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1860 Mississippi Township Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; School = attended school within the year; Married = Married within the year; RW = cannot read or write

PDFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceSchoolMarriedRW
111Kirby, George32M Farmer132002800New Jersey   
111Kirby, Margaret H.34F    Ohio   
111Kirby, Charles5M    Illinois   
111Kirby, Marietta3F    Illinois   
111Fisher, John18M    Unknown   
122Martin, Joshua31M Farmer500250Tennessee   
122Martin, Mary24F    Illinois   
122Martin, Laura2F    Illinois   
122Martin, Lizzie9 mo.F    Illinois   
122Callis, Scott35M Laborer  Ohio   
133Lamb, David R.21M Farmer1800600New York   
133Lamb, Lucy A.19F    Virginia   
144Lamb, John H.25M Farmer600600New York   
144Lamb, Mary19F    Illinois   
144Butkuss, Carolin13F    Germany   
144Fleming, Patrick33M    Ireland   
155Voorhes, Peter P.43MFarmer96002700New Jersey   
155Voorhes, Maria48F    New Jersey   
155Voorhes, Charles H.20M Farmer  Illinois1  
155Voorhes, John19M    Illinois1  
155Voorhes, George12M    Illinois1  
155Voorhes, Abby17F    Illinois1  
155Voorhes, Elizabeth14F    Illinois1  
155Voorhes, Margaret10F    Illinois1  
166Gellesap, Lewis31M Farm hand  Ireland   
166Gellesap, Mrs.27F    Ireland   
166Gellesap, Wm.12M    Ireland   
166Gellesap, Sarah9F    Illinois   
166Gellesap, Thomas4M    Illinois   
177Cline, Mathew32M Farm hand  Ireland   
177Cline, Ellen26F    Illinois   
177Cline, Laszell5M    Illinois   
177Cline, Patrick2M    Illinois   
188Utt, Mrs. Nancy48F Farmer2000300Ohio   
188Utt, Elizabeth19F    Illinois   
188Utt, Emily18F    Illinois   
188Utt, Henry16M    Illinois   
188Utt, Elias10M    Illinois1  
188Utt, Mary J.8F    Illinois1  
188Utt, John5 mo.M    Illinois   
299Hicks, Mrs. Louisa55F Farmer 300Tennessee   
299Scoggins, John26M Farmer  Illinois   
21110Buckles, John62M Farmer8000 Virginia   
21110Buckles, John24M Farmer500500Ohio   
21110Buckles, James22M Farmer 500Illinois   
21110Easterbrook, Calvin32M Farmer  Ohio   
21110Buckles, Mrs. Mahala29F    England   
21110Chappel, Richard24M    Illinois   
21110Brown, June11F    Illinois   
21110Lucas, Mary20F    Illinois   
21211Haywood, David40M Farmer2000550England   
21211Haywood, Mary39F    England   
21211Haywood, Eliza14F    England   
21211Haywood, Anna1F    Illinois   
21211Shalliam, Fredric19M    England   
21312Lucas, N.B.53M Farmer4600900Ohio   
21312Lucas, Lydia49F    Ohio   
21312Lucas, Caroline22F    Illinois   
21312Lucas, Mary20F    Illinois   
21312Lucas, Hannah17F    Illinois   
21312Lucas, John15M    Illinois1  
21413Slover, Wm.27M Farmer 100Ohio   
21413Slover, Rachel26F    Indiana   
21413Slover, John W.7M    Illinois   
21413Slover, Sarah, J.1F    Illinois   
21413Slover, Napolean5M    Illinois   
21413Slover, Anna8 mo.F    Illinois   
21514Newberry, Henry54M Farmer2000300Connecticut   
21514Newberry, Electra48F    New York   
21514Newberry, Harriet12F    Illinois1  
21514Newberry, Samuel10M    Illinois1  
21514Newberry, Louisa4F    Illinois1  
21615Lamb, Israel35M Farmer3000400Mississippi   
21615Lamb, Mary E.24F    Illinois   
21615McDow, William16M    Illinois   
21716Lamb, John H.30M Farmer1600800Mississippi   
21716Lamb, Ann22F    Illinois   
21716Lamb, Laurie1F    Illinois   
21716Savage, John19M    New York   
31716Harris, Wm.28M Farm hand  Missouri   
31817Busur, Nicholas39MFarmer  France  1
31817Busur, Catharine40F    France   
31918Harrison, Anthony56M Farmer2800400France   
31918Harrison, Emma18F    France   
31918Harrison, Peter17M    France   
31918Harrison, Philip14M    France   
31918Harrison, John P.12M    France1  
31918Harrison, George4M    France1  
31918Harrison, Susan54F    France   
32019Conway, James37M Laborer 40Ireland  1
32019Conway, Mary40F    Ireland  1
32019Conway, John62M    Ireland  1
32120Quinn, Patrick32M Laborer  Ireland  1
32120Quinn, Catharine35F    Ireland  1
32221Landon, Edwin23M Farmer 700Illinois   
32221Landon, Emma18F    Illinois1  
32221Marshall, Rachel14F    Unknown1  
32221Harrington, Conn17M    Unknown   
32221Bevins, Patrick13M    Unknown   
32322Cummings, Wm.35M Farmer  Illinois   
32322Cummings, Mrs. Elinor65F    Pennsylvania   
32322Pennyton, Ann Maria16F    Illinois   
32322Fletcher, Ann A.15F    Illinois   
32322Penalton, Catharine39F Help  Pennsylvania   
32322Buckley, John30M Farm hand  Ireland   
32322Fitzpatrick, Patrick21M Farm hand  Ireland   
32322Welch, Michael18M Farm hand  Ireland   
32322Crumm, Henry13M Farm hand  Ireland   
32423Dugan, Thomas30M Farmer 400Ireland   
32423Dugan, Catharine30F    Ireland   
32423Dugan, Patrick3M    Illinois   
32423Dugan, Michael2M    Illinois   
32423Dugan, Frances9 mo.F    Illinois   
32423Ragan, John49M    Ireland   
32524Dugan, Michael23M Laborer  Ireland   
32524Dugan, Mrs.19F    Ireland   
32625Conrad, Jacob43M (blank)  Germany   
32625Conrad, Mary G.33F    Germany   
32625Conrad, Adam2M    Illinois   
42625Conrad, Mary G.5F    Illinois   
42726Davidson, Wm.38M Farmer90001200New Jersey   
42726Davidson, Emaline39F    New Jersey   
42726Davidson, Lewis14M    New Jersey1  
42726Davidson, James “Q” or “I”13M    New Jersey1  
42726Davidson, Chance9M    Illinois1  
42727Davidson, Ezekiel40M Farmer90001200New Jersey  
42727Davidson, Catharine34F    New Jersey   
42727McNulty, John20M Farmer  Ireland   
42828Linn, John30M Laborer 40Ireland   
42828Linn, Susan30F    Ireland   
42828Linn, Sarah4F    Illinois   
42828Linn, Thomas2M    Illinois   
43029Spangle, Andrew41M Farmer60001100Ohio   
43029Spangle, Susan30F    Ohio   
43029Spangle, Ellen12F    Illinois1  
43029Spangle, Silas10M    Illinois1  
43029Spangle, Lewis8M    Illinois1  
43029Spangle, George6M    Illinois   
43029Spangle, Julia4F    Illinois   
43029Spangle, Albert1M    Illinois   
43130Ross, Henry S.46M (blank)  Ohio   
43130Ross, Mary38F    Ohio   
43130Ross, Wm.18M    Ohio   
43130Boyd, Benjm28M    Ohio   
43231Cockeral, Moses53M Farmer120002400Ohio   
43231Cockeral, Katy Ann63F    Ohio   
43231Cockeral, Elias22M Farmer  Illinois1  
43231Cockeral, Jesse18M    Illinois1  
43231Cockeral, James15M    Illinois1  
43231Cockeral, Harriet9F    Illinois1  
43231Cockeral, Moses5M    Illinois1  
43231Westley, Charles7M    Illinois   
43231Westley, Wm. A.9 mo.M    Illinois   
43231Witherman, Jas. A.20M    Ohio   
43231Pills, Lucinda15F    Illinois   
43231Pills, Mary Ann2F    Illinois   
43332Bell, James27M (blank)  Illinois   
43332Bell, Christina32F    Hanover, Ger   
53332Bell, Rosana2F    Illinois   
53332Bell, Clara9 mo.F    Illinois   
53332Cramer, Henry13M    Hanover, Ger   
53332Cramer, Augustus10F    Pennsylvania   
53433Chambers, John33M Blacksmith 400New York   
53433Chambers, Charlotte33F    Tennessee   
53433Chambers, John W.7M    Illinois1  
53433Chambers, Sarah E.6F    Illinois1  
53433Chambers, Theodosia1F    Illinois   
53433Bendle, Henry R.27M Carpenter  Pennsylvania   
53534Chambers, John63M Farmer 100New Jersey   
53534Chambers, Sarah E.62F    New Jersey   
53534Chambers, Joseph23M Blacksmith  New Jersey   
53635Utt, Wm.23M Farmer  Illinois   
53635Utt, John H.63M Farmer  New Jersey   
53635Utt, Mary J.47F    New York   
53635Utt, John H.22M    Illinois   
53635Christian, George30M    Denmark   
53635Dodson, Margaret20F    Illinois   
53736Hemphill, Lockwood43M Farmer42001000New Jersey   
53736Hemphill, Margaret43F    New Jersey   
53736Hemphill, Alice18F    New Jersey   
53736Hemphill, Mary J.16F    New Jersey   
53736Hemphill, Sam J.9M    New Jersey1  
53837Litberkee, Job30M Farm hand  Germany   
53837Litberkee, Sarah27F    Germany   
53837Litberkee, Lovisa5F    Kentucky   
53837Litberkee, Sidney3M    Kentucky   
53837Litberkee, James W.1M    Kentucky   
53838Doyle, Elizabeth62F  1000 Maryland   
53939Carp, Steven35M Farmer  Ohio   
53939Carp, Susanna34F    Pennsylvania   
53939Carp, George A.11M    Ohio1  
53939Carp, John10M    Ohio1  
53939Carp, Sarah7F    Ohio1  
53939Carp, Melia J.4F    Ohio   
53939Carp, Robert2M    Ohio   
54040Tonville, Charles28M Farmer1300 Missouri   
54040Tonville, Louisa19F    Illinois   
54040Tonville, Charles3M    Kansas   
64040Tourville, Peter F.2M    Illinois   
64040Tourville, Charles W.3 mo.M    Illinois   
64040Mott, Jantha16F    New York   
64241Chambers, Jacob35M Farmer 200New Jersey   
64241Chambers, Margaret35F    New Jersey   
64241Chambers, Sarah J.8F    New Jersey1  
64241Chambers, Ann E.4F    New Jersey   
64342Ronand, Charles21M Farmer  Missouri   
64342Ronand, Martha17F    Illinois   
64443Burley, Daniel43M Farmer36001300Ohio   
64443Burley, Ellen27F    Missouri   
64443Burley, Mary V.7F    Illinois1  
64443Burley, John C.4M    Illinois1  
64443Burley, Anan T.1M    Illinois   
64443Bingham, John16M Farm hand  Illinois   
64443Burley, Mrs. Mary63F    Pennsylvania   
64544Burley, Newton45M Farmer5000800Ohio   
64544Burley, Martha26F    Illinois   
64544Burley, Madora6F    Illinois1  
64544Burley, Nancy R.4F    Illinois   
64544Burley, Josephine1F    Illinois   
64544Howard, Mauad20F Help  Missouri   
64544Lary, Alex13F    Illinois   
64544Batt, Moses23M Farm hand  England   
64645Field, James35M Laborer  Illinois   
64645Field, Eliza30F    Illinois   
64645Field, Benj’m12M    Illinois1  
64645Field, Maria8F    Illinois1  
64645Field Alex’r5M    Illinois   
64645Field, Frank4M    Illinois   
64645Field, Ephraim1M    Illinois   
64746Gardener, Feverand52M Farmer  New York   
64746Gardener, Nancy51F    Ohio   
64746Vinson, Eliza J.13F    Illinois1  
64746Smith, Charles24M Laborer  North Carolina   
64746Black, C.A.44M Laborer  Ohio   
64847Lurton, Jacob53M Farmer58002600New York1  
64847Lurton, Margaret48F    Illinois1  
64847Lurton, Julia A.23F    Illinois1  
74847Lurton, Jacob R.21M (blank)  Illinois   
74847Lurton, Caroline17F    Illinois   
74847Lurton, Minerva9F    Illinois   
74847Winger, John19M    Illinois   
74847Samuels, Thomas17M    Illinois   
74948Lurton, J.C.28M Farmer  Illinois   
74948Lurton, Delia P.26F    Illinois   
74948Lurton, Cora5F    Illinois   
74948Lurton, Alcaon?3F    Illinois   
74948Lurton, Louisa1F    Illinois   
74948Milford, Alibtus20M Farm hand  Illinois   
74948Garrison, June16F Help  Iowa   
75049Lariby, Wm.21M Farmer  Illinois   
75049Lariby, Elizabeth40F    Unknown   
75049Milford, Thomas12M    Illinois1  
75049Milford, Elizabeth A.7F    Illinois1  
75150Gill, Wm.28M wagon maker & farmer  England   
75150Gill, Mary C.27F    Illinois   
75150McDaniel, Mary6F    Illinois   
75251Piggot, John21M Farmer  Illinois 1 
75251Piggo, Margaret19F    Illinois 1 
75352Piggot, James43M Farmer72002300Missouri   
75352Piggot, Susan35F    Tennessee   
75352Piggot, George18M    Illinois   
75352Piggot, Minerva7F    Illinois1  
75352Piggot, Martin4M    Illinois1  
75352Snyder, Hannah20F    Tennessee   
75453Gilham, Marcus49M Farmer1000700Illinois   
75453Gilham, Martha48F    Tennessee   
75453Gilham, Mary14F    Illinois1  
75453Gilham, Richard7M    Illinois1  
75453Wilson, Newton23M    Illinois   
75554Hesselton, John56M Farmer60001500Maryland   
75554Hesselton, Nancy52F    Ohio   
75554Hesselton, Eliza J.19F    Ohio   
75554Hesselton, Mary A.17F    Ohio1  
75554Hesselton, John W.13M    Ohio1  
75554Hesselton, Clark11M    Ohio1  
75554Hesselton, Lewis8M    Ohio1  
75554Lustus, Robert24M    Maryland   
85655Giberson, Daniel42M Farmer1000800New Jersey   
85655Giberson, Isabel40F    Maryland   
85655Giberson, Henry H.19M    Ohio   
85655Giberson, John W.17M    Ohio1  
85655Giberson, Valentine15M    Ohio1  
85655Giberson, Isaac13M    Ohio1  
85655Giberson, George W.11M    Illinois1  
85655Giberson, Sarah E.9F    Illinois1  
85655Giberson, Same’l I6M    Illinois1  
85655Giberson, Mary J.3F    Illinois   
85756Dent, Wm. H.33M Teacher 300Maryland   
85756Dent, Margaret20F    Tennessee   
85756Dent, Julian1F    Illinois   
85857Carson, John28M Farmer 250Illinois   
85857Carson, Sarah25F    Illinois   
85857Carson, Mary5F    Illinois   
85857Carson, Matilda4F    Illinois   
85857Carson, Margaret6 mo.     Illinois   
85958Darlington, Sam’l33M Farmer76001200Ohio   
85958Darlington, Mary26F    Illinois   
85958Darlington, Wm. A.8M    Illinois   
85958Darlington, Sarah J.5F    Illinois   
85958Darlington, Olivey4F    Illinois   
85958Darlington, Julia3F    Illinois   
85958Morhan, John M.30M    Illinois   
85958Travers, David23M    Illinois   
86059Giberson, Mrs. Mary32F Farmer7000800Ohio   
86059Giberson, Robert17M    Ohio   
86059Giberson, John W.15M    Ohio1  
86059Giberson, Martha13F    Illinois1  
86059Giberson, Ephraim10M    Illinois1  
86059Giberson, Joel8M    Illinois1  
86059Giberson, Florisa6F    Illinois   
86160Showman, James61M Farmer1600500England   
86160Showman, Emma62F    England   
86160Showman, James19M    England   
86160Martin, Ezra29M Farm hand 100New York   
86261Gilham, Andrew38M Farmer60001800Illinois   
86261Gilham, Margaret36F    Ohio   
86261Gilham, John F.17M    Illinois   
96261Gilham, Wm.16M    Illinois   
96261Gilham, Charles H.5M    Illinois   
96362Darlington, Henry42M Farmer80002200Ohio   
96362Darlington, Sarah J.30F    Illinois   
96362Darlington, Ruben17M    Illinois1  
96362Darlington, Mary15F    Illinois1  
96362Darlington, John7M    Illinois1  
96362Darlington, Baby5 mo.F    Illinois   
96362McClusky, George20M Farm hand  Ireland   
96362McClusky, Carlyle18F    Pennsylvania   
96463Kline, John42M Farmer 600Ohio   
96463Kline, Margaret30F    Ohio   
96463Kline, Sarah5F    Ohio   
96463Kline, John J.2M    Ohio   
96463Kline, George4 mo.M    Ohio   
96564Lamb, Mrs. Sarah55F  1000 Mississippi   
96564Lamb, James24M Farmer 1700Illinois   
96564Lamb, Daniel32M    Mississippi   
96564Lamb, Leroy15M    Illinois1  
96564Lamb, Mary J.20F    Illinois   
96564Littleton, Pat35M    Ireland   
96665Sillsbee, John52M Carpenter & farmer44001000New York   
96665Sillsbee, Catharine39F    Ohio   
96665Wadlington, Spencer21M    Illinois   
96766Way, George28M Teacher & farmer  Michigan   
96766Way, Levina20F    Ohio   
96766Way, Wm.1M    Illinois   
96867Murphy, Thomas25M Farmer 300Ireland   
96867Murphy, Margaret25F    Ireland   
96867Murphy, Mary4F    Illinois   
96867Murphy, Thomas2M    Illinois   
96867Murphy, John2 mo.M    Illinois   
96968White, Daniel25M Farmer3,140,850Illinois   
96968White, Mary22F    Illinois   
96968Lehay?, John35M    Ireland   
97069White, Mrs. Maria48F    North Carolina   
97069White, Thadeus15M    Illinois   
97069Ralton, Sarah14F    Illinois   
97069Travers, Sarah21F    Illinois   
97069Travers, Robert25M    Ohio   
107069Rutherford, Geo. L.23M Farm hand  Illinois   
107170Beekman, Orman72M Farmer3200475New York   
107170Beekman, Calitha60F    South Carolina   
107170Beekman, Lucy21F    Illinois   
107170Beekman, Louisa16F    Illinois   
107170Beeman, John60M Carpenter  New York   
107271Marshall, Joseph36M Farmer 900Ohio   
107271Marshall, Sarah28F    Illinois   
107271Marshall, Madora8F    Illinois   
107271Marshall, Angelina7F    Illinois   
107271Marshall, Florince1F    Illinois   
107271Case, Norman19M    Illinois   
107372Lehay, James28M Farmer 100Ireland   
107372Lehay, Ellen20F    Ireland   
107372Lehay, John30M    Ireland  1
107473White, John L.38M Farmer60001100Illinois   
107473White, Rosanna30F    Illinois   
107473White, James I.14M    Illinois   
107473White, Lewis B.13M    Illinois1  
107473White, Charles H.10M    Illinois1  
107473White, Susan R.7F    Illinois1  
107473White, Mary J.5F    Illinois1  
107473White, Josephine2F    Illinois   
107473Savage, Nancy J.22F    Illinois   
107574McDow, Thomas22M Farmer 500Illinois   
107574McDow, Catharine20F    Illinois   
107574McDow, Baby1 mo.M    Illinois   
107675McDow, Matilda55FFarmer9500750Kentucky   
107675McDow, Allen23M Farmer  Illinois   
107675McDow, Martha32F    Illinois   
107675Myers, Jesse17M    Illinois   
107776Slayton, Mrs. Luesneler44F    North Carolina   
107776Griggs, Benj.15M    Illinois   
107776Slayton, Westley18M    Illinois   
107777Wilson, Mrs. Rosanna44F    Kentucky   
107777Wilson, Jane19F    Illinois   
107777Wilson, Wm. S.16M    Illinois1  
107777Wilson, Charles C.8M    Illinois1  
107777Wilson, Robert N.21M Farm hand  Illinois   
107777Wilson, Matt Moran27M Farm hand  Pennsylvania   
117878Greene, Addison41M Farmer160001800New York   
117878Greene, Amanda40F    Pennsylvania   
117878Greene, Rhoda A.13F    Illinois1  
117878Greene, Albert11M    Illinois1  
117878Greene, Addison10M    Illinois1  
117878Greene, Joanna4F    Illinois1  
117878Greene, Nathaniel3M    Illinois   
117878Flatt, J.P.23M Carpenter & farmer 600Ohio   
117979Chaplin, James30M (blank)  England   
117979Chaplin, Henrietta20F    Illinois   
117979Chapliln, Addison9 mo.M    Illinois   
118080Slaton, James R.38M Farmer2000500Illinois   
118080Slaton, Elizabeth37F    Kentucky   
118080Slaton, Mary J.13F    Illinois1  
118080Slaton, Leo C.1M    Illinois   
118080Davis, Eliza J.12F    Illinois1  
118080Williams, David25M    Ohio   
118181Slaton, George43M Farmer15001100Georgia   
118181Slaton, Lomentine42F    North Carolina   
118181Slaton, John P.20M    Illinois1  
118181Slaton, Henry L.18M    Illinois1  
118181Slaton, Sarah M.16F    Illinois1  
118181Slaton, George W.13M    Illinois1  
118181Slaton, Margaret11F    Illinois1  
118181Slaton, Robert7M    Illinois1  
118181Slaton, Mary L.5F    Illinois   
118181Slaton, Lenader T.1M    Illinois   
118282Harris, Wm.42M Farmer800200Tennessee   
118282Harris, Lear40F    Tennessee   
118282McDow, Mary E.20F    Tennessee   
118282Harris, Margaret19F    Tennessee   
118282Harris, Minona15F    Tennessee   
118282Harris, George13M    Tennessee1  
118282Harris, Sophrona (twin)9F    Tennessee1  
118282Harris, James M. (twin)9M    Tennessee1  
118282Harris, Wm. L.7M    Tennessee1  
118282Harris, John W.1M    Tennessee   
118383McDow, John N.25M Farmer  Illinois   
118383McDow, Ajada J.9 mo.     Illinois   
118383Kelling, James23M hand  Ireland   
128484Reed, Joseph25M Farmer  Illinois   
128484Reed, Nancy20F    Illinois   
128484Reed, John2 mo.M    Illinois   
128484McDow, Mariah45F    Virginia   
128484McDow, Wm.16M    Illinois   
128484McDow, Hardin12M    Illinois1  
128484McDow, Margaret11F     Illinois1  
128585McDow, Thomas64M Farmer128003500South Carolina   
128585McDow, Mary E.64F    South Carolina   
128585McDow, Salinda23F    Illinois   
128585McDow, Eliza J.19F    Illinois1  
128585McDow, James15M    Illinois1  
128585Dever, Nicholas20M    Luxemburg, Ger   
128585Sanderson, Sam’l64M    Ireland   
128686McDow, Mary Ann54F    South Carolina   
128686West, O.P.35M Farmer  Ohio   
128686West, Mary26F    Ohio   
128686Whitney, Mr.30M    Kentucky   
128686West, Lydia3F    Ohio   
128686Whitney, Mrs.28F    Kentucky   
128787Nelson, Joseph32M Farmer 1600Pennsylvania   
128787Nelson, Mary30F    Ohio   
128787Nelson, Edmond13M    Ohio   
128787Nelson, Mary A.13F    Ohio   
128787Nelson, Elwood3M    Illinois   
128787Brinton, Wm.26M    Pennsylvania   
128888Chappel, Bartholomew77M Farmer120002000England   
128888Chappel, Grace67F    England   
128989Mott, Daniel L.43M merchant & farmer2500925Virginia   
128989Mott, Elizabeth38F    Illinois   
128989Mott, Minerva10F    Illinois1  
128989Mott, Levina8F    Illinois1  
128989Mott, Abigail5F    Illinois   
128989Mott, Mary2F    Illinois   
128989Mott, Asbry14M    Illinois   
129090McRay, Jesse48M Laborer  Kentucky   
129090Miss, Mary E.20F    Illinois   
129191Wagoner, Adam64M Farmer100001000Virginia   
129191Wagoner, Mary55F    Kentucky   
129090Wagoner, Benj T.26M Farmer 40Illinois   
139191Wagoner, Mary J.22F    Ohio   
139191Burke, Andrew24M Farm hand  Kentucky   
139191Frances, Sarah3F    Illinois   
139191Frances, Baby6 mo.M    Illinois   
139191Surket?, Julia17F help  Illinois   
139292Swan, N.C.40M Farmer56001500Illinois   
139292Swan, Mary A.30F    Tennessee   
139292Swan, Minerva19F    Illinois   
139292Swan, Emily17F    Illinois   
139292Swan, Albert13M    Illinois1  
139292Swan, Rosella9F    Illinois1  
139292Swan, Cordelius7M    Illinois1  
139292Swan, Mary A.3F    Illinois   
139292Swan, Caleb9 mo.M    Illinois   
139292Savage, Wm.17M Farm hand 300Illinois   
139393Murphy, Thomas25M Farmer 300Ireland   
139393Murphy, Margaret26F    Ireland   
139393Murphy, Mary A.4F    Illinois   
139393Murphy, Thomas2M    Illinois   
139393Murphy, John2 mo.M    Illinois   
139494Lurton, N.M.30M Farmer1800900Illinois   
139494Lurton, Emma27F    Illinois   
139494Lurton, Henry7M    Illinois   
139494Lurton, Magnolia B.3F    Illinois   
139494Chappel, Richard27M Farmer  Illinois   
139595Magee, John B.50M Farmer 400Pennsylvania   
139595Magee, Caroline40F    New Jersey   
139595Magee, James H.22M Carpenter  Pennsylvania   
139595Magee, Julian20F Dressmaker  Pennsylvania   
139595Magee, Catharine19F Tailor  Pennsylvania   
139595Magee, John Arthur14M    Pennsylvania1  
139595Magee, Sarah12F    Pennsylvania1  
139595Magee, Martha E.10F    Pennsylvania1  
139595Magee, Benj’m J.5M    Pennsylvania1  
139595Magee, Jonathan16M    Pennsylvania1  
139696Argle, Wm.41M Farmer80001800Ohio   
139696Argle, Clarissa38F    Ohio   
139696Argle, Jerome16M    Illinois   
139696Argle, Alma14F    Illinois1  
139696Argle, Adison12M    Illinois1  
149696Argle, Allen11M    Illinois1  
149696Argle, Emily J.9F    Illinois1  
149696Argle, Earnest A.7M    Illinois1  
149696Argle, Lorin4M    Illinois   
149696Argle, Lucas2M    Illinois   
149696Gasler, John20M Farm hand  Germany   
149797Traverse, Henry C.37M Farmer1500740Ohio   
149797Traverse, Matilda31F    Illinois   
149797Traverse, Oskar P.9M    Illinois1  
149797Traverse, Robert5M    Illinois1  
149797Traverse, Lewis2M    Illinois   
149797Traverse, Mary J.6 mo.F    Illinois   
149797Russell, Eliza16F    Illinois   
149797Herron, Wm.25M Farmer  Illinois   
149797Herron, Eliza26F    Illinois   
149797Travers, Joseph21M Farmer  Ohio   
149898Hodgden, George32M Merchant 1000Massachusetts   
149898Hodgden, Elizabeth17F    Maryland   
149898Stanhope, Elizabeth14F    New Jersey   
149898Bell, Francis15M    Illinois   
149999Spence, George31M Blacksmith 400England   
149999Spence, Mary23F    Pennsylvania   
149999Spence, Wm. G.4M    Illinois   
149999Spence, John M.2M    Illinois   
149999Spence, Christopher4 mo.M    Illinois   
149999Vanarthrope, Mary11F    Illinois1  
149999Tell, Henry20M apprentice blacksmith  England   
14100100Dodson, John28M Farmer 350Illinois   
14100100Dodson, Laura P.23F    Illinois   
14100100Dodson, Wm. H.4M    Illinois   
14100100Dodson, Martha2F    Illinois   
14100100Links, Martha13F    Connecticut   
14101101Burrows, Tobias32M brickmaker & farmer  Kentucky   
14101101Burrows, Ellen37F    Illinois   
14101101Burrows, Henry M.15M    Illinois   
14101101Burrows, Ectron12M    Illinois   
14101101Burrows, Mahala17F    Illinois   
14101101Burrows, George9M    Illinois   
14101101Burrows, Edmond5M    Illinois   
14101101Burrows, Angelis2M    Illinois   

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