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1860 Grafton Census TranscriptionThis transcription from the Jersey County Federal Census of 1860 was contributed by Marty Crull. The transcription may not be complete. There will be errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, please do so.

P = Page; D = Dwelling; F = Family

111Sarah Noble48f IL
111Noblem, Hiram21mFarmerIL
111Noble, Martha J.17f IL
111Noble, Lydia12f IL
111Noble, Isaac10m IL
111Bray, James27m NC
111Ferber, Mike28m GER
111Braden, James14m IA
122Noble, Daniel24mfarmerIL
122Noble, Rosana23f IL
122Noble, George4/12m IL
122Bray, Elvina A.10f IL
122Hennan, Henry W.20m VT
133Canada, Isaac26m IN
133Canada, Elizabeth37f VA
133Canada, Isaac N.10/12m IL
133Canada, Elizabeth64f VA
144Wilkerson, Warren35mfarmerKY
144Wilkerson Sarah33f KY
144Wilkerson, Mary J.15f KY
144Wilkerson, William J.14m KY
144Wilkerson, Alonso11m KY
144Wilkerson, Martha A.9f IL
144Wilkerson, Sarah5f IL
144Wilkerson, Nancy A.2f IL
155Finch, Isham44mfarmerTN
155Finch, Eli? J.30f IL
155Finch, Margaret J.17f IL
155Finch, Lucy A.8f IL
155Finch, Orena R.5f IL
155Finch, Isham3m IL
155Finch, Finis B.1m IL
155Ballard, Laverne40m TN
155Turner, Sylvester16m IL
166Borrowers, Seth32mfarmerKY
166Borrowers, Rhoda28f IL
166Borrowers, Benj.3m IL
166Borrowers, John4/12m IL
166Borrowers, Amon17m IL
166Wemers, Sarah20f MO
277Fuller, Mahala40f IL
277Fuller, William22mfarmerIL
277Fuller, James20m IL
277Fuller, Martha18f IL
277Fuller, Mary12f IL
277Fuller, Frances13f IL
277Fuller, Richard11m IL
277Fuller, Laura4f IL
288Wallace, Enoch32mfarmerIN
288Wallace, Julia A.32f NC
288Wallace, Eli11m IL
288Wallace, Elihu8m IL
288Wallace, William6m IL
288Wallace, Sarah R.3f IL
288Wallace, Alfred James1m IL
288Wallace, Anise1f IL
288Wallace, David19m IN
299Utt, James22mfarmerIL
299Utt, Mary22f IL
299Utt, Adelia J.2f IL
299Utt, William H.4/12m IL
21010Bray, Isaac68mfarmerNC
21010Bray, Rosina56f NC
21010Bray, William J.21m IL
21010Bray, Charlotte J.15f IL
21010Bray, Eli13m IL
21111Wilson, Berry41mfarmerKY
21111Wilson, Nancy42f IL
21111Wilson, Richard A.19m IL
21111Wilson, James C.16m IL
21111Wilson, John L.14m IL
21111Wilson, Elizabeth11f IL
21111Wilson, Harriet5f IL
21111Wilson, Wm. H.3m IL
21111Wilson, Berry1m IL
21212Patton, Gideon27mfarmerIL
21212Patton, Judah69f VA
21212Rowden, Maria11f IL
21212Moran, John16m NJ
21212Simpson, Elias18m IL
31313Lewis, David32mfarmerNY
31313Lewis, Hannah16f NY
31313Lewis, Josiah60m NY
31414Thompson, George66mfarmerNC
31414Thompson, Tacy55f NC
31414Thompson, Thomas32m NC
31414Salder, Francis15m IL
31515Wallace, A. J.27mfarmerIN
31515Wallace, Mary25f IL
31515Wallace, Festor7m IL
31515Wallace, Mary3f IL
31515Wallace, Wm. F.1m IL
31616Slaton, W. B.52mfarmerVA
31616Slaton, Irene42f KY
31616Slaton, Samatha25f IL
31616Slaton, Wm. H.21m IL
31616Wallace, John F19m IL
31616Wallace, Eliza J.17f IL
31616Wallace, Lucinda Char177 IL
31616Wallace, James12m IL
31616Wallace, Marion7m IL
31616Wallace, Nath G.7m IL
31616Wallace, Eugene Lewis4m IL
31616Wallace, Baby1/12m IL
31616St. Orlean, Christian32mfarmhandGER
31616Ryan, John23m NJ
31717Cook, Elizabeth60ffarmerNC
31717Bartlett, Mary Emaline6f IL
31717Sinclair, Christian24m PRUSSIA
31818Warren, Henry24mfarmerNY
31818Warren, Louisa16f IL
31919Pendle, John32mlaborerVA
31919Pendle, Eliza21f OH
31919Pendle, Sarah11f VA
31919Pendle, Mary L.8f VA
31919Pendle, John6m VA
31919Pendle, Elizabeth3f VA
31919Pendle, Green6/12m IL
32020Sansom, Samuel43mfarmerVA
32020Sansom, Mary34f IL
42020Sansom, Sophia13f IL
42020Sansom, Oliver7m IL
42020Sansom, Alice3f IL
42020Sansom, Mary C.1f IL
42121Crabtree, Thomas44mfarmerIN
42121Crabtree, Minerva33f IL
42121Crabtree, John19m IL
42121Crabtree, Job17m IL
42121Crabtree, Edward14m IL
42121Crabtree, William11m IL
42121Crabtree, Joel9m IL
42121Crabtree, Charles4m IL
42121Johnson, Margaret22f IL
42222Volkentines, John30mfarm handVA
42222Volkentines, Rebecca E.20f VA
42222Volkentines, Mary1f OH
42222Utt, John69mlaborerPA
42323Bates, Joseph23m MO
42323Bates, Cynthia Ann21f IL
42424Ogden, Mrs.55f TN
42424Ogden, Felix25mfarmerTN
42424Ogden, James24m TN
42424Ogden, Cordelia16f MO
42424Ogden, Henry14m MO
42525Kirkpatrick, ?35mfarmerKY
42525Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth28f IL
42525Kirkpatrick, Mary5f IL
42525Kirkpatrick, Baby9/12f IL
42626Sherman, Mrs56f TN
42626Sherman, Thomas23mfarmerMO
42626Sherman, Sarah Mrs.20f IL
42626Sherman, John15m MO
42626Sherman, Amanda13f MO
42626Walcott, David27mlaborerTN
42727Lewis, Elijah74mfarmerKY
42727Lewis, Rebecca74f KY
42727Lewis, Eliza52f NJ
42727Lewis, George32m NJ
42828Durand, Hannah76f NY
42828Durand, Mary22f NY
52828Jackson, Nancy29f NY
52828Case, Mary21f NY
52929Vanausdale, Caleb32mfarmerOH
52929Vanausdale, Martha25f OH
52929Vanausdale, Lorain7m IL
52929Vanausdale, Lewis5m IL
52929Vanausdale, Martha3f IL
52929Vanausdale, Mary11/12f IL
53030Sansom, John48mcarp/farmVA
53030Sansom, Adeline48f MS
53030Sansom, George21m IL
53030Sansom, Samuel20m IL
53030Sansom, Margaret14f IL
53030Sansom, Wm.11m IA
53030Sansom, Greene9m IL
53030Sansom, Oscar6m IL
53030Folds, Elias28m MO
53030???, Mary Mrs.18f IL
53030Sansom, James28mcarpenterOH
53131Davis, John30mfarmerIL
53131Davis, Mary20f IL
53131Davis, baby4/12m IL
53131Davis, baby4/12m IL
53232Hall, Thomas31m IL
53232Hall, Elizabeth25f IL
53232Hall, John7m IL
53232Hall, Catherine4f IL
53333Clark, James A.31mfarmerNY
53333Clark, Lucinda29f NY
53333Clark, Frederic A.4m NY
53333Clark, James A.2m IL
53333Clark, Charles E.6/12m IL
53434Brown, Wm. S.38mfarmerNY
53434Brown, Amanda37f NY
53434Brown, Elias S.11m IL
53434Brown, Laura F.9f IL
53434Monroe, Wm.1m IL
53434Case, James14m IL
53535Lewis, James E.36mfarmerNY
53535Lewis, Margaret C.33f PA
63535Connally, Mary F.12f IL
63535Connally, Charles H.9m IL
63535Connally, James C.1m IL
63535Moran, John14m IL
63636Brown, Daniel36mteach/farmNC
63636Brown, Nancy A.36f SC
63636Brown, Milton C.13m MS
63636Brown, Wm. D.11m MS
63636Brown, Mary O.9f MS
63636Brown, Laura A.7f MS
63636Brown, Emila L.4f MS
63636Harrison, George W.59mfarmerNY
63636Brown, Mary O.69f NY
63737Barrett, Henry37mtin smithENG
63737Barrett, Lydia23f ENG
63737Barrett, Henry16m ENG
63737Barrett, Elizabeth14f ENG
63737Barrett, Fredric11m ENG
63737Barrett, Lydia4f MO
63737Barrett, Baby2m MO
63838Sumerstalls, Jesse26mlaborerENG
63838Sumerstall, Grace34f ENG
63838Hudson, Caroline2f IL
63838Sumerstall, Camelia7f ENG
63838Sumerstall, Martha50f ENG
63939Piper, Timothy39mbrick makerIL
63939Piper, Sarah Ann37f KY
63939Piper, Thomas Wesley16m IL
63939Piper, Anna12f IL
63939Piper, Emma10f IL
63939Piper, Wm. Y.8m IL
63939Piper, Lucy4f IL
63939Piper, Isabella2f IL
63939Piper, Catherine6/12f IL
63939Golber, John33mbrick makerIN
64040Murphy, Michael38m IRE
64040Murphy, Anna30f IRE
64040Murphy, Margaret7f IRE
64040Covington, Patrick32m IRE
64041Wimbleton, Mr.23m OH
74041Wimbleton, Newton5mIL 
74041Wimbleton, Jasper3m IL
74142Gates, Timothy36mcarpenterOH
74142Gates, Mary E.20f IL
74142Gates, Robert B.3m IL
74142Gates, Margaret5/12f IL
74142Gates, Matilda66f VT
74142Roberts, Silas37m IL
74142Roberts, Frances3f IL
74142Roberts, Truman5m IL
74142Roberts, Douglas9/12m IL
74243Veitch, Jas. V.44mphysicianENG
74243Veitch, Marilda37f IL
74243Veitch, Maria11f IL
74243Veitch, Adia6f IL
74243Veitch, Jessein3f IL
74243Veitch, Lilla2/12f IL
74243Somom, Mary Ann15f ENG
74344Godfrey, Jacob45mmerchantNJ
74344Godfrey, Margaret31f GER
74344Godfrey, William H.18m IL
74344Godfrey, James C.16m IL
74344Godfrey, Mary Ann12f IL
74344Godfrey, Elizabeth2f IL
74344Dalton, Sarah22fhelpIL
74445Stafford, David31mbutcherPA
74445Stafford, Elizabeth31f IL
74445Stafford, Carlon B.11m IL
74445Stafford, Charles B.10m IL
74445Stafford, Winona2f IL
74445Parker, Henry31mlaborerMA
74445Stafford, J. B.24m PA
74546Eastman, Henry27mmerchantPRUSSIA
74546Eastman, Elizabeth22f IL
74647Nelson, James25mcarpenterOH
74647Nelson, Sarah20f OH
74647Nelson, Elvaretta4f IL
74748Ruchslot, Henry27mCpt S BoatGER
74748Ruchslot, Margaret18f GER
74748Ruchslot, Henry W.7/12m IL
84849Bradish, Nelson24mcarpenterVT
84849Bradish, Lucy Mrs.50f unknown
84849Bradish, Ellen16f IL
84950Slaten, W. B.28mmerchantIL
84950Slaten, Nancy28f IL
84950Slaten, Charles B.10m IL
84950Slaten, Lewis H.4m IL
84950Watiehouse, Ann12fhelpIL
84950Case, Mary18f IL
85051Fichner, James34mengineerPA
85051Fichner, Melissa29f VA
85051Fichner, Mary H.11f VA
85152Patton, Isaac32mfarmerIL
85152Patton, Jane28f IL
85152Patton, Sylvester10m IL
85152Patton, John8m IL
85152Patton, Alice6f IL
85152Patton, Lees4m IL
85152Patton, Nancy2f IL
85152Patton, Russell18m IL
85253Hamilton, T. J.24mmerchantIL
85253Hamilton, Emma E.20f TN
85253Hamilton, Charles1m IL
85253Hamilton, O. B.21mclerkIL
85354Caghen, Barney32mlaborerIRE
85354Caghen, Ellen28f IRE
85354Caghen, Ellen10f NY
85354Caghen, Catherine5f NY
85354Caghen, Michael3m NY
85354Caghen, Mary1f NY
85455Dempsey, Sarah57fland ladyIRE
85455Dempsey, J. A.32mdistillerIRE
85455Dempsey, Rose Ann24f IRE
85455Dempsey, Susan20f IRE
85455Dempsey, Wm.19m IRE
85455Dempsey, Catherine14f IRE
85455Brown, Laf22mstone cutterNY
85455Brown, Mary22f IRE
85455Dempsey, Elizabeth5f IL
85455Doyle, Wm.16m IRE
95455Hewett, Wm20mprinter glazerMO
95455McKinney, James28mcooperMO
95455Shepherd, John25mcarpenterENG
95455Mott, Alfred23mclerkVT
95455Guning, Hans26mcooperGER
95455Goodman, Henry26mlaborerGER
95455Foltz, James25mengineerMA
95455Thomas, Robert26mlaborerNY
95455Furdell, Edward28mlaborerENG
95455Farburn, James25m IRE
95455Peel, Dennis20m IRE
95455Ulerich, Henry24mcarpenterGER
95556Dempsey, John30mengineerIRE
95556Dempsey, Alice30f IRE
95556Dempsey, Hugh9m PA
95556Dempsey, Daniel7m PA
95556Dempsey, Margaret4f PA
95556Dempsey, James A.2m IL
95657Marson, Alfred55mboarding houseIL
95657Marson, Jane E.45f IL
95657Marson, James17m IL
95657Tavington, John37mlaborerIRE
95657Fose, John37mlaborerIRE
95657Clawpole, James F.30mlaborerGER
95657Wear, Wm. D.27mphysicianNJ
95657Gregg, B. S.34mlumbermanVA
95657Hesser, J. H.27mphysicianVA
95657Hesser, Victoria17f OH
95657Arnolda, Joseph44mrunnerPRUSSIA
95657Fitzgerald, Michael27mteamsterIRE
95657Staveman, Andrew25mbarberGER
95657Sumersdale, Margaret14f IL
95758Slaten, John W.50mmerchantGA
95758Slaten, Ann F.42f MO
95758Slaten, Christopher J.20m IL
95758Slaten, Allen M.18m IL
95758Slaten, George N. T.16m IL
95758Slaten, Thadeous13m IL
95758Slaten, Augusta A.10f IL
95758Slaten, Dwight D. G.6m IL
105758Slaten, Cornelia R.2f IL
105758Allen, Eliza J.27fhelpIL
105859Stafford, Brook51mblacksmithNJ
105859Stafford, Mary31f OH
105859Stafford, Brook17f IL
105859Stafford, Sarah L.15f IL
105859Jones, Wm.2m IL
105960Schertz, Charles31mbaker confectionerPRUSSIA
105960Schertz, Mina35f PRUSSIA
106061Hilt, Mathias39mcooperPRUSSIA
106061Hilt, Catherine29f Bavaria
106061Hilt, Lewis6m IL
106061Hilt, Tulia5f IL
106162Doyle, Thomas27mlaborerIRE
106162Doyle, Julia30f IRE
106162Doyle, Wm.15m IRE
106162Doyle, Mary3f IL
106162Doyle, Jake1m IL
106263Hamilton, Nathaniel65mcarpenterOH
106263Hamilton, Maria31f NY
106263Hamilton, Camillus4m IL
106263Hamilton, Harry2m IL
106364Hourue, Isaac48mboatmanGER
106364Hourue, Margaret43f GER
106364Hourue, Lucinda19f GER
106364Hourue, Mary13f GER
106364Hourue, Emma11f GER
106364Hourue, James9m IL
106364Hourue, Margaret7f IL
106364Hourue, William2m IL
106465Dempsey, J. W.37mquarrymanIRE
106465Dempsey, Mary39f IRE
106566McNulty, Charles27mlaborerIRE
106566McNulty, Mary20f IRE
106566McNulty, Baby1/12f IL
106667Lolar, John36mprop. QuarryIRE
106667Lolar, Ann E.33f GER
106667Lolar, Wm.13m MO
106667Lolar, Mary E.9f MO
106667Lolar, Jerome5/12m IL
116667Lolar, Ellen19fhelpIRE
116667Bishop, S. S.44mgrocerNY
116768Denton, Francis27mfiremanENG
116768Denton, Anna32f ENG
116768Denton, Elizabeth2f IL
116869Robinson, Thomas33mplastererOH
116869Robinson, Mary L.28f OH
116869Robinson, Mary S.9f IA
116869Robinson, John D.7m IA
116869Robinson, William5m IA
116869Robinson, Charles O.3m IL
116869Robinson, George6/12m IL
116970Blackburn, G. H.47mphysicianTN
116970Blackburn, Eliza J.39f TN
116970Blackburn, Ella17f IL
116970Blackburn, Emmaras11m IL
117071??, John Lix36mmillerENG
117071Wilkens, Phebe38f ENG
117071Gill, John23m ENG
117172?ochshot, Spencer25mmillerENG
117172?ochshot, Mary27f ENG
117172?ochshot, Wm. D3m IL
117172?ochshot, John S.8/12m IL
117273Thomas, George30mmill handPA
117273Thomas, Sarah J.22f IL
117273Thomas, Wm. H.4m IL
117273Thomas, George2m IL
117273Thomas, Melissa9/12f IL
117273Jones, Elizabeth20f IL
117273Jones, John W.26m KY
117273Jones, Wm.2m IL
117374Broadfish, Frederic29mcarpenterGER
117374Broadfish, Frederica30f GER
117374Broadfish, Edward7m GER
117374Broadfish, Louisa3f IL
117374Broadfish, Caroline7/12f IL
117475Henry, John40mplastererPRUSSIA
117475Henry, Hannah48f PRUSSIA
117475Henry, Frederic24m PRUSSIA
117475Duling, Wm.35mstore keeperME
127476Wolcott, David34mlaboringNC
127476Wolcott, Bridget31f MO
127476Wolcott, Frank7m MO
127476Wolcott, Adolph5m IL
127476Wolcott, Rosa L.2f IL
127577Gross, G. V.50mmerchantPA
127577Gross, Eliza J.20f IL
127577Gross, Wm. ?3m IL
127577Gross, G. V.6/12m IL
127577Brinton, Emmor29f PA
127678Valentine, F.50mgunsmithGER
127678Valentine, Dorotha53f GER
127779Safford, C. P. S.29msaddler harnessPA
127779Safford, Angeline18f IL
127779Safford, Alice N.8f IL
127779Safford, Lizzie B.4f IL
127880Johnson, Lewis38mlivery stableNJ
127880Johnson, Mary32f MS
127880Johnson, Sarah8f IL
127880Johnson, Deal6f IL
127880Johnson, Edmondo4m IL
127880Johnson, Wm.2m IL
127880Brown, John22mhostlerNJ
127880Brown, George38m MS
127981Smith, John S.40mwagonmakerGER
127981Smith, Mary35f GER
128082Vogel, Michael. See note below48mblacksmithGER
128082Vogel, Eve51f IL
128082Vogel, Martha18f MO
128082Gretier, Wm20m MO
128082Vogel, George Anna15m MO
128082Vogel, Mary12f MO
128082Nutt, John23mwagonmakerGER
128183Perkins, John25mcooperPA
128183Perkins, Amanda20f IL
128284Fuller, Richard80mfarmerNC
128284Fuller, Drucella62f SC
128284Baus, Lydia A.14f IL
128284McIntyre, Sol28mcarpenterNJ
128284Adner, James19mlaborerIL
138385Lindsey, George52mstone masonSCOTLAND
138385Lindsey, Sarah18f IL
138385Lindsey, George13m IL
138385Lindsey, James12m IL
138486Wheeler, John Jr.29mcooperOH
138486Wheeler, Martha19f IL
138486Wheeler, Otis2m IL
138486Wheeler, Wm. Henry6/12m IL
138587Wheeler, Wm. F.31mcooperOH
138587Wheeler, Margaret22f IL
138587Wheeler, Frances4f IL
138587Wheeler, Wm. M.3m IL
138688Wheeler, John B.62mcooperMA
138688Wheeler, Julia40f OH
138789Good, John40mbrick makerENG
138789Good, Sarah35f ENG
138789Good, John8m ENG
138789Good, Martha6f MO
138890Barton, David51mlaboringENG
138890Barton, Christiana35f ENG
138890Barton, John2m IL
138991Lomar, Andrew51mtailorSCOTLAND
138991Lomar, Ellen45f SCOTLAND
138991Lomar, William20m SCOTLAND
138991Lomar, Christina18f SCOTLAND
138991Lomar, George16m SCOTLAND
139092Slidle, Gotlieb40mmasonGER
139092Slidle, Hannah35f GER
139092Slidle, Amena10fGER
139092Slidle, Charles7m IL
139092Slidle, Mary4f IL
139193Bullfington, Henry41mcarpenterOH
139193Bullfington, Nancy21f IL
139193Bullfington, Mary14f IL
139193Bullfington, Wade A.10m IL
139294Fidley, John39mcooperGER
139294Fidley, Mary27f GER
139294Cole, Caroline3f IL
139395Dabbs, Joshua37mmerchantIL
139395Dabbs, Subria23f NY
149395Dabbs, Ada M.6f IL
149395Dabbs, Sarah6/12f IL
149395Schaaf, Alice5f IL
149395Schaaf, Henry L.3m IL
149395Bingham, Charles50m NY
149496Capeal, Joseph34m GER
149496Capeal, Avon30f GER
149496Capeal, Margaret6f GER
149496Capeal, Adam4/12m IL
149597Jacobs, Joseph48mfarmerOH
149597Jacobs, Jane41f IL
149597Jacobs, John21m IL
149597Jacobs, Sarah P.18f IL
149597Jacobs, Hannah14f IL
149597Jacobs, Llewan11m IL
149597Jacobs, Mary C.7f IL
149597Jacobs, Margaret4f IL
149698West, Bernard43mmasonGER
149698West, George Ann30f GER
149698West, Bernard3m IL
149799Walker, Wm.30mlaborerNY
149799Walker, Dolly32fTN
149799Walker, Elijah15m IL
149799Walker, Byron8m IL
1498100Bills, John S.26mlaborerOH
1498100Bills, Mary22f PA
1498100Bills, John S.1m IL
1499101Fornetta, Wm.35mlaborerKY
1499101Fornetta, Sarah24f IL
1499101Fornetta, Minerva4f IL
1499101Fornetta, Mary J.2f IL
14100102Lowder, Wm.42mlaborerSC
14100102Lowder, Manty33f SC
14100102Lowder, Jas. H.14m IL
14100102Lowder, Sarah E.7f IL
14100102Lowder, George W.5m IL
14100102Lowder, Elizabeth L.2f IL
14101103Mooney, John27mmerchantIRE
14101103Mooney, Caroline22f IL
14102 Unoccupied    
15103104Whilfreld, John25mboatmanENG
15103104Whilfreld, Mary23f IL
15103104Whilfreld, Mary Ann4f IL
15103104Whilfreld, Rosa2f IL
15103104Ustich, Mary20f CANADA
15104105Amburg, Moses56mhotelGER
15104105Amburg, Eliza36f IL
15104105Amburg, Albert19m IL
15104105Amburg, Alexander12m IL
15104105Amburg, Edward4m IL
15104105Wiedman, John56mlaborerPA
15104105Wallace, Eliza J.40fhelpTN
15105106Bills, Morgana24mboatmanIL
15105106Bills, Juliett19f OH
15105106Vankan, Catherine17f OH
15106107Massey, Solan25mfarmerIL
15106107Massey, Emaline20f MO
15106107Massey, Woodbury2m IL
15106107Massey, Lucretia1f IL
15107108Parish, Peter30mgrocey keeperENG
15107108Parker, Mary48f OH
15107108Parish, Elizabeth19f IL
15107108Parish, Wm. H.8/12m IL
15107108Massey, Nicholas15m IL
15107108Parker, Charles14m IL
15108109Smith, Andrew44mstone masonIRE
15108109Smith, Sarah35f NJ
15108109Smith, Ann13f Gulf of Mex
15108109Smith, Elizabeth10f LA
15108109Smith, Mary J.8f IL
15108109Smith, Adeline6f IL
15108109Smith, Allen4m IL
15108109Smith, Margaret1f IL
15109110Robinson, Charles70mcooperMD
15109110Robinson, Sophia60f NY
15110111Red, Louisa33f MO
15110111Red, Margaret12f MO
15110111Red, Elizabeth H.9f MO
15110111Red, John W.14m MO
15110111Red, George R.5m MO
16111112Parker, John70mhotel keeperPA
16111112Parker, Mary J. Mrs.24f OH
16111112Parker, John V.22mfarm handOH
16111112Howard, Sylvester40m KY
16111112Howard, Sarah A.39f OH
16111112Howard, Ann12f IL
16111112Howard, Lucy6f IL
16111112Loren, Michael21mblacksmithIRE
16111112Dury, Pat22mlaborerIRE
16111112Harris, James35m IRE
16111112Murphy, John28mcarpenterNY
16111112Balies, Red John25mlaborerNY
16112113Wertzler, Henry36mshoemakerGER
16112113Wertzler, Emily32f GER
16112113Wertzler, Adolph2m IL
16112113Cole, Joseph11m IL
16113114Podfish, Fred28mcarpenterGER
16113114Podfish, Frederica30f GER
16113114Podfish, Agelbet8m GER
16113114Podfish, Louisa4f IL
16113114Podfish, Caroline6/12f IL
16114115Burrows, O. H.41mmachinistIN
16114115Burrows, Ann M.36f VT
16114115Burrows, Mary Ann H.12f NY
16114115Burrows, Maria A.7f MI
16115116Wishlin, Henry36mshoemakerPRUSSIA
16115116Wishlin, Emily23f PRUSSIA
16115116Wishlin, Adolph2m IL
16116117Spangley, Joseph36mgrocery keeperGER
16116117Spangley, Barbara33f GER
16116117Spangley, Susanna7f GER
16116117Spangley, Isabella3f IL
16116117Shanks, Henry65mfarmerGER
16116117Spangley, John43mfishermanGER
16117118Walsh, George32mbrick layerIRE
16117118Walsh, Susan31f IRE
16117118Hart, John55mplastererGER
16117118Sanders, William28mblacksmithVA
16117118Vogle, George A. M.11mhelpMO
16117118Adner, Richard22mboatmanIL
17118119Allen, William L.46mmillerMA
17118119Allen, Martha M.38f IL
17118119Allen, Rosalie19f MO
17118119Allen, Irene16f IL
17118119Allen, James M.13m IL
17118119Allen, Henry C.10m IL
17118119Allen, William H.6m IL
17118119Allen, Ruth2f IL
17118119Laramy, Christiana18f SCOTLAND
17118119Allen, Herbert32m MA
17118119Stahler, Augustine56mlaborerSWITZERLAND
17118119Sass, Henry25mlaborerGER
17118119Mason, Sarah78f PA
17119120Yerkes, Charles H.31mcooperPA
17119120Yerkes, Rebecca25f PA
17120121Ironey, Samuel35mblacksmithPA
17120121Ironey, Catherine30f OH
17120121Ironey, Drucilla14f OH
17120121Ironey, Eurena9f OH
17120121Ironey, Irma M.6f OH
17121122Beter, Anthony35mstone masonGER
17121122Beter, Rosana23f GER
17121122Beter, Lewis2m IL
17121122Beter, Rosana B.7/12f IL
17122123Freeman, Pelee32mlaborerGER
17122123Freeman, Barbara32f GER
17122123Freeman, Barbara2f IL
17122123Freeman, Baby7/12m IL
17123124Freeman, Harmon36mfarmerGER
17123124Freeman, Catherine24f GER
17124125Murry, Abner30mfarmerTN
17124125Murry, Mary A.30f IL
17124125Murry, Martha A.12f IL
17124125Murry, Malissa2f IL
17124125Murry, James19m IL
17125126Empey, Mrs.72f NY
17125126Corkens, Wm.22m OH
17125126Corkens, John19m OH
17125126Dunaway, M.16f IRE
17125126Brown, James E.21m WI
18126127Wallace, John F33mfarmerIN
18126127Wallace, Elizabeth37f NC
18126127Wallace, Ely13m IL
18126127Wallace, Marilda10f IL
18126127Wallace, Elizabeth8f IL
18126127Wallace, Charles6m IL
18126127Wallace, William4m IL
18126127Samuel, Ephram23mlaborerCANADA
18126128Bowden, Wash38mlaborerTN
18126128Bowden, Mary32f IL
18126128Bowden, Daniel19m IL
18126128Bowden, Henry18m IL
18126128Bowden, Mary E.6f IL
18127129Sacket, Wm.21mmerchantIL
18127129Sacket, Juliann16f IL
18127129Sacket, Alice13f MO
18127129Hadworth, Elizabeth39f KY
18127129Adner, Emily10f IL
18127129Adner, Charles6m IL
18128130Huckle, Charles29mgroceryFRANCE
18128130Huckle, Margaret27f GER
18128130Huckle, Elizabeth4f IL
18128130Huckle, Caroline2f IL
18128130Morris, Angeline18fhelpIN
18129131While, Lambent57mlaborerMD
18129131While, Catherine45f MO
18129131While, Sarah C.20f IL
18129131Hazena, John25m IRE
18129131Hardy, Nancy J.16f IL
18129131Corkle, Wm.22m IL
18130132Elgin, John25mteamingIL
18130132Elgin, Perlina27f IL
18130132Elgin, James M7m IL
18130132Elgin, John W.6m IL
18130132Elgin, Amanda4f IL
18130132Elgin, Mary J.2f IL
18130132Elgin, Julius10m IL
18131133Davis, Joseph49mwood yardOH
18131133Davis, Sheba P.44f AR
18131133Denar, Nath’20m MO
19131133Davis, Lucinda14f MO
19131133Denar, Nancy18f MO
19131133Fillmore, Joseph3m IL
19132134Brish, Fredric38mfarmerGER
19132134Brish, Caroline25f GER
19132134Brish, Matilda3f IL
19132134Brish, Richard2m IL
19132134Brish, Baby1/12f IL
19132134Wedle, Jacob24mlaborerGER
19132134Slup, Margaret42f GER
19133135Graham, Wm.50mfarmerKY
19133135Graham, Rebecca47f KY
19133135Graham, Francis M.28m IL
19133135Graham, John26m IL
19133135Graham, George21m IL
19133135Graham, Susanna17f IL
19133135Graham, Wm.14m IL
19133135Graham, Emaline12f IL
19133135Harris, Wm.30m IL
19133135Knaper, Margaret19f IL
19134136Farborn, George25mfarmerIRE
19134136Farborn, Catherine25f IRE
19134136Farborn, Richard6m IL
19134136Farborn, Mary2f IL
19134136Farborn, Nancy7/12f IL
19134136Farborn, James27m IRE
19135137Cragor, Wm.23mfarmerGER
19135137Cragor, Dorito22f GER
19135137Cragor, Robert H.6/12m IL
19136138Worthy, Reuben L.26mfarmerTN
19136138Worthy, Mary C.20f IL
19137139Davison, Thomas30mfarmerPA
19137139Davison, Elizabeth20f PA
19137139Davison, Robert H.3m IL
19138140Lewis, John24mlaboringKY
19138140Lewis, Mary18f IN
19138140Napier, Nancy14f IL
19139141Burnett, Randolph31mfarmerIN
19139141Burnett, Louisa33f IN
19139141Burnett, Josephine2f IL
20139141Napier, John24mfarm handIN
20140 Unoccupied    
20141 Unoccupied    
20142142Matilda23f MO
20142142Baby10f IL
20143143Burnett, Quintar28mfarmingIN
20143143Burnett, Elizabeth26f IN
20143143Burnett, Wm. G.7m MO
20143143Burnett, John L.5m IL
20143143Burnett, Lana2f IL
20144144Hart, John30mboatingKY
20144144Hart, Mrs.27f IL
20144144Hart, Margaret5f IL
20144144Hart, Lucy3f IL
20144144Hart, John2m IL
20145145Lewis, Berry24m IL
20145145Lewis, Jane27f IL
20145145Lewis, John T.3/12m IL
20145145Napier, Nancy11f IL
20146146Barnett, H. W.32mfarmerPA
20146146Barnett, Mary39f VA
20146146Barnett, Hannah9f IL
20146146Barnett, Samuel C.4m IL
20146146Barnett, Wm.30mlaborerGER
20146146Barnett, Martin33mlaborerGER
20147147Ayers, Sylvester23mteaming-farmingIL
20147147Ayers, Ellen19f IL
20147147Ayers, Charles H.1m IL
20148148Miller, Wm. A.18mfarmerIL
20148148Miller, Cynthiann17f IL
20148148Miller, M. A.3/12f IL
20149149Lewis, Jacob33mfarmerVA
20149149Lewis, Louisa37f AL
20149149Lewis, Mary C.14f IL
20150150Miller, Wm. A.45mfarmerKY
20150150Miller, Lucretia39f KY
20150150Durner, W.25mfarmerMO
20150150Durner, Drucilla A.20f IL
20150150Durner, Isaac N.16m MO
21150150Durner, Daniel A.10m IL
21150150Craig, Niniva32mlaboringMO
21150150Miller, Florence Ayers1f MO
21150150Stitch, John27mlaborerGER
21150150Austin, Mary Ann20f IL
21150150Bartley, M.30f KY
21151151Miller, Wm. Jasper23mblacksmithMO
21151151Miller, Mary L.17f WI
21151151Miller, Alfred M.1m IL
21151151Miller, Herman1/12m IL
21151151Smith, Henrietta12f WI
21152152Isbell, Wm.46mlaborerMO
21152152Isbell, Ortrisa21f IN
21152152Isbell, Channey4m MO
21152152Isbell, Byron C.2m IL
21152152Isbell, Baby2/12f IL
21153 Unoccupied    
21154 Unoccupied    
21155153Miller, Wm. Jr.29mfarmerIL
21155153Miller, Cynthia24f IL
21155153Miller, Wm.7/12m IL
21156154Simpson, George28mteamingKY
21156154Simpson, Lucretia25f TN
21156154Enlow, Mary J.10f TN
21156154Simpson, Catherine9f IL
21156154Simpson, Sally Ann7f IL
21156154Enlow, Minerva A.5f TX
21156154Enlow, Wm. D.4m TX
21156154Simpson, Martha1f IL
21156154Bluent, Hester Ann18f IL
21156154Bluent, Mary M.6f IL
21157155Hendricks, Isaac60mfarmerKY
21157155Hendricks, Amelia50f NC
21157155Dalton, Sarah3f KS
21157155Henry, Thomas2m IL
21158156Yramel, Jeremiah41mfarmerTN
21158156Yramel, Ann25f IN
21158156Yramel, Margaret J.2f IL
21158156Yramel, Theodore6m MO
22160157Phillips, Nelson37mfarmerOH
22160157Phillips, Susan38f OH
22160157Phillips, Albert7m IL
22160157Phillips, Martha8f IL
22160157Phillips, Susan3f IL
22160157Phillips, Georgia Ann1f IL
22161158Phillips, Charles35mfarmerGER
22161158Phillips, Lydia35f GER
22161158Phillips, Elizabeth16f GER
22161158Phillips, Edward12m GER
22161158Phillips, Charles9m IL
22161158Phillips, Emma5f IL
22161158Phillips, Henry1m IL
22162159Bomer, John40mfarmerGER
22162159Bomer, Mary38f GER
22162159Bomer, John4m IL
22162159Bomer, Donnely2m IL
22163160Herad, Adam30mfarmerGER
22163160Herad, Margaret40f GER
22163160Herad, Semod22m GER
22163160Herad, Conrod Klin18m GER
22163160Herad, Catherine17f GER
22163160Herad, Ephadd13m GER
22163160Herad, Nicholas10m GER
22163160Herad, Hollans2m IL
22163160Phillips, Elizabeth13f IL
22164161Leavett, Redic25mfarmerIN
22164161Leavett, Hannah30f IRE
22164161Leavett, Irena10/12f IL
22164161Austin, Benjamin19m IL
22165162Levitt, Thomas29mboatmanIN
22165162Levitt, Mary21f VA
22165162Levitt, Cedetia4f IL
22165162Levitt, Emma M.2f IL
22165162Elliott, Hannah Mrs.51f MD
22165162???, Frances78f VA
22166163Gordon, William30mteamingTN
22166163Gordon, Mary A.26f IL
22166163Gordon, John9m IL
22166163Gordon, Rachel6f IL
23166163Gordon, Andrew M.3m IL
23166163Gordon, Michael9/12m IL
23166163Gordon, Mary9/12f IL
23167164Gordon, John27mfarmerTN
23167164Gordon, Catherine28f IL
23167164Gordon, William T.12m IL
23167164Gordon, George9m IL
23167164Gordon, John H.3m IL
23167164Gordon, Thomas J.1m IL
23167164Stout, Samuel18mfarmingIL
23167164Lewis, Wesley16mfarmingIL
23168165Humard, John28mcooperOH
23168165Humard, Mary A.19f IN
23168165Humard, Wm.1m IL
23169166Miller, Wm.58mteacherNY
23169166Miller, Mary L.40f TN
23169166Barr, Jane12f IL
23169166Oins, Wm.11m IL
23169166Varble, Jackson3m IL
23170167Edsall, William63m NY
23170167Edsall, Lydia48f TN
23170167Edsall, John D.44m PA
23170167Edsall, Thomas19m IL
23170167Edsall, Drucilla16f IL
23170167Edsall, Cordelia11f IL
23170167Edsall, Caroden P.9m IL
23171168Miller, Eben48m VA
23171168Miller, Jane23f MO
23171168Miller, William17m MO
23171168Miller, Vermelia15f MO
23171168Miller, Frances10f IL
23171168Miller, Beroli9f IL
23171168Miller, Chariton7m IL
23171168Miller, Hamett5m IL
23171168Miller, Sidney3f IL
23171168Miller, Sarah1f IL
23172169Ellis, Samuel37mfarmerTN
23172169Ellis, Mary M.30f PA
23172169Ellis, Ida J.7f IL
23172169Edsall, Co15m IL
24174170Rowden, Abram40mfarmerIL
24174170Rowden, Amelia43f IN
24174170Rowden, Mary J.18f IL
24174170Rowden, James13m IL
24174170Rowden, Maria12f IL
24174170Rowden, Malinda10f IL
24174170Rowden, Isaac N.2/12m IL
24174170Rowden, Rachel2/12f IL
24175171Devlin, Bryan P.36mfarmerMO
24175171Devlin, Elizabeth37f KY
24175171Gowin, John18m IL
24175171Gowin, Ann9f MO
24175171Gowin, Wm.8m IL
24175171Gowin, Emma8f IL
24175171Gowin, Isabel3f KY
24176172Lane, John W.47mfarmerOH
24176172Lane, Louiza18f OH
24176172Lane, Eugene18m KY
24176172Lane, Josephine7f IN
24176172Lane, Martha3f IN
24176172Jackson, Andrew J.20m MI
24176172Vole, Andrew19m MI
24177173Rowden, Marrisin49mfarmerMO
24177173Rowden, Malinda37f KY
24177173Rowden, James49m MO
24177173Rowden, Mary37f MO
24177173Rowden, John W.14m MO
24177173Rowden, Albert11m IL
24177173Rowden, Henry8m IL
24177173Rowden, Harrison6m IL
24177173Rowden, Leander3m IL
24178174Stillwell, Jeremiah40mfarmerNC
24178174Stillwell, Eliza35f NC
24178174Stillwell, Virgil21m IL
24178174Stillwell, Leander17m IL
24178174Stillwell, Reuben6m IL
24178174Stillwell, John3m IL
24178174Stillwell, Logan1/12m IL
24178174Stillwell, Barnecia18m IL
24178174Lane, Alice5f IN
25178174Stillwell, John12m IL
25179175Means, William R.40mfarmerIL
25179175Means, Jane42f PA
25179175Gearing, Anna18f VA
25179175Gearing, Wm. Henry12m MO
25179175Mere, Rector H.4m MO
25179175Mere, Sarah C.1f IL
25180176Bailey, Ira M.24mfarmerMO
25180176Bailey, Jane17f MO
25181 Unoccupied    
25182177Bailey, Ira M.67mfarmerNY
25182177Bailey, Grace67f NC
25182177Bailey, Harriet15f MO
25183178Gerry, Nathaniel66mfarmerIN
25183178Gerry, Sarah65f IN
25183178Gerry, Rachel20f IN
25183178Gerry, Paris19m IN
25184179Somers, Michael25mfarmerCANADA
25184179Somers, Jane24f ENGLAND
25184179Somers, Ida3f IL
25184179Somers, Henry2m IL
25185180While, Mrs.55ffarmerTN
25185180While, Hiram19m IL
25185180Jackson, Thomas H.7m IL
25185180Jackson, Ada5f IL
25185180Curry, Wm. F.13m IL
25185180Dunigan, B. Y.28mfarmerPA
25186181Bull, Willes53m KY
25186181Bull, Hely47f OH
25186181Bull, Joshua27m OH
25186181Bull, George W.23m OH
25186181Bull, Nathaniel18m OH
25186181Bull, James12m OH
25186181King, James23m MI
25187182Armes, John22mfarmerMO
25187182Armes, Emily19f IL
25187182Armes, Baby6/12f IL
25188183Banfield, George50mfarmerPA
25188183Banfield, John18m PA
25188183Banfield, Wm.17m PA
26189184Graham, Daniel49mwood bus. & farmNY
26189184Graham, Nancy16f IL
26189184Graham, Oscar14m IL
26189184Graham, John10m IL
26190185Miller, Burville46mfarmerIN
26190185Miller, Levina38f IN
26190185Miller, Charles16m IL
26190185Miller, Sarah V.8f IL
26190185Miller, Lydia4f IL
26190185Miller, Isaac3m IL
26190185Miller, Margaret4/12f IL
26190185Cartwright, Michael22m MO
26191186Quitt, Joseph35mfarmerGER
26191186Quitt, Hannah30f GER
26191186Quitt, Baby10/12f IL
26192187Dean, Albert32mlaborerMO
26192187Dean, Ellen34f MO
26192187Dean, Jacob7m IL
26192187Dean, Rachel6f IL
26192187Dean, Peazey4m IL
26192187Dean, Winfield1m IL
26193188Wilt, Wm.32mfarmerGER
26193188Wilt, Catherine28f GER
26193188Wilt, Elizabeth10f MO
26193188Wilt, Wm.8m MO
26193188Wilt, Joseph7m MO
26193188Wilt, Catherine C.1f MO
26193188Wilt, Josephine3f MO
26193188Keffer, Jacob70m GER
26193188Keffer, Charles34m GER
26194189Miller, Isaac27mfarmerIL
26194189Miller, Mary L.25f IL
26194189Miller, Mary L.8f IL
26194189Miller, Levina6f IL
26194189Miller, Turner4m IL
26194189Miller, Emily3f IL
26194189Miller, John R.10/12m IL
26194189Miller, Elberger22m IL
26195190Curry, Elbenger50m TN
26195190Curry, Margaret45f TN
27195190Curry, Rachel14f IL
27195190Curry, Sylvester10m IL
27195190Curry, Virginia8f IL
27196191Sparting, Wesley25mlaborerIL
27196191Sparting, Lucerna24f IL
27196191Sparting, Charlotte3f IL
27196191Sparting, Mary M.1f IL
27197192Burns, Lewis36msaw millVA
27197192Burns, Jane38f IN
27197192Burns, Mary E.11f IL
27197192Burns, Harriet C.10f IL
27197192Burns, Catherine B.9f IL
27197192Burns, James A.7m IL
27197192Burns, George D.6m IL
27197192Burns, Eliza J.1f IL
27198193Miller, John M.40mfarmerIN
27198193Miller, Sarah36f IN
27198193Miller, Isaac N15m IN
27198193Miller, Thomas A.14m IN
27198193Miller, Margaret11f IN
27198193Miller, Mary E.10f IN
27198193Miller, George W.7m IN
27198193Miller, William Daniel3m IL
27199194Stamps, Nancy47f KY
27199194Stamps, James B.17mlaborerMO
27199194Beaand, C.24mcarpenterCANADA
27200195Clark, Andrew J.38mlaborerKY
27200195Clark, Louisana36f IN
27200195Clark, Thomas17m IN
27200195Clark, Wm.15m IN
27200195Clark, Sarah E.12f IN
27200195Clark, W. C.9m IL
27200195Clark, Nancy J.9f IL
27200195Clark, John W.3m IL
27200195Clark, Henry6/12m IL
27200195Clark, Ann E.8f IL
27201196Belsher, Joseph20mfarmerIL
27201196Belsher, Lucy Mrs.57f KY
27201196Belsher, Emily19f IL
27201196Brodhot, Franklin30mlaborerNY
28202197Mires, Henry28mfarmerGER
28202197Mires, Cecelia32f GER
28202197Mires, Elizabeth15f IL
28202197Mires, Wm.7m IL
28202197Mires, Lewis3m NY
28202197Mires, Henry56m GER
28202197Mires, Maria31f GER
28202197Mires, Christopher18m GER
28203198Miles, Lewis26mfarmerGER
28203198Miles, Caroline26f GER
28203198Miles, Caroline C.5f IL
28203198Miles, Angeline4f IL
28203198Miles, Louisa2f IL
28203198Miles, John H.12m IL
28204199Yasune, Anthony24mlaboringCANADA
28204199Yasune, Mrs.26f CANADA
28204199Yasune, Joseph11m CANADA
28205200Slunstaut, Charles40mfarmerGER
28205200Slunstaut, Christian42f GER
28205200Slunstaut, Charlotte19f GER
28205200Slunstaut, John13m IL
28205200Slunstaut, Marty10f IL
28205200Slunstaut, Heneretta7f IL
28205200Slunstaut, Joseph4m IL
28205200Slunstaut, William1m IL
28206201Sherman, Chester35mfarmerNY
28206201Sherman, Elizabeth39f MO
28206201Sherman, Sarah10f LA
28206201Sherman, Mary6f LA
28206201Stafford, Washington35mlaborerIL
28206201Pierson, Joseph42mlaborerCT
28207202Globe, John32mlaborerGER
28207202Globe, Julia18f IL
28208203Tellis, Locklin32mlaborerIL
28208203Tellis, Rachel36f IL
28208203Tellis, Lewis6m IL
28208203Tellis, Mary T.1f IL
28208203Tellis, David18mlaborerIL
28209204Belcher, Caroline Mrs.24f IL
28209204Stafford, Malinda50f OH
29209204Stafford, Adeline18f IL
29209204Belcher, Charles E.6m IL
29209204Belcher, Alice4f IL
29209204Belcher, Laura1f IL
29210205Magger, Lewis50mfarmerGER
29211206Kent, John41mfarmerOH
29211206Kent, Sarah25f OH
29211206Kent, California9f IL
29211206Kent, Sidnoras5f IL
29211206Remor, Charles?m IL
29211206Stafford, Malinda45f OH
29212207Stafford, Wilborn23mlaborerIL
29212207Stafford, Lavina20f GER
29213208Cryswell, Walter49mfarmerOH
29213208Cryswell, Louisa29f OH
29213208Cryswell, Sarah E.7f IL
29213208Cryswell, Maria L.5f IL
29213208Cryswell, Louisa M.3f IL
29213208Cryswell, Baby1/12f IL
29213208Bentley, Martha A.22f IL
29213208Waltz, Daniel40mlaborerIN
29214209Kirkpatrick, Wm.52mlaborerKY
29214209Kirkpatrick, Mary30f IL
29214209Kirkpatrick, Madora19f IL
29214209Kirkpatrick, Wm. D.4m IL
29214209Kirkpatrick, Laura2f IL
29215210Finney, D. W.29mfarmerIL
29215210Finney, Amanda M.26f IL
29215210Noble, Margaret22f IL
29215210Finney, George21mlaborerIL
29215210Bentley, Calvin26m IL
29216211Austin, James R.28mfarmerMO
29216211Austin, Welthy Ann28f MO
29216211Austin, Sarah J.9f IL
29216211Austin, Nancy J.7f IL
29216211Austin, Mahala J.3f IL
29216211Austin, Hester J.7/12f IL
29217212Ontis, William31mfarmerIL
29217212Ontis, Sophia28f MO
29217212Ontis, Charles8m IL
30217212Ontis, William4m IL
30217212Ontis, John W.2m IL
30217212Ontis, Daniel2/12m IL
30217212Ontis, Nancy2/12f IL
30217212Givens, Eveline16f IL
30217212Gilbert, George24mlaborerIL
30218213Plat, Anna35f IL
30218213Plat, John W.9m IL
30218213Plat, Henry Thomas1m IL
30219 Unoccupied    
30220214Miller, Frank40mfarmerOH
30220214Miller, Polly30f IL
30220214Miller, Francis12m IL
30220214Miller, Said14m IL
30221215Bollins, Wm.45mfarmerKY
30221215Bollins, Nancy46f MO
30221215Bollins, Eugene17m IL
30222216Dunaway, Thomas55mfarmerKY
30222216Dunaway, Eliza48f KY
30222216Dunaway, Andrew26m KY
30222216Dunaway, Amanda20f KY
30222216Dunaway, Amos17m IN
30222216Dunaway, Elizabeth12f IN
30222216Dunaway, Christopher9m IN
30223217Tucker, George31mfarmerOH
30223217Tucker, Elizabeth40f GER
30223217Vuchenburg, Agnes18f GER
30223217Tucker, Mary8f IL
30223217Tucker, Francis6m IL
30223217Tucker, George4m IL
30223217Tucker, Nancy10/12f IL
30224218Tucker, James50mfarmerOH
30224218Tucker, Louisa50f OH
30224218Tucker, Rebecca16f OH
30224218Tucker, Nancy16f OH
30224218Tucker, Wm.14m OH
30225219Smith, Jacob33mfarmerGER
30225219Smith, Christine33f GER
30225219Smith, Christine11f GER
30225219Smith, Catherine9f GER
31225219Smith, Lucy6f IL
31225219Smith, Mary2f IL
31225219Smith, Lucinda6/12f IL
31226220Miller, C. J.27mboatingOH
31226220Miller, Sarah J.24f OH
31226220Miller, Edmond F.5m IA
31226220Miller, Emma3f IA
31226220Miller, Lile1f IL
31226221Parker, Ebenezer37mboatingOH
31226221Parker, Malinda15f IN
31226222Bush, Charles25mfarmerGER
31226222Bush, Lena29f GER
31226222Vanantrop, Tabitha9f IL
31226222Bush, Wm.1m IL
31228223Rosein, Peter40mfarmerFRANCE
31228223Rosein, Mary37f GER
31228223Rosein, Chris11f IL
31228223Rosein, Elizabeth11f IL
31228223Rosein, John9m IL
31228223Rosein, Peter6m IL
31228223Rosein, Ann4f IL
31228223Rosein, Catherine3f IL
31228223Rosein, Nicholas5/12m IL
31228223Rosein, Mary2f IL
31229224Ballans, Kuz23mwoodmanGER
31229224Ballans, Rebecca24f GER
31229224Ballans, Charles4/12m IL
31230225Calvert, George W.49mlaboringKY
31230225Calvert, Amanda36f KY
31230225Calvert, John16m KY
31230225Calvert, Perlina12f KY
31230225Calvert, Nancy J.11f IL
31230225Calvert, Amanda5f IL
31230225Calvert, Margaret A.4f IL
31230225Calvert, Christopher1/12m IL
31231226Carlin, Hugh37mlaborerIL
31231226Brady, John33mlaborerTN
31231226Brady, William37m TN
31232227Anfreles, Robert26m TN
31232227Anfreles, Susan24f MO
32233228Harrington, Wm.43mtradCT
32233228Harrington, Sarah36f PA
32233228Harrington, Wm. A.16m PA
32233228Harrington, Tellman11m PA
32233228Harrington, Benjamin R.4m PA
32233228Harrington, Charles S.3m IN
32234229?, Wm.30mfarmerOH
32234229Vingar, Mary19f OH
32234229Vingar, C.63f PA
32234229Wiley, Susan5f IL
32234229Mitzel, Elizabeth12f IL
32234229Mitzel, Isnally9f IL
32234229Mitzel, Jacob7m IL
32234229Mitzel, Josephine4f IL
32234229Mitzel, Anna2f IL
32235 Unoccupied    
32236 Unoccupied    
32237230Woorth, Adam50mfarmerGER
32237230Woorth, Leanora47f GER
32237230Woorth, Margaret19f GER
32237230Woorth, Lanne17f GER
32237230Woorth, Peter14m GER
32237230Woorth, John9m NY
32237230Mahals, James50mfarm handGER
32238231Fryman, Samuel45mfarmerKY
32238231Fryman, N.30f OH
32238231Fryman, Samuel10m OH
32238231Fryman, Emily7f IN
32238231Fryman, Julia5f IN
32238231Fryman, Jacob2m IL
32239231Gruld, George P.28mlaborerIL
32239231Gruld, Mary J.25f NJ
32240232Clark, Jane Mrs.51f KY
32240232Clark, Silas24mlaborerMO
32240232Golden, Ynis20f IL

Researcher note: Michael Vogel is my great grandfather, Michael Fogel. The above Vogels should be listed as Fogel. Dick Kearns, Huntington, NY.

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