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1860 Jersey County Federal Census Index


This list from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by the Jersey County Historical Society.

    B???, Henry
    B??????, Franklin
    B??????, George
    B???????, Anna M.
    B???????, Draria
    B???????, Henry
    B???????, Louisa
    B???????, Mira C.
    BAB?ARR/NNY?, Elizabeth
    BAB?ARR/NNY?, Jas.W.?
    BAB?ARR/NNY?, Mary
    BAB?ARR/NNY?, Sam’l
    BABCOCK, Doros
    BABCOCK, Frances
    BABCOCK, John
    BABCOCK, Martha
    BACHAUS, Nancy
    BACHAUS, William
    BACHAUS, William
    BACHLER, Alvina
    BACHLER, Elizabeth
    BACHLER, Sarah
    BACHLER, William
    BACHLER, William
    BACON, Anna W.
    BACON, Delila
    BACON, Elizabeth
    BACON, J. Murray
    BACON, Jonathan
    BACON, Martin
    BACON, Matilda
    BACON, Rachel C.
    BACON, Sarah
    BACON, Thomas
    BADEN, Andrew
    BADEN, Charles
    BADEN, Elizabeth
    BAGGS, Charles
    BAGTOUS, Adolph
    BAILEY, Allice
    BAILEY, Baby
    BAILEY, Catharine
    BAILEY, Dan’l A.
    BAILEY, David H.B.
    BAILEY, Ellen
    BAILEY, Grace
    BAILEY, Harriet
    BAILEY, Ira M.
    BAILEY, Ira M.
    BAILEY, Jane
    BAILEY, John
    BAILEY, John C.
    BAILEY, Larura
    BAILEY, Lottie
    BAILEY, Mary Ann
    BAILEY, Mary J.
    BAILEY, Red John
    BAILEY, William
    BAILEY, Wm.
    BAILEY, Wm.
    Bain, Charles
    BAITIE, Chas. A.
    BAITIE, Eliza Ann
    BAITIE, Eliza Ann
    BAITIE, George B.
    BAITIE, John
    BAITIE, Joseph
    BAITIE, Martin Luther
    BAITIE, Robert L.
    BAITIE, Sarah J.
    BAITTIE, Robert
    BAKER, Anna
    BAKER, Catherine
    BAKER, Isabel
    BAKER, Krasa
    BAKER, Margaret
    BAKER, Mary Ann
    BAKER, Mathew
    BAKER, Paul
    BALBER, Alex
    BALLANS, Charles
    BALLANS, Kuz
    BALLANS, Rebecca
    BALLARD, Asa E.
    BALLARD, Geo. E.
    BALLARD, Hamilton
    BALLARD, Hannah
    BALLARD, James
    BALLARD, John
    BALLARD, Lavinia
    BALLARD, Lovene
    BALLARD, Mary
    BALLARD, Mrs. E.
    BALLARD, Wm.
    BANFIELD, George
    BANFIELD, John
    BANFIELD, William
    BARBER, Alex
    BARBER, Arthur
    BARBER, Frederick
    BARBER, George
    BARBER, H. R.
    BARBER, Mrs. E.
    BARKER, James
    BARKER, Joel
    BARNES, James M.
    BARNES, John W.
    BARNES, John W.
    BARNES, Malinda
    BARNES, Margaret E.
    BARNES, Pleasant R.
    BARNES, Sarah D.
    BARNETT, H. W.
    BARNETT, Hannah
    BARNETT, Martin
    BARNETT, Mary
    BARNETT, Samuel C.
    BARNETT, William
    BARNEY, Herbert
    BARNHART, Ernest
    BARNHART, Henry
    BARNHART, Mary
    BARNHART, Wilson
    BARNS, C. W.
    BARNS, Elijah
    BARNS, Emma
    BARNS, Levina
    BARNS, Marshall
    BARNS, Russell
    BARNS, Susan
    BARR, Ann
    BARR, Ella
    BARR, Hugh
    BARR, J. Abner
    BARR, James
    BARR, Jane
    BARR, John C.
    BARR, Julia
    BARR, Mary
    BARR, Mary A.
    BARRETT, Baby
    BARRETT, Elizabeth
    BARRETT, Frederic
    BARRETT, Henry
    BARRETT, Henry
    BARRETT, Jas.
    BARRETT, Lydia
    BARRETT, Lydia
    BARRICK, James
    BARRIS, Elizabeth
    BARRIS, Elizabeth
    BARRIS, Frank
    BARRIS, Frank
    BARRIS, Hannah
    BARRIS, Herman
    BARROW, Wm.
    BARTLETT, Alpohonse
    BARTLETT, Araeluis
    BARTLETT, Augusta E.
    BARTLETT, Augustus E.
    BARTLETT, Benj’m
    BARTLETT, Clara
    BARTLETT, Elizabeth
    BARTLETT, Ephraim
    BARTLETT, Erastus
    BARTLETT, Ezra
    BARTLETT, Frank
    BARTLETT, Geo.
    BARTLETT, Henry
    BARTLETT, Joseph W.
    BARTLETT, Josephine
    BARTLETT, Joshua
    BARTLETT, Julia
    BARTLETT, Linda
    BARTLETT, Mary
    BARTLETT, Mary
    BARTLETT, Mary Emaline
    BARTLETT, Norris
    BARTLETT, Olive
    BARTLETT, Wm. Edw.
    BARTON, Catharine Louesa
    BARTON, Christina
    BARTON, David
    BARTON, Eliza V.
    BARTON, James A.
    BARTON, John
    BARTON, John
    BARTON, Wm. F.
    BASE, James L.
    BASE, Louisa
    BASE, Sam’l W.
    BASE, Sophia I.
    BASSETT, West
    BASTEME, Francis
    BASTING, Frank
    BASTING, Wm.
    BATEMAN, Jennet
    BATEMAN, Julia
    BATEMAN, Wm.
    BATES, Celina
    BATES, Celina
    BATES, Charlotte
    BATES, Cynthia
    BATES, David
    BATES, Eliza Jane
    BATES, Henritta
    BATES, James
    BATES, James
    BATES, John
    BATES, John
    BATES, John
    BATES, John
    BATES, John W.
    BATES, Lucy
    BATES, Lydia J.
    BATES, Martha
    BATES, Mary
    BATES, Mary E.
    BATES, Nancy
    BATES, Nancy A.
    BATES, Salina
    BATES, Sally
    BATES, Samuel
    BATES, Samuel
    BATES, Sarah
    BATES, Sarah
    BATES, Silas
    BATES, William
    BATES, William
    BATES, William
    BATES, Wm.
    BATHAM, Benj.
    BATHAM, Elizabeth
    BATHAM, Elvira
    BATHAM, John B.
    BATHAM, M. A.
    BATHAM, Wm.
    BATT, Moses
    BAUER, A.
    BAUER, George
    BAUER, George
    BAUER, Mary
    Bauernicht, Fred
    Bauernicht, Louisa
    Bauernicht, Sophia
    BAUGH, George M.
    BAUGH, Matilda Ann
    BAUGH, Oliver H. B.
    BAUS, Lydia A.
    BAYER, Adolph
    BAYER, Catharine
    BAYER, Eliza
    BAYER, Henry
    BAYER, Henry
    BAYLOR, Doraly
    BAYLOR, Samuel
    BEACH, Charles
    BEACH, Charlotte
    BEACH, Ellen
    Beach, Maria
    BEACH, Minerva
    BEACH, Miss
    Beach, Moses L.
    Beach, William H.
    BEAL, Charles S.
    BEAL, Judiah
    BEAM, Wm. H.
    BEAN, Adaline C.
    BEAN, Charles
    Bean, Christena
    BEAN, Dan’l
    BEAN, Elizabeth
    BEAN, Francis
    BEAN, Franklin
    BEAN, Geo’ L.
    BEAN, Jane
    BEAN, John
    BEAN, Miama
    BEAN, Thomas
    BEAN/BEENS, Isaac
    BEANS/BEENS, Isaac
    BEANS/BEENS, Susan
    BEARD, Abra’m?
    BEARD, C.
    BEARD, Delorie
    BEARD, Evaline
    BEARD, Geo.
    BEARD, Isaac
    BEARD, James
    BEARD, James E.
    BEARD, Martha
    BEARD, Mary
    BEARD, Mary
    BEATRICE, Robert
    BEATTIE, John F.
    BEATTIE, Marian
    BEATTIE, Mary E.
    BEATTIE, Mary M.
    BEATTIE, Matied? R.
    BEATTIE, Ninian
    BEATY, Amos
    BEATY, Ann E.
    BEATY, Ann E.
    BEATY, Annie
    BEATY, David
    BEATY, Doran
    BEATY, Essenian
    BEATY, James C.
    BEATY, Jane
    BEATY, Joseph
    BEATY, Mary
    BEATY, Mary
    BEATY, Mary E.
    BEDLERN, ???????
    BEE(K)MAN, John
    BEEKMAN, Calitha
    BEEKMAN, Louisa
    BEEKMAN, Lucy
    BEEKMAN, Margaret
    BEEKMAN, N. E.
    BEEKMAN, Orman
    BEEKMAN, R. V. B.
    BEEKMAN, Wm. H.
    BEEMAN, Austin
    BEEMAN, Ellen
    BEEMAN, Ferdric
    BEEMAN, Jackson
    BEEMAN, Joshua
    BEEMAN, Mary
    BEEMAN, Sodorus
    BEEMAN, Wm.
    BEILERT, Mary
    BEILERT, Tho’s
    BELCHER, Alice
    BELCHER, Caroline
    BELCHER, Charles
    BELCHER, Emily
    BELCHER, Joseph
    BELCHER, Laura
    BELCHER, Lucy
    BELL, ?
    BELL, A. C.
    BELL, Ada
    BELL, Baby 1 mo
    BELL, C. A.
    BELL, Caroline
    BELL, Clara
    BELL, Eldora
    BELL, Elizabeth
    BELL, Emma
    BELL, Francis
    BELL, Francis
    BELL, George
    BELL, George W.
    BELL, Henry
    BELL, J. P.
    BELL, James
    BELL, James
    BELL, James
    BELL, James
    BELL, Jas. T.
    BELL, John W.
    BELL, Joseph
    BELL, Joshua
    BELL, Julia C.
    BELL, Lizzie S.
    BELL, Martha
    BELL, Martha
    BELL, Martha J.
    BELL, Mary A.
    BELL, Mary Ann
    BELL, Mary J.
    BELL, May/Mary A.
    BELL, Mrs. Elizabeth
    BELL, Mrs. Nancy
    BELL, Nancy
    BELL, Robert S.
    BELL, Rosana
    BELL, Sarah
    BELL, Sarah J.
    BELL, Stephen
    BELL, Susan
    BELL, Susan
    BELL, Wesley
    BELL, William
    BELL, William D.
    BELL, Wm.
    BELL, Wm. I.
    BELL, Zacharah
    BELL, Zachariah
    BELNET, D. M.
    BELT, Bbay
    BELT, H. N.
    BELT, Henry
    BELT, Horace
    BELT, John
    BELT, John
    BELT, Lloyd
    BELT, Loyd
    BELT, Mary
    BELT, Matilda
    BELT, Matilda
    BELT, Oscar
    BELT, Oskar
    BELT, Scott
    BELT, Scott W.
    BELT, Virginia
    BENDLE, Henry R.
    BENGBORN, George
    BENGBORN, Isaac
    BENGBORN, Jane
    BENNETT, Benjamin
    BENNETT, Benjamin
    BENNETT, Benjamin
    BENNETT, Columbia L.
    BENNETT, Emma
    BENNETT, Joseph
    BENNETT, Laura
    BENNETT, Letita
    BENNETT, Mary E.
    BENNETT, Reuben
    BENNETT, Reuben
    BENNETT, William J.
    BENSEN, Elizabeth
    BENSEN, Henderson
    BENSEN, Robert F.
    Bentley, C. C.
    BENTLEY, Calvin
    Bentley, Eliza
    Bentley, Franklin
    Bentley, James C.
    Bentley, Linet H.
    BENTLEY, Martha A.
    Bentley, Rachel E.
    Bentley, Thomas
    BERGEMAN, Andrew
    BERKMAN, Elizabeth
    BERKMAN, Ellen
    BERKMAN, Fredric
    BERKMAN, Hellen
    BERKMAN, John
    BERKMAN, Mary
    BERKMAN, Mina
    BERLIN, Frances A.
    BERLIN, James
    BERLIN, Martin
    BERLIN, Mildred
    BERLIN, William
    BERNARD, Alexander
    BERNARD, L?????a
    BERNARD, Nathan
    BERSEY, William
    BERTMAN, Elizabeth
    BESTERFELDT, Christian
    BESTERFELDT, William E.
    BETER, Anthony
    BETER, Lewis
    BETER, Rosana
    BETER, Rosana B.
    Bethel, Antonetta
    BETHEL, Chester
    BETHEL, Claude
    BETHEL, Deborah
    BETHEL, Eliza
    BETHEL, Eliza
    BETHEL, Fellman
    BETHEL, Ira B.
    BETHEL, Jane
    BETHEL, John
    BETHEL, John
    BETHEL, Josephine
    BETHEL, L?????
    BETHEL, Larken
    BETHEL, Lenson
    BETHEL, Margaret
    BETHEL, Martha
    Bethel, Mary
    BETHEL, Robert
    BETHEL, Rollen H.
    BETHEL, Ruth
    BETHEL, Sarah A.
    BETHEL, Thadeus
    BETHEL, Wilson
    Bevens, Henry
    Bevens, Lucy
    Bevens, Mary
    BEVER, John
    BEVER, Mrs Jane
    BEVINS, Patrick
    BIGGSBY, James
    BILAND, Nancy
    BILLILING, Bridget
    BILLINGS, Charles
    BILLINGS, Emily
    BILLINGS, Emily
    BILLINGS, Lawrence M.
    BILLINGS, Mary
    BILLINGS, Wm. Jr.
    BILLINOR, Nellie C.
    BILLROOK, Eliza
    BILLROOK, Elizabeth
    BILLROOK, Johmael
    BILLROOK, John
    BILLROOK, Mary
    BILLROOK, Nancy
    BILLS, John
    BILLS, John S.
    BILLS, Juliett
    BILLS, Mary
    BILLS, Morgana
    Binegan, Hannah
    BINGHAM, Charles
    BINGHAM, John
    BIOGARST, Leopola
    BIRCH, Allice
    BIRCH, Burnett
    BIRCH, David
    BIRCH, George
    BIRCH, Lewis
    BIRCH, Mary
    BIRCH, Mary Ann
    BIRCH, Mathias
    BIRCH, Shephard
    BIRCH, Wm.
    BIRD, Delilah
    BISHOP, S. S.
    BITTENGS, Clara
    BITTENGS, Jas. E.
    BITTENGS, Mrs. Mary
    BITTENGS, Mrs. Olive
    BLACK, Amos
    BLACK, C. A.
    BLACK, Chirstopher S.
    BLACK, James M.
    BLACK, Nancy
    BLACK, Nancy
    BLACKBUR, Maria
    BLACKBURN, E???????
    BLACKBURN, Eliza J.
    BLACKBURN, Flora
    BLACKBURN, Gideon
    BLACKBURN, Margaret
    BLACKBURN, Mrs. G.
    BLAKELY, Charles
    Blakley, Joseph
    BLANEY, Elizabeth
    BLANEY, Hewey
    BLANEY, Jane
    BLANEY, John
    BLANEY, John
    BLANEY, Martha
    Blant, Rachel
    BLEVINGS, Mary
    BLEVINS, Hester A.
    BLIESNER, Albet
    Bliesner, August
    Bliesner, August
    BLIESNER, Charles
    BLIESNER, Chas.
    Bliesner, Christena
    BLIESNER, Jessee
    BLISS, Jeremiah
    BLISS, Mrs. Susan
    BLISS, Nancy Ann
    BLKA, Joseph
    BLOCKNEY, John
    BLOCKNEY, Margaret
    BLUENY, Hester Ann
    BLUMER, Amelia
    BLUMER, Amilia
    BLUMER, Augusta
    BLUMER, Chas
    BLUMER, Chas Jr.
    BLUMER, Chas.
    BLUMER, Christiana
    BLUMER, Emma
    BLUMER, Henrietta
    BLUMER, Henry
    BLUMER, Mary
    BLUMER, Mary E.
    BLUMER, Nathaniel
    BLYTHE, A. C.
    BLYTHE, James G.
    BLYTHE, Jas. S.
    BLYTHE, Juliett H.
    BLYTHE, Robert S.
    BLYTHE, Theodosia H.
    BOKEL, George
    BOKEL, Margaret
    BOKEL, Salinda
    BOKER, Henry
    BOKER, Mrs. Caroline
    BOMER, Donnely
    BOMER, John
    BOMER, John
    BOMER, Mary
    BONLLEN, Anna M.
    BONLLEN, Wm. H.
    BONNELL, Benton
    BONNELL, Catharine E.
    BONNELL, Charles
    BONNELL, David T.
    BONNELL, Dayton
    BONNELL, George
    BONNELL, Heneretta
    BONNELL, Julia
    BONNELL, Mrs. Sarah
    BONNER, Alex
    BONNER, Hannah
    BONNER, Mary
    BONNER, Wm.
    BOODY, Amelia
    BOODY, Catherine
    BOODY, Daniel
    BOODY, Henry
    BOODY, Henry
    BOODY, William
    BOOKER, Mary
    BOOKER, William
    BOON, Sam’l
    BOON, Warren
    BOONE, A. P.
    BOONE, John D.
    BOOR, Emaline
    BOOR, Samuel
    BOOR, Stephen
    BOOT, George
    BOOT, Henry
    BOOT, John
    BOOT, Mary
    BOOT, Michael
    BORDER, Aren
    BORDER, Cornelia
    BORDER, Enoch
    BORROWES, Benjamin
    BORROWES, John
    BORROWES, Rhoda
    BORROWES, Seth
    BOTKIN, Asa
    BOTKIN, John
    BOUKNER????, Gill????
    BOULTER, James
    BOULTER, Sarah
    BOULTON, Wm.
    BOUNTREE, Thomas J.
    BOWDEN, Caroline
    BOWDEN, Daniel
    BOWDEN, Douglass
    BOWDEN, Elizabeth
    BOWDEN, Emaline
    BOWDEN, Henry
    BOWDEN, Henry J.
    BOWDEN, Hester Ann
    BOWDEN, James
    BOWDEN, John
    BOWDEN, Mary
    BOWDEN, Mary E.
    BOWDEN, Rhoda
    BOWDEN, Wash
    BOWERS, Bridget
    BOWERS, Bridget
    BOWERS, James
    BOWERS, John
    BOWERS, John
    BOWERS, Michael
    BOWLIN, E??????
    BOWLIN, Enoch
    BOWLIN, Martha
    BOWLIN, Patrick
    BOWLIN, Sarah E.
    BOWMAN, Cha’s E.
    BOWMAN, Cha’s H.
    BOWMAN, Cordelia
    BOWMAN, Elisha
    BOWMAN, Eliza
    BOWMAN, James E.
    BOWMAN, Jonas
    BOWMAN, Mary
    BOWMAN, Mary
    BOWMAN, Mrs.
    BOWMAN, Nancy
    BOWMAN, Rebecca
    BOWMAN, Samuel
    BOWMAN, Sarah
    BOWMAN, Stephen
    BOWMAN, Stephen
    BOWMAN, William
    BOWMAN, Winfield S.
    BOWMAN, Wm.
    BOYA, Wm.
    BOYD, Benj. S.
    BOYD, Benj’m
    BOYD, Jane
    Boyd, Phebe
    Boyd, William
    BOYD, William
    BOYER, Anna
    BOYER, Conrad
    BOYER, Hannah
    BOYER, Heneretta
    BOYLE, Chas.
    BOYLE, John
    BOYLE, Mary
    BOYLE, Tho’s
    BR???, Joseph
    BRADEN, James
    BRADFISH, Caroline
    BRADFISH, Edward
    BRADFISH, Frederica
    BRADFISH, Frederick
    BRADFISH, Louisa
    BRADFORD, Charles
    BRADISH, Ellen
    BRADISH, Lucy
    BRADISH, Nelson
    BRADSHAW, Adaline
    BRADSHAW, Anna
    BRADSHAW, Eliza
    BRADSHAW, Elizabeth
    BRADSHAW, Ella
    BRADSHAW, Greenfield
    BRADSHAW, Jane
    BRADSHAW, Jonas
    BRADSHAW, Mary E.
    BRADSHAW, Nancy
    BRADSHAW, Thomas
    BRADY, John
    BRADY, William
    BRAMDY, Henry
    BRAMDY, William
    BRAMLET, Ellen
    BRAMLET, Sarah
    BRAMLETT, 17 yr old girl
    BRAMLETT, Josephine
    BRAMLETT, Mrs.
    BRAMLETT, Mrs.
    BRANG, Catharine
    BRANG, James
    BRANG, Laura
    BRANG, Mary
    BRANG, Robert
    BRANG, Wm.
    BRANT, Frank
    BRANT, Henry
    BRANT, J(I) erusa
    BRANT, Mary
    BRAVA, Elizabeth
    BRAVA, Henry A.
    BRAVA, John B.
    BRAVA, Mary I.
    BRAVA, Susan
    BRAVA, W. F.
    BRAY, Charlotte J.
    BRAY, Eli
    BRAY, Elvira A.
    BRAY, Isaac
    BRAY, James
    BRAY, Mary
    BRAY, Rosina
    BRAY, William J.
    BREDEN, James
    BREDEN, John
    BREDEN, Louisa
    BREDEN, Martha
    BREDEN, Martha
    BREDEN, Sarah
    BREER, Margaret
    BREER, Sarah J.
    BREER, W. F.
    BREWER, Henry
    BREWSTER, Julia J.
    BREWSTER, Lewis Cals??
    BREWSTER, Lydia
    BREWSTER, Martha
    BRIDEHAM, Denyer
    BRIDEHAM, Henry
    BRIDEHAM, Johanna
    BRIDEHAM, John17-18
    BRIDERMAN, Angus
    BRIDGES, Dolphin
    BRIDGES, George
    BRIDGES, L. M.
    BRIDGES, Nancy
    BRIDGNEY, George
    Briggs, Absalam
    BRIGGS, Asa
    BRIGGS, David J.
    BRIGGS, Ebenezer
    BRIGGS, Enoch
    BRIGGS, Helen
    BRIGGS, James
    BRIGGS, James
    BRIGGS, James
    BRIGGS, Jane
    BRIGGS, John C.
    BRIGGS, John J.
    BRIGGS, Julia
    BRIGGS, Maria
    BRIGGS, Martha
    BRIGGS, Mary Ann
    BRIGGS, Rosa L.
    BRIGGS, Sarah J.
    BRIGGS, Susan
    BRIGGS, William
    BRIGHAM, ?
    BRINGHURST, Robert
    BRININGHAS, Edward
    BRINTON, E????
    BRINTON, Wm.
    BRISH, Baby
    BRISH, Caroline
    BRISH, Frederic
    BRISH, Matilda
    BRISH, Richard
    BRITT, Phebe J.
    BRLIEU?, Elena
    BRLIEU?, Josephine
    BRLIEU?, Rachel
    BRLIEU?, Wm.
    BRNGEMEIR?, Catharine
    BRNGEMEIR?, Derdeminia
    BRNGEMEIR?, Fred
    BRNGEMEIR?, Frederick
    BRNGEMEIR?, Heneretta
    BRNGEMEIR?, Theodosis
    BROADBENT, James W.
    BROADBENT, William
    BROCKMAN, Amelia
    BROCKMAN, Anaster
    BROCKMAN, Ellen
    BROCKMAN, Julia
    BROKAM, Guetrot
    BROKAM, Joseph
    BROKAN, Frank
    BROKAN, John
    BROKAN, Lizzie
    BROKAN, Louis
    BROKHAM, John
    BROKHAM, Josephine
    BROKHAM, Lizzie
    BROKHAM, Netto
    BROKMAN, Sophia
    BROOK, Henry B.
    BROOK, Joseph
    BROOK, Mazzeretta
    BROOK, Thomas A.
    BROOKFIELD, Edward
    BROOKFIELD, Elizabeth
    BROOKFIELD, Joseph
    BROOKS, Adam
    BROOKS, Catharine
    BROOKS, Chas.
    BROOKS, Chas. E.
    BROOKS, Hannah
    BROOKS, Laura J.
    BROOKS, Martha A.
    BROOKS, Martha J.
    BROOKS, Mrs. Mary
    BROOKS, Olive
    BROOKS, Peter
    BROOKS, Philip
    BROOKS, Sarah J.
    BROOKS, Tuber
    BROTHIA, Elizabeth
    BROTHIA, John M.
    BROTHIA, Mary
    BROTHIA, Wm.
    BROTHIA, Wm.
    BROTHIA, Z.?
    BROWN, Alex Wayne
    BROWN, Amanda
    BROWN, Ann
    BROWN, Augustus
    BROWN, Benj’m
    BROWN, Charles W.
    BROWN, Charley
    BROWN, Chas.
    BROWN, Curtis M.
    BROWN, Cyrene
    BROWN, Daniel
    BROWN, Daniel
    BROWN, Dennis
    BROWN, Elias S.
    BROWN, Eliza
    BROWN, Elizabeth
    BROWN, Emila L.
    BROWN, George
    BROWN, Harley
    BROWN, Henry
    BROWN, Horace
    BROWN, James E.
    BROWN, Jas. C.
    BROWN, Jennet
    BROWN, John
    BROWN, John
    BROWN, John
    BROWN, John
    BROWN, John
    BROWN, John
    BROWN, Joshua
    BROWN, Laffayett
    BROWN, Laura A.
    BROWN, Laura F.
    BROWN, Mary
    BROWN, Mary
    BROWN, Mary E.
    BROWN, Mary J.
    BROWN, Mary J.
    BROWN, Mary O.
    BROWN, Milton C.
    BROWN, Minerva C.
    BROWN, Mrs. Annie
    BROWN, Nancy A.
    BROWN, Polly
    BROWN, Rhoda
    BROWN, Samuel
    BROWN, Sidney
    BROWN, Sidney
    BROWN, Sylvester
    BROWN, William D.
    BROWN, William S.
    BROWN, Wm.
    BROWN, Wm.
    BROWN?, Andrew Jackson
    BROWSE, Levina
    BRUDEN, Ann E.
    BRUDEN, Aron
    BRUDEN, Charlotte
    BRUDEN, Cordelia
    BRUDEN, Frances V.
    BRUDEN, Pleasant
    BRUDEN, Susan J.
    BRUNSEN, Nicholas
    BRUSH, Anthony
    BUCHANAN, Edward
    BUCHANAN, Russell
    BUCKLES, James
    BUCKLES, John
    BUCKLES, John
    BUCKLES, Mrs. Mahala
    BUCKLEY, John
    BUCKMEYER, Henry
    BUGLEY, Harriett
    BUGLEY, M. C.
    BUIS, Oliver
    BULARD, John A.
    BULL, Calvin
    Bull, George
    BULL, George W.
    BULL, Helga
    BULL, J. Pearse
    BULL, James
    Bull, James
    Bull, James H.
    BULL, Joshua
    BULL, Lucretia
    Bull, Mrs.
    BULL, Nathanel
    Bull, Nathaniel
    BULL, Rosetta
    BULL, Willis
    Bull, Willis
    BULLER, James
    BUNSA, Caroline
    BUNSA, Charles
    BUNSA, Clemant
    BUNSA, Eve
    BUNSA, Frank
    BUNSA, Franklin
    BUNSA, John
    BURES, Ida
    BURES, Peter
    BURGESS, Fredric
    BURGESS, Fredric
    BURGESS, James E. F.
    BURGESS, Martha A.
    BURGESS, Mary E.
    BURGESS/BELL, Mary/May
    BURKE, Andrew
    BURKE, Elizabeth
    BURKE, George
    BURKE, James
    BURLEW, Margaret
    BURLEY, A/Onen?
    BURLEY, Daniel
    BURLEY, Elgeria
    BURLEY, Ellen
    BURLEY, Francis
    BURLEY, Joel
    BURLEY, John C.
    BURLEY, Josephine
    BURLEY, Madora
    BURLEY, Martha
    BURLEY, Mary V.
    BURLEY, Mrs. Mary
    BURLEY, Nancy R.
    BURLEY, Newton
    BURWELL, Allen
    BURWELL, Charles
    BURWELL, Elmina
    BURWELL, Gilbert
    BURWELL, Gilbert
    BURWELL, William
    BURWELL, Wm. Allen
    BURNETT, Elizabeth
    BURNETT, John L.
    BURNETT, Josephine
    BURNETT, Lana
    BURNETT, Louisa
    BURNETT, Quintar
    BURNETT, Randolph
    BURNETT, William G.
    BURNS, Ann
    BURNS, Bridget
    BURNS, Catherine B.
    BURNS, Eliza J.
    BURNS, Frances
    BURNS, George D.
    BURNS, Harriet C.
    BURNS, Hugh
    BURNS, James
    BURNS, James A.
    BURNS, Jane
    BURNS, John
    BURNS, Josephine
    BURNS, Lena
    BURNS, Lewis
    BURNS, Lizzie
    BURNS, Mary
    BURNS, Mary E.
    BURNS, Mary E.
    BURNS, Michael
    BURNS, Mrs.
    BURNS, Pat
    BURNS, Patrick
    BURNS, Patrick
    BURNS, Patterson
    BURNUS, Michael
    BURROWS, Amon
    BURROWS, Angelis
    BURROWS, Ann M.
    BURROWS, Ectron
    BURROWS, Edmond
    BURROWS, Ellen
    BURROWS, George
    BURROWS, Henry M.
    BURROWS, Mahala
    BURROWS, Maria A.
    BURROWS, Mary Ann H.
    BURROWS, O. H.
    BURROWS, Tobias
    BURROWS, Tobias
    BURROWS?, Ellen/Laura P.
    BURROWS?, Henry M./Wm. H.
    BURT, William
    Burwell, David
    Burwell, Hannah
    Burwell, Isaac
    Burwell, Isaac
    Burwell, Levi
    Burwell, Mary
    Burwell, William
    Burwell?, Jonathan
    BUSBY, Lucinda
    BUSBY, Mary
    BUSBY, Virginia
    BUSBY, Warren
    BUSH, Charles
    BUSH, Lena
    BUSH, William
    BUSKWELL, Jenny
    BUSLY, Catharine
    BUSLY, Elizaabeth
    BUSLY, Ellen
    BUSLY, Ellen
    BUSLY, George
    BUSLY, John
    BUSLY, Mary A.
    BUSS(i?)NGTON, Clara
    BUSS(i?)NGTON, Clark
    BUSS(i?)NGTON, Clinton
    BUSS(i?)NGTON, Colby
    BUSS(I?)NGTON, Cyrus
    BUSS(I?)NGTON, Francis
    BUSS(I?)NGTON, J. H.
    BUSUR, Catharine
    BUSUR, Nichalas
    BUTCHER, Frank
    BUTKUSS, Caroline
    BUTLER, Ellen twin 1
    BUTLER, Maria
    BUTLER, Maria twin 2
    BUTLER, Mary L.
    BUTLER, Starlin
    BUTLER, Wily
    BUTLER?, Susan
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