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Jersey County Index of Burials – Surname D

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Unknown Surnames

Thanks to Marty & Ronda Crull, Bob French, Gary Clendenny, the late Edith Zimmerman and the late Gene Prosser for this information. The majority of the information is from actual cemetery readings. The remainder is from the collections of obituaries and the funeral records at Jersey County Historical Society, the old newspaper collection at the Jersey County Historical Society and microfilm newspapers from the Jerseyville Library, transcribed by for the most part by Grace Gettings and Marty Crull. Copying expenses and related costs for the project were from Ronda Crull and the Tri County Newsletter.

Dabbs, Albert L.RosedaleRosedale13-11-191218-04-1919 
Dabbs, Alice O. BuschNobleOtter Creek20 May 19128 Feb 2003dau. of Geo. F. & Mabel C. Fredenburg Busch; wife of Kearney
Dabbs, Andrew J. “Bub”RosedaleRosedale9 Dec 187517 Aug 1951son of Joshua E. & Susan Elizabeth Worthey Dabbs; hus Anna
Dabbs, Anna B.RosedaleRosedale18901978 
DABBS, ArthurOak GroveJersey*****10 Nov 1980 
DABBS, Arthur J.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Feb 1981husband to Hazel Waters Dabbs
DABBS, BazleHartfordQuarry18951904 
Dabbs, Bertram LeroyRosedaleRosedale18-07-188213-05-1965 
Dabbs, Catherine E. WorthyDabbsOtter Creek12-12-184030-04-1929John & Elizabeth Hines Worthey
Dabbs, EliasDabbsOtter Creek18201861 
DABBS, Ella M.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Mar 1980 
DABBS, EmmanuelOak GroveJersey184525 Aug 1936 
DABBS, Ephriam E.Oak GroveJersey185630 Jan 1941 
Dabbs, Ernest BertramRosedaleRosedale11-06-190329-07-1969 
Dabbs, Esther Bell PlummerNobleOtter Creek19161980 
Dabbs, Everett LeslieRosedaleRosedale15 Jul 192921 Jul 1929son of Andrew J. & Anna McGrew Dabbs
DABBS, Everett P.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Sep 1944 
DABBS, FannieHartfordQuarry18801911 
DABBS, Frances M.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Sep 1970 
Dabbs, George FrankDabbsOtter Creek18651865 
DABBS, Hattie F.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Feb 1969 
DABBS, HazelHartfordQuarry18951904 
DABBS, Hazel F. WatersOak GroveJersey5 Sep 192024 Feb 1954dau of Wellington & Florence Mourning Waters; wife Arthur J
DABBS, Helen C.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Dec 1995 
DABBS, Henrietta B.Oak GroveJersey18647 Apr 1947 
DABBS, Henry E.Oak GroveJersey*****11 May 1954 
Dabbs, Herbert SpencerRosedaleRosedale26-08-191627-04-1979Husband of Imogene Crull Dabbs.
DABBS, Herbert W.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Jan 1977 
Dabbs, HermanNobleOtter Creek19111990 
DABBS, Howard T.HartfordQuarry19001910 
Dabbs, InfantDabbsOtter Creek18-03-190323-03-1903 
Dabbs, Jason E.DabbsOtter Creek13-04-18681868 
Dabbs, JesseDabbsOtter Creek22-12-18171873 
Dabbs, John W.NobleOtter Creek22 Feb 186219 Jan 1921son of Wm. W. & Catherine Worthey Dabbs
DABBS, John W.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Jan 1941 
Dabbs, JoshuaNobleOtter Creek182201-05-1864 
Dabbs, Joshua EliasRosedaleRosedale15 Mar 184110 Jan 1928Co. A. 13 US Reg.; son of Jesse & Matilda Marsh Dabbs
Dabbs, Kearney O.NobleOtter Creek190818 Feb 2001 
DABBS, LesterOak GroveJersey*****23 Mar 1963 
Dabbs, Lilly L.NobleOtter Creek18671947 
Dabbs, Linda J.DabbsOtter Creek18-09-18791881 
DABBS, Linley L.NobleOtter Creek15 Aug 18672 Feb 1947son of Wm. Washington & Henrietta Worthey Dabbs; Rosetta
DABBS, Lora D.Oak GroveJersey6 Sep 189330 Jun 1936dau of Firman & Louisa Lane Reed; wife of Arthur
DABBS, Lora WilliamsHartfordQuarry188001-04-1898wife of Oscar
Dabbs, Louis E.DabbsOtter Creek19-11-18711873 
DABBS, Lucille A.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Mar 1981 
DABBS, MargeriteOak GroveJersey*****17 May 1982 
DABBS, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey10 Sep 18474 Nov 1923born in Effingham, IL; died @ State Hosp. Alton, IL
DABBS, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Mar 1954 
DABBS, Mary L.Oak GroveJersey11 Feb 18656 Mar 1956dau of Jacob & Christina Vernon Riester
DABBS, Mary LinkNobleOtter Creek180812-09-1855 
Dabbs, Mathilda MarshDabbsOtter Creek18181865 
DABBS, MildredHartfordQuarry18771900 
DABBS, MinnieOak GroveJersey*****28 Dec 1982 
DABBS, O. TillieOak GroveJersey188813 Mar 1923dau of Ed Dabbs
DABBS, OscarOak GroveJersey*****11 Mar 1951 
DABBS, Pearl S.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Jun 1951 
DABBS, Robert E.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Apr 1996 
Dabbs, Rosetta DrulardNobleOtter Creek29 Mar 187125 Dec 1938dau of Richard & Mary E. Howell Johnson
DABBS, SamuelNobleOtter Creek180812-12-1853 
Dabbs, Sarah E.DabbsOtter Creek24-11-18661874 
DABBS, Sarah H.HartfordQuarry18791958 
Dabbs, Sarah Jane BrownNobleOtter Creek182507-09-1858 
Dabbs, Sherman FosterNobleOtter Creek191101-04-1990 
Dabbs, Sophia Mae MillerRosedaleRosedale16-12-188301-05-1981 
Dabbs, Susan E. WortheyRosedaleRosedale23-02-18431917 
DABBS, Thomas JeffersonHartfordQuarry4 Jul 18711 Oct 1937 
DABBS, TrumanOak GroveJersey*****9 Sep 2000 
Dabbs, WashingtonUnknownUnknown6 Jun 18365 Oct 1917funeral from Otterville ME Church
DABBS, Washington H.NobleOtter Creek18591876 
Dabbs, Wesley MonroeRosedaleRosedale23 Oct 190514 Oct 1928son of A. J. & Anna McGrew Dabbs
DABBS, William E.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Apr 1997 
Dabbs, William WashingtonDabbsOtter Creek08-06-183605-10-1917 
DAGGETT, LouisOak GroveJersey*****28 Aug 1868 
Daggett, MosesUnknownUnknown1840Feb 1881 
DAHL, John M.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Dec 1966 
DAHN, Marjorie E.FieldonRichwood19091930 
Dahn, William “Buck”FieldonRichwood14 Sep 192717 Apr 2002WWII & Korean War veteran.
Daigger, Bernice L.RosedaleRosedale19171979 
Daigger, Charles H.RosedaleRosedale19081995 
Daiker, George L.Scenic HillQuarry*****1 Jan 200232 years old. Died in Missouri
Daiker, Pauline L.Grimes – NeelyEnglish22 Aug 19314 Mar 1998 
DAIKER, RalphScenic HillQuarry23-07-192624-10-1988 
Daiker, Raymond W.Grimes – NeelyEnglish8 Feb 192921 Sep 1997U. S. Army WWII
Daiker, Richard L.Scenic HillQuarry20 Dec 19304 Jan 2003US Army Korean War
DAILEY, PeterSt. FrancisJersey18331866 
DALBEY, Dwight StoutOak GroveJersey18787 May 1949 
DALBEY, H. Virginia LewisOak GroveJersey183920 May 1941 
DALBY, EldenMedoraRuyle18321834 
DALE, Kenneth RFieldonRichwood20-10-192903-04-1993 
DALE, Shirley J.FieldonRichwood15-12-1935***** 
Daley, Charles C.Oak GroveJersey6 Mar 187620 Apr 1922cause of death, acute appendicitus; Kansas
DALEY, DeliaOak GroveJersey*****28 Oct 1977 
Daley, Thomas LawrenceOak GroveJersey????26 Aug 189625 years old.
DALTON, M. R.MedoraRuyle19401969 
DALTON, Mary G. CliffordSt. FrancisJersey8 Dec 192521 Feb 1981 
DAMBMANN, Charles P.East NewbernMississippi15 Jun 18522 May 1938 
DAMBMANN, EdithEast NewbernMississippi17-09-189225-05-1893 
DAMBMANN, GeorgeEast NewbernMississippi25-05-182603-03-1903 
DAMBMANN, MenaEast NewbernMississippi18741970 
DAMBMANN, Susie SophiaEast NewbernMississippi16 aug 187628 Oct 1934George & Sophia Steiner Dambmann
DAMBMANN, SuzannaElsahElsah********** 
Daniel, Carl WilliamUnknownUnknown????Jun 188362 years old.
DANIEL, Joe M.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Feb 1988 
DANIELS, Agnes B.Scenic HillQuarry19111993 
DANIELS, Anna M.Oak GroveJersey190020 Feb 1978 
Daniels, Arthur BoydUnknownUnknown16 Nov 18416 Mar 188342 year old; city cemetery
DANIELS, BeatriceOak GroveJersey3 Nov 184527 Sep 1934born in Missouri; widow of Calvin Daniels
Daniels, Bertha O.BottPiasa0 Jan 189323 Feb 1921Brooks & Martha McDaniels Woodyard
DANIELS, Bessie Jeanett GoheenOak GroveJersey26 Dec 192019 Feb 1995wife of Chester.
DANIELS, Calvin Q.Oak GroveJersey10 May 184829 Mar 1902 
DANIELS, Castelle DerryOak GroveJersey*****12 Sep 1916 
DANIELS, Chester DaleOak GroveJersey11 Oct 191910 Jun 1976Youngest son of John & Iva C. Daniels
DANIELS, ChildOak GroveJersey???????? 
DANIELS, ClydaOak GroveJersey*****26 May 1987 
DANIELS, DavidOak GroveJersey18011 Sep 1855 
DANIELS, EdnaOak GroveJersey*****11 Feb 1972 
DANIELS, Emily J.Oak GroveJersey14 Apr 184413 Sep 1924dau of Geo. H. & Elizabeth Brown Jackson
DANIELS, Esther L.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Sep 1995 
DANIELS, Ethel Mae Quinn KingOak GroveJersey27 Feb 18942 May 1951dau of John & LaVena Darr Quinn; wife to Irwin
DANIELS, Flora B. PowellOak GroveJersey????22 Sep 1939school teacher; age 61 years. Cremated; death brain tumor
DANIELS, Frank E.Oak GroveJersey190825 Feb 1983 
DANIELS, George A.Oak GroveJersey*****8 May 1991 
DANIELS, Gladys R.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Dec 1998 
DANIELS, Harry StewartOak GroveJersey14 Apr 186625 Nov 1922hunting accident; son of James S. & Emily Jackson Daniels
DANIELS, Hilda L.Oak GroveJersey190724 Oct 1968 
DANIELS, IrwinOak GroveJersey*****15 May 1974 
DANIELS, James S.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Jul 1892 
DANIELS, Jessie H.Oak GroveJersey*****01-09-1957 
DANIELS, John AndrewOak GroveJersey4 Apr 186126 May 1908 
DANIELS, John AndrewOak GroveJersey190327 Aug 1967 
DANIELS, John WalkerSt. FrancisJersey3 Sep 188813 Oct 1945Father of Anna Grace
Daniels, Laura E.UnknownUnknown????20 Apr 189630 years 6 months 16 day old dau of John
DANIELS, LeroyOak GroveJersey188310 Jul 1923order given by brother Clark; son of Spencer Daniels
DANIELS, Lillian ReddishReddishRichwood18901975 
DANIELS, Louis WesleyReddishRichwood18871950 
DANIELS, Maggie BunseSt. FrancisJersey23 Nov 189431 Mar 1979Mother of Anna Grace
DANIELS, Margaret M.Oak GroveJersey*****19-08-1959 
Daniels, Mayor S.UnknownUnknown10 Feb 1835Jul 1892Co. G. 122 ILL INF.
Daniels, Mrs.UnknownUnknown****15 Jul 1916died in Jersey Co. $25.00 funeral
DANIELS, Phoebe T.Oak GroveJersey*****13 Oct 1909 
DANIELS, Raymond F.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Nov 1991 
DANIELS, Roy W.Oak GroveJersey*****31 Jan 192028 years, 8 mo, 15 days; died at Jacksonville(Insane)
DANIELS, SpencerOak GroveJersey10 Jul 18579 Mar 1921killed by train; order from son Lee Roy Daniels
DANIELS, TrypheniaOak GroveJersey185726 Dec 1916wife of Spencer Daniels; order from Leroy Daniels
DANIELS, William R.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Nov 1939 
DANIELS, Zed R.ReddishRichwood1925***** 
Danielson, Dollie Elwell MillerRosedaleRosedale186210 Sep 188018 yr old 1st wife of James F.
Danielson, Emma DabbsRosedaleRosedale30 Nov 187330 Sep 19632nd wife of James F.; dau of J. E. & Susan Worthey Dabbs
Danielson, James F.RosedaleRosedale5 Apr 185511 Apr 1929hus of Emma; born in Denmark; died @ Alton IL; son of Fred
DANNEL, ?KemperRuyle????????These Dannel of the Kemper area, descend from T. Daniel
Dannel, George P.KemperRuyle*****08-09-1864 
Dannel, John ClarkKemperRuyle04-11-182617-11-1887 
Dannel, MarthaDunham/ReddishRichwood06-04-179206-12-1854Wife of Walker
Dannel, Mary AbigailKemperRuyle22-09-182519-08-1897 
Dannel, William W.KemperRuyle18501851 
DANYUS, LuettaOak GroveJersey20 Nov 188219 Jun 1933Negro; dau of Hicks & Letitia Smith Downing; born GreeneCo
DARB, Francis L.St. FrancisJersey19821982 
DARBY, Alice Iverna GleespinSt. FrancisJersey1 Mar 189725 Apr 1922dau of Peter F. & Ida B. Price Glespin; wife of Clarence Darby
DARBY, CharlotteOak GroveJersey23 Aug 18038 Mar 188480 yr, 6 mo, 15 days; wife of Wm.
Darby, Francis R.St. FrancisJersey25 Apr 192225 Apr 1922stillborn of Clarence & Alice I Glespin Darby
DARBY, HenriettaOak GroveJersey*****3 Dec 1904 
DARBY, Iverna A.St. FrancisJersey18871922 
DARBY, JacobOak GroveJersey183212 Apr 1910 
DARBY, John C.Oak GroveJersey9 Nov 182926 Jun 1895 
DARBY, Johns’ sisterOak GroveJersey*****23 Jul 1889 
DARBY, LetitiaOak GroveJersey183831 Oct 1909 
DARBY, Lucy M.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Dec 1886 
DARBY, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey18 Aug 18599 Feb 1935dau of Richard & Alvina Clardy Rich
Darby, OllieUnknownUnknown????Nov 18766 years old, J. C. & Hanrietta
DARBY, William J.Oak GroveJersey185913 Jun 1937 
D’Arcy, EdwardOak GroveJersey18301900 
D’ARCY, Edward DR.Oak GroveJersey179625 Apr 1863 
Dare, Charity AppearMeadow BranchRosedale18841909 
DARE, Elizabeth EleanorOak GroveJersey20 Nov 18696 May 1934dau of Thomas J. & Eleanor Pier Stampe; born Hillsboro IL
DARE, IsiahOak GroveJersey18411901 
Dare, JamesMeadow BranchRosedale18301907 
DARE, John A.Oak GroveJersey12 Sep 18672 sep 1926son of I. & Sarah Highet Dare; born in Pana IL
DARE, Lenea MayScenic HillQuarry05-09-186903-06-1925 
Dare, OliverMeadow BranchRosedale18321914died at the County Farm
DARE, RachelOak GroveJersey183915 Sep 1907 
Darlington, AbishiaDarlingtonMississippi178505-10-1851Vet of War of 1812; POW;h/o Eva Cramer
Darlington, Eve CramerDarlingtonMississippi179004-01-1849dau. of Henry Cramer; w/o Abisha Darlington
DARLINGTON, Harriet ColeanOak GroveJersey????Aug 1892w/o Robert Darlington
Darlington, HenryDarlingtonMississippi23-12-181708-08-1872h/o Mary A. Noble; s/o Abisha & Eva Cramer Darlington
DARLINGTON, Herschell L.NewbernMississippi188419 Aug 1895 
DARLINGTON, John H.NewbernMississippi5 Oct 18535 Jun 1920Henry & Sarah McClusky Darlington
DARLINGTON, Magnolia LurtonNewbernMississippi18571945 
Darlington, Margaret W.DarlingtonMississippi*****01-08-1858 
Darlington, Mary Ann-Marie NobleDarlingtonMississippi182519-09-1850w/o Henry Darlington
Darlington, Mary Celonia CrullRosedaleRosedale11 Apr 18513 Nov 1916Dau. of James & Elizabeth Smith Crull;
Darlington, Mary CoxDarlingtonMississippi1 Jan 18332 May 1927Jacob B. & Cynthia Turner Cox; w/o Samuel Darlington
DARLINGTON, RobertOak GroveJersey182015 Nov 1894s/o Abisha & Eve Cramer Darlington
Darlington, SamuelDarlingtonMississippi14-08-182710 Mar 1892s/o Abisha & Eve Cramer Darlington; h/o Mary Cox
Darlington, SamuelDarlingtonMississippi184920-08-1850 
Darlington, SarahDarlingtonMississippi183312-01-1888 
Darlington, William A.RosedaleRosedale21 Aug 185123 Dec 1925Samuel & Mary Cox Darlington; hus to Mary Crull Wedding
DARNELL, Anna E.NewbernMississippi18791955 
DARNELL, Isaac AdamNewbernMississippi18595 Nov 1941 
DARNELL, Nancy Adeline.Oak GroveJersey13 Feb 183829 Dec 1924widow of John Darnell
DARR, Aaron LeeElsahElsah08-01-194812-03-1970US Army, Viet Nam Veteran KIA
DARR, Abby G.Oak GroveJersey*****24-10-1956 
DARR, Albert J.Oak GroveJersey*****18-12-1956 
DARR, AlmaGrimes – NeelyEnglish18921971 
DARR, Amil ASt. FrancisJersey24 Mar 18975 Oct 1982 
DARR, Andrew J.Grimes – NeelyEnglish04-07-183502-02-1888 
Darr, ChalmerMooreFidelity01-08-190226-01-1935Edward & Melissa Hunter Darr
Darr, David R.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Mar 200152 years
Darr, Donald JacksonGrimes – NeelyEnglish0 Mar 192011 Sep 1920 
DARR, DouglassGrimes – NeelyEnglish18651916 
DARR, EdgarOak GroveJersey*****22 Sep 1972 
Darr, Edmond A.MooreFidelity14 Jul 186725 Jul 1929maybe Edward; John & Margaret Brown Darr
DARR, Edwin O.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18661912 
DARR, FloydOak GroveJersey*****20-09-1958 
Darr, Gary D.KemperRuyle27-08-195028-06-1990 
DARR, Gary L. DDS.St. FrancisJersey19531990 
Darr, GeorgeUnknownUnknown????20 Apr 1883son of Matthew
DARR, Glenn O.ElsahElsah19081969 
DARR, GraceOak GroveJersey*****3 Mar 1947 
Darr, Harry G.Grimes – NeelyEnglish19 Jul 192618 Jan 1982U. S. Navy WWII
DARR, Ira E.St. FrancisJersey1 Jun 189919 May 1981 
DARR, JayGrimes – NeelyEnglish00-186718 Jan 1902 
DARR, JemimaGrimes – NeelyEnglish*****27-10-1863 
DARR, JennieOak GroveJersey1 Jan 187224 Apr 1954grandmother of Ray Brickey Jr.
Darr, Julia AnnLaxEnglish*****09-11-1851 
Darr, Kenneth EarlGrimes – NeelyEnglish???????? 
DARR, LawrenceNewbernMississippi18911953 
DARR, Lillie B.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18651936 
DARR, LouieOak GroveJersey*****7 Oct 1969 
DARR, Louise BellOak GroveJersey5 Aug 190314 Jun 1943 
DARR, MargaretGrimes – NeelyEnglish23-04-183404-07-1903 
DARR, Marjorie VahleSt. FrancisJersey00-192711 Feb 1988 
DARR, Mary A.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18741906 
DARR, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Mar 1979 
DARR, Mary E. MyersNewbernMississippi18471914 
DARR, Mary M.St. Mary’sEnglish28-11-194728-11-1947 
DARR, Mary Marie BunzySt. FrancisJersey8 Jun 190100 Dec 1970 
DARR, Mathew W.Oak GroveJersey*****09-06-1956 
DARR, MatthewGrimes – NeelyEnglish10-03-178027-09-1863 
DARR, MatthewGrimes – NeelyEnglish30 Dec 189429 Aug 1967 
DARR, MatthewNewbernMississippi25-04-183602-07-1924son of Mathew Darr
Darr, Melissia HunterMooreFidelity2 Feb 187621 May 1914wife of Ed.
DARR, Melvin O.Oak GroveJersey*****7 May 1974 
DARR, Mildred A.ElsahElsah1909***** 
Darr, Milton CyrusSt. Mary’sEnglish20 Nov 192223 Apr 2003son of Matthew & Alma Bailey Darr
DARR, Morris EugeneSt. FrancisJersey2 May 192514 Mar 1927son of Ira & Marie Bunzy Darr
Darr, Myron W.Maple LawnRuyle2 Feb 192921 Dec 2000 
DARR, Nonia V.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Jun 1999 
DARR, Rachel J.St. FrancisJersey18961961 
DARR, RobertOak GroveJersey*****16 Mar 1976 
DARR, RobertOak GroveJersey*****9 Aug 1987 
DARR, Ruth E.NewbernMississippi11 Oct 18947 Oct 1930Henry & Lula Spaulding Bates
DARR, Ruth E. RussellNewbernMississippi26-08-184413-10-1916 
DARR, WilliamNewbernMississippi1843***** 
DARR, Zetta M.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Mar 1987 
Dashwood, AnnieParadise/ChapmanFidelity06-01-183009-04-1899 
Dashwood, Edward O.Paradise/ChapmanFidelity10-01-183210-03-1888 
DAUGHERTY, AgnesMedoraRuyle28-02-189116-08-1972 
DAUGHERTY, Charles A.MedoraRuyle18441890 
DAUGHERTY, InfantMedoraRuyle*****29-05-1927 
DAUGHERTY, John L.MedoraRuyle31-12-188211-12-1933 
DAUGHERTY, JuliaScenic HillQuarry********** 
DAUGHERTY, Lumen C.MedoraRuyle13-08-189017-11-1970 
DAUGHERTY, Mabel M.MedoraRuyle18841911 
DAUGHERTY, Martha V.MedoraRuyle18521931 
DAUGHERTY, Sarah E.MedoraRuyle18831965 
DAUGHERTY, William R.MedoraRuyle09-10-189012-02-1973 
DAUM, DieterOak GroveJersey22 Jun 187112 Oct 1934son of John L. & Sarah Meister Daum; born Greene Co.
DAUM, Dieter H.Oak GroveJersey26 Sep 187213 Dec 1953son of Dieter & Anna Meister Daum; hus 2 Elizabeth
DAUM, Elizabeth I.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Feb 1966 
DAUM, Nora CoaterOak GroveJersey*****14 Aug 1944 
Daumbmann, Susan SophiaEast NewbernMississippi16 Aug 187628 Oct 1934dau of George & Sophia Steiner Daubmann
Davenport, CatherineRosedaleRosedale182516-08-185125 years old.
DAVENPORT, Clarence NewtonOak GroveJersey18765 Jan 1944 
Davenport, Elmer D.NobleOtter Creek18851 Jun 1915 
Davenport, Fannie MCGEENobleOtter Creek18551881 
DAVENPORT, Florence FrancesOak GroveJersey5 Oct 191512 May 1941dau of Hulet & Bessie May Seal Story
DAVENPORT, FrederickOak GroveJersey7 Feb 18284 Jul 1898 
Davenport, George W.NobleOtter Creek10 Aug 185325 Apr 1936Isaac & Mary Boles Davenport; hus 2 Martha
Davenport, George WalterLaxEnglish26 Jun 187824 May 1940son of George Washington & Martha Lane Davenport
DAVENPORT, JamesOak GroveJersey18499 May 1901 
DAVENPORT, JohnHartfordQuarry03-01-191303-01-1913 
DAVENPORT, L. E.Oak GroveJersey183221 Jan 1863 
DAVENPORT, LaurineFieldonRichwood23-08-190920-12-1986Teacher
DAVENPORT, LaVernFieldonRichwood16-07-190005-01-1981 
DAVENPORT, Lillie MaeOak GroveJersey188314 Feb 1964 
Davenport, Maggie M.DavenportOtter Creek22-01-186905-10-1869 
Davenport, MarthaNobleOtter Creek185628 Oct 1914 
DAVENPORT, Mary B.Oak GroveJersey18246 Jun 1892 
Davenport, MinnieDavenportOtter Creek24-09-187411-10-1875 
Davenport, OliveUnknownUnknown????2 Sep 1897 
DAVENPORT, StellaOak GroveJersey****1 Nov 1953 76-1-19; dau of Henry C. & Mary Reddish Harmon
DAVENPORT, Wesley Lavern Jr.WhiteOtter Creek12-12-194012-12-1940son of Laverne & Laurine Davenport
DAVENPORT, William E.HartfordQuarry********** 
Davenport, William J.DavenportOtter Creek04-02-187121-11-1871 
Daves, Eskell MerleNobleOtter Creek05-12-194518-04-1967 
Daves, JoeNobleOtter Creek24-01-1905***** 
Daves, Lloyd A.NobleOtter Creek05-01-195019-06-1965 
Daves, Pearl L.NobleOtter Creek04-02-1910***** 
David, Reta A. TaylorGrimes – NeelyEnglish18971945wife of Wm. F. David
David, William F.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18921958 
DAVIDSON, Amy S.NewbernMississippi*****02-09-1852 
DAVIDSON, ChildOak GroveJersey*****13 Nov 1882 
DAVIDSON, ClarenceOak GroveJersey185216 Mar 1941 
DAVIDSON, Elizabeth ElyOak GroveJersey18781926 
Davidson, Emma JaneHartfordQuarry****8 May 1938 
Davidson, Hannah A.HopewellFidelity184419-10-1854 
DAVIDSON, InfantNewbernMississippi*****24-02-1855 
Davidson, James B.HopewellFidelity180618-10-1854 
DAVIDSON, Lalicia ElyOak GroveJersey22 Jun 185124 Dec 1928dau of George & Janes Thompson Ely
DAVIDSON, Louis P.Oak GroveJersey????????age 60 years.
DAVIDSON, Louisa Viola.Oak GroveJersey23 Mar 18641 Feb 1943dau of John W. & Louisa Newberry Lane
DAVIDSON, Mary L.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Oct 1901 
Davidson, Mary M.HopewellFidelity183110-04-1851 
Davidson, Sadie L.UnknownUnknown????15 Dec 18825 yr, 5 day old dau. of James & Mary
Davidson, SusannaUnknownUnknown????Apr 188066 years old
Davidson, William CokeHopewellFidelity183629-10-1854 
DAVIS, AbjahOak GroveJersey180424 Jul 1872 
DAVIS, Albert A.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Jan 1995 
DAVIS, Amos H.St. FrancisJersey18551898 
DAVIS, Annie E.Scenic HillQuarry07-04-187710-07-1877 
DAVIS, ArchScenic HillQuarry18821906 
Davis, AsburyUnknownUnknown????Oct 1869 
DAVIS, BeulahOak GroveJersey*****20 Jan 1977 
DAVIS, BovSt. FrancisJersey18821882 
DAVIS, Brian KeithScenic HillQuarry01-03-196806-05-1971 
DAVIS, BridgetSt. FrancisJersey18611889 
Davis, CarolineUnknownPiasa********** 
Davis, Celinda W.Paradise/ChapmanFidelity*****25-05-1889 
Davis, Charles A.KellerJersey09-12-185014-03-1905 
Davis, Charles F.NewbernMississippi12 Aug 187219 Aug 1939son of Wm. & Mary E. Myers Davis.
DAVIS, Charles L. Jr.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Nov 1986 
DAVIS, ChildOak GroveJersey???????? 
Davis, ChildUnknownUnknown????Aug 1881child of Dr. T. A.
DAVIS, DanielScenic HillQuarry08-02-181524-06-1889 
DAVIS, David FranklinScenic HillQuarry8 Oct 18878 Nov 1925Thomas & Henietta Callahan Davis; overdose of whitemule
DAVIS, Dorothy H.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Oct 1970 
DAVIS, DouglasOak GroveJersey18 Nov 185629 Sep 1930son of John W. & Eliza Fitzgerald Davis
DAVIS, Ebert VaughnOak GroveJersey18971922 
DAVIS, Ed. L.Oak GroveJersey18581899 
DAVIS, Edgar F.St. FrancisJersey18831907 
Davis, EdmondLuckey/WeberFidelity*****11-12-18621 mo. 6 da.
Davis, Eliza AnnKellerJersey08-12-182203-09-1873 
Davis, Eliza AnnLuckey/WeberFidelity**********21 days. Dau. of S. & E.
Davis, ElizabethKellerJersey*****1851 
DAVIS, ElizabethOak GroveJersey*****24 Feb 1907 
DAVIS, ElizabethOak GroveJersey18376 Nov 1914 
DAVIS, Elizabeth AnnOak GroveJersey18178 Dec 1904 
DAVIS, EmilyEast NewbernMississippi26-08-184823-03-1887 
Davis, Emma A. CrayKellerJersey14 Oct 184515 Jul 1916born NJ to B. & Helen Weaver Cray
DAVIS, Enid L.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Jul 1998wife of Howard Dean Davis
Davis, Flora R. MooreMaple LawnRuyle15 Jul 187119 Aug 1904wife of Chas. dau. of Wm. & S. E. Moore
DAVIS, Grant ElmerSt. FrancisJersey18841932 
DAVIS, Gussie MayOak GroveJersey189715 Oct 1903 
Davis, HarryFunk/SchlanskerRosedale09-09-188702-05-1937 
DAVIS, HarrySt. FrancisJersey18801882 
DAVIS, Harry EarlOak GroveJersey18911 Apr 1972 
DAVIS, Harry LeoSt. FrancisJersey18881890 
DAVIS, Henry C.St. FrancisJersey18891967 
DAVIS, Henry C.East NewbernMississippi*****04-09-1868 
DAVIS, Herrietta C.Scenic HillQuarry18571938 
DAVIS, Hiley E. MarshallOak GroveJersey190713 Nov 1976 
DAVIS, HowardScenic HillQuarry18951942 
DAVIS, Howard DeanOak GroveJersey20 Jun 19079 Feb 1954son of Riley & Emma Whitlock Davis; hus 2 Enid
Davis, Ida E.KellerJersey186014-07-1907 
DAVIS, IsaacOak GroveJersey182714 Feb 1910 
Davis, JamesKellerJersey175910-02-1840 
Davis, James L.Luckey/WeberFidelity*****26-06-185319 yr. 4 mo. 26 da.
Davis, James T.KellerJersey184406-10-1868 
Davis, JaneLuckey/WeberFidelity4 Jan 179722 Apr 188991 years old; wife of John M.; cem on Luckey farm
Davis, JennieUnknownUnknown????191357 years old.
Davis, JohnKellerJersey19-09-182105-01-1893 
DAVIS, JohnOak GroveJersey9 Mar 182116 Jun 1884 
Davis, JohnPistoleRichwood*****25 May 1866 
Davis, JohnSalemOtter Creek01-179603-12-1877 
Davis, John L.KellerJersey184625-04-1886 
Davis, John M.Luckey/WeberFidelity179231-01-1864 
DAVIS, John T.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Sep 1980 
DAVIS, Josephine EmilyOak GroveJersey11 Jun 184529 Jul 1926dau of Wm. & Gertrude P. Felter Bramlette
Davis, JuliaKellerJersey183126-03-1879 
DAVIS, June R.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Jun 1984 
Davis, LawrenceCounty FarmEnglish185327-03-1920paid for by the County
DAVIS, Lawrence E.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Dec 1984 
DAVIS, Lawrence EverettOak GroveJersey????1984 
DAVIS, Leslie R.Oak GroveJersey18961898 
DAVIS, LillianOak GroveJersey187017 Dec 1949 
DAVIS, Louis L.Oak GroveJersey*****01-11-1956 
DAVIS, Louisa Maria ShortOak GroveJersey18281880wife of John dau. of Glover Short
DAVIS, Margaret KinsellaSt. FrancisJersey18721963 
Davis, MariaLuckey/WeberFidelity179620-04-1889 
Davis, Maria ElizabethFieldonRichwood13 Sep 184029 Sep 1922John & Martha J. King Tuggle
Davis, Martha A.Luckey/WeberFidelity*****01-10-1853 
DAVIS, Martha C.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Jan 1987 
DAVIS, Marvin E.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Nov 1985 
Davis, MaryKellerJersey180007-11-1875 
DAVIS, Mary A.Oak GroveJersey184530 Mar 1915 
Davis, Mary A.UnknownMississippi183918-10-1864wife of C. H. H. Davis
DAVIS, Mary A. CarrollEast NewbernMississippi*****31-??-1857 
Davis, Mary C.KellerJersey182505-06-1847 
Davis, Mary ElizabethKellerJersey07-12-183529-01-1901 
DAVIS, Mary Elizabeth MyersNewbernMississippi19 Nov 18474 Apr 1914 
DAVIS, Mary J.Oak GroveJersey183826 Nov 1918mother of W. A. Davis; died @ Kansas City, MO
DAVIS, Mary OllieOak GroveJersey4 Sep 188516 Nov 1922dau of Wm. O. & Anna Partwood Lay
DAVIS, Mary WillettOak GroveJersey18694 May 1908 
DAVIS, Nancy EmmaOak GroveJersey20 Feb 188620 Oct 1960dau of Charles & Helen Stewart Whitlock; wife 2 Riley
DAVIS, OliverOak GroveJersey18694 Jul 1943 
DAVIS, Paula A.Scenic HillQuarry19561971 
DAVIS, Perry S.Lamb or UnionMississippi*****21-06-1848 
DAVIS, Richard H.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Jun 1999 
DAVIS, RileyOak GroveJersey*****23 Oct 1967 
Davis, Robert L.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Jan 200158 years
DAVIS, Russell RollinOak GroveJersey193012 Mar 1931 
DAVIS, Russell T. Sr.Oak GroveJersey19047 Nov 1978 
DAVIS, SallieOak GroveJersey18398 Jun 1883 
Davis, SamuelKellerJersey08-07-179814-03-1886 
DAVIS, Samuel A.Scenic HillQuarry********** 
DAVIS, Samuel H.Oak GroveJersey18471848Son of A. & E.
Davis, Samuel Jr.Luckey/WeberFidelity181803-09-1854 
Davis, Samuel W.Luckey/WeberFidelity10-11-185210-11-1852 
Davis, SarahSalemOtter Creek*****1864 
Davis, SarahUnknownUnknown????8 Jun 188343 year old wife of Dr. T. A.
DAVIS, Sarah JaneScenic HillQuarry01-09-182001-04-1888wife of Daniel
DAVIS, Stephanie AnnOak GroveJersey1 Jul 19541 Jul 195425 minutes; infant of Marvin & Shiller Miller Davis
DAVIS, Thelma E.Oak GroveJersey191116 Mar 1983 
DAVIS, TheodoreSt. FrancisJersey18851913 
Davis, ThomasLuckey/weberFidelity*****20-07-18505 mo. 1 da.
DAVIS, ThomasOak GroveJersey*****29 Sep 1889 
DAVIS, Thomas A. Dr.Oak GroveJersey183713 Nov 1914 
DAVIS, Thomas J.Scenic HillQuarry11-11-185925-11-1898 
DAVIS, Virgil L.Oak GroveJersey*****19 May 1992 
DAVIS, W. SamuelOak GroveJersey183626 Jan 1914 
Davis, Wilba JanetteLaxEnglish20-01-193322-01-1933inf of Howard Davis & grandchild of Riley Davis
DAVIS, William AndrewNewbernMississippi23 Jan 18694 Jan 1935William & Mary Myers Davis
Davis, William AshburyKellerJersey23-04-183116-10-1869 
DAVIS, William C.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Nov 1976 
DAVISON, Eddie L.Oak GroveJersey18751876 
DAVISON, Elizabeth ElyOak GroveJersey19 Dec 184711 Nov 1930widow of Louis P. & dau of George I. & Jane Thompson Ely
DAVISON, Emily PotterOak GroveJersey18296 Dec 1905 
DAVISON, JamesOak GroveJersey18481900 
DAVISON, JaneOak GroveJersey???????? 
DAVISON, Louis P.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Oct 1906 
DAVISON, LouisaOak GroveJersey*****1 Feb 1943 
DAVISON, Mary LoweOak GroveJersey18491901wife of James
DAVISON, Millie LittleOak GroveJersey???????? 
DAVISON, Sadie L.Oak GroveJersey18771882 
DAVISON, WilliamOak GroveJersey1 Jan 18218 Nov 1901 
DAWDY, Arthur R.Oak GroveJersey*****29 Jul 1982 
DAWDY, DoraOak GroveJersey*****8 Apr 1988 
DAWDY, IrmaOak GroveJersey*****4 Jul 1998 
DAWDY, John H.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Dec 1970 
DAWKINS, Gertrude B.Grimes – NeelyEnglish19141993 
DAWKINS, Roy H.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18871959 
DAWNS, William RussellMedoraRuyle30-12-190920-06-1979 
DAWSON, Bessie B.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Jul 1968 
DAWSON, Ida BellOak GroveJersey25 Mar 186829 Apr 1948wife of Thomas; dau of Ornsby & Nancy Palmer Haynie
DAWSON, John F.Oak GroveJersey*****26-04-1960 
DAWSON, John R. Jr.Oak GroveJersey27 Aug 194629 Aug 1946infant of John A. & Lillie Shaw Dawson
DAWSON, NathanMedoraRuyle18201892 
DAWSON, ThomasOak GroveJersey*****13 Mar 1944age 82-1-20; son of Wm. & Eliza Ann Penton Dawson
DAWSON, William R.Oak GroveJersey29 Jul 188626 May 1934son of J. W. & Maggie Regnierson Dawson
DAY, Adeline V.Oak GroveJersey6 Oct 18517 Apr 1933widow of Thomas L.; dau of Annie Wood
DAY, Alma J.Oak GroveJersey188120 Aug 1967 
DAY, Carrie A.Oak GroveJersey3 Aug 18593 Feb 1921maiden name was Sandidge; widow
DAY, Charles W. Jr.Oak GroveJersey192413 Aug 1955 
DAY, Charles WilliamOak GroveJersey14 Jan 189722 Jul 1937son of John J. & Sarah Gentry Day
DAY, Charlie E.Oak GroveJersey????1873 
DAY, ChildOak GroveJersey???????? 
DAY, Child 2Oak GroveJersey???????? 
DAY, Chilton H.MedoraRuyle14-08-186821-07-1947 
DAY, David T. or A.Oak GroveJersey185115 Sep 1893 
DAY, DelbertOak GroveJersey25 Feb 191825 Feb 1918inf of Charles & Lena Waggoner Day
DAY, DouglasOak GroveJersey185920 Jul 1940 
DAY, Elda MayOak GroveJersey1 May 19192 May 1927inf of Charles W. & Lena Waggoner Day
DAY, EllaMedoraRuyle*****12-01-1925 
DAY, Emily S.Lamb or UnionMississippi*****30-08-1835 
DAY, Emma R.Oak GroveJersey5 Sep 18748 Dec 1929dau of George & Emma McKinney Rowden
DAY, Fanny M.Lamb or UnionMississippi*****14-02-1863 
DAY, Flora E.Oak GroveJersey189215 Jul 1985 
DAY, Herman L.Oak GroveJersey10 Mar 187031 Dec 1924son of Wm. & Isabelle Fink Day; hus of Emma
DAY, Ina E.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Feb 1926 
DAY, InfantOak GroveJersey*****5 Mar 1910 
DAY, Ione J.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Feb 1988 
DAY, IraOak GroveJersey179913 Sep 1869 
DAY, Ira E.MedoraRuyle10-11-187006-02-1946 
DAY, John J.Oak GroveJersey21 Jan 187210 Nov 1930son of Thomas L. & Adeline West Day
Day, Josephine Sutton CuddyScenic HillQuarry12 Mar 191619 May 2002 
DAY, LenaOak GroveJersey189918-01-1957 
DAY, Leo C.Oak GroveJersey*****13 May 1966 
DAY, Leslie D. Jr.Oak GroveJersey19185 Mar 1919 
DAY, Lloyd J.Oak GroveJersey189412 Jul 1941 
DAY, Lloyd RayOak GroveJersey191810 Mar 1940 
DAY, Maggie MaplesOak GroveJersey186131 Jan 1922dau of James & Caroline Quinn Maples; wife of Douglas Day
DAY, MarthaOak GroveJersey18211889 
DAY, Mary PhyllisOak GroveJersey11 Dec 193311 Dec 1933son of Leo C. & Ione Johnson Day
DAY, Melvin L.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Dec 1990 
DAY, Minnie M.Oak GroveJersey18771884 
DAY, Mollie M.Oak GroveJersey18798 Feb 1901 
DAY, Nellie J.MedoraRuyle24-10-187019-10-1948 
DAY, SabelOak GroveJersey184930 Sep 1873Mrs. Wm.
DAY, SamuelLamb or UnionMississippi*****18-12-1835 
DAY, Sarah C.Oak GroveJersey14 Aug 187414 Feb 1936son of Isaac & Mary F. Gentry
DAY, Sarah ElizabethOak GroveJersey15 Jan 18603 Jun 1927widow of Wm. Day
DAY, Sherry LynnOak GroveJersey4 Jan 19488 Feb 1949infant of Stokley & Gladys Kanallakan Day
DAY, Stephen E.MedoraRuyle18401913 
DAY, SusanMedoraRuyle18451920 
DAY, ThomasOak GroveJersey184825 Dec 1912 
DAY, Thomas M.Oak GroveJersey188217 Sep 1974 
DAY, UnknownOak GroveJersey???????? 
DAY, Vivian G.MedoraRuyle15-08-189127-12-1892 
DAY, William A.Oak GroveJersey15 Jan 184718 May 1921son of Ira E. & Martha A. Hudson Day
DAY, William AlfredMedoraRuyle27-09-186631-08-1952 
DAYLEY, C. C.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Apr 1922 
DAYLEY, CharlotteOak GroveJersey*****18 Nov 1927 
DAYLEY, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Dec 1952 
DAYLEY, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey*****11-12-1952 
DAYLEY, PatrickOak GroveJersey*****17 Apr 1907 
DAYLEY, ThomasOak GroveJersey*****26 Aug 1896 
DEAN, Alfred FrederickOak GroveJersey10 Jul 19273 Nov 1944US Navy; son of Abe & Nora Nappin Dean
DEAN, DannialElsahElsah********** 
DEAN, EllieElsahElsah???????? 
DEAN, EuniceElsahElsah********** 
DEAN, JohnElsahElsah********** 
DEAN, JohnElsahElsah???????? 
Dean, JohnUnknownUnknown????3 Feb 1860age 55
DEAN, JoshuaOak GroveJersey187122-09-1956 
DEAN, Martha A.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Feb 1938 
DEAN, Mary AliceOak GroveJersey1846???? 
DEAN, Mary VelvaOak GroveJersey17 Nov 19121 Jan 1930dau of Joshua & Sarah Sconce Dean; typhoid fever
DEAN, MichaelElsahElsah********** 
DEAN, Sarah JaneOak GroveJersey27 Jun 18774 Aug 1936dau of Almon & rachel Patterson Sconce; wife of Joshua
DEAN, William F.Oak GroveJersey184610 Jan 1931 
DEARING, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Feb 1993 
DEARING, William L.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Feb 1964 
DeBAUN, MargaretSt. FrancisJersey18??00 Jun 1972 
DeBERNARDO, Alma M.Oak GroveJersey*****09-06-1956 
DECKER, Aimee A.Oak GroveJersey*****13 Jun 1992 
DECKER, BarteluisGrimes – NeelyEnglish********** 
Decker, CorneliusGrimes – NeelyEnglish????189878 years old
DECKER, Eleanor J.St. Mary’sEnglish18914 Jan 1929wife of Fred W.; died @ Alton, IL
DECKER, EllenGrimes – NeelyEnglish*****23-06-1884 
DECKER, Ellen LucindaGrimes – NeelyEnglish21 Sep 186528 Dec 1935Henry & Emeline Cope Chance; wife of Wm.
DECKER, EmilineGrimes – NeelyEnglish9 Aug 18427 May 1929George & Lucinda Bullard Cope; wife of Philip
DECKER, Fred W.St. Mary’sEnglish8 Oct 18826 Aug 1930son of Philip & Emeline Cope Decker; widower
DECKER, Frederick P.St. Mary’sEnglish12 Aug 192016 Aug 1939son of Fred W. & Eleanor J. Wheaton Decker
DECKER, InfantMedoraRuyle*****1915 
DECKER, Rubie RobinsMedoraRuyle18901925 
DECKER, William M.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18611939 
Dee, JosieUnknownUnknown????10 Mar 189440 yr, 4 mo 3 da old wife of John
DEEDS, George E.Oak GroveJersey187628 Jun 1951 
DEEDS, Minerva EastOak GroveJersey26 Jul 18698 Mar 1936dau of Henry & Mary Seago Hughes; wife of Geo. E.
DEELIN, JohnOak GroveJersey????1943 
DEFFER, MargaretWhiteOtter Creek27-02-183903-02-1921widow; charged to Thomas Deffer
DEFFER, Thomas R.WhiteOtter Creek08-11-188329-05-1957 
DEGENHARDT, AgnesSt. FrancisJersey18271884 
Degenhardt, JohnSt. FrancisJersey****7 May 190649 yrs, 11 mo, 3 days.
DEHN, William HenryOak GroveJersey16 Jan 18639 Aug 1958son of Herman Dehn
DEHNE, BeverlyOak GroveJersey*****16 Apr 1952 
DEHNE, BeverlyOak GroveJersey*****16-04-1952 
DEHNE, Charles L.Oak GroveJersey*****06-01-1957 
DEHNE, Frank H.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Aug 1965 
DEHNE, IdaOak GroveJersey*****29 Jul 1983 
DEHNE, Stephen L.Oak GroveJersey*****08-08-1953 
DEHNE, Stephen L.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Aug 1953 
DEHNER, Mary V.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Dec 1976 
Deibert, Alfred JosephMedoraRuyle11 Nov 187720 Aug 1960son of Joseph Deibert
Deibert, Capitolia WhitlockMedoraRuyle*****198495 years old.
DEIBERT, FredMedoraRuyle18771960 
DEIBERT, ToliaMedoraRuyle1889***** 
DEISCH, Bertha T.Oak GroveJersey7 Dec 187715 Apr 1963sister of Della Fesenmeyer
DEISCH, Clarence AlbertOak GroveJersey18339 Dec 1965 
DEITZ, Anna M.MedoraRuyle12-07-191426-01-1986 
Delaney, Emeline Alpine MathewsUnknownRosedaleMar 8 1835Aug 11 1903d/o David & Caroline Alpine; w/o Elijah Mathews & Gabriel Delaney
DeLAPP, Della J.MedoraRuyle10-05-187226-03-1908 
DeLAPP, ErmaMedoraRuyle19-10-190209-08-1981 
DeLAPP, John W.MedoraRuyle12-10-186518-09-1944 
Delchier, WilliamUnknownUnknown1 Sep 18541897Fidelity area. hus. of Louisa Grosjean
Delicate, HenryUnknownUnknown????Mar 1882Rev.
DELLING, Harry A.Oak GroveJersey12 Sep 188213 May 1935son of Henry & Mary Degenhardt Delling
DELLING, HenryOak GroveJersey184520 Feb 1905 
DELLING, MaryOak GroveJersey18553 Jun 1927 
DELLING, MyrtleOak GroveJersey30 Dec 188923 Jan 1936died @ Jacksonville, IL
DELLING, NellieOak GroveJersey188112 Jan 1952dau of Henry & Mary Degenhardt Delling; died in HavannaIL
DeLong, Armond B.LaxEnglish*****11-05-1854 
Delong, DennisRosedaleRosedale*****13-03-18511 yr. 2 mo. 13 days; Son of L. B. & M. A.
Delong, HenryLaxEnglish27 Dec 18763 Dec 1937 
DeLong, John NewtonLaxEnglish18794 Jun 1933killed while walking on hard road, struck by auto; single
DeLong, LewisLaxEnglish8 Jun 185025 Jul 1919Geo. & Mary Seago DeLong
Delong, Luther B.RosedaleRosedale181820-05-1850age 32 yr. 6 months.
DeLong, MinervaLaxEnglish*****11-10-1887 
DeLong, Sarah IsabellaLaxEnglish13 May 18522 Jun 1925John Glowers
DELP, Albert J.FieldonRichwood24 Feb 18728 Apr 1936Andrew & Phobe Sage Delp
DELP, Andrew J.HartfordQuarry********** 
DELP, Barbara A.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Jan 1993 
DELP, Bertha M.FieldonRichwood18801971 
DELP, Birdie M.FieldonRichwood18841957 
DELP, Brent E.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Jan 1981 
DELP, Charles W.FieldonRichwood18751955 
DELP, Earl L.FieldonRichwood17-07-191001-11-1969 
DELP, Edna Grace PriceFieldonRichwood1 Apr 187514 May 1932John & Mary England Price; wife of John
DELP, ErnestOak GroveJersey*****11 Aug 1977 
DELP, Everett L.FieldonRichwood19151959 
DELP, Everett M. “Bud”FieldonRichwood18-07-193909-10-1989 
DELP, Harry M.FieldonRichwood19031987 
DELP, Joanne D. HollandFieldonRichwood19341979 
Delp, JohnFieldonRichwood****10 Feb 1936 
DELP, Mark A.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Sep 2000 
DELP, Myrtle S. KraushaarFieldonRichwood19221972 
DELP, Robert LaverneFieldonRichwood01-01-193124-01-1992 
DELP, Ruth H.FieldonRichwood19071974 
DELZELL, Anna SnedekerOak GroveJersey18491934 
DELZELL, David FisherOak GroveJersey18194 Sep 1887 
DELZELL, HenriettaOak GroveJersey*****21 Nov 1910 
DELZELL, John C.Oak GroveJersey18551901 
DEMASCH, Ed E.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Nov 1899 
DEMASCH, EmileOak GroveJersey*****8 Jan 1928 
Deming, Edwin A.NobleOtter Creek12-04-182803-01-1863 
Deming, Edwin L.UnknownUnknown????7 Jan 188225 yr, 10 mo 28 days
Deming, Luther EdwinNobleOtter Creek19-02-185607-01-1882 
Deming, Sophronia T.NobleOtter Creek06-02-182508-11-1861 
Deming, William H.NobleOtter Creek09-06-1859***** 
DEMOUSCH, SalomeOak GroveJersey*****23 Apr 1909 
DEMPSEY, AliceScenic HillQuarry24-11-1826-04-1908 
DEMPSEY, Claude W.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Nov 1972 
DEMPSEY, DanielScenic HillQuarry18531918 
DEMPSEY, George L.Scenic HillQuarry04-04-191326-03-1952 
DEMPSEY, Hanna C.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Oct 1995 
DEMPSEY, Herbert Francis Jr.Scenic HillQuarry27-01-192815-12-1933 
DEMPSEY, HughScenic HillQuarry18521929 
DEMPSEY, HughSt. FrancisJersey17941855 
Dempsey, InfantUnknownUnknown????15 Feb 1895Infant of Hugh
DEMPSEY, James AgnewScenic HillQuarry*****28-06-1929 
DEMPSEY, JohnScenic HillQuarry10-11-182311-09-1905 
DEMPSEY, John C.Scenic HillQuarry23-01-186109-07-1912 
DEMPSEY, Joseph LeoScenic HillQuarry18951978 
DEMPSEY, JosephineScenic HillQuarry18671948 
Dempsey, Julia DoughertyScenic HillQuarry****20 Jan 1935 
DEMPSEY, Martha JaneScenic HillQuarry18681963 
DEMPSEY, Mary ArdeleScenic HillQuarry20-11-189130-05-1969 
DEMPSEY, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey18864 Jun 1943 
DEMPSEY, SarahSt. FrancisJersey17??18??age 67; wife of Hugh
DEMPSEY, WilliamScenic HillQuarry18411919 
DEMUNCH, PaulOak GroveJersey188527 Jul 1910 
DENBY, Ann ElizaScenic HillQuarry*****1840 
DENBY, Martha AnnScenic HillQuarry*****31-09-1844 
Denham, Inf. DaughterElsahElsah19228 Oct 1922dau. of Thomas
DENHAM, VirgilOak GroveJersey*****14 Jul 1965 
DENHAM, William S.Oak GroveJersey*****22-05-1959 
DENHORN, Thomas P.ElsahElsah26-11-187927-05-1958 
Dennis, GafneySt. FrancisJersey????Nov 1882dau.
DENNIS, HarryMedoraRuyle27-01-188904-05-1957 
DENNIS, HelenMedoraRuyle03-11-188930-11-1970 
DENNIS, Katherine FitzgeraldSt. FrancisJersey00-189219 Aug 1975 
DENNIS, Katie E.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Nov 1966 
DENNIS, Paul W.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Apr 1967 
Denny, EdUnknownUnknown????22 Jul 1883Piasa
DENNY, Emma ForwoodMedoraRuyle01-10-185104-07-1933 
DENNY, HarmonMedoraRuyle*****04-02-1932 
DENNY, Oliver C.MedoraRuyle18471898 
DENTON, Annie T.Oak GroveJersey186018811881 n/p says 20 years old dau. of Frank & Annie,
DENTON, Cecil K.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Nov 1992 
DENTON, James W.Scenic HillQuarry18681948 
DEPENDAHL, Robert W.Oak GroveJersey*****02-03-1959 
Depper, ?ed A.Scenic HillQuarry*****1982brother of Edward
Depper, Betty LouiseHartfordQuarry27 Oct 19268 Apr 19292 year old dau. of Edward
DEPPER, DennisOak GroveJersey*****8 Nov 1988 
DEPPER, EdwardOak GroveJersey*****2 Jan 1989 
DEPPER, George Richard HenryNewbernMississippi18911917 
DEPPER, John Albert IIIEast NewbernMississippi22-10-198125-04-1984 
Depper, John F.HartfordQuarry16 Jun 186419 Dec 1928 
DEPPER, Lillian L.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Dec 1988 
Depper, Ophelia QuailHartfordQuarry****7 Apr 1929widow of John Depper; dau of John Quail
Derby, Elizabeth GastonUnknownUnknown31 Mar 1788Jan 1878Mrs. Nat.
DERBY, Harry MRS.Oak GroveJersey186124 Jun 1897 
DERBY, Jennie I.Oak GroveJersey18621866 
DERBY, Lucian C.Oak GroveJersey183321 Apr 1906 
DERBY, Margaret AvalineMcClureOak GroveJersey17 Feb 183619 Dec 1918dau of James & Lydia Springgate McClure
Derby, Mary AliceUnknownUnknown????23 Jul 18523 yr, 11 mo, 4 day old dau. of Lemuel & Emily
DERDINGER, PeterSt. FrancisJersey18291905 
DERDINGER, Susan PierreSt. FrancisJersey26 Sep 18261893 
Derhold, A. E. Mrs. BrownUnknownUnknown????1911 
DERLETH, AliceOak GroveJersey*****6 Feb 1966 
DERLETH, Roy B.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Dec 1967 
Derrick, Rhoda M.KellerJersey185422-10-1903 
DERRINGTON, Lena E.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Jan 1973 
DESHERLIA, Adam H.Scenic HillQuarry17-01-191514-03-1983 
DeSHERLIA, AndyOak GroveJersey189325 Apr 1969 
DeSHERLIA, Anna C.FieldonRichwood14-07-192809-04-1981 
DESHERLIA, Anna J.HartfordQuarry18781970 
DESHERLIA, Charles G.Scenic HillQuarry1953***** 
DeSHERLIA, Claude MelvinFieldonRichwood194720 Jun 19489 month old son of Claude & Anna Wadlow DeSherlia
Desherlia, Clifford EugeneUnknownUnknown30 May 192817 Dec 1928Charles & Emma Besaw Desherlia; Grafton death
DeSHERLIA, Diana KayScenic HillQuarry*****1947 
DESHERLIA, Elmer ThomasScenic HillQuarry14-01-190811-12-1982 
DESHERLIA, ElsieHartfordQuarry18991976 
DESHERLIA, HomerHartfordQuarry18621900 
DESHERLIA, Jasmine E.Scenic HillQuarry18-09-1913***** 
DESHERLIA, John AmosHartfordQuarry19191971 
DESHERLIA, KennethHartfordQuarry07-04-1930***** 
DESHERLIA, KennethHartfordQuarry****0 Nov 1928son of Homer; JR Newspaper article 1928, Nov.
DESHERLIA, Leslie AllenHartfordQuarry15 Feb 192331 Jul 1928Homer & Elsie Waters Desherlia
DESHERLIA, Mary BeatriceHartfordQuarry07-04-1930Aug 16 2003w/o Wm. H.; d/o Charles & Marguerite Johnson Keller
DESHERLIA, Priscilla K.Scenic HillQuarry19571982 
DESHERLIA, ShirleyHartfordQuarry********** 
DESHERLIA, William “Bill”HartfordQuarry17-01-192521-02-1982 
DESHERLIA, William H.HartfordQuarry18761943 
DESHOLD, AdaOak GroveJersey18869 Apr 1911 
DeSILVEY, GuyOak GroveJersey3 Dec 18814 Feb 1962son of John W. & Nancy De Silvey
DeUEL, Earle V.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Mar 1998 
DeUEL, Leona B.Oak GroveJersey*****6 May 1996 
DEVENING, Agnes B.GuntermanRichwood19081974 
DEVENING, Anna BelleOak GroveJersey*****10 Sep 1991 
DEVENING, Clifton W.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Feb 1978 
DEVENING, Clinton GuyGuntermanRichwood13 Sep 19106 May 1924Lee & Margaret Irene Hamilton Devening
DEVENING, EarlGrimes – NeelyEnglish07-06-189225-05-1958 
DEVENING, EdwardGuntermanRichwood09-10-188420-05-1906 
DEVENING, Edwin “E T “GuntermanRichwood19081983 
DEVENING, Elsie BlackorbyFieldonRichwood19251989 
DEVENING, Emma CarolineOak GroveJersey186805-02-1960 
DEVENING, FrederickGuntermanRichwood10 Apr 18307 Jul 1914 
DEVENING, GeorgeGuntermanRichwood23 Aug 188010 Jan 1936Fred & Mary Thurston Devening; hus to Lena
DEVENING, Henry C.GuntermanRichwood26-04-187817-10-1953 
DEVENING, HesterGuntermanRichwood4 Mar 186817 Nov 1936Andrew Jackson & Elizabeth Pistole Clifford
DEVENING, Ida AnnaOak GroveJersey189228 Dec 1919dau of William Devening
DEVENING, JamesGuntermanRichwood18701951 
DEVENING, LauraGuntermanRichwood10-12-187523-11-1881 
DEVENING, LeeGuntermanRichwood18801956 
DEVENING, LenaGuntermanRichwood18831943 
DEVENING, Lena ZellerOak GroveJersey189029 Nov 1970 
DEVENING, LesterGuntermanRichwood12-09-189504-12-1896 
DEVENING, Lillian DECKERGrimes – NeelyEnglish12 Jun 189225 Jan 1982 
DEVENING, MargaretGuntermanRichwood18851948 
DEVENING, MariettaOak GroveJersey190521 JUl 1986 
DEVENING, Mark Frederick Sr.Oak GroveJersey189712 Feb 1965 
DEVENING, Mary RebeccaGuntermanRichwood28 Apr 184424 Sep 1928James & Ann Collard Thurston
Devening, MaudineOak GroveJersey*****8 Jun 200172 years
DEVENING, Minnie MargaretGuntermanRichwood19091982 
DEVENING, NedFieldonRichwood14-10-191126-04-1978 
DEVENING, PaulFieldonRichwood19191979 
DEVENING, Pauline C.GuntermanRichwood10-11-187802-05-1961 
DEVENING, PearlGuntermanRichwood19061965 
DEVENING, Philip RayGuntermanRichwood27 Jan 192311 Mar 1934Lee & Margaret K. Hamilton Devening
DEVENING, PhillipGuntermanRichwood19-10-186713-03-1879 
DEVENING, Ruth M.FieldonRichwood07-02-1915***** 
DEVENING, William FrederickOak GroveJersey186511 Jan 1937 
DEVOSS, IanaOak GroveJersey*****11 Mar 1999 
DeWees, Louis A.HartfordQuarry8 Oct 185723 Jul 1927 
DeWees, MahaliaHartfordQuarry1 jan 185810 Jun 1934 
DEWEESE, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey184822 Jul 1906 
DeWit, MarthaNobleOtter Creek*****06-04-183? 
Diamond, Charles W.NobleOtter Creek***** 
DICK, EmmaOak GroveJersey*****21 Jan 1953 
DICK, EmmaOak GroveJersey*****21-01-1953 
DICK, JacobOak GroveJersey*****8 Oct 1936 
DICK, SylvesterOak GroveJersey*****4 Nov 1941 
DICKENSON, HowardOak GroveJersey189831 May 1961 
DICKENSON, NellieOak GroveJersey190130 Jun 1974 
Dickerman, Donald LewisMaple LawnRuyle28 Aug 192321 Oct 1979WWII Army
Dickerman, John WesleyMaple LawnRuyle31 Oct 188619 Dec 1972WWI Army
Dickerman, Stella MurielMaple LawnRuyle25 Mar 190426 Mar 1977 
DICKERSON, Peat K.Scenic HillQuarry22-06-191913-08-1988 
DICKERSON, Thelma L.Scenic HillQuarry08-03-192024-02-1989 
Dickson, CharlesUnknownUnknown????1896 
Dickson, MarkUnknownUnknown????1850 
DIEMUNSCH, Ed D.Oak GroveJersey18301889 
DIEMUNSCH, EmileOak GroveJersey18401899 
DIEMUNSCH, LeoOak GroveJersey18761926 
DIEMUNSCH, SalomeOak GroveJersey18541909 
DIERKING, Berton M.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Jul 1981 
DIERKING, Forrest H.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Aug 1962 
DIERKING, HarrisonOak GroveJersey*****19 Oct 1969 
DIERKING, Ida M.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Dec 1990 
DIERKING, Iva L.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Jul 1973 
Dierking, John Francis Sr.St. FrancisJersey****1 Sep 200262 years old; US Marine veteran.
DIERKING, LynnSt. FrancisJersey19711971 
DIERKING, Mildred M.Oak GroveJersey*****18-09-1958 
DIERKING, Myra M.St. FrancisJersey19092000 
DIERKING, Nolan A.St. FrancisJersey20 Aug 191116 Jun 1979 
DIERKING, Oliver J.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Jan 1973 
Dietz, Herman HerbertParadise/ChapmanFidelity*****17-08-19093 yr, 7 mo 26 days, Funeral charges to George
DIHEL, Donald L.Oak GroveJersey21 Nov 189216 Jun 1962WWI vet; son of Thomas & Anna Stevens Dihel
DIHEL, ElsieOak GroveJersey15 Nov 18935 Nov 1961dau of Ira & Elizabeth Morris Cottingham
DILE, Mary R.GuntermanRichwood1880***** 
DILE, NoahGuntermanRichwood18781916 
DILKS, Alvin F.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Nov 1995 
Dilks, Clifton A.NobleOtter Creek10-06-191417-05-1986 
Dilks, Lee OlinPruitt/HawkinsRuyle*****08-06-1895 
Dilks, Lelia SchaafFieldonRichwood******** 
DILKS, MollieOak GroveJersey*****20 Feb 1969 
DILKS, Owen LeroyFieldonRichwood13-01-192423-06-1980 
Dilks, Rodney LeonFieldonRichwood3 Jun 195316 May 2002son of Owen & Lelia Dilks
DILKS, SamOak GroveJersey*****15 Jun 1965 
Dilks, Velta I.NobleOtter Creek26-06-191610-08-1991 
DILLE, CharleyFieldonRichwood17-02-187514-09-1906 
DILLE, Hester A.FieldonRichwood30-04-18721943 
DILLE, PatScenic HillQuarry19301937 
Dillon, MarieUnknownUnknown????Jun 1884colored
DINSMOOR, NinaHartfordQuarry18971897 
Dixon, AliceMedoraRuyle****14 Feb 1912 
DIXON, EffieMedoraRuyle04-12-186718-12-1916 
Dixon, EmmelineUnknownUnknown????18 Dec 189515 yr, 8 mo, 2 day old dau. of J. & Isabelle
DIXON, Raymond A.Oak GroveJersey12 May 191812 Apr 1945WWII, KIA Germany; son of Alonzo & Ada Barnes Dixon
DIXON, SarahOak GroveJersey*****10 Mar 1883died in Vesta, Nebraska
DOAK, William C.Oak GroveJersey*****31 Aug 1967 
Dobelbower, Sarah HutchinsonUnknownUnknown????23 May 1860dau. of Dr. Hutchinson
DOBROVOLSKI, Edward A.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Mar 1980 
DOBROVOLSKI, FrancesOak GroveJersey*****1 Nov 1991 
DOBSON, Lorena M.Scenic HillQuarry19161973 
DOBSON, William E.Scenic HillQuarry19051978 
DODD, Douglas LyleOak GroveJersey*****26 Jul 1978 
DODD, GertrudeOak GroveJersey18991 Apr 1981 
DODD, JohnOak GroveJersey18967 Jul 1969 
DODD, Kenneth F.Oak GroveJersey????1918 
DODD, Mary J.Oak GroveJersey????1924 
Dodge, Anna L.KemperRuyle06-04-181929-11-1859 
DODGE, CecilleOak GroveJersey18908 Jan 1968 
Dodge, Edson A.Maple LawnRuyle21 Mar 184523 Sep 1894 
DODGE, Edson A.Oak GroveJersey187926-05-1957 
Dodge, FrankieUnknownUnknown????27 Jul 1882Inf son of E. A. & Maggie
DODGE, Fred L.MedoraRuyle18841958 
DODGE, George DanellOak GroveJersey187624-09-1956 
Dodge, Harriet R.KemperRuyle18861957 
DODGE, Helen PoterOak GroveJersey*****11 Apr 1969 
DODGE, Ida SylviaOak GroveJersey*****23-10-1957 
Dodge, Infant sonKemperRuyle*****01-01-1872 
Dodge, Laura R. Dannel (Daniels)KemperRuyle18 Aug 184818 Nov 1935John Clark Dannel & Mary Palmer; wife of Vilas L.
Dodge, LutherKemperRuyle181523-08-1895 
DODGE, LutherKemperRuyle18471918 
DODGE, Marcus F.MedoraRuyle26-03-189525-02-1987 
DODGE, MargaretOak GroveJersey18488 May 1937 
DODGE, Rena M.MedoraRuyle18831962 
Dodge, Vilas LutherKemperRuyle18471918 
DODGE, William K.Oak GroveJersey186831 Jul 1940 
DODGSON, John E.East NewbernMississippi*****15-01-1864 
DODGSON, John W.East NewbernMississippi28-03-18320 Oct 1916 
DODGSON, Laura P.East NewbernMississippi20-11-1837***** 
DODGSON, Martha C.East NewbernMississippi22-10-????28-09-1875 
Dodson,NobleOtter Creek********** 
Dodson, Aaron (Rev)NobleOtter Creek29-09-182208-08-1911 
DODSON, Bertman A.Oak GroveJersey23 Apr 186626 Jun 1938son of Elijah & Melvina Dodson
DODSON, Clarence NobleOak GroveJersey187928 Jan 1952 
Dodson, DaughterNobleOtter Creek27-09-187502-05-1882 
Dodson, ElsieNobleOtter Creek12-01-187826-06-1899 
DODSON, Emma M.Oak GroveJersey5 Feb 18525 Mar 1934dau of Wm. & Thirsa Chappell Noble
Dodson, Irene GreerNobleOtter Creek*****25-01-1843 
Dodson, JennieUnknownUnknown????1882dau of Theo. & Emma
Dodson, JessieUnknownUnknown????2 May 18826 yr 7mo 5 da old dau of Theo. & Emma; may be Jenny
Dodson, KerseyNobleOtter Creek*****05-12-1908 
DODSON, Rachel RoseannaOak GroveJersey11 Dec 186428 Dec 1940dau of Allen Vanausdoll & Agnes Anna Hillman
Dodson, RuthNobleOtter Creek18931903 
DODSON, Ryan T.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Apr 1969 
DODSON, TheodoreOak GroveJersey6 Jul 184721 Jan 1930son of aaron Dodson
DODSON, Vivian A.Oak GroveJersey188223 Nov 1954 
Dodson, WillieNobleOtter Creek*****28-08-1875 
Doeffer, WilliamUnknownUnknown????189822 years old
DOENGES, ClaraOak GroveJersey*****30 Sep 1885 
DOENGES, ElizabethOak GroveJersey*****21 Oct 1904 
DOENGES, George E.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Apr 1921married, 51 years old
DOENGES, HattieOak GroveJersey187912 Feb 1963 
DOENGES, HenryOak GroveJersey187518 Nov 1939 
DOENGES, Henry Sr.Oak GroveJersey7 Mar 184015 Jan 1922born Germany son of Albert Doenges; order from Louise D.
DOENGES, JosephineOak GroveJersey*****7 Dec 1904 
DOENGES, LouiseOak GroveJersey31 Oct 184126 Jun 1922born in Germany; dau of Frederick & Theresa
DOENGES, MarieOak GroveJersey*****29 Dec 1884 
DOENGES, Mary A.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Apr 1972 
DOLAN, Gladys MartinOak GroveJersey18981961 
DOLAN, Homer K.Oak GroveJersey19281928 
Dolan, JamesSt. FrancisJersey19 Sep 186118 Oct 1924son of Peter & Mary Gorman Dolan; Born in Louisiana
DOLAN, James F.St. FrancisJersey6 Jan 190100 Aug 1976 
DOLAN, James ThorntonOak GroveJersey1899???? 
Dolan, KatherineSt. FrancisJersey????5 Aug 189664 years old
DOLAN, Lucy E.St. FrancisJersey18751876 
DOLAN, MariaSt. FrancisJersey18301886 
DOLAN, Martin J.Oak GroveJersey19015 Nov 1962 
DOLAN, Martin JeffreyOak GroveJersey187218 Feb 1942 
DOLAN, Nellie E.Oak GroveJersey10 Sep 187626 Sep 1958dau of Amos & Emaline Davis Perrings
DOLAN, PeterSt. FrancisJersey18321906 
DOLAN, Sarah GraceSt. FrancisJersey1902???? 
DOLAN, Sarah J.St. FrancisJersey18711882 
DOMBROW, Harry C.Oak GroveJersey20 Jan 18976 Oct 1960son of Wm. & Bertha Stresen Dombrow
DOMBROW, Margaret V.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Sep 1997 
DONAHER, Hannah CroninSt. FrancisJersey00-184000-1897 
DONAHER, Mary CaseySt. FrancisJersey*****25 Feb 1927 
DONAHUE, AnnieScenic HillQuarry********** 
Donahue, KateUnknownUnknown????8 Dec 1895Grafton
Donahue, NicholasUnknownUnknown????1889Grafton area
DONAHUE, OwenScenic HillQuarry18591935 
DONAHUE, PatrickScenic HillQuarry18201910 
Donaker, Hannah CroninSt. FrancisJersey????189757 year old wife of James
Donald, CatherineSpry/RowdenRosedale188727-10-1959 
DONALDSON, Darrell DeanOak GroveJersey27 Jul 192429 Jan 1925son of Raymond & Minnie Bush Donaldson
DONALDSON, Eugene M.Oak GroveJersey*****23-06-1960 
DONALDSON, Minnie H.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Apr 1976 
DONALDSON, Raymond M.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Jul 1970 
Donnell, O.KemperRuyle********** 
DONNELLY, Catherine F.St. FrancisJersey18641901 
DONNELLY, Lidia AnnOak GroveJersey14 Jul 183623 Nov 1926dau of Thomas & Susan Ann Felty Donnally
DONNELLY, Mary AnnOak GroveJersey18324 Nov 1862 
DONNELLY, SusanOak GroveJersey18 Jun 18487 Nov 1927dau of Thomas K. & Susan Ann Donnelly
DONNELLY, SusannaOak GroveJersey18096 Mar 1899 
DONNELLY, T. K. or F. K. FeltyOak GroveJersey2 Jul 18081 Jan 1896 
DONNELLY, UlumOak GroveJersey183920 Jul 1859 
DONOHUE, CatherineScenic HillQuarry18461895 
DOOLIN, JohnOak GroveJersey*****29 May 1943 
Dooling, DarleneNobleOtter Creek08-04-193814-01-1993 
Dooling, Joseph S. Jr.NobleOtter Creek21-04-1939***** 
Dorland, HannahRosedaleRosedale181224-09-1851age 42 yr. 7 mo. 10 days.
Doron,NobleOtter Creek********** 
DORRELL, BenjaminOak GroveJersey191420 Jul 1973 
DORRELL, Mary J.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Jun 1990 
DORRELL, Nina M.Oak GroveJersey1913???? 
DORSETT, Elizabeth KaupSt. FrancisJersey12 Nov 185917 Jan 1936dau of Charles & Anna Kohlester Kaup; divorced Branson
DOUBLEBOWER, ChildOak GroveJersey???????? 
DOUBLEBOWER, JamesOak GroveJersey???????? 
DOUBLEBOWER, James Mrs.Oak GroveJersey???????? 
Dougherty, ?????SalemOtter Creek18331874 
DOUGHERTY, AdeleOak GroveJersey5 Aug 186522 Mar 1930dau of John C. & Delia Brown Lurton
DOUGHERTY, AgnesSt. FrancisJersey00-189800 Nov 1918 
Dougherty, Alexander F.FergusonOtter Creek*****14-03-1858 
Dougherty, Annie E.DoughertyOtter Creek18-01-185925-05-1879dau. of John G. & Susan.
DOUGHERTY, CatherineScenic HillQuarry18811953 
Dougherty, CatherineSt. FrancisJersey****13 Oct 191653 years old, wife of Richard Dougherty; died St. Louis MO
Dougherty, Charles M.DoughertyOtter Creek20-03-183021-10-1863 
Dougherty, Cora AnnDoughertyOtter Creek185823-04-1862 
DOUGHERTY, Daniel J.Scenic HillQuarry18641915 
Dougherty, Edgar OscarElsahElsah****24 Feb 1935 
DOUGHERTY, Ellen T. FitzgeraldSt. FrancisJersey187130 May 1910funeral charged to patrick Dougherty
DOUGHERTY, Florence BeiermannSt. FrancisJersey1913???? 
Dougherty, George HenryNobleOtter Creek5 Feb 18538 Mar 1938son of John G. & Susan Melrose Dougherty; single.
Dougherty, GraceDoughertyOtter Creek187005-03-1870 
Dougherty, Henry E.DoughertyOtter Creek18-01-183221-01-1875 
DOUGHERTY, Ida M.ElsahElsah18721935 
Dougherty, JamesSalemOtter Creek*****1865 
DOUGHERTY, JamesSt. FrancisJersey00-189222 Oct 1903 
Dougherty, Jennette M.DoughertyOtter Creek179803-09-1862 
DOUGHERTY, John G.Oak GroveJersey18661950 
Dougherty, John G.DoughertyOtter Creek28-07-182008-11-1909 
Dougherty, Jonathan PummerfieldFergusonOtter Creek********** 
Dougherty, JosephUnknownUnknown*****6 Feb 1895Died at his home in Otterville. No mention what cemetery. 44
DOUGHERTY, Joseph M.Scenic HillQuarry18751907 
DOUGHERTY, JuliaSt. FrancisJersey18941968 
Dougherty, JuniusDoughertyOtter Creek15-03-184917-03-1849 
Dougherty, JuniusDoughertyOtter Creek183427-02-1845 
Dougherty, Leslie MelroseNobleOtter Creek18801974 
DOUGHERTY, Mary A.Scenic HillQuarry18441919 
DOUGHERTY, OscarElsahElsah18671935 
DOUGHERTY, PatrickSt. FrancisJersey18641931 
Dougherty, Patrick W.SalemOtter Creek18391905 
Dougherty, Sam EScenic HillQuarry????191123 years old
DOUGHERTY, Samuel J. M.Scenic HillQuarry28-07-181002-02-1889 
Dougherty, Stella LandonNobleOtter Creek18791965 
Dougherty, Susan V. MillroseDoughertyOtter Creek17-10-182523-08-1908 
Dougherty, Wenona K. StaffordNobleOtter Creek18581909wife of Wm.;
Dougherty, WilliamNobleOtter Creek8 Mar 18557 May 1948son of John G. & Susan Millrass Dougherty; hus 2 Nona K.
Dougherty, William F.DoughertyOtter Creek178820-10-1833 
DOUGHERTY, William PatrickSt. FrancisJersey00-19114 Feb 1991 
DOUGHTLIN, Anna E.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Mar 1914 
DOUGHTLIN, D. M.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Apr 1904 
DOUGHTLIN, Edna L.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Feb 1940 
DOUGHTLIN, JessieOak GroveJersey*****12-10-1958 
Douglas, GilbertHamiltonOtter Creek*****30-06-1837 
Dowdall, BarthenaCounty FarmEnglish184215-08-1913 
Dowdall, Charles L.Spry/RowdenRosedale02-02-186922-11-1934 
DOWDALL, Emma FrancesScenic HillQuarry10 Jun 186724 Dec 1923born Effingham, IL; died St. Louis MO
DOWDALL, FredOak GroveJersey*****19-05-1956 
DOWDALL, John L.Scenic HillQuarry16 Feb 186222 Feb 1922 
Dowdall, Mary Ellen SprySpry/RowdenRosedale27 Mar 187322 Dec 1950dau. W. T. & Minerva Spry
DOWDALL, OpheliaScenic HillQuarry18971910 
DOWDALL, William H.Scenic HillQuarry*****22 Nov 191174 years old.
Dower, AlbertSt. FrancisJersey????1894 
DOWER, EllenSt. FrancisJersey7 Feb 186020 May 1932dau of Peter Daly
DOWER, ElmerSt. FrancisJersey18941971 
DOWER, MarySt. FrancisJersey18971978 
Dower, PeterSt. FrancisJersey?????28 Jul 1895drowned.
DOWER, WilliamSt. FrancisJersey18871934 
Dower, William J.St. FrancisJersey18 Mar 188820 Sep 1896son of Wm. & Ellen Daily Dower; born in Jerseyville.
DOWLING, Mary E.St. FrancisJersey18621869 
DOWLING, PeterSt. FrancisJersey18231874 
Down, Mary IdaMarstonPiasa27 Mar 186616 Feb 1948dau of Thomas & Nancy Talley Harris; wife 2 Wm. R.
Down, William RobertMarstonPiasa2 Apr 18515 Jan 1932Barthalomew & Isabelle Pringle Down
DOWNEY, Charles E.Oak GroveJersey191112 Jul 1976 
Downey, Charlotte CrainLaxEnglish29-06-184913-03-1874 
DOWNEY, Edna V.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Aug 1970 
DOWNEY, Elizabeth J.Oak GroveJersey185120 May 1917 
DOWNEY, FannieOak GroveJersey*****7 Jul 1971 
DOWNEY, Finis A.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Mar 1972 
DOWNEY, Gwendolyn VeraOak GroveJersey19141 Mar 1972 
DOWNEY, Harold E.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Jun 1994 
DOWNEY, JamesOak GroveJersey18031879 
Downey, Lottie P.LaxEnglish09-01-187409-07-1874 
DOWNEY, Mabel JuneOak GroveJersey18881950 
DOWNEY, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey*****6 Aug 1963 
DOWNEY, Mary GriswoldHickory GroveJersey*****1854 
DOWNEY, Robert L.Oak GroveJersey18 Jul 18856 Jan 1958son of Sylvester G. & Elizabeth Jane Miller Downey; hus Fann
DOWNEY, Robert MaxOak GroveJersey191018 Nov 1987 
DOWNEY, Sylvester GriswoldOak GroveJersey24 Sep 183527 Jul 1911 
DOWNEY, Sylvester W.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Jan 1975 
DOWNEY, UriahHickory GroveJersey*****1841 
DOWNEY, William RussellOak GroveJersey28 Mar 192728 Mar 1927son of Robert L. & Mabel Sunderland Downey
DOWNING, MervilleOak GroveJersey*****31 Jan 1949 
DOWNING, WilliamOak GroveJersey188928 Feb 1939 
Downs, AlbertUnknownUnknown????2 Jan 1894catholic
DOWNS, Alice IsabelleOak GroveJersey188017 Jun 1969 
DOWNS, Earl F.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Dec 1974 
DOWNS, Electra M.Oak GroveJersey188716 Oct 1982 
Downs, ElizabethFieldonRichwood****7 Mar 1941 
DOWNS, Eula E. McPheronMedoraRuyle20-03-188710-07-1965 
DOWNS, Everett O.Oak GroveJersey189716 Aug 1949 
DOWNS, FrankOak GroveJersey18818 Jan 1971 
DOWNS, FredMedoraRuyle26-04-188707-10-1963 
DOWNS, George I.Oak GroveJersey186822 Sep 1943 
DOWNS, Glynn L.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Feb 1976 
DOWNS, Gracie LouiseMedoraRuyle06-07-187522-06-1951 
Downs, HardinPruitt/HawkinsRuyle08-02-182913-05-1895Newspaper obit says Harvey Downs.
Downs, JacobMaple LawnRuyle18381909 
DOWNS, Lenora L.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Apr 1998 
Downs, MaryMaple LawnRuyle********** 
Downs, Minerva E.Pruitt/HawkinsRuyle08-08-183617-05-1911 
DOWNS, PaulineMedoraRuyle06-01-192101-12-1959 
DOWNS, RichardOak GroveJersey???????? 
DOWNS, Velma LouiseOak GroveJersey7 Dec 190118 Oct 1945dau of Edward & Neva Scoggins Hunter; wife 2 Everett
DOWNS, VeraMedoraRuyle03-12-1914***** 
Downs, WilliamPruitt/HawkinsRuyle25-02-185617-04-1895 
DOWNS, William M.MedoraRuyle21-01-187025-02-1955 
DOWNS, William RussellMedoraRuyle30-12-190920-06-1979 
Doyle, Beulah F.Maple LawnRuyle5 Sep 190813 Apr 1988 
Doyle, Clarence R.Maple LawnRuyle16 Mar 190729 Sep 1993 
DOYLE, John C.East NewbernMississippi*****04-09-1857 
DOYLE, Phillip Jr.Scenic HillQuarry18591915 
DOYLE, Phillip Sr.Scenic HillQuarry18471914 
DOYLE, Richard V.East NewbernMississippi*****25-07-1861 
DOYLE, RoseScenic HillQuarry18571945 
DRAGE, EthelOak GroveJersey*****1 Jul 1987 
DRAGE, HildaOak GroveJersey*****26 Jul 1970 
DRAGE, William GroverOak GroveJersey1 Oct 189225 Oct 1962son of William & Jane Dougherty Drage
DRAINER, Anna MarySt. Mary’sEnglish19 Feb 186224 Jan 1926dau of Franks & Carolina Tonsor Bunse
DRAINER, Carrie R. KanallakanSt. Mary’sEnglish18951979 
DRAINER, Chris J.St. Mary’sEnglish12-09-190327-07-1987 
DRAINER, ElizabethSt. Mary’sEnglish18901979 
DRAINER, Ernest F.St. Mary’sEnglish31-01-190631-08-1980 
Drainer, George PeterHetzelEnglish7 Mar 19307 Mar 1930Victor & Hazel Hetzel Drainer
DRAINER, Germane EmanuelSt. FrancisJersey31 Oct 186628 Apr 1955 
DRAINER, HugoSt. Mary’sEnglish18601944 
DRAINER, Hugo H.St. Mary’sEnglish18891963 
DRAINER, InfantHetzelEnglish????????Child of Wm & Peah Drainer
DRAINER, John D.St. Mary’sEnglish10-03-193226-01-1951Lost at Sea
DRAINER, Linus W.St. Mary’sEnglish01-07-191512-04-1993 
DRAINER, Maggie C.St. Mary’sEnglish18701945 
Drainer, Marvin G.NobleOtter Creek11 Jul 192621 Feb 2002Researcher note: buried in the Drainer addition to McDow Cemetery. His birth is listed as 7-11-1926 and death is 2-21-2002. Allen Austin
DRAINER, Mary A.St. FrancisJersey18761951 
Drainer, Mary BlancheNobleOtter Creek*****14-03-1987 
DRAINER, Mildred J. TonsorSt. Mary’sEnglish02-12-192118-02-1990 
Drainer, Paul ChristopherHetzelEnglish18-12-193019-12-1930son of Victor
DRAINER, Peter C.St. Mary’sEnglish18581956 
DRAINER, Peter F.St. Mary’sEnglish18921971 
DRAINER, Peter Jasper.St. Mary’sEnglish23-03-182328 Apr 1906 
DRAINER, Unnamed twinHetzelEnglish????????Child of Wm & Peah Drainer
DRAINER, Unnamed twinHetzelEnglish????????Child of Wm & Peah Drainer
DRAINER, Ursula PittSt. Mary’sEnglish25-12-183121-08-1869 
Drake, Alice RyanMaple LawnRuyle18441920 
DRAKE, Mary I.Oak GroveJersey*****6 Apr 1972 
Dranbers, FrankUnknownPiasa********** 
DRAPER, Carrie BelleOak GroveJersey18 Jan 18679 Oct 1928dau of Levi & Amanda Jamison Jennings; wife of J. R.
DRAPER, IoneOak GroveJersey*****8 Nov 1987 
DRAPER, James R.Oak GroveJersey186715 Jun 1946 
DRAPER, Lee A.Oak GroveJersey*****26 May 1982 
DRAPER, Utha BelleOak GroveJersey190913 Mar 1976 
DREES, Nona T.St. FrancisJersey18761960Researcher note: Nora T. Drees was nee Maloney, her husband was Lawrence Drees. – Phil Di Matteo
DRENNAN, Harold JacksonOak GroveJersey19106 Aug 1925son of Judson A. Drennan; died E St Louis, IL
DRENNAN, Inez A. FalknerOak GroveJersey18801967 
DRENNAN, Judson A.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Oct 1934 
DREULAND, John S.WhiteOtter Creek18391907 
DREULAND, Mary E. JohnsonWhiteOtter Creek18501918 
DREW, Bobby G.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Sep 1990 
DREW, William J.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Feb 1962 
DREXELIUS, ChristinaElsahElsah22-01-182930-07-1896 
Drexillius, AugustCounty FarmEnglish183002-01-1903 
DRULARD, DonaldOak GroveJersey*****26 Mar 1993 
Drulard, John S.UnknownUnknown****21 Jan 1907charges to Jersey County
Drulard, MaryUnknownUnknown****26 Jan 191862 or 68 yr. old mother of Lynn Dabbs; widow
Drumh, CharlesCounty FarmEnglish3 Jun 184125 Apr 1933Charged to the County; widower
Drumhead, KittyUnknownUnknown????Jun 1893 
DRURY, Charles A. IIOak GroveJersey*****16 Feb 1988 
DRURY, Frank E.St. FrancisJersey19 Jul 187200 Oct 1965 
DRURY, Louise V.Oak GroveJersey*****08-07-1956 
DRURY, Ludia B.St. FrancisJersey18741965 
Drysdale, Minnie Maron CrainLaxEnglish*****30-03-1897youngest dau of Silas Crain
DU HADWAY, C. W.Oak GroveJersey185913 Sep 1907 
DU HADWAY, Caleb DR.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Dec 1901 
Du HADWAY, Cornelia PowellOak GroveJersey189217 Feb 1983 
DU HADWAY, DavidOak GroveJersey*****19 Feb 1875 
Du HADWAY, Fred AlanOak GroveJersey189029-04-1958 
DU HADWAY, Lucia OttillaOak GroveJersey11 Dec 186125 Jan 1947dau of Francis X. & Ellizabeth Schattgen; wife 2 Charles.
DU HADWAY, MaryOak GroveJersey*****10 Sep 189660 years 3 months 27 days
DUCCINSON, W. J.ElsahElsah********** 
Duckles, Edwin M.Maple LawnRuyle18781953 
Duckles, ElizabethKellerJersey****0 Jul 1936 
Duckles, Grant Mrs.KellerJersey****0 Aug 1937 
Duckles, Laura B.Maple LawnRuyle18871961 
Duddy, John Mrs.UnknownUnknown????1897wife of John ; 85 years old.
DUERR, Mary A. DrainerSt. Mary’sEnglish18941987 
DUFF, CharlotteOak GroveJersey*****9 Feb 1989 
DUFF, Crestal Q.Scenic HillQuarry23-05-192405-02-1957 
DUFF, Darrell MorrisScenic HillQuarry18-08-193016-07-1950 
DUFF, Lillian M.Scenic HillQuarry18991994 
Duff, Silas D.Meadow BranchRosedale19071972 
DUFF, Wilbert A.Scenic HillQuarry18951963 
DUGAN, CatherineSt. FrancisJersey18631940 
DUGAN, Catherine GaulSt. FrancisJersey18261881 
DUGAN, Charlotte A.Oak GroveJersey*****31 Jul 1994 
Dugan, ChildUnknownUnknown????1882child of Michael
Dugan, Daisy PruittPruitt/HawkinsRuyle****4 Apr 191536 yr 8 days.
Dugan, ElizabethUnknownUnknown????29 Nov 188029 yr old wife of Michael.
DUGAN, Emeline FitzgeraldOak GroveJersey4 Nov 184912 Mar 1923son of Geo. W. & Frances Benson Fitzgerald
DUGAN, Florence H.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Feb 1974 
DUGAN, George L.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Dec 1968 
DUGAN, James M.Oak GroveJersey*****13 Apr 1983 
DUGAN, John W.Oak GroveJersey16 Feb 184226 Sep 1925son of George & Elizabeth Chamberland Dugan; widower
DUGAN, Lawrence Mrs.St. FrancisJersey1821???? 
DUGAN, MargaretSt. FrancisJersey18511884 
DUGAN, Mary K.Oak GroveJersey*****29 Jan 1967 
Dugan, MichaelUnknownUnknown????1881age 20 years
DUGAN, PatrickSt. FrancisJersey18601872 
DUGAN, W. J.ElsahElsah???????? 
DUGGAN, ????St. FrancisJersey???????? 
DUGGAN, AnnaSt. FrancisJersey00-183510 Jun 1892 
DUGGAN, AnnieSt. FrancisJersey00-189212 May 1912 
DUGGAN, Catherine MarieSt. FrancisJersey00-190425 Oct 1906 
Duggan, Delbert RaymondPruitt/HawkinsRuyle29 Aug 192829 Aug 1928Raymond & Iona Frazer Dugan
DUGGAN, ElizabethSt. FrancisJersey18561880 
DUGGAN, Gladys M.St. Mary’sEnglish19301969 
DUGGAN, JohnScenic HillQuarry04-08-182230-11-1900 
DUGGAN, JohnSt. FrancisJersey18741954 
DUGGAN, Lucy I.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Aug 1999Researcher note: last name spelled Dugan – Kim Roberts
DUGGAN, MaryScenic HillQuarry08-05-1828***** 
DUGGAN, MichaelSt. FrancisJersey00-180100-1887 
Duggan, MichaelSt. FrancisJersey19 Dec 183723 Oct 1915son of M. Duggan & E. Moran; born in Ireland
DUGGAN, Raymond T.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Jul 1980 
Duggan, RobertSt. Mary’sEnglish****23 Aug 2002 
DUGGAN, Thomas E.St. Mary’sEnglish1960197111 year old son of Gladys.
DUGGAN, TommySt. Mary’sEnglish????????Infant son of Gladys.
DUGGER, Emma E.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Dec 1987 
DUGGER, Florence E.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Feb 1966 
DUGGER, Glenn O.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Nov 1997 
DUGGER, Mary F.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Jul 2000 
DUGGER, William E.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Jun 1976 
Duke, AnnieUnknownUnknown????1888 
DUKES, Mary I.St. FrancisJersey18951950 
DULCHER, BlancheOak GroveJersey????????Child of Kate & F. T.
DULCHER, ClaraOak GroveJersey????1882Child of Chas. & Fannie
DULCHER, ClarenceOak GroveJersey????1882Child of Chas. & Fannie
DULCHER, George H.Oak GroveJersey1867???? 
DULCHER, HarryOak GroveJersey????????Child of Kate & F. T.
DULING, Dona L. FagenSt. FrancisJersey28 Feb 189714 Nov 1917Wife of Wm. P. Duling; dau of Wallace J. F?????; born KS
Duling, InfantSt. FrancisJersey24 Jul 191724 Jul 1917infant of Wm. P. & Dona Fagan Duling
Dunbar, Benjamin H.RosedaleRosedale16 Feb 189021 Nov 1943son of James & Martha Thompson Dunbar
Dunbar, George W.RosedaleRosedale18821955 
Dunbar, John W.ThompsonRosedale*****28 Jul 1882age, 2 yr. 21 day old son of J. D. & M. J.
Dunbar, Martha J. ThompsonRosedaleRosedale5 Mar 18625 Jul 1918dau. of Wm. G. & Jane McCauley Thompson
Dunbar, Ollie B.RosedaleRosedale5 Aug 18830 Jul 1916wife of George
Dunbar, Opal L.RosedaleRosedale19161916 
DUNCAN, AnnaSt. FrancisJersey18761916 
DUNCAN, Anna MaeScenic HillQuarry19321970 
DUNCAN, Carl LouisScenic HillQuarry09-07-192614-12-1969 
DUNCAN, CatherineSt. FrancisJersey186619?? 
DUNCAN, CatherineSt. FrancisJersey18391901 
DUNCAN, EdwinScenic HillQuarry18731950 
DUNCAN, EliabethSt. FrancisJersey18811898 
DUNCAN, EllenOak GroveJersey*****17 Nov 1923 
DUNCAN, Elma M.Scenic HillQuarry15-06-191201-07-1913 
DUNCAN, EmmaScenic HillQuarry18821963 
DUNCAN, Ethel M.HartfordQuarry********** 
Duncan, Frances M.Meadow BranchRosedale*****15-06-1877 
DUNCAN, Harry E.HartfordQuarry18851939 
DUNCAN, Hazel IreneOak GroveJersey28 Aug 190925 Mar 1931dau of Bud & Martha Harrison Freeman; wife of Harlan
Duncan, Infant sonUnknownUnknown????14 Mar 189410 mo-13 day old child of I. C. & M. B.
Duncan, Isaiah C.Meadow BranchRosedale7 Dec 184528 Mar 1931Elizah & Elizabeth Elliott Duncan; born MO.
Duncan, James R.DabbsOtter Creek16-05-192026-12-1923George & Jenne Brown Duncan; born in MO.
DUNCAN, JohnSt. FrancisJersey3 Oct 184131 Jan 1922son of Joseph & D. Brown Duncan; born NJ
DUNCAN, JosephOak GroveJersey18081861 
DUNCAN, JosephSt. FrancisJersey18641937 
DUNCAN, Kenneth GeorgeScenic HillQuarry14-03-193415-07-1936son of William
Duncan, LeroyMeadow BranchRosedale27-04-189314-03-189? 
DUNCAN, MaragetOak GroveJersey18441845 
DUNCAN, MargaretSt. FrancisJersey00-188012 Feb 1975 
DUNCAN, Marlene A.Scenic HillQuarry19531973 
DUNCAN, Mary E.St. FrancisJersey186319?? 
DUNCAN, Mary LouiseOak GroveJersey14 Apr 19286 Apr 1931dau of Raymond & Mattie May Smith Duncan
Duncan, Nell FoxHartfordQuarry****16 Mar 1932 
DUNCAN, RoseSt. FrancisJersey00-188000 Dec 1927 
Duncan, Ruth J.Meadow BranchRosedale18601946 
DUNCAN, StephenOak GroveJersey185227 Jun 1855 
DUNCAN, W. FrankHartfordQuarry18671881 
DUNCAN, WilliamHartfordQuarry********** 
DUNCAN, William R.St. FrancisJersey5 Feb 186412 May 1942 
DUNCAN, Zulu FoxHartfordQuarry18851971 
Dundson, DavidUnknownUnknown????1869 
Dundson, WalterUnknownUnknown????188426 years old.
Dunham, Amos C.FieldonRichwood1 Apr 184415 Aug 1928Amos & Mary Barr Dunham
Dunham, Ann ElizaDunham/ReddishRichwood10-01-183117-08-1895wife of Benjamin; maybe 2 child, Stephen & Sally
DUNHAM, Armeda E.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Feb 1997 
DUNHAM, baby boyOak GroveJersey*****21 Dec 1948 
Dunham, BenjaminDunham/ReddishRichwood30-10-182212-05-1901 
DUNHAM, Benjamin F.FieldonRichwood30 May 183912 Nov 1916Son of David & Rachel Darr Dunham
DUNHAM, Benjamin F.FieldonRichwood20 Jan 186410 Mar 1917son of Benj. & Ann Reddish Dunham
DUNHAM, BradleyFieldonRichwood19701994 
DUNHAM, Brenda J.Oak GroveJersey*****08-11-1960 
Dunham, CatherineArmstrongEnglish*****1853 
DUNHAM, Charles LesterFieldonRichwood14 Dec 19254 Jan 1927Lester & Emma Cummings Dunham
DUNHAM, Charles S.FieldonRichwood18661946 
DUNHAM, ChildOak GroveJersey*****16 Aug 1909 
DUNHAM, ClarenceOak GroveJersey*****3 Feb 1908 
DUNHAM, Duewell L.Oak GroveJersey19 Apr 19187 Oct 1936son of Wm. P. & Margaret Groves Dunham
DUNHAM, Edward H.FieldonRichwood10-10-191012-04-1984 
DUNHAM, Erma R.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Nov 1944 
DUNHAM, Gladys A.Oak GroveJersey27 Jan 19032 Jul 1949dau of S. E. & Eva Lee Stamps Stroud
DUNHAM, Hattie BellFieldonRichwood187112 Sep 1939 
DUNHAM, Hazel R. DeveningFieldonRichwood03-07-19126 Jun 2002wife of Edward
DUNHAM, Henry C.GuntermanRichwood30 Aug 185121 Sep 1924Benjamin & Ann Eliza Reddish Dunham; hus of Laura A.
Dunham, HughLaxEnglish9 Oct 184415 Aug 1926Daniel & Rachel Barr Dunham
Dunham, InfantDunham/ReddishRichwood25-09-186203-05-1863 
DUNHAM, JanetOak GroveJersey*****1 Jul 1976 
Dunham, JohnDunham/ReddishRichwood08-05-185308-03-1873 
Dunham, John H.Dunham/ReddishRichwood183705-02-1866 
DUNHAM, John H.FieldonRichwood186814 Mar 192052, 7, 28 days old.
Dunham, John J.LaxEnglish18951988 
DUNHAM, Joseph O.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Feb 1962 
DUNHAM, Kathy L.FieldonRichwood27-02-196304-10-1991 
DUNHAM, Laura A MedfordGuntermanRichwood11 Jan 186122 Dec 1944dau of Mason & Rosamond Nott Medford
DUNHAM, LesterFieldonRichwood10-05-189423-02-1961 
DUNHAM, Lester B.Oak GroveJersey*****29 Nov 1965 
Dunham, LloydDunham/ReddishRichwood30-03-186119-10-1913 
DUNHAM, Lucy LeeOak GroveJersey189819 Jan 1974 
DUNHAM, Lydia S.FieldonRichwood18461897 
DUNHAM, MabelOak GroveJersey*****4 Aug 1999 
DUNHAM, MargaretOak GroveJersey*****25-09-1958 
DUNHAM, Marion C.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Aug 1955 
Dunham, Martha AnnLaxEnglish8 Aug 18587-Aug-28William Seago & Emiline Campbell
DUNHAM, MaryOak GroveJersey*****6 Aug 1948 
DUNHAM, Mary C. KraushaarFieldonRichwood18671956 
Dunham, Maxine R.LaxEnglish10-10-192109-01-1988 
DUNHAM, Maynard P.Oak GroveJersey189330-06-1959 
DUNHAM, Nellie VahleFieldonRichwood18901973 
DUNHAM, OliverFieldonRichwood18691949 
DUNHAM, ParkerOak GroveJersey28 May 186014 Feb 1938son of John & Louisa Parker Dunham; husband of Sarah Ann
DUNHAM, Randell JosephGuntermanRichwood12-09-195512-09-1955 
DUNHAM, Roger L.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Jan 1988 
DUNHAM, Tamara L.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Sep 1970 
DUNHAM, Victoria L.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Jan 1995 
Dunham, Virginia AnnDunham/ReddishRichwood22-04-185724-06-1869 
DUNHAM, Walter or WalkerFieldonRichwood02-08-185416-06-1922Benj. & Ann Eliza Reddish Dunham
DUNHAM, WilliamOak GroveJersey17 Jun 185510 Jun 1938 
Dunham, William B.LaxEnglish11-05-190112-01-1983 
Dunham, William DavidLaxEnglish17 Nov 186721 Apr 1930Hugh & Martha Ann Seago Dunham
Dunham, William ParkerOak GroveJersey21 Apr 188411 Nov 1922son of Parker & Sarah Ann Gibson Dunham
DUNKIN, Nellie B.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Oct 1966 
DUNLOPE, Frank O.Scenic HillQuarry28-10-189510-03-1960 
DUNLOPE, Harry A.Scenic HillQuarry09-08-188807-09-1980 
DUNLOPE, James H.Scenic HillQuarry28-10-189225-04-1948 
DUNLOPE, Kathryn P.Scenic HillQuarry18941983 
DUNLOPE, MildredScenic HillQuarry********** 
DUNLOPE, Minnie G.Scenic HillQuarry18991900 
DUNLOPE, RachelScenic HillQuarry12 Oct 18632 Apr 1935Van R. & Rachel Odem West
DUNLOPE, Robert V.Scenic HillQuarry18901895 
DUNLOPE, WilliamScenic HillQuarry1 Dec 185524 Jul 1941son of Robert B. & Hannah G. Grinham Dunlope
DUNN, ChildOak GroveJersey???????? 
DUNN, James R.Oak GroveJersey18211849 
DUNN, Jane J.Oak GroveJersey9 Dec 1826Feb 1879 
DUNNAGAN, Mary A.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Dec 1999 
DUNPHY, AnnSt. FrancisJersey17981871 
DUNPHY, Cora R. PowersSt. FrancisJersey9 Aug 187300 Jun 1969 
DUNPHY, JohnSt. FrancisJersey3 Jan 187013 May 1892 
DUNPHY, JohnSt. FrancisJersey18701892 
DUNPHY, MargaretSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
DUNPHY, Mary DoyleSt. FrancisJersey5 May 185323 May 1911 
DUNPHY, Mary DwyerSt. FrancisJersey23 Jun 184030 Jun 1919dau of Michael & M. Heffron Deyer
DUNPHY, NellieSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
DUNPHY, PatrickSt. FrancisJersey9 Mar 184400-1887 
DUNSDEN, DavidOak GroveJersey181125 Jul 1869 
DUNSDEN, InfantOak GroveJersey18681868 
DUNSDEN, J. D.Oak GroveJersey185627 Feb 1858 
DUNSDEN, Julia B. HackneyOak GroveJersey18 Aug 182618 Aug 1896wife of David
DUNSDEN, L. SarahOak GroveJersey185226 Jan 1853 
DUNSDEN, LincolnOak GroveJersey186121 Mar 1941 
DUNSDEN, LuluOak GroveJersey*****28 Oct 18958 yr old step-dau of John G. Mode. Grandfather F. Eisler
DUNSDEN, Phillip J.Oak GroveJersey18171819 
DUNSDEN, WalterOak GroveJersey18576 Jan 1884 
Dunsdon, LuluOak GroveJersey????28 Oct 18958 yr, 8 mo,
DUNSE, MarthaOak GroveJersey*****24 Jul 1998 
DUNSE, Mary M. ThurstonSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
DUNSE, WalterSt. FrancisJersey19181989 
DUNSING, Albert L.Scenic HillQuarry19021983 
Dunsing, AmandaMeadow BranchRosedale********** 
Dunsing, Charles I.Meadow BranchRosedale04-04-189217-01-1969 
DUNSING, Edgar R.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Jun 1999 
DUNSING, Edward H.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Jun 1964 
Dunsing, Ellen GreenMeadow BranchRosedale13 Sep 185522 Aug 1929 
DUNSING, Everett E.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Feb 1988 
Dunsing, Henry G.Meadow BranchRosedale********** 
DUNSING, Leo ElmerScenic HillQuarry07-05-1930***** 
DUNSING, LillianOak GroveJersey*****9 Mar 1948 
Dunsing, LouiseMeadow BranchRosedale21-10-189821-02-1908 
DUNSING, Mabel M.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Oct 1966 
DUNSING, Mary B.Scenic HillQuarry19071956 
DUNSING, Mena S.FieldonRichwood18661952 
DUNSING, Robert J.Oak GroveJersey*****08-02-1952 
DUNSING, Robert J.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Feb 1952 
DUNSING, William HenryFieldonRichwood6 Jun 186417 Nov 1938 
DUPY, John W.Oak GroveJersey18646 Aug 1865 
DUPY, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey184811 Jun 1867 
DURANT, HowardOak GroveJersey18831935 
DURNEY, HannahSt. FrancisJersey????27 Aug 191880 yrs. died @ St. Louis MO; mother to Mrs John E. Fitzgerald
Durney, InfantSt. FrancisJersey????0 Jan 18966 month old son of John
DURNEY, John P.St. FrancisJersey*****27 Nov 191552, 6, 12 days old; order from John Powers
DURNEY, MichaelSt. FrancisJersey18261893 
Durney, Mike Mrs.UnknownUnknown????30 Jan 1895catholic
Durney, NellieSt. FrancisJersey15 May 186615 Jan 1951 
Duschell, LenoraOak GroveJersey26 Dec 192631 Dec 1927baby of Joseph F. & Myrtle Cook Duschell
DUTTON, Anna L. NewberryOak GroveJersey9 Jul 18551 Mar 1946 
DUTTON, CatherineOak GroveJersey180411 Mar 1884 
DUTTON, Frances REV.Oak GroveJersey18077 Mar 188483 years, 16 days.
Dutton, Franklin A.Oak GroveJersey23 Oct 18243 Dec 189370 years old
DUTTON, George FranklinOak GroveJersey28 Apr 185316 Dec 1936 
DUTTON, Gertrude E.Oak GroveJersey7 May 18757 Mar 1880dau of George
Dutton, IdeaverOak GroveJersey187918793 month old dau of George
DUTTON, Lucy ParkerOak GroveJersey183822 Sep 1908 
Dutton, MargaretGracelandUnknown????1894dau. of James
DUTTON, Mary BelleOak GroveJersey18561 Jun 1868child of Frank A.
DUTTON, Mary ElizabethOak GroveJersey18335 Jan 1897 
DUTTON, Robert HarrisonOak GroveJersey21 Aug 188811-06-1958 
DUTY, Della M.MedoraRuyle*****31-08-1921 
DUTY, James A.MedoraRuyle*****26-04-1922 
DUVAL, CleoFieldonRichwood1918***** 
DUVAL, DavidFieldonRichwood19461994 
DUVAL, KennethFieldonRichwood1917***** 
DWYER, Bessie E.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Jul 1988 
DWYER, Carl C.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Jul 1980 
DWYER, Daniel P.Oak GroveJersey*****31 Mar 1969 
DWYER, EdithOak GroveJersey20 Apr 190922 Apr 1929widow of Howard; dau of Fred & Lydia Woolsey Martin
DWYER, Edward FranklinOak GroveJersey18758 Mar 1951 
DWYER, FloraOak GroveJersey187512 May 1943 
DWYER, Howard C.Oak GroveJersey*****6 Oct 1992 
DWYER, John T.Oak GroveJersey12 May 189219 Mar 1963son of Daniel P. & Alice Daugherty Dwyer
DWYER, KateSt. FrancisJersey17 May 187024 Feb 1954 
DWYER, Lucretia W.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Oct 1978 
DWYER, MargaretSt. FrancisJersey18021867 
DWYER, Mary A.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Jul 1939 
DWYER, Otis C.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Mar 1997 
Dwyer, Sandra L.Oak GroveJersey*****7 May 200154 years
DWYERS, Melvin E.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Dec 1981 
DYER, PameliaOak GroveJersey18209 Feb 1906 
DYMOND, John ElonEast NewbernMississippi14 Oct 185815 Apr 1929Robert & Mary Cooke Dymond
DYMOND, Mary Ella SloverEast NewbernMississippi29 Jan 185723 Oct 1931 
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