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1855 Jersey County Census Index

This transcription of the index to the Jersey County State Census of 1855 was contributed by Marty Crull. Volunteers who transcribed this census data are Mary J. Bradley, her daughter Heather, Judy Linquist, Marty Crull and his wife Ronda. With such a large database, it is likely that there are errors. If you can provide any help with the correct names/spelling, click here for email address.
?, GarrettEnglish
?, JohnEnglish
?ake, CyrusJersey South Township
?ell, StephenJersey South Township
?lan?, J.C.Otter Creek
?oodney, James P.Piasa
?pidenling, E.?Otter Creek
?uff?, BenjEnglish
Abigail, DavisJersey South Township
Abram, AnnRichwood
Acker, WmJersey South Township
Adams, C NJersey South Township
Adams, JohnJersey South Township
Adams, N LJersey South Township
Agles, Jno.Quarry East Township
Albert, JamesFidelity
Albert, S.Piasa
Alexander, T SJersey South Township
Alford, H.Richwood
Allcorn, ChasJersey South Township
Allen, JoshuaJersey South Township
Allen, M.Elsah
Allen, S.Richwood
Allen, Wm CJersey South Township
Allen, Wm. H.Quarry East Township
Amburgh, MosesOtter Creek
Anderson, MJersey South Township
Andrews, GJersey South Township
Andrews, RobertPiasa
Andwell, AndrewIllinois
Antoine, RJersey South Township
Apen, DavidRichwood
Archer, J. W.Piasa
Arkebaner, JJersey South Township
Arkebauer, J. E.Richwood
Armstrong, JonathanFidelity
Armstrong, SamlJersey South Township
Armstrong, ThomasFidelity
Arnspiger, H.Fidelity
Artes, DavidEnglish
Ascue, HannahMississippi
Ashley, M.Illinois
Austin, A.Elsah
Austin, J.Piasa
Aydott, J.Fidelity
B**camp, FredJersey South Township
Bacon, J. M.Fidelity
Baggs, J.L.English
Bailey M WJersey South Township
Baird, IsaacFidelity
Balance, C.Elsah
Barber, H RJersey South Township
Barnes, E. W.Ruyle
Barnes, Jas.Ruyle
Barr, JA & J CJersey South Township
Barrett, Jas.Otter Creek
Barry, DavidJersey South Township
Bartlett, IsaacOtter Creek
Bartlett, J. W.Fidelity
Bartlett, P.Fidelity
Bartlett, T.Elsah
Bartlett, Wm.Piasa
Barton, E. H.Richwood
Barton, JnoJersey South Township
Batchelor, Wm.Richwood
Bates, ?Otter Creek
Bates, SilasMississippi
Bates, Wm.Elsah
Bates, Wm.Quarry West Township
Baugh, M.Elsah
Baumlett, GertrudeJersey South Township
Baylock, JoelJersey South Township
Beach, CDEnglish
Bean, J.Piasa
Beard, JamesPiasa
BeattieJersey South Township
Beatty, F.Fidelity
Beck, AndrewOtter Creek
Beckwith, MaryPiasa
Beet, JohnEnglish
Belcher, Jonathan W.Illinois
Bell, J PJersey South Township
Bell, J.Elsah
Bell, J.Fidelity
Bell, L. P.Elsah
Bell, W.C.Quarry East Township
Bell?, E. G.Otter Creek
Belt, H. W.English
Belt, L TJersey South Township
Bench, B.Richwood
Benley, DavidJersey South Township
Benliew, JamesMississippi
Bennett, B. M.Elsah
Benson, HendersonJersey North Township
Bentley, NMississippi
Benvica, FelixMississippi
Benwell, GJersey South Township
Besterfelt, W.Elsah
Bethel, L. W.Richwood
Bethel, WilsonRichwood
Biggers, SamuelJersey South Township
Billings, A AJersey South Township
Billings, Wm JrJersey South Township
Bingham, AMississippi
Bird, OJersey South Township
Bivens, H.Richwood
Black, J. C.Piasa
Black, JamesRuyle
Black, Jno RMississippi
Black, R.Elsah
Blackburn, A MJersey South Township
Bland, Wm.Elsah
Blaney, JonathanFidelity
Blaney, PatrickJersey South Township
Blyth, James SJersey South Township
Boday, H.Elsah
Bodkin, JMississippi
Bodkin, J.Elsah
Bodkin, JnoMississippi
Bodkin, TMississippi
Bokshell, M.Elsah
Bolter, James HJersey South Township
Bolter, WmJersey South Township
Bond, LewisElsah
Bond, LewisElsah
Bonnell, David TMississippi
Booker, CarolineFidelity
Bott, M.Piasa
Bowman, Charles H.Fidelity
Boxer?, EllenEnglish
Bradshaw, JonasFidelity
Bridge, TMississippi
Bridges, EnochEnglish
Bridges, HJersey South Township
Briggs, A.Richwood
Briggs, A. P.Elsah
Briggs, FMississippi
Bringhurst, JamesRuyle
Brocamp, O.English
Brock, Tarlton F.Otter Creek
Brockman, J.Piasa
Brookfield, J.Piasa
Brooks, ChasJersey South Township
Broucoup, ?English
Brown, AradMississippi
Brown, C.Quarry East Township
Brown, Dennis?English
Brown, HeudusonJersey South Township
Brown, JonEnglish
Brown, Jos.English
Brown, Jos.English
Brown, L****Jersey South Township
Brown, LeonardRuyle
Brown, MaryFidelity
Brown, W. S.Quarry East Township
Brownhead, WmMississippi
Brumner, C.Piasa
Brumner, H.Piasa
Bucher, Geo HMississippi
Buckles, W.Otter Creek
Buding, TJersey South Township
Buffington, J HJersey South Township
Bulman, OMississippi
Buman, John C.Otter Creek
Bungee, F.English
Burch, HenryJersey North Township
Burgamyer, GJersey South Township
Burke, G WJersey South Township
Burley, DMississippi
Burley, J. M.Fidelity
Burley, WMississippi
Burns, LewisIllinois
Burtley, C. C.Illinois
Burtman, FJersey South Township
Bush, MosesIllinois
Butler, JonathanPiasa
Butler, S.Piasa
Caldwell, J WJersey South Township
Caldwell, J.Fidelity
Caldwell, R.Elsah
Calhoun, Jas WJersey South Township
Calhoun, JobJersey South Township
Callaway, HenryJersey South Township
Callis, CMississippi
Callis, E. B.Elsah
Calmon, RichardRichwood
Cameron, J.Richwood
Cameron, JackRichwood
Campbell, E.Richwood
Campbell, Wm.English
Campbell, Wm. K.Fidelity
Cannedy, R.Richwood
Carion, A.Piasa
Carkhuff, A WJersey South Township
Carold, JerryRuyle
Carpenter, RJersey South Township
Carr, JosephEnglish
Carrico, Jno.English
Carroll, AMississippi
Carroll, AMississippi
Carroll, C.W.Otter Creek
Carroll, CharlesElsah
Carroll, EdwdJersey South Township
Carroll, JnoJersey South Township
Carroll, Jno RMississippi
Carroll, JonathanIllinois
Carroll, R.Elsah
Carroll, T.Elsah
Carter, LeviRichwood
Carter, QuinnMississippi
Cartwright, John W.English
Casey, JonathanFidelity
Caseym E AJersey South Township
Catts, Chas TJersey South Township
Celin, JnoMississippi
Chambers, JMississippi
Chance, EzekielEnglish
Chance, LewisEnglish
Chapman, ThomasFidelity
Chappell, J.Elsah
Chappell, Wm.Piasa
Chapple, BMississippi
Charles, Wm BJersey South Township
Chase, L.Richwood
Cheatham, W. W.Piasa
Cheney, H.Richwood
Cheney, MurrayJersey South Township
Chidister, Wm.Elsah
Chilton, H.Ruyle
Christopher, H.Fidelity
Christopher, J.Fidelity
Christopher, JacobJersey South Township
Christopher, JnoJersey South Township
Christopher, JonathanFidelity
Clairday, B.Fidelity
Clark, H.Piasa
Clarke, Dan.Richwood
Clarke, Irw W.Otter Creek
Clavin, SimonJersey South Township
Claymore, JohnQuarry East Township
Clayton, B CJersey South Township
Clendenin, AdamJersey South Township
Cleveland, RJersey South Township
Clifton, Wm.Richwood
Close, Wm.English
Clower, AJersey South Township
Clower, S.Richwood
Coates, CharlesRichwood
Cockerll, MosesMississippi
Cohan, NelsonEnglish
Cole, JMississippi
Colean, FrankEnglish
Colean, IsaacEnglish
Colean, J HJersey South Township
Coleman, R.Elsah
Colian?, Edwd.English
Collins, JobJersey South Township
Collins, S. FFidelity
Combes, CharlesRichwood
Combes, D HJersey South Township
Combs, J.Piasa
Compton, John L.Piasa
Compton, MosesJersey South Township
Conn, JohnJersey South Township
Connolly, A.Fidelity
Conrow?, AbsalomEnglish
Convill, Jos MJersey South Township
Conway, PatFidelity
Cook, Chas.Quarry East Township
Coon, SamPiasa
Cooper, A.Fidelity
Cooper, Jona EJersey South Township
Cope, AndrewJersey South Township
Cope, HenryEnglish
Cope, JacobEnglish
Cope, JamesEnglish
Cope, Jas.English
Cope, LewisEnglish
Cope, NathanEnglish
Corbett, PerneilJersey South Township
Cornelius, Daw.Mississippi
Cornelius, J.Elsah
Cornelius, PMississippi
Cory, JoelJersey South Township
Cory, LeviFidelity
Cory, WyronJersey South Township
Corzine, JamesFidelity
Corzine, Wm.Fidelity
Courston, JnoMississippi
Coventry, JonathanRuyle
Covert, J AJersey South Township
Cowen, BJersey South Township
Cowen, JnoJersey South Township
Cowen, MJersey South Township
Cowen, MatthewRuyle
Cower, E.Richwood
Cower, JamesEnglish
Cowin, LJersey South Township
Cox, AbelEnglish
Cox, JonathanFidelity
Cox, Wm.English
Cozirie, M CJersey South Township
Crabtree, J.Illinois
Craig, ?.Fidelity
Crane, GMississippi
Crane, L.English
Crane, SilasEnglish
Crawford, J. B.Quarry East Township
Creamer, Wm BMississippi
Creighton, JamesQuarry East Township
Criswell, WallaceQuarry West Township
Crosby, G. W.Richwood
Cross, Hugh WJersey South Township
Crossett, JamesEnglish
Cull, Jm. MOtter Creek
Cummings, MarthaRuyle
Cummings, ThosMississippi
Cummining, Wm HJersey South Township
Curry, A.S.Quarry East Township
Curry, Wm.Illinois
Curtis, AlexIllinois
Curtis, E.A.Otter Creek
Cury, C. W.Jersey North Township
Custer, M.English
Cyrus, MatthewJersey South Township
Cytel, P JJersey South Township
Dabb, G.Otter Creek
Dabbs, JesseOtter Creek
Dabbs, JonathanFidelity
Dabbs, JoshuaOtter Creek
Dabbs, PollyOtter Creek
Daley, E MMississippi
Daniel, DavidJersey South Township
Daniels, JonathanRuyle
Darby Jr., WmMississippi
Darby, John CJersey South Township
Darlington, HMississippi
Darlington, RobtJersey South Township
Darlington, TMississippi
Darniel, JamesJersey South Township
Darr, JacksonEnglish
Darr, MatthewEnglish
Daus, ?Otter Creek
Davenport, A.Otter Creek
Davenport, JohnOtter Creek
Davenport, L CJersey South Township
David, James M.Jersey North Township
Davis, AmosJersey South Township
Davis, AndersonJersey South Township
Davis, ChancyJersey South Township
Davis, ElizJersey South Township
Davis, FrankJersey South Township
Davis, J WJersey South Township
Davis, J.Elsah
Davis, Jno MJersey South Township
Davis, JohnIllinois
Davis, JonathanFidelity
Davis, JonathanFidelity
Davis, SamuelJersey South Township
Davis, WilsonJersey North Township
Davis, Wm AJersey South Township
Davison, S.Fidelity
Day, Ira EJersey South Township
Day, SheldonMississippi
Derby, Chas RJersey South Township
Derby, L CJersey South Township
Diamond, RMississippi
Dick, AlfredIllinois
Doblebower, J CJersey South Township
Dodson, AaronEnglish
Dodson, J.Elsah
Donn, Wm. M.Otter Creek
Doran, JnoMississippi
Dougherty, Henry .E.Otter Creek
Dougherty, JohnOtter Creek
Dow, Chas MMississippi
Dow, M MMississippi
Dow, Maria MMississippi
Dow, Thos MMississippi
Dowdle, C WJersey South Township
Dower, JamesJersey South Township
Down, P.Piasa
Downey, JamesEnglish
Downs, HardinFidelity
Doyle, J GMississippi
Dugan, PatrickJersey South Township
Duncan, JosJersey South Township
Dunham, ?.Richwood
Dunham, BenjaminRichwood
Dunham, RachelRichwood
Dunn, J.Elsah
Dupont, CharlesElsah
Duran, AndrewOtter Creek
Durkin, A.Elsah
Dursden, DavidJersey South Township
Eads, J. A.Richwood
Easlin, N McMississippi
Eastwood, A RJersey South Township
Eaton, Jonathan H.Jersey North Township
Ebut, CJersey South Township
Edsall, Wm.Quarry East Township
Edwards, AndrewPiasa
Edwards, ThomasPiasa
Edwards, Wm DJersey South Township
Eisher, Peter KJersey South Township
Eiter, JohnJersey South Township
Elbert, Thos.English
Eldridge, P.Piasa
Eldridge, Wm.Piasa
Ellage, Geo.English
Elliott, LewisRuyle
Ellis, SamlQuarry East Township
Ely, Geo IJersey South Township
Ely, IsaacFidelity
Ely, RichardFidelity
Embly, WJersey South Township
Emmett, J.Illinois
Emmons, SamuelPiasa
English, Jon N.English
Ennis, S.Illinois
Ennis, ZachIllinois
Epler, H.Piasa
Erwin, AbjahJersey North Township
Erwin, Jas.English
Erwin, Saml.English
Erwin, SusanJersey North Township
Erwin, Wm.English
Estell, JamesElsah
Estes, A OJersey South Township
Evans, SamuelJersey South Township
Evans, Wm.Otter Creek
Fale, F.English
Fallop, JamesOtter Creek
Farley, R DJersey South Township
Farrald, PatJersey South Township
Farrow, AlbertRuyle
Farrow, Wm. C.Ruyle
Faulkner, WmJersey South Township
Faulner, Jos.English
Felter, H. W.Richwood
Felter, PeterRichwood
Ferguson, W. W.Fidelity
Fickle, F. N.Richwood
Finch, J.Quarry East Township
Fink, JonathanRuyle
Finney, DanlQuarry East Township
Fisher, C RJersey South Township
Fisher, R. C.Fidelity
Fisher, W. B.Fidelity
Fitzgerald, ElizaJersey South Township
Fitzgerald, MJersey South Township
Fitzgerald, PatickMississippi
Fleminow, MMississippi
Fobes, PhilJersey South Township
Folman, CyrusJersey South Township
Folman, JamesJersey South Township
Force, EJersey South Township
Ford, GJersey South Township
Ford, GertrudeJersey South Township
Ford, ThosJersey South Township
Fordice, HMississippi
Fortune, JMississippi
Foster, GeorgeRichwood
Foster, JonathanRichwood
Fowler, Wm SMississippi
Fox, JnoJersey South Township
Free, Wm.Ruyle
French, D PJersey South Township
French, JosiahJersey South Township
Frost, James C.Fidelity
Frost, JnoJersey South Township
Fruman, MaryJersey South Township
Fry, J.Piasa
Fry, M.Elsah
Fryman, SamuelQuarry West Township
Fulkes, JonathanRichwood
Fuller, M.C.Quarry East Township
Fuller, NancyPiasa
Fuller, R.C.Quarry East Township
Fuller, W.M.Quarry East Township
Fultz, JosephPiasa
Funk, HiskIllinois
Furman, WilliamJersey South Township
Galls, GJersey South Township
Gamble, ChasMississippi
Gamon, James MJersey South Township
Gardner, F.Elsah
Gardner, RMississippi
Garretson, G. R.Fidelity
Gates, JacobQuarry East Township
Gates, T.Quarry East Township
Gaul, JonathanFidelity
Gibbs, DJersey South Township
Gibbs, JohnRichwood
Giberson, JMississippi
Giberson, SMississippi
Gibrson, DMississippi
Gibson, J.Elsah
Giers, E HJersey South Township
Gifford, A.Piasa
Gillham, AMississippi
Gillham, CMississippi
Gillham, MMississippi
Gilworth, JonathanRuyle
Gimmey, JamesIllinois
Givens, EdneyQuarry West Township
Gleason, JJersey South Township
Gleason, WmIllinois
Goacher, H.Ruyle
Godfrey, D.Fidelity
Goodrich, E HMississippi
Goodrich, Geo.English
Goodrich, H OJersey South Township
Gordon, P.Quarry East Township
Gowins, ?Quarry East Township
Gowins, M. S.Otter Creek
Graco, RobertFidelity
Graham, J CJersey South Township
Graham, M CJersey South Township
Graham, WmMississippi
Grammar, JosephIllinois
Green, AddisonMississippi
Green, B AJersey South Township
Green, E. W.Richwood
Green, S. W.Elsah
Green, Samuel F.Ruyle
Green, Wm.Elsah
Greene, E WJersey South Township
Grene, OliverOtter Creek
Griffin, Wm.Ruyle
Griggs, SamuelPiasa
Grigsby, J FJersey South Township
Grimes, J FJersey South Township
Grimes, JnoJersey South Township
Grosjare, FJersey South Township
Grosvenor, SJersey South Township
Grozjan, SJersey South Township
Gruling, G.Elsah
Gunterman, JohnRichwood
Hackney, L. E.Richwood
Hackney, WmMississippi
Hackney, Wm. Sr.Piasa
Haines, AdamJersey South Township
Hairin???, H CJersey South Township
Hall, ?Illinois
Hall, ThomasIllinois
Hamilton, A.Piasa
Hamilton, C MJersey South Township
Hamilton, Dan’lOtter Creek
Hamilton, J DJersey South Township
Hamilton, J.H.Otter Creek
Hamilton, N.Quarry East Township
Hamilton, ThomasPiasa
Hamor, J.Elsah
Hampton, ?Illinois
Handy, J.Richwood
Haragin, AMississippi
Harbert, Isaac JrJersey South Township
Harrington, JnoJersey South Township
Harris, Jonathan L.Fidelity
Hart, J.Piasa
Hartwick, HannahJersey South Township
Harvard, J.Elsah
Harvih, J.Richwood
Hatch, HJersey South Township
Hausell, WilliamJersey South Township (Note: probably Hansell)
Hawkins, J. T.Fidelity
Hawkins, JonathanRuyle
Hawkins, MaryJersey North Township
Hawkinson, L. F.Fidelity
Hawley, Wm FJersey South Township
Haycraft, J. L.Fidelity
Hayden, M.Piasa
Hayes, ?.Richwood
Hayne, J. G.Piasa
Hayne, P.Piasa
Haynes, J MMississippi
Heath, ?.Piasa
Hedger, D EJersey South Township
Heitzig, C.English
Heitzig, ChristianEnglish
Held, P.Piasa
Hemphill, L TMississippi
Hendersone, RJersey South Township
Henry, MaryJersey South Township
Henson, Saml, 2dEnglish
Henson?, MillyEnglish
Herring, EzeilEnglish
Hess, SamuelEnglish
Hewitt, Eliphelt?Otter Creek
Hill, A?hnJersey South Township
Hill, J. D.Piasa
Hill, M. L.Fidelity
Hill, R LJersey South Township
Hilley,HJersey South Township
Hinder, M.Piasa
Hinkle, William HJersey South Township
Hinson, J?English
Hinson, Saml, Jr.English
Hinton, A KJersey South Township
Hoaglaud, Jno. HJersey South Township
Hodges, E MJersey South Township
Hoffman, GeorgeFidelity
Hoffman, H.Fidelity
Holder, H.Richwood
Holland, JamesJersey South Township
Holloway, J. W.Piasa
Hollowell, E.Piasa
Hooper, JohnFidelity
Hoopingarner, P.Quarry East Township
Hoopingarner, P.Quarry East Township
Hoopingarner, SarahQuarry East Township
Hopkins, Wm.Richwood
Horrell, Wm.Piasa
Hoselton, GMississippi
House, ?. C.Richwood
House, P.Piasa
House, RMississippi
Houseman, C.Richwood
Houston, JosephIllinois
Howard, JosephJersey South Township
Howay, M.Elsah
Howe, A WJersey South Township
Howell, QJersey South Township
Hudman, D RJersey South Township
Hudman, T MJersey South Township
Hudman, Wm JJersey South Township
Huffins, SamuelElsah
Hughes, E.Otter Creek
Hughes, G. B.Quarry East Township
Hughes, HenryIllinois
Hughes, HughMississippi
Hughes, JohnIllinois
Hughes, Jos.English
Humiston, B.B.Otter Creek
Humiston, WarrenOtter Creek
Hunt, GeoJersey South Township
Hunter, MJersey South Township
Hunter, WesleyRuyle
Hunter, WmJersey South Township
Hurd, Jay MJersey South Township
Hurd, WilliamMississippi
Husk, Wm.Elsah
Hutchcraft, Wm.Elsah
Hutchinson, Wm FJersey South Township
Hynman, S. H.Fidelity
Jacbor, L BJersey South Township
Jackard, JesseRichwood
Jackson, AndrewJersey South Township
Jackson, Chas TJersey South Township
Jackson, Geo GJersey South Township
Jackson, HenryRuyle
Jackson, Jim L.Otter Creek
Jacob, JosephIllinois
Jarbor, Wm PJersey South Township
Jarrett, Dan. F.Ruyle
Jarrett, R. F.Ruyle
Jay, DavidFidelity
Jaynis, JohnEnglish
Jenkins, JamesQuarry East Township
Jerome, Wm.Elsah
Jessup, H.Richwood
Jett, AJersey South Township
Jewett, JnoJersey South Township
Johns?, Wm. R.Otter Creek
Johnson, ?. ?.Illinois
Johnson, Charles W.Fidelity
Johnson, Edw M.Otter Creek
Johnson, Edw.Illinois
Johnson, HenryJersey South Township
Johnson, J.Elsah
Johnson, JonathanRichwood
Johnson, LewisEnglish
Johnson, N.Elsah
Johnson, ThomasIllinois
Johnson, TimothyOtter Creek
Johnson, WmJersey South Township
Johnson, Wm.Illinois
Jones, BMississippi
Jones, G.Piasa
Jones, JamesEnglish
Jones, ThomasPiasa
Jones, Wm HJersey South Township
Jonisee, EbbnEnglish
Jonisee, SamlEnglish
Jonisee, W.P.English
Juoes, JnoMississippi
Justice, Wm.Richwood
Kame, A.Ruyle
Kay, J. M.Mississippi
Keithe, WmJersey South Township
Keldord, Jno MJersey South Township
Keller, Wm.Jersey North Township
Kellogg, JamesJersey South Township
Kelly, JamesJersey South Township
Kelly, PatFidelity
Kelly, ThomasFidelity
Kelly, Wm. O.Fidelity
Kemper, Wm. H. H.Ruyle
Kent, JohnQuarry West Township
Ketchel, JamesFidelity
Kidney, Wm. H.Illinois
Killarney, PatJersey South Township
Kimball, CarolineJersey South Township
Kimbrough, JamesJersey South Township
Kinder, HMississippi
King, JosiahFidelity
King, Wm.Elsah
Kinney, Jas. M.English
Kirby, ElizMississippi
Kirby, L.L.English
Kirby, ThosJersey South Township
Kirby, WmJersey South Township
Kirchner, ChristopherEnglish
Kirchner, J.Otter Creek
Kirchner, John C.English
Kirkpatrick, WilliamQuarry East Township
Kirpatrick, NicholasQuarry West Township
Kirster?, JacobEnglish
Kistner, R.Quarry East Township
Kitzmiller, LydiaJersey South Township
Klein, WmMississippi
Knapp, A RJersey South Township
Knapp, C HJersey South Township
Knapp, R.Elsah
Krby, GeoMississippi
Kurzer, H. B.Illinois
Lahan, ThomasFidelity
Laison, JesseIllinois
Lamb, FMississippi
Lamb, SarahMississippi
Lampkins, IsabellaJersey North Township
Lampkins, PowerRuyle
Landon, Wm. D.English
Lare?, Wm.English
Latham, RobtJersey South Township
Laudon, A HJersey South Township
Laudon, HoraceJersey South Township
Laudon, WJersey South Township
Lawrance, J BJersey South Township
Lawson, JmQuarry East Township
Leach, IsaacOtter Creek
Lee, F. ?.Fidelity
Lee, VincentEnglish
Lee, Wm.Illinois
Lehia, JohnJersey South Township
Leigh, TJersey South Township
Leighe, JosephJersey South Township
Lemon, ThosJersey South Township
Leonard, HJersey South Township
Leonard, JaneJersey South Township
Leppoldt, A.Piasa
Leppoldt, C.Piasa
Leppoldt, G.Piasa
Leresche, PaulJersey South Township
Lesmar, G. F.Richwood
Levi, H.Richwood
Lewis, ?Richwood
Lewis, AllenJersey South Township
Lewis, ElijahOtter Creek
Lewis, JamesEnglish
Lewis, WilliamJersey South Township
Little, SwenJersey South Township
Littlepage, T.Fidelity
Lofton, J. W.Richwood
Lofton, SarahRichwood
Long, C.Ruyle
Long, F.Ruyle
Long, G. D.English
Long, J. C.Fidelity
Long, WilliamEnglish
Long, Wm.English
Longwell, JamesFidelity
Lorrey, EnosOtter Creek
Lough, L.Fidelity
Lowden, Wm.Quarry East Township
Lowder, MatthewJersey South Township
Lowe, R JJersey South Township
Lowman, J.Piasa
Loy, Wm.Fidelity
Luckey, EstherFidelity
Luckey, SamuelFidelity
Lucus, N BMississippi
Luideay, Geo.Quarry East Township
Lurten, CMississippi
Lurton, N. M.Elsah
Lurtow, JacobMississippi
Lurusden, JamesMississippi
Lynch, JamesJersey South Township
Lyon, Thos.English
M?????, StephenJersey North Township
Madaly, GeorgeIllinois
Madden, NancyFidelity
Main, HJersey South Township
Maltimore, JohnIllinois
Manee, ?Otter Creek
Mann, C MMississippi
Manners, D. W.Ruyle
Marney, Pat MJersey South Township
Marning, JMississippi
Marshall, C.Fidelity
Marshall, ThomasPiasa
Marshaw, JoshOtter Creek
Marston, O. ?Piasa
Marston, PatJersey South Township
Martin, Geo.English
Martin, Jonathan B.Fidelity
Martin, WesleyEnglish
Martin, WmMississippi
Martin, Wm. ?.Richwood
Mason, JoshJersey North Township
Massey, BenjJersey South Township
Matheney, B. L.Richwood
Mathews, F. M.Richwood
Mathews, IshamIllinois
Mathews, JacobMississippi
Maupin, ? HJersey South Township
McCann, Geo. M.Otter Creek
McCollister, IsaacRuyle
McCreary, AndrewJersey South Township
McCreary, R SJersey South Township
McCune, J.Piasa
McCurdy, J.Piasa
McDaniels, ?Otter Creek
McDow, SanoOtter Creek
McFain, DanielJersey South Township
McGill, T LJersey South Township
McIntyre, JacobQuarry West Township
McKinney, A.Elsah
McKinney, HesterRichwood
McKinney, Jos.English
McKinney, JosephRichwood
McKoler, Mat.Richwood
McLean, AlexFidelity
McNeil, HenryPiasa
McNeil, LewisPiasa
Means, JamesJersey North Township
Medford, JamesEnglish
Medford, M.Richwood
Medonal, ?. ?.Illinois
Melcher, GJersey South Township
Melford, EMississippi
Melrose, Wm.Otter Creek
Mi??,NatJersey South Township
Midland, DavidJersey South Township
Miens, Wm. K.Fidelity
Miller, AMississippi
Miller, C.J.English
Miller, EliJersey South Township
Miller, G. J.Richwood
Miller, IsaacOtter Creek
Miller, L.M.Quarry East Township
Miller, R.Otter Creek
Miller, T.Richwood
Million, BenjaminIllinois
Milton, ChasJersey South Township
Minard, C CJersey South Township
Minard, L HJersey South Township
Minard, RuthJersey South Township
Miner, Martin BJersey South Township
Mitchell, J.Elsah
Mitchell, J.Fidelity
Moffitt, J FJersey South Township
Monk, MargaretJersey South Township
Montgomery, Ja?Quarry East Township
Montgomery, Wm. D.Otter Creek
Moore, AmosEnglish
Moore, CephasJersey South Township
Moore, ChrisEnglish
Moore, G.Piasa
Moore, GeorgePiasa
Moore, JamesFidelity
Moore, Jas BMississippi
Moore, JonathanFidelity
Moore, JonathanRuyle
Moore, T TJersey South Township
Moran, PeterRichwood
Morgan, G.D.Otter Creek
Morgan, Jos.Otter Creek
Morrison, Wm.Otter Creek
Moses, H.English
Moses, RJersey South Township
Mott, D LMississippi
Mulholland, DJersey South Township
Munday, R.Piasa
Mundle, D.Piasa
Munsterman, A.English
Murphy, Robt.Otter Creek
Murray, AlbertQuarry East Township
Myers, A.Piasa
Myers, B.Richwood
Myers, WilliamRichwood
Nail, DanielJersey South Township
Nandain, EliasMississippi
Neely, JoshuaJersey South Township
Nelson, J.English
Neuman, WesleyEnglish
Neven, E.P.Quarry East Township
Nevins, W BJersey South Township
Nevius, P SJersey South Township
Newbury, HenryMississippi
Newman, A.Fidelity
Nichols, HarrisonJersey South Township
Nichols, J.Piasa
Nitley, RossRuyle
Nix, WmJersey South Township
Noble, AMississippi
Noble, CalebOtter Creek
Noble, GeorgeQuarry East Township
Noble, Wm.Otter Creek
Noble,. SidOtter Creek
Noland, J.Piasa
Noriths, L.F.Quarry East Township
Norris, JohnsonJersey South Township
Nott, S. B.Richwood
Ogden, T.Elsah
Olosr, JonathanRichwood
Onetto, J. H.Elsah
Onetto, Wm.Elsah
Onovy, IsaacQuarry East Township
Ontel, G.Piasa
Ontis, Wm.Quarry West Township
Orm, RobertIllinois
Ortin, J.Illinois
Osborn, C.V.English
Osborn, FJersey South Township
Osborn, J. W.M.English
Osborne, DavidFidelity
Osborne, J CJersey South Township
Owens, JonathanJersey North Township
Owens, M.Richwood
Owens, SamuelPiasa
Pale?, Wm.Otter Creek
Palmer, EliasRuyle
Palmer, Elias Jr.Ruyle
Palmer, NathlJersey South Township
Palmer, Wm.Ruyle
Panick, HenryIllinois
Parish, ?Illinois
Parker, M.Otter Creek
Parker, SusanRichwood
Parrott, M.Piasa
Passcoll, JnoJersey South Township
Patterson, G CJersey South Township
Patterson, NancyEnglish
Paturt, JMississippi
Payne, ThomasFidelity
Peabody, D GJersey South Township
Peck, AbelPiasa
Pembrook, E.Piasa
Pentzer, DanielPiasa
Perdou, JnoJersey South Township
Perrine, AlfredJersey South Township
Perrine, ThosJersey South Township
Perring, HulldahJersey South Township
Perry, James C.Fidelity
Peter, StephenElsah
Pfluger, WmJersey South Township
Phillips, SamFidelity
Phillips, WmJersey South Township
Phillips, Wm.Piasa
Phipps, ThomasIllinois
Phrase, PhillipPiasa
Pigg, Wm.Ruyle
Pigg, Wm. Jr.Ruyle
Piggott, J AMississippi
Piggott, W.Elsah
Pillman, S HJersey South Township
Pince, DanielRuyle
Pinckard, J. B.Piasa
Pistole, A.Richwood
Pitt, AlexJersey South Township
Pittman, H PJersey South Township
Plowman, JonaJersey South Township
Poh?, S LMississippi
Point, Wm.Piasa
Poltzen, LewisEnglish
Porte, JohnRichwood
Porter, D.Quarry East Township
Post, A JJersey South Township
Post, D. H.English
Post, James T.English
Post, JosephIllinois
Post, W SJersey South Township
Potts, James AJersey South Township
Potts, Jno MJersey South Township
Potts, MargaretJersey South Township
Powell, JonathanRichwood
Powell, O.P.English
Powell, R.Piasa
Power, LarryJersey South Township
Power, PeterMississippi
Prentiss, P SMississippi
Price, LewisMississippi
Price, MaryFidelity
Price, WmJersey South Township
Pritchett, D. P.Fidelity
Pritchett, J. H.Ruyle
Priutt?, Wm.English
Pro, JonathanIllinois
Prothere, Wm.Piasa
Pruitt, AmosRuyle
Pruitt, JamesRuyle
Pruitt, M.Fidelity
Pruitt, Wm.Ruyle
Pummell, Wm.Fidelity
Quinn, JnoMississippi
R??, MaryPiasa
Ralston, SamuelElsah
Randolph, LewisMississippi
Randolph, OMississippi
Ranges, P.Elsah
Ratliff, J.Elsah
Ray, Clint A.Otter Creek
Rayner, P.Richwood
Read, W.Piasa
Redding, MJersey South Township
Reddish, J. H.Fidelity
Reddish, JacobRichwood
Reddish, S.Richwood
Reddish, Zed.Richwood
Reed, D.Elsah
Reed, S BMississippi
Rend, Jno.Quarry East Township
Reynolds, A A MJersey South Township
Reynolds, Jos MJersey South Township
Rhodes, DavidRuyle
Rhodes, EdmonEnglish
Rhodes, Jas.Ruyle
Rhodes, JonathanRuyle
Rhodes, JosiahRuyle
Rhodes, M. C.Fidelity
Rhodes, SamuelRuyle
Rhodes, Wm.Elsah
Rice, Sol.Ruyle
Richards, ? C.English
Richards, T JJersey South Township
Richardson, LarkinRichwood
Richey, J. J.Richwood
Richey, JamesJersey North Township
Richey, M.Richwood
Richey, SamuelFidelity
Richey, Stephen M.Richwood
Riddle, JamesIllinois
Riggs, BenjJersey South Township
Rigsby, WmMississippi
Risley, A LJersey South Township
Risley, MarkFidelity
Ritter, HenryFidelity
Roady, N.Fidelity
Roady, PeterFidelity
Robbins, SamuelJersey South Township
Robert, Jas.Richwood
Roberts, C HJersey South Township
Roberts, MarthaIllinois
Roberts, Theo.English
Robinson, JaneJersey South Township
Rodoff, FredRichwood
Rogers, C TJersey South Township
Rogers, Sam’l C.Otter Creek
Roich, DJersey South Township
Rollins, WilliamQuarry East Township
Roons, ScottOtter Creek
Rose, S. M.Piasa
Ross, JamesJersey South Township
Rowden, H.Richwood
Rowden, Jas.English
Rowden, W.Otter Creek
Rowdin, A.Otter Creek
Rue, AaronJersey South Township
Rue, AlfredJersey South Township
Rue, Geo TJersey South Township
Rukman, HJersey South Township
Rumerfield, A.Elsah
Runnersfield, JMississippi
Rusk, HughEnglish
Rusk, JamesEnglish
Russell, JosephQuarry East Township
Ruth, ElizabethEnglish
Rutherford, Jos.English
Rutherford, TMississippi
Ruyle, ThomasRuyle
Ruyle, Wm.Ruyle
Ryan, JonathanRuyle
Ryan, R.Ruyle
Ryan, WmJersey South Township
Sain, L Mcl VillJersey South Township
Sammond, JamesIllinois
Sanders, BenjaminRuyle
Sands, J. P.Richwood
Sanford, J EJersey South Township
Santandas, M.Richwood
Sap, JamesRichwood
Schaaf, H.Quarry East Township
Schaaf, K.English
Schlansker, CharlesQuarry West Township
Schmidt, AJersey South Township
Schooley, SarahRichwood
Scott, Geo.Quarry East Township
Scott, HughIllinois
Scott, Hugh Jr.Illinois
Scott, J GMississippi
Scott, J. L.Illinois
Scott, JackIllinois
Scott, John D.Illinois
Scott, JonathanIllinois
Scott, PeterIllinois
Scott, Wm. A.Piasa
Scroggins, L.Jersey North Township
Seago, JohnEnglish
Seago, JonathanRuyle
Seago, Wm.English
Seagraves, J JMississippi
Seaton, WmIllinois
Semple, JamesElsah
Serat, JohnEnglish
Serreel, Jno SJersey South Township
Sexton, J. M.Fidelity
Sexton, S. W.Fidelity
Shaffer, GeoJersey South Township
Shaffer, Wm. O.English
Shaft, Jno FJersey South Township
Shangle, AMississippi
Shanks, JnoJersey South Township
Shaw, D.Elsah
Shephard, 2Jersey South Township
Shephard, JamesIllinois
Sherman, P.Quarry East Township
Shore, PeterPiasa
Short, GloverJersey South Township
Shroeder, Jos.English
Signor, D.Piasa
Sillaw, JnoJersey South Township
Sillowag, PJersey South Township (Note: probably Silloway)
Silsbee, JMississippi
Simmons, ?Quarry East Township
Simmons, C.Quarry East Township
Simmons, James M.Fidelity
Simmons, Jas.Fidelity
Simmons, Jonathan H.Fidelity
Simmons, R. J.Fidelity
Simmons, Samuel C.Fidelity
Simon, FJersey South Township
Sinchoate?, JasQuarry East Township
Sinclair, IsaacEnglish
Sinclair, JamesFidelity
Singer, LMississippi
Siscor, JohnEnglish
Sisson, John W.Otter Creek
Skaggs, JonathanRuyle
Slaten, B.Elsah
Slaten, J.W.Quarry East Township
Slaten, W.B.Quarry East Township
Slaten, Wm. D.F.Quarry East Township
Slater, G WMississippi
Slater, QMississippi
Slatin, J RMississippi
Slover, Austin CJersey South Township
Slover, HenryJersey South Township
Slover, SarahJersey South Township
Slowman, JnoMississippi
Slowman, JnoMississippi
Smead, CharlesRuyle
Smirl, ThosJersey South Township
Smith, AugJersey South Township
Smith, C.H.Otter Creek
Smith, Charles S.Fidelity
Smith, DennisIllinois
Smith, E MJersey South Township
Smith, E.Richwood
Smith, GeoJersey South Township
Smith, George E.Fidelity
Smith, HenryIllinois
Smith, J CJersey South Township
Smith, J FJersey South Township
Smith, J. ?.Richwood
Smith, J. A.Elsah
Smith, J. A.Elsah
Smith, Jno MJersey South Township
Smith, JohnJersey South Township
Smith, JonathanRuyle
Smith, Jos FJersey South Township
Smith, JosephOtter Creek
Smith, KJersey South Township
Smith, L.Ruyle
Smith, M.Richwood
Smith, RobertIllinois
Smith, Thomas J.Fidelity
Smith, Wm.Illinois
Smth, JnoJersey South Township
Snediker, IsaacJersey South Township (Note: probably Snedeker)
Snediker, SamlJersey South Township (Note: probably Snedeker)
Snell, AsaJersey South Township
Snelling, H. S.Richwood
Snotgrass, M.Quarry East Township
Snow, GeorgeRichwood
Snow, JonathanRichwood
Snuitsell, C.Piasa
Sour, H.English
Souther, Wm. G.Fidelity
Spadley, Wm. ?English
Spangle, GeorgeElsah
Spaulding, B. F.Quarry East Township
Spaulding, HarryPiasa
Spaulding, Robt.Otter Creek
Spaulding, Wm.Richwood
Spaulding, Wm.Richwood
Spencer, ?Jersey South Township
Spencer, ElizaJersey South Township
Spencer, GeoJersey South Township
Spencer, James A.Richwood
Spencer, John ?.Richwood
Springate, WmJersey South Township
Squire, IsraelJersey South Township
Squire, Jno WJersey South Township
Stafford, C.Quarry East Township
Stafford, D.Quarry East Township
Stafford, GeorgeIllinois
Stafford, R.Quarry East Township
Stag, FelixJersey South Township
Stamp, JohnEnglish
Stamp, SilasQuarry East Township
Stanley, M CJersey South Township
Starritt, DanielRuyle
Stayker, WmJersey South Township
Stelle, A RJersey South Township
Stelle, D RJersey South Township
Stelle, J KMississippi
Stelle, RachaelJersey South Township
Stevens, JonathanRuyle
Steward, A.Ruyle
Steward, C HMississippi
Stewart, AlexRuyle
Stillman, MatthewJersey South Township
Stillwell, JeremiahOtter Creek
Stockton, WmJersey South Township
Stokes, SusanEnglish
Stone, A. F.Fidelity
Stone, JonathanFidelity
Stoneman, MayQuarry East Township
Storde?, F.English
Storm, CalebMississippi
Stout, A. R.Jersey North Township
Stout, Jesse?English
Stover, JacobRuyle
Stover, NelsonFidelity
Straplau, JohnEnglish
Stratton, L. P.Piasa
Streetmaker, M.English
Stringer, BenjaminRuyle
Stripland, JamesQuarry East Township
Stroup, Geo. P.English
Stua, JamesJersey South Township
Stugville, Jas.Ruyle
Sunderland, LoydJersey South Township
Sunderland, MMississippi
Sunderland, SamlJersey South Township
Sunderland, WMississippi
Suydir, JMississippi
Swader, JohnPiasa
Swain, SarahJersey South Township
Swan, ?Otter Creek
Swan, J. G.Elsah
Swan, N CMississippi
Swan, S.Elsah
Swanson, Sam’lOtter Creek
Swayze, BenjJersey South Township
Sweeney, C.Elsah
Sweney, MJersey South Township
Tack, Jno CJersey South Township
Taft, R CJersey South Township
Taylor, JonathanElsah
Templeton, JohnQuarry West Township
Terrell, MadisonJersey South Township
Terry, AnnRichwood
Terry, J.Elsah
Terry, J.M.Otter Creek
Terry, Miles SJersey South Township
Thingate, ArthurJersey South Township
Thomas, M.Elsah
Thompson, Wm.Elsah
Thompson, Wm. G.Illinois
Thomson, Geo.Otter Creek
Thornton, AndersonRichwood
Thorp, JacobIllinois
Thurston, BenjJersey South Township
Tisdale, Chas.Quarry East Township
Titus, L MJersey South Township
Tlorah, PowelJersey South Township
Toille, JnoJersey South Township
Tonkinson, D.Elsah
Tonsol, F.English
Trabue, A.Fidelity
Trabue, Edw.Fidelity
Traylor, JonathanIllinois
Trible, J.Fidelity
Trit, RobtJersey South Township
Troky, LucyJersey South Township
Trott, ThomasIllinois
Tucker, DavidIllinois
Tucker, JamesQuarry East Township
Tucker, M.Quarry East Township
Tucker, R.Jersey North Township
Tucker, Wm.Elsah
Tunard, ThomasPiasa
Turk, GMississippi
Turner, H.Ruyle
Turner, L. M.Richwood
Turner, L. M.Richwood
Turner, SallyRichwood
Turyville, P.Elsah
Twesdale, M.Quarry East Township
Twitchell, AnnRuyle
Two??bly, N.Fidelity
Utt, J. W.Mississippi
Utt, JacobOtter Creek
Utt, JnoMississippi
Utt, NancyMississippi
Van Antwerp, O.A.Quarry East Township
Van Dike, MariaJersey South Township
Van Leiw, JJersey South Township
Van Peet, R HJersey South Township
Vanarsdale?, R.Otter Creek
Vance, Jno WJersey South Township
VanDuyne, J RJersey South Township
Vanhorn, EMississippi
Vanhorn, J EMississippi
Vanort, GeorgeIllinois
VanPelt, SJersey South Township
Varble, M.Richwood
Vaughn, JohnEnglish
Vaughn, JosiahFidelity
Vaughn, Wm.English
Veitch, J.B.Quarry East Township
Verdict, SamRichwood
Viall, JmsJersey South Township
Vinson, Jno. L.English
Voorhees, P PMississippi
Voorhees, SamlJersey South Township
Vuiker, RichJersey South Township
Waddle, Wm.Jersey North Township
Wade, H.Elsah
Wade, WMississippi
Wadman, Wm.English
Waggoner, AdamOtter Creek
Waggoner, J. D.Elsah
Waggoner, Jas. D.Otter Creek
Wail, JMississippi
Waituich, JamesJersey South Township
Walcott, DavidQuarry East Township
Wales, HarveyMississippi
Walker, Peyton CJersey South Township
Walker, ThomasIllinois
Walker, Wm.Otter Creek
Walker, Wm.Quarry East Township
Wallace, A. J.Illinois
Wallace, E.W.Otter Creek
Wallace, J. A.Illinois
Wallace, JamesJersey North Township
Wallace, NicholasQuarry West Township
Ward, M.Piasa
Warren, CJersey South Township
Warren, Geo EJersey South Township
Washington, Geo.Otter Creek
Washington, GeorgeRichwood
Watson, J MMississippi
Watson, J.Elsah
Watson, JamesQuarry East Township
Watson, S.Richwood
Way, Eli DJersey South Township
Webber, RMississippi
Webster, H.Fidelity
Wedding, BenjaminIllinois
Wedding, ThomasIllinois
Weiser, JosephJersey South Township
Welch, MartinFidelity
Welch, WalterFidelity
Wentworth, FMississippi
West, EdwnEnglish
West, J GJersey South Township
West, J MJersey South Township
Weston, Henry TJersey South Township
Wharton, ChasJersey South Township
Wharton, GeoJersey South Township
Wheeler, W. F.Quarry East Township
Wheelin, T.Fidelity
Whitaker, P.Richwood
White, Geo.Quarry East Township
White, JMississippi
White, J LMississippi
White, JackRichwood
White, JosiahOtter Creek
White, LanerdQuarry East Township
White, NisanOtter Creek
White, R CJersey South Township
White, Soloman?English
Whitehead, RJersey South Township
Whitehead, WmJersey South Township
Whitfield, Wm. H.Ruyle
Whitfula?, JamesQuarry East Township
Whiting, B.Richwood
Whiting, JamesRichwood
Whitlock, IsaacRuyle
Whitlock, J. M.English
Whitlock, John C.Jersey North Township
Whitock, ThomasRuyle
Wiath, VJersey South Township
Wick, RMississippi
Widour, E.Piasa
Wilder, H. H.English
Wildon, J.Elsah
Willett, R.Fidelity
Williams, J.Elsah
Williams, J.Richwood
Williams, J. W.Richwood
Williams, JanePiasa
Williams, LJersey South Township
Williams, LewisJersey North Township
Williams, M.Richwood
Williams, SolomonJersey North Township
Williams, WilliamQuarry West Township
Williams, WmJersey South Township
Williamson, J. P.Richwood
Wilson, JonathanFidelity
Wilson, ThoJersey South Township
Winans, N. T.Richwood
Winfru, JohnEnglish
Winsor, Jno GJersey South Township
Wolfe, M.Elsah
Wood, IsaacJersey North Township
Woolsey, A. P.Jersey North Township
Woolsey, EdwdJersey South Township
Woolsey, J. P.Jersey North Township
Worthy, A.Elsah
Worthy, JackOtter Creek
Wright, CaseyJersey South Township
Wutzer, F.Piasa
Wyche, Mary AJersey South Township
Wykoff, A TMississippi
Wykoff, D GJersey South Township
Yates, J.Elsah
Yocus, JPiasa
Young, C.Richwood
Young, J. ?.Ruyle
Young, MJersey South Township
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