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Delinquent Tax List 1844From the Alton Telegraph & Democratic Review, Wednesday, March 5, 1845. Not complete. There will be newspaper errors and transcriber typos. Check the maps page to determine which township the section, township, range are listed for an individual (link on main page, try Early Jersey County map).

Some of the property owners may not have resided in Jersey County

Allen, Otis22910
Adams, J. H. heirs18611
Adams, J. H. heirs22611
Adams, J. H. heirs21611
Adams, J. H. heirs36810
Arnold, Geo. B.36710
Arnold, Geo. B.35710
Avis, Samuel33710
Avis, Samuel34710
Anderson, James22911
Andrews, Benj.1710
Bingham, Silas12712
Bowman, Martin22911
Bosbyshe?l, Wm.11613
Bosbyshe?l, Wm.12613
Bosbyshe?l, Wm.15613
Brown, S. A.16711
Botkins, John5611
Burnap, Jos.35710
Baccus, Enoch6811
Baccus, Enoch23911
Bebee, David29710
Bethel, Chester15812
Baker, Ira36711
Bowman, Elisha16710
Brown, M.23710
Barnett, Allen8810
Barnett, Allen6712
Barnett, Allen3713
Buckmaster, N.17710
Bowker, John24713
Bowman, Samuel30910
Burnap & Griggs36710
Bates, James23611
Bates, Wm.26611
Bostwick, John9611
Bostwick, John25611
Bostwick, John26611
Bostwick, John27611
Bostwick, John32813
Bostwick, John33813
Brown, John2812
Black, James11811
Black, James12811
Baccus, Jacob8812
Brown, Hiram25813
Bailey, Samuel G.20611
Bailey, Wm. W.7711
Baugh, R. C.2613
Bowman, Joseph4612
Bowman, Jacob4612
Bowman, Jacob11612
Cornelius, Wm. S.34711
Chamberlain, S. A.24710
Cowen, Z. heirs23911
Cowen, Z. heirs29910
Cowen, Z. heirs10811
Cowen, Z. heirs11811
Crain, W. R. heirs15812
Carrico, N. heirs1812
Carrico, N. heirs4812
Cruse, Sally1813
Corbett, P.11712
Corbett, P.21712
Cort, Robert28910
Cort, Robert27910
Cort, Robert12910
Crum, Peter13710
Collins, Ephraim8812
Court, Wm.16713
Colby, N. W.17710
Carpenter, Ceph.16710
Coborn, Marcus25710
Cook, Joseph16712
Conover, A??ntha16811
Carroll, C. W.16712
Corey, Aaron4711
Chowning, Rich.19910
Canfield, Robert F.20910
Cuddy, Wm.10611
Cochrill, Peyton3611
Collins, Charles27811
Clark, J. B.1612
Clark, J. B.2612
Caldwell, John r.4613
Cummings, E. A.10711
Caldwell, Wm.12911
Colver, Samuel12911
Colver, Samuel13911
Chowring, James24911
Compton, John L.5612
Canfield, M.D.8613
McClay, Wm.8612
McCollister, Isaac9910
Denniston, G.3711
Davis, Cyrus32913
Dickison & Darcy5710
Danforth, J. B.20712
Davis, Chas.28910
Debaun, Geo.21810
Daley & Lott21811
Demott, J. L.26910
Davis, Wm.4811
English, T. M.33812
Edwards, Mason & Coles3612
Edwards, Mason & Coles31712
Edwards, Mason & Coles32712
Evans, John12613
Evans, John14613
Evans, John32712
Evans, John?612
Eastham, Albert1810
Emmerson(?), W. S.35710
Emmerson(?), W. S.36710
Floyd, George21910
Forman, Isaac8810
Floyd(?), Geo. & H.24910
Folsom(?), Asa A.16712
Gardner, Robt. Jr.26711
Gill, William1711
Gill, William31710
Gill, William17710
Glover & Manning14710
Goodman, D. H.35712
Goodman, D. H.4710
Garland, James13710
Gillham, Jno. D.22611
Gregory, Chas.21910
Gregory, Chas.23910
Griggs, David r.13810
Griswold, H. & C.24910
Goodrich & Cavar20813
Griggs, Steph24611
Griggs, Steph24711
Griggs, Steph21712
Griggs, Steph4713
Gillespie, J. & M.18713
Griggs & Piggott3611
Griggs & Piggott10611
Garner, Thos. H.27911
Hill, William14711
Hargrave, Robert36810
Hurd, Ezra2612
Haddix & Hamilton5612
Harrison & Daley16612
Hart, Pleasant1710
Hart, Thomas2710
Heaton, O. B.33910
Heaton, O. B.35910
Heaton, O. B.6813
Harrison, Wm. Y.13710
Harrison, James25710
Harrison, Benj.24710
Hedges, Wm. J.12811
Holcomb, C. M.17710
Hartley, Geo.16710
Hall, Wm.30710
Harriott, Ruther.32712
Heaton, John7813
Herren, Daniel1813
Hamilton, Thos.27710
Hillard, Amos A.26710
Howard, Jordan4612
Haddix, Enoch16712
Husted, James L.2910
Heaton, Geo.4612
Haskell, Geo.20611
Hand, Jeremiah3910
Haskell & Lebold15611
Hawes, G. W.15711
Hawes, G. W.12611
Heaton, Benj.18813
Headly & Holden15611
Hughs, Samuel1811
Hughs, Samuel25911
Hart, Wm.8812
Huston, Joseph13713
Hughs, Wm.14713
Hilla(?), Henry10713
Hawks, Jesse2713
Hawks, Daniel3713
Hawkins, Jas.4713
Hawkins, Joseph5713
Hughs, Joseph10713
Harris, Simpson28813
Hedges, T. H.34811
Ingham, Sidney34710
Ingham, Thomas35710
Irwin, Enoch22911
Irwin, Alfred22911
Jones, Thomas24710
Jerome, Wm.2611
Jones, Amos7710
Johnson, Nathan24710
Knot, George15813
Johnson, R. heirs16811
Kirkland, Mason6713
Kirkland, Pollard33813
Kennedy, S. H.5611
Kennedy, S. H.3611
Keyes, John29710
Keyes, John2612
Keyes, John4613
Keyes, John35713
Kilbourn, John22713
Kingcaid, A.24911
Keyes, John15613
Keyes, John1612
Keyes, John34712
Lott, John W.6711
Lewis, John31710
Lewis, John19710
Lewis, John24711
Lucas, Geo. W.1611
Lucas, Geo. W.2611
Langdon, Jno. A.20710
Little, Wm. B.6713
Lacey, Ellet11713
Ludlow, Geo. H.22711
Ludlow, Geo. H.23711
Lee, Joshua B.13911
Lemon(?), Moses22(?)9(?)11
Livingston(?) & Co.12612
Martin, Vincent15812
Miles, Thomas2710
Myers, David24910
Morgan, Geo. N.2710
Maupin, James H.17812
Miles, Thomas36810
Mason & others7611
Marshall, Thos.16710
Miner, Wm. B.15810
Miller, John F.31910
Mitz, Polly17611
Martin, Wm.31712
Mason H??4713
Mason, H?5713
Mason, H?25813
Mason, H?26813
Mason, H?33813
Mudge, Wm.7713
Mudge, Wm.18713
Mason, Paris11612
Mason, Paris1812
Mason, Paris2812
Medford, James33913
McEown, Catha.6810
McEown, Alex28810
McDonald, Rich3711
McDonald, Rich15711
McKee, Lewis11711
McFarland, R.25710
McNabb, Alex16711
McRee, Levi23710
McQueen, Elijah7611
McGill, T. L.5711
McMahen, Jos.13611
McDaniel, Gregg34812
McCassen, James16611
McKinney, Jas.30813
McCann(?), John20813
McFarland, Agnes30710
Newman, Mary3?910
Newman, Mary21910
Newman, Mary2810
Nickerson & Ha???15713
Nickerson & Ha???24713
Nickerson & Ha???23713
Nickerson & Ha???10713
Noland, John M.27710
Nettleton(?), T.6611
Overly, A???279(?)10
Ogle, Samuel23611
Powel, John11813
Piggott, Joseph15611
Perkins & Daley10612
Prickett(?), Geo. W.26712
Parker, Henry35913
Price, Farmington10710
Perrine, Peter16810

Lots, Jerseyville, Burk’s Addition

Johnson, R. heirs
English, John N.
Lough, L.
Shepherd, W.
Cooper, A.

Lots, Grafton

Harrison, W.
Keyes, John
Richards, Geo. M.
Rankin, Edward
Mason, P. (ag’t)

Lots, Town of Camden

All listed to Geo. Finney

Lots, Town of Zenith

All listed to Joseph Piggott

Lots, Town of Delaware

All listed to Gregory & Floyd

Lots, Town of Teneriffe

All listed to Jos. Hawkins
Mullen, Alex (two lots)

Lots, Town of Pittsburgh

All listed to P. Kirkland and John Christy

Lots, Town of Salisbury

Listed to James McKinney. Addition to Salisbury lots listed to G. Smith

Jersey County Page     Tax List Page
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