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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    R???HTS, Charles
    RAFTON, Mary A.
    RAGAN, John
    RALSTON, Albert
    RALSTON, John
    RALSTON, Lucinda
    RALSTON, Sam’l
    RALTON, Sarah
    RANDOLPH, Geo.
    RANDOLPH, Mary A.
    RANDOLPH, Oliver
    RANDOLPH, Preston
    RANEY, Eliza
    RANEY, Elizabeth
    RANEY, John
    RANGER, Anna E.
    RANGER, John
    RANGER, Mary
    RANGER, Mary
    RANGER, Peter
    RANTANAL, David
    RATLIFF, George
    RATLIFF, George W.
    RATLIFF, James
    RATLIFF, John R.
    RATLIFF, Julia
    RATLIFF, Leonard
    RATLIFF, Mary
    RATLIFF, Minerva
    RATLIFF, Sarah
    RATLIFF, Serna
    RATLIFF, William
    RATTAN, Wm.
    RAVAYRIK?, Heptigt
    RAYN, John
    RE????, Elijah
    RE????, Eliza A
    RE????, James A.
    RE????, Mary E.
    READER, Dora A.
    READER, Elizabeth
    READER, Henry L.
    RECASPPE, Anthony
    RECASPPE, Mary
    RECTOR, William
    RED, Elizabeth H.
    RED, George R.
    RED, John W.
    RED, Louisa
    RED, Margaret
    REDDING, R. G.
    REDDISH, Catherine
    REDDISH, Charlotte
    REDDISH, Elizabeth
    REDDISH, Emma
    REDDISH, Hannah
    REDDISH, Jacob
    REDDISH, Jane
    REDDISH, Jesse M.
    REDDISH, John
    REDDISH, Lucy Ann
    REDDISH, Martha
    REDDISH, Martha
    REDDISH, Mary
    REDDISH, Mary
    REDDISH, Mary
    REDDISH, Sarah
    REDDISH, Sophia
    REDDISH, Stephen
    REDDISH, Stephen
    REDDISH, T?????
    REDDISH, William P.
    REDDISH, Zed
    REED, Adalaide
    REED, Aga
    REED, Alfred
    REED, Baby
    REED, Bridget
    REED, Charity
    REED, Charles A.
    REED, Charles H.
    REED, David
    REED, Eliza
    REED, Elziabeth
    REED, Emaline
    REED, George
    REED, Henry
    REED, Henry B.
    REED, James
    REED, James
    REED, James N.
    REED, Jeremiah
    REED, Jeremiah
    REED, John
    REED, John
    REED, John
    REED, John
    REED, John
    REED, John
    REED, John F.
    REED, Joseph
    REED, Joseph
    REED, Julia ?
    REED, Lemuel
    REED, Malinda
    REED, Marcus
    REED, Martha
    REED, Mary E.
    REED, Mary J.
    REED, Mary J.
    REED, Michael
    REED, Nancy
    REED, Nancy
    REED, Nancy E.
    REED, Samuel B.
    REED, Sarah
    REED, Sarah E.
    REED, Sarah H.
    REED, Simon
    REED, William A.
    REED, Wm.
    REED, Wm. H.
    REED, Wm. M.
    REITIC??, Conner
    REMER, Abraham
    REMER, Deborah
    REMER, George
    REMER, Henereta
    REMER, J.
    REMER, Sarah M.
    REMOR, Charles
    RETLARATH, Elizabeth
    RETLARATH, Mary Louisa
    RETLARATH, Rudolph
    REYS, Charles
    RHEULEE, Chas.
    RHOADES, Henkeah/Hesikiah
    RHOADES, Isaac
    RHOADES, James L.
    RHOADES, James M.
    RHOADES, James W.
    RHOADES, John D.
    RHOADES, Mary
    RHOADES, Nancy
    RHOADES, Sarah
    RHOADES, Sarah H.
    RHOADES, Silas
    RHOADES, Steven
    RHOADES, Tho’s
    RHOADS, Alice S.
    RHOADS, Ann Eliza
    RHOADS, Edmund E.
    Rhoads, Elizabeth
    RHOADS, Elizabeth
    RHOADS, George T.
    RHOADS, Hestins
    Rhoads, James
    RHOADS, Joel T.
    RHOADS, Joseph
    RHOADS, Lucinda
    RHOADS, Lucy V.
    RHOADS, Martha
    RHOADS, Martha
    RHOADS, Mary
    RHOADS, Melvina
    RHOADS, Mrs. America R.
    RHOADS, Mrs. Susan
    RHOADS, Nancy
    RHOADS, Nancy J.
    RHOADS, Sam’l
    RHOADS, Samuel
    RHOADS, Samuel S.
    RHOADS, Theodosia
    RHOADS, Walter
    Rhoads, William
    RHOADS, William
    RHOADS, William
    RHOADS, William H.
    RHOADY, Hannah
    RHODES, Martha
    RHODY, Celia
    RHODY, Celia A.
    RHODY, Charles
    RHODY, Christian
    RHODY, Eliza C.
    RHODY, Fanny
    RHODY, Henry
    RHODY, John
    RHODY, Miss C. J.
    RHODY, Moses
    RHODY, Nathaniel
    RHODY, Peter
    RHODY, Rebeca
    RHODY, Sarah E.
    RHODY, Tho’s
    RHODY, Wm.
    RHULING, Charles
    RHULING, Emily
    RHULING, Lewis
    RHULING, Petrah
    RICE, ?
    RICE, Elizabeth
    RICE, Elizabeth
    RICE, Emily
    RICE, Frances M.
    RICE, Gaster
    RICE, Geo. W.
    RICE, Georgianna
    RICE, John
    RICE, John W.
    RICE, Louisa
    RICE, Solomon
    RICH, Alzina
    RICH, Ann
    RICH, Hannah E.
    RICH, Mary
    RICH, Mary E.
    RICH, Mrs. Ann
    RICH, Richard
    RICH, Robert
    RICH, Sa’l
    RICHARD, Abram
    RICHARD, Elizabeth
    RICHARDS, Amanda
    RICHARDS, Charles
    RICHARDS, Christopher A.
    RICHARDS, Curtis
    RICHARDS, Eliza E.
    RICHARDS, Elizabeth
    RICHARDS, Erastus S.
    RICHARDS, Hannah
    RICHARDS, John R.
    RICHARDS, Mary
    RICHARDS, Mary A.
    RICHARDS, Tho’s J.
    RICHARDS, Tho’s Jr.
    RICHARDSON, Amanda
    RICHARDSON, Emaline
    RICHARDSON, Franklin
    RICHARDSON, Harriet
    Richardson, Henry
    RICHARDSON, Larkin
    Richardson, Martha
    Richardson, Sarah
    RICHARDSON, Sarah A.
    RICHARDSON, William
    RICHE, Samuel
    RICHIE, Henry
    RICHIE, Margaret
    RICHIE, Theodore
    RICHIE, William
    RICHIE, William P.
    RICHWOOD, Sarah A.
    Rickets, Clarenda
    Rickets, Lemuel
    Rickets, Rhody
    Rickets, William A.
    Ridenour, Delitia
    Ridenour, Frederic
    Ridenour, Jacob
    Ridenour, John F.
    Ridenour, Robert
    Ridenour, Russell
    RIGGS, Benj.
    RIGGS, Cole A.
    RIGGS, Cynthia
    RIGGS, George I.
    RIGGS, Hannah
    RIGGS, Hattie D.
    RIGGS, John
    RIGGS, John E.
    RIGGS, Louisa S.
    RIGGS, Mary E.
    RIGGS, Samuel
    RIGGS, Thomas
    RILEY, David
    RILEY, Exanthus
    RILEY, Harvey
    RILEY, J. W.
    RILEY, L????das
    RILEY, Sarah
    RIN, Rosey
    RING, David
    RING, Edward
    RING, Mary
    RINTOUL, Ann
    RINTOUL, James
    RINTOUL, William A.
    RISCO, Hannah
    RISHPBRUT, Charrty/Charity?
    RISHPBRUT, Lucinda
    RISHPBRUT, Walter
    RISKPARK, Agnes
    RISKPARK, Anna
    RISKPARK, James
    RISKPARK, Lewis
    RISKPARK, Lucinda
    RISKPARK, Mary
    RISLEY, Allice H.
    RISLEY, Anna
    RISLEY, Charles E.
    RISLEY, Ed L.
    RISLEY, Emily C.
    RISLEY, Ezra B.
    RISLEY, Geo. M.
    RISLEY, Lewis A.
    RISLEY, Mrs.
    RISSLEY, Sarah
    RITCHIE, Caleb
    RITCHIE, Charles H.
    RITCHIE, Cordelora
    RITCHIE, Emaline
    RITCHIE, James
    RITCHIE, James
    RITCHIE, John
    RITCHIE, Julian
    RITCHIE, Julian
    RITCHIE, Mary
    RITCHIE, Mary A.
    RITCHIE, Mary J.
    RITCHIE, Merdecas
    RITCHIE, Sarah
    RITCHIE, Sarah L.
    RITCHIE, Stephen
    RITCHIE, Vincent
    RITTER, Emma
    RITTER, Henry C.
    RITTER, Mary
    ROBBINS, Clarada
    ROBBINS, Elizabeth
    ROBBINS, Emma
    ROBBINS, James C.
    ROBBINS, Joseph
    ROBBINS, Mrs. L. A.
    ROBBINS, Richard P.
    ROBBINS, Sophia
    ROBEL/RODELL, Adeline
    ROBEL/RODELL, Adolph
    ROBEL/RODELL, Caroline
    ROBERTS, Allen D.
    ROBERTS, C. H.
    ROBERTS, Charles
    ROBERTS, Charles S.
    ROBERTS, Douglass
    ROBERTS, Elias
    ROBERTS, Elizabeth T.
    ROBERTS, Emma
    ROBERTS, Frances
    ROBERTS, Frances E.
    ROBERTS, Frances E.
    ROBERTS, James M.
    ROBERTS, Jefferson, G.
    ROBERTS, John
    ROBERTS, Margaret
    ROBERTS, Mary
    ROBERTS, Mirin
    ROBERTS, Nancy C.
    ROBERTS, Rachel
    ROBERTS, Silas
    ROBERTS, Silas
    ROBERTS, Susan
    ROBERTS, Truman
    ROBERTS, William
    ROBERTS, William P.
    ROBIN, Henry
    ROBIN, Richard
    ROBINS, Adelaide
    ROBINS, George
    ROBINS, Milten
    ROBINSON, Charles
    ROBINSON, Charles
    ROBINSON, Geo. H.
    ROBINSON, George
    ROBINSON, George
    ROBINSON, Jane
    ROBINSON, Jenny
    ROBINSON, John
    ROBINSON, John
    ROBINSON, John D.
    ROBINSON, Mary L.
    ROBINSON, Mary S.
    ROBINSON, Mrs. Ann
    ROBINSON, Sarah
    ROBINSON, Sarah
    ROBINSON, Sarah I.
    ROBINSON, Sophia
    ROBINSON, Thomas
    ROBINSON, Tho’s
    ROBINSON, Tho’s
    ROBINSON, William
    ROBINSON, Wm. A.
    ROCKWELL, Emma J.
    ROCKWELL, Joseph
    ROCKWELL, Mary
    ROCKWELL, Sam’l
    ROGERS, Catharine N.
    ROGERS, Charles S.
    Rogers, G. B.
    ROGERS, George
    ROGERS, Hannah
    Rogers, Mrs.
    Rogers, Nancy
    ROGERS, Sarah F.
    Rogers, William
    ROLLINS, Eugene
    ROLLINS, Mary A.
    ROLLINS, Nancy
    ROLLINS, William
    ROMBARTS, Henry
    RONAND, Charles
    RONAND, Martha
    ROOKS, Mary
    ROSE, Columbus
    ROSE, Ellen
    ROSE, George W.
    ROSE, John
    ROSE, John M.
    ROSE, Mrs Cynthian
    ROSE/ROSS, Samuel G.
    ROSEIN, Ann
    ROSEIN, Catherine
    ROSEIN, Chris
    ROSEIN, Elizabeth
    ROSEIN, John
    ROSEIN, Mary
    ROSEIN, Mary
    ROSEIN, Nicholas
    ROSEIN, Peter
    ROSEIN, Peter
    ROSEY, Anthony
    ROSEY, Fanny
    ROSEY, Franklin
    ROSEY, Trutee
    ROSS, Alleta
    ROSS, Alletta
    ROSS, Amos
    ROSS, Anna
    ROSS, Bese C.
    ROSS, David
    ROSS, David R.
    ROSS, Elisa
    ROSS, Elizabeth
    ROSS, Ellen H.
    Ross, Frederick
    ROSS, Hattie
    ROSS, Henry
    ROSS, Henry S.
    ROSS, Henry S.
    ROSS, J. T.
    ROSS, James C.
    ROSS, Jas.
    ROSS, John
    ROSS, John
    ROSS, Lydia
    ROSS, Mary
    ROSS, Mary
    ROSS, Rachel
    ROSS, Rebecca
    ROSS, Wm.
    ROSS, Wm. S.
    ROUCH, Ellen
    ROUSE, Peter
    ROUTH, Hetty C.
    ROUTH, Mrs. E.
    ROUTH, Nancy C.
    ROWDEN, Abram
    ROWDEN, Albert
    ROWDEN, Amelia
    Rowden, Asa
    Rowden, Columbus
    Rowden, Hardin
    ROWDEN, Harrison
    ROWDEN, Henry
    ROWDEN, Isaac
    ROWDEN, James
    ROWDEN, James
    Rowden, James
    Rowden, John
    ROWDEN, John W.
    Rowden, Joseph
    ROWDEN, Leander
    Rowden, Lucinda J.
    ROWDEN, M.
    ROWDEN, Malinda
    ROWDEN, Malinda
    ROWDEN, Maria
    ROWDEN, Maria
    ROWDEN, Mary
    ROWDEN, Mary J.
    Rowden, Miles
    ROWDEN, Miles
    Rowden, Polly
    ROWDEN, Rachel
    Rowden, Viney
    Rowden, William
    Rowe, Gantry
    Rowe, Mary A.
    Rowe, Mary J.
    Rowe, Richard
    Rowe, Sarah E.
    Rowe, Z. P.
    Rowe, Zack M.
    ROWLAND, Henry
    RUCHSLOT, Henry
    RUCHSLOT, Henry W.
    RUCHSLOT, Margaret
    RUDOLPH, A. C.
    RUDOLPH, Caroline
    RUDOLPH, Clemis
    RUDOLPH, Daniel
    RUDOLPH, Denna
    RUDOLPH, Fred
    RUDOLPH, Hannah
    RUE, A. H.
    RUE, Alfred
    RUE, Ann
    RUE, Aron
    RUE, Charles H/C?
    RUE, E. D.
    RUE, Ellen
    RUE, George S.
    RUE, Matilda
    RUE, Rebecca
    RUE, Sarah
    RUE, Wm.
    RUGG, George
    RUIYLE, Mary
    Ruland, Israel L.
    Ruland, Margaret
    RUMSFIELD, Arthur
    RUMSFIELD, Elizabeth
    RUMSFIELD, Margaret
    RUNOUS, Angelis
    RUNOUS, Ellen
    RUNOUS, Emanuel
    RUNOUS, Estra
    RUNOUS, George
    RUNOUS, Henry M.
    RUNOUS, Mahala
    RUNOUS, Tobias
    RUPELL, Mary
    RUSH, Charlotte J.
    RUSH, Emily
    RUSH, Emily C.
    RUSH, Hugh
    RUSH, James
    RUSH, Martha
    RUSH, Thomas J.
    RUSH, William J.
    RUSK, James
    RUSSEL, Chas. O.
    RUSSEL, Josephine
    RUSSEL, Martha
    RUSSEL, Robert
    RUSSEL, Sophia
    RUSSELL, Eliza
    RUSSELL, Harriett
    RUSSELL, James
    RUSSELL, Nelson
    RUSSELL, Robert
    RUSSELL, Sophia
    RUTHERFORD, Elizabeth
    RUYLE, Amos
    RUYLE, Anna
    RUYLE, Ceclia
    RUYLE, Charles
    RUYLE, Eliza
    RUYLE, Elizabeth
    RUYLE, Jane
    RUYLE, Lucinda
    RUYLE, Mary
    RUYLE, Tho’s
    RUYLE, W. L.
    RUYLE, Wm. H.
    RYAN, Allice
    RYAN, Angeline
    RYAN, Ann
    RYAN, Edward
    RYAN, Elizabeth
    RYAN, Elizabeth
    RYAN, Emaline
    RYAN, Emaline
    RYAN, Harry
    RYAN, Isabel
    RYAN, J. Ashell
    RYAN, James
    RYAN, James
    RYAN, John
    RYAN, John
    RYAN, John
    RYAN, Leonard
    RYAN, Mary
    RYAN, Mary
    RYAN, Mary
    RYAN, Mary Ann
    RYAN, Nicholas
    RYAN, Richardson
    RYAN, Richardson
    RYAN, Samuel
    RYAN, Wm.
    RYAN, Wm.
    RYAN, Wm.
    RYAN, Wm.
    RYAN, Wm. Fred
    RYMAS, Wm.
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