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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    S??????ING, Long
    SACKET, Alice
    SACKET, Juliann
    SACKET, William
    SACKETT, Bunevista
    SACKETT, Henry
    SACKETT, Mary
    SACKETT, William
    SALDER, Francis
    SAMUEL, Ephram
    SAMUELS, Thomas
    SAN/U?NDER, Deborah
    SAN/U?NDERS, Adelade
    SAN/U?NDERS, Albert
    SAN/U?NDERS, Benj’m
    SAN/U?NDERS, Charles
    SAN/U?NDERS, Heneretta
    SAN/U?NDERS, Norton
    SANDERS, Simon
    Sanders, Theodore
    SANDERS, William
    SANDRIDGE, Emily
    SANDRIDGE, Laura E.
    SANDRIDGE, Robin
    SANDS, Emma
    SANDY, Ann M.
    SANDY, Charles
    SANDY, Elizabeth
    SANDY, George
    SANDY, Mary A.
    SANDY, Theodore H.
    SANFORD, Edwin
    SANFORD, Hon. Haj J. C.
    SANFORD, Julia
    SANFORD, Mary
    SANFORD, Mary Charlotte
    SANFORD, Nancy A.
    SANFORD, Sam’l
    SANSOM, Adeline
    SANSOM, Alice
    SANSOM, George
    SANSOM, Greene
    SANSOM, James
    SANSOM, John
    SANSOM, Margaret
    SANSOM, Mary
    SANSOM, Mary C.
    SANSOM, Oliver
    SANSOM, Oscar
    SANSOM, Samuel
    SANSOM, Samuel
    SANSOM, Sophia
    SANSOM, William
    SAPPEN, Margaris
    SAPPO, Casper
    SAPPO, John
    SAPPO, Maria
    SAPPO, Mary E.
    SAPPO, Rosa
    SASS, Henry
    SAVAGE, John
    SAVAGE, Nancy J.
    SAVAGE, R. L.
    SAVAGE, Wm.
    SCH??LEY, James
    SCH??LEY, Sarah
    SCH?ABY?, Albertese
    SCH?ABY?, B. T.
    SCH?ABY?, Fanny
    SCHAAF, Alice
    SCHAAF, Alvina
    SCHAAF, Augustus
    SCHAAF, Charles
    SCHAAF, Charles
    SCHAAF, Charlotte
    SCHAAF, Christina
    SCHAAF, Christina
    SCHAAF, Edward
    SCHAAF, Henry
    SCHAAF, Henry L.
    SCHAAF, Lewis
    SCHAAF, Lewis
    SCHAAF, Louis
    SCHAAF, Newton
    SCHAFFER, Chas. M.
    SCHAFFER, Elizabeth
    SCHAFFER, Emma J.
    SCHAFFER, Henry
    SCHAFFER, Isabel
    SCHAFFER, Mary
    SCHAFFER, Mary
    SCHAFFER, Mary
    SCHAFFER, Wm. J.
    SCHANER, Cassre
    SCHANER, Elizabeth
    SCHANER, Frank
    SCHANER, Geo.
    SCHANER, Mary
    SCHANER, Mary
    SCHANER, Susanna
    SCHATTGAN, Charles
    SCHATY, Christiana
    SCHEAR, Jacob
    SCHIRTZ, Mina
    SCHLINE, Nicholas
    SCHOFFER, Clarissa
    SCHOFFER, Curtis
    SCHOFFER, George
    SCHOFFER, Harriet
    SCHOFFER, Juliet
    SCHOFFER, Nancy
    SCHOFFER, Wilemina
    SCHOLEY, Austin
    SCHOLEY, Frances
    SCHOLEY, Minerva
    SCHOLEY, Nancy
    SCHOTHER, Henry
    SCHOTHER, John
    SCHOTHER, John H.
    SCHOTHER, Lewis
    SCHOTHER, Mary
    SCHOTHER, Mary Y.
    SCHOUSER, Anna
    SCHOUSER, Catherine
    SCHOUSER, Henry
    SCHOUSER, Hester
    SCHOUSER, John
    SCHOUSER, Mary
    SCHOUSER, Rumka
    SCHOUSER, Theodore
    SCHRADER, H?????
    SCHRADER, William
    SCHRESDE, Minirie
    SCHROEDER, Ellen Charlotte
    SCHROEDER, George H.
    SCHROEDER, James B.
    SCHROEDER, Jefferson F.
    SCHROEDRE, Priscilla
    SCOGGINS, Henry
    SCOGGINS, John
    SCOGGINS, Risky
    SCOGGINS, Steven
    Scott, Albert
    Scott, Catherine
    SCOTT, Charles E.
    SCOTT, Eliza
    Scott, Eliza Ann
    SCOTT, Esther
    Scott, H.
    Scott, Henry
    Scott, Hugh
    Scott, Isabel
    SCOTT, Isabel
    Scott, J. D.
    SCOTT, Jack
    Scott, Jackson
    Scott, James
    SCOTT, James
    SCOTT, James M.
    SCOTT, Joseph G.
    Scott, Keziah
    Scott, Mana
    Scott, Maria
    Scott, Mary A.
    Scott, Peter
    Scott, Sarah
    Scott, Sarah Ann
    Scott, Susan
    Scott, Susan C.
    Scott, Susan J.
    Scott, Vam B.
    Scott, Vinton L.
    SCOTT, William I.
    Scott, William W.
    SCROGINS, Asa J.
    SCROGINS, Henry H.
    SCROGINS, James
    SCROGINS, John W.
    SCROGINS, Julia
    SCROGINS, Mary L.
    SCROGINS, Sarah
    SCULLY, Wm.
    SEAGO, Calvin
    SEAGO, Calvin
    SEAGO, Douglass
    SEAGO, Edward
    SEAGO, Elizabeth
    SEAGO, Ellen
    SEAGO, Emiline
    SEAGO, Filinda
    SEAGO, George
    SEAGO, Ira
    SEAGO, James
    SEAGO, James
    SEAGO, John
    SEAGO, John
    SEAGO, Martha A.
    SEAGO, Mary R.
    SEAGO, Sarlinda
    SEAGO, William
    SEAGO, William H.
    SEAGO, Wm.
    SEATON, Sam’l
    SEATON, Sarah E.
    SECHER, Catharine
    SECHER, Jonas
    SECHER, Mary
    SECHER, Morris
    SECHER, Patrick
    SEELEY, Andrew J.
    SEELEY, Charles R.
    SEELEY, Ezra
    SEELEY, Jonathan
    SEELEY, Josephine
    SEELEY, Maretta
    SEELEY, Mary
    SEGO, Alice
    SEGO, Ann
    SEGO, Carlin
    SEGO, Daniel
    SEGO, George W.
    SEGO, James H.
    SEGO, John
    SEGO, Julia H.
    SEGO, Lydia A.
    SEGO, Mary
    SEGO, Mary E.
    SEGO, Sarah
    SELLIS, L. S.
    SELLIS, Lewis
    SELLIS, Mary D.
    SELLIS, Rachel
    SEMPLE, Eugene
    SEMPLE, Jas.
    SEMPLE, Julia
    SEMPLE, Mary S.
    SENCHA, Jacob
    SERBER, Jesse
    SERINO, Bertha
    SERINO, C.
    SERINO, Catherine
    SERINO, Elizabeth
    SERINO, Emily
    SERINO, Hannah
    SERINO, Otto
    SERINO, Saria
    SERINO, Shest
    SERINO, Thohannah
    SERRAT, Anna A.
    SERRAT, John
    SERRAT, John
    SERRAT, Julia
    SERRAT, Martha
    SERRAT, Melvina
    SERRAT, Rosetta
    SERRAT, Thomas
    SERRAT, Wm.
    SERRAT, Wm. H.
    SERRETT, Richard
    SESTON, S. W.
    SEWARD, Green
    SHAFER, Catharine
    SHAFER, Jacob
    SHAFER, John
    SHALINE?, Caroline
    SHALING?, Moses
    SHALLIAN, Fredric
    SHANKS, Henry
    SHANNON, Elizabeth
    SHARON/W?, Tho’s
    SHARP, Wm.
    SHAW, J. B.
    SHAW, John R.
    SHAW, Mason
    SHCHNBOO/CK, Louisa
    SHCHNBOO/CK, Maria
    SHCHNBOO/CK, Maria
    SHCHNBOO/CK, no first
    SHCHNBOO/CK, Sophia
    SHEARN, John
    SHEBEN/RY, Frank
    SHEBEN/RY, Mary A.
    SHELBY, Elizabeth
    SHELBY, Hannah
    SHELBY, Mary A.
    SHELTON, Elizabeth
    SHELTON, John
    SHELTON, Patsy
    Shephard, Emma
    Shephard, Hannah
    Shephard, James
    Shephard, John
    Shephard, Julia
    Shephard, Mary Ann
    SHEPHERD, Ellie Maria
    SHEPHERD, Francis B.
    SHEPHERD, Henry Augustus
    SHEPHERD, John
    SHEPHERD, John A.
    Shepherd, M. s.
    SHEPHERD, Maria L.
    SHEPHERD,. Mary
    SHERBER, Franklin J.
    SHERING, Catherine
    SHERING, Catherine
    SHERMAN, ?
    SHERMAN, Amanda
    SHERMAN, Chester
    SHERMAN, Elizabeth
    SHERMAN, Halman
    SHERMAN, John
    SHERMAN, Mary
    SHERMAN, Sarah
    SHERMAN, Sarah
    SHERMAN, Thomas
    SHIELDS, Anthony
    SHIRTZ, Charles
    SHORT, Edwin
    SHORT, George
    SHORT, Glover
    SHORT, Mary Louisa
    SHORT, Rachel
    SHOWMAN, Emma
    SHOWMAN, James
    SHOWMAN, James
    SHULL, Ann E.
    SHUTGAN, Casper
    SHUTGAN, Christianna
    SHUTGAN, Eleana
    SHUTGAN, Fredric
    SHUTGAN, Fredric
    SHUTGAN, Henry
    SHUTGAN, John
    SHUTGAN, Josephine
    SHUTGAN, Josephine
    SICKLE, Jonny
    SIGNOR, Charles
    SIGNOR, Dan’l
    SIGNOR, Ely
    SIGNOR, Emaline
    SIGNOR, George
    SIGNOR, Helen
    SIGNOR, Lucinda
    SILEK, Anna
    SILEK, Catharine
    SILEK, John
    SILEK, Mary
    SILEK, Thom’s
    SILLSBEE, Catherine
    SILLSBEE, John
    SILVER, Anthony
    SIMMANS, James L.
    SIMMANS, John H.
    SIMMANS, Mary
    SIMMONS, Albert
    SIMMONS, Amila
    SIMMONS, Armenta
    SIMMONS, Charles H.
    SIMMONS, Cha’s W.
    SIMMONS, Helen O.
    SIMMONS, Henry I.
    SIMMONS, James
    SIMMONS, John H.
    SIMMONS, John R.
    SIMMONS, Loranad?
    SIMMONS, Lucy A.
    SIMMONS, Margaret
    SIMMONS, Margaret A.
    SIMMONS, Maria E
    SIMMONS, Martha E.
    SIMMONS, R. J.
    SIMMONS, Richard
    SIMMONS, Robert L.
    SIMMONS, Sarah C.
    SIMPSON, Catherine
    SIMPSON, Elias
    SIMPSON, George
    SIMPSON, James
    SIMPSON, Lucretia
    SIMPSON, Martha
    SIMPSON, Mary M.
    SIMPSON, Sally Ann
    SIMS, Charles
    SIMS, Dinah
    SIMS, Mrs.
    SINCLAIR, Alex
    SINCLAIR, Christian
    SINCLAIR, Isaac
    SINCLAIR, James
    SINCLAIR, Jane
    SINCLAIR, John
    SINCLAIR, Malinda
    SINCLAIR, Thomas
    SINCLAIR, William
    SINCLAIR, William
    SINKS, Catherine
    SINKS, Henry
    SINKS, Jasper
    SINKS, Joshua
    SINKS, Lydia
    SINKS, Martha
    SIXCAMPS, Wm. M.
    SKELTON, John
    SKIFF, Albert
    SKIFF, Gilbert
    SKIFF, Jane
    SLATEN, B. F.
    SLATEN, David J.
    SLATEN, Henry
    SLATEN, Jane
    SLATEN, Julia A.
    SLATEN, Lucinda
    SLATEN, Margaret
    SLATEN, Marian
    SLATON, Allen M.
    SLATON, Ann F.
    SLATON, Augusta A.
    SLATON, Charles B.
    SLATON, Christopher J.
    SLATON, Cornelia R.
    SLATON, Dwight D. G.
    SLATON, Elizabeth
    SLATON, George N. T.
    SLATON, George W.
    SLATON, George W.
    SLATON, Henry L.
    SLATON, Irene
    SLATON, James R.
    SLATON, John P.
    SLATON, John W.
    SLATON, Leander L.
    SLATON, Leo C.
    SLATON, Lewis H.
    SLATON, Lomentine
    SLATON, Margaret
    SLATON, Mary J.
    SLATON, Mary L.
    SLATON, Nancy
    SLATON, Robert
    SLATON, Samatha
    SLATON, Sarah M.
    SLATON, Thadeous
    SLATON, W. B.
    SLATON, W. B.
    SLATON, William H.
    SLAUGHTER, Abram
    SLAUGHTER, Abram
    SLAUGHTER, Cynthia
    SLAUGHTER, Euguene
    SLAUGHTER, Jesephus
    SLAUGHTER, Lerry
    SLAUGHTER, Richard
    SLAVER, E????
    SLAVER, Ellen
    SLAYTON, Mrs. Luesneler
    SLAYTON, Westley
    SLEVER, Austin
    SLEVER, John
    SLEVER, Margaret
    SLEVER, Nancy
    SLEVER, Richard
    SLEVER, William M.
    SLEVER?, Henry
    SLIDLE, Amena
    SLIDLE, Charles
    SLIDLE, Gotlieb
    SLIDLE, Hannah
    SLIDLE, Mary
    SLOAN, Helen E.
    SLOAN, John
    SLOAN, John N.
    SLOAN, Joseph
    SLOAN, Lewis
    SLOAN, Mary
    SLOCOMB, Ann J.
    SLOCOMB, Ann J.
    SLOCOMB, Arron
    SLOCOMB, Matilda
    SLOCOMB, Sarah I.
    SLOUT, Vincey
    SLOVER, Anna
    SLOVER, David
    SLOVER, Ellen
    SLOVER, Emma
    SLOVER, F. W.
    SLOVER, John W.
    SLOVER, Luther
    SLOVER, Mrs. Mary
    SLOVER, Napolean
    SLOVER, Rachel
    SLOVER, Sam’l
    SLOVER, Sarah J.
    SLOVER, Tho’s
    SLOVER, Wm.
    SLOVOR, Sam’l
    SLUNSTAUT, Charles
    SLUNSTAUT, Charlotte
    SLUNSTAUT, Christina
    SLUNSTAUT, Heneretta
    SLUNSTAUT, Joseph
    SLUNSTAUT, William
    SLUP, Margaret
    Slusser, John P.
    SMAKBSS?, Catharine
    SMALLEY, Abitha
    SMALLEY, Charles
    SMALLEY, Corneluis
    SMALLEY, Isaac
    SMALLEY, Jacob
    SMALLEY, Lucas
    SMALLEY, Nancy
    SMALLEY, Nath’l
    SMAVELY, Jacob
    SMITH, Ada
    SMITH, Adaline
    SMITH, Allen
    SMITH, Andrew
    SMITH, Ann
    SMITH, Anna
    SMITH, Arnold
    SMITH, August
    SMITH, Augusta
    SMITH, Baby
    SMITH, Baby
    SMITH, Bertha
    SMITH, Bridget
    SMITH, Catharine
    SMITH, Catherine
    SMITH, Charity
    SMITH, Charles
    SMITH, Charles
    SMITH, Charles
    SMITH, Charles
    Smith, Charles
    Smith, Charles L.
    SMITH, Charles S.
    SMITH, Charlotte
    Smith, Charlotte
    SMITH, Cha’s H.
    SMITH, Cha’s S.
    SMITH, Chas. E.
    SMITH, Chas. S.
    SMITH, Christian
    SMITH, Christine
    SMITH, Christine
    SMITH, Christopher
    SMITH, Christopher
    SMITH, Clarie
    SMITH, Clarinda
    SMITH, Denna
    Smith, Dennis
    SMITH, Edgar
    SMITH, Edwin
    SMITH, Elizabeth
    SMITH, Elizabeth
    Smith, Elizabeth
    Smith, Elizabeth
    SMITH, Elizabeth
    SMITH, Elsa A.
    SMITH, Emialine L.
    SMITH, Emily
    SMITH, Euphrona
    SMITH, Ferdinand
    SMITH, Francis W.
    SMITH, Frank
    SMITH, Frank
    SMITH, Fred
    SMITH, Fredric
    SMITH, Fredrick
    SMITH, G.
    SMITH, Geo. W.
    SMITH, George
    SMITH, George
    SMITH, George E.
    Smith, George L.
    SMITH, Hannah
    SMITH, Harriet
    SMITH, Harvey
    SMITH, Hattie
    SMITH, Henrietta
    Smith, Henry
    Smith, Henry C.
    SMITH, Ira
    SMITH, Jacob
    SMITH, Jacob
    SMITH, Jacob
    SMITH, Jacob
    SMITH, James
    Smith, James A.
    SMITH, James R.
    SMITH, Jane
    Smith, Jane
    SMITH, Jas. W.
    SMITH, Jemima
    SMITH, John
    SMITH, John
    SMITH, John
    SMITH, John
    Smith, John
    Smith, John
    SMITH, John
    Smith, John C.
    SMITH, John F.
    SMITH, John M.
    SMITH, John S.
    SMITH, John W.
    SMITH, Joseph W.
    SMITH, Josephine
    SMITH, Jurge C.
    SMITH, Laura
    SMITH, Leticia
    SMITH, Lettia
    SMITH, Lewis
    SMITH, Lewis
    SMITH, Lewis
    Smith, Lewis
    SMITH, Lucinda
    SMITH, Lucy
    SMITH, M.
    SMITH, Manasa
    Smith, Maraget
    SMITH, Margaret
    SMITH, Margaret
    SMITH, Margaret
    SMITH, Margaret
    Smith, Margaret
    SMITH, Margaret
    SMITH, Margaret
    Smith, Maria
    Smith, Maria
    Smith, Maria
    SMITH, Maria
    SMITH, Martha
    SMITH, Martha
    SMITH, Mary
    SMITH, Mary
    SMITH, Mary
    SMITH, Mary
    SMITH, Mary
    SMITH, Mary E.
    SMITH, Mary J.
    Smith, Mary J.
    Smith, Minerva J.
    SMITH, Mrs Jane
    SMITH, Mrs. Maria
    SMITH, Mrs. Martha
    SMITH, Mrs. Sarah Harritee
    SMITH, Nancy
    SMITH, Nathan
    SMITH, Nicholas
    SMITH, Olive
    SMITH, Peter
    Smith, Rachel
    SMITH, Reese
    Smith, Rhoda
    Smith, Rhoda L.
    Smith, Rhody J.
    Smith, Robert
    Smith, Robert
    SMITH, Robert
    SMITH, Robert
    SMITH, Robert E.
    SMITH, Robert M.
    SMITH, Rufus
    SMITH, Sam’l
    Smith, Samuel
    SMITH, Samuel
    SMITH, Sarah
    SMITH, Sarah
    SMITH, Sarah
    Smith, Sarah E.
    SMITH, Sophia
    SMITH, Stenia
    SMITH, Susan
    SMITH, Susan
    Smith, Susan
    SMITH, Temperance
    SMITH, Terann
    SMITH, Teresa
    SMITH, Theodore
    SMITH, Tho’s
    SMITH, Tho’s
    SMITH, Tho’s J.
    SMITH, Thos.
    SMITH, Tomm/ny?
    SMITH, Virginia
    SMITH, Warner
    Smith, William
    Smith, William
    Smith, William
    SMITH, William
    Smith, William H.
    SMITH, Willie
    SMITH, Wm.
    SMITH, Wm.
    SMITH, Wm.
    SMITH, Wm. D.
    SMITHER, William
    SMOCK, Charles
    SMTH, Eleasie M.
    SNAGGETT, Adam
    SNAGGETT, Robert
    SNAMBLY, Chas. R.
    SNAMBLY, Horatio
    SNAMBLY, Horatio C.
    SNAMBLY, Lavinia
    SNARN??, Alfred
    SNEDEKER, Caroline
    SNEDEKER, Catharine E.
    SNEDEKER, Daniel J.
    SNEDEKER, Harriet
    SNEDEKER, Isaac
    SNEDEKER, John S.
    SNEDEKER, Mary K.
    SNEDEKER, Orville
    SNEDEKER, Sam’l
    SNELL, Asa
    SNELL, Augustus
    SNELL, Clarasu J.
    SNELL, Drucilla
    SNELL, Elide?
    SNELL, Emaline
    SNELL, Guy
    SNELL, Hugh
    SNELL, Jennet
    SNELL, Kalusah?
    SNELL, Luther
    SNELL, Marhta
    SNELL, Mary E.
    SNELL, Mr.
    SNELL, Ruby
    SNELL, Silas
    SNELL, Wm.
    SNEMSON, Prissen
    SNOW, David
    SNOW, Francis
    SNOW, George
    SNOW, Nancy
    SNOW, Work
    SNUTHER, Peter
    SNYDER, Abner
    SNYDER, Abram
    SNYDER, Andrew
    SNYDER, Anthony
    SNYDER, Augustus
    SNYDER, Catharine
    SNYDER, Catherine
    SNYDER, Elizabeth
    SNYDER, Emma
    SNYDER, George
    SNYDER, Hannah
    SNYDER, heneretta
    SNYDER, Henry
    SNYDER, James
    SNYDER, John
    SNYDER, John
    SNYDER, John G.
    SNYDER, Joseph
    SNYDER, Margaret
    SNYDER, Mary
    SNYDER, Mary
    SNYDER, Mary E.
    SNYDER, Peter
    SNYDER, Peter
    SNYDER, Rage?
    SNYDER, Rebecca
    SNYDER, Stephen
    SNYDER, Xavier
    SNYDERS, Hannah
    SOLBY, Mrs.
    SOLOMON, John
    SOMERS, Antonette
    SOMERS, Baby
    SOMERS, Charles
    SOMERS, Edward
    SOMERS, Henry
    SOMERS, Ida
    SOMERS, Jane
    SOMERS, Joseph
    SOMERS, Michael
    SOMERS, Michel
    SOMERS, Terice
    SOMOM?, Mary Ann
    SOR/UILL, Mary
    SOURELLS, Mary
    SOURELLS, Mary
    SOURELLS, Sarah
    SOURELLS, Tho’s
    SOURELLS, Tho’s W.
    SOURELLS, Wm. F.
    SOWER, Hewlet
    SPAH/K?ER, Chas.
    SPANGLE, Albert
    SPANGLE, Alvin
    SPANGLE, Andrew
    SPANGLE, Charles
    SPANGLE, Ellen
    SPANGLE, Emaline
    SPANGLE, George
    SPANGLE, George
    SPANGLE, George
    SPANGLE, Julia
    SPANGLE, Lewis
    SPANGLE, Perry
    SPANGLE, Pricilla
    SPANGLE, Robert
    SPANGLE, Sarah
    SPANGLE, Sarah
    SPANGLE, Silas
    SPANGLE, Susan
    SPANGLEY, Barbara
    SPANGLEY, Isabella V.
    SPANGLEY, John
    SPANGLEY, Joseph
    SPANGLEY, Susanna
    SPANLE, Mary
    SPARTING, Charlotte
    SPARTING, Lucerna
    SPARTING, Mary M.
    SPARTING, Wesley
    SPAULDING, Elizabeth
    SPAULDING, Joseph
    SPAULDING, Sarah
    SPAULDING, Sarah J.
    SPAULDING, Thomas
    SPAULDING, William
    SPEAGO, Ephriam
    SPELLM AN, John
    SPELLMAN, Bridget
    SPELLMAN, Christopher
    SPELLMAN, John
    SPELLMAN, Kate
    SPELLMAN, Margarte
    SPELLMAN, Mary
    SPELLMAN, Mary
    SPELLMAN, Mathew
    SPENCE, Christopher
    SPENCE, George
    SPENCE, John M.
    SPENCE, Mary
    SPENCE, Wm. G.
    SPENCER, A. C.
    SPENCER, Allen
    SPENCER, Ann
    SPENCER, Anna
    SPENCER, Caroline
    SPENCER, Elizabeth
    SPENCER, Emily
    SPENCER, Ferdinand
    SPENCER, Genet
    SPENCER, Henry
    SPENCER, Jane
    SPENCER, John
    SPENCER, Martha R.
    SPENCER, Mary
    SPENCER, Mary E.
    SPENCER, Mary N.
    SPENCER, Rebecca
    SPENCER, Reuben
    SPENCER, Sarah
    SPENCER, Wm.
    SPREMA, Edward
    SPRINGATE, Elizabeth
    SPRINGHTE, Amanda
    SPRINGHTE, Andrew
    SPRINGHTE, Ellen
    SPRINGHTE, Martha
    SPRINGHTE, Menroe
    SPRINGHTE, Perlina
    SPRY, B. H. or F.
    SPRY, B. W. J.
    SPRY, Charles
    SPRY, George
    SPRY, John M.
    SPRY, Josephine
    SPRY, Martha E.
    SPRY, Mary
    SPRY, Sarah
    SPRY, William P.
    SQUIRE, Alex’der R.
    SQUIRE, Caroline
    SQUIRE, Elizabeth
    SQUIRE, Harrison
    SQUIRE, Isaac
    SQUIRE, Ludlow
    SQUIRE, Martha
    SQUIRES, John
    SQUIRES, Lavina
    St. ORLEAN, Christian
    ST. PETER, Anthony
    ST. PETER, John
    ST. PETER, Oliver
    ST. PETER, Sophia
    STAFFORD, Adeline
    STAFFORD, Alice N.
    STAFFORD, Angeline
    STAFFORD, Brook
    STAFFORD, Brook
    STAFFORD, Carlon B.
    STAFFORD, Charles B.
    STAFFORD, David
    STAFFORD, Elizabeth
    STAFFORD, Lavina
    STAFFORD, Lizzie B.
    STAFFORD, Malinda
    STAFFORD, Malinda
    STAFFORD, Mary
    STAFFORD, Sarah L.
    STAFFORD, Washington
    STAFFORD, Wilborn
    STAFFORD, Winona
    STAHLER, Augustine
    STAMPS, Albert Johah
    STAMPS, Elinda
    STAMPS, Eliza
    STAMPS, Elizabeth
    STAMPS, Elizabeth C.
    STAMPS, Frances
    STAMPS, George
    STAMPS, George W.
    STAMPS, Gilbert
    STAMPS, James B.
    STAMPS, John
    STAMPS, Mary
    STAMPS, Nancy
    STAMPS, Nancy J.
    STAMPS, Samuel
    STAMPS, Sarah F.
    STAMPS, Thomas
    STANDLER, Amelia
    STANDLER, Charles
    STANDLER, Lewis
    STANDLER, Mary
    STANDLER, William
    Standts, Martin
    STANHOPE, Elizabeth
    STANLEY, Harriett
    STANLEY, Hattie
    STANLEY, John
    STANLEY, John
    STANLEY, John
    STANLEY, Nicholas
    STANTON, Uriah
    STARKWEATHER, ? male 21
    STATTS, Charlotte
    STATTS, George
    STATTS, Mrs. Hannah M.
    STAVEMAN, Andrew
    STEELE, William
    STEER, Albert
    STEER, Alexander
    STEER, Catherine
    STEER, John
    STEER, Ustin
    STELL, Rachel
    STELLE, Anna E.
    STELLE, Asa
    STELLE, Chas
    STELLE, Daniel
    STELLE, Edward C.
    STELLE, George
    STELLE, Hattie
    STELLE, Helen
    STELLE, Henry
    STELLE, Herbert B.
    STELLE, Mary
    STELLE, Mary
    STELLE, Mary
    STELLE, Matilda
    STELLE, Oliver
    STELLE, Peter
    STELLE, Sarah
    STEPHANY, Adolph H.
    STEPHANY, Berdah
    STEPHANY, Elizabeth
    STEPHANY, Martin
    STEPHENS, Leroy
    Stepp, Frederic
    STERLING, Hamilton
    STERLING, Jane
    STEVENS, Edward F.
    STEVENS, Ida
    STEVENS, James W.
    STEVENS, Jane
    STEVENS, Ja’s
    STEVENS, Johanna
    STEVENS, John
    STEVENS, John
    STEVENS, Ruth A.
    STEVENS, Sarah
    STEVENS, William
    STEVENS, Wm. A.
    STEWART, Alex
    STEWART, Allen
    STEWART, Anna
    STEWART, Greenbey
    STEWART, John
    STEWART, Lydia
    STEWART, Martha
    STEWART, Mary
    STEWART, Mary J.
    STEWART, Moses
    Stiles, Virginia S.
    STILLWELL, B???????
    STILLWELL, Eliza
    STILLWELL, Jeremiah
    STILLWELL, Leander
    STILLWELL, Logan
    STILLWELL, Reuben
    STILLWELL, Virgil
    STINE, Albert A.
    STINE, Celinda
    STINE, Robert M.
    STINGHAM, Euguene
    STITCH, John
    STONE, A. F.
    STONE, Amanda
    STONE, Amelia A.
    STONE, Amelia N.
    STONE, Charlotte
    STONE, Christiana
    STONE, Douglass
    STONE, Edward
    STONE, Eliza
    STONE, Hannah
    STONE, Herbert
    STONE, Joseph R.
    STONE, Joshua L.
    STONE, Martin
    STONE, Mary L.
    STONE, Nelson
    STONE, Panson R.
    STONE, Sarah
    STONES, Caroline
    STONES, Catharine
    STONES, Elizabeth
    STONES, Jacob
    STOPPLE, Amena
    STOPPLE, Catharine
    STOPPLE, Catharine
    STOPPLE, David
    STOPPLE, Ellen
    STOUT, A. R.
    STOUT, Caroline M.
    STOUT, Henry
    STOUT, James
    STOUT, Jesse
    STOUT, John P.
    STOUT, Malinda
    STOUT, Margaret
    STOUT, Mary
    STOUT, Mrs. Mary
    STOUT, Nancy
    STOUT, Samuel
    STOVER, Joseph
    STOVER?, Sam’l
    STOWE, Almira
    STOWE, Amelia
    STOWE, B. C.
    STOWE, David
    STOWE, Emaline
    STOWE, Laura
    STOWE, Lucy
    STOWE, Lydia
    STOWE, Tru(ee?) ha
    STRANER, Elisabeth
    STRANG, J?????
    STRANG, Laura A.
    STRANG, Mary
    STRANG, P. O.
    STRATTON, Horace
    STRATTON, Mary
    STREET, George
    STREETER, August
    STREETER, Henry
    STREETER, John
    STREETER, Joseph
    STREETER, Lewis
    STREETER, Louisa
    STREETER, Malinda
    STREETER, Sarah
    STREETER, William
    STRINGER, William
    STRINGHAM, Harriott
    STRINGHAM, Henry
    STRINGHAM, Milton?
    STRINGHAM, Orvinn
    STRINGHAM, Rhoda
    STROUP, Felix
    STRYKER, Catherine
    STRYKER, Cornelia
    STRYKER, Mary
    STRYKER, Wm.
    STUART, Daniel
    STUART, Elizabeth
    STUART, Frances
    STUART, James
    STUART, Jennet
    STUDER, Hannah
    STURDEVILLE, Rebecca
    STURDEVILLE?, Emily J.
    STUTZER, Jane
    SUDDETH, David
    SUDDETH, Ellen
    SUDDETH, Laura
    SUMERSDALE, Margaret
    SUMERSTALL, Camelia
    SUMERSTALL, Martha
    SUNDERLAND, Caroline
    SUNDERLAND, Elizabeth
    SUNDERLAND, Harriet
    SUNDERLAND, Joseph
    SUNDERLAND, Justice
    SUNRY, Susan N.
    SUR/SKET?, Julia
    SURRELL, Laura
    SUTTON, Henry
    SUTTON, John
    SUTTON, M. L.
    SUTTON, Sam’l
    SUTTON, Susan J.
    SWACHY, Catharine
    SWACHY, Geo.
    SWACHY, Sarah
    SWAIN, Mary
    SWAIN, Robert J.
    SWAIN, Wm.
    SWALES, Guyantha
    SWALES, Mary
    SWALES, Thomas
    SWALES, Thomas E.
    SWALLOW, George
    SWAm, Rosella
    SWAN, Albert
    SWAN, Alonzo ?.
    SWAN, Caleb
    SWAN, Cordeluis
    SWAN, Elizabeth
    SWAN, Emily
    SWAN, Greenberry
    SWAN, I. R.
    SWAN, J. G.
    SWAN, Jane
    SWAN, John E.
    SWAN, Mary
    SWAN, Mary A.
    SWAN, Mary C.
    SWAN, Minerva
    SWAN, N. C.
    SWAN, Ruth
    SWAN, S. or L. P.
    SWAN, William E.
    SWAYZO, Mary
    SWEENEY, Ann
    SWEENEY, Ann M.
    SWEENEY, Elizabeth R.
    SWEENEY, Hanna
    SWEENEY, John
    SWEENEY, John
    SWEENEY, John
    SWEENEY, John Andrew
    SWEENEY, Joshua James
    SWEENEY, Margaret
    SWEENEY, Mary
    SWEENEY, Mary A.
    SWEENEY, Michael
    SWEENEY, Patrick
    SWEENEY, Sam’l
    SWEENEY, Thomas
    SWEENEY, Wm.
    SWEENEY, Wm.
    SWEENY, Hannah
    SWEENY, John
    SWEENY, Joshua
    SWEENY, Mary
    SWEENY, Rachel
    SWEENY, Sam’l
    Sweet, Caroline
    Sweet, Cattee
    Sweet, Franklin
    Sweet, Freeman
    Sweet, Laura
    Sweet, Rhody
    SWINJER, Mary
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