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1860 Jerseyville City Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by Marty Crull and the Tri County News Volunteers: Heidi Grether, Alyce Reichardt, Myra Ann, and Mary J. Bradley. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; School = attended school within the year; Married = Married within the year; RW = cannot read or write

PDFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceSchoolMarriedRW
111Richards, Thos J.44M Shoemaker, M1,000300Pa   
1  Richards, Elizabeth40F    Pa   
1  Richards, Curtis15M    Ill   
1   Richards, John R14M    Ill1  
1  Richards, Charles6M    **1  
1  Richards, Eliza E11F    Ill1  
1  Richards, Mary A4F    Mo1  
1  Richards, Thos J1/12M        
122Mulholland, D36M Gent. Farmer3000500Ireland   
1  Mulholland, Mary Ann36F    England   
1  Mulholland, Tereha14F    NY1  
1  Mulholland, Martha E12F    ?1  
1  Mulholland, John10M    ?1  
1  Mulholland, Sarah8F    Wi?1  
1  Mulholland, Charles7M    1  
1  Mulholland, Mary8F    1  
1  Mulholland, Louzie3F    1  
1  Mulholland, Em***10/12F    1  
133Corbett, P71M Teacher2000180Mass   
1  Corbett, Charlotte64F    RI   
1  Phelps, Sarah Mrs59F    NY   
1  Corbett, Lewis R26M Gardner 50NY   
1  Corbett, Ellen24F    NY   
1  Corbett, Catharine20F M**** Teacher  NY   
155Hommah, Lin*y Mrs27F ” “40050NY   
1  Hommah, Edward10M    NY1  
1  Hommah, Anna M4F    NY   
1  Hommah, Frederick R1M    NY   
1  Hommah, Birde9/12F    NY   
1  Phellrs, Sarah58F    NY   
166Harbert, Isaac44M Clerk  Pa   
1  Harbert, Virginia34F Teacher  ?   
1  Harbert, Martha18F Teacher  Ws   
1  O’Donnell, Mary18F    Ireland   
177Stelb, Henry28M Carpenter  ?   
1  Stelb, Mary27F       
1  Stelb, Peter1M    Ws   
1  Stelb, Mary?F       
188Brant, Henry21M Cigar Maker  Prussia   
1  Brant, Jerusa26F    Prussia   
288Brant, Frank4M        
2  Brant, Mary8/12F        
299Wurth, Vincent31M Shoemaker45050Baden   
2  Wurth, Fuligan21F    Wittenburg   
2  Wurth, Catharine3F    ?   
2  Wurth, Powhinzer2F       
2  Wurth, Wilbert2M       
21010Leonard, G Mrs.54F Nurse 100NJ   
2  Leonard, Hannah20F Pulp? Maker  NJ   
2  Leonard, Heneretta18F    NJ   
2  Leonard, Anna11F    Ws1  
2  Leonard, Melissa9F    1  
21111North, Jas41M Carpenter 100England   
2  North, Fanny43F       
2  North, Jas19M Engineer     
2  North, Fanny11F    1  
2  North, Alice6F    ?1  
21212Bushman, Aru38M Cooper900120Hanover   
2  Bushman, Amedia31F       
2  Bushman, Ellen8F    ?   
2  Bushman, A**sta3M       
2  Bushman, Julia1F       
21313Short, Gl**a50M Gent. Farmer800700Tenn   
2  Short, Rachel49F       
2  Short, Edwin19M    Ill   
2  Levin, Mary20F Seamstress150    
21414Hays, Wm35M    Ireland   
2  Hays, Bridget38F       
2  Mary Ryan9F    1  
21515Barber, H R31M Cooper 50VG   
2  Barber, E Mrs.30F        
2  Barber, George9M     1  
2  Barber, Arthur4M        
2  Barber, Frederick2M        
21616Johnson, Wm32MBLaborer50050NY   
2  Johnson, Heneretta25FB   KY   
2  Johnson, Mary6FB   Ill   
2  Johnson, Frank3MB   1  
2  Johnson, Edward1MB      
2  Torrey, Hiram22MB   Unknown   
31616Torrey, Andrew Jackson35MBLaborer  Unknown  1
31717Hamel, Joseph27M Carpenter300180Switzerland   
3  Hamel, Mary21F       1
3  Hamel, Hooper2M        
3 18Pondoham, John33M Laborer70075Nisse Corlle   
3  Pondoham, Johanna27F    Prussia   
3  Pondoham, Henry3M        
3  Pondoham, Inger8/12F        
31819Cirlean, Francis32M Farmer1000200Prussia   
3  Cirlean, L. Ann25F    Va   
3  Cirlean, Perry4M        
3  Cirlean, James2M        
31920Wilcox, Cath. Mrs.51F Lady1700300Ireland   
3  Wilcox, Ephriam22M    Lee   
3  Wilcox, Albert18M    Florida   
3  Wilcox, Edwin P31M    NY   
32021Smith, (Mother) Mrs.49F Seamstress1000100NY   
3  Smith, Hattie10F    Ill1  
3  Greenwell, Addie Mrs.38F Soap Maker  England   
3 22Edington, Mrs49F       
3  Edington, George19M Farm Hand     
32123Young, M48M Miller1600100SC   
3  Young, Mary Ann34F    Ill   
3  Young, James9M    1  
3  Young, Francis6M    1  
3  Young, Charles E5M     1  
3  Young, Nathaniel4M        
3  Young, Mary E2F        
3  Young, Wm H3/12M Painter      
32224Fird, G Mrs88F Painter60012NY   
3  Fird, Gideon T24M       
3  Fird, George21M Farmer     
3  Fird, Jasper19M       
3  Fird, Harriet16F       
32325Flasman, John29M Merchant700500Westinberg Ger   
3  Flasman, Gertrude21F    West *****   
3  Flasman, John E3M    Ill   
3  Flasman, Joseph2M       
3  Flasman, Withelm5/12M       
3  Ravayu*, He*tect30M    Ga   
42426Alexander, Tho32M Farmer1200400Tenn  1
4  Alexander, Matilda Mrs28F    NC   
4  Alexander, Gisme E22F    GA  1
42527Osbern, Benj17M Carpenter 100NY   
4  Osbern, Lubelle31F    NY   
4  Osbern, Frederic7M    NY   
4  Osbern, Mary5F    NY   
4  Osbern,George3M    NY   
4  Osbern, Willie4/12M    NY   
42628Bil**e, Wm33M Harness Maker500100Prussia   
4  Bil**e, Rach**30F       
4  Bil**e, Josephine4F    Mo   
4  Bil**e, Elinor2F    NY   
42729Clayhouse, Jackson W30M Farmer5400800NY   
4  Clayhouse, Ellen26F    NY   
4  Clayhouse, Margaret7F    NY   
4  Clayhouse, Lucinda3F    NY   
4  Clayhouse, Chas1M    NY   
42830Hallom, Jas31M Laborer45050Ireland   
4  Hallom, Mary25F    Ireland   
4  Hallom,James4M    NY   
4  Hallom, Mary J2F    NY   
4  Hallom, Johaanna7/12F    NY   
4  Ward, John30M Shoemaker  Ireland   
42931Rainbu, ****t36M Brick Layer  KY   
4  Rainbu, M.Jane34F    MD   
4  Rainbu, Thos W10M    NY1  
4  Rainbu, Elizabeth5F    NY1  
4  Rainbu, James H2M    NY   
43032Schaffer, Wichol**39M Miller 100Pa   
4  Schaffer, Mary40F    Ohio   
4  Schaffer, Wm A13M    NY   
4  Schaffer, Isabel11F    NY   
4  Schaffer, Emma J6M    NY   
4  Schaffer, Chas M2M    NY   
4  Connie, Mrs20F Soap maker  England   
43133Miller, Lydia69F  500100NY   
4  Miller, Joseph24M Stone Mason1200 NY   
43234Gibbs, Dennis39M Master M800100NY   
4  Gibbs, Eliner31F    Ky?   
53234Gibbs, Harriett10F    Ill1  
5  Gibbs, Nelson8M    Iowa1  
5  Gibbs, John5M    Ill1  
5  Gibbs, Mark2M        
5  Gibbs, Julia9/12F        
53335Davenport, Edward30M Blacksmith10001700England   
5  Davenport, Mary28F    NY   
5  Davenport, Lauretta7F    Ill   
5  Davenport, Chas4M    Ill   
5  Davenport, Julia2F    Ill   
5  Cameron, Daniel19M Blacksmith  Scotland   
53436Page, Thos31M Wheelright 100RI   
5  Page, Julia27F    NH   
5  Page, Francis8M    Ill1  
5  Page, Fredric6M    Ill1  
5  Page, Harry3M    Ill   
53537Tower, H R34M Carriage ****** *00RI   
5  Tower,Eliza26F    Mass   
5  Tower, Mary E22F    1  
5  Tower,Charles8M    1  
5  Tower, Wm6M    1  
53638Ferber*ell, J**26M Physician  NH 1 
5  Ferber*ell, Fanny20F    Vt 1 
5  Howard, HH, Esq33M Attorney  Vt   
5 39Ackim, David30M M Mason2,000400NY   
5  Ackim, Viloett24F    Canada   
5  Ackim, Augustus7/12M    Ill   
5  Easton, Hannah15F    Ireland1  
53740Stattrmore, Hannah M36F Teacher5500200NJ   
5  Stattrmore, Charlotte12F    Ill1  
5  Stattrmore, George10M    Ill   
53841Darlington, Robert40M Constable25001500Ohio   
5  Darlington, Harriett27F    Ill   
5  Darlington, Mary C17F    Ill1  
5  Halstead, Jas40M **tnt Photographer  NY   
5  Leib, Mrs55F    NY   
53942James, John30M Cooper 50Ohio   
5  James, Ann37F    NY   
5  James, Anna B2F    Ill   
5  James, Phebe24M    Ohio   
63942James, Phebe1/12F    Ill   
64043Mayer, Chas40M Miller900200Pa   
6  Mayer, Mary32F    Conn   
6  Mayer, Mary C13F    Ill1  
6  Mayer, Francis11F    Ill1  
6  Mayer, George9M    Ill1  
6  Mayer, Charles Hamilton7M    Ill1  
6  Mayer, Stella M1M    Ill   
64144Patterson, Gersham35M Farmer8000800Ill   
6  Patterson, Clara31F    Va   
6  Patterson, Ellen N10F    Ill1  
6  Patterson, Louisa9F    Ill1  
6  Patterson, John J7M    Ill1  
6  Patterson, Ann6F    Ill1  
6  Patterson, Sarah J3F    Ill   
6  Patterson, Mildred(twins)3F    Ill   
6  Patterson, Caroline10/12F    Ill   
64245McCord, Mrs40F  1250100Tenn   
6  McCord, Jenny17F Teacher  Ill1  
6  McCord, Emma16F    Ill1  
6  McCord, John19M    Ill1  
6  Wheeler, Sarah25F Help  NY   
6 46Vandeventer, Aron21M   50N   
6  Vandeventer, Mary J26F       
64347Babcock, John55M Engineer600100Mo   
6  Babcock, Dora41F       
6  Babcock, Francis25M Farmer  Mass   
6  Babcock, Martha16F    1  
64448Pearse, Jas46M Hotel Keeper 100Pa   
6  Pearse, Malinda24F    Tenn   
6  Pearse, Leavinia19F Teacher  Ill   
6  Pearse, Emily J12F    Ill1  
6  Pearse, Malinda9F    Ill1  
64549Connell, Jas D25M Carpenter30050Ireland   
6  Connell, Anna22F    Ireland   
6  Mangah, Hannah60F    Ireland   
64650Hays, Samuel46M Blacksmith2500400Pa   
6  Hays, Catharine44F    Va   
6  Hays, Saml16M    Ill   
6  J*brter, Fanny12F    Ill1  
74751Cappell, Emily Mrs45F    NJ   
7  Cappell, Ann C16F    NJ   
74852Walling, Mrs38F House Keeper70050Pa   
7  Walling, Mary L16F    Ind   
7  Walling, Joseph11M       
7  Schaffer, Elizabeth69F  600 Pa   
74953Sappo, Carson29M Laborer 75Hungary/Austria   
7  Sappo, Rosa24F    Hs*tenburg   
7  Sappo, John5M    Ill   
7  Sappo, Mary C3F    Ill   
7  Sappo, Maria1F    Ill   
75054Jarboe, Wm42M Clerk800300Ohio   
7  Jarboe, Harriett M31F    NJ   
7  Jarboe, Elizabeth11F    Ill1  
7  Jarboe, Loyd10M    Ill1  
7  Jarboe, Moses2/12M    Ill   
7  Metzer, Margaret16F Help  NJ   
75155McBride, Michael48M Stone Mason  Ireland   
7  McBride, Mary24F    NJ   
75256Coughlin, Martin36M Laboring40060Ireland   
7  Coughlin, Isabel36F    Ireland   
7  Coughlin, Edward10M    Pa1  
7  Coughlin, Jas9M    1  
7  McLean, Catharine26F    Ireland   
75357Stopple, David35M Carpenter40075Baden, Ger   
7  Stopple, Catharine33F       
7  Stopple, Amena2F    1  
7  Stopple, Ellen6/12F    Ill   
75458Kirkland, Ellen22F    Pa   
7  Kirkland, Mary Ann, Mrs68F    Ireland   
7  Kirkland, Mary Ellen3F    Ill   
75559Edwards, Wm B38M Teamster6001000NY  1
7  Edwards, Mary E24F    NY   
7  Edwards, Mary Ann11F    NY   
7  Edwards, Wm H10M    NY   
7  Edwards, Sarah M9F    NY   
7  Edwards, Ellen5F    Ill1  
7  Edwards, John3M    Ill1  
7  Edwards, Chas1M    Ill   
85660Barton, John39MBLaborer 40Ill   
8  Johnson, America34FB   Ill   
8  Johnson, George13MB   Ill1  
8  Barton, James A11MB   Ill1  
8  Barton, Eliza5FB   Ill   
8  Barton, Wm F2MB   Ill   
8  Barton, Catharine Louesa5/12FB   Ill   
85761Stewart, Allen69MBTeaming250150Va   
8  Stewart, Saydine48FM   Ky  1
8  Stewart, John9MB   Ill   
8  Stewart, Greenberg13MBBarber  Ill   
8  Stewart, Martha10FB   Ill   
8  Petticoat, Rowan16MM   Mo   
8  Clark, Eda Mrs60FB   NC  1
8  Carroll, Phobe23FM   Ohio  1
85962Ryan, Wm34M Laborer250 Ireland   
8  Ryan, Mary28F       
8  Ryan,Wm7M    Ill1  
8  Ryan, James2M       
8  Ryan, Nicholas6/10        
85963Brown, Jas C34M Carpenter900150NY   
8  Brown, Ann21F    England   
8  Brown, John Webster10M    NY1  
86164Blierner, Charles39M Carpenter500111Ger   
8  Blierner, Jessee26F    Hanover   
8  Blierner, Albert10M    Ger1  
8  Melcher, Etta5F    Ill1  
8  Melcher, Isabel3F       
8  Blierner, Chas4/12M       
86164Laughlin, Jeremiah30M Laborer50050Ireland  1
8  Laughlin, Margaret25F        
8  Laughlin, Anna2/12F        
8  Laughlin, Patrick35M Laborer      
8  Laughlin, Bridget O25F        
86266Clendon, Christopher35M Laborer 40Ireland   
8  Clendon, Susan30F       
8  Clendon, Wm10M    Pa   
8  Clendon, Edward5/12M       
86367Tholeman, Wm48M Gardner 50England   
8  Tholeman, Susanna20F       
9 68Walpoole, Joshua64M Laboring1000100England   
9  Walpoole, Martha47F    NY   
9  Walpoole, Jemima9F    NY1  
9  Walpoole, Phebe7F    NY1  
96469Philips, Wm45MBFarming & Teaming400300NY  1
9  Philips, Mary31FB   Ill  1
9  Philips, Cyntha12FB   Ill1  
9  Philips, Saml B9MB   Ill1  
9  Philips, Elizabeth5FB   Ill   
9  Philips, Ann3FB   Ill   
9  Philips, Harriett1FB   Ill   
96570Brown, John24MBLaborer  Ill  1
9  Brown, Eliza24FB   Ill  1
9  Brown, Mary J3FB   Ill   
9   Brown, Augustus7/12MB   Ill   
9  Brown, Alex Wayne8MB   Ill   
96671Brown, S****y51FBWasher50040Tenn  1
9  Parmon, Chas19MB      
96772Fertlor, John56M Farmer  Wilemburgher   
9  Fertlor, Mary45F       
9  Harwood, Christopher19M Teamster90050   
9  Fertlor, Mary19F       
9  Fertlor, John9M   350   
9  Fertlor, Catharine15F       
96873Sletley, John30M Laborer50050Ireland   
9  Sletley, Mary45F       
9  Sletley, John20M Laborer  PA   
9  Sletley, Mary16F      1
96974Bauer, George36M Cooper30050France   
9  Bauer, Arkame25F        
9  Bauer, George5M    Ill   
9  Bauer, Mary1F    Ill   
97075Henry, Nicholas29M Cooper700125France   
9  Henry, Margaret28F       
9  Henry, Peter9M    Ill   
97176Dardenger, Peter30M Cooper700125France   
9  Dardenger, Susan32F       
9  Dardenger, Nicholas9M    Mo   
9  Dardenger, Margaret1F    Ill   
97280Tantar, Andrew58M  30030Hanover   
107277Hannah “48f    Hanover   
107378Boyer, Conrad27m Tailor3550Darmstadt, Ger.   
10  Boyer, Hannah24f    Hanover   
10  Boyer, Heneretta 3/12f    Ills.   
10  Boyer, Anna3f    Ills.   
107479 McConrad, Andrew35m Blacksmith  Ireland   
10  McConrad, Margaret “24f    Ireland   
10  McConrad, John3m    Ills.   
10  McConrad, Ellen5f    Ills.   
10  Mc Conrad, Robert1m    Ills.   
10  Farrell, George35m Laborer  Ireland   
10  Farrell, Thos.17m Laborer  Ireland   
10  Farrell, Richard29m Teamster  Ireland   
107580Cogine, Calvin28m Farmer 200Ills.   
10  Cogine, Laura20f    Ills.   
10  Barrett, Jno.19m    England   
10  Slaton, Jane13f    Ills.   
107681Fields, Chas.33m Carpenter & Farmer  NJ   
10  Fields, Margaret33f    NJ   
10  Fields, Robert9m    NJ   
10  Fields, Eliza J.4f    NJ   
10  Thompson, Chas.28m Carpenter  NJ   
107782Lenard, Jane, Mrs.53f  500400Md.   
10  Lenard, Samuel21m Teamster  Ohio   
10  Lenard, Caroline15f    Ohio   
10  Lenard, Martha13f    Ohio   
107883Lenard, Hirim32m Cooper800200Ohio   
10  Lenard, Amanda30f    Ohio   
10  Lenard, John T.9m    Ills.   
10  Lenard,Mary A.6f    Ills.   
10  Lenard, Martha E.3f    Ills.   
10  Lenard, William H.3/12m    Ills.   
107984Shambly, Horatio C.29m Carpenter700400Maine   
10  Shambly, Leona20f    Ills.   
10  Shambly, Chas K.3m    Ills.   
108085Bell, J. P.39m Carriage Maker3000300Pa.   
10  Bell, C. A.39f    NJ   
10  Bell, Julia C.9f    Ills.   
10  Bell, Eledora8f    Ills.   
118085Bell, Ada2f    Ills.   
11  Dessunett, Alescan28m Blacksmith  Canada   
11  Sherber, Franklin24m Carriage Maker  Pa.   
11  Sherber, Theodore21m  ” “  Pa.   
11  Wheeler, William22m Framer  Va.   
11  Roberts, Elias16m Painter  NJ   
118186Hedger, D. E.29m Carriage Maker1000600NY   
11  Hedger, M. A.29f    NY   
11  Hedger, Wm. C.5m    NY   
11  Hedger, Fred M.3m    Ills.   
11  Hedger, Lida2f    Ills.   
11  Smith, Chas.16m Apprentice to Above  Vt.   
118287Vandyne, J. R.69m Shoe Maker100050NJ   
11  Vandyne, Abigail64f    NJ   
11  Vandyne, Isaac21m    Ohio   
118388Bird, G.43m Grocer45050Ind.   
11  Bird, Sarah28f    Ills.   
11  Bird, Ellenora9f    Ills.   
11  Bird, Wm. G.5m    Ills.   
11  Bird, Franklin D.3m    Ills.   
11  Bird, Charles6/12m    Ills.   
118489Beekman, H.41m Butcher5500600NJ   
11  Beekman, Margaret33f    NJ   
11  Beekman, Wm. H.16m    NJ   
11  Beekman, R.V.B.13m    Ills.   
11  Beekman, N. E.8f    Ills.   
118590Schattgan, S. H.34m (None Given)2000400Germany   
11  Schattgan, Charles5m    NY   
118691Leoufkatter, Conklad31m Shoemaker 20Prussia   
11  Leoufkatter, Sophia W.28f    Hanover, Ger.   
11  Hollenhone, Frank35m    Prussia   
11  Hollenhone, Joseph30m Blacksmith  Prussia   
11  Stanley, John5m    Ills.   
11  Stanley, Nicholas27m Barber  France   
118792Bailey, Wm.44m Carpenter5000500NJ   
11  Bailey, Mary Ann36f    Conn.   
11  Bailey, John C.16m    Ills.   
11  Bailey,Mary J.14f    Ills.   
11  Bailey, William13m    Ills.   
11  Bailey, Laura10f    Ills.   
128792Bailey, David W.7m    Ills.   
12  Bailey, Lotte J.1f    Ills.   
128893Estice, A. O.51m Blacksmith250075Ky.   
12  Estice, Thos. L.23m    Ky.   
12  Estice, Mary L.21f    Ky.   
12  Estice, Sarah Ann16f    Ills.   
12  Estice, Francis J.15f    Ills.   
12  Estice, Catherine3f    Ills.   
128994Brown, Sidney50fB 60020Tenn.   
12  Brown, Charley12mB   Ills.   
12  Brown, Andrew J.28mBLaborer  Ala.   
128995Brown, John23mB   Ills.   
12  Smith, Nathan33mBLaborer  Ills.   
12  Smith, Margaret25fB   Ills.   
12  Harris, Newton S.8mB   Ills.   
12  Smith, George3mB   Ills.   
12  Smith, Leticia2fB   Ills.   
129096Tiff, Eber31m Blacksmith 100NY   
12  Tiff, Hannah27f    NY   
12  Tiff, Anna J.6f    NY   
12  Tiff, Cora1f    Ills.   
129097Daly, Peter54m Laborer 50Ireland   
12  Daly, Anna61f    Ireland   
129198Norris, Johnson28m Mill Hand 50Ohio   
12  Norris, Sarah B.28f    NJ   
12  Norris, Emaline4f    Ills.   
12  Norris, Addie1f    Ills.   
129299Embly, Wm. B.35m Carpenter  NJ   
12  Embly, Mary E.30f    NJ   
12  Neadly, Matilda2f    Ohio   
12  Newal, Wm.17m Apprentice Carpenter  Ind.   
1293100Brinyhurst, J.41m (Unreadable)  Del.   
12  Brinyhurst, Mary38f    Ills.   
12  Brinyhurst, James9m    Ills.   
12  Brinyhurst, John7m    Ills.   
12  Brinyhurst, Robert5m    Ills.   
12  Brinyhurst, Henry3m    Ills.   
12  Smith, Elizabeth16f    Ills.   
1294101Squires, John33m Miller  NJ   
12  Squires, Leanna25f    Ills.   
1394101Squires, Anna3f    Ills.   
13  Squires, Hattie1f    Ills.   
13  Squires, Alex R.23m    NJ   
13   Luely, Emily41f    England   
13  Sichler, Chas.25m Hand  Ger.   
13  Arkebauer, Mary25f    Ger.   
1395102Way, Ely B.35m Farmer2000400Ind..   
13  Way, Margaret A.31f    Ills.   
13  Way, Mary Ann9f    Mo.   
13  Way, Anna7f    Ills.   
13  Way, John H.6m    Mo.   
1396103Hoglan, John33m Carriage Maker4000150NJ   
13  Hoglan, Elizabeth35f    NJ   
1397104Goram, Joseph29m Carpenter 100NY   
13  Goram, Virginia20f    Ills.   
13  Goram, Charles1m    Ills.   
13  Bell, Nancy, Mrs.52f    Va.   
1398105Recappe, Anthony33m Harness Maker900100France   
13  Recappe, Mary42f    France   
1399106Eaglehoff, George21m Blacksmith80080South Ger.   
13  Eaglehoff, Mary22f    England   
13  Eaglehoff, Frederic9/12m    Ills.   
13  Eaglehoff, John24m   600South Ger.   
13  Davis, Aron12m    Ills.   
13100107Bell, James17m    Ills.   
13  Bell, Susan15f    Ills.   
13  Mechames, C., Mrs.28f    Va.   
13101109Rorey, Anthony34m Farming450250Prussia   
13  Rorey, Trutee27f    Baden   
13  Rorey, Fanny9f    Ills.   
13  Rorey, Franklin5/12m    Ills.   
13102110Allen, Joshua54m    Vt.   
13  Allen, Margaret44f    Vt.   
13  Allen, Mary18f    Ills.   
13  Allen, Caroline14f    Ills.   
13103111Paris, J. J.42m Miller2000400NY   
13  Paris, Hannah35f    NY   
13  Paris, Hattie14f    NY   
13  Paris, Fanny12f    NY   
13  Harris, Harriet33f    NY   
14104112Fisher, Peter R.52m Grocer 150NJ   
14  Fisher, Franklin37m    NJ   
14  Fisher, Catherine A.11f    NJ   
14  Fisher, Mary7f    Ills.   
14105112Talbot, George30m Miller25050England   
14  Talbot, Julia29f    England   
14106113Durkenhart, John B.32m Boarding House 50Prussia   
14  Durkenhart, Agnes31f    Prussia   
14  Durkenhart, Mary6f    Ills.   
14  Durkenhart, John2m    Ills.   
14  Durkenhart, Agnes1/12f    Ills.   
14  Smith, Jacob22m Laborer  Ger.   
14  Palmer, Mr.40m Turner  England   
14  Mashleu, Chas.23m Laborer  Wurtenburg   
14  Fisher, John24m Cooper  Ills.   
14  Richebert, Fred27m Tailer  Ger.   
14  Dorez, Daniel28m Laborer  Ireland   
14107114Henderson, John L.29m Blacksmith 20Va.   
14  Henderson, Sarah30f    Ind.   
14  Henderson, Sarah6f    Ind.   
14  Henderson, Robert4m    Ind.   
14  Henderson, Eliza Jane2f    Ind.   
14   Vincent, John T.50m Plow Maker200 Ohio   
14  Vincent, Isaac N.15m    Ills.   
14  Miligan, Thos.18m Apprentice Blacksmith  Ky.   
14108115Jacob, Chas.33m Miller 40Ger.   
14  Jacob, Charlotte26f    Ger.   
14  Jacob, Emma5f    Ohio   
14  Jacob, Rosa3f    Ohio   
14  Jacob, Fred6/12m    Ills.   
14109116Haley, Patrick23m Cooper  Ireland   
14  Haley, Ann25f    Ireland   
14  Haley, Mary10/12f    Ills.   
14110117Liming, Ezekiel33m Farmer  NJ   
14  Liming, Sarah23f    NJ   
14  Liming, James4m    Ills.   
14  Liming, Heneretta1f    Ills.   
14111118Remer, Abraham50m Farmer1000300NJ   
14  Remer, Deborah42f    NJ   
14  Remer, Geo. M.20m    NJ   
15111118Remer, J.16m    NJ   
15  Remer, Heneretta11f    NJ   
15  Remer, Sarah, M.8f    NJ   
15112119Nevins, Styrker40m Wheel Wright  NJ   
15  Nevins, Melinda26f    NJ   
15  Nevins, Christopher5m    Ills.   
15  Nevins, Edward1m    Ills.   
15  Tenisee, Wm.37m Wagon Maker  Pa.   
15113120Smith, John M.49m Gentleman  NJ   
15  Smiath, Temperance38f    NC   
15  Smith, William20m    Ills.   
15  Smith, Charles19m    Ills.   
15114121Lerahe, Paul29m Watch Maker  Switzerland   
15  Lerahe, Julia27f    Ger.   
15  Lerahe, Paul5m    Ills.   
15  Lerahe, Emma1f    Ills.   
15  Hargan, Emily, Mrs.60f    Baden, Ger.   
15  Schiltz, Christian29m    Baden, Ger.   
15  Speresche, Julius28m    Switzerland   
15115122Berkman, F.39m Merchant100006600Prussia, Ger.   
15  Berkman, Ellen39f    Prussia, Ger.   
15  Berkman, Elizabeth13f    Ills.   
15  Berkman, Mena11f    Ills.   
15  Berkman, John8m    Ills.   
15  Berkman, Mary6f    Ills.   
15  Berkman, Frederic4m    Ills.   
15  Berkman, Helen2f    Ills.   
15  Eaglehoff, John22m Tailor  Ger.   
15  Brusen, Nicholas19m Merchant Clerk  Holstein, Ger.   
15  Lang, Henry35m Tailor  England   
15  Y(?)ma, Christian17m Help  Hanover, Ger.   
15  Arkebauer, Edward19m Carpenter  Hanover, Ger.   
15116123McGill, Thos. L.65m Clerk C.C.1700400NJ   
15  McGill, Elizabeth55f    Mass.   
15  McGill, Esther20f    Ills.   
15  McGill, Martha18f    Ills.   
15  McGill, Aron17m    Ills.   
15  McGill, Ann15f    Ills.   
15  Porter, Harriet9f    Ills.   
15  Covington, David27m    NJ   
16116123Covington, Mary23f    Ills.   
16  Covington, Ida V.6/12f    Ills.   
16117124Nevins, William B.46m Merchant60003800NJ   
16  Nevins, Laura41f    NY   
16  Nevins, Henry18m   200Ills.   
16  Nevins, Mary15f    Ills.   
16  Nevins, Hattie19f    Ills.   
16  McTally, Mary16f Help  Ireland   
16  Goodrich, Chas. H.64m Attorney2500400NY   
16  Goodrich, Lydia63f    Conn.   
16  Bagley, M. C.35m Merchant30002000NY   
16  Bagley, Harriet30f    Mass.   
16118125Bird, Wm.34mMBarber  NC   
16  Bird, Rebecca26fM   DC   
16  Bird, Wm.10mM   DC   
16  Bird, Gonzalora5fM   Ills.   
16  Bird, Julia5/12fM   Ills.   
16119126Hobson, S. T.35m Merchant60004000NY   
16  Hobson, Susan22f    Ills.   
16  Hobson, Mary A4f    Ills.   
16  Hobson, John J.2m    Ills.   
16  Hobson, Frank T.10/12m    Ills.   
16  Hobson, Ann14f    Canada   
16120127Dewey, C. N.27m Engineer 50Ohio   
16  Dewey, Mary25f    Me.   
16  Dewey, Vesta C.1f    Ills.   
16121128Gazilla, Joseph30m Grocer1700500Genoa, Italy   
16  Gazilla, Elizabett23f    Mo.   
16  Gazilla, Ellen1f    Ills.   
16   Shanon, Flerabeth44f    Mo.   
16122129Ludwig, Chas.27m Farmer  Prussia   
16  Ludwig, Tenia30f    Prussia   
16  Ludwig, Tenia1/12f    Ills.   
16123130Kitchenburg, John50m Sausage Maker 40Wurtenburg   
16  Kitchenburg, Catherine47f    Wurtenburg   
16  Kitchenburg, Menia14f    Wurtenburg   
16  Kitchenburg, Caroline12f    Wurtenburg   
16  Kitchenburg, Charles19m Mill Hand  Wurtenburg   
16  Kitchenburg, Augustus23m Butcher  Wurtenburg   
16124131Williams, Lambson57m Milk Man3000200Vt.   
17124131Williams, Sarah46f    Vt.   
17  Williams, Charlotte15f    Vt.   
17  Williams, Alice12f    Ills.   
17  Williams, John9m    Ills.   
17125132Compton, Moses68m Gentleman2000300NJ   
17  Compton, Lydia67f    NJ   
17125133Kelly, John25m   40Ireland   
17  Kelly, Ellen26f    Ireland   
17  Kelly, John (Twin)4/12m    Ills.   
17  Kelly, Willie (Twin)4/12m    Ills.   
17  Keating, Allace32f    Ireland   
17126134Stout, Mary, Mrs.19f    Ills.   
17  Smith, Bridget27f    NJ   
17  Smith, Warner1m    Ills.   
17  Smith, Nicholas27m Mill Wright  NJ   
17127135Hutchinson, John53m Carpenter & ?35050NY   
17  Hutchinson, Eliza27f    NJ   
17  Hutchinson, Mary2f    Ills.   
17128136Harrington, John40m Boarding House50050Ireland   
17  Harrington, Mary34f    Ireland   
17  Harrington, Mary11f    Pa.   
17  Harrinton, Julia5f    Ills.   
17  Ward, Dennis22m Laborer  Ireland   
17  Conner, Martin22m Laborer  Ireland   
17  Fisher, Chas.45m Hostler  Ireland   
17  Maley, John30m Laborer  Ireland   
17  Maley, John30m Laborer  Ireland   
17  Maley, John26m Laborer  Ireland   
17129 Unoccupied          
17130 Unoccupied          
17131137Retlarath, Wm.32m Baker  Prussia   
17  Retlarath, Elizabeth22f    Baden   
17  Retlarath, Wm.5m    Ind.   
17  Retlarath, Rudolph3m    Ills.   
17  Retlarath,Mary Louisa3/12f    Ills.   
17132138Titus, S. M.43m Hotel Keeper 250NY   
17  Titus, C. E.33f    NY   
17  Titus, Sherman15m    NY   
17  Titus, Eliza11f    NY   
17  McJay, Mary25f Help  Ireland   
18132138Bray, Mary25f Help  Ky.   
18  Williams, Theodore22m Help  Me.   
18  White, Josiah H.24m Surveyor1600 Mass.   
18  Littlefield, M. S.25m Laywer  NY   
18  Ward, Jas. A.19m Laborer  Ireland   
18133139Northrop, E. E.26m Tailor  NY   
18  Belka, Joseph21m Laborer  Canada   
18  Scheide, Minirie31m Laborer  Ger.   
18134140Menard, L. H.44m Tradesman400200NY   
18  Menard, Elizabeth42f    Ind.   
18  Menard, Margaret18f    Ills.   
18  Menard, Curtice16m    Ills.   
18  Menard, Anthony14m    Ills.   
18  Menard, Casandra9f    Ills.   
18  Menard, John4m    Ills.   
18  Menard, James2m    Ills.   
18  Menard, Nelson42m Mason  Ky.   
18  Menard, Ruth70f    NY   
18135141Maupin, J. H.41m Merchant60003000Ky.   
18  Maupin, P. A.29f    Ills.   
18  Maupin, M. E.18f.    Ills.   
18  Maupin, A. W.16m    Ills.   
18  Maupin, J. H.9m    Ills.   
18  Maupin, E. H.3m    Ills.   
18  Maupin, P. M.1f    Ills.   
18  Rouch, Ellen20f    Conn.   
18136142Knapp, R. M.29m Attorney5000500NY   
18  Knapp, Frances H.22f    NY   
18  Knapp, Kate4f    NY   
18  Knapp, Sue2f    NY   
18  Wall, Mary A.17f    Ireland   
18137143Darcy, E. A.64m Banker & Surgeon1535002000NJ   
18  Darcy, Mary`58f    NJ   
18  Swain, Mary15f Domestic  Ills.   
18  Harrison, Ed21m Farmer  NJ   
18  Cheney, P. D.23m Banker  NJ   
18  Cheney, Catheren21f    Ills.   
18138144Nicholes, H. S.29m Clerk 100Ills.   
18  Nicholes, M. C.26f    Ills.   
18  Nicholes, Ellie4f    Ills.   
19197144Nichols, Ada17F    Illinois   
19139145Whitenach, J C34M Post Master1100250New Jersey   
19  Whitenach, L C28F    New Jersey   
19  Whitenach, Margaret6F    New Jersey   
19  Whitenach, Adeline5F    New Jersey   
19  Whitenach, Hattie2F    New Jersey   
19  Whitenach, Hellen (twins)2F    New Jersey   
19  Bell, Susan17F    New Jersey   
19140146While, George40M Teaming200200Scotland   
19  While, Levete20F    Illinois   
19  While, Elizabeth1/2F    Illinois   
19141147Byohn, B37M Gun Smith 100Prussia   
19  Byhon, Tracy Ann37F    Saxony   
19  Byhon, Rebecca13F    Prussia 1 
19  Byhon, Polena10F    Prussia 1 
19  Byhon, Joseph7M    Illinois 1 
19  Byhon, Telo5F    Illinois   
19  Byhon, Caroline4F    Illinois   
19  Byhon, Amelia2F    Illinois   
19142148Gooch, Mary Mrs46F    England   
19  Gooch, Ellen23F    Mass   
19  Gooch, Thos21M Painter  Mass   
19  Williams, John20M    New York   
19  Williams, Josephine11F    Illinois 1 
19  Williams, Martha16F    Illinois   
19  Williams, Emma8F    Illinois 1 
19  Williams, Augustus6M    Illinois   
19  Kendall, Ellen77F    England   
19  Gooch, John56M Painter  England   
19149149Ware, George23M Druggest  Mass   
19  Ware, Theodosia21F    New Jersey   
19  Rafton, Mary A15F    Ireland   
19144150Parent, Geo38M Painter1600100New Jersey   
19  Parent, Mary34F    New Jersey   
19  Parent, Martha13F    New Jersey 1 
19  Parent, Charles7M    New Jersey 1 
19  Parent, Emma5F    New Jersey   
19  Hall, Wm65M    England   
19  Hall, Wm29M    England   
19  Quinn, Catharin16F    Ireland   
20145151Rheuller, Chas29M Cabinet Maker40050Werlamburg   
20  Bayer, Catharine46F    Hanover, Germany   
20  Bayer, Henry20M    Hanover, Germany   
20  Bayer, Adolph28M    Hanover, Germany   
20  Bayer, Henry20M    New York   
20146152Davis, Mr91M    New York   
20  Davis, Albert11M    New York 1 
20  Wykoff, Mrs72F    New York   
20149153Schaner, Geo47M Laborer 40Nutine, Germany   
20  Schaner, Mary48F    Nutine, Germany   
20  Schaner, Frank18M    Nutine, Germany   
20  Schaner, Susanna16F    Nutine, Germany   
20  Schaner, Mary7F    Pennsylvania 1 
20  Schaner, Cassre4F    Pennsylvania   
20  Schaner, Elizabeth1F    Pennsylvania   
20 154Mahler, Wm34M Shoemaker60050Prussia   
20  Mahler, Sophia24F    Prussia   
20  Mahler, Mary2F    Illinois   
20  Mahler, Christinna1F    Illinois   
20148155Heiler, John30M    Baden   
20  Heiler, Josephine31F    Baden   
20  Heiler, Lewis4M    Missouri   
20  Heiler, John2M    Illinois   
20149156Smith, Christopher27M Shoemaker 20Germany   
20  Smith, Augustas27F    Germany   
20  Smith, Charles7M    Illinois 1 
20  Smith, Frank4M    Illinois   
20  Smith, Teresa8/12F    Illinois   
20150157Knapp, A R58M Physician and Surgeon 500Mass   
20  Knapp, Cahtarine58F    New York   
20  Knapp, A L31M Attorney3000600New York   
20  Knapp, Geo20M    Illinois   
20  Vanstoot, Eliza19F Servant  Germany   
20  Goodrich, H O40M Merchant150003000New York   
20  Goodrich, Janet35F    New York   
20  Goodrich, Adam A11M    Illinois   
20  Goodrich, Cahtarine9F    Illinois 1 
20  Goodrich, Bell7F    Illinois 1 
20  Sharon, Thos19M    Ireland 1 
20151158Downey, Mary52F Help  Ireland   
21151158Hamer, John30M Farmer 400Pa   
21  Hamer, Moses32M   200Pa   
21  Florida, Sarah24F    Ohio   
21  Florida, Alonzo4M    Ohio   
21  Rantanel, David25M Farmer  Scotland   
21152159Doublebower, J C28M Sadle and Harney Maker 100Pa   
21  Doublebower, Sarah24F    Ohio   
21  Doublebower, Kate4F    Illionis   
21  Doublebower, Martha3F    Illionis   
21  Doublebower, Elizabeth10/12F    Illionis   
21159160Cutting, L M30M Clerk 100Mass   
21  Cutting, S H33F Teacher  New Hampshire   
21  Cutting, Fanny L8F    New York   
21  Cutting, Leonard M4M    Mass 1 
21  Spellman, Kate25F    Ireland 1 
21154161Merll, John B30M    Germany   
21  Bastew, Francis54F    France   
21155162Farley, R D51M Physician600300Vt   
21  Farley, Mary J53F    Vt   
21  Farley, Francis19F    Illionis 1 
21  Chase, H M29M Surveyor  New York   
21  Chase, Deadema22F    Illionis   
21  Chase, L Bell1F    Illionis   
21156169Burder, George52M Farmer2000014500Vt   
21  Burder, Elizabeth51F    Mass   
21  Surrell, Laura16F    Vt   
21  Farley, Mary50F    Vt   
21  Edington, Geo18-JanM    New York   
21  Kingsly, Wm28M Miller  New York   
21  Kingsly, Jane20F    Mass   
21157 Unoccupied          
21158 Do          
21159164Bengborn, Isaac26M Plasterer 200New Jersey   
21  Bengborn, Jane29F    New Jersey   
21  Bengborn, George2M    Illinois   
21160165Clayton, A C32M Editor3000200Ohio   
21  Clayton, H A26F    Mass   
21  Clayton, Clarence W3M    Illinois   
21  Buskwell, Jenny19F    New Jersey   
22162166Bartlett, Geo56M Carpenter 50France   
22  Bartlett, Josephine24F    Pa   
22  Bartlett, Frank11M    Pa   
22163167Adams, Asa31M Engineer 40RI   
22  Adams, Sarah37F    RI   
22  Adams, Albert8M    RI   
22  Adams, Lemoian7F    RI   
22  Adams, Asa4M    RI   
22164168Jackson, Chas S60M Clerk10000200Pa   
22  Jackson, A J30M Clerk of Court10000300Pa   
22  Jackson, Fanny22F    Pa   
22  Jackson, Hettie18F    Illinois   
22  Jackson, George R21M    Pa   
22  Roberts, Margaret40F    Pa   
22165169Doublebower, John C42M Printer 1000Pa   
22  Doublebower, Mary37F    NY   
22  Doublebower, Wm20M Printer  Pa 1 
22  Doublebower, Mary16F    Pa 1 
22  Doublebower, Dallas11M    Pa 1 
22  Doublebower, Clara9F    Pa 1 
22  Doublebower, Laura5F    Pa   
22  DoubleBower, Douglajs5/12M    Illinois   
22166170Adams, N L64M Gent Farmer120005000Vt   
22  Adams, Sophronia64F    Conn   
22  Adams, Minerva20F    Illinois   
22  Adams, Elizabeth16F    Illinois   
22  Adams, Elliott10F    Illinois   
22  Zahide, Machel47F    NY   
22  Zahide, Belll16F    Ohio   
22167171Hill, Robert L62M Farmer144501600Va   
22  Hill, Maria H60F    Va   
22  Tunstall, Lucy40F    Va   
22  Hill, Robert T27M    Ky   
22 172Hill, L Mr22M Farmer1800900Ky   
22  Hill, Nancy C26F    Illinois   
22  Hill, Juliett4F    Illinois   
22  Hill, Harry B3M    Illinois   
22  Hill, Willie T1M    Illinois   
22  Hill, Emma D18F    Illinois   
22  Hill, Edward19M    Illinois   
23162173Lane, Wm H48M Shoemaker700100NJ   
23  Lane, Emily J33F    Ky   
23  Lane, Catharine3F    Illinois   
23  Lane, Rhody2F    Illinois   
23169174Masington, Geo3/12M    Illinois   
23  Pering, Amos28M Blacksmith6000500NY   
23  Pering, Emiline20F    Illinois   
23  Pering, Mary C1F    Illinois   
23170175Hamilton, J O MD36M Physician and Surgeon100009000Illinois   
23  Hamilton, Margaret32F    Scotland   
23  Hamilton, Mary6F    Illinois 1 
23  Hamilton, Henry H4M    Illinois 1 
23  Hamilton, Ormend1M    Illinois   
23171176Johnson, T L30M Merchant25002500NY   
23  Johnson, E V25F    Illinois   
23  Johnson, Wm1M    Illinois   
23  Maller, Mary L35f    Mass   
23172177Tiff, O A28M Blacksmith2000200NY   
23  Tiff Ann21F    Illinois   
23  Tiff, Oliva2F    Illinois   
23  Erwin, Mat18M Affren  Illinois   
23  Thompson, Isaac22M    NJ   
23173178Pittman, Wm43M Blacksmith100001000NJ   
23  Pittman, Jane33F    NJ   
23  Pittman, Anna16F    Illinois 1 
23  Pittman, Jennie5/12F    Illinois   
23  Edington, Emma18F    England   
23174179Sferengate, Elizabeth69M Gentleman30001000Ky   
23  Sferengate, Elizabeth66F    Ky   
23175180McClure, James26M Blacksmith1500200Mo   
23  McClure, Christiana26F    Scotland   
23  McClure, Robert9M    Illinois   
23176181Birch, David37M Grooms man300 Tenn   
23  Birch, Mary Ann26F    Ind   
23  Birch, Wm12M    Illinois   
23  Birch, Allire6M    Illinois   
23  Birch, Shephard4M    Illinois   
23  Birch, Lewis2M    Illinois   
23  Fields, Sarah54F Nurse  Ky   
23177182Blythe, Jas S34M Constable12000200Tenn   
24177182Blythe, A.C.35f    Ky   
24  Blythe, Robert S.10m    Ills1  
24  Blythe, Juliette H.9f    Ills1  
24  Blythe, James G.6m    Ills   
24  Blythe, Theodosia H.3f    Ills   
24  Graham, L. M., Mrs.43f    Tenn.   
24  Hagerty, Mary22f    Ireland   
24178183Garrals, John25m Shoe Maker  Hanover   
24  Garrals, Elizabeth24f    Prussia   
24  Garrals, John6/12m    Ills   
24  Schiender, John17m Apprentice Shoe Maker  Prussia   
24179184Olmstead, Chas37m Cabinet Maker  Prussia   
24  Olmstead, Alvina29f    Prussia   
24  Olmstead, Autela4f    Ills   
24  Olmstead, Rober2m    Ills   
24  Olmstead, Mary A.4/12f    Ills   
24180185Keith, William48m Furniture Business3500800Ky   
24  Keith, Sarah40f    Ohio   
24  Keith, Sarah15f    Mo   
24  Keith, Arzina11f    Ills   
24  Keith, Flora8f    Ills   
24  Keith, Chas2m    Ills   
24  Campbell, A., Miss21f    Ohio   
24181186Blackburn, A. M.42m Banker2000020000Tenn.   
24  Blackburn, Margaret40f    Ills   
24  Blackburn, Gideon20m    Ills   
24  Blackburn, Marin18f    Ills   
24  Blackburn, Mary15f    Ills   
24  Blackburn, Emma12f    Ills   
24  Blackburn, Flora2f    Ills   
24  Blackburn, G., Mrs.86f    Tenn.   
24182187Stanley, John32m Wagon Maker80060NJ   
24  Stanley, Harriet25f    NJ   
24  Stanley, Hattie1f    Ills   
24  Lovejoy, Martha26f    NJ   
24183188Yates, Wm.29m Machinist 25England   
24  Yates, Ann23f    England   
24  Yates, Wm. F.2m    Ills   
24  Yates, baby4/12f    Ills   
25184 Unoccupied          
25185189Wharton, George42m Machinist80001800Pa   
25  Wharton, Jane41f    Pa   
25  Wharton, Mary Jane12f    Ills   
25  Wharton, Anna Maria10f    Ills   
25  Wharton, George W.7m    Ills   
25  Wharton, Robert3m    Ills   
25  McFee, Robert49m    Pa   
25  Spaher, Chas.24m    Ger   
25186190Barr, John C.42m Farmer6600750Tenn   
25  Barr, Mary A.35f    Tenn   
25  Barr, Ann10f    Ills   
25  Barr, Julia6f    Ills   
25  Barr, Ella3f    Ills   
25  Winham, Mary, Mrs.59f    Tenn   
25  Barr, J. Abner39m Farmer5,800750Tenn   
25  Durney, Margaret19f    Ireland   
25  Sower, Hewhit23m Farm Hand  Ger   
25  Cappell, John15m Farm Hand  NJ   
25187191Hamilton, Clarence M.34m Merchant40002500Vt   
25  Hamilton, Mary C.30f    Mo   
25  Hamilton, Edward A.8m    Ills   
25  Hamitlon, Emily C.6f    Ills   
25  Johnisee, Mary Ann18f    Ills   
25188192Hutchinson, W. T.62m Physician2000100Va   
25  Hutchinson, Lucinda56f    Va   
25  Hutchinson, Elizabeth28f    Ohio   
25189193Minard, Dan’l46m Cooper40015NJ   
25  Minard, Matilda30f    Ills   
25  Minard, Ellen13f    Ills   
25  Minard, David12m    Ills   
25  Minard, Hannah5f    Ills   
25  Minard, Levina3f    Ills   
25  Minard, John1m    Ills   
25190194Tucker, John M.33m Laborer 75Ind   
25  Tucker, Almira28f    Ind   
25  Tucker, Jacob8m    Iowa   
25  Tucker, John M.6m    Ills   
25  Tucker, Nancy9m    Ills   
25191195Thurston, Lewis C.46m Cooper4500400Ind   
26191195Thurston, Sarah39f    Ind   
26  Thurston, Harriet3f    Ills   
26  Thurston, Laura1f    Ills   
26  Goodman, Benj. F.21m Grocer1500 Ills   
26192196Bufington, J. H.46m Druggist15001100Pa   
26  Bufington, Francis37m    Ohio   
26  Bufington, Cyrus18m    Ills1  
26  Bufington, Clark15m    Ills1  
26  Bufinton, Colby V.13m    Ills1  
26  Bufington, Clara11f    Ills1  
26  Bufington, Clinton2m    Ills   
26193197Foster, Geo. J.33m Surveyor & Teacher1400100Conn   
26  Foster, Levina26f    NJ   
26  Foster, Judson P.1m    Ills   
26194198Hurd, J. M.51m Justice of the Peace4,0005500NJ   
26  Hurd, Lydia49f    Mass   
26  Hurd, Lucinda18f    Ills   
26  Hurd, Jenny15f    Ills1  
26  Hurd, Frank7m    Ills1  
26  Campbell, Agnes9f    Ills1  
26195199Tack, John C.41m Merchant Tailor65003500Pa   
26  Tack, Henrietta36f    Pa   
26  Tack, John C.16m    Oa1  
26  Tack, Charles15m    Mo1  
26  Tack, Maria14f    Mo1  
26  Tack, Henrietta4f    Ills   
26  Tack, Nicholas2m    Ills   
26  Tack, Wm18m    Ills   
26  Tack, Albert8m    Ills   
26  Stanley, John29m Tailor  NJ   
26196200Herth, Jeremiah52m (unreadable)20001400Frankfort, Germany   
26  Herth, Mary31f    Byerland, Bavaria   
26  Herth, Gustoph H.10/12m    Ills   
26197201Corbill, J.36m Shoe Dealer12004000Va   
26  Corbill, Alicinda35f    NJ   
26  Corbill, Adaline12f    Mo1  
26  Corbill, Kate7f    Mo1  
26198202Rue, Aron52m Carpenter2000750NJ   
26  Rue, Sarah43f    NJ   
26  Rue, Ann14f    Ills   
27198202Howel, Ann81f    NJ   
27199203Rue, Alfred47m Carpenter18001500NJ   
27  Rue, Matilda43f    Ohio   
27  Rue, Wm.17m    Ills1  
27  Rue, A. H.15m    Ills1  
27  Rue, E.D.10m    Ills.1  
27200204Davis, Alijah55m Farmer10,0003500NJ   
27  Davis, Elizah43f    NJ   
27  Davis, Henry23m Farmer 200NJ   
27  Davis, Elizabeth21f    Ills   
27  Davis, Jennie19f    Ills1  
27  Davis, Emily17f    Ills1  
27  Davis, Arnetta15f    Ills1  
27  Davis, Ellena10f    Ills1  
27  Davis, Agusta6f    Ills   
27201205Smalley, Isaac64m Farmer 400NJ   
27  Smalley, Nancy54f    NJ   
27  Smalley, A.14f    NJ   
27  Smalley, Jacob12m    NJ1  
27  Smalley, Lucas8m    NJ1  
27  Smalley, Chas3m    NJ   
27  Piper, Isaac T.21m Farmer  NJ   
27  Piper, Sam23m    NJ   
27202206Willson, Wm.24m Laborer 50NJ   
27  Willson, Mary24f    Ireland   
27  Willson, Lizzie Ann3f    Ills   
27  Willson, Mary J.1f    Ills   
27  Wheeler, Mary60f    Ireland   
27203207Terrell, John59m Gentleman20008000Va   
27  Terrell, Jane54f    Pa   
27  Luely, Dicie18f    Ills   
27  Luely, George18m    Ills   
27204208Wedding, Benj.34m Agent of A. (?)2000400Tenn   
27  Wedding, Tabitha28f    Ohio   
27  Wedding, Barclay11m    Ills1  
27  Wedding, James11m    Ills1  
27  Wedding, Arabella2f    Ills   
27  Johnson, Elvira24f    Ohio   
27  Johnson, A. C.20m    Ind.   
27205209Pepper, Benj. F.27m Teaming 75Va   
28205209Pepper, Sarah Ann27f    NJ   
28205210Carman, Thomas43m Carpenter  NJ   
28  Carman, Harriet, Miss20f    NJ   
28  Havrel, Chas.5/12m    Ills   
28  Pepper, Wm.25m Gent  Va   
28207211Derby, Chas R,.33m Carpenter1000200Vt   
28  Derby, Mildred22f    Ills   
28  Derby, Ellen M.4f    Ills   
28  Derby, Chas A.1m    Ills   
28  Derby, Mrs.67f    NJ   
28208 Unoccupied          
28209212Vanhorn, A. C.28m Physician3000500NJ   
28  Vanhorn, Elizabeth22f    NJ   
28  Hamilton, Mary17f    Ireland   
28210213Derby, A. C.27m  200100Vt   
28  Derby, Margaret24f    Ills   
28  Derby, Mable4f    Ills   
28  Derby, Edward1m    Ills   
28  McElver, Lydia51f  1000 Ky   
28211 Unoccupied          
28212 Unoccupied          
28213 Unoccupied          
28214214Jennings, Mrs.48f  80050NY   
28  Jennings, Ann25f    NY   
28  Jennings, Mary23f    NY   
28215215Green, Enoch61m Carpenter1000100NJ   
28  Green, Hannah53f    NJ   
28  Cook, William24m Harness Maker  NJ   
28  Green, Joseph9m    Ills   
28216216Vanpelt, Sarah, Mrs.42f Boarding House1200100NJ   
28  Vanpelt, Wesley19m    Ills   
28  Vanpelt, Mary F.17f    Ills   
28  Vanpelt, Lizzie11f    Ills   
28  Walters, Mr.28m Blacksmith  Pa   
28  Austin, Jas.25m Plaster 150England   
28  Austin, Rich23m    England   
28  Austin, Frederic19m    England   
28  Wilts, Mr.24m Blacksmith  Canada   
28  Dye, Wm.30m Carpenter  NJ   
28  Marston, Joseph22m Druggiest  Pa   
29217217Vandyke, Mary, Mrs.50f Hotel Keeper6000600NJ   
29  Vandyke, Sarah22f    Ills   
29  Vandyke, Edward19m    Ills   
29  Vandyke, Margaret17f    Ills   
29  Vandyke, Charles24m Livery Stable30005000NJ   
29  Vandyke, Martha22f    Ills   
29  Vandyke, Frank2m    Ills   
29  Vandyke, Louisa10/12f    Ills   
29  Embly, Edgart25m Carpenter  NJ   
29  Woodruff, Geo.27m Carpenter  Ky   
29  Clickner, H. S.26m Painter 100NJ   
29  Hamlin, J.24m Lawyer  NY   
29  Wainright, Oscar24m Physician  NY   
29  Ferrin, James19m Daguerian  Ills   
29  Tamby, H.21m Daguerian 100Ills   
29  Conway, Dan’l25m Hostler  Ireland   
29218218Dunsdan, David49m Farmer126004,500England   
29  Dunsdan, Julia B.46f    NY   
29  Dunsdan, Mary16f    Ills   
29  Dunsdan, John15m    Ills   
29  Dunsdan, Margaret11f    Ills   
29  Dunsdan, David10m    Ills   
29  Dunsdan, Julia7f    Ills   
29  Dunsdan, Walter3m    Ills   
29  Dunsdan, Lincoln3/12m    Ills   
29  Halley, Peter18m Farm Hand  Ireland   
29219219Nail, Dan’l57m Farmer8000300NC   
29  Nail, Cynthy52f    Ind   
29  Nail, Henry14m    Ills1  
29  Watts, Squire16m    Ills1  
29  Watts, Porter11m    Ills1  
29220220Casey, Wm.48m  150004000Ky   
29  Casey, Mary F.38f    SC   
29  Casey, Mary H.15f    Ills1  
29  Casey, Josephine14f    Ills1  
29221221Mulford, Mrs.61f  5500100NJ   
29  Moris, Caroline22f    Ills   
29  O’Neal, Henry41m   400Ireland   
29  Foldenburg, Jacob18m    Hesse, Ger   
29222 Unoccupied          
30223221Herdman, Wm J55m School Com3000100Scotland   
30  Dunn, Jane J31F  2500 NY   
30  Thos. M Herdman28M Merchant 1500NY   
30  Herdman, David R26M Merchant 1500NY   
30  Herdman, Geo W21M Teacher  NY   
30  Herdman, Henry H19M    NY   
30  Herdman, Mary J Mrs19F    Ohio   
30  Herdman, Mary E L13F    Illinios   
30224222Bonnell, David T47M Merchant110008000NJ   
30  Bonnell, Cahtarine E17F    Illinios   
30  Bonnell, George A11M    Illinios   
30  Bonnell, Heneretta10F    Illinios   
30  Bonnell, Benton8M    Illinios   
30  Bonnell, Julia T6F    Illinios   
30225223Rudolph, A C29M Grocer 1800Novia Scotia   
30  Fisher, Geo H51M Waiter  NJ   
30226224Wykoff, D G48M Merchant30001700NY   
30  Wykoff, Catherine E Mrs25F    NY   
30  Wykoff, Horatio N24M Merchant1000300NJ   
30  Wykoff, August M21F    Illinios   
30  Wykoff, George E19M    Illinios   
30  Wykoff, Corneila17F    Illinios   
30  Wykoff, Francis E11F    Illinios   
30227225Rojs, Jas57M Farmer19400400NJ   
30  Rojs, Alleta57F    NJ   
30  Rojs, John31M Thrasher  NJ   
30  Rojs, Ellen H27F    MO   
30  Rojs, James7M    Illinios   
30  Rojs, Rachel N4F    Illinios   
30  Rojs, John1M    Illinios   
30228226Tamby, W S25M Tabacconist 600Ky   
30  Tamby, E J24F    Illinios   
30  Tamby, Ella4/12F    Illinios   
30229227Knapp, C H48M Merchant45004500NY   
30  Knapp, Elizabeth35F    NY   
30  Knapp, Charlotte10F    Illinios   
30  Holstead, Elizabeth60F    NY   
30230228Wallice, Leigh25M Baker and Confection5000200Pa   
30  Wallice, Leigh24F    Pa 1 
30  Wallice, Autsin1m    Illinios   
31231229Graham, George31M   1000Ireland   
31  Widen, Elizabeth20F    Ger   
31232230Vandervort, B C38M Merchant3600200NJ   
31  Vandervort, Phebe27F    NJ   
31  Vandervort, Lillie B6F    NJ   
31  Vandervort, Emma J4F    NJ   
31  Vandervort, Walter1M    Illinios   
31  Beardser, Ireral19M    NJ   
31  Wheeler, Eliza28F    Ireland   
31233231Vanfelt, John23M Grocer40003000NJ   
31  Vanfelt, Anna18F    NJ   
31  Vanfelt, Cora11/12F    Illinios   
31  Werth, Michel49M   40Baden, Ger   
31  Werth, Josephine38F    Baden, Ger   
31  Werth, Wm14M    Baden, Ger   
31  Werth, Frank8M    Baden, Ger   
31235233Perrine, Elad Mrs66F Lady1200400Vt   
31  Perrine, James36M   5800Not Stated   
31236234Adams, Z A62M Gentleman6000500NY   
31  Adams, Cornelia50F    NY   
31  Caskella, Cahtarine20F    Ireland   
31  Garroll, J H30M Farmer5000400Ohio   
31  Garroll, Mary Ann33F  2000 Illinios   
31  Wyche, Alice14F    Illinios 1 
31  Wyche, Margaret11F    Illinios 1 
31  Wyche, Catharine8F    Illinios 1 
31  Wyche, Mary Ann6F    Illinios 1 
31  Garrell, John1M    Illinios   
31238236Breeden, Pleasant36MMLaborer800100Tenn   
31  Breeden, Cordelia35FB   Ky   
31  Breeden, Ann E9FB   Illinios   
31  Breeden, Susan, J6FB   Illinios   
31  Breeden, Francis V4FB   Illinios   
31  Breeden, James n2MB   Illinios   
31  Breeden, Charlotte C2/12B    Illinios   
31239237Smirl, Thos48M Harness Maker 50MO   
31  Smirl, Euphrena37F    Miss   
31  Smirl, James17M    Illinios 1 
31  Smirl, Geo N8M    Illinios 1 
31  Smirl, Wm d7M    Illinios 1 
32239237Smith, Chas E4M    Illinois   
32  Smith, Laura2F    Illinois   
32  StClair, Martha6/12F    Illinois   
32  Dunbar, Mary17F    Illinois   
32240238Voorheis, Mrs32F Seamstress15050Ky   
32  Voorheis, Ann17F    MO   
32  Voorheis, John W9M    MO   
32  Voorheis, Joseph W6M    MO   
32241239Werthington, Maren Mrs33F Seamstress 30England   
32  Werthington, Charlotte J9F    NY   
32  Werthington, Ellie6f    NY   
32  Werthington, Lillie E2F    Illinois   
32  Werthington, James Ed11/12     Illinois   
32  Werthington, Edward40M    England   
32 240Timmons, Newton24M Cooper 40Ohio   
32  Timmons, Sarah Ann25F    Ohio   
32  Timmons Wm E3M    Illinois   
32242 Unoccupied          
32243241Monk, George31M Laborer30025Tenn   
32  Monk, Mosella29F    Ky   
32  Monk, Margaret Mrs61F    Illinios   
32  Monk, George I3M    Illinios   
32244242Milam, D35M Cooper 40Ger   
32  Milam, Mary30F    Ger   
32  Milam, Mary10F    MO   
32  Milam, Emma7F    MO   
32  Milam, Fred4M    MO   
32  Milam, T Herman11M    MO   
32245243Eger, Philip42M Farmer2000200Ger   
32  Eger, Margaret33F    Md   
32  Eger, John H13M    Illinios 1 
32  Eger, Adelia10F    Illinios 1 
32  Eger, Elizabeth7F    Illinios 1 
32  Eger, Charles4M    Illinios   
32246244Odell, John40M Laborer  Ireland   
32  Odell, Jane37F    Ireland   
32  Odell, Mary18F    Ireland   
32  Odell, Jane8F    Ireland   
32  Odell, Thos6M    Conn   
32  Odell, James4M    Conn   
33246244Odell, Henry2M    Illinois   
33  Odell, Wm A1M    Illinois   
33  Odell, Sarah6/12F    Illinois   
33  Field, George50M    Ireland   
33  Freeman, Hermon34M Cooper  Prussia   
33247245Boone, John D38M Farmer 295Werlemburg, Ger   
33  Boone, A R24F    Werlemburg, Ger   
33248246Swartz, Geo24M    Ger   
33  Swartz, Catharine27F    Ger   
33  Swartz, Sarah1F    Illinois   
33  Fritz, Gotey23M    Ger   
33249247Hardin, Benj37M Cooper2200100Ind   
33  Hardin, Flora J21F    Ind   
33  Hardin, Sarah31    Illinois   
33  Hardin, James W1M    Illinois   
33  Smith, Mary E14F    Illinois   
33250248Palmer, Samuel32M Teacher 40Ohio   
33  Palmer, Eliza23F    NY   
33  Palmer, Anna10/12F    Illinois   
33251249Bartlett, Benj31M Carpernter800100Me   
33  Bartlett, Julia25F    NY   
33  Bartlett, Clara4F    Illinois   
33  Bartlett, Linda3F    Illinois   
33  Bartlett, Wm Ed1M    Illinois   
33252250Sturdevant, Sarah45F    NY   
33253251McFain, Dan43M Blacksmith3500300Pa   
33  McFain, Mary37F    NY   
33  McFain, Jonathan C19M    Illinois   
33  McFain, Precilla16F    Illinois   
33  McFain, Edwin A13M    Illinois   
33  McFain, Martha C11F    Illinois 1 
33  McFain, James H9M    Illinois 1 
33  McFain, Mary E7F    Illinois 1 
33  McFain, Richard5M    Illinois 1 
33  McFain, Charles W2M    Illinois   
33  Smith, Geo26M    Illinois   
33254252Wallace, Wm25M Fireman 50Illinois   
33  Wallace, Nancy24F    Illinois   
33  Sharp, Wm24M    Illinois   
33  Wallace, Sarah8F    Illinois   
34254252Wallace, Wm14M    Illinios 1 
34  Johnson, Emiline17f    Illinios   
34255 Unoccupied          
34256 Do          
34257253Jett, Abram60M Merchant3000 Ky   
34  Jett, Nancy55F    Ky   
34  Jett, John H20M    Illinois   
34  Jett, Lucy16F    Illinois 1 
34  Jett, A E14M    Illinois   
34  Hamilton, Amanda Mrs33F    Illinois   
34  Hamilton, Charles7M    Illinois 1 
34258254Moganon, James48M Blacksmith600400Pa   
34  Moganon, Elizabeth39F    NY   
34  Moganon, Ellen21F    NY   
34  Moganon, Anna16F    NY 1 
34  Fergerson, John19M    Ireland   
34259255Pitt, Ale47M Carpenter1000100Tenn   
34  Pitt, Ann53F    NC   
34  Pitt, William20M    Ind   
34  Pitt, Mary16F    Ind   
34  Pitt, Alex14M    Ind   
34260256Schaffer, Henry27M Shoemaker 500Prussia   
34  Schaffer, Mary27F    Prussia   
34  Schaffer, Mary1F    Prussia   
34  Bertman, Elizabeth13F    Prussia   
34  Bertman, Mrs47F    Prussia   
34261257Landon, 53MM Gentleman100003000Vt   
34  Landon, Elizabeth38F    VA   
34  Landon, Riley18M    Illinois 1 
34  Landon, Rosa Anna15F    Illinois 1 
34  Landon, Fanny13F    Illinois 1 
34  Landon, Lenora14f    Illinois 1 
34  Landon, Henry12M    Illinois 1 
34262258West, John C47M Plasterer  Ky   
34  West, Mary Ann36F  560 Tenn   
34  Erwin, Samuel20M  320 Mo   
34  Erwin, Madison18F    Illinois   
34  West, Albert Y9M    Illinois 1 
34  West, Elizabeth7F    Illinois 1 
34  Grusswell, John17M    England   
35263259Johnson, Sarah Mrs35F   20Ind   
35  Johnson, Nancy M6F    Ind   
35  Johnson, Alfereta3     ?   
35264260Warren, Cha D Wm35M Clerk1200200RI   
35  Warren, Elizabeth24F    England   
35  Warren, Cha D Wm2M    Illinois 1 
35  Warren, Sophia E6F    Illinois   
35  Cappeta, Susan50F  16100England   
35265261Bonnell, Sarah Mrs36F  2000500NJ   
35  Bonnell, Dayton4M    Illinois   
35  Bonnell, Charles2M    Illinois   
35  Kiby, Elizabeth Mrs70F    NJ   
35266262Minor, M B54M Attorney2000200Vt   
35  Minor, L L48F    Vt   
35  Minor, Nelle CF19 Music Teacher  Vt   
35  Clavin, Mary27F Servent  Ireland   
35  Clavin, Ellen12F    Ireland 1 
35267263Fisher, C B50M Gentleman350005000NJ   
35  Fisher, Hanna55F    NJ   
35  Fisher, Henry25M    NJ   
35  Fisher, Louisa30F    NJ   
35 264Davidson, Mary Mrs63F   20England   
35268 Unoccupied          
35269 Do          
35270265Burnell, Gilbert29M Teaming Farming  Vt   
35  Brunell, Elmina30F    Vt   
35  Brunell, Allen5M    Illinois 1 
35  Brunell, Charles4M    Illinois   
35  Brunell, William2M    Illinois   
35  Brunell, Gilbert8/12M    Illinois   
35  Brunell, Wm Allen40M Teamster  Illinois   
35  Smith, Samuel27M Cooper  Illinois   
35271266Taylor, Mary Mrs27FB  50Ky   
35  Taylor, Andrew L12MB   Illinois 1 
35  Taylor, Richard H7MB   Illinois 1 
35  Taylor, Elizabeth L4FB   Illinois   
35  Taylor, John1MB   Illinois   
35  Trokey, Frank22MB   Illinois   
35  Fellngton, John22MB   Illinois   
35  Michman, Susan21FB   Illinois   
36271266Mills, Harriet, Mrs.30fB   Ky  1
36  Mills, Rosanna16fB   Ills1  
36  Mills, Mary E.7/12fB   Ills   
36272267Howard, Joseph51m Carpenter1500200England   
36  Howard, Sarah36f    England   
36  Howard, Joseph7m    Ills1  
36  Howard, Sarah G.1f    Ills   
36273268Osborn, Thomas76m Seaton 40 Pa   
36  Osborn, Ann M.66f    SC   
36274269Man, Henry41m  40050Baden   
36  Man, Ann36f    Switzerland   
36  Man, Ann8f    Ills1  
36  Man, Henry6m    Ills1  
36  Man, William3m    Ills   
36275270Vandevender, Isaac47m Farmer7000300NJ   
36  Vandevender, Eliza J50f    NJ   
36  Vendevender, Aron L.22m    NJ   
36  Vendevender, Mary A27f    Ohio1  
36  Vendevender, Kate17f    NJ1  
36  Lane, Catherine78f    NJ   
36  Vendevender, Marg14f    NJ1  
36276271Russell, Nelson33m Road Master 100NY   
36  Russell, Harriet34f  12,000 NY   
36  Hanbrough, Mary E.8f    Ills1  
36  Hanbrough, John H.6m    Ills1  
36277272Smith, Arnold50m Tailor & Barber37530Prussia   
36  Smith, Denna51m    Prussia   
36  Smith, Frederic25m    Prussia   
36  Smith, John21m    Prussia   
36  Smith, Stenia14f    Prussia   
36  Smith, Tommy11m    Prussia   
36278273Loughkatta, Charles50m Shoe Maker 20Prussia   
36  Loughkatta, Drula44f    Prussia   
36  Loughkatta, Mary17f    Prussia   
36  Loughkatta, Hannah15f    Prussia   
36  Loughkatta, John11m    Prussia1  
36  Loughkatta, Deena9f    Prussia1  
36  Loughkatta, Menia7f    Prussia1  
36  Loughkatta, Joseph4m    Prussia   
36  Groupf, Willis24m Laborer  Germany   
37279274Hartwick, Mrs.56f   50NJ   
37  Hartwick, Wm. H.21m    NJ   
37  Hartwick, Hattie18f    NJ   
37280275Robbins, Elizabeth26f  50050NJ   
37  Robbins, James C.8m    Ills   
37  Robbins, Clarada4f    Ills   
37  Robbins, Joseph1f    Ills   
37281276Wood, Henry48m Farming500150England   
37  Wood, Malinda29f    Ind   
37  Wood, Rebecca15f    Ills1  
37  Wood, Charles10m    Ohio   
37  Wood, Henry6m    Mo1  
37  Wood, Al5m    Mo1  
37  Wood, Mary4f    Mo1  
37  Wood, Alice1f    Ills1  
37282277England, George22m Brick Moulder500 Ills   
37  England, Mary22f    Ireland   
37  Costly, Anna13f    Ireland   
37  Costly, Thomas20m Laborer  Ireland   
37  Costly, Patrick18m Laborer  Ireland   
37283278Fordon, John40m Laborer800 NJ   
37  Fordon, Mary32f    NJ   
37  Fordon, Alice8f    NJ1  
37  Fordon, John7m    Ills1  
37  Fordon, Mary C.5f    Ills1  
37  Fordon, Josephus2m    Ills   
37284279Emmons, John H.29m Laborer 20NJ   
37  Emmons, Elizabeth328f    NJ   
37  Emmons, Samuel H.1/12m    Ills   
37 280Liman, {unreadable)36m   20NJ   
37  Liman, Rebecca25f    NJ   
37  Liman, Holmer12m    NJ1  
37  Liman, Mary8f    NJ1  
37  Liman, Emma6f    NJ1  
37  Liman, Harriet3f    NJ   
37285281Hunt, (unread) F.34m Carpenter1000500NY   
37  Hunt, Sarah32f    NY   
37  Hunt, John12m    NY1  
37  Hunt, Jacob10m    NY1  
37  Hunt, James8m    Ills1  
38285281Hunt, Theodore5m    Ills1  
38  Hunt, Hattie3f    Ills   
38286282Hartwick, Embly O.28m Brickmaker15001500NJ   
38  Hartwick, Mary28f    NJ   
38  Hartwick, Carrie2f    Ills   
38  Dutch, John30m    Ger   
38  Myers, Jimmie24m    Ireland   
38287293Hartwick, Alfred30m Brickmaker35001500NJ   
38  Hartwick, Catherin21f    Ills   
38  Hartwick, Douglas1m    Ills   
38288234Hartwick, Wm.28m Livery Stable  NJ   
38  Cook, John28m    NJ   
38  Cook, Ellen19f    NY   
38  Cook, Aldophus1m    Ills   
38289235Purderly, Thos.36m   20Ireland   
38  Purderly, Ann33f    Ireland   
38  Purderly, Thos.5m    Ills1  
38  Purderly, Mary Ann2f    Ills   
38290236Snouts, Geo. F.30m Carpenter20050Ills   
38  Snouts, Elizabeth E.28f    Ills   
38  Snouts, Joseph8m    Ills1  
38  Snouts, Geo. Washing.2m    Ills   
38291237Cudahay, Thos308 Laborer  Ireland   
38  Cudahay, Bridget30f    Ireland   
38  Cudahay, Margaret4f    Ills   
38  Cudahay, Wm.2m    Ills   
38292238Johnson, John33m Stonemason 20Ky   
38  Johnson, Malinda35f    Ky   
38  Evans, Sarah23f    Ills   
38  Evans, Rebecca15f    Ills   
38  Evans, Betsey16f    Mo   
38  Evans, Jane27f    Mo   
38  Evans, Mary11f    Mo   
38  Evans, Wm.10m    Mo   
38293239Naney, Mrs.34f   40Hanover   
38  Arkebauer, Theo. H.12m    Hanover1  
38  Naney, Wm.5m    Ills   
38  Arkebauer, Geo.17m    Hanover   
38294240Arkebauer, Mrs.36f   50Hanover   
38  Arkebauer, child1/12f    Ills   
39295241Leigh, Joseph43m Butcher6000100England   
39  Leigh, Elizabeth39f    Pa   
39  Leigh, Robert20m    Pa1  
39  Leigh, Martha S.15f    Ills1  
39  Leigh, Wm.12m    Ills1  
39  Leigh, Isabella10f    Ills1  
39296242Sanford, J.C., Hon Maj41m Butcher 100RI   
39  Sanford, Mary38f    England   
39  Sanford, Mary Char.12f    NY1  
39  Sanford, Nancy9f    NY1  
39  Sanford, Julia6f    NY1  
39  Sanford, Edwin4m    Ills   
39  Sanford, John2m    Ills   
39  Brooks, Mary, Mrs.66f    England   
39  Spitzenburg, August22m    Rockingham, Ger.   
39297243Evans, Elizabeth, Mrs.33fB   Ills   
39  Evans, Samuel49mBWhite Washer20020NJ   
39  Evans, Israel12mB   Ills1  
39  Evans, Ina Maria9fB   Ills1  
39  Evans, John Albert7mB   Ills   
39  Evans, Caroline2fB   Ills   
39  Evans, Prentice1/12mB   Ills   
39  Smith, Jane, Mrs.30fB   Tenn   
39  Clark, Lucy18fB   Ills   
39298244Winters, Osias48m Farmer 250Ohio   
39  Winters, Sarah E.43f    Va   
39  Winters, Wilson19m    Ohio   
39  Winters, David17m    Ohio   
39  Winters, Andrew15m    Ohio   
39  Winters, Osias10m    Ills   
39299245Foote, Chas H.32m   175Mass   
39  Foote, Alma27f    NY   
39  Quinn, Margaret30f    Ills   
39 246Farrar, James21m News Agent 150Ky   
39  Cappell, John13m Farm Hand  Pa   
39  Woodlow, George23m Bank Clerk  NJ   
39300247McFill, Samuel48m Miller Merchant385001400NJ   
39  McFill, Mary J.49f    Pa   
39  McFill, Richard A.20m    Ills   
39  McFill, Fanny9f    Ills1  
40301298Schull, Ann E.24f    Ills   
40  Porter, Wm. S.12m    Ills1  
40  Porter, Herbert C.6m    Ills   
40 299Turney, John25m Mill Hand  Ireland   
40  Turney, Hannah22f    Ireland   
40  Turney, John6/12m    Ills   
40  Davis, Samuel26m Merchant  Ills   
40  Davis, Mary J.22f    Ills   
40302300Smitt, John F.49m Assessor1000200SC   
40  Smitt, Sarah46f    Tenn   
40  Smitt, James R.15m    Ills1  
40303301Osborn, H.42m Wool Carder5000300Ohio   
40  Osborn, Martha30f    Ills   
40  Osborn, Chas. M.11m    Ills1  
40  Osborn, Martha Em.7f    Ills1  
40  Osborn, Mary N.10/12f    Ills   
40  Kelley, Mary40f Servant  Ireland   
40304302Clendenen, Adam44m Grocer100001000Md   
40  Clendenen, Eliza. J.33f    Tenn   
40  Clendenen, John13m    Ills1  
40  Clendenen, Ellen M.7f    Ills1  
40  Clendenen, Edward1m    Ills   
40  Compton, David19m    Ills   
40  Brokman, Sophia14f    Ger   
40305303Finch, James H.50m Stage Proprietor40005000NY   
40  Finch, Julia S.46f    Ind   
40  Finch, James H.22m    Ills1  
40  Finch, Francis19f    Ills1  
40  Finch, Emily V.16f    Ills1  
40  Finch, Henry C.10m    Ills1  
40  Finch, Chas W.9m    Ills1  
40  Finch, Millard F.4m    Ills   
40  Reece, (unreadable)36m    England   
40  Fry, Peter22m    Pa   
40306304Lyons, Samuel, Rev.56m Clergyman30001000Tenn   
40  Lyons, Francis50f    Ohio   
40  Lyons, Wm. H.23m    Ohio   
40  Lyons, Amanda W.21f    Ky   
40307305Bramlett, Mrs.40f Millinery3000300NJ   
40  Bramlett, Josephine16f Millinery  Ills   
41308306Shepherd, Wm.44m President of R.R.70007000England   
41  Shepherd, Ann38f    Pa   
41  Shepherd, Mary19f    Ills1  
41  Shepherd, Wm.15m    Ills1  
41  Shepherd, John A.13m    Ills1  
41  Shepherd, Maria S.10f    Ills1  
41  Shepherd, Francis B.9m    Ills1  
41  Shepherd, Ellie Maria4f    Ills1  
41  Shepherd, Henry Aug.2m    Ills   
41  Barns, Lizzie31f    Ireland   
41  Grass, James44m    Pa   
41309307Hesser, Wm. H.48m Physician 1500Va   
41  Hesser, Mary36f    Va   
41  Hesser, Joseph H.26m Physician  Va   
41  Hesser, Victoria, Mrs.19f    Va   
41  Hesser, John T.20m Studying Law  Va   
41  Hesser, W. L.17m    Va1  
41  Hesser, Francis13f    Va1  
41  Hesser, Alice10f    Ills1  
41  Hesser, Mary E.8f    Ills1  
41  Hesser, Helen B.6f    Ills   
41  Hesser, L. E.4f    Ills   
41310308Covington, J. B.58m Clergyman11500500Ky   
41  Covington, Rhoda57f    Ky   
41  Covington, Elisha B.32m    Ky   
41  Covington, James F.21m    Ills1  
41  Covington, Ella M.8f    Ills1  
41311309French, A. V.43m Clergyman12900500NH   
41  French, (unreadable)40f    NH   
41  French, Ann E.19f    NH   
41  French, Clara15f    NH1  
41  French, Maria J.13f    NH1  
41  French, George9m    NH1  
41  Foster, Mason20m Clerk  NH   
41312310Brewster, L. A.39m Physician 50NY   
41  Brewster, Martha24f    Ills   
41  Brewster, Julia J.9f    Michigan1  
41  Brewster (unreadable)5f    Michigan1  
41  Brewster, Lydia6/12f    Ills   
41  Dandane, Catherine25f Farm Help  Ills   
42313311Morean, Alex B.41m Miller40001000Md   
42  Morean, Mary R.43f    NY   
42  Morean, Ellen18f    Ills1  
42  Morean, A. Douglas16m    Ills1  
42  Morean, Celia14f    Ills1  
42  Morean, Ada B.10f    Ills1  
42  Morean, Wm. Porter8m    Ills1  
42  Morean, Tyler6m    Ills1  
42  Morean, Beverly3f    Ills   
42  Morean, Jennie (twin)3f    Ills   
42  Morean, Hebert4/12m    Ills   
42  Farrar, Jas.20m Clerk  Ky   
42314312Roberts, C. H.44m Physician4000100Pa   
42  Roberts, Elizabeth T.46f    NJ   
42  Roberts, Jefferson G.20m Printer  Ohio   
42  Roberts, Emma11f    Ills1  
42315313Smith, John27m Shoe Maker  Wurtenburg, Ger   
42  Morn, Albert26m Wagon Maker 300Ger   
42  Morn, Kinder1m    Ills   
42316314Bramlett, Mrs.40f Milliner30001000NY   
42  Bramlett, Mary17f    Ills   

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