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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    KALLAL, Ann
    KALLAL, Catherine
    KALLAL, Frances
    KALLAL, Frances
    KALLAL, Frank
    KALLAL, Frank
    KALLAL, Joseph
    KALLAL, Louisa
    KALLAL, Mary
    KANALLAKAN, Caroline
    KANALLAKAN, Frances
    KARNS, Tho’s
    KEANEY, Tho’s
    KEARNAY, Michael
    KEARNEY, Edward
    KEARNEY, Thomas A.
    KEARNS, Ann E.
    KEATING, Allace
    KEEF, Michael
    KEELEY, Dan
    KEFFER, Charles
    KEFFER, Jacob
    KEITH, Arzina
    KEITH, Chas.
    KEITH, Flora
    KEITH, Robert
    KEITH, Sarah
    KEITH, Wm.
    KEIZER, Catharine
    KELLAM, ?
    KELLAM, Cushman
    KELLAM, Edwin
    KELLAM, Frances A.
    KELLAM, Jerome
    KELLAM, Johanna
    KELLAM, Lewis
    KELLAM, Lewis
    KELLEN/R, Thomas
    KELLEN/R, Wesley
    KELLEN/R?, Dortha
    KELLEN/R?, Nathan
    KELLER, Dan’l
    KELLEY, Mary
    KELLING, James
    KELLY, ????
    KELLY, Angelina
    KELLY, Benjamin L.
    KELLY, Caroline
    KELLY, Charles H.
    KELLY, Ellen
    KELLY, George
    KELLY, Hannah
    KELLY, James
    KELLY, James
    KELLY, James
    KELLY, Jane
    KELLY, John
    KELLY, John
    KELLY, John (twin 1)
    KELLY, Lucinda
    KELLY, Mary
    KELLY, Mary A.
    KELLY, Mary A.
    KELLY, Pat
    KELLY, Rachel M.
    KELLY, Willie (twin 2)
    KELLY, Wm.
    KEMBRO, Elizabeth J.
    KEMBRO, James H.
    KEMBRO, Jas. R.
    KEMBRO, M. Jane
    KEMBRO, Thos. W.
    KEMPER, Alice
    KEMPER, Almira
    KEMPER, Henry C.
    KEMPER, Laura
    KEMPER, Lewis W.
    KEMPER, Lucy
    KEMPER, Napoleon D.
    KEMPER, Perlina A.
    KEMPER, Tho’s J.
    KEMPER, Wm. B.
    KEMPER, Zach’a T.
    KEMPEY, Tracy
    KEMPEY, William
    KENDALL, Ellen
    KENT, California
    KENT, John
    KENT, Sarah
    KENT, Sidnoras
    KEONCAMP, John
    KERTS, Joseph
    KERTS, Josephine
    KERTS, Lawrence
    KERTS, Mary
    KERTS, Mike
    KERTS, Teresa
    KIHO, John
    KILEY, Mrs. Elizabeth
    KINDALL, Wm.
    KING, D???? Ellen
    KING, David A.
    KING, George W.
    KING, Go?????
    KING, James
    KING, Jerry
    KING, John
    KING, John H.
    KING, John L.
    KING, Julia
    KING, Malinda
    KING, Malinda
    KING, Margaret
    KING, Mary E.
    KING, Matthew
    KING, Perry
    KING, Perry
    KING, Phelby
    KING, Robert
    KING, Sophia
    KING, Susan
    KING, Thomas A.
    KING, Thomas N.
    KING, William
    KING, William H.
    KINGMAN, Samuel
    KINGSLEY, no given name
    KINGSLY, Jane
    KINGSLY, Wm. J.
    KINGSTON, George
    KINGSTON, Mrs.
    Kinney, Jonathan
    Kinney, Levi
    Kinney, Mary
    KIRBY, Charles
    KIRBY, Elizabeth
    KIRBY, Emma E.
    KIRBY, Experience
    KIRBY, George
    KIRBY, Henry
    KIRBY, Jacob H.
    KIRBY, Justice H.
    KIRBY, Lathrop
    KIRBY, Margaret H.
    KIRBY, Marietta
    KIRBY, Mary J.
    KIRBY, Nathaniel
    KIRBY, Rebecca
    KIRBY, Robert H.
    KIRBY, Sarah
    KIRBY, Sarah H.
    KIRBY, Thomas
    KIRBY, Wm.
    KIRBY, Wm. H.
    KIRCHNER, Charles R.
    KIRCHNER, Clara
    KIRCHNER, Edward
    KIRCHNER, Elizabeth
    KIRCHNER, George
    KIRCHNER, George C.
    KIRCHNER, Gilbert
    KIRCHNER, Hester
    KIRCHNER, John
    KIRCHNER, Keziah
    KIRCHNER, Martha
    KIRCHNER, Otto O.
    KIRCHNER, Valentine
    KIRCHNER, William W.
    KIRKLAND, Ellen
    KIRKLAND, Mary Ellen
    KIRKLAND, Mrs. Mary Ann
    KIRKPATRICK, Elizabeth
    KIRKPATRICK, William
    KIRKPATRICK, William D.
    KISES, Charles A.
    KISES, H. T.
    KISES, John H.
    KISES, Mary
    KISES, Mary E. L.
    KISK, John
    KITCHENBURG, Augustus
    KITCHENBURG, Caroline
    KITCHENBURG, Catharine
    KITCHENBURG, Charles
    KLAIR, Baby
    KLAIR, Jacob
    KLAIR, Julia
    KLAIR, Rachel
    KLECH, Cha’s
    KLINE, George
    KLINE, John
    KLINE, John J.
    KLINE, Margaret
    KLINE, Sarah
    KLUTING, Charles
    KLUTING, Emily
    KLUTING, John
    KLUTING, Lettie
    KLUTING, Louisa
    KNAPER, Margaret
    KNAPP, ??????
    KNAPP, A. L.
    KNAPP, A. R.
    KNAPP, C. H.
    KNAPP, Catharine
    KNAPP, Charlotte
    KNAPP, Elizabeth
    KNAPP, Frances H.
    KNAPP, Frank
    KNAPP, Geo.
    KNAPP, Gotlieb
    KNAPP, Kate
    KNAPP, R. M.
    KNAPP, Rachel
    KNAPP, Sue
    KNAPP, William
    KNEELEY, Jane
    KNEELEY, John
    KNEELEY, Mary C.
    KNOWLAND, Jasper
    KNOWLAND, Louisa A.
    KNOWLAND, Martha M.
    KNOWLAND, Wm. B.
    KNOX, Eliza
    KNOX, George W.
    KNULAND, Almina
    KNULAND, Alwasla
    KNULAND, Annie
    KNULAND, Ashbrook
    KNULAND, Betty
    KNULAND, Mrs.
    KOLLENBORN, Charlotte
    KOLLENBORN, Julian
    KROUSER, Frank
    KROUSER, Joseph
    KROUSER, Juliann
    KUHN, Clinton C.
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