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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    C?????, Adam
    C?????, Avon
    C?????, Joseph
    C?????, Margaret
    CAGHEN, Barney
    CAGHEN, Catherine
    CAGHEN, Ellen
    CAGHEN, Ellen
    CAGHEN, Mary
    CAGHEN, Michael
    Calahan, David
    Calahan, G. W.
    Calahan, Harriet
    Calahan, Henrietta
    Calahan, Louisa
    Calahan, William
    CALHAN, Bridget
    CALHAN, Ellen
    CALHAN, Ellen
    CALHAN, Mary E.
    CALHAN, Wm.
    CALHOUN, Emily
    CALHOUN, Franklin
    CALHOUN, Jas. W.
    CALHOUN, Lucinda
    CALHOUN, Rhody
    CALHOUN, Solomon
    CALKINS, Alonzo
    CALKINS, Anna
    CALKINS, Emma R.
    CALKINS, Harriet
    CALKINS, Mary
    CALKINS, Mary
    CALKINS, Nancy
    CALKINS, Zera
    CALKINS, Zera
    CALLES/H?, Tho’s
    CALLIS, Ezra
    CALLIS, George D.
    CALLIS, Isaac
    CALLIS, John W.
    CALLIS, Margaret
    CALLIS, Margaret
    CALLIS, Mary
    CALLIS, Scott
    CALLIS, William P.
    CALVERT, Amanda
    CALVERT, Amanda
    CALVERT, Christopher
    CALVERT, George W.
    CALVERT, John
    CALVERT, Margaret A.
    CALVERT, Nancy J.
    CALVERT, Perlina
    CAM/M?ERON, Eliza
    CAMERAN, Dan’l
    CAMERON, Absalom
    CAMERON, Ann (Nancy)
    CAMMERON, James
    CAMPBELL, Agnes
    CAMPBELL, Alex
    CAMPBELL, Alex’r
    CAMPBELL, Charles
    CAMPBELL, Elizabeth
    CAMPBELL, Elizabeth ?.
    CAMPBELL, Fannie
    CAMPBELL, George
    CAMPBELL, James
    CAMPBELL, James D.
    CAMPBELL, James E.
    CAMPBELL, Jefferson
    CAMPBELL, John A.
    CAMPBELL, Mary
    CAMPBELL, Mrs. A.
    CAMPBELL, Nathan
    CAMPBELL, Perry
    CAMPBELL, Rachel
    CAMPBELL, Rosey
    CAMPBELL, Sally A.
    CAMPBELL, William P.
    CANADA, Elizabeth
    CANADA, Elizabeth
    CANADA, Isaac
    CANADA, Isaac N.
    CANADA, James P.
    CANADA, John
    CANE, John N.
    CANE, Rachel
    CANN, George M.
    CANN, George M.
    CANN, Harriet
    CANN, Jane
    CANN, Josephine
    CANN, Josiah
    CANN, Martha
    CANN, Sarah
    CANNON, A. J.
    CANNON, James
    CANNON, James
    CANNON, Lottie A.
    CANNON, Lucinda
    CANNON, Lucinda
    CANNON, Mary Ann
    CANNON, Richard
    CANNON, Sarah E.
    CAPPELL, John
    CAPPETA, Susan
    CARBERY, Margaret
    CARBERY, Mary
    CARHUFF, Elizabeth
    CARHUFF, John H.
    CARHUFF, Martha
    CARHUFF, Mary
    CARHUFF, W. W.
    CARLAM, James
    CARLAM, Mary
    CARLAM, Nelson
    CARLAM, Sarah
    CARLEAN, Edwin
    CARLIN, Hugh
    CARMAN, Mrs. Harriett
    CARMAN, Thos.
    CARP, George A.
    CARP, John
    CARP, Melia J.
    CARP, Robert
    CARP, Sarah
    CARP, Steven
    CARP, Susana
    CARR, Hugh
    CARR, Robert
    CARREED, Andrew
    CARREED, Axie
    CARREED, John C.
    CARREED, Layquelle
    CARREED, Marion
    CARREED, Mary
    CARREED, Nancy
    CARREED, Wonnano??
    CARREED. Phebe A.
    CARROLL, Adeline
    CARROLL, Anna
    CARROLL, Charles H.
    CARROLL, Charles Sr.
    CARROLL, Edward C.
    CARROLL, Elizabeth
    CARROLL, Emma
    Carroll, Fanny
    CARROLL, J. H.
    CARROLL, Joel
    CARROLL, John
    CARROLL, John A.
    Carroll, Josephine
    CARROLL, Lusanna
    CARROLL, Lusanna
    Carroll, Lyman B.
    CARROLL, Margaret
    CARROLL, Mary
    CARROLL, Mary
    CARROLL, Mary Ann
    CARROLL, Mary J.
    Carroll, Milton B.
    CARROLL, Minerva
    CARROLL, Phebe
    Carroll, Rebecca J.
    CARROLL, Salinda
    CARROLL, Samuel
    CARROLL, Thomas
    Carson, Allen C.
    Carson, Emily
    CARSON, John
    CARSON, Margaret
    CARSON, Mary
    CARSON, Matilda
    CARSON, Sarah
    Carson, William
    CARTEL, Dan’l
    CARTER, Ann
    CARTER, Ann
    CARTER, Anne
    CARTER, Baby boy, 6 mo.
    CARTER, Charles
    CARTER, Charless
    CARTER, Cha’s
    CARTER, Cha’s
    CARTER, John
    CARTER, John
    CARTER, John
    CARTER, John
    CARTER, John B.
    CARTER, Miss Ann
    CARTER, Mrs.
    CARTER, Mrs. Anna
    CARTER, Mrs. Wm.
    CARTER, Pariza
    CARTER, Wm.
    CARTER, Wm.
    CARTER, Wm.
    CARTER, Wm.
    CARTWRIGHT, Benjamin
    CARTWRIGHT, Hezekia
    CARTWRIGHT, Michael
    CARTWRIGHT, William T.
    CASE, Mary
    CASE, Mary
    CASE, Norman
    CASEY, Bridget
    CASEY, Daniel
    CASEY, John
    CASEY, Josephine
    CASEY, Martin
    CASEY, Mary F.
    CASEY, Mary H.
    CASEY, Wm.
    CASKELLA, Catharine
    CASSIDY, Mary
    CATT, Charles T.
    CATT, Mary
    CATT, Wm.
    CAZADT, Joel
    CENNELLY, Anna
    CENNELLY, Arch
    CENNELLY, Joseph
    CENSURY?, John
    CENSURY?, Mana
    CERLEAN, Francis
    CERLEAN, James
    CEUSIP, Jas.
    CHAFFAN, Almira
    CHAMBERS, Ann E.
    CHAMBERS, Charlotte
    CHAMBERS, Jacob
    CHAMBERS, John
    CHAMBERS, John
    CHAMBERS, John W.
    CHAMBERS, Joseph
    CHAMBERS, Margaret
    CHAMBERS, Sarah
    CHAMBERS, Sarah E.
    CHAMBERS, Sarah J.
    CHAMBERS, Theodosia
    CHANCE, Andrew
    CHANCE, Andrew Y.
    CHANCE, Elizabeth
    CHANCE, Ezekiel
    CHANCE, Henry C.
    CHANCE, Sarah
    CHAPLIN, Addison
    CHAPLIN, Henrietta
    CHAPLIN, James
    CHAPMAN, Ann
    CHAPMAN, Caroline
    CHAPMAN, John
    CHAPMAN, Martha
    CHAPMAN, Mary
    CHAPMAN, Tho’s
    CHAPPEL Richard
    CHAPPEL, Barthonomew
    CHAPPEL, Grace
    CHAPPEL, Richard
    CHAPPELL, Ann E.
    CHAPPELL, John
    CHAPPELL, Mrs. Emily
    CHAPPUT?, Catherine
    CHAPPUT?, Charles
    CHAPPUT?, Emily
    CHAPPUT?, George
    CHAPPUT?, James
    CHAPPUT?, John
    CHAPPUT?, Joseph
    CHAPPUT?, Joseph A.
    CHAPPUT?, Louis
    CHAPPUT?, Mary
    CHAPPUT?, N?????
    CHASE, Diadema
    CHASE, Ely
    CHASE, H. M.
    CHASE, L. Bell
    CHEATHAM, Emma
    CHENEY, Catharine
    CHENEY, P. D.
    CHERRY, Emily
    CHERRY, Frances
    CHERRY, George W.
    CHERRY, Harrison
    CHERRY, Nancy
    CHILESTER, Columbus
    CHILESTER, Harriet
    CHILESTER, Martha
    CHILESTER, William
    CHILESTER, William
    CHILSTER, Amanda
    CHILTON, A. C.
    CHILTON, A. G.
    CHILTON, A. M.
    CHILTON, Betty
    CHILTON, E. T.
    CHILTON, Loit???
    CHILTON, M. Z.
    CHILTON, Mary
    CHILTON, R. H.
    CHILTON, S. A.
    CHILTON, W. E.
    CHRISTIAN, George
    CHRISTOPHER, Candace
    CHRISTOPHER, Elizabeth
    CHRISTOPHER, Elizabeth
    CHRISTOPHER, Elizabeth
    CHRISTOPHER, Frances
    CHRISTOPHER, George C.
    CHRISTOPHER, Margaret
    CHRISTOPHER, Margaret
    CHRISTOPHER, Rachel J.
    CINDAN, Mrs. Ellen
    CINEMAKER, Elenor
    CINEMAKER, Elija
    CINEMAKER, Henry
    CINOVER, Artnitha
    CISCO, Ann
    CISCO, Aron
    CISCO, Augustus
    CISCO, Catharine
    CISCO, Eliza R.
    CISCO, John A.
    CISCO, Mary
    CLAIR, Martha A.
    CLARDOY, Fanny
    CLARDOY, Mary
    CLARDOY, Mary
    CLARDOY, Quinn
    CLARIFAN, C. Parriza
    CLARK, A. J.
    CLARK, Adeline
    CLARK, Andrew J.
    CLARK, Ann E.
    CLARK, Charles E.
    CLARK, Ellen
    CLARK, Frederic A.
    CLARK, Henry
    CLARK, Jackson
    CLARK, James A.
    CLARK, James A.
    CLARK, Jane
    CLARK, John W.
    CLARK, Louisana
    CLARK, Lucinda C.
    CLARK, Lucy
    CLARK, Mrs. Eda
    CLARK, Nancy J.
    CLARK, Patrick
    CLARK, S. C.
    CLARK, Sarah E.
    CLARK, Silas
    CLARK, Silas
    CLARK, Thomas
    CLARK, W. C.
    CLARK, William
    CLARK, William
    CLARK, Wm. W.
    CLARODY, Benj’m
    CLAUDE, Emily
    CLAVIN, Ellen
    CLAVIN, Mary
    CLAWPOLE, James F.
    CLAYHUSE, Chas. C/E?
    CLAYHUSE, Ellen
    CLAYHUSE, Jacksin W.
    CLAYHUSE, Margaret
    CLAYHUSE, Salinda
    CLAYTON, A. C.
    CLAYTON, Ann E.
    CLAYTON, Benj. C.
    CLAYTON, Christian
    CLAYTON, Clarance W.
    CLAYTON, H. A.
    CLAYTON, Mary H.
    CLAYTON, Oskar
    CLEN/DON, Edward
    CLEN/DON, Susan
    CLEN/DON, Wm.
    CLENDENIN, Edward S.
    CLENDENIN, Elizabeth J.
    CLENDENIN, Ellen M.
    CLENL/DON, Christopher
    CLICKNER, ?. S.
    CLIFFORD, John W.
    CLIFTON, Amanda
    CLIFTON, Amanda
    CLIFTON, Deltha
    CLIFTON, Eliza
    CLIFTON, Ellen
    CLIFTON, Isabel
    CLIFTON, John
    CLIFTON, Lewella
    CLIFTON, Mary A.
    CLIFTON, Rachel
    CLIFTON, Rosett
    CLIFTON, Tellman
    CLIFTON, William H.
    CLIFTON, William L.
    CLINE, Ellen
    CLINE, Emily
    CLINE, John
    CLINE, Laszell
    CLINE, Mathew
    CLINE, Mises
    CLINE, Patrick
    CLINE, Rheuben
    CLINE, Sam’l
    CLINES, James M.
    CLINES, Newton
    CLOSE, Charles
    CLOSE, Eliza
    CLOSE, Eliza
    CLOSE, Eliza
    CLOSE, John
    CLOSE, Joseph
    CLOSE, Lucinda
    CLOSE, Melika
    CLOSE, Nathan
    CLOSE, Norma
    CLOSE, Samuel
    CLOSE, Sarah
    CLOSE, Silas
    CLOSE, Terry
    CLOSE, Wm.
    CLOWER, George
    CLOWERS, George
    CLOWERS, Harriet
    CLOWERS, Jackson P.
    CLOWERS, John
    CLOWERS, John
    CLOWERS, Margaret
    CLOWERS, Mary A.
    CLOWERS, Milda
    CLOWERS, Patrick
    CLOWERS, Sarah
    CLOWERS, Sarah J.
    CO?????, Ann E.
    CO?????, John
    CO?????, Martha
    COCKERAL, Elias
    COCKERAL, Harriet
    COCKERAL, James
    COCKERAL, Jesse
    COCKERAL, Katy Ann
    COCKERAL, Moses
    COCKERAL, Moses
    COCKSHOT, John S.
    COCKSHOT, Mary
    COCKSHOT, Spencer
    COCKSHOT, William D.
    CODINGTON, David
    COLE, Caroline
    COLE, Ellen
    COLE, George
    COLE, George
    COLE, George W.
    COLE, Henry
    COLE, James
    COLE, Janie
    COLE, John
    COLE, Joseph
    COLE, Lydia
    COLE, Martha
    COLE, Nancy
    COLE, Sarah J.
    COLE, Thomas
    COLEMAN, Bryan
    COLEMAN, Charles
    COLEMAN, Eujene J.
    COLEMAN, Fitzgerald
    COLEMAN, Frances
    COLEMAN, Fredon?
    COLEMAN, Henry
    COLEMAN, Jane
    COLEMAN, John
    COLEMAN, Lora
    COLEMAN, Nancy
    COLEMAN, Olive B.
    COLEMAN, Sophrona
    COLEMAN, Timothy
    COLEMAN, Wesley
    COLEMAN, Wm.
    COLES, William W.
    COLLETT, William
    COLLINS, Angeline
    COLLINS, Arnida
    COLLINS, James
    COLLINS, Job.
    COLLINS, Ludwel
    COLLINS, Margaret
    COLLINS, Wm.
    COLLINS, Wm. D.
    COLLISTER, Augustus
    COLLISTER, Edward
    COLLISTER, Isaac
    COLLISTER, Sylvia
    Cols, Chestley
    Cols, David
    Cols, Frank
    Cols, James
    Cols, Malinda
    Cols, Thomas
    Cols, William
    COLWELL, James
    COLWELL, Martha
    COLWELL, Mary
    COMB, Elizabeth
    COMB, Emma
    COMB, John
    COMB, Mary
    COMB, Samuel
    COMB, Scully
    COMBS, Anna M.
    COMBS, Eliza J.
    COMBS, James
    COMBS, Jane
    COMBS, Mary R.
    COMBS, Sarah
    COMES?, Frank
    COMPTON, Ann
    COMPTON, David
    COMPTON, Hannah M.
    COMPTON, John
    COMPTON, John C.
    COMPTON, Lucy jE.
    COMPTON, Lydia
    COMPTON, Moses
    COMPTON, Sarah
    CON????, Pat
    CONN, Ada
    CONN, Clara
    CONN, George
    CONN, John
    CONN, John B.
    CONN, Mary Ann
    CONN, Robert
    CONN, Sarah
    CONN, Sarah
    CONNALLY, Charles H.
    CONNALLY, James C.
    CONNALLY, Mary F.
    CONNEL, Catherine
    CONNEL, Eliza
    CONNEL, James
    CONNEL, James
    CONNEL, John
    CONNEL, Nichols
    CONNEL, Philip
    CONNEL, Sally
    CONNER, Catherine
    Conner, Eli
    CONNER, James
    Conner, Joseph
    Conner, Julia
    CONNER, Martin
    CONNER, Mary C.
    Conner, Mrs.
    CONNER, Nichols
    CONNER, Richard
    CONNER, Sarah
    CONNER, Tho’s
    CONRAD, Adam
    CONRAD, Jacob
    CONRAD, Mary
    CONRAD, Mary G.
    CONRAD, Mrs./SCHAFFER, Mrs. ?
    CONTERAL, Franklin
    CONVEY, Michael
    CONWAY, Catharine
    CONWAY, Clarinda
    CONWAY, Dan’l
    CONWAY, James
    CONWAY, John
    CONWAY, Maritha
    CONWAY, Mary
    CONWAY, Mike
    CONWAY, Patric
    CONWAY, Patrick
    CONWAY, Sarah
    COOK, Adolphus
    COOK, Chanlers
    COOK, Charles
    COOK, Comodore
    COOK, Elizabeth
    COOK, Ellen
    COOK, Henry
    COOK, John
    COOK, John T.
    COOK, John W.
    COOK, Mary
    COOK, Matilda E.
    COOK, Sarah
    COOK, Winfield S.
    COOMB, Caroline
    COOMB, Daniel
    COOMB, Daniel H.
    COOMB, Edward
    COOMB, Isaac R.
    COOMB, Mary E.
    COOMB, Mary R.
    COOPER, Abran
    COOPER, Chas.
    COOPER, Christopher
    COOPER, D????
    COOPER, J. E.
    COOPER, Jane
    COOPER, Kate
    COOPER, Maria
    COOPER, Marshall
    COOPER, Mary
    COOPER, Miriam
    COOPER, Thomas
    COPE, Adeline
    COPE, Alex
    COPE, Alfea
    COPE, Alfea Caroline
    COPE, Alice M.
    COPE, Allen
    COPE, Andrew
    COPE, Andrew C.
    COPE, Angelia
    COPE, Balina
    COPE, Caroline
    COPE, Catharin
    COPE, Charles
    COPE, Daniel
    COPE, Edwin
    COPE, Elenda
    COPE, Elizabeth
    COPE, Elizabeth
    COPE, Ellie Malinda
    COPE, Elmira
    COPE, Emaliine
    COPE, Emeline
    COPE, Emma G.
    COPE, Flora
    COPE, George
    COPE, George W.
    COPE, Henry
    COPE, Henry
    COPE, Hilly
    COPE, Hugh
    COPE, Isabel
    COPE, Jacob
    COPE, James
    COPE, James
    COPE, Jane
    COPE, John
    COPE, Joseph
    COPE, Joseph
    COPE, Joseph
    COPE, Joseph
    COPE, Leonard
    COPE, Lewis
    COPE, Lida
    COPE, Lucinda
    COPE, Lucinda
    COPE, Lucinda
    COPE, Martha
    COPE, Martin
    COPE, Mary
    COPE, Mary
    COPE, Mary G.
    COPE, Milo
    COPE, Milton
    COPE, Nancy
    COPE, Nathan
    COPE, Nath’l
    COPE, Nora
    COPE, Olive
    COPE, Rachel
    COPE, Rhody
    COPE, Sam’l
    COPE, Susan
    COPE, Thomas
    COPE, Verlena
    COPE, Wm.
    COPE, Wm. Henry
    COPE, Wm. J.
    COPELAND, Alfred
    COPELAND, Jane
    COPELAND, John
    COPELAND, Nirey?
    CORAM, James
    CORBETT, Abicinda
    CORBETT, Adeline
    CORBETT, Charlotte
    CORBETT, Kate
    CORBIN, Moses
    CORDY, Alice
    CORDY, John
    CORDY, Margaret
    CORDY, Patric
    CORDY, Rachel
    CORKENS, John
    CORKENS, William
    CORKLE, William
    CORMEN, Basil
    CORNELIUS, Daniel
    CORNELIUS, Daniel D.
    CORNELIUS, Eliza
    CORNELIUS, Elizabeth
    CORNELIUS, John A.
    CORNELIUS, John R.
    CORNELIUS, John W.
    CORNELIUS, Mary H.
    CORNELIUS, P?????
    CORRINGTON, Elijah B.
    CORRINGTON, James F.
    CORSAC, Braman
    CORY, Almira
    CORY, Joel
    CORY, Joel
    CORY, Joel
    CORY, John
    CORY, Rose Ellen
    CORY, S.
    CORY, Sarah
    CORY, Sarah
    CORY, Walter
    CORZINE, Elizabeth
    CORZINE, Franklin
    CORZINE, Joseph
    CORZINE, Mary
    CORZINE, Mary
    CORZINE, Mary J.
    CORZINE, Morris
    CORZINE, Phebe Ann
    COSTLY, Anna
    COSTLY, Patrick
    COSTLY, Thos.
    COUGHLIN, Edward
    COUGHLIN, Isabel
    COUGHLIN, Martin
    Court, Clarissa
    Court, James P.
    Court, Lydia
    Court, William
    COVENTRY, John
    COVERT, Catharine
    COVERT, Elizabeth
    COVERT, Harriet
    COVERT, Isaac
    COVERT, Peter
    COVERT, Theodore
    COVERT, Tilde Ellen
    COVINGTON, Patrick
    COWAN, James
    COWAN, Sally
    COWEN, Elizabeth
    COWEN, Mathew
    COWIN, Agnes
    COWIN, Agnes
    COWIN, Alex’r
    COWIN, Eber
    COWIN, Elizabeth
    COWIN, Ellen
    COWIN, George
    COWIN, George
    COWIN, George
    COWIN, Henry
    COWIN, James
    COWIN, John
    COWIN, John
    COWIN, Mary
    COX, James
    COX, Mary
    COX, Mary
    COX, Melissa
    COX, Mrs. Rebecca
    COX, Rebecca M.
    COX, Sarah
    COX, Wm.
    COX, Wm.
    COZENE, Elizabeth
    COZENE, Frederica
    COZENE, Jane
    COZENE, Mary C.
    COZENE, Noah G.
    COZENE, Wm.
    COZINE, C.
    COZINE, Calvin
    COZINE, Catharine
    COZINE, Laurie
    COZINE, Thin
    COZINE, Wm. H.
    CR???SHANK, Charles
    CR???SHANK, Eliza
    CR???SHANK, Hannah
    CR???SHANK, Thomas
    CR???SHANK, William
    CR???SHANK, William H.
    CRABB, Margarete
    CRABTREE, Charles
    CRABTREE, Edward
    CRABTREE, Joel
    CRABTREE, John
    CRABTREE, Minerva
    CRABTREE, Thomas
    CRABTREE, William
    CRAFT, Edward
    CRAFT, Ellen
    CRAFT, Emma J.
    CRAFT, John
    CRAGOR, Dorita
    CRAGOR, Robert H.
    CRAGOR, William
    CRAIG, Archibald
    CRAIG, Archibald
    CRAIG, Caroline
    CRAIG, Catherine E.
    CRAIG, Elizabeth
    CRAIG, Elizabeth twin 2
    CRAIG, Ellenor
    CRAIG, George twin 1
    CRAIG, John
    CRAIG, Loucinda
    CRAIG, Martha
    CRAIG, Mayvil
    CRAIG, Mela J.
    CRAIG, Minerva
    CRAIG, Perrine
    CRAIG, Robert
    CRAIG, Turner
    CRAIG, Wm.
    CRAIG, Wm.
    CRAIN, Charlotte
    CRAIN, Eliza
    CRAIN, Emma
    CRAIN, Essia
    CRAIN, Harriet
    CRAIN, Jane
    CRAIN, Letitia
    CRAIN, Richard V. V.
    CRAIN, Sarah
    CRAIN, Silas
    CRAMER, Augustus
    CRAMER, Henry
    CRANE, Annie
    CRANE, Levi
    CRANE, Wm. L.
    Crayton, Lewis G.
    Crayton, Virginia
    CRELEAN, L. Ann
    CRELEAN, Perry
    CRISSWELL, Louisa
    CRISSWELL, Louisa
    CRISSWELL, Maria L.
    CRISSWELL, Sarah E.
    CRISSWELL, Walter
    CROCKET, Elizabeth
    CROCKET, Ellen
    CROCKET, Emily J.
    CROCKET, John
    CROCKET, Margaret
    CROCKET, Rebecca
    CROCKET, Wm. H.
    CRODELL, George
    CROGIN, Hugh
    CROSS, A. W.
    CROSS, Antonetta
    CROSS, Edward
    CROSS, Hugh N.
    CROSS, Leslie
    CROSS, Mary
    CROUSSY, Edward
    Crull, Charles
    Crull, James L.
    Crull, Mary
    CRUMM, Henry
    CUDAHAY, Bridget
    CUDAHAY, Margaret
    CUDAHAY, Tho’s.
    CUDAHAY, Wm.
    CUMINGS, Tho’s
    CUMMINGS, Adeline
    CUMMINGS, Ben. D.
    CUMMINGS, George
    CUMMINGS, John
    CUMMINGS, John
    Cummings, Joseph
    CUMMINGS, Maria
    CUMMINGS, Silas
    CUNNIINGS, Mrs. Elinor
    CUNNINGHAM, Margarete
    CUNNINGHAM, Patrick
    CURREN, Beney
    CURREN, John
    CURREN, Margaret
    CURREN, Mary Ann
    CURREN, Richard
    CURREN, Timothy
    CURRY, Elbinger
    CURRY, Elinora
    CURRY, Eliza
    CURRY, Jas. T.
    CURRY, Margaret
    CURRY, Rachel
    CURRY, Robert
    CURRY, Sarah J.
    CURRY, Sylvester
    CURRY, Sylvester
    CURRY, Trythenia
    CURRY, Virginia
    CURRY, W. C.
    CURRY, William F.
    CURTIS, Ann
    Cuther, George L.
    Cutler, D. H.
    Cutler, Edmond
    Cutler, hannah
    Cutler, Lee
    Cutler, Leonard
    Cutler, Louisa
    Cutler, Lovell
    Cutler, Oscar
    Cutler, Rebecca
    CUTTING, Fanny L.
    CUTTING, L. M.
    CUTTING, Leonard M.
    CUTTING, S. H.
    CYTER, Adelia
    CYTER, Charles
    CYTER, Elizabeth
    CYTER, John H.
    CYTER, Margaret
    CYTER, Philip
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