    TELLIS, Mary T.
    TELLIS, Rachel
    TENELL, George
    TENELL, Isaac
    TENELL, Jason
    TENELL, Lewis
    TENELL, Madison
    TENELL, Mary
    TENELL, Oliver
    TENELL, Rachel
    TENISEE, Wm.
    TERRELL, Jane
    TERRELL, John
    TERRY, Ann
    TERRY, Charles
    TERRY, Elizabeth
    TERRY, Isaac R.
    TERRY, J. A.
    TERRY, John
    TERRY, Sarah
    TERRY, Wm. P.
    TERTH, Gustaph
    THIELS, Elizabeth
    THIELS, Henry
    THIELS, Lewis
    THOMAS, Ann D.
    THOMAS, Catharine
    THOMAS, George
    THOMAS, George
    THOMAS, Heneretta
    THOMAS, Melissa
    THOMAS, Robert
    THOMAS, Sarah J.
    THOMAS, Susan
    THOMAS, William H.
    THOMAS, Woodson S.
    Thompson, Adeline
    THOMPSON, Chas.
    THOMPSON, Frank
    THOMPSON, George
    THOMPSON, George
    THOMPSON, Isaac
    THOMPSON, Jacob
    THOMPSON, James
    Thompson, John
    THOMPSON, John
    Thompson, John B.
    THOMPSON, Juston????
    Thompson, Mary J.
    Thompson, Moses G.
    Thompson, Sarah
    THOMPSON, Sarah
    THOMPSON, Tacy
    THOMPSON, Thomas
    Thompson, Thomas
    Thompson, W. G.
    THOMPSON, William
    THOMSON, Isaac
    THOMSON, Jacob
    Thorman, Alpheus
    THORNTON, Andrew
    THORNTON, Joseph
    THORNTON, Mary
    THORNTON, Nancy
    THORNTON, William
    THURSTON, Harriet
    THURSTON, Laura
    THURSTON, Sarah
    THURT?, Nancy
    TICKNER, Jand
    TICKNER, Julia
    TIFF, Ann
    TIFF, Anna J.
    TIFF, Cora
    TIFF, Eber
    TIFF, Hannah
    TIFF, O. A.
    TIFF, Oliva
    TIMMONS, Newton
    TIMMONS, Sarah Ann
    TIMMONS, Wm. E.
    TINDALL, Mary
    TINDALL, MR. & MRS. L.
    TINKINSON, Sarah A.
    TINKINSON, Susan
    TINKINSON, William W.
    TITAS, C. C.
    TITAS, Eliza
    TITAS, S. M.
    TITAS, Sherman
    TOLMAN, Cyrus
    TOLMAN, Dolly
    TOLMAN, S. W.
    TONSOR, Ann
    TONSOR, John
    TONSOR, Maria Ann
    TONSOR, Willimena
    TOURVILLE, Charles
    TOURVILLE, Charles F.
    TOURVILLE, Charles W.
    TOURVILLE, Louisa
    TOURVILLE, Peter F.
    TOURVILLE, Francis
    TOURVILLE, Nancy
    TOURVILLE, Peter
    TORPY, William
    TOWER, Charles
    TOWER, Eliza
    TOWER, H. R.
    TOWER, Mary E.
    TOWER, Wm.
    TRAUBE, Edward
    TRAUBE, Elizabeth
    TRAUBE, Emma
    TRAUBE, Lawrence
    TRAUBE, Murray
    TRAVERS, David
    TRAVERS, Sarah
    TRAVERSE, Henry C.
    TRAVERSE, Joseh
    TRAVERSE, Lewis
    TRAVERSE, Mary J.
    TRAVERSE, Matilda
    TRAVERSE, Oskar P.
    TRAVERSE, Robert
    TRAVES, Robert
    TREEL, Wm.
    TRIBUE, Aron
    TRIBUE, Aron
    TRIBUE, Ellen
    TRIBUE, Margaret
    TRIBUE, Martha L.
    TRIBUE, Marthai G.
    TRITSORT, Nancy
    TRITSORT, Peter
    TRITSORT, Wesley
    TROKEY, Frank
    TROTTER, David T.
    TROTTER, John W.
    TROTTER, Mary J.
    TROTTER, Sarah
    TROTTER, Sarah
    TROTTER, Squire B.
    TRUE, A. or H.
    TRUE, Elipsey
    TRUE, Isabel
    TRUE, Jane
    TRUE, Sarah
    TRUE, William
    TUCH/K?, Albert
    TUCH/K?, Charles
    TUCH/K?, Henereta
    TUCH/K?, Heneretta
    TUCH/K?, John
    TUCH/K?, John C.
    TUCH/K?, Maria
    TUCH/K?, Nicholas
    TUCH/K?, Wm.
    TUCKER, ??
    TUCKER, Almira
    TUCKER, David
    TUCKER, Elizabeth
    TUCKER, Francis
    TUCKER, Freeman
    TUCKER, George
    TUCKER, George
    TUCKER, Harmon
    TUCKER, Jacob
    TUCKER, James
    TUCKER, John
    TUCKER, John M.
    TUCKER, Larkin
    TUCKER, Louisa
    TUCKER, Martha A.
    TUCKER, Mary
    TUCKER, Matilda
    TUCKER, Nancy
    TUCKER, Nancy
    TUCKER, Nancy
    TUCKER, Rebecca
    TUCKER, William
    TUNSTALL, Lucy
    TUPPER, Edward
    TUPPER, Francis
    TUPPER, Henry
    TUPPER, Henry
    TUPPER, Sally
    TURNER, Agnes
    TURNER, Barbara
    TURNER, Elizabeth
    TURNER, Henry
    TURNER, Henry
    TURNER, John
    TURNER, Laura
    TURNER, Leonard
    TURNER, Lewis N.
    TURNER, Mary
    TURNER, N. C.
    TURNER, Oliver
    TURNER, Permelia
    TURNER, Sarah
    TURNER, Susan
    TURNER, Sylvester
    TURNER, Thomas
    TURNER, William
    TURNSY, Hannah
    TURNSY, John
    TURNSY, John
    TWAMBLY, Caroline M.
    TWAMBLY, Frances
    TWAMBLY, Hellen
    TWAMBLY, Ida May
    TWAMBLY, Lydia
    TWAMBLY, Melvina
    TWAMBLY, Nathaniel
    TWAMBLY, Nath’l D.
    TWAMBLY, Ruth
    TWAMBLY, Wm. B.
    TWITCHELL, Lowrain
    TWITCHELL, Lydia
    TWITCHELL, Mrs. Alace
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