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Delinquent Tax List 1865
Alphabetical ListFrom the Jersey County Democrat, May 4, 1866. There will be typos.

Some of the property owners may not have resided in Jersey County

Note: This is the poorest original I’ve encountered. With a list this long and a very poor photocopy, there will be errors. The last page of the list was unreadable on the microfilm. Amount due was listed with a space with no decimal point.

? ? & St. Louis RRBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville    
????, Mary A.?McGills, Blackburn’s sub-divJerseyville  45011.25
Adams, C. N.Adams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Adams, C. N.Adams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Adams, N. L.Adams AdditionJerseyville  401.00
Adams, N. L.Adams AdditionJerseyville  2005.00
Aikens, DavidBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  501.25
Aikens, DavidBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  501.25
Alberti, Fred2871340601.92
Alexander, Wm.13813801605.92
Alexander, Wm. A.1181340802.96
Alford, Harvey23813802409.60
Alford, Harvey28813525.55
Amos, G. W.3681010302.52
Andrews, Joseph17108080020.00
Applen, David28813801202.64
Archer, M. W.2771340802.56
Archer, M. W.27713801203.84
Arkeber, J. G.?2581315602.10
Arter, David1981240802.10
Atchinson, Peter8710802405.76
Avdolet, ?34810402005.60
Bagley, M. E.2291040802.04
Bagley, M. E.28910401202.94
Bailey, W.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  1002.50
Bailey, W. W.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  1002.50
Bailey, W. W.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  501.26?
Bailey, W. W.Bailey’s AdditionJerseyville  75 ea.1.88 ea.
Bank, Met15710802406.48
Bank, Met1771040803.36
Bank, Met21710802406.48
Bank, Met11611802406.17
Bank, Met1561180240?.??
Barber, H. K.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  25? ea..63 ea.
Barbour, Geo.181390901.91
Barnett, Allen3713801603.52
Barnett, J. S.30810160112031.36
Barnett?, J. F.?811???.??
Barr, J. A. & J. C.15?81140640?.??
Barr, J. C.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  2005.00
Bartlett, William2071020401.60
Bates, J. M.1381380802.96
Bates, J. M.13813801204.44
Bates, J. M.1381316032011.84
Baumgarten, C.3291329 1-2591.44
Baumgarten, C.34913271083.17
Beach, Moses L.26713802407.68
Bearger, August27813401202.6?
Bearger, August2781320601.32
Bearger, August27813401202.64
Bechwith?, F? W?2571120??.??
Beckwith, F.1971042008.40
Beeman, J. C.Otter Creek Village   10.20
Beeman, J. C.Otter Creek Village   10.20
Bennett & ChaffeeAdams AdditionJerseyville  2005.00
Benson?, Henderson?34?911???.??
Bethell, Thos.3581353 1-31072.35
Bird, G.Adams AdditionJerseyville  2503.75
Bird, G.Adams AdditionJerseyville  2005.00
Birene, J. L.46 (36?)713???
Blythe, Jas. S.Hill’s AdditionJerseyville  5014.36
Boady, Henry12611134536?12.70
Boker, Fred11710802406.00
Bonnell, D. T.Town of Jerseyville   2506.25
Bonnell, D. T.Town of Jerseyville   60015.00
Bonnell, J. & H.6711802405.12
Booker, Wm369101040?.??
Booker, Wm3691040200?.??
Booker, Wm3691020403.??
Bowman, C? H?1991080160?.??
Boyd, Wm971340801.76
Bridges, HiramTown of Jerseyville   1002.50
Bridges, HiramTown of Jerseyville   50012.50
Bridges, Hiram?21910510.??
Briggs, Asa12813802408.88
Briggs, Asa13813401003.70
Briggs, Asa2481340802.96
Briggs, EnochBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  15508.75
Briggs, EnochJohnson’s AdditionJerseyville  65016.25
Brigham, E. R.3271340401.28
Brocamp, ?29812403206.40
Brooks, J.10710401203.00
Brown, David E.87108040016.80
Brown, J.2191040801.??
Brown, William27?911???.??
Bruner, Frank247106 rds5.18
Buffington, J. H.Town of Jerseyville   3007.50
Burge, G. W.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  25? ea..63 ea.
Burke, Geo.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  501.25
Burke, George W.15710802406.48
Burnapp, J.2371030902.31
Burnapp, J.2571033 1/41?64.?7
Butter, Jonh30710401204.80
Byer, AdolphGoodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  75 ea.1.88 ea.
Byer, AdolphGoodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  50012.50
Calham?, James3481220601.44
Calhoun, ?8?811?3100?.??
Calhoun?, James?81140??.??
Cameron, James1671340601.92
Campbell, J. A.1671110?.78
Campbell, J. A.167111030.78
Campbell, J. E.3813401604.40
Campbell, James2571140120?.??
Campbell, Jas. E.33913401203.54
Campbell, Jas. E.3391380802.36
Campbell, Jas. E.34913803209.44
Campbell, Jas. E.34913802407.08
Campbell, Jas. E.34913401203.54
Campbell, Jas. E.34913401604.72
Campbell, Jas. E.3491318?/13?521.54
Campbell, Nathan381340401.10
Campbell, Nathan4813881763.52
Campbell, Nathan48138044012.10
Campbell, Nathan481340401.10
Campbell, Nathan58134040.80
Campbell, Nathan5813591773.54
Campbell, Nathan981340401.10
Campbell, Nathan10813801604.40
Campbell, Thos. J.68131871873.74
Campbell, Thos. J.1681340602.40
Cannon, James97131201202.64
Carlinville Seminary2891040120?2.94
Carnes, George1671020601.50
Carrell, JohnTown of Jerseyville   3007.50
Carroll, G.? W.?10911???.??
Carroll, J. B. 3rd22713401203.84
Case, Thomas10611801604.12?
Casson, William & Co.1361116080020.56
Chappee, ?34?71140??.??
Chappee, ?34?711?320?.??
Chappel, J.2611403207.58
Chapple, B?11611802405.69
Chapple, Bart1461140120?.??
Chilton, ? ?369102080?.??
Chilton, ? ?369108064015.??
Christopher, Jacob?811???.??
Clapp, L.6710793999.57
Clapp, L.77104048010.86
Clark, H. C.3681020601.68
Clatting?, Charles1161180240?.??
Clevens, Thomas7810401203.24
Collins, David461380801.76
Combs, D. H.?268121030.72
Conally, A.16710401203.24
Conway & McGowan14?81140320?.??
Cook, John166114080?.??
Cook, John166114080?.??
Cooper, J. heirs36812401203.24
Cooper, J. heirs36812201203.24
Cope, Joseph34812401603.52
Corey, A.?811???.??
Corey, Joel5710401203.24
Cory, Joel & Abner3181280801.76
Cowen, L.Adams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Craft, F. F.36813801204.44
Creenwell?, W. H.Town of Camden   101.06
Cudahay, Thos.Davis’ AdditionJerseyville  1253.13
Cummings, E. A.15?711?800?.??
Cummings, W. H.10711404009.00
Cummings, W. H.10711404009.00
Curry, C??and W.??911???.??
Curtis, J. A.3271340401.28
Cutter, Leonard2871340401.28
Cutting, L. M.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  40010.10
Daily?, C?14711???.??
Daily?, C?14711?240?.??
Daly, Peter1281180400?.??
Daly?, C. C.237114080?.??
Daly?, C. C.2371180??.??
Daly?, C. C.237112448?.??
Daly?, C. C.237111632?.??
Darlington, Sam’l2771140200?.??
Darlington?, ?21711?360?.??
Darr, Matthew2381260108025.92?
Davenport, F.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  25? ea..63 ea.
Davidson?, ? W.227112040?.??
Davis, A.16?811?10?.??
Davis, AbijahDavis’ AdditionJerseyville  225 total5.63 total
Davis, AbijahDavis’ AdditionJerseyville  50 ea..63 ea.
Davis, Elizabeth181140320?.??
Davis, J. M.24?811???.??
Davis, J. W.3181080112024.64
Davis, John198108096026.88
Davis, S. W.Town of Jerseyville   1002.50
Dimmock, E? ?761140802.96
Dolbee, J. R.771140120?.??
Dowdall, C. W.36812401604.32
Duffcan, J.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  751.88
Duffcan, J.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  501.25
Duncan, ??811???.??
Duncan, J.?811???.??
Duncan, Joseph2781220601.44?
Dunham B. heirs1381340802.96
Dunham, B.381343431.17
Dunham, Catherine1181340802.36
Dunham, D. heirs14813401204.44
Dunsden, David11813801605.72
Dunsden, David1181340802.96
E. B. & M. Co.761140802.96
Eads, Jas. A.138141818.58?
Eagalhoff?, John20812803209.60
Eastman, J? L?169101020?.??
Egelhoff, JohnBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  102.50
Egelhoff, WilliamAdams AdditionJerseyville  75 ea.1.88 ea.
Egelhoff, WilliamAdams AdditionJerseyville  2506.25
Egelhoff, Wm.Adams AdditionJerseyville  2005.00
El?endorf, F.?2481280144031.68
Eldridge, A. H.10710401203.00
Elliot, Jas169101020?.??
Elliott, A. W.12710401203.00
Elliott, A. W.1371016080020.00
Elliott, A. W.1571020601.50
Ellis, J. N.2071338 5038 501.33
Ellis, Mark2171340802.56
Ellis, Mark2171340802.56
Elmondorf?, F.3281216048025.73
Ely, R. R.369101530.??
English, J. N.16812802408.40
English, J. N.168124032011.40
English, J. N.1781240802.24
English, J. N.218128040014.00
English, J. N.228128048016.80
Ennes, Z.2771340401.28
Evans, SamuelTown of Jerseyville   1002.50
Eveland, Edmond16813401204.80
Eveland, Edmond1681340803.20
Eveland, Stephen heirs1781320601.32
Eveland, Stephen heirs178132040.88
Eveland, Stephen heirs20813402004.40
Ewing, AlbertAdams AdditionJerseyville  3007.50
Fairbush, John13?61180240?.??
Faredal, Mathias15813401205.04
Felks, John33913401203.54
Felks, John3491316064019.08
Felks, John34913803209.44
Felter, Peter1081316040016.00
Felter, Peter158132401.60
Ferguson, E. I.371340801.76
Ferrell, R.Adams AdditionJerseyville  751.88
Ferrell, R.Adams AdditionJerseyville  2005.00
Ferrin, ThomasBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  ?8.75
Finley, F?391080240?.??
Finney, D. W.156131291292.83
Fisher, Fuller & Co.2061144000180.00
Fitsgerald, Jesse heirs1891028??1.37
Flaherty, MichaelRandall’s AdditionTown of Brighton  30 ea..70 ea.
Frayer, John1461140120?.??
Frayer, John146111442.??
Gail, Peter971340805.17
Garrels, John178128040012.00
Gatewood, E. B.1061140801.90
Gatewood, E? B?3611401603.80
Gibbons, J. W.247107035012.95
Gibbons, J. W.247104040014.80
Gibbs, John181343861.72
Gibson, J.W.25710401202.94
Gill, W.17710802409.60
Gill, W.17710401204.80
Gill, Will31710401202.64
Gill, William1711160880?.??
Goepper, DavidYoung’s AdditionJerseyville  502.5?
Gooch?, Mrs.Adams AdditionJerseyville  2506.25
Goodrich & NewtonJohnson’s AdditionJerseyville  75018.75
Goodrich & NewtonMcGills, Blackburn’s sub-divJerseyville  75018.75
Goodrich & NewtonAdams AdditionJerseyville    
Goodrich, H. O.McGills, Blackburn’s sub-divJerseyville  75 ea.1.88 ea.
Goodrich, H. O.Goodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  75 ea.1.88 ea.
Goodrich, H. O.Goodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  25 ea..63 ea.
Goodrich, H. O.Goodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  25 ea..63 ea.
Goodrich, H. O.Goodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  25 ea..63 ea.
Goodrich, H. O.Goodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  25 ea..63 ea.
Goodrich, James W.1591032064017.92
Gorrell, Peter971340801.76
Graham, Wm1261340601.32
Greene, E.Town of Jerseyville   8007.50
Griggs, SamuelTown of Franklin   65 total1.30 total
Gulick, J.30813811623.56
Gulick, Jacob1881378781.71
Gulick, Jacob1981383831.82
Gulick, Jacob198133939.86
Gulick, Jacob1981383831.82
Hacking, William Jr.1671020601.50
Hackley, L. E.471341821.80
Hadley, J. W.17713401203.84
Hall, John H.13710401204.44
Halloran, J. O.Town of Jerseyville   45011.25
Hamilton, A. L.Town of Jerseyville   501.25
Hamilton, A.? 811???.??
Hamilton, B. W.771140801.76
Hamilton, B. W.771140801.76
Hamilton, B. W.771140801.76
Hamilton, C. M.Davis’ AdditionJerseyville  25 ea..63 ea.
Hamilton, W. D. 811???.??
Hamilton, W. D.961339 3739 402.68
Hamilton, W. D.3271340401.28
Hamor, Bates2611401202.95
Hamor, John2611160128030.84
Hamor, Moses2271340401.28
Hand, S. W.13811???.??
Hankey, Christian2781320601.32
Hansell, LloydBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  25? ea..63 ea.
Harman, J. B.1481340401.08
Harmann, J. B.1181340401.18
Harmon, J. B.168134040.88
Harris?, J. W.1613801603.52
Harton, JohnGoodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  275 total6.88 total
Hartwick, JamesYoung’s AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Hartwick?, ? 811???.??
Hartwick?, ? 811???.??
Harville, Paris2381223 3/42405.28
Harville, Paris2381280120026.40
Harville?, Paris228128064022.40
Hayward, N.28910801603.92
Heiderman/Helderman, W. F.Randall’s AdditionTown of Brighton  15.53
Hill, Asher21812402007.40
Hines, Phil.357101340.99
Holbrook, S. A.3571020601.47
Holcomb, C. M.6710401202.88
Holcomb, C. M.6710402004.80
Holcomb, C. M.17710401205.?4
Hotten, John20812401604.80
House, James16?811?40?.??
Householder, Geo.14813801605.60
Householder, Geo.1481340802.80
Hughes & Fitzg?ldTown of Jerseyville   2005.00
Hupp, E. L.171020601.62
Hupp, E. L.15611401203.09
Hurd, J.? M.??911???.??
Hutchinson, F. G.36812804009.60
Hutchinson, W. F.Town of Jerseyville   60015.00
Hutchinson, W. F.Town of Jerseyville   ??
Iniards, Silas21813401202.40
J & C Railroad Co.16?811???.??
J & C Railroad Co.16?811???.??
J. A. & J. ? Barr22811???.??
J. A. & J. C. Barr?811140??.??
Jackson, A. heirs?811???.??
Janney?, Abel971340801.76
Jaynes, James2081240120?.??
Jennings, John3481236721.72
Johnson, B.3571020601.35
Johnson, S. B.13611802405.69
Johnson, S. B.1361140120?.??
Johnson, S. B.2461116048011.38
Johnson, S. B.24611160800?.??
Johnson, S. B.24611802405.69
Johnson, W. H.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  2005.00
Jones, George10710802406.00
Jones, George23710401203.00
Jones, George33710402404.80
Journey, Sam9713801202.64
Keely, Michael127133203207.04
Keller & Stone191080160?.??
Keller & Stone19104080?.??
Kellog, B. Jr.12910401203.36
Kellogg, B. Jr.2791040802.04
Kellogg, B. Jr.2791040802.04
Kerby, George227114080?.??
King, Josiah?179101020?.??
King, Mathew14813401204.20
King, Mathew1481380602.40
Kingsten?, Mary2991030?60?.??
Kirby, W.8711802406.72
Kirby, William?811???.??
Kirby, William?81140??.??
Kirkland, EllenAdams AdditionJerseyville  1002.50
Kirzgenberger, J.Town of Jerseyville   300 total7.?? Total
Kitsmiller A. heirsBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  501.25
Kitsmiller, A.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  2005.00
Kitsmiller, A.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  751.88
Kitsmiller, A. heirsBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  2005.00
Labay?, Thos.2281220?2.96
Lamb, John18?7112?1.30
Landon, Norton35812201002.20
Landon, W. D.??81140??.??
Lane?, W. H.3491332642.05
Lane?, W. H.? 811???.??
Leach, D. C.1281316032011.84
Leck & Bro.25?611117351??.??
Lee, J.24710402007.40
Lee, J.24710201204.44
Leigh, WallaceTown of Jerseyville   80020.00
Leigh, WallaceTown of Jerseyville   80020.00
Leigh, WallaceAdams AdditionJerseyville  50 ea.1.25 ea.
Leigh, WallaceAdams AdditionJerseyville  1002.5?
Leitz, Geo.Goodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  25.63
Lock & Bro.33710802405.28
Lowe, R. I.?Adams AdditionJerseyville  751.88
Luiston, N. M.116114080?.90
Lurton, N. M.33?71180640?.??
Lurton, Sarah19710220.80
M E ChurchMethodist Episcopal Church AdditionTown of Jerseyville  variousvarious
M???, GeorgeTown of Jerseyville   2005.00
Maley, John271340801.76
Maley, John3713401202.64
Maley, John3713401202.64
Mallay, John67132828.61
Malory, John3713391172.57
Malory, John3713501002.20
MangumGoodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  100?
Mann, C.Goodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  25.63
Manning & Glover36713802407.68
Manning, Joshua227114080?.??
Manning, Joshua227114080?.??
Manning, Joshua227114080?.??
Manning, W. W.14710401202.64
Manning, William1710401203.25
Markell, J. J.126134040.88
Marshall, C.1671020601.62
Marston, E.32710160160032.00
Massey, B. F.5711402406.24?
Massey, B. F.3481244882.10
Massey, H.? C.??811???.??
Massey, Henry C.Adams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Massey?, Mary W.?811???.??
Maupin, J. H.Town of Jerseyville   60015.00
Maupin, J. H.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  751.88
Maupin, J. H.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  503.75
Maupin, J. H.?Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  501.25
Maupin, J. H.?Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  501.25
Maupin, J. H.?Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  800?
McBride, MichaelAdams AdditionJerseyville  75?
McBride, MichaelAdams AdditionJerseyville  2005.00
McCabe, Mary35812402406.48
McCallough, M.471350150?3.30
McCallough, M.4713721.46
McClure, JamesTown of Jerseyville   751.88
McCo?ville?, J. 811???.??
McDaniel, Gregg9911???.??
McDaw, John heirs32711120??.??
McDaw, John heirs3271140?120?.??
McDaw, John heirs32711?240?.??
McDaw?, John heirs2971140120?.??
McDonald, J.Adams AdditionJerseyville  2506.25
McDow, John heirs9611801607.52
McDow, Margaret46118024010.80
McGee, CharlesYoung’s AdditionJerseyville  300 total7.50 ea.
McGill, M. ?Town of Jerseyville   3007.50
McGill, S. L.Town of Jerseyville   2,000 ea.50.00 ea.
McGill, SamuelTown of Jerseyville   2506.25
McIntyre?, W. heirs?911???.??
McKinney, James2381271106523.43
McKinney, James2481280144031.68
McKinney, James26812402405.28
McKinney, James30812401603.20
McKinney, James308122040.80
McKinney, JamesAdams AdditionJerseyville  30.75
McKinney, Joseph238138032011.20
McKinney, Joseph2381328561.96
McKinney, Joseph2381320802.80
McKinney, Joseph238138032011.20
McKinney, Joseph2481340802.96
McKinney, Joseph2481340802.96
McMahon, C.161140801.??
McMinney, Joseph58134040.88
McVey, ?dley9911???.??
Medford, G. heirs78134040.88
Medford, James M.30812403207.??
Metzler, Jacob1061380801.76
Milford, CatherineTown of Jerseyville   900 total17.50 total
Milford, W. heirs32?711?80?.??
Milford, W. heirs32?711?220?.??
Miller, Wm.46 (36?)713801605.12
Minard, Dan’l G.Town of Jerseyville   37-50.94
Minard, L. H.Goodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  25.63
Miner, M. B.237101030.81
Miner, Martin B.2971340401.28
Miner, N.32812401207.59
Miskelf, J. A.Hill’s AdditionJerseyville  ?3.75
Molley, John4713164?8218.04
Molley, John248134040.88
Molley, John248134040.88
Moore, Isaac271340801.76
Moore, J.1171140320?.??
Moore, James14810160256069.12
Moore, James1481080112030.24
Moore, James158103204800120.00
Moore, James158108040010.00
Moore, James158104040010.00
Moore, James17810515.37
Moore, James17810402406.00
Moore, John17810824.60
Moran, Peter2481340602.10
Moran, Peter2481340401.40
Moran, Peter/Heter2481340401.40
Morean & SquierBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  1250?
Morean, James339131033099.04?
Morgan, Charles9711401203.12?
Morris, Daniel2071340401.28
Morrison, A.1581340602.40
Mulholland, D.Adams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Mundle, Dixon30710401606.40
Murry, John25710121-22004.50
Myres, ???711???.??
Neeley, J? heirs319101020.??
Neeley?, ? N.13811801600?.??
Neeley?, ? N.13811801600?.??
Neely, A. heirs6810802406.00
Neely, A. heirs21812402007.40
Neely, A. heirs218128048017.76
Nevelin, Wm.289131 2-35.14
Nevelin, Wm.3391340802.36
Nevius, Wm. B.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  120030.00
Noble, Geo. L.15613602405.28
Noble, Sidney19711160480?.??
O’Halloran, JamesAdams AdditionJerseyville  601.50
O’Halloran, JamesAdams AdditionJerseyville  2506.25
O’Halloran, JamesAdams AdditionJerseyville  2005.00
O’Halloran, JamesAdams AdditionJerseyville  60??
O’Halloran, JamesAdams AdditionJerseyville  2005.00
O’Halloran, JamesAdams AdditionJerseyville  50 ea.1.25 ea.
Ohrm, J.12713801603.52
Ontes, Wm.1561340801.76
Ontes, Wm.1561367671.47
Osborn, C. V.2081215752.10
Osborn, C. V.21812402408.40
Osburn, ? V.178122020.56
Paddock, H.Pinkard’s AdditionTown of Brighton  50 ea.1.75 ea.
Paddock, JamesRandall’s AdditionTown of Brighton  15.53
Palmer, Andrew?1291042126?.??
Palmer, L. B.24910404009.40
Palmer, W. G.1910?????.??
Pannick, Henry1671340401.28
Pannick, Henry1671340401.28
Pannick, Henry1671340802.56
Pannick, Henry1671340802.56
Pannick, Henry33713?401.28
Paris, ? J.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  ?15.00
Paris, J. J.Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  501.26
Parker, H.?24812152706.48
Parker, H.?24812580019.20
Parrish, J. W.3171040801.60
Parrish, James W.18710160240096.00
Parrish, L.1371170800?.??
Parsell, Peter30810160112033.60
Parsons, L. B.34710401202.64
Parsons, Lewis B.10911???.??
Pennington, P.10711202004.??
Perring, HuldaTown of Jerseyville   3508.75
Phillips, Sol28713801203.84
Phippen, Geo.14813401205.40
Phippen, Geo.238138032014.40
Phipps, Thos. K.3571380803.56
Piggott, ? ?6611201204.20
Piggott, ? ?6611402408.40
Piggott, Jas A.4611130520?23.40
Pinkard, J. B.24710160160056.00
Pinkard, J. B.24710261565.46
Pinkard, J. B.2871035701.40
Pinkard, J. B.Pinkard’s AdditionTown of Brighton  15 ea..53 ea.
Pip??, J. C.3681340401.48
Pittman, Benj.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  40010.00
Pittman, Benj.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  40010.00
Pittman, W. T.14811???.??
Plowman, Jonathan1871340401.28
Plowman, Jonathan2971380802.56
Plowman, Jonathan337134020.64
Plowman, Jonathan337134020.64
Plowman, Jonathan3371340401.28
Pogue & Knapp16?811???.??
Pogue & KnappAdams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Post, C. A.Adams AdditionJerseyville  50 ea.?
Potts, John M.Pott’s AdditionJerseyville  60 total1.50 total
Potts, Thomas E.Pott’s AdditionJerseyville  320 total8.00 total
Powell, John2581320802.96
Prentice?, ? ?11711402004.00
Prentice?, ? ?23711?40?.??
Prevost, M.Randall’s AdditionTown of Brighton  15.53
Prevost, M.Randall’s AdditionTown of Brighton  10 ea..35 ea.
Price, Mary108108080020.00
Price, Mary?911???.??
Pruitt, Amos6810401203.00
Pruitt, Amos2091080804.60
Pruitt, Amos2391040400?9.40
Pruitt, Amos27910401202.??
Pruitt, Amos32910160128028.??
Pruitt, Amos329108064014.??
Pruitt, Amos32910401603.??
Purcel?, Thomas?911???.??
Randall, Geo. H.Randall’s AdditionTown of Brighton  10.35
Recappe, A.Town of Jerseyville   75018.75
Recappe, A.Town of Jerseyville   2506.25
Reddish, Jacob3291340802.36
Reddish, Stephen2813481724.76
Reddish, Stephen281340401.10
Reddish, Stephen28133434.94
Reddish, Stephen281388882.40
Reddish, Stephen281340401.10
Reddish, Stephen281340401.10
Reddish, Stephen281344441.20
Reddish, Stephen381340802.20
Reddish, Stephen381380802.20
Reddish, Stephen381340401.10
Reddish, Stephen381343431.17
Reddish, Stephen319134 1-35.14
Reddish, Stephen3391340802.26
Reed, David461140404.??
Rhinehart, Phillip28813160?48010.56
Rhoades, Sam’l?18910?????.??
Rhoades, William8611401607.20
Rhoades, William861120803.60
Rhoads, Wm.76118056025.20
Rhoads, Wm.76112040018.00
Rhoads, Wm.761120401.80
Richards, Guy?Town of Jerseyville   1002.50
Richardson, Larkin3581326 2-3541.18
Richett, Lem A.12713?40.88
Risley, E. L.1881079128035.84
Risley, E. L.1881020601.68
Ritter?, H?3291040320?7.??
Ritterrath, Wm.Town of Jerseyville   75018.75?
Roberts, C. N.Town of Jerseyville   40010.00
Rogers, ElizabethOtter Creek Village     
Rowe, Z. P.3371380802.56
Ryan, Samuel28813401202.64
Ryan, W.Adams AdditionJerseyville  1002.50
S & I SnedekerAdams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
S?itzer, William357101030.68
Sabo, CasdarYoung’s AdditionJerseyville  1503.75
Sandige, W. W.2681220601.32
Schooley, James181344881.93?
Scurvey, John20710401205.04
Seago, John179101020.49
Seago, John20910510?.??
Semple, James12?6114040.95
Sharon, John681016080020.00
Shephard, M. S.107131604008.80
Shephard, William10911???.??
Shephard, Wm.Town of Jerseyville   50 ea.1.25 ea.
Short, TheodoreWm. Billing’s AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Sidway, L. D.1471316032010.24
Sidway, L. D.1571316032010.24
Simmons, Geo.46 (36?)713802407.68
Simmons, J. H. H.2481080120031.20
Simmons, J. H. H.268104064016.64
Simmons, J. H. H.2681080128033.28
Simmons, J. H. H.26810150013.00
Simmons, J. H. H.3581020601.56
Simmons, J. H. H.36810401203.86
Simmons, R.271020601.62
Simmons, R.271039?1173.15
Simmons, R. J.371040802.00
Simmons, R. J.3710801604.00
Simmons, R. J.371040802.16
Simmons, R. J.471040802.00
Simmons, R. J.2681080128033.28
Simmons, R. J.268104064016.64
Simmons, R. J.2681080128033.28
Simmons, R. J.3481080128033.28
Simmons, R. J.348104064016.64
Simmons, R. J.358101 1/22506.50
Slaten, W. D. F.2371316032010.24
Slaten, W. D. F.2371380802.55
Slover?, Wm34?71140240?.??
Smith, ? ??911???.??
Smith, A 811???.??
Smith, Charles218101602400136.71
Smith, Charles2181040?24014.45
Smith, Charles S.87106018010.56
Smith, D. D.1171340801.76
Smith, E. H.15?811?1600?.??
Smith, E. H.15?811?320?.??
Smith, E. M.16?81140??.??
Smith, Geo. E.1081340803.20
Smith, J. D.471340801.76
Smith, J. D.571374741.62
Smith, J. D.5713311553.41
Smith, J. D.?7131651653.63
Smith, J. D.671381811.78
Smith, J. F.?71334?681.49
Smith, Jacob D.2181340801.60
Smith, Jacob D.2181340801.60
Smith, Jacob D.218131601603.20
Smith, Jacob D.298131601603.52
Smith, John F.6713601202.64
Smith, John F.Town of Jerseyville   ?25.62?
Smith, John F.Town of Jerseyville   1005.63
Smith, John M.Town of Jerseyville   501.25
Smith, R. G.246111601604.12
Smith, Robert?71338761.67
Smith, Robert?713801603.52
Smith, Robert2971380802.56
Smith, Robt2871380802.56
Smith, Robt2871340805.56?
Smith, Rob’t2771380802.56
Smith, Rob’t2771340401.28
Smith, T. J.228106060016.80
Smith, T. J.2381074118433.14
Smith, Wm.1671340401.28
Smith, Wm.1671340802.56
Snell?, Asa?811???.??
Snow, Geo.2881340601.32
Snow, Geo.298136901.98
Snow, John 811???.??
Snyder, ?561140160?.??
Snyder, John16?811?100?.??
Snyder, John16?811?100?.??
Spaulding, Richard177138032010.24
Spaulding, Richard17713401605.12
Spaulding, Richard1771340802.56
Spaulding, Richard2171340802.56
Spaulding, Wm.Adams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Spencer, John G.?25813481927.00
Squier, J. N.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  175?
Squier, J. N.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  75018.75
Squire?, J. N. 81125-100??.??
Stafford, D.9911???.??
Stafford, G.3271340401.28
Stafford, George561354541.18
Stafford, George561380801.76
Stanley, JohnWm. Billing’s AdditionJerseyville  350 total8.75 total
Stanley, M. C.871040803.36
Stanley, M. C.25?811???.??
Starkweather?, A.?268124016013.84 
Statling, Andrew36134040.80
Staunton, Thomas13710401204.44
Stelle?, Asa??811???.??
Stewart, AllenAdams AdditionJerseyville  1503.75
Stoner, N. C.17810728.70
Stoners, R. M.338104646.26
Stout, J? P?18910801603.60
Stout, J? P?1891028??1.26
Stout, J? P?1891026 7/8???1.17
Stout, J? P?1991012004.50
Stratton, L. P.16710401203.24
Stratton, L. P.247102040014.80
Stratton, L. P.24710402408.88
Strole?, B. F.371330601.32
Swan, ? ?7611401605.??
Swan, J. G.76118048016.80
Swan, J. G.7611402408.40
Swan, Jas G.6611251003.50
Swan, Jas G.66112080?.80
Swan, N. L.30711???.??
Swan, N. L.30711???.??
Sweeney, M.16?81110120?.??
Sweeney, S.14?81140400?.??
Switzer, William16710401203.24
Talcott, Geo.Adams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Tally?, H. J.3581020906.08
Thomas, Morris11611401603.80?
Thompson, J. G.Town of Jerseyville   450 total11.25 total
Thompson, W. G.2971340401.28
Thornton, Anderson28813802004.40
Thornton, Anderson288133532 50 1001.26
Thuston, L. C.Town of Jerseyville   3007.50
Thuston, L. C.Town of Jerseyville   60015.00
Thuston, L. C.Town of Jerseyville   60015.00
Tiff, O. A.Town of Jerseyville   3007.50
Timerly, Jacob2371380802.56
Titus, ? ? 811???.??
Titus, S. M.Methodist Episcopal Church AdditionTown of Jerseyville  50 ea.1.25 ea.
Tonklinson, D. T.8611401204.20
Tourville?, Chas34?711?300?.??
Tribble, Sam36810??120?.??
Tribble, Samuel2710401203.24
Trotter, J. W.3681020601.68
Trotter, J? B.268104056014.56
Tucker, James11613801603.52
Turne?, L. H.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  2005.00
Turne?, L. H.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  ??
Turner & WhitnackAdams AdditionJerseyville  95023.75
Turner & WhitnackAdams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Utt, Adam heirs771140802.24
Utt, Adam heirs7711801604.48
Utt, Adam heirs??711160640?.??
Utt, Adam heirs18?71180160?.??
Utt, Adam heirs19?71139?78?.??
Utts heirs3671380802.56
Van Dike, MariaTown of Jerseyville   950 total22.75 total
Van Duyne, JacobBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  3506.25
Van Duyne, JacobBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  751.88
Van Horne, E.317102040.80
Van Pelt & CoryAdams AdditionJerseyville  50 ea.1.25 ea.
Van Pelt & CoryAdams AdditionJerseyville  75 ea.1.88 ea.
Van Pelt, J. E.Town of Jerseyville   1002.50
Van Pelt, J. E.Town of Jerseyville   40010.00
Van Pelt, J. E.Town of Jerseyville   100 ea.2.50 ea.
Van Pelt, Mrs. S.Town of Jerseyville   3007.50
Van???, Charles1171180320?.??
VandeventerBailey’s AdditionJerseyville  2506.25
Vandeventer, IsaacTown of Jerseyville   350 ea.8.75 ea.
Vandeventer, IsaacTown of Jerseyville   10.25
Vandeventer, IsaacGeorge Wharton’s AdditionJerseyville  150 ea.3.75 ea.
Vanhorne, Charles12?711??720?.??
Vanhorne, Charles13?71120360?.??
Vaughn, JohnBurke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  2005.00
Vincent, John L.Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  150?.75
Wadma?, William 811???.??
Wallace, John A.Town of Camden   2 ea.4 ea.
Wallace, John A.Town of Camden   2 ea.4 ea.
Wallace, John A.Town of Camden   2 ea.4 ea.
Wallace, John A.Town of Camden   2 ea.4 ea.
Wallace, John A.Town of Camden     
Wallace, John A.Town of Camden     
Wallace, John A.Town of Camden     
Wallace, John A.Town of Camden     
Warren, C. D.Town of Jerseyville`  100025.00
Warren, C. D.Town of Jerseyville   50 ea.1.25 ea.
Warren, C. D. W.Town of Jerseyville   1002.50
Watson, ? ?13711770?.??
Watson, J. M.30710401204.80
Watson, J. M.13?71140500?.??
Watson, Sebastian78134040.80
Watson, Sebastian881316064012.80
Watson, Sebastian981340401.10
Watson, Sebastian98131601603.20
Watson, Sebastian178134040.88
Way, E. B.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  70037.8?
Webb, Wm G.1261380801.76
Wedding, Ben187131212.38
Weed, A. D.3371316032010.24
Weed, F.Randall’s AdditionTown of Brighton  10.35
Weed, Fred247101 1/215.56
West, ? ?24711?40?.??
Wharton, George 811150??.??
Wharton, GeorgeGeorge Wharton’s AdditionJerseyville  80020.00
Wheelan, C.Burke’s AdditionTown of Jerseyville  25? ea..63 ea.
White, Geo.Goodrich’s sub-div of Johnson’s AdditionJerseyville  2506.25
White??ck, J. E. 811???.??
Williams, J. M.Town of New Philadelphia   195390
Williams, Jesse10813401004.00
Williams, Jesse10813401004.00
Williams, Jesse1281328084052.88
Williams, John1571340802.56
Williams, L.2191010201.88
Williams, L.Town of Jerseyville   575 total14.38 total
Williams, W.15613401202.64
Williamson, R. S.18810160112030.24
Wiseman, R.3381340801.76
Wiseman, R.3381340801.76
Withcrow, R. H.181323461.02
Witt, W. P.178131201202.64
Witt, W. P.1781380801.76
Witt, W. P.178134040.88
Witt, W. P.3391340802.36
Wooden, Richard7810402005.00
Wooden, Richard78108080020.00
Wooden?, R.169101020?.??
Woods, Christy & Co.3571380803.56
Woollenweber, JohnAdams AdditionJerseyville  1002.50
Woollenweber, JohnAdams AdditionJerseyville  501.25
Yokers, Jacob31710804008.00
Yorkers?, George2771140120?.??
Yorkers?, George2771140240?.??
Young, M.Young’s AdditionJerseyville  501.25
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