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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    E????, Hannah
    EADS, Calcha A.
    EADS, James
    EADS, Jas. A.
    EADS, William
    EAGLEHOFF, Fredric
    EAGLEHOFF, George
    EAST, Albert
    EAST, Caleb
    EAST, Elisha
    EAST, Henry
    EAST, Jane
    EAST, John
    EAST, Mary
    EAST, Mary J.
    EAST, Melissa
    EASTMAN, Elizabeth
    EASTMAN, Henry
    EATON, Arnetia
    EATON, Eleyan
    EATON, Joanna
    EATON, John
    EATON, John C.
    EBERMAN, Adeline
    EBERMAN, Hester
    EBERMAN, James
    EBERMAN, John
    EBERMAN, Lucetta
    EBERMAN, Mary
    EBERMAN, Wm.
    EBERMAN, Wm.
    EBERMAN, Wm. A.
    EDDINGTON, George
    EDINGS, Ann
    EDINGS, Elizabeth
    EDINGTON, Emma
    EDINGTON, Geo.
    EDSALL, ?
    EDSALL, Caroden P.
    EDSALL, Cordelia
    EDSALL, Drucilla
    EDSALL, John
    EDSALL, John D.
    EDSALL, Lydia
    EDSALL, Thomas
    EDSALL, William
    EDWARDS, Chas.
    EDWARDS, Ellen
    EDWARDS, John
    EDWARDS, Mary Ann
    EDWARDS, Mary E.
    EDWARDS, Sarah M.
    EDWARDS, Wm. B.
    EDWARDS, Wm. H.
    EELWOOD, Bridget
    ELBERT, Bryet
    ELBERT, Edwards
    ELBERT, Ja’s
    ELBERT, Margaret
    ELBERT, Mary
    ELDRIDGE, Adison
    ELDRIDGE, Alfred
    ELDRIDGE, Anthony
    ELDRIDGE, Anthony
    ELDRIDGE, Charles
    ELDRIDGE, Elizabeth
    ELDRIDGE, Elizabeth
    ELDRIDGE, Faninia???
    ELDRIDGE, George
    ELDRIDGE, James D.
    ELDRIDGE, Phineas
    ELDRIDGE, Phinias
    ELDRIDGE, Susanna
    ELDRIDGE, Susanna
    ELDRIDGE. Nancy
    ELGIN, Amanda
    ELGIN, James M.
    ELGIN, John
    ELGIN, John W.
    ELGIN, Julias
    ELGIN, Mary J.
    ELGIN, Perlina
    ELLICOTT, Benj’m
    ELLICOTT, Elizabeth
    ELLICOTT, Lewis
    ELLICOTT, Lewis
    ELLICOTT, Tho’s B.
    ELLIDGE, T. B. E.
    ELLIOT, A. W.
    ELLIOT, Bolley, H.
    ELLIOT, Elizabeth
    ELLIOT, Elizabeth M.
    ELLIOT, Francis
    ELLIOT, Frank
    ELLIOT, Mahla
    ELLIOT, Mary
    ELLIOT, S. E.
    ELLIOT, Sarah
    ELLIOTT, Frances
    ELLIOTT, Hannah
    ELLIOTT, Jas. C.
    ELLIOTT, Mrs. Aza
    ELLIS, Ida J.
    ELLIS, Mary M.
    ELLIS, Samuel
    ELLISON, George W.
    ELLISON, Leonard H.
    ELLISON, Nancy
    ELWOOD, John
    ELWOOD, Margaret
    ELWOOD, Mary
    ELWOOD, Mary
    ELWOOD, Thomas
    ELWOOD, Thomas
    ELY, Alvera
    ELY, Ann
    ELY, Arch’a
    ELY, Archibald
    ELY, Charles
    ELY, Charles
    ELY, Elizabeth
    ELY, Ella
    ELY, George
    ELY, George R.
    ELY, George W.
    ELY, Gilbert
    ELY, Harrite
    ELY, Hattie
    ELY, Isaac
    ELY, Isaac R.
    ELY, Jane
    ELY, John
    ELY, Julia
    ELY, Letitia
    ELY, M. A.
    ELY, Mary
    ELY, Mary
    ELY, Mary A.
    ELY, R. R.
    ELY, Wm.
    EMBLY, Edgart
    EMBLY, Mary E.
    EMBLY, Wm. B.
    EMMONDS, Elisabeth
    EMMONDS, Emma
    EMMONDS, Harriett
    EMMONDS, Holmor
    EMMONDS, John H.
    EMMONDS, Mary
    EMMONDS, Rebecca
    EMMONDS, Sam’l
    EMMONDS, Sam’l H.
    EMMONS, Catharine
    EMMONS, Clarinda
    EMMONS, Hanna
    EMMONS, John W.
    EMMONS, Joseph
    EMMONS, Levina
    EMMONS, Mrs. Martha
    EMMONS, Sailad C.
    EMMONS, Sammg/y?
    EMMONS, Tho’s Frank
    EMMONS, Wm. H.
    EMPEY, ?
    ENARDS, Jonah
    ENARDS, Phebe
    ENGLAND, George
    ENGLAND, Mary
    ENGLISH, Elizabeth
    ENGLISH, John
    ENGLISH, John N.
    ENGLISH, Loyd
    ENGLISH, Mary H.
    ENGLISH, Philip
    ENGLISH, Robert B.
    ENGLISH, Robert N.
    ENGLISH, Thomas
    ENGLISH, Thomas Benton
    ENLOW, Mary J.
    ENLOW, Minerva A.
    ENLOW, William D.
    Ennis, Ann
    Ennis, Anna
    Ennis, Caroline
    Ennis, Caroline
    Ennis, Fanny
    Ennis, James
    Ennis, James
    Ennis, William
    Ennis, Zack
    ENSLOW, David
    ENSLOW, Jane
    ENSLOW, Mr. Kirby
    ENSLOW, Walter
    ENSLOW, Wm.
    EP????, Elizabeth
    EP????, Harmon
    EP????, Lewis
    EPPISON, Rosabel
    EPPISON, Susan
    EPPISON, Susan
    EPPISON, Wm.
    ERASTUS, Hannah
    ERMAN, James
    ERVIN, Abyah
    ERVIN, Cynthia
    ERVIN, Ivy
    ERVIN, Jand
    ERWIN, Clark
    ERWIN, Edwin C.
    ERWIN, Emma
    ERWIN, Hannah
    ERWIN, James
    ERWIN, John A.
    ERWIN, John A.
    ERWIN, Joseph
    ERWIN, Madison
    ERWIN, Mat
    ERWIN, Nancy
    ERWIN, Rollin
    ERWIN, Sam’l
    ERWIN, Sarah
    ERWIN, Susan
    ERWIN, Wm
    ERWIN, Wm. H.
    ERWIN, Wm. W.
    ERWINS, Douglass
    ERWINS, Hannah
    ERWINS, James
    ERWINS, Louisa
    ERWINS, Lucy
    ERWINS, Sam’l
    ERWINS, Susanna
    ERWINS, Thomas
    ERWINS, Wm.
    ESTERBROOK, Calvin
    ESTICE, A. O.
    ESTICE, Catharine
    ESTICE, Francis
    ESTICE, Mary L.
    ESTICE, Sarah Ann
    ESTICE, Tho’s L.
    EVANS, Ann Maria
    EVANS, Betsy
    EVANS, Caroline
    EVANS, Israel
    EVANS, James
    EVANS, John Albert
    EVANS, Mary
    EVANS, Mrs. Elizabeth
    EVANS, Prentice
    EVANS, Rebecca
    EVANS, Sam’l
    EVANS, Sarah
    EVANS, Wm.
    EVELAND, Edmond
    EVELAND, Elizabeth J.
    EVELAND, William
    Everett, Charles
    EVINS, Rebecca
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