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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    P or R??herts, Clarinda
    P or R??herts, Lemual
    P or R??herts, William
    P or R??herts,Rhody
    P??????, Lewis
    P??????, Rebecca
    PAGE, Alex
    PAGE, Catherine
    PAGE, Francis
    PAGE, Frederic
    PAGE, Harry
    PAGE, Julia
    PAGE, Thos.
    PALMER, Anna
    PALMER, Charles A.
    PALMER, Denis
    PALMER, Elias
    PALMER, Elias
    PALMER, Eliza
    PALMER, Harriett
    PALMER, Henry
    PALMER, Hiram
    PALMER, Ida
    PALMER, James E.
    PALMER, Lora
    PALMER, Martha
    PALMER, Martha L.
    PALMER, Mary
    PALMER, Mary
    PALMER, Mary
    PALMER, Mr.
    PALMER, Orrin
    PALMER, Phebe
    PALMER, Rebecca
    PALMER, Robert A.
    PALMER, Sam’l
    PALMER, Wm.
    PARENT, Charles
    PARENT, Emma
    PARENT, Geo.
    PARENT, Martha
    PARENT, Mary
    PARIS, Fanny
    PARIS, Hannah
    PARIS, Hattie A.
    PARIS, J. J.
    PARISH, Elizabeth
    PARISH, James
    PARISH, Peter
    PARISH, William H.
    PARKER, Andrew
    PARKER, Charles
    PARKER, Ebenzer
    PARKER, Elizabeth
    PARKER, Emeline
    PARKER, Emily
    PARKER, Henry
    PARKER, Hester Ann
    PARKER, John
    PARKER, John V.
    PARKER, Kate
    PARKER, Malinda
    PARKER, Martha
    PARKER, Mary
    PARKER, Mary
    PARKER, Mary J.
    PARKER, Matilda
    PARKER, Mortimor
    PARKER, Mrs. Elizabeth
    PARKER, Nancy
    PARKER, Susan
    PARKER, Thomas
    PARKER, Wm.
    PARKS, Edwin
    PATER, Ann M.
    PATER, David
    PATER, George
    PATER, James
    PATER, Lucinda
    PATRICK, Allen
    PATRICK, Anna
    PATRICK, D. G.
    PATRICK, Jerry
    PATTERS0N, Ellen N.
    PATTERS0N, John J.
    PATTERSON, Louisa
    PATTERSON, Caroline
    PATTERSON, Clara
    PATTERSON, Eliza
    PATTERSON, Elizabeth
    PATTERSON, Gersham
    PATTERSON, James
    PATTERSON, James
    PATTERSON, Mildred (twin 2)
    PATTERSON, Mrs. Mary
    PATTERSON, Sarah J. (twin 1)
    PATTON, Alice
    PATTON, Gideon
    PATTON, Isaac
    PATTON, Jane
    PATTON, John
    PATTON, Judah
    PATTON, Lees
    PATTON, Nancy
    PATTON, Russell
    PATTON, Sylvester
    Peacock, Melissa
    Peacock,Marion T.
    PEARCE, Dan’l
    PEARCE, Harriett
    PEARCE, Jak
    PEARCE, Louis J.
    PEARCE, Susan
    PEARCE, Susan C.
    PEARCE, Tho’s
    PEARCE, Will’m
    PEARO, George
    PEARSE, Emily J.
    PEARSE, Jas.
    PEARSE, Lavinia
    PEARSE, Malinda
    PEARSE, Malinda
    PEEL, Dennis
    PEGG, Agnes A.
    PEGG, Eliza
    PEGG, George (twin 2)
    PEGG, John (twin 1)
    PEGG, Mary A.
    PEGG, Sarah A.
    PEGG, Thomas
    PEGG, Wm.
    PEGG, Wm.
    PEGG, Wm. Jr.
    PEMBROOK, Albert
    PEMBROOK, Alton
    PEMBROOK, Ellen
    PEMBROOK, John
    PEMBROOK, Louisa
    PEMBROOK, Tho’s
    PEMBROOK, Wesley
    PENABYS, John
    PENALTON, Catharine
    PENDLE, Eliza
    PENDLE, Elizabeth
    PENDLE, Green
    PENDLE, John
    PENDLE, John
    PENDLE, Mary L.
    PENDLE, Sarah
    PENDULUM, John
    Penick, Elizabeth
    Penick, Henry
    Penick, Henry
    Penick, Jermiah
    Penick, Kate
    PENNA, Ellen E.
    PENNA, Hannah
    PENNA, Kate
    PENNA, Margaret
    PENNA, Michael
    PENNYTON, Ann Maria
    PEPER, Isaac
    PEPER, Sam
    PEPPER, Benj. F.
    PEPPER, Sarah Ann
    PEPPER, Wm.
    PERING, Amos
    PERING, Emeline
    PERING, Mary E.
    PERKINS, Amanda
    PERKINS, John
    PERRINE, Alfred
    PERRINE, Archibald B.
    PERRINE, Catharine
    PERRINE, Charles
    PERRINE, Hellen
    PERRINE, James
    PERRINE, Jane E.
    PERRINE, Mary
    PERRINE, Mrs. Elad
    PERRINE, Thomas
    PERRINE, Wm.
    PERRINE, Wm. N.
    PERRY, Elizabeth
    PERRY, Mrs. Charlotte
    PERRY, William A.
    PETERS, Emma
    PETERS, Henry
    PETERS, Jacob
    PETERS, Mena
    PETERS, Mrs E.
    PETTIFOOT, Rowan
    PETTIT, Henry
    PETTIT, Mary Jane
    PHELPS, Catharine
    PHELPS, Ellen
    PHELPS, Lewis R.
    PHELPS, Mrs. Sarah
    PHELPS, Sarah
    PHILIMY, Wm. M.
    PHILLIPS, Albert
    PHILLIPS, Charles
    PHILLIPS, Charles
    PHILLIPS, Cyntha
    PHILLIPS, Edward
    PHILLIPS, Elizabeth
    PHILLIPS, Elizabeth
    PHILLIPS, Elizabeth
    PHILLIPS, Emma
    PHILLIPS, GeorgeAnn
    PHILLIPS, Harriett
    PHILLIPS, Henry
    PHILLIPS, Lydia
    PHILLIPS, Martha
    PHILLIPS, Mary
    PHILLIPS, Nelson
    PHILLIPS, Sam’l B.
    PHILLIPS, Susan
    PHILLIPS, Susan
    PHIPPEN, Elijah
    PHIPPEN, George
    PHIPPEN, James
    PHIPPEN, Larna
    PHIPPEN, P??annah
    Phipps, C. K.
    Phipps, John
    Phipps, John
    Phipps, Lewis
    Phipps, Martha
    PICKETT, Hiram
    PIERSON, Joseph
    PIGGOT, George
    PIGGOT, James
    PIGGOT, James
    PIGGOT, Margaret
    PIGGOT, Martin
    PIGGOT, Minerva
    PIGGOT, Susan
    PIGGOTT, Isaac N.
    PIGGOTT, John
    PIGGOTT, Joseph
    PIGGOTT, Margaret
    PIGGOTT, Mary
    Piggott, Nancy Ann
    PILLS, Lucinda
    PILLS, Mary Ann
    PINCKARA, Cha’s H.
    PINCKARA, George
    PINCKARA, Isabella
    PINCKARA, James B.
    PINCKARA, Nathaniel
    PINEVER, Baby 2 mo.
    PINEVER, Catharine
    PINEVER, John
    PINEVER, Maria
    PINEVER, Sarah
    PINKARA, Rebecca I.
    PINKARD, Jas. B.
    PINKARD, Rebecca
    PINKARD, Wm.
    PINKER, Alonzo
    PINKERTON, Teretha
    PINKERTON, Thomas J.
    PIPER, Anna
    PIPER, Betsy
    PIPER, Catherine
    PIPER, Emma
    PIPER, Frank
    PIPER, Hannah
    PIPER, Harmon
    PIPER, Isabella
    PIPER, John
    PIPER, John
    PIPER, Laura
    PIPER, Lizzie
    PIPER, Lucy
    PIPER, Nancy J.
    PIPER, Sarah Ann
    PIPER, Thomas Wesley
    PIPER, Timothy
    PIPER, William F.
    PISTOLE, Abram
    PISTOLE, Asa F.
    PISTOLE, Louisa B.
    PISTOLE, Lydia
    PISTOLE, Martin
    PISTOLE, Martin
    PISTOLE, Mary
    PISTOLE, Sarah C.
    PISTOLE, William
    PISTOLE, William A.
    PITHMAN?, John
    PITHMAN?, Lioniel
    PITHMAN?, Margaret
    PITHMAN?, Mrs. Margaret
    PITHMAN?, Sarah
    PITT, Alex
    PITT, Alex
    PITT, Ann
    PITT, Mary
    PITT, William
    PITTMAN, Anna
    PITTMAN, Jane
    PITTMAN, Jennie
    PITTMAN, John W.
    PITTMAN, Joseph H.
    PITTMAN, Josephine
    PITTMAN, Mrs. Julian
    PITTMAN, Ohenleys? D.
    PITTMAN, Sarah
    PL?????, Charlotte
    PL?????, Jeremia
    PLAT, Anna
    PLAT, Henry Thomas
    PLAT, John W.
    PLUMB, Charles
    PLUMB, Chester
    PODFISH, A?????
    PODFISH, Caroline
    PODFISH, Fred
    PODFISH, Fredrica
    PODFISH, Louisa
    POERE, Elizabeth
    Pollat, John
    POLMAN, Ben’m
    POLMAN, Mary J.
    POLMAN, Rosanna
    POLMAN, Wm.
    POPE, Daniel
    POPE, Edward
    POPE, Mary J.
    POPE, Sam’l
    POPE, Willey L.
    PORTER, Harriett
    PORTER, Hebert C.
    PORTER, Johnson
    PORTER, Wm. S.
    POST, Adelia
    POST, Arthur H.
    POST, Caroline
    POST, James
    POST, Jusice
    POTTS, Elizabeth
    POTTS, Elizabeth
    POTTS, Elizabeth
    POTTS, Geo.
    POTTS, Isabel
    POTTS, Jane Ann
    POTTS, John
    POTTS, Lucy
    POTTS, Maragaret
    POTTS, Mary
    POTTS, Mrs. Margaret
    POTTS, Phebe
    POTTS, Sarah
    POTTS, Thomas F.
    POTUI???, Ann A.
    POWDERLY, Mary Ann
    POWDERLY, Tho’s
    POWDERLY, Tho’s.
    POWEL, Asa
    POWEL, O. R.
    POWEL, Permelia
    POWEL, Sarah
    POWELL, Doreas
    POWELL, Harriet
    POWELL, Jas. P.
    POWELL, John
    POWELL, John
    POWELL, John J.
    POWELL, Joseph
    POWELL, Mary J.
    POWELL, Robert
    POWELL, Wm. R.
    POWER, John
    POWER, Mary
    POWER, Nelly
    POWER, Patrick
    POWER, Peter
    POWER, Peter
    POWER, Philip
    POWERS, Kate
    POWERS, Michael
    POWERS, Mrs. Bridget
    POWERS, Mrs. Joanha
    PRATT, Oliva J.
    PREVERT, Mrs.
    PRICE, Hester A.
    PRICE, John
    PRICE, Lewis
    PRICE, Louisia
    PRICE, Lydia
    PRICE, Mary
    PRICE, Mary J.
    PRICE, Mary J.
    PRICE, Mrs. Mary J.
    PRICE, Nanny
    PRICE, Richard
    PRICE, Samuel
    PRICE, Susan
    PRICE, Thomas
    PRICE, Tho’s
    PRICE, Wm.
    PRICE, Wm. T.
    PRITCET, Benj’m
    PRITCHET, Elisha Lee
    PRITCHET, Hannah
    PRITCHET, John H.
    PRITCHET, Mary Ann (twin 2)
    PRITCHET, Mrs. Rebecca
    PRITCHET, Rebecca (twin 1)
    PRITCHET, Sarah Ema
    PRIVIOST, Matlie
    Pro, Amanda
    Pro, Christian
    Pro, Hannah
    Pro, John
    Pro, Joseph
    Pro, Mahlen
    Pro, William L.
    PRUIT, Eliza
    PRUIT, George
    PRUIT, Green
    PRUIT, Mark
    PRUIT, Mary
    PRUIT, Minerva
    PRUIT, Nancy
    PRUIT, Nancy E.
    PRUIT, Thomas
    PRUITCHET, Alberrt
    PRUITCHET, David P.
    PRUITCHET, Flora W.
    PRUITCHET, Gilbert L.
    PRUITCHET, Lillie M.
    PRUITCHET, Lydia
    PRUITCHET, Sarah
    PRUITT, Amos
    PRUITT, Anderson
    PRUITT, James
    PRUITT, Jane
    PRUITT, Lucy
    PRUITT, Martin
    PRUITT, Mary
    PRUITT, Matilda
    PRUITT, Mrs. Eliza
    PRUITT, Rosanna
    PRUITT, Salenda
    PRUITT, Wm.
    PUFF, Augustus
    PUFF, Benjamin H.
    PUFF, Henry (twin 2)
    PUFF, Jacob (twin 1)
    PUFF, John J.
    PUFF, Miranda
    PUGH, David
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