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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    G/CARROLL, Catharine
    G/CARROLL, John W.
    G/CARROLL, Mary Ann
    G??????, John
    GAFNEY, Denis
    GAFNEY, Denis
    GAFNEY, Harriet
    GAFNEY, John
    GAFNEY, Mathew
    GAMON, Justace
    GANLIAN, Catharinia
    GANLIAN, George
    GANLIAN, Henry
    GANLIAN, Mrs.
    GAR????, Elizabeth
    GAR????, John
    GAR????, John S.
    GAR????, Joseph R.
    GAR????, Lucy
    GARDENER, Feverand
    GARDENER, Nancy
    GARE, William
    GARNIS, Alice
    GARNIS, George
    GARNIS, James
    GARNIS, Mary E.
    GARNIS, Susanna
    GARNIS, William J.
    GARRALS, Elizabeth
    GARRALS, John
    GARRALS, John
    GARRISON, Cerena J.
    GARRISON, Elmina
    GARRISON, Enoch J.
    GARRISON, Jane
    GARRISON, June
    GARRISON, Lewis A.
    GARRISON, Lewis C.
    GARRISON, Lloyd M.
    GARRISON, Maria
    GARRISON, Martha A.
    GARRISON, Mary
    GARRISON, Miles
    GARRISON, Sarah
    GARRISON, Sarah E.
    GARRISON, William
    GARRISON, William
    GARRITSON, Betsy
    GARRITSON, Charles
    GARRITSON, Gavit R.
    GARRITSON, Peter
    GARRORD, Mrs. H.
    GARVERN, Peter
    GASKILL, Sam’l
    GASLER, John
    GASTON, Bennett
    GASTON, Elizabeth
    GASTON, Henrrietta
    GASTON, Mrs. Nancy
    GASTON, Wm. H.
    GATES, Margaret
    GATES, Mary E.
    GATES, Matilda
    GATES, Robert B.
    GATES, Timothy
    GAUL, Ellen
    GAUL, John
    GAUL, Mary
    GAUL, Mrs. Bridget
    GAUL, Wm.
    GAZILLA, Elizabeth
    GAZILLA, Ellen
    GAZILLA, Joseph
    GEARING, Anna
    GEARING, William Henry
    GEARS, Charles
    GEARS, Douglass
    GEARS, Florida
    GEARS, Lorilla
    GEARS, Loyd
    GEARS, Paris
    GEARS, Philipen
    GELLESAP, Lewis
    GELLESAP, Mrs.
    GELLESAP, Sarah
    GELLESAP, Thomas
    GENENY, David
    GENTRY, James
    GERALD, George P.
    GERALD, Mary J.
    GERBOK, Fred
    GERMAN, John
    GERRY, Nathaniel
    GERRY, Pari
    GERRY, Rachel
    GERRY, Sarah
    GEUTCHER, Henry
    GEUTCHER, Susan
    GIBBS, Clarinda
    GIBBS, Daniel
    GIBBS, Eliner
    GIBBS, Harriet
    GIBBS, John
    GIBBS, John
    GIBBS, Julia
    GIBBS, Mark D.
    GIBBS, Mary L.
    GIBBS, Nelson
    GIBBS, Rebecca J.
    GIBBS, Sarah
    GIBERSON, Daniel
    GIBERSON, Ephraim
    GIBERSON, Florisa
    GIBERSON, George W.
    GIBERSON, Henry H.
    GIBERSON, Isaac
    GIBERSON, Isabel
    GIBERSON, Joel
    GIBERSON, John
    GIBERSON, John W.
    GIBERSON, Martha
    GIBERSON, Mary J.
    GIBERSON, Mrs. Mary
    GIBERSON, Robert
    GIBERSON, Sam’l I.
    GIBERSON, Sarah E.
    GIBERSON, Valintine
    GIBSON, Elizabeth
    Gibson, John
    GIBSON, John
    GIFFERD, Elminaa
    GIFFERD, Emily A.
    GIFFERD, Mary A.
    GIFFERD, Oskar
    GILBERT, Elizabeth
    GILBERT, Emanuel
    GILBERT, George
    GILBERT, George
    GILBERT, George
    Gilbreath, Elizabeth
    Gilbreath, Elizabeth
    Gilbreath, Harriet
    Gilbreath, Isaac
    Gilbreath, John
    Gilbreath, John
    Gilbreath, John H.
    Gilbreath, Lydia A.
    Gilbreath, Susan
    Gilbreath, William
    Giles, Jerry
    GILES, Jerry
    Giles, Minerva
    GILES, Minerva
    GILHAM, Andrew
    GILHAM, Charles H.
    GILHAM, John F.
    GILHAM, Marcus
    GILHAM, Margaret
    GILHAM, Martha
    GILHAM, Mary
    GILHAM, Richard
    GILHAM, Wm.
    Gill, Dan’l
    Gill, Ellen
    Gill, Hannah
    Gill, Jane
    GILL, John
    Gill, Mary
    GILL, Mary C.
    Gill, Peter
    Gill, Rebecca
    GILL, Wm.
    GILLECK, Philipp
    GILWORTH, Adeline
    GILWORTH, George
    GILWORTH, Harvey
    GILWORTH, John
    GILWORTH, Lewis
    GILWORTH, Martha
    GILWORTH, Perry
    GILWORTH, Reed
    GIRTH, Henry
    GIVENS, Eveline
    GLASSBRENNER, Catherine
    GLASSBRENNER, Frederic
    GLASSBRENNER, Frederic
    GLEASON, Baby boy 2 mo.
    GLEASON, James
    GLEASON, James
    GLEASON, Joel
    GLEASON, Mrs.
    GLEASON, Samuel
    GLOBE, John
    GLOBE, Julia
    GLOVER, Catherine
    GLOVER, Hellen
    GLOVER, Powel
    GLOVER, Rosanna
    GODFREY, Elizabeth
    GODFREY, Jacob
    GODFREY, James C.
    GODFREY, Margaret
    GODFREY, Mary Ann
    GODFREY, William H.
    GOLBER, John
    GOLDEN, Unice
    GOLDEN, William M.
    Goley, Goerge
    Goley, James
    Goley, John
    GOLTIN, Geo. A.
    GOMAN, Christine
    GOMAN, Deno
    GOMAN, Dorothy
    GOMAN, Emma
    GOMAN, Henry
    GOMAN, O. H.
    GOMAN, Sophia
    GOOCH, Ellen
    GOOCH, John
    GOOCH, Mrs. Mary
    GOOCH, Tho’s
    GOOD, John
    GOOD, John
    GOOD, Martha
    GOOD, Sarah
    GOODMAN, Benj. F.
    GOODMAN, Henry
    GOODRICH, Adam A.
    GOODRICH, Bell
    GOODRICH, Catharine
    GOODRICH, Chas. H.
    GOODRICH, Jane A.
    GOODRICH, Lydia
    GOODRICH, Sarah A.
    GORDON, Andrew M.
    GORDON, Catherine
    GORDON, George
    GORDON, John
    GORDON, John
    GORDON, John H.
    GORDON, Mary
    GORDON, Mary A.
    GORDON, Michael
    GORDON, Rachel
    GORDON, Thomas
    GORDON, William
    GORDON, William T.
    GORIN, Ada
    GORIN, Ann
    GORIN, Francis
    GORIN, Frank
    GORIN, G. W.
    GORIN, George B.
    GORMAN, Charles
    GORMAN, Joseph
    GORMAN, Virginia
    GOWIN, Ann
    GOWIN, Emma
    GOWIN, Isabel
    GOWIN, John
    GOWIN, William
    GRACE, Hannah
    GRACE, Johanah
    GRACE, John
    GRACE, Julia
    GRACE, Mary
    GRACE, Michael
    GRACKER, John
    GRACKER, William
    GRADY, Ellen
    GRADY, James
    GRADY, John
    GRADY, Mary
    GRADY, Mary Ann
    GRADY, Thomas
    GRAHAM, Danile
    GRAHAM, Emaline
    GRAHAM, Francis M.
    GRAHAM, George
    GRAHAM, George
    GRAHAM, Jane G.
    GRAHAM, John
    GRAHAM, John
    GRAHAM, John
    GRAHAM, Mrs. L. M.
    GRAHAM, Nancy
    GRAHAM, Oscar
    GRAHAM, Rebecca
    GRAHAM, Robert
    GRAHAM, Susanna
    GRAHAM, William
    GRAHAM, William
    Gramens, David
    Gramens, Joseph
    Gramens, Lucy
    Gramens, Mary
    GRAN???, Nancy J.
    Grant, Robert
    Grant, Samuel
    GREEN, Al??????
    GREEN, Alexander
    GREEN, Alfred
    GREEN, Alice
    GREEN, Asher
    GREEN, Caroline
    GREEN, Charles
    GREEN, E?????
    GREEN, Elisha
    GREEN, Enoch
    GREEN, Eugene
    GREEN, Eveline
    GREEN, Fanny
    GREEN, Hannah
    GREEN, Joseph
    GREEN, Lydia
    GREEN, Marcus M.
    GREEN, Martha
    GREEN, Mrs. Tamor
    GREEN, Nancy
    GREEN, Robert G.
    GREEN, Sam’l J.
    GREEN, Susan
    GREEN, Thomas
    GREEN, Tho’s C.
    GREEN, William
    GREEN, Wm.
    GREEN, Wm. Cook
    GREEN, Wm. P.
    GREENE, Addison
    GREENE, Addison
    GREENE, Albert
    GREENE, Amanda
    GREENE, Joanna
    GREENE, Nathaniel
    GREENE, Rhoda A.
    GREENWELL, Mrs. Addie
    GREER, Elizabeth
    GREER, S. W.
    GREGG, B. S.
    GRETHER, William
    GRIFFITH, Charles
    GRIGGS, Benj.
    GRIM, Elizabeth
    GRIM, John
    GRIM, Napoleon B.
    GRIMES, Charity
    GRIMES, Edward
    GRIMES, Isabella
    GRIMES, James K. P.
    GRIMES, Janet T.
    GRIMES, Mary E.
    GRIMES, Philip
    GRIMES, Robert
    GRINE??, Margaret
    GRISSELL, Cordelia
    GRISSELL, John
    GRISSELL, Mathena
    GROPPEL, A?????
    GROPPEL, Fred
    GROPPEL, Herman
    GROSJEAN, Almot
    GROSJEAN, Frances
    GROSJEAN, Lewis
    GROSJEAN, Louis
    GROSJEAN, Louisa
    GROSJEAN, Mena
    GROSS, Catharine
    GROSS, Catharine
    GROSS, Eliza J.
    GROSS, G. V.
    GROSS, G. V.
    GROSS, James
    GROSS, John
    GROSS, Joseph
    GROSS, Theodore
    GROSS, Willam
    GROSS, Wm.
    GROULS, Elizabeth E.
    GROULS, Geo. F.
    GROULS, Geo. Wash.
    GROULS, Joseph H.
    GROUPH, Willis
    GROVIS, John
    GRULD, George P.
    GRULD, Mary J.
    GRUNDY, Luther
    GU????, Hans
    GUMBLE, Chas.
    GUMBLE, Chas.
    GUMBLE, Mary
    GUMBLE, Matilda
    GUMBLE, Matilda
    GUNTERMAN, Betsy
    GUNTERMAN, Isaac
    GUNTERMAN, John C.
    GUNTERMAN, Malinda
    GUNTERMAN, Margaret
    GUNTERMAN, Pertina
    GUNTERMAN, William H.
    GUREN?, Margaret
    GURNEY, James
    GURTHEY, Jacob
    GURTHEY, Mary
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