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Jersey County Index of Burials – Surname A

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Unknown Surnames

Thanks to Marty & Ronda Crull, Bob French, Gary Clendenny, the late Edith Zimmerman and the late Gene Prosser for this information. The majority of the information is from actual cemetery readings. The remainder is from the collections of obituaries and the funeral records at Jersey County Historical Society, the old newspaper collection at the Jersey County Historical Society and microfilm newspapers from the Jerseyville Library, transcribed by for the most part by Grace Gettings and Marty Crull. Copying expenses and related costs for the project were from Ronda Crull and the Tri County Newsletter.

Abbott, Albert A.LaxEnglish18531928 
Abbott, Catherine S.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Mar 200188 years
ABBOTT, ChristopherFieldonRichwood18651918 
Abbott, Christy LynnLaxEnglish12 Sep 192529 Mar 1953dau of Edison & Hattie Dunham Abbott; died at Benld, IL
ABBOTT, Cynthia AnnOak GroveJersey18136 Jul 1905 
ABBOTT, David L.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Jan 1997 
Abbott, Dora MLaxEnglish18921941 
ABBOTT, Doris JuneOak GroveJersey21 Apr 193223 Jul 1933dau of Wm. Howard & Thelma J. Green Abbott
Abbott, Earl EdisonLaxEnglish04-02-191229-10-1983 
Abbott, Edison LynnLaxEnglish18851947 
Abbott, ElizabethLaxEnglish18581921 
ABBOTT, Gilbert H.Oak GroveJersey*****06-06-1959 
Abbott, Hattie CLaxEnglish18881943 
Abbott, Howard WLaxEnglish18831977 
Abbott, InfantLaxEnglish****12 Jul 1914child of Edward.
ABBOTT, InfantReddish/CooperRichwood19181918Infant son of Wm. A. & Dora M. Edwards Abbott.
ABBOTT, James E.Oak GroveJersey*****2 Nov 1990 
ABBOTT, JessieFieldonRichwood18931895 
ABBOTT, Margrette L.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Feb 1999 
Abbott, Marilyn JeanLaxEnglish15-04-193615-04-1936 
ABBOTT, NellieFieldonRichwood18721896 
ABBOTT, Pauline I.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Dec 1993 
Abbott, Richard LeeLaxEnglish02-12-192815-01-1989 
ABBOTT, Roger L.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Jan 1984 
ABBOTT, Stephen W.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Oct 1978 
ABBOTT, William H.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Nov 1982 
ABELN, CatherineSt. FrancisJersey2 May 18691 Mar 1920dau of Anton & Magdalena Simmons Laux; born Ohio
Abeln, ClaudeRosedaleRosedale12-10-191002-10-1912Son of John H. & Cora C. Abeln
ABELN, HelenaSt. FrancisJersey18641907 
Abeln, HermanSt. FrancisJersey17 Sep 186126 Mar 1936son of John Abeln; born in Brussels; widower of Helena
ABELN, IdabellOak GroveJersey*****23 Mar 1988 
ABELN, John HermanOak GroveJersey28 May 188825 Aug 1945son of Herman & Helen Brundis Abeln
ABNER, SheltonOak GroveJersey185226 Feb 1925 
ACCARIO, AnthonySt. FrancisJersey19061930 
ACCARIO, FrancisSt. FrancisJersey13 Jun 19091981 
ACCARIO, MarySt. FrancisJersey18791964 
ACCARIO, NicholasSt. FrancisJersey????17 Nov 1947 
ACCARIO, NicholasSt. FrancisJersey18711952 
Ackerman, Benjamin V.Scenic HillQuarry****0 Feb 1935 
ADAMS, A. D.Oak GroveJersey*****23 Mar 1868 
ADAMS, AmeliaOak GroveJersey18097 Sep 1900 
Adams, Asa Mrs.Oak GroveJersey????189684 years
ADAMS, AugustusOak GroveJersey????????Infant
Adams, CharlesUnknownUnknown****18 Jan 1935 
ADAMS, Charles E.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Feb 1912 
ADAMS, Charles N.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Apr 1916 
ADAMS, DellaOak GroveJersey*****18 Aug 1967 
ADAMS, Edna MaeOak GroveJersey189231 Jan 1967 
ADAMS, Ellen L.Oak GroveJersey*****18-06-1956 
ADAMS, Emma AliceOak GroveJersey189622 Jan 1985 
ADAMS, Frank G.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Mar 1966 
ADAMS, George C.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Nov 1981 
ADAMS, George H.Oak GroveJersey18579 Nov 1902 
ADAMS, HarrietOak GroveJersey187420 Nov 1928 
ADAMS, InfantOak GroveJersey15 Mar 193015 Mar 1930inf of Charles & Ellen Louise Schulte Adams; suffication
ADAMS, James LloydOak GroveJersey*****16 Nov 1993 
ADAMS, Jessie V.Oak GroveJersey*****4 May 1992 
ADAMS, John Q.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Oct 1864 
ADAMS, Joseph O.St. FrancisJersey18701941 
ADAMS, Leslie EMedoraRuyle*****09-07-1928 
Adams, Leslie E.MedoraRuyle****9 Jul 192830 yr. 3 mo. 17 days old.
ADAMS, LillieOak GroveJersey*****15 Jul 1919negro, 32 years old 1 month; charged to Wm. Adams, StLouis
ADAMS, LucilleSt. FrancisJersey19001908 
ADAMS, MargaretMedoraRuyle********** 
ADAMS, N. L. MRS.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Sep 1872 
ADAMS, NancyOak GroveJersey22 Jul 18282 Jan 1894wife of Charles
ADAMS, Nellie R.St. FrancisJersey18681941 
ADAMS, Newell L.Oak GroveJersey*****7 May 1876 
ADAMS, Olive EllenOak GroveJersey12 May 186028 May 1933dau of Charles & Sarah Jane Short Brooks
ADAMS, Oren D.Oak GroveJersey*****22 Aug 1994 
ADAMS, RubyOak GroveJersey*****9 Nov 1946 
ADAMS, ThomasOak GroveJersey*****4 Apr 1962 
ADAMS, Thomas infantOak GroveJersey*****3 Jun 1907 
ADAMS, William A.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Dec 1863 
ADAMS, William D.Oak GroveJersey192718 May 1985 
ADAMS, WillisOak GroveJersey*****11 Feb 1953 
ADAMS, Willis E.Oak GroveJersey192911 Jul 1983 
ADAMS, ZinasOak GroveJersey17981878 
ADAMSON, Barbara J.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Apr 1995 
ADDERTON, Martha P.Oak GroveJersey192924 Oct 1929 
Aderton, Martha PaulineOak GroveJersey21 Sep 192924 Oct 1929inf of Paul & Ada M. Borman Aderton
ADLESEE, Anne E.Oak GroveJersey*****29 Apr 1882 
ADLESEE, W. M. L.Oak GroveJersey18331880 
ADNEY, FannieNewbernMississippi26 Apr 186017 Jan 1924John & Susie Forgue Scheffner
Adney, ThomasNewbernMississippi****1923died 3 weeks before his wife, Fannie.
Adwell, Julie BRosedaleRosedale185422-02-1856Daughter of A. & E. Adwell
Adwell, Mary CRosedaleRosedale185226-02-1856Daughter of A. & E. Adwell
AGEE, CynthiaOak GroveJersey18276 Jan 1904 
AGEE, Susan MarieOak GroveJersey18639 Jan 1929 
AGNES, LeoaraOak GroveJersey*****19 Feb 1943 
Ahrling, AntoneOak GroveJersey****1 Sep 1925suicide gunshot; 51 years old; order from Mrs. Jesse Kirchner
AHRLING, HenrySt. Mary’sEnglish18261889 
AHRLING, Theresa FairmanSt. Mary’sEnglish4 Aug 183217 Jan 1917born in Germany, dau of D. & ? Brokamp Vahrman
AHRLING, Wilhelmina “Minnie” EgelhoffOak GroveJersey26 Jan 187821 Feb 1916dau of John & Maria Arkenbauer Egelhoff
Akabauer, MariaFieldonRichwood2 Mar 182916 Jun 1912 
AKARD, Benjamin WhiteOak GroveJersey185511 Jul 1928 
AKARD, LurtonOak GroveJersey188121 Aug 1975 
AKARD, Margaret LurtonOak GroveJersey15 Jun 186122 Dec 1955dau of John C. & Delia Peck Lurton
AKARD, Norma B.Oak GroveJersey188417 Sep 1975 
Akers, Christina F.WhiteOtter Creek3 Jan 195819 Nov 2001wife of Leonard A.; dau. of Roy R. & Roberta Ling Landon
ALBART, JosephineSt. Mary’sEnglish09-11-191409-11-1914 
ALBART, LewisSt. Mary’sEnglish18711928 
ALBART, MabelSt. Mary’sEnglish06-08-190308-11-1903 
ALBART, Mary Ann KanallakanSt. Mary’sEnglish5 Mar 187425 May 1923dau of John Kanallakan & Anna Langer
ALBART, MildredSt. Mary’sEnglish06-08-190329-07-1904 
Alberson, MaryKemperRuyle01-07-179201-09-1872 
ALBERT, Abbie E.Oak GroveJersey188822 Jul 1976 
ALBERT, AndreasScenic HillQuarry08-04-181718-01-1899 
ALBERT, AntonOak GroveJersey187630 Mar 1966 
ALBERT, CarlScenic HillQuarry02-04-184806-02-1901 
ALBERT, Catherine HagenFieldonRichwood20-02-189905-10-1977 
ALBERT, Clara A.Oak GroveJersey18 Jul 186511 Aug 1936dau of Andrew J. Norris; wife to Frank
ALBERT, Frank M.St. FrancisJersey27 Jan 187229 Jun 1921son of Nick & Tracey Albert
Albert, InfantUnknownUnknown15 Jan 190822 Jan 1908child of Anthony
Albert, Mary A. T.ArmstrongEnglish18511882 
Albert, NicholasArmstrongEnglish16-02-185018-08-1925Michael Albert; born in New York
ALBERT, Nicholas AFieldonRichwood18981938WWI veteran
ALBRECHT, AloisScenic HillQuarry18341919 
ALBRECHT, Elizabeth MScenic HillQuarry18351905 
ALBRECHT, John MichaelScenic HillQuarry186810 Feb 1941 
ALCORN, Alfred C.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Dec 1969 
Aldaco, Beulah FrymanRosedaleRosedale19311974 
ALDACO, Bonnie N.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Jan 1976 
ALDERSON, Maude WebsterOak GroveJersey187029 May 1932 
ALDRIDGE, EdwardOak GroveJersey3 May 18622 Dec 1942son of Susan Brumley
Alemang, MilfordUnknownUnknown????191154 years old.
ALEXANDER, Anna R.Oak GroveJersey*****27 Apr 1974 
ALEXANDER, Bernice E.Oak GroveJersey*****9 May 1980 
ALEXANDER, Carla C.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Dec 1914 
ALEXANDER, Clifford H.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Mar 1989 
ALEXANDER, Everett L.Oak GroveJersey12 Feb 18733 Oct 1935son of Thomas & Rebecca Alexander
ALEXANDER, Frank M.Oak GroveJersey*****05-10-1958 
ALEXANDER, George F.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Aug 1992 
ALEXANDER, GuyOak GroveJersey*****12 Jul 1964 
Alexander, Herbert RexKemperRuyle18911892 
ALEXANDER, JamesOak GroveJersey*****27 Jan 1924Negro; 47 years old.; died at Springfield, IL
ALEXANDER, James L.Oak GroveJersey30 Sep 194311 May 1964son of George & Bernice Price Alexander
ALEXANDER, Jesse M.Oak GroveJersey18681879Son of Thomas & Rebecca
ALEXANDER, John L.Oak GroveJersey8 Jul 188920 Mar 1936son of John & Mary Gill Alexander, born at Pike Station IL
ALEXANDER, John M.Oak GroveJersey*****14 May 1978 
Alexander, John ThomasKemperRuyle18891889 
Alexander, Junious J.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Feb 200181 years
ALEXANDER, Lee E.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Apr 1970 
ALEXANDER, Maggie E.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Feb 1972 
ALEXANDER, MaryOak GroveJersey*****8 Apr 1937 
ALEXANDER, Mary M.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Jul 1984 
ALEXANDER, Michael L.Oak GroveJersey*****01-05-1954 
ALEXANDER, Michael L.Oak GroveJersey*****1 May 1954 
ALEXANDER, PearlOak GroveJersey*****17 Feb 1998 
Alexander, RaySt. Mary’sEnglishApr 27 1920Jan 12 2004USN WWII; s/o John & Bess Tumulty Alexander; h/o Lauretta Jilek
ALEXANDER, Raymond T.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Jun 1999 
ALEXANDER, Rebecca A. WhiteheadOak GroveJersey7 Jun 184026 Apr 1918wife of T. T. Alexander; dau of Robert & Margaret V. White-h
ALEXANDER, RonaldOak GroveJersey*****3 Oct 1981 
ALEXANDER, Sanford L.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Jan 1963 
Alexander, Sarah AnnKemperRuyle06-10-186912-04-1913 
ALEXANDER, ThelmaOak GroveJersey*****29 Jul 1995 
ALEXANDER, Thelma I.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Oct 1994 
ALEXANDER, Thomas T.Oak GroveJersey4 Dec 182926 Aug 1895Born in Butler Co., OH
ALEXANDER, VernaOak GroveJersey*****10-02-1960 
ALEXANDER, WilfordOak GroveJersey*****19 Dec 1953 
Alford, HarveyUnknownUnknown????May 1880Fieldon
ALJETS, Edith L.Oak GroveJersey*****24 Dec 1967 
ALJETS, Gertrude H.Oak GroveJersey188819 Aug 1969 
ALJETS, HenryOak GroveJersey*****2 Mar 1968 
ALJETS, John W.Oak GroveJersey8 Sep 188621 Jan 1929son of Martin & Cassie Zimmermann Aljets; hus to Gertrude
ALLEMANG, ???? FatherScenic HillQuarry********** 
ALLEMANG, AllieScenic HillQuarry********** 
ALLEMANG, Anthony MScenic HillQuarry18851956 
ALLEMANG, BlancheScenic HillQuarry********** 
ALLEMANG, ClaudScenic HillQuarry********** 
ALLEMANG, Cornelia RoxanaScenic HillQuarry18581943 
ALLEMANG, EllaScenic HillQuarry15 Oct 185314 Jul 1929Andrew & Mary M. Taylor Douglas
ALLEMANG, George NScenic HillQuarry18441914 
ALLEMANG, HaroldScenic HillQuarry02-02-187821-11-1881 
ALLEMANG, LeonScenic HillQuarry********** 
ALLEMANG, MilfordScenic HillQuarry********** 
ALLEMANG, Raymond DScenic HillQuarry18821967 
ALLEN, A. B. DR.Oak GroveJersey184029 Mar 1899 
ALLEN, AcquinasSt. FrancisJersey????1986 
ALLEN, Adah D. JonesSt. FrancisJersey1910???? 
ALLEN, Annie Mary JacobsonScenic HillQuarry5 Jun 187315 Jul 1932Charles & Frederica Anderson Jacobson; wife of James A.
ALLEN, BridgetSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
ALLEN, C.MurielMedoraRuyle18811971 
Allen, Cecelia V. GuoynesMedoraRuyle2 May 191416 Mar 2003dau of Lee Marts & Eloise Lopez Guoynes; wife of Lester F.
ALLEN, Charles F.St. FrancisJersey19521952 
ALLEN, ChildLURTONMississippi********** 
ALLEN, Child 2LURTONMississippi********** 
ALLEN, Chloe M.ElsahElsah18921964 
ALLEN, David WilliamOak GroveJersey11 Dec 192826 Nov 1934son of Jesse Franklin & Stella May King Allen
ALLEN, Della MScenic HillQuarry20-05-187905-03-1904 
ALLEN, DorothySt. FrancisJersey????????Wife of T. W.
ALLEN, Dorothy LorettaSt. FrancisJersey28 Dec 19186 Aug 1982Wife of Virgil.
ALLEN, EdgarOak GroveJersey*****2 Sep 1942 
ALLEN, Edward T.St. FrancisJersey26 Sep 190114 Jun 1980 
ALLEN, EthelSt. FrancisJersey29 May 191023 Sep 1980 
ALLEN, EugeneSt. FrancisJersey19091972 
ALLEN, Francis H.St. FrancisJersey31 Aug 18981970 
ALLEN, FrankSt. FrancisJersey18311872 
ALLEN, Gladys C.Oak GroveJersey188823 Jan 1986 
ALLEN, H. A.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Mar 1891 
ALLEN, HannahOak GroveJersey*****21 Nov 1864 
ALLEN, Harry EatonScenic HillQuarry18711906 
ALLEN, Harry C.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Dec 1979 
ALLEN, Helen C.St. FrancisJersey*****27 Feb 1988May be Helen R.?
ALLEN, Helen R.St. FrancisJersey1912????Dau. of Hugh & Helena
ALLEN, Helena KrauseSt. FrancisJersey24 Feb 18771 Feb 1954 
Allen, Hubert F.St. FrancisJersey30 Mar 191623 Aug 2002US Army, WWII
ALLEN, HughSt. FrancisJersey18331891 
ALLEN, HughSt. FrancisJersey5 Mar 187319 May 1920son of Hugh & Marg. Durney Allen
ALLEN, Hugh H.St. FrancisJersey19071962 
ALLEN, InfantOak GroveJersey*****2 Jun 1913infant son of Jesse
ALLEN, InfantScenic HillQuarry*****17-10-1875 
ALLEN, Irma StithSt. FrancisJersey1919???? 
ALLEN, James AScenic HillQuarry30 May 187024 Apr 1946son of Wm. & Martha Askew Allen; husband to Laura
ALLEN, James R.St. FrancisJersey19051971 
ALLEN, James RichardSt. FrancisJersey22 Sep 1905***** 
Allen, JasperUnknownUnknown????187864 years old
ALLEN, Jesse F.Oak GroveJersey189213 Jan 1973 
ALLEN, Jesse W.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Nov 1999 
Allen, JohnUnknownUnknown????1851inf. son of Wm. & Eliza, 2 years old
ALLEN, John FranklinMedoraRuyle27-02-188419-10-1980 
ALLEN, John WesleyOak GroveJersey186321 Jul 1955 
ALLEN, Joseph A.St. FrancisJersey19001931 
Allen, Joseph AugustusSt. FrancisJersey17 Jul 192318 Jul 1923son of Jospeh A. & May Belle G’Sell Allen
ALLEN, JoshuaOak GroveJersey18129 Aug 1885wife buried with the dates 1816-1879
ALLEN, Judith YvonneOak GroveJersey*****13 Jul 1939 
ALLEN, Julia E. DugganSt. FrancisJersey6 May 186626 Feb 1916wife of Richard; dau of Michael & Anna Long Duggan
ALLEN, Kenneth RoyOak GroveJersey*****23 Apr 1965 
ALLEN, Kimberly AnnSt. FrancisJersey19551955 
ALLEN, Krista IsringhausenSt. FrancisJersey****Nov 26 2002wife of Steven H. Allen. Correction/Addition: Krista was born January 10, 1958, died on November 26, 2001. Daughter of Marvin Eugene Isringhausen & Marily Joyce (Sinkler) Isringhausen – Patricia Isringhausen (Krista’s sister)
ALLEN, LawrenceScenic HillQuarry28-03-189807-08-1964 
ALLEN, Leo “Poker”St. FrancisJersey00-00-19041 Jul 1989 
ALLEN, Leo LawrenceOak GroveJersey189616 Jun 1975 
ALLEN, Leo VirgilSt. FrancisJersey********** 
ALLEN, Lloyd E.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Sep 2000 
ALLEN, Lottie B.Oak GroveJersey6 Jun 18698 Nov 1926dau of David S & Eliz Seago Kelly
ALLEN, Louisa A.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Jun 192379, 1 , 5;
ALLEN, Louise McGuireSt. FrancisJersey25 Aug 18981971 
ALLEN, MaggieSt. FrancisJersey18701889Dau. of Frank & Mary
ALLEN, MargaretSt. FrancisJersey19041975 
ALLEN, Margaret BlakeSt. FrancisJersey*****18672nd wife of Frank.
ALLEN, Margaret DurneySt. FrancisJersey18409 Nov 1884wife of Hugh.
ALLEN, Maria AlvinaScenic HillQuarry01-08-185529-10-1936Walter & Louise Tucker Cresswell
Allen, Maria Alvina CresswellSalemOtter Creek1 Aug 185523 Oct 1936widow of Marion Otto; dau of Walter & Louisa Tucker Cress-
ALLEN, Marion O.ElsahElsah18941917 
ALLEN, Marion OttoScenic HillQuarry03-08-185807-12-1925Wm. & Martha Askew Allen; hus to Maria
ALLEN, Mark AnthonySt. FrancisJersey19021964 
ALLEN, Martha AskewScenic HillQuarry20-05-183525-1-1898 
Allen, Martha J.UnknownUnknown????1893 
Allen, Mary A. CopeUnknownUnknown11 Aug 18151879wife of Joshua
ALLEN, Mary DolanSt. FrancisJersey18971984 
ALLEN, Mary DurneySt. FrancisJersey13 Jul 1897*****3rd wife of Frank.
ALLEN, Mary JosephineOak GroveJersey*****7 Jan 1959dau of Frank ?illa; wife 2 Wm. James Allen Sr.
ALLEN, Mary T.Oak GroveJersey187125 Jun 1939 
ALLEN, Maudie MaeOak GroveJersey188527 Mar 1949 
ALLEN, MaybelleSt. FrancisJersey19001984 
ALLEN, Melinda E.Oak GroveJersey15 Aug 184323 Dec 1923dau of John Morgan; born in MO
ALLEN, Nellie QuinnSt. FrancisJersey18721955 
Allen, Ollie BlanceScenic HillQuarry22 Oct 188325 Oct 1939dau of Marion Otto & Maria Alvina Cresswell Allen
ALLEN, OscarOak GroveJersey*****10 Jun 1911 
ALLEN, Paul EugeneSt. FrancisJersey24 May 195427 May 1983 
ALLEN, Pearl LoraineOak GroveJersey5 Feb 192421 Feb 1924inf of Lorenz & Gladys Hopper Allen; born E. St. Louis, IL
Allen, Penny JoNobleOtter Creek*****1966 
ALLEN, RachelOak GroveJersey183817 Mar 1864 
ALLEN, Rebecca F.Oak GroveJersey*****5 Oct 1989 
ALLEN, RichardSt. FrancisJersey18651929 
Allen, RichardSt. FrancisJersey22 Sep 192322 Sep 1923inf of Richard L. & Agnes G’Sell Allen
ALLEN, Robert JohnSt. FrancisJersey23 Apr 191520 Jan 1987 
ALLEN, RosaScenic HillQuarry18021802 
ALLEN, RoseSt. FrancisJersey18641994daug. of Hugh & Margaret.
ALLEN, Sandra LeighSt. FrancisJersey????23 Jan 1940 
ALLEN, Stella MayOak GroveJersey189520 Sep 1973 
Allen, Steven H.St. FrancisJerseyJul 28 1954May 26 2003USMC vet; s/o J. Richard/Audrey B. Crader Allen; wido. Krista
Allen, ThomasSt. FrancisJersey21 Nov 184031 Mar 1920accidental burning; son of Richard Allen; born in Ireland
ALLEN, ThomasSt. FrancisJersey18701933 
ALLEN, Thomas A.St. FrancisJersey25 Aug 19092 May 1986 
ALLEN, Thomas W.St. FrancisJersey19041969 
ALLEN, Virgil D.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Jun 1987Viet Nam Veteran
ALLEN, Virgil L.St. FrancisJersey19171982 
ALLEN, W. J.Scenic HillQuarry08-02-183026-01-1911 
ALLEN, Walter M.Scenic HillQuarry22-09-189011-11-1890 
ALLEN, Wilfred B.St. FrancisJersey19071937 
ALLEN, William J.Oak GroveJersey*****6 Aug 1967 
ALTMAN, John W.ElsahElsah25-01-185402-04-1883 
ALWARD, Daniel SmithOak GroveJersey6 Jan 186227 Apr 1931son of Wm. R. & Hannah J. Wooden Alward
ALWARD, HannahOak GroveJersey18338 Jul 1897 
ALWARD, James F.St. FrancisJersey18861948 
ALWARD, John H.St. FrancisJersey29 Jan 187920 Oct 1935son of Richard & Rachel Kelly Alward; single
ALWARD, John R.St. FrancisJersey18911968 
ALWARD, Joseph P.St. FrancisJersey18871964 
ALWARD, MamieSt. FrancisJersey18861968 
ALWARD, RachelSt. FrancisJersey18541939 
ALWARD, RichardOak GroveJersey17921858No Marker
ALWARD, RichardSt. FrancisJersey18531933 
ALWARD, Susan M.Oak GroveJersey185924 Jul 1860 
ALWARD, WilliamOak GroveJersey185610 Jan 1865 
ALWARD, William R.Oak GroveJersey183117 Dec 1870 
AMBROSE, RosellaOak GroveJersey*****28 Jun 1937 
AMBROSE, Sarah Ann DunhamOak GroveJersey8 Nov 18664 Jan 1944dau of John & Margaret Whittle Gibson; wife of Jake
AMBROSH, MaryOak GroveJersey*****12-07-1956 
AMBURG, AlbertScenic HillQuarry18401903 
AMBURG, Alexander C.Scenic HillQuarry*****07-12-1864 
AMBURG, Alma C.Scenic HillQuarry19101990 
AMBURG, Charles M.Scenic HillQuarry18991991 
AMBURG, Cleora M.Scenic HillQuarry18821943 
Amburg, ElizaScenic HillQuarry17 Jun 181514 Dec 1897 
AMBURG, InfantScenic HillQuarry08-11-189508-11-1895 
AMBURG, InfantScenic HillQuarry02-03-189023-06-1890 
AMBURG, JacobScenic HillQuarry18601930 
AMBURG, Jennie DavisScenic HillQuarry18731913 
AMBURG, Lewis E.Scenic HillQuarry18561907 
AMBURG, Louise E.Scenic HillQuarry18621935 
AMBURG, MarkScenic HillQuarry18721901 
AMBURG, MaryScenic HillQuarry18611948 
AMBURG, NonaScenic HillQuarry18881978 
AMBURG, RachelScenic HillQuarry18441916 
AMBURG, RobertScenic HillQuarry18711916 
AMES, HannahOak GroveJersey183730 Mar 1905 
AMES, JasonOak GroveJersey182427 Jan 1901 
Anderson, Amos LeroyKemperRuyle17-03-189216-10-1904 
ANDERSON, Annabell T.Oak GroveJersey190630 Jan 1995 
ANDERSON, Charles M.Oak GroveJersey190815 Dec 1968 
ANDERSON, E.GuntermanRichwood********** 
ANDERSON, Frank FrancisOak GroveJersey18733 Jan 1940 
ANDERSON, HannahOak GroveJersey18328 Mar 1906 
Anderson, HerbertScenic HillQuarry11 Apr 188215 Dec 1931Marion & Julia H? Anderson
ANDERSON, ImogeneOak GroveJersey*****3 Nov 1989 
Anderson, Infant Twin(1)NobleOtter Creek06-04-189726-04-1897 
Anderson, Infant Twin(2)NobleOtter Creek06-04-189728-05-1897 
Anderson, JaneUnknownUnknown*****21 Feb 1895dau. of J. M. Anderson, 24 years of age
Anderson, JohnUnknownUnknown????187940 yr 10 mo
ANDERSON, John DouglasOak GroveJersey193913 Feb 1965 
ANDERSON, John T.Oak GroveJersey187925 Aug 1919order from Mrs. Sarah Anderson
ANDERSON, Laudwick L.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Dec 1997 
Anderson, Laura R.KemperRuyle14-08-186813-01-1934 
Anderson, LawrenceNobleOtter Creek05-11-190604-09-1907 
Anderson, Lois RuthNobleOtter Creek12-10-190510-12-1905 
Anderson, Malcolm M.KemperRuyle13-06-186724-08-1955 
Anderson, Margaret EllaEdwardsPiasa184415-02-1902 
Anderson, Mary RuyleKemperRuyle19-05-187126-05-1904 
ANDERSON, Michael W.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Mar 1978 
ANDERSON, Mrs. Rev.Hickory GroveJersey*****1844 
ANDERSON, Orvin R.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Mar 1999 
ANDERSON, Robert L.Oak GroveJersey28 Dec 195114 Jul 1961son of L. L. & Wilma Francis Anderson
ANDERSON, Rudolph M.Oak GroveJersey*****12 Dec 1968 
ANDERSON, RupertOak GroveJersey*****12 Jul 1990 
ANDERSON, Sarah M.Oak GroveJersey188115 May 1922order given by C. H. Landon; death in Chicago, IL
ANDERSON, Theresa E.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Jun 1979 
Anderson, Thomas W.NobleOtter Creek18301895 
ANDERSON, Viola M.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Mar 2000 
Andrews, BarneyRosedaleRosedale11-09-188113-12-1881 
Andrews, Bertha E.RosedaleRosedale14 Jul 190622 Apr 1918dau of James E. Andrews; pneumonia
Andrews, Caroline Wilhelmina FranzRosedaleRosedale18751899 
ANDREWS, CatherineOak GroveJersey180925 Nov 1876 
ANDREWS, Charles W.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Mar 1970 
Andrews, EmmaRosedaleRosedale22-02-188506-02-1902 
ANDREWS, Fannie M.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Oct 1966 
Andrews, FredieRosedaleRosedale18941918 
Andrews, GeorgiaRosedaleRosedale10-03-187714-10-1879 
ANDREWS, GodfreyOak GroveJersey18101878 
ANDREWS, Helen M.Oak GroveJersey*****6 Apr 1987 
Andrews, Ida B.RosedaleRosedale18821946 
Andrews, James ERosedaleRosedale18791960 
Andrews, James FrederickRosedaleRosedale193919407 months & 12 days old.
Andrews, James FrederickRosedaleRosedale****29 Dec 1919Funeral record-14 yr, 2 mo, 15 days-drowning,son of James
Andrews, JoelRosedaleRosedale????????Army Co. C. 61 ILL. INF.grave is under Mark D. Egelhoff
Andrews, JohnRosedaleRosedale17 Feb 185829 Nov 1934Joel & Elizabeth Winchester Andrews; born in Quincy, IL
ANDREWS, John E.Oak GroveJersey189315 Jun 1945 
Andrews, Laura Ann MathewsRosedaleRosedale28 Mar 18599 Oct 1932Mother was Emeline Apelin & father was Elija Matthews
ANDREWS, Louis W.Oak GroveJersey*****20 May 1975 
ANDREWS, Pearl L.Oak GroveJersey19024 Aug 1986 
Andrews, RobertRosedaleRosedale4 Oct 18754 Oct 1879 
ANDREWS, Shirley G.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Nov 1996 
Andrews, Violet GhoopRosedaleRosedale19031922 
Andrews, William R.HopewellFidelity*****18 Dec 1849 
ANDRIS, JosephGuntermanRichwood14-11-183601-11-1912 
ANDRIS, Katharine MarieGuntermanRichwood19-09-184525-03-1927(See Funeral Record Bk. #6 Jacoby, pg. 117)
ANGEL, Alice M.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Oct 1995 
ANGEL, Francis L.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Dec 1993 
ANGEL, JoshuaNewbernMississippi8 Mar 184710 Sep 1920son of Hugh Angel
ANGEL, Katie I.NewbernMississippi2 Apr 187113 May 1943dau of J. A. & Susan Snyder Piggott
ANGLIN, Claude E.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Feb 1977 
ANSELL, Helen E.Oak GroveJersey189324 Apr 1979 
ANSELL, Mildred ParsellOak GroveJersey30 Jan 19086 Apr 1930dau of James & Nellie Hunt Parsell; wife of Ellsworth
ANSELL, Theodore Sr.Oak GroveJersey18968 Oct 1966 
ANTONE, ArlingOak GroveJersey*****1 Sept 1925 
ANTRAE, AdolphFieldonRichwood-06-1884-10-1884 
ANTRAE, AlvinFieldonRichwood18761951 
ANTRAE, Annie MarieFieldonRichwood12 Mar 18469 Nov 1911 
ANTRAE, Emma AndrisFieldonRichwood188726-04-1982 
ANTRAE, Julius W.FieldonRichwood7 Dec 188822 Nov 1911 
ANTRAE, PaulFieldonRichwood-06-1884-10-1884 
ANTRAE, William HenryFieldonRichwood182823 Nov 1911 
ANTROBUS, AmyOak GroveJersey*****18 Sep 1982 
ANTROBUS, Augusta E.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Aug 1972 
ANTROBUS, James C.Oak GroveJersey189025 Sep 1948 
Antrobus, Louis H.RosedaleRosedale********** 
Antrobus, Myrtle LegateRosedaleRosedale04-06-191010-12-1977 
ANTROBUS, Steven M.Oak GroveJersey*****29-06-1957 
APPLEGATE, Andrew J.Scenic HillQuarry*****02-07-1883 
APPLEGATE, HiramScenic HillQuarry*****07-01-1878 
Applegate, MaryScenic HillQuarry****31 Dec 192877 years old.
Applegate, Mr.UnknownUnknown????28 Feb 189580 years old, Elsah
ARBOGAST, Anna GroppelFieldonRichwood18611903 
ARBOGAST, CharlesFieldonRichwood18651955 
ARBOGAST, John GFieldonRichwood2 Apr 189222 Jul 1939son of Charles & Anna B. Hagen Arbogast
ARBOGAST, John G.FieldonRichwood18551928 
ARBOGAST, MargaretFieldonRichwood18661934 
ARBUCKLE, Peggy JuneOak GroveJersey192611 Mar 1975 
Arbuckles, Smith Rev.UnknownUnknown????19 Apr 1895colored, Piasa
Archer, James H.RosedaleRosedale18571944 
Archer, JosiahRosedaleRosedale????????Entry from Honor Roll: No stone
ARCHER, Lawrence E.St. FrancisJersey26 Mar 191117 Nov 1979 
Archer, Luella J.RosedaleRosedale18611955 
Archer, M. W. LT.RosedaleRosedale????28-09-1864Fell by the hands of assassins.: No VA stone.
ARCHER, Marian R.St. FrancisJersey????1909 
Archer, Oscar W.RosedaleRosedale08-05-186409-02-1892 
Archer, WilliamRosedaleRosedale178915-05-185263 years old.
ARGO, ClaressaEast NewbernMississippi*****05-05-1862 
ARGO, Infant sonEast NewbernMississippi********** 
ARGO, WilliamEast NewbernMississippi*****-01-1865 
ARKBAUER, Anna C.Oak GroveJersey182617 Jun 1852 
ARKBAUER, Anna G.Oak GroveJersey183229 Nov 1854 
ARKBAUER, Henry G.Oak GroveJersey18401850 
ARKBAUER, Jurgen TOak GroveJersey182413 Jan 1858 
ARKBAUER, Jurgen TOak GroveJersey????1858 
ARKEBAUER, EdwardOak GroveJersey186914 Oct 1932 
Arkebauer, GeorgeHetzelEnglish01-12-183902-11-1928born in Germany
ARKEBAUER, Harriett E.Oak GroveJersey1 Aug 18591 Apr 1936dau of John & Margaret M. Whittle Gibson; widow of Jacob
Arkebauer, J. G.UnknownUnknown????9 Feb 189570 yr, 10 mo, 14 days
ARKEBAUER, J. G.FieldonRichwood25-03-182409-02-1895 
ARKEBAUER, JacobOak GroveJersey9 Mar 185610 Oct 1926son of Geo. & Marie Koch Arkebauer; hus of Harriet
ARKEBAUER, Margaret E.Oak GroveJersey2 May 18697 Jun 1930dau of David Cornelius; wife of Edward
ARKEBAUER, MarieFieldonRichwood02-03-182916-06-1912 
ARMITAGE, EllaSt. FrancisJersey18691935 
ARMITAGE, WillardSt. FrancisJersey18691935 
ARMOUR, ElizaMedoraRuyle01-08-182801-12-1916 
ARMOUR, Emily C.MedoraRuyle*****1857 
Armour, Henry C.Maple LawnRuyle181118 Jul 1884 
ARMOUR, JosiahMedoraRuyle05-09-182621-01-1908 
ARMOUR, LewisMedoraRuyle*****04-10-1859 
ARMOUR, MayneMedoraRuyle24-04-188020-12-1968 
ARMOUR, Rachel B.MedoraRuyle18291952 
ARMOUR, S.MedoraRuyle*****08-09-1850 
ARMOUR, WilliamMedoraRuyle*****1845 
ARMSTRONG, AlbertOak GroveJersey*****1 Nov 1861 
ARMSTRONG, Arthur A.Oak GroveJersey*****19 Aug 1991 
Armstrong, Arthur W.KemperRuyle18781947 
Armstrong, Benjamin F.ArmstrongEnglish183323-05-1841 
Armstrong, BerniceUnknownUnknown????6 Jan 1894dau. of James 4yr, 9mo, 5days
ARMSTRONG, EarlOak GroveJersey*****15 Oct 1989 
Armstrong, Edna B.KemperRuyle18791962 
ARMSTRONG, ElizabethOak GroveJersey179726 Oct 1886 
Armstrong, Elizabeth A.ArmstrongEnglish184728-10-1855 
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth L.MedoraRuyle23 Jul 193523 Jul 1935Truman & Hazel Baldridge Armstrong
Armstrong, Eva Harriet YoungUnknownUnknown????1931Mrs. Fred
ARMSTRONG, EvelynOak GroveJersey189417 Sep 1987 
ARMSTRONG, Frances E.St. FrancisJersey1 Aug 190821 Apr 1980 
ARMSTRONG, Frances L.St. FrancisJersey18911980 
ARMSTRONG, FranklinOak GroveJersey*****7 May 1996 
ARMSTRONG, HarryOak GroveJersey186613 Oct 1947 
ARMSTRONG, Hattie L.Oak GroveJersey18678 Sep 18673 months old.
ARMSTRONG, J. J.Oak GroveJersey*****21 Apr 1865 
ARMSTRONG, JaneOak GroveJersey18926 Jan 1896 
ARMSTRONG, Joel G. or D.Oak GroveJerseyOct 186811 Nov 186813 days old.
ARMSTRONG, JohnOak GroveJersey17961 Jan 1865 
ARMSTRONG, JohnOak GroveJersey182715 Feb 1884 
Armstrong, JoshuaArmstrongEnglish175625-09-1811Rev. War Soldier
Armstrong, Leonard MauriceArmstrongEnglish184516-08-1852 
ARMSTRONG, LeRoySt. FrancisJersey18861962 
ARMSTRONG, LeviOak GroveJersey186124 Jan 1870 
ARMSTRONG, Luther A.MedoraRuyle18661918 
ARMSTRONG, MarthaOak GroveJersey*****25 Jul 1865 
ARMSTRONG, MaryOak GroveJersey*****7 Apr 1863 
Armstrong, Mary A.ArmstrongEnglish182803-03-1836 
ARMSTRONG, Mary ArmstrongOak GroveJersey*****1 Jun 1893Others claim she died 1883, small or infant child
ARMSTRONG, Mary S.Oak GroveJersey184323 Sep 1937 
ARMSTRONG, MehitableOak GroveJersey183612 May 1923 
ARMSTRONG, Ronald LeeScenic HillQuarry*****-09-1955 
ARMSTRONG, Ronald RayScenic HillQuarry*****-09-1955 
ARMSTRONG, Ruth L.Oak GroveJersey*****17 May 1977 
ARMSTRONG, SamuelOak GroveJersey*****14 Oct 1863 
Armstrong, SarahArmstrongEnglish*****06-01-1850wife of Joshua, age 76-6-0
ARMSTRONG, Susan DeborahOak GroveJersey186627 Apr 1943 
ARMSTRONG, ThomasOak GroveJersey179823 Jan 1861 
ARMSTRONG, Thomas T.Oak GroveJersey182926 Aug 1901 
ARMSTRONG, William H.Oak GroveJersey184412 Dec 1927 
ARNEY, Charles JR.Oak GroveJersey19 Jan 1193119 Jan 1931son of Charles E. Nova Reed Arney
ARNOLD, Alice L.Oak GroveJersey*****17 Nov 1941 
ARNOLD, Anna EScenic HillQuarry03-10-190628-03-1977 
ARNOLD, Benjamin F.Oak GroveJersey*****31 Mar 1955 
ARNOLD, Benjamin F.Oak GroveJersey*****31-03-1955 
ARNOLD, Bessie G.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Jul 1990 
ARNOLD, Blanche E.Oak GroveJersey*****3 Jan 1995 
ARNOLD, Carl R.Oak GroveJersey*****26 Jun 1997 
ARNOLD, Clarah M.Oak GroveJersey190214 May 1994 
ARNOLD, Clarence E.Oak GroveJersey19186 Jul 1976 
ARNOLD, DarinOak GroveJersey*****24 Oct 1971 
ARNOLD, EwellOak GroveJersey*****20 Dec 1973 
ARNOLD, Francis A.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Feb 1974 
ARNOLD, Gertrude W.Scenic HillQuarry17 Aug 191129 Dec 2002dau Wm-Mary Fortscheider Pohlman; wife of Paul E.
ARNOLD, Gilbert G.Oak GroveJersey*****1 Jan 1973 
ARNOLD, Harold E.Oak GroveJersey*****31 May 1990 
ARNOLD, Hazel A.Oak GroveJersey*****8 Dec 1987 
ARNOLD, Helen E.Oak GroveJersey*****15 Jun 1993 
ARNOLD, John B.Oak GroveJersey190022 Nov 1944 
ARNOLD, Joseph J. SR.Oak GroveJersey7 Aug 188613 Nov 1949son of Josef Arnold, Swizerland; hus to Maude
ARNOLD, Kelly R.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Jul 1983 
ARNOLD, LouiseOak GroveJersey*****30 Jun 1974 
ARNOLD, Martin LScenic HillQuarry15-04-190411-01-1977 
ARNOLD, Maude S.Oak GroveJersey*****23-02-1957 
ARNOLD, Paul EScenic HillQuarry19111974 
ARNOLD, Paul A.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Oct 1987 
Arnspiger, JohnUnknownUnknown????1851 
ARTER, CarolineOak GroveJersey*****4 Aug 1946 
ARTER, Catherine SteckelSt. FrancisJersey186629 Dec 1905Typhoid
ARTER, DavidFieldonRichwood181110-02-1862 
ARTER, Edward P.St. FrancisJersey6 Jun 190221 Oct 1979 
Arter, JamesCounty FarmEnglish182830-12-1906 
ARTER, JamesOak GroveJersey*****18 Nov 1949 
ARTER, James A.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Oct 1980 
ARTER, Lucy J.Oak GroveJersey*****11-02-1960 
ARTER, Mary JaneGrimes – NeelyEnglish05-04-185418-06-1889 
ARTER, Mary W.St. FrancisJersey12 May 19004 Dec 1980 
ARTER, Mary W. KadellSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
ARTER, Nellie F.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Jun 1943 
ARTER, Nellie L.Oak GroveJersey*****30 Jan 1982 
ARTER, Ralph W.Oak GroveJersey*****4 Jun 1993 
ARTER, ThomasOak GroveJersey*****7 Jun 1949 
ARTER, WilliamOak GroveJersey*****6 Dec 1943 
ARTMAN, AaronMedoraRuyle24-09-184104-03-1903 
ARTMAN, BessieMedoraRuyle********** 
ARTMAN, RenietteMedoraRuyle04-06-184827-08-1909 
ASH, Emma M.Oak GroveJersey18854 May 1963 
ASH, Virgil EdOak GroveJersey186728 Mar 1963 
ASHFORD, Bradley D.Oak GroveJersey*****18 Aug 1982 
ASHFORD, Emily M.Lamb or UnionMississippi15-02-182806-08-1878 
ASHFORD, Mary E.Lamb or UnionMississippi*****08-04-1862 
Ashford, Mary WhiteUnknownUnknown18551905Mrs. James Ashford
ASHFORD, Ornan BuckeyOak GroveJersey*****6 Apr 1976 
Ashford, William Mrs.UnknownUnknown????187850 years old, Otterville area
ASHLOCH, JesseOak GroveJersey18491 Jan 1915 
Ashlock, Doris M.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Apr 200174 years
ASHLOCK, Edward L.Oak GroveJersey*****16 Aug 1994 
ASHLOCK, IrwinOak GroveJersey*****31 Jul 1970 
ASHLOCK, Millery Jane JaffesOak GroveJersey18651947 
Assmann, FredOak GroveJersey29 Dec 188620 Mar 1950son of Otto & Mary Weber Assmann; hus 2 Sophie
ASSMANN, Sophia A.Oak GroveJersey*****25 Dec 1977 
Assmann, William F.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Nov 2001 
ATCHINSON, Alex P.Scenic HillQuarry18651955 
ATCHINSON, Alice A.Oak GroveJersey*****28 May 1946 
Atchinson, BessieUnknownUnknown????0 Aug 1896inf dau of Eldridge
ATCHINSON, Charles W.Oak GroveJersey*****14 Jan 1911age 25
ATCHINSON, ClarenceSt. FrancisJersey18831942 
ATCHINSON, Daniel J.St. FrancisJersey19491983 
ATCHINSON, EldridgeOak GroveJersey2 Jan 18503 Jul 1916son of Peter; born in MO
ATCHINSON, Eva M.Oak GroveJersey*****10 Feb 1892 
ATCHINSON, Frances Elizabeth M.Oak GroveJersey30 Aug 185229 Mar 1933dau of John C. & Mary A. Hildon West
ATCHINSON, Goldie M.St. FrancisJersey27 Mar 192122 Oct 1977 
ATCHINSON, J. T.Oak GroveJersey*****28 Oct 1915 
ATCHINSON, JosephineSt. FrancisJersey18831966 
ATCHINSON, Katherine A.St. FrancisJersey5 Apr 188914 Mar 1976 
ATCHINSON, Theodore EdwardSt. FrancisJersey17 Oct 19144 Aug 1982 
ATCHISON, Anna H.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Nov 1948 
ATCHISON, ChildOak GroveJersey???????? 
ATCHISON, Frederick AylwardSt. FrancisJersey190918 Jul 1988 
ATCHISON, John G.Oak GroveJersey*****14-06-1958 
ATCHISON, Myrtle E.Oak GroveJersey*****04-02-1960 
ATCHISON, William H.St. FrancisJersey18801957 
ATHESON, Carrie MayScenic HillQuarry27-02-186827-02-1891 
ATKESON, Arthur A.Oak GroveJersey189817 Dec 1989 
ATKESON, Gladys C.Oak GroveJersey189910 Jul 1968 
Atkeson, Mercileus DrewMeadow BranchRosedale11-02-189708-08-1897 
ATKESON, ThelmaOak GroveJersey193230 Jul 1976 
ATKINS, ClarenceOak GroveJersey*****20 Aug 1973 
ATKINS, JamesOak GroveJersey18331833Son of Mary Cooper
ATKINSON, James MarcileusOak GroveJersey2 Jul 185016 Jun 1920son of Charles Wesley & Amytis Cassidonia Brown Atkinson
ATTEBERRY, Dolores L.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Feb 1983 
ATTEBERRY, MaggieOak GroveJersey*****28 Dec 1995 
ATTEBERRY, PaulOak GroveJersey*****25 Dec 1995 
ATTEBERRY, RichardOak GroveJersey*****28 Sep 1988 
Augustus, JamesUnknownUnknown????Aug 18787 days old.
Aultman, SamuelCounty FarmEnglish185413-12-1906 
AUSTIN, Charles RandolphOak GroveJersey6 May 18884 Jul 1918son of James R. & Hattie Carroll Austin
AUSTIN, Mary EdithOak GroveJersey18887 Jan 1962 
AUSTIN, Randolph E.Oak GroveJersey191314 Jul 1972 
AUSTIN, William D.Oak GroveJersey*****9 Feb 1998 
AUSTON, Albert C.Scenic HillQuarry18861953 
AUSTON, Eva U.Scenic HillQuarry18961971 
AUSTON, EwnaHartfordQuarry18591862 
AUSTON, James R.HartfordQuarry18301878 
Auten, Mary J.NobleOtter Creek21-04-183706-12-1896 
Aydelott, Isaac K.Maple LawnRuyle23 Mar 18513 Nov 1917son of Thomas & Elanor Compton Aydelott
Aydelott, Moses C.Maple LawnRuyle24 Apr 184713 May 1907 
Aydelott, Oliver C.Maple LawnRuyle17 Aug 187714 Feb 1789 
Aydelott, SarahMaple LawnRuyle16 Apr 185326 Feb 1920 
Aydelott, Thomas B.Maple LawnRuyle18451930 
AYDELOTTE, BenjaminOak GroveJersey*****13 Nov 1949 
Aydelotte, MarieMaple LawnRuyle*****16 Apr 1854dau of T. & E.; age 5 yr 1 mo 17 days.
Aydelotte, Sarah A.Maple LawnRuyle1853***** 
AYERS, Alvin E.Oak GroveJersey*****08-04-1958 
Ayers, Ruth E. BakerLaxEnglish19081988 
AYLARD, MargaretSt. FrancisJersey18081821 
AYLWARD, DeliaSt. FrancisJersey18611953 
AYLWARD, JamesSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
AYLWARD, JohnSt. FrancisJersey18581897 
AYLWARD, JosephSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
AYLWARD, KatieSt. FrancisJersey???????? 
AYLWARD, Mary EllenSt. FrancisJersey18261902 
AYLWARD, Thomas W.St. FrancisJersey18471870 
Ayres, Ada J.NobleOtter Creek19111976 
AYRES, Clarence H.Oak GroveJersey*****7 Dec 1969 
Ayres, Daniel Jr.NewbernMississippi10 Nov 193627 Dec 1936Daniel I. & Mary Wharton Ayres; death by malnutrition
Ayres, DannyNobleOtter Creek18-10-194811-01-1950 
Ayres, Emma OliveNobleOtter Creek13 May 192630 Aug 1927dau. of Ernest & Freda McCoy Ayres
Ayres, Ernest L.NobleOtter Creek18931973 
AYRES, Floyd H.Oak GroveJersey*****11 Sep 1945 
Ayres, FredaNobleOtter Creek19001978 
AYRES, GraceOak GroveJersey*****31 Dec 1973 
Ayres, Immanuel N.NobleOtter Creek19081985 
AYRES, Joseph FranklinOak GroveJersey1 Feb 188023 Jan 1947son of Richard Mills & Sarah Ann Plumb Ayres; hus 2 Millie
Ayres, Laura JeanEast NewbernMississippi24 Aug 193524 Aug 1935inf of Dan. I. & Mary E. Wharton Ayres.
Ayres, M. LouiseNobleOtter Creek19271976 
Ayres, Marieta RuthNobleOtter Creek7 Feb 19302 Nov 1934Ernest & Freda McCoy Ayres
Ayres, Mark StephenNobleOtter Creek10-07-196312-02-1965 
AYRES, NellieOak GroveJersey*****19 Feb 1987 
Ayres, Olive RuthNobleOtter Creek13 Dec 186411 Mar 1936Simon Foster Stone; Mother may have been a Daniels
AYRES, Ralph V.Oak GroveJersey*****20 Apr 1982 
Ayres, Raymond DNobleOtter Creek1924***** 
Ayres, Zadock BowenNobleOtter Creek24 Jun 186030 Jun 1931Zadock & Rebecca Mills Ayres
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