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Gunterman CemeteryE. Anderson, she is buried by Annie Trump, her daughter, and has her name inscribed on Annie and Charlie’s tombstone also.
     Researcher note: The E. Anderson buried in Gunterman Cemetery is my great grandmother. Her full name was Eliza Jane Thurston Anderson. She was the daughter of James Thurston and Anna Collard Thurston Kessler. Eliza Jane was born 14 Feb 1850 in Calhoun Co and married Eri Anderson 4 July 1871 in Jersey Co., IL. She died 1889 at childbirth (or so I am told). Eliza’s mother Anna Collard Thurston Kessler is buried two down from Eliza. Anna was born 23 Jan 1824 and died 29 Jan 1906. Her first husband, James Thurston, died in Calhoun Co. in 1851 (I believe of cholera in the 1851 epidemic.). Her second husband was Theodore Kessler – the one you have listed in the Oak Grove Cemetery. – Lois Ams.

Cunningham, Clifton J. Cunningham Apr 14, 1894 – Nov 7, 1980; Lula J. Oct 11, 1903 – Feb 18, 1988.

Groppel Charles Groppel Oct 26, 1884 – Mar 22, 1967; August F. Groppel Jul 13, 1901 Mar 24, 1927.

Groppel, Fritz Groppel 1859 – 1921 and Mary Magdelene (His wife) 1868 – 1949.

Malinda Gunterman, Malinda, wife of John Gunterman died July 18, 1890 79 ys 4 Ms 3 Ds.

John Gunterman – Consort of Malinda died June 24, 1873 aged 73 ys 10 Ms 13 Ds.

Gunterman, Gunterman, William H. 1838 – 1885; Elizabeth, His Wife, 1847 – 1898.

Lizzie Heiderscheid, daughter of N & L D Heiderscheid died 1878.

Carrie Heiderscheid, 1875 – 1947.

John Heiderscheid, born November 1, 1878 and died June 8, 1839 (I think the death date is right. It is a hard to read.).

Dolly & Victor, Dolly E. Heiderscheid (1885 – 1934) and Victor J. Heiderscheid (1885 – 1958).

John N. Heiderscheid, Son – John N. Heiderscheid 1918 – 1978.

Heiderscheid, Alice Heiderscheid 1870-1944; Henry c. 1863 -1955.

Chester N. Heiderscheid, 1893 – 1937.

Laura E. Heiderscheid, 1896 – 1897.

Howard-Heiderscheid, Lew A. Howard, 1873-1929, with his wife Mary J. Heiderscheid, 1880-1956.

Howard & Essie Heiderscheid, Heiderscheid, Howard E. 1890 – 1920; Essie E. 1890 – 1979.

Anna Kessler, spelled Kassler on the tombstone. Anna Kassler, wife of Theodore Kassler (he is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery and the records for him show the spelling Kessler). Anna Collard Kassler was born 23 Jan 1824 in Calhoun Co. and died 29 Jan 1906 in Jersey County, in the home of her daughter Laura D. Heiderschied (from her obit). She is the mother of both E. Anderson (Eliza Jane Thurston Anderson) and Laura D. Thursten Heiderscheid (the spelling Thurston is on the tombstone). Anna and James Thurston (her first marriage) had four girls and a son, but I do not know where the other 2 girls and boy are buried. I believe the boy must have died at a young age. The tombstone to her immediate right but in the background is Nicholas and Laura D. Heiderschied.

Trump, Trump, Chas J. 1877 – 19??; Annie M. 1875 – 1935; Eliza Anderson’s name is also on this stone and the picture is of Eliza.

Photos and information submitted by Lois Ams, [email protected]

Jersey County Page     Cemetery Information Page
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