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Jersey County Index of Burials – Surname Z

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Thanks to Marty & Ronda Crull, Bob French, Gary Clendenny, the late Edith Zimmerman and the late Gene Prosser for this information. The majority of the information is from actual cemetery readings. The remainder is from the collections of obituaries and the funeral records at Jersey County Historical Society, the old newspaper collection at the Jersey County Historical Society and microfilm newspapers from the Jerseyville Library, transcribed by for the most part by Grace Gettings and Marty Crull. Copying expenses and related costs for the project were from Ronda Crull and the Tri County Newsletter.

Name Cemetery Township Birth Death Notes
ZAHN, Charles Gustav Fieldon Richwood 1 Mar 1850 24 Apr 1935 John B. Zahn
ZAHN, George B. Fieldon Richwood 1883 1945  
ZAHN, Julia Beaverstein Fieldon Richwood 20 Dec 1846 3 Mar 1922  
ZAHN, Louise K. Fieldon Richwood 1876 1891  
ZAHN, William H. Fieldon Richwood 28-12-1885 30-07-1906  
Zarka, Kalman St. Francis Jersey 18 Nov 1881 7 Oct 1935 son of Lester Zarka; born in Hungary
ZEISER, Alyda Louise Oak Grove Jersey 6 Jan 1901 24 Feb 1951 dau of Charles & Anna Siller Zeiser
ZEISER, Anna M. Oak Grove Jersey 28 Mar 1869 14 Apr 1941 dau of Mary Laubscher; wife to Charles
ZEISER, Charles A. Oak Grove Jersey 15 Sep 1866 27 Aug 1920 son of Frank & Martha Hunt Zeiser; born in Alton, IL
Zeiser, Charles Mrs. Oak Grove Jersey ***** *****  
Zeiser, Charles Mrs. 2 Oak Grove Jersey ***** *****  
Zeiser, Child of Charles’ Oak Grove Jersey ***** *****  
ZEISER, Eva Mae Oak Grove Jersey 1890 4 Jan 1979  
ZEISER, Frank MRS. Oak Grove Jersey ***** 20 Jun 1890  
ZELLER, David U. Oak Grove Jersey 1842 16 Sep 1916 66 yr, 19 day old; born in Germany
ZELLER, Sophia Oak Grove Jersey 13 Dec 1852 22 Jul 1916 born Germany, wife of David Zeller
ZERBY, Florence L. Green Fieldon Richwood 21-11-1909 *****  
ZERBY, Thomas P. Fieldon Richwood 23-06-1905 09-03-1982  
ZIMMERMAN, Alan H. Scenic Hill Quarry 09-08-1947 03-03-1990  
ZIMMERMAN, Bertha H. Scenic Hill Quarry 1896 1978  
ZIMMERMAN, Dollie Whaley Scenic Hill Quarry 1900 1958  
Zimmerman, Edith Rose Montgomery Scenic Hill Quarry Jul 30 1933 Sep 27 2003 d/o Thomas & Blanche Hawkins Montgomery; w/o Donald
ZIMMERMAN, Edna Oak Grove Jersey 4 Feb 1888 30 Apr 1958 dau of Henry A. Mina Burgman Stirmann
ZIMMERMAN, Edward Oak Grove Jersey ***** 7 Apr 1975  
ZIMMERMAN, Eleanor S. Braunagel Scenic Hill Quarry 18-04-1925 14-07-1986  
Zimmerman, Ernest William Scenic Hill Quarry 11 Mar 1840 18 Nov 1928 Gothlieb & Hannah Ulrich Zimmerman
Zimmerman, Frank Scenic Hill Quarry 17 Dec 1872 31 Jan 1948 son of Ernest W. & Pauline Schulze Zimmerman
ZIMMERMAN, Harry A. Oak Grove Jersey ***** 29 Apr 1964  
ZIMMERMAN, Jayne E. Oak Grove Jersey ***** 1 May 1968  
ZIMMERMAN, John B. Oak Grove Jersey ***** 15 Jan 1965  
ZIMMERMAN, Mary Oak Grove Jersey ***** 21 Oct 1970  
ZIMMERMAN, Max E. Scenic Hill Quarry 1887 1962  
ZIMMERMAN, Nathan G. Scenic Hill Quarry 26-07-1879 23-07-1963  
ZIMMERMAN, Pauline Scenic Hill Quarry 20 Apr 1851 26 Jun 1932 dau of Carl Schulze; widow of Ernest; born Philadelphia PA
ZIMMERMAN, Robert E. Scenic Hill Quarry 11-12-1949 04-04-1993  
Zimmerman, Terri L. Farmer Newbern Mississippi **** 1980 23;
ZIMMERMAN, Vera Audrey Scenic Hill Quarry 4 Jun 1921 26 Apr 1927 Max & Bertha Depper Zimmerman
ZIMMERMAN, William Scenic Hill Quarry 1840 1920  
ZIMMERMANN, Albert Scenic Hill Quarry 24-12-1902 18-03-1920  
ZIMMERMANN, May Scenic Hill Quarry 1881 1969  
ZIMMERMANN, O. Wreatha Scenic Hill Quarry 1922 *****  
ZIMMERMANN, W. Howard Scenic Hill Quarry 1918 1978  
ZIMMERMANN, William Scenic Hill Quarry 1877 1955  
Zimmermna, Donald Scenic Hill Quarry **** Nov 18 1999 h/o Edith Rose Montgomery
ZIPPRICH, Jerome V. St. Francis Jersey 00-1916 14 Jun 1987  
Zipprich, John L. St. Francis Jersey 1891 1944  
ZIPPRICH, Mary Traufler St. Francis Jersey 4 Oct 1891 11 Nov 1966  
ZOELZER, David A. Medora Ruyle ***** 1976  
ZOELZER, Richard L. Medora Ruyle 1974 1976  
ZOELZER, Rodney D. Medora Ruyle 1972 1976  
ZOPHEL, Charles Scenic Hill Quarry 17-05-1845 22-07-1899  
ZOPHEL, Marie Scenic Hill Quarry 21 Oct 1839 27 Dec 1924 widow; order from MaxZophel
Zophel, Max Scenic Hill Quarry 19 Dec 1874 19 Dec 1929 Charles Zophel; pronounced MAUX not MAX
ZOPHEL, Olga Alma Scenic Hill Quarry 05-04-1877 14-10-1906  
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