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The Events of 1894From the Jersey County Democrat, January 3, 1895. Contributed by Marty Crull.


January 1st – Wm. H. Curry of Otterville, shot in shoulder; Trankle’sbakery burglarized; ‘Uncle Than’ Miner celebrated his 93rd birthday.

January 2nd – Mrs. Nancy Adams died; Funeral of Albert Dower, St. FrancisXavier’s church; Funeral of J. Scott Holmes, Episcopal church.

January 5 – Capt. J. E. Cooper celebrated his 87th birthday.

January 6th – Two children of Mrs. Carrie Holmes shut up in a folding bed; Bernice, only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Armstrong died; Miss Mary Munson injured by a fall.

January 7th – 2nd Anniversary of Rev. J. J. Porter’s pastor age celebrated;Abner Reed shot in his hip.

January 8th – John Hagen aged 42 years, died at his home near Otterville; Contract for metal furniture, etc., for new court house let; J. C. McGrath appointed P. M.; Mrs. Charlotte Emily Evans died; Robert E. Carter and Miss Lizzie Day married.

January 11th – State Fair permanently located at Springfield.

January 12th – John Cuddahee died.

January 15th – Mrs. Mike Powers died at her home near Fidelity.

January 16th – ‘Book Party’ at Col. Fulkerson’s.

January 17th – Garment Cutting School opened.

January 18th – Party at H. A. Tuneshorst’s.

January 19th – First Ball of Social Club.

January 20th – ‘Phantom Party’ given by Miss Tessie Wyckoff.

January 21st – Franklin G., son of Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Ely died.

January 22?Prof. Lee came to town; Contract for hardware for new court house let J. E. Cory; Louis Hagen, of Alton, brother of Mrs. Paul Leresche, died; Party at residence of Dr. Barry; Remains of Mrs. Samuel Moore (colored) brought her for interment.

January 23rd – Mayor Shephard’s home talent entertainment at opera house, benefit of poor; ‘Majestic’ excursion to Carrollton.

January 25th – Shafer & Hanley begain business.

January 26th – California International Midwinter Exposition opened at San Francisco.

January 28th – Remains of Mrs. Powell, nee Gilworth, interred Oak Grove cemetery.

January 30th – J. R. M. Wylder, aged 58 died; James Cunningham and Miss Julia Gorry of Fidelity married.


February 3rd – ‘Poverty Party’ given by Miss Hattie Bowman.

February 4th – David E. Beaty celebrated his 84th birthday.

February 5th – Mrs. J. H. Baily received teacher’s certificate from Barnes Shorthand school: Horse drowns while Dr. Abner was crossing the river from Calhoun county.

February 5th – Dyllwynn M. Hazelett lectured at Presbyterian church; Surprise party for Miss Fannie Wolfe; Mrs. Ellen Rue, aged 79 years died; Hon. T. S. Chapman offered room for Public Library, to citizens.

February 7th – Swedish Quartette at Opera House.

February 8th – ‘The Evolution of the Stars’ by Prof. F. S. Davenport published in the DEMOCRAT; Partnership of Chapman & Vaughn, lawyers, announced; Herman Day and Miss Emma Rowden married; Otto Miller died in St. Louis.

February 9th – Boy born to Mr. & Mrs.W. H. Holland.

February 10th – Geo. Hassett opened news stand in P. O.

February 11th – Harlan Coulthard and Miss Julia Boehm married.

February 12th – Boston Stars at Opera House; Rev. Bates died at residence of N. M. Lurton; Legal Holiday, anniversary in honor of Abraham Lincoln’s 85th birthday.

February 13th – Ed Stanley & Miss Sarah Kirby married.

February 14th – Misses Stelle, Duffield, Greathouse, Dunson entertain friends at Valentine Party at D. R. Stelle’s.

February 15th – Mrs. S. A. Keith, announces sale of undertaking establishment, to Messrs. Fales & Perrine.

February 16th – Roll Call and Social at Presbyterian church, freeseats and the apportionment plan of raising money adopted; ‘Charity ofan Epoch’ by S. D. McDormick at Opera House.

February 19th – William Ross and Miss Florence Nally married.

February 21st – Ross Baldwin and Miss Annie Collins married; ‘Majestically’ at Carrollton.

February 22nd – Henry Sanderhaus had a sale; House of Jacob Wiseman burglarized.

February 24th – ‘My Cousin Heinrich’ at Opera House; Fire in Bonnell’s Row.

February 25th – Mrs. Eliza B. Beatty died at her home three miles east of town.

February 26th – Boy born to Mr. & Mrs. Will Harding.

February 27th – Boy born to Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Birkenmeyer.


March 1st – Charles Campbell opened meat market.

March 6th – Mrs. Nellie Allen Parsell sailed for Leipsig.

March 7th – Mrs. Daniel Miller died at her home in this city.

March 8th – Boy born to Mr. & Mrs. Will Hanley.

March 9th – Alba Heywood at Opera House; Rev. Joseph Earp, formerly of this city, died at Lebanon; Chinaman tried for attempt to murder his partner.

March 10th – James Kelly thrown from a wagon and injured; Party at residence of J. H. Lamb; Mrs. John Dee died at Otterville.

March 11th – Mrs. Mary Galloway (colored) died in Alton at the age of 115.

March 12th – Mrs. Jane Christopher celebrated her 87th birthday.

March 13th – James Kelly buried at North Alton; Mrs. Lucy E. Locke died at her home in this city.

March 15th – H. N. Wyckoff opened new store.

March 18th – J. H. Hoofstitler began a series of temperance lectures at the Presbyterian church.

March 20th – S. L. Massey’s sale.

March 21st – Fritz & Sperling open new store.

March 22nd – Free Lecture at Opera House by J. E. Remsburg; Wheelman’s party at home of H. S. Daniels.

March 23rd – Girl born to Mr. & Mrs. A. H. Sutton; Stamper & Fitzgerald purchased stock of A. F. Ely.

March 25th – Mrs. Alexia Risley buried in this city; Missionary day observed at the M. E. church.

March 26th – High School Telescope and Observatory ready for use about this time; Wm. Hawley died, 75 years.

March 27th – Several citizens leave for Indianapolis to attend K. P. meet.

March 28th – Mr. & Mrs. John H. Belt celebrate fifth anniversary.

March 29th – Cycle Club organized.

March 31st – City Primary.


April 2nd – Daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. Walter B. Cory.

April 3rd – Girl born to Mr. & Mrs. Tuetken.

April 4th – Miss Grace Post & Charles Colling married.

April 5th – Tourist Club reception at residence of Mrs. CorneliaShephard; Odd Fellows installment of officers.

April 6th – Miss Maude Swingly of Beatrice and Will Cory married; Lotus dancing club give final ball in Hamilton’s hall.

April 7th – An honest tramp came to town.

April 8th – James A. Bracy and Ada B. Ferris married.

April 12th – Truman Landon gave a party.

April 13th – Arbor Day.

April 14th – Aaron Ford’s horse ran away; Huen’s millinery store opened.

April 17th – City election.

April 18th – George Van Horne and Miss Sallie Cummings married.

April 19th – Ed Moore & Gertrude House married; Bold social at Baptist church.

April 20th – Pilgrim’s Progress Co. at M. E. church; Progressive Euchre party at Miss May Killen’s.

April 21st – School Board President and Directors elected.

April 22nd – Mrs. Will Ballard’s horse ran away.

April 24th – Joe McReynolds and Ella Belt married; Young Men’s Democratic Club organized.

April 25th – Convention of W. C. T. U. began; Robert Maltimore and Minnie Thatcher married; Mamie Egelhoff died at St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis.

April 26th – Sunday School convention opened; Funeral of Marion Cowenfrom M. E. church.

April 29th – Guy C. Richards died.

April 30th – Robert J. Burdette at Opera House; Martin Dolan started for Ireland; Oscar Belt died from effects of an accident.


May 1st – Bridge opening at Alton; Ed Boehmer & Amelia Heiwig, of St.Louis married.

May 2nd – Schaefer’s bottling factory commenced business.

May 3rd – Major Hendershot in town; James R. Noble & Nellie Lynn ofOtterville married.

May 4th – Tessie Wyckoff gives a dancing party.

May 5th – Daly estate sold; court house keys turned into hands of supervisors.

May 8th – Congressional convention at Jacksonville.

May 10th – Gingerbread social at Baptist church.

May 11th – Party at home of John H. Dressel in honor of the class of 1894; surprise party in honor of Effie Galore.

May 13th – John Marshaw drowned; Funeral of Mrs. Nathaniel Miner.

May 14th – Remains of J. Q. Brownlee interred in Oak Grove Cemetery.

May 15th – Commencement exercises at opera house.

May 16th – Annual Alumni reception and banquet.

May 20th – William Billings & Phebe Mayhall married.

May 21st – District Epworth Legue convenes at M. E. church.

May 23rd – Lawn social at residence of W. A. Parish.

May 24th – Y. P. S. C. E. District Convention meets in Presbyterian church.

May 29th – Excursion on the Cockrell steamer.

May 30th – Decoration day.

May 31st – Reception at residence of Hon. Judge W. Herdman; lawn party given by Nin and Leo Christopher.


June 1st – HMS Pinafore at Opera House; 21st anniversary of Mr. & Mrs.John Dunphy celebrated.

June 2nd – Son born to Mr. & Mrs. T. W. Butler.

June 3rd – Bold thefts in several residences.

June 5th – Old court house sold to Methodist church; Harry Rice & Lizzie English married; paving ordinance passed in the city council; two mill tax voted for public library, to be opened by Shakespeare club; Dr, Abner Barr injured by train; Harry Daniels took his S. S. class, of 16 boys camping.

June 6th – John T. Williams died at Kane.

June 8th – Party given by Tessie Wyckoff to Nettie Hicks.

June 10th – Children’s Day at churches.

June 11th – Son born to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Wiseman; William Hall fell from old court house receiving serious injuries; Teachers’ institute opened; representatives of K. P. went to Waverly; funeral of Wm. Krueger.

June 12th – Senatorial convention at Alton.

June 13th – Mrs. Almira King, aged 71 years, died at Kane.

June 14th – Flower day observed by the WCTU ladies at county farm; Geo. Milford & Etta Suddeth married.

June 16th – Henry Elliott and Gertrude Bohannan married.

June 18th – Remains of Mrs. Amanda Johnson brought here for interment.

June 19th – Mr. & Mrs. Judge Noble celebrate 50th anniversary.

June 20th – Genie & Alma Carlin sail for Europe; ‘High Noon’ at Mrs. Dr. Van Horne’s; Alex Robb and Capitola Davis married; Frank G. Hamilton & Ella McLean married in Meade Center, Kansas.

June 22nd – A. P. Burbank, the humorist, well known here, died.

June 26th – Athletic and musical entertainment at Opera House; reception at. Dr. Van Horne’s in honor of Mrs. C. B. Rohland, of Alton; Alta Hamilton and John A. Rush of Minneapolis married.

June 28th – Pipe organ dedicated at Baptist church; Epworth social at home of J. J. Smith; reception tendered by Mrs. Jno. A. Shephard.


July 1 – New P. O. Money Order placed on sale.

July 3rd – George Legate & Clara Olney married.

July 4th – Court House dedicated.

July 5th – Reception at residence of Mrs. A. W. Lowe for Miss Dickinson.

July 8th – Girl born to Mr. & Mrs. L. Laurent.

July 10th – Wm. Barry accidently killed; Geo. Wood & Sarah Van Pelt married.

July 12th – Post Office robbed at Grafton.

July 13th – Threshing hands strike at Hagen farm.

July 14th – Surprise party at residence of Will Parish, Delhi.

July 17th – Progressive soap bubble party at Carrie Locke’s; attempt to rob Jacob’s mill; Mrs. Margaret Whitehead died, aged 84.

July 19th – City Band annual excursion; Mrs. Geo. I. Ely, aged 77 years, died.

July 20th – Mrs. Minnie Hutchison died in St. Louis from effects of a burn; rehearsal given bt Emma Perrine and pupils.

July 21st – Charles E. Grimes, 22, died.

July 22nd – Edward Murry and Elizabeth Winters married; Geo. Holnback & Agnes McManus married; infant son of A. L. & I. N. Riggs died, aged 9 mo; Infant son of J. B. & M. E. Houghtlin died. Aged 9 mo.

July 26th – Piasa Chautauqua Assembley opened; James G. Needham & Anna B. Taylor married in Galseburg.

July 27th – Junior C. E. social in court house yard.

July 30th – Lizette Hacquard died at residence of Mr. Corn.

July 31st – Wind storm and flood at Piasa.


August 2nd – Mrs. Margaret Campbell and child thrown from a buggy; IsaacMaupin died.

August 3rd – Child of A. S. Chapman had jaw bone broken; 12 year old son of John Rue of Delhi killed by falling from plow.

August 4th – Frank Fulkerson had fingers crushed.

August 5th – Charles Gaffney & Maggie Charney married.

August 6th – Mrs. Costello’s collar bone broken; Mrs. Nancy Powersdied.

August 9th – David E. Beaty, aged 81, died, at his home south of town; Mrs. Julia Leresche, aged 61, died; Bridget McHale shot and killed.

August 10th – Peter Baily struck by train; Jacob Winger died at E. Newbern.

August 11th – Funeral of Bridget McHale from St.Xavier’s church.

August 14th – Funeral of John Conway, who was murdered in St. Louis; Richard Kiely & Mrs. Mary Shortal married.

August 15th – George D. Locke & Mabel Post married.

August 16th – Girl baby born to Mr. & Mrs. James Hardy; Edward Cutter & Jennie Medford married.

August 17th – Mrs. Phebe Wilkins, aged 72, died.

August 21st – Patrick Hayes died.

August 23rd – Henry Watterson at Piasa; Party at residences of James Hauskins.

August 24th – Swiss Bell Ringers at Opera House; Walter Williams taken to Pontiac reform school.

August 25th – Annual roll call and re-union at Baptist church.

August 26th – Harry Conklin, of St. Louis, and Miss Hock, of Pittsfield, married.

August 28th – Harry McKenna injured at Granite City.

August 29th – Contest for the George Washington Education Fund began.

August 30th – Party at residence of M. Stelle, Delhi.

August 31st – Mrs. John Voorhees died at her home south of town; Dr. W. P. Warren of Elsah died.


September 1st – George Seago admitted to the bar.

September 2nd – Destructive fire at Shipman; Hattie Everts delivers lecture on ‘The Blanket Indians’ at Roodhouse; Perry Landon & Harry Stafford left for Dixon to attend business college.

September 3rd – Miss Oril Green died, at residence of Mrs. R. M. Knapp.

September 6th – Mabel Pittenger celebrated her sixteenth birthday; Epworth social at residence of Morris R. Locke.

September 7th – Miss Dorothy Larkins died.

September 9th Caleb Post & Mrs. Mattie D. Young married.

September 10th – George Ely & family married to St. Louis.

September 11th – Jersey Co. Fair began; Mark Olney left for Columbia, MO. College.

September 12th – John Crawford & Anna Holnback married.

September 14th – E. O. Pinero, of Hardin, died in St. Louis.

September 16th – Miss Wheelock of Alton, presided at organ at Baptistchurch; Stephen Funke, aged 62, died.

September 17th – Public School opened; infant daughter of Mrs. Henry Shehan (nee Nellie McGrath) died.

September 18th – Greene County Fair commenced; Harry Daniels took his protégé Jack Smith to the Jacksonville Deaf & Dumb Institute.

September 19th – G. R. Smith returned to make his permanent home in Jerseyville.

September 20th – Wedding reception at Englewood of F. b. Virden & bride; Mattie Burford and G. P. Hastings of Louisiana, MO., married.

September 21st – Si Perkins at Opera House.

September 23rd – S. S. Crohn & Bertha E. Miller of Elsah married; Mrs.J. J. Smith (nee Mary A. Dolan) died; Edson A. Dodge died.

September 24th – State Fair opened.

September 25th – Choir Concert at Presbyterian church.

September 26th – Daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. Austin Leigh; Michael Quinn & Mary Divine married; Harvey Dixon & Belle Cox, of Hardin, married; Edward Brown, of Greene Co., and Tina Mains married.

September 27th – Bessie and May Van Horne left for Ann Arbor, Michigan; Wm. D. Krueger, aged 31 years, died near Fieldon.

September 28th – Dr. Clinton Enos departed for a three month’s course in Homepathy.


October 2nd – Public library ordinance passed; Robert Martin, ofJerseyville, & Lillie Chamberlain, of Keokuk, Iowa, married.

October 4th – Ringling Bros. show in town; Charles McFain & Sadie Minnis of St. Louis married; residence of M. L. Beaty, near Delhi, burglarized.

October 5th – Florence Newton departed for Mt. Carroll Seminary.

October 7th – Family reunion at Bertman homestead.

October 9th – Mr. Robinson & Kittie Whitfield of Grafton married.

October 10th – Jeanette Vosburg & Fred Gardner of St. Louis married; Tony Holly, mason, killed; Miss Nita English died; Mr. Nichols of Jerseyville, & Ida Barber married.

October 16th – Mrs. Jane O. Goodrich, aged 71 years, died; cattle thieves arrested.

October 17th – YMCA State Convention at Jacksonville; Wm. H. Smith & Mrs. Elizabeth Rowen of Elsah married.

October 18th – Mrs. Ninian Beaty kicked by horse; Little FayGoodman died at Kane.

October 22nd – Boy born to Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Vaughn; A. J. Witt and Susie Waddle married; J. H. & M. Cockrell bought Carlin elevator.

October 23rd – Kate Cuddahee & Thomas Riley married; Mrs. Jane Allencelebrated her 60th birthday.

October 24th – Allen Sunderland had his jaw broken in accident.

October 25th – Daughter born to Mr. & Mrs. O. D. Leach; C. R. Hutchison & Lena E. Homen, of Springfield, married.

October 26th – John Barker, of Grafton, had fingers shot off.

October 27th – Charles Vaughn’s horse stolen from rack at court house, and found by H. T. D, society; Floide E. Sandidge, infant daughter of R. & Annie E. Sandidge, died; Francis Kehoe, infant son of M. F. & A. B. Kehoe, died.

October 28th – Thomas Butler kicked by horse.

October 29th – John Richards, formerly of this city, and Minnie Waldron married.

October 30th – Mrs. John Neely, aged 75, died; Mrs. Catherine Schnieder, aged 67, died.

October 31st – New steam laundry started in Jerseyville.


November 1st – ‘Uncle Josh Spruceby’at Opera House.

November 2nd – Poverty Social at residence of B. C. Vandervoort; John Howell, aged 41 died; Baalam White, aged 70, died at Otterville.

November 4th – 12 pound boy born to Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Wagner; John G. Goepper & Minnie Smith married; Charles Terry of Otterville had head hurt.

November 4th – Boy born to Mr. & Mrs. Lucius Smalley.

November 6th – Election; ‘Our Married Men’ at Opera house; Mrs. JohnBeaty entertained lady friends at quotation party; Mrs. M. A. Warrengave progressive euchre party.

November 7th – John Chapman met with serious accident; Flour & coal fund matinee at Fair Grounds.

November 8th – George Walter of Paradise & Etta Gillworth of Oiasa, married; Nellie Bowman left for an extended visit through the East.

November 9th – Man’s Suffrage Social at Baptist church.

November 10th – Child of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Freiser of Otter Creek Township died.

November 11th – Rev. B. B. Hamilton died at home of daughter, Mrs. John Leveret, in Alton; Mrs. Jane Christopher fell & broke her hip.

November 12th – Boy born to Mr. & Mrs. John Powell.

November 13th – Mrs. John Carrico, aged 72, had a stroke of paralysis; Louis M. Turner, aged 67, died in Alton.

November 14th – Hervey Warner of Challicombe & Florence Everts of this city married; Joseph Quirk and Bridget Quinn married.

November 16th – Mrs. Louis Harmon committed suicide.

November 17th – Remains of Robert Darlinton interred in Oak Grove cemetery; Double wedding at residence of Joab White.

November 18th – Girl born to Mr. & Mrs. Will Landon.

November 19th – Fire at Dr. Allen’s new house.

November 20th – Henry Zeiser had finger badly mashed.

November 22nd – Mrs. C. A. Rich of Paradise died, aged 55.

November 24th – Peter Joestling accidentally killed with gun.

November 26th – Harry Egelhoff & Sadie Hill married; James Rintoul died at East Newbern.

November 27th – Houck Opera Company at Opera House.

November 28th – Charles Briggs of Newbern & Lottie Anderson of Elsah married; Cattle thieves sentenced.

November 29th – Opossum supper at city hall; Shakespeare supper in Shephard building; Mrs. O. Johnissee died; Mrs. Daniels, mother of Vida Dodge, hurt by falling down cellar.

November 30th – John McKinney died at Fieldon.


December 1st – Mrs, John Snow, of Kane, died.

December 2nd – Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Gaskill celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.

December 3rd – Eone Marie Carroll, aged 9, died; Confirmation at Catholic church.

December 4th – Gourd Social at Baptist church, under auspicies of WCTU; Nin Stallings and family moved to St. Louis; Mrs. Martha Waddle died at Kane.

December 5th – Jacob Lewis of Grafton, aged 72, died.

December 6th – Good Teplars’ Feast in Harrington building; Mrs. D. C. Campbell of Grafton died.

December 14th – Kate Mode, wife of John Mode, died.

December 15th – Nathaniel Miner, aged 94, died.

December 17th – Lewis Gillworth, aged 68, died.

December 18th – Edla Bates severely sprained her ankle; Residences of Mrs. Kimbrough, J. M. Finch and J. M. Page burglarized.

December 20th – Mrs. Martha Sisson, aged 64, died at Otterville.

December 22nd – Girl twins born to Mr. & Mrs. Joe. Enos; Mr. &Mrs. Charles Warren celebrated their silver wedding; Robert Wade, Sr.,of Rosedale, died.

December 23rd – Mrs. Florence Marrion died at Rosedale.

December 24th – Charles Blish fell & broke his collar bone; Christmas exercises at the churches.

December 25th – Prof. Weston and Mrs. Tait of Galesburg, married.

December 26th – Miss Madison of this city and Mr. Kester of Springfield, Ohio, married; Miss Cooper of this city and Mr. Crawford of Iowa married.

December 27th – George Wurtz, of our city, and Miss Roberts ofGillespie married.

December 28th – John J. Brown lectured at court house.

December 30th – Mrs. J. N. English entertained her SundaySchool class at annual dinner party.

December 31st – Surprise party at residence of John A. Cory; Silver anniversary at Hon. T.S. Chapman’s Young’s ladies’ reception at Dr. Shobe’s.

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