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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    H(I)NKLE, Harriet
    H(I)NKLE, Sarah
    H(I)NKLE?, Henry
    H(I)NKLE?, John
    H(I)NKLE?, John
    H(I)NKLE?, Sarah
    H????, Jackson
    H?????, John
    HA???EL, Chas.
    HACKLEY, Abram
    HACKLEY, George
    HACKLEY, L. E.
    HACKLEY, Mary A.
    Hadley, Clark J.
    Hadley, George H.
    Hadley, Harvey J.
    Hadley, J. H.
    Hadley, Jane E.
    Hadley, Kate
    HADWORTH, Elizabeth
    HAFFNEY, John
    Haft, Elizabeth
    Haft, Nancy
    Haft, William
    HAGAN, Arthur
    HAGAN, Aruthur
    HAGAN, Barbary
    HAGAN, Isaac
    HAGAN, Johnathan
    HAGAN, Stephen A.
    HAGAN, Thomas D.
    HAGERTY, Mary
    HAGLAN, Elizabeth
    HAGLAN, John
    HAINES, Adam
    HAINES, Adam
    HAINES, Ann
    HAINES, Frederick
    HAINES, Jacob
    HAINES, Maggie
    HAINES, Margaret
    HAINES, Y/R??aly
    HALBERT, Wm.
    HALEY, Ann
    HALEY, Mary
    HALEY, Patrick
    HALL, Almira
    HALL, Catherine
    HALL, Dan’l
    HALL, Edward
    HALL, Edward
    HALL, Elizabeth
    HALL, John
    HALL, Sarah
    HALL, Thomas
    HALL, Thomas
    HALL, Wm.
    HALL, Wm.
    HALLENHOUSE, Ferdinand
    HALLEY, John
    HALLEY, Peter
    HALLOM, James
    HALLOM, Jas.
    HALLOM, Johanna
    HALLOM, Mary
    HALLOM, Mary J.
    HALLOWAY, Adeline
    HALLOWAY, John
    HALLOWAY, Levina
    HALLOWAY, Ranson
    HALLOWAY, Susan
    HALLOWEL, Cha’s E.
    HALLOWEL, Elizabeth
    HALLOWEL, Elsha
    HALLOWEL, Frederic
    HALLOWEL, George H.
    HALLOWEL, Louisa
    HALLOWELL, Mary A.
    HALSTEAD, Jas.
    HAM, Charles P.
    HAM, Mary E.
    HAM, Nancy J.
    HAM, Shedrick
    HAM, Tabitha
    HAMEL, Hooper
    HAMEL, Joseph
    HAMEL, Mary
    HAMER, Bates
    HAMER, John
    HAMER, Mary
    HAMER, Mary
    HAMER, Nathan
    Hamett, John
    HAMILTON, Alex
    HAMILTON, Camillus
    HAMILTON, Charles
    HAMILTON, Charles
    HAMILTON, Charles
    HAMILTON, Clarence M.
    HAMILTON, Edward A.
    HAMILTON, Elizabeth
    HAMILTON, Emily C.
    HAMILTON, Emma E.
    HAMILTON, Harry
    HAMILTON, Henry H.
    HAMILTON, Jane
    HAMILTON, Margaret
    HAMILTON, Maria
    HAMILTON, Martin
    HAMILTON, Mary
    HAMILTON, Mary
    HAMILTON, Mary C.
    HAMILTON, Mrs. Amanda
    HAMILTON, Mrs. Sarah
    HAMILTON, Nathaniel
    HAMILTON, Ormend
    HAMILTON, Tho’s
    HAMILTON, Wm. L.
    HAMLIN, J.
    HAMLIN, John
    HAMMETT, Charlotte
    HAMMETT, George L.
    HAMMETT, John
    Hammond, Martin
    HANA, George
    HANBROUGH, John H.
    HANBROUGH, Mary C.
    HANCOCK, Kent
    HANCOCK, Lizzie
    HANCOCK, Sarilda?
    HANES, John
    HANES, Moses
    HANKER, Charles
    HANKER, Mary
    HANKINS, Christians
    HANKINS, Mary
    HANKS, John
    HANLEY, Bachann
    HANLEY, Breckenridge
    HANLEY, Caroline
    HANLEY, Douglass
    HANLEY, Elizabeth
    HANLEY, Isabel
    HANLEY, M. D.
    HANLEY, Mary E.
    HANLEY, Robert
    HARBERT, Isaac
    HARBERT, Martha
    HARBERT, Virginia
    HARDEN, Benj.
    HARDEN, Flora J.
    HARDEN, James W.
    HARDEN, Sarah
    HARDRIFF, Martha A.
    HARDY, Nancy J.
    HARGAN, Mrs. Emily
    HARIS, Hewton? S.
    HARLEW, Malinda
    HARLEW, Thomas
    HARMAS?, Catharine
    HARMAS?, Catharine
    HARMAS?, Charles
    HARMAS?, Jacob
    HARMAS?, Philip
    HARMAS?, Philip
    HARNES, ??????
    HARPER, Dorotha
    HARPER, Dorotha
    HARPER, George
    HARPER, George
    Harper, James
    HARPER, John
    HARPER, K?????
    HARRANG, Elizabeth
    HARRANG, Henderson
    HARRANG, John
    HARRANG, Mary
    HARRANG, William
    HARRANG, William
    HARRINGTON, Benjamin R.
    HARRINGTON, Charles S.
    HARRINGTON, Elisha
    HARRINGTON, Eliz’h
    HARRINGTON, Francis E.
    HARRINGTON, James Johny
    HARRINGTON, Malissa
    HARRINGTON, Morris
    HARRINGTON, Tellman
    HARRINGTON, William
    HARRINGTON, William
    HARRINGTON, William R.
    HARRINHTON, Elizabeth
    HARRIS, Alfred
    HARRIS, Andrew
    HARRIS, Charles
    HARRIS, Clarinda E.
    HARRIS, Elizabeth
    HARRIS, George W.
    HARRIS, James
    HARRIS, James M. (twin 20
    HARRIS, John
    HARRIS, John R.
    HARRIS, John W.
    HARRIS, Lear
    HARRIS, Maggie
    HARRIS, Margaret
    HARRIS, Mary C.
    HARRIS, Minona
    HARRIS, Morgun
    HARRIS, Nancy
    HARRIS, Natha
    HARRIS, Sarah J.
    HARRIS, Sophrona (twin 1)
    HARRIS, Steven R.
    HARRIS, Tho’s
    HARRIS, Tho’s H.
    HARRIS, William
    HARRIS, Wilsen L.
    HARRIS, Wm.
    HARRIS, Wm.
    HARRIS, Wm. l.
    HARRIS, Wm. Westley
    HARRISON, Anthony
    HARRISON, Emma
    HARRISON, Fred
    HARRISON, George
    HARRISON, George W.
    HARRISON, John P.
    HARRISON, Peter
    HARRISON, Philip
    HARRISON, Susan
    HARRISON, Thomas
    HART, ?
    HART, Alvin S.
    HART, Daniel
    HART, Eli
    HART, Ellen
    HART, George
    HART, James
    HART, Jenny
    HART, John
    HART, John
    HART, John
    HART, John
    HART, John
    HART, Jos. B.
    HART, Lucy
    HART, Margaret
    HART, Mary
    HART, Mary A.
    HART, Perry
    HART, Sam’l
    HART, Willie
    HARTLEY, Abner
    HARTLEY, Mary
    HARTLEY, Nery
    HARTLEY, Ruthen
    HARTLEY, Sarah
    HARTWICK, ??nah???
    HARTWICK, Alfred
    HARTWICK, Carrie
    HARTWICK, Douglas
    HARTWICK, Eliza
    HARTWICK, Elizabeth
    HARTWICK, Embly C.
    HARTWICK, Hattie
    HARTWICK, James
    HARTWICK, Mary
    HARTWICK, Mary J.
    HARTWICK, Mrs.
    HARTWICK, Wm. H.
    Harvel, Jane
    HARVEL, Martha Ann
    HARVEL, Perry
    Hasselman, Fanny
    Hasselman, Jacob
    HATRTWICK, Catharine
    HAUP, John
    HAVAOD, Catharine
    HAVAOD, Christopher
    HAVAOD, John
    HAVAOD, Mary F.
    HAVEL, Elizabeth
    HAVEL, Franklin
    HAVEL, Jacob
    HAVEL, Jane
    HAVEL, John
    HAVEL, Laura
    HAVEL, Mahala
    HAVEL, Mary
    HAVEL, Nancy
    HAVEL, Susan
    HAWKINS, Amos
    HAWKINS, David
    HAWKINS, Evaline
    HAWKINS, Harrison
    HAWKINS, James M.
    HAWKINS, John
    HAWKINS, John W.
    HAWKINS, Laura J.
    HAWKINS, Maratha
    HAWKINS, Mary
    HAWKINS, Mary A.
    HAWKINS, Newston
    Hawks, Caroline
    Hawks, Jacob
    HAYCRAFT, Emily
    HAYCRAFT, James K.
    HAYCRAFT, Lewis V.
    HAYCRAFT, Matilda
    HAYCRAFT, Melisa
    HAYDEN, Henry
    HAYS, Ada C.
    HAYS, Bridget
    HAYS, Elizabeth
    HAYS, George W.
    HAYS, Hannah
    HAYS, Harley E.
    HAYS, John
    HAYS, Mary
    HAYS, Mary J.
    HAYS, Mira E.
    HAYS, Nancy
    HAYS, P. G.
    HAYS, Samuel
    HAYS, William
    HAYS, Wm
    HAYWOOD, Anna
    HAYWOOD, David
    HAYWOOD, Eliza
    HAYWOOD, Mary
    HAZENA, John
    HEATER, Hannah
    HEATH, Caroline
    HEATH, Emaline
    HEATH, Ja’s A.
    HEATH, Mary J.
    HEDGER, Fred M.
    HEDGER, Lida
    HEDGER, M. A.
    HEDGER, Ward (Wm?) C.
    HEDSALL, August
    HEDSALL, George
    HEDSALL, Harriet
    HEDSALL, John
    HEDSALL, Josephine
    HEDSALL, Mary
    HEIDMAN, A. B.
    HEITZIG, Anthony
    HEITZIG, Antonette
    HEITZIG, Baby boy, 1 yr.
    HEITZIG, Caroline
    HEITZIG, Casper
    HEITZIG, Christian
    HEITZIG, Christopher
    HEITZIG, Frederic
    HEITZIG, Henry
    HEITZIG, Henry
    HEITZIG, John
    HEITZIG, Louisa
    HEITZIG, Mary
    HEITZIG, Matilda
    HEITZIG, Sarah
    HEITZIG, Willimina
    HEITZIG, Willimina
    HEMPHILL, Alice
    HEMPHILL, Lockwood
    HEMPHILL, Margaret
    HEMPHILL, Mary J.
    HEMPHILL, Sam J.
    HENDERSON, Abram
    HENDERSON, Avela
    HENDERSON, Charles
    HENDERSON, Eliza J.
    HENDERSON, Eliza Jane
    HENDERSON, Ellen
    HENDERSON, Fanny
    HENDERSON, Frank
    HENDERSON, George W.
    HENDERSON, Harriet
    HENDERSON, Jeremiah
    HENDERSON, John L.
    HENDERSON, Mary A.
    HENDERSON, Nancy
    HENDERSON, Richmon
    HENDERSON, Robert
    HENDERSON, Sarah
    HENDERSON, Sarah
    HENDESON, John
    HENDESON, Margaret
    HENDESON, May/Mary
    HENDESON, Tho’s
    HENDESON, Tho’s
    HENDRICKS, Amelia
    HENDRICKS, Isaac
    HENDSON, Margarete
    HENEMAN, Elizabeth
    HENEMAN, Janie
    HENEMAN, Jennet
    HENEMAN, John
    HENEMAN, Margaret
    HENEMAN, Sam’.
    HENEMAN, Sam’l
    HENN, Christian
    HENN, Elizabeth
    HENN, Lenora
    HENN, Louisa
    HENN, Mary
    HENN, Philip
    HENNAN, Henry W.
    HENNER, Aron
    HENOFAN, James
    HENRY, Margaret
    HENRY, Nicholas
    HENRY, Peter
    HENSEY, Harrite A.
    HENSEY, Jane
    HENSEY, Wm.
    HENSON, Allen
    HENSON, Ann
    HENSON, Caroline
    HENSON, Charlotte
    HENSON, Charlotte
    HENSON, Daniel
    HENSON, Eliza
    HENSON, Emily
    HENSON, Ezekiel
    HENSON, Frances
    HENSON, Franklin
    HENSON, George
    HENSON, George E.
    HENSON, Hannah
    HENSON, James
    HENSON, Joel
    HENSON, John
    HENSON, John
    HENSON, Julianna
    HENSON, Louisana
    HENSON, Margaret
    HENSON, Mariah
    HENSON, Mary J.
    HENSON, Mrs. Milihan
    HENSON, Mrs. Susan
    HENSON, Rhody
    HENSON, Richard H.
    HENSON, Sam’l
    HENSON, Samuel
    HENSON, Sarah
    HENSON, Sidney
    HENSON, Thomas O.
    HENSON, Wm.
    HENSON, Wm.
    HERAD, Adam
    HERAD, Catherine
    HERAD, Conrod K.
    HERAD, E?????
    HERAD, Hollans
    HERAD, Margaret
    HERAD, Nicholas
    HERAD, Semod
    HERDMAN, David
    HERDMAN, George Wm.
    HERDMAN, Henry H.
    HERDMAN, Mrs. Mary J.
    HERDMAN, Thos. M.
    HERDMAN, Wm.
    HERDSMAN, Mary E. L.
    HERMAN, Gotlieb
    HERRON, Eliza
    HERRON, Wm.
    HERRY, Frederick
    HERRY, Hannah
    HERRY, John
    HERTH, Mary
    HERTH, Tereneiah
    HESKINS, I. M.
    HESKINS, K. Y.
    HESLER, John
    HESLER, John
    HESLER, Josephine
    HESLER, Lewis
    HESSELTON, Clark
    HESSELTON, Eliza J.
    HESSELTON, John H.
    HESSELTON, Lewis
    HESSELTON, Mary A.
    HESSELTON, Nancy
    HESSEN, Alice
    HESSEN, Francis
    HESSEN, Helen B.
    HESSEN, John T.
    HESSEN, Joseph H.
    HESSEN, L. E.
    HESSEN, Mary
    HESSEN, Mary E.
    HESSEN, Victoria
    HESSEN, W. L.
    HESSEN, Wm. H.
    HESSER, J. H.
    HESSER, Victoria
    HESTER, August
    HESTER, Jacob
    HESTER, Jacob Jr.
    HESTER, Mary
    HESTER, Mary
    HETTAR/OR, Wm.
    HETZKILL, Jacob
    HETZKILL, Jane
    HETZKILL, John
    HETZKILL, Mary
    HEUCTMAN, Elian
    HEUCTMAN, Frederick
    HEUCTMAN, Leopola
    HEUCTMAN, Leopold
    HEWETT, William
    HEYMES, John
    HEYS, Catharine
    HEYS, Sam’l
    HEYS, Samuel
    HICKLEY, John
    HICKMAN, Benj’
    HICKS, Bell
    HICKS, Eliza
    HICKS, Elizabeth
    HICKS, Julia
    HICKS, Mrs.
    HICKS, Mrs. Louisa
    HICKS, Sophrona
    HICKS, Zelda
    Highfill, Amanda
    Highfill, George T.
    Highfill, Isaac
    Highfill, James
    Highfill, Mary J.
    Highfill, Miller
    Highfill, Sarah
    HILIN, Samuel
    HILL, Asher
    HILL, Charles
    HILL, Edward D.
    HILL, Emma D.
    HILL, Ephramia
    HILL, Harry B.
    Hill, Jacob
    Hill, Jacob
    Hill, James B.
    Hill, Jane E.
    HILL, Juliett
    HILL, Kate?
    HILL, Louisa
    HILL, Margaret
    HILL, Margaret
    HILL, Maria H.
    Hill, Mary
    Hill, Mary C.
    HILL, Mr. L.
    HILL, Mrs. Elizabeth
    HILL, Nancy E.
    HILL, Richard
    HILL, Robert L.
    HILL, Robert T.
    Hill, Sebastian
    HILL, Smith
    HILL, Theodore
    HILL, William
    HILL, Willie t.
    HILL, Wm.
    HILLARY, Michael
    HILLS, Harriett
    HILLS, Mary E.
    HILLS, Rosanna
    HILT, Caroline
    HILT, Julia
    HILT, Lewis
    HILT, Mathias
    HILTON, Josephus
    HILTON, Margaret
    HILTON, Mariah
    HINDSEN, Paul
    HINGS, Robert
    HITT, Eliza
    HO????, Emma
    HO????, Isaac
    HO????, James
    HO????, Lucinda
    HO????, Margaret
    HO????, Margaret
    HO????, Mary
    HO????, William
    HOBART, Henry
    HOBSON, Ann
    HOBSON, Frank T.
    HOBSON, I?/S? T.
    HOBSON, John J.
    HOBSON, Margaret
    HOBSON, Susan
    HODGDEN, George
    HODGDEN, Mary
    HOFFMAN, Anna
    HOFFMAN, Caroline
    HOFFMAN, Eliza J.
    HOFFMAN, Geo.
    HOFFMAN, Geoge L.
    HOFFMAN, Henry
    HOFFMAN, Jacob
    HOFFMAN, Margaret
    HOFFMAN, Martha
    HOFFMAN, Mary
    HOFFMAN, Sarah E.
    HOFFMAN, T. A.
    HOFFMAN, Wm. H.
    HOLAND, J.
    Holland, Jospeh
    HOLLENHOUS, Joseph
    HOLLINS, Ferarado??
    HOLSTEAD, Elizabeth
    HOOPER, Frederic W.
    HOOPER, Henry
    HOOPER, Hester
    HOOPER, Joseph
    HOOPER, Mary
    HOORD/??, Francis
    HOPPER, Ann
    HOPPER, Christen
    HOPPER, Edward
    HOPPER, Henry
    HOPPER, Henry
    HOPPER, Lewis
    HOPPER, R. F.
    HORTON, Alice
    HORTON, Hannah
    HORTON, Mary
    HORTON, Mick
    HORTON, Morris
    HORTON, Patrick
    HOSKINS, E. Desplane
    HOSKINS, Emily
    HOSKINS, Havens
    HOSKINS, Ja’s
    HOSKINS, Paul
    HOSKINS, Wm.
    HOUSAL, John
    HOUSAL, Sarah
    HOUSAL, Wm. W.
    HOUSE, Catharine
    HOUSE, Daniel
    HOUSE, Eliza
    HOUSE, Francis
    HOUSE, George W.
    HOUSE, James
    HOUSE, Josephine
    HOUSE, Sarah
    HOUSE, W. C.
    HOUSE, Walter C.
    HOUSEMAN, August
    HOUSEMAN, Charles
    HOUSEMAN, Charles
    HOUSEMAN, Eliza
    HOUSEMAN, Josephine
    HOUSEMAN, Lewis
    HOWARD, Ann
    HOWARD, H. H. (Esq)
    HOWARD, Joseph
    HOWARD, Joseph
    HOWARD, Lucy
    HOWARD, Mauad
    HOWARD, Peter
    HOWARD, Sarah
    HOWARD, Sarah A.
    HOWARD, Sarah G.
    HOWARD, Sylvester
    HOWEL, Ann
    HOWEL, Asa L.
    HOWEL, Calvin
    HOWEL, Cha’s
    HOWEL, Elanson
    HOWEL, Ellen
    HOWEL, John
    HOWEL, Lavina
    HOWEL, Wilhinton???
    HOWELL, Alice
    HOWELL, Anna
    HOWELL, Charles
    HOWELL, Elias
    HOWELL, John
    HOWELL, Uriah D.
    HOWELL, Wm.
    HOWLAND, C. D.
    HOWLAND, Charles
    HOWLAND, Elizabeth
    HOWLAND, Henry
    HOWLAND, Joseph
    HOWLAND, Lucinda
    HOYT, Mrs.
    HUCHES, Thomas
    HUCKLE, Caroline
    HUCKLE, Charles
    HUCKLE, Elizabeth
    HUCKLE, Margaret
    HUDSON, Bradley
    HUDSON, Caroline
    HUELER, Betsy
    HUELER, Casper
    HUELER, Elinor
    HUFF, Ann E.
    HUFF, Calvin
    HUFF, Clark
    HUFF, Elizabeth
    HUFF, George
    HUFF, Isaac
    HUFF, Joseph P.
    HUFF, Lewis
    HUFF, Luther
    HUFF, Phebe A.
    HUFF, Sarah J.
    HUFF, Wm. K.
    Hughes, George
    Hughes, George
    Hughes, Henry
    HUGHES, James
    HUGHES, Lucinda
    HUGHES, Mary
    Hughes, Sarah
    Hughes, Sarah J
    HUGHES, Thomas
    Hughes, William
    Hughes, William
    HUGHS, Benson
    HUGHS, Ester
    HUGHS, Hester E.
    HUGHS, James H.
    HUGHS, Joseph
    HUGHS, Peter G.
    Hulsebush, Albert
    Hulsebush, Onis
    HUMARD, John
    HUMARD, Mary A.
    HUMARD, William
    HUNT, Geo. F.
    HUNT, Hattie
    HUNT, Jacob
    HUNT, James
    HUNT, Jas.
    HUNT, Sarah
    HUNT, Theodore
    HUNTER, Isabella
    HUNTER, Jane
    HUNTER, Mary A.
    HUNTER, Sarah
    HUNTER, Sarah
    HUNTER, Wm.
    HURD, Alvina N.
    HURD, Annie
    HURD, Frank
    HURD, Hester Ann
    HURD, Jeff
    HURD, Jenny
    HURD, John E.
    HURD, Lucinda
    HURD, Lydia
    HURD, Mary
    HURD, Wm.
    HURDEVANT, Sarah
    HUSINGER, Margaret
    HUSLMAN, Fead?
    HUSLMAN, Henry
    HUSLMAN, Mary
    Huston, Joseph
    Huston, Joseph D.
    Huston, Matilda
    Huston, Sarah C.
    Huston, Silas W.
    HUTCHCRAFT, Elizabeth
    HUTCHCRAFT, Ell????
    HUTCHCRAFT, Nancy E.
    HUTCHCRAFT, Nancy E.
    HUTCHCRAFT, William
    HUTCHCRAFT, William
    HUTCHIN, William Worth
    HUTCHINSON, Elizabeth
    HUTCHINSON, Lucinda
    HUTCHINSON, Wm. T. (M.D.)
    HUTIRY?, Christ
    HUTSN??, Brut
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