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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    faded out, Harriett
    faded out, Mel(Is/n)enene N.
    faded out-all
    FAGGOTT, Franklin
    FAILOW, Philip
    FALL, Anthony
    FALL, Emma
    FALL, Hamlin
    FALL, John
    FALL, John Henry
    FALL, William
    FALL, William
    FAMAR, James
    FANAGAN, Ezekiel
    FANEL, John
    FARBORN, Catherine
    FARBORN, George
    FARBORN, James
    FARBORN, Mary
    FARBORN, Nancy
    FARBORN, Richard
    FARBURN, James
    FARLEY, Frances
    FARLEY, Mary
    FARLEY, Mary J.
    FARLEY, R. D.
    FARRELL, Catherine
    FARRELL, Charles W.
    FARRELL, Cha’s
    FARRELL, Eli
    FARRELL, Frances J.
    FARRELL, Franklin
    FARRELL, George
    FARRELL, Patrick
    FARRELL, Peter
    FARRELL, Rebecca
    FARRELL, Richard
    FARRELL, Rosa
    FARRELL, Sarah A.
    FARRELL, Sarinda
    FARRELL, Thomas
    FARRELL, Tho’s
    FARRELL, William
    FARROW, Albert
    FARROW, Albert S.
    FARROW, Charles
    FARROW, Jas.
    FARROW, Louisa Jane
    FARROW, Mary
    FARROW, Mrs. Catharine
    FARROW, Rebecca
    FARROW, W. C.
    FARROW, Wm.
    FAWANK, Omer
    FAY, Albert W.
    FAY, Emily
    FAY, John H.
    FAY, Joseph
    FAY, Mary
    FEILA, Patric
    FELTER, Alpha
    FELTER, Eliza
    FELTER, Emily
    FELTER, Francis
    FELTER, George
    FELTER, Isabela
    FELTER, Sarah
    FELTER, William W.
    FELTZER, Preston
    FENTER, James
    FERBER, Fanny
    FERBER, Mike
    FERBREN, Catherine
    FERBREN, John
    FERD, Aren
    FERD, George
    FERD, Gideon L.
    FERD, Hannah
    FERD, Jasper
    FERD, Jonathan
    FERD, Maria
    FERD, Mary E.
    FERD, Mrs. G.
    FERD, Sophronia?
    FERD, Thomas
    FERGERSON, Mervin
    FERGUSON, John
    FERRIN, James
    FESTLER, John
    FESTLER, Mary
    FETLANT, Jerry
    FETLER, M. K.
    FETTER, Cornelia
    FETTER, Francis
    FETTER, George
    FETTER, Harriet
    FETTER, John
    FETTER, Joseph
    FETTER, Maria
    FETTER, Peter
    FETZLER, George
    FETZLER, Hannah
    FETZLER, John
    FETZLER, Mike
    FICHNER, James
    FICHNER, Mary H.
    FICHNER, Melissa
    FIDLEY, John
    FIDLEY, Mary
    FIELD, Alex’r
    FIELD, Benj’m
    FIELD, Eliza
    FIELD, Ephraim
    FIELD, Frank
    FIELD, George
    FIELD, James
    FIELD, Maria
    FIELDS, Chas.
    FIELDS, Eliza
    FIELDS, Margaret
    FIELDS, Robert
    FIELDS, Sarah
    FIGT, Michael
    FIINCH, James
    FILLMORE, Joseph
    FINCH, Arena R.
    FINCH, Chas. W.
    FINCH, Eliz J.
    FINCH, Emily J.
    FINCH, Finis B.
    FINCH, Frances
    FINCH, Henry C.
    FINCH, Isham
    FINCH, Isham W.
    FINCH, Jas. H.
    FINCH, Julia A.
    FINCH, Lucy A.
    FINCH, Margaret
    FINCH, Mildred F.
    FINE, Samuel B.
    FINK, Albert
    FINK, Ann M.
    FINK, Caroline
    FINK, Elizabeth
    FINK, Isabel
    FINK, John
    FINK, Louisa J.
    FINK, Mary C.
    FINNEY, Amanda M.
    FINNEY, D. W.
    FINNEY, George
    FISHER, C. B.
    FISHER, Catharine
    FISHER, Catherine A.
    FISHER, Charles
    FISHER, Chas.
    FISHER, Edward
    FISHER, Eliza J.
    FISHER, Ellen
    FISHER, Emaline
    FISHER, Frunlilka
    FISHER, Geo. H.
    FISHER, Hannah
    FISHER, Henry
    FISHER, James
    FISHER, John
    FISHER, John
    FISHER, John
    FISHER, John
    FISHER, Louisa
    FISHER, Mary
    FISHER, Peter R.
    FISHER, William F.
    FISHER, Wm. B.
    FISTLER, Catharine
    FITZGERALD, Joanna
    FITZGERALD, Margaret
    FITZGERALD, Michael
    FITZGERALD, Mrs. Elizabeth
    FITZGERALD, Richard
    FITZGERALD, Richard
    FITZGERALD, Richard
    FITZGERALD, Westly
    FITZPATRICK, Patrick
    FIX, Wm.
    FLAMM, Gertrude
    FLAMM, John
    FLAMM, John E.
    FLAMM, Joseph
    FLAMM, Wilhelm
    FLANAGAN, Charles
    FLANAGAN, Elizabeth
    FLANAGAN, Ellen
    FLANAGAN, James
    FLANAGAN, Jemima
    FLANAGAN, Margaret
    FLANAGAN, Mary
    FLANAGAN, Mathew
    FLANAGAN, Michael
    FLANAGAN, Patrick
    FLANAGAN, Thomas
    FLANAGN, Marcia
    FLASNER, Phebe
    Fleetwood, Margaret
    Fleetwood, Thomas
    FLEISHMAN, Christine
    FLEISHMAN, Christine
    FLEISHMAN, Lawrence
    FLEISHMAN, Lawrence
    FLEISHMAN, Theodore
    FLEISHMAN, Theodore
    FLEMING, Baby girl 2 mo.
    FLEMING, Bridget
    FLEMING, James
    FLEMING, James H.
    FLEMING, John
    FLEMING, Julia
    FLEMING, Martin
    FLEMING, Mary
    FLEMING, Patrick
    FLETFHER, Ann A.
    FLICKER, Lewiss
    FLINT, Margarete
    FLORIDA, Alonzo
    FLORIDA, Sarah
    Researcher note: Michael Vogel is my great grandfather, Michael Fogel. The Fogels were written as Vogel in the 1860 census. Dick Kearns, Huntington, NY.
    FOGEL, Eve
    FOGEL, George Anna
    FOGEL, Martha
    FOGEL, Mary
    FOGEL, Michael
    FOGLE, George A. M.
    FOLDS, Elias
    FOLDS, Mary
    FOLTZ, James
    FOOTE, Alma
    FOOTE, Chas. H.
    FORBES, Cordelia
    FORBES, Joseph W.
    FORBES, Mary A.
    FORBES, Mary C.
    FORBES, Philandra?
    FORCE, Ebenezer
    FORCE, Nancy
    FORCE, Samuel
    FORCE, Thomas
    FORCE, Tho’s H.
    FORCEMAN, Fisher
    FORD, Adalaska
    FORD, Edgar
    FORD, Eugene A.
    FORD, Francis H.
    FORD, Gillman
    FORD, Henry
    FORD, Ida V.
    FORD, Joseph
    FORD, Mary
    FORD, Rachel
    FORD, Sam’l
    FORD, Wm.
    FORD, Wm. H.
    FORDON, Alice
    FORDON, John
    FORDON, John
    FORDON, Josephus
    FORDON, Mary
    FORDON, Mary C.
    FORGES, Wm.
    FORNETTA, Mary J.
    FORNETTA, Minerva
    FORNETTA, Sarah
    FORNETTA, William
    FORTNER, Catharine
    FORTNER, Catharine E.
    FORTNER, Charles
    FORTNER, Ednea
    FORTNER, Elnora
    FORTNER, James
    FORTNER, Jane
    FORTNER, John
    FORTNER, Joseph
    FORTNER, Maria
    FORTNER, Mariam R.
    FORTNER, Mary A.
    FORTNER, Mary E.
    FORTNER, Sarah A.
    FORTNER, Wm.
    FORTNER, Wm.
    FOSE, John
    FOSL/T?ER, Geo. J.
    FOSL/T?ER, Judson P.
    FOSL/T?ER, Levina
    FOSTER, Albert H.
    FOSTER, Anna
    FOSTER, Benj.
    FOSTER, Lucinda
    FOSTER, Mason
    FOSTER, Mrs.
    FOWLER, Eliza
    FOWLER, Elsa
    FOWLER, Mary Ann
    FOWLER, Mrs E.
    FOWLER, Thomas M. G.
    FOWLER, Wm.
    FOWLES, Augusta
    FOWLES, Cassandra
    FOWLES, Harriet V.
    FOWLES, Warren
    FOWLES, Washington
    FOX, Thomas
    FRANCES, Baby boy 6 mo.
    FRANCES, Sarah
    FRANCIS, Wm.
    FRANK, Sarah
    FRANKLIN, John
    FRAZIER, James
    FRAZIER, Mary
    FRAZIER, S?????
    FRAZUR, John
    FREBER, J. L.( H. D. )
    FREEMAN, Baby
    FREEMAN, Barbara
    FREEMAN, Catherine
    FREEMAN, Harmon
    FREEMAN, Harmon
    FREEMAN, James
    FREEMAN, John
    FREEMAN, Mary
    FREEMAN, Mrs. Mary
    FREEMAN, Pelee
    FREEMAN, Sarah J.
    FREEMANN, Barbara
    FREEZE, Amilda
    FREEZE, Elizabeth
    FREEZE, Elizabeth
    FREEZE, John
    FREEZE, Mary
    FREEZE, Mary
    FREEZE, Milton
    FREEZE, Rebecca J.
    FREEZE, Ruth
    FREEZE, Wm.
    FRENCH, Anna C.
    FRENCH, Clara
    FRENCH, D. P.
    FRENCH, George G.
    FRENCH, Mahitable
    FRENCH, Maria J.
    FRENCH, Peter
    FRENLE, ?
    FRI/OST, Edward S.
    FRI/OST, Mary L.
    FRI/OST, Mrs. Theoderia
    FRITZ, Anthony
    FRITZ, Goky
    FROST, Ada
    FROST, Catharine
    FROST, Charles
    FROST, Elizabeth
    FROST, James E.
    FROST, John H.
    FROST, Lenora
    FROST, Mary
    FROST, Mary E.
    FROST, Mason F.
    FROST, Mrs. Catharine
    FROST, Mrs. Emma
    FROST, Rebecca
    FROST, Theodore G.
    FROST, Wiltha Ann
    FROST, Wm. H.
    FRY, Christopher
    FRY, Peter
    FRYMAN, Emily
    FRYMAN, Jacob
    FRYMAN, Julia
    FRYMAN, N.
    FRYMAN, Samuel
    FRYMAN, Samuel
    FULKS, ?ena
    FULKS, Eliza A.
    FULKS, Elizabeth
    FULKS, John
    FULKS, Samuel
    FULKS, Sarilda
    FULLER, Ann
    FULLER, Charles
    FULLER, Dewit
    FULLER, Drucella
    FULLER, Elizabeth
    FULLER, Frances
    FULLER, James
    FULLER, John
    FULLER, Laura
    FULLER, Lucinda
    FULLER, Mahala
    FULLER, Martha
    FULLER, Mary
    FULLER, Richard
    FULLER, Richard
    FULLER, Thomas
    FULLER, William
    FULLER, William
    Funk, Elizabeth
    Funk, Hezkiah
    Funk, Jane
    Funk, Leodell
    Funk, Mich
    Funk, Sarah Jane
    FUNK, Stephen
    FUNK, Teresa
    FURDELL, Edward
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