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Jersey County Page     Early Settlers

Early Illinois SettlersList of those who resided in Illinois 1833 or earlier and who were residents of Jersey County in 1883. The list is interesting in that it includes women. Note that while the information for women lists them by married name, it does give their birthplace and when they came to Illinois, which usually differs from their husband. The list includes one person of color. The earliest settler is in bold, and a woman. Jersey County was St. Clair until 1812, Madison until 1821, Greene until 1839.

From Jersey County Democrat, June 7, 1883.

Name, Where Born, Date of Immigration, County

C. N. ADAMS, OH, 1833, Greene

Joshua ALLEN, NY, 1833, Greene

Mrs. Wm. H. ALLEN, IL, 1822, Madison

John BEEMAN, IL, 1817, Madison

Joseph BEEMAN, IL, 1823, Madison

Jeremiah BELL, GA, 1811, Madison

Mrs. Jeremiah BELL, KY, 1812, St. Clair

Mrs. Mary BETTIS, IL, 1828, Greene

Mrs. Jonas BRADSHAW, SC, 1818, Wayne

R. T. BROCK, IL, 1827, Greene

Dennis BROWN, IL, 1823, Greene

Mrs. Joseph BROWN, SC, 1818, Wayne

Mrs. J. W. CALHOUN, NY, 1831, Greene

J. C. CARR?CO, MO, 1824, Greene

Charles W. CARROLL, , 1823, Greene

Mrs. Ezekiel CHANCE, TN, 1816, Madison

Ephraim CHAPPELL, ENG, 1829, Greene

Mrs. Moses COCKRELL, OH, 1833, Greene

Mrs. Job COLLINS, NY, 1820, Greene

J. E. COOPER, KY, 1829, Greene

Mrs. Sarah C. COOPER, IL, 1815, Madison

Jacob COPE, NC, 1819, Union

James COPE, NC, 1819, Union

Daniel CORNELIUS, IL, 1829, St. Clair

Mrs. Antoinetter VanHorne CROSS, , 1833, Greene

C. C. CUMMINGS, IL, 1830, Greene

J. C. CUMMINGS, IL, 1833, Greene

Mrs. M. A. CUMMINGS, NJ, 1822, Greene

Mrs. Hiram CURTIS, MS, 1832, Greene

Wm DABBS, NC, 1817, Madison

Samuel DAVIS, NC, 1826, Greene

Aaron DODSON, MO, 1824, Greene

John G. DOUGHERTY, MS, 1833, Greene

S. J. M. DOUGHERTY, MS, 1833, Greene

John N. ENGLISH, KY, 1825, Greene

Samuel ERWIN, TN, 1828, Greene

R. D. FARLEY, VT, 1831, Greene

James FAULKNER, PA, 1821, Madison

Wm. FAULKNER, IL, 1821, Madison

Mrs. Thomas FORD, OH, 1833, Greene

John GIBBS, IL, 1819, Madison

J. T. GRIMES, IL, 1820, Greene

Mrs. John GUNTERMAN, VA, 1817, Madison

C. M. HAMILTON, VT, 1830, Greene

Nathaniel HAMILTON, OH, 1818, Monroe

H. E. HAYES, VT, 1833, Greene

Mrs. R. HENDERSON, VT, 1817, St. Clair

Geo. H. JACKSON, PA, 1833, Greene

Mrs. Geo. H. JACKSON, MO, 1820, Greene

Joseph JAMES, IRE, 1831, Greene

N. P. JOHNNISSEE, NC, 1827, Greene

Wm KELLER, NC, 1825, Greene

Mr. Wm. KELLER, NC, 1825, Greene

Mrs. W. D. LANDON, VT, 1833, Greene

Robt. LATHAM, NC, 1822, Greene

Jacob LURTON, KY, 1817, Madison

Mrs. Jacob LURTON, IL, 1810, Madison

J. C. LURTON, IL, 1831, Greene

N. M. LURTON, IL, 1830, Greene

Thomas MARSHALL, DE, 1830, Madison

Joseph MARSHAW, IL, 1826, Greene

Mrs. Joseph MARSHAW, IL, 1832, Greene

Wm. MARSHAW, IL, 1828, Greene

Mrs. Wm. MARSHAW, IL, 1830, Greene

George MARTIN, MO, 1824, Greene

Isaac McCOLLISTER, NY, 1819, Greene

Charles McDANIELS, IL, 1829, Greene

Geo. W. McDANN, IL, 1827, St. Clair

J. N. McDOW, IL, 1833, Greene

Mrs. Matilda McDOW, , 1830, Greene

Mrs. Marjane McDOW, , 1810, Madison

Mrs. Patsy McDOW, IL, 1830, Greene

Wm McDOW, IL, 1808, Madison

Mrs. Wm. McDOW, VA, 1828, Madison

Mrs. James McKINNY, TN, 1811, St. Clair

Wiley J. MELTON, NC, 1830, Greene

Nathaniel MINER, VT, 1832, Greene

James F. MOSS, IL, 1825, Jefferson

Joshua NEELY, NC, 1830, Greene

Mrs. Henry NEWBERRY, NJ, 1833, Greene

Caleb NOBLE, MS, 1833, Greene

Sidney NOBLE, MS, 1833, Greene

William NOBLE, MS, 1833, Greene

Francis OSBORN, OH, 1826, Sangamon

Gersham PATTERSON, IL, 1824, Greene

J. N. PIGGOTT Jr., IL, 1830, Greene

Mrs. Jane POTE, AL, 1823, Jefferson

D. P. PRICHETT, KY, 1830, Madison

Mrs. James PRUITT, KY, 1811, Madison

Zaddock REDDISH, KY, 1828, Greene

Mrs. Zaddock REDDISH, il, 1818, Madison

Richard RHOADS, KY, 1828, Greene

Samuel RHOADS, KY, 1828, Greene

Henry RICE, TN, 1829, Greene

G. C. RICHARDS, NY, 1823, Morgan

James S. ROWDEN, IL, 1817, Madison

Mrs. James S. ROWDEN, IL, 1818, Madison

Samuel RUSK, SC, 1830, Greene

T. B. RUYLE, TN, 1829, Greene

Richardson RYAN, OH, 1819, St. Clair

Glover SHORT, KY, 1826, Greene

J. H. H. SIMMONS, MD, 1830, Greene

R. J. SIMMONS, MD, 1830, Greene

S. C. SIMMONS, MD, 1830, Greene

Benj. F. SLATEN, IL, 1820, St. Clair

Geo. W SLATEN, GA, 1818, St. Clair

Mrs. Irene SLATEN, KY, 1831, Greene

James R. SLATEN, IL, 1822, Greene

John W. SLATEN, GA, 1818, St. Clair

Mrs. Maria SLATEN, IL, 1825, Greene

Wm. D. F. SLATEN, GA, 1818, St. Clair

Aunt Jane SMITH (colored), , 1820, Greene

Mrs. John F. SMITH, TN, 1829, Marion

Mrs. Isaac ST. CLAIR, TN, 1806, Madison

John P. SWANN, IL, 1823, Greene

Lewis C. THUSTON, OH, 1819, Pike

Jacob UTT, PA, 1833, Greene

Dr. A. K. VANHORNE, , 1833, Greene

Mrs. John VAUGHN, TN, 1811, St. Clair

Mrs. Wm. G. WADDLE, NC, 1825, Greene

Wm. L. WEST, KY, 1818, St. Clair

Mrs. Jesse WHITE, KY, 1824, Greene

John L. WHITE, IL, 1823, Greene

Lewis WILLIAMS, IL, 1822, Greene

Mrs. S. L. WILLIAMS, IL, 1821, Shelby

Jersey County Page     Early Settlers
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