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Jersey County Index of Burials – Surname J

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Unknown Surnames

Thanks to Marty & Ronda Crull, Bob French, Gary Clendenny, the late Edith Zimmerman and the late Gene Prosser for this information. The majority of the information is from actual cemetery readings. The remainder is from the collections of obituaries and the funeral records at Jersey County Historical Society, the old newspaper collection at the Jersey County Historical Society and microfilm newspapers from the Jerseyville Library, transcribed by for the most part by Grace Gettings and Marty Crull. Copying expenses and related costs for the project were from Ronda Crull and the Tri County Newsletter.

JACKSON, AndrewOak GroveJersey182718 Jun 1872 
JACKSON, AndrewOak GroveJersey17801850at Philadelphia
JACKSON, Andrew Jr.Oak GroveJersey18721873 
JACKSON, August M.Oak GroveJersey*****12 May 1953 
Jackson, Bertie D.UnknownUnknown????Sep 18794 year old son of Wm. & Euphemia
JACKSON, Bobby D.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Oct 1996 
JACKSON, Bonnie D.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Sep 1967 
JACKSON, CharlesOak GroveJersey18033 Nov 1864 
JACKSON, Charles Mrs.Oak GroveJersey********** 
JACKSON, CharlotteOak GroveJersey185720 Nov 1859 
JACKSON, ChildOak GroveJersey???????? 
JACKSON, Danny W.Oak GroveJersey*****20-02-1957 
JACKSON, DaughterOak GroveJersey186019 Dec 1898 
JACKSON, Eliza S.Oak GroveJersey187511 Apr 1940 
JACKSON, ElizabethOak GroveJersey182124 Jan 1901 
JACKSON, FannieOak GroveJersey18575 Apr 1918single; charged to H. S. Daniels
JACKSON, Florence L.Oak GroveJersey187527 Mar 1963 
JACKSON, GeorgeOak GroveJersey186119 Sep 1924order from J. M. Page
JACKSON, George H.Oak GroveJersey15 Oct 181320 May 1884 
JACKSON, Gerald D.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Sep 1967 
JACKSON, GraceOak GroveJersey*****6 Jun 2000 
JACKSON, Harold E.Scenic HillQuarry19151987 
JACKSON, Henrietta RockwellOak GroveJersey18491918 
JACKSON, Ida R.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Dec 1965 
Jackson, InfantOak GroveJersey7 May 19077 May 1907child of James.
JACKSON, Jeanette Z.Scenic HillQuarry19221985 
Jackson, JohnMaple LawnRuyle18951969 
JACKSON, John ChildOak GroveJersey********** 
JACKSON, John Child 2Oak GroveJersey********** 
JACKSON, John Mrs.Oak GroveJersey********** 
JACKSON, Keith W.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Nov 1992 
JACKSON, LeroyOak GroveJersey*****3 Sep 1994 
JACKSON, Lloyd S.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Jan 1992 
JACKSON, Lyndel L.Oak GroveJersey*****07-09-1958 
JACKSON, MaggieOak GroveJersey*****5 Jul 1918died @ Springfield, IL;
Jackson, MaryMaple LawnRuyle18951958 
JACKSON, MaryOak GroveJersey4 Jan 18444 Jun 1923dau of George Jackson; single
JACKSON, MaryOak GroveJersey18151845 
JACKSON, Mary HoodOak GroveJersey18401922 
JACKSON, Nettie A.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Jul 1965 
JACKSON, Ronald L.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Sep 1967 
JACKSON, Sadie R.Oak GroveJersey18721906 
Jackson, SarahPruitt/HawkinsRuyle180818-04-1846 
JACKSON, Sarah R.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Aug 1906 
JACKSON, Stephen ArthurOak GroveJersey7 Dec 19337 Dec 1933son of Lloyd & Lila Dabbs Jackson
JACKSON, WilliamOak GroveJersey*****1 Apr 1986 
JACOBS, Alex F.Oak GroveJersey????????1893, inf son of Fred.
JACOBS, CharlesOak GroveJersey18244 Oct 1899 
JACOBS, Charles C.Oak GroveJersey188228 Apr 1892 
JACOBS, CharlotteOak GroveJersey18295 Jan 1907 
JACOBS, Claude’s childOak GroveJersey*****16 Oct 1917 
JACOBS, ElizabethOak GroveJersey19221 Apr 1922 
JACOBS, Fred D. Jr.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Aug 1974 
JACOBS, Fred Sr.Oak GroveJersey18609 May 1938 
JACOBS, Freda SarahOak GroveJersey18931893 
JACOBS, LinnaOak GroveJersey188213 Jul 1940 
JACOBS, Penelope W.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Dec 1982 
JACOBS, Sarah ElizabethOak GroveJersey9 Jun 186117 May 1922dau of John L. & Bettie Crone Robb; born in Kane, IL
JACOBS, VirginiaOak GroveJersey31 Mar 19221 Apr 1922dau of Fred D. & Penelope Woods Jacobs
JACOBSEN, FlorenceOak GroveJersey*****13 Mar 1967 
JACOBSON, Addie E.ElsahElsah27-10-187118-01-1906 
JACOBSON, August M.ElsahElsah18891967 
JACOBSON, BabyElsahElsah*****19-10-1895 
JACOBSON, Bertha M.ElsahElsah18911970 
JACOBSON, CatherineElsahElsah14-05-181916-07-1895 
JACOBSON, Charles PeterElsahElsah09-11-184322-10-1930Charles Peter Jacobson Sr.; born Stockholm, Sweden
JACOBSON, Charley R.Scenic HillQuarry14 Apr 18835 Jan 1953son of Charles R. & Frederica Peterson Jacobson; hus 2 Gert
JACOBSON, ChristinaElsahElsah26 Sep 18854 Nov 1935Charles P. & Fredricka Anderson Jackson
JACOBSON, FredrekaElsahElsah25-05-184424-04-1911 
JACOBSON, GertrudeScenic HillQuarry18851968 
JACOBSON, John E.ElsahElsah19-06-187107-10-1902 
JACOBSON, Nellie A.ElsahElsah18731967 
JACOBSON, Pearl V.ElsahElsah15-01-189812-02-1900 
JACOBSON, Peter CharlesElsahElsah11 Oct 186920 Apr 1934Charles Peter & Fredericka Anderson Jacobson; born Sweden
JACOBY, Charlotte E.Oak GroveJersey187210 Sep 1961 
JACOBY, Estella R.Oak GroveJersey*****4 May 1976 
JACOBY, Leslie K.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Dec 1982 
JACOBY, Louis E.Oak GroveJersey*****08-06-1957 
JACOBY, Louise C.Oak GroveJersey186930 Aug 1943 
JACOBY, Mary S. WalshOak GroveJersey190621 May 1982 
JACOBY, Maurice H.Oak GroveJersey190522 Apr 1965 
JACOBY, Mildred L.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Nov 1992 
JACOBY, PaulOak GroveJersey189622 Jan 1962 
JACOBY, Rodney C.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Feb 1980 
JACOBY, Theodore L.Oak GroveJersey6 Apr 190418 Feb 1930son of Louis C. & Charlotte E. Kingston Jacoby
Jaig, Jacob Mrs.UnknownUnknown????1905Funeral from Holy Ghost ch.
James, AlmaUnknownUnknown****1918Died at Jacksonville Ayslam; funeral from Bethel Ch.
JAMES, Charles ChildOak GroveJersey********** 
JAMES, EllenOak GroveJersey180918 Aug 1873 
JAMES, GeorgeOak GroveJersey18481890 
JAMES, JosephOak GroveJersey18191873 
JAMES, JosephineOak GroveJersey********** 
JAMES, MaryOak GroveJersey*****2 Apr 192065 years old. Died @ Pratt Kansas
JAMES, Millie J.Oak GroveJersey*****25 May 1947 
JAMES, SamuelOak GroveJersey18441881 
JANES, Harry A.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Nov 1955 
Janney, AbelRosedaleRosedale18164 Jun 1861age 45-3-13.
JANNEY, AbnerOak GroveJersey????Dec 1884 
Janney, Harriet E.RosedaleRosedale????23 Sep 1854age 6 yr. 2 months and 26 days. Dau. of A. & J.
Janney, JamesRosedaleRosedale????30 Aug 1859age 5 mo. 15 days; Son of A. & J.
JANNEY, JaneOak GroveJersey182728 Jan 1891 
Janney, Roeany J.RosedaleRosedale????23 Oct 1853age 10 mo. 23 days; dau of A. & J.
JARBO, ElizabethOak GroveJersey18501881 
JARBO, William P.Oak GroveJersey18161876 
Jarboe, Alfred M.UnknownUnknown16 Jan 18200 Dec 1897 
JARBOE, CatherineHickory GroveJersey*****1850 
Jarboe, Lizzie L.UnknownUnknown????28 Jan 188131 yr, 6 mo, 12 day old dau. of Wm. P.
JAY, Eula V.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Mar 1989 
JAY, George W.Oak GroveJersey185013 Nov 1864 
JAY, Walter R.Oak GroveJersey*****24 May 1985 
JAYNE, ChildKemperRuyle????186?See Cards.
Jayne, Janetta L.KemperRuyle*****17-10-1862 
JAYNES, Alice ArdellOak GroveJersey2 May 187613 Jun 1943dau of Wm. & Mary Simonds Marshall; wife to Fred C.
Jaynes, Clarence VestorLaxEnglish30 Apr 189813 Nov 1918Oscar & Harriet Miller Jaynes; flu
JAYNES, Elizabeth DeanFieldonRichwood22-11-182602-08-1895 
JAYNES, Fred C.Oak GroveJersey*****29-01-1956 
Jaynes, Harriet Beach MillerLaxEnglish2 Mar 185721 Feb 1917dau of Thomas J. & Rebecca Powell Miller; wife of Oscar
JAYNES, IsaacFieldonRichwood04-05-185608-11-1910 
Jaynes, Oscar L.LaxEnglish22 Apr 18677 Apr 1923John & Harriet Johnisee Jaynes
JEFFERS, ??GuntermanRichwood********** 
JEFFERSON, Richey R.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Mar 1943 
JENKINS, GilmoreOak GroveJersey*****21 Jan 1948 
Jenkins, John RobertUnknownUnknown190524 Jan 1918Catholic Funeral, 12, 8, 28 days, son of Maggie C.;died Chicago
JENKINS, Joseph Rev.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Apr 1941 
JENKINS, Margaret CudiheeSt. FrancisJersey18661987 
JENKINS, Susie Penn PaulOak GroveJersey2 Sep 18712 Aug 1943Gubser Book 7, Funeral Record 36
JENNER, Gertrude S.Scenic HillQuarry03-06-187912-01-1952 
JENNER, John C.Scenic HillQuarry11-11-187517-05-1958 
JENNINGS, C. AgnesSt. FrancisJersey18791963 
JENNINGS, Charles S.Oak GroveJersey190523 Nov 1949 
JENNINGS, Edna M.Oak GroveJersey190630 Dec 1978 
JENNINGS, ErmaEast NewbernMississippi19081991 
JENNINGS, Francis T.St. FrancisJersey18851962 
JENNINGS, HaydenEast NewbernMississippi19101958 
JENNINGS, JamesOak GroveJersey*****11 Jan 1970 
Jennings, JamesSt. FrancisJersey****0 Oct 1919funeral 19 Oct 1915 order from John Jennings
Jennings, James P. Jr.EdwardsPiasa11-04-192414-04-1924James P. & Tuillie May Chappell Jennings
JENNINGS, John T.St. FrancisJersey183515 Mar 1921order from Mrs. W. Wright
JENNINGS, John T. Jr.St. FrancisJersey18721932 
Jennings, Justice NicoleMaple LawnRuyle13 Jul 199515 Jul 1995 
JENNINGS, LaverneOak GroveJersey*****15-08-1956 
JENNINGS, LoisOak GroveJersey6 Feb 193013 Feb 1930dau of Charles S. & Edna Houze Jennings
Jennings, Margaret ElizabethUnknownUnknown????4 Mar 1883dau of John & Mary
JENNINGS, MarjorieOak GroveJersey*****26 May 1989 
JENNINGS, Mary C.St. FrancisJersey19191919 
JENNINGS, Mary T.St. FrancisJersey26 Aug 18525 Mar 1921order from John Jennings
JENNINGS, Mayme P.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Jun 1966 
Jennings, Mildred MayMarstonPiasa16 Jul 19186 Aug 1918Funeral record-child of Laverne and Mamie Jennings
JENNINGS, Minnie T.St. FrancisJersey18751963 
JENNINGS, WilliamSt. FrancisJersey18781914 
JENNINGS, William M.St. FrancisJersey19301946 
JENSEN, Tim A.St. Mary’sEnglish14-12-195815-02-1985Captain, US Army veteran.
JERDE, Gladys H.Oak GroveJersey*****18 May 1996 
JEROME, Mrs. Rev.Hickory GroveJersey*****1847 
JESTIST, Zephinah C.FieldonRichwood18531856 
JETT, AbrahamOak GroveJersey*****26 Aug 1875 
JETT, AlbertOak GroveJersey*****10 Jan 1867 
JETT, EmilyOak GroveJersey*****20 Feb 1854 
JETT, Helen M.Oak GroveJersey*****02-04-1958 
JETT, NancyOak GroveJersey*****5 Oct 187672 years old.
JETT, Randolph B.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Dec 1989 
JETT, William W.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Oct 1854 
JEWELL, FranklinMedoraRuyle********** 
JEWELL, RaymondMedoraRuyle18881955 
Jewsbury, Dina LouiseLaxEnglish1 Jul 19271 Jul 1927Clifford & Charlotte Brangenberg Jewsbury
JEWSBURY, E. C.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Jun 191261 years old
JEWSBURY, EdnaOak GroveJersey*****11 Apr 1984 
Jewsbury, Emma LouiseLaxEnglish8 Aug 186526 Jul 1949dau of Henry & Martha Tischer Wiegand; wife 2 Joseph
JEWSBURY, Harry C.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Oct 1974 
Jewsbury, Hattie CalhounOak GroveJersey????9 Mar 189531 years old
Jewsbury, Hattie CalhounOak GroveJersey*****9 Mar 189531 yrs of age; May be Hattie Botkin
Jewsbury, Herbert C.LaxEnglish27-11-190024-03-1903 
JEWSBURY, John Calvin.Oak GroveJersey25 Mar 188731 Oct 1932son of Ebenezer C. & Martha Jane Brown Jewsbury; single
Jewsbury, Joseph R.LaxEnglish18 Mar 187211 Nov 1927E. C. & Martha Brown Jewsbury
JEWSBURY, Paul C.Oak GroveJersey4 Feb 19167 Mar 1956WWII Vet.; son of Harry & Edna Osburn Jewsbury; hus 2 Ogle
JILEK, Anna M.St. Mary’sEnglish18321909 
JILEK, Anna RybaSt. Mary’sEnglish25-01-186011-01-1908 
Jilek, AnnieUnknownUnknown????1884 
JILEK, Charles J.St. Mary’sEnglish27-02-185726-08-1915 
JILEK, Christena A.St. Mary’sEnglish18721947 
JILEK, Elizabeth C. PieperSt. Mary’sEnglish18881961 
JILEK, FrankSt. FrancisJersey18661948 
JILEK, John F.St. Mary’sEnglish18821929 
JILEK, John T.St. Mary’sEnglish18221904 
JILEK, JosephSt. Mary’sEnglish16-05-188916-10-1894 
JILEK, JosephineSt. Mary’sEnglish???????? 
JILEK, Peah WockSt. FrancisJersey18821971 
JIYENS, John W.ElsahElsah18-02-184112-03-1864 
JIYENS, William M.ElsahElsah06-01-185906-07-1859 
JIYENS, Zelima H.ElsahElsah********** 
JOBE, Mary AnnScenic HillQuarry26-04-193710-07-1989 
JOE, FaithfulElsahElsah*****-10-1907 
JOEST, Peter Sr.Scenic HillQuarry10-07-1860***** 
JOEST, Peter Sr.Scenic HillQuarry18291894 
JOEST, SarahScenic HillQuarry08-03-185805-03-1917 
JOEST, Sarah E.Scenic HillQuarry18761918 
JOESTING, Beatrice N.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Apr 1997 
John, WilliamUnknownUnknown****30 Jul 1906near Filedon, 20 years 7 mo, 2 days
JOHNDROW, Velma FayOak GroveJersey4 Oct 190914 Aug 1930dau of Herman & Ida May Story Greene
JOHNES, Anna J. FoxHartfordQuarry18621923 
Johnisee, Ellen C.LaxEnglish26-10-185720-11-1857 
Johnisee, John W.LaxEnglish19-04-183124-08-1863 
Johnisee, Lucille MaePruitt/HawkinsRuyle10 Oct 18997 May 1931George L. & Daisy Pruitt Dugan
Johnisee, LydiaFieldonRichwood****0 Dec 190876 yr 11 mo 20 day
Johnisee, MatildaLaxEnglish*****17-07-1874 
Johnisee, Naomie E. BlisettLaxEnglish08-02-184513-05-1890 
Johnisee, Samuel B.FieldonRichwood****26 Nov 190682 yr 2 mo 21 days
JOHNS, Ann L.MedoraRuyle185507-07-1940 
JOHNS, William F.MedoraRuyle184917-05-1929 
Johnson, ?????KemperRuyle********** 
JOHNSON, A, C.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Aug 1909 
JOHNSON, A. P.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Apr 1905 
JOHNSON, Addie M.ElsahElsah18591924 
JOHNSON, Albert W.Oak GroveJersey188421 Feb 1907 
Johnson, AlexUnknownUnknown????Sep 1884colored
Johnson, AlviraUnknownUnknown****25 Jan 190871 yr 11 months and 3 days old.
JOHNSON, AmandaOak GroveJersey184019 Jun 1894 
Johnson, Amanda PruittKemperRuyle03-09-183213-09-1902 
Johnson, AmosMaple LawnRuyle2 Feb 185924 Oct 1939 
JOHNSON, AndrewOak GroveJersey25 Mar 186710 Jan 1951 
JOHNSON, Boyd MotherOak GroveJersey???????? 
JOHNSON, C. RossScenic HillQuarry18991969 
JOHNSON, Cecil M.ElsahElsah20-01-190212-11-1905 
JOHNSON, Charles A.ElsahElsah18671912 
JOHNSON, Charles LarryMedoraRuyle26-08-194206-03-1987 
JOHNSON, Charles Mrs.Scenic HillQuarry********** 
JOHNSON, Charles W.Oak GroveJersey182816 Nov 1896 
JOHNSON, Charles WesleyScenic HillQuarry26-12-190819-09-1985WWII veteran
JOHNSON, ChildKemperRuyle********** 
JOHNSON, ChildOak GroveJersey********** 
JOHNSON, Child 2KemperRuyle********** 
JOHNSON, Child 3KemperRuyle********** 
JOHNSON, Clara L.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Aug 1962 
JOHNSON, Clarence N.ElsahElsah18971923 
JOHNSON, CliffordHartfordQuarry18821896 
JOHNSON, CliffordHartfordQuarry****1982WWI veteran; husband of Mary Dunsing
Johnson, Daniel A.Pruitt/HawkinsRuyle*****22-11-1855 
JOHNSON, Darrell EdwardScenic HillQuarry17-01-196923-02-1970 
Johnson, DavidRosedaleRosedale*****15-02-1851age. 9 mo. 8 da. Son of J. L. & M. Johnson.
Johnson, DellaUnknownUnknown????7 Jul 1898Inf dau of Matthew
JOHNSON, DickOak GroveJersey********** 
Johnson, ElfrethKemperRuyle179408-01-1868 
Johnson, ElfrethKemperRuyle*****24-08-1854 
Johnson, ElizaRosedaleRosedale183321-07-1845age. 11 yr. 9 mo. 4 days; Dau. of James E. & Rebecca.
Johnson, Eliza E. RuyleOak GroveJersey18721951 
Johnson, ElizabethRosedaleRosedale18333 Jul 1857age. 23 yr. 8 months, 2 days; wife of Edward Johnson
Johnson, Elizabeth RuyleMaple LawnRuyle8 May 185811 Jul 1934wife of Enos
Johnson, ElmerKemperRuyle18611940 
JOHNSON, ElviraOak GroveJersey*****25 Jan 1908 
JOHNSON, EmmaOak GroveJersey187014 Oct 1947 
JOHNSON, Emma HansellOak GroveJersey182825 Sep 1902 
Johnson, EnosMaple LawnRuyle16 Mar 185511 May 1911 
JOHNSON, Ernest S.MedoraRuyle06-12-189020-03-1903 
JOHNSON, EvelineOak GroveJersey*****7 Mar 1907 
JOHNSON, Everett E.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Mar 1993 
JOHNSON, FrankOak GroveJersey2 Feb 18588 Sept 1915his mother was H. Phillips
JOHNSON, George H.Scenic HillQuarry18741933 
JOHNSON, H. L.Oak GroveJersey182514 Nov 1890 
JOHNSON, H. L. MRS.Oak GroveJersey18264 Apr 1889 
JOHNSON, Harry E.Oak GroveJersey*****03-03-1958 
JOHNSON, Harry JamesOak GroveJersey18791937 
JOHNSON, Hazel M.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Mar 1981 
JOHNSON, Henry E.Oak GroveJersey2 Jan 18604 Oct 1927 
JOHNSON, I. AbnerScenic HillQuarry14-10-191013-12-1990 
Johnson, InfantMaple LawnRuyle6 Oct 18926 Oct 1892Child of Enos & Elizabeth
JOHNSON, Infant dauWhiteOtter Creek26-10-190626-10-1906 
Johnson, Infant SonPruitt/HawkinsRuyle*****07-10-1892 
Johnson, Infant SonRosedaleRosedale10 Mar 185410 Mar 1854Son of Wm. & Nancy
JOHNSON, Isaac MiltonOak GroveJersey*****25-10-1957 
JOHNSON, J. M.Oak GroveJersey183521 May 1874 
Johnson, J. R.UnknownPiasa********** 
JOHNSON, JamesScenic HillQuarry23 Aug 189028 Dec 1941son of Edw. & Nina McCauley Johnson
JOHNSON, James H.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Jan 1937 
JOHNSON, Jennie A.Oak GroveJersey18581880 
Johnson, JesseRosedaleRosedale????25 Feb 1843age 19 yrs, 3 months, 15 days; son of Thomas & Rachel
Johnson, JohnRosedaleRosedale*****01-12-1845age 26 years. Son of Thomas & Rachel Johnson
Johnson, JohnUnknownUnknown????18 Feb 185229 years old.
JOHNSON, John S.WhiteOtter Creek18391907 
JOHNSON, JuanitaOak GroveJersey*****19 Dec 1945 
JOHNSON, Julia AnnOak GroveJersey20 Jul 186528 Dec 1941dau of Francis Xaviour & Alma Schmidt Grossjean
JOHNSON, KateOak GroveJersey186728 Mar 1945 
Johnson, Katherine M.WhiteOtter Creek****4 Dec 1935 
Johnson, Laura RuyleMaple LawnRuyle18611944wife of Amos
JOHNSON, Laurence N.MedoraRuyle********** 
Johnson, LawrenceKemperRuyle17-04-182416-08-1900 
Johnson, LawrenceMaple LawnRuyle1 Dec 189114 Jan 1893son of Amos & Laura
JOHNSON, Lawrence MillerOak GroveJersey186517 Dec 1944 
JOHNSON, Lena MaeOak GroveJersey19112 Jan 1977 
JOHNSON, Lessie F.Oak GroveJersey190526 Feb 1985 
JOHNSON, Lillie May MyersHartfordQuarry23 Sep 187020 May 1928John & Harriet Newell Myers; wife of Luther Johnson
JOHNSON, Loren A.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Sep 1990 
JOHNSON, Luther MelvinHartfordQuarry16 Sep 186623 Mar 1943son of Wm. & Nancy Miles Johnson
Johnson, Luther NealScenic HillQuarry10 Jun 185327 Aug 1928Griffers Johnson; born in Ohio
JOHNSON, MariaOak GroveJersey185615 Jun 1912 
Johnson, MarthaKemperRuyle*****02-08-1855 
JOHNSON, Mary E.WhiteOtter Creek18501918 
Johnson, MattieUnknownUnknown????4 Nov 1879colored, 18 yrs, from results of burns.
JOHNSON, MaudeOak GroveJersey*****28 Dec 1990 
JOHNSON, MelvinHartfordQuarry18901966 
Johnson, MillieMaple LawnRuyleNov 188530 Jul 1889Child of Enos & Elizabeth
JOHNSON, Minnie K.Oak GroveJersey26 Sep 18784 Dec 1935FR says White Cemetery; dau of Frank & Dorothy Overmeyer
JOHNSON, Myrna E.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Apr 1990 
Johnson, Nancy E.RosedaleRosedale18301900wife of William.
Johnson, OrmanMaple LawnRuyle27 Sep 188731 Dec 1897son of Amos & Laura
Johnson, OtisMaple LawnRuyle18871888Child of Enos & Elizabeth
JOHNSON, PatheniaLamb or UnionMississippi*****17-07-1854 
JOHNSON, Pearl E.Oak GroveJersey187914 Feb 1963 
JOHNSON, PeterOak GroveJersey*****12 Feb 1863 
Johnson, Pricilla Ogdl HarrisKemperRuyle10-08-179714-01-1875 
JOHNSON, PruittMedoraRuyle187428 Aug 1941 
JOHNSON, RachelOak GroveJersey18681926 
Johnson, RachelRosedaleRosedale*****17-02-1860wife of Thomas
JOHNSON, RalphMedoraRuyle19071936 
JOHNSON, Ralph T.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Nov 1979 
JOHNSON, RichardOak GroveJersey????12 Jul 1898colored
JOHNSON, Robert G.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Jul 1991 
JOHNSON, Rosalie StocksMedoraRuyle18751953 
JOHNSON, Rose M.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Aug 1953 
JOHNSON, Rubert E.Oak GroveJersey*****12 May 1962 
Johnson, Russell PruittPruitt/HawkinsRuyle17 Apr 18914 Dec 1920son of Millard & Minnie Pruitt Johnson
JOHNSON, Ruth AnnHartfordQuarry18929 Jan 1964dau of John & Elizabeth Funk Schlansker; wife 2 Melvin
JOHNSON, Sadie C.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Feb 1940 
Johnson, Sandy E.RosedaleRosedale18301900 
Johnson, SarildaSalemOtter Creek*****16-04-1855 
Johnson, Scott AllenMaple LawnRuyle1 Jan 197616 Feb 2000 
JOHNSON, Shannon LeeScenic HillQuarry24-08-196623-02-1970 
JOHNSON, Stella F.MedoraRuyle27-04-189211-12-1969 
JOHNSON, Susan E.Oak GroveJersey18561877 
Johnson, ThomasRosedaleRosedale179119 Jan 186877 yrs. 24 days. Son of J. Johnson
Johnson, TrumanMaple LawnRuyle28 Dec 18892 Mar 189?Child of Enos & Elizabeth
JOHNSON, UnknownOak GroveJersey???????? 
JOHNSON, ViolaScenic HillQuarry1874***** 
JOHNSON, W. J.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Feb 1907 
JOHNSON, WalterOak GroveJersey*****26 Jul 1980 
JOHNSON, Wiley E.MedoraRuyle13-04-187026-01-1956 
Johnson, WilliamRosedaleRosedale18211898 
Johnson, WilliamScenic HillQuarry****22 Jun 192567 year old divorced; order from James Johnson
Johnson, William LouisScenic HillQuarry10 Jun 193214 Jul 1932Edward & Mimia McCauley Johnson
JOHNSON, Wilma I.Scenic HillQuarry23-03-1925***** 
Johnson, Wm. R. Mrs.UnknownUnknown????23 May 1881 
JOHNSON, ZellaOak GroveJersey18471867 
JOHNSTON, Charles MonroeOak GroveJersey19167 Jun 1983 
Johnston, Clara M.Grimes – NeelyEnglish19211962 
JOHNSTON, CourtOak GroveJersey*****23 Jul 1965 
JOHNSTON, Eva BelleOak GroveJersey18783 Dec 1953 
Johnston, Fannie A.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18811945 
Johnston, FrankUnknownUnknown????Feb 18955 yr old son of Albert
JOHNSTON, Grace C.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Sep 1967 
JOHNSTON, HazelOak GroveJersey*****24 Apr 2000 
JOHNSTON, IsabellaOak GroveJersey18561857 
Johnston, James W.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18701947 
Johnston, James W.Grimes – NeelyEnglish19191979 
JOHNSTON, Jesse BartonOak GroveJersey24 Jan 187816 Mar 1932son of Isaac & Emily Chapman Johnston
Johnston, Lewis Jr.LaxEnglish13 Jul 193123 Dec 1931Lewis & Gladys McGowen Johnston
JOHNSTON, LloydOak GroveJersey*****19 Jun 1970 
JOHNSTON, LorisOak GroveJersey*****24 May 1970 
JOHNSTON, Mary LouiseOak GroveJersey14 Dec 192821 Dec 1928dau of Court & Grace V. Higgins Johnston
Johnston, Pearl MarieGrimes – NeelyEnglish19061976wife of Wm. Geo.
JOHNSTON, Ralph L.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Jul 1940 
JOHNSTON, Roberta MaryOak GroveJersey8 Mar 192515 Mar 1925dau of Court & Grace Higgins Johnston
Johnston, William GeorgeGrimes – NeelyEnglish19011956 
JOKERS,East NewbernMississippi********** 
JOKERS, Charles R.East NewbernMississippi27-02-189519-07-1982 
JOKERS, ClarenceEast NewbernMississippi09-11-186206-08-1884 
JOKERS, Freda B.East NewbernMississippi08-09-189702-11-1965 
JOKERS, GeorgeEast NewbernMississippi*****17-01-1874 
JOKERS, GeorgeEast NewbernMississippi12-06-183618-09-1901 
JOKERS, Harry L.MedoraRuyle28-12-188928-01-1968 
JOKERS, Herbert F.East NewbernMississippi24-08-189222-06-1968 
JOKERS, JacobEast NewbernMississippi14-09-183123-09-1914 
JOKERS, Jacob H.East NewbernMississippi24-03-188224-07-1949 
JOKERS, Louis M.East NewbernMississippi28-10-188530-04-1957 
JOKERS, LouiseEast NewbernMississippi01-01-184412-04-1925 
JOKERS, MarthaEast NewbernMississippi12-08-185515-02-1943 
JOKERS, Stella M.MedoraRuyle19-08-189717-09-1986 
JOLIET, Louisa E.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Oct 1857 
JOLLY, HenryMedoraRuyle*****02-1853 
JOLLY, MiriamMedoraRuyle22-12-180919-02-1865 
JONES, Addie EllenOak GroveJersey5 Apr 187830 Sep 1942dau of Wiley & Mary C. Jaynes Ford; wife to James
JONES, AltheaOak GroveJersey*****29 Aug 1952 
JONES, AlvinOak GroveJersey19001968 
Jones, AnnaHartfordQuarry22 Aug 188323 Mar 1923Patrick & Esther Austin Fox
JONES, CarolineOak GroveJersey182513 Apr 1920 
Jones, CassandreUnknownPiasa*****19-09-1864 
JONES, Catherine AllenSt. FrancisJersey18791975 
JONES, Charles WilliamOak GroveJersey18944 Mar 1974 
Jones, ChildUnknownUnknown????Aug 1884child of Isaac; cholera
JONES, Clark WolfingtonOak GroveJersey????1952 
Jones, ClellieRosedaleRosedale*****26-08-1862age 5 months 2 days. Son of J. W. & M. F. Jones.
Jones, ClintonOak GroveJersey????0 Apr 1898colored
JONES, Cornell E.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Jul 1998 
JONES, Creighton EllsworthOak GroveJersey27 Jan 192618 Feb 1931son of Charles W. & Lillian N. Roady Jones
JONES, Donald E.Oak GroveJersey*****21 May 1989 
Jones, E. E.UnknownPiasa********** 
JONES, Edwin E.MedoraRuyle13-04-186025-11-1922 
JONES, ElizabethMedoraRuyle02-09-186503-02-1909 
JONES, EmelineOak GroveJersey18457 May 1896 
Jones, EmmaUnknownUnknown????27 Apr 188037 years old.
JONES, George EmeryOak GroveJersey17 May 18672 Apr 1938son of Rice & Emeline Handsaker Jones;
JONES, George W.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Nov 1940 
JONES, George W.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Dec 1999 
JONES, Georgia AlmaOak GroveJersey28 Dec 19188 May 1927dau of James & Addie Ford Jones
JONES, Harry A.Oak GroveJersey18741955 
JONES, Harry L.MedoraRuyle06-02-188301-12-1901 
JONES, Irene L.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Nov 1989 
Jones, JamesOak GroveJersey14 Apr 186418 Aug 1925son of Evans & Mary Fisher Jones; hus of Addie
JONES, James A.HartfordQuarry18801968 
JONES, James E.Oak GroveJersey187827 Jun 1934 
Jones, James Jr.Oak GroveJersey21 Sep 193621 Sep 1936infant of James & Irene Mathews Jones
JONES, James K.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Jul 1972 
JONES, Jennie PowellOak GroveJersey188710-09-1960 
JONES, John E.Oak GroveJersey6 Jan 18702 Sep 1955son of Roger Eaton & Mary France Brookfield Jones; hus Myrtl
Jones, John E.UnknownUnknown????1883 
Jones, John H.LaxEnglish****19 Jan 191374 yr. 6 mo. 9 days
Jones, John R.TribleFidelity18611942 
JONES, John W.Oak GroveJersey18641864 
JONES, John WilliamOak GroveJersey186811 Dec 1946 
JONES, Julia L.Oak GroveJersey31 Dec 186624 Aug 1938dau of Thomas H. & Elizabeth Ellsworthy Stratton
JONES, Lee A.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Feb 1968 
JONES, Leona J. HillOak GroveJersey31 Mar 186414 Oct 1924dau of Foster Hill; widow of John Jones; born in MO
JONES, Lillian MarieOak GroveJersey189810 Nov 1977 
JONES, Lou AddieOak GroveJersey18651954 
JONES, Lue AddieOak GroveJersey1848???? 
JONES, Mary D.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Jul 1969 
Jones, Mary F.TribleFidelity*****02-12-1893 
JONES, Myrtle A.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Jul 1972 
JONES, NettieOak GroveJersey*****13 Apr 1982 
JONES, Oral E.MedoraRuyle18-01-189213-05-1894 
JONES, Pauline M.Oak GroveJersey5 Jan 19043 Oct 1949dau of Edward & Alice Taylor Shaw;
Jones, Pearl E.MedoraRuyle****0 Jan 1934 
JONES, Rice T.Oak GroveJersey183520 Oct 1896 
JONES, Robert EugeneOak GroveJersey25 Mar 195925-03-1959 
Jones, Roger EatonTribleFidelity4-09-184719-11-1922 
JONES, Roma D.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Apr 1993 
JONES, SalindaNewbernMississippi*****29-05-1855 
JONES, Truman W.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Jan 1996 
JONES, William M.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Mar 1934widower, died at Jersey Co Home, son of John Jones
JORDAN, Alice JourneyScenic HillQuarry18631895died in Montana
JORGENSEN, GarnetOak GroveJersey*****21 Nov 1989 
JORGESEN, Sarah M.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Jun 2000 
JORS, JohnScenic HillQuarry16-01-189107-11-1951 
JOSEPH, CatherineOak GroveJersey*****15 May 1994 
JOSEPH, SebastinOak GroveJersey*****3 Oct 1998 
Josten, BarbaraSt. Michael’sElsah4 Dec 183817 Dec 1895 
Josten, PeterSt. Michael’sElsah4 Mar 184524 Nov 1894 
Jouett, Doris L. SandersKemperRuyle*****16-03-1925 
Jouett, John L.KemperRuyle*****10-01-1923 
JOURNEY, Addie L.Scenic HillQuarry09-04-186516-04-1884 
JOURNEY, SamuelScenic HillQuarry*****10-01-1870 
JOURNEY, WilliamHartfordQuarry18891892 
Jump, Christopher Mrs.Meadow BarnchRosedale****1918Newspaper obit
JUMP, WilliamOak GroveJersey*****25 Nov 1968 
JUNETTE, Earl A.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Jan 1983 
JUNETTE, EffieOak GroveJersey*****13 Feb 1976 
JUNETTE, John M.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Mar 1983 
JUNETTE, Lelia E.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Apr 1975 
JUNGK, Adolph E.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Feb 1989 
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