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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    OARTAIL?, Gullich
    O’CONNELL, Anna
    O’CONNELL, Jas.
    O’DARNEL, James
    ODELL, Henry
    ODELL, James
    ODELL, Jane
    ODELL, Jane
    ODELL, John
    ODELL, Mary
    ODELL, Sarah
    ODELL, Thos.
    ODELL, Wm. A.
    O’DONNEL, John
    O’DONNELL, Mary
    O’DONNELL, Michael
    OGDEN, Cordelia
    OGDEN, Emma
    OGDEN, Felix
    OGDEN, Henry
    OGDEN, James
    OGDEN, John
    OGDEN, Lenora
    OGDEN, Melissa
    OGDEN, Mrs. ?
    OGDEN, Pemelia
    O’HENRY, (H?)Arvey?
    O’HENRY, Anna
    O’HENRY, Brewer
    O’HENRY, Edward
    O’HENRY, Frank
    O’HENRY, Henry
    O’HENRY, Henry
    O’HENRY, John
    O’HENRY, Mary
    O’HENRY, Mary
    O’HENRY, Mary A.
    O’HENRY, Rosa
    O’HENRY, Sarah
    O’KIEF, Patrick
    O’LAUGHLIN, Bridget
    Olds, Sarah J.
    OLEX, Coleman
    OLMSTEAD, Alvina
    OLMSTEAD, Antela
    OLMSTEAD, Chas.
    OLMSTEAD, Margaret
    OLMSTEAD, Robert
    OLNEY, E. A.
    O’NEAL, James
    ONETTO, Charles
    ONETTO, Daniel
    ONETTO, Elizabeth
    ONETTO, John
    ONETTO, Lydia A.
    ONETTO, Mary
    ONETTO, William
    ONTIS, Charles
    ONTIS, Daniel
    ONTIS, John W.
    ONTIS, Nancy
    ONTIS, Sophia
    ONTIS, William
    ONTIS, William
    OREN, Sam’l B.
    ORR, Alice
    ORR, Ann Maria
    ORR, Careline
    ORR, Charlotte
    ORR, Elizabeth
    ORR, Henry M.
    ORR, John
    ORR, Mrs. Mary
    ORR, Wm.
    ORTAIL?, Amelia
    ORTAIL?, Ann
    ORTAIL?, Frank
    OSBERN, Benj. S.
    OSBERN, Frederick
    OSBERN, George
    OSBERN, Mary
    OSBERN, Sabelle
    OSBERN, Willie
    OSBORN, Amanda
    OSBORN, Amanda C. (twin 1)
    OSBORN, Ann M.
    OSBORN, Austin C.
    OSBORN, C. V.
    OSBORN, Caroline
    OSBORN, Caroline
    OSBORN, Charlotte
    OSBORN, Chas. M.
    OSBORN, Clara A.
    OSBORN, Cyrus
    OSBORN, David
    OSBORN, Dick P.
    OSBORN, Ellen E.
    OSBORN, F.
    OSBORN, Geo Ann
    OSBORN, George
    OSBORN, Giles G.
    OSBORN, Harry
    OSBORN, Hilman M.
    OSBORN, James
    OSBORN, Jane
    OSBORN, John S.
    OSBORN, Julia E.
    OSBORN, Latura J.
    OSBORN, Lucy
    OSBORN, Martha
    OSBORN, Martha Emaline
    OSBORN, Mary A.
    OSBORN, Mary C.
    OSBORN, Mary V.
    OSBORN, Nely Whigh
    OSBORN, Newman
    OSBORN, Norman
    OSBORN, Pricella
    OSBORN, Rheuben A.
    OSBORN, Sarah
    OSBORN, Thomas
    OSBORN, Thoms C. (twin 2)
    OSBORN, Tho’s
    OSBORN, Wilson M.
    OSBORN, Wm.
    OVERDIELD, Matthew
    Owen, John
    OWENS, Clarinda
    OWENS, Hannah E.
    OWENS, James
    OWENS, John
    OWENS, John
    OWENS, Luisa
    OWENS, Mahala
    OWENS, Mary
    OWENS, Sam’l
    OWENS, William
    OWENS, Williams
    OWENS, Wm.
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