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Delinquent Tax List 1865From the Jersey County Democrat, May 4, 1866. There will be typos.

Some of the property owners may not have resided in Jersey County

Note: This is the poorest original I’ve encountered. With a list this long and a very poor photocopy, there will be errors. The last page of the list was unreadable on the microfilm. Amount due was listed with a space with no decimal point.

Township 7, Range 10

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Andrews, Josephe hf se qr17108080020.00
Manning, Williamse qr nw qr1710401203.25
Hupp, E. L.s hf sw qr ne qr171020601.62
Simmons, R.s pt sw qr nw qr271020601.62
Simmons, qr nw qr271039?1173.15
Tribble, Samuelnw qr ne qr2710401203.24
Simmons, R. J.nw qr se qr371040802.00
Simmons, R. J.e hf nw qr3710801604.00
Simmons, R. qr se qr371040802.16
Simmons, R. J.nw qr nw qr471040802.00
Corey, Joelne qr ne qr5710401203.24
Holcomb, C. M.nw qr we qr6710401202.88
Clapp, L.n hf sw qr6710793999.57
Holcomb, C. sw qr6710402004.80
Clapp, qr ne qr77104048010.86
Stanley, M. qr se qr871040803.36
Smith, Charles S.s pt e hf ne qr87106018010.56
Brown, David E.e hf sw qr87108040016.80
Atchinson, Petere hf nw qr8710802405.76
Brooks, sw qr10710401203.00
Jones, Georgee hf nw qr10710802406.00
Eldridge, A. H.s hf w hf se qr10710401203.00
Boker, Frede hf nw qr11710802406.00
Elliott, A. qr se qr12710401203.00
Elliott, A. qr1371016080020.00
Staunton, Thomasne qr se qr13710401204.44
Hall, John qr sw qr13710401204.44
Manning, W. qr se qr14710401202.64
Elliott, A. W.s pt e hf se qr1571020601.50
Bank, Mete hf nw qr15710802406.48
Burke, George W.w hf ne qr15710802406.48
Carnes, Georges hf lot 11671020601.50
Conally, A.lot 516710401203.24
Marshall, C.w hf lot 71671020601.62
Stratton, L. P.lot 916710401203.24
Hacking, William Jr.s hf lot 121671020601.50
Switzer, Williamlot 1616710401203.24
Gill, W.w hf ne qr17710802409.60
Gill, W.nw qr se qr17710401204.80
Bank, Metse qr ne qr1771040803.36
Holcomb, C. M.sw qr nw qr17710401205.?4
Parrish, James W.nw qr18710160240096.00
Beckwith, ne cor nw qr nw1971042008.40
Lurton, Sarahpt e hf nw qr19710220.80
Scurvey, Johnsw qr sw qr20710401205.04
Bartlett, Williamn? pt e hf nw qr2071020401.60
Bank, Metw hf ne qr21710802406.48
Miner, M. B.n pt e hf ne qr237101030.81
Burnapp, J.n pt e hf ne qr2371030902.31
Jones, Georgene qr sw qr23710401203.00
Stratton, L. P.n pt ne qr sw qr247102040014.80
Lee, J.nw qr sw qr24710402007.40
Lee, J.w hf sw qr sw qr24710201204.44
Pinkard, J. qr24710160160056.00
Pinkard, J. B.nw pt ne se24710261565.46
Gibbons, J. w hf se qr247107035012.95
Stratton, L. P.sw qr sw qr24710402408.88
Gibbons, J. W.n hf e hf nw qr247104040014.80
Weed, Fredpt ne? qr se qr247101 1/215.56
Bruner, Frankpt ne se qr247106 rds5.18
Burnapp, se qr nw qr2571033 1/41?64.?7
Gibson, qr ne qr25710401202.94
Murry, Johnpt nw qr sw qr25710121-22004.50
Pinkard, J. B.n pt se qr se qr2871035701.40
Butter, Jonhse qr ne qr30710401204.80
Watson, J. M.nw qr ne qr30710401204.80
Mundle, Dixonsw qr ne qr30710401606.40
Van Horne, e hf nw qr317102040.80
Parrish, J. qr ne qr3171040801.60
Yokers, Jacobe hf sw qr31710804008.00
Gill, Willne qr ne qr31710401202.64
Marston, E.nw qr32710160160032.00
Jones, Georgenw qr sw qr33710402404.80
Lock & Bro.e hf se qr33710802405.28
Parsons, L. B.s hf w hf sw qr34710401202.64
S?itzer, Williame pt sw qr nw qr357101030.68
Johnson, B.w pt ne qr sw qr3571020601.35
Holbrook, S. A.e hf ne qr sw qr3571020601.47
Hines, Phil.n pt e hf nw qr357101340.99

Township 8, Range 10

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Sharon, Johnsw qr681016080020.00
Pruitt, Amossw qr ne qr6810401203.00
Neely, A. heirse hf nw qr6810802406.00
Wooden, Richardnw qr se qr7810402005.00
Wooden, Richarde hf sw qr78108080020.00
Clevens, Thomass hf w hf ne qr7810401203.24
Price, Maryw hf nw qr108108080020.00
Moore, Jamesnw qr14810160256069.12
Moore, Jamesw hf ne qr1481080112030.24
Moore, Jamesn hf158103204800120.00
Moore, Jamese hf sw qr158108040010.00
Moore, Jamesnw qr sw qr158104040010.00
Moore, Johnw pt w hf se qr17810824.60
Stoner, N. C.n end mid pt w hf se qr17810728.70
Moore, Jamespt e hf sw qr17810515.37
Moore, Jamesse qr sw qr17810402406.00
Risley, E. L.w hf sw qr sw qr1881079128035.84
Williamson, R. qr18810160112030.24
Risley, E. L.w hf se qr sw qr1881020601.68
Davis, Johnw hf sw qr sw qr198108096026.88
Smith, Charlesse qr218101602400136.71
Smith, Charlese hf ne qr sw qr2181040?24014.45
Smith, T. J.p e hf ne qr228106060016.80
Smith, T. w hf nw qr2381074118433.14
Simmons, J. H. H.e hf ne qr sw qr2481080120031.20
Simmons, R. J.w hf se qr sw qr2681080128033.28
Simmons, R. J.sw qr sw qr268104064016.64
Simmons, R. J.e hf sw qr2681080128033.28
Trotter, J? qr ne qr268104056014.56
Simmons, J. H. qr ne qr268104064016.64
Simmons, J. H. H.w hf ne qr2681080128033.28
Simmons, J. H. pt e hf se qr26810150013.00
Barnett, J. S.sw qr30810160112031.36
Williamsonne qr30810160112033.60
Parsell, Peternw qr30810160112033.60
Davis, J. W.w hf nw qr3181080112024.64
Stoners, R. se qr ?? ??338104646.26
Simmons, R. J.e hf sw qr3481080128033.28
Simmons, R. J.sw qr ?? Qr348104064016.64
Avdolet, ?nw qr nw qr34810402005.60
Simmons, R. J.n pt w hf n? qr358101 1/22506.50
Simmons, J. H. H.e hf ne qr ne qr3581020601.56
Tally?, H. J.w hf ne qr ?? ??3581020906.08
Trotter, J. W.w pt se qr sw qr3681020601.68
Simmons, J. H. H.nw qr ?? Qr36810401203.86
Clark, H. C.s hf se qr sw qr3681020601.68
Amos, G. W.n hf w hf sw qr nw3681010302.52
Tribble, Sam?? qr nw qr36810??120?.??

Township 9, Range 10

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Keller & Stone?191080160?.??
Keller & Stone?19104080?.??
Palmer, W. G.?1910?????.??
Finley, F??391080240?.??
Palmer, Andrew??1291042126?.??
Kellog, B. Jr.?12910401203.36
Goodrich, James W.?1591032064017.92
Wooden?, R.?169101020?.??
Elliot, Jas?169101020?.??
Eastman, J? L?lot 20169101020?.??
King, Josiah??179101020?.??
Seago, John?179101020.49
Stout, J? P??18910801603.60
Fitsgerald, Jesse heirs?1891028??1.37
Stout, J? P??1891028??1.26
Stout, J? P??1891026 7/8???1.17
Rhoades, Sam’l?s pt e hf sw18910?????.??
Bowman, C? H??1991080160?.??
Stout, J? P??1991012004.50
Pruitt, Amos?2091080804.60
Seago, John?20910510?.??
Brown, J.?2191040801.??
Bridges, Hiram??21910510.??
Williams, L.?2191010201.88
Bagley, M. E.?2291040802.04
Pruitt, Amos?2391040400?9.40
Palmer, L. B.?24910404009.40
Pruitt, Amos?27910401202.??
Kellogg, B. Jr.?2791040802.04
Kellogg, B. Jr.nw nw2791040802.04
Hayward, N.?28910801603.92
Carlinville Seminary?2891040120?2.94
Bagley, M. qr se qr28910401202.94
Kingsten?, Mary?2991030?60?.??
Neeley, J? heirss pt e hf sw qr319101020.??
Pruitt, Amosse qr32910160128028.??
Pruitt, Amose hf sw qr329108064014.??
Pruitt, Amossw qr sw qr32910401603.??
Ritter?, H?ne qr ne qr3291040320?7.??
Ely, R. R.n hf e pt nw nw369101530.??
Chilton, ? ?e hf nw qr ne qr369102080?.??
Chilton, ? ?e hf ne qr369108064015.??
Booker, Wmpt w hf nw ne369101040?.??
Booker, Wmsw qr ne qr3691040200?.??
Booker, Wme hf se nw3691020403.??

Township 6, Range 11

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
McMahon, C.sw qr ne qr161140801.??
Chappel, J.nw qr nw qr2611403207.58
Hamor, Johnsw qr2611160128030.84
Hamor, Batessw qr nw qr2611401202.95
Gatewood, E? B?se qr se qr3611401603.80
McDow, Margaretw hf sw qr sw qr46118024010.80
Piggott, Jas A.e pt se qr4611130520?23.40
Reed, Davidse qr ne qr461140404.??
Snyder, ??561140160?.??
Piggott, ? ?n pt sw se qr6611201204.20
Piggott, ? ??6611402408.40
Swan, Jas G.s pt e hf se qr6611251003.50
Swan, Jas G.s hf sw qr se qr66112080?.80
Swan, J. G.w hf ne qr76118048016.80
Swan, J. ne qr7611402408.40
Rhoads, Wm.n hf se qr76118056025.20
Rhoads, Wm.?76112040018.00
Rhoads, Wm.n pt sw qr se qr761120401.80
E. B. & M. qr nw qr761140802.96
Dimmock, E? ?se qr ne qr761140802.96
Swan, ? ??7611401605.??
Tonklinson, D. T.w hf e hf nw qr8611401204.20
Rhoades, Williamnw sw8611401607.20
Rhoades, Williamn pt sw qr sw qr861120803.60
McDow, John heirsn hf nw qr9611801607.52
Case, Thomase hf sw qr10611801604.12?
Gatewood, E. ne1061140801.90
Clatting?, Charlese hf se qr1161180240?.??
Chapple, B?w hf se qr sw qr11611802405.69
Thomas, Morris?11611401603.80?
Bank, Metpt sw qr11611802406.17
Luiston, N. qr sw qr116114080?.90
Boady, Henrypt sw qr12611134536?12.70
Semple, Jamesse qr ne qr12?6114040.95
Fairbush, Johne hf ne qr13?61180240?.??
Casson, William & qr1361116080020.56
Johnson, S. B.w hf sw qr sw qr13611802405.69
Johnson, S. qr sw qr1361140120?.??
Chapple, Bartse ne qr1461140120?.??
Frayer, Johnse qr nw qr1461140120?.??
Frayer, Johne pt sw qr nw qr146111442.??
Hupp, E. L.nw nw15611401203.09
Bank, Mete hf nw qr1561180240?.??
Cook, Johnlot 7166114080?.??
Cook, Johnlot 8166114080?.??
Fisher, Fuller & nw qr fract2061144000180.00
Smith, R. qr246111601604.12
Johnson, S. qr2461116048011.38
Johnson, S. B.nw qr24611160800?.??
Johnson, S. B.e hf sw qr24611802405.69
Leck & qr25?611117351??.??

Township 7, Range 11

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Gill, Williamne qr1711160880?.??
Massey, B. F.nw qr se qr5711402406.24?
Bonnell, J. & H.?6711802405.12
Dolbee, J. qr ne qr771140120?.??
Hamilton, B. W.sw qr ne qr771140801.76
Hamilton, B. W.nw qr ne qr771140801.76
Hamilton, B. W.?771140801.76
Utt, Adam heirsse qr sw qr771140802.24
Utt, Adam heirs?7711801604.48
Kirby, W.w hf nw qr8711802406.72
Morgan, Charlessw qr sw qr9711401203.12?
Cummings, W. H.sw qr se qr10711404009.00
Pennington, P.?10711202004.??
Cummings, W. qr sw qr10711404009.00
Prentice?, ? ??11711402004.00
Van???, Charles?1171180320?.??
Moore, J.?1171140320?.??
Vanhorne, Charles?12?711??720?.??
Vanhorne, Charles?13?71120360?.??
Watson, J. M.?13?71140500?.??
Parrish, L.?1371170800?.??
Watson, ? ??13711770?.??
Daily?, C??14711???.??
Daily?, C??14711?240?.??
Cummings, E. A.?15?711?800?.??
Campbell, J. A.?1671110?.78
Campbell, J. A.?167111030.78
Lamb, John?18?7112?1.30
Utt, Adam heirs???711160640?.??
Utt, Adam heirs?18?71180160?.??
Utt, Adam heirs?19?71139?78?.??
Noble, Sidney?19711160480?.??
Darlington?, ??21711?360?.??
Manning, Joshua?227114080?.??
Manning, Joshua?227114080?.??
Manning, Joshua?227114080?.??
Davidson?, ? W.?227112040?.??
Kerby, George?227114080?.??
Daly?, C. C.?237114080?.??
Daly?, C. C.?2371180??.??
Daly?, C. C.?237112448?.??
Prentice?, ? ??23711?40?.??
Daly?, C. C.?237111632?.??
West, ? ??24711?40?.??
Bechwith?, F? W??2571120??.??
Campbell, James?2571140120?.??
Yorkers?, George?2771140120?.??
Yorkers?, George?2771140240?.??
Darlington, Sam’l?2771140200?.??
McDaw?, John heirs?2971140120?.??
Swan, N. L.?30711???.??
Swan, N. L.?30711???.??
McDaw, John heirs?32711120??.??
McDaw, John heirs?3271140?120?.??
McDaw, John heirs?32711?240?.??
Milford, W. heirs?32?711?80?.??
Milford, W. heirs?32?711?220?.??
Lurton, N. M.?33?71180640?.??
Chappee, ??34?71140??.??
Chappee, ??34?711?320?.??
Slover?, Wm?34?71140240?.??
Tourville?, Chas?34?711?300?.??
Myres, ????711???.??

Township 8, Range 10

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Davis, Elizabeth?181140320?.??
Calhoun, ??8?811?3100?.??
Daly, Peter?1281180400?.??
Neeley?, ? N.?13811801600?.??
Neeley?, ? N.?13811801600?.??
Hand, S. W.?13811???.??
Pittman, W. T.?14811???.??
Sweeney, S.?14?81140400?.??
Conway & McGowan?14?81140320?.??
Smith, E. H.?15?811?1600?.??
Smith, E. H.?15?811?320?.??
Barr, J. A. & J. C.?15?81140640?.??
House, James?16?811?40?.??
J & C Railroad Co.?16?811???.??
Davis, A.?16?811?10?.??
J & C Railroad Co.?16?811???.??
Snyder, John?16?811?100?.??
Snyder, John?16?811?100?.??
Sweeney, M.?16?81110120?.??
Pogue & Knapp?16?811???.??
Smith, E. M.?16?81140??.??

Out Lots to the Town of Jerseyville

Township 8, Range 11

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
White??ck, J. E.lot 16 811???.??
Wadma?, Williamlot 8? 811???.??
Hartwick?, ?pt lot 2? 811???.??
Smith, Alot ? 811???.??
McCo?ville?, J.lot 25 811???.??
Titus, ? ?lot ? 811???.??
Hamilton, W. D.lot 45? 811???.??
Lane?, W. H.?lot 50? 811???.??
Hamilton, A.?lot ? 811???.??
Snow, Johnpt lot ? 811???.??
Wharton, Georgelot 58 811150??.??
Squire?, J. N.? 81125-100??.??
Hartwick?, ?? 811???.??
J. A. & J. ? Barr?22811???.??
Davis, J. M.?24?811???.??
Stanley, M. C.?25?811???.??
Christopher, Jacob??811???.??
Barnett?, J. F.??811???.??
Stelle?, Asa???811???.??
Duncan, ???811???.??
Kirby, William??811???.??
J. A. & J. C. Barr??811140??.??
Kirby, William??81140??.??
Landon, W. D.???81140??.??
Calhoun?, James??81140??.??
Snell?, Asa??811???.??
Jackson, A. heirs??811???.??
Massey, H.? C.???811???.??
Massey?, Mary W.??811???.??
Duncan, J.??811???.??
Corey, A.??811???.??

Township 9, Range 11

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Purcel?, Thomas??911???.??
Smith, ? ???911???.??
McIntyre?, W. heirs??911???.??
Brown, William?27?911???.??
Benson?, Henderson??34?911???.??
Curry, C??and W.???911???.??
Price, Mary??911???.??
Hurd, J.? M.???911???.??
McDaniel, Greggne qr9911???.??
Stafford, D.?9911???.??
McVey, ?dley?9911???.??
Parsons, Lewis B.?10911???.??
Shephard, William?10911???.??
Carroll, G.? W.??10911???.??

Township 8, Range 12

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
English, J. N.lot 1216812802408.40
English, J. N.lot 1168124032011.40
Garrels, Johnw hf sw178128040012.00
English, J. N.sw nw1781240802.24
Osburn, ? V.s hf se sw178122020.56
Arter, Davidsw nw1981240802.10
Eagalhoff?, Johns hf ne20812803209.60
Hotten, Johnne se20812401604.80
Jaynes, Jamesnw se2081240120?.??
Osborn, C. V.s pt ne ne2081215752.10
English, J. N.e hf ne218128040014.00
Neely, A. heirssw se21812402007.40
Hill, Asherse nw21812402007.40
Osborn, C. V.sw sw21812402408.40
Neely, A. heirse hf sw218128048017.76
English, J. N.w hf nw228128048016.80
Harville?, Parisw hf se228128064022.40
Labay?, Thos.w hf se sw2281220?2.96
Darr, Mattheww hf s hf nw2381260108025.92?
Harville, Parissw part se2381223 3/42405.28
Harville, Pariss hf sw2381280120026.40
McKinney, Jamess hf pt se2381271106523.43
McKinney, Jamesw hf sw2481280144031.68
Parker, H.?s pt w hf se24812152706.48
Parker, H.?s pt e hf sw24812580019.20
El?endorf, F.?w hf nw2481280144031.68
Combs, D. H.?mid pt e hf sw268121030.72
McKinney, Jamesne ne26812402405.28
Starkweather?, A.?e pt w hf n268124016013.84 
Sandige, W. W.n hf se sw2681220601.32
Duncan, Josephn pt e hf se2781220601.44?
Brocamp, ?se sw29812403206.40
Medford, James M.sw nw30812403207.??
McKinney, Jamese pt w hf nw30812401603.20
McKinney, Jamesn hf nw ne308122040.80
Cory, Joel & Abnere hf se3181280801.76
Miner, N.nw sw32812401207.59
Elmondorf?, F.ne3281216048025.73
Cope, Josephse nw34812401603.52
Jennings, Johns pt e hf sw3481236721.72
Massey, B. F.n pt e hf sw3481244882.10
Calham?, Jamespt w hf nw3481220601.44
Landon, Nortonn pt se ne35812201002.20
McCabe, Maryse sw35812402406.48
Dowdall, C. W.sw se36812401604.32
Cooper, J. heirs?36812401203.24
Cooper, J. heirse hf nw se36812201203.24
Hutchinson, F. G.e hf ne36812804009.60

Township 6, Range 13

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Harris?, J. W.w hf nw1613801603.52
Statling, Andrewne ne36134040.80
Collins, Davidw hf nw461380801.76
Stafford, Georgenw fract561354541.18
Stafford, Georgew hf ne561380801.76
Hamilton, W. D.sw fract961339 3739 402.68
Metzler, Jacobn hf sw1061380801.76
Tucker, Jamesn hf nw11613801603.52
Graham, Wmnw ne1261340601.32
Webb, Wm G.w hf sw1261380801.76
Markell, J. J.nw nw126134040.88
Finney, D. fract156131291292.83
Williams, W.w hf w hf nw15613401202.64
Noble, Geo. L.n pt e hf ne qr15613602405.28
Ontes, Wm.sw ne1561340801.76
Ontes, Wm.fract sw1561367671.47

Township 7, Range 13

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Moore, Isaacse se271340801.76
Maley, Johnw hf lot 1 nw271340801.76
Maley, Johnsw ne3713401202.64
Barnett, Allene hf ne3713801603.52
Malory, Johnn pt sw3713391172.57
Malory, Johnn pt w hf se3713501002.20
Strole?, B. F.s pt w hf se371330601.32
Ferguson, E. nw371340801.76
Maley, Johnne se3713401202.64
Hackley, L. nw471341821.80
Molley, Johnne4713164?8218.04
McCallough, M.e hf s detch pt se471350150?3.30
McCallough, se we4713721.46
Smith, J. D.nw nw471340801.76
Smith, J. D.w hf ne571374741.62
Smith, J. e hf ne5713311553.41
Smith, Robertne se fract?71338761.67
Smith, Robertw hf se?713801603.52
Smith, J. D.nw qr?7131651653.63
Smith, J. F.n det pt w hf sw fract?71334?681.49
Mallay, Johns det pt se67132828.61
Smith, J. D.n ? Ne671381811.78
Smith, John se hf ne6713601202.64
Gail, Petersw ne?971340805.17
Journey, Same hf se9713801202.64
McCulloughne ne971340801.76
Cannon, Jamespt se97131201202.64
Boyd, Wmnw nw971340801.76
Janney?, Abelsw sw971340801.76
Gorrell, Peternw se971340801.76
Shephard, M. S.nw107131604008.80
Smith, D. nw1171340801.76
Ohrm, J.w hf ne12713801603.52
Keely, Michaels hf127133203207.04
Richett, Lem nw12713?40.88
Sidway, L. D.sw1471316032010.24
Williams, Johnnw nw1571340802.56
Sidway, L. D.se1571316032010.24
Smith, Wm.lot 31671340401.28
Pannick, Henrylot 61671340401.28
Pannick, Henrylot 71671340401.28
Pannick, Henrylot 101671340802.56
Pannick, Henrylot 111671340802.56
Cameron, Jameslot 21671340601.92
Smith, Wm.lot 41671340802.56
Spaulding, Richarde hf sw177138032010.24
Spaulding, Richardnw sw17713401605.12
Hadley, J. W.sw sw17713401203.84
Spaulding, Richardse nw1771340802.56
Wedding, Bense187131212.38
Plowman, Jonathanne ne1871340401.28
Morris, Danielsw sw2071340401.28
Ellis, J. N.s hf w hf nw2071338 5038 501.33
Spaulding, Richardsw se2171340802.56
Ellis, Markne sw2171340802.56
Ellis, Marksw se2171340802.56
Carroll, J. B. 3rdsw nw22713401203.84
Hamor, Mosesne nw2271340401.28
Timerly, Jacobs hf ne2371380802.56
Slaten, W. D. qr2371316032010.24
Slaten, W. D. F.e hf se2371380802.55
Beach, Moses L.w hf ne26713802407.68
Archer, M. nw2771340802.56
Archer, M. W.w hf ne27713801203.84
Ennes, se2771340401.28
Smith, Rob’tn hf sw2771380802.56
Smith, Rob’tnw se2771340401.28
Phillips, Solw hf ne28713801203.84
Smith, Robte hf se2871380802.56
Smith, Robtne sw2871340805.56?
Alberti, Frednw se2871340601.92
Cutter, Leonardne ne2871340401.28
Smith, Robertn hf se2971380802.56
Miner, Martin B.sw se2971340401.28
Thompson, W. se2971340401.28
Plowman, Jonathane hf nw2971380802.56
Brigham, E. ne3271340401.28
Stafford, G.sw se3271340401.28
Hamilton, W. D.w hf sw3271340401.28
Curtis, J. se3271340401.28
Weed, A. D.sw3371316032010.24
Rowe, Z. P.w hf se3371380802.56
Plowman, Jonathansw nw337134020.64
Plowman, Jonathanse ne337134020.64
Plowman, Jonathanse se3371340401.28
Pannick, Henrynw nw33713?401.28
Woods, Christy & Co.w hf se3571380803.56
Phipps, Thos. K.n hf nw3571380803.56
Miller, Wm.e hf ne46 (36?)713801605.12
Simmons, Geo.w hf ne46 (36?)713802407.68
Birene, J. se sw46 (36?)713???
Utts heirs?3671380802.56
Manning & Glovere hf se36713802407.68

Township 8, Range 13

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Withcrow, R. se181323461.02
Schooley, Jamess det pt sw181344881.93?
Gibbs, Johns det pt se181343861.72
Barbour, Geo.w pt e hf ne181390901.91
Reddish, Stephene hf w det pt ne2813481724.76
Reddish, Stephenne sw281340401.10
Reddish, Stephenw det pt ne se28133434.94
Reddish, Stephenw hf ne281388882.40
Reddish, Stephense se281340401.10
Reddish, Stephennw se281340401.10
Reddish, Stephense nw281344441.20
Reddish, Stephennw se381340802.20
Reddish, Stephene hf sw381380802.20
Reddish, Stephenne ne381340401.10
Reddish, Stephenne nw381343431.17
Dunham, nw381343431.17
Campbell, Nathansw nw381340401.10
Campbell, J. E.nw nw3813401604.40
Campbell, Nathans hf nw4813881763.52
Campbell, Nathans hf ne48138044012.10
Campbell, Nathanne se481340401.10
Campbell, Nathannw se58134040.80
Campbell, Nathans hf det pt nw5813591773.54
McMinney, Josephsw se58134040.88
Campbell, Thos. J.se68131871873.74
Medford, G. heirspt e det pt se78134040.88
Watson, Sebastiann hf e det pt se78134040.80
Watson, Sebastianne881316064012.80
Watson, Sebastiannw ne981340401.10
Watson, Sebastiannw qr98131601603.20
Campbell, Nathanne ne981340401.10
Williams, Jessese se10813401004.00
Felter, Petersw1081316040016.00
Williams, Jessene se10813401004.00
Smith, Geo. E.sw se1081340803.20
Campbell, Nathann hf nw10813801604.40
Dunham, Catherinenw ne1181340802.36
Harmann, J. B.sw sw1181340401.18
Alexander, Wm. se1181340802.96
Dunsden, Davidn hf sw11813801605.72
Dunsden, Davidnw se1181340802.96
Williams, Jessept n hf1281328084052.88
Briggs, Asas hf se sw12813802408.88
Leach, D. C.sw1281316032011.84
Dunham B. heirssw sw1381340802.96
Briggs, Asas hf s hf ne13813401003.70
Bates, J. M.? Hf sw1381380802.96
Bates, J. M.s hf nw13813801204.44
Bates, J. M.se1381316032011.84
Alexander, Wm.n hf nw13813801605.92
Phippen, se14813401205.40
King, Mathewnw se14813401204.20
Dunham, D. heirsne se14813401204.44
King, Mathews pt ne sw1481380602.40
Harman, J. B.nw nw1481340401.08
Householder, Geo.e hf ne14813801605.60
Householder, Geo.sw ne1481340802.80
Felter, Petern pt ne nw158132401.60
Morrison, A.nw sw1581340602.40
Faredal, Mathiasnw se15813401205.04
Campbell, Thos. J.lot 61681340602.40
Harmon, J. B.lot 7168134040.88
Eveland, Edmondlot 1216813401204.80
Eveland, Edmondlot 141681340803.20
Eveland, Stephen heirss pt w hf se1781320601.32
Eveland, Stephen heirss pt e hf se qr178132040.88
Witt, W. P.n pt se ne178131201202.64
Witt, W. P.s hf ne1781380801.76
Witt, W. sw178134040.88
Watson, Sebastianse sw178134040.88
Gulick, Jacobfract w hf sw1881378781.71
Gulick, Jacobe hf nw1981383831.82
Gulick, Jacobnw sw198133939.86
Gulick, Jacobw hf sw1981383831.82
Eveland, Stephen heirsne ne20813402004.40
Smith, Jacob D.nw sw2181340801.60
Smith, Jacob sw2181340801.60
Smith, Jacob D.nw218131601603.20
Iniards, Silassw se21813401202.40
McKinney, Josephe hf se238138032011.20
McKinney, Josephe pt s pt w hf se2381328561.96
McKinney, Josephn pt w hf se2381320802.80
McKinney, Josephs hf ne238138032011.20
Alford, Harveyw hf nw23813802409.60
Phippen, Geo.n hf ne238138032014.40
McKinney, Josephnw sw2481340802.96
McKinney, Josephsw sw2481340802.96
Moran, Peterne sw2481340602.10
Moran, Peternw ne2481340401.40
Briggs, Asane se2481340802.96
Moran, Peter/Heterse nw2481340401.40
Spencer, John G.?pt w hf nw25813481927.00
Arkeber, J. G.?mid pt sw sw2581315602.10
Powell, Johns hf e hf e hf sw2581320802.96
Bearger, Augustne ne27813401202.6?
Bearger, Augustn hf se ne2781320601.32
Hankey, Christiane hf sw nw2781320601.32
Bearger, Augustnw ne27813401202.64
Thornton, Andersonw hf ne28813802004.40
Ryan, Samuelsw se28813401202.64
Applen, Davidw hf nw28813801202.64
Snow, Geo.sw sw2881340601.32
Rhinehart, Phillipe hf e hf28813160?48010.56
Alford, Harveysw sw sw nw28813525.55
Thornton, Andersonpt ne nw288133532 50 1001.26
Smith, Jacob D.ne298131601603.52
Snow, Geo.s pt n hf se298136901.98
Gulick, J.w hf sw30813811623.56
Wiseman, R.nw ne3381340801.76
Wiseman, ne3381340801.76
Molley, Johnse se248134040.88
Molley, Johnsw ne248134040.88
Bethell, Thos.2-3 w hf sw3581353 1-31072.35
Richardson, Larkin1-3 w hf sw3581326 2-3541.18
Craft, F. F.s hf ne36813801204.44
Pip??, J. C.sw sw3681340401.48

Township 9, Range 13

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Nevelin, Wm.s det pt se289131 2-35.14
Reddish, Stephene det pt ne319134 1-35.14
Reddish, Jacobnw se3291340802.36
Baumgarten, se pt sw s of river3291329 1-2591.44
Reddish, Stephenne se3391340802.26
Campbell, Jas. se33913401203.54
Witt, W. P.nw se3391340802.36
Felks, Johnsw se33913401203.54
Campbell, Jas. E.s hf sw3391380802.36
Nevelin, sw3391340802.36
Morean, Jamess fract339131033099.04?
Campbell, Jas. E.w hf nw34913803209.44
Campbell, Jas. E.w hf sw34913802407.08
Campbell, Jas. sw34913401203.54
Felks, Johnse3491316064019.08
Lane?, W. n hf ne3491332642.05
Felks, John? Hf ne34913803209.44
Baumgarten, fract of river?34913271083.17
Campbell, Jas. nw34913401604.72
Campbell, Jas. E.fract pt nw3491318?/13?521.54

Township 8, Range 14

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Eads, Jas. A.e det pt ??138141818.58?

Otter Creek Villiage

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Rogers, Elizabeth       
Beeman, J. C.w hf lot 21    10.20
Beeman, J. C.e hf lot 24    10.20

Town of Camden

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Wallace, John A.lots 2-8 blk 1    2 ea.4 ea.
Creenwell?, W. H.lot 1, blk 2    101.06
Wallace, John A.lots 2-10 blk 3    2 ea.4 ea.
Wallace, John A.lots 1-5 blk 3    2 ea.4 ea.
Wallace, John A.lots 1-5 blk 4    2 ea.4 ea.
Wallace, John A.blks 5-18      
Wallace, John A.lots 1-10 blk 19      
Wallace, John A.blks 20-24      
Wallace, John A.various blks      

Town of New Philadelphia

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Williams, J. M.blks 1-65    195390

Randall’s Addition to the Town of Brighton

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Flaherty, Michaellots 2-3 blk 1    30 ea..70 ea.
Randall, Geo. H.lot 4, blk 2    10.35
Weed, F.lot 11, blk 2    10.35
Heiderman/Helderman, W. F.lot 1 blk 4    15.53
Paddock, Jameslot 2 blk 4    15.53
Prevost, M.lot 3, blk 4    15.53
Prevost, M.lots 6,7 blk 6    10 ea..35 ea.

Pinkard’s Addition to the Town of Brighton

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Paddock, H.lots 2,3 blk 1Pinkard’s AdditionTown of Brighton  50 ea.1.75 ea.
Pinkard, J. B.lots 4,7 blk 1Pinkard’s AdditionTown of Brighton  15 ea..53 ea.

Town of Franklin

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Griggs, Samuellots 9,11,13Town of Franklin   65 total1.30 total

Town of Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
McClure, Jameslot 3 blk 1    751.88
Evans, Samuellot 3, blk 3    1002.50
Thompson, J. G.lots 6,7 blk 5    450 total11.25 total
Williams, L.lots 1-3 blks 5-6    575 total14.38 total
Kirzgenberger, J.lots 4,5 blk 6    300 total7.?? Total
Greene, E.part lot ? Blk 8    8007.50
Van Pelt, Mrs. S.lot 5 blk 8    3007.50
Van Pelt, J. E.lot 8 blk 8    1002.50
Van Pelt, J. E.lot 9 blk 8    40010.00
Vandeventer, Isaaclots 1-2 blk 9    350 ea.8.75 ea.
Warren, C. D.lot 6 blk 9 `  100025.00
Warren, C. D.lots 7-8 blk 9    50 ea.1.25 ea.
Vandeventer, Isaace pt lot 10 blk 9    10.25
McGill, M. ?lot 3 blk 10    3007.50
Van Dike, Marialots 1-3 blk 11    950 total22.75 total
Milford, Catherinelots 4-5 blk 11    900 total17.50 total
Davis, S. W.lot 9 blk 11    1002.50
Buffington, J. H.lot 10 blk 11    3007.50
Tiff, O. A.lot 2 blk 12    3007.50
Bonnell, D. T.e & n pt lot 5 blk 12    2506.25
Ritterrath, Wm.nw se pt lot 2 blk 13    75018.75?
Roberts, C. N.lot 10 blk 13    40010.00
Bonnell, D. T.lot 3 blk 14    60015.00
Maupin, J. H.lot 4 blk 14    60015.00
Leigh, Wallace30 ft s s lot 1 blk 16    80020.00
Leigh, Wallace18 ft s s lot 2 blk 16    80020.00
Thuston, L. C.s hf lot ? Blk 16    3007.50
Thuston, L. C.lot 5 blk 16    60015.00
Halloran, J. O.lot 1 blk 17    45011.25
Carrell, John25 ft off s side lot 4 blk 17    3007.50
McGill, Samuellot 6 blk 17    2506.25
Recappe, A.lot 1 blk 18    75018.75
Recappe, A.n hf lot 2 blk 18    2506.25
Hughes & Fitzg?lds hf lot 2 blk 18    2005.00
Van Pelt, J. E.lots 6-7 blk18    100 ea.2.50 ea.
Minard, Dan’l G.? Hf lot 8 blk 18    37-50.94
McGill, S. L.lots 9-10 blk 18    2,000 ea.50.00 ea.
Thuston, L. C.lot 1 blk 19    60015.00
Richards, Guy?lot 2 blk 22    1002.50
Perring, Huldalot 3 blk 22    3508.75
Bridges, Hiramlot 9 blk 22    1002.50
Bridges, Hiramlot 10 blk 22    50012.50
Smith, John M.lot 4 blk 23    501.25
Smith, John F.lot 6 blk 23    ?25.62?
Smith, John F.lot 7 blk 23    1005.63
M???, Georgelot 10 blk 23    2005.00
Shephard, Wm.lots 8-10 blk 24    50 ea.1.25 ea.
Hutchinson, W. F.lot 5 blk 26    60015.00
Hutchinson, W. F.10 ft s side lot 4 blk 25?    ??
Hamilton, A. L.lot 8 blk 28    501.25
Warren, C. D. W.lot 9 blk 28    1002.50

Burke’s Addition to the Town of Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Way, E. B.e hf lot 1 blk 2    70037.8?
Paris, ? J.lot 3 blk 1    ?15.00
Nevius, Wm. B.lot 4 blk 1    120030.00
Maupin, J. H.?? S pt lot 3 blk 2    501.25
Maupin, J. H.?s hf lot 4 blk 2    501.25
Maupin, J. H.?lot 6 blk 23    800?
Cutting, L. lot 8 blk 2    40010.10
Maupin, J. H.e hf lot ? Blk 2    751.88
Maupin, J. H.lot 9 blk 2    503.75
Bailey, W.lot 5 blk 4    1002.50
Ferrin, Thomaslot 3 blk 5    ?8.75
Aikens, Davidn hf lot 2 blk 6    501.25
Aikens, Davidn hf lot 3 blk 6?    501.25
Van Duyne, Jacoblot ? Blk7    3506.25
Van Duyne, Jacoblot 3 blk 7    751.88
Briggs, Enochlot 5 blk 7    15508.75
Morean & Squierlot ? Blk ?    1250?
Duffcan, lot ? Blk ?    751.88
Duffcan, lot 3 blk ?    501.25
Bailey, W. lot 3 blk ?    1002.50
Bailey, W. lot r blk ?    501.26?
Squier, J. lot 1, blk ?    175?
Squier, J. lot 2 blk ?    75018.75
Kitsmiller A. heirs? Blk 10    501.25
Pittman, Benj.? Blk 10    40010.00
Pittman, Benj.? Blk 10    40010.00
Kitsmiller, A.lot 4 blk 10    2005.00
Kitsmiller, A.lot 5 blk 10    751.88
Vaughn, Johnlot 7 blk 10    2005.00
Kitsmiller, A. heirslot 8 blk 10    2005.00
Johnson, W. H.lot 11 blk 11    2005.00
Egelhoff, Johnlot 12 blk 11    102.50
Turne?, L. H.lot 2 blk 12    2005.00
Turne?, L. H.lot 3 blk 12    ??
Burke, Geo.lot 7 blk 12    501.25
Barr, J. C.lot 3 blk ?    2005.00
? ? & St. Louis RRvarious lots & blks      
Hansell, Lloydlots 1-2? Blk 13    25? ea..63 ea.
Barber, H. K.lot 4 blk 17    25? ea..63 ea.
Wheelan, C.lot 1 blk 20    25? ea..63 ea.
Burge, G. W.lots 2-5 blk 20    25? ea..63 ea.
Davenport, F.lot ? Blk 20    25? ea..63 ea.

Johnson’s Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Goodrich & Newtonlot 1    75018.75
Paris, J. J.e pt lot 2    501.26
Briggs, Enochsw? qr? Lot 6    65016.25
Vincent, John L.e hf nw lot 6    150?.75

McGill’s & Blackburn’s sub-division Lot 3 Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
????, Mary A.?lot 3    45011.25
Goodrich, H. O.lots 9-11 blk 4    75 ea.1.88 ea.
Goodrich & Newtonlot 16    75018.75

H. O. Goodrich’s sub division of Lots 7, 8, and 9 of Johnson’s Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Goodrich, H. O.lots 1-4 blk 1    75 ea.1.88 ea.
Byer, Adolphlot 7    75 ea.1.88 ea.
Goodrich, H. O.lots 8-9    25 ea..63 ea.
Byer, Adolphlot 10    50012.50
Mann, C.lot 2 blk 2    25.63
Minard, L. H.lot 3    25.63
White, Geo.lot 4    2506.25
Mangumlot 6    100?
Goodrich, H. O.lots 10-11    25 ea..63 ea.
Harton, Johnlots 12-13    275 total6.88 total
Goodrich, H. O.lots 14-15    25 ea..63 ea.
Leitz, Geo.lot 16    25.63
Goodrich, H. O.lots 17-18    25 ea..63 ea.

Hill’s Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Blythe, Jas. S.lot 1 blk 1    5014.36
Miskelf, J. A.lot 3 blk ?    ?3.75

Bailey’s Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Bailey, W. W.lots 1-2 blk 1    75 ea.1.88 ea.
Vandeventerlot 3    2506.25

Methodist Episcopal Church Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
M E Churchlots 1-8 blk 1    variousvarious
Titus, S. M.lots 1-7 blk 2    50 ea.1.25 ea.

Adams Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Egelhoff, Williamlots 1, 3 blk 1    75 ea.1.88 ea.
Egelhoff, Williamlot 2 blk 1    2506.25
O’Halloran, Jameslot 4 blk 1    601.50
O’Halloran, Jameslot 5 blk 1    2506.25
Post, C. A.lots 1-2 blk ?    50 ea.?
Egelhoff, Wm.lot 3 blk ?    2005.00
Bennett & Chaffeelot 4 blk 5    2005.00
S & I Snedekerlot 5 blk 5    501.25
Van Pelt & Corylots 6-8 blk 5    50 ea.1.25 ea.
Pogue & Knapplot 14 blk 5    501.25
McKinney, Jamesw hf lot 7 blk 6    30.75
McDonald, J.lot ? Blk 6    2506.25
Van Pelt & Corylots 1-4 blk 7    75 ea.1.88 ea.
Ewing, Albertlot 6 blk 9    3007.50
Goodrich & Newtonlots 9-10 blk 11      
Turner & Whitnacklot 1 blk 12    95023.75
Adams, N. L.lot 2 blk 12    401.00
Adams, N. L.lot 3 blk 12    2005.00
Turner & Whitnacklot 4 blk 12    501.25
Ferrell, R.lot 4 blk ?    751.88
Ferrell, R.lot 5 blk ?    2005.00
Gooch?, Mrs.lot 1 blk 17    2506.25
McBride, Michaellot 6 blk 21    75?
McBride, Michaellot 7 blk 21    2005.00
O’Halloran, Jameslot 8 blk 21    2005.00
O’Halloran, Jameslot 9 blk 21    60??
Lowe, R. I.?lot 10 blk 21    751.88
O’Halloran, Jameslot 1 blk 22    2005.00
Spaulding, Wm.lot 3 blk 22    501.25
Talcott, Geo.lot 4 blk 22    501.25
Bird, G.w hf lot 5 blk 22    2503.75
Bird, G.w hf lot 6 blk 22    2005.00
Adams, C. N.lot 7 blk 22    501.25
Leigh, Wallacelots 8-9 blk 22    50 ea.1.25 ea.
Adams, C. N.lot 1 blk 23    501.25
Mulholland, D.lot 2 blk 23    501.25
Stewart, Allenlot 3 blk 23    1503.75
Leigh, Wallacelot 4 blk 23    1002.5?
O’Halloran, Jameslots 5-6 blk 23    50 ea.1.25 ea.
Kirkland, Ellenlot 3 blk 25    1002.50
Ryan, W.lot 4 blk 25    1002.50
Woollenweber, Johnlot 6 blk 25    1002.50
Massey, Henry C.lot 8 blk 25    501.25
Woollenweber, Johnlot 9 blk 25    501.25
Cowen, L.lot 3 blk 26    501.25

George Wharton’s Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Vandeventer, Isaaclots 1-2    150 ea.3.75 ea.
Wharton, Georgelot 4    80020.00

Wm. Billings’ Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Stanley, Johnlots 3-4    350 total8.75 total
Short, Theodorelot 5    501.25

Young’s Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Sabo, Casdarlot 1    1503.75
McGee, Charleslots 5,6,9    300 total7.50 ea.
Goepper, Davidlot 12    502.5?
Young, M.lot 13    501.25
Hartwick, Jameslot 14    501.25

Ptss Addition to Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Potts, Thomas E.numerous lots    320 total8.00 total
Potts, John M.numerous lots    60 total1.50 total

Davis’ Addition to the Town of Jerseyville

NameSub Division,
Section or Lot
Hamilton, C. M.lots 1-2, blk F    25 ea..63 ea.
Cudahay, Thos.lot 3 blk F    1253.13
Davis, Abijahlots 4,6 blk F    225 total5.63 total
Davis, Abijahlots 1-2 blk G    50 ea..63 ea.
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