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Jersey County Index of Burials – Surname V

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Unknown Surnames

Thanks to Marty & Ronda Crull, Bob French, Gary Clendenny, the late Edith Zimmerman and the late Gene Prosser for this information. The majority of the information is from actual cemetery readings. The remainder is from the collections of obituaries and the funeral records at Jersey County Historical Society, the old newspaper collection at the Jersey County Historical Society and microfilm newspapers from the Jerseyville Library, transcribed by for the most part by Grace Gettings and Marty Crull. Copying expenses and related costs for the project were from Ronda Crull and the Tri County Newsletter.

V. A.NobleOtter Creek********** 
V. O.St. Michael’sElsah********** 
VACE, Mary LucusOak GroveJersey*****8 Mar 1908 
VAHLE,Oak GroveJersey*****20 Dec 1906 
VAHLE, Blanche A.FieldonRichwood20-02-189901-01-1967 
VAHLE, Caroline M.St. Mary’sEnglish19-08-185425-04-1913 
VAHLE, Charles WilliamOak GroveJersey189611 Oct 1945 
VAHLE, DorothyOak GroveJersey21 Aug 18549 Dec 1923dau of George Hooper; born in Germany
VAHLE, EdwardFieldonRichwood18881964 
Vahle, EthelOak GroveJersey19061906 
VAHLE, FrankSt. Mary’sEnglish28-02-186704-07-1901 
Vahle, FraulsArmstrongEnglish????4 Dec 1858 
VAHLE, Georgie E.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Sep 1945 
VAHLE, HenryOak GroveJersey185411 Jan 1939 
Vahle, Jeremy BaileyOak GroveJersey19521952 
Vahle, JohnArmstrongEnglish25-07-181718-03-1873 
VAHLE, John H.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Apr 1946 
Vahle, John HenryOak GroveJersey18781940 
VAHLE, LamarOak GroveJersey*****23 May 1996 
VAHLE, Leo J.FieldonRichwood23-11-189218-11-1951 
Vahle, Linda M.Oak GroveJersey19481948 
VAHLE, Lizzie CharnellOak GroveJersey187321 Apr 1971 
VAHLE, LouisSt. Mary’sEnglish31-03-185713-03-1898 
VAHLE, Louis H. Sr.FieldonRichwood18-06-189417-11-1956 
VAHLE, Louis O.FieldonRichwood10-12-191910-03-1987 
VAHLE, Magdalina M.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Mar 1941 
VAHLE, MarieOak GroveJersey*****25 May 1948 
VAHLE, Mary A.St. Mary’sEnglish4 May 182714 Dec 1915widow @ time of death
VAHLE, MatildaFieldonRichwood18881977 
VAHLE, Sherrill CharnellOak GroveJersey28 Jan 19015 Sep 1925son of Wm. & Lizzie Charnell Vahle; single
Vahle, TheresaArmstrongEnglish03-08-183004-04-1870 
VAHLE, Theresa S.Oak GroveJersey25 Jun 18858 Jul 1935dau of Theodore & Elizabeth Carey Schobeand; wife 2 John H.
VAHLE, TonyOak GroveJersey*****18-12-1956 
VAHLE, WilliamOak GroveJersey28 Jan 187030 Mar 1958son of John & Mary Harris Vahle; hus 2 Lizzie C.
Vahle, WillieArmstrongEnglish25-12-188908-04-1891 
Valentine, CatherineOak GroveJersey1 Jun 18403 Feb 1916born in Ohio; dau of James Wellington
VALENTINE, EmmaOak GroveJersey12 Jan 185421 Jul 1926dau of Elijah Dar??ond
VALENTINE, John H.Oak GroveJersey12 Sep 186222 Dec 1928son of Hartful & Catherine Wellington Valentine; born OH
Valerius,St. Michael’sElsah********** 
Valerius, EdwardSt. Michael’sElsah18811975 
Valerius, Elizabeth R.St. Michael’sElsah18501931 
Valerius, JacobSt. Michael’sElsah18351905 
Valerius, Joseph P.St. Michael’sElsah18831902 
Valerius, NicholasSt. Michael’sElsah18401896 
Value, AbeReddish/CooperRichwood185222-06-1926 
Value, ElizabethReddish/CooperRichwood**********wife of Moab
Value, MoabReddish/CooperRichwood********** 
Value, MobyReddish/CooperRichwood18891971 
Value, NoahReddish/CooperRichwood********** 
Value, WilliamReddish/CooperRichwood18841961 
VAN ANTWORP, AndrewHartfordQuarry*****1869 
VAN ANTWORP, John D.HartfordQuarry18541879 
VAN ANTWORP, R. N.HartfordQuarry*****1857 
VAN ANTWORP, William S.HartfordQuarry18581858 
VAN BEBBER, BirdieMedoraRuyle27-06-187418-09-1956 
VAN BUREN, Chrissie J.ElsahElsah14-02-185607-10-1903 
VAN DIKE, CharlesOak GroveJersey187111 Jun 1916 
VAN DIKE, Charles HenryOak GroveJersey12 Dec 183513 Sep 1927widower; son of Reloff H. & Mana Comfort; born NJ
Van Dike, CorneliaOak GroveJersey18081808 
Van Dike, David ComfortOak GroveJersey???????? 
VAN DIKE, Ed L.Oak GroveJersey184117 Apr 1902 
VAN DIKE, FrankOak GroveJersey185816 Apr 1929 
Van Dike, GussieOak GroveJersey???????? 
VAN DIKE, HarryOak GroveJersey16 Dec 18718 Feb 1918single; son of Ed. L. & Rebecca McCordy? Van Dike
VAN DIKE, MariaOak GroveJersey180616 Sep 1867 
VAN DIKE, Martha E.Oak GroveJersey183722 Nov 1913 
VAN DIKE, Mary CoringtonOak GroveJersey15 Apr 186921 Jul 1934dau of Charles H. & Martha Brown Van Dike
Van Dike, R. H.Oak GroveJersey18041845 
VAN DIKE, RebeccaOak GroveJersey18497 Mar 1920wife of Edw. L.; died @ St. Louis, MO
VAN DIKE, WalterOak GroveJersey186518 Mar 1936son of Charles & Martha Smith Van Dike
VAN HOOREBEKE, Emma A.MedoraRuyle*****23-05-1928 
VAN HOOREBEKE, FerdinandMedoraRuyle18477 Jan 1907 
VAN HORNE, Augustus KnappOak GroveJersey2 Apr 183125 Feb 1921son of Elijah & Polly Wyckoff Van Horne; born in NY
VAN HORNE, AustinOak GroveJersey185816 Aug 1859 
VAN HORNE, childOak GroveJersey*****20 Jul 1901 
VAN HORNE, childOak GroveJersey*****26 Jul 1899 
VAN HORNE, Columbus CummingsOak GroveJersey18861 Mar 1962 
VAN HORNE, E. Col.Oak GroveJersey178623 Mar 1868 
Van Horne, Elizabeth C.UnknownUnknown????Oct 1881wife of Dr.
VAN HORNE, Elizabeth JaneOak GroveJersey188712 Jun 1966 
Van Horne, George H. Sr.Oak GroveJersey****12 Oct 192273, 10, 22 days old, widower; died Wichita Falls TX
Van Horne, InfantOak GroveJersey???????? 
VAN HORNE, Infant DaughterOak GroveJersey19036 Jun 1903 
VAN HORNE, J. W.Oak GroveJersey184218 Feb 1864 
VAN HORNE, James E.Oak GroveJersey181225 Sep 1875 
Van Horne, James EdwinOak GroveJersey18991899 
Van Horne, Leslie GrossOak GroveJersey19001901 
VAN HORNE, M. J.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Jan 1875 
VAN HORNE, M. T. C. MRS.Oak GroveJersey18569 Sep 1885is this nee Belle Cummings; wife of George?
VAN HORNE, NancyOak GroveJersey181330 Aug 1898 
VAN HORNE, PollyOak GroveJersey179314 Jun 1871 
VAN HORNE, RuthOak GroveJersey193919 Oct 1970 
VAN HORNE, Sallie N.Oak GroveJersey188218 Nov 1883 
VAN HORNE, Sarah C.Oak GroveJersey31 Oct 186630 Dec 1918dau of Columbus & Phoebe Hamilton Cummings; wife of Geo.
VAN HORNE, Stella A.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Sep 1961 
Van Horne, UnknownOak GroveJersey???????? 
Van Horne, Unknown 2Oak GroveJersey???????? 
VAN HORNE, WalterOak GroveJersey*****1 Dec 1864 
Van Lew, B. B.Oak GroveJersey18291873 
VAN LEW, CatherineOak GroveJersey183230 Dec 1903 
VAN LEW, FredOak GroveJersey182222 Mar 1895 
Van Lew, InfantOak GroveJersey???????? 
VAN LEW, JeremiahOak GroveJersey*****8 Mar 1876 
Van Lew, JeremiahOak GroveJersey17921876 
VAN LEW, JohnHickory GroveJersey*****1839 
VAN LEW, LesterOak GroveJersey186815 Aug 1868 
VAN LEW, MargaretOak GroveJersey179331 Aug 1877 
VAN LEW, MaryOak GroveJersey18368 Mar 1908 
VAN LEW, William M.Oak GroveJersey187512 Aug 1875 
Van Matre, AmasaUnknownEnglish*****09-05-1851 
Van Matre, FrancesKemperRuyle*****09-09-1882 
Van Matre, FranklinKemperRuyle???????? 
Van Matre, Laura A.UnknownEnglish********** 
Van Matre, MabelKemperRuyle*****03-12-1882 
Van Matre, Mary M.KemperRuyle11-08-185406-03-1928 
Van Matre, MaybelleKemperRuyle???????? 
Van Matre, Rachel A.KemperRuyle183009-03-1918 
Van Matre, Serena A.KemperRuyle18891979 
Van Matre, William G.KemperRuyle04-09-185117-03-1933 
Van Matre, William P.KemperRuyle18861960 
VAN METER, EdithOak GroveJersey*****27 Dec 1984 
VAN METER, Richard L.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Jul 1992 
VAN METER, Russell L.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Nov 1973 
Van Pelt, AliceVan PeltJersey07-09-180?15-11-1841 
VAN PELT, Anna A. RemerOak GroveJersey184110 Sep 1916 
Van Pelt, Charles B.Van PeltJersey*****1841 
VAN PELT, Charles W.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Nov 1902 
Van Pelt, Child 2 of Wesley’sOak GroveJersey???????? 
Van Pelt, Child of Wesley’sOak GroveJersey???????? 
VAN PELT, Emily or EmblyOak GroveJersey1 Feb 181215 Sep 1852name maybe Embley
Van Pelt, HelenVan PeltJersey*****1841 
VAN PELT, John EmbleyOak GroveJersey183625 Feb 1904 
VAN PELT, MinnieOak GroveJersey*****25 Dec 1916 
Van Pelt, R. W.Van PeltJersey*****09-04-1865 
VAN PELT, SarahOak GroveJersey184425 Sep 1875 
VAN PELT, Sarah AliceOak GroveJersey185413 Oct 1942 
Van Pelt, Sarah HankinsOak GroveJersey18181904 
Van Pelt, Sarah MarieUnknownUnknown????18 Dec 185218 mo old dau. of E. & Sarah
Van Pelt, TheodoreOak GroveJersey????1863 
Van Pelt, Wilber FishShilohMississippi17 Feb 18511911 
VAN PELT, Winifred S.Oak GroveJersey2 May 184828 Jul 1927son of Ralph H. & Penelope Stoat Van Pelt
VAN TASSELL, Everett R.Oak GroveJersey*****11 May 1974 
Van WALLEGHEN, Mary Ann SchaefferSt. FrancisJersey10 Aug 192518 Nov 1979 
Van Winkle, Horace W.Oak GroveJersey????1879 
VANAUSDALE, Daniel L.Scenic HillQuarry26-01-192210-02-1975 
VANAUSDALE, Hazel L.Scenic HillQuarry16-06-1917***** 
VANAUSDALE, Pamela S.Scenic HillQuarry17-01-1948***** 
VANAUSDALE, W. K. JackScenic HillQuarry14-09-1914***** 
Vanausdall, JohnNobleOtter Creek*****06-11-1865 
Vanausdall, LetitaNobleOtter Creek18681946 
Vanausdall, MaryNobleOtter Creek*****07-04-1872 
Vanausdall, MattieNobleOtter Creek26-08-18??03-08-1888 
Vanausdall, William C.NobleOtter Creek18611943 
Vanausdoll, Allen McKrearyNobleOtter Creek4 Aug 183919 Nov 1932John & Mary Peggan Vanausdoll; husband of Agnes Ann
VANAUSDOLL, C.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Dec 1906 
Vanausdoll, CalebNobleOtter Creek29-03-182711-08-1880 
VANAUSDOLL, CassandraScenic HillQuarry18901953 
VANAUSDOLL, Charles A.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Mar 1982WWII veteran
VANAUSDOLL, Charles W.Scenic HillQuarry22 Aug 186330 Oct 1939son of Caleb & Martha Hewitt Vanausdoll
Vanausdoll, Christina SchaafNobleOtter Creek10 Mar 188822 Nov 1954dau of Edward & Ellen Powers Schaaf; wife to James
Vanausdoll, ClarenceNobleOtter Creek****27 Nov 190628 yr 11 mo 4 days
VANAUSDOLL, Everett C.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Nov 1953 
Vanausdoll, I. C.Oak GroveJersey18301906 
Vanausdoll, Ida B.NobleOtter Creek18761880 
Vanausdoll, J.E.NobleOtter Creek********** 
Vanausdoll, James C.NobleOtter Creek18741967 
VANAUSDOLL, James E.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Feb 1995 
VANAUSDOLL, LaJune L.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Jan 1993 
VANAUSDOLL, Laura S.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Aug 1995 
Vanausdoll, LorenNobleOtter Creek****4 Nov 192876 yr. Caleb & Martha Hewitt Vanausdoll
Vanausdoll, LouisNobleOtter Creek18561931 
Vanausdoll, MamieUnknownUnknown????Nov 18815 yrs. old;dau Allen; Otterville area
Vanausdoll, MargaretNobleOtter Creek*****23-10-1858 
VANAUSDOLL, MarthaOak GroveJersey186210 Apr 1919 
Vanausdoll, Martha A.NobleOtter Creek20-02-183510-05-1891 
VANAUSDOLL, Mary C.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Jul 1983 
VANAUSDOLL, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Oct 1946 
VANAUSDOLL, Otis L.Scenic HillQuarry18871968 
Vanausdoll, RachelNobleOtter Creek18781908 
VANAUSDOLL, RaymondOak GroveJersey189217 Oct 1952 
VANAUSDOLL, RenaScenic HillQuarry1866***** 
VANAUSDOLL, RuthOak GroveJersey18301 Oct 1903 
VANAUSDOLL, Theodore W.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Oct 1916 
Vanausdoll, Tyan N.St. FrancisJersey17 Apr 19801980 
Vanausdoll, Virgil LeeNobleOtter Creek9 Aug 192712 Nov 1942son of James & Christina Shaw Vanausdoll
Vance, LenoraEldredgePiasa180901-03-1884 
VANCE, MaryMedoraRuyle18341902 
VANCE, RobertMedoraRuyle1824-06-1863 
VANDENBERG, H. L.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Aug 1899 
Vanderburg, ChildOak GroveJersey********** 
Vandergriff, AnnaMaple LawnRuyle18711942 
VANDERSLICE, Dorothy F.ElsahElsah18991970 
VANDERSLICE, Ira C.ElsahElsah18941910 
VANDERSLICE, Ramsey L.ElsahElsah18911965 
VANDERVENTER, M.Oak GroveJersey18469 Feb 1865 
Vandervoort, LillieUnknownUnknown????Mar 187117 years old
VANDERVORT, Beardslee C.Oak GroveJersey18224 May 1901 
VANDERVORT, LillieOak GroveJersey185320 Mar 1871 
VANDERVORT, Phoebe AnnOak GroveJersey183220 Jan 1913 
VANDERVORT, Robert WalterOak GroveJersey18596 Feb 1871 
Vandeventer, IsaacUnknownUnknown????Oct 187865 years old.
VANDYGRIFF, Herman J.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Jul 1993 
Vandygriff, Nollie MaeGrimes – NeelyEnglish10 Dec 19471 Jul 1994 
VANDYGRIFF, Theresa A.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Jul 1967 
Vandyne, ?Oak GroveJersey???????? 
VANDYNE, AbigailOak GroveJersey179816 Sep 1877 
VANDYNE, Jacob K.Oak GroveJersey17948 Jan 1873 
VANFOSSEN, Eva L.MedoraRuyle22-02-195124-10-1954 
Vanfossen, KatieSt. FrancisJersey19021983 
Vanfossen, LeeSt. FrancisJersey19001985 
VANFOSSEN, Marion W.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Jul 1999 
Vanfossen, RobertSt. FrancisJersey19311931 
VANFOSSEN, Robert L.MedoraRuyle*****05-08-1955 
VANFOSSEN, Vida F.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Jan 1999 
Vanmeter, ThomasRosedaleRosedale180105-11-1860age 65 years, 9 months and 8 days.
Vannort, ElizabethRosedaleRosedale177624 Jan 1842wife of William Vannort.
Vannort, Sarah AnnNobleOtter Creek02-10-182803-12-1901 
Vannort, SonUnknownUnknown????Feb 1889son of William. Otterville area.
Vannort, WilliamRosedaleRosedale18-03-179712-03-1851 
Vannort, William H.NobleOtter Creek10 Oct 184914 Feb 1925Charges for funeral to Mrs. Geo. W. Vannort
Vannort, Wilson AlbertRosedaleRosedale10 Feb 185818 Feb 1940son of George & Sarah Johnson Vannort
VANSYCLE, Mariah L.Oak GroveJersey183323 Sep 1875 
VARBLE, Eiko OsawaScenic HillQuarry19331984wife of Howard; Born in Nigata, Japan
VARBLE, Flossie L.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Aug 1991 
VARBLE, Howard M.Scenic HillQuarry19-01-193022-04-1990 
VARBLE, Marlon S.Oak GroveJersey*****19 May 1983 
Varble, MatildaLaxEnglish*****05-02-1870 
Varble, MatildaUnknownEnglish180716-08-1851 
VARBLE, PaulOak GroveJersey*****05-10-1958 
VARBLE, Paul E.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Apr 1983 
VARBLE, PaulineOak GroveJersey*****8 Oct 1967 
Varble, WilliamUnknownUnknown????23 Aug 1851 
Varlearis, NicholasSt. Michael’sElsah????0 Nov 1896 
Varney, Antoinette H.HetzelEnglish188625 Jan 1950 
VARNEY, Claudia I.Oak GroveJersey*****29 Feb 1968 
VARNEY, EdwardOak GroveJersey188830 May 1981 
VARNEY, John W.Oak GroveJersey18931 Oct 1978 
Varney, Josephine L. HetzelHetzelEnglish12 Aug 18528 Sep 1941 
VARNEY, Linda M.Oak GroveJersey*****23-12-1958 
Varney, NettieUnknownUnknown****6 Nov 1906Funeral at Fieldon; age 17 yr 9 mo 10 days.
VARNEY, Rachel B.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Jan 1969 
Varney, WilliamHetzelEnglish185317-09-1902 
Vasburg, George V.Oak GroveJersey18621889 
Vasburg, Mary L. SchwartzOak GroveJersey18621949Ashes on Schwartz lot
VASSAR, Frank DonaldFieldonRichwood28-08-192320-06-1983 
VASSAR, Iris P.FieldonRichwood30-06-191913-09-1992 
Vaughn, AnnaLaxEnglish*****09-12-1823 
VAUGHN, Anna ElyOak GroveJersey17 Mar 184322 Oct 1922widow; died @ Alton, IL
VAUGHN, Antoinette GoettenSt. FrancisJersey23 May 189525 May 1989 
Vaughn, Cecile V.St. FrancisJersey5 Dec 189624 Jun 1927dau of Geo. & Mary Rottgers Garber; wife of James
Vaughn, CharlotteLaxEnglish*****11-08-1868 
Vaughn, ClaraLaxEnglish11-02-1864***** 
VAUGHN, EbertOak GroveJersey4 Nov 189726 Nov 1922son of Andrew & Martha Jones Vaughn
Vaughn, EllenSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
Vaughn, ElminaLaxEnglish27-02-1832***** 
Vaughn, EmmaPruitt/HawkinsRuyle185820-02-1861 
Vaughn, FrankPruitt/HawkinsRuyle25-05-187430-08-1874 
VAUGHN, Frank E.St. FrancisJersey8 Mar 188813 Nov 1951 
Vaughn, Fred F.St. FrancisJersey1915???? 
Vaughn, HarrySt. FrancisJersey5 Dec 188515 Apr 1918dau of Michael & Ellen Cain Vaughn
Vaughn, Hester AnnLaxEnglish*****-09-1864 
Vaughn, InfantSt. FrancisJersey18861886 
Vaughn, JamesSt. FrancisJersey18671870 
Vaughn, James A.St. FrancisJersey18901964 
Vaughn, James F.Pruitt/HawkinsRuyle05-04-185905-02-1885 
VAUGHN, JerryOak GroveJersey*****15 May 1967 
Vaughn, JohnLaxEnglish*****24-12-1865 
Vaughn, JohnSt. FrancisJersey18841961 
Vaughn, JohnsonPruitt/HawkinsRuyle184929-12-1849 
Vaughn, JoshuaLaxEnglish*****28-12-1843 
Vaughn, JosiahPruitt/HawkinsRuyle05-12-182218-07-1900 
Vaughn, LucyPruitt/HawkinsRuyle184114-01-1877 
Vaughn, MargaretSt. FrancisJersey18761915 
Vaughn, MaryPruitt/HawkinsRuyle02-03-183016-06-1874 
Vaughn, MaryPruitt/HawkinsRuyle186425-12-1867 
Vaughn, MichaelSt. FrancisJersey18401890 
Vaughn, MichaelSt. FrancisJersey18801904 
Vaughn, NellieSt. FrancisJersey18741879 
VAUGHN, RosaOak GroveJersey*****26 Jul 1951 
Vaughn, Sarah IdaLaxEnglish*****26-04-1863 
Vaughn, ShadrackLaxEnglish*****05-03-1856 
Vaughn, SolomonLaxEnglish08-12-183509-05-1869 
Vaughn, SolomonLaxEnglish10-12-186618-03-1867 
Vaughn, ThomasSt. FrancisJersey18601860 
Vaughn, ThomasSt. FrancisJersey18831967 
Vaughn, WilliamPruitt/HawkinsRuyle185630-04-1856 
VAULENVEN, Douglas LurtonOak GroveJersey194331 Aug 1943Still Born
VAWTER, Beulah AlbertaWhiteOtter Creek11-08-190613-08-1993 
VAWTER, George RoyWhiteOtter Creek22-01-189806-01-1986 
Veach, Charles FletcherScenic HillQuarry****5 Apr 1931 
VEACH, JesseOak GroveJersey*****28 Nov 1905 
VEACH, Minnie C.Scenic HillQuarry18661955 
VEACH, Nathan T.Scenic HillQuarry20-07-182431-10-1896 
Veitch, Dr.UnknownUnknown????28 Feb 1884Grafton
VELTGH, InfantNewbernMississippi********** 
VELTGH, Louisa E.NewbernMississippi*****03-07-1849 
VELTGH, Mary S.NewbernMississippi*****28-12-1852 
VENGHAUS, WilliamOak GroveJersey*****7 Jul 1974 
Vermillion, HattieCounty FarmEnglish188001-11-1881 
VICKERY, Mary LynnMedoraRuyle12-03-197002-11-1987 
VILLINGER, CatherineOak GroveJersey18528 Sep 1915single, born in Germany. dau of D. Villinger
VILLINGER, GeorgeOak GroveJersey185816 Mar 1875 
VILLINGER, HellenOak GroveJersey183321 Jun 1893 
VILLINGER, ValentineOak GroveJersey181911 Oct 1874 
VINCENT, AmandaElsahElsah18471905 
Vineyard, John W.ElsahElsah????1923 
Vinson, Ada MarieRosedaleRosedale10 Dec 192210 Dec 1922inf of Robert & Etta Levi Vinson
Vinson, Alice Minerva CopeRosedaleRosedale7 Sep 185511 Nov 1931James & Haley Wiseman Cope; wife of George
VINSON, AnnaOak GroveJersey18668 Aug 1886 
Vinson, ChildOak GroveJersey???????? 
VINSON, Clara C. EngelFieldonRichwood7 Mar 188811 Jun 1938dau of Fred & Mary Kappel Engel; wife of Henry Vinson
Vinson, Eldon Curtis.RosedaleRosedale9 Mar 19241 Jun 1924inf of George & Nona Worthy Vinson
Vinson, Eltie L.RosedaleRosedale********** 
Vinson, George Jr.RosedaleRosedale28 Sep 187830 Oct 1947son of George & Allie Cope Vinson
Vinson, George Sr.RosedaleRosedale22 Feb 185614 Nov 1942son of Jess & Valine Cope Vinson
VINSON, John HenryFieldonRichwood15-12-188807-03-1975 
Vinson, John Sr.Oak GroveJersey18 Apr 18101879Born Scioto Co. OH
VINSON, John W.Oak GroveJersey22 Apr 183911 Jan 1918son of John L. & Katherine Spangle Vinson
VINSON, Mary D.Oak GroveJersey9 May 184129 Jul 1929dau of Asa & Louisa Ruth Harvey Starkweather
VINSON, MattieOak GroveJersey187127 Jul 1875 
Vinson, Nora B.RosedaleRosedale18821954 
Vinson, RobertRosedaleRosedale5 Aug 18998 Apr 1961son of George & Alice Cope Vinson
VIRDEN, Francis WilsonLamb or UnionMississippi22-02-182821-01-1895 
VIRDEN, FrankieLamb or UnionMississippi*****21-05-1863 
VIRDEN, Harriet G.Lamb or UnionMississippi08-01-184817-12-1916died @ Chicago, IL; order for funeral from A. R. Virden
VIRDEN, MargaretLamb or UnionMississippi*****13-04-1872 
VIRDEN, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey183927 Mar 1915 
VIRDEN, SarahLamb or UnionMississippi*****21-08-1848 
VOELKEL, Pearl A. COLEANGrimes – NeelyEnglish188626 Oct 1939died @ Eustis, FL
Vogler, Bert L.Grimes – NeelyEnglish19151991 
VOITLEIN, Jennie J.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Aug 1939 
VOITLEIN, Robert L.Oak GroveJersey*****28 May 1940 
Voke, Ilse Veronika MollerScenic HillQuarry28 Nov 19249 Aug 2002Johann & Anna Riesterer Moller
Volkers, MagdallenaMarstonPiasa********** 
VOORHEES, AlbertOak GroveJersey186819 May 1916 
VOORHEES, CharlesOak GroveJersey183913 Aug 1917 
Voorhees, ChildOak GroveJersey????0 Sep 1922son of Donald
Voorhees, Child 2Oak GroveJersey???????? 
VOORHEES, Clara E.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Apr 1992 
VOORHEES, Clifford Y.Oak GroveJersey*****31 Aug 1968 
VOORHEES, Donald Harry Jr.Oak GroveJersey189818 Sep 1969 
Voorhees, Donald W.KemperRuyle18841966 
Voorhees, ElizabethOak GroveJersey18451930 
Voorhees, Ella V.Oak GroveJersey18481901 
VOORHEES, FannieOak GroveJersey*****14 Sep 1942 
VOORHEES, George R.Oak GroveJersey*****29 Jul 1945 
VOORHEES, George R.Oak GroveJersey18437 Feb 1940 
VOORHEES, George R. Jr.Oak GroveJersey187924 Dec 1912 
VOORHEES, Harry V.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Sep 1945 
VOORHEES, HattieOak GroveJersey189327 May 1974 
Voorhees, Helen AuldKemperRuyle18981992 
VOORHEES, Henry VroomOak GroveJersey17 Oct 18336 Mar 1918son of James P. & Nancy Horman Voorhees; born NJ
VOORHEES, J. B.Oak GroveJersey184127 Oct 1906 
VOORHEES, JaneOak GroveJersey18291 Sep 1903 
VOORHEES, Jennie C.Oak GroveJersey9 Nov 184929 Nov 1920dau of L. L. & Jane Chamberlien Clapp; born Salem, NY
Voorhees, John D.Oak GroveJersey181819?? 
Voorhees, Laura J.Oak GroveJersey18521892 
VOORHEES, Leon W.Oak GroveJersey19209 Sept 1922 
Voorhees, Libbie BaconOak GroveJersey18751876 
VOORHEES, Lila M.Oak GroveJersey10 Mar 18654 Nov 1933dau of John B. & Sarah Hill Updike Voorhees
VOORHEES, Margaret ElizabethOak GroveJersey23 Oct 184412 Jul 1930widow of Charles, dau of Jos. & Catherine ?lenice Gaston
VOORHEES, Maria KirbyOak GroveJersey27 Feb 181221 Mar 1884 
Voorhees, Mary KitzmillerKemperRuyle18861935 
VOORHEES, Matilda B.Oak GroveJersey20 Jun 184031 Mar 1926dau of J. M. & Elizabeth Sloan Bacon
VOORHEES, Murray B.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Jan 1940 
VOORHEES, Murray LouisOak GroveJersey17 Nov 191910 Jul 1942USCG; son of Richard H. & Mina Mail Voorhees; auto wreck
VOORHEES, Nadine HattieOak GroveJersey19244 Feb 1938 
VOORHEES, Nettie A.Oak GroveJersey*****11-02-1960 
VOORHEES, Nina T.Oak GroveJersey24 Aug 18851 Mar 1948dau of Barfrer & Margaret Cunningham Nail; wife 2 Richard
VOORHEES, Ottis C.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Jan 1938 
VOORHEES, OwenOak GroveJersey187415 Nov 1875 
VOORHEES, Peter P.Oak GroveJersey181615 Jun 1872 
VOORHEES, Peter P.Oak GroveJersey185328 Jul 1856 
VOORHEES, Richard H.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Nov 1965 
VOORHEES, Sarah H.Oak GroveJersey184331 Aug 1894 
VOORHEES, Sarah M.Oak GroveJersey184331 Aug 1894 
VOORHEES, Stella B.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Jan 1976 
VOORHEES, Stella M.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Aug 1865 
Voorhees, Stella M.Oak GroveJersey18681885 
VOORHEES, Thelma IoneOak GroveJersey26 Dec 19102 Aug 1928dau of R. H. & Nina T. Nail Voorhees; TB
Voorhess, Sylvia PalmerKemperRuyle02-07-190821-08-1909 
VOSBURGH, George V.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Aug 1889 
VOSBURGH, Mary L.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Jun 1949 
Vucich, Connie S.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Oct 200175 years Researcher note: My mother Connie Vucich was 49 when she passed. R. Vucich
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