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1860 Jerseyville Township Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number; Value RE = Value of Real Estate; Value PP = Value of Personal Property; School = attended school within the year; Married = Married within the year; RW = cannot read or write

PDFNameAgeSexColorOccupationValue REValue PPBirthplaceSchoolMarriedRW
111Taylor, Wm.42M Carpenter600100England   
111Taylor, Elizabeth39F    England   
111Taylor, Jane16F    England1  
111Taylor, Wm.12M    England1  
111Taylor, Thomas7M    NY1  
111Taylor, Anna4F    NY   
111Taylor, George1M    IL   
122Thomas, Ferd50M M: Mason2000180NJ   
122Thomas, Maria39F    Ohio   
122Thomas, Sophiona17F    IL   
122Thomas, Jonathan12M    IL1  
122Thomas, Mary E.8F    IL1  
122Thomas, Aren6M    IL   
133Howell, Uriah D.46M Carpenter1200200NJ   
133Howell, Allice39F    NJ   
133Howell, Charles17M    IL1  
133Howell, Anna14F    IL1  
133Howell, Wm.12M    IL1  
133Howell, John6M    IL1  
144Stryker, Wm.51M Farmer70006000NJ   
144Stryker, Catharine16F    IL1  
144Stryker, Cornelia13F    IL1  
144Stryker, Mary7M    IL1  
144Stryker, Boorhes?9M    IL1  
155House,k James28M Far. Teamster 200MD   
155House, Catharine21F    OH   
155House, Sarah7F    IL1  
155House, Francis4F    IL   
155House, Josephine3F    IL   
166Smith, Eleasu M.40M Farmer80001500NJ   
166Smith, Susan36F    NJ   
166Smith, Sarah16F    IL1  
166Smith, Josephine12F    IL1  
166Harriett, Mrs. Sarah76F    NJ   
166Fry, Christopher25M Laborer  Luttenberg   
177Fitzgerald, Westly22M Farmer3000600MO   
177Fitzgerald, Ellen22F    MO   
188Conn, John52M Farmer1000700PA   
188Conn, Sarah47F    PA   
188Conn, George22M    PA   
288Conn, Mary Ann19F    PA1  
288Conn, Robert17M    MO1  
288Conn, John B.13M    IL1  
288Conn, Sarah10F    IL   
288Conn, Clara3F    IL   
288Conn, Ada6 moF    IL   
288Nettathy?, Perlina15F Help  OH   
299Anderson, Wm. A.24M Farmer  IL   
299Anderson, Sarah J.20F    IL   
21010Anderson, Mebane64M Farmer  NC   
21010Anderson, Maria54F    TN   
21010Anderson, Andrew J.19M    IL  1
21010Anderson, Rebena16F    IL   
21010Anderson, Maebane M.11M    IL   
21010Virndyne, Isaac22M Farm hand  OH   
21111Haines, Adam56M Farmer160001600VA   
21111Haines, Ann33F    MD   
21111Haines, Frederick21M    OH   
21111Haines, Jacob18M    OH   
21111Haines, Rahy??16F    OH1  
21111Haines, Margaret13F    IL1  
21111Haines, Adam9 moM    IL   
21111Hagan, Arthur20M Laborer  OH   
21111Marrin, Wm.25M Laborer  Hesse Pass??   
21212Pittman, Joseph H.38M Farmer110001700NJ   
21212Pittman, Mrs. Julian59F    NJ   
21212Pittman, Sarah27F    NJ   
21212Pittman, Josephine18F    IL   
21212Pittman, John W.16M    IL1  
21212Pittman, Ohenles? D.13M    IL1  
21313Springlite, A.M.26F    KY   
21313Springlite, Perlina26F    KY   
21313Springlite, Amanda13F    IL1  
21313Springlite, Martha11F    IL1  
21313Springlite, Ellena9F    IL1  
21313Springlite, Menroe5M    IL1  
21313Springlite, Andrew3M    IL   
21313Springlite, Wm.10 mo.     IL   
21313Menjley?, Washington23M Farm  NJ   
21313Rausch, Peter25M Hand  Prussia   
314 Unoccupied          
31514East, Caleb25M    IL   
31514East, Mary26F    OH   
31514East, Melissa3F    IL   
31514East, Albert5 moM    IL   
31514Norris, Sarah15F    OH   
31514Sprenia, Edward22M Hand  OH   
31615White, Jas.26M Farmer 150OH   
31615White, Catharine25F    MO   
31615White, Elizabeth A.1F    IL   
31716Milten, Chas.33M  3000800NY   
31716Milten, Francis28F    NC   
31716Milten, Caroline11F    IL   
31716Milten, Emaline11F    IL   
31716Milten, Geo. W.9M    IL   
31716Milten, Chas. W.6M    IL   
31716Milten, Lyhns?5M    IL   
31716Milten, Silas3M    IL   
31716Milten, Sarah7 moF    IL   
31817Warren, Geo. E.42M Farmer170003000OH   
31817Warren, Harriett41F    KY   
31817Warren, Martha D.20F    IL   
31817Warren, Mary A.18F    IL   
31817Warren, Harriett S.13F    IL1  
31817Warren, Chas. D.10M    IL1  
31817Warren, Mark A.8M    IL1  
31817Warren, Anna5F    IL   
31817Warren, Geo. E.3M    IL   
31817Warren, Frank W.6 mo.M    IL   
31817Baugh, Oliver H. B.19M Laborer  IL1  
31817Peters, Mrs. E.48F Servant  MO   
31918Spellman, John22M Laborer  Ireland   
31918Spellman, Mary22F Servant  Ireland   
31918Coleman, Bryan47M Laborer  Ireland   
32019Bittengs, Mrs. Mary25F   100IL   
32019Bittengs, Jas. E.6M    IL   
32019Bittengs, Clara4F    IL   
32019Bittengs, Mrs. Olive59F    NY   
32120Mellay, John34M    Ireland   
32120Mellay, Mary G.25F    Ireland   
42120Melay, John5M    LA   
42120Melay, Philipo1M    IL   
42221Brooks, Chas.29M Farmer50001300England   
42221Brooks, Sarah J.27F    IL   
42221Brooks, Laura J.7F    IL   
42221Brooks, Chas. E.5M    IL   
42221Brooks, Martha E.3F    IL   
42221Brooks, Olive2 mo.F    IL   
42221Drew, Jasper N.33M Painting  TN   
42322Collilns, Wm.28M Farmer 300IN   
42322Collins, Angeline27F    NY   
42322Collins, Ludwel1M    IL   
42322Williams, Sarah14F    MO   
42423Fitzgerla,d Jas.27M Farmer3000600MO   
42423Fitzgerald, Wm. J.3M    IL   
42423Fitzgerald, Mrs. Elizabeth57F  1500600KY   
42423Warren, Joseph18M Laborer  IL   
42524Bensen, Henderson53M Farmer110001000NC  1
42524Bensen, Elizabeth53F    NC   
42524Bensen, Robert F.29M Farmer  IL   
42625Connor, Nicholas37M Farmer 300Ireland  1
42625Connor, Catharine35F    Ireland  1
42625Connor, James9M    NY1  
42625Connor, Richard6M    NY   
42625Connor, Mary C.4F    IL   
42625Connor, Sarah2F    IL   
42726Stringham, Henry38M Farmer 200NY   
42726Stringham, Rhoda27F    IL  1
42726Stringham, Milton13M    IL1  
42726Stringham, Harriott10F    IL1  
42726Stringham, Wm. B.8M    IL1  
42726Stringham, Euguene6F    IL1  
42726Stringham, Orrinn4M    IL   
42827Eaton, John40M Farmer  NC   
42827Eaton, Joanna53F    NC   
42827Eaton, Arnetia27F    NC   
42827Eaton, Eleyan24F    NC   
42827Eaton, John C.21M Farmer  IL   
42828Adams, Philen26M Farmer  NY   
42828Adams, Emily27F    IL   
52828Allifferd, John22M Farmer  NY   
52828Milten, Maria R.3F    IL   
52828Adams, Abigail L.9 mo.F    IL   
529 Unoccupied          
53029Ervin, Abyah69M Farmer80001000NC   
53029Ervin, Cynthia59F    NC   
53029Ervin, Ivy26M    IL   
53029Ervin, Iane18F    IL1  
53130Davis, Sam’l59M Farmer  NC   
53130Davis, Mary59F    NC   
53130Davis, Louisa30F    NC   
53231Curry, C.W.49M Farmer5000400KY   
53231Curry, Eliza37F    KY   
53231Curry, Jas. T.23M    MO   
53231Curry, Sarah J.14F    IL1  
53231Curry, Trythenia11F    IL1  
53231Curry, Sylvester7M    IL1  
53231Curry, Robert4M    IL   
53231Hana, George20M Laborer  IL   
53231Curry, Elinora1F    IL   
53332Williams, Sol. T.35M Farmer300300IL   
53332Williams, Charlotte29F    NY   
53332Williams, Sarah A.15F    IL1  
53332Williams, Alerys?4M    IL1  
53332Williams, Angeline7F    IL   
53332Williams, James3 mo.M    IL   
53435Davis, Wilsen41M Farmer70002800NC   
53435Davis, James15M    IL   
53435Davis, John L.13M    IL   
53435Davis, Mary C.11F    IL1  
53435Davis, Henry M.9M    IL1  
53435Davis, Harvey C.6M    IL1  
53435Orr, John14M    IL?   
53536Orr?, John53M Carpenter 500NY   
53536Orr?, Caroline51F    NY   
53536Orr, Elizabeth20F    NY1  
53536Orr, Allice12F    IL   
53536Orr,?, Ann Maria32F    NY   
53637Waddle, W. G.54M Farmer30001200NY   
53637Waddle, Susan52F    SC   
63635Waddle, Jas.20M Farmer  IL1  
63635Waddle, Richard18M    IL1  
63635Waddle, Caroline16F    IL1  
63635Waddle, Harriett14F    IL1  
63736Woolsey, Jas. B.50M Farmer60001900NY   
63736Woolsey, Sarah Ann49F    NY   
63736Woolsey, James21M    IL   
63736Woolsey, George18M    IL1  
63736Woolsey, Simeen15M    IL1  
63736Woolsey, Amos13M    IL1  
63736Barker, Joel11M Carpenter  Conn   
63736Woolsey, Susan17F    NY   
63736Eldridge, Adison20M Farmer NYNY   
63837Woolsey, Aren38M Farmer20001100NY   
63837Woolsey, Sarah Ann32F    NY   
63837Woolsey, Clara2F    IL   
63837Hunt, Jas.20M Laborer  NJ   
63938Mclane, Chas.29M Farmer 300IL   
63938Mclane, Elizabeth28F    IL   
63938Mclane, John W.6M    IL   
63938Mclane, Emily F.4F    IL   
63938Mclane, Alfred2M    IL   
64039Irwin, Isaac30M Farmer/Carpenter2000500NC   
64039Irwin, Mrs. L.52F    NC  1
64039Irwin, Wm.16M    IL1  
64039Irwin, Amos24M    IL   
64140Masen, Stephen38M Farmer  IL   
64140Masen, Elizabeth28F    NC   
64140Masen, Albert7M    IL1  
64140Masen, Susan F.3F    IL   
64140Masen, Wm. H.7 moM    IL   
642 Unoccupied          
64341Babarry, Mr. Jas.33M Farmer 400Ireland   
64341Barbarry, Mary30F    Ireland   
64341Barbarry, Sam’l7M    PA   
64341Barbarry, Elizabeth5F    PA   
64442Slaughter, Abram39M Laborer50TNTN   
64442Slaughter, Lerry31F    TN   
64442Slaughter, Cynthian16F Servant  IL   
64442Slaughter, Abram13M    IL   
74442Slaughter, Richard10M    IL   
74442Slaughter, Euguene7F    IL   
74442Slaughter, Jesephus3F    IL   
74543Means, James53M Farmer  IL   
74543Means, Abigail46F    TN   
74543Means, Henit?44F    IL   
74543Means, Hewstin30M Farmer  MO   
74543Means, Truman16M    MO   
74543Means, Nancy13F    IL   
74543Means, Eliza?F    IL   
74543Means, Flora5F    IL   
74543Means, Eliza B.20F    IL   
74543Livingston, Mahala30F    IL   
746 Unoccupied          
74744Means, Freeman24M Farmer 100IL   
74744Means, Elizabeth18F    IL   
74845Harris, Alfred28M Farmer  IL   
74845Harris, Elizabeth27F    OH   
74845Harris, Sarah J.3F    OH   
74845Harris, John R.1M    IL   
74946May, Alfred45M Laborer/blacksmith  TN   
74946May, Charlotte19F    KY  1
75047Hamilton, Wm.28M    TN   
75047Hamilton, Jane23F    IL   
75047Hamilton, Wm.2M    IL   
75148Stewart, Alex30M Farmer400400IL   
75148Stewart, Mary21F    MO   
75148Stewart, Moses24M    IL   
75148Stewart, Mary J.18F    IL   
75249Williams, Lewis35M Farmer300800IL   
75249Williams, Sarah38F    IN   
75249Cline, Sam’l16M    IL   
75249Cline, Emily12F    IL1  
75249Williams, Melvina17F    IL1  
75249Cline, Mises11F    IL1  
75249Cline, Rheuben9M    IL   
75249Cline, John5M    IL   
75249Williams, Lucy8F    IL   
75249Williams, Theodor6M    IL   
75249Williams, Freeman1M    IL   
85350Grissell, John31M   800TN   
85350Grissell, Mathena28F    TN   
85350Grissell, Van3M    IL   
85350Grissell, Cordelia1F    IL   
85451Ritchie78M Farmer50001400SC   
85451Ritchie, Julian58F    KY   
85451Ritchie, Van30M    IL   
85451Ritchie, Merdecas28M    IL   
85451Ritchie, Cordelora28f    il   
85552Whitlock, John50M Farmer20001600VA   
85552Whitlock, Mary54F    KY   
85552Wood, John25M    IL   
85552Witt, Mrs. Orean21F    IL   
85552Witt, Mary2F    IL   
85653Lurky, Sam’l29M Farmer 300MO   
85653Lurky, Mary J.26F    IL   
85653Lurky, Mary C.6F    IL   
85653Lurky, Elizabeth4F    IL   
85653Lurky, Elizabeth2F    IL   
85653Lurky, Elinora9 mo.F    IL   
85754Davis, Anderson37M Farmer5000500NC   
85754Davis, Juliett38F    IL   
85754Davis, James A.26M    IL1  
85754Davis, William Y.12M    IL1  
85754Davis, Lucy6F    IL   
85754Davis, Henry M.3M    IL   
85754Davis, Martha C.8F    IL   
85754Davis, John L.7 mo.M    IL   
85855Bennett, Joseph23M Farmer600250IL   
85855Bennett, Mary E.18F    IL   
85956Cumings, Thos.27M Farmer400400IL   
85956Cumings, Ann28F    IL   
85956Cumings, George10M     IL   
85956Cumings, Adeline6F    IL   
85956Cumings, John3M    IL   
85956Cumings, Benj. D.2 mo.M    IL   
86057Wood, Isaac53M Farmer900800TN   
86057Wood, Margaret58F    TN   
86057Wood, Martin16M    IL   
86057Wood, Sarah17F    IL   
96057Wood, Stephen11M    IL   
96057Wood, Catherine7F    IL   
96057Wood, Matilda3F    IL   
96158Davis, Asbury29M Farmer800300IL   
96158Davis, Mary25F    MO   
96158Davis, Martha C.3F    MO   
96158Davis, Lucy3 mo.F    MO   
96259Owens, John32M Farmer500800NY   
96259Owens, Mary25F    NY1  
96259Owens, Wm.7M    IL1  
96259Owens, Sam’l6M    IL   
96259Owens, John2M    TN   
96360Ballard, James28M Farmer500400IN   
96360Ballard, Hannah26F    IN   
96360Ballard, Asa E.6M    IL   
96360Ballard, Geo. E.1M    IL   
96360Masin, George33M  2500450IL or OH   
96461Whitlock, Eli25M Farmer 400IL   
96461Whitlock, Emaline23F    TN   
96461Whitlock, Ellen2F    IL   
96562Ballard, John31M Farmer 200TN   
96562Ballard, Lavinia30F    TN   
96562Ballard, Hamilton4M    TN   
96562Ballard, Wm.6 mo.     IL   
96562Ballard, Mrs. E.47F    TN   
96663Long, Franklin25M Farmer150600KY   
96663Long, Elizabeth22F    TN  1
96663Wesley, Jas.5M    IL   
96663Wesley, Ann S.3F    IL   
96663Long, John F.1M    IL   
96764?, John33M Farmer1300700NJ   
96764?, Minervie20F    IL   
96764?, Mary E.2F    IL   
96764?, John1 mo.M    IL   
96764?, Emma10F    NJ   
96764?, James M.65M Farmer6000900NC   
96764Rowland, Henry28M Carpenter300200NJ   
96865Donnelly, Thos. R.51M Farmer5000800PA   
96865Donnelly, Susan50F    PA   
96865Donnelly, Mary Ann29F    PA   
106865Donnelly, Cordelia25F    OH   
106865Donnelly, Lydia27F    PA   
106865Donnelly, Margaret13F    PA   
106865Donnelly, Susanna12F    PA   
106865Donnelly, Caroline10F    PA   
106865Frost, Mrs. Theoderia28F  10000 NJ   
106865Frost, Mary L.7F    IL   
106865Frost, Edward S.6M    IL   
106865Pope, Sam’l24M    NJ   
106865Oren, Sam’l B.23M    PA   
106966?70M Laborer 180VT   
106966?, Susan51F    OH   
106966Smith, Jacob27M Laborer  IL   
106966Smith, Emily15F    IL   
106966Smith, Susan4 mo     IL   
107067Polman, Ben’m40M Farmer2400500NJ   
107067Polman, Mary J.25F    IL   
107067Polman, Wm.1M    IL   
107067Polman, Rosanna5 moF    IL   
107168Long, Allen34M Farmer1600600KY   
107168Long, Amanda26F    IL   
107168Long, Mary J.6F    IL1  
107168Wesley, John1M    IL   
107168Wesley, Martha C.4F    IL   
107269?, Sam;l30M Farmer 400?   
107269?, Susan44F    ?   
107269?, Amos9M    ?   
107269?, Rachel6F    ?   
107269?, Wiley O.5F    ?   
107269?, Margaret15F    ?   
107269?, Mary S.13F    ?   
107269Latham, Robert67M Farmer5600 ?   
107370Smith, G.W.30M Farmer 1000MO   
107370Smith, Elsa A.25F    IL   
107370Smith, Christopher8M    IL   
107370Smith, Virginia4F    IL   
107370Smith, Jurge C.2M    IL   
107370Mason, Amelia26F    IL   
107370Mulil?, Frank30M    Germany   
107471Hettar (or en), Wm.58M Farmer  NC   
117471Kellen, Dortha57F    NC   
117471Kellen, Nathan22M Farmer  IL1  
117471Kellen, Thomas17M    IL  1
117471Kellen, Wesley12M    IL  1
117572Connel, Nichols30M Farmer 300Ireland   
117572Connel, Catharine28F    Ireland   
117572Connel, James9M    IL   
117572Connel, Sally7F    IL   
117572Connel, John5M    IL   
117572Connel, Eliza2F    IL   
117673Davis, John L.37M Farmer170002200NC   
117673Davis, Elizabeth36F    VA   
117673Davis, Elam12M    IL1  
117673Davis, Helen11F    IL1  
117673Davis, Charles A.10M    IL1  
117673Davis, George? Ann9F    IL1  
117673Davis, Steph. D.4M    IL   
117673Davis, Edward2M    IL   
117673Stevens, Jane21F Help  VT   
117673Mullin, Peter31M Laborer  Ireland  1
117774Whaley, John28M Laborer 10Ireland   
117774Whaley, Eliza25F    Ireland   
117774Whaley, Almira1F    PA   
117875Freeman, James53M Farmer 400OH   
117875Freeman, Mrs. Mary60F    PA   
117875Freeman, Mary30F    OH   
117875Freeman, John15M    OH   
117875Freeman, Sarah J.12F    OH   
117976Little, Irwin54M Farmer75001000NC   
117976Little, Eliza45F    NC   
117976Little, Larchila20F    IL   
117976Little, Cornelia19F    IL1  
117976Little, Perifeerwins?17M    IL1  
117976Boyle, Chas.23M Laborer  VA   
117976Hall, Dan’l20M Cistern maker 150NY   
118077Housal, Wm. W.32M Farmer2500700NJ   
118077Housal, Sarah37F    England   
118077Housal, John4M    IL   
118077Snarn?, Alfred9M    IL   
118077Brown, Wm.30M    Ireland   
128178Davenport, Eliju28M Farmer 500NC  1
128178Davenport, Elisha48M    NC  1
128178Davenport, Susanna70F    NC   
128178Davenport, Rachel P.13F    TN  1
128178Davenport, Geo. H.6M    IL   
128279Christopher, John, Jr.27M Farmer60001200OH   
128279Christopher, Mary C.20F    NJ   
128279Christopher, Jane1F    IL   
128279Beard, Evaline12F Servant  NJ   
128279Carbery, Margaret30F Servant  Ireland   
128279Carbery, Mary1F    IL   
128279McClure, Wm.21M Laborer  Ireland   
128380Pruitt, Amos52M Farmer60001300IL   
128380Pruitt, Jane28F    TN   
128380Pruitt, Mrs. Elzia15F    IL   
128380Pruitt, Salenda17F    IL   
128380Pruitt, James13M    IL   
128380Pruitt, Matilda2 mo.F    IL   
128380Buis, Oliver20M    Unknown   
128481Landon, N.E.40M Farmer7200600VT   
128481Landon, Amelia38F    NJ   
128481Landon, Numan H.9 mo.M    IL   
128481Price, John22M Carpenter/Laborer  NJ   
128481Landon, Funilla82F    NH   
128481Wihex?, Amelia17F    IL   
128582Calhoun, Jas. W.38M Farmer 1000NH   
128582Calhoun, Lucinda44F  4000 NY   
128582Calhoun, Emily10F    IL1  
128582Robins, Milton20M Bookkeeper 1500IL   
128582Robins, George18M   1500IL1  
128582Robins, Adelaide15F   1500IL1  
128582Wilson, Mary28F    IL   
128683Powel, O.R.41M Farmer200005000TN   
128683Powel, Sarah34F    TN   
128683Powel, Joseph12M    IL1  
128683Powel, Robert9M    IL1  
128683Powel, Wm. R.6M    IL1  
128683Powel, Jas. P.4M    IL1  
128683Powel, Mary J.1F    IL   
128683Walls, Dan’l18M    IL   
138582Larner, Mary13F Help  IL   
138582Skelton, John30M Hand  OH   
138582O’Kiefe, Patrick35M Hand  Ireland   
138582Hickman, Benj19M    IL   
138582Watts, Squire17M  400300IL1  
138582Dudgeon, Mary30F    Ireland   
138683Tolman, Cyrus66M Nurseryman15000325Mass   
138683Tolman, Dolly54F    NY   
138784McKinney, James54M Farmer8000900VA   
138784McKinney, Mary Jane49F    TN   
138784McKinney, Rossalie19F    IL1  
138784McKinney, Catharine17F    IL1  
138784McKinney, Mary15F    IL1  
138784McKinney, John13M    IL1  
138784McKinney, Emaline10F    IL1  
138784McKinney, Elizabeth4F    IL1  
138784Miller, Peter30M Farmer 200Germany  1
138784Crain, Harriet15F Help  IL   
138885Hanley, M.C.41M Farmer140002300England   
138885Hanley, Elizabeth39F    PA   
138885Hanley, Caroline12F    IL1  
138885Hanley, Robert8M    IL1  
138885Hanley, Mary E.6F    IL1  
138885Hanley, Bacchann4M    IL   
138885Hanley, Breckenridge3M    IL   
138885Hanley, Douglass2M    IL   
138885Hanley, Isabel4 mo.F    IL   
138885Tickner, Jane37F    England   
138885Tickner, Julia16F    England1  
138986Apps, Thomas26M Farm hand  England   
138986Apps, Clara23F    England   
138986Apps, Alice11 mo.F    IL   
138986Scoggins, Steven29M Farmer 500England   
139086Scoggins, Henry27M Farmer 500England   
139086Scoggins, Risky28F    England   
139086Myers, Mr.65M Orcardist  England   
139088Snell, Mr.28M Farmer  England   
139088Snell, Elicie?26F    England   
139088Miler, Christopher6M    IL1  
139088Snell, Wm.1M    IL   
149089Myers, Wm.28M   400England   
149189McReynolds, Anderson40M Farmer75001500TN   
149189McReynolds, Ellen33F    NY   
149189McReynolds, Mary10F    IL1  
149189McReynolds, Eugnie8F    IL   
149189McReynolds, Sarah6F    IL   
149189McReynolds, Jane4F    IL   
149189Burlew, Margaret17F    IL   
149189Thomson, George30M Farm hand  NJ   
149189Monk, Mary24F    TN   
149291McReynolds, Jos.65M. Farmer8300500NC   
149291McReynolds, Margaret62F    NC   
149291McReynolds, Rosa Ann25F    IL   
149291McReynolds, James I.4M    IL   
149291McReynolds, Elizabeth9 mo.F    IL   
149291McReynolds, Thom28M Farmer19001300TN   
149291Walls, Benj.29M Hand 500IL   
149291Stevenson, John26M    IL   
149291Wyckoff, Katie22F    IL   
149392Perrine, Alfred28M Farmer 900NJ   
149392Perrine, Mary25F    NJ   
149392Perrine, Catharine5F    IL   
149392Perrine, Wm.2M    IL   
149392Perrine, Jane E.3 mo.F    IL   
149392Perrine, Archibald B.7M    TN   
149392Dutch, Jacob25M Hand  Germany   
149493Perrine, Thomas42M Farmer10001100NJ   
149493Perrine, Hellen27F    NJ   
149493Perrine, Charles1M    Unknown   
149493Rupell, Mary18F Help  Ireland   
149493Beard, James45M Farm hand  Unknown   
149493Beard, Geo.17M    IL   
149594Carhuff, N.W.39M Farmer4800800NJ   
149594Carhuff, Mary37F    NJ   
149594Carhuff, John H.14M    IL1  
149594Carhuff, Martha6F    IL1  
149594Carhuff, Elizabeth1F    IL   
149695Daly, Peter24M  80050Ireland   
149695Daly, Ann20F    Ireland   
149695Daly, Emily4 mo.F    Ireland   
159796Gaston, Wm. H.26M Farmer 100NJ   
159796Gaston, Elizabeth28F    PA   
159796Gaston, Henrrietta3F    IL   
159796Gaston, Bennett6 mo.M    IL   
159796Gaston, Mrs. Nancy T.70F    NJ   
159897Beard, Abram30M Farmer2500400NJ   
159897Beard, Mary25F    NJ   
159897Beard, James E.7 mo.M    IL   
159897Beard, Deborie55M Farmer  NJ   
159897Lalbey, Wm.42M Farm hand12002000Ireland   
159897Lalbey, Ann35F    Ireland   
159897Lalbey, Thomas14M    PA1  
159897Lalbey, Frances7F    PA1  
159897Lalbey, John (twin)5M    PA1  
159897Lalbey, James (twin)5M    PA1  
159897Lalbey, Mary2F    PA   
1510099Lowe, R.J.58M Farmer280004000NJ   
1510099Lowe, Sarah41F    NJ   
1510099Lowe, Abraham W.21M Farmer  NJ   
1510099Lowe, Isaac M.19M    NJ   
1510099Lowe, Edwin D.17M    NJ1  
1510099Lowe, Kate E.12F    IL1  
1510099Lowe, Mary10F    IL1  
1510099Lowe, John8M    IL1  
1510099Lowe, Franklin5M    IL   
1510099Lowe, Ralph3M    IL   
1510099Lowe, Augustus1M    IL   
15101100Bonner, Wm.35M Farm hand 100Ireland  1
15101100Bonner, Hannah25F    PA  1
15101100Bonner, Mary2F    IL   
15101100Bonner, Alex20M Farm hand  (blank)   
15101100Henderson, D.W.26M Teacher  NY   
15102101Day, Ira58M Farmer6000900VT   
15102101Day, Martha38F    IL   
15102101Day, Stephen22M    IL   
15102101Day, Mary J.18F    IL   
15102101Day, Wm.13M    IL1  
15102101Day, Thomas11M    IL1  
15102101Day, Jonethan10M    IL1  
15102101Day, David7M    IL1  
16102101Day, Bell (twin)4F    IL   
16102101Day, Ell (twin)4F    IL   
16102101Day, Douglas2M    IL   
16103102Sutton, Sam’l25M Farm hand 50IN   
16103102Sutton, Susan J.18F    IL   
16103102Sutton, John2M    IL   
16103102Sutton, Henry2 mo.M    IL   
16103102Day, Ann E.17F    IL   
16104103Wooden, Alex30M    NJ   
16104103Wooden, Susan25F    NJ   
16104103Lingwood, Thomas16M    Scotland   
16105104Van Pelt, Mrs. Ann31F Farmer42001400NJ   
16105104Van Pelt, Clark14M    IL1  
16105104Van Pelt, Richard13M    IL1  
16105104Van Pelt, George13M    IL1  
16105104Van Pelt, Windfield11M    IL1  
16105104Van Pelt, Wilber8M    IL1  
16105104Van Pelt, Hannah5F    IL1  
16105104Van Pelt, Oskar3M    IL   
16105104Stout, John P.40M Farmer/lawyer4000200NJ   
16105104Stout, A.R.49M    NJ   
16105104Stout, Mary23F    NJ   
16105104Pope, Edward32M    NJ   
16106 unoccupied          
16107105Whalen, Hiram45M Farmer 200NJ   
16107105Whalen, Mis38F    NJ   
16107105Whalen, Charles18M    IL   
16106105Whalen, Eliza14F    IL   
16106105Whalen, Vina10F    IL   
16106105Whalen, Barnet8M    IL   
16106105Whalen, Luther5M    IL   
16106105Whalen, Sarah3F    IL   
16108106Sweeney, Sam’l30M Farmer600300Ireland   
16108106Sweeney, Mary32F    NC   
16108106Sweeney, Elizabeth R.6F    NC   
16108106Sweeney, John Andrew4M    NC   
16108106Sweeney, Joshua James3M    NC   
16108106Sweeney, Hanna1F    NC   
16108106Sweeney, John Andrew23M    NC   
16108106Davis, Ann45F    OH   
17109107Covert, Isaac36M Farmer 450NJ   
17109107Covert, Elizabeth35F    NJ   
17109107Covert, Tilde Ellen13F    NJ1  
17109107Covert, Theodore7M    IL1  
17109107Smith, John20M Farmer  NJ   
17110108Davis, John M.67M Farmer50001400NC   
17110108Davis, Jane62F    NC   
17110108Davis, E. Caroline21F    IL   
17110108Davis, Wm. Henry12M    IL1  
17110108Davis, James W.27M Farmer  MO 1 
17110108Davis, Frances19F    IL1  
17110108Batham, Benj.18M Farm hand  TN   
17110108Allen, Randolph22M Farm hand  IL   
17111109Batham, M.A.56M Farming 700VA   
17111109Batham, Elizabeth51F    TN   
17111109Batham, Wm.21M Farmer  TN   
17111109Batham, Elivira17F    TN1  
17111109Batham, John B.13M    TN   
17111109Tafin, Mrs. Sarah26F    TN   
17111109Tafin, James12M    MO   
17111109Tafin, Francis3F    MO   
17112110Spencer, John59M Farmer50001300NJ   
17112110Spencer, Elizabeth60F    NJ   
17112110Spencer, Ferdinand22M    NJ   
17112110Spencer, Henry19M    IL   
17112110Spencer, Martha R.23F    NJ   
17112110Dye, James41M Farmer/carpenter800300NJ   
17112110Dye, Hettie27F    NJ   
17112110Dye, Lirrie?4F    IL   
17112110Dye, Adelia2F    IL   
17113111Rue, George S.53M Farmer41001200NJ   
17113111Rue, Ellen43F    NJ   
17113111Rue, Charles H (or C)24M    NJ   
17113111Rue, Rebecca17F    IL   
17113111Perrine, Wm. N.25M Farm hand  NJ   
17114112Ross, Davis R.28M Farmer50001800NJ   
17114112Ross, Elisa25F    NJ   
17114112Ross, Hattie5 mo.F    IL   
17114112McBride, Jane31F    NY   
17114112Ryan, Mary Ann14F    IN   
18114112Andrews, James19M Farm hand  IN   
18114112Hilin, Samuel14M    England   
18115113Whitehead, Henry53M Farmer50001100England   
18115113Whitehead, Minerva E.28F    IL   
18115113Whitehead, John A.A.8M    IL1  
18115113Whitehead, Wm. H.7M    IL1  
18115113Whitehead, Mary E.4F    IL   
18115113Whitehead, Sarah A.2F    IL   
18115113Whitehead, Ellen5 mo.F    IL   
18115113Lough, Edwin14M    IL   
18115113Morrison, George14M Farm hand  Scotland   
18115113Whitehead, Alfred27M Carpenter600 PA   
18115113Whitehead, Marth M.17F    IL   
18116115Vanliva, Jeremiah44M Farmer90001400NJ   
18116115Vanliva, Margaret43F    NJ   
18116115Vanliva, Frederick33M Farmer  NJ   
18116115Vanliva, Catherine A.29F    NJ   
18116115Worth, Wm.11M    Germany   
18116115Voorhees, Jacob26M Farm hand  NJ   
18117115Twambly, Wm. B.26M Carpenter 100ME   
18117115Twambly, Caroline M.19F    IL   
18120118Winsor, Edward9M    IL1  
18120118Winsor, Agnes A.5F    IL1  
18120118Winsor, Eliza Jane3F    IL   
18120118Wilcos, Wm.17M Farm hand  England1  
18121119Bell, Stephen31M Farm hand 100Ireland 1 
18121119Bell, Nancy22F    Ireland   
18121119Bell, James4M    IL   
18121119Bell, Mary J.2F    IL   
18121119More, Stephen35M Farm hand 200Ireland   
18122120Ross, James C.24M Farmer4001800NJ   
18122120Ross, Elizabeth19F    IL   
18122120Ross, Alletta2F    IL   
18122120Ross, David9 mo.M    IL   
18122120White, Nellie13F    IL   
18122120Ryan, James14M Farm hand  MO   
18122120Kiko, John20M Farm hand  NY   
18123121Baittie, Robert53M Farmer40001700Ireland   
18123121Baittie, Eliza Ann47F    Ireland   
18123121Baittie, John20M    NY   
18123121Baittie, Robert L.19M    NY1  
18123121Baittie, Martin Luther14M    NY1  
18123121Baittie, Eliza Ann13F    NJ1  
18123121Baittie, Joseph11M    IL1  
18123121Baittie, Chas. A.9M    IL1  
18123121Baittie, Sarah J.6F    IL   
18123121Baittie, George B.4M    IL   
18124122Covert, Peter30M Farmer 250NJ   
18124122Covert, Catharine30F    NJ   
18124122Covert, Harriet3F    IL   
18125123Stone, Joseph R.23M Farm hand  IL   
18125123Stone, Hannah25F    IL   
18125123Davis, That25M Farmer 300IL   
18125123Fergerson, Mervin23M Farmer 200NC   
18126124Corzine, Joseph50M Farmer60001000NC   
18126124Corzine, Mary48F    NC   
18126124Corzine, Franklin24M   300NC   
18126124Corzine, Mary J.18F    NC   
19126124Fenter, James32M Farm hand200 Ireland   
19127125Corzine, Morris23M Farmer  NC   
19127125Corzine, Mary20F    IL   
19127125Corzine, Phebe Ann1F    IL   
19127125Corzine, Elizabeth19F    NC   
19128126Bacon, J. Murry49M Farmer50004500PA   
19128126Bacon, Rachel C.50F    NJ   
19128126Bacon, Matilda20F    NJ   
19128126Bacon, Anna W.17F    NJ   
19128126Sloan, Lewis22M Farm hand  NJ   
19128126Sloan, Joseph19M Farm hand  LA   
17117115Twambly, Ida1F    IL   
17117115Thomson, Jacob10M    NJ1  
17117115Thomson, Isaac7M    NJ1  
17118116Twambly, Nathaniel42M Farmer 1000NH   
17118116Twambly, Lydia51F    ME   
17118116Twambly, Ruth18F    OH1  
17118116Twambly, Melvina15F    OH1  
17118116Twambly, Nath’l D.13M    OH1  
17118116Twambly, Hellen11F    OH1  
17118116Twambly, Frances6F    IL   
17118116McNary, Margaret49F    Ireland  1
17118116McNary, Lucind9F    Ireland   
17118116Rollins, Mary A.45F    Ireland   
17118116Keef, Michael40M    Ireland1  
17118117Secher, Morris40M Laborer  Ireland1  
17118117Secher, Mary40F    Ireland1  
17118117Secher, Patrick7M    Ireland   
17118117Secher, Catharine4F    IL   
17118117Secher, Jonas2M    IL   
18119117Lecher, Voorhis1M    IL   
18120118Winsor, John C.48M Farmer80001600England   
18120118Winsor, Carline45F    England   
19129127Sloan, John N.30M Farmer 200NJ   
19129127Sloan, Helen E.28F    NJ   
19129127Sloan, Mary9F    NJ   
19129127Sloan, John N.7M    NJ   
19130128Wilson, D. H.28M Farmer20001100IL   
19130128Wilson, Mary C.23F    IL   
19130128Wilson, Anna M.17F    IL   
19130128Wilson, John C.21M Farm hand  IL   
19130128Maxwell, Henry24M Farm hand 640Ireland   
19131128Trabue, Edward34M Farmer  KY   
19131128Trabue, Elizabeth30F    IN   
19131128Trabue, Emma10F    IL   
19131128Trabue, Murry7M    IL   
19131128Trabue, Lawrence5M    IL   
19131128Blevings, Mary11F    IL   
19131128Brooks, Hannah22F    IL   
19131128Hilton, Mariah46F    KY   
19131128Maxwell, That25M Farm hand 200Ireland   
19131128Faggott, Franklin23M Farm hand  NC   
19132129Bartlett, Joshua52M Farmer/carpenter6000100ME   
19132129Bartlett, Mary50F    ME   
19132129Bartlett, Erastus29M    OH   
19132129Bartlett, Ephraim20M    OH   
19132129Bartlett, Olive18F    OH   
19132129Bartlett, Norris14M    OH   
19132130Bartlett, Ezra12M     OH   
19132130Bartlett, Elizabeth9F    IL   
19133131Johnson, Charles W.31M Farmer40001800PA   
19133131Johnson, Emma31F    NJ   
20133131Johnson, Susan4F    IL   
20133131Johnson, Jane1F    IL   
20133131Voorhes, Henry26M Farm hand  NJ   
20133131Bradford, Charles18M Farm hand  IL   
20134132Clark, Patrick24M Farmer 250Ireland   
20135133Tribue, Aron67M Farmer120002340KY   
20135133Tribue, Martha L.49F    KY   
20135133Tribue, Margaret33F    KY   
20135133Tribue, Marthai G.19F    IL   
20135133Tribue, Aron11M    IL1  
20135133Tribue, Ellen4F    IL   
20135133Rhoads, Mrs. America30F    KY   
20135133Rhoads, Hestins5F    IL   
20135133Rhoads, Theodosia1F    IL   
20135133Hilton, Josephus8M    IL   
20135133Figt, Michael30M Farm hand  Germany   
20135133Schline, Nicholas30M Farm hand  Germany   
20135133Burke, James18M Farm hand  IN   
20135133Cheatham, Emma12F    WI1  
20135133Blevins, Hester A.16F    IL1  
20136134Bates, Silas43M Farmer230002400OH   
20136134Bates, Celina30F    VA   
20136134Bates, Samuel18M    IN1  
20136134Bates, Wm.15M    IL1  
20136134Bates, David12M    IL1  
20136134Bates, Eliza Jane10F    IL1  
20136134Bates, Nancy A.9F    IL1  
20136134Bates, Mary E.4F    IL   
20136134Bates, Celina3F    IL   
20136134Bates, Silas3M    IL   
20136134Bates, Charlotte5 mo.F    IL   
20136134Geneny, David40M Carpenter  OH   
20136134Slovor, Sam’l38M Farmer  OH   
20136134Arter, Sarah15F    IL   
20137135Johnson, Chas. L.26M Farmer75200OH   
20137136Johnson, Cetsah23F    IL   
20137136Johnson, James H.3M    IL   
20137136Johnson, Mary L.1F    IL   
20137136Belmet, D.M.29M Farm hand 200OH   
20137136Kearney, Thomas A.26M Laborer  NY   
22137135Johnson, Charles1 mo.M    IL   
22138136Randolph, Geo.21M Farmer 600NJ   
22138136Randolph, Mary A.19F    IL   
22138136Randolph, Preston1M    IL   
22138136Compton, Hannah M.8F    IL   
22138136Randolph, Oliver40M Gent. Farmer10000500NJ   
22138136Clark, Silas18M Farm hand  IL   
22139137Stelle, Daniel35M Farmer  NJ   
22139137Stelle, Mary30F    NJ   
22139137Stelle, Herbert B.7M    NJ1  
22139137Stelle, Anna E.6F    NJ1  
22139137Stelle, Edward C.3M    NJ   
22139137Stelle, Hattie1F    NJ   
22139137Hamilton, Martin16M Farm hand  unknown   
22139137Studer, Hannah45FBServant  NJ  1
22139137Sims, Dinah12FBServant  NJ   
22140138Shaling, Moses40M Carpenter34003800ME   
22140138Shaling, Caroline30F    NY   
22140138Campbell, Fannie75F    NY   
22140138Sterling, Hamilton14M    IL1  
22140138Sterling, Jane16F    IL1  
22141139McDermot, James38M Farmer1000300Ireland   
22141139McDermot, Ellen35F    Ireland   
22141139McDermot, James7M    PA   
22141139McDermot, John6M    PA   
22141139McDermot, Mary3F    PA   
22141139More, Daniel40M Laborer  Ireland   
22141140Snyder, John40?M Farmer500100France   
22141140Snyder, Catharine32F    France   
22141140Snyder, Mary E.4F    IL  idiot
22141140Snyder, Peter3M    IL   
22143141Force, Ebenezer39M Farmer3000400PA   
22143141Force, Nancy31F    OH   
22143141Force, Samuel7M    IL1  
22143141Force, Thos. H.4M    IL1  
22143141Force, Thomas1M    IL   
22143141Morris (Norris), Hannah20F    OH   
22143141Morris (Norris), Mrs. Sarah20F    OH   
22144142Glover, Powel54M Farmer4000700Germany   
22144142Glover, Hellen54F    Germany   
23144142Glover, Powel18M    OH   
23144142Glover, Helen28F    Wicksburg, GA   
23144142Glover, Catherine24F    OH   
23144142Glover, Rosanna20F    OH   
23145143Hill, Asher61M Farmer1500100NJ   
23145143Hill, Margaret59F    NJ   
23145143Hill, Kate (?)25F    NJ   
23145143Green, Lydia23F    NJ   
23145143Green, Charles24M    NJ   
23145143Green, Asher3M    IL   
23145143Green, Alfred18M Farm hand  IL   
23145143Green, Susan E.9 mo.F    IL   
23146144Sunderland, Sam’l62M Farmer/hunter150001000NJ   
23146144Sunderland, Elizabeth60F    NJ   
23146144Sunderland, John21M Farmer/hunter  IL   
23146144Sunderland, Sam’l18M Farmer/hunter  IL1  
23146144Sunderland, Henry15M    IL1  
23146144Wilson, Virginia24F    NJ   
23146144Wilson, Kate (twin)2F    IL   
23146144Wilson, Ella (twin)2F    IL   
23146144Wilson, Austin10M    IL   
23147145Spellman, Mathew55M Laborer 500Ireland  1
23147145Spellman, Mary50F    Ireland  1
23147145Spellman, Bridget16F    Ireland   
23147145Spellman, Bridget16F    Ireland   
23148146Sunderland, Loyd42M Farmer70001250NJ   
23148146Sunderland, Sarah41F    NJ   
23148146Sunderland, Harriet20F    NJ   
23148146Sunderland, James19M    NJ1  
23148146Sunderland, Joseph17M    IL1  
23148146Sunderland, John15M    IL   
23148146Sunderland, Wm.10M    IL1  
23148146Sunderland, Justice8M    IL1  
23148146Sunderland, Anna6F    IL   
23148146Sunderland, Caroline4F    IL   
23148146Sunderland, Ellen1F    IL   
23148146Pendulum, John30M Laborer  TN   
23149147Hill, Wm.50M Farmer2000300NJ   
23149147Hill, Ephramia49F    NJ   
23149147Hill, Richard25M Carpenter  NJ   
24149147Hill, Smith24M    NJ   
24149147Hill, Louisa23F    NJ   
24149147Hill, William20M    NJ   
24149147Hill, Theodore18M    NJ   
24149147Hill, Charles16M    NJ   
24149147Hill, Mrs. Elizabeth23F    NJ   
24149147Hill, Margaret8 mo.F    NJ   
24150 unoccupied          
24151148Boulter, James45M Farmer3000500England   
24151148Boulter, Sarah38F    England   
24151148Swain, Wm.16M    IL1  
24152149Wharton, Charles36M Farmer6400700LA   
24152149Wharton, Mary Ann37F    England   
24152149Wharton, Bybram13F    IL   
24152149Wharton, Martha L.11F    IL   
24152149Wharton, Wm. H.9M    IL1  
24152149Wharton, Mary E.7F    IL1  
24152149Wharton, Charles H.5M    IL   
24152149Wharton, Sarah2F    IL   
24152149Boulton, Wm.72M  6500100England   
24152149Butcher, Frank18M    Berlin, Germany   
24153150Grady, James36M Laborer200100Ireland   
24153150Grady, Mary33F    Ireland   
24153150Grady, Thomas9M    NJ1  
24153150Grady, Ellen5F    IL   
24153150Grady, John3M    IL   
24153150Grady, Mary Ann6 mo.F    IL   
24154151Updike, Theodore45M Farmer3000600NJ   
24154151Updike, Ellen42F   100NJ   
24154151Updike, Jasper22M Farmer 100NJ   
24154151Updike, Joshua16M    NJ   
24154151Updike, Sarah15F    NJ1  
24154151Updike, Catharine12F    NJ1  
24154151Updike, Ellen9F    NJ   
24154151Updike, Charles H.7M    NJ   
24154151Updike, Harriet4F    NJ   
24154151French, Peter42M Laborer  France   
24155152Burns, Patrick40M Laborer 400Ireland   
24155152Burns, Mary E.31F    Ireland   
24155152Burns, Ann8F    IL   
25155152Burns, Patterson12M    IL1  
25155152Burns, Frances7F    IL1  
25155152Burns, Hugh5M    IL   
25156153Forbes, Philander46M Farmer3000050000NY   
25156153Forbes, Mary C.27F    ME   
25156153Forbes, Mary A.2F    Scotland   
25156153Forbes, Joseph W.3 mo.M    IL   
25156153Forbes, Cordelia45F    Mass   
25156153Alexander, Ellen C.22F    IL   
25156153Lyons, Mrs. A50F    Mass   
25156153Lyons, Theodore L.16M    IL1  
25156153Hamilton, Mrs. Sarah32F Servant  England   
25156153Powers, Kate22F Servant  Ireland   
25156153Philimy, Wm. M.25M Laborer  PA   
25157 unoccupied          
25158156Todman, S.W.33M Farmer100001200IL   
25158156Hall, Edward22M Farm hand  TN   
25158156Morin, Peter30M Farm hand  NJ   
25158156Sandy, Elizabeth25F Housekeeper  VT   
25159155Pope, Daniel34M Farmer 400NJ   
25159155Pope, Mary J.26F    PA   
25159155Pope, Willey L.3M    IL   
25159155McGuire, Annie18F    OH   
25160156Enslow, David25M Farmer1800 IL   
25160156Enslow, Jane24F    IL   
25160156Enslow, Walter1M    IL   
25160156Enslow, Wm.13M    IL   
25160156Enslow, Mr. Kirby22M Farm hand  IL1  
25161157Williams. W. P.38M Farmer5000100VA   
25161157Williams, Rachel J.32F    KY   
25161157Williams, Thomas F.6M    IL   
25161157Williams, Louisa R.4F    IL   
25161157Williams, Martha C.1F    IL   
25162158Richards, Guy39M Farmer130001500NY   
25162158Richards, Hannah34F    NJ   
25162158Richards, Mary14F    IL1  
25162158Richards, Erastus S.10M    IL1  
25162158Richards, Christopher A.4M    IL1  
25162158Gentry, James26M Farmer  IL   
25162158Wodman (Wadman), Nancy19F (Help)  PA   
26163159Smith, Ira23M Farmer 360OH   
26163159Smith, Lettia20F    IL   
26163159Grundy, Luther24M   600IL   
26164160White, Jesse53M Farmer500300IL   
26164160White, Tabatha50F    KY   
26164160White, Millie16F    IL1  
26164160Wangs, Abner36M Farmer  IL   
26164160Parks, Edwin26M Teacher  NY   
26165161Brown, Dennis37M Farmer1000450IL   
26165161Brown, Polly35F    IL   
26165161Brown, Sylvester16M    IL1  
26165161Brown, Mary E.12F    IL1  
26165161Brown, Minerva C.10F    IL1  
26166162White, Balam26M Farmer1200400IL   
26166162White, Nancy26F    IL   
26166162White, Sophronia4F    IL   
26166162White, Jesse1M    IL   
26166162Bliss, Mrs. Susan58F    KY   
26166162Bliss, Nancy Ann7F    IL   
26167163White, Lewis29M Farmer1200300IL   
26167163White, Ann24F    TN   
26167163Cook, Henry21M    TN   
26167163Cook, Mary18F    TN   
26168164Moore, Amos53M Farmer4500600NJ   
26168164Moore, Charesa42F    NY   
26168164Moore, Mary18F    IL   
26168164Moore, Ann13F    IL   
26168164Moore, Wm.9M    IL   
26169165Carlam, Nelson37M Farmer4500500IL   
26169165Carlam, Sarah32F    IL   
26169165Carlam, Sarah11F    IL   
26169165Carlam, James3M    IL   
26169165Carlam, Mary11 mo.F    IL   
26169165Eldridge, Sam21M    IL   
26169165Close, Eliza23F    IL   
26170166Eldridge, George32M Farmer 50IL   
26170166Eldridge, Faninia?32F    IL   
26170166Eldridge, Nancy9F    IL1  
26170166Eldridge, Wm.7M    IL1  
26170166Eldridge, James D.2M    IL   
27170166Eldridge, ?2 mo.F    IL   
27170166Eldridge, Wm.16M    IL   
27170166Eldridge, Isaac M.14M    IL   
27170166Ellidge, T.B.59M    KY   
27170166Harrington, Eliz’h62F    KY   
27171167Close, Wm.42M Farmer2500800IL   
27171167Close, Lucinda35M    KY   
27171167Close, Samuel16M    IL1  
27171167Close, Norma12F    IL1  
27171167Close, Nathan11M    IL1  
27171167Close, Silas9M    IL1  
27171167Close, Eliza8F    IL1  
27171167Close, Sarah6F    IL1  
27171167Close, Joseph4M    IL1  
27171167Close, Terry1M    IL   
27171167Howland, Joseph22M Farm hand  WI   
27172168Wilson, Sam’l25M Farmer 50IL   
27172168Wilson, Ellen C.20F    IL   
27172168Wilson, George M.1M    IL   
27173169Martin, Westley32M Farmer900300IL  1
27173169Martin, Ellen31F    IL  1
27173169Martin, Parthena L.7F    IL1  
27173169Martin, Susan E.9F    IL1  
27173169Martin, Amanda J.8F    IL1  
27173169Martin, Wm. E.5M    IL   
27173169Martin, Sarah H.2F    IL   
27174170Cammeron, A.44M Farmer300100NC  1
27174170Cammeron, Ann46F    KY  1
27174170Cammeron, James6M    IL   
27174170Harris, Andrew17M    IL1  
27174170Cameron, Eliza2F    IL   
27175171Wadman, Wm.51M Farmer200400MD   
27175171Wadman, Betsy50F    MD   
27175171Wadman, Cassandra9F    IN   
27175171Wadman, Wm.16M    IN1  
27175171Wadman, Eliza7F    IN   
27175171Wadman, Martha2F    IL   
27176172Cook, John W.54M    NC   
27176172Cook, Sarah51F    KY   
27176172Cook Commodor14F    IN   
28176172Cook, Charles15M    IN   
28176172Cook, Matilda E.14F    IN   
28176172Cook, Sindfield S.10M    IN   
28176172Cook, Chanlers8M    IN   
28176172Cook, John T.20M    IN   
28177173Wilder, H. H.34M Farmer16001500TN   
28177173Wilder, Nancy26F    IL   
28177173Wilder, John3M    IL   
28177173Wilder, Lydia11 mo.F    IL   
28177173Keeley, Dan25M    IL   
28177173Wilder, Mahlin11M    IL1  
28178174Hicks, Zebede32M Laborer 40Unknown   
28178174Hicks, Julia24F    IL   
28178174Hicks, Bell4F    IL1  
28178174Hicks, Elizabeth5F    IL   
28178174Hicks, Sophrona2F    IL   
28179175Crane, Levi38M Lawyer 1600OH   
28179175Crane, Annie28F    TN   
28179175Crane, Wm. L.12M    IL   
28179175Serrat, Wm.20M Laborer  IL   
28180176Bean, Dan’l27M   50KY   
28180176Bean, Elizabeth24F    IL   
28180176Bean, Miama6F    IL   
28180176Bean, John2M    IL   
28181177Scholey, Austin27M Laborer 50IL   
28181177Scholey, Nancy31F    TN   
28181177Scholey, Frances3F    IL   
28181177Scholey, Minerva6 mo.F    IL   
28182178Sego, Carlin40M Laborer15050TN   
28182178Sego, Mary E.29F    IL   
28182178Sego, Sarah8F    IL1  
28182178Sego, Julia H.5F    IL   
28182178Sego, James H.3M    IL   
28182178Sego, George W.11 mo.M    IL   
28183179Ham, Shedrick24M Farmer18050IL   
28183179Ham, Tabitha24F    IL   
28183179Ham, Mary E.9F    IL   
28183179Ham, Nancy J.3F    IL   
28183179Ham, Charles P.11 mo.M    IL   
28186180Deliny, Geo. W.32M Carpetner  VT   
29184180Long, Mary D.27F    TN   
29184180Long, Lewis8M    IL   
29184180Long, Martha5F    IL   
29185181Doughten, Andrew45M Laborer 40OH 1 
29186182Sego, Daniel32    40IL   
29186182Sego, Ann18F    IL 1 
29187183Hensen, Ezekiel50M Farmer80050NC   
29187183Hensen, Rhody49F    NC   
29187183Hensen, John18M    IL1  
29187183Hensen, Franklin11M    IL1  
29187183Hensen, Ann9F    IL1  
29188 unoccupied          
29189184Bell, Wm.21M Farmer 400IL   
29189183Bell, Elizabeth20F    IL   
29189183Bell, Sarah6 mo.F    IL   
29189183Bell, Mrs. Elizabeth65F    NC   
29189183Wiley, George10M    IL   
29189183Bell, Joseph18M    IL   
29190185Serrat, Wm.45M Farmer 100NC   
29190185Serrat, Julia42F    IL   
29190185Serrat, Wm. H.20M    IL   
29190185Serrat, Melvina16F    IL1  
29190185Serrat, Thomas14M    IL1  
29190185Serrat, John7M    IL   
29190185Serrat, Martha5F    IL   
29190185Serrat, Rosetta3F    IL   
29190185Serrat, Anna A.11 mo.F    IL   
29191186Beach, Charles40M Farmer4000900VT   
29191186Beach, Charlotte29F    IL   
29191186Beach, Ellen8F    IL   
29191186Beach, Minerva20F    IL   
29191186Mason, Thomas11M    IL   
29192187Crain, Silas36M Farmer30001600IL   
29192187Crain, Jane28F    IL   
29192187Crain, Eliza11F    IL1  
29192187Crain, Charlotte8F    IL   
29192187Crain, Letitia4F    IL1  
29192187Crain, Essia2F    IL   
29192187Crain, Emma6F    IL   
29193188Sego, John47M    NC   
30193188Sego, Mary R.40F    NC   
30193188Sego, James H.22M Farmer 200IL   
30193188Sego, Calvin21M Farmer 100IL   
30193188Sego, Edward19M    IL1  
30193188Sego, Wm.16M    IL1  
30193188Sego, Elizabeth14F    IL1  
30193188Sego, John12M    IL1  
30193188Sego, Ira9M    IL1  
30193188Sego, George W.7M    IL   
30193188Sego, Douglass3M    IL   
30194189Beans (Beens), Isaac60M Farmer 500TN   
30194189Beans (Beens), Susan50F    TN   
30194189Beans (Beens), Isaac15M    TN   
30195190Johnisee, Noble41M Blacksmith600400NC   
30195190Johnisee, Matilda34F    KY   
30195190Johnisee, Olivia2F    IL   
30195190Cane, John N.63M    KY   
30195190Cane, Rachel62F    KY   
30196191Johnisee, Sam’l30M Wheelwright 40NC   
30196191Johnisee, Lydia26F    OH   
30196191Johnisee, Mary F.7F    IL1  
30196191Johnisee, John B.5M    IL   
30197192Hart, Jos. B.40M Farmer40040IL   
30197192Hart, Jenny30F    IL   
30197192Hart, Eli15M    IL   
30197192Hart, Ellen7F    IL   
30197192Hart, Perry5M    IL   
30197192Hart, Sam’l3M    IL   
30197192Hart, James1M     IL   
30198193Ralston, Sam’l30M Farmer 50KY   
30198193Ralston, Albert13M    IL   
30198193Ralston, John12M    IL   
30198193Ralston, Lucinda17F    IL   
30199194Rose, Mrs. Cynthian42F  1000400NC   
30199194Rose, John M.19M    IL   
30199194Rose, George W.17M    IL   
30199194Rose, Columbus15M    IL   
30199194Rose, Ellen12F    IL   
30200195Carred41M Farmer3000600MO   
30200195Carred, Wonnano377    IL   
31200195Carreed, Layquelle16M Farmer  IL   
31200195Carreed, Axie14F    IL1  
31200195Carreed, Andrew11M    IL1  
31200195Careed, Marion9M    IL1  
31200195Careed, Mary7F    IL1  
31200195Careed, Nancy4F    IL1  
31200195Careed, Phebe A.2F    IL   
31200195Andrews, James34M Laborer  Ireland  1
31201196Hughes, Thomas28M Laborer 40IL   
31201196Hughes, Lucinda18F    IL   
31201196Hughes, James3M    IL   
31201196Hughes, Thomas6 moM    IL   
31202297Lewiy, Fredrick30M Shoemaker250100Prussia   
31202197Lewiy, Onnetto30F    Prussia   
31202197Lewiy, Louis4M    IL   
31202197Lewiy, Mary6 mo.F    IL   
31203198Silek, John39M Farmer400225Bremen   
31203198Silek, Anna25F    Bremen   
31203198Silek, Mary6F    MO   
31203198Silek, Thom2M    MO   
31203198Silek, Catharine1F    IL   
31203198Lispy, Thomas56M    Bremen   
31204199Barvis, Frank35M Farmer400400Prussia   
31204199Barvis, Elizabeth30F    Prussia   
31204199Barvis, Herman6M    Prussia   
31204199Barvis, Hannah4F    Prussia   
31204199Barvis, Elizabeth2F    IL   
31204199Barvis, Frank4 mo.M    IL   
31205200Lenss, Theodore55M Farmer400300Prussia   
31205200Lenss, Joseph20M    Prussia   
31205200Lenss, Fredrick11M    Prussia   
31205200Lenss, Thesalane6M    Prussia1  
31205200Lenss, Louisa5F    IL   
31205200Lenss, Anthony4M    IL   
31205200Lenss, Hannah2F    IL   
31206201Vaughn, Wm.36M Farmer40001000IL   
31206201Vaughn, Elizabeth33F    NJ   
31206201Vaughn, Charles11M    IL   
31206201Vaughn, Joseph M.9M    IL   
31206201Vaughn, Roella5F    IL   
32206201Vaughn, Emma J.3F    IL   
32206201Vaughn, Shedrick3 mo.M    IL   
32206201Eppison, Wm.26M Farmer 100VA   
32207202Eppison, Susan20F    VA   
32207202Eppison, Rosabel3F    VA   
32207202Eppison, Susan3 mo.F    IL   
32207202Halbert, Wm.28M Farm hand  VA   
32207202Rhoady, Hannah33F Help  VA   
32208203Russel, Robert58M Laborer 100KY   
32208203Russel, Sophia35F    TN   
32208203Russel, Josephine7F    IL   
32208203Russel, Martha5F    IL   
32208203Russel, Chas. O.1 mo.F    IL   
32208203Smith, Olive16F    IL   
32208203Diamond, Jane60F    TN   
32209204Erwins, Sam’l60M Farmer40001200TN   
32209204Erwins, Susanna48F    TN   
32209204Erwins, James25M Farmer 200IL   
32209204Erwins, Thomas21M    IL   
32209204Erwins, Lucy20F    IL   
32209204Erwins, Hannah14F    IL   
32209204Erwins, Wm.12M    IL   
32209204Erwins, Louisa8F    IL   
32209204Erwins, Douglass7M    IL   
32209204Laforce, James13M    IL   
32210205Vaughn, John64M Farmer90002000TN   
32210205Vaughn, Hester60F    TN   
32210205Vaughn, Erastus18M    IL   
32210205Vaughn, John13M    IL   
32210205Vaughn, Hester9F    IL   
32210205Beach, Miss32F    NY   
32211 unoccupied          
32212206Routh, Mrs. E.50F Lady farmer1500300TN   
32212206Routh, Nancy C.20F    TN   
32212206Routh, Hetty C.19F    TN   
32212206Sencha, Jacob46M Farmer  NC   
32213 unoccupied          
32214207Erwin, Wm.59M Farmer 300NC   
32214207Erwin, Hannah49M    MO   
32214207Erwin, Campbell?23M    IL   
33214207Erwin, Clark20M Farmer  IL   
33214207Erwin, John A.19M    IL   
33214207Erwin, Susan17F    IL1  
33214207Erwin, Joseph13M    IL1  
33214207Erwin, Wm. H.12M    IL   
33215208Erwin, John37M Farmer 600TN   
33215208Erwin, Nancy39F    TN   
33215208Erwin, Sarah17F    IL1  
33215208Erwin, Wm. W.10M    IL1  
33215208Erwin, Emma B.7F    IL1  
33215208Erwin, James B.6M    IL   
33215208Erwin, Edwin C.4 mo.M    IL   
33216209Downey, James38M Farmer2500400NY   
33216209Downey, Sylvester25M Farmer2500400NY   
33216209Downey, John3M Farmer  IL   
33216209Hicks, Mrs.37F Housekeeper  NY   
33216209Lafore, Catharine24F    IL   
33217210Kirby, Sarah H.31F    IL   
33217210Kirby, Jacob H.9M    IL1  
33217210Kirby, Justice H.7M    IL1  
33217210Kirby, Edward A.11 mo.M    IL   
33217210Kirby, Lathrob37M Farmer110001400OH   
33217210Rooks, Mary13F    IL   
33217210Rymas, Wm.25M    Ireland   
33217210Irish, Patrick36M    Ireland   
33218211Cisco, John A.42MBFarmer 200TN   
33218211Cisco, Ann40FB   TN1  
33218211Cisco, Eliza R.13FB   IL1  
33218211Cisco, Aron11MB   IL   
33218211Cisco, Mary7FB   IL   
33218211Cisco, Catharine3FB   IL   
33218211Cisco, Augustus11 mo.MB   IL   
33219212Burns, Michael35M Laborer 50Ireland   
33219212Burns, Bridget31F    Ireland   
33219212Burns, Patrick12M    Ireland1  
33219212Burns, John10M    OH1  
33219212Burns, James4M    OH1  
33219212Dues, James41M Blank  IL   
33219212Dues, Thomas7M    Ireland   
33220213Carlean, Edwin30M Blank  IL   
34220213Coleman, Nancy28F Blank  IL   
34220213Coleman, Sophrona7F    IL   
34220213Coleman, Olivie B.5F    IL   
34220213Coleman, Charles3M    IL   
34220213Lapp, Tonny20M    Germany   
34220213Workman, Lizzie17F    IL   
34221214Ely, Charles33M Blank 50NJ   
34221214Ely, Julia33F    IL   
33221214Ely, Charles9M    IL   
33221214Ely, Mary3F    IL   
33221214Ely, Harriet8 mo.F    IL   
33222215Davies, J.A.38M Teacher45050S. Wales   
33222215Davies, R.M.I.32F    RI   
33222215Davies, Ida M.6F    NY   
33223216Davenport, Frederic35M Marksman400100England   
33223216Davenport, Mary Ann36F    England   
33223216Davenport, Ada C.11F    England   
33224217Rogers, Charles S.55M Carpenter3500500Conn   
33224217Rogers, Catharine, N.56F    NJ   
33224217Rogers, George24M    NJ   
34224217Rogers, Sarah F.21F    Miss   
34224217Rogers, Hannah14F    IL   
34224217Dnnasdon, Elizabeth27F    England   
34225218Sweeney, Michael44M Farmer400100Ireland   
34225218Sweeney, Ann M.43F    Ireland   
34225218Sweeney, John10M    IL   
34225218Sweeney, Ann M.5F    IL   
34225218Sweeney, Margaret3F    IL   
34225218Sweeney, Thomas20M    IL   
34226219McKibber, R.S.31M Book agent3000125OH   
34226219McKibber, L.H.27F    NY   
34226219McKibber, Ida F.5F    IN   
34226219McKibber, Elizabeth3F    OH   
34227220Weller, Gotheeb33M Farmer 200Wertenn?   
34227220Weller, Evella37F    Wertenn?   
34227220Weller, George6M    IL   
34228221Riggs, Benj45M Farmer6000700NJ   
34228221Riggs, Cynthia28F    PA   
34228221Riggs, Thomas6M    IL   
34228221Riggs, Samuel4M    IL   
35228221Riggs, Cole1F    IL   
35229222Riskpark, Lewis30M Farmer80001000NJ   
35229222Riskpark, Agnes30F    NJ   
35229222Riskpark, Mary8F    NJ1  
35229222Riskpark, Anna5F    NJ1  
35229222Riskpark, James4M    NJ   
35229222Riskpark, Lucinda2F    IL   
35229222Smalley, Nath’l72M   500NJ   
35229222Smalley, Cornelius35M    NJ   
35229223Riskpabrut, Charrty60F Lady farmer 2500NJ   
35229223Riskpabrut, Lucinda28F    NJ   
35229223Riskpabrut, Walter16M    NJ   
35230224Calhoun, Solomon64M Farmer80001000NH   
35230224Calhoun, Rhody64F    Mass   
35230224Calhoun, Franklin20M    IL1  
35230224Myers, George27M    PA   
35230224Myers, Mary Ann20F    IL   
35231225Cowin, John53M Farmer150002000NH   
35231225Cowin, Mary50F    VT   
35231225Cowin, George27M   500IL   
35231225Cowin, Mary21F    IL1  
35231225Cowin, John19M    IL1  
35231225Cowin, Eber13M    IL1  
35231225Cowin, Ellen16F    IL1  
35231225Cowin, Henry11M    IL1  
35232227Hartwick, James48M Farmer110001200NJ   
35232227Hartwick, Eliza50F    NJ   
35232227Hartwick, Elizabeth18F    IL   
35232228Hartwick, ?14M    IL1  
35232228Hartwick, Mary J.12F    IL1  
35232228Hartwick, Wm.10M    IL   
35232228Dutch, John25M    IL   
35233228Douber, Joseph28M Farm hand40050Germany   
35233228Douber, Mary26F    Germany   
35233228Douber, Samuel3M    IL   
35233228Douber, Mary2F    IL   
35233228Douber, James R.3 mo.M    IL   
35233228Russell, James22M Farmer170001200Arkansaw   
35233228Rusk, James28M Laborer  Ireland   
35234229Ring, David25M Laborer 40Ireland   
36234229Ring, Mary30F    Ireland   
36234229Ring, Edward1M    NJ   
36234230Dugon, Daniel38M Laborer 25Ireland   
36234230Dugon, Ellen25F    Ireland   
36235231McClurs, Wm.26M Blacksmith250700MO   
36235231McClurs, Margaret23F    NJ   
36235231McClurs, Hattie4F    IL   
36235231McClurs, Edward2M    IL   
36235231McClurs, Henry11 mo.M    IL   
36236232Landon, Wm. I.47M Farmer4500038100VT   
36236232Landon, Alvira46F    VT   
36236232Twons, Oska20M Farmer  IL1  
36236232Twons, Austin20M    IL1  
36236232Twons, Horace18M    IL1  
36236232Twons, Allice16F    IL1  
36236232Twons, Mary13F    IL1  
36236232Twons, Emma11F    IL1  
36236232Twons, Truman8M    IL1  
36236232Twons, Wm.5M    IL1  
36236232Twons, Sarah E.3F    IL   
36237233Brokam, John27M Farmer700700Oldenburg   
36237233Brokam, Louis18F    Germany   
36237233Brokam, Lizzie2F    IL   
36237233Brokam, Frank1M    IL   
36238234Brokam, Joseph24M Farmer 300Oldenburg   
36238234Brokam, Guetrot17F    Prussia   
36238234Sappen, Margaris11F    Prussia   
36239235Brockham, Lizzie41F Farmer3500250Prussia   
36239235Brockham, Netto12M    IL   
36239235Brockham, Josephine2F    IL   
36239235Brockham, John6M    IL   
36239236Marsleton, John38M Farmer7000750England   
36239236Marsleton, Amanda28F    IL   
36239236Marion, Wm.5M    IL   
36239236Irish, James30M    Ireland   
36240237Darr, Mathew80M Farmer2150016000VA   
36240237Darr, Jemima70F    KY   
36240237Darr, Mathew23M  80002800IL   
36240237Darr, Mathew D.6M    IL   
3624027Flanagan, Thomas46M Laborer  Ireland   
37241238?, Elizabeth33F Lady100003000IL   
37241238?, Mary9F    IL1  
37241238?, Jemima6F    IL1  
37241238?, Ezedkiel5M    IL1  
37241238?, Mathew3M    IL   
37241238?, Charles1M    IL   
37241238Cormen, Basil20M Laborer  IL   
37242239McDonald, Edward38M   25Ireland   
37242239McDonald, Catharine38F    Ireland   
37242239McDonald, Susan7F    IL1  
37243240Russell, Robert58M Laborer 40Ireland   
37243240Russell, Sophia38F    Ireland   
37244241Schoffer, Wm.45M Farmer  PA   
37244241Schoffer, Harriet44F    PA   
37244241Schoffer, George20M    PA   
37244241Schoffer, Curtis18M    PA1  
37244241Schoffer, Wm.16M    PA1  
37244241Schoffer, Wilemina10F    PA1  
37244241Schoffer, Nancy8F    PA1  
37244241Schoffer, Clarissa5F    PA1  
37244241Schoffer, Juliet3F    PA   
37245 unoccupied          
37246242Page, Alex41M Farmer 400KY   
37246242Page, Catherine52F    SC   
37246242Hagan, Jonathan13M    MO   
37246242Hagan, Thomas D.18M Farmer  IL   
37246243Hagan, Arthur24M    KY   
37246243Hagan, Barbary20F    IL   
37246243Hagan, Isaac2M    IL   
37246243Hagan, Stephen6 mo.M    IL   
37247244Rice, John24M Farmer & ?  Unknown   
37247244Rice, Elizabeth22F    IL   
37247244Rice, Georgianna9 mo.F    IL   
37247244Short, George20M Blacksmith  IL   
37248245Hughs, Joseph59M Farmer  NC   
37248245Hughs, Ester57F    KY   
37248245Hughs, James H.20M    IL   
37248245Hughs, Benson19M    IL1  
37248245Hughs, Hester E.16F    IL1  
37248246Roberts, Silas30M Farmer 100Unknown   
38248246Roberts, Frances E.8F    IL1  
38248246Roberts, Charles S.4M    IL   
38248246Roberts, Allen D.7 mo.M    IL   
38249247Rutherford, Jack27M Farmer 40IL   
38249247Rutherford, Lewis4M    IL   
38249247Rutherford, Elizabeth5M    IL   
38249247Rutherford, John N.3M    IL   
38250248English, John N.50M Farmer130001500KY   
38250248English, Elizabeth38F    IL   
38250248English, Loyd12M    IL1  
38250248English, John N.8M    IL1  
38250248English, Robert B.6M    IL1  
38250248Brown, Elizabeth20F    IL   
38250248Bird, Delilah15F    MO   
38251249Copeland, Alfred40M Laborer  TN   
38251249Copeland, Nirey?44F    TN   
38251249Copeland, John20M    TN   
38251249Copeland, Jane17F    TN1  
38251249Copeland, Wm.6M    TN   
38252250Elwood, Thomas44M Farming 300Ireland   
38252250Elwood, Mary42F    Ireland1  
38252250Elwood, Thomas16M    Ireland1  
38252250Elwood, Mary11F    Ireland1  
38252250Elwood, Bridget8F    IL   
38252250Elwood, John5M    IL   
38252250Elwood, Margaret2F    IL   
38253251Fitzgerald, John47M Laborer 150Ireland   
38253251Fitzgerald, Joanna44F    Ireland   
38253251Fitzgerald, Richard11M    IL   
38253251Fitzgerald, Margaret2F    IL   
38253251Fitzgerald, Mary5F    IL   
38254252Hancock, Kent47M Laborer 40Ireland   
38254252Hancock, Sarilda22F    Ireland   
38254252Hancock, Lizzie4F    IL   
38255253Bowers, Michael30M Laborer2000300Ireland   
38255253Bowers, Bridget30F    Ireland   
38255253Bowers, John7 mo.M    IL   
38255253Bowers, James62M    Ireland   
38255253Bowers, John33M    Ireland   
38255253Bowers, Bridget19F    Ireland   
39255253Gurney, James25M Farmer (crossed out)  Ireland   
39256254Fowler, Wm.53M  550400NJ   
39256254Fowler, Eliza38F    OH   
39256254Fowler, Thomas M.G.11M    OH1  
39256254Fowler, Elsa6F    IL   
39256254Fowler, Mary Ann2F    IL   
39256254Fowler, Mrs. E.74F    NJ   
39257255Belt, John34M Farmer44001500IL   
39257255Belt, Matilda28F    IL   
39257255Belt, Oskar12M    IL   
39257255Belt, Scott10M    IL   
39257255Belt, Loyd4M    IL   
39257255Bramlet, Sarah50F    IL   
39257255Bramlet, Ellen22F    IL   
39257255Belt, Henry23M    TN   
39257255Serber, Jesse24M    TN   
39258256Puff, Benj34M Cooper and farmer450100MD   
39258256Puff, Maranda26F    IL   
39258256Puff, Jacob (twin)4M    IL   
39258256Puff, Henry (twin)4M    IL   
39258256Puff, John G.3M    IL   
39258256Puff, Augustus1M    IL   
39258256Ware Nth’l (Nathaniel?)24M    IL   
39259257Osborn, Hilman M.50M Farmer2000500PA   
39259257Osborn, Jane41F    IL   
39259257Osborn, Thomas18M    IL1  
39259257Osborn, John16M    IL1  
39259257Osborn, Latura J.12F    IL1  
39259257Osborn, Harvy9M    IL1  
39259257Osborn, Sarah7F    IL1  
39259257Osborn, Norman6M    IL1  
39259257Osborn, George2M    IL   
39260258Pithman, Mrs. Margaret50F feeble ? pauperTN   
39260258Pithman, Margaret18F   pauperTN   
39260258Pithman, Lionel16M   pauperTN   
39260258Pithman, John11M   pauperTN   
39250258Pithman, Sarah8F   pauperTN   
39261259Osborn, C.V.44M Farmer2300450PA   
39261259Osborn, Caroline39F    OH   
39261259Osborn, Wm.18M    IL1  
40261259Osborn, James C.16M    IL1  
40261259Osborn, Mary C.12F    IL1  
40261259Osborn, Austin C.10M    IL1  
40261259Osborn, Clara A.6F    IL   
40261259Osborn, Amanda C. (twin)3F    IL   
40261259Osborn, Thomas C. (twin)3M    IL   
40261259Osborn, Ellen C.8 mo.F    IL   
40262260Winfrey, John E.39M Farmer 50AL   
40262260Winfrey, Emiline35F    OH   
40262260Winfrey, John M.8M    IL   
40262260Winfrey, Nancy J.4F    IL   
40262260Winfrey, Charles3 mo.M    IL   
40262260Winfrey, Mrs. Sarah59F    NC   
40262260Winfrey, Mary2F    IL   
40263261Smith, Nancy23F    IL   
40263261Smith, Edwin5 mo.F    IL   
40263262Deekes, Henry43M Farmer 500Germany   
40263262Deekes, Anna34F    IL   
40263262Robinson, Sarah7F    MO   
40263262Deekes, Mary E.1F    IL   
40263262Deekes, Wm.2 mo.M    IL   
40264263Chance, Ezekiel61M Farmer (1,320 acres)264002800NC   
40264263Chance, Elizabeth49F    IL   
40264263Chance, Henry C.17M    IL   
40264263Bassett, West20M    IL   
40265264Harris, Steven R.24M Blank 250Canada   
40265264Harris, Mary C.20F    IL   
40265264Harris, Morgun6 mo.M    IL   
40266265Chance, Andrew25M Farmer 250IL   
40266265Chance, Sarah20F    IN   
40266265Chance, Andrew Y.1M    IL   
40266265Swain, Robert J.11M    IL1  
40267 unoccupied          
40268266Mingle, Frederick33M Farmer1800450Prussia   
40268266Mingle, Catharin24F    Germany   
40268266Mingle, Wilmina4F    IL   
40268266Mingle, Mary3F    IL   
40268266?, Frank20M    Germany   
40268266Mingle, Sarah8 mo.F    IL   
40269267Ling, Wm.38M Farmer12001200Prussia   
41269267Ling, Mary50F    Odenburg   
41270268Schother, John H.43M Farmer  Odenburg   
41270268Schother, Mary Y.38F  800300Hanover, Germany   
41270268Schother, John H.15M    Hanover, Germany   
41270268Schother, Wm.12M    MO1  
41270268Schother, Henry10M    MO1  
41270268Schother, Mary Y.5F    MO   
41270268Schother, Lewis2M    MO   
41271269Cox, Wm.52M Farmer400100KY   
41271269Cox, Mary52F    KY   
41271269Cox, Rebecca M.13F    KY   
41271269Frank, Sarah11F    KY   
41271269Sinclair, Nancy Ann3F    KY   
41272270Moner, John35M Farmer 150KY   
41272270Moner, Nancy26F    KY   
41272270Moner, Robert9M    KY1  
41272270Moner, David7M    KY1  
41272270Moner, Josephine4F    KY   
41272270Moner, John C.2M    KY   
41273271Fitzgerald, Richard30M Farmer 400Ireland   
41273271Fitzgerald, Mary23F    Ireland   
41273271Fitzgerald, Kate5F    Ireland   
41273271Fitzgerald, Mary3F    Ireland   
41273271Fitzgerald, James6 mo.M    Ireland   
41274 unoccupied          
41275272Curren, Timothy52M Farmer 150Ireland   
41275272Curren, Margaret35F    Ireland   
41275272Curren, Beney14M    Ireland   
41275272Curren, John7M    OH1  
41275272Curren, Mary Ann5F    OH1  
41275272Curren, Richard3M    IL   
41276273Lyons, Thomas60M Farmer2400550Ireland   
41276273Lyons, Mary H.60F    Ireland   
41276273Lyons, Robert29M    Ireland   
41276273Lyons, James26M  800 Ireland   
41276273Arter, Caroline15F    IL   
41276273Johnson, Wm.38M Laborer  OH   
41277274Briggs, Enoch24M Farmer16406000OH   
41277274Briggs, Mary Ann22F    TN   
41277274Briggs, Sarah J.4F    IL   
42277274Briggs, Julia2F    IL   
42277274Palmer, Delitha J.14F    IL1  
42277274Palmer, James E.10M    IL1  
42277274Whaley, James33M Laborer  Ireland   
42278275Murphy, John40M Lawyer600100Unknown   
42278275Murphy, Miss Julia40F    Unknown   
42278275Bridges, George17M    Blank   
42278275Bridges, Dolphin16M    IL   
42278275Murphy, John7M    IL   
42278275Murphy, Mary5F    IL   
42278275Slout, Vincey14F    IL   
42279276Gaul, Mrs. Bridget28F    Ireland  1
42279276Gaul, Ellen16F    Ireland   
42279276Gaul, John10M    Ireland1  
42279276Gaul, Mary7F    IL1  
42279276Fitzgerald, John1M    IL   
42279277Sinclair, Isaac58M Farmer1300200TN  1
42279277Sinclair, Malinda54F    TN  1
42279277Sinclair, James28M    IL  1
42279277Sinclair, Alex20M    IL1  
42279277Sinclair, Wm.18M    IL1  
42279277Sinclair, Jane15F    IL   
42279277Sinclair, Mary10F    IL   
42280278Cox, Mrs. Rebecca37F Blank  Blank  1
42280278Cox, Wm.10M    Blank   
42280278Cox, Mary8F    Blank1  
42280278Cox, Melissa6F    Blank1  
42280278Cox, Sarah5F    Blank   
42280278Cox, James1M    Blank   
42281279Hnkle, John47M Baker/grocer1000100France   
42281279Hnkle, Sarah42F    France   
42281279Hnkle, John15M    France   
42281279Hnkle, Sarah6F    IL1  
42281279Hnkle, Henry3M    IL   
42281279Hnkle, Harriet1F    IL   
42282280Kneeley, John36M Farmer100200NC   
42282280Kneeley, Jane35F    NC   
42282280Kneeley, Mary C.3F    IL   
42283281Campbell, Wm.63M Farmer700200NC   
42283281Campbell, Mary59F   20TN   
43283281Campbell, Rosey39F    NC   
43283281Campbell, Sally A.37F    IL  1
43283281Campbell, George40M Laborer  NC  1
43283281Campbell, Alex32M    IL   
43283281Arter, Jane6F    IL   
43284282Bowden, James42M Farmer3000400IL   
43284282Bowden, Elizabeth41F    IL   
43284282Bowden, Emaline20F    IL   
43284282Bowden, John18M    IL1  
43284282Bowden, Caroline14F    IL1  
43284282Bowden, Henry J.11M    IL1  
43284282Bowden, Hester Ann8F    IL1  
43284282Bowden, Rhoda5F    IL1  
43284282Bowden, Douglass1M    IL   
43285283Scrogins, James43M Farmer 500KY   
43285283Scrogins, Sarah46F    TN   
43285283Scrogins, Asa J.17M    IL1  
43285283Scrogins, Julia15F    IL1  
43285283Scrogins, Henry H.12M    IL1  
43285283Scrogins, John W.9M    IL1  
43285283Scorgins, Mary L.1F    IL   
43286284Harvel, Perry25M Farmer4000400IL   
43286284Harvel, Martha Ann22F    IL   
43287285Henson, Mrs. Milihan48F Farmer1000100MD  1
43287285Henson, Wm.22M    IL   
43287285Henson, Sidney18M    IL1  
43287285Henson, Allen16M    IL1  
43287285Henson, James16M    IL1  
43287275Henson, Louisiana10M    IL1  
43288286Henson, John30M Farmer 200IL   
43288286Henson, Sarah25F    NC  1
43288286Henson, Richard H.6M    IL   
43288286Henson, George2M    IL   
43289287Henson, Samual32M Farmer 200IL   
43289287Henson, Hannah29F    IL   
43289287Henson, Caroline10F    IL1  
43289287Henson, Juliann8F    IL1  
43289287Henson, Wm.6M    IL   
43289287Henson, George E.4M    IL   
43289287Henson, Emily2F    IL   
44290288Fortner, Joseph36M Farmer1500300IL   
44290288Fortner, Jane37F    KY   
44290288Fortner, John14M    IL1  
44290288Fortner, Mary A.12F    IL1  
44290288Fortner, Catharine10F    IL1  
44290288Fortner, Charles7M    IL1  
44290288Fortner, Wm.4M    IL   
44291289Cope, Henry55M Farmer1500400NC   
44291289Cope, Lucinda55F    VA   
44291289Dunbar, Eliza Jane11F    IL   
44291289Cope, Hugh C.9M    IL   
44291289Bulard, John A.8M    IL   
44291289Taylor, George18M    KY   
44292290Brown, John65M Farmer6000800GA   
44292290Brown, John30M    IL   
44292290Brown, Daniel28M    IL   
44292290Ballard, Mary40F    KY   
44293291Starkweather,21M Farmer3500400IL   
44293291Starkweather, Mary18F    IL1  
44293291Starkweather, Emily16F    IL1  
44293291Starkweather, Asa13M    IL1  
44293291Campbell, Adaline20F    OH   
44294292Snell, Asa64M Doctor/farmer6500950VT   
44294292Snell, Emaline45F    VT   
44294292Snell, Guy21M    IL   
44294292Snell, Mary E.18F    IL   
44294292Snell, Jacilla17F    IL1  
44294292Snell, Clarasu J.16F    IL   
44294292Snell, Martha14F    IL1  
44294292Snell, Rhubian13F    IL1  
44294292Snell, Silas12M    IL   
44294292Snell, Jennet9F    IL1  
44294292Snell, Luther7M    IL   
44294292Snell, Hugh6M    IL   
44294292Snell, Kalusak4F    IL   
44294292Snell, Augustus3M    IL   
44294292Buchanan, Edward33M    IL   
44294292Buchanan, Russell25M    IL   
44295293Post, James61M Farmer100002700VT   
44295293Post, Adelia58F    VT   
45295293Post, Justice22M Farmer  IL   
45295293Post, Caroline20F    NJ   
45295293Post, Arthur H.6 mo.M    IL   
45295293Reys, Charles30M Laborer  Switzerland   
45295293Swinjer, Mary20F Help  IL   
45295293McFarland, Margaret64F    MD   
45296294English, Robert N.39M Farmer7600695IL   
45296294English, Mary H.13F    IL   
45296294English, Thomas Benton11M    IL1  
45296295Bountree, A.L.37M Farmer 300IL   
45296295Bountree, E.L.27F    IL   
45296295Bountree, Thomas J.10M    IL   
45296295Bountree, R.W.2M    Blank   
45297296Grimes, Janet T.40F Farmer200001300IL   
45297296Grimes, Charity40F    MO   
45297296Grimes, Philip20M    IL1  
45297296Grimes, Edward17M    IL1  
45297296Grimes, James K.P.14M    IL1  
45297296Grimes, Mary E.9F    IL1  
45297296Grimes, Isabella5F    IL1  
45297296Grimes, Robert1M    IL   
45298297Reed, Wm. H.37M Farmer 300NJ   
45298297Reed, Sarah H.34F    NJ   
45298297Reed, John16M    NJ1  
45298297Reed, Wm. M.14M    NJ1  
45298297Reed, Mary J.12F    NJ1  
45298297Reed, Charles H.10M    NJ   
45298297Reed, Alfred9M    NJ1  
45298297Reed, George7M    NJ1  
45298297Reed, James N.5M    NJ   
45298297Reed, Simon3M    NJ   
45298217Reed, Sarah E.1F    NJ   
45299298Henderson, Richmon58M Farmer190001300NH   
45299298Henderson, Mary A.45F    VT   
45299298Henderson, Charles19M    IL1  
45299298Henderson, Harriet12F    IL1  
45299298Henderson, Fanny9F    IL1  
45299298Henderson, Ellen5F    IL1  
45299298Henderson, Frank3M    IL   
45299298Nevius, Jane21F    NJ   
46299298Nevis, Lewis3M    IL   
46300 unoccupied          
46301299Hurd, Wm.46M Farmer3000850NY   
46301299Hurd, Mary20F    IL1  
46301299Hurd, Albina N.18F    IL1  
46301299Hurd, John E?12M    IL1  
46301299Hurd, Annie7F    IL1  
46301299Hurd, Hester Ann3F    IL   
46301299Clifford, John W.16M    IL   
46302300Crocket, John38M Laborer 50TN   
46302300Crocket, Rebecca31F    TN   
46302300Crocket, Wm. H.15M    TN1  
46302300Crocket, Emily J.11F    TN1  
46302300Crocket, Elizabeth10F    TN1  
46302300Crocket, Margaret8F    TN1  
46302300Crocket, Ellen4F    TN   
46303301Andrew, Godfrey48M Farmer50002100NJ   
46303301Andrew, Catharine49F    NJ   
46303301Andrew, Sarah20F    IL   
46303301Andrew, Lewis15M    IL   
46303301Andrew, Hannayh10F    IL   
46303301Grosjean, Lewis33M Farmer and shoemaker36004000France   
46303301Grosjean, Louisa37F    France   
46303301Grovis, John16M    Germany   
46304302Moore, Cephas36M    KY   
46304302Moore, Lucinda29F    IL   
46304302Moore, Isabel11F    IL1  
46304302Moore, Mary9F    IL1  
46304302Moore, Delia C.7F    IL1  
46304302Moore, Emeline4F    IL   
46304302Moore, Charles L.2F    IL   
46304302Moore, Lucinda5 mo.M    IL   
46304302Cope, Isabel32F    IL   
46305303Landon, Norton49M Farmer800300NY   
46305303Landon, Sarah41F    IN   
46305303Landon, Louisa Ann17F    IL   
46305303Landon, Lindy16F    IL1  
46305303Landon, Emeline12F    IL1  
46305303Landon, Sarah E.10F    IL1  
46305303Landon, Herman6M    IL1  
47305303Landon, Rhody4F    IL   
47305303Landon, Frances M.2 mo.F    IL   
47306304Johnson, Henry35M Farmer100001500England   
47306304Johnson, Martha J.32F    OH   
47306304Johnson, Will A.10M    IL1  
47306304Johnson, Edward8M    IL1  
47306304Johnson, Anna18F    IL   
47306304Needley, Mary16F    OH   
47306304Lowe, Jacob28M Laborer  Germany   
47306304Sweeney, Wm.13M    IL   
47306304Sweeney, Mary E.1F    CA   
47307305Derney, Michael29M Farmer 300Ireland   
47307305Derney, Hannah23F    Ireland   
47307305Derney, Mary A.2F    IL   
47308306Sandridge, Wm.26M Farmer 150TN   
47308306Sandridge, Emily21F    IL   
47308306Sandridge, Laura E.1F    IL   
47308306Sandridge, Robin9 mo.M    IL   
47309307Patterson, Mrs. Mary40F lady farmer1500300KY   
47309307Patterson, Eliza14F    IN   
47309307Patterson, Elizabeth10F    IN   
47309308Parker, Wm.26M    IL   
47309308Parker, Elizabeth22F    IL   
47309308Parker, Hester Ann2F    IL   
47309308Parker, Emeline6 mo.F    IL   
47309308Waddle, Eliza13F    IL   
47310309Brown, Mrs. Annie66F lady farmer1000400SC   
47310309Brown, Henry20M    NY   
47310309Anderson, James22M    IL   
47310309Ryan, Wm.12M    IL1  
47310309Lee, Mary26F    IL   
47310309Wyley, John27M    IN   
47310309Wyley, Carley30F    IN   
47310309Lee, Abigail31F    IL   
47311310Cope, Andrew26M Farmer 500IL   
47311310Cope, Susan27F    IL   
47311310Cope, Emma G.4F    IL   
47311310Cope, Wm. J.2M    IL   
47311310Cope, Alies C.?1 mo.F    IL   
47312311Schroder, James B.38M wagon maker/farmer3500750NH   
48312311Schroder, Priscilla36F    IL   
48312311Schroder, Ellen Charlotte14F    IL1  
48312311Schroder, Jefferson F.8M    IL1  
48312311Schroder, George H.6M    IL1  
48313312Henson, Daniel25M Farmer500500IL   
48313312Henson, Charlotte20F    IL   
48313312Henson, Thomas O.2M    IL   
48313312Wading, Joseph12M    IL1  
48314313New, Mrs. Arda35F   40IL   
48314313New, Harriet13F    IL1  
48314313New, Joseph10M    IL1  
48314313New, George9M    IL1  
48314313New, Amanda3F    IL1  
48315314Cope, Nath’l33M Farmer4000450IL   
48315314Cope, Elenda42F    VT   
48315314Cope, Wm. Henry12M    IL1  
48315314Cope, Rhody10F    IL1  
48315314Cope, Flora8F    IL1  
48315314Cope, Charles6M    IL1  
48315314Cope, Sam’l4M    IL   
48315314Cope, Nora3F    IL   
48315314Cope, Cgeorge W.1 mo.M    IL   
48315314Campbell, John A.14M    IL   
48315314English, Philip20M    IL   
48316315Brown, Samuel22M Farmer1200400IL   
48316315Brown, Harley24F    IL   
48316315Douglas, Charles2M    IL   
48317316Nokes, Mrs. Susan46F  30060IL   
48317316Anderson, Martha J.18F    IL1  
48317316Nokes, Amos N.13M    IL1  
48317316Nokes, Julian12F    IL1  
48317316Solomon, John9M    IL1  
48318317Cope, James41M Farmer20080TN  1
48318317Cope, Hilly35F    VA  1
48318317Cope, Leonard18M    IL   
48318317Cope, Henry16M    IL   
48318317Cope, Daniel13M    IL   
48318317Cope, Rachel10F    IL   
48318317Cope, Wm.9M    IL   
48318317Cope, Alfea7F    IL   
49318317Cope, Alice M.6F    IL   
49318317Cope, Angelia3F    IL   
49318317Cope, Milo1M    IL   
49319318Cann, George M.33M Farmer800250IL   
49319318Cann, Sarah28F    IL   
49319318Cann, Harriet11F    IL   
49319318Cann, Josephine8F    IL   
49319318Cann, Jane7F    IL   
49319318Cann, Josiah4M    IL   
49319318Cann, Martha2F    IL   
49319318Cann, George M.3 mo.M    IL   
49319318Lyng?, Mary Ann19F    IL   
49319318Adolphus, Louis6M    IL   
49319318Looby?, John23M    IL   
49320319Stamps, George W.22M Farmer 350IL   
49320319Stamps, Elizabeth22F    IL   
49320319Stamps, Albert Jonah1M    IL   
49321320Stamps, George W.59M Farmer1200400SC   
49321320Stamps, Frances57F    VA   
49321320Stamps, Samuel30M   75IL   
49321320Stamps, Elizabeth18F    IL   
49321320Stevens, William14M    KY1  
49322321Martin, George45M Farmer1000500TN   
49322321Martin, Pesmelia35F    MO   
49322321Martin, Leonard19M    IL   
49322321Martin, John20M    IL1  
49322321Martin, Gilbert17M    IL1  
49322321Baggs, Charles14M    IL1  
49322321Martin, Samuel12M    IL1  
49322321Martin, Vincent18M    IL1  
49322321Martin, Mary6F    IL1  
49322321Martin, Almira4 mo.F    IL   
49323322Lee, Vincent45M Farmer500250KY   
49323322Lee, Priscilla34F    IL   
49323322Lee, Anna17F    IL1  
49323322Lee, John W.14M    IL1  
49323322Lee, Green12M    IL1  
49323322Lee, Issavilla10F    IL1  
49323322Lee, David (twin)5M    IL   
49323322Lee, Elizabeth (twin)5F    IL   
50323322Lee, Leisan3F    IL   
50323322Lee, Thomas11 mo.M    IL   
50324323Dues, Pitney25M Farmer500100IL   
50324323Dues, Susan19F    IL   
50325324Cope, Joseph42M Farmer700150NC  1
50325324Cope, Martha37F    KY   
50325324Cope, Thomas19M    IL1  
50325324Cope, John17M    IL1  
50325324Cope, Mary15F    IL   
50325324Cope, Edwin13M    IL   
50325324Cope, Lucinda11F    IL1  
50325324Cope, Emeline7F    IL1  
50325324Cope, Joseph5M    IL   
50325324Cope, Caroline2F    IL   
50325324Cope, Adeline7 mo.F    IL   
50326325Cope, Lewis37M Farmer700500IL   
50326325Cope, Nancy39F    KY   
50326325Cope, Catharin14F    IL   
50326325Cope, Andrew C.12M    IL   
50326325Cope, Nathan8M    IL   
50326325Cope, Elmira5F    IL   
50326325Cope, Balina1F    IL   
50327326Cope, Jacob52M Farmer1000300NC   
50327326Cope, Olive45F    VA   
50327326Cope, Alex17M    IL   
50327326Cope, James23M    IL   
50327326Cope, Martin13M    IL1  
50327326Cope, Alfea Caroline10F    IL1  
50327326Cope, Mary G.6F    IL1  
50327326Cope, Ellie Malinda4F    IL1  
50328327Cope, Joseph22M   100IL   
50328327Cope, Elizabeth19F    IL   
50329328Maxwell, Wm.48M Farmer 300OH   
50329328Maxwell, Anna Eliza44F    MD   
50329328Maxwell, James W.20M    OH   
50329328Maxwell, Jane A.11F    OH   
50329328Maxwell, Philip M.7M    OH   
50329328Maxwell, Edward W.5M    OH   
50330329Henson, Mrs. Susan75F  100400VA   
50331 unoccupied          
51333330Nelson, James43M Farmer400400KY   
51333330Nelson, Rebecca38F    KY   
51333330Nelson, Wm. Calvin12M    IL1  
51333330Nelson, Silas7M    IL1  
51334 unoccupied          
51335 unoccupied          
51336331Machale, James   Farmer500350Ireland   
51336331McKaley, Mrs.      Ireland   
51336332Fleming, James24M Farmer65050Ireland   
51336332Fleming, Julia27F    Ireland   
51337 unoccupied          
51338333Henson, Sam’l44M Farmer10001300VA   
51338333Henson, Eliza47F    NC1  
51338333Henson, Joel22M Farmer 300IL   
51338333Henson, Margaret20F    IL   
51338333Henson, Mary J.19F    IL1  
51338333Landon, Huldah17F    IL   
51338333Henson, Mariah16F    IL1  
51338333Henson, Frances12F    IL1  
51338333Henson, Charlotte8F    IL1  
51338333Landon, Milo22M    IL   
51339334Cope, George40M Farmer1600600NC   
51339334Cope, Lucinda38F    KY   
51339334Cope, Joseph24M Farmer  IL   
51339334Cope, Verlina19F    IL1  
51339334Cope, Emaline17F    IL1  
51339334Cope, Milton15M    IL1  
51339334Cope, Allen12M    IL1  
51339334Cope, Mary10F    IL1  
51339334Cope, Jane7F    IL1  
51339334Cope, Lida4F    IL1  
51339334Cope, Elizabeth2F    IL   
51339334Vincent, Virenda20F    IL   
51339334Vincent, George3M    IL   
51339334Vincent, John W.21M   200IL   
51339334Soull (Sorill?), Mary18F Teacher  IL   
51340335Doudal, Mrs. Maliss43F Farmer400100KY   
51340335Doudal, Wm. H.21M Farmer  IL   
51340335Doudal, Mary E.20F    IL   
52340335Doudal, Colllin G.18M    IL   
52340335Doudal, Barthena17F    IL1  
52340335Doudal, Sarah14F    IL1  
52340335Doudal, Lovin J.11F    IL1  
52340335Doudal, Rebecca9F    IL1  
52340335Doudal, Emily7F    IL1  
52340335Green, Marion5M    IL   
52341336Howel, Asa L.46M Farmer 200NY   
52341336Howel, Lavina43F    NY   
52341336Howel, Calvin23M    IL   
52341336Howel, Elanson18M    IL   
52341336Howel, Wilkinton?14M    IL   
52341336Howel, Wm. L.5M    IL1  
52342337Fortner, Wm.38M Farmer1000600IL   
52342337Fortner, Elnora35F    KY   
52342337Fortner, Mary E.15F    IL1  
52342337Fortner, Sarah A.6F    IL1  
52342337Fortner, Catharine E.4F    IL1  
52342337Fortner, Mariam R.2F    IL   
52342337Fortner, Ednea5 mo.F    IL   
52342337Fortner, Wm. Sweeney15M    IL   
52342337Cooper, Thomas30M    IL   
52343338Stamps, Thomas25M Farmer 250IL   
52343338Stamps, Elinda24F    IL   
52343338Stamps, Nancy J.6F    IL   
52343338Stamps, Sarah F.3F    IL   
52343338Stamps, Elizabeth C.1F    IL   
52343338Stamps, Riley Lovel22M Farm hand  TN   
52344339Cooper, J.E.53M Farmer60001150KY   
52344339Cooper, Miriam50F    NC   
52344339Cooper, Marshall21M    IL1  
52344339Spanle, Mary14F    IL1  
52345340Massey, B.F.55M Farmer85002500NY   
52345340Massey, Mary W.44F    NY   
52345340Brown, Cyrene17F    NY   
52345340Massey, Ada6 mo.F    IL   
52345340Massey, George30M    IL1  
52346341Fortner, James47M Farmer 150IL   
52346341Fortner, Mariam R.50F    NY   
52347342Quinn, John70M Laborer  Ireland   
53347342John Quinn22M   200Ireland1 1
53347342Quinn, Thoms23M   300Ireland1 1
53347342Quinn, Mary20F    Ireland   
53347342Quinn, Margaret18F    Ireland   
53347342Quinn, Ellen24F    Ireland1 1
53347342Quinn, Mary4 mo.F    IL   
53347342Landengen, Mathew23M    Ireland   
53348343Price, Lewis69M Farmer600400NY   
53348343Price, Mary52F    NY   
53348343Price, Wm.27M Farmer 200NJ   
53348343Price, Susan17M    IL   
53348343Price, Thomas14M    IL1  
53348343Price, Hester A.12F    IL   
53348343Price, Richard10M    IL1  
53348343Price, Louisia7F    IL1  
53349344Fleming, Martin35M Farm hand 200Ireland   
53349344Fleming, Mary30F    Ireland  1
53349344Fleming, Bridget3F    IL   
53349344Fleming, John2M    IL   
53349344Fleming, Baby2 mo.F    IL   
53350345Beaty, David48M Farmer170004000OH   
53350345Beaty, Ann E.48F    NJ   
53350345Beaty, Essenian21M    IN   
53350345Beaty, Ann E.18F    OH   
53350345Beaty, Amos16M    OH   
53350345Beaty, Mary E.14F    OH   
53350345Scott, Jack19M Farm hand  Unknown   
53350345West, John25M Farm hand  Ireland   
53350345Mallory, Lewis23M    Mass   
53351346Beaty, James C.38M Farmer 100OH   
53351346Beaty, Mary E.36F    OH   
53351346Beaty, Joseph16M    OH1  
53351346Beaty, Jane13F    OH1  
53351346Beaty, Mary E.9F    OH1  
53351346Beaty, Annie3F    OH   
53351346Beaty, Doran9 mo.M    IL   
53352347Massey, Henry C.30M Farmer130001500MO   
53352347Massey, Catharine23F    Ireland   
53352347Massey, Eliza M.4F    IL   
53352347Massey, Sarah F.3F    IL   
54353348Massey, Henry W.1M    IL   
54353348Gaul, Wm.15M    Ireland   
54353348Massey, Silas12M    IL   
54353348Dain, Thomas35M Laborer  Ireland   
54353348Fitzgerald, Richard24M Laborer  Ireland   
54353348Evins, Rebecca19F Help  IL   
54354349Hays, Harley E.47M Farmer50002200VT   
54354349Hays, Mary44F    VT   
54354348Hays, P.G.21M    IL   
54354348Hays, Mary J.20F    IL   
54354348Hays, Mira E.6 mo.F    IL   
54355349Gleason, James36M Farmer700500Ireland   
54355349Gleason, Mrs.33F    Ireland   
54355349Gleason, James6M    IL1  
54355349Gleason, Joel4M    IL   
54355349Gleason, Samuel2M    IL   
54355349Gleason, Baby2 mo.M    IL   
54356350Walker, Peyton C.48M Farmer200002500VA   
54356350Walker, Sarah L.40F    Conn   
54356350Walker, George21M    IL   
54356350Walker, Wm. H.19M    IL1  
54356350Walker, Thomas J.13M    IL1  
54356350Walker, James11M    IL1  
54356350Walker, Charles9M    IL1  
54356350Walker, Mary7F    IL1  
54356350Walker, Edwin5M    IL1  
54355350Michel, ?17F    OH1  
54355350Walker, Alvin2M    IL   
54355350Fisher, Edward19M    MO   
54356351Nutt, James49M Farmer 900PA   
54356351Nutt, Lydia42F    NJ   
54356351Nutt, Richard21M    NJ   
54356351Nutt, William19M    NJ   
54356351Nutt, Emma J.17F    NJ1  
54356351Nutt, George15M    NJ1  
54356351Nutt, Joseph12M    NJ1  
54356351Nutt, Elizabeth9F    NJ1  
54357352Wentworth, Mrs. M.41F Farmer 350VT   
54357352Wentworth, Wallace14M    VT1  
54357352Wentworth, Willard11M    VT1  
55357352Wentworth, Clayton9M    IL1  
55357352Wentworth, Ellen6F    IL1  
55357352Wentworth, Charles5M    IL   
55357352Wentworth, Franklin1M    IL   
55358353Jackson, George H.47M Farmer160009880PA   
55358353Jackson, Elizabeth43F    MO   
55358353Jackson, Charles21M    IL   
55358353Jackson, Emily20F    IL   
55358353Jackson, John17M    IL1  
55358353Jackson, Richard16M    IL1  
55358353Jackson, Margaret14F    IL1  
55358353Jackson, Catharine11F    IL1  
55358353Jackson, Elizabeth9F    IL1  
55358353Jackson, Sarah5F    IL1  
55358353Jackson, George H.10 mo.M    IL   
55360354Potts, Thomas F.24M Farmer37001400IL1  
55360354Potts, Elizabeth19F    IL1  
55360354Potts, Sarah20F    IL   
55360354Potts, Margaret22F    IL   
55360354Potts, Mary18F    IL   
55360354Olex, Coleman40M Laborer  KY   
55361355Snedeker, Isaac48M Farmer200001500NJ   
55361355Snedeker, Caroline50F    NJ   
55361355Snedeker, Orville12M    IL   
55361355Snedeker, Daniel J.8M    IL   
55361355Snedeker, Mary K.38F    IL   
55361355Baugh, George M.16M    IL   
55361355Baugh, Matilda Ann13M    IL   
55361355O’Neal, James28M Laborer  PA   
55361355Richard, Abram23M    NJ   
55361355Terry, Wm. P.30M Teacher2000100KY   
55362356Darby, John C.21M Farmer70001000NJ   
55362356Darby, Henrietta26F    NJ   
55362356Darby, Elvis S.5F    IL   
55362356Darby, Charlotte6 mo.F    IL   
55362356Walpole, John15M    NJ   
55363357Woodin, Wm.26M Farmer 250NJ   
55363357Woodin, Hannah28F    IL   
55363357Whitehead, Ellen16F    IL   
55363358Kirby, Thomas34M Farmer126001500NJ   
56364358Kirby, Rebecca35F    PA   
56364358Kirby, Henry18M    IL1  
56364358Kirby, Mary J.17F    IL1  
56364358Kirby, Emma E.12F    IL1  
56365359Miner, Nath’l59M Constable90001500NY   
56365359Miner, Louisa55F    VT   
56365359Miner, Charles21M    IL   
56365359Miner, Lorinna J.19F    IL1  
56365359Miner, George C.13M    IL1  
56366360Billings, Wm., Jr.38M Gent.160001500OH   
56366360Billings, Emily32F    NJ   
56366360Billings, Mary11F    MO   
56366360Billings, Charles9M    IL1  
56366360Billings, Emily7F    IL1  
56366360Billings, Lawrence M.4M    IL1  
56366360Billings, Ida1F    IL   
56366360English, Thomas25M    England   
56366360Hicks, Eliza18F    IL   
56367361Leigh, Thomas50M Grocer1200750England   
56367361Leigh, Margaret49F    PA   
56367361Leigh, Edward11M    IL1  
56368362Robbins, Mrs. L.A.55F Farmer4000500NJ   
56368362Robbins, Richard P.23M    OH   
56368362Robbins, Emma20F    OH   
56368362Robbins, Sophia15F    IL   
56368362McPaph, John25M    Ireland   
56369363Catt, Charles T.59M Farmer7000760England   
56369363Catt, Mary59F    NJ   
56370364Scott, Joseph G.50M Gent.500010000NJ or NY   
56370364Scott, Eliza58F    NY   
56370364Cassidy, Mary20F    NY   
56370364Dwyer, C.H.50M    NY   
56370364Wood, Julia27F    NY   
56370364Kelly, Caroline13F    MO 1 
56370364Harris, Charles30M    Germany   
56370364Quinn, Mary25F    Ireland   
56370364Guren, Margaret3F    OH   
56370364Garrord, Mrs. H0.33F   30000NY   
56371 unoccupied          
56??McGuire, Martin33M Laborer  Ireland   
57372365Snedeker, Sam’l58M Farmer2000013700NJ   
57372365Snedeker, Harriet M.53F    NJ   
57372365Snedeker, Catharine16F    IL1  
57372365Snedeker, John S.14M    IL1  
57372365Tindall, Mr. & Mrs.77F    NJ   
57372365Richard, Elizabeth30F    Switzerland   
57372365Stout, Caroline M.24F    NJ   
57372365Monk, Henry18M    TN1  
57372365Porter, Johnson12M    IL1  
57372365Wilmot, Ann E.8F    IL1  
57372365Hopoper, R.F.22M    NJ   
57372365Mott, Margaret26F    NJ   
57373366Clayton, Benj. C.46M Farmer3600800NJ   
57373366Clayton, Christian49F    PA1  
57373366Clayton, Mary H.15F    PA1  
57373366Clayton, Ann E.12F    PA1  
57373366Clayton, Oskar9M    IL   
57373366Perrings, G.W.32M    NY   
57374367Lehay, John40M Laborer  Ireland   
57374367Lehay, Sutton39F    Ireland   
57374367Lehay, Lizzie13F    Ireland1  
57374367Lehay, Michael4M    IL   
57374367Lehay, James11 mo.M    IL   
57375368McAdams, Wm.52M Farmer140001500OH   
57375368McAdams, Eliza45F    OH   
57375368McAdams, Wm.25M    OH   
57375368McAdams, Mary J.22F    OH   
57375368McAdams, Elinora20F    OH   
57375368McAdams, Lewis16M    OH1  
57375368McAdams, Charles14M    OH1  
57375368McAdams, Rebecca11f    IL1  
57375368McAdams, Ann4F    IL   
57375368Allen, John41M    PA   
57375369Lewis, Wm.45M Farmer2000700NY   
57375369Lewis, Sarah44F    NY   
57375369Lewis, Joseph17M    IL1  
57375369Lewis, Elijah14M    IL1  
57375369Lewis, Susanna13F    IL1  
57375369Lewis, Julia6F    IL1  
57375369Lewis, Wm.5M    IL1  
58375369Lewis, Edwin3M    IL   
58376370Gears, Charles35M Gent. Farmer1350010000Germany   
58376370Gears, Philipen30F    Germany   
58376370Gears, Florida9F    IL1  
58376370Gears, Lorilla7F    IL1  
58376370Gears, Paris5F    IL   
58376370Gears, Loyd3M    IL   
58376370Gears, Douglass7 mo.M    IL   
58376370Gurthey, Mary14F    IL   
58376370Gurthey, Jacob23M Farm hand  Germany   
58377371Meskell, John A.56M Carpenter600100VA   
58377371Meskell, Elizabeth57F    VA   
58377371Meskell, Adeline19F    MO   
58378372Walters, Paul48M Gentleman10000200Baden, Germany   
58378372Walters, Louisa33F    Prussia   
58378372Walters, Henry10M    IL1  
58378372Walters, Josephine8F    IL1  
58378372Walters, Paul5M    IL   
58378372Walters, Frederick3M    IL   
58379373Squire, Isaac60M Farmer10000900NJ   
58379373Squire, Martha58F    NJ   
58379373Squire, Harrison36M    NJ   
58379373Squire, Caroline25F    NJ   
58379373Squire, Elizabeth23F    NJ   
58379373Squire, Ludlow20M    NJ1  
58379373Allen, Morris20M    NJ   
58379373Tar, Daniel D.12M    MD   
58380374Coomb, Daniel H.54M Farmer90001500NJ   
58380374Coomb, Mary R.52F    NJ   
58380374Coomb, Edward20M    NJ   
58380374Coomb, Caroline16F    NJ1  
58380374Coomb, Daniel H.12M    IL1  
58380374Coomb, Isaac R.40M    NJ   
58380374Coomb, Mary E.13F    NJ1  
58380374McNicols, Matilda15F    Ireland1  
58380374Qinn, Richard28M    Ireland   
58381375Adams, Chas. S.35M Farmer80001000OH   
58381375Adams, Nancy34F    PA   
58381375Adams, Mary Ann15F    IL1  
58381375Adams, John Q.12M    IL1  
58382375Adams, Martha10F    IL1  
58382375Adams, Newell L.9M    IL1  
58382375Adams, Edward5M    IL1  
58382375Adams, George3M    IL1  
58382375Hughs, Peter G.35M    Ireland   
58382375Sweeney, Patrick17M    Ireland   
58383376Flanagan, Patrick35M Laborer30050Ireland   
58383376Flanagan, Ellen27F    Ireland   
58383376Flanagan, James6M    VA1  
58383376Flanagan, Margaret4F    MO1  
58383376Flanagan, Michael3M    IL   
58383376Flanagan, Maria1F    IL   
58384377Ely, George R.51M Farmer9000800NJ   
58384377Ely, Jane42F    NJ   
58384377Ely, Alvera27F    NJ   
58384377Ely, Ella22F    NJ   
58384377Ely, Ann17F    IL   
58384377Ely, Mary16F    IL1  
58384377Ely, Elizabeth14F    IL1  
58384377Ely, George W.10M    IL1  
58384377Ely, Letitia9F    IL1  
58384377Ely, Gilbert7M    IL1  
58384377Ely, Hattie2F    IL   
58385378Wheeler, Cornelius22M Laborer6040Ireland   
58385378Wheeler, Lizzie20F    Ireland   
58385378Wheeler, Mary Ann1F    IL   
59385379Potts, John36M Coal miner10020England   
59385379Potts, Elizabeth33F    England   
59385379Potts, Isabel6F    IL1  
59385379Potts, Jane Ann1F    IL   
59386380Robinson, John30M Coal miner10020England   
59386380Robinson, Jane26F    England   
59386380Johnson, Anna13F    England   
59386380Robinson, George25M    England   
59387381Christopher, Jacob58M Farmer80001000NJ   
59387381Christopher, Jane58F    PA   
59387381Christopher, James22M    OH   
59387381Christopher, Mathena21F    IL   
59387381Christopher, Sarah14F    IL1  
59387371Christopher, Adam12M    IL1  
60387381Christopher, Edward11M    IL1  
60387371Cchase, Ely24M    NY   
60387381Seward, Green14M    IL   
60388382Christopher, Jacob34M Dairy farmer70002500NJ   
60388382Christopher, Sarah27F    NJ1  
60388382Christopher, Mary10F    IL1  
60388382Christopher, Frances7F    IL   
60388382Christopher, George C.28M    IL   
60388382Harris, Wm. Westley13MN    IL1  
60388382Allen, Robert15M Farm hand  IL   
60389383Tenell, Madison51M Farmer100001500NJ   
60389383Tenell, Mary51F    NJ   
60389383Tenell, Lewis27M    NJ   
60389383Tenell, Rachel22F    NJ   
60389383Tenell, Jason20M    NJ1  
60389383Tenell, Isaac17M    NJ1  
60389383Tenell, George13M    NJ1  
60389383Tenell, Oliver9M    IL   
60389383Stell, Rachel72F    NJ   
60389383Weatherby, Sarah24F    IL   
60389383Weatherby, Charlotte1F    NJ   
60389383Fox, Thomas22M Farm hand  NJ   
60390384Welk, Wm.24M Farm hand  Ireland   
60390384Welk, Catharine22F    Ireland   
60390384Welk, Martha6 mo.F    IL   
60391385Darby, Jacob27M Farmer8000700NJ   
60391385Darby, Letitia21F    IL   
60391385Darby, William1M    IL   
60391385Grace, John24M Farm hand  Ireland   
60392 unoccupied          
60383386Darby, Wm.55M Farmer100001760NJ   
60393386Darby, Charlotte57F    NJ   
60393386Darby, Levi22M    NJ   
60393386Darby, Lucy24F    VT   
60393386Darby, Catharine15F    NJ   
60393386Treel, Wm.19M    England   
60393386Boya, Wm.23M    Ireland   
60393386Bartlett, Henry9M    IL   
60393386Darby, Frank11 mo.M    IL   
60393386Williams, James34M hand  PA   
61394387Cory, Joel55M Farmer470005000NJ   
61394387Cory, Sarah54F    NJ   
61394387Cory, John19M    IL1  
61394387Cory, Joel16M    IL1  
61394387Cory, Sarah14F    IL1  
61394387Cory, Walter9M    IL1  
61394387P????, Ann A.9F    IL1  
61394387Crogin, Hugh26M Farm hand  Ireland   
61394387Maley, Lawrence21M Farm hand  Ireland   
61394387Heren, Bridget26F Help  Ireland   
61395386Beattie, John F.44M Farmer210001700OH   
61395386Beattie, Mary M.39F    OH   
61395386Beattie, Marian17F    OH   
61395386Beattie, Matret R.13M    OH1  
61395386Beattie, Nenian8F    OH1  
61395386Beattie, Mary E.5F    OH1  
61395386Beattie, Catharine2F    OH   
61395386????19F    ?   
61395386???, Silas19M Farm hand  OH   
61395386McFally, John19M Farm hand  Ireland   
61396387Inman, Joseph52M Farmer136001,500/1,100NJ   
61396387Inman, Delia39F    MO   
61396387Inman, Catharine18F    IL   
61396387Inman, John13M    IL1  
61396387Inman, Mary A.11F    IL1  
61396387Inman, Elizabeth9F    IL1  
61396387Inman, Philip (twin)7M    IL   
61396387Inman, Joseph (twin)7M    IL   
61397388Kirby, Wm.42M Farmer260002400NJ   
61397388Kirby, Experience39F    NY   
61397388Kirby, Nathaniel13M    IL1  
61397388Kirby, Elizabeth11F    IL1  
61397388Kirby, Sarah5F    IL1  
61397388Kirby, Wm. H.3M    IL   
61397388Kirby, Robert H.2M    IL   
61397388Stutzer, Jane17F    IN   
61397388Harrington, Jane P.24F    IL   
61397388Harrington, James Johny18M Farmer  NY   
61397388White, John25M Teacher  IL   
61397388White, Sperry27M Teacher  IL   
62398389Steele, Asa41M Carpenter2500300NJ   
62398389Steele, Matilda40F    NJ   
62398389Steele, Sarah14F    OH1  
62398389Steele, Oliver10M    OH1  
62398389Steele, George8M    IL1  
62398389Steele, Helen3F    IL   
62398389Steele, Chas.25M    PA   
62399390Brngemeier, Fred31M Farmer33000200Wertenburser   
62399390Brngemeier, Catharine30F    Wertenburser   
62399390Brngemeier, Derdeminia7F    IL   
62399390Brngemeier, Theodosis5F    IL   
62399390Brngemeier, Henretta3F    IL   
62399390Brngemeier, Frederic2 mo.M    IL   
62399390Denbar, Sophia24F Farm help  Hanover, Germany   
62399390Denbar, George28M Farm hand  Wertenburser   
62399390Denbar, Franklin18M    Wertenburser   
62400391White, Robert38M Farmer120002500Scotland   
62400391White, Christiana50F    Scotland   
62400391White, Nebert H.21M    NY1  
62400391White, Mary19F    NY   
62400391White, Wm. H.17M    NY1  
62400391White, George14M    NY1  
62400391White, Hattie12F    NJ1  
62400391Croussey, Edward20m Farm hand  ME1  
62400391Fix, Wm.23M    England   
62401392Hunter, Wm.24M Farmer 200England   
62401392Hunter, Sarah29F    England   
62401392Hunter, Wm.7M    IL1  
62401392Hunter, Isabella5F    IL   
62401392Hunter, Jane4F    IL   
62401392Hunter, Mary A.2F    IL   
62401392Hunter, Sarah1F    IL   
62402393McLowen, Edward30M Laborer  Ireland  1
62402393McLowen, Mary29F    Ireland   
62402393McLowen, SusanF     PA   
62402393McLowen, Edward2 mo.M    IL   
62403394Cross, Hugh N.42M nothing written in  NJ   
62403394Cross, Antonetta36F    NY   
62403394Cross, A.W.15M    IL1  
62403394Cross, Mary12F    IL1  
63403394Cross, Edward5M    IL   
63403394Cross, Leslie3M    IL   
63403394Smith, Jacob25M Farm hand  Prussia   
63403394Bever, John26 or 20M Farm hand  Prussia   
63403394Bever, Mrs. Jane22F Farm help  Ireland   
63403394Shearn, John21M Farm hand  Ireland   
63403394Wyret, Joseph21M Farm hand  Prussia   
63404395Osborn, Giles51M Farmer 1900TN   
63404395Osborn, Lucy47F    TN   
63404395Osborn, Rheuben A.27M    IL   
63404395Osborn, Julia E.18F    IL   
63404395Osborn, Charlotte16F    IL   
63404395Osborn, Geo. Ann12M    IL1  
63404395Osborn, Newman9M    IL   
63404395Osborn, Dick P.6M    IL   
63404395Allen, Charles C.1M    IL   
63404395Hopper, Henry20M Farm hand  Germany   
63404395Dolsben, Manus25M Farmer  IL   
63405396Frost, Wm. H.41M Farmer74006200NJ   
63405396Frost, Rebecca36F    VT   
63405396Frost, Mary E.9F    IL   
63405396Frost, Theodore G.4M    IL   
63405396Frost, Mrs. Catharine62F    NJ   
63405396Cinover, Arintha58F    NJ   
63405396Orr, Mrs. Mary38F Farm help  Ireland   
63405396Orr, Charlotte10F    IL   
63405396Lewis, Louisa J.22 or 24F Servant  IL   
63405396Snemson, Prissen20M Farm hand  IL   
63405396Clines, Newten15M Farm hand  IL   
63405396Clines, James M.12M    IL   
63406397Frost, John H.18M Farmer 400IL   
63406397Frost, Mary E.21F    IL   
63406397Kirkpatrick, Frank21M    IL   
63406397Boone, Sam’l21MBFarm hand  IL  1
63406397Warren, Sam’l20MBFarm hand  OH   
63407398Gumble, Chas.50M Farmer 500NJ   
63407398Gumble, Matilda34F    NJ   
63407398Gumble, Chas.5M    NJ   
63307398Gumble, Mary3F    IL   
63306398Gumble, Matilda2F    IL   
64408399Penna, Michael28M Farm hand  Ireland   
64408399Penna, Margaret25F    Ireland   
64408399Penna, Hannah11F    TN1  
64408399Penna, Ellen E.2F    IL   
64408399Penna, Kate9 mo.F    IL   
64408399Cindam, Mrs. Ellen50F    Ireland   
64408399James, Irish13M Farm hand  Ireland   
64409400Cory, S.28M Farmer120001600NJ   
64409400Cory, Almira26F    NJ   
64409400Cory, Joel6M    IL1  
64409400Ellen, Rose?F    IL   
64409400Dikemorn, Anna17F    NJ   
64409400Flicker, Lewis24M    PA   
64409400Carr, Robert19M    PA   
64409400Reed, John11M    NJ   
64410401Wales, John24M Farm hand  England   
64410401Wales, Delilia23F    NJ   
64410401Wales, Mary1F    NJ   
64411402Ross, Henry46M Farmer120002000NJ   
64411402Ross, Mary38F    PA   
64411402Ross, Wm. S.18M    OH1  
64411402Boyd, Benj. S.20M    OH   
64411402Boyd, Jane22F    OH   
64412403Ross, J.T.29M Farmer 300OH   
64412403Ross, Rebecca20?F    OH   
64412403Ross, Henry S.5M    OH1  
64412403Ross, Bese C.3F    OH   
64412403Ross, Anna1F    OH   
64412403Alexander, Thos.38M Farmer  OH   
64412403Kindall, Wm.17M    OH   
64412404Ross, Amos71M    NJ   
64412404Ross, Lydia69F    NJ   
64412404Keizer, Catharine18F    OH   
64413405Collins, Job.55M Farmer90001200K.   
64413405Collilns, Arnida54F    NY   
64413405Collins, Margaret20F    IL1  
64413405Collins, Wm. D.16M    TN1  
64413405Chaffan, Almira12M    TN   
64413406Censury?, John38M Laborer  Ireland  1
64413406Censury, Mana22F    Ireland   
65414406Conway, Sarah30F    NY 1 
65414406Conway, Catharine20F    IL 1 
65415407Neely, Alex’r57M Farmer5,000/5,0003000NC  1
65415407Neely, Joshua43M  5,000/5,0003000NC  1
65415407Neely, Rebecca55F    NC  1
65415407Campbell, Alex’r31M    IL   
65415407Harper, John3M    IL   
65416408Burns, Pat30M Laborer  Ireland   
65416408Burns, Mrs.35F    Ireland   
65416408Indiana, Sam’l19M    IN   
65417409Sweeny, Sam’l28M Laborer  Ireland   
65417409Sweeny, Mary33F    Ireland   
65417409Sweeny, Rachel6F    IL   
65417409Sweeny, John5M    IL   
65417409Sweeny, Joshua3M    IL   
65417409Sweeny, Hannah2F    IL   
65418410Vangant, John38M Farmer  NJ   
65418410Vangant, Margaret33F    NJ   
65418410Vangant, Catharine11F    NJ1  
65418410Vangant, Richard9M    NJ1  
65418410Vangant, Wm. H.5M    NJ   
65418410Vangant, Martha A.2F    IL   
65418410Vangant, Chas.3 mo.M    IL   
65419411Whitehead, Robert58M Farmer15,000/10,0002400Miss   
65419411Whitehead, Margaret59F    NJ   
65419411Whitehead, Cornelius22M    IL   
65419411Whitehead, Rebecca20F    IL   
65419411Whitehead, Ida17F    IL   
65419411Whitehead, Sarah14F    IL1  
65419411Whitehead, Robert12M    IL1  
65419411Whitehead, Ellis8M    IL1  
65419411Erwin, Rollin28M Farmer800 England   
65420412Spencer, Wm.25M Farmer 800NJ   
65420412Spencer, Rebecca20F    NJ   
65420412Spencer, Anna1F    NJ   
65421413Pinever, John30M Farm hand  Ireland   
65421413Pinever, Maria28F    Ireland   
65421413Pinever, Sarah5F    PA   
65421413Pinever, Catharine3F    IL   
65421413Pinever, Baby2 mo.     IL   
66422414Potts, Geo.42M Farmer10000900NC   
66422414Potts, Phebe32F    TN   
66422414Potts, Lucy10 mo.F    IL   
66422414Potts, Mrs. Margaret87F    NC   
66422414Potts, Elizabeth59F    NC   
66422414Woodward, Joseph40M Farm hand  NJ   
66422414Fistler, Catharine18F Farm help  Germany   
66422414Lavern, Michael40M Farm hand  IN   
66422414Bridgney, George23M Farmer  NY   
66422415Wooden, Wm.37M Farmer  NJ   
66422415Wooden, Mary37F Farmer  PA   
66422415Lock, Jacog25M Farm hand  PA   
66423416Heitzig, Henry38M Farmer 70Germany   
66423416Heitzig, Mary35F    Germany   
66423416Heitzig, Henry10M    PA   
66423416Heitzig, Sarah8F    PA   
66423416Heitzig, Anthony7M    PA   
66423416Heitzig, John5M    PA   
66423416Heitzig, Baby1M    IL   
66424417Johnson, Charles24M Laborer  TN   
66424417Johnson, Catera22F    MO   
66424417Johnson, Joseph4M    MO   
66424417Johnson, Angeline1F    IL   
66424417?? David, W.B.27M    Unknown   
66425418Spellman, John28M Laborer  Ireland  1
66425418Spellman, Margaret22F    Ireland  1
66425418Arter, James18M Farmer  Scotland   
66425418Arter, Eliza21F    MO   
66425418Arter, Robert3M    IL   
66425418Arter, Ellen1F    IL   
66425418Arter, Samuel18M    Scotland   

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