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1860 Piasa Township Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; School = attended school within the year; Married = Married within the year; RW = cannot read or write

PDFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceSchoolMarriedRW
111Chapman, Thos.58M Farmer54004200TN   
111Chapman, Ann56F    TN   
111Chapman, Martha31F    IL1  
111Chapman, Mary14F    IL1  
111Chapman, John11M    IL1  
111Curtis, Ann14F    IL1  
111Wentworth, John20M Farm hand  IL1  
111Welding, Alfred22M Farm hand  Del   
111Crabb, Margarete7F    OR   
122Maloney, Henry30M Farmer 400Ireland1  
122Maloney, Rodin32F    Ireland1  
122Maloney, Catharine26F    Ireland1  
122Maloney, Mary7F    LA1  
122Maloney, Honora4F    MO   
122Maloney, Fanny3F    MO   
122Maloney, Henry3 mo.M    IL   
133Border, Enoch43M Farmer1100600NJ   
133Border, Cornelia35F    NJ   
133Border, Aren19M    NJ   
133Keaney, Thos.24M Farm hand  Ireland   
144Stine, Robert M.27M Farmer26001400IL   
144Stine, Celinda28F    IL1  
144Stine, Albert A.6M    IL1  
144Chapman, Caroline13F    Mich1  
144Warren, Cyntha17F    NY   
144Dart, Caleb25M Farm hand 200VT   
155Wintern, Mrs. Martha42F   200VT   
155Girth, Henry34M Coal worker cripple  Canada   
155Hayden, Henry17M    OH   
155Speago, Ephriam11M    OH   
155Klech, Chas.8M    Germany   
155Biogarst, Leopola30M Laboroer  MO   
155Biogarst, May or Mary17F  24050England   
166Hendeson, Thos31M Coal diger  England   
166Hendeson, Margaret33F    England1  
166Hendeson, May or Mary9F    OH   
166Hendeson, John7M    OH   
166Hendeson, Margarete4F    IL   
166Hendeson, Thos.2M    IL   
166Weukmust, Wm.27M Laborer  Germany   
277Simmons, R. J.53M Farmer  MD   
277Simmons, Lucy A.42F  60001400MD   
277Simmons, Margaret A.13F    IL   
277Simmons, Charles H.11M    IL1  
277Simmons, John H.9M    IL1  
277Simmons, Maria E.8F    IL1  
277Simmons, Henry I.7M    IL1  
277Simmons, Richard5M    IL1  
277Simmons, Robert L.3M    IL   
277Medford, Sophia18F    IL   
288Simmons, James87M Farmer4000800MD   
288Edings, Ann42F    TN   
288Simmons, Margaret A.40F    TN   
288Cummings, Maria20F Teacher  IL1  
288Edings, Elizabeth12F    IL1  
299Burgess, Fredric50MBFarmer 100MD   
299Burgess, Martha A.38FB   MO   
299Burgess, James E. F.16MB   MO   
299Burgess, Fredric12MB   MO   
299Burgess, Mary E.14FB   MO   
21010Bell, J.52M Farmer30001500GA   
21010Bell, Mary or May48F    KY   
21010Bell, Robert S.27M Farmer 800IL   
21010Bell, Lizzie S.23F    OH   
21010Bell, Emma17F    IL1  
21010Bell, Martha12?F    IL1  
21010Bell, Wm. I.10M    IL1  
21010Bell, May or Mary A.8F    IL1  
21010Bell, Baby6 mo.F    IL   
21010Petitt, Henry20M    PA   
21010Petitt, Mary Jane25F    OH   
21111Darrason, Mrs. Susan46F  3100400IL   
21111Darrason, John P.26M Farmer 300IL 1 
21111Darrason, Hannah M.21F    IL 1 
21111Darrason, Ellen A.17F    IL   
21111Darrason, Collin I.15M    IL   
21111Darrason, Elihu C.12M    IL   
21111Darrason, George J.10M    IL   
21212Simmons, Sam’l53M Farmer113802200MD   
21212Simmons, Loranad33F    KY   
31212Simmons, John R.22M Farm hand  IL   
31212Simmons, Amilia24F    IL   
31212Simmons, Martha E.18F    IL   
31212Simmons, Sarah C.16F    IL   
31212Simmons, Armenta11F    IL1  
31212Simmons, Helen O.8F    IL1  
31212Simmons, Chas. W.4M    IL1  
31212Simmons, Albert1M    IL   
31212Miles, Taylor13M Farm hand  IL   
31212Conteral, Franklin17M Farm hand  IL   
31313Andrews, Joseph49M Farmer1600250VA H.H.V.?   
31313Andrews, Jane E.48F    TN   
31313Wagoner, George74M    MD   
31313Wagoner, Mary70F    MD   
31313Wagoner, Mary12F    IL1  
31414Brooks, Peter33M Farmer 400Germany   
31414Brooks, Catharine30F    Germany   
31414Brooks, Philip3M    Germany   
31414Brooks, Adam1M    IL   
31515Sandy, George45M Mason  England   
31515Sandy, Mary A.45F    England   
31515Sandy, Ann M.9F    England   
31515Sandy, Charles3M    England   
31515Sandy, Theodore H.1M    IL   
31616Hart, John48M Farmer65001300TN   
31616Hart, Mary37F    MD   
31616Hart, Alvin S.17M    IL1  
31616Hart, John15M    IL1  
31616Hart, Daniel13M    IL1  
31616Hart, Mary A.11F    IL1  
31616Hart, George6M    IL1  
31616Hart, Wille1M    IL   
31616Dutch?, Bill30M Farm hand  Germany   
31717Julias, Jacob37M Laborer  Germany   
31717Julias, Miss35F    Germany   
31717Julias, Amy6F    Germany   
31818Andrews, R.B.59M Farmer  VA   
31818Andrews, Susan58F    NC   
31818Andrews, Robert21M Farmer  IL   
31818Andrews, Martha18F    IL   
41818Hitt, Eliza11FM   IL   
41919Halloway, John34M Labor 40KY   
41919Halloway, Susan31F    KY   
41919Halloway, Levina11F    IL1  
41919Halloway, Ranson8M    IL1  
41919Halloway, Adeline4F    IL   
42020Emmons, Wm. H.30M Farmer20001000OH   
42020Emmons, Sailad C.23F    OH   
42020Emmons, Joseph9M    OH1  
42020Emmons, Clarinda4F    IL   
42020Emmons, Hanna1F    IL   
42020Dailington, John20M Farmer 70OH   
42021Emmons, Mrs. Martha50F    OH   
42021Emmons, Levina30F    OH   
42021Dailington, George15M    OH   
42122Emmons, Sammy24M Laborer 20OH   
42122Emmons, Thos. Frank4M    IL   
42122Emmons, John W.2M    IL   
42223Elliot, A.W.38M Farmer100002200OH   
42223Elliot, S.E.30F    NY   
42223Elliot, Frank2M    MO   
42223Elliot, High40M    Ireland  1
42223Dutchman24M    Germany   
42223Bell, Mary Ann14F    Ireland   
42223Swayzo, Many35F    Ireland   
42324Combs, James38M Labor1000 Ireland   
42324Combs, Jane37F    Ireland   
42324Combs, Mary R.9F    IL1  
42324Combs, Eliza J.7F    IL1  
42324Combs, Sarah5F    IL1  
42324Combs, Anna M.2F    IL   
42425Coleman, Timothy60M Farming240150Canada   
42425Coleman, Lora50F    Canada   
42425Coleman, Wesley15M    Canada1  
42425Coleman, Eugene J.14M    Canada1  
42425Coleman, Henry10M    Canada1  
42425Coleman, Fitzgerald21M Farmer 200Canada   
42425Coleman, Frances19M    Canada1  
42425Coleman, Fredon?12M    Canada1  
52526Eldridge, Phinias38M Farmer  PA   
52526Eldridge, Elizabeth36F    PA   
52526Eldridge, Susanna13F    LA1  
52526Eldridge, Anthony11M    IL1  
52526Eldridge, Phieas9M    IL11 
52526Eldridge, Elizabeth7F    IL1  
52526Eldridge, Charles3M    IL1  
52526Eldridge, Alfred4 mo.M    IL   
52526Doyel, Benard24M    NY   
52526Feila, Patric19M    Ireland   
52526Brine?, Margaret16F    Germany   
52627Eldridge, Anthony72M Sea captain500004900PA   
52627Eldridge, Susanna64F    PA   
52627Vance, Leonord52F    PA   
52627Robinson, John20M Farmer  NY   
52627Robinson, E.C.35F Farmer  NY   
52627Rombarts, Henry22M    NY   
52627Long, H. M.40M Farmer100002000PA   
52627Long, Catharine40M?    Germany   
52627Brewer, Henry7M    Germany   
52627Heater, Hannah20F Farmer  Germany   
52627Smakbss?, Catharine25F    Germany   
52627Hollins, Ferarnd?20F Farmer  Mich   
52829Bean, Geo. L.29M Farmer50001950NY   
52829Bean, Adaline C.23F    MO   
52829Bean, Franklin4M    IL   
52829McLane, Catharine10F    NY1  
52829Bean, Wm. H.16M    OH   
52930Beeman, Joshua39M Farmer, mason50075NY   
52930Beeman, Mary29F    NY   
52930Beeman, Wm.9M    Mich1  
52930Beeman, Sodorus6F    Mich   
52930Beeman, Ellen3F    Mich   
52930Beeman, Ferdric4 mo.M    IL   
52930Beeman, Austin35M Farmer200150NY   
52930Wethington, Kate23F    NY   
53031Laren?, Fle31M Farmer 100VA   
53031Laren,? Isaac25M    IN   
53031Laren?, Isaac19M    IN   
53031Winfrow, Ezekiel27M Labor  MO1  
63132Pinckara, I.B.54M Farmer77501100VA   
63132Pinckara, Isabella48F    IL   
63132Pinckara, George R.19M    IL1  
63132Pinckara, James B.17M    IL1  
63132Pinckara, Chas. H.14M    IL1  
63132Pinckara, Nathaniel12M    IL1  
63132Pinckara, Rebecca I.9F    IL1  
63233Brava, W.F.26M Butcher350200Germany   
63233Brava, Susan22F    Germany   
63334Brava, John B.26M Labor200 Germany   
63334Brava, Elizabeth21F    Germany   
63334Brava, Mary I.4F    WI   
63334Brava, Henry A.2M    IL   
63435Maxima, I.B.55M Shoemaker40050Mausen, Germany   
63435Maxima, Catharine52F    Mausen, Germany   
63435Maxima, Henry11M    Mausen, Germany1  
63435Maxima, Wm.8M    Mausen, Germany   
635 unoccupied          
63636Cinemaker, Henry?? Labor200 GA   
63636Cinemaker, Elija??    GA   
63636Cinemaker, Elenor??    IL   
63636Cinemaker, Baby??    IL   
63737McFlorider, ??? Labor150 Ireland   
63737McFlorider, Mrs.??    Ireland   
63737McFlorider, Johnye??    IL   
63737McFlorider, Jane??    IL   
63838Ryan, Wm.?? Labor150 NY   
63838Ryan, Ann??    Ireland   
63838Ryan, Emaline??    IL   
63939Ryan, Edward?? Labor150 NY   
63939??     Ireland   
64040Wud?, Fred?? Grain buyer  Con   
64040Wud, Martha??    PA   
64040Wud, Mary B.??    NJ   
64040Wud, George?? App. To painting  IL   
64040Wud, Fanny??    IL   
64040Wud, Amanda??    IL1  
64040Wud, John      IL1  
641 unoccupied          
64241Pinkard, Wm.26M Farmer  IL   
74241Pinkard, Rebecca22F    IL   
74242Pinkard, Jas. B.11 mo.M    IL   
74342Alvis, Wm.28M Farmer  MO   
74342Avis, Francis23F    IL   
74342Avis, Corack (twin)8 mo.F    IL   
74342Avis, Isabel (twin)2 mo.?F    IL   
74342Hutsn?, Brut21M Farm hand  IL   
74443Ler?, Joseph34M Farmer400150England   
74443Ler, Caroline34F    England   
74443Ler?, George A.7M    IL   
74443Ler?, Mary J.5F    IL   
74443Ler?, Anna M.3F    IL   
74443Ler?, Sarah4 mo.F    IL   
74544Mechy, August28M Farmer600100Switzerland   
74544Hobart, Henry21M Labor  Switzerland   
74544Hutiry?, Christ20M Labor  Switzerland   
74645Archer, John70M Farmer3500375Mass   
74645Archer, Deborah H.64F    Mass   
74645Archer, John W.27M Farmer  Mass   
74645Archer, Sarah W.24F    Mass   
74645Archer, George A.22M Farmer  Mass   
74746Priviost, Matlie48F Farmer800100Switzerland   
74746Man?, Ungley21M    Switzerland   
74746Man, Anne23F    Switzerland   
74746Man, Lousa14M    Switzerland   
74847Fay, Joseph35M Farmer700500England   
74847Fay, Mary34F    England   
74847Fay, John H.5M    IL1  
74847Fay, Albert W.3M    IL1  
74847Fay, Emily2F    IL   
74948Stratton, Horace36M Farmer1000500NH   
74948Stratton, Mary33F    England   
74948Bonllen, Anna M.9F    England1  
74948Bonllen, Wm. H.6M    IL1  
75049Leppola, Augustus36M Grocery  Prussia   
75049Leppola, Elthas30F    Ireland   
75049Leppola, Emily5F    IL   
75049Leppola, Frank3M    IL   
75049Leppola, John1M    IL   
75049Corsac, Braman21M    Prussia   
85150Hoyt, Mrs.52F Farmer2000250VA   
85150Ward, Sarah E.18F    IL   
85150Ward, Anna E.15F    IL   
85150Ward, Wm. M.31M    IL   
85251Irwin, Philipp28M Farmer  Germany   
85251Irwin, Lizzie26F    Germany   
85251Irwin, Elizabeth4F    Germany   
85251Irwin, Philipp4 mo.M    IL   
85251Irwin, Marie E.13F    IL   
85352Cordy, Rachel36M Labor 20Ireland   
85352Cordy, Alice31F    Ireland   
85352Cordy, John14M    Ireland   
85352Cordy, Patric12M    Ireland1  
85352Cordy, Margaret7F    NY1  
85353Heuctman, Leopold35M (blank) 40Germany   
85353Heuctman, Frederick32F    Germany   
85353Heuctman, Elian6F    Germany   
85352Heuctman, Leopola3M    IL   
85354Knuland, Ashbrook35M (blank) 20Germany   
85354Knuland, Betty36F    Germany   
85354Knuland, Annie12F    Germany   
85354Knuland, Mrs.16M    Germany   
85354Knuland, Almina7F    IL   
85354Knuland, Alwasla5F    IL   
85455Henn, Philip38M Farmer300300Germany   
85455Henn, Elizabeth33F    Germany   
85455Henn, Christian10M    Germany   
85455Henn, Louisa8F    Germany   
85455Henn, Mary6F    IL   
85455Henn, Leonora2F    IL   
85556Ganlian, Henry33M (blank) 150Germany   
85556Ganlian, Mrs.30F    Germany   
85556Ganlian, Catharinia9 mo.F    IL   
85556Ganlian, George5M    IL   
85657Blumer, Henry29M Farmer  Germany   
85657Blumer, Henrietta24F    Germany   
85657Blumer, Mary E.2F    IL   
857 unoccupied          
858 unoccupied          
859 unoccupied          
96058Slocomb, Arron3?M Grocer 80England   
96058Slocomb, Ann J.24F    Ireland   
96058Slocomb, Sarah I.5F    IL   
96058Slocomb, Matilda I.3F    IL   
96058Slocomb, Ann J.1F    IL   
96159Busly?, George41M Coal digger 100England   
96159Busly?, Ellen31F Farmer  England   
96159Busly?, Mary A.10F    PA1  
96159Busly?, John9M    PA1  
96159Busly?, Ellen7F    IL1  
96159Busly?, Catharine4F    IL1  
96159Busly?, Elizabeth1f    IL   
96260Robinson, Mrs. Ann51M Farmer  England   
96260Robinson, Sarah I.9F    PA1  
96260Robinson, Thos.4M    PA1  
96260Robinson, Wm.21M Mines  PA   
96361Huslman, Fead27M Grocer  Germany   
96360Huslman, Mary19F    Germany   
96360Huslman, Henry1M    IL   
96462Blumer, Chas. Jr.31M Farmer  Germany   
96462Blumer, Christiana26F    Germany   
96462Blumer, Chas. Jr.5M    IL   
96462Blumer, Emma1F    IL   
96462Failow, Philip26M Farm hand  Germany   
96563Blumer, Chas. Jr.58M Farmer200140Germany   
96563Blumer, Mary E.59F    Germany   
96563Blumer, Amelia13F    IL1  
96563Blumer, Nathaniel22M Farm hand  IL   
96563Blumer, Augusta18F    IL   
96563Blumer, Amilia15F    IL   
96664Hueler, Casper27M    Germany   
96664Hueler, Betsy29F    Germany   
96664Hueler, Elinor1F    IL   
96765Boot, Michael42M Farmer2500900Germany   
96765Boot, Mary39F    Germany   
96765Boot, John12M    IL1  
96765Boot, George11M    IL1  
96766Boot, Henry9M    IL1  
96766Wolf, John22M    Germany   
96766Flint, Margarete24F Help  Germany   
106766Eplie, Harmon32M Farmer 100Germany   
106766Eplie, Elizabeth29F    Germany   
106766Eplie, Lewis7M    IL   
106867Schnbook?, ?35M Farmer 100Germany   
106867Schnbook?, Mrs.36F    Germany   
106867Schnbook?, Maria8F    Germany   
106867Schnbook?, Louisa6F    Germany   
106867Schnbook?, Sophia4F    IL   
106867Schnbook?, Maria2F    IL   
106968Harmas, Jacob31M Farmer40050Germany   
106968Harmas, Catharine19F    Germany   
106968Harmas, Charles6 mo.M    IL   
107069Harmas, Philip37M Farmer200100Germany   
107069Harmas, Catharine38F    Germany   
107069Harmas, Philip2M    IL   
107170Brothia, Wm.38M Farmer1200550Wales   
107170Brothia, Doris?34F    PA1  
107170Brothia, Tailor?12M    PA1  
107170Brothia, John M.6M    IL1  
107170Brothia, Mary4F    IL   
107170Brothia, Wm.2M    IL   
107170Brothia, Elizabeth5 mo.F    IL   
107170King, John H.13M    MO1  
107170Despu, Abigail60F    PA   
107271Dumbough, Wm.38M Farmer300120Germany   
107271Dumbough, Mary38F    Germany   
107271Dumbough, Mary4F    IL   
107271Dumbough, Lizzie2F    IL   
107271Dumbough, Baby5 mo.F    IL   
107372Waslta?, Chas30M Farmer20050Germany   
107372Waslta?, Reglia27F    Germany   
107372Waslta?, John5M    IL   
107372Waslta?, Jane3F    IL   
107473Wednu, Jas.35M Farmer500400Germany   
107473Wednu, Martha30F    Germany   
107473Wednu, John5M    IL   
107473Wednu, Samuel4M    IL   
107473Wednu, Jane2F    IL   
107473Sixcamp, Wm. M.27M Labor  Germany   
107473Wertlen, Jacob28M Labor  Germany   
117574McDonala, Wm.40M Farms300350Ireland   
117574McDonala, Mary37F    Ireland   
107574McDonala, Wes60F    Ireland   
107574McDonala, Thos.19M    Ireland1  
107574McDonala, Mary8F    MO1  
107574McDonala, Patrick45M Labor  Ireland   
117674Ward, Peter37M Farms320170Ireland   
117674Ward, Mrs.28F    Ireland   
117674Ward, Mary11F    Ireland1  
117674Ward, Sarah9F    Ireland1  
117674Ward, Thos.7M    IL   
117674Ward, Eliza5F    IL   
117674Ward, Ema3F    IL   
117775Riggs, John39M Machinist, farmer2000600NY   
117775Riggs, Hannah32F    NY   
117775Riggs, Mary E.8F    NY1  
117775Riggs, Louisa S.7F    NY1  
117775Riggs, George I.5M    NY1  
117775Riggs, John E.3M    IL   
117775Riggs, Hattie D.2F    IL   
117876Gorin, G.W.44M Farms1200600TN   
117876Gorin, Francis41F    TN   
117876Gorin, George B.11M    IL1  
117876Gorin, Ada7F    IL1  
117876Gorin, Ann5F    IL1  
117876Gorin, Frank5 mo.M    IL   
117876Butler?, Susan32F    TN   
117977Dabbs, Isaac48M Farms 500TN   
117977Dabbs, Martha39F    IL   
117977Dabbs, Josiah16M    IL1  
117977Dabbs, Isaac M.11M    IL1  
117977Dabbs, Martha I.9F    IL1  
117977Dabbs, Lafayette6M    IL1  
117977Dabbs, Elizabeth4F    IL   
117977Dabbs, Lydia21F    IL   
118078Smith, Chas. H0.21M Farms 64IL   
118078Smith, Mary21F    IL   
118078Smith, Joseph W.3M    IL   
118078Smith, John W.5 mo.M    IL   
118078Welch, Patrick24M Laborer  Ireland   
128180Butler, Starlin33M Farmer1200TN   
128180Butler, Maria22F    MO   
128180Butler, Mary L.5F    IL   
128180Butler, Ellen (twin)2F    IL   
128180Butler, Maria (twin)2F    IL   
128180Lent, Philip25M Farm hand  unknown   
128281Lent, John M.60M Farmer  VT   
128281Lent, Julia Ann50F   200NH   
128281Lent, Elizabeth20F    IL   
128281Lent, Mary Ann14F    IL   
128281Lent, Lydia A.10F    IL   
128482Knowland, I.F.48M Teacher300100IN   
128482Knowland, Martha M.34F    IN   
128482Knowland, Louisa A.11F    IL1  
128482Knowland, Jasper8M    IL1  
128482Knowland, Wm. B.1M    IL   
128583Noland, Mrs.40F Farmer48050MO   
128583Noland, Clarinda (twin)12F    IL1  
128583Noland, Isa? (twin)12F    IL1  
128583Noland, Mary Ann8F    IL1  
128583Noland, John8M    IL1  
128583Noland, Amanda6F    IL   
128583Noland, Francis I.3M    IL   
128583Nolens, John48M    IL   
128684Jones, George54M Farmer1600700VA   
128684Jones, Rachel39F    IL   
128684Jones, Amanda19F    IL1  
128684Jones, Amos17M    IL1  
128684Jones, Albert3M    IL   
128684Jones, Hester11F    IL1  
128684Ceusip, Jas.18M Farm hand  IL   
128785Butler, Wily30M Grocer 150TN   
128785Pembrook, Ellen58F Farmer3600600NY   
128786Pembrook, Louisa49F    KY   
128786Pembrook, Wesley24M    IL   
128786Pembrook, Wm.21M    IL1  
128786Pembrook, Thos.17M    IL1  
128786Pembrook, Alton16M    IL1  
128786Pembrook, John14M    IL1  
128786Pembrook, Albert10M    IL   
128987Bailey, Dan’l A.48M Physician VT   
128987Bailey, Catharine37F    OH   
128987Bailey, Allice12F    IL1  
129088Hallowel, Elsha55M Fruit grower5000500Mass   
129088Hallowel, Louisa55F    Mass   
129088Hallowel, Elizabeth21F    IL   
129088Hallowel, Wm.14M    IL1  
129088Hallowel, Frederic9M    IL1  
129088Hallowel, George H.24M    IL   
129088Hallowel, Mary A.18F    NY   
129088Hallowel, Chas. E.3 mo.M    IL   
129289Heath, Jas. A.50M Farmer200100NY   
129289Heath, Caroline48F    IN   
129289Heath, Mary J.15F    IL1  
129288Heath, Emaline9F    IL1  
129390Base, Sam’l W.66M Farmer2500550PA   
129390Base, Louisa55F    PA   
129390Base, James L.17M    PA   
129390Base, Sophia I.9F    IL1  
129491Maximer, Henry35M Farmer1200400Germany   
129491Maximer, Austin18F    Germany   
129491Maximer, Ludwig37M    Germany   
129491Maximer, Philip68M    Germany   
129491Maximer, Catherine58F    Germany   
139592Hamilton, Thos.60M Farmer600300PA   
139592Hamilton, Elizabeth56F    PA   
139592Martin, John39M Farmer, lawyer  KY   
139592Martin, Phebe21F    IL   
139592Martin, Louisa??7F    IL1  
139592Rose?, Samuel G.12M    PA1  
139693Mickls, Jeffry50M Farmer, carpetner1000500Scotland   
139693Mickls, Mary46F    Scotland   
139693Mickls, Thos.20M    Scotland   
139693Hamilton, Alex22M Farmer  IL   
139794Snyder, John G.51M Farmer400170Germany   
139794Snyder, Rage48F    Germany   
139794Snyder, Henry13M    Germany   
139794Snyder, Heneretta12F    Germany   
139794Snyder, Augustus21M    Germany   
139794Bagtous, Adolph20M    Germany   
149895Smith, Fred37M    Germany   
149895Smith, Wm.30M    Germany   
149895Smith, August23M    Germany   
149895Smith, Frank26M    Germany   
149996Gartail?, Gullich30M Farmer1020300Saxe Winer, Germany   
149996Gartail?, Amelia24F    Germany   
149996Gartail?, Ann2F    IL   
149996Gartail?, Frank4 mo.M    IL   
149996Long, Chas. A.22M Labor  Prussia   
1410097Donns, B.57M Farm2000 England   
1410097Donns, Isabella43F    England   
1410097Donns, Isabella12F    IL   
1410097Donns, Wm.9M    IL   
1410097Donns, Ann7F    IL   
1410097Donns, Mary5F    IL   
1410097Donns, Allice3F    IL   
1410097Donns, John1M    IL   
1410198Moon, Luke B.59M Farmer800300England   
1410198Moon, Sarah65F    England   
1410198Moon, John24M    England   
1410299Signor, Danl52M Farmer100400NY   
1410299Signor, Lucinda50F    Canada   
1410299Signor, Emaline21F    NY   
1410299Signor, Charles19M    NY   
1410299Signor, Ely17M    NY   
1410299Signor, George14M    NY   
1410299Signor, Helen12F    NY1  
14103100Comb, Scully32M Farmer3000850IL   
14103100Comb, Elizabeth32F    PA   
14103100Comb, Mary9F    IL1  
14103100Comb, John4M    IL1  
14103100Comb, Samuel2M    IL   
14103100Comb, Emma8 mo.F    IL   
14104101Boyle, Thos.30M Labor  Ireland1  
14104101Boyle, Mary24F    Ireland1  
14104101Boyle, John2M    IL1  
14104101Fanel, John40M Farmer835160Ireland   
14105102McNeal, A.F.33M Farmer2500600IL   
14105102McNeal, Mary E.25F    NJ   
14105102McNeal, Mary A.8F    IL1  
15105102McNeal, Ellen7F    IL1  
15105102McNeal, Clarance2M    IL   
15105102Witesides Mrs. M.H.28F    NY   
15105102Witesides, Allilce H.7F    IL1  
15104103Harris, Thos.30M Farmer 450TN   
15104103Harris, Nancy29F    TN   
15104103Harris, Clarinda E.1F    IL   
15104103Harris, Wilsen L.20M    TN   
15104103Harris, Thos. H.53M   450NC   
15105104Cowin, Geo.40M Labor20040Ireland   
15105104Cowin, Agnes38F    Ireland   
15105104Cowin, Agnes16F    Ireland1  
15105104Cowin, George8M    Ireland1  
15105104Cowin, James6M    IL1  
15105104Cowin, Alexr4M    IL   
15105104Cowin, Elizabeth1F    IL   
15106 unoccupied          
15107105Rockwell, Saml43M Coal mine 100England   
15107105Rockwell, Mary36F    England   
15107105Rockwell, Joseph20M    England   
15107105Rockwell, Wm.16M    England   
15107105Rockwell, Emma J.4F    IL   
15107106Craft, John24M Coal mine  England   
15107106Craft, Ellen23F    England   
15107106Craft, Edward4M    IL   
15107106Craft, Emma J.3F    IL   
15108107Cunningham, Patrick26M Labor  Ireland   
15108107Cunningham, Mrs.26F    Ireland   
15108107Cunningham, Margarete2F    IL   
15109 unoccupied          
15110 unoccupied          
15111108Williams, Andrew47M Coal mine150125Scotland   
15111108Williams, Mary33F    Scotland   
15111108Williams, Jane11F    Scotland1  
15111108Williams, Andrew9M    Scotland   
15111108Williams, John6M    PA   
15111108Williams, Isabel3F    IL   
15111108Williams, William10 mo.M    IL   
15111108Williamson, Wm.21M Teamster 125Scotland   
15111108Littleton, Abner26M Labor  MO   
16113109McCurdy, John56M Farmer3000 NJ   
16113109McCurdy, Hester56F    NJ   
16113109McCurdy, Catherine23F    PA   
16113109McCurdy, Alonza18M    OH1  
16113109McCurdy, Wm.19M    OH   
16113109McCurdy, Joseph15M    OH1  
16113109Winklen, Ellen6F    IL   
16114110McCurdy, Jacob35M Farms1500NJNJ   
16114110McCurdy, Jane29F    NJ   
16114110McCurdy, Elisha10M    KY   
16114110McCurdy, Ezra6F    IL   
16114110McCurdy, Iam3 mo.F    IL   
16115111Brookfield, Joseph55M Farmer1350900England   
16115111Brookfield, Elizabeth55F    England   
16115111Brookfield, Mary19F    IL   
16115111Brookfield, Edward21M    IL   
16115111Riche, Samuel15M    IL   
16116112Widna, Chas.35M Farms5000 Germany   
16116112Widna, Ann33F    Germany   
16116112Widna, Chas.6M    IL   
16116112Widna, Frank4M    IL   
16116112Widna, Jennie1F    IL   
16117113Shenbery?, Frank30M Farmer400150Germany   
16117113Shebery?, Mary A.27F    Germany   
16118114Alex, Leopola45M Labor & grocer  Germany   
16118114Alex, Mrs.18F    Germany   
16118114Alex, Frank21M    Germany   
16119115Leopola, Wm.40M Farms2000500Germany   
16119115Leopola, Ann33F    Germany   
16120116Cennelly, Arch62M Farms300100VA   
16120116Cennelly, Anna59F    TN   
16120116Cennelly, Joseph15M    IL   
16121117Gifferd, Oskar25M Farm & labor  OH   
16121117Gifferd, Mary A.31F    IL   
16121117Gifferd, Emily A.4F    IL   
16121117Gifferd, Elmina L.2F    IL   
16121117Gaskill, Saml50M    IL   
16122118Austin, Samuel42M Farms  PA   
16122118Austin, Caroline?41F    VT   
16122118Case?, Lemon16M    Ireland   
17123119Hortin?, Mick40M Labor  Ireland1 1
17123119Hortin?, Alice30F    Ireland1 1
17123119Hortin?, Morris6M    Ireland   
17123119Hortin?, Patrick4M    IL1  
17123119Hortin?, Hanah2F    IL   
17123119Hortin?, Mary5 mo.F    IL   
17123119Conway, Mike45M blank  Ireland1 1
17123119Convesa?, Pat20M    Ireland   
17123119Craig, Wm.35M    Ireland   
17123119Fitzgerald, Thos50M pauper  Ireland1 1
17123120Robinson, Thos.47M Labor  Ireland   
17123120Robinson, Ann43F    VT   
17123120Robinson, Sarah I.9F    IL1  
17123120Robinson, Wm. A.20M    OH   
17123120Robinson, Geo. H.15M    OH1  
17125121Prevert, Mrs.48F Farmer  Switzerland   
17125121Wysso, D.21F    Switzerland   
17125121Wysso, Anne23F    Switzerland   
17125121Wysso, Louis14M    Switzerland   
17126122Nistles, Wm.50M Labor  Holland1 1
17126122Nistles, Rachel45F    Holland1 1
17126122Nistles, Robert17M    Holland   
17126122Nistles, Albert17M    Holland   
17126122Nistles, Polena11F    IL   
17126122Nistles, Baby10 mo.F    IL   
17126123Bowman, Samuel36M Farmer200PA   
17126123Bowman, Mrs.31F    PA   
17126123Bowman, Nancy7F    PA   
17126123Bowman, Wm.4M    PA   
17126123Bowman, Mary3F    PA   
117127 unoccupied          

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