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Delinquent Tax List 1877From the Jersey County Democrat, April 26, 1877. There will be typos.

Read first! This is a transcription from poor newspaper photocopies and is subject to transcription error. In addition, there are a number of spelling errors in the newspaper. For some names, just using a “find” on the page may not find your ancestor, since spellings can be quite unconventional. The best use of this information is confirming a person’s residence for the years between the censuses. Note that some property owners may not have been Jersey County residents. This list is not comprehensive (e.g., if the person wasn’t delinquent, he/she would not be listed on the delinquent tax lists).

    Township 7, Range 10 
    Simmons, E. J.1
    Andrews, R. D.1,12
    Loveland, L.1
    Trebble, Maml1
    Morrison, Geo.1
    Miles, A.1
    Davidson, J. B.1
    Simmons, R. J.3,4
    Hurof, B(?)3
    Walther, Wm.3
    Bell, Jeremiah3,9
    Meske?, Louis3
    Tuins(?), Ed4
    Bartlett, J. H.4
    Trebble, John4
    Chapman, T. H.4
    Bates, Wm.5
    Harrison, P. Y.5 or 6
    Birney, D. D.8
    Craig, A.9
    Brooks, J. T.10
    DuPes(?), John10
    Austin, Caroline10
    Parsens, Lewis B.10
    Canman, Jacob10,11,14
    Henicus, Jos.10
    Gibson, Geo.10
    Merrison, Geo.11
    Spittle, Ernest11
    Bowker, Fred11
    Albro, Jas.13
    Jones, F. M.14
    Row?e, Jas.14
    Bruner, John W.14
    Montegue, J. S.14
    Connely, A.16
    Hoffmler, Mike16
    Gill, Wm.17
    Edwards, Thos.17
    Bartlett, Wm.17
    Moore, Wm.17
    Youngblood, J. M.19
    Gibbons, Wm.19
    Scott, Wm. A.19
    Schrader, John20
    Burzan, Martha20
    Hamilton, Thos.22
    Wolwark, Daniel23
    Schnieder, August23
    Chambers, Elizabeth24
    Cardroy, J. M.25
    Eberhardt, Lewis25
    Robertson, D.27,28,33
    Pinkard, J. R. or B.28
    Hamilton, M. V.29
    Wales, H. W.29
    Knight, John29
    Wilson, Mary31
    Heaton, Geo.32
    Marstan, Elizabeth32
    Jones, Geo.33
    Grimes, Wm.33
    Shields, Jas.34
    Shields, Peter34
    Township 8, Range 10 
    Bringhurst, James2
    Haycraft, J. J.2
    Gilworth, Perry4
    Armstrong, Jackson4
    Bradsaw, Jonas5
    Powers, John5
    Sharon, John6
    Day, Ira E.7
    Garrison, Garrett7,10
    Conway, Pat8
    Hoskins, Jos. F.9
    Miner, Wm. K.11,12
    Bowker, Wm.12
    Miner, Mary L.12
    Fuller, W. ?, guar’dn15
    Komerack, F.16
    Vaughn, Josiah17
    Lahey, Thos.17,18
    Roach, Terence17
    Welch, Bart19
    Welch, Walter19
    Davis, John19
    Carney, Thos.19
    Vaughn, Mike19
    Dermey, James20
    Roach, David21
    Coleman, John22
    Whitfield, Jane13,22
    Trebble, John25
    Simmons, R. J.26,34,35
    Colenbaun, J. J.27
    Bartlett, J. W.28
    Barnett, J. F.34
    Hutchinson, ….32
    Bell, Jeremiah34
    Lewis, Ford35
    Tribble, Samuel35,36
    Davison, Susannah35
    Foster, Geo. I.36
    Township 9, Range 10 
    Manning, Wm.1
    Saunders, Benj.1
    Dodge, V. L.1,2,12
    Lewis, Ford1
    Palmer, Elias2,11
    Sanders, Benj.2
    Stowe, Milo2,3
    Palmer, Martha J.2,3
    Rice, Thos. V.3
    Palmer, Orin10,11
    Palmer, Martha13,14,24
    Twitchell, ? D.13,14
    Coventry, John14,23
    Bearer, John16
    Hauskins, J. F.16
    Alward, N. R.16
    Barnes, Marshall16,25,36
    Ross, James16
    Elliott, James T.16
    Higgins, John16
    Rhodes, Jas. W.17,26
    Rhodes, J. W.17,23
    Taylor, John17
    Stringer, Wm.17
    Stone, Thos.17,18
    Rhodes, E. S.17
    King, Josiah17
    Haycraft, J. J.17,21,35
    Marshall, Francis18
    Rhodes, Richard18
    Frost, ? L.18
    Whitlock, Thos.19
    Ryan?, John20
    Peyton, Geo.20
    Sexton, Rebecca A.20
    Kemper, W. H. H.21,24
    Barnes, E. W.21,22,23
    Hanskins & McKernan21
    Foster, Geo. I.21
    Twitchett, G. D.22
    Grey, Wm.22
    Cunningham, John22
    Barnes, Laurina23
    Prewit, Amos23,27
    Palmer, D. D.24
    Rhodes, Jas.27
    Lalley, Wm.28
    Stone, Kate29
    Sheehey, John30
    Gillworth, Reed30,32
    Rhodes, Samuel30
    Prewit, Jas.31
    Heenkel, John33
    Gillworth, Perry33
    Alward, W. R.33,34
    Bringhurst, James35
    Ely, Isaac R.36
    Love, L. L.36
    Booker, Wm.36
    Rice, Thos. B.36
    Township 6, Range 11 
    Kelley, B. F.1
    Chappel, Jos. C.2
    Slover, John3
    Gatewood, E. B.3,10
    McDow, Mary4
    Slaten, Geo. W.5
    Tyler, Rachel5
    E. B. M. Co.5
    Piggott, Geo.5
    Smith, Robt. M.5
    Wagoner, J. D.6
    Noble, Isaac M.6
    Scott, A. D.8
    Smith, R. M.8
    Tonkinson, D. T.8
    Ames, Lucy V. S.8
    Case, Thos.10
    Rosleigh, Jacob10
    Husk(?), Wm.10
    Scheveighert, Adam11
    Schlenman, Jacob11
    Forbes, John12,13
    Schile, John12
    Boedy, John12
    Davis, Mrs. A.12
    Thomas, Henrietta13
    Vantrain, H. J.13
    Cole, Lydia13
    Michell, M.14,15
    Frazer, Wm.14
    Locke, John15
    Keller, Louis16(?)
    Beauquill, Geo.17
    Ames, Mrs. L. V. S.17
    Schuider, Peter21
    Ellis, S. S.21,22,27
    Youngblood, Jno. J.22
    Beck, Geo.24
    Piggott, I. N.26
    Starr, Jas. E.28
    Township 7, Range 11 
    Gill, Wm.1,27,32
    Kirby, Geo.4,9
    Kirby, Geo. H.4
    Kirby, Geo. G.4,5
    Hurd, Wm.6
    Massey, H. C.6
    Long, M.6
    Henrion, Andre9,16,17
    Updike, Theodore10,15
    Watson, J. J.13
    Erwin, Nancy13
    Davidson, Wm.15
    Landon, W. D.15,16
    Kirby, Thos.16
    Sisson, John W.18
    Noble, Sidney19
    Brock, J. T.19
    Silsbec, John20
    Lamb, John21
    Gardner, Robt.25,36
    Walker, Jas. P.25
    Utt, John26,27
    Walker, Jas. S.26
    Reed, Jos.29
    Utt, Jacob30
    Slaten, Geo. W.31
    Knight, Mrs. E.32
    McDow, J. H.32
    Mott & Gilham32
    Hemphill, L. S.34
    Giberson, J. M.34
    Armstrong, Martha34
    Heldt, Phil36
    Hawley, F. G.36
    Township 8, Range 11 
    Allen, Richard3
    Potter, Thos4,5
    Cheney, P. D.9,26
    Allen, Frank9,16
    Daly, Pat12
    Dugan, Jno. W.13
    Smith, E. M.15,16
    Jarboe, W. P.16
    Walters, S.16
    Moore, Amos16
    Nichols, L.16
    Kirkpatrick, Lewis20
    Andeison, W. H.22
    Davis, John Jr.24
    Simonds, Henry29
    Spacht, Margaret29
    Voorhees, P. P. Est.29
    Patterson, G. C.30
    West, Ira M.30
    Massey, H. C.31,32
    Township 9, Range 11 
    Sloan, Thos.13
    Burke, G. W.13
    Means, H.14
    Day, Ira E.14
    McDaniels, James15
    Hodges, E. M.15
    Brown, A. J.22
    Little, Irvin22
    Lewis, Ford22
    Irwin’s heirs22
    Irwin, Alex22
    Fisher, W. B.23
    Baird, Isaac23
    Nelson, Frank23
    Reddish, J. H.24
    Cummings, Thos.24
    Grill, James24
    Livingston, G. H.24
    Grizzle, James25
    Cummis & West25
    Hansel, W. H.26
    Harrington, Wm.26
    Smith, E. M.26
    Waddle, W. G.26
    White, H.26
    Erwin, A.26
    Owens, John27
    Township 6, Range 12 
    Noble, Daniel1
    Noble, I. N.1
    Noble, Ziba1
    Utt, Jacob2
    Lewis, David2
    Bray, W. J.2
    Burris, Seth2,11
    Ward, J.3
    Goodrich, Ralph3
    Wildt, W. W.4
    Mears, W. R.4
    Hart(?), B. R.4
    Wildt, W. N.4
    Barber, Alex4
    Evans, John4
    White, J.5
    Westlake, J. V.5,6
    Walters, V.5
    Mason, Paris5
    Barker, David9
    Hackett & Co.9
    Eastman, Henry9
    McDaniel, G.9
    Baxter, H.9
    Tindall, N. B.9
    Bar?er, D.9
    Barker, D.9
    Bagley, M.(?) E.10
    Larson, Edward11
    Spaulding, E. heirs12
    Shoteans, Henry heirs12
    Billings & Parsons12
    Veatch, J. B.12
    Cheney, P. D.13
    Kirkpatrick, A.13
    Hamilton, W. D.14
    Lewis, Ford16
    Fry, Jacob16
    Ivers, James T.16
    Township 7, Range 12 
    Sandridge, R. N.1
    Clark, Ira W.1
    Haddix, David1
    McManners, Thomas2
    McDow, M.2
    Fitzgerald, Richard2
    Clark, Ira2
    Aubery, Moses2
    White, Geo.3
    White, Josiah3
    Donohue, James3
    Cartwright, W. T.4
    McManners, T.4
    Hurd, Wm.4
    Ford, Thomas5
    Cartwright, B. F.5,8
    Brigham, E. R.6(?)
    Haddock, David6
    Burke, Geo. W.7
    Dabbs, Joshua8,9,17
    Kent, John8,9
    Lawrence, Rees9
    Adenstall, Fred9
    Kidwell, Daniel9
    Slaten, W. W.9,10
    Hughes, Sabra10
    Kirchner, John G. heirs11
    McAdams, Lewis12
    Van?dale, A. M.13
    Sisson, John13
    Dodson, E.14
    Hughes, Sabra L.15
    Beck, A. L.15
    H?ll, Milton16
    Davenport, A.16
    Dabbs, Wm.16
    Chappell, Ephriam16
    Dabbs, Jesse16,17
    Hull, J. M.16
    Kennedy, Isaac16
    Gibson, Samuel C.17
    Darlington, Henry17
    Hull, John M.17
    Krone, Christina17
    O’Loughlin, J. A.17
    Burke, Geo. W.18
    Davenport, John18
    McNulta, C.19
    Gibson, S. C.19
    Choteau & McPike9, 19
    Day, Jedutha19
    Howland, F.20
    B??k, A. L.20
    Allen, J. A.20
    Burnes, O. H.20
    Lewis, Jacob E.21
    Fry, Wm.21
    Gowin, Nathan21,22
    Anderson, T. W.22,23
    Noble, Sidney23,24
    Sisson, John24
    Terry, J. M.24
    Brock, T. F.24
    Moss, J. F.25
    Randall, J. G.25
    Slaten, W. B.25
    Dunnigan, Wm.26
    Shortel, Patrick26,27
    Shortel, James26,27,35
    White, Hiram26
    O’Neill, John & Jacob26
    Dunnigan, W.27
    Ward, Amos27
    Lewis, John S.27
    Noble, Sidney27
    Slaten, A. M.27
    Lasky, Edward28
    Claridge, Josiah27,28
    Davenport, Isaac28
    Slaten, John M.29
    Vanarsdale, Caleb29
    Lewis, Jacob29,31
    Steadman, S. E.30
    Thorton, Ezra30
    Sisson, John30
    Day, Jedutha30
    Slaten, T. A.31
    Moses, M. R.32
    Slaten, A. M.32
    Jones, Geo. L.32
    Mears, W. H.32
    Walsh, J. & E.33
    Twaddle, W. A.33
    Lame(?), John W.33
    Lewis, James E.34
    Patton, James34
    Lewis, David B.34
    Noble, Sidney34
    Godfrey, Jacob34
    Castney, Wm.24
    Moss, J. F.36
    Green, Addison36
    Township 8, Range 12 
    Colean, Nelson1,2
    Beeman, John1,2
    Chapman, T. S.2
    E??edge, Mrs. F.2
    Fritz, Fred3
    Snow, John3
    Johnnessee, N. P.4
    Hunt, Milton5,6
    Johnson, Stephen5,8
    Kraushans, F.5
    Kuelsken, John6
    Lightshore, John6
    Giberson, Samuel C.6
    Davis, R. W.6
    Lenty, Joseph8
    Cryssett, Martin9
    Seago, John9
    Duck, Jacob9
    Downey, Sylvester11,12
    Landon, W. D.13,24
    Carr, Joseph17
    Manning, W. R.17
    Darr, Matthew18,23
    Rusk, James18
    Baker, Fred18
    Drainer, Peter19
    Holten, John20
    Husking, Mike20
    Darr, A. J.23
    Cope, Andrew23
    McKinney, Mary A.24
    Landon, Milo25
    Brocamp, F.26
    Hinson, Hannah26
    Cope, Nathan26,35,36
    Schatteger, M.27
    Medford, James heirs30
    Heitzig, Chris30
    Danier, Peter30
    Gotten, Charles30
    Shaff, C.31
    Burns, Pat34
    McHele, John34
    Raftus, Wm.35
    Dowdall, C. W.36
    Township 6, Range 13 
    Beine, J. L.1
    Ratzel, A.1,12
    Quitt, Joseph1
    Trebble, Samuel2
    Williams, Wm.2,4,10
    Thompson, John3
    Miller, John W.3
    Collins, David4
    Stafford, Geo.5
    Stafford, J. H.5
    Plowman & Shephard5
    Allen, W. D.9
    Watson, John9
    Metzar, Jacob10
    Eastman, Henry11,14
    Noble, Mary15
    Noble, Geo. L.15
    Lewis, Jacob15
    Watson, John16
    Township 7, Range 13 
    Schaff, Henry1,12
    Highfill, P. H.2
    Clark, Danl3
    Matthews, Isam(?)3
    Miller, M. A.4
    Rowden, Lydia J.4,5,8,9
    McCullough, M.4,9
    Ricketts, A.5
    Mortimore, R. H.8,9
    Bolan, Pat9
    Janey, Jane9
    Garl, Peter9
    Jackson, Mary E.9
    Shepherd, Hannah10
    Wedding, Benj.14,15
    Highfill, Geo. T.14
    Landon, W. D.15
    Matson, John15
    Matheus, Isam15,17,21
    McClure, Samuel16
    Curtis, Alex16
    Rowden, Frank16
    Newell, Calvin16
    Mortimore, R. R.17
    Butler, Wiley18
    Newman, E. E.19
    Thompson, A. J.20,21
    Gleason, W. C.21
    Andrews, Joel22,27,28
    Lorain, C. J.23
    Warren, N.24
    Weaver, Chas.24
    Arbogast, John24
    Faigle, John24
    Smith, Robert27
    Noble, Nancy A.27,28
    Dugan, John27
    Franklin, Ed J.27
    Williams, Wm.28
    Green, Chas C.29
    Plowman & Shephard32
    Curtiss, J. A.32
    Stafford, Geo.32
    Plowman, Jno.33
    Manning, Wm.33
    Miner, Martin B.34
    Peterson, …35
    Willis, Wm. H.35
    Leggate, E. M.35
    Radcliff(?), Geo.36
    Lewis, Jacob36
    Township 8, Range 13 
    Knelleken, John1
    T?rner, Lewis M.2
    Reddish, Stephen2,3
    Foyler, Thos. R.2
    Dunham, Amos3
    Campbell, Nathan4,9,15
    Washburn, L. C.5
    Martin, s.9
    Buzby, C.9
    Jackson, Mary E.11
    Dunham, Benj.11
    Householder, Geo.11,13,14
    Bowman, C. H.12
    Dunham, David13,14
    Schultz, Albert13
    Wade, Henry13
    Spencer, James A.13
    Gunterman, John14,15,22
    Mefford, Andrew16
    Eveland, Elizabeth16
    Shaw, J. B.16
    Johnson, James16
    Gulick, Jacob19,30
    Morrison, Barton20,21
    Pranger, Girard21
    Hoffman, John21
    Turner, Leonard24,25
    Close, John J.25
    Eads, James A.25
    Bonnell, D. T.25
    Hankey, Mary27
    Berger, August27
    Cheney, P. D.28
    Messenger, W. H.28
    Snow, Geo.28,29
    Ghiles, Jery28
    Messenger, M. A.28
    Walsh, S. A. & J.29
    Brigham, E. R.31
    Cannon, A. J.32
    Lewis, Ford32
    Wiseman, Jas. R.33
    Wiseman, John33
    Zaddock heirs33
    Henning, C. H.33
    White, James33,34
    Henning, C.34
    Malloy, John34
    Bethel, J. H. & W.35
    Belt, James H.36
    Butt, Wm.36
    Lofton, John W.36
    Morean, James28,32
    McCauley, Thomas31
    McCoulay, Thomas32
    McCaulay, Thos.32
    Foster, A. H.32,33
    Campbell, J. E.34
    Foulks, John34
    Edwards, Wm.35
    Turner, Lewis M.35
    Parker, Thomas J.35
    Turner, L. M.35
    Township 8, Range 14Section
    Walker, J. S.26
    Gardner, R.26,36
    Carroll, Thos.15
    Jerseyville Town Lots
    Cheney, P. D.
    Tack, John C.
    Evans, Samuel
    Clark, R. H.
    Cowan, Henry
    Poh, Adam
    Massey, S. L.
    Thompson, J. G.
    Kitzenberger, J.
    Gamidinger, Jacob
    Howell, U. D.
    Jennings, Mary
    Hill, Martin
    Sanford, J. E.
    Massey, H. C.
    Knitzel, A.
    Pauly, C.
    Goecke, Gustave
    Asher, John A.
    Maupin, J. H.
    Heath, Jeremiah heirs
    Ware, Geo. W.
    Boyle, C.
    Casey, Wright
    Mayley, John
    Ames, J. H.
    Zizer, F. X.
    Hamilton, C. M.
    Bartlett, B. C.
    Worthington, Mrs.
    Hammel, Jos.
    Recappee, A.
    Presbyterian Parsonage
    Mayland, D.
    Leonard, Hiram
    Gard, ? W.
    Pitt, Wm. E.
    Way, M. A.
    Shobe, A. A.
    Bauer, Peter
    Ford, G. H.
    Newton, Robt.
    Carmichael, D.
    Paris, J. J.
    Gillworth, John
    Bailey, W. W.
    Johnson, W. H. heirs
    Paris, O. M.
    Farley, R. D.
    Hansell, L.
    Farris, Robt.
    Powell, Dorcas
    Voorhees, Wm.
    Worth, Vincent
    Mason, Geo. W.
    Burke, Geo. W.
    Carroll, D.
    VanDyne, J.
    Lahey, Mike
    Hooker, H. E.
    Malone, J.
    Bayer, A.
    Smith, Jno. M.
    Timmons, N. B.
    Ford(?), John
    DuHadway, C.
    Newton & Cory
    Fitzpatrick, John
    VanPelt, Sarah E.
    Embly, Wm.
    Salter, Joseph
    Schneider, Mrs.
    Herdman, W. J.
    Mays, Thos.
    Utt, Geo. S.
    Allen, Dr. A. B.
    Rue, Wm.
    Shephard, Wm.
    Blythe, James S.
    Miskell(?), J. A.
    West, A. Y.
    Beardslee, I. M.
    Anderson, W.
    Sexton, Mary E.
    Richards, J. L. C.
    Ford, G. R.
    Ross, Mrs.
    Pennington, Lot
    Anderson, W. H.
    Egalhoff, Geo.
    King, Jefferson
    Egalhoff, Wm.
    Simonds, Henry
    Crain, Silas heirs
    McGrath, Peter
    Burns, Mary
    Bla?erhassett, J. A.
    Goodman, B. F.
    Gooch, Mary
    Newton, Robert
    Lind, Godfrey
    Smith, Mrs.
    Adams, N. L.
    Farril, R.
    Jacobs, Chas.
    O’Laughlin, J. & P.
    Laufketer, Chas.
    Simonds, O. S.
    Drainer, Peter
    McBride, Mary
    O’Halloran, James
    Barry, E. L. H.
    Gibson, John
    Mullholland, D.
    Stewart, Allen
    Welsh, J.
    O’Laughlin, Pat
    Holnback, A.
    Holnback, Adolph
    Sanders, Jas.
    Cory, Martha
    Brown, John
    Erwin, A. D.
    Spellman, C.
    Spellman, Mary
    McGee, James
    Lewis, Elizabeth
    Cuddah??, Thomas
    Field, Sarah
    Hanley, Mike
    McGraw, Wm.
    Snedeker, O. A.
    Corbett, John
    Holnback, A.
    Finch, James M.
    Potts, James A.
    Smith, Emily
    Blythe, Mary A.
    McGrath, Ned
    Pope, Samuel
    Mullford, Catherine
    Hill, Oscar
    Hill, Martin L.
    Gaines, Mrs. M. E.
    Brown, Mrs. Sarah A.
    Myers, Lewis R.
    Town of Fieldon
    Osborn, Harvey
    Phipps, T. K.
    Strosser, Jacob
    Sexton, M. E.
    Powell, John
    West, John C.
    Roth, W. F.
    Felter, W. W.
    Harmon, J. B.
    Briggs, Asa
    Gunterman, John
    Hackley, A.
    Town of Otterville
    Moore, Mrs.
    Terry, Wm. P.
    VanAusdall, R.
    McAdams, Wm.
    Gier, F.
    Cadwallader, John
    Coe, Margaret
    Young, E.(?)
    Hughes, Eph
    Cooley, John
    Gier, Louis
    Gier, Fred
    Bell, W. C.
    Dougharty, H. E. & Co.
    Linkogle, John
    Linkogle, W. H.
    Pickett, H. A. & N. F.
    Balcomb, E.
    Bell, Chas.
    Bartlett, H.
    Town of Newbern
    Busby, John
    Town of Franklin
    Baun, Elizabeth D.
    Town of Delhi
    Scott, C. W.
    Town of Fidelity
    Kent, John
    Cadle, W.
    Miner, W.
    Whitfield, W.
    Haycraft, J. J.
    Stover, B. F.
    Kingston, Thos. A.
    Randall, A.
    Stapes, George
    Reed, J. S.
    Adelott, M. C.
    Dupay, J. H.
    Hoover, Wm.
    King, Jas.
    Longwell, James
    Haycraft, John
    Vance, Mary W.
    Adelott, Ellen
    Marshall, J. C.
    Rodell, Adolph
    Heysinger, Ernest
    Brown, Wm.
    Stamps, Adam
    Christopher, Warren
    Halt?n, Geo.
    Garrettson, Chas.
    Rodell, A.
    Ayd?ott, J. B.
    Worley, J. H.
    Moore, R. S.
    Holde?, Richard
    Whitfield, W. T.
    Watson, Thos. C.
    Town of Kemper
    Kemper, W. H. H.
    Walker, E. G.
    Palmer, Orin
    Town of Elsah
    Bates, Wm.
    Snyder, Peter
    Lerine, C.
    Mott, B. L.
    O’Netto, C. A.
    Vanderslice, W. H.
    Tonkinson, D. T.
    Goodrich, Mrs.
    Brock, Joseph
    McNair, W. A.
    McNair, Elizabeth
    Ward, C. J.
    Hap, L.
    Fuller, Wm.
    Reed, S. R.
    Jones, J. M. Floyd
    Mott, B. L.
    Schneider, X.
    Brewer, Mary C.
    Houpt, Isaac
    Graham, R. H.
    Silsbe, John
    R?sley, Mrs.
    Hurty, J. B.
    Case, Thos.
    Hurtz, Jacob
    Town of Grafton
    Beirne, J. L.
    Welsh, Ers G.
    Fleake, A. D.
    Spangle, Joseph
    Winkle, B.
    Zimmermann, W.
    Keiff, Bartholomew
    Brown, C.
    Reubel, M.
    Colean, T. heirs
    Brinton, Emmor
    Allen, W. H.
    Farrington, Silas
    Godfrey, Jacob
    Stafford, B.
    Brinto, Emmor
    Fox, Martin
    Foyle(?), Michael
    Birmingham, M. J.
    Brady, L. M.
    Greene, L.
    Martin, Joseph
    Spanley, J.
    Brinton, Emmor
    Mitchell, Adam
    Greene, Lawrence
    Slaten, J. W.
    Dunsdon, David
    Jackson, Mary E.
    Clantou, Ann
    Whitfield, Mary R.
    Hamilton, John W.
    Wheeler, John P.
    Barker, David
    Wheeler, J. B.
    Whitfield, Mary A.
    Stafford, Brook Jr.
    Brown, C. H.
    Andrews, N. P.
    LeMarsh, Joseph
    Fitzgerald, J. E.
    Davis, John
    Eastman, Henry
    Dephoris, A.
    Barlow, Joseph
    Mason, P. H.
    Cortney, M.
    Brock, Joseph
    Hackett, T. M. & Co.
    Brock, P. F.
    McDaniel, Gregg
    Timmons, Mrs.
    Watter, J. B.
    Barlow, D.
    Applegate, H.
    Robison, F.
    Dephosia, A.
    Brown, Leonard
    Davis, Daniel
    Whal & Carpenter
    Town of Camden
    Slaten, A. M.
    Slaten, C. J.
    Davis, John
    Out Lots to Jerseyville
    Snedeker, Isaac
    Eddington, C.
    Cheney, P. D.
    Sanford, J. E.
    Kirt, John
    Leach, D. C.
    Beardslee, I. M.
    Hamilton, C.
    Hamilton, W. D.
    Blythe, James S.
    Hamilton, Alex
    Washburn, L. C.
    Shaver, Samuel
    Gilworth, John
    Phillips, Wm.
    Mason, Geo. W.
    Haywood Calladge & Co.
    Town of Brighton
    Beiler(?), Samuel
    Rettgers, Julius
    Samson, Robert
    Hoag, Chas.
    Stall, H. G.
    Richards, Mrs.
    Carson, A.
    Flegman, Fred
    Lyon, S. S.
    Luke, Henry
    Rettgers, August
    Helm, Henry
    Dember, Joseph
    Heath, M. C. & C. S.
    Hanley(?), Peter
    Dembler, Joseph
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