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Jersey County Index of Burials – Surname Ba – Be

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Unknown Surnames

Thanks to Marty & Ronda Crull, Bob French, Gary Clendenny, the late Edith Zimmerman and the late Gene Prosser for this information. The majority of the information is from actual cemetery readings. The remainder is from the collections of obituaries and the funeral records at Jersey County Historical Society, the old newspaper collection at the Jersey County Historical Society and microfilm newspapers from the Jerseyville Library, transcribed by for the most part by Grace Gettings and Marty Crull. Copying expenses and related costs for the project were from Ronda Crull and the Tri County Newsletter.

BACK, Helen G.Oak GroveJersey18791959 
BACK, Joseph L.Oak GroveJersey18662 Jan 1945 
BACKNER, CathrynScenic HillQuarry18821969 
BACKNER, FrankScenic HillQuarry18721948 
BACKNER, GeorgeScenic HillQuarry18731959 
BACON, Murry J.Oak GroveJersey18111881 
Bacon, Rachel C. SloanUnknownUnknown13 Feb 18051889 
BADER, Juanita L.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Sep 1993 
BADER, Lee R.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Dec 1994 
BADER, Mary K.Oak GroveJersey*****4 May 1993 
Badgley, William Mrs.UnknownUnknown????11 Jun 1883 
BAECHT Rowena TScenic HillQuarry18731951 
BAECHT, Edward J.Oak GroveJersey*****15-08-1957 
BAECHT, Frank C.Scenic HillQuarry18641942 
BAECHT, Helen Genevieve WiliminaScenic HillQuarry17 May 19291931 
BAECHT, John C.Scenic HillQuarry********** 
BAECHT, Mary C.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Oct 1967 
Baecht, Zachary AlanGrimes – NeelyEnglish12 Jul 199012 Jul 1990 
Baerman, IsaacSalemOtter Creek********** 
BAGELY, Hannah P.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Oct 1854 
Baggs, Ezra ElmerBlack Oak MoundOtter Creek187111-09-1872 
Baggs, Parmelia HensonGrimes – NeelyEnglish23 Jun 182515 Nov 1911 
Baggs, Rhoda OliveBlack Oak MoundOtter Creek187012-07-1871 
Bagley, AmericaMaple LawnRuyle18 Apr 183011 Jun 1883wife of W. W. Bagley
BAGLEY, Edward P.Oak GroveJersey4 Feb 186527 Mar 1888 
BAGLEY, Harriet M.Oak GroveJersey182914 Sep 1915 
BAGLEY, HarryOak GroveJersey*****23 Feb 18641 year old.
BAGLEY, InfantOak GroveJersey*****24 Dec 18605 days old.
BAGLEY, Marcus E.Oak GroveJersey182929 Mar 1915 
Bahr, Frances StrunkMedoraRuyleMar 24 1916May 26 2003d/o Henry/Grace A. Badgley Strunk; w/o Joseph H. Bahr Jr
Bahr, Joseph H.MedoraRuyle****Nov 22 1999h/o Frances Strunk
BAILEY, Aaron L.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Jul 1971 
BAILEY, Ann McStaySt. FrancisJersey18231876 
BAILEY, AnthonySt. FrancisJersey18871925 
BAILEY, Bruce O.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Oct 1999 
BAILEY, Clara M.Scenic HillQuarry07-03-191518-07-1991 
BAILEY, ClarenceOak GroveJersey18866 Dec 1949 
Bailey, David A. Jr.Maple LawnRuyle*****9 Jan 1974 
Bailey, Earl F. “Red”Maple LawnRuyle****18 Oct 200278 years old.
BAILEY, EdwardSt. FrancisJersey18731909 
BAILEY, Everett ClarenceScenic HillQuarry13-01-191220-05-1995 
BAILEY, James H. or JohnOak GroveJersey18532 Aug 1909 
BAILEY, JeremyOak GroveJersey*****25 Oct 1982 
BAILEY, Joetta I.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Aug 1984 
BAILEY, Laura J.Oak GroveJersey*****7 May 1953 
BAILEY, Mary MackSt. FrancisJersey18401905 
BAILEY, Roger D. Jr.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Jan 1965 
BAILEY, Sadie AgnesOak GroveJersey188704-10-1956 
Bain, SarahUnknownUnknown????1850 
BAIR, Lulla HardyOak GroveJersey24 Jul 18927 Sep 1921dau of F. J. & ? Frances Rush Hardy; wife of Joseph Bair
BAIRD, AbrahamOak GroveJersey182922 Mar 1886 
BAIRD, Allen D.Oak GroveJersey187513 Oct 1945 
BAIRD, Clara M.Oak GroveJersey9 Sep 18728 Sep 1934dau of George & Lizzie McKinney Rowden
BAIRD, DorisOak GroveJersey*****8 Oct 1980 
BAIRD, IsaacOak GroveJersey18021873 
BAIRD, James EdwardOak GroveJersey24 Nov 185920 Nov 1925son of Abraham & Mary L. Pope Baird
BAIRD, Lou AdaOak GroveJersey*****5 Jan 1949 
BAIRD, Martha CrossOak GroveJersey18041873 
BAIRD, Mary L. PopeOak GroveJersey183311 Apr 1912 
Baird, Mary N.Maple LawnRuyle****23 Feb 1935 
BAKER, Betty J.MedoraRuyle11-10-192931-05-1988 
BAKER, Carla L.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Sep 1983 
BAKER, Charles E.FieldonRichwood19031977 
BAKER, Doris M.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Jan 1987 
Baker, Dorothy StaffordRosedaleRosedale19161978dau of Fred Stafford
BAKER, Edna AlmaFieldonRichwood18-12-190820-03-1963 
Baker, Elizabeth A.UnknownUnknown????1902 
BAKER, HenriettaOak GroveJersey*****20 Nov 1973 
BAKER, Hettie T.Oak GroveJersey*****16 May 1966 
BAKER, I. M.NewbernMississippi19001973 
BAKER, Jacob L.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Apr 1999 
BAKER, John A.MedoraRuyle19201978 
BAKER, John D.FieldonRichwood12-03-189704-11-1952son of Frank & Mary Ann Turner Baker?; hus 2 Mary Ann
BAKER, John WesleyMedoraRuyle16-10-188911-03-1964 
BAKER, LucilleMedoraRuyle*****03-04-1910 
BAKER, Mary AnnFieldonRichwood11-06-189805-10-1981 
Baker, PeterUnknownUnknown????13 Jul 188250 yr old’died in Elsah area
BAKER, R. FrancesMedoraRuyle18941974 
BAKER, Raymond P.MedoraRuyle23-10-190820-05-1979 
BAKER, Robert L.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Apr 1975 
BAKER, Robert O.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Feb 1986 
Baker, RufusLaxEnglish22-07-187821-09-1948 
Baker, Rufus C.NobleOtter Creek19011989 
BAKER, Sterling F.MedoraRuyle08-11-193011-11-1984Korean War Veteran
BAKER, SueOak GroveJersey30 May 189230 May 1892Dau. of H. M. & S. A. Baker
Baker, Verna M. McDadeNobleOtter Creek21 Jan 190718 Jul 2001dau. of Allen & Myrtle Ireland McDade; wife of Rufus Baker
BAKER, Virginia P.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Apr 1996 
BAKER, Wanda L.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Jun 1953 
BAKER, Wanda L.Oak GroveJersey*****18-06-1953 
BAKER, William M.NewbernMississippi19011978 
Baker, Zarilda Frances WillisLaxEnglish16 Jan 187911 Jun 1934Sidney & Margaret Vivian Willis
BALCOM (below)    See additional notes at bottom of page.
BALCOM, Alice R.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Jan 1988Researcher note: wife of John L, mother of John S, Lloyd M, Otis L
BALCOM, Dorothy G.Oak GroveJerseyApr 14, 19503 Jan 1951Researcher note: 8 months old. Parents Harry &Clara Belle Adams Balcom
Balcom, Fannie LaneNobleOtter Creek7 Oct 186029 Dec 1936Researcher note: burial McDow, death date 27 Dec 1936, burial was Dec 29 1936
BALCOM, Harry LeeOak GroveJersey23 Aug 191910 Nov 1952son of Lloyd Lee & Leora Myrtle Baldridge Balcom; hus to Clara Bell
Balcom, Inf.NobleOtter Creek192125 Apr 19228 months old. Researcher note: burial McDow, parents unknown.
Balcom, John L.NobleOtter Creek16 Apr ????18 Feb 192455, 10, 2 da.; son of Wm & Hester Pummefield Balcom. Researcher note: burial Methodist or Otterville; birth 16 Apr 1858; age at death 65, 10, 2 da.; son of Wm & Esther Rummerfield Balcom
BALCOM, John L.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Jul 1982Researcher note: Parents John L & Fannie Lane Balcom. Death certif & obit reads Donald Balcom as father
BALCOM, John S.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Jun 1951Researcher note: birth Apr 9 1921, Parents John L & Alice R Wolsey Balcom
Balcom, Leora IdellNobleOtter Creek1 Sep 19212 May 1922Lee & Myrtle Baldridge Balcom. Researcher note: burial McDow
BALCOM, Leora M.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Jan 1971Researcher note: birth May 27, 1902, Mother of Harry Balcom wife of Lloyd Lee
BALCOM, Lloyd LeeOak GroveJersey28 May 188814 Dec 1956son of John L. & Fannie Lane Balcom
Balcom, Lloyd M.NobleOtter Creek10 Aug 19282 Dec 1929John & Alice Ruth Woolsey Balcom Researcher note: burial McDow
Balcom, Otis LaverneNobleOtter Creek24 Feb 19243 Aug 1924John L. & Alice Woolsey Balcom Researcher note: burial McDow
Balcom, WilliamSalemOtter Creek**********Researcher note: birth Sept 2 1833, death Mar 13 1874, Headstone has letter ‘b’ on end of last name. hus of Esther Rummerfield, father of John L (1858 to 1924)
BALDING, MargaretScenic HillQuarry19131993 
BALDING, Paul H.Scenic HillQuarry19121994 
Baldridge, BerthaUnknownUnknown????7 Jan 1894dau. of John, Rosedale area; typhoid
BALDRIDGE, CharlesOak GroveJersey*****23 Apr 1895drowned at Ellsberry, MO. 16 years old.
BALDRIDGE, Charles H.Oak GroveJersey190820 Nov 1913 
Baldridge, DellieUnknownUnknown????Aug 188414 years old, Pleasant Cove
BALDRIDGE, Florence H.Oak GroveJersey192121 Jan 1923 
Baldridge, James C. Rev.UnknownUnknown????Nov 1879 
BALDRIDGE, M. M.Oak GroveJersey191429 Mar 1916 
Baldridge, MarthaUnknownUnknown????1894Rosedale area
BALDRIDGE, Paris M.Oak GroveJersey187728 May 1938 
BALDWIN, Albert RossOak GroveJersey18715 Jul 1949 
Baldwin, Benjamin CainGrimes – NeelyEnglish27 Jul 198127 Jul 1981 
Bale, Alice LouiseUnknownRuyle24 Jan 192424 Jan 1924stillborn of Arthur & Ida Florence Milby Bale
BALE, HenryMedoraRuyle31-10-186614-09-1940 
BALE, John WilliamOak GroveJersey19 Oct 192219 Oct 1922Arthur & Florence Milby Bale; stillborn.
BALE, Sarah RhoadsMedoraRuyle22-10-184503-11-1907 
BALL, BridgetSt. FrancisJersey*****7 Apr 1921order from James Ball, Carrollton IL
BALL, Charles AlbertOak GroveJersey18 Aug 186810 Jul 1936son of Theo. & & Nancy Cadwell Ball; hus of Christine
BALL, Christina HarrietOak GroveJersey26 May 186717 Mar 1957dau of Louis & Rose Schmidt Brechtel; wife 2 Bert
Ball, PatrickSt. FrancisJersey****190265 years
BALLARD, Benjamin J.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Feb 1953 
BALLARD, Carl F.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Jan 1986 
BALLARD, Carol A.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Oct 1941 
BALLARD, David L.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Feb 1999 
BALLARD, Dona OliveOak GroveJersey18858 Apr 1972 
BALLARD, EdnaOak GroveJersey*****19 Apr 1975 
BALLARD, Flora BFieldonRichwood18661910 
BALLARD, Fred C.Oak GroveJersey20 May 189517 Apr 1962son of Will & Mary Thress Steckel Ballard; hus 2 Hazel
BALLARD, George E.Oak GroveJersey18599 May 1904 
BALLARD, HannahOak GroveJersey18336 Nov 1903 
BALLARD, Harold E.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Nov 1983 
BALLARD, HazelOak GroveJersey*****20 Oct 1968 
BALLARD, Isaac E.Oak GroveJersey*****25-07-1957 
BALLARD, JamesOak GroveJersey183412 May 1908 
BALLARD, Jessie A.Oak GroveJersey24 May 188520 Feb 1958father of Jessie Menzie
BALLARD, John W.Oak GroveJersey187428 Jun 1949 
BALLARD, JosephOak GroveJersey*****19 May 1952 
BALLARD, Katie V.Oak GroveJersey187910 Feb 1917 
BALLARD, Lawrence E.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Apr 1996 
BALLARD, LewisOak GroveJersey*****22 Jun 1980 
BALLARD, Mary A.Oak GroveJersey*****29 Oct 1944 
BALLARD, Mary ElizabethOak GroveJersey13 Mar 189024 Mar 1932dau of Robert & Ellen L. Farmer Woods
BALLARD, Mary T. SteckelSt. FrancisJersey18661905 
BALLARD, Robert L.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Aug 1979 
BALLARD, Roy O. or C.Oak GroveJersey188016 Sep 1947 
BALLARD, SusanSt. FrancisJersey18621930 
BALLARD, Tekla B.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Mar 1999 
BALLARD, WilliamOak GroveJersey3 Dec 185917 May 1947son of John & Lovina Grave Ballard
BALLARD, William R.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Jun 1949 
BALLARD, WinstonOak GroveJersey190917 Jan 1916 
BALLASTER, Wilmer J.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Jun 1975 
BALLENGER, Johnnie C.ElsahElsah31-07-189425-08-1897 
BALLENGER, Mary L.ElsahElsah14-02-188626-08-1897 
BALLOU, Charles AlbertOak GroveJersey184720 Jun 1922 
Ballou, JamesOak GroveJersey28 Jul 185624 Feb 1929son of James & Pricilla Ballou; died @ Springfield IL
BALLOU, PriscillaOak GroveJersey5 May 183127 Jan 1920widow of James; dau of Wm. H. & Susan Knowland Ballou
BALLOU, William H.Oak GroveJersey18 Jan 185911 Feb 1940son of James & Pricilla Ballou
BALSTER, Edythe M.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Sep 1999 
Balster, Mildred Lucille CrullRosedaleRosedale26-09-191631-03-1985Daughter of Ezra & Leola Myers Crull
BAMBERY, Bridget HarringtonSt. FrancisJersey????30 Nov 1903 
BAMBERY, RichardSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
BANACH, Michelle R.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Mar 1999 
BANE, AgnesSt. FrancisJersey18811960 
BANE, JamesSt. FrancisJersey18831959 
BANE, MarySt. FrancisJersey???????? 
BANE, PatrickSt. FrancisJersey18701947 
BANE, WilliamSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
BANFIELD, Francis H.Scenic HillQuarry19141979WWII veteran
Banfield, GrandmaNobleOtter Creek????190581 year old. Mother of Leander Guess
Banfield, Jno.HamiltonOtter Creek********** 
BANFIELD, Leander H.Scenic HillQuarry18751947 
Banfield, MaryScenic HillQuarry****18 Apr 192657 years old.
BANFIELD, Ruby S.Scenic HillQuarry26 Aug 188416 Jan 1923James & Louisa Claridge Slaten; wife of D. W.
BANFIELD, Vera L.Scenic HillQuarry11-08-192322-08-1978 
BANFIELD, WalterScenic HillQuarry18821964 
BANFIELD, Wilbur T.Scenic HillQuarry31-12-1918***** 
BANFIELD, William H.Scenic HillQuarry10 Jan 184218 Feb 1923Henry Banfield; born in Philadelphia PA
BANGE, Ellis L.Scenic HillQuarry08-06-189518-06-1969 
BANGE, Wilbur “WIB”Scenic HillQuarry16-09-189803-12-1980 
BANGHART, John F.St. FrancisJersey18931969 
BANGHART, MargueritteSt. FrancisJersey1900???? 
Banion, WilliamCounty FarmEnglish183618-04-1916 
Bank, Walter StephenFieldonRichwood2 Jan 190825 Jun 1919Stephen & Magdalene Kaiser Bank; born in MO
BANKS, Lena KaiserFieldonRichwood9 Jan 18771 Dec 1937Joseph & Katherine Blank Kaiser
BANKS, Ralph J.FieldonRichwood19001940 
Banks, SteveFieldonRichwood9 Jan 18771 Dec 1937 
BANKS, Tony E.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Feb 2000 
BANKS, WalterFieldonRichwood18081819and his dog, Carlo.
BANKS, WalterFieldonRichwood19081915 
BAPTIST, Florence C.Oak GroveJersey5 Jun 185619 Apr 1934dau of James S. & Martha Reed Spires
BAPTIST, Frank W.Oak GroveJersey185719 Oct 1937 
BARAHUS, LawrenceOak GroveJersey188230 Jun 1954 
BARAHUS, MaggieOak GroveJersey18718 Jun 1931 
BARBER, Daniel HenryOak GroveJersey1 Aug 189130 Aug 1959son of David & Amanda Wilson Barber
Barber, Horance K.NobleOtter Creek11-04-182911-02-1904 
BARBIER, Alba G.ElsahElsah24-03-187725-09-1877 
BARBIER, Louis C.ElsahElsah23-02-183321-12-1906 
BARBIER, Louis C. Jr.ElsahElsah05-05-188306-06-1888 
BARBIER, Susan L.ElsahElsah19-05-184316-01-1913 
Barchus, MaggieFieldonRichwood9 May 18718 Jun 1931dau of Henry & Mary E. Piper Reynierson; born Indiana
BARKER, ChristingScenic HillQuarry25-12-182404-11-1897 
BARKER, DavidScenic HillQuarry05-09-182716-12-1891 
BARKER, JohnScenic HillQuarry********** 
BARKER, MaryScenic HillQuarry*****28 Aug 192851 yr. 4 mo 24 days.
BARLOW, AnnaScenic HillQuarry2 Dec 18332 Feb 1920dau of James Finley
BARLOW, JamesScenic HillQuarry16 Nov 183723 Apr 1920son of Martin B. & Elizabeth Deering Barlow
BARNAL, Eleanor PalmerElsahElsah???????? 
BARNAL, Emma V.ElsahElsah14-02-1835***** 
BARNAL, Ernest H.ElsahElsah20-07-188421-12-1910 
BARNAL, Harry M.ElsahElsah18782 Feb 1961age 82,4,22; son of Michael & Mary Jane Bates Barnal
BARNAL, JohnElsahElsah19101990 
BARNAL, Mary JaneElsahElsah1 Apr 185324 Mar 1937dau of William Bates; widow of Michael Barnal
BARNAL, Michael HenryElsahElsah25 Oct 18409 May 1924son of Henry Barnal; hus of Mary; born Germany
BARNAL, MyrtleElsahElsah2 Oct 188116 Mar 1957dau of John & Elizabeth Gunterman Bland; wife 2 Harry
BARNAL, Viola M.ElsahElsah08-05-190707-05-1908 
BARNARD, Lloyd G.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Aug 1995 
Barnard, Vivian SchellSt. FrancisJersey19131948 
Barnel, Mary JaneElsahElsah****24 Mar 1937 
Barnes, Addie R. LyonMaple LawnRuyle27 Jul 18612 Jul 1931wife of Elijah
Barnes, BessieMaple LawnRuyle18 Sep 188917 Feb 1893dau of J. & M.
Barnes, Caroline ElliottMaple LawnRuyle4 May 1835***** 
BARNES, Cecil A.MedoraRuyle20-03-189712-04-1947 
BARNES, Charles W.Oak GroveJersey*****02-10-1959 
Barnes, Clifford W.Maple LawnRuyle25 Nov 189618 Feb 1911 
BARNES, Edward E. RevMedoraRuyle18481916 
Barnes, Edward F.KemperRuyle06-03-187527-04-1917 
BARNES, EffieMedoraRuyle18841966 
Barnes, ElijahMaple LawnRuyle*****9 Nov 1865age 58 yr. 4 mo. 9 days
Barnes, Elijah W.Maple LawnRuyle18551921 
BARNES, Elsie R.MedoraRuyle10-10-191213-07-1949 
BARNES, Emma Jane SearlesMedoraRuyle15-04-186705-04-1928Jerseyville Republican 1928, states birth 29 Mar 1885
BARNES, Florence W.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Dec 1972 
BARNES, G. Mrs. S.MedoraRuyle18451925 
Barnes, GeorgeKemperRuyle18781962 
Barnes, GipsonKemperRuyle-18481912 
BARNES, Harriet AliceMedoraRuyle21 Oct 187322 Jan 1951dau of Leonard & Alice Thomas Ryan
BARNES, IreneMedoraRuyle25 Jun 19022 Aug 1951dau of Oskar & Harriet A. Ryan Barnes
Barnes, James W.Maple LawnRuyle15 Oct 183417 Aug 1909 
BARNES, Jessie MarieMedoraRuyle17-11-190112-05-1974 
BARNES, Laura JaneMedoraRuyle05-11-188627-11-1925 
Barnes, LevinaMaple LawnRuyle*****1 May 187361 yr. 1 mo. 10 da old wife of Elijah.
BARNES, Lewis E.MedoraRuyle21 Apr 18644 Jun 1929 
Barnes, Lucy O.KemperRuyle18891969 
Barnes, LynnMaple LawnRuyle*****11 Jun 1920Army
BARNES, Margaret E.MedoraRuyle*****31-07-1835 
BARNES, Mary E.MedoraRuyle01-03-186512-06-1944 
Barnes, Milton W.Maple LawnRuyle27 Aug 188830 Nov 1889 
Barnes, Nellie M. KetchemKemperRuyle08-09-187403-02-1963 
BARNES, NitaMedoraRuyle1898***** 
BARNES, Nora Elizabeth BatesElsahElsah20 Nov 187514 Jan 1939 
Barnes, Oscar F.MedoraRuyle20 Oct 187931 Oct 1936William & Caroline Elliott Barnes; hus of Harriet
BARNES, Paul D.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Apr 1980 
BARNES, Paul EdmundElsahElsah19011922 
BARNES, RogerMedoraRuyle*****1914 
Barnes, Sarah J.KemperRuyle18511923 
BARNES, Stephen FrenchMedoraRuyle10 Sep 187024 Nov 1927J. William & Caroline Elliott Barnes
BARNES, Vera G.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Nov 1979 
BARNES, William R.ElsahElsah18781964 
BARNETT, Allen A. DR.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Jan 191786 years old
BARNETT, Allen OlcottOak GroveJersey11 Nov 18553 Aug 1932son of Allen & Elizabeth Cone Barnett; hus to Emma
Barnett, CharlesNewbernMississippi****0 Mar 193071 years old.
Barnett, ChildParadise/ChapmanFidelity????7 Feb 1896child of William
Barnett, Colon MeadeKemperRuyle18771956 
Barnett, Danny E.KemperRuyle19381939 
BARNETT, ElizabethOak GroveJersey*****7 Jul 1917 
BARNETT, FrankOak GroveJersey*****16 Jan 1971 
BARNETT, GeorgeOak GroveJersey*****15 Oct 1973 
Barnett, HannahParadise/ChapmanFidelity18691951 
Barnett, Ida BelleKemperRuyle18801940 
Barnett, Ida MaeKemperRuyle1910 
Barnett, Jimmy R.KemperRuyle19421952 
Barnett, Mary J.Paradise/ChapmanFidelity24-10-186005-06-1902 
BARNETT, Phoebe N.Oak GroveJersey14 Jul 186025 May 1925wife of A. O.; dau of Edward & Elizabeth Niehel Trabue
Barnett, Robert C.KemperRuyle19091982 
BARNETT, Shirley M.MedoraRuyle05-03-192710-08-1981 
Barnett, ThomasParadise/ChapmanFidelity18451921 
Barnett, Walter E.Paradise/ChapmanFidelity05-01-189501-02-1896 
Barnett, WilliamParadise/ChapmanFidelity15 Jul 184822 Mar 1928 
BARNFIELD, Ferl D.Oak GroveJersey*****13 Mar 1992 
Barnhartt, Eddy H.Falkner/FaulknerEnglish*****30-01-1864Age 1-6-20, son of A. L. & Mary
BARR, AdaOak GroveJersey*****8 Oct 1859 
BARR, HannahOak GroveJersey183213 Mar 1906 
BARR, HenriettaOak GroveJersey18767 May 1896 
BARR, IdaOak GroveJersey*****8 Oct 1859 
BARR, InfantOak GroveJersey????????Mother Hariette or Henretta
BARR, James A.Oak GroveJersey18211 Feb 1913 
BARR, John CowanOak GroveJersey3 Feb 181816 Jan 1883 
BARR, Julia A.Oak GroveJersey*****6 Sep 1906 
BARR, Lula HardyOak GroveJersey25 Sep 187013 Mar 1921single dau of James Abner & Hannah M. Phelps Barr
BARR, Mary A.Oak GroveJersey*****29 May 1903 
BARRATINE, JaneOak GroveJersey*****17 Feb 1944 
BARRATINE, JeanOak GroveJersey*****17 Feb 1944 
BARRETT, AnnaOak GroveJersey18701940 
BARRETT, AnnaSt. FrancisJersey18701940 
Barrett, Edward J.St. FrancisJersey****15 Apr 1919single, 22 years old
BARRETT, HannahOak GroveJersey2 Apr 186428 Jan 1935dau of Elba Johnisee; wife of James Barrett
BARRETT, James FosterOak GroveJersey187715 Oct 1943 
BARRETT, John W.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Jan 1911 
BARRETT, NellieOak GroveJersey1879???? 
BARRETT, NellieSt. FrancisJersey1879???? 
BARRETT, William F.Oak GroveJersey*****6 May 1999 
BARRINGER, ChildOak GroveJersey27 Sep 192827 Sep 1928Kenneth & Marguerite Krohn Barringer
BARRINGER, FerdinandOak GroveJersey17 Aug 185926 Dec 1937John Barringer;
BARRINGER, J. J.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Feb 1909 
Barringer, JosephVan HorneMississippi23-05-186123-10-1862 
BARRINGER, JuliaOak GroveJersey*****5 Apr 191138 years old
BARRINGER, KennethOak GroveJersey190021 Feb 1976 
BARRINGER, MargaretOak GroveJersey*****14 May 1911 
BARRINGER, Mary EllenOak GroveJersey15 Aug 18575 Oct 1931dau of John & Minerva Davis Cray; wife of Ferdinand
BARRINGER, Meta I.Oak GroveJersey28 Mar 187022 Jul 1960dau of John Wesley & Emiline Fitzgerald Dugan; Ma 2 Ken
BARRINGER, OttoOak GroveJersey25 May 186929 Jan 1929son of John & Margaret Kinsley Barringer; hus to Meta
BARRINGER, Ruby MayOak GroveJersey190622 Jul 1967 
BARRINGER, RudolphOak GroveJersey30 Jan 186723 Aug 1942son of John & Margaret Kinsley Barringer
BARRINGER, William KennethOak GroveJersey24 Nov 193825 Nov 1938infant of Kenneth & Ruby Fry Barringer
BARRON, Anna WhalenSt. FrancisJersey18401903 
BARRON, CatherineSt. FrancisJersey????1946 
BARRON, Francis P.St. FrancisJersey????1954 
BARRON, Frank T.St. FrancisJersey23 Jan 18813 Feb 1951 
BARRON, JamesSt. FrancisJersey????1924 
BARRON, JohnSt. FrancisJersey18481910 
BARRON, John RichardSt. FrancisJersey1 Oct 18886 Nov 1921son of John & Mary Barron
BARRON, Josephine PilgerSt. FrancisJersey18561932 
BARRON, LillieSt. FrancisJersey18861919 
BARRON, MargaretSt. FrancisJersey23 Mar 188321 Jun 1962 
BARRON, MarySt. FrancisJersey18491935 
BARRON, Mary AnnSt. FrancisJersey????1900 
BARRON, Mary BuckleySt. FrancisJersey18611874 
BARRON, Mary E.St. FrancisJersey????1960 
BARRON, Minnie EllenSt. FrancisJersey15 Apr 187929 Apr 1960 
BARRON, MRS. RichardSt. FrancisJersey*****3 Dec 1903 
BARRON, NellieSt. FrancisJersey18788 Jan 1898 
BARRON, PatrickSt. FrancisJersey????1933 
BARRON, R. LeoSt. FrancisJersey????1959 
BARRON, RaymondSt. FrancisJersey*****4 Aug 1912 
BARRON, RichardSt. FrancisJersey18401926 
BARROW, GervaOak GroveJersey26 Aug 190310 Nov 1928dau of Wm. Ross & Florence E. Nalley
Barry, Benjamin FranklinLaxEnglish18621938 
Barry, ClaraLaxEnglish18681943 
BARRY, E. L. H. Jr. MRS.Oak GroveJersey186822 Mar 1896 
BARRY, E. L. H. MRS.Oak GroveJersey18391 Dec 1901 
BARRY, Edw. L. H.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Nov 18911 yr-3 mo,
BARRY, Edw. L. H. DR.Oak GroveJersey20 Jan 18344 Feb 1926son of Edw. H. & Sarah Jamison Barry
BARRY, Edward L. H. Jr.Oak GroveJersey186127 Nov 1897 
BARRY, Eliza E.Oak GroveJersey*****01-01-1957 
BARRY, Eward L. H.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Jul 18962 months old
BARRY, Gladys IreneOak GroveJersey189419 Jun 1895 
Barry, PearlLaxEnglish20-12-188614-07-1888 
BARTEL, AndrewScenic HillQuarry12-09-189325-09-1982 
BARTEL, EdithScenic HillQuarry26-11-188319-06-1965 
BARTH, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Aug 1930 
Bartholomew, Chappell MilfordEast NewbernMississippi****18 Aug 1918 
Bartholomew, Marian YotterMourning MeadowsRichwoodSep 23 1922Dec 19 2003new cemetery! d/o Forrest & Naomi Shea Yotter
BARTLET, AlbertHartfordQuarry18741894 
BARTLET, MaryHartfordQuarry18691890 
BARTLET, Thomas J.HartfordQuarry18771890 
Bartlett, Amelia J.Paradise/ChapmanFidelity*****30-05-1858 
BARTLETT, B. C.Oak GroveJersey????Oct 1881 
BARTLETT, B. C. Mrs.Oak GroveJersey???????? 
BARTLETT, C. B.Oak GroveJersey18453 Mar 1903 
BARTLETT, Dorothy M.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Jan 1983 
Bartlett, Edgar A.Paradise/ChapmanFidelity10-04-187122-8-1872 
BARTLETT, EthelOak GroveJersey187413 Jul 1908 
BARTLETT, Eugene R.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Dec 1997 
BARTLETT, Harold H.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Jan 1998 
BARTLETT, HelenOak GroveJersey*****10 Oct 1966 
Bartlett, Ira W.NobleOtter Creek22-10-183610-10-1905 
BARTLETT, Julia AmandaOak GroveJersey18355 Mar 1919widow; born Vermont; dau of Wm. Sturdevant; 84 years old
Bartlett, Julia AnnUnknownUnknown????1850 
Bartlett, LewisNobleOtter Creek12 May 187917 Apr 1942son of Ira Bartlett
Bartlett, Lula B. HedgepathNobleOtter Creek****31 Aug 1940dau of Henry & Julia Swafford Hedgepath
BARTLETT, Lula T. ConradOak GroveJersey6 Feb 188125 Oct 1956dau of Isaac Newton & Mary Etta Ward Conrad; wife 2 Walter
Bartlett, Margaret ResherOak GroveJersey26 Aug 181525 May 1895 
Bartlett, MaryParadise/ChapmanFidelity*****21-04-1885 
Bartlett, Mary E. CurtisParadise/ChapmanFidelity*****-11-1852 
BARTLETT, Minnie B.Oak GroveJersey187011 Jul 1948 
BARTLETT, Ralph S.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Jan 1994 
BARTLETT, Sarah A.Oak GroveJersey12 Aug 18457 Sep 1926dau of James & Mary A. Harrington Nugent
BARTLETT, Shannon M.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Apr 1991 
Bartlett, Susan E.NobleOtter Creek06-04-184817-07-1915 
BARTLETT, Valera M.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Jan 2000 
BARTLETT, Walter B.Oak GroveJersey15 Apr 186828 Feb 1957son of Benj. & Julia Sturdevant Bartlett.
Bartlett, Warren C.NobleOtter Creek28 Jul 187616 Jul 1924Ira & Susan Clark Bartlett
BARTLETT, WilliamOak GroveJersey*****20 Feb 1940 
BARTLETT, William H.Oak GroveJersey3 Jul 184024 Aug 1923son of Wm. & Margaret Reischer Bartlett
BARTLETT, William S.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Aug 1989 
BARTLETT, William S.Oak GroveJersey*****28 May 1947 
BARTOLD, Hazel E.MedoraRuyle18981963 
Barton, Charles H.Belt/SalemEnglish18721921 
Barton, ChristopherNobleOtter Creek11 Nov ****26 Apr 1945age 71-5-15; son of John & Elizabeth Montgomery Barton
Barton, CorneliaBelt/SalemEnglish01-04-184822-07-1934 
Barton, Elisha H.Belt/SalemEnglish10-11-181525-01-1872 
Barton, ElizabethNobleOtter Creek18-06-184702-04-1936 
Barton, ElmerKemperRuyle*****25-03-1864 
Barton, Ernest C.NobleOtter Creek11 Mar 18713 Mar 1944son of John & Elizabeth Montgomery Barton
Barton, GeorgeBelt/SalemEnglish*****29-02-1936 
Barton, John A.NobleOtter Creek18441916 
Barton, William H.Belt/SalemEnglish16-08-184603-12-1904 
Baruff, Lucy AliceReddish/CooperRichwood185105-12-1881 
Bassett, LenaUnknownUnknown????1905 
Bateman, JohnUnknownUnknown????5 Nov 188222 year old
Bateman, Lizzie E.Pruitt/HawkinsRuyle*****24-02-1868 
BATES, Arch H.Oak GroveJersey30 Jan 186024 Aug 1933hus to Emma; son of Silas & Selina Hamilton Bates
BATES, Barbara J.East NewbernMississippi14-01-193622-08-1989 
BATES, Bernice N.East NewbernMississippi06-03-1926***** 
Bates, ChildOak GroveJersey????0 Apr 18962 month old child of Arch.
BATES, ClarenceOak GroveJersey*****23 Dec 1908 
BATES, Clyde OtisOak GroveJersey189721 Sep 1944 
BATES, DavidOak GroveJersey18471891 
BATES, David O.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Oct 1917 
BATES, Earl H.East NewbernMississippi18881968 
BATES, EdnaOak GroveJersey???????? 
BATES, Edwin C.ElsahElsah18871968 
BATES, Elizabeth SloverOak GroveJersey179729 Nov 1867 
BATES, Ellen M.MedoraRuyle23-02-187126-06-1956 
BATES, Emma E.Oak GroveJersey19 Aug 186619 Nov 1933widow of Arch;
BATES, Evelyn RuthMedoraRuyle190319-09-1931 
BATES, Florence E.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Aug 1977 
BATES, Henrietta J.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Nov 191363 years old.
Bates, Henrietta J. BonellUnknownUnknown????189463 years
BATES, HenryOak GroveJersey18621879 
BATES, HenryOak GroveJersey187014 Jul 1944 
BATES, Hubert E.East NewbernMississippi********** 
BATES, Hubert F.East NewbernMississippi15-06-1920***** 
BATES, Inez M.East NewbernMississippi18941978 
BATES, Jack E.East NewbernMississippi03-03-1929***** 
BATES, James F.ElsahElsah26-04-183722-12-1900 
BATES, James O.MedoraRuyle18731964 
Bates, JuliaSalemOtter Creek********** 
BATES, Lela E.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Jan 1984 
BATES, Lulla BelleOak GroveJersey186830 Jan 1964 
BATES, Mary E.ElsahElsah18941940 
BATES, Nettie A.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Feb 1961 
BATES, NinaMedoraRuyle11-05-188101-11-1927 
BATES, Paul H.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Jan 1937 
BATES, Raymond H.Oak GroveJersey*****21 May 1964 
BATES, Rebecca N. WOODEast NewbernMississippi********** 
Bates, Rev.East NewbernMississippi????0 Feb 189446 years old.
Bates, Robert BurlyBeltreesPiasa19 Nov 193117 Oct 2002US Navy Korean War Veteran
BATES, Ruth B.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Sep 1980 
BATES, Selina HamiltonOak GroveJersey182130 Mar 1908 
BATES, SilasOak GroveJersey181722 Mar 1898 
BATES, Silas Jr.Oak GroveJersey185713 Mar 1904 
BATES, WalterOak GroveJersey189210 Nov 1970 
BATES, WilliamElsahElsah********** 
BATES, WilliamOak GroveJersey179526 Dec 1868 
BATES, William H.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Nov 1973 
Bates, William R.SalemOtter Creek*****16-04-1849 
Bath, Matilda A.Belt/SalemEnglish190217-03-1903 
BATTEN, RoseOak GroveJersey188305-03-1956 
BATTEN, TheodoreOak GroveJersey18851950 
BAUER, Barth J.St. FrancisJersey19021954 
BAUER, Donald JosephSt. FrancisJersey16 Apr 193016 Sep 1978 
BAUER, Helen J. GoettenSt. FrancisJersey27 May 195426 Jan 1981 
BAUER, LouisOak GroveJersey18299 Apr 1895 
BAUER, MaryOak GroveJersey184126 Feb 1900 
Baugh, R. C.UnknownUnknown????1850 
BAUGH, Winfred C.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Feb 1999 
BAUM, AnnaSt. FrancisJersey18721939 
BAUM, Anna MarieFieldonRichwood31-12-183706-01-1870 
BAUM, ElizabethSt. Mary’sEnglish21-10-193802-12-1914 
BAUM, Ernest G.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Nov 1971 
BAUM, Fredrick W.St. FrancisJersey3 Nov 186310 Dec 1928hus of Anna; son of Wm. Baum
BAUM, Ida LoellkeFieldonRichwood18721961 
Baum, RalphSt. FrancisJersey****0 May 1929maybe 5 months old son of Fred (unreadable FR)
Baum, Ralph S.FieldonRichwood19 Feb 19167 May 1916inf son of Fred & Annie Miller Baum
BAUM, WilhelmFieldonRichwood17-01-183323-11-1884 
BAUM, WilhelminaFieldonRichwood17-11-185824-03-1881 
BAUM, William F.FieldonRichwood21 Mar 18613 Aug 1927son of Wm. & Marie Kranz Baum; born in Madison CO IL
BAUMGARTNER, Midge O’TooleSt. FrancisJersey19541978 
Baxter, Amanda JaneHartfordQuarry11 May 184122 Nov 1929Martin B. & Elizabeth Dearing Barlow; born Paris IL
BAXTER, AugustaHartfordQuarry*****26-09-1896 
BAXTER, Augusta E.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Aug 1972 
BAXTER, Byron DouglasHartfordQuarry10 Nov 19082 May 1927Claud & Mollie Miller Baxter
BAXTER, Charles E.HartfordQuarry24-01-190527-08-1982 
BAXTER, ClaraHartfordQuarry19051959 
BAXTER, ClaudeHartfordQuarry08-01-18761962 
BAXTER, DanielScenic HillQuarry1882son of H. S.; may have been buried in Louisanna, MO
BAXTER, FannyScenic HillQuarry9 Mar 185511 Apr 1922Wm. & Elizabeth Carpenter Campbell
BAXTER, H. S.Scenic HillQuarry18551942 
BAXTER, HiramScenic HillQuarry29-01-182826-08-1893Mexican American War
BAXTER, Homer LeeHartfordQuarry19-11-186216-11-1905 
BAXTER, Ida Ann HeiderscheidGuntermanRichwood19 Dec 187012 Jul 1929Nicholas & Laura Thurston Heiderscheid; wife of L. E.
BAXTER, JohnHartfordQuarry18371929 
BAXTER, Leslie E.HartfordQuarry2 Mar 18688 Oct 1940son of John & Amanda Barlow Baxter; husband to Augusta
BAXTER, Martha L.HartfordQuarry19241983 
BAXTER, Mary J.Scenic HillQuarry09-05-182723-08-1904 
BAXTER, MollyHartfordQuarry27-12-188106-01-1890 
BAXTER, Nellie StapletonScenic HillQuarry18841958 
BAXTER, PearlHartfordQuarry19071966 
BAXTER, Pearl O.HartfordQuarry18811936 
BAYER, AdolphOak GroveJersey186312 Nov 1864 
Bayer, Adolph JuliusUnknownUnknown????1879 
BAYER, AugustaOak GroveJersey188413 Feb 1945 
BAYER, CatherineOak GroveJersey10 Apr 18459 Aug 1926dau of John F?????ter; born in Germany
BAYER, ConradOak GroveJersey*****26 May 1867 
BAYER, EdwardOak GroveJersey18641866 
BAYER, FrankOak GroveJersey*****23 Nov 1943 
BAYER, Fred H.Oak GroveJersey15 Jan 186313 Apr 1920State Hospital, Jacksonville, IL son of Henry & Mary Bayer
BAYER, GeorgeOak GroveJersey*****26 May 1867 
BAYER, HenryOak GroveJersey18313 Jun 1893 
BAYER, Henry F.Oak GroveJersey18421901 
BAYER, LouisOak GroveJersey*****27 Sep 1939 
BAYER, LouisOak GroveJersey18601928 
BAYER, Lucy V.Oak GroveJersey*****22 May 1962 
BAYER, Mary A.Oak GroveJersey184824 Feb 1928 
Bayer, RosaUnknownUnknown????Jun 188116 mo. old dau. of Henry
BAYER, William C.Oak GroveJersey18655 Mar 1896 
Beach, Charles D. Col.LaxEnglish*****28-03-1895 
Beach, Charles H.LaxEnglish*****30-11-1936WWI Veteran; 41 yrs. old Don & Stella Harmon Beach
Beach, Charles H. E.LaxEnglish4 May 19155 Oct 1915Son of Otis T. & Freda Eisler Beach
Beach, CharlotteLaxEnglish01-09-183015-04-18711st wife of Chas. D. Beach; dau of John & Hester Vaughn
BEACH, Cornelia L.Grimes – NeelyEnglish19101987 
BEACH, Elsie C.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Jan 1993 
Beach, Emma JeanLaxEnglish18631898 
BEACH, Froman A.Grimes – NeelyEnglish19101980 
BEACH, Helen Dorothy HunterGrimes – NeelyEnglish26 Jan 190127 May 1982 
BEACH, Ida M.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18811967 
Beach, Infant son of M. L. & M.RosedaleRosedale185905-03-1859 
Beach, John T.RosedaleRosedale185501-12-18571 year & 10 days old son of M. L. & M. Beach
Beach, Stephen L.RosedaleRosedale*****185620 years, 7 months and 20 days old.
BEACH, Thornton AugustusGrimes – NeelyEnglish12-10-192215-11-1971 
Beach, Valda Marie Longfellow TuetkenGrimes – NeelyEnglish7 Feb 19249 Jan 2002w/of Marion M.; 1st hus. Everett Crull Tuetken
BEACH, Walter L.Grimes – NeelyEnglish18821949 
Beach, Wilma KeeleyLaxEnglish28-06-189525-10-1972 
BEAHLER, JuliaOak GroveJersey185010 Sep 1927 
BEAN, Annie HenriettaOak GroveJersey18922 Jun 1977 
Bean, BerniceOak GroveJersey*****13 Sep 200183 years
Bean, EmmaLaxEnglish????0 Dec 189630 yrs 11 days
Bean, Ernest L.LaxEnglish29-07-190728-01-1910 
Bean, FrankLaxEnglish0 Feb 190917 Jul 1909Funeral charges to Leslie.
Bean, Frank L.LaxEnglish29 Jun 185710 May 1923died at Hot Springs Arkansas
Bean, George LeslieLaxEnglish18-10-188024-02-1925Frank & Phoebe A. Carrico Bean
Bean, Harold T.LaxEnglish1903***** 
BEAN, Hettie E.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Jun 1982 
BEAN, HubertOak GroveJersey186826 Jan 1971 
Bean, InfantOak GroveJersey19151915child of W. & Annie Bean
Bean, James HaroldNobleOtter Creek04-09-191102-04-1993 
BEAN, Lester HenryOak GroveJersey*****30 Apr 1920 
Bean, Lottie Pearl DarrLaxEnglish11-05-190528-12-1991 
Bean, Maude MayLaxEnglish14-05-30-03-1913 
Bean, MelvinLaxEnglish18321929 
BEAN, Minnie ClydeOak GroveJersey18691946wife of Hubert
Bean, Phebe A. CarricoLaxEnglish09-01-185821-04-1908 
Bean, ShermanLaxEnglish*****17 Jul 1909 
Bean, Thomas J.LaxEnglish183227 Apr 1910 
Bean, Walter LeeLaxEnglish9 Nov 19289 Nov 1928H. T. & Lottie P. Darr Bean
BEAN, WilliamOak GroveJersey18786 Jan 1938 
BEAN, William A.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Jul 1969 
BEAN, William child ofOak GroveJersey*****7 Jul 1915 
BEARD, Charles E.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Oct 1980 
BEARD, EdwardOak GroveJersey*****20 Mar 1967 
BEARD, Emma E.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Nov 1978 
BEARD, Minnie I.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Sep 1949 
BEARD, OraOak GroveJersey190414 Sep 1975 
BEARDSLEE, EddieOak GroveJersey*****23 Jan 1874 
BEARDSLEE, Edward S.Oak GroveJersey180726 Jan 1886 
BEARDSLEE, George R.Oak GroveJersey*****13 Apr 18822 year old child of Nathaniel & Georgia
BEARDSLEE, Hannah M. DixonOak GroveJersey18364 Jan 1902 
BEARDSLEE, Infant maleOak GroveJersey*****8 Oct 1884 
BEARDSLEE, Leslie AustinOak GroveJersey18871953 
BEARDSLEE, MattieOak GroveJersey*****21 Aug 1873 
BEARDSLEE, Susan MunsonOak GroveJersey*****13 Jan 1885 
BEARDSLEE, TheodoreOak GroveJersey183419 Jan 1912 
Beary, MaryOak GroveJersey19081960 
BEASLEY, Dennis R.Oak GroveJersey*****29 Jul 1968 
BEASLEY, James W.MedoraRuyle22-03-187429-06-1951 
BEASLEY, LorneaScenic HillQuarry19141987 
BEASLEY, Martin V.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Jan 1965 
BEASLEY, Orra B.MedoraRuyle21-08-188027-11-1971 
BEASLEY, VelmaOak GroveJersey*****23 Jan 1978 
Beatly, MarieSt. Michael’sElsah18771932 
BEATTY, AmosOak GroveJersey18771880 
BEATTY, AnnaOak GroveJersey20 Mar 18463 Feb 1933dau of James & Susan M. Hutchinson Nelson
BEATTY, Anna KeehnerOak GroveJersey8 Aug 18797 Aug 1956dau of Geo. F. & Margaret Bohrman Keehner
BEATTY, Annie E.Oak GroveJersey181319 Jan 1868 
BEATTY, CatherineOak GroveJersey18145 Mar 1888 
BEATTY, Catherine E.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Feb 192380 years old.
BEATTY, Charles A.Oak GroveJersey190609-08-1958 
BEATTY, Charles A.Oak GroveJersey19 Jul 185130 Jun 1931son of Robert S. & Eliza Buchannan Beatty
BEATTY, ChildOak GroveJersey*****9 Oct 1910 
BEATTY, David BeckettOak GroveJersey27 Mar 186710 Jul 1920order from David E. Beatty
BEATTY, David E.Oak GroveJersey187417 Mar 1939 
BEATTY, David E.Oak GroveJersey18129 Aug 1894 
BEATTY, Edith K.Oak GroveJersey187212 Sep 18724 months
BEATTY, Elisa A. BuchannanOak GroveJersey181425 Feb 1894 
Beatty, ElizaUnknownUnknown????25 Feb 189479 years old; wife of Robert
BEATTY, Eliza A.Oak GroveJersey18478 Jun 1912 
BEATTY, Emma E. KirbyOak GroveJersey28 Nov 184925 Jan 1899 
BEATTY, Francis J.Oak GroveJersey18382 Jun 1904 
BEATTY, George B.Oak GroveJersey18566 Dec 1936 
BEATTY, George N.Oak GroveJersey187420 Apr 1932son of William C. & Catherine Bonnell Beatty
BEATTY, GerthaOak GroveJersey187012 Oct 18706 mo.
BEATTY, Grace E.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Jan 1953 
BEATTY, Harriet W.Oak GroveJersey182831 Jan 1908 
BEATTY, HenriettaOak GroveJersey*****13 May 1937 
BEATTY, Henry NewtonOak GroveJersey186130 Sep 18653 yrs., 11 months.
Beatty, Henry RossOak GroveJersey23 Jun 187610 Apr 1950son of Ninnina & Catherine Bonnell Beaty; hus 2 Anna
BEATTY, Jennie C. SunderlandOak GroveJersey184425 Jan 1903 
BEATTY, John R.Oak GroveJersey14 Sep 183910 May 1918son of Robert S. & Eliza. Buchanan Beatty; born NY
BEATTY, John S.Oak GroveJersey181613 Oct 1890 
BEATTY, Leila McClureOak GroveJersey22 Jun 186230 Apr 1936dau of James & Christina Burke McClure; wife 2 Charles A.
BEATTY, Lester D.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Nov 1948 
BEATTY, Lucia MatildaOak GroveJersey187811-02-1958 
BEATTY, Martin L.Oak GroveJersey14 Jan 18464 Jun 1927son of Robert S. & Eliza Buchannan Beatty; born NJ
BEATTY, Mary E.Oak GroveJersey18719 Apr 1949 
BEATTY, Mary ElizabethOak GroveJersey182030 May 1898 
BEATTY, Mary JaneOak GroveJersey18465 Jun 1911 
BEATTY, Nellie L.Oak GroveJersey188616 Mar 1887 
BEATTY, Ninian C.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Dec 1902 
BEATTY, Oliver C.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Nov 1943 
BEATTY, Perry R.Oak GroveJersey187930 May 1948 
BEATTY, R. ChristyOak GroveJersey*****18-10-1960 
BEATTY, Robert S.Oak GroveJersey12 Mar 18062 Apr 1883 
BEATTY, Robert S.Oak GroveJersey16 Jul 184123 Jan 1925son of Robert & Eliza Buchanan Beatty; born in NY
BEATTY, William F.Oak GroveJersey188428 Jan 1887 
BEATY, Agnes AnnOak GroveJersey*****26 Jun 192268 years old; married, dau of John C. & Caroline Winsor
BEATY, Agnes CarleneOak GroveJersey9 Jul 19189 Jul 1918stillborn of Carl Earson & Zerta Marie Long Beaty
BEATY, Carl E.Oak GroveJersey11 Nov 188918 Mar 1935son of Louis R. & Nancy Lowis Beaty
Beaty, ChildUnknownUnknown????Beb 1881child of Amos
BEATY, Eliza JaneOak GroveJersey16 Dec 185630 Apr 1946dau of John & Catherine Eason Winsor; wife to John N.
BEATY, HarrietOak GroveJersey*****29 Aug 1891 
BEATY, Hubert BonnellOak GroveJersey12 Sep 18687 May 1929died in ST. Louis; son of Ninian C. & Catherine Bonnell Beaty
BEATY, JohnOak GroveJersey*****26 Aug 1873 
BEATY, John E.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Jul 1915 
BEATY, John MRS.Oak GroveJersey179831 Aug 1891 
BEATY, John N.Oak GroveJersey31 Mar 185518 Jun 1946son of Jeremiah & Nancy Lewis Beaty
BEATY, John W.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Dec 1915 
BEATY, Lewis R.Oak GroveJersey23 Sep 185123 Dec 1935son of Jeremiah & Nancy Lewis Beaty; Born Melville OH
BEATY, Lewis WilliamOak GroveJersey*****7 Apr 2000 
BEATY, Linda S.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Mar 1963 
BEATY, MinnieOak GroveJersey*****27 Nov 1946 
BEAUCHAMP, Felix B.Oak GroveJersey*****6 Sep 1986 
BEAUCHAMP, Ruby JulieElsahElsah05-03-187809-01-1913 
BEAVERDELL, Irene M.St. Mary’sEnglish19021989 
BEAVERDELL, Raymond A.St. Mary’sEnglish18991976 
Beazley, GraceSt. Michael’sElsah19041911 
Beazley, LeoSt. Michael’sElsah19091909 
BECHTEL, DorothyOak GroveJersey19141956 
BECHTEL, George B.Oak GroveJersey*****04-06-1960 
BECHTEL, Vickie LoisOak GroveJersey19441956 
Bechtold, Agnes K.St. Michael’sElsah17 Aug 192018 Oct 1997 
Bechtold, Albert J.St. Michael’sElsah22 Nov 1924***** 
Bechtold, AnnaSt. Michael’sElsah24 Sep 186013 Jun 1943 
Bechtold, Anna M.St. Michael’sElsah3 May 189820 Aug 1972 
Bechtold, Bernard J.St. Michael’sElsah19171973 
Bechtold, David A.St. Michael’sElsah19 Aug 19473 Jul 1948 
Bechtold, Edward M.St. Michael’sElsah16 Jul 191926 Jan 1945 
Bechtold, Elizabeth M.St. Michael’sElsah9 Jun 190324 Jun 1992 
Bechtold, Elmer J.St. Michael’sElsah27 Feb 192327 Oct 1991 
Bechtold, Frank J.St. Michael’sElsah18921951 
Bechtold, HelenSt. Michael’sElsah19291931 
Bechtold, Henry B.St. Michael’sElsah4 Dec 18913 Apr 1974 
Bechtold, Jerome G.St. Michael’sElsah7 Feb 19347 Mar 1983 
Bechtold, JohnSt. Michael’sElsah18891966 
Bechtold, Joseph M.St. Michael’sElsah1 Sep 19002 Jan 1995 
Bechtold, Laura R.St. Michael’sElsah24 May 1926***** 
Bechtold, MarySt. Michael’sElsah18961980 
Bechtold, Mary K.St. Michael’sElsah18881971 
Bechtold, MathiasSt. Michael’sElsah12 Feb 18474 Nov 1931 
Bechtold, Mathias J.St. Michael’sElsah9 Oct 188614 Jun 1913 
Bechtold, Pauline E.St. Michael’sElsah19101989 
Bechtold, Raymond H.St. Michael’sElsah5 Mar 192315 Jan 1980 
Bechtold, Rose M.St. Michael’sElsah1938***** 
Beck, Andrew L.NobleOtter Creek15-12-181212-12-1877 
BECK, LisaOak GroveJersey*****16 Aug 1980 
BECK, Ulalia JohnsonOak GroveJersey189019 Apr 1976 
Beckemeyer, Louisa M. PaulOak GroveJersey28 Mar 185826 Dec 1932dau of Philip Paul
BECKER, Alvena SauerSt. Mary’sEnglish18811972 
BECKER, Anna L.St. Mary’sEnglish14-01-1920***** 
BECKER, Anna M. GoettenSt. Mary’sEnglish1887 1970 
BECKER, Annie M.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Apr 1985 
BECKER, Bernard H.St. Mary’sEnglish20-05-192010-10-1965 
BECKER, CharlesSt. Mary’sEnglish18681956 
BECKER, Clarence J.St. Mary’sEnglish08-04-191902-11-1983 
BECKER, Dorothy E.St. Mary’sEnglish05-02-191705-02-1981 
BECKER, Edward J.St. Mary’sEnglish30-03-191312-06-1989 
BECKER, Elsie EvertsOak GroveJersey19103 Dec 1974 
BECKER, FrankSt. Mary’sEnglish18751930 
BECKER, FredSt. Mary’sEnglish19101982 
BECKER, FrederickSt. Mary’sEnglish24-01-183702-06-1873 
BECKER, HenrySt. Mary’sEnglish0 Jul 187815 Jan 1921see funeral record for more details
Becker, Infant SonLaxEnglish13 Sep 191513 Sep 1915Stillborn E. J. & Anna Lawrence Becker
BECKER, JohnSt. Mary’sEnglish18661952 
BECKER, John E.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Sep 1951 
BECKER, John Wimple or Joseph W.Oak GroveJersey6 Jan 18642 May 1936son of Gregory Becker; hus to G. Madge
BECKER, JosephSt. Mary’sEnglish18731936 
BECKER, LenaSt. Mary’sEnglish19031972 
BECKER, Marcus F.St. Mary’sEnglish20-05-192016-12-1983 
BECKER, Margaret “Maggie” CloningerOak GroveJersey8 Jul 186930 Jan 1921wife of J. W. Becker
BECKER, MarySt. Mary’sEnglish18641949 
BECKER, Nora C.St. Mary’sEnglish18891967 
BECKER, Opal M.St. Mary’sEnglish26-08-1926***** 
Becker, TheodoreSt. Mary’sEnglish????1908 
BECKER, TheodoreSt. Mary’sEnglish18701961 
BECKER, WilhelmiaSt. Mary’sEnglish18441941 
Beckman, MaryOak GroveJersey18521919 
BECKMEYER, Louisa M.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Dec 1932 
BECKNER, ArmedaOak GroveJersey19121 May 1982 
BECKNER, AsaOak GroveJersey188429 Jun 1966 
BECKNER, Ilger M.Oak GroveJersey1908???? 
BECKNER, Sarah M.Oak GroveJersey18849 Sep 1978 
BEDINGER, Lula GaitherNewbernMississippi18861965 
BEECKER, Adella P.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Jan 1903 
BEECKER, Henry W.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Feb 1935 
BEECKER, Walter W.Oak GroveJersey18918 Oct 1970 
Beedle, ElzoraRosedaleRosedale19031913 
BEEKER, Adella PearlOak GroveJersey189513 Oct 1904 
BEEKER, Cora W.Oak GroveJersey*****13 Nov 1986 
BEEKER, Henry WilliamOak GroveJersey18671935 
BEEKER, Ivie MarieOak GroveJersey*****1 Jun 1986 
BEEKER, Louisa W.Oak GroveJersey186219 Oct 1925 
BEEKMAN, CharlesOak GroveJersey185718571 month old.
BEEKMAN, HenryOak GroveJersey18193 Dec 1888 
BEEKMAN, MaggieOak GroveJersey1863186311 months old.
BEEKMAN, Margaret VanderventerOak GroveJersey22 Jun 18262 Jul 1885wife of Henry B.
BEEKMAN, PeterOak GroveJersey184618466 months old.
BEEKMAN, RichardOak GroveJersey????184717 years old
Beeman, CharlotteNewbernMississippi*****06-06-1879 
Beeman, EllaNewbernMississippi????18 Nov 1880wife of Joseph C.
Beeman, GeorgeNewbernMississippi****27 Apr 1924 
Beeman, Infant son twinsNewbernMississippi*****16-08-1846 
BEEMAN, JayNewbernMississippi31-10-185020-03-1878 
Beeman, JohnNewbernMississippi*****23-02-1863 
Beeman, Joseph C.NewbernMississippi11-11-182905-10-1905 
BEEMAN, Mamie M.NewbernMississippi07-08-187212-02-1873 
Beeman, MariaNewbernMississippi07-04-183416-08-1834 
Beeman, OrmanNewbernMississippi18-05-178822-08-1869 
Beeman, OrmanNewbernMississippi17-03-187230-04-1880 
BEEMAN, Orman A.NewbernMississippi18551956 
Beeman, PerryNewbernMississippi*****20-03-1849 
Beeman, SarahNewbernMississippi*****26-06-1855 
Beeman, Sarah ParkerNewbernMississippi12-07-1820***** 
Beeman, TalithaNewbernMississippi08-10-179901-09-1876 
Beeman, Thomas C.NewbernMississippi22-06-183523-10-1835 
Beeman, WilliamNewbernMississippi25-02-183726-07-1838 
BEER, Herman F.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Oct 1955 
BEER, Herman F.Oak GroveJersey*****20-10-1955 
BEER, Rose B.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Jan 1977 
BEHME, Myrtle H.NewbernMississippi25-04-191607-09-1989 
Behringer Robert DeanRosedaleRosedale30-12-196311-06-1991 
Beiderman, AugustUnknownUnknown18331905 
BEIDERMAN, Henritta L.Oak GroveJersey*****31 May 1973 
BEIDERMAN, HenryOak GroveJersey*****26 May 1964 
BEIERMAN, Andrew JosephSt. FrancisJersey24 Sep 188111 May 1965 
BEIERMAN, Carl FrancisSt. FrancisJersey190824 May 1984 
BEIERMAN, Herman StephenSt. FrancisJersey3 Dec 187120 Apr 1951 
BEIERMAN, Lawrence A.St. FrancisJersey14 May 18998 Jan 1976 
BEIERMAN, Mary Theresa MunstermannSt. FrancisJersey21 May 188512 Jul 1976 
BEIERMAN, Paul AugustSt. FrancisJersey6 May 191918 Aug 1975 
BEIERMAN, RaySt. FrancisJersey9 Feb 19111 Oct 1970 
BEIERMAN, Roman C. Sr.St. Mary’sEnglish23-10-191912-06-1995 
BEIERMAN, Victor JohnSt. FrancisJersey28 Aug 189825 Feb 1983 
BEIERMAN, Walter F.St. FrancisJersey10 Aug 190723 Jun 1983 
Beiermann, Alphous LeoSt. FrancisJersey15 May 190526 Novc 1920son of H. S. & Theresa Tonsor Beiermann
BEIERMANN, AndrewSt. Mary’sEnglish29-06-183631-01-1900 
BEIERMANN, Anthony J.St. Mary’sEnglish18891966 
Beiermann, Bertha J. WatersSt. Mary’sEnglish21 Jan 191221 Jan 2003dau. Charles & Lizzie Storey Waters; wife of Ludwig “Jake”
BEIERMANN, CeceliaSt. Mary’sEnglish18911963 
Beiermann, ChrisRosedaleRosedale********** 
BEIERMANN, Cleo M.St. FrancisJersey19151938 
BEIERMANN, Cornelia B.St. Mary’sEnglish19211990 
Beiermann, DorothyRosedaleRosedale********** 
BEIERMANN, Eleanor L.St. FrancisJersey1921???? 
BEIERMANN, ElizabethSt. FrancisJersey18771941 
BEIERMANN, Ernest A.St. Mary’sEnglish19151944 
BEIERMANN, FernSt. FrancisJersey1911???? 
BEIERMANN, Frank P.St. FrancisJersey18751959 
BEIERMANN, Irene I.St. FrancisJersey1910???? 
BEIERMANN, Joseph C.St. Mary’sEnglish18691952 
BEIERMANN, JosephineSt. Mary’sEnglish04-08-191006-09-1992 
BEIERMANN, Josephine A. GoettenSt. Mary’sEnglish18961934 
BEIERMANN, Katherine J.St. Mary’sEnglish19591959 
BEIERMANN, Leo H.St. Mary’sEnglish18851975 
BEIERMANN, Leona L.St. Mary’sEnglish17-12-1912***** 
BEIERMANN, Ludwig A.St. Mary’sEnglish19071978 
BEIERMANN, Marilyn R.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Nov 1987 
BEIERMANN, Mary A.St. Mary’sEnglish18761947 
BEIERMANN, Mary A. BROKAMSt. Mary’sEnglish06-04-184408-10-1912 
BEIERMANN, Maurice H.St. FrancisJersey1917???? 
BEIERMANN, PaulineSt. FrancisJersey19051984 
BEIERMANN, Robert L.St. Mary’sEnglish30-08-191724-04-1994 
BEIERMANN, SylvesterSt. FrancisJersey19021948 
BEIERMANN, Theodore J.St. Mary’sEnglish19011970 
BEIERMANN, Theresa W. TonsorSt. FrancisJersey18731943 
Beiermann, Veronica AnnSt. FrancisJersey20 Nov 192025 May 1922inf of Victor J. & Minnie C. Maag Beiermann
Beiermann, WilburSt. FrancisJersey28 Aug 19206 May 2001 
BEISER, EdwardOak GroveJersey*****22 Jul 1971 
BEISER, Verna L.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Dec 1995 
BELCHER, Cordelia WardHartfordQuarry18821961 
BELCHER, J. W.HartfordQuarry18661924 
Belcher, JacksonUnknownUnknown????18788 yr 6 mo
BELCHER, Jos. S.HartfordQuarry********** 
BELCHER, MalissaHartfordQuarry19181948 
Beld, Nancy MurphyUnknownPiasa15-08-178510-02-1868 
BELEVINS, Julia E.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Sep 1930 
BELL, AlfredOak GroveJersey190625 Feb 1908son of Charles Z. Bell
BELL, Andrew H.Oak GroveJersey*****26 May 1982 
BELL, Angela D. AndersOak GroveJersey192727 Jun 1983 
BELL, Annie E.Oak GroveJersey2 Jun 18552 Apr 1933No Marker; dau of Ebe & Hannah D. Tiff
Bell, Bernard M.Maple LawnRuyle18 Dec 192123 Nov 1973WWII Army; hus of Carolyn Maxine Sisk
BELL, BerniceOak GroveJersey190318 Jul 1903Dau. of Chas. & Nellie
BELL, Bertha B.Scenic HillQuarry18791959 
Bell, CarlFieldonRichwood?????14 Nov 200177 years old died at his home in Patterson, Greene Co. IL
BELL, Catherine Agnes PowersSt. FrancisJersey10 Apr 189421 Mar 1934dau of James & Margaret O’Malley Powers
BELL, Charles CliffordSt. FrancisJersey23 Jul 19008 Apr 1981 
BELL, Charles H.Oak GroveJersey2 May 185210 Jun 1926No Marker; son of Wm. C. & Martha Angel Bell
BELL, Charles NobleScenic HillQuarry23 Nov 18632 Dec 1943son of James R. & Martha Noble Bell
BELL, Charles Z.Oak GroveJersey187403-12-1956 
Bell, Clyde H. Sr.Maple LawnRuyle21 Mar 19169 Sep 1991bro to Bernard M. Bell; hus of Doris Wayman
Bell, Clyde Harold Jr.Maple LawnRuyle5 Nov 19431965son of Clyde, Sr & Doris Wayman Bell
BELL, Cornelia A.Oak GroveJersey182912 Dec 1901 
BELL, Cornelius B.Oak GroveJersey18601897 
BELL, DaisyOak GroveJersey188522 Aug 1940Maybe just a memorial, no body
BELL, Dale WayneOak GroveJersey196313 Mar 1964son of Angela D. Anders Bell
BELL, Duane A.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Aug 1988 
BELL, Eber W.Oak GroveJersey187626-07-1959 
BELL, Effie E.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Jul 1946 
BELL, Eliza FarleyOak GroveJersey18343 Sep 1893 
BELL, Elizabeth RoundtreeOak GroveJersey187216 Feb 1931 
BELL, Ella D.Oak GroveJersey186316 Oct 1903 
BELL, Fannie B.Scenic HillQuarry22 Mar 186428 Jul 1923Thomas & Fanny Knipps Highfield
BELL, Faye R.Scenic HillQuarry19131977 
BELL, FlorenceOak GroveJersey*****21 Nov 1910 
BELL, Florence P.Oak GroveJersey*****31 May 1947 
BELL, Frances E.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Dec 1987 
BELL, GladdiceOak GroveJersey24 Jul 192018 Jun 1921dau of Don & Grace Conway Bell
BELL, Harry N.Scenic HillQuarry3 Oct 186521 Oct 1943son of James R. & Martha Noble Bell
BELL, Harvey L.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Feb 1966son of James W. Bell
BELL, HenryOak GroveJersey*****19 Jun 1913 
BELL, JamesOak GroveJersey184228 Nov 1916 
BELL, James R.Scenic HillQuarry183619 Dec 1895 
BELL, James W.Oak GroveJerseyDec 4 188021 Mar 1962son of Wm. & Margaret Hall Bell; hus of Lora Thomas
BELL, John W.East NewbernMississippi18541928 
Bell, Joseph MelvinMaple LawnRuyle*****4 Sep 1941 
BELL, Joseph P.Oak GroveJersey182012 Feb 1903 
BELL, Joseph P.Oak GroveJersey186413 Nov 1910 
BELL, Joseph P. MRS.Oak GroveJersey181618 Dec 1896 
Bell, Joshua Mrs.UnknownUnknown????Mar 1885 
BELL, Leonard P.East NewbernMississippi27-10-1826***** 
BELL, Lora B. ThomasOak GroveJerseyMar 19 18851 Mar 1969wife of James W; dau of Henry & Letty Vedder
BELL, Margaret E.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Aug 1970 
BELL, Martha Jane NobleScenic HillQuarry20 Dec 184331 Dec 1922George & Sarah Swan Noble
Bell, Mary Eliza FraleyUnknownUnknown????3 Sep 189359 yr, 5 mo, 26 days
Bell, Mary M.NobleOtter Creek*****24-06-1857 
Bell, Maryhelen LoisMaple LawnRuyle*****16 Oct 1942 
BELL, Mattie GabrillScenic HillQuarry26 Apr 189016 Jan 1953dau of Charles Noble & Fannie Highfill Bell
BELL, NancyOak GroveJersey????1873May have been married to Gorham, John
BELL, Nancy E.East NewbernMississippi09-06-183129-03-1891 
BELL, Nellie AnnOak GroveJersey18761 May 1968 
BELL, Nellie W.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Aug 1973 
BELL, NoreenOak GroveJersey19021903 
BELL, O. H.’s childOak GroveJersey*****28 Nov 1915 
BELL, Otha H.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Jan 1915 
BELL, Otha H.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Jan 1943 
BELL, Rachel H.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Jul 191771, 9, 26 days old; widow of James Bell
Bell, Richard JeffersonEdwardsPiasa19-08-187029-03-1923 
Bell, Ronald M.Maple LawnRuyle19531990 
BELL, RosettaOak GroveJersey186425 May 1865 
BELL, Russell D. Sr.Oak GroveJersey192315 Sep 1984hus of Angela D. Anders; son of James W. & Lola B. Thomas Bell
BELL, SamuelOak GroveJersey18531868 
Bell, UnknownMaple LawnRuyle********** 
Bell, Unknown Mr.UnknownUnknown****1918body shipped from Alton to McCluskey
Bell, WilliamUnknownUnknown????191189 years old; Otter Creek area
BELL, William B.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Feb 1915 
Bell, William D.SalemOtter Creek*****09-12-1863 
BELL, Z. DouglasScenic HillQuarry18671934 
BELOTE, Mattie G.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Mar 1994 
Belt, CarolineLaxEnglish18171858 
Belt, CharlesLaxEnglish18451863 
Belt, EffieLaxEnglish*****26-08-1881 
Belt, Effie E. CrainLaxEnglish*****26-08-1881 
BELT, ElizabethOak GroveJersey25 Mar 186410 Sep 1924dau of James & Elizabeth McKinney Rowden
Belt, Ella MaudLaxEnglish*****26-05-1872 
BELT, Ethel A.Oak GroveJersey188614 Jul 1971 
Belt, Francis T.LaxEnglish181709-04-1852 
BELT, George W.Oak GroveJersey188913 Dec 1945 
Belt, George W.Belt/SalemEnglish*****04-03-188825 year old son of J. H. & Matilda
Belt, George W.LaxEnglish186320-08-1847 
Belt, George W.LaxEnglish18471911 
Belt, HelenaBelt/SalemEnglish188412-04-1886 
BELT, HoraceOak GroveJersey18837 Jan 1942 
Belt, Horatio N.Belt/SalemEnglish01-11-179608-01-1870 
Belt, InfantBelt/SalemEnglish*****19-09-1909 
Belt, IsadoraBelt/SalemEnglish185215-08-1856 
Belt, John H.Belt/SalemEnglish10-03-182713-07-1913 
Belt, John H. Jr.Belt/SalemEnglish5 Jul 186716 Apr 1931 
Belt, Lauretta Jane ErwinLaxEnglish185110 Jan 1915 
Belt, Lillie MayBelt/SalemEnglish30-03-185904-08-1860 
Belt, Lilly MayLaxEnglish*****12-06-1881 
BELT, Lloyd T.Oak GroveJersey31 Jan 18571 Apr 1926son of John H. & Matilda Bra???ett Belt
Belt, Luella MarthaBelt/SalemEnglish185330-03-1855 
BELT, Lula B.Oak GroveJersey18871 Aug 1973 
Belt, Martha F.LaxEnglish*****08-05-1844 
Belt, Mary J. WestBelt/SalemEnglish06-03-180523-06-1888wife of Horatio J.
Belt, Matilda A. BramlettBelt/SalemEnglish10-01-183011-02-1903 
Belt, OscarUnknownUnknown????1894 
Belt, PartheniaBelt/SalemEnglish185410-01-1855 
Belt, Samuel E.LaxEnglish18761913 
Belt, Sarah E.Belt/SalemEnglish11-02-184522-03-1910 
Belt, SpiceyBelt/SalemEnglish179822-04-1820 
Belt, Vinson WestBelt/SalemEnglish03-02-183515-10-1859 
Belt, Virginia FrancesBelt/SalemEnglish10-09-184422-03-1924 
Belt, W. S.LaxEnglish18501936 
Belt, William A.LaxEnglish*****03-09-1840 
Belt, William OscarBelt/SalemEnglish18-08-184805-05-1894 
BENDORF, Barbara SiegelBottPiasa 18391898 
BENDORF, HermanBottPiasa 18351896 
BENEDICT, H. A.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Mar 1944 
BENEDICT, InfantOak GroveJersey???????? 
BENEDICT, Lillie A.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Sep 1865age 1
BENEDICT, WilsonOak GroveJersey*****14 Jun 1969 
Beneke, ClarenceSalemOtter Creek********** 
BENEKE, ClarenceScenic HillQuarry19051955 
Beneke, ErnestScenic HillQuarry3 Sep 187222 Jan 1946son of August Isabelle Patton Beneke; husband 2 Gertrude
Beneke, Gertrude E. AllenScenic HillQuarry4 Jun 18817 Sep 1948dau of Otto & Maria Creswell Allen; wife to Ernest
Beneze, Lillian BuchererUnknownUnknown????191431 years old
BENHAM, BerthaFieldonRichwood23-03-189620-03-1991 
BENHOFF, Clarence C.Scenic HillQuarry18951978 
BENNETT, Bertha E. PratherMedoraRuyle19-03-193218-04-1982 
BENNETT, BeulahOak GroveJersey189314-07-1959 
BENNETT, Edna C.Oak GroveJersey*****13 Feb 1996 
BENNETT, Edward L.MedoraRuyle18931972 
BENNETT, Grace G.MedoraRuyle18951969 
BENNETT, Hubert R.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Mar 1999 
Bennett, Ida C.KemperRuyle18891964Maybe Ada.
BENNETT, Lee G.MedoraRuyle18901960 
BENNETT, LewisOak GroveJersey188204-07-1957 
BENNETT, Mary CatherineOak GroveJersey185516 Feb 1940 
Bennett, Myrtle LucillePruitt/HawkinsRuyle15-03-190917-08-1910 
BENNETT, Silas H.Grimes – NeelyEnglish1 Jan 191311 Jun 1979 
BENNETT, Viola E. WallScenic HillQuarry19141985wife of Dallas.
Bennett, William F.KemperRuyle18841964 
BENNETT, William H.Oak GroveJersey18485 Sep 1898 
BENSA, Alvin H.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Jan 1986 
BENSA, Norma G.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Mar 1987 
BENSA, Ruby E.HartfordQuarry19161973 
Benson, ElizabethKellerJersey180830-09-1864 
Benson, GlassfordKellerJersey*****Mar 189565 years old and blind. Body from Sprinfield.
Benson, HendersonKellerJersey19-09-182901-12-1861 
BENSON, Robert A.Oak GroveJersey*****13-06-1955 
BENSON, Robert AndrewOak GroveJersey187513 Jun 1955 
Benson, Robert F.KellerJersey183019-12-1880 
Benson, RosanKellerJersey183717-10-1858 
Benson, William OliverUnknownUnknown????193187 years old.
Bentley, Harriet M. PowersGrimes – NeelyEnglish190526 Dec 1972Researcher note: Harriet Margaurite Powers, born Aug. 4, 1905 in Jerseyville to Richard Powers & Malinda Decker, died Dec. 26, 1971 in West Palm Beach, FL, wife of Ralph M. Bentley
Bentley, Mollie A.LaxEnglish****22 Jul 191347 yr.
Bentley, Ralph MenzoGrimes – NeelyEnglish10 Apr 19063 Jun 1995Born Geneva, NY, son of John Menzo Bentley & Anna V. Storms, husband of Harriet M. Powers, researcher submitted
Benware, Lucinda Jane SlatenSalemOtter Creek25 Jun 184719 Mar 1914 
BERGER, August J.FieldonRichwood21-07-1845191367 years old
BERGER, Bertha M.FieldonRichwood24-12-187624-10-1891 
BERGER, Caroline SeigerFieldonRichwood15-07-185517-10-1891 
BERGER, ChristinaOak GroveJersey18851907No Marker
BERGER, ConradOak GroveJersey183321 Mar 1916 
BERGER, Johannah E.Oak GroveJersey183629 Sep 1907 
BERGER, JohnFieldonRichwood15-12-180316-01-1877 
BERGER, MistyFieldonRichwood28-12-181109-03-1879 
BERGER, Richard DFieldonRichwood17-04-188212-02-1883 
BERGER, RoseFieldonRichwood02-08-188525-08-1972 
BERKENMEYER, BennieOak GroveJersey189117 Jan 1897 
BERKENMEYER, Daniel WesleyOak GroveJersey186123 Jan 1931 
BERKENMEYER, Eva R.Oak GroveJersey189720 Jan 1897 
BERKENMEYER, Ida MayOak GroveJersey189319 Jan 1897 
BERKENMEYER, Luella B.Oak GroveJersey186827 Jan 1939 
BERLEMANN, AdaOak GroveJersey*****15 Mar 1995 
BERNAR, DinaSt. FrancisJersey17201808 
Berry, Anna C. FalicaSt. FrancisJersey12 Jan 191328 Jun 2001wife of C. C. Berry; dau. of Joseph & Anna Juratovac Falica
BERRY, Bertha ViolaOak GroveJersey4 Aug 188329 Oct 1926dau of Geo. H. Ray & Anna Swann Ray
Berry, Charles C.LaxEnglish18771959 
Berry, ChistaLaxEnglish05-08-184411-12-1900 
BERRY, Christa CharlesSt. FrancisJersey19311989 
Berry, Clara BelleLaxEnglish28 Jan 18899 Feb 1923Albert & ? Reddish Burch
Berry, Etta MayLaxEnglish18841945 
BERRY, Harold B.St. FrancisJersey24 Jun 192029 Jun 1985 
BERRY, James L.Oak GroveJersey*****24-02-1960 
BERRY, James RenoOak GroveJersey193721 Feb 1937 
Berry, John C.LaxEnglish4 Jun 187925 May 1931C. C. & Nancy Carrico Berry
BERRY, Karen A.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Mar 1977 
BERRY, Marilda A.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Jan 1970 
Berry, Nancy Jane CarricoLaxEnglish17-01-185320-08-1916dau of John & Minnie A. Van Meter Carrico
BERRY, Retha MayOak GroveJersey189705-11-1958 
Berry, Rosa E.LaxEnglish17-05-188308-03-1901 
BERRY, Thelma J.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Dec 1995 
BERRY, Willard RaymondOak GroveJersey18863 Jan 1955 
BERRY, Winnie SeagoOak GroveJersey1 Aug 18682 Feb 1928dau of James L. & R. Carrico Seago
BERTHOLDT, Blancia A.MedoraRuyle01-06-188617-05-1960 
BERTHOUX, Darel P.Oak GroveJersey7 Nov 193819 Apr 1961son of Paul & Virginia Richey Berthoux
BERTHOUX, Esther T.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Aug 1987 
BERTHOUX, PaulOak GroveJersey*****18 Nov 1971 
BERTMAN, CharitySt. FrancisJersey18581858 
BERTMAN, CharlesSt. Mary’sEnglish18251903 
BERTMAN, Doris B.St. FrancisJersey26 Jan 190821 May 19?? 
BERTMAN, Frances MasseySt. FrancisJersey18571881 
Bertman, FreddieUnknownUnknown????Feb 18811 yr, 8 mo old child of John & Maria
BERTMAN, FrederickSt. FrancisJersey17 May 1821Jun 1882 
BERTMAN, Frederick J.St. FrancisJersey17 Mar 185613 Feb 1927son of Frederick & Helen Goetten Bertman
BERTMAN, Helen GoettenSt. FrancisJersey18211914 
BERTMAN, Henry ClaySt. FrancisJersey1881Aug 1881son of Fred & Frances
BERTMAN, Herbert C.St. FrancisJersey6 May 190630 Oct 1958 
BERTMAN, John C.St. FrancisJersey00-00-187200-Jan 1928 
BERTMAN, John F.St. FrancisJersey25 May 18525 Jan 1928son of John F. & Helen Goetten Bertman
Bertman, Joseph H.UnknownUnknown????1894 
BERTMAN, JosephineSt. Mary’sEnglish18301886 
Bertman, LenaUnknownUnknown????Feb 18815 yr, 4 day old child of John & Maria
BERTMAN, LouiseSt. FrancisJersey18691949 
BERTMAN, MariaSt. FrancisJersey18551932 
Bertman, MollieUnknownUnknown????1902dau of Anton
Bertman, Sarah Frances MasseyUnknownUnknown8 Mar 1857Feb 1881wife of Fred
BERTMAN, Theresa SchmeiderSt. FrancisJersey22 Oct 187721 Mar 1968 
BERTRANG, Charles L.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Apr 1985 
BERTRANG, Evelyn M.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Jun 1998 
BERWIG, Alvin E.Oak GroveJersey19101984 
BERWIG, Hazel B.Oak GroveJersey19161984 
BESAW, E. W.Scenic HillQuarry07-05-1903***** 
BESAW, Golda L.Scenic HillQuarry09-02-188607-10-1948 
BESAW, John T.Scenic HillQuarry10-10-189413-10-1965 
BESAW, Victor J.Scenic HillQuarry07-07-191619-03-1985veteran WWII
Besaw, Wilbur RalphHartfordQuarry****17 Aug 1937son of Charles J.
Bess, Lucinda H.County FarmEnglish187713-09-1878 
Bessie, M.LaxEnglish********** 
Best, Charles ThomasOak GroveJersey29 Nov 18779 Apr 1947son of Elvin & Mary Bullock Best; husband to Dorothy
Besterfeldt, Albert E.RosedaleRosedale4 Sep 187710 Jan 1942son of Christian & Selinda Bates Besterfeldt;
BESTERFELDT, Bertha L.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Mar 1952 
Besterfeldt, Bessie H.RosedaleRosedale18841960 
BESTERFELDT, ChristianElsahElsah30-05-183602-04-1909 
BESTERFELDT, Henry ThomasOak GroveJersey29 Dec 197725 May 1951son of Warner & Margaret Sherman Besterfeldt
BESTERFELDT, Henry W.ElsahElsah10-01-186503-03-1867 
BESTERFELDT, John F.ElsahElsah15-08-186726-10-1868 
Besterfeldt, Johnnie C.RosedaleRosedale15-08-190609-03-1974 
BESTERFELDT, Lucy S.ElsahElsah14-04-186616-11-1869 
BESTERFELDT, Lydia A.ElsahElsah12-01-187224-07-1873 
BESTERFELDT, MargaretOak GroveJersey*****29 Dec 1947age 31-10-28; wife of Warren
BESTERFELDT, Selinda BatesElsahElsah13-01-184330-06-1921 
BESTERFELDT, Warner O. W.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Aug 1993 
BESTERFELDT, William C.Oak GroveJersey*****6 Sep 1990 
BESTERFELDT, William G.ElsahElsah********** 
BETHEL, ChesterFieldonRichwood184918-03-1856 
Bethel, Daniel S.Spry/RowdenRosedale07-11-185107-05-1862 
Bethel, Fleda LeolaRosedaleRosedale1 Jan 189230 Jun 1927dau of Geo. & Ida Faber Bethel; single
Bethel, George ByronRosedaleRosedale9 Aug 18584 Sep 1937Thomas & Caroline Wihahs Bethel
Bethel, Mary Elizabeth WhiteRosedaleRosedale28 Mar 18685 Nov 1941dau of Geo. W. & Jane Smith White
Bethel, R. DenzilRosedaleRosedale19011916 
Bethel, Rollin H.RosedaleRosedale28 Aug 18584 Apr 1932Tolmon & Debra Jones Bethel; died Madison Co IL
Bethel, Thadeus H.Spry/RowdenRosedale29-11-185916-09-1867 
Bethel, William O.RosedaleRosedale19031976 
Bethel, WillieUnknownUnknown????0 Oct 1882son of Timothy
BETHEL, Wilson H.FieldonRichwood1826???? 
Bethell, ChesterUnknownUnknown1790Sep 1869husband of Jane Haynes
BETHELL, Chester H.FieldonRichwood18321850 
Bethell, Daniel S.Spry/RowdenRosedale07-11-186107-07-1862 
Bethell, HiramHeitzigEnglish05-03-183117-10-1833 
BETHELL, NancyFieldonRichwood181405-03-1859 
BETHELL, OscarFieldonRichwood03-01-186526-12-1926 
Bethell, Sally M.HeitzigEnglish19-12-182105-10-1838 
Bethell, Thaddeus H.Spry/RowdenRosedale22-11-185916-09-1867 
BETTENBACK, CatherineOak GroveJersey18391876 
BETTENBACK, EdwardOak GroveJersey18291875 
BETTENDORF, ConradBottPiasa???????? 
BETTORF, DouglasOak GroveJersey*****3 Aug 1992 
BETTS, DanielOak GroveJersey*****4 Mar 1911 
BETTS, MaryOak GroveJersey*****28 May 1906 
BEUSAN, Nick CAPT.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Feb 1922 
BEYER, CatherineOak GroveJersey*****9 Aug 1926 
BEYERS, Althea H.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Jun 1988 
BEYERS, Donald E.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Nov 1983 
BEYERS, W. C.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Mar 1896 
BEZNER, FrederickOak GroveJersey185024 Aug 1901 

BALCOM researcher notes: I think part of the problem lies in the fact that most of McDow burials do not have tombstones and that the name of the cemetery is not clearly stated anywhere. An 1872 plat map of Otter Creek has a cemetery located on land owned by a William McDow. This cemetery has been referred to as Ferguson, McDowell, and Otterville Cemetery. Gladys Drainer states that the proper name of it is McDow and the Drainer addition has just been added recently. I am not good with directions; so I will do my best to explain its location. If you are at the four way stop in Otterville with Hamilton School on your right, you want to take a left turn and drive a short distance till you see a headstone that reads ‘Ferguson’ on it. That is McDow Cemetery. As for the Methodist Cemetery. I have no clue as to where it is. I have copies of death certificates and funeral records and obituaries for John (1858 to 1924) and Fannie and obituaries for several others.

     McDow Cemetery a.k.a Ferguson, McDowell, Otterville
     Methodist ??
     The pension records for my great great great Grandfather William (1833-1874) state that he died March 13, 1874 near Otterville, no place of burial is listed.

A cousin emailed me that grandfather William was born September 2, 1833. Grandfather William served under Captain William Hart as a Private in Company D of the 27th Illinois Infantry. So I believe that the William Balcomb that was laid to rest in Salem Cemetery and my G G G Grandfather William are one in the same. Two William Balcom(s) serving under Captain Hart does seem possible. As for the letter ‘b’ being at the end of last name on the headstone it is possibly a spelling mistake. All the records I have, have it spelled Balcom. Allen L. Austin, [email protected]

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