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1860 Otter Creek Township Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; School = attended school within the year; Married = Married within the year; RW = cannot read or write

PDFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceSchoolMarriedR/W
111Vaughn, Mead31M Lawyer 300MD   
111Vaughn, Elvira26F    IL   
111Fernando, John5M    IA   
111Craig, L.21M    IL   
111Simpkins, Lewis33M    OH   
122Davenport, Isaac31M Farmer200300TN   
122Davenport, Mary31F    IL   
122Bray, John L.13M    IL   
122Davenport, James N.10M    TN   
122Bray, Ira D.9M    IL   
122Davenport, David J.8M    TN   
122Bray, George W.6M    IL   
122Bray, Amos C.11 mo.M    IL   
133Doutherty, P.W.28M   50Ireland   
133Doutherty, Emily25F    VA   
133Doutherty, Wm. H.3 mo.M    IL   
144Rogers, Henry L.39M Blacksmith, farmer  OH   
144Rogers, Rachel34F    OH   
144Rogers, Austin13M    IL   
144Rogers, Desdemony11F    IL1  
144Rogers, Mary E.9F    IL1  
144Rogers, Wm.6M    IL1  
144Rogers, John4M    IL1  
155Clark, N.W.60M Farmer500 VA   
155Clark, Lucy40F    VA   
155Clark, David11M    MO1  
155Clark, Andrew8M    IL1  
155Clark, Napoleon6M    IL   
155Clark, Baby Girl8 mo.F    IL   
166Sandridge, Miles40M Farmer1600700VA   
166Sandridge, Mary Ann34F    IL   
166Sandridge, Lucy16F    IL   
166Sandridge, Wm.13M    IL1  
166Sandridge, Orange?12M    IL1  
166Sandridge, John R.10M    IL1  
166Sandridge, Pullam8M    IL1  
166Sandridge, Elizabeth5F    IL1  
166Sandridge, Caroline3F    IL   
177Prouse, Will56M  11010PA   
177Rise, Lemuel42M Laborer  MD   
288Fitzgerald, Richmond75M Laborer  Ireland   
288Fitzgerald, Richard26M    Ireland   
288Fitzgerald, Ann27F    Ireland   
288Fitzgerald, Margaret79F    Ireland   
299Fitzgerald, James30M Farmer500250Ireland   
299Fitzgerald, Mary26F    Ireland   
21010Gowin, M.L.36M Farmer45001070TN   
21010Gowin, Nancy34F    IL   
21010Gowin, Steven12M    IL1  
21010Gowin, Miner E.10M    IL1  
21010Gowin, Caletha W.6F    IL   
21010Gowin, Amest E.3M    IL   
21010Gowin, Ormond G.6 mo.M    IL   
21111Pickett, Wm.30M Farmer 160KY   
21111Pickett, Emaline21F    IL   
21111Pickett, Hester1F    IL   
21212Powel, Philip30M Farmer500200GA   
21212Powel, (blank)21F    GA   
21212Powel, (blank)1F    IL   
21313Rogers, Samuel30M Farmer2200700MD   
21313Rogers, Catharine25F    MD   
21313Rogers, Wm.7M    MD   
21313Rogers, Emily4F    IL   
21313Rogers, Sarah E.5 mo.F    IL   
21313Rogers, Noah3M    IL   
21313Kidings, Nelson20M Laborer  IN   
21313France, Daniel16M Laborer  IN   
21414Rashford, W.38M Farmer3600600Mass   
21414Rashford, Emily31F    Mass   
21414Rashford, Athena10F    Mass   
21414Rashford, Jas.7M    Mass   
21414Rashford, Louisa5F    IL   
21414Rashford, Mary E.1F    IL   
21515Cadwalader, John47M Farmer14001300OH   
21515Cadwalader Mary41F    OH   
21515Cadwalader, Eli19M    IL1  
21515Cadwalader, Adeline16F    IL1  
21515Cadwalader, Jesse K.14M    IL1  
21515Cadwalader, Mary Ann10F    IL1  
21515Cadwalader, Nancy5F    IL   
31616Johnson, Timothy39M Laborer  NY   
31616Johnson, Lucinda28F    NJ   
31616Johnson, W.R.15M    OH1  
31616Johnson, Frank G.8M    OH1  
31616Johnson, Eliza J.4F    IL1  
31616Johnson, Milton9 mo.M    IL   
31717Brickenmgger, G.37M Farmer120001900Witemburg, Germany   
31717Brickenmgger, Ann Maria32F    Witemburg, Germany   
31717Brickenmgger, Anna11F    IL   
31717Brickenmgger, Wm.7M    IL1  
31717Brickenmgger, Charles (twin)5M    IL1  
31717Brickenmgger, Harriett (twin)5F    IL   
31717Brickenmgger, Fannie3F    IL   
31717Brickenmgger, Baby1F    IL   
31717Brickenmgger, Julia F.6F    IL   
31717Chulick, Albert27M Farm hand  Germany   
31717Heideman, Jacob27M Farm hand  Germany   
31818Rowland, Samuel38M Farm hand20050England   
31818Rowland, Sarah32F    NY   
31818Rowland, Sarah J.3F    NY   
31818Roland, Katy Ann1F    IL   
31919Cook, Charles32M Laborer  England   
31919Cook, Mary27F    England   
31919Cook, John11M    England1  
31919Cook, Richard5M    IL1  
31919Cook, Elizabeth9F    IL   
31919Cook, Thomas3M    IL   
32020Rogers, Travers35M Farmer2000800OH   
32020Rogers, Sarah E.28F    IL   
32020Rogers, Laura10F    IL1  
32020Rogers, Wm. Chas.8M    IL1  
32020Rogers, Virginia6F    IL1  
32020Rogers, Maria Louisa4F    IL   
32020Rogers, Issabel2F    IL   
32020Hagans, Mrs. Susan63F    PA   
32020Hagans, Lafayette22M    IN   
32020Furdel, Edward28M Farm hand  England   
32020Higgins, Nelson20M    MD   
32121Hamilton, Don’t? H.64M Farmer3100 VT   
32121Hamilton, Welthy64F    CN   
42121Washington, Geo.39M Farm hand28003000MD   
42222Deming, Edward39M    OH   
42222Deming, Sophrona35F    IL   
42222Deming, Lather?5M    IL   
42222Deming, Mary E. (twin)1F    IL   
42222Deming, Wm. Henry (twin)1M    IL   
42323Hamilton, Jason H.45M Farmer400400OH   
42323Hamilton, Margaret40F    OH   
42323Hamilton, Sylvester6M    IL   
42424Fisher, (blank)45M Farmer  Germany   
42424Fisher, Joanna35F    Germany   
42424Kiskner, Benj6M    IL   
42424Kiskner, Charles4M    IL   
42424Kiskner, (blank)1M    IL   
42525Bell, Daniel45M Preacaher350200TN   
42525Bell, Jane48F    NC   
42525Bell, Daniel16M    IL1  
42525Bell, Jefferson14M    IL   
42626McDow, Mrs. Delila51F    VA   
42626McDow, Wm.52M Farmer4000900IL   
42626McDow, Margaret22F    IL   
42626McDow, Mary20F    IL   
42626McDow, Wm.17M    IL1  
42626McDow, Josephine13F    IL1  
42626McDow, Alrine10F    IL1  
42626Riley, Atwood5M    IL  
42626Randolph, Mrs. Ellen24F    IL   
42626Randolph, Avery M.1M    IL   
42727Dodson, Aron37M Farmer & cooperMO MO   
42727Dodson, Nancy34F  500240IL   
42727Dodson, Frances M.17F    IL1  
42727Dodson, Melvina15F    IL1  
42727Dodson, Theodore13M    IL1  
42727Dodson, James A.10M    IL1  
42727Dodson, Mary J.8F    IL1  
42727Dodson, Sarah M.5F    IL1  
42727Dodson, James F.2M    IL   
42727Dodson, Rodney5 mo.M    IL   
42727Montgomery, Elizth13F    IL1  
42727Montgomery, Hugh10M    IL1  
52727Montgomery, Almira8F    IL1  
52727Montgomery, Isabel5F    IL1  
52828Bray, E.A.33M Farmer  NC   
52828Bray, Almena27F    IL   
52828Bray, Elvina9F    IL1  
52828Bray, Rosanna W.6F    IL1  
52828Bray, Samantha4F    IL1  
52828Bray, Emily B.2F    IL   
52828Bray, Adison W.3 mo.M    IL   
52929Humaston, Elinas34M Carpenter2000100OH   
52929Humaston, Henry26M    OH   
52929Rogers, Mrs. Elizabeth36F    IL   
52929Rogers, Milissa17F    IL1  
52929Rogers, Emily14F    IL1  
52929Rogers, Alice11F    IL1  
53030Beeman, Joseph36M Farmer1200300IL   
53030Beeman, Almena35F    NC   
53030Beeman, Margaret15F    IL   
53030Beeman, James9M    IL1  
53030Beeman, Joseph7M    IL1  
53030Beeman, Charlotte3F    IL   
53030Beeman, Little4 mo.F    IL   
53030Cooley, John24M Wagon maker  OH   
53030Painter, Hiram23M Teacher  IL   
53030Bray, Elijah32M Farmer  NC   
53131Cass, John35M Blacksmith80060PA   
53131Cass, Ann33F    Nova Scotia   
53131Cass, Margaret11F    WI1  
53131Cass, Joseph9M    IL1  
53131Cass, John1M    IL   
53232Lintgle, John28M Blacksmith225150Germany   
53232Lintgle, Elizabeth29F    MO   
53232Lintgle, Wm.11M    MO1  
53232Lintgle, Frank7M    IL1  
53232Lintgle, Mary5F    IL1  
53232Lintgle, John3M    IL   
53232Lintgle, Joseph1M    IL   
53232Gritter, Wm.18M    MO   
53232Mooney, Dennis40M    Ireland   
533 unoccupied          
63433Hamilton, Mrs. Delthea70F   800OH   
63433Grecy?, Fred25M Merchant10002000MO   
63534Terry, Jasper M.49M Mariner?400002000KY   
63534Terry, Mary Ann43F    KY   
63534Terry, John W.23M Student  IL   
63534Terry, Wm. H.21M Teacher  IL1  
63534Terry, Anslam19M    IL   
63534Terry, Albert17M    IL   
63534Terry, H.C.15M    IL1  
63534Terry, Mary E.13F    IL1  
63534Terry, Thomas J.11M    IL1  
63534Terry, Theodore9M    IL1  
63534Terry, Frances7F    IL1  
63534Green, Matilda14F    IL   
63635Lowrance, C.C.43M Wheelwright750500TN   
63635Lowrance, Salena32F    IL   
63635Lowrance, Sam’l T.2M    IL   
63636Lowrance, James A.4 mo.M    IL   
63736Curtis, Mrs. Ann E.42F Farmer  Miss   
63736Curtis, Wm. B.24M    IL   
63736Curtis, John H.22M  104002200IL   
63736Curtis, Landar20M    IL1  
63736Curtis, Reuben N.17M    IL1  
63736Curtis, Rowen L.15F    IL1  
63736Curtis, Ann E.13F    IL1  
63736Creglin, Martha11F    MO1  
63736Creglin, Franklin P.8M    MO1  
63736Campbell, John30M    OH   
63736Campbell, Caroline4F    IL   
63736Campbell, Charles2M    IL   
63736Malford, Fletcher17M    IL   
63837Fredenburg, E.F.42M Carpenter1500400NY   
63837Fredenburg, Mary35F    IL   
63837Fredenburg, Chars. H.14M    IL1  
63837Fredenburg, Catharine12F    IL1  
63837Fredenburg, Elizabeth J.6F    IL1  
63837Fredenburg, Caroline4F    IL1  
63938Gatewood, Edward43M Farmer900360KY   
63938Gatewood, Sarah34F    Miss   
63938Gatewood, Viola17F    IL1  
73938Gatewood, Mary6F    TX   
73938Gatewood, Wm.4M    TX   
73938Gatewood, Emma3 mo.F    IL   
73938Julian, George12M    IL   
74039Carroll, Chas. M.49M Cooper & farmer1600700OH   
74039Lofton, Catharine54F    NJ   
74039Clark, John20M    VA   
74039Koft, Frederic30M    VA   
74039Hughes, Rebecca A.26F    OH   
74039Durand, Margaret10F    Il1  
74140Dougherty, John C.41M Farmer100001400Miss   
74140Dougherty, Susan36F    Scotland   
74140Dougherty, Louisa9F    IL1  
74140Dougherty, George7M    IL1  
74140Dougherty, Wm.5M    IL1  
74140Dougherty, Arena3F    IL   
74140Dougherty, Anna G.6 mo.F    IL   
74140Dougherty, Jennetta73F    NY   
74140Barllett, Priam24M    OH   
74241Highfill, T.L.31  Cooper 30MD   
74241Highfill, Frances25     Germany   
74241Highfill, Alfred5     IL   
74241Highfill, Thomas D.3     IL   
74241Highfill, Catharine1     IL   
74342Noble, Sidney45  Farmer & merchant8400900Miss   
74342Noble, Sarah43     KY   
74342Noble, Henry21     IL   
74342Noble, Levi19M    IL   
74342Noble, Prosper M.17M    IL   
74342Noble, Justice G.15M    IL1  
74342Noble, Eliza13F    IL1  
74342Noble, Susan14F    IL1  
74342Noble, Louisa11F    IL1  
74342Noble, Blissful G.10M written over  IL1  
74342Noble, Rueben7M    IL1  
74443Murry, Mishwel41M Farmer/carpin 400OH   
74443Murry, Sarah38F    OH   
74443Murry, Caroline M.13F    PA   
74443Murry, John10M    PA1  
74443Murry, Henrietta8F    IL1  
84443Murry, Elizabeth5F    IL   
84443Robertson, Robert65M Carpenter  PA   
84544Sisson, John W.47N Farmer80001000VA   
84544Sisson, Martha J.33F    KY   
84544Sisson, Susan16F    KY   
84544Sisson, Henry14M    IL1  
84544Sisson, Franklin12M    IL1  
84544Sisson, Louisa12F    IL1  
84544Sisson, Emma8F    IL1  
84544Sisson, Susanna80F    KY   
84645Wren, Umphrey27M Farm hand  Ireland   
84645Dunn, John28M Laborer  Ireland   
84645Dunn, Ann27F    Ireland   
84645Dunn, John2M    IL   
84645Dunn, Margaret5F    IL   
84746Noble, Caleb42M Farmer102001200Miss   
84746Noble, Ruth21F    IL   
84746Noble, John6M    IL1  
84746Noble, Charlotte11 mo.F    IL   
84746Scroder, Theodore31M Farm hand  Prussia, Germany   
84746Walk, Margaret19F Help  Bavaria, Germany   
84847Nail, John47M Farmer300240Ireland1  
84847Nail, Mary49F    Ireland1  
84847Nail, Michel18M    Ireland   
84847Nail, Jane15F    Ireland   
84847Nail, Bridget12F    Ireland   
84948Buller, Michal25M Laborer600100Ireland   
84948Buller, Catharin20F    Ireland   
85049Vanausdall, F.30M Wagonmaker300100IL   
85049Vanausdall, Caroline30F    MO   
85049Vanausdall, Josephine16F    IL1  
85049Vanausdall, Emily13F    IL1  
85049Vanausdall, John6M    IL1  
85049Vanausdall, James10 mo.M    IL   
85150Utt, Jacob51M Farmer100001900PA   
85150Utt, Mary42F    IL   
85150Utt, George14M    IL1  
85150Utt, Martha12F    IL1  
85150Utt, Mary10F    IL1  
85150Scott, Winfield5M    IL   
95050Scott, Sophrona14F    IL   
95050Scott, Elizabeth9 moF    IL   
95151Balcom30M Farmer 200NY   
95151Balcom, Hester28F    OH   
95151Balcom, Charles A.8M    IL1  
95151Balcom, John3M    IL   
95151Balcom, Mary J.7F    OH1  
95151Balcom, Sarah E.3 mo.F    IL   
95252Dunigan, Wm.27M Farmer  IL   
95252Dunigan, Melvina27F    IL   
95353Moss, James S.34M Farmer200100IL   
95353Moss, Martha Ann34F    IL   
95353Moss, Amantha J.12     IL1  
95353Moss, Mary A.11     IL1  
95353Moss, Eliza A.7     IL1  
95353Moss, Sarah V.6     IL1  
95353Moss, John H.4     IL  
95353Moss, James C.3     IL   
95454Herron?, Joshua36M Laborer  IL   
95454Herron?, America35F    TN   
95454Herron, Wm. H.4M    IL   
95454Herron, John H.3M    IL   
95454Herron, Louis V.11 mo.M    IL   
95555Morgan, G.D.33M Farmer  NC   
95555Morgan, Margaret35F    Scotland   
95555Morgan, Wm. A.9M    IL   
95555Morgan, Joseph7M    IL   
95555Morgan, Georg D.4M    IL   
95555Morgan, Maria2F    IL   
95656Brook, C.F.58M Farmer57001200VA   
95656Brook, Lucinda55F    Geo   
95656Brook, George27M    IL   
95656Brook, J.W.23M Teacher  IL   
95656Brook, Mary (twin)20F    IL   
95656Brook, Elizabeth (twin)20F    IL   
95656Brook, Ellen18F    IL   
95656Brook, Margaret15F    IL   
95656Brook, Eliza J.13F    IL   
95656Goslin, David23M Farm hand  England   
95656Rumap, Lewis31M Laborer  NH   
1057 unoccupied          
1058 unoccupied          
105957Dougherty, S.J.M.50M Farmer26001000Miss   
105957Dougherty, Elizabeth38F    Miss   
105957Dougherty, James H.13M    IL1  
105957Dougherty, Joseph10M    IL1  
105957Hays, Lewis25M    KY   
106058Swan, John30M Farmer2400270IL   
106058Swan, Melissa27F    IL   
106057Swan, Louisa A.1F    IL   
106159Davis?, John?M Farmer2400700KY   
106159Davis, Sarah60F    KY   
106159Davis, Hester E.27M    IL   
106159Davis, John W.20M    IL   
106260Mulk, Catharine54F Farmer3000300Germany   
106260Mulk, Joseph28M    OH   
106260Mulk, George16M    OH1  
106260Harris, Rufus33M    IL   
106260Harris, Lucetta23F    IL   
106260Harris, George4M    IL   
106260Harris, Charles11 mo.M    IL   
106361Randall, Joseph R.25M Farmer1000300IL   
106361Randall, Sarild26F    IL   
106361Randall, Ada J.4F    IL   
106361Randall, Eva M.2F    IL   
106361Randall, Mary A.5 mo.F    IL   
106361Sumner, Thomas21M Farm hand  blank   
106462Randall, James48M Farmer2000600NC   
106462Randall, Jane51F    IL   
106462Randall, Susanna20F    IL   
106462Randall, Henry18M    IL   
106462Dugar, Richard41M Farm hand  Ireland   
1065 unoccupied          
1066 unoccupied          
106763Nail, John O.47M Farmer  Ireland  1
106763Nail, Mary43F    Ireland  1
106763Nail, Mike18M    Ireland   
106763Nail, James15M    Ireland   
106763Nail, Bitty13F    IL   
106763Dunahoy, Wm.6M    IL   
116864Nail, James O.45M Farmer25050Ireland  1
116864Nail, Mary40F    Ireland  1
116965Fell, Edward51M Farmer  VA   
116965Fell, Polly51F    NC  1
116965Brewer, Sarah21F    IL 1
116965Brewer, Martha A.5F    IL   
117066Hewit, Eliphat56M Farmer3500500PA   
117066Hewit, Margaret21F    IL   
117066Hewit, John18M    IL1  
117066Vanausdale, Lewis7M    IL1  
117167Wood, John40M Farmer200100England   
117167Wood, Elizabeth28F    England   
117167Freeman, John24M Farmer  England   
117167Wood, Henry11M    England1  
117167Freeman, Joseph22M Miller  England   
117167White, Samuel23M Cooper  OH   
117268Davenport, A.33M Laborer  TN   
117268Davenport, Matilda24F    TN   
117268Davenport, Amanda J.7F    TN1  
117268Davenport, Robert E.3M    IL   
117268Davenport, Thomas A.1M    IL   
117369Gillman, George40M Farmer300370KY   
117369Gillman, Amelia38F    NC   
117369Gillman, Josephus15M    MO   
117369Gillman, Wm.14M    IL1  
117369Gillman, Jane12F    IL1  
117369Gillman, Sarah A.10F    IL1  
117369Gillman, Mary J.6F    IL1  
117369Gillman, Charles8M    IL   
117369Gillman, Elizabeth3F    IL   
117369Gillman, Martha E.1F    IL   
117470Morgan, Charles24M Farmer300110IL   
117470Morgan, Catharine23F    TN   
117470Mason, John9M    TN   
117571Morgan, Joseph60M Farmer400130NC   
117571Morgan, Meda58F    NC   
117571Morgan, Moses35M    NC   
117571Dabbs, Amanda14F    IL   
117672Bowder, Wiley26M    MO   
117672Bowder, Susanna25F    NC   
127672Rowder, Margaret E.6F    IL   
127672Rowder, Melinda C.4F    IL   
127672Rowder, Sarah J.1F    IL   
127672Dabbs, Jesse42M Farmer/miller2000350KY   
127672Dabbs, Malinda41F    MO   
127672Dabbs, Joshua19M    IL   
127672Dabbs, Amanda17F    IL   
127672Dabbs, Henry Clay15M    IL1  
127672Dabbs, Sarah13F    IL1  
127672Dabbs, Charles11M    IL1  
127672Dabbs, George9M    IL1  
127672Dabbs, Edwin4M    IL   
127773Richie, Domley24M Farmer  TN   
127773Richie, Permelia16F    IL   
127874Dabbs, Wm.54M Farmer450 KY   
127874Dabbs, Mary51F    NC   
127874Dabbs, Emanuel17M    IL   
127975Davenport, Absalom37M Farmer600100TN   
127975Davenport, Mary34F    IL   
127975Davenport, Isaac E.9M    IL   
127975Davenport, Catharine7F    IL   
127975Davenport, Isabel C.3F    IL   
127975Davenport, Susanna6 mo.F    IL   
128076McManus, Thomas31M Farmer1200300Ireland   
128076McManus, Jane27F    Ireland   
128076McManus, Wm.8M    IL   
128076McManus, Mary5F    IL   
128076McManus, Margaret1F    IL   
128177Hughes, Ephran43M Farmer30001600OH   
128177Hughes, Lucinda40F    OH   
128177Hughes, Thornton20M    IL   
128177Hughes, Thomas18M    IL1  
128177Hughes, Rebecca A.15F    IL1  
128177Hughes, Ezra14M    IL1  
128177Hughes, Nancy12F    IL1  
128177Hughes, Abigail10F    IL1  
128177Hughes, Harriett8F    IL1  
128177Hughes, Martha6F    IL   
128177Hughes, Ephriam1M    IL   
128177Greene, John12M    IL   
138278Huston, Charles W.24M Farmer  OH   
138278Huston, Mary22F    IL   
138278Huston, Elizabeth1F    IL   
138379Dun, J.A.38M Farmer 200IL   
138379Dun, Nancy29F    TN   
138379Dun, Jacob15M    MO1  
138379Dun, Ruthy E.8F    MO1  
138379Dun, Lorany6F    IL1  
138379Dun, Malinda J.3F    IL   
138379Dun, Winfield S.2M    IL   
138480Davenport, D.W.52M Farmer500300NC 1 
138480Davenport, Elizabeth53F    NC1  
138480Davenport, Wm.23M    TN   
138480Davenport, John15M    TN   
138480Davenport, Rachel12F    TN   
138480Medfield, Richard6M    IL   
138480Greene, Nelson7M    IL   
138481Davenport, Absalom31M Farmer600 NC1  
138481Davenport, Mary27F    IL   
138481Davenport, Isaac9M    IL   
138481Davenport, Catharine J.5F    IL   
138481Davenport, Elizabeth3F    IL   
138481Davenport, Susanna5 mo.F    IL   
138581Sweeney, Andrew24M Laboring  IL   
138581Sweeney, Elizabeth20F    IL   
138682Daniel, Rachel62F  5000 VA   
138682Daniel, Charles43M Farmer/miller2600400IL   
138682Daniel, Spangle30M    IL   
138682Rogers, Lydia10F    IL   
138682Harris, Susan36F    TN   
138682Brown, Mary12F    MO   
138682Brown, Andrew14M    MO   
138783Baluny, Alexr23M Farmer 180Canada   
138783Baluny, Christina27F    Canada   
138884Hull, J.M.54M Farmer2000500TN   
138884Hull, Adeline50F    MO   
138884Hull, Adeline20F    MO   
138884Hull, Fonetta15F    MO   
138884Hull, Milton J.19M    MO   
138884Hull, Quincy A.16M    MO   
148985McCoy, Wm.34M Farmer  IL   
148985Coy, Phinney A.24F    IL   
148985Coy, Litte B.3F    IL   
149086McCoy, Nathan38M Farmer6001000NC   
149086McCoy, Mrs. Julia57F    NC   
149086McCoy, Ather8?    MO   
149187McCoy, Andrew48M Farmer3000700PA   
149187McCoy, Emaline44F    SC   
149187McCoy, Joseph20M    Miss   
149187McCoy, Stephen18M    Miss1  
149187McCoy, Mary15F    IL1  
149187McCoy, Henry13M    IL1  
149187McCoy, Harriet9F    IL1  
149187McCoy, Charles6M    IL1  
149187McCoy, Frances3F    IL   
149288Bell, Wm. C.33M Farmer1000350OH   
149288Bell, Martha28F    IL   
149288Bell, Mary Sophia12F    IL1  
149288Bell, Margaret5F    IL   
149288Bell, Donnie3F    IL   
149288Bell, Charley8M    IL1  
149389Noble, Wm.?M Farmer2000900Miss   
149389Noble, Kersey32F    England   
149389Noble, Addie11F   IL1  
149389Noble, Emma9F   IL1  
149389Noble, Wm.5M    IL1  
149389Noble, Milton2M    IL   
149389Smith, Robert43M Physician  TN   
149389Smith, Sarah20F    MO   
149389Hand, Abram17M    OH   
149490Noble, Mrs. Hannah38F Farmer6500900OH   
149490Noble, Ann19F    IL   
149490Noble, Emma17F    IL   
149490Noble, Wm. P.14M    IL1  
149490Noble, Laura12F    IL1  
149490Not?, Daniel22M    NJ   
149490Cole, John A.25M    NJ   
149591Doughty?, Henry E.27M Farmer1200900Miss   
149591Doughty?, Dramtha35F    IL   
149591Doughty?, Rachel5F    IL   
159591Dougherty, Cora3F    IL   
159591Bennet, Elizabeth15F    England1  
159692Barrett, Mrs. Jane39F  600 England   
159692Barrett, Ad.15F    England   
159692Barrett, Sarah13F    England1  
159693Murphy, Robert33M Farmer 100MD   
159693Murphy, Mary33F    England   
159693Murphy, Wm.9M    MO   
159693Murphy, John6M    IL1  
159693Murphy, Mary J.5F    IL1  
159693Murphy, Robert M.2M    IL   
159794Van, Henry24M Farmer  NY   
159794Van, Louisa17F    England   
159794Van, Willis W.6 mo.M    IL   
159895Jones, Reese47M Farmer  Wales   
159895Jones, M.44F    Wales   
159895Jones, T.20F    Wales   
159996Smith, Amanda50F    Germany   
159996Smith, Joseph23M    Germany   
159996Smith, George16M    Germany   
1510097Belker, Ruth57F    Ky1  
1510097Belker, Joseph20M    IL   
1510097Belker, Emily19F    IL   
1510097Broadhead, Frank43M NJ   
1510198Smith, J.O.43M blank500300NY   
1510198Smith, Mott42F    PA   
1510198Smith, Augustus7M    PA   
1510198Smith, Albert5M    IL   
1510198Smith, Thomas3M    IL   
1510198Smith, Mary1F    IL   
1510198Smith, Muff21M    NY   
1510299Newburg, D.55M Farmer400400TN   
1510299Newburg, Elizabeth50F    MO   
1510299Newburg, George25M    MO   
1510299Newburg, Frank20M    MO   
1510299Newburg, Lee18M    MO   
1510299Newburg, Hempton16M    MO   
1510299Newburg, J. Rule19M Hand  IL   
1510299Claridge, Julia19F    PA   
1510299Bartlett, Martha4M    IL   
16103100Claridge, James42M Farmer  TN   
16103100Claridge, Maria23F    IL   
16103100Claridge, Louisa3F    IL   
16104101Austin, Samuel40M Farmer  TN   
16104101Austin, Lydia13F    IL1  
16104101Austin, Martha J.11F    IL1  
16104101Austin, John8M    IL1  
16104101Austin, Sarah4F    IL   
16105102Claridge, Josiah40M Farmer  TN   
16105102Claridge, Louisa20F    NC   
16105102Claridge, Joseph10M    IL   
16105102Claridge, Martha J.8F    IL   
16105102Claridge, Wm. T.5M    IL   
16105102Claridge, Sarah F.4F    IL   
16105102Claridge, Zera?3 mo.F    IL   
16106103Dabbs, Elias40M   130IL   
16106103Dabbs, Rebeca24F    IL   
16106103Dabbs, Lizzie20F    IL   
16107104White, Josiah58M Farmer2000700SC   
16107104White, Elizabeth52F    KY   
16107104White, Emaline19F    IL   
16107104White, George W.17M    IL   
16107104Dabbs, Emaline17F    IL   
16107104??, Harry97MB   Miss   
16107104Capasa?, Fred54M Farmer  NY   
16107104White, John C.12m     IL   
16107104White, Nancy6F    IL   
16108105Hamilton, Warren37M Farmer1600300OH   
16108105Hamilton, Betsy38F    OH   
16108105Hamilton, Vesty13F    OH   
16108105Hamilton, Dorson11M    OH   
16108105Hamilton, Arthur4F    OH   
16109106Northy, Jackson48M Farmer1200370TN   
16109106Northy, Elizabeth45F    TN   
16109106Northy, David21M    TN   
16109106Northy, Susan18F    TN   
16109106Northy, John17M    TN   
16109106Northy, James11M    TN   
16109106Northy, Henry9M    TN   
16109106Johns, Lilas?37M Laborer  MO   
17110107Shedeka, Mr.43M Farmer10020Germany   
17111108Dabbs, Washington24M Farmer  IL   
17111108Dabbs, Catharine2F    TN   
17111108Dabbs, Wm. H.3M    IL   
17111108Dabbs, Elizabeth3 mo. F     IL   
17112 unoccupied          
17113109Terry, Miles37M Farmer/cooper400200IL   
17113109Terry, Co33F        
17113109Terry, James7M        
17113109Terry, Rachel4F        
17113109Terry, Maria2F        
17114110Lahlan, Henson M.52M Farmer 200Ireland   
17114110Lahlan, Martha38F    MD   
17114110Lahlan, James5M    MD   
17114110Lahlan, Columbus4M    MD   
17114110Lahlan, Lucinda2F    IL   
17115111Davis, Richard27M Laborer  VA1  
17115111Davis, Hannah21F    OH1  
17115111Davis, George W.9 mo.M    OH   

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