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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    L??????, Henry
    L????????, Amanda
    L????????, Amos
    L????????, James W.
    Labam, Lucinda
    Labam?, Columbus
    Labam?, Henson H. M.
    Labam?, James M.
    Labam?, Martha
    LAFORCE, James
    LAFORE, Catharine
    LAHLAN, Hinder
    LAHLAN, James
    LAHLAN, Lucinda
    LAHLAN, Martha
    LALBEY, Ann
    LALBEY, Frances
    LALBEY, James (twin 2)
    LALBEY, John (twin 1)
    LALBEY, Mary
    LALBEY, Thomas
    LALBEY, Wm.
    LALLY, Amanda
    LALLY, Lewis
    LAMAR, Andrew
    LAMAR, Christina
    LAMAR, Ellen
    LAMAR, George
    LAMAR, William
    LAMB, Ann
    LAMB, Daniel
    LAMB, David R.
    LAMB, Israel
    LAMB, James
    LAMB, John
    LAMB, John H.
    LAMB, Laurie
    LAMB, Leroy
    LAMB, Lucy A.
    LAMB, Mary
    LAMB, Mary E.
    LAMB, Mary J.
    LAMB, Mrs. Sarah
    LAMBERT, Theodore
    LAMER, Nicholas
    LAMPKINS, Allice
    LAMPKINS, Betsy
    LAMPKINS, Cha’s
    LAMPKINS, Emily
    LAMPKINS, Martha
    LAMPKINS, Mary J.
    LAMPKINS, Powers
    LAMPKINS, Sarah
    LANDENGEN, Mathew
    LANDON, Alice
    LANDON, Alonzo
    LANDON, Alvira
    LANDON, Amelia
    LANDON, Austin (twin 2)
    LANDON, Drucilla
    LANDON, Edwin
    LANDON, Elizabeth
    LANDON, Emeline
    LANDON, Emma
    LANDON, Emma
    LANDON, Fanny
    LANDON, Frances M.
    LANDON, Henry
    LANDON, Herman
    LANDON, Horace
    LANDON, Huldah
    LANDON, Lenora
    LANDON, Linday
    LANDON, Louisa Ann
    LANDON, Mary
    LANDON, Milo
    LANDON, N. E.
    LANDON, Norman H.
    LANDON, Norton
    LANDON, Oscar (twin 1)
    LANDON, Rhody
    LANDON, Riley
    LANDON, Rosa Anna
    LANDON, Sarah
    LANDON, Sarah E.
    LANDON, Sarah E.
    LANDON, Truman
    LANDON, Wm.
    LANDON, Wm. D.
    LANE, Alice
    LANE, Catharine
    LANE, Emily J.
    LANE, Eugene
    LANE, Geo. Washington
    LANE, John W.
    LANE, Josephine
    LANE, Louiza
    LANE, Martha
    LANE, Rhody
    LANE, Wm. H.
    LANY, Henry
    LAPP, Tonney
    LARAMY, Christiana
    LAREN???, F’le
    LAREN???, Isaac
    LAREN???, Isaac
    LARIBY, Elizabeth
    LARIBY, Wm.
    Larison, Candis E.
    Larison, Sarah K.
    Larison, Thomas
    Larless, Catherine
    Larless, Harriet
    Larless, John A
    Larless, Julia
    Larless, Laura
    Larless, Margaret
    Larless, Matilda
    Larless, Peter
    Larless, Ralph L.
    Larless, Robert
    Larless, William
    LARNER, Mary
    LARY, Alex
    LATHAM, Robert
    LAUGHLIN, Anna F.
    LAUGHLIN, Jeremiah
    LAUGHLIN, Margaret
    LAUGHLIN, Patrick
    Lausin, Jesse
    Lausin, Robina
    LAVERN, Michael
    LEANE, Caroline
    LEANE, Mathais
    LEANE, Wm.
    LEAR, Ellen
    LEAR, Emiline
    LEAR, Henritta
    LEAR, Henry
    LEAR, Mary
    LEAR, Mary A.
    LEAR, Richard
    LEAVETT, Ceditia
    LEAVETT, Emma M.
    LEAVETT, Hannah
    LEAVETT, Irena
    LEAVETT, Mary
    LEAVETT, Redic
    LEAVETT, Thomas
    Ledbetter, James
    Ledbetter, Levi
    Ledbetter, Susan
    Ledbetter, Thomas
    Ledbetter, William
    LEE, Abigail
    LEE, Anna
    LEE, David (twin 1)
    Lee, Elizabeth
    LEE, Elizabeth (twin 2)
    Lee, Frances
    LEE, Green
    LEE, Issavilla
    Lee, James
    LEE, John W.
    LEE, Leisan
    LEE, Mary
    LEE, Priscilla
    Lee, Richard
    LEE, Samuel
    LEE, Sarah
    LEE, Socrates
    LEE, Thomas
    LEE, Vincent
    Lee, William
    LEECH, Ann
    LEECH, Catherine
    LEECH, Daniel
    LEECH, John
    LEECH, Michael
    LEGROSS, George
    LEGROSS, Margaret
    LEHAY, Elizabeth
    LEHAY, Ellen
    LEHAY, Ellen
    LEHAY, James
    LEHAY, James
    LEHAY, James
    LEHAY, Johanna
    LEHAY, John
    LEHAY, John
    LEHAY, Lizzie
    LEHAY, Margaret
    LEHAY, Mary
    LEHAY, Michael
    LEHAY, Michael
    LEHAY, Robert
    LEHAY, Sutton
    LEHAY, Thomas
    LEHAY, Thos.
    LEHR, Christian
    LEHU/A?Y, John
    LEIB, Mrs.
    LEIGH, Austin
    LEIGH, Edward
    LEIGH, Elizabeth
    LEIGH, Isabella
    LEIGH, Joseph
    LEIGH, Margaret
    LEIGH, Margaret
    LEIGH, Martha S.
    LEIGH, Robert
    LEIGH, Robert H.
    LEIGH, Thomas
    LEIGH, Wallice
    LEIGH, Wm.
    LEMING, Ezel(k?)eil
    LEMING, Heneretta
    LEMING, James
    LEMING, Sarah
    LEMMETH, Mary
    LEMMITH, Jane
    LEMMITH, Joseph
    LENARD, Caaroline
    LENARD, Hiram
    LENARD, Imanda
    LENARD, John T.
    LENARD, Martha
    LENARD, Martha E.
    LENARD, Mary A.
    LENARD, Mrs. Jane
    LENARD, Sam’l
    LENARD, Wm. H.
    LENSS, Anthony
    LENSS, Frederick
    LENSS, Hannah
    LENSS, Joseph
    LENSS, Louisa
    LENSS, Theodore
    LENSS, Thesalane
    LENT, Elizabeth
    LENT, John M.
    LENT, Julia Ann
    LENT, Lydia A.
    LENT, Mary Ann
    LENT, Philip
    LEONARD, Anna
    LEONARD, Hannah
    LEONARD, Heneretta
    LEONARD, Melissa
    LEONARD, Mrs. G.
    LEOPOLA, Ann
    LEOPOLA, Wm.
    LEPPOLA, Augustus
    LEPPOLA, Ehlthas
    LEPPOLA, Emily
    LEPPOLA, Frank
    LEPPOLA, John
    LER??, Anna M.
    LER??, Caroline
    LER??, George A.
    LER??, Joseph
    LER??, Mary J.
    LER??, Sarah
    LERACHE, Emma
    LERACHE, Julia
    LERACHE, Paul
    LERACHE, Paul
    LERESCHE, Julias
    LEWIS, Berry
    LEWIS, David
    LEWIS, Edwin
    LEWIS, Elijah
    LEWIS, Elijah
    LEWIS, Eliza
    LEWIS, Emily
    LEWIS, Garrison
    LEWIS, George
    LEWIS, Hannah
    LEWIS, Jacob
    LEWIS, James
    LEWIS, James E.
    LEWIS, Jane
    LEWIS, John
    LEWIS, John T.
    LEWIS, Joseph
    LEWIS, Josiah
    LEWIS, Julia
    LEWIS, Louisa
    LEWIS, Louisa J.
    LEWIS, Margaret
    LEWIS, Margaret C.
    LEWIS, Maria J.
    LEWIS, Mary
    LEWIS, Mary A.
    LEWIS, Mary C.
    LEWIS, Rebecca
    LEWIS, Sarah
    LEWIS, Susanna
    LEWIS, Wesley
    LEWIS, Wm.
    LEWIS, Wm.
    LEWIY, Frederick
    LEWIY, Louis
    LEWIY, Mary
    LEWIY, Onnetto
    LI????, John
    LINDSEY, George
    LINDSEY, George
    LINDSEY, James
    LINDSEY, Sarah
    LINDY, Anna M.
    LINDY, Birdie
    LINDY, Edward
    LINDY, Frederick R.
    LINDY, Mrs. Hannah
    LING, Mary
    LING, Wm.
    LINKS, Martha
    LINN, John
    LINN, Sarah
    LINN, Susan
    LINN, Thomas
    LISPY, Thomas
    LITBERKEE, James W.
    LITBERKEE, Lovisa
    LITBERKEE, Sarah
    LITBERKEE, Sidney
    LITTLE, Cornelia
    LITTLE, Eliza
    LITTLE, Irwin
    LITTLE, Larchila
    LITTLE,??, Periferwine???
    LITTLETON, Abner
    LIVINGSTON, Mahala
    LIXEN, Nicholas
    LOCK, Jacob
    LOFT, Eliza
    LOFT, John
    LOFTON, Granny
    LOFTON, John
    LOFTON, John
    LOFTON, John Jr.
    LOFTON, Petet
    LOFTON, Rebecca
    LOFTON, Sarah
    LOFTON, Sarah
    LOFTON, William
    LOLAR, Ann E.
    LOLAR, Ellen
    LOLAR, Jerome
    LOLAR, John
    LOLAR, Mary E.
    LOLAR, William
    LONG, Allen
    LONG, Alonza
    LONG, Amanda
    LONG, Amelia
    LONG, Ann S.
    LONG, Catharine
    LONG, Catharine
    LONG, Catharine
    LONG, Cha’s A.
    LONG, Christian
    LONG, Clumbus
    LONG, Elizabeth
    LONG, Elizabeth
    LONG, Emma
    LONG, Franklin
    LONG, H. M.
    LONG, H. M.
    LONG, Jacob
    LONG, James
    LONG, James
    LONG, James M.
    LONG, Jas. Wesley
    LONG, John
    LONG, John
    LONG, John
    LONG, John C.
    LONG, John F.
    LONG, John K.
    LONG, John Rankin
    LONG, Jonathan H.
    LONG, Lewis
    LONG, Martha
    LONG, Mary
    LONG, Mary D.
    LONG, Mary E.
    LONG, Mary J.
    LONG, Mary J.
    LONG, Minervie
    LONG, Nancy C.
    LONG, Robert
    LONG, Sarah E.
    LONG, Sarah J.
    LONG, Susan
    LONG, Willis
    LONG, Wm. Henry
    LONG/WESLEY,??, John
    LONG/WESLEY,??, Mary J.
    LONGWELL, Archibald
    LONGWELL, Elizabeth
    LONGWELL, Elizabeth
    LONGWELL, James
    LONGWELL, James L.
    LONGWELL, Mary
    LONGWOOD, Thomas
    LOOR/NY?, John
    LOREN, Michael
    LORREY, Abram
    LOUFKUTTER, Conrad
    LOUFKUTTER, Sophia W.
    LOUGH, Edwin
    LOUGH, Heneretta
    LOUGHKATTA, Charles
    LOUGHKATTA, Hannah
    LOUGHKATTA, Joseph
    LOVEJOY, Martha
    LOVEL, Riley
    LOWDER, Anna
    LOWDER, Elizabeth
    LOWDER, George W.
    LOWDER, Hattie
    LOWDER, James H.
    LOWDER, Manty
    LOWDER, Sarah E.
    LOWDER, William
    LOWE, Abraham W.
    LOWE, Augusta
    LOWE, Austin B.
    LOWE, Caroline S.
    LOWE, Edward P.
    LOWE, Edwin D.
    LOWE, Eugene W.
    LOWE, Franklin
    LOWE, Isaac M.
    LOWE, Jacob
    LOWE, John
    LOWE, John
    LOWE, Kate E.
    LOWE, Mary
    LOWE, N. W.
    LOWE, R. J.
    LOWE, Ralph
    LOWE, Sarah
    LUCAS, Caroline
    LUCAS, Hannah
    LUCAS, John
    Lucas, John
    LUCAS, Lydia
    LUCAS, Mary
    LUCAS, Mary
    LUCAS, N. B.
    LUCHMAN, Frank
    LUCHMAN, Joseph
    LUCHMAN, Lenna
    LUCHS, Frederic
    LUCKY, Dicie
    LUCKY, Emily
    LUCKY, George
    LUCKY, Wm.
    LUDWIG, Chas.
    LUDWIG, Miss/Mrs? Tenia
    LUDWIG, Tenia
    LURKY, Elinora
    LURKY, Eliza
    LURKY, Elizabeth
    LURKY, Mary C.
    LURKY, Mary J.
    LURKY, Sam’l
    LURTON, Alcaon?
    LURTON, Caroline
    LURTON, Cora
    LURTON, Delia P.
    LURTON, Henry
    LURTON, J. C.
    LURTON, Jacob
    LURTON, Jacob R.
    LURTON, Julia A.
    LURTON, Louisa
    LURTON, Magnolia B.
    LURTON, Margaret
    LURTON, Minerva
    LURTON, N. M.
    LUSTUS, Robert
    LYALL, George, H.
    LYALL, Mary
    LYALL, Sidney
    LYLLE, Mary E.
    Lynch, George
    LYNCH, Hannah
    LYNCH, John
    LYNCH, T?????
    LYNG?, Mary Ann
    LYONS, Amanda W.
    LYONS, Francis Mor??w
    LYONS, James
    LYONS, James
    LYONS, Mary H.
    LYONS, Mrs. A.
    LYONS, Rev. Sam’l
    LYONS, Robert
    LYONS, Theodore
    LYONS, Thomas
    LYONS, Wm. H.
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