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1860 Richwood Census TranscriptionThis transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; School = attended school within the year; Married = Married within the year; RW = cannot read or write

DFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceSchoolMarriedRW
11Spry, B. H.37M Farmer1,340400KY   
11Spry, Sarah33F    KY   
11Spry, Chas.17M    KY1  
11Spry, Wm. P.14M    KY1  
11Spry, Mary12F    KY1  
11Spry, George P.10M    KY1  
11Spry, Martha E.8F    IL   
11Spry, Josephine6F    IL   
11Spry, John M.4M    IL   
11Spry, B.W.J.1M    IL   
11Standifer28M Farm hand  IL   
22Lomer, Nicholas31M Farmer 25Germany   
33Thompson, John37M Lumbering  Ireland   
33Lespur?, Henry27M Lumbering  Germany   
44Corbin, Moses47M Farmer  NY   
55Rector, Wm.22M    NY   
55Owens, Mrs. Mahala40F Farmer 100NY   
55Owens, William15M    IL   
55Owens, James12M    IL   
55Owens, Luisa10F    IL   
55Owens, Hannah E.6M    IL   
66Clark, S.C.28M Farmer  Ohio   
66Clark, Adeline20F    IL   
77Clark, Wm.25M Farmer  Ohio   
77Clark, Ellen30F    KY   
77Clark, Jackson22M    Ohio   
88Farrell, Ely35M Farmer 200IL   
88Farrell, Sarinda31F    IL   
88Farrell, Franklin14M    IL   
88Farrell, Wm.12M    IL   
88Farrell, Rebecca6F    IL   
88Farrell, Thomas4M    IL   
88Farrell, Rosa1F    IL   
99Leeck, Michael31M Laborer 40Ireland   
99Leeck, Ann30F    Ireland   
99Leeck, Catharine6F    Ireland   
99Leeck, John5M    Ireland   
99Leeck, Daniel2M    Illinois   
99Garvern, Peter39M    Ireland   
99Burg, Wm.25M    Germany   
10 unoccupied          
1110Whitter, Boudye65M Carpenter/smith1,8001,800MO   
1110Whitter, Mary24F    IL   
1110Whitter, John26M cabinet maker  IL   
1110Whitter, Asher22M Farmer  IL   
1110Whitter, Phebe16F    IL1  
1110Whitter, James12M    IL1  
1110Whitter, Rosilla10F    IL1  
1110Whitter, Thos.8M    IL   
1110Bates, James45M Laborer  IL   
1211Lowe, John50M Farmer4,8001,400TN   
1211Lowe, Caroline S.39F    MO   
1211Lowe, Edward P.27M    MO   
1211Lowe, Eugene W.12M    MO1  
1211Lowe, Austin B.10M    MO1  
1312Suddeth, David30M Farmer2,7001,400KY   
1312Suddeth, Ellen30F    Ireland   
1312Suddeth, Laura1F    IL   
1312Frazier, Mary30F    IL   
1312Frazier, Shepper11M    IL   
1312Stringer, Wm.12M    IL   
1312Sims, Charles27M Laborer  Ireland   
1312Myers, Wm.22M Laborer  MO   
1312Stephens, Leroy23M Laborer  IL   
1413Cherry, Harrison40M    MS   
1413Cherry, Emily40F    TN   
1413Allere, Martha1F    IL   
1514Bethel, Fellman27M Laborer  IL   
1514Bethel, Deborah21F    IL   
1514Bethel, Rollen H.2M    IL   
1514Bethel, Thadeus9 mo.M    IL   
1514Haswit?, Jackson25M Laborer  Unknown   
1514Sackett, Henry22M    IL   
1514Smith, Samuel49M    Unknown   
1615Bethel, John25M Farmer800200IL   
1615Bethel, Eliza21F    KY   
1615Bethel, Eliza2F    IL   
1615Bethel, John3 mo.M    IL   
1615Bethel, Ruth8F    IL1  
1615Bethel, Josephine6F    IL1  
1716Cannon, James41M Farmer800250Ohio   
1716Cannon, Mary Ann34F    MA   
1716Cannon, Lucinda15F    IL   
1716Pratt, Olivia J.14F    IL   
1716Felter, George15M    IL   
1716Bethel, Lencin45M    TN   
1817Hackley, L.E.48M Farming  KY   
1817Hackley, Mary A.48F    TN   
1918Bachler, Wm.43M Merchant8001,000VT   
1918Bachler, Elizabeth57F    MO   
1918Bachler, Sarah11F    MO1  
1918Bachler, Alvina7F    MOI1  
1918Bachler, Wm.4M    IL   
1918Bethel, Margaret13F    IL   
2019Raney, John23M Farmer 350MO   
2019Raney, Eliza22F    IL     
2019Raney, Elizabeth2F    IL   
2019Casey, Daniel27M Laborer  Ireland   
2019Rowden, Miles18M Laborer  IL   
2120Wiseman, Jas. R.28M Farmer500500IL  1
2120Cole, Mrs. Lydia29F    IL   
2120Wiseman, John34M Farmer  IL   
2120Cole, Sarah, J.11F    IL  1
2120Cole, George6M    IL  1
2221Ryan, Sam’l26M Farmer20050IL   
2221Ryan, Emaline23F    IL   
2221Ryan, John4M    IL   
2221Ryan, Isabel10 moF    IL   
2322Abrams, Thos.30M Farmer 340IL   
2322Abrams, Sarah30F    IL   
2322Abrams, Mary Jane14F    IL   
2322Abrams, Sarah A.9F    IL   
2322Abrams, George3M    IL   
2322Abrams, (not named)7 mo.F    IL   
2322Lofton, Granny60F    IL   
2423Hanker, Chas.35M Farmer 200Germany   
2423Hanker, Mary51F    Germany   
2423Whillon, Eliza21F    Germany   
2423Whillon, Sophia17F    Germany   
2423Whillon, Witt11M    Germany   
2423Whillon, Tony9M    IL   
2423Cooper, Dal30M    Germany   
2524Rudolph, Dan’l65M Laborer  Germany   
2524Rudolph, Denna50F    Germany   
2625Rudolph, Fred28M    IL   
2625Rudolph, Caroline28F    IL   
2625Rudolph, Hannah4F    IL   
2625Rudolph, Clemis2M    IL   
2625Bedlern, Mrs.70F    Germany   
2726Medford, James63M Farmer2,000600Ohio   
2726Medford, Artha Ann38F    KY   
2726Medford, Hyson15M    IL   
2726Medford, Leroy?4F    IL   
2726Medford, Victoria1F    IL   
2726Medford, Baby1 moF    IL   
2726Willis, Wm.14M    IL   
2726Willis, Nancy A.12F    IL   
2827Alfred, Harry42M Farmer  VA   
2827Alfred, Margaret41F    TN   
2827Alfred, James14M    IL   
2827Alfred, Sarah3F    IL   
2928Carroll, Sam’l40M    NJ   
2928Carroll, Elizabeth39F Farmer 100NJ   
2928Carroll, John16M    MO   
2928Carroll, Mary14F    NJ   
2928Carroll, Emma7F    IL   
2928Carroll, Anna5F    IL   
2928Carroll, Margaret2F    IL   
3029Groppel, Herman33M Farmer400160Germany   
3029Groppel, Angent23F    Germany   
3029Groppel, Fred1M    IL   
3130Ritchie, Stephen69M Farmer1,500250PA   
3130Ritchie, Mary51F    KY   
3130Ritchie, Caleb24M    IL   
3130Ritchie, Vincent22F    IL   
3231Clifrton, Wm. H.44M Farmer 60NC   
3231Clifton, Amandah36F    IL   
3231Clifton, Rachel15F    MO1  
3231Clifton, Isabel14F    MO1  
3231Clifton, Tellman11M    IL1  
3231Clifton, Ellen9F    IL1  
3231Clifton, Rosett5F    IL   
3231Clifton, Eliza2 mo.F    IL   
3231Clifton, Deltha2 mo.F    IL   
3332Richie, Wm.45M Cooper  OH   
3332Richie, Margaret50F    MO   
3332Richie, Theodore13M    IL1  
3332Richie, Wm. P.11or10M    IL1  
3332Richie, Henry7M    IL1  
3433Spencer, Allen25M Lumbering200 IL   
3433Spencer, Sarah25F    IL   
3433Spencer, Mary E.4F    IL   
3433Spencer, Genet2F    IL   
3534Yaples, J.P.29M Physician  OH   
3534Yaples, Mrs. A.30F    OH   
3534Yaples, Laura E.3F    OH   
3635Bethel, Chester69M Farmer  NC   
3635Bethel, Jane70F    TN   
3635Bethel, Mrs. Sarah A.35F    KY   
3635Bethel, Lenson14M    MO1  
3635Bethel, Larken12M    MO1  
3635Bethel, Cloud (Claude?)11M    IL1  
3635Bethel, Martha8F    IL1  
3635Bethel, Emily9F    IL1  
3635Bethel, Ira B.3M    IL   
3635Bethel, Wilson1M    IL   
3736West, Edward64M Laborer  NC   
3736West, Mary46F    VA   
3736Mason, Thomas H.12M    KY1  
3736Mason, Elizabeth J.8F    KY1  
3736West, Fanny B.2F    IL   
3837Wilton, James35M Laborer  KY   
3837Wilton, Jane49F    TN  1
3837Wilton, Nancy A.14F    IL1  
3837Wilton, Mary C.11F    IL1  
3837Wilton, George A.J.7M    IL1  
3837Barns, John W.29M    IL   
3837Barns, Pleasant R.22M    IL   
3837Barns, Malinda17F    IL   
4038Cole, Wm. W.40M Physician  VA   
4038Cole, Nancy41F    KY   
4038Cole, Geo. W.20M    IL   
4038Cole, Martha18F    IL1  
4038Cole, John16M    IL1  
4038Cole, Elln14F    IL1  
4038Cole, Janie12F    IL1  
4038Cole, Thomas10M    MO1  
4038Cole, James8M    IL1  
4139Richardson, Larkin40M Farmer4,0001,000KY   
4139Richardson, Mary J.40F    IL   
4139Richardson, Amanda20F    IL   
4139Richardson, Sarah A.18F    MO1  
4139Richardson, Harriett16F    MO1  
4139Ricahrdson, Wm.13M    MO1  
4139Richardson, Eliza11F    MO1  
4139Richardson, Emaline6F    IL1  
4139Richardson, Franklin3M    IL   
4139Richardson, Ida May2 mo.F    IL   
4240Lee, Socrates30M Farm hand  IL   
4240Lee, Sarah30F    IL   
4240Lee, Samuel1M    IL   
4341Belt, John30M Miller1,5001,500IL   
4341Belt, Matilda27F    IL   
4341Belt, Oskar11M    IL   
4341Belt, Scott W.9M    IL   
4341Belt, Lloyd3M    IL   
4341Belt, Baby1 mo.F    IL   
4341Jones, Miller50M    Wales   
4442Skiff, Gilbert ?47M Blank  NY   
4442Skiff, Jane ?21F    MO   
4442Skiff, Albert1M    IL   
4543Felter, Wm. W.46M Farmer & merchant8,0002,600NY   
4543Felter, Sarah23F    TN   
4543Felter, Isabela14F    WI1  
4543Felter, Emily9F    IL1  
4543Felter, Eliza2F    IL   
4543Felter, Alpha13F    MO1  
4543Felter, Francis7F    IL1  
4543Ward, Allen24M Farm hand  Unknown   
4644Ritchie, James40M Laborer  OH   
4644Ritchie, Mary A.39F    TN  1
4644Ritchie, Mary J.14F    IA1  
4644Ritchie, Sarah L.11F    IL1  
4644Ritchie, Charles H.4M    IL   
4745Powell, John87M Farmer700100VA   
4745Powell, Doreas59F    VA   
4745Webster, Caroline9F    IL   
4846Barr, Hugh70M Cooper700 NJ   
4846Barr, Mary66F    VA   
4846Dunham, Louisa13F    IL   
4947Miller, Wm.37M Blacksmith  France   
4947Miller, Mary18F    Baden, Germany   
4947Miller, Susan4 mo.F    IL   
50 unoccupied          
51 unoccupied          
52 unoccupied          
5348Arkebauer, J.G.36M Shoemaker1,300150Hanover, Germany   
5348Arkebauer, Mary31F    Hanover, Germany   
5348Arkebauer, Henry7M    IL1  
5348Arkebauer, Jacob4M    IL1  
5348Arkebauer, Mary2F    IL   
5449Havel, Jacob48M Farmer 200NC   
5449Havel, Mahala42F    TN   
5449Havel, John20M    IL   
5449Havel, Jane14F    IL   
5449Havel, Mary12F    IL   
5449Havel, Laura7F    IL   
5449Havel, Elizabeth6F    IL   
5449Havel, Susan? Mo.F    IL   
5449Havel, Nancy17F    IL   
5449Havel, Franklin29M    IL   
5550Close, John29M Merchant700IL   
5550Close, Malika26F    MO   
5550Close, Eliza4F    IL   
5550Close, Charles1M    IL   
5550Busby, Mary17F    WI   
5550Busby, Virginia11F    IL   
5550Biland, Nancy34F    MO   
5651Terry, John20M Clerk  IL   
5651Terry, Mrs. Ann37F  300 NY   
5651Terry, Charles13M    TX1  
5752Loft, John32M Wagon maker10050Germany   
5752Loft, Eliza17F    Germany   
5853Lofton, John63M Farmer  GA   
5853Lofton, Rebecca62F    VA   
5853Carroll, Adeline40F    VA   
5853Carroll, Joel15M    IL   
5853Lofton, John, Jr.32M Farmer  IL   
5954Spencer, A.C.34M Justice of the Peace1,000200IL   
5954Spencer, Jane22F    IL   
5954Spencer, Rheuben11M    IL1  
5954Spencer, Ann9F    IL1  
5954Spencer, Emily3F    IL   
5954Spencer, Mary E.2F    IL   
5954Spencer, Caroline6 mo.F    IL   
5954Turner, Wm.18M    IL   
5954Owens, Clarinda17F    IL   
60 unoccupied          
61 unoccupied          
63 unoccupied          
64 unoccupied          
6555Powell, John24M Carpenter  OH   
6656Powell, Harriett20F    IL   
6656Powell, John J.2M    IL   
6656Demiek, Charles34M Blacksmith  NY   
6656Brininghas, Edward25M Laborer  KY   
6656Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth30F    KY   
6656Richards, Amanda12F    IL   
6656Smith, Hannah5F    IL   
6757Belt, H. N.69M Justice of the Peace5,0001,200IN   
6757Belt, Mary55F    NC   
6757Belt, Horace19M    IL   
6757Belt, Virginia15F    IL   
6757Olney, E. A.28M Teacher2,000500OH   
6757Redding, R. G.67M Clergyman  MD   
6757Lowe, N. W.25M Carpenter  IL   
6757Beeman, Jackson50M    KY   
6858Nettally, Barbary48F  60050Germany   
6858Nettally, Edward18M    OH   
6858Nettally, Wm.13M    OH   
6858Nettally, Daniel8M    OH   
6959Harrington, J.R.24M Shoemaker  OH   
6959Harrington, Emily24F    IN   
6959Harrington, Francis E.2F    IL   
6959Harrington, John F.1 mo.M    IL   
7060Eads, Jas. A.51M Merchant5,0005,000IN   
7060Eads, Calcha A.48F    MO   
7060Eads, James13M    MO1  
7060Eads, Wm.9M    IL1  
7060Nettally, Lydia10F    OH1  
7060Howard, Peter20M    MO   
7060Shlton, Elizabeth18F    MO   
7060Campbell, James D.25M Clerk  GA   
7161Pistole, Asa F.26M Blank20050TN  1
7161Pistole, Mary27F    OH  1
7161Pistole, Sarah C.7F    IL   
7161Pistole, Martin5M    IL   
7161Pistole, Louisa C.3F    IL   
7161Pistole, Wm.2M    IL   
7262Pistole, Abram60M Farmer20050VA   
7262Pistole, Lydia44F    TN   
7262Pistole, Martin25M    TN   
7363Mefford, Andrew33M Farmer  IA   
7363Mefford, Elizabeth18F    IL   
7363Mefford, Mary C.4 mo.F    IL   
7363Clark, A.Y.20M Laborer200 OH   
7464Bailey, John23M    KY   
7464Bailey, Ellen14F    IL   
7464Bailey, Baby10 mo.F    IL   
7565Piper, John32M Farmer2,200600TN   
7565Piper, Laura17F    MO   
7565Piper, Nancy J.8 mo.F    MO   
7565Barnes, John W.28M    MO   
7565Bacon, Martin34M    MO   
7565Bethel, Robert24M    IL   
7666Hetzkieg, Christian58M  2,000500Prussia, Germany   
7666Hetzkieg, Antonettee49F    Prussia, Germany   
7666Gurruls, John37M Potter  Germany   
7666Haup, John30M Farm hand  Germany   
7666Harnes, (Mrs. Harris)71F    Germany   
7666Bachenhouse, Sophia16F    VA   
7767Schaff, Lewis38M (H”) Farmer600 Germany   
7767Schaff, Christiana19F    Germany   
7767Schaff, Lewis2M    IL   
7767Schaff, Edward1 mo.M    IL   
7767Schaff, Newston12M    IL   
7868Schaff, Chas.66M Farmer500600Germany   
7868Schaff, Charlotte65F    Germany   
7868Schaff, Henry34M    Germany   
7868Schaff, Christiana24F    Germany   
7868Schaff, Augustus9M    IL1  
7868Schaff, Charles8M    IL1  
7868Schaff, Lewis6M    IL1  
7868Schaff, Alvina1F    IL   
7969Hopper, Henry52M Laborer  Germany   
7969Hopper, Ann36F    Germany   
7969Hopper, Christen9M    IL   
7969Hopper, Edward5M    IL   
7969Hopper, Lewis3?M    IL   
8070Hester, Jacob58M Farmer1,200440Baden, Germany   
8070Hester, Mary72F    Baden, Germany   
8070Hester, Jacob, Jr.25M    Baden, Germany   
8070Carroll, Mary37F    Baden, Germany   
8070Bouh, Henry1M    IL   
8070Hester, August6M    IL   
8070Hester, Mary15F    Baden, Germany   
8171Hetezig, Christopher50M Farmer3,0001,000Prussia, Germany   
8171Hetezig, Whellemina34F    Prussia, Germany   
8171Hetezig, Frederic14M    IL   
8171Hetezig, Matilda12F    IL   
8171Hetezig, Caroline8F    IL   
8171Hetezig, Louisa5F    IL   
8171Hetezig, Whellemina6 mo.F    NY   
8171Baylor, Doraly18F    NY   
8171Baylor, Samuel11M    NY   
8272Woolenwerver, Daniel50M Farmer & carpenter800650Germany   
8272Woolenwerver, Frederica40F    Germany   
8272Mordon, August20M Farmer  Germany   
8373Bochany (or Bochange), Henry63M Farmer  Germany   
8373Bochany, Mira C.50F    Germany   
8373Bochany, Anna M.16F    IL   
8373Bochany, Draria9F    MO   
8373Bochany, Louisa2F    IL   
8373Berrgman, Andrew23M    Germany   
8474Steer, John52M Farmer10,500600Prussia, Germany   
8474Steer, Catharine40F    Prussia, Germany   
8474Steer, Usten15M    MO   
8474Steer, Albert13M    MO   
8474Steer, Alexander11M    MO   
8474Johnson, Charles26M Farm hand  Prussia, Germany   
8474Bayer, Eliza16F    IL   
8474Heitzig, Casper71M    Prussia, Germany   
8575Cartwright, John W.56M Farmer2,400260PA   
8575Cartwright, Hezekia50F    OH   
8575Cartwright, Wm. T.23M    IL   
8575Cartwright, Benj’m22F    IL   
8676Kichner, John54M Farmer750400Prussia, Germany   
8676Kichner, Hester40F    IN   
8676Kichner, Edward20M    IL1  
8676Kichner, Martha19F    IL1  
8676Kichner, Keziah11F    IL  1
8676Kichner, Gilbert9M    IL   
8676Layfyells, Amos (twin)7M    IL   
8676Layfyells, James (twin)7M    IL   
8676Layfyells, Amanda14F    IL   
8777Kichner, Geo. C.40M Farmer750400Prussia, Germany   
8777Kichner, Elizabeth36F    Prussia, Germany   
8777Kichner, George19M    IL1  
8777Kichner, Wm. W.13M    IL1  
8777Kichner, Charles R.10M    IL1  
8777Kichner, Clara7F    IL   
8777Kichner, Valentine3M    IL   
8777Kichner, Otto A.5 mo.     IL   
8878Miller, Christopher35M Farmer 360KY   
8878Miller, Mary36F    KY   
8878Miller, Wm. H.10M    IL1  
8878Miller, Elizabeth8F    IL1  
8878Miller, Lucy5F    IL   
8878Miller, Delphus1F    IL   
8978Stamps, John84M Farmer 400GA   
8978Stamps, Mary63F    SC   
8978Stamps, Gilbert24M    IL   
9080Coultse, John28M Farmer15070IL   
9080Coultse, Martha25F    IN   
9080Coultse, Ann E.1F    IL   
9080Murry, Amanda M.5F    IL   
9181House, Walter C.50M Laborer  PA   
9181House, Eliza29F    OH   
9181Plenner, Jeremia25M    ME1  
9181Plenner, Charlotte16F    IN1  
9181House, George W.7M    IL   
9282Pucherts, Lemual27M Laborer  IL   
9282Pucherts, Rhody22F    IL   
9282Pucherts, Wm.3M    IL   
9282Pucherts, Clarinda1F    IL   
9383Giles, Jerry30M Laborer  MO   
9383Giles, Minerva40F    MO   
9383Andrews, Nicholas21M    MO   
9484Heshall, Leonard30M Laborer  IL   
9585Hays, Elizabeth42F    TN   
9585Hays, Wm.18M    TN   
9585Hays, Nancy15F    TN   
9686Hays, Geo. W.22M Farmer 400IN   
9686Hays, Hannah21F    IL   
9686Hays, Ada C.1F    IL   
9686Hays, John4 mo.     IL   
9787Goman, Henry30M Farmer800300Germany   
9787Goman, Sophia22F    Germany   
9787Goman, Emma4F    Germany   
9787Goman, Deno6 mo.F    Ill   
9888Goman, O.H.59M Farmer  Germany   
9888Goman, Doraty59F    Germany   
9888Goman, Christine18F    Germany   
9989Putchan, Lewis42M Farmer1,500750Prussia, Germany   
9989Putchan, Rebecca42, F     Prussia, Germany   
9989Wall, Joseph50M    Prussia, Germany   
9989Wall, Trocha, P.50F    Prussia, Germany   
9989Wall, Joseph18M    Prussia, Germany   
9989Wall, Anna9F    Prussia, Germany   
9989Wall, Antony30M Farmer  Prussia, Germany   
9989Wall, Frideran20F    Prussia, Germany   
10090Dranat, Peter34M Farmer400200Prussia, Germany   
10090Dranat, Wichela26F    Prussia, Germany   
10090Dranat, Gravere7F    IL   
10090Dranat, Peter2M    IL   
10090Hulzh, John46M    Prussia, Germany   
10191Rush, James49M Farmer2,800650SC   
10191Rush, Emily34F    IL   
10191Smith, Martha15F    IL1  
10191Smith, Jemima10F    IL1  
10191Browse, Levina6F    IL1  
10292Rush, Hugh44M Farmer1,200400SC   
10292Rush, Martha29F    IL   
10292Rush, Wm. J.13M    IL1  
10292Rush, Thomas J.12M    IL1  
10292Rush, Charlotte J.2F    IL   
10292Rush, Emily C.4 mo.F    IL   
10292Darr, Nathen18M Teacher  IL   
10393Thomson, Frank60M Farmer1,000250Germany   
10393Tonsor?, Maria Ann47F    Germany   
10393Tonsor, John20M    Germany   
10393Tonsor, Wiehemmena16F    Germany   
10393Tonsor, Ann7F    Germany   
10494Albert, Michael56M Farmer  Germany   
10494Albert, Catharine46F    Germany   
10494Albert, Frank15M    Germany   
10494Albert, Nicholas11M    NY   
10494Albert, Mary13F    NY   
10494Albert, Lucena4F    NY   
10494Albert, Anna2F    NY   
10494Albert, John23M    Germany   
10595Streeter, John42M Farmer700300Byone, Germany   
10595Streeter, Louisa35F    Byone, Germany   
10595Streeter, Henry12M    IL1  
10595Streeter, Joseph11M    IL1  
10595Streeter, Lewis10M    IL1  
10595Streeter, Malinda9F    IL1  
10595Streeter, Wm.5M    IL   
10595Streeter, Sarah2F    IL   
10595Streeter, August1M    IL   
10696Blank, Ghrist42M Blank  Germany   
10696Blank, Sarah30F    Germany   
10696Blank, Wm.7M    Germany   
10696Blank, Jane2F    Germany   
10797Piper, Frank35M Farmer200300Prussia, Germany   
10797Piper, Betsy28F    Prussia, Germany   
10797Piper, Harmon5M    IL   
10797Piper, Hannah4F    IL   
10797Piper, Lizzie3F    IL   
10797Piper, John3 mo.M    IL   
10898Seags, Wm.40M Farmer500200Il   
10898Seags, Emaline35F    IL   
10898Seags, Sarilda12F    IL1  
10898Seags, Martha A.9F    IL1  
10898Seags, Wm. H. (twin)6M    IL1  
10898Seags, Ellen (twin)5F    IL1  
10898Seags, Filenda1F    IL   
10999Krouser, Frank23M Shoemaker  Prussia, Germany   
10999Krouser, Juliann21F    Prussia, Germany   
10999Krouser, Joseph2 mo.M    IL   
110100Houseman, Charles37M Farmer1,000500Germany   
110100Houseman, Eliza32F    Hanover, Germany   
110100Houseman, Charles11M    MO1  
110100Houseman, Lewis10M    IL1  
110100Houseman, August7M    IL1  
110100Houseman, Josephin4F    IL   
111101Bunsa, Frank34M Farmer200300Prussia, Germany   
111101Bunsa, Caroline31F    Prussia, Germany   
111101Bunsa, Clemant2M    IL   
111101Bunsa, Chas.1M    IL   
111101Bunsa, John31M    Prussia, Germany   
111101Bunsa, Eve27F        
111101Bunsa, Franklin6 mo.M        
112102Kanalakan, John32M Farmer200100Prussia, Germany   
112102Kanalakan, Frances30F    Prussia, Germany   
112102Kanalkan, Fred6M    IL   
112102Kanalkan, Caroline2F    IL   
113103Luchman, Frank56M Farmer  Prussia, Germany   
113103Luchman, Joseph20M  700600Prussia, Germany   
113103Luchman, Lenna12F    Prussia, Germany   
114104Funk, Stephen20M Farmer700200Prussia, Germany   
114104Funk, Teresa38F    Prussia, Germany   
114104Albred, John29M    Prussia, Germany   
115105Dunham, Benj’m38M Farmer600500VA   
115105Dunham, Anna, E.27F    IL   
115105Dunham, Henry C.9M    IL   
115105Dunham, John7M    IL   
115105Dunham, Walter6M    IL   
115105Dunham, Juliett4F    IL   
115105Dunham, Virginia A.3F    IL   
115105Dunham, Stephen A.2M    IL   
115105Dunham, Emma1F    IL   
115105Balber, Alex20M    PA   
116106Dunham, Amos56M Farmer1,000400VA   
116106Dunham, Mary47F    VA   
116106Dunham, Mary18F    IL   
116106Dunham, Amos16M    IL   
116106Dunham, Emily12F    IL   
116106Dunham, Henry C.11M    IL   
116106Dunham, Walter5M    IL   
116106Dunham, Phebe2F    IL   
117107Briderman, Angus27M Grocer500400Germany   
118108Williams, Jesse60M  400120Canada   
118108Williams, Cornelia35F    MS   
118108Williams, Margaret11F    MS   
118108Williams, James7M    IL  deaf
118108Williams, Ebenezer7 mo.M    IL   
118108Vanderverker, Albert25M Lumbering  NY   
118108Vanderverker, John22M    NY   
119109Gibbs, John49M Farmer15,000700IL   
119109Gibbs, Sarah46F    TN   
119109Clowers, Jackson P.13M    IL1  
119109Gibbs, Clarinda14F    IL1  
119109Clowers, Patrick12M    IL1  
119109Gibbs, Rebecca J.12F    IL1  
119109Clowers, John9M    IL   
119109Clowers, Sarah6F    IL1  
119109Gibbs, Mary5F    IL   
119109Clowers, George20M    IL   
120110Varble, Mrs. Matilda51F  2,500300TN  1
120110Stout, Jesse32M Farmer  IL   
120110Stout, Malinda28F    IL   
120110Stout, Henry12M    IL   
120110Stout, Nancy5F    IL   
120110Stout, Margaret3F    IL   
120110Varble, Mary Ann15F    IL   
120110Varble, Emalline12F    IL   
121111Withrow, R. G.50M Farmer1,500300KY   
121111Withrow, Malinda54F    KY   
121111Withrow, Sarah24F    IN   
121111Withrow, John21M    IL   
121111Long, James26M    VA   
121111Long, Alonza2M    IL   
122112Schevley, Sarah50F  500TN   
122112Schevley, James35M   140TN   
122112German, John45M    Germany   
123113Harris, Nathan35M Farmer600240TN   
123113Kenpey, Wm.35M Farmer  IN   
123113Kenpey, Tracy30F    IN   
124114Hedsall, John30M Farmer500290Germany   
124114Hedsall, Harriette27F    Germany   
124114Hedsall, Josephine9F    IL   
124114Hedsall, George5M    IL   
124114Hedsall, August3M    IL   
124114Hedsall, Mary1F    IL   
125115Shelton, John60MBFarmer600250SC  1
125115Shelton, Patsy65FB   VA  1
125115White, Eliza19F    IL   
126116Turner, Leonade30M Farmer700300IL   
126116Turner, Permelia27F    OH   
126116Turner, Oliver4 mo.M    IL   
127117Briggs, Asa35M Farmer1,200340OH   
127117Briggs, Maria23F    IL   
127117Turner, Thomas21M    MO   
127117Turner, N.C.28M    IL   
127117Alford, India A.12F    IL   
127117Long, Amelia27F    IN   
128118Powel, Asa22M Farmer1,200300IL   
128118Powel, Permelia18F    IL   
128118Bursbeals, Geo.39M    IL   
129119Witheron, Wm.24M Farmer 200IN   
129119Witheron, Mary J.18F    IL   
129119Granage, Nancy15F    IN   
130120Seeley, Jonathan43M Farmer 100OH   
130120Seeley, Mary42F    OH   
130120Seeley, Josephine14F    IL   
130120Seeley, Ezra12M    IL   
130120Seeley, Maretta9F    MO   
130120Seeley, Andrew J.4M    IL   
130120Seeley, Charles R.9 mo.     IL   
131121Redish, Stephen49M Farmer6,0001,700KY   
131121Redish, Charlotte26F    TN   
131121Redish, Elizabeth12F    IL   
131121Redish, Sarah9F    IL   
131121Redish, Wm. P.7M    IL   
131121Redish, Tamzon5F    IL   
131121Redish, Jesse M.6 mo.M    IL   
131121Redish, Martha22F    IL   
132122Bean, Thomas25M Farmer75200TN   
132122Bean, Jane20F    IL   
132122Bean, Francis3M    IL   
132122Bean, Charles3 mo.M    IL   
133123Bridges, L.M.26M Farmer  IL   
133123Bridges, Nancy18F    IL   
133123Turner, Lewis N.32M Farmer1,000240IL   
133123Turner, Sarah31F    IL   
133123Turner, Mary9F    IL   
135125Parker, Thomas42M Farmer840300VA   
135125Parker, Mrs. Matilda40F    VA   
136126Parker, Mrs. Susan29F Farmer240 VA   
136126Parker, Mortimor12M    IL   
136126Dunham, Louisa18F    IL   
136126Dunham, Ruth16F    IL   
136126Mullian, Russel16M    IL   
136126Lofton, John28M    IL   
137127Garrison, Lewis A.48M Farmer & carpenter 200IN   
137127Garrison, Maria36F    IL   
137127Garrison, Enoch J.17M    MO   
137127Garrison, Cerena J.16F    IL   
137127Garrison, Sarah E.6F    IL   
137127Garrison, Lewis C.4M    IL   
137127Garrison, Lloyd M.5 mo.M    IL   
138128Fulks, John50M Farmer5,0001,200TN   
138128Fulks, Hena (or Kena)67F    TN   
138128Fulks, Sam’l24M    TN   
138128Fulks, Elizabeth16F    TN   
138128Fulks, Sarilda11F    IL   
138128Fulks, Eliza A.9F    IL   
138128King, Jerry18M    MO   
139129Campbell, Wm. P.40M Farmer40070NC   
139129Campbell, Rachel35F    KY   
139129Vaslon, John E.22M    MO   
140130Campbell, Mrs. Elizabeth62F Farmer400200GA? 1 
140130Campbell, B. F.22M    IL   
140130Campbell, Perry19M    IL   
140130Campbell, Jefferson27M    IL   
141131Campbell, James E.30M Farmer700600NC   
141131Campbell, Elizabeth T.24F    TN  1
141131Campbell, James2M    IL   
141131Campbell, Charles10 mo.     IL   
141131Sego, Calvin21M Farm hand  IL   
142132Nevland, Jonathan24M Farmer 100Germany   
142132Nevland, Milly25F    MO   
142132Nevland, John1 mo.M    IL   
142132Bacon, Jonathan19M    MO   
142132Armstrong, John30M    Ireland  
143133Cherry, Geo. W.21M Laborer  IN  1
143133Grim, Mrs. Elizabeth47F    TN  1
143133Cherry, Frances19F    IN   
143133Cherry, Nancy15F    IN  
143133Grim, John13M    IN   
143133Grim, Napoleon B.10M    IN   
144134Campbell, Nathan31M Farmer  NC   
145135Medford, Rosamond23M Farmer  OH   
4535Medford, Virginia A.30F    IL   
145135Hays, Sam’l2F    IL   
145135????17M    MO   
146136Clifton, Wm. L.34M   300TN   
146136Clifton, Amandah26F    MO  1
146136Clifton, Mary A.7F    IL1  
146136Clifton, John2M    IL   
146136Clifton, Lewella5 mo.F    IL   
147137Lofton, Mrs. Sarah51F   280MO  1
147137Lofton, Wm.21M Laborer 100MO  1
147137Lofton, Sarah14F    IL1  
148138Redish, Jacob36M Farmer5,0001,300KY   
148138Redish, Hannah29F    OH   
148138Redish, Mary6F    IL1  
149139Williams, Rhuben44M Carpenter200Canada   
149139Williams, Amanda S.16F    Canada1  
149139Williams, Mary33F    Canada1  
149139Williams, Franklin J.12M    Canada1  
149139Williams, Jesse O.8M    IL1  
149139Williams, R. Elizabeth7F    IL1  
149139Williams, Mary P.5F    IL   
149139Williams, Julia A.5 mo.F    IL   
149139Mitchell, Henry26M Brick maker  MO   
150140Foster, Albert H.26M Farmer8001,000IL   
150140Foster, Anna27F    Unknown   
150140Foster, Lucina2 mo.F    IL   
150140Bull, Lucretia8F    IL   
150140Bull, Rosetta22F    IL   
150140Bacon, Sarah14F    IL   
150140Barney, Herbert22M    Germany   
151141Moran, James30M Farmer600100KY   
151141Moran, Sarah23F    Germany   
151141Moran, Baby1 mo.F    IL   
152142Wood, G. W.28M Farmer 400GA  1
152142Wood, Martha28F    TN  1
152142Wood, Alonzo T.3M    IL   
152142Wood, Jack2M    IL   
152142Wood, Anna Bell6 mo.F    IL   
153143King, John55M Farmer 250TN  1
153143King, Robert17M    MO   
153143King, Susan E.14F    MO1  
153143King, Thomas N.5M    IL   
153143King, Julia2F    IL   
153143King, Perry8 mo.M    IL   
154144Bacon, Elizabeth48F    TN   
154144Bacon, Delila10F    IL   
154144Bacon, Thomas21M    MO   
155145East, Elisha35M Farmer 290KY   
155145East, Jane27F    OH   
155145East, Henry7M    IL1  
155145East, Mary J.4F    IL1  
155145East, John6 mo.M    IL   
155145Carr, Hugh20M Farm hand  Ireland   
156146Bowllin, Patrick29M Farmer 400Ireland   
156146Bowlin, Elendor33F    Ireland   
156146Bowlin, Enoch14M    Ireland   
156146Bowlin, Sarah E.8F    IL   
156146Bowlin, Martha1F    IL   
157147Young, Jeff31M Farmer  NC   
157147Young, Lucetta25F    OH   
157147Young, Lucetta2F    IL   
157147Young, Marcellet1 mo.F    IL   
158148Watson, Sebaston41M Farmer25,0002,500IL   
158148Watson, Ruth31F    OH1  
158148Watson, James L.11M    OH1  
158148Watson, Perry O.9M    OH1  
158148Watson, Francis M.6M    OH1  
158148Watson, David A.3M    OH   
158148Watson, Wm. Davis22M Farm hand  NC   
158148Barker, James22M Farm hand  KY   
158148Hackley, Abram24M Carpenter  KY   
158148Medford, Bud22M Farm hand  IL  1
158148Dugan, John31M Stone mason  Ireland   
158148Worford, Wm.28M Farm hand  NY   
158148Pickett, Hiram25M Laborer  NY   
159149Snow, Geo.30M Farmer100600OH   
159149Snow, Nancy25F    IL   
159149Snow, David6M    IL   
159149Snow, Francis4M    IL   
159149Snow, Work2M    IL   
160150Nott, Mrs.44F    OH   
160150Nott, Drucella19F    IL   
160150Nott, Elizabeth13F    IL1  
160150Nott, Mary8F    IL1  
160150Nott, Alice6F    IL1  
160150Nott, Beeman4M    IL1  
160150Darnel, Jas. O.40M Blacksmith  NY   
161151Tucker, David50M Blacksmith  NY   
161151Tucker, Mrs.40F    NY   
161151Tucker, Larkin22M    NY   
161151Tucker, Martha A.20F    NY   
161151Tucker, Harmon16M    IL   
161151Tucker, Freeman13M    IL   
162152Redish, John27M Farmer 800IL   
162152Redish, Mary22F    TN   
162152Briggs, Wm.26M    IL   
162152Pistole, Wm. A.27M   250TN   
162152Smith, Geo.23M   250IL   
162152Redish, Martha22F    ?   
162152Smith, Wm.20M    ?   
163153McDonnall35M Grocer 200OH   
164154Eveland, Edmond30M Farmer5,000300IL  1
164154Eveland, Elizabeth J.29F    KY   
164154Eveland, Wm.3 mo.M    IL   
164154McCully?, Ellmina10F    IL   
165155Williams, Mrs.49F Farmer100130VA   
165155Williams, Gilbert D.15M    IL   
166156Myers, Hewston22M Farmer  TN 1 
166156Myers, Sarah J.19F    KY 1 
166156Skaw, J.B.45M Laborer1,000 OH   
166156Skaw, John R.8M    IL   
166156Medford, Morton21M Laborer1,000 OH  1
167157Williams, Wiley J.27M Laborer  KY   
167157Williams, Mary F.17F    MO   
167157Barr, Jas.40M Laborer  TN   
167157Skaw, Mason6M    IL   
167157Beggsby, James18M Laborer  KY   
167157Golden, Wm. M.23M Laborer  KY   
168 unoccupied          
169 unoccupied          
170157Lewis, Mrs. Margaret55F    OH  1
170157Lewis, James23M Farmer  IL  1
170157Lewis, Garrison19M    IL   
170158Lewis, Maria J.16F    IL   
170158Lewis, Emily6F    IL   
170158Sanders, Simon33M Farm hand  IL   
171159Hammett, John38M Farmer1,200400OH   
171159Hammett, Charlotte26F    TN   
171159Myers, Jrwagen?18F    TN   
171159Hammett, George L.3M    IL   
171159Hackley, George22M Carpenter  KY   
172160Green, Elisha H.45M Farmer1,000PA   
172160Green, Eserara36F    OH   
172160Green, Almeran15F    IL1  
172160Green, Alexander13M    IL1  
172160Green, Wm.11M    IL1  
172160Green, Eveline7F    IL1  
172160Green, Nancy5F    IL1  
172160Green, Alise3F    IL   
172160Green, Eugene2M    IL   
172160Dugans, Henry36M Farm hand  Germany   
173161Clowers, Mrs. Milda33F Farm hand  IL   
173161Clowers, Margaret9F    IL   
173161Clowers, Mary A.10F    IL   
173161Clowers, Sarah J.4F    IL   
173161Clowers, Harriett12F    IL   
173161Clowers, John6M    IL   
174162Cannon, A.J.30M Farmer600115OH   
174162Cannon, James5M    IL   
174162Cannon, Richard36M Farmer  OH   
174162Cannon, Lucinda25F    KY   
174162Cannon, Lottie A.4F    IL   
174162Cannon, Sarah E.8 mo.F    IL   
175163Busby, Warren55M Farmer 100KY   
175163Busby, Lucinda42F    KY   
175163Boor, Stephen14M    IL   
175163Boor, Sam’l12M    IL   
175163Boor, Emaline7F    IL   
176164Davis, John38M Farmer1,000570TN   
176164Davis, Mary26F    NY  1
176164Davis, Baby2F    IL   
176164O’Donnel, John12M    MO   
176164Dowet, Sally47F    TN  1
176165Enards, Jonah28M Farmer 200MO   
176165Enards, Phebe30F    MO   
176165Straner, Elizabeth11F    MO   
176165Dean, Lucinda17F    MO   
176165Dean, Jane5F    MO   
176165Dean, Charles20M    MO   
177166Appleton, David51M Farmer500290TN   
177166Appleton, Sarah50F    TN   
177166Sackett, Wm.15M    MO   
177166Sackett, Bunavista12F    MO   
1771166Sackett, Mary9F    IL   
177166Appleton, Martha14F    IL   
177166House, W.C.50M    Unknown   
177166Appleton, Susanna22F    IL   
178167Thornton, Andrew47M Farmer40080TN   
178167Thornton, Mary46F    TN   
178167Thornton, Nancy16F    WI?   
178167Thornton, Joseph9M    WI?   
178167Thornton, Wm.7M    WI?   
178167Sweeney, John23M Laborer  Ireland  1
178167Burnus, Michal34M Laborer  Canada  1
179168Buckmyer, Henry35M Farmer400220Westphalen, Prussia, Germany   
179168Buckmyer, Mary35F    Westphalen, Prussia, Germany   
179168Buckmyer, Mary4F    IL   
179168Buckmyer, John3M    IL   
179168Raechts?, Chas.53M Laborer  Brandenberg, Prussia, Germany   
180169Kallal, Frank50M Farmer200200Bohemia, Austria   
180169Kallal, Frances40F    Bohemia, Austria   
180169Kallal, Joseph14M    Bohemia, Austria1  
180169Kallal, Frances12F    Bohemia, Austria   
180169Kallal, Mary10F    Bohemia, Austria   
180169Kallal, Ann7F    Bohemia, Austria   
180169Kallal, Catharine6F    IL   
180169Kallal, Frank2M    IL   
180169Kallal, Louisa2 mo. F     IL   
181170Stone, Martin28M Farmer 300IL   
181170Stone, Amanda24F    IL   
181170Stone, Herbert2M    IL   
181170Durand, Jacob24M Laborer  NY   
181170Steele, Wm.32M Laborer  TN   
182171Gunterman, John C.61M Farmer4,0001,200KY   
182171Gunterman, Malinda49F    VA   
182171Gunterman, Wm. H.18M    IL   
182171Gunterman, John C.15M    IL   
182171Gunterman, Margaret12F    IL   
182171Gunterman, Betsy (E or C)9F    IL   
183172Birch, Burnet59M Farmer1,000400VA   
183172Birch, Mary63F    PA   
183172Birch, George29M Farmer  VA   
183172Birch, Mathias25M    OH   
184173Birch, Mathias40M    Germany   
185174McKinstry, Nathan42M Farmer1,600450MD   
185174McKinstry, Ellen38F    MO   
185174McKinstry, Theodore14M    MO   
185174McKinstry, Richard11M    MO   
185174McKinstry, Harriett8F    MO   
185174McKinstry, Jane5F    MO   
185174McKinstry, John2M    IL   
185174McKinstry, Mathen4 mo.M    IL   
186175Dunham, John23M Farmer 150IL  1
186175Dunham, Louisa17F    IL   
186175Dunham, Parker2 mo.M    IL   
187176King, Matthew48M Vineyard25050Bavaria, Germany   
187176King, Margaret38F    Bavaria, Germany   
187176King, Sophia2F    IL   
187176King, Gotheta11 mo.M    IL   
188177Smith, Geo. E.52M Farmer4,500900GA   
188177Smith, Charity37F    IN   
188177Smith, Rufus19M    IL   
188177Roberts, Rachel16F    IL1  
188177Williams, John W.18M    IL1  
188177Smith, Margaret16F    IL1  
188177Roberts, Susan14F    IL1  
188177Roberts, John12M    IL1  
188177Smith, Reese13M    IL1  
188177Roberts, Mary11F    IL1  
188177Roberts, Wm.9M    IL1  
188177Smith, Martha12F    IL1  
188177Smith, Harriett10F    IL   
188177Kingman, Sam’l27M Laborer  IL   
189178Fisher, Wm. F.34M Farmer20050IL   
189178Fisher, Eliza J.34F    IL   
189178Lewis, Mary A.13F    IL1  
189178Fisher, John4M    IL   
189178Fisher, James3M    IL   
190179McKenrey, James25M Farmer1,600400IL   
190179McKenrey, Nancy47F    Arkansas   
190179McKenrey, John13M    IL   
190179Barber, Alex20M    MO   
190179Webster, Daniel22M    IL   
191180Wade, Henry29M Farmer320300VA   
191180Wade, Hannah36F    IL   
191180McKenery, Elizabeth12F    IL   
191180McKenery, Henry14M    IL   
191180McKenery, Jacob9M    IL   
192181Craig, John31M Farmer50TN  1
192181Craig, Mayvil30F    IL   
192181Craig, Mela, J.11F    IL1  
192181Craig, Elizabeth9F    IL1  
192181Craig, Loucina6F    IL   
192171Craig, Robert (twin)5M    IA   
192171Craig, Martha (twin)5F    IA   
192181Craig, Perrine7M    IL   
193182Wrigherd, Henry36M Farmer600200Germany   
193182Wrigherd, Margaret25F    Germany   
193182Crodell, George5M    IL   
193182Wrigherd, Wm.3M    IL   
193182Wrigherd, Henry2M    IL   
193182Wrigherd, Fred3 mo.M    IL   
194183Fetter, Peter40M Farmer5,000900NY   
194183Fetter, Harriett33F    IL   
194183Fetter, George15M    IL1  
194183Fetter, Josephus13M    IL1  
194183Fetter, Francis11M    IL1  
194183Fetter, Maria9F    IL1  
194183Fetter, Cornelia7F    IL1  
194183Fetter, John4M    IL1  
194183Hilton, Margaret15F Help  IL   
194183Frenle, Mr.20M    France   
193183Magan, Jacob27M Laborer  Germany   
195184Legross, Geo.47M Laborer  Germany   
195184Legross, Margaret23F    NY   
195184Schouser, Rumka32M Farmer400300Germany   
195184Schouser, Catharine42F    Germany   
195184Schouser, John21M    Germany   
196185Schouser, Theodore18M    Germany   
196185Schouser, Hester12F    Germany1  
196185Schouser, Anna10F    Germany1  
196185Schouser, Mary8F    Germany1  
196185Schouser, Henry2M    IL   
197186Brigham, ?35M    Unknown   
198187Redish, Zed42M Farmer12,0003,000KY   
198187Redish, Sophia43F    IL   
198187Redish, Lucy Ann21F    IL   
198187Redish, Mary20F    IL   
198187Redish, Jane14F    IL1  
198187Redish, Stephen9M    IL1  
198187Redish, Emma5F    IL1  
198187Redish, Catharine10 mo.F    IL   
198187Mills, Dan’l32M Thrasher  IL   
199188Moran, Peter47Mfarmer and cooper1,00050Ireland   
199188Moran, Malinda41F    VA   
199188Moran, Mary14F   IL1  
199188Moran, John11M    IL1  
199188Moran, Wm.9M    IL1  
199188Moran, Jacob8M    IL1  
199188Moran, Ellen2F    IL   
199188Moran, Peter1     IL   
199188Patterson, James40M    IL   
200 unoccupied          
201 Dowet, Sally      Prussia   
202189Shugan, Casper37M Farmer900300Westphalia, Germany   
202189Shutgan, Christianna26F    Westphalia, Germany   
202189Shutgan, Fredric5     IL   
202189Shutgan, Elena3     IL   
202189Shutgan, Josepine3 mo.     IL   
203190Shutgan, John35M Farmer900300Germany   
203190Shutgan, Josephine30F    Germany   
203190Shutgan, Fredric3     IL   
203190Shutgan, Henry1M    IL   
204191Misner, Antony50M Farmer4,000400Germany   
204191Misner, Catharine55F    Germany   
204191Misner, Caroline12F    IL1  
204191Misner, Antonet10F     IL1  
204191Misner, Catharine9F    IL1  
204191Misner, Antony7M    IL1  
204191Misner, Vincent4M    IL   
204191Misner, Hannah2F    IL   
205192Bachaus, Wm.33M Laborer  Germany   
205192Bachaus, Nancy22F    Germany   
205192Bachaus, Wm.6 mo.M    IL   
206193Harper, George38M farmer and cooper20050Hanover, Germany   
206193Harper, Dorotha347    Hanover, Germany   
206193Harper, Dorotha6F    Hanover, Germany   
206193Harper, George3M    IL   
206193Harper, Kighteml20M    Hanover, Germany   
207194Somers, Michel53M Farmer1,000400Baden, Germany   
207194Somers, Terice30F    Baden, Germany   
207194Somers, Joseph12M    Baden, Germany1  
207194Somers, Charles6M    IL   
207194Somers, Edward4M    IL   
207194Somers, Antonette2F    IL   
207194Somers, Baby3 mo.M    IL   
208195Fall, John37M Farmer1,200370Germany   
208195Fall, Emma33F    TN   
208195Hutchin, Wm. Worth12M    IL1  
208195Fall, John Henry7M    IL   
208195Fall, Wm.3M    IL   
208195Fall, Anthony6 mo.M    IL   
208195Fall, Wm.35M    Germany   
208195Fall, Hamlin33M    Germany   
209196Garnis, James26M Laborer 60OH   
209196Garnis, Susanna31F Laborer IL   
209196Garnis, Geo.6M    IL   
209196Garnis, Mary E.4F    IL   
209196Garnis, Wm. J2M    IL   
209196Garnis, Allice10 mo.F    IL   
209196Poere, Elizabeth68F    MO   
209196Weeks, Martha11F    MO1  
209196Weeks, Samuel7M    MO   
211197Dunham, Rachel30F 400100MO   
211197Dunham, John22M Farmer 120MO   
211197Dunham, Danil20M    MO   
211197Dunham, Jane19F    MO   
211197Dunahm, Hugh18M    MO   
211197Dunham, Ruth15F    IL   
211197Dunham, Louiza12F    IL   
211197Dunham, Joseph8M    IL   
211197Pinker, Alonzo17M    MO   
212198Arter, David53M Farmer200 MO  1
212198Arter, John12M    MO   
213199Hallenhouse, Henry45M Blank450250Germany   
213199Hallenhouse, Mary A.45F    Germany   
213199Hallenhouse, Ferdinand16M    Germany   
213199Snuther, Peter44M Laborer  Germany   
214200Smith, John23M Farmer 50IL   
214200Smith, Clarinda19F    IL   
214200Smith, Manasa8M    IL   
215201Roberts, James M.36M Farmer200IL   
215201Roberts, Nancy C.35F    IL   
215201Roberts, Charles6M    IL   
215201Roberts, Francis E.5F    IL   
215201Roberts, Wm. P.2M    IL   
216202Phippen, Geo.40M Blank1,200300England   
216202Phippen, Pryannah31F    IL   
216202Phippen, Elijah14M    IL   
216202Phippen, Larna2F    IL   
216202Phippen, James1M    IL   
216202Harrington, Elizabeth60F    KY  1
217203Harrington, Wm.38M Blank300100NY   
217203Harrington, Elisha10M    IL   
217203Harrington, Malissa3F    IL   
218204Hall, Edward38M Laborer 20KY  1
218204Hall, Sarah38F    TN  1
218204Hawkins, Evaline11F    IL   
218204Hall, Thomas72M    VA  1
219205Ferbren, John30M Farmer400100Hanover, Germany   
219205Ferbren, Catharine30F    Hanover, Germany   
219205Metcaly, Wm.34M    Arkansas  1
220206Gunerman, Isaac20M Farmer 300IL   
220206Gunerman, Pertina19F    IL   
220206Holand, J.28M    TN   
221207Isringhausen, Henry45M Farmer  Hanover, Germany   
221207Isringhausen, Eliza35F    Hanover, Germany   
221207Isringhausen, Henry22M    Hanover, Germany   
221207Isringhausen, Wm.7M    IL   
221207Isringhausen, John4M    IL   
221207Teckman, Jacob20M    Germany   
222208Dunsee, Philip40M Laborer  Hanover, Germany   
222208Dunsee, Kavel36F    Hanover, Germany   
222208Dunsee, Henry4M    IL   
223209Dunsburgh, Wm.32M Laborer  Germany   
223209Dunsburgh, Henretta36F    Germany   
223209Dunsburgh, Sam’l6M    MO   
224210Hankins, Christians30M Farmer600300Germany   
224210Hankins, Mary54F    Germany   
224210Whilton, Wm.10M    IL   
225 unoccupied          
226 do          
227211Lahlan, Hinder50M Farmer 120KY  1
227211Lahlan, James9M    IN  1
227211Lahlan, Martha35F    IN   
227211Lahlan, Lucinda6F    IN   
228212Sellis, L. S.28M Laborer  OH  1
228212Sellis, Rachel25F    IL   
228212Sellis, Lewis6M    IL   
228212Sellis, Mary D.1F    IL   
229213Gereld, Geo. P.28M Laborer  IL 1 
229213Gereld, Mary J.25F    NY 1 

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