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1860 Jersey Landing Township Census Transcription

This transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page Number; D = Dwelling; F = Family number

111Spangle, George54m farmerOH
111Spangle, Pricilla40f  OH
111Spangle, Emaline20f  IL
111Spangle, Alvin18m  IL
111Spangle, Sarah16f  IL
111Spangle, Perry14m  IL
111Spangle, George10m  IL
111Spangle, Robert7m  IL
111Spangle, Sarah24f  IL
122Cornelius, Daniel35m farmerIL
122Cornelius, Elizabeth37f  PA
122Cornelius, Mary H.9f  IL
122Cornelius, John A.6m  IL
122Cornelius, Phisson1m  IL
133Chapput, Joseph44m farmerCanada
133Chapput, Catherine40f  MO
133Chapput, Joseph A.20m  MO
133Chapput, Louis17m  MO
133Chapput, John15m  IL
133Chapput, James15m  IL
133Chapput, Mary13f  IL
133Chapput, Narny11f  IL
133Chapput, Emily8f  IL
133Chapput, George6m  IL
133Chapput, Charles2m  IL
144Slever, Henry60m wagon makerNJ
144Slever, Nancy59f  OH
144Slever, Wm. M.25m farmerOH
144Slever, Margaret20f  IN
144Slever, John27m wagon makerOH
144Slever, Emlew13f  IN
144Slever, Ellen4f  IL
155Slever, Austin35m saddlerOH
155Slever, Richard30m artistNY
166Hamer, John67m farmerPA
166Hamer, Mary65f  PA
166Hamer, Nathan23m  OH
166Hamer, Bates21m  OH
166Hamer, Mary16f  OH
177Glopburn, John26m carpenterGER
277Glopburn, Mary20f  MO
277Glopburn, Peter3m  IL
277Glopburn, Ellen1f  IL
288Glopburn, Fredric58m farmerGER
288Glopburn, Barbara48f  GER
288Glopburn, Frederic17m  GER
288Glopburn, Mary14f  GER
288Glopburn, Catherine12f  PA
288Glopburn, George4m  MO
299Carroll, Charles H.24m farmerOH
299Carroll, Zelda21f  OH
299Carroll, John A.3m  IL
299Carroll, Edward C.1m  IL
299Carroll, Minerva7/12m  IL
299Callis, Isaac17m farm handENG
21010Carroll, Charles Sr.64m farmerMD
21010Carroll, Lusanna58f  OH
21010Carroll, Mary J.11f  IL
21111Schrader, Wm.38m laborerGER
21111Schrader, Hyamen32f  GER
21111Volzls, Charles24m  GER
21212Callis, Ezra40m farmerVA
21212Callis, Margaret33f  OH
21212Callis, Mary13f  OH
21212Callis, Margaret10f  OH
21212Callis, John W.7m  IL
21212Callis, George D.4m  IL
21212Callis, Lusanna2f  IL
21212Callis, Wm. P.4/12m  IL
21313Thompson, Wm.56m farmerSCOT
21313Thompson, James25m  CT
21313Thompson, Sarah22f  OH
21313Nichols, Peter22m  SCOT
21414Bennett, Benjamin56m farmerVA
21414Bennett, Letitia40f  OH
21414Bennett, Laura15f  IL
21414Bennett, Benjamin10m  IL
21414Bennett, Reuben8m  IL
21515Rantoul, James32m farmerSCOT
21515Rantoul, Ann22f  SCOT
31515Rantoul, Wm. A.11/12m  IL
31616Hutchcroft, Wm.31m laborerIL
31616Hutchcroft, Nancy E.23f  IL
31616Hutchcroft, Hiram6m  IL
31616Hutchcroft, Nancy E.4f  IL
31717Bennett, William J.31m farmerOH
31717Bennett, Columbia O.21f  IL
31717Bennett, Benjamin3m  IL
31717Bennett, Emma2f  IL
31717Bennett, Reuben6/12m  IL
31818Lynch, Thomas28m farmerIRE
31818Lynch, Hannah23f  OH
31818Lynch, John4m  IL
31818Hughes, Mary Mrs.65f  RI
31818Spangler, Charles16m  IL
31919Kelly, Mrs.37f farmerIRE
31919Kelly, Benjamin14m  IL
31919Kelly, Charles12m  IL
31919Mohen, George W.6m  IL
31919Mohen, John8m  IL
32020Boody, Henry36m farmer 
32020Boody, Catherine27f   
32020Boody, Daniel8m   
32020Boody, Wm.7m   
32020Boody, Henry5m   
32020Boody, Amelia2f   
32020Wagoner, John26m farm hand 
32121Knapp, Gotlieb42m farmer 
32121Knapp, Mrs.37f   
32121Knapp, Rachel18f   
32121Knapp, Frank16m   
32222Swales, Thomas45m merchant 
32222Swales, Mary63f   
32222Swales, Guyantha19f   
32222Swales, Thomas E.17m   
32222Nopp, Wm.26m   
32323Broadbent, Wm.50m laborer 
32323Broadbent, Mary50f   
32323Broadbent, James W.9m   
32424Jennings, Wm.50m laborerOH
42525Dunn, Harrison29m farmerNY
42525Dunn, Mary28f  NJ
42525Dunn, Sarah10f  NJ
42525Dunn, Mary J.9f  PA
42525Dunn, Ada6f  IL
42525Dunn, Wm.1m  IL
42626Smith, Robert27m cement millCanada
42626Smith, Sophia28f  MA
42626Smith, Baby2/12f  IL
42727King, Wm.45m cementSC
42727King, Malinda57f  TN
42727King, Wm. H.19m  IL
42727King, John L.17m  IL
42727King, George W.18m  IL
42727King, D?? Ellen12f  IL
42727King, Mary E.10f  IL
42727King, Malinda7f  IL
42727King, Thomas A.5m  IL
42727King, Perry3m  IL
42727King, David A.8/12m  IL
42727Norris, George23m laborerIRE
42727Whalen, Edward21m laborerNorway
42727Stevens, John31m laborerFrance
42727Fretz, Anthony28m laborerIRE
42727Kelly, Pat22m laborerIRE
42727Parish, James29m laborerIRE
42727Yorpy, Wm.50m  NY
42727House, Daniel26m  ME
42727Lixen, Nicholas26m  PA
42727Denis, John40m  NY
42828Pen?????, Thomas J.28m lawyerIL
42828Pen?????, Teretha26f  IL
42828Pen?????, Ann A.1f  IL
42929Farrell, Peter27m boarding houseIRE
42929Farrell, Catherine24f  IRE
42929Farrell, Patrick2m  IRE
42929Plumb, Charles27m  IL
43030Ratliffe, George W.25m farmerIL
43030Ratliffe, Serena18f  IL
43030Ratliffe, Leonard1m  IL
53131Ratliffe, John R.40m farmerIL
53131Ratliffe, Minerva23f  IL
53131Ratliffe, James8m  IL
53131Ratliffe, Sarah6f  IL
53131Ratliffe, Mary5f  IL
53131Ratliffe, Julia4f  IL
53131Ratliffe, Wm.3m  IL
53131Ratliffe, George W.1m  IL
53232Touriville, Peter51m farmerMO
53232Touriville, Nancy40f  AL
53232Touriville, Francis16m  AL
53333Mott, Edmund50m farmerNY
53333Mott, Catherine46f  NY
53333Mott, Manfred21m  NY
53333Mott, Jantha10m  NY
53333Mott, Dervas14f  NY
53333Mott, Edmond12m  NY
53434Strang, P. O.30m farmerGER
53434Strang, Laura A.24f  GER
53434Strang, Mary3f  IL
53434Strang, Jeroria1f  IL
53535Bernard, Nathan37m farmerMO
53535Bernard, Ledatia30f  TN
53535Bernard, Alexander3m  IL
53636Riley, J. W.43m laborerMS
53636Riley, Sarah46f  VA
53636Riley, David16m  VA
53636Riley, Harvey14m  IL
53636Riley, E?anthus12m  IL
53636Riley, Leonidas9m  IL
53737Hutchcraft, Wm.32m laborerMO
53737Hutchcraft, Ellendes27f  TN
53737Hutchcraft, Hiram6m  IL
53737Hutchcraft, Nancy2f  IL
53737Hutchcraft, Elizabeth30f  MO
53737Plumb, Chester24m  MO
53838Cruckshanks, Wm.40m farmerTN
53838Cruckshanks, Hannah40f  TN
53838Cruckshank, Charles14m  TN
53838Cruckshank, Wm. H.10m  TN
63838Cruckshank, Eliza8f  IL
63838Crucjshank, Thomas4m  IL
63939Ellison, Nancy Mrs.60f farmerTN
63939Ellison, Lenard H.16m  TN
63939Ellison, George W.11m  IL
64040Shelby, Elizabeth Mrs.36f washer womanMO
64040Shelby, Mary A.4f  MO
64040Shelby, Hannah?f  MO
64141McNeal, Jacob28m laborerGER
64141McNeal, Mrs.30f  GER
64141Nolan, John23m  GER
64242Cornelius, John R.48m farmer – millerIL
64242Cornelius, Elizabeth45f  IL
64242Cornelius, Daniel D.26m farm handIL
64242Harkelrode, Eliza20f  TX
64242Cornelius, Jonah6/12m  IL
64343Reed, David38m farmerKY
64343Reed, Nancy42f  KY
64343Reed, Mary E.13f  IL
64343Reed, Martha18f  KY
64343Reed, Charity15f  IL
64343Reed, Lemuel13m  IL
64343Reed, Sarah10f  IL
64343Reed, Aga9f  IL
64343Reed, Marrus8m  IL
64343Reed, Nancy E.4f  IL
64343Reed, Maulda C.10/12f  IL
64444Whipple, John30m farmerOH
64444Whipple, Henry L.30m  GER
64444Mitwell, Robert38m  Saxony
64444Mitwell, Salinda24f  Saxony
64444Herman, Gotleib32m  Saxony
64545Walker, Andrew32m farmerGER
64545Walker, Kaning30?  GER
64545Walker, George2m  IL
64545Haffney, John28m laborerGER
64545Smelter, Wm.24m  Sweden
64545Walker, Margaret Mrs.60f  GER
64646Miller, John26m laborerGER
64646????, ???46m laborerGER
74646Shering, Catherine60f  GER
74646Shering, Catherine17f  GER
74747Gracker, John36m farmerGER
74747Gracker, Wm.16m  GER
74848Mickey, Michael26m  GER
74848Mickey, Mary24f  GER
74848Mickey, George4m  MO
74949Fetzler, Preston36m farmerGER
74949Fetzler, Hannah38f  GER
74949Fetzler, Mike6m  MO
74949Fetzler, George4m  MO
74949Fetzler, M. Key2m  MO
74949Fetzler, John22m  GER
75050Rluling, Charles34m farmerGER
75050Rluling, Petrah25f  GER
75050Rluling, Lewis7m  IL
75050Rluling, Emily2f  IL
75050Nelson, John27m laborerSweden
75050Rouse, Peter29m laborerGER
75151O’Henry, Edward32m farmerIRE
75151O’Henry, Mary A.24f  IRE
75151O’Henry, Rosa4f  IL
75151O’Henry, Anna2f  IL
75252Carroll, Thomas54m farmer – tanner 
75252Carroll, Salinda50f   
75252Dyke, John28m  Switzerland
75252Rhodes, Martha17f  IL
75353Smith, Harvey30m farmerIL
75353Smith, Maria29f  IL
75353Smith, Ada7f  IL
75353Smith, Willie5m  IL
75353Smith, Anna4f  IL
75353Smith, Edgar1m  IL
75353Smith, Clarie4/12f  IL
75353Stine, Amelia N.18f  OH
75454Noble, George L.22m farmerIL
75454Noble, Nancy A.23f  IL
75454Wedding, Thomas B.9m  IL
75454Piggott, Isaac N.29m farmerIL
75555Bell, Wm. D.22m laborerTN
85555Bell, Martha45f  KY
85555Bell, George W.17m  TN
85555Bell, Martha J.9/12f  IL
85656Derssent, Elizabeth46f  SC
85656Derssent, John26m laborerKY
85656Derssent, James5m  MO
85656Derssent, Elizabeth12f  IL
85656Derssent, Martha8f  IL
85656Beal, Charles S.18m  IL
85656Murry, Susan N.16f  MO
85656Murry, Wm.31m laborerIA
85757Nolt, David L.35m laborerMO
85757Nolt, Betsy J.30f  MO
85757Nolt, Lucinda9f  IL
85757Nolt, Mary J.4f  IL
85757Nolt, Betsy J.14f  IL
85858St. Peter, Oliver40m farmerCanada
85858St. Peter, Sophia12f  WI
85858St. Peter, Anthony10m  WI
85858St. Peter, John6m  WI
85959Waldren, Andrew J.29m laborerMO
85959Waldren, Harriet25f  IL
85959Waldren, Andrew J.4m  IL
85959Waldren, Sarah1/12f  IL
86060Botkin, John40m farmerVA
86060Botkin, Asa40f  KY
86161Murphy, Elizabeth Mrs.43f  KY
86161Murphy, Mary15f  KY
86262Lear, Henry43m farmerPA
86262Lear, Mary44f  OH
86262Lear, Richard16m  OH
86262Lear, Emaline12f  OH
86262Lear, Mary A.6f  OH
86262Lear, Henretta20f  OH
86262Lear, Ellen19f  OH
86363Johnson, S. B.37m farmerNY
86363Johnson, Elizabeth30f  MO
86363Fine, Samuel B.18m  KY
86363Johnson, Solomen B.9/12m  IL
86363Deutsenbacher, Caroline15f  GER
96363Prigh, David27m farm handWales
96363Boyd, Wm.33m farm handIRE
96464Moore, Isaac47m farm handTN
96464Moore, Sylvania46f  TN
96464Moore, Ann13f  MO
96464Moore, Henry13m  MO
96464Moore, George12m  MO
96464Moore, Isaac10m  IL
96464Moore, John6m  IL
96464Moore, Elizabeth3f  IL
96565Limmeth, Joseph43m farmerGER
96565Limmeth, Jane45f  Holland
96565Gane, Wm.19m  Holland
96565Limmeth, Mary2f  IL
96666Tupper, Henry50m boatmanTN
96666Tupper, Sally45f  MO
96666Tupper, Henry14m  MO
96666Tupper, Francis12m  MO
96666Tupper, Edward4m  IL
96767Baker, Paul46m farmerGER
96767Baker, Mary Ann36f  GER
96767Baker, Catherine11f  GER
96767Baker, Isabel8f  GER
96767Baker, Ann7f  GER
96767Baker, Margaret5f  WI
96767Baker, Mathew3m  WI
96767Baker, Krasa6/12f  IL
96868Yates, Joel39m farmerTN
96868Yates, Sarah37f  AL
96868Yates, Lavinia E.14f  IL
96868Yates, Martha J.9f  IL
96868Yates, Mary A.7f  IL
96868Yates, John W.5m  IL
96868Yates, Thirman B.3m  IL
96868Yates, Wm. D.2m  IL
96868Yates, George W.18m  IL
96868Davis, Andrew23m farm handIN
96969Bokel, George60m farmerGER
96969Bokel, Salinda14f  GER
96969Hanks, John23m farm handGER
107070Serino, C.53m farmerGER
107070Serino, Catherine39f  GER
107070Serino, Elizabeth20f  IL
107070Serino, Hannah11f  IL
107070Serino, Bertha17f  IL
107070Serino, Otto9f  IL
107070Serino, Saria8f  IL
107070Serino, Emily5f  IL
107070Serino, Thohannah1f  IL
107070Serino, Shest2f  IL
107171Marcie, Lucinda Mrs.45f  IN
107171Marcie, John18m  IN
107171Marcie, Joshua13m  IN
107171Marcie, Sylvester7m  MO
107272Snyder, Xavier?m cooper – farmerFrance
107272Snyder, Mary?f  France
107272Winger, Jacob?m farmerGER
107272Winger, Mary?f  GER
107272Winger, John?m  GER
107272Winger, Henry?m  GER
107272Winger, Fred?m  GER
107373Bowman, Wm.?m laborerGER
107373Bowman, Eliza?f  GER
107373Bramdy, Henry?m  GER
107373Bramdy, Wm.?m  IL
107474Dodson, Benjamin40m laborerTN
107474Dodson, Mary E.30f  TN
107474Dodson, Mathew13m  MO
107474Dodson, Elizabeth11f  IL
107474Dodson, Valentine10m  IL
107474Spencer, Mary N.4f  IL
107575True, A.37m laborerKY
107575True, Elyssey27f  KY
107575True, Sarah10f  IL
107575True, Wm.9m  IL
107575True, Isabel7f  IL
107575True, Jane2f  IL
107575Schear, Jacob28m  GER
107676Swaggett, Adam50m farmerGER
107676Swaggett, Robert15m  GER
117676Howard, C. D.24m laborerMO
117676Howard, Elizabeth23f  KY
117676Howard, Henry3m  IL
117676Howard, Charles1m  IL
117676Howard, Lucinda12f  IN
117777Rhoads, Wm.49m farmerVA
117777Rhoads, Elizabeth38f  IL
117777Rhoads, Martha10f  IL
117777Rhoads, Elizabeth12f  IL
117777Rhoads, Wm. H.13m  IL
117777Rhoads, Lucy V.4f  IL
117777Rhoads, Alice S.1f  IL
117878Rhoads, Edmund E.38m laborerVA
117878Rhoads, Nancy35f  IL
117878Rhoads, Martha5f  IL
117878Rhoads, Joseph3m  IL
117878Rhoads, Samuel S.5/12m  IL
117878Rhoads, ? Mrs.65f  VA
117878Rhoads, Samuel S.21m laborerKY
117979Greer, S. W.34m carpenterVA
117979Greer, Elizabeth24f  France
118080Menshaw, Wm.33m  IL
118080Menshaw, Margaret32f  IL
118080Menshaw, Charles7m  IL
118080Menshaw, Rosanna J.4f  IL
118080Menshaw, Josephine2f  IL
118080Menshaw, Wm. A.8/12m  IL
118181Berlin, Martin51m  KY
118181Berlin, Frances A.21f  MO
118181Berlin, James22m  MO
118181Berlin, Mildred13f  MO
118181Berlin, Wm.4m  MO
118282Middleton, Wm.49m justice of peaceMS
118282Middleton, Malinda21f  IL
118282Murry, Mary L.21f  MS
118282Murry, Eliza3f  IL
118383Scott, James55m masonTN
118383Scott, Esther50f  NY
118383Scott, Wm. I.24m boatmanIL
118383Scott, James M.19m farm handIL
128383Scott, Charles E.17m  IL
128383Scott, Unreadable14f  IL
128484Mott, B. S.40m merchantOH
128484Mott, Hannah28f  OH
128484Booker, Wm.5m  IL
128484Booker, Mary8f  IL
128585Breer, W. F.41m ? makerVA
128585Breer, Margaret20f  TN
128585Breer, Sarah J.10f  GA
128686Reed, Samuel B.42m farmerKY
128686Reed, Julia A. or H.37f  KY
128686Reed, Eliza13f  IL
128686Reed, Wm. A.11m  IL
128686Reed, John F.8m  IL
128686Reed, Henry B.5m  IL
128686Reed, Charles A.3m  IL
128686Henofan, James21m farmerunknown
128787McNear, Thomas54m wheelwrightPA
128787McNear, Elizabeth54f  VA
128787Brooks, Tuber24m teacherIL
128787Brooks, Martha26f  PA
128787McNear, Wm.22m millwrightPA
128888Warell, Jacob36m teamingOH
128888Warell, Sarah24f  IL
128888Warell, John W.3m  IL
128888Warell, Isaac E.1m  IL
128989Harlew, Thomas24m gunsmithVA
128989Harlew, Malinda18f  IL
129090Burley, Joel26m  OH
129090Burley, Frances17f  OH
129090Burley, Elgena6/12f  IL
129191Manfert, Thomas28m carpenterNY
129191Manfert, Nancy21f  IN
129191Manfert, Elizabeth M.1f  IN
129191Manfert, Baby2/12f  IN
12 92Unoccupied     
12 93Unoccupied     
129294Stone, Joshua L.20m millerOH
129294Stone, Charlotte54f  ENG
129294Gorane, Elizabeth35f  ENG
139294Gorane, Lucy4f  IL
139294Gorane, John1m  IL
139294Gorane, John S.40m millerNJ
139294Gorane, Joseph R.4/12m  IL
139294Slens, Amelia A.18f  NY
139395Kerts, Lawrence40m shoemakerGER
139395Kerts, Teresa39f  GER
139395Kerts, Mike5m  MO
139395Kerts, Joseph3m  IL
139395Kerts, Josephine6f  MO
139395Kerts, Mary1f  IL
139496Fleishman, Lawrence35m laborerGER
139496Fleishman, Christine26f  GER
139496Fleishman, Theodore7m  IN
139597Ranger, Peter44m laborerGER
139597Ranger, Mary34f  GER
139597Ranger, John3m  IL
139597Ranger, Anna E.4f  IL
139597Ranger, Mary1f  IL
139698Klair, Jacob30m laborerGER
139698Klair, Rachel24f  GER
139698Klair, Julia5f  IL
139698Klair, Baby1/12f  IL
139799Bates, John49m blacksmithNJ
139799Bates, Sally50f  NY
139799Bates, William20m  IL
139799Bates, John W.16m  IL
1398100Dye, Daniel41m physicianVA
1398100Dye, Nancy37f  VA
1398100Dye, Susan E.15f  VA
1398100Dye, James14m  VA
1398100Dye, Mary M.11f  VA
1398100Dye, George5m  IN
1398100Dye, Nancy4f  MO
1399101Dodson, James35m carpenterIL
1399101Dodson, Sarah30f  IL
1399101Dodson, Mary E.10f  IL
1399101Dodson, Emma J.8f  IL
1399101Dodson, Sarah A.6f  IL
1399101Dodson, Lydia A.4f  IL
1499101Dodson, Nancy1f  IL
14100102Reader, Henry L.31m hotel keeperOH
14100102Reader, Elizabeth27f  IL
14100102Reader, Dora A.9f  IL
14100102Reader, Mary7f  MO
14100102Reader, Florence2m  MO
14100102Reader, Baby2/12f  IL
14100102Miller, Ann19f  ENG
14101103Fleishman, Lawrence30m brewerGER
14101103Fleishman, Christine28f  GER
14101103Fleishman, Theodore7m  IL
14102104Myers, John38m masonPA
14102104Myers, Charlotte33f  GER
14102104Myers, Henry15m  PA
14102104Myers, George12m  PA
14102104Myers, John9m  PA
14102104Myers, Sarena3f  IL
14102104Myers, Wm. M.5/12m  IL
14103105Briggs, James25m shoemakerNY
14103105Briggs, Martha26f  IL
14103105Briggs, James8m  IL
14103105Briggs, Ebenezer1m  IL
14103105Briggs, John C.1m  IL
14104 Unoccupied     
14105106Bures, Peter31m grocerPrussia
14105106Bures, Ida16f  IL
14105106Barnhart, Ernest33m masonGER
14105106Barnhart, Mary18f  IL
14105106Barnhart, Henry6/12m  IL
14106107Miller, A. L.31m  OH
14106107Miller, Tamer L.26f  NY
14106107Miller, Eva A.9f  NY
14106107Miller, Alice7f  NY
14106107Miller, Lenora6f  IL
14106107Miller, Baby1/12f  IL
14Ward, C. J.35m carpenterMD
14  Beaty, Robert30m carpenterIN
14  Griffith, Charles65m laborerPA
14  Bersey, Wm.20m brickmakerTN
14  Breden, Martha16f helpIL
15109105Stephany, Martin34m tailorGER
15109105Stephany, Elizabeth36f  Switzerland
15109105Stephany, Adolph H.7m  IL
15109105Stephany, Berdah5f  IL
15110 Unoccupied     
15111 Unoccupied     
15112106Gibson, John68m carpenterNY
15112106Gibson, Elizabeth60f  NC
15112106Tindall, Mary17f  MO
15112106Hings, Robert22m family grocerScotland
15113107Semple, Jas.60m farmerKY
15113107Semple, Mary S.50f  IL
15113107Semple, Eugene20f  IL
15113107Semple, Julia15m  IL
15113107Watkins, Lansing Z.5f  IL
15113107Bokel, Margaret16f  IL
15113107Haines, Maggie16f  IL
15113107Haines, Wm.19m  IL
15113107Burns, Mary24fB IL
15113107Burns, Josephine8fB IL
15113107Burns, Lena7fB IL
15114108Snyder, Peter45mlaborerGER
15114108Snyder, Margaret38f  GER
15114108Snyder, Andrew12m  MO
15114108Snyder, Stephen13m  IL
15114108Snyder, Mary1f  IL
15115109Fowls, Warren35m lime ????ME
15115109Fowls, Harriet V.34f  ME
15115109Fowls, Washington13m  ME
15115109Fowls, Augusta10m  ME
15115109Fowls, Cassandra6m  ME
15115109Silvers, Anthony22m gunsmithPA
15116110Richwood, T. J.41m groceryMS
15116110Richwood, Sarah A.41f  MS
15117111Hartley, Abner47m wagon makerPA
15117111Hartley, Sarah43f  NY
15117111Hartley, Nory23f  OH
15117111Hartley, Ruthen15m  OH
15117111Hartley, Mary13f  OH
15117111Johnson, S. B.24m wood shaverNY
16118112Bates, Wm.50m carpenterNC
16118112Bates, Sarah37f  MO
16118112Bates, John20m  IL
16118112Bates, Salina18f  IL
16118112Bates, James12m  IL
16118112Bates, Lydia J.4f  IL
16118112Bates, Heneretta3/12f  IL
16119113Harris, John67m fishermanIL
16119113Harris, Maggie30f  KY
16119113Rholer, Wm.18m fishermanMO
16119113Collett, Wm.17m fishermanMO
16119113Serrell, Richard23m fishermanOH
16119113Rholer, Walter21m fishermanMO
16119113Gilbert, george30m fishermanNY
16120114Onelto, Wm.35m blacksmithPA
16120114Onelto, Elizabeth35f  CT
16120114Onelto, Daniel19m  IL
16121115Bell, Jas. I.24m livery stableKY
16121115Bell, A. C. Mrs.19f  TN
16121115Bell, Zacharrauh10m  IL
16122116Besterfeldt, F. W.29m ferrymanPrussia
16122116Besterfeldt, Julia25f  PA
16122116Besterfeldt, Wm. E.5m  IL
16122116Besterfeldt, Edward3m  IL
16122116Besterfeldt, Julia1f  IL
16122116Besterfeldt, Christian25f  Prussia
16123117Mees, Nicholas22m groceryGER
16123117Mees, Johannah19f  GER
16123117Mees, Baby1/12m  IL
16124118Graham, Robert25m stone masonNewfoundland
16124118Graham, Jane G.29f  NY
16124118Graham, John3m  IL
16125119Ward, Wm. H.43m  PA
16125119Ward, Margaret41f  OH
16125119Ward, John22m  OH
16125119Ward, Benjamin20m  OH
16125119Ward, Be?????17f  OH
16125119Ward, Elizabeth15f  OH
16125119Ward, Daniel14m  OH
16125119Ward, Rosena12f  OH
17125119Ward, Philip10m  OH
17125119Ward, Margaret7f  OH
17125119Ward, Wm. H.3m  IL
17125119Ward, Baby1/12f  IL
17126120Patrick, D. G.?m jewelerNY
17126120Patrick, Anna?f  PA
17126120Patrick, Allen?m  IA
17126120Patrick, Jerry?m  IL
17127121Drexstrous, Christ D.28m brush makerGER
17127121Drexstrous, Christine28f  GER
17127121Drexstrous, Mary A.9f  MO
17127121Drexstrous, Lizzie6f  MO
17127121Dorta, Peter D.21m brick makerunknown
17128122Johnson, Wm. P.28m farmer – masonIN
17128122Johnson, Sarah A.20f  TN
17128122Johnson, John W.2m  IL
17129 Unoccupied     
17130 Unoccupied     
17131 Unoccupied     
17133123Johnson, Pricilla Mrs.58f  SC
17133123Derby, B. N. Mrs.45f  NC
17134124Garrison, Wm.49m plaster masonTN
17134124Garrison, Elmina42f  IN
17134124Garrison, Miles17m  IA
17134124Garrison, Jane16f  IA
17134124Garrison, Mary12f  IA
17134124Garrison, Wm.9m  IA
17134124Garrison, Sarah7f  IA
17134124Garrison, Martha A.5f  IA
17134124Manferd, Thomas28m carpenterNY
17134124Manferd, Nancy23f  IN
17134124Manferd, Mary E.3f  IL
17134124Manferd, Ada4/12f  IL
17135125Kelly, James43m laborer carpenterNY
17135125Kelly, Mary44f  OH
17135125Kelly, Angelina17f  IL
17135125Kelly, Lucinda14f  IL
17135125Kelly, George12m  IL
17135125Baden, Charles7m  MO
17135125Baden, Andrew4m  MO
18136126Brook, Joseph38m merchantMO
18136126Brook, Mazzeretta25f  PA
18136126Brook, Henry B.6m  IL
18136126Brook, Thomas A.4m  IL
18136126McDonald, Walter35m  MS
18136126Edsall, John36m carpenterNY
18136126Ontello, Charles22m clerkIL
18136127Ontello, John38m merchantPA
18136127Ontello, Lydia A.36f  MO
18136127Ontello, Mary26f  PA
18136127Worrell, George24m laborerOH
18137128Dean, Michael32m laborerIRE
18137128Dean, Julia26f  IRE
18137128Dean, John3m  OH
18137128Dean, James1m  IN
18137128Dean, katy6f  IL
18137128Dean, Susan8f  IL
18138129Thiel, Henry26m carpenterGER
18138129Thiel, Elizabeth25f  GER
18138129Thiel, Lewis2m  IL
18138129Arkebauer, Caroline7f  IL
18138129Lehr, Christian28m carpenterGER
18139130Gilbert, Emanuel38m laborerENG
18139130Gilbert, Elizabeth24f  Canada
18139130Gilbert, George6m  NY
18140131Muncie, Wm20m laborerIN
18140131Muncie, Susan17f  Unknown
18141132Kellam, Leher28m cooperGER
18141132Kellam, Johannah30f  GER
18141132Kellam, Lewis3m  IL
18141132Kellam, Cushman10/12m  IL
18141133Kellam, Lewis32m  GER
18141133Kellam, Frances A.31f  GER
18141133Kellam, Edwin6m  IL
18141133Kellam, Jerome1m  IL
18142134Breden, Louisa42f  TN
18142134Breden, Martha17f  IL
18142134Breden, James15m  IA
18142134Breden, John13m  IA
18142134Breden, Sarah10f  IA
19143135Prater, David58m brick makerMD
19143135Prater, Lucinda30f  KY
19143135Prater, James10m  IL
19143135Prater, Ann M.8f  IL
19143135Prater, George7m  IL
19143135Baden, Elizabeth23f  IL
19144136Rice, Goster40m laborerGER
19144136Rice, Mrs.45f  GER
19145137Fuller, Wm.68m farmerNC
19145137Fuller, Elizabeth47f  NC
19145137Fuller, John24m  IL
19145137Fuller, Lucinda21f  IL
19145137Fuller, Thomas49m  IL
19145137Fuller, Dewit16m  IL
19145137Fuller, Charles14m  IL
19145137Fuller, Ann9f  IL
19146138Calkins, Zera44m carpenterCT
19146138Calkins, Mary33f  VT
19146138Calkins, Mary18f  NY
19146138Calkins, Zera16m  MS
19146138Calkins, Harriet14f  WI
19146138Calkins, Nancy12f  WI
19146138Calkins, Emma R.8f  WI
19146138Calkins, Alonzo2m  WI
19146138Calkins, Anna1f  IL
19147139Bates, Wm.37m farmerIL
19147139Bates, nancy37f  TN
19147139Bates, Samuel14m  IL
19147139Bates, Sarah12f  IL
19147139Bates, John11m  IL
19147139Bates, Mary9f  IL
19147139Bates, Martha5f  IL
19147139Bates, Lucy1f  IL
19148140Sinks, Henry60m farmerUnknown
19148140Sinks, Catherine57f  TN
19148140Sinks, Jasper16m  IL
19148140Sinks, Lydia13f  IL
19148140Sinks, Martha15f  IL
19148140Sinks, Joshua12m  IL
19148140Breil, Joseph17m  MD
20149141Rumsfield, Arthur27m farmerOH
20149141Rumsfield, Margaret25f  IL
20149141Rumsfield, Elizabeth1f  IL
20159142Chilester, Wm.35m farmerKY
20159142Chilester, Amanda28f  TN
20159142Chilester, Columbus2m  IL
20159142Chilester, Wm.4m  IL
20159142Chilester, Martha12f  OH
20160143Swan, J. G.46m farmerIL
20160143Swan, Elizabeth J.30f  VA
20160143Swan, Alonzo S.17m  IL
20160143Swan, John E.13m  IL
20160143Swan, I. B.10m  IL
20160143Swan, Mary C.2f  IL
20160143Nelson, A.28m farm handSweden
20161144Swan, S. P.35m farmerIL
20161144Swan, Ruth31f  KY
20161144Swan, Wm. E.11m  IL
20161144Swan, Jane10f  IL
20161144Swan, Greenberry6m  IL
20162145Slaten, B. F.40m lawyer – farmerGA
20162145Slaten, Marian34f  IL
20162145Slaten, Lucinda J.13f  IL
20162145Slaten, Julia A.10f  IL
20162145Slaten, David J.8m  IL
20162145Slaten, Henry7m  IL
20162145Slaten, Margarette2f  IL
20162145Mott, Jacob17m farm handGER
20162145Brush, Anthony25m farm handGER
20163146Allen, W. J.30m farmerIL
20163146Allen, Martha25f  IL
20163146Allen, Clara L.4f  IL
20163146Allen, Mary R.2f  IL
20163146Dawson, Hannah13f  IL
20163146Bell, Wistby23m farm handTN
20163147Terry, Isaac R.60m farmerVA
20163147Terry, Elizabeth56f  VA
20163147Terry, J. A.22m  IL
20163147Terry, Sarah18f  IL
20163147Spaulding, Joseph17m farm handIL
21164148Wagoner, John D.39m farmerKY
21164148Wagoner, Phebe J.34f  KY
21164148Wagoner, Sarah14f  IL
21164148Wagoner, Elizabeth12f  IL
21164148Wagoner, John L.10m  IL
21164148Wagoner, Maria8f  IL
21164148Wagoner, Marinda6f  IL
21164148Wagoner, James2m  IL
21164148Canada, John23m farm handUnknown
21164148Canada, James P.18m farm handUnknown
21164148Chinhester, Harriet16f farm helpOH
21165149Snyder, Abram61m farmerTN
21165149Snyder, Elizabeth62f  SC
21165149Snyder, John15m  TN
21165149Snyder, George14m  TN
21165149Snyder, Joseph8m  IL
21165149Snyder, Abner3m  IL
21165149Snyder, Hannah20f  IL
21165149Snyder, Catherine10f  TN
21166150Smith, Robert30m farmerKY
21166150Smith, Margaret20f  IL
21166150Smith, Baby6/12   IL
21167151Snyder, James22m farmerTN
21167151Snyder, Rebecca23f  IL
21167151Snyder, Emma6/12f  IL
21168152Piggott, Joseph22m farmerIL
21168152Piggott, Mary17f  IL
21169153Harrang, Wm.32m farmerIL
21169153Harrang, Elizabeth32f  IL
21169153Harrang, Henderson9m  IL
21169153Harrang, Wm.6m  IL
21169153Harrang, Mary4f  IL
21169153Harrang, John1m  IL
21170154Smith, Christian65m farmerGER
21170154Strandler, Lewis32m  GER
21170154Strandler, Ametia28f  IL
21170154Strandler, Charles6m  IL
21170154Standler, Mary4f  IL
21170154Standler, Wm.2m  IL
21170154Esgne, Hannah68f  SC
22171155Piggott, John20m farmerIL
22172156Piggott, Margaret18f  IL
22172156Briggs, John J.47m farmerNY
22172156Briggs, Jane45f  NY
22172156Briggs, David J.25m farmerNY
22172156Briggs, Susan Mrs.22f  IL
22172156Briggs, Helen14f  IL
22172156Briggs, James12m  IL
22172156Briggs, Rosa L.8f  IL
22173157Re????, Elijah30m laborerTN
22173157Re????, Eliza A.20f  MO
22173157Re????, Mary E.3f  IL
22173157Re????, James A.7/12m  IL
22174158Parker, Mathes28m laborerIL
22174158Parker, Mary15f  IL
22175159Wade, Walker61m farmerTN
22175159Wade, Eliza60f  TN
22175159Wade, Willie20m  MO
22176160Milford, Barth21m farmerENG
22176161Milford, Julia21f  IL
22177161Kleiting, Charles30m farmerGER
22177161Kleiting, Feller26f  GER
22177161Kleiting, Louiza5f  IL
22177161Kleiting, Emily2f  IL
22177161Kleiting, John4/12m  IL
22178162Sinclair, Thomas24m laborerIRE
22178162McCarty, Thomas50m  IRE
22178162McCarty, Mary45f  IRE
22178162Sinclair, John13m  IRE
22178162Sinclair, Wm.16m  IRE
22179163Long, Willis35m laborerKY
22179163Long, Mary25f  MO
22179163Long, Susan6f  IL
22179163Long, John5m  IL
22179163Long, James11/12m  IL
22180164Ritchie, John27m laborerIL
22180164Ritchie, Emaline15f  IL
22180164Ritchie, Sarah2f  IL
22180164Hinson, Paul28m laborerMD
22180164Blys, Jeremiah29m  MS
23181165Ogden, John33m farmerPA
23181165Ogden, Permetia27f  MO
23181165Ogden, Me????7f  MO
23181165Ogden, Leonora4f  IL
23181165Ogden, Emma7/12f  IL
23181165McCulty, Patrick26m laborerIRE
23182166Johnson, Samuel26m laborerPA
23182166Johnson, Caroline22f  MO
23182166Johnson, James4m  MO
23182166Johnson, Sally A.2f  MO
23182166Barnhart, Wilson30m laborerIRE
23183167Spaulding, R.40m farmerOH
23183167Spaulding, Sarah J.43f  IL
23183167Spaulding, Elizabeth20f  IL
23183167Spaulding, Mary18f  IL
23183167Spaulding, Wm.22m farmerIL
23183167Spaulding, Sarah12f  IL
23183167Spaulding, Thomas14m  IL
23184167Runons, Tobias52m masonKY
23184167Runons, Ellen37f  IL
23184167Runons, Henry M.15m  IL
23184167Runons, Ecten12m  IL
23184167Runons, Mahala11f  IL
23184167Runons, George9m  IA
23184167Runons, Emanuel5m  IA
23184167Runons, Angelis2f  IA
23184167Burrows, Amon17m  IL
23185168Kisis, H. T.31m farmer – masonKY
23185168Kisis, Mary25f  PA
23185168Kisis, John H.4m  IL
23185168Kisis, Charles A.3m  IL
23185168Kisis, Mary E. L.10/12f  IL
23186169Reed, James35m farmerKY
23186169Reed, Emaline28f  IL
23186169Reed, Jeremiah11m  IL
23186169Reed, Mary J.8f  IL
23186169Reed, Adalaide6f  IL
23186169Reed, Henry B.3m  IL
23186169Reed, Baby1/12m  IL
23186169Cazadt, Joel34m laborerPA
24187170Reed, Jeremiah31m farmerKY
24187170Reed, Elizabeth23f  OH
24187170Reed, John F.3m  IL
24187170Reed, Joseph4/12m  IL
24187170Tucker, Matilda18f  IL
24188171Smith, Robert M.27m farmerTN
24188171Smith, Sarah22f  IL
24188171Smith, Robert E.7/12m  IL
24188171Turner, John9m  IL
24189172Bell, Joshua43m laborerTN
24189172Bell, Mrs.43f  TN
24189172Bell, James26m  TN
24189172Bell, Mary A.22f  TN
24189172Bell, John W.20m  TN
24189172Bell, Wm.19m  TN
24189172Bell, Caroline18f  TN
24189172Bell, Francis16m  TN
24189172Bell, George14m  IL
24189172Bell, Zachariah12m  IL
24189172Bell, Sarah J.9/12f  IL
24190173Tinkinson, D. L.30m blacksmithOH
24190173Tinkinson, Susan26f  IL
24190173Tinkinson, Wm. W3m  IL
24190173Tinkinson, Sarah A.2f  IL
24191174Worthy, Absalom41m farmerGER
24191174Worthy, Sarah38f  TN
24191174Worthy, Mary18f  IL
24191174Worthy, Wm. H.15m  IL
24191174Worthy, John W.14m  IL
24191174Worthy, Sarah A.11f  IL
24191174Worthy, Susan8f  IL
24191174Worthy, Matilda7f  IL
24191174Worthy, Elizabeth J.4f  IL
24191174Worthy, Jasper2m  IL
24191174Worthy, Adam H.7/12m  IL
24191174Worthy, Absalom6m  IL
24192 Unoccupied     
24193 Unoccupied     

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