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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    M/NORRIS?, Hannah
    M/NORRIS?, Mrs. Sarah
    M?ORE, Delia H.
    M?ORE, Jane
    M?ORE, Ja’s
    M?ORE, John H.
    MACHALE, James
    MADDEN, Angeline
    MADDEN, Ann
    MADDEN, Mrs. Nancy
    MADDEN, Thos.
    MADLEY, James
    MADLEY, Rebecca A.
    MAGAN, Jacob
    MAGANON, Ja’s
    MAGEE, Benj’m J.
    MAGEE, Caroline
    MAGEE, Catharine
    MAGEE, Chas.
    MAGEE, Francis
    MAGEE, George
    MAGEE, James H.
    MAGEE, John Arthur
    MAGEE, John B.
    MAGEE, Jonethan
    MAGEE, Julian
    MAGEE, Martha E.
    MAGEE, Mary
    MAGEE, Mary E.
    MAGEE, Sarah
    MAGEE, Stella
    MAGGER, Lewis
    MAHER, John
    MAHER, Margaret
    MAHER, Mary
    MAHER, Patrick
    MAHLER, Christiane
    MAHLER, Mary
    MAHLER, Sophia
    MAHLER, Wm.
    MAKALS, James
    MALEY, John
    MALEY, John
    MALEY, John
    MALEY, Lawence
    MALLER, Mary L.
    MALLORY, Lewis
    MALLOY, John
    MALLOY, John
    MALLOY, Mary
    MALLOY, Mary
    MALONEY, Catharine
    MALONEY, Fanny
    MALONEY, Hanora
    MALONEY, Henry
    MALONEY, Henry
    MALONEY, Mary
    MALONEY, Rodin
    Maltimore, Evaline
    Maltimore, John
    Maltimore, Lydia
    Maltimore, Robert H.
    MAN, ANN
    MAN, ANN
    MAN, Henry
    MAN, Henry
    MAN, Wm.
    MAN??? Ungley
    MAN???, Lousa
    MANGAH, Hannah
    MANGNON, Anna
    MANGNON, Elizabeth
    MANGNON, Ellen
    Mansfield, James
    MARCIE, John
    MARCIE, Joshua
    MARCIE, Lucinda
    MARCIE, Sylvester
    MARRIN, Wm.
    MARSHALL, Angelina
    MARSHALL, Betsey
    MARSHALL, Conrad
    MARSHALL, Florince
    MARSHALL, Grace
    MARSHALL, Harrison
    MARSHALL, James
    MARSHALL, John
    MARSHALL, Joseph
    MARSHALL, Lettia
    MARSHALL, Lucinda
    MARSHALL, Lydia A.
    MARSHALL, Madora
    MARSHALL, Mary E.
    MARSHALL, Michael
    MARSHALL, Rachel
    MARSHALL, Rachel
    MARSHALL, Sam’l
    MARSHALL, Sarah
    MARSHALL, Sarah
    MARSLETON, Amana
    MARSLETON, Wm. Marion
    MARSON, Alfred
    MARSON, James
    MARSON, Jane E.
    MARSTON, Joseph
    MARTIN, Almira
    MARTIN, Amanda J.
    MARTIN, Ellen
    MARTIN, Ezra
    MARTIN, George
    MARTIN, Gilbert
    MARTIN, John
    MARTIN, John
    MARTIN, Joshua
    MARTIN, Laura
    MARTIN, Leornard
    MARTIN, Lizzie
    MARTIN, Mary
    MARTIN, Mary
    MARTIN, Parthena L.
    MARTIN, Pesmelia
    MARTIN, Phebe
    MARTIN, Samuel
    MARTIN, Sarah
    MARTIN, Susan E.
    MARTIN, Vincent
    MARTIN, Westley
    MARTIN, Wm. E.
    MASEN, Albert
    MASEN, Elizabeth
    MASEN, Stephen
    MASEN, Susan F.
    MASEN, Wm. H.
    MASHLIN, Chas.
    MASIN, George
    MASON, Amelia
    MASON, Elizabeth J.
    MASON, Sarah
    MASON, Thomas
    MASON, Thomas H.
    MASSEY, Ada
    MASSEY, B. F.
    MASSEY, Catharine
    MASSEY, Eliza M.
    MASSEY, Emaline
    MASSEY, George
    MASSEY, Henry C.
    MASSEY, Henry W.
    MASSEY, Lucretia
    MASSEY, Mary W.
    MASSEY, Nicholas
    MASSEY, Sarah F.
    MASSEY, Silas
    MASSEY, Solan
    MASSEY, Woodbury
    Mathews, George W.
    Mathews, Isham
    Mathews, Louisa J.
    Mathews, Mary A.
    Mathews, Mary E.
    MAUPIN, A. W.
    MAUPIN, E. H.
    MAUPIN, J. H.
    MAUPIN, J. H.
    MAUPIN, M. E.
    MAUPIN, P. A.
    MAUPIN, P. N.
    MAXIMA, Catharine
    MAXIMA, Henry
    MAXIMA, I. B.
    MAXIMA, Wm.
    MAXIMER, Austin
    MAXIMER, Catherine
    MAXIMER, Henry
    MAXIMER, Ludwig
    MAXIMER, Philip
    MAXWELL, Anna Eliza
    MAXWELL, Edward W.
    MAXWELL, Henry
    MAXWELL, James W.
    MAXWELL, Jane A.
    MAXWELL, Philip M.
    MAXWELL, That?
    MAXWELL, Wm.
    MAY, Alfred
    MAY, Charlotte
    MAY, George
    MAY, Germeaen
    MAY, Patrick
    MAYER, Mary-MARY, Mayer ??
    Mc??AN, Catharine
    McADAMS, Ann
    McADAMS, Charles
    McADAMS, Elinora
    McADAMS, Eliza
    McADAMS, Lewis
    McADAMS, Mary J.
    McADAMS, Rebecca
    McADAMS, Wm.
    McADAMS, Wm.
    McBRIDE, Jane
    McBRIDE, Mary
    McBRIDE, Michael
    McCARTY, Mary
    McCARTY, Thomas
    McCauley, Catherine
    McCauley, Eliza
    McCauley, Eliza
    McCAULEY, Elmina
    McCauley, G. W.
    McCAULEY, Isaac
    McCAULEY, Maragaret
    McCauley, Mary E.
    McCauley, Rebecca E.
    McClerster, Glenn
    McClerster, H.
    McClerster, Liberty
    McClerster, Martha
    McCLOUD, Tho’s
    McClure, Catherine
    McCLURE, Christiana
    McCLURE, James
    McCLURE, Lydia
    McClure, Mary
    McClure, Matilda
    McCLURE, Robert
    McClure, Samuel
    McCLURE, Wm.
    McCLURS, Edward
    McCLURS, Hattie
    McCLURS, Henry
    McCLURS, Margaret
    McCLURS, Wm.
    McCLUSKY, Carlyle
    McCLUSKY, George
    McCollough, Elizabeth
    McCollough, Emily
    McCollough, Matthew
    McCollough, Stokes T.
    McCOMRED, Andrew
    McCOMRED, Ellen
    McCOMRED, John
    McCOMRED, Margaret
    McCOMRED, Robert
    McCORD, Emma
    McCORD, Jenny
    McCORD, John
    McCORD, Mrs.
    McCREARY, Michael
    McCULTY, Patrick
    McCUMBER, Alonzo
    McCURDY, Alonza
    McCURDY, Catherine
    McCURDY, Elisha
    McCURDY, Ezra
    McCURDY, Hester
    McCURDY, Iam
    McCURDY, Jacob
    McCURDY, Jane
    McCURDY, John
    McCURDY, Joseph
    McCURDY, Wm.
    McDANIEL, Mary
    McDERMOT, Ellen
    McDERMOT, James
    McDERMOT, James
    McDERMOT, John
    McDERMOT, Mary
    McDONALA, Mary
    McDONALA, Mary
    McDONALA, Patrick
    McDONALA, Tho’s
    McDONALA, Wes
    McDONALA, Wm.
    McDONALD, Catharine
    McDONALD, Edward
    McDONALD, Susan
    McDONALD, Walter
    McDONNALL, J. T.
    McDONOUGH, Jam’s
    McDOW, Ajada J.
    McDOW, Allen
    McDOW, Baby boy 1 mo.
    McDOW, Catharine
    McDOW, Eliza J.
    McDOW, Hardin
    McDOW, James
    McDOW, John N.
    McDOW, Margaret
    McDOW, Mariah
    McDOW, Martha
    McDOW, Mary
    McDOW, Mary
    McDOW, Mary E.
    McDOW, Matilda
    McDOW, Salinda
    McDOW, Thomas
    McDOW, Thomas
    McDOW, Wm.
    McDOW, Wm.
    McFAIN, Dan’l
    McFAIN, Edwin E.
    McFain, James H.
    McFAIN, Jonathan C.
    McFAIN, Martha C.
    McFAIN, Mary
    McFAIN, Mary E.
    McFAIN, Pricilla
    McFAIN, Richard
    McFAIN, Smith Geo.
    McFALLY, John
    McFALY, Mary
    McFARLAND, Margaret
    McFEE, Robert
    McFLORIDER, ????
    McFLORIDER, Jane
    McFLORIDER, Johnye
    McFLORIDER, Mrs.
    McGILL, Ann
    McGILL, Aron
    McGILL, Elizabeth
    McGILL, Esther
    McGILL, Fanny
    McGILL, Martha
    McGILL, Mary J.
    McGILL, Richard A.
    McGILL, Sam’l
    McGILL, Tho’s L.
    McGUIRE, Annie
    McGUIRE, John
    McINTYRE, Sol
    McJAY, Mary
    McKALEY, Mrs.
    McKENEY, Catharine
    McKENEY, Michael
    McKIBBER/KIBLER, Elizabeth
    McKINERY, Elizabeth
    McKINERY, Henry
    McKINERY, Jacob
    McKINERY, James
    McKINERY, John
    McKINERY, Nancy
    McKINNEY, Catharine
    McKINNEY, Elizabeth
    McKINNEY, Emaline
    McKINNEY, James
    McKINNEY, James
    McKINNEY, John
    McKINNEY, Mary
    McKINNEY, Mary Jane
    McKINNEY, Rosalie
    McKINSTRY, Ellen
    McKINSTRY, Harriet
    McKINSTRY, Jane
    McKINSTRY, John
    McKINSTRY, Nathan
    McKINSTRY, Nathan
    McKINSTRY, Richard
    McKINSTRY, Theodore
    McLANE ?, Chas
    McLANE, Alfred
    McLANE, Catharine
    McLANE, Emily F.
    McLANE?, Elizabeth
    McLANE?, John W.
    McLEAN, Charles B.
    McLEAN, Charlotte
    McLEAN, George R.
    McLOWEN, Edward
    McLOWEN, Edward
    McLOWEN, Mary
    McLOWEN, Susan
    McMAHAN, George W.
    McMAHAN, John
    McNARY, Lucinda
    McNARY, Margaret
    McNEAL, ??????
    McNEAL, A. F.
    McNEAL, Clarence
    McNEAL, Ellen
    McNEAL, Jacob
    McNEAL, Mary A.
    McNEAL, Mary E.
    McNICOLS, Matilda
    McNULTY, Baby
    McNULTY, Charles
    McNULTY, John
    McNULTY, Mary
    McPAPH, John
    McRAY, Jesse
    McRAY, Miss Mary E.
    McREYNOLDS, Anderson
    McREYNOLDS, Elizabeth
    McREYNOLDS, Ellen
    McREYNOLDS, Eugenie
    McREYNOLDS, James
    McREYNOLDS, Jane
    McREYNOLDS, Jos.
    McREYNOLDS, Margaret
    McREYNOLDS, Mary
    McREYNOLDS, Rose Ann
    McREYNOLDS, Sarah
    McREYNOLDS, Thom.
    McWEAR, Elizabeth
    McWEAR, Thomas
    McWEAR, William
    McWITHEY, Benj’m
    McWITHEY, James
    McWITHEY, Jane
    McWITHEY, Mary
    MEANS, Abigail
    MEANS, Eliza
    MEANS, Eliza B.
    MEANS, Elizabeth
    MEANS, Flora
    MEANS, Freeman
    MEANS, Henit
    MEANS, James
    MEANS, Jane
    MEANS, Nancy
    MEANS, Truman
    MEANS, William R.
    MECHY, August
    MEDFORD, Andrew
    MEDFORD, Artha Ann
    MEDFORD, Baby
    MEDFORD, Bud
    MEDFORD, Elizabeth
    MEDFORD, Hyson
    MEDFORD, James
    MEDFORD, Leroy
    MEDFORD, Mary C.
    MEDFORD, Morton
    MEDFORD, Rosamond
    MEDFORD, Sophia
    MEDFORD, Victoria
    MEDFORD, Virginia
    MEDLEY, B. J.
    MEDLEY, Benedict
    MEDLEY, Catharine
    MEDLEY, Elizabeth
    MEDLEY, Ellen A.
    MEDLEY, Frances
    MEDLEY, Joseph M.
    MEDLEY, Sam’l G.
    MEDLEY, Sarah A.
    MEDLEY, Susan T.
    MEES, Baby
    MEES, Johannah
    MEES, Nicholas
    MELAY, John
    MELAY, Phillips
    MELCHER, Getta
    MELCHER, Isabel
    MELLOY, John
    MELLOY, Mary G.
    MENJLEY?, Washington
    MENSHAW, Charles
    MENSHAW, Josephine
    MENSHAW, Margaret
    MENSHAW, Rosanna J.
    MENSHAW, William
    MENSHAW, William A.
    MERE, Rector H.
    MERE, Sarah C.
    MERLL/LE?, John B.
    MESCHASNER, Mrs. Catharine
    MESKELL, Adeline
    MESKELL, Elizabeth
    MESKELL, John A.
    METCALY, William
    MICHMAN, Susan
    MICKEY, George
    MICKEY, Mary
    MICKEY, Michael
    MICKLS, Jeffry
    MICKLS, Mary
    MICKLS, Tho’s
    MIDDLETON, Malinda
    MIDDLETON, William
    MILAM, D.
    MILAM, Emma
    MILAM, Fred
    MILAM, Mary
    MILAM, Mary
    MILAM, T. Herman
    MILES, Angeline
    MILES, Caroline
    MILES, Caroline C.
    MILES, John H.
    MILES, Lewis
    MILES, Louisa
    MILES, Taylor
    MILFORD, Albitus
    MILFORD, Bartholemew
    MILFORD, Elizabeth A.
    MILFORD, Julia
    MILFORD, Thomas
    MILIGAN, Tho’s
    Millen, Adam A.
    Millen, Massey A.
    MILLER, A. L.
    MILLER, Alfred M.
    MILLER, Alice
    MILLER, Baby
    MILLER, Beroli
    MILLER, Burville
    MILLER, C. J.
    MILLER, Chariton
    MILLER, Charles
    MILLER, Christopher
    MILLER, Christopher
    MILLER, Cynthia
    MILLER, Cynthia
    MILLER, Delphus
    MILLER, Eben
    MILLER, Elbinger
    MILLER, Elizabeth
    MILLER, Emily
    MILLER, Emma
    MILLER, Emond F.
    MILLER, Eva A.
    MILLER, Florence Ayers
    MILLER, FRances
    MILLER, Francis
    MILLER, Frank
    MILLER, George W.
    MILLER, Hamett
    MILLER, Herman
    MILLER, Isaac
    MILLER, Isaac
    MILLER, Isaac N.
    MILLER, Jane
    MILLER, John
    MILLER, John M.
    MILLER, John R.
    MILLER, Joseph
    MILLER, Lenora
    MILLER, Levia
    MILLER, Levina
    MILLER, Lily
    MILLER, Lucretia
    MILLER, Lucy
    MILLER, Lydia
    MILLER, Lydia
    MILLER, M. A.
    MILLER, Margaret
    MILLER, Margaret J.
    MILLER, Mary
    MILLER, Mary
    MILLER, Mary
    MILLER, Mary
    MILLER, Mary
    MILLER, Mary E.
    MILLER, Mary J.
    MILLER, Mary L.
    MILLER, Peter
    MILLER, Said
    MILLER, Sarah
    MILLER, Sarah
    MILLER, Sarah J.
    MILLER, Sarah V.
    MILLER, Sidney
    MILLER, Susan
    MILLER, Tama L.
    MILLER, Thomas A.
    MILLER, Turner
    MILLER, Vermelia
    MILLER, William
    MILLER, William
    MILLER, William
    MILLER, William
    MILLER, William
    MILLER, William A.
    MILLER, William Daniel
    MILLER, William H.
    MILLER, William Jasper
    MILLER, William Jr.
    MILLS, Daniel
    MILTEN, Caroline (twin 1?)
    MILTEN, Chas.
    MILTEN, Chas. W.
    MILTEN, Emaline (twin 2?)
    MILTEN, Francis
    MILTEN, Geo. W.
    MILTEN, Lyhoss?
    MILTON, Sarah
    MILTON, Silas
    MINARD, Anthony
    MINARD, Casandra
    MINARD, Curtis
    MINARD, Dan’l
    MINARD, David
    MINARD, Elizabeth
    MINARD, Ellen
    MINARD, Hannah
    MINARD, James
    MINARD, John
    MINARD, John
    MINARD, L. H.
    MINARD, Lavina
    MINARD, Margaret
    MINARD, Matilda
    MINARD, Nelson
    MINARD, Ruth
    MINER, Ben’j
    MINER, Charles
    MINER, Charles
    MINER, George C.
    MINER, Hannah
    MINER, Hannah E.
    MINER, Henry C.
    MINER, Jennet
    MINER, Lorinna J.
    MINER, Louisa
    MINER, Maria
    MINER, Mary
    MINER, Mrs. Jane
    MINER, Nath’l
    MINGLE, Catharin
    MINGLE, Frederick
    MINGLE, Mary
    MINGLE, Sarah
    MINGLE, Wilmina
    MISNER, Anthony
    MISNER, Anthony
    MISNER, Antonete
    MISNER, Caroline
    MISNER, Catherine
    MISNER, Catherine
    MISNER, Hannah
    MISNER, Vincent
    MITCHEL, Bell
    MITCHELL, Henry
    MITHCHEL, Zohide
    MITOR, Ann
    MITTEN, Maria R.
    MITWELL, Robert
    MITWELL, Salinda
    MITZEL, Anna
    MITZEL, Elizabeth
    MITZEL, Isnally
    MITZEL, Jacob
    MITZEL, Josephine
    MIX ?, Catharine
    MIX ?, Cha’s
    MIX ?, John H.
    MIX ?, Wm.
    MO?????, Ada
    MO?????, Baby
    MO?????, Elizabeth M.
    MO?????, Mary E.
    MO?????, Nancy
    MO?????, Nancy
    MO?????, Thomas
    MO?????, Thomas
    MONER, David
    MONER, John
    MONER, John C.
    MONER, Josephine
    MONER, Nancy
    MONER, Robert
    MONK, Mrs. Margartet
    MONK, George
    MONK, George Q.
    MONK, George Q.
    MONK, Henry
    MONK, Mary
    MONK, Mosella
    MONK, Mosella
    MONK, Mrs. Margaret
    MONROE, William
    MOON, John
    MOON, Luke B.
    MOON, Sarah
    MOONEY, Caroline
    MOONEY, John
    MOORE, Amos
    MOORE, Ann
    MOORE, Ann
    MOORE, Catharine
    MOORE, Cephas
    MOORE, Charesa
    MOORE, Charles L.
    MOORE, Delia C.
    MOORE, Elizabeth
    MOORE, Emeline
    MOORE, George
    MOORE, George
    MOORE, George
    MOORE, Henry
    MOORE, Isaac
    MOORE, Isaac
    MOORE, Isabel
    MOORE, Jacob
    MOORE, James H.
    MOORE, Jane
    MOORE, John
    MOORE, John
    MOORE, John
    MOORE, John
    MOORE, John D.
    MOORE, Kate
    MOORE, Larkin
    MOORE, Lucinda
    MOORE, Lucinda
    MOORE, Margaret
    MOORE, Maria
    MOORE, Mary
    MOORE, Mary
    MOORE, Mary
    MOORE, Rebecca
    MOORE, Sarah
    MOORE, Stanford
    MOORE, Sylvania
    MOORE, Wm.
    MOORE, Wyatt
    MORAN, Baby
    MORAN, Ellen
    MORAN, Jacob
    MORAN, James
    MORAN, John
    MORAN, John
    MORAN, John
    MORAN, Malinda
    MORAN, Mary
    MORAN, Matt
    MORAN, Peter
    MORAN, Peter
    MORAN, Sarah
    MORAN, William
    MORDON, August
    MORE, Daniel
    MORE, Stephen
    MOREAN, Alex B.
    MOREAN, A. Douglas
    MOREAN, Ada B.
    MOREAN, Beverly (twin 1)
    MOREAN, Ellen
    MOREAN, Hebert
    MOREAN, Jennie (twin 2)
    MOREAN, Lelia
    MOREAN, Mary R.
    MOREAN, Tyler, V.
    MOREAN, Wm. Porter
    MORHAN, John M.
    MORIS, Caroline
    MORN?, Albert
    MORRES, Mr.
    MORRIS, Angeline
    MORRISON, George
    MOTT, Abigail
    MOTT, Alfred
    MOTT, Asbry
    MOTT, B. S.
    MOTT, Catherine
    MOTT, Daniel L.
    MOTT, Dervas
    MOTT, Edmond
    MOTT, Edmund
    MOTT, Elizabeth
    MOTT, Hannah
    MOTT, Jacob
    MOTT, Jantha
    MOTT, Jonathan
    MOTT, Levina
    MOTT, Manfred
    MOTT, Margaret
    MOTT, Mary
    MOTT, Minerva
    MOUN, Peter
    MULFORD, Mrs.
    MULHOLLAND, Baby girl 10 mo.
    MULHOLLAND, Charles
    MULHOLLAND, Louisa
    MULHOLLAND, Martha E.
    MULHOLLAND, Mary Ann
    MULHOLLAND, Tereha
    MULIL?, Frank
    MULLEN, John
    MULLIAN, Russell
    MULLIN, Peter
    MULY, Alex
    MUNCIE, Susan
    MUNCIE, William
    MUNRY, William
    MURHODE???, Wm.
    Murphy, Aaron
    Murphy, Adison
    Murphy, Altho
    MURPHY, Anna
    Murphy, Baxter
    MURPHY, Elizabeth
    MURPHY, John
    MURPHY, John
    MURPHY, John
    MURPHY, John
    MURPHY, John
    Murphy, John
    Murphy, Malinda
    MURPHY, Margaret
    MURPHY, Margaret
    MURPHY, Margaret
    Murphy, Maria
    MURPHY, Mary
    MURPHY, Mary
    MURPHY, Mary
    MURPHY, Mary A.
    MURPHY, Michael
    Murphy, Milton
    MURPHY, Miss Julia
    MURPHY, Thomas
    MURPHY, Thomas
    MURPHY, Thomas
    MURPHY, Thomas
    MURPHY, Tho’s
    MURPHY, Tho’s
    Murphy, William
    MURRAY, Eliza
    MURRAY, Mary L.
    MURRY, Abner
    MURRY, Amanda M.
    MURRY, James
    MURRY, Malissa
    MURRY, Martha A.
    MURRY, Mary A.
    MYERS, ?
    MYERS, Cecelia
    MYERS, Charlotte
    MYERS, Christopher
    MYERS, Elizabeth
    MYERS, George
    MYERS, George
    MYERS, Henry
    MYERS, Henry
    MYERS, Henry
    MYERS, Hewston
    MYERS, Jesse
    MYERS, Jimmy
    MYERS, John
    MYERS, John
    MYERS, Lewis
    MYERS, Maria
    MYERS, Mary Ann
    MYERS, Mrs.
    MYERS, Sarah J.
    MYERS, Sarena
    MYERS, William
    MYERS, William
    MYERS, William M.
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