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Jersey County Index of Burials – Surname I

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Unknown Surnames

Thanks to Marty & Ronda Crull, Bob French, Gary Clendenny, the late Edith Zimmerman and the late Gene Prosser for this information. The majority of the information is from actual cemetery readings. The remainder is from the collections of obituaries and the funeral records at Jersey County Historical Society, the old newspaper collection at the Jersey County Historical Society and microfilm newspapers from the Jerseyville Library, transcribed by for the most part by Grace Gettings and Marty Crull. Copying expenses and related costs for the project were from Ronda Crull and the Tri County Newsletter.

IMMING, Elizabeth M.St. FrancisJersey19051980 
IMMING, Harry H.St. FrancisJersey18941966 
Ingersoll, Anna RobertsonMarstonPiasa31 Oct 183021 Apr 1908 
Ingersoll, JohnMarstonPiasa13 Aug 1820***** 
INGERSOLL, KennethOak GroveJersey*****21 Dec 1989 
INGERSOLL, Rachel H.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Sep 1992 
INGERSOLL, Ralph L.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Apr 1976 
INGERSOLL, Richard A.Oak GroveJersey*****13 Mar 1996 
INGERSOLL, Richard A.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Jan 2000 
INGERSOLL, Richard F.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Sep 1980 
Ingersoll, W. A.MarstonPiasa18601954 
INMAN, Allen C.Oak GroveJersey17 Dec 188220 Feb 1961son of Charles & Abigail Wilson Inman
INMAN, Allen DaleOak GroveJersey17 Jan 191505-05-1959son of Allen & Cuba Coughlin Inman; hus to Phyllis
INMAN, Cuba M.Oak GroveJersey3 May 188727 Jul 1957dau of Martin & Elizabeth Ravey Coughlin; wife 2 Allen
INMAN, Mary ElaineOak GroveJersey15 Oct 193810 May 1939child of Dale & Phyllis Waddell Inman
Innes, MarthaUnknownUnknown????31 Jul 185140 year old dau. of John L. & Mary C. Conklin
IRVIN, Joan M.GuntermanRichwood11-06-193314-11-1974 
IRWIN, Edna F.Scenic HillQuarry08-04-191021-05-1982 
IRWIN, Francis M.Scenic HillQuarry07-09-189119-09-1941 
IRWIN, Harriet E. McCleeryScenic HillQuarry19-09-189213-09-1981 
Irwin, JabezKellerJersey181022-10-1865 
Irwin, Marlin M.NobleOtter Creek13-09-191622-04-1984 
IRWIN, Mary A.Scenic HillQuarry28-09-194401-07-1986 
Irwin, Mary F.NobleOtter Creek19-12-191326-02-1986 
Irwin, MotherUnknownUnknown????1851cholera
Irwin, Mr.UnknownUnknown????1851cholera
Irwin, PollyKellerJersey180324-09-1845 
IRWIN, Robert L.Scenic HillQuarry17-11-1912***** 
Irwin, SisterUnknownUnknown????1851cholera
ISABELL, Jennie K.Oak GroveJersey186727 Oct 1945 
ISABELL, William J.Oak GroveJersey3 Jan 186319 Nov 1932son of Wm. Isabell; born in St. Louis, MO
ISBELL, Leroy R.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Sep 1976 
ISRINGHAUSEN, AdolphFieldonRichwoodApr 14 1882Jan 9 1960son of John & Emily Berger
ISRINGHAUSEN, Agnes SchaafFieldonRichwoodNov 15 1923Jun 17 1943d/o Leslie & Ruth ? Schaaf
ISRINGHAUSEN, AlfredOak GroveJerseySep 18 1885Apr 8 1971son of John & Emily Berger
ISRINGHAUSEN, AmielOak GroveJerseyJun 11 188518 Apr 1970s/o John & Elise Haller
ISRINGHAUSEN, Anna LouiseFieldonRichwood18151895 
ISRINGHAUSEN, Anna LouiseFieldonRichwoodAug 4 1882Aug 24 1967d/o Wm. Frederick & Emma Seehausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Bette RuthFieldonRichwood07-08-194315-02-1980d/o Arthur & Mary Ballard
ISRINGHAUSEN, Caroline GroppelOak GroveJerseyJan 6 188920 Feb 1975 
ISRINGHAUSEN, Carrie J. CopeOak GroveJerseyMay 23 189527 Jun 1987d/o Arch & Eliza Lofton Cope
ISRINGHAUSEN, Charles JohnOak GroveJerseyAug 13 189517 Sep 1969s/o Wm. Frederick & Emma Seehausen
Isringhausen, CharleyNobleOtter Creek11 Jan 192511 Jan 1925Franklin & Denie Levi Isringhausen; stillborn
ISRINGHAUSEN, ClaraOak GroveJersey16 May 188428 Jun 1922Henry & Dora Hooper Vahle; died @ Alton, IL
ISRINGHAUSEN, Clyde W.FieldonRichwood24 Oct 191129 Jan 2000s/o Louis & Florence Claflin
ISRINGHAUSEN, Clydia CopeOak GroveJerseySep 4 18888 Aug 1997d/o Nathan & Julian Hanson Cope
Isringhausen, Daisy DavenportFieldonRichwood20 May 18983 Dec 1920mother of Opal Grace; dau of Charles & Louise F. Davenport
Isringhausen, Darlene JaneOak GroveJersey19501950I/o Ralph & Marcella Garner
Isringhausen, Dean LeviRosedaleRosedale5 May 188330 Jul 1935Charles & Elizabeth Vannort Levi
Isringhausen, Donna LeeRosedaleRosedale18 Aug 19407 Feb 1941dau of Walter & Emma Webb Isringhausen (Funeral record)
ISRINGHAUSEN, ElizaFieldonRichwood29-05-185122-07-1915 
ISRINGHAUSEN, ElizaFieldonRichwoodJan 16 1862Sep 4 1957d/o Tobias Haller & Salome Bertsche
Isringhausen, Ella G. WebbRosedaleRosedale****16 Sep 1990w/o Walter
ISRINGHAUSEN, Emma LouiseFieldonRichwood13-02-186402-03-1914Lumbke & Trien?c Arkebauer Seehausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Ernest O. JohnOak GroveJerseySep 20 191418 Oct 1994Alfred & Caroline Groppel Isringhausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Florence E. ClaflinFieldonRichwoodMar 20 1886May 2 1961Geo. & Margaret Short Claflin
ISRINGHAUSEN, Floyd Gilbert Jr.FieldonRichwoodJun 17 1943Jun 17 1943Floyd & Agnes Schaaf
ISRINGHAUSEN, Frederick FritzFieldonRichwood07-03-188904-09-1994John & Elise Haller
ISRINGHAUSEN, Frederick W. Jr.Oak GroveJerseySep 12 192812 Sep 1973Frederick & Mary Groppel
Isringhausen, Frederick WilliamFieldonRichwood11 Oct 186025 Dec 1923son of Henry C. Isringhausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Henry ChristopherFieldonRichwood05-09-183630-01-1907Heinrick & Anna Strotmann
ISRINGHAUSEN, John JacobFieldonRichwood18 Apr 185612 Dec 1937Heinrick & Anna Strotmann
ISRINGHAUSEN, LaverneMedoraRuyleMay 22 1916May 18 1972Frederick & Mary Groppel
ISRINGHAUSEN, Lawrence AdolphOak GroveJerseyJan 9 192523 Dec 1990Alfred & Caroline Groppel Isringhausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Lena BrayFieldonRichwoodNov 20 1881Mar 26 1954 
ISRINGHAUSEN, Lewis WayneFieldonRichwoodApr 20 1913Dec 9 1970Louis & Florence Chaflin
ISRINGHAUSEN, Louis H.FieldonRichwoodAug 29 1884Sep 24 1971Wm. Frederick & Emma Seehausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, MadonnaOak GroveJerseyOct 13 192314 Feb 1983d/o Fred & Mary Riley Schulenter
ISRINGHAUSEN, Marvin E.FieldonRichwood25-02-191029-01-1987Louis & Florence Chaflin
ISRINGHAUSEN, Marvin E.FieldonRichwoodDec 26 1930Nov 26 2003s/o Marvin E. & Nellie M. Walz Isringhausen; h/o Marilyn Joyce Sinkler
ISRINGHAUSEN, Mary F.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Mar 1988 
ISRINGHAUSEN, Mary HealyFieldonRichwood184609-10-1881 
ISRINGHAUSEN, Mary MagdelineFieldonRichwood5 Dec 189221 Apr 1923dau of Fritz & Mary M. Arboast Groppel
ISRINGHAUSEN, Mary MargaretFieldonRichwood26-08-192227-05-1983d/o Roy & Donna Stringer Ballard
ISRINGHAUSEN, Nellie Marquerite WalzFieldonRichwood14-10-191315-06-1980d/o Fred & Alta Simonds Walz
Isringhausen, Opal GraceFieldonRichwood2 Oct 192015 Jun 1921daughter of Paul & Daisie Davenport Isringhausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Opal P.FieldonRichwoodJan 31 1916Jan 30 1975d/o Fritz & mandy Simpson Schmidt
ISRINGHAUSEN, PaulFieldonRichwood7 Mar 189125 Apr 1928John J. & Eliza Holler Isringhausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Ralph WilliamOak GroveJerseyJul 28 192324 Dec 1997Alfred & Caroline Groppel Isringhausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Richard DaleFieldonRichwood14 Jun 193515 Jun 1935Marvin & Nellie Walz Isringhausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Robert LeeFieldonRichwood22-03-193023-06-1930child of Fred & Martha Smith Isringhausen; born in Macoupin
Isringhausen, Scott EugeneRosedaleRosedale197904-06-1995Robert & Charlotte Isringhausen
ISRINGHAUSEN, Virginia Mae WinchellFieldonRichwood28-07-192704-02-1981 
Isringhausen, WalterRosedaleRosedale06-08-190801-02-1978Peter & Camilla Berger
IVESTER, Della J.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Mar 1994 
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