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Jersey County Page     Early Settlers

1886 Jersey County

From the Jersey County Democrat, December 30, 1886. List of “aged people” who were still alive in Jersey County in 1886. The newspaper’s source was a Jersey County Atlas. I am uncertain what year this atlas was published.

Name; birth place; birth date.

Hon. W. H. ALLEN; Briston County, MA; 12 October 1814

David AMES is over 96

Judge M. E. BAGLEY; Greene County, NY; 18 August 1828

Col C. D. BEACH, near Burlington, VT; 17 July 1818

Silas BATES; Butler County, OH; 13 August 1817

John S. BEATY; Butler County, OH; 9 May 1816

Hon. David E. BEATTY; Butler County, OH; 4 February 1812

Jeremiah BELL; Harwick County, GA; 16 May 1808

George W. BURKE; Addison County, VT; 24 November 1807

Gottlieb BURKENMYER; Wurtemburg, Germany; 23 January 1823

Patrick B. BURNS; Meath County, Ireland; 15 aUGUST 1825

Judge Edwin COLEAN; Jersey County; 19 January 1830

Capt. Jonathan E. COOPER; Henry County, KY, 5 January 1807

Archibald CRAIG; Princeton, NJ; 14 August 1814

John C. DANNEL; Greene County; 4 November 1826

Samuel DAVIS, Rowen County, NC; 8 July 1798

John G. DOUGHERTY, Adams County, MS; 28 July 1820

Judge P. ELDRIDGE; Philadelphia; 14 March 1822

Isaac R. ELY; Monmouth County, NJ; 13 January 1824

Hon. J. N. ENGLISH; Henry County, KY; 31 March 1810

Samuel ERWIN; Wilson County, TN; 19 June 1811

C. B. FISHER; Somerset County, NJ; 14 June 1809 (died 1886)

Col. J. C. FROST; Monmouth County, NJ; 22 November 1832

E. M. FULLER; Burlington County, VT; 22 February 1817

Hon. H. O. GOODRICH; Delaware County, NY; 3 October 1819

Hon. Addison GREENE; Jefferson County, NY; 21 June 1819

J. S. GRIMES; Jersey County; 20 January 1820

Clarence M. HAMILTON; Franklin County, VT; 5 June 1826

Ford HANKINSON is over 96

W. S. HAWLEY; Onondago County, NY; 7 December 1818

Judge Richard I. LOWE; Somerset County, NJ; 6 May 1802

Jacob LURTON; Louisville, KY; 16 September, 1805

Hon. N. M. LURTON, Jersey County; 9 January 1830

Hon. H. C. MASSEY; St. Charles, MO; 19 November 1828

Isaac McCOLLISTER; Washington County, NY; 24 April 1817

A. A. McREYNOLDS, Sumner County, TN; 28 September 1819

Dr. G. S. MILES; Westminister, MA; 13 October 1832

Nathaniel MINER; Hunterdon County, NY (?); 3 November 1819

James MOORE; Knox County, TN; 11 December 1827

Judge Caleb NOBLE; Adams County, MS; 28 July 1817

Dennis PALMER; Addison County, VT; 7 May 1828

Orrin PALMER; Addison County, VT; October 1832

Peter R. PARSELL; Somerset County, NJ; 25 December 1825

Lewis RANDOLPH, Somerset County, NJ; 13 December 1808

William RHODES; Bedford County, VA; 17 September 1811

Guy C. RICHARDS; Broome County, NY; 2 November 1819

Thomas B. RUYLE; near Nashville, TN; 28 February 1820

Col. W. RUYLE; Nashville, TN; 18 October 1825

Henry RYAN; Greene County; 28 March 1831

Hubert SAUER; Germany; 27 December 1807

Glover SHORT; Pennsylvania County VA; October 1800

J. B. SCHROEDER; Portsmouth, NH; 24 December 1821

L. C. SIMMONS; Montgomery County, MD; 19 March 1807

John W. SISSON, Botetourt County, VA; 7 March 1813

Rev. John W. SLATEN; Jackson County, GA; 10 August 1810

Capt. John M. SMITH; Monmouth County, NJ; 5 January 1811

B. C. VANDERVOORT, Somerset County, NJ; 29 December 1821

Dr. A. K. VanHORNE; Scoharie (Schoharie?), NY; 2 April 1831

Josiah VAUGHN; Madison County; 5 December, 1822

Judge Geo. E. WARREN, Sciota (?), OH; 16 August 1817

Henry WEIGHARD; Germany; 28 January 1823

Ira M. WEST; St. Clair County, IL; 13 October 1824

Jacob E. WHITNACK; Somerset County, NJ; 12 February 1826

John C. WINSOR; Devonshire, England; 31 January 1812

Abraham WORTHY; Franklin County, GA; 11 November 1818

David G. WYCKOFF; Schoharie County, NY; 5 May 1812

James M. YOUNG; Rutherford County, NC; 16 December 1828

Jersey County Page     Early Settlers
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